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ON THE DRAWING BOARD 72nd Anniversary Convention . . . Special Feature: "Tribute to the Black Woman'

CDITOR'S This issue of The Sphinx represents the culmination of a long-nurtured idea by your Editor — the Distinguished Collegians. I have long felt that the Fraternity on a national level should do more in terms of offering support — material and moral — to its members in college. With the limited number of national awards, it is inevitable that the accomplishments of many of our outstanding young Brothers go unheralded outside their local areas. The Distinguished Collegians feature is my feeble attempt to provide some measure of remedy in this one area. I wish to stress that this is not a competition in the strict sense — there were not a fixed number of slots to be filled. Instead, we reviewed the applications submitted and included all of those deemed outstanding. Even at this there remain many stalwart Alpha collegians who are not contained herein. But we sincerely hope that this feature will give you some idea of the type of young men being groomed for the future of our Fraternity. After looking this feature over, I think that you'll agree that Alpha is in good hands. . . . In line with the Distinguished Collegians theme, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Brother DAVID BROWN, Delta Xi Chapter, Central State University (Ohio), for his outstanding work as the first Editor of College Scene, our regular feature on College Brothers affairs. Brother Brown was successful because he cared about the concern of College Brothers. His articles were always timely and sincere and, at the same time, he had no hesitation about airing the views of the many College Brothers who wrote in. His willingness to share the limelight made his tenure as College Scene Editor a positive experience for all Alphas in college. Now that David is a college graduate, we wish him much success in all his future endeavors. . . . Thanks are due Dr. BENJAMIN ALEXANDER for his timely message, first delivered at the 1978 Midwestern Regional Convention, aired in Viewpoint . . . and, as usual, all of our contributing editors continue to supply the news which lets us know that Alpha is "On the Move" around the globe. . . . (19 pages of Chapter News — unbelievable)... Until next issue ...


Official Organ^

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.


MICHAEL J. PRICE Editor-in-Chief

Associate Editor

WALTER E. TYSON Associate Editor

5 — DISTINGUISHED COLLEGIANS — Our profile of Alpha's outstanding members in the college ranks. Featured on our cover are (Background): Brother Charles Walker; (Bottom, left to right): Brother Michael A. Green, Brother Mark C. O'Riley, and Brother Folajimi Adetula — "Who says they don't make Alphas the way they used to?" . . . 15 — LEGACY — presents a look at the history of Alpha in Minnesota, based on information supplied by Brother Raymond W. Cannon . . . 18 — VIEWPOINT — explores the "Plantation Mentality" as an obstacle to the progress of Black people. Our author is Brother Benjamin Alexander, President of Chicago State University . . . 22 — COLLEGE SCENE — Brother David E. Brown presents his farewell article as editor of this feature . . . 25 — FOCUS — The General President, James R. Williams, takes on the powerful and highly responsible position of U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.



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The Sphinx / Summer 1978


f 1JE ©IKHIIMIL M I O T I C §m&lK\

The 72nd Anniversary Convention of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., meeting in Minneapolis, is another milestone in the illustrious history of our organization. As we continue our national program theme, "Back to Basics: The Greatness of Our Past is the Key to Our Future," our 1978 meeting is significant in the Fraternity's history as we take time to dedicate our gathering to "The Black Woman." I think that the record clearly indicates that no other group of human beings has successfully borne a larger burden of discrimination — racism and sexism — while maintaining a composure and grace worthy of emulation. A number of special events have been planned in line with our theme and I am especially pleased to note that a record number of distinguished Americans — young and old, Black and White, male and female — have consented to join us in this monumental occasion. The participation of persons such as Vernon Jordan, Margaret Bush Wilson, Martha "Bunny" Mitchell and Eleanor Holmes Norton is a continuing indication of Alpha's leadership role in our society. Four truly outstanding persons join us as Honorary CoChairpersons for this convention. Brother RAYMOND W. CANNON is a native Minnesotan, founder of Mu and Gamma Xi Lambda Chapters in Minneapolis, whose name is synonymous with Alpha Phi Alpha in that state. Without question one of the most gifted persons in Alpha, he provided our Fraternity with leadership for over fifty years — having served as General President, 1 st Editor of The Sphinx, and 1st Director of Education. His legacy is one of continuing commitment to service. Mrs. Rosa Parks is revered by us all as the "Mother of the Modern Civil Rights Movement." Her quiet refusal to give up her bus seat in Montgomery, Alabama, to a white male made possible much of the progress that our people has achieved at this date. Commitment and fortitude are appropriate, but hardly adequate, adjectives to describe Mrs. Coretta Scott King. Mrs. King has commanded worldwide admiration for her refusal to sit back and allow the dream of her martyred husband, Brother Martin Luther King, Jr., rot



in the tide of apathy. Her life since that tragic day in Memphis has been one of total commitment to the achievement of human rights. Mrs. Muriel Humphrey, our fourth Honorary CoChair, is U. S. Senator from Minnesota, holding the seat of the late Brother Hubert Humphrey. Mrs. Humphrey is no stranger to Alpha men and all Black Americans, as she has joined her late husband in fighting for equal justice for many years. As we come to Minneapolis, we look to the presentation of this tribute to "The Black Woman" as well as the important business of our Fraternity. Major issues, such as the Model Pledge Program, the Building and Education Foundations, and others, demand your attention and sincere consideration for the future of our organization. Join us as we deliberate and chart the course for Alpha's future success.


4?6 JAMES R.WILLIAMS General President


The Sphinx / Summer 1978



COLLEGE DAYS SWIFTLY PASS Congratulations to our College Brothers who are graduating from colleges and universities throughout the country. One of the first steps taken by the fraternity was in the field of Education. Over the years, ALPHA PHI ALPHA has proven not only to its members but to the world that Education is the Key to success. More recently, our College Brothers and finding that perhaps the knowledge obtained through their education is the greatest equalizing force that exists in our country today. As future goals are planned, I would like to encourage our College Brothers to also plan to become affiliated with their local Alumni Chapters and to adhere to the principles found in our preamble, which are the bases of our great fraternity. Whatever endeavor is chosen to be pursued, remember that an Alpha man does not wait to see the trend of action but makes the trend. Alphas are made to be leaders and you are the leaders of tomorrow. The test of our future progress is not whether we add more to our record; rather it is whether we make lasting contributions to mankind. Now, Down To Business . . . Brothers, I want to call your attention to the importance of the following forms being properly executed and returned without delay to the General Office. If your chapter did not receive the forms, please notify the General Office at once. Directory of Chapter Officers All chapters will receive a new (revised) form for reporting chapter officers. The form should be returned as soon as possible to ensure chapter communications and the address being

Secretary and contain passcard numbers or Life Membership numbers of all delegates that are listed. Please refer to the table on the back of the white copy as to number of delegates apportioned to your chapter.

listed in the chapter directory of the Sphinx. Chapters that fail to return the form will be shown as "No Report," until the form is received. Delegate Credentials The credential form this year will be in two colors, a yellow copy to be returned to the General Office with the chapter seal imprinted and a white copy that should be retained by the chapter and presented to the Rules & Credential Committee on arrival at Convention sight. Both forms should be signed by both the chapter President and the

Advance General Convention Registration For your convenience, an all-in-one Pre-Registration Form will be included in both the spring and summer newsletters and a special convention brochure schedule will be mailed to the entire brotherhood. There will not be any preregistration cards mailed. The forms inside the publications are to be used for registering brothers, their families and guests, as well as securing a hotel reservation. All hotel reservations must be made through the General Office of ALPHA PHI ALPHA Fraternity, Inc., and reservations will be made only for registered Brothers and their guests. The entire form (from any of the publications) should be forwarded with all monies to the General Office at 4 4 3 2 South Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, IL 6 0 6 5 3 . In addition, preregistrants will be offered first-choice in selecting seating for the Alpha Formal Banquet. Advance registration will allow you to spend less time at the registration desk and more time enjoying the city. Convention kits, activities' tickets, and convention information will be prepared in advance for pre-registrants and await your arrival at the hotel. The 1978 General Convention promises to be a memorable and totally enjoyable experience. Make your plans now to be in attendance at "MINNEAPOLIS "78." Fraternally,

James B. Blanton Executive Secretary

The Sphinx / Summer 1978



Bits & Pieces

James B. " T i n y " Blanton Executive Secretary


This is indeed an appropriate phrase for the kind of year we have just experienced. Due to certain factors beyond our control and many of which were handled inefficiently, a straggling number of chapters are receiving their initiation material in delayed stages. Those items which have not been received are, indeed, "ON THE WAY." We are zealously endeavoring to finalize all matters which have not been resolved. Through the implementation of recent inter-office staff meetings and (a prescribed series of) retraining sessions, the brotherhood of Alpha Phi Alpha can truly look forward to a year of fast and efficient service from their National Headquarters.

Computer Mailing List Comes To Alpha — At Last! How many times have you missed getting your mail from the National Office? Ever wondered if you were even on the mailing list, but had no way of checking? When you did check, how many times did you find it was the remitter's mistake? Wouldn't you like to avoid further mishaps and receive all that is due to you or your chapter? I'm sure you would. The most important (and perhaps the easiest way) to insure getting your mail without delay is to be sure that the right ADDRESS and ZIP CODE Is always reported when Grand Tax or a final Life Membership payment is made. This is made possible on the Remittance of Funds form that contains space just for such addresses/zip codes. Chapter addresses must be reported on Chapter Directory forms. This form should be mailed to the National Office each year — immediately after new officers are elected (Article IV, Section 5 - APA Constitution and By-Laws). If you find a "NO REPORT" listed under your chapter in the Sphinx, this means that a Directory has not been received for your chapter. (As noted, the asterisk [*] indicates that the address shown is not current but that of the last known "contact person" for the chapter.) The seven (7) character code on this label says that this brother is in Region 2 (Midwest), is active for 1977, holds passcard N o . 3 4 5 , a n d i s an a l u m n i brother. The six (6) character code on this label says that this brother is in Region 5 (West), is a Life Member, and that his Life Member number is 806. The seven (7) character code on this label says that the person is in Region 3 (South), is the contact person for a chapter (indic a t e d by " X " ) , the c h a p t e r ' s Key No. is 38 (Alpha Rho), and that the year the address is in effect i s . . . 1977.

1. PASSCARD HOLDER 2. LIFE MEMBER 3. CHAPTER CONTACT (PERSON) Each one of these classifications contains a SPECIAL CODE OF IDENTIFICATION. When reporting any type of change of address, this code must be listed. Without the code, the computer cannot locate the address being changed. Shown below are samples of labels from each of the mailing lists and an explanation of the codes. In all three classifications, THE CODE TO WHICH YOU SHOULD ALWAYS REFER IS LOCATED TO THE RIGHT OF THE ADDRESS. (The code above the address should be ignored.)

060614 • • • • MR JOHN DOE 2500 N CLARK ST CHICAGO IL

2500DOEJ •

CM 270345A


090008 • • • D 0212DOEJ D AP MR JOHN DOE 212 SANTA CLARA DR 5L0806 LOS ANGELES CA 90008


X > m m m



Remember where the codes appear and always refer to them as they are on the labels. Do not attempt to re-arrange or create your own style of codes when you need your address changed. Also, you must always include this code along with every address change made throughout the year. If you use one of the U.S. Postal Service address cards, please be sure YOUR CODE appears (in the space for it) on the card. With the help of the entire Fraternity, we hope to eliminate most of the mailing problems we experienced in previous years. ZIP CODES should always be used with addresses. (Leaving the Zip Code off and/or giving an incorrect Zip Code will cause your mail not to be delivered to you — and returned to National at additional expense.) We state, again: Chapters should make use of a permanent Post Office Box for all mall to the Chapter. 4

Now, if you or your chapter have reported the correct address and zip code, that address — for every 1978 Passcard holder and all Life Members received up to and including January 3 1 , 1978 — has been placed on the official mailing list, in one of three classifications:

In order to trace/or inquire about any missing material . . . YOU MUST give us: 1. The name, location, and key number of the chapter; 2. The name(s) of the person(s) missing something: and 3. The specific items missing. In order to promptly finalize all money matters . . . YOU MUST forward to us the proper fees which are currently being requested in the form of a cashier/certified check or money order. Please be sure to have all Initiation Forms properly signed by the Regional Vice President and/or his designated representative, on copies one and two of the Notice of Initiation Form. Failure to have this signature will delay processing of new brothers until signature is received.

The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Btetingutelid) (Mlegtana ^*UVT,

Do they still make Alphas like they used to? Will there be a new group of leaders to take over the mantle of Robeson, King, Young and Marshall? In this age of lowered test scores and even lower expectations of success, are there still college students who strive to excell? The undeniable answer to each of these questions is "YES!" Those of us who have been out of the college arena for some time can easily underestimate the fine work being carried on in these institutions of higher learning. For the most part, our involvement in this area and interaction with these students in mostly social - basketball games, fraternity dances, etc. However, we must not forget that during those hours that we spend at work the attention of the college student is also turned toward work of the highest order. Often in their teens, these young people explore the vast expanses of knowledge, work incessantly for causes that they feel are right, interact in situations much more complex than your average nine-to-five job and struggle to make any number of decisions which will shape the rest of their lives. In addition, those young men who are members of the Brotherhood of Alpha Phi Alpha take on the challenge of being "Servants of AH" - dedicating the rest of their lives to the betterment of all mankind. I needn't mention that in attempting to meet that challenge, and meet it "their way," these young Brothers often find themselves engaged in fullfledged (albeit brotherly) combat with those Brothers who are already the doctors, lawyers, judges and politicians that they aspire to become later in life. And, for the most part, the College Brothers emerge standing tall - even in defeat recognizing the value of the experience to the attainment of their goals. This feature, DISTINGUISHED COLLEGIANS, is a salute to all College Brothers. In choosing a format we saw no need to manufacture a competition. Rather, what we present is a cross section of the men of Alpha Phi Alpha in today's collegiate ranks. It would be no overstatement to say that we could run another issue tomorrow with an entirely different group of equally capable young Brothers. For, such is the calibre of Alpha men! I invite you to read the pages dedicated to this feature and join me in a salute to the Brothers chosen for inclusion here. At the same time, take heart - the future of Alpha is in good hands.

to )

MICHAEL J. PRICE Editor-in-Chief


AQK The Sphinx / Summer 1978


> *-«-«.


Brother CHARLES WALKER of Alpha Tau Chapter (U of Akron, OH) brings clarity to the word "transcend." Those who told Charles that his future was limited because he was blind were woefully off the mark. Completing his G.E.D. test in 1975, Brother Walker entered the University of Akron, where he is now a junior with an honor average in Political Science and Pre-Law. Brother Walker is active with the Student Government, the IFC and was named "Student of the Year 1977" by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Nominated for "Man of the Year" by the Akron Jaycees, Brother Walker plans on a career in politics after completion of his law studies.


Brother MARK C. O'RILEY was a charter member of Kappa Rho Chapter at C.W. Post Center of Long Island University and has served the chapter as Vice President, President and Corresponding Secretary. He is also active with the SGA and New Black Generation, a coalition of minority students which he headed as President in 1977-78. An honor student, Mark was named to Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities in 1977-78. He plans to work toward the master's degree in Public Administration and enter law school. The Sphinx / Summer 1978

I I Brother FOLAJIMI ADETULA is an honor student in Business Administration and Finance at Florida Memorial College in Miami. From Lagos, Nigeria, Brother Adetula plans to obtain the MBA degree and go into professional banking. In college, brother Adetula has served as Treasurer of both the SGA and Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society as well as President of the Social Science Club. The senior, listed in Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, also served as Editor of The Lion's Den, the FMC student newspaper.

The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Brother MICHAEL A. GREEN, a member of lota Zeta Chapter (U of Maryland), hopes to open a corporate law firm and eventually join the judiciary. The English/Pre-Law major has been instrumental in making his chapter a force on campus. He has served as President of the school's NAACP and the Black Pre-Law Society, Coordinator of the Minority Advisement Program and many other activities. Brother Green is currently preparing a publication of his study of university life in Sussex, England. Chosen for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Michael was also named College Brother of the Year, District 6, Eastern Region in 1976.



Brother BRYAN E. ACKER, of Mu Xi Chapter, is a junior Pre-Law major at the University of Southern Mississippi. A President's List scholar, Bryan records a 3.83 average on the 4-Point system. Active in numerous organizations, including Alpha Kappa Mu and Phi Eta Sigma Honor Societies, Brother Acker plans to become a lawyer.

Brother PAUL T. JOHNSON III is a talented artist, majoring in Art Education at Eastern Illinois University. A native of Chicago, he has attended the Young Artist Studios of the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Southern California's Idyllwild School of Music and Arts. Active in college affairs, he has twice received Zeta Nu Chapter's Quality of Life Award and was the 1977 recipient of the chapter's Whitney M. Young Award. He plans to teach high school art and college courses in Secondary Art Education. 8

Brother GEOFFREY T. MARSHALL, perhaps will be our next "Treasurer of the United States." He is a sophomore at Xavier University - Beta Tau Chapter in New Orleans. Geoffrey is an Accounting major and Math minor with a GPA of 4.0 on a 4 point scale. He received the Xavier University Scholarship, Gold Medal for Scholarship. Bro. Marshall enjoys basketball, tennis, and football. His plans for now are to get a masters degree and become a CPA

Brother VIRGIL V. WORK, a Senior at University of Missouri at Rolla - Epsilon Psi Chapter is an Engineering Management major. He has received the Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarship, L. C. George Scholarship and has been on the Dean's List. Other organizations include National Society of Black Engineers, and the Association of Black Students. Virgil plans to attain suitable employment with a progressive firm involving engineering.

Brother WINSTON E. WATKINS, Jr., does Dr. Winston E. Watkins Jr. sound good? Well, to this sophomore at the U of Texas, El Paso, it certainly does. With high hopes of entering Medical School upon graduation, Winston, whose major is Biology, is a member of the Christian Youth Organization and the UTEP mixed Bowling League. Winston's other interests include jogging, football and baseball.

Brother RANDY E. DONALDSON, a senior in Electrical Engineering at the University of Missouri - Rolla, would like to work for a few years with an oil company and return to school to obtain an MBA. He has been secretary and VicePresident of National Society of Black Engineers, and a member of Alpha Phi Omega - a Service Fraternity. He has been the recipient of several scholarships including Shell Oil incentive Scholarship; Alumni Association and Curators Scholarship. His hobbies include - chess, football, and model cars. The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Brother ROSBY E. LEE, a Senior at Bethune Cookman College majoring in Pre-Law, who hopes to have a career in Law and/or Politics. Rosby is Chapter President, as well as President of Lerone Bennett Historian Society. He is listed in Who's Who in Colleges and Universities in America. He is also a recipient of Bethune Cookman Merit Scholarship as well as a Trustee Board Scholarship. Rosby was Alpha Angel Co-Brother of the year for 1977-1978.

Brother PERRY D. MOLETT, Jr. of Temple, Texas is a senior majoring in Computer Science at East Texas State University upon graduation Perry plans to become a computer programmer. Perry holds the position of Assistant Secretary on the Texas State Council of Alpha Chapters. His hobbies include - growing plants, chess and reading. The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Brother ERIC ADAMS, a sophomore majoring in A c c o u n t i n g at Paine College, plans to become "College Brother of the Year," finish graduate school and to become a CPA and to set up his own firm. Eric was voted Mr. Sophomore. His hobbies include music, writing poetry and running track.

Brother RANDY C. ALLEN, a man of all regions, was initiated at Alpha Xi Chapter in Seattle Wa. and chartered into lota Tau Chapter at Eastern Wa. University - Cheney, Wa. He is a senior majoring in Journalism with a double minor of Radio/TV and Sociology at Southern Illinois University - Beta Eta Chapter. Brother Allen received the College Man of the Year Award for the Western Region (1976-77), College Man of the Year Award for Illinois (1977-78). Randy was recently elected Assistant Vice President of the Midwestern Region (1978-79). He is a member of Sigma Delta Chi Honor Society for Journalist, and Alpha Epsilon Rho Society of Professional Radio/TV. He enjoys tennis, bowling, music, and travel. His future plans are to work in Journalism, Advertising, or Personnel Administration.

Brother THOMAS A. CLEVELAND, wants to work in industry as a field service engineer while working to get a degree in law. He is a Senior at University of Missouri - Rolla, Epsilon Psi Chapter. Thomas enjoys Auto Mechanics, sports, reading and physical education. Brother Cleveland is a member of Black Engineers, and also the Society of Auto Engineers.

Brother ANGELO K. AGEE, a Sr. attending Talladega College - Alpha Beta Chapter in Alabama. A Biology major and chemistry minor, Brother Agee enjoys singing, stepping, and playing the trombone. He was selected for an honor Pre-Law Program and received the Outstanding Freshman Award in 1975. His future plans are to pursue a medical career by obtaining a Ph. D. in Pharmacology-Toxicology. 9

Brother LOUIS W. CLAYTON from University of Virginia - lota Beta Chapter is a Marketing major who wants to go into management and Information Systems. Louis received the Martin L. King Scholarship from Epsilon lota Lambda for 1975-77. He is involved with the Upward Bound Program and is a grader for Finite Mathematics course at UVA.

Brother JOHNNY M. ROUNDTREE, a Sr. majoring in Elementary Education is from Delta Beta Chapter-Bethune Cookman College, plans to become a Principal. Johnny's reason for this career field is because he is fond of children. "My philosophy is to strive to develop the whole child, strengthening the young individual in all areas." He is a member of the concert stage and Marching band. 10

Brother WILLIAM M. PHILPOT Jr., of Alpha Chapter at Cornell University is a Manpower Studies major and has a minor in Government. A member of Quill and Dagger Honorary Senior Society, he plans to attend Law school after graduation. In the summer of 1976, Bro. Philpot worked as an intern Administrative Aid to the Mayor of Hamden, Ct.

Brother ROBERT E. WRIGHT, a Sr. and true scholar at Alpha Phi Chapter at Clark College, plans to attend U of C at Berkeley for graduate school to pursue an M.A. in Testing Psychology. He is a recipient of the Clark College Scholarship (1974-75), ROTC Scholarship (1975-78), and Clark College Study Abroad Scholarship to the Univ. of Wurzburg in Germany. After he completes his tour of duty, Bro. Wright plans to acquire a Ph. D. in his career field and develop an institute which will be dedicated to research evaluation and improvement of test for all ethnic groups.

Brother JEFFREY A. INGRAHAM, a brother of high moral character, is a member of Delta Psi Chapter at Florida Memorial College in Miami. His major is Religious Education and has a minor in Urban Services. Bro. Ingraham is from Nassau, Bahamas and plans to be a Minister, a Christian Educator and religious Leader. The Sphinx / Summer 1978


* Brother EZZARD BROWN, a Senior at Beta Chapter, who upon receiving his degree in Political Science and Law intends to become an attorney of international law and possibly a congressman. His other activities include dorm council, Chairman of the Political Law Society, and a member of the NAACP Youth Group. Ezzard was listed in Who's Who and enjoys hobbies such as horseback riding.

Brother HENRY JONES, a Behavioral Science major at Beta Rho Chapter, intends to become a Clinical Psychologist upon completion of his Ph.D. studies. Henry is the recipient of 3 scholarships including one from Gulf Oil Corp. He is also the Pres. of the chapter as well as a member of Alpha Chi National Honor Society. His hobbies include basketball, martial arts, and theatre. The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Brother RONALD SHANNON, Movie Star? It sounds good with Ronald, a Senior who is majoring in Communications and Theatre Arts at Beta Tau Chapter. His activities include 1977-78 Sports Announcer, S.G.A. Academics Chairman. Ronald was listed among Who's Who Among Students in American Jr. Colleges, 1976.

Brother STEPHEN P O W E N S K I , a senior, majoring in Urban and Regional Geography at Chicago State University - Nu Delta Chapter. He has been Vice President and President of the Student Government Coalition Against Racism and the Geography Club. Steve received the Outstanding Student Achievement Award at Chicago State.

Brother MICHAEL S. HUNTER, whose plans are to become a General Practitioner of Medicine. Michael attends Xavier University (Beta Tau) was featured in W h o ' s Who among American High School Students. He is the recipient of a 4 year scholarship (for full tuition) to Xavier University Neighborhood Youth Corps, American Foundation for Negro Affairs Scholar. 11


r -J * .—•

Brother JOHN HUMPHREY, a SENIOR IN Business Management at Kent State University would like to eventaully control his own business. John is the first life member of Epsilon Delta Chapter. He is also a member of the Greek Council, the Finance Club, and the Esquire Club.

Brother DARYL V. WILLIAMS, a Music Education major at Shaw University, plans to attend graduate school and upon completion teach on the college level. His hobbies include sports, sewing, music and cooking. 12

Brother STEPHEN HENDERSON of Philadelphia, Penn., whose current plans include continuing with his education through graduate school. He is a marketing major at Nu lota Chapter Glassboro State College. He is also a member of the Annandale Jaycees.


Brother JULIUS V. COCO and his activities at Zeta Xi Chapter - University of SW Louisiana have been very commendable to Alpha. He is listed in Who's Who (1977), Blue Key Honor Fraternity, Deans Advisory Committee, and numerous leadership positions throughout his ROTC Training which include Corp Commander and his present rank as Cadet Colonel. Julius plans are to be an Air Force Officer.

Brother QUIEMAN E. FREEMAN, a senior at University of Cincinnati - Alpha Alpha Chapter is a Computer Science major. He is active in the Executive Board of Black Greek Alliance at U of C and presently involved in laying ground work for a Data Processing and Management Association. His plans are in the direction of Systems Analysis and Management. The Sphinx / Summer 1978


Brother CHARLES KING Jr., past Assistant Vice President of the So. West Region, is a member of Theta Upsilon Chapter at Arkansas State University. Brother King was listed in Who's Who, President of ROTC Drill Team. He enjoys tennis, basketball and wire art. Charles plans a career in Public Relations and Counciling in a University. He is a Psychology major.

Brother EUGENE H. MINCY of Delta Beta at Bethune-Cookman College is a sophomore with a major in Business Administration, and a minor in Computer Science. Eugene is considering a future after he receives his Masters degree, in Computer Science. He enjoys such hobbies as music and sports. Brother Mincy has an outstanding GPA of 3.5 on a 4 point scale.

Brother JOHN W . OSBY, an Architectural Engineer of the future, is a member of Eta Gamma Chapter - Prairie View A & M University in Texas, will one day own an engineering firm and plans to hold a major political office.

Brother CHARLES E. JONES, enjoys the sounds of Mozart, RimskyKorsakov, and Gospel. Charles is a senior at Alpha Kappa Chapter - University of Alabama who's major field of study is History and carries a minor in Political Science. Brother Jones is also a member of Theta Tau Omega Honorary History Society.

The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Brother KEVIN P. HAMMONS has a double major in History and Philosophy at Columbia University in New York. Going into his senior year, Hammons has a 3.2 GPA on a 4 scale. He is the 1977-78 President of Zeta Eta Chapter and a member of the Minority Recruiting Program. Future plans for Kevin focus in the field of banking.

Brother RONALD L. ASHLEY is a junior majoring in the Health and Physical Education department at Tennessee State University. He has many honors to go along with his 3.4 GPA which include highest ranking sophomore cadet in the Air Force ROTC. Brother Ashley plans to attend Physical Therapy School and get commissioned.


BBHHBj»i!l'»i | " 11 ' '

Brother CARL A. COLEMAN is a senior at Wiley College in Marshall, Texas majoring in Business Administration. He has kept the high scholarship that our college brothers do indeed hold. Carl was also on the track team, and hopes to attend graduate school to pursue a degree in Hospital Administration.

! » h

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Brother JAMES E. BANKS from Kansas University is a Business Administration major who plans to attend Law School after graduation. He also holds membership in the Black Student Business Council. 14


Six years after the founding of Alpha Chapter of our fraternity, in 1912, Mu Chapter was established at the University of Minnesota. The history of this chapter indicates a brilliant contribution to college life among Black students. This issue's LEGACY explores the interesting origin, development, and times of trouble of MU CHAPTER: ALPHA IN MINNESOTA. Back in 1911, March 11 to be exact, twelve Black students enrolled at the University of Minnesota met at 300 Washington Avenue in response to a call from Mr. Gale P. Hilyer and James L. Titus for the purpose of organizing the Black male students of the University. A club named PI ALPHA TAU was the result of that meeting. PI ALPHA TAU functioned quite well and maintained a place of highest esteem both on and off the campus. It established a very constructive program among the Black citizens of Minneapolis and St. Paul and was an inspiration to Black youth. During the spring of 1911, Pi Alpha Tau gave concerts on a large scale, different than any other held in the Twin Cities. All talent used was local, much of which had never been brought to the surface and about which the community had no knowledge. One was held in St. Paul, the other in Minneapolis. Each was a huge success. Members of Pi Alpha Tau participated as well, because some of them were especially talented, and the prestige of Pi Alpha Tau was enhanced and rendered it one of the leading intellectual organizations in Minnesota. Pi Alpha Tau encountered some opposition at first among a few short-sighted leaders, and the old cries of "Jim-Crowism" and segregation . . . self-segregation, were raised. The members of Pi Alpha Tau failed to comprehend this opposition, because they felt that they were right in their efforts. After all, were Black students admitted to the membership of the fraternities at Minnesota, which were entirely white? No. Were Black students included in the various social activities and campus functions? No. Was there any influence on the University campus compelling or in any way encouraging segregation of the Black student? No. Would Black students on the campus derive any benefits by being distant, unacquainted and ignorant of each other and each other's efforts? No. Even though the opposition claimed that Pi Alpha Tau was paving the way for discrimination, in actuality this discrimination did not exist. Its members defended the organization by asking the why of the existence of our churches, newspapers, fraternal and secret orders, societies and the like, and reminded them that to be consistent they should strive to abolish those institutions. End of argument. Eventually, Pi Alpha Tau progressed and grew stronger, and in due course, its members began to look for a larger field of work. They appeared to desire to be a participant in a great movement for service to their fellowmen. They began to talk of a fraternity. In the meantime, Dr. Cyrus N. Northrop, then President of the University of Minnesota, had been informed of the proposed forming of the club, and sent them the following letter:

EDITOR'S NOTE: This month's LEGACY was adapted and condensed from "THE HISTORY OF MU CHAPTER OF ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY," written by Brother Raymond Cannon, Charter Member of Mu Chapter, and information supplied by Michael Price. - W. E. T



"Gentlemen, I am very glad that you propose to form a club of the Colored (Black) students in the University. Such a club can do great good in promoting friendship and acquaintance among yourselves, and in securing respect from others. It will be a stimulus to faithful scholorly work, and will show you what you are able to do. I congratulate you on your prospect and I wish your club the greatest of success in all the years to come. Very truly yours, (signed) Cyrus N. Northrop Pres. University of Minnesota"

On May 27, 1911 it was decided to investigate the idea of becoming a fraternity. Reuben McCullough stated in the meeting that he had heard of a wonderful organization known as Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and while not very familiar with it, he knew enough about it to know it was a worthwhile organization. Consequently, a committee was formed to communicate with Alpha Phi Alpha and report back to Pi Alpha Tau in the first meeting the following fall (September, 1911). On December 4, 1911 the Secretary of Pi Alpha Tau was instructed to send in to the General Organization of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity an application for a chapter at the University of Minnesota. A favorable reply was received on January 15, 1912 from the General Secretary at the General Convention at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Communication was received advising that a Mr. C. C. Middleton of Epsilon Chapter, University of Michigan, had been appointed to come to Minneapolis and establish Mu Chapter. Mr. Middleton was a medical student at the University of Michigan. On the evening of April 12, 1912, the members of Pi Alpha Tau met at the home of Mr. Reuben McCullough, and there Brother Middleton proceeded to establish Mu Chapter after the members of Pi Alpha Tau had voted unanimously to disband for the purpose of forming a chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha. The charter members of Mu Chapter, ten in number, were Brothers Benjamin F. Bullock, Raymond W. Cannon, Jasper Gibbs, Jr., John H. Hickman, Jr., Gale P. Hilyer, Reuben C. McCullough, Fredrick L Parker, Nelson D. Ricks, James L. Titus, and Louis C. Valle'. From this time on, Mu Chapter began to strengthen itself within and prepare for future expansion. Its members were jubilant and happy over becoming a part of this great and noble organization — Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. It seemed as if a new world had opened up before them. They now had the long desired opportunity to render service to their fellowmen on a national scale as well as locally. All assumed their fraternal duties and responsibilities in an earnest and sincere manner. Brotherliness, fraternal spirit and integrity always were in evidence.


Four of the Founders of Mu Chapter, April 26, 1937, at the Founder's Day Celebration. On September 30, 1912, Mu Chapter elected its first delegates to its first National Convention, it being the fifth General Convention of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, held at the seat of Kappa Chapter, Columbus, Ohio. Brother James L. Titus, who was looked upon in great measure as the father of the chapter, was elected Senior Delegate and Brother Raymond Cannon was elected the Junior Delegate. Spirit prevailed. Each of the ten Brothers agreed to contribute five dollars to defray the expenses of the delegates one way only. The delegates stood the balance of the expenses themselves.

1st row, left to right: Louis C. Valle', Reuben C. McCullough, Frederick D. Parker, James Louis Titus, Roy Theodore Scott. 2nd row, left to right: Benjamin F. Bullock, Raymond W. Cannon, Jasper Gibbs, Jr., Gale Pillsbury Hilyer, Nelson D. Ricks. NOTE: Brother John H. Hickman, Jr., who was a charter member was not present for the picture. Bro. Scott was the first initiate. All of the above including Hickman are deceased. Benjamin F. Bullock and Raymond W. Cannon are the only living charter members of Mu Chapter.

TheSphinx / Summer 1978

Mu Chapter's delegates were viewed as coming from the "far west" and many were interested in talking with them. The Chapter considered it quite an honor, being a new chapter and having one of its members elected as General Vice President. As Vice President, Brother Cannon automatically became Chairman of the Committee on Delinquent and Unrepresented Chapters, he did much to strengthen the national organization and continue its functioning. At the December, 1913 Convention, THE SPHINX was authorized and established as the Fraternity journal. Brother Cannon was a member of the committee appointed to consider having a Fraternity publication. Brother Garvin had conferred with Brother Cannon about the matter and gave him a copy of the Hampton Student to supply him with some idea of what he had in mind. THE SPHINX was intended to bind the chapters closer together in the interim between conventions, to keep each chapter informed of what the other chapters were doing, to discuss Fraternity matters exclusive of secret matters (Ritual, Constitution, etc.). It was also thought that THE SPHINX would be a means of bringing back into the fold those who had dropped by the wayside, and keeping those Brothers informed who were not near enough to a chapter to join or affiliate with it. Once more did the members of Mu feel highly honored and pleased over one of their number being reelected a General Officer, Brother Cannon as General Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of THE SPHINX. The editorship of the publication was combined with the duties of the Vice President, and in addition, the incumbent continued to be the Chairman of the Committee on Delinquent and Unrepresented Chapters. This fact was an incentive for the members of Mu to do greater things. In 1914, however, it became necessary to consider delinquency of members in the chapter. At the close of the school year in June of 1915, Mu Chapter became inactive due to insufficient numbers. Previous to this time the chapter had been inactive at intervals of a few months at a time but always became active in time to discharge all of its duties and obligations to the General Organization. Now, however, the chapter was destined to remain inactive for quite some time due to circumstances over which the members of Mu Chapter had no control. War, turmoil, and the great international and political events happening so rapidly were influencing everybody and everything, and were directly and indirectly affecting Black students here and everywhere. Mu Chapter remained inactive until February 26, 1919, when Brother Lucius L. McGhee, former General Vice President and Editor of THE SPHINX and later to become General President, came to Minnesota and reactivated Mu Chapter. Brother Earl Weber, dentist in St. Paul, had been made a member and was President of the reborn chapter. Brothers Cannon and Valle' resumed their chapter affiliations, and Mu was once more on its way to expansion and a greater program for the future.

The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Left to right, back row: Eddie Lee Williams, Rodney Crim, Mu President, Rick Moody, Mu Dean of Pledgees (not shown Rodn Johari). Little Brothers from left to right, front row are: Marc Ingram Chad Hart, George Brown, Kent Wurder, Joel Taylor (Little Broth not shown are Ronald Scott and Joseph Steele).

Jumping ahead twenty-six years to 1945, the Dean of Student Affairs at the Unversity of Minnesota advised Mu Chapter of certain changes being authorized by the University of Minnesota with reference to the recognition and operation of Greek Letter Fraternities there. For a number of years some of the Alpha Brothers of Mu and now and then from other chapters had affiliated with Mu. This was in the days when there were but a few graduate chapters. The new rule of the University prohibited nonstudents from being members of the undergraduate Mu Chapter; and the directive was that non-student members must sever connections with the chapter, but were requested to maintain a fostering influence over the chapter. Also, membership in the interfraternity council was made manditory as a prerequisite for recongition by the University, and in order for Mu Chapter to continue it had to comply. Accordingly, petitions were addressed to the General Organization for a Graduate Chapter. Upon approval, Gamma Xi Lambda was established.


Viewpoint Topic: Author:

Plantation Mentality Brother Benjamin H. Alexander, Ph.D.

Brother Benjamin H. Alexander, Ph.D., is one of the country's true educational leaders. He is currently the President of Chicago State University and has been instrumental in the development and constant upgrading of that institution. Receiving his Ph.D in chemistry from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., in 1957, Brother Alexander served as the Chief Research Chemist for the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Research Chemist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Assistant to the Chief at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, and a member of the Academy of Science. Brother Alexander has earned his place in Who's Who in Government, Who's Who in America, and leaders in Education. He was awarded a plaque from the fraternity for Outstanding Educational and Community Leadership in 19 76. The author of over 45 research papers in chemical research, four U.S. patents, and speaker of hundreds of talks and lectures on civic responsibilities, science, health care to disadvantaged people, and ecology. Brother Alexander most, recently was the keynote speaker at the 1978 Midwestern Regional Convention in Chicago, Illinois, on the subject of Plantation Mentality. The text of his moving and invigorating speech is contained in this issue of Viewpoint.


Negro separation! Colored separation! or Black separation! Yes, I am going to talk openly about the main subject of our private conversations. People of color have kept it in halfwhispered discussions for too long; and because we have, there are the beginnings of mass suspicions, mass hatreds, and all the other ingredients for splitting our people, pitting the middle- and upper-income Blacks — the "haves" — against the lower-income "have not" — Blacks (or "those people"). The Chicago Defender in an editorial, in its Saturday, April 8, 1978, issue has reported on "these rumors about a strong division on class lines among Blacks. . . ." Similarly, Mr. William Raspberry, a Black who writes for the Washington Post, apparently feels there is a rift between classes of Blacks and points out that Blacks in America are becoming two separate societies — one middle class and one poor — alienated and estranged from each other. Attitudes toward such a division vary widely within the Black community. The Defender wants unity for our people, whereas Mr. Raspberry concluded that the rift could lead to racial progress. Many Blacks agree with Mr. Raspberry. Everywhere I go around the nation I hear many middle- and upper-income Blacks saying that there should be in America a three-part division of society as far as Blacks and Whites are concerned: Society should consist of White People, Negro or Colored people, and Black people. They say openly that those of our race with little or no education, those with prison records or histories of social deviance, should be referred to as Black, but that those who do not fit that definition should be called Negroes or Colored people. In my opinion this city and nation stand to lose a great deal if such a three-part division comes about, that is why I will speak this afternoon to you on the subject of a plantation mentality. I can think of no better group of Black people than Alpha Phi Alpha to receive my message; I know that you have a proven record of doing something about problems. You do care! I do not expect you to agree with all that I say; however, I hope that you will listen with an open mind. As you heard from the speaker who introduced me, I was born in the South, in Roberta, Georgia. My roots go back to plantation days, and an important part of my growing up was the training my parents gave me to make me overcome the plantation mentality that they could still see in the South. In the plantation days, Blacks were expected to think of themselves as inferior. They were expected to believe that their role in life was established when they were born. Whites and Blacks took it for granted that the standards and values of the slave society were inferior. Blacks in those days were supposed to know their place-and to act accordingly. My parents did not believe in a plantation mentality and encouraged me and my brothers and sisters to become educated and find our own place in society. As a result of such parental encouragement, I did receive an education and gradually found myself rising in what was otherwise a mostly White society. To my disappointment, The Sphinx / Summer 1978

however, I found that the plantation mentality still exists. I would hear Whites say that they are going to have to move because some of "those people" had moved into their neighborhood and of course it would be impossible to live with "those people." They would say also that they were changing their children's schools because too many of "those people" were now attending it. They would complain about the quality of the merchandise in the local stores because "the stores are beginning to cater to those people, you know." Frequently, I would be told, "We don't mean you, of course, Dr. Alexander, but you know what some of those people are like." My protests about such comments fell on deaf ears. It became clear that these Whites, a century after the plantations freed their slaves, still carried a plantation mentality toward Blacks. These Whites still believed that Blacks were innately inferior to them. I have been in Chicago now for four years, and I have been pleased to see that in this city we have a large group of successful, well-educated Blacks such as yourselves. The existence of such a group should in itself give lie to any continuation of that plantation mentality on the part of Whites. Given the opportunity for an education and an opportunity to prove they can achieve, Blacks obviously are able to match their progress and their achievements with any group of any color.

ferior by the middle class Blacks as well. They are still victims of the system, but now they see the middle class Blacks in that system wielding what power they have to take advantage of poor Blacks. As a result, the "have-nots" of color have a genuine distrust of the "haves" who they feel are the system, and whom they now dislike, distrust, and fear. We middle class Blacks seem to have forgotten that we are our "brother's keepers." In the long run, we are going to sink or swim together. For the moment some successful Blacks will continue to rise by ignoring their poorer brethren, but any such movement upward is only illusory and will certainly be shortlived. Any permanent movement upward will come only when we stoop a little and make every effort to lift the Black "have-nots" to where we are. It is that old plantation mentality, that desire of people to want to be someone else, which causes many of us middle class Blacks to act as we do toward the poor Black. But no matter how hard the affluent Black works, no matter to which neighborhood he moves, no matter how much he earns, and no matter how vigorously he scrubs his face, when he looks into the mirror, he is still a Black. And "those people," poor though they are, are still his brothers and sisters. This disdain he has for "those people" is like a tumor growing in the Black's brain. To remove this plantation mentality without serious surgery, Blacks must realize that it is color, and not whether he is a "have" or "have not," that

"I find the plantation mentality still in existence . . . expressed not only by some whites but by our middle class blacks . . . "

But now here in Chicago, and no doubt across the rest of the country, I find the plantation mentality still in existence, but today I am shocked to find it being expressed not only by some Whites but by our middle class Blacks, the "haves" talking about the "have-nots." Now I hear successful Blacks talking, and they say they're going to have to move because too many of "those people" are moving into their neighborhood. "Chatham just isn't the same any more," they say. Their children are going to private schools because the children of too many of "those people" are in the neighborhood schools now and obviously their children would now get an inferior education if they remained in the neighborhood. Black wives say they go out to Marshall Field's at Oakbrook or River Oaks now because the quality of the merchandise at Field's downtown store has changed since so many of "those people" began shopping there. It's just ten years since the passing of Dr. Martin Luther King, and the media has been full of commentary on the extent to which his dream has come to pass. For some of us much of his dream has come true. The quality of life of the Black middle class has improved significantly, and the statistics show that the size of the Black middle class has also grown substantially. But for "those people," the Black "have-nots," that dream remains a nightmare, a nightmare from which they never seem to wake. It is especially ironic that not only are they still thought inferior by Whites, but now are considered to be inreally matters. Our color, from cream to Black, determines The Sphinx / Summer 1978

how we stand in any community. A son of a Polish immigrant can drop the "ski" from his last name and move out of the old Polish neighborhood into a suburb, and his roots can be forgotten. A son of a Jewish immigrant can change his name, marry a gentile, join a protestant church, and in a short time his Jewish heritage will be unknown to others. We middle class Blacks also can change our names, move to suburbs, join new churches, and marry outside our race, but our roots — our heritage — travel with us. We cannot disassociate ourselves from "those people" as other ethnics can disassociate themselves from their poor relations. Our color links us forever. Our race is a veritable flower garden, with some of the prettiest people ever born, from cream color to high yellow to burnt copper to smokey black. But that old plantation mentality arises and tells some of the cream-colored Blacks that they are superior to the blacker ones, because a "White Jefferson or Washington" was among their forefathers. Even if true, I have yet to find White descendants of these Washingtons and Jeffersons calling these cream-colored Blacks, cousin. They may call them "uncle" or "auntie," but never cousin. We, the Black "haves," must accept this fact of color, and be proud of it. Then we must work with the poorer Blacks, the "have-nots," to make this a better community. I said work, not beg. For too long we have been beggars — and no one will ever respect a beggar. Blacks must cease begging, acting 19

like children. The Good Book says, "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child — but when I became a man, I put away childish things." It is only the plantation mentality of Blacks who think of themselves as inferior which makes them look to other sources in this society for their deliverance. Instead, I believe that deliverance should come from education. And you would not be members of Alpha Phi Alpha if you also did not believe in education. Often when I mention education as an answer I am told that my reasoning is based on my being with a university, that if I were in the Chicago public schools, dealing with the children of "those people," I would realize how hopeless the situation is. I may not work in the public schools, but I was a member of the Board of Education of Washington, D.C., and I know that in Washington "those children," given the proper inspiration and incentive want to learn too. And just the other day in an article in the April issue of the Phi Delta Kappa magazine, I saw ample evidence that Chicago inner-city students are no different. I would like to take a moment here and read some of the data in this article. The statistics were compiled by Dr. Earl J. Ogletree of Chicago State University and Mrs. Marie Chambers of the Chicago public schools, based on a survey of inner-city high school students in Chicago. My colleagues at CSU guessed that the response of these students would be the opposite of what it turned out to be in almost every in-

defend himself; more likely to succeed than the uneducated. Education is vital if Black people are going to advance. Despite the success of Blacks like you Alphas, in any overall comparison with Whites, Blacks have been falling further behind. Most appalling are the statistics I read on our young people. In some sections of this city, over 50 percent of the Black young people are unemployed. Why? For the most part because they have nothing to sell. They learned nothing in school, so they dropped out, and turned into social misfits — unskilled, uneducated, and unwanted. What follows? — stealing, robbery, assault, and eventually prison. This pattern does nothing more than confirm for the White establishment that Blacks are indeed inferior, and that basically there has been little change among Blacks since plantation days. What kinds of examples do these young people have? For too long Blacks have copied the worst habits of some Whites, rather than the best. Some Whites drink too much; some of us seem to want to out-drink them. Some love night life; some of us seem to be trying to out-night club them. Some Whites do spend their money foolishly; too many of us follow suit. But we never seem to think of out-producing them. We are consumers and not producers — and I might add that we are conspicuous consumers — buying Cadillacs, Lincolns, and Thunderbirds on Toyota salaries. Our young people do not see Blacks operating successful

"For too long blacks have copied the worst habits of some whites rather than the best."

stance, and we are supposed to be educational experts. The question: Should students have freedom of speech in the classroom, i.e., should they be able to talk when they wish? 59 percent said No. Should students be allowed to use abusive language in the classroom? 74 percent said No. Should students be allowed to use informal slang (street language) in the classroom? 71 percent said No. Should students have the right to argue with their teachers? 81 percent said No. On other questions, these students were just as strongly on the positive side of the answer. Should students who continually disrupt class be expelled from school? 60 percent said Yes. Should students who use drugs and alcohol in school be expelled from school? 56 percent said Yes. Should students who seH drugs in school be expelled from school? 62 percent said Yes. And on another subject — Should the school have the right to establish a standard of hygiene, i.e., cleanliness? Here, 66 percent said Yes. Do these responses surprise you? I think so! Here is evidence that "those children" recognize that the answer to their dreams is in education. With very little help or encouragement from us, the Black "haves" of this city, these students have learned that an education is very precious. They recognize that the educated person is more able to 20

businesses. As I look out at this audience, I'll bet I can safely say that the clothes you wear are not from your business. The shoes on your feet you did not produce. You did not build the homes you live in, and its mortgage is most likely in the hands of a White savings and loan association. We must learn how to produce — for our own and other's consumption. Ten years ago, I read an article in the Saturday Review by Eric Hoffer. I have never forgotten his comments because they reflect an attitude of the White man which is still prevalent today. He said: "The Negro . . . seems to say lift me up in your arms. I am an abandoned and abused child. Adopt me as your favorite son. Feed me, clothe me, educate me, love and baby me. You must do it right away, or I shall set your house on fire or rot at your doorstep and poison the air you breathe." More recently I read some further comments by Mr. Hoffer in which he said, "The 20,000,000 Negroes in America seem to lack the will and gumption to build and create something impressive — something that would demonstrate to the world what. . . initiative, skill, and guts can do . . . instead . . . (the spokesmen for Blacks in this country) are looking for an easy, quick shortcut to pride They expect "Whitey" to . .. supply them with stores, adequately stocked with liquor and television sets The only thing Whitey cannot possibly give them is pride. . . . Anyone who knows the chemistry of pride knows there can be no genuine pride apart from self achievement." The Sphinx / Summer 1978

How do we counter the Eric Hoffers? If we are honest, no matter how much it hurts, we must admit that there is an element of truth in what he says. If we, the Black "haves," continue to cut ourselves off from or to turn our backs on the "have-nots" because "these people" and ourselves have little in common, we have no response to the Eric Hoffers. The essential sine qua non for pride is history. There are historical facts we must tell our poorer brethren because those facts will instill pride in them as a people. The Black child sees the clock ticking away, but does not know that a Black — Benjamin Bannaker — invented the pendulum; the Black woman goes to a blood bank, but does not know that a Black physician — Dr. Charles Drew — discovered the process to preserve blood which made blood banks possible; a Black man has open-heart surgery but is unaware that a Black physician — Dr. Daniel Hale Williams — perfected the medical technique. Moreover, most Blacks are woefully unaware of contemporary Black achievement. There is little realization that this nation has over 300 Black millionaires, 80 Black mayors, 1,000 Black councilmen, 300 county officers, 50 state senators, 200 state representatives, approximately 14 U.S. representatives, and 1 United States senator. Included in this list, of course, are Thurgood Marshall, our Supreme Court Judge; Andrew Young, our UN Ambassador; and Patricia Harris, the Secretary of HUD. I maintain that if the Black "haves" and "have-nots," as well as White Americans as a whole, were correctly educated to the contributions of Blacks in America, feelings of White superiority and Black inferiority would diminish, and our Black "have-nots" would function as human beings imbued with pride and a feeling of self worth. Current trends and attitudes do not seem to be helping further the education needed for that feeling of pride and value. One such current trend may be the Bakke case about which we have all heard. I believe in affirmative action; I believe in equal opportunity; and I hope that the decision on the Bakke case does not affect the acceptance of affirmative action. But frankly how many parents in Chicago's Robert Taylor Homes are wringing their hands with worry, as so many middle class Blacks are, over the outcome of the Bakke case? Their major concern is not whether their sons and daughters will get into medical school; their concern is whether their children will have enough education to keep them off welfare, whether their teenagers will get a job to keep them off the streets, whether their daughters can walk on the streets without being raped, whether their sons will destroy their lives with a police record at age 17. In the Black ghettos of Chicago, "those people" are still victims of the old plantation mentality held by both the police and the courts. Down on the plantation when a Black killed another Black or cut up another Black or raped a Black woman, little was done — those incidents were judged as part of the expected patterns of conduct. But this is not 1778; this is 1978. We can no longer accept the mentality that crime is just part of the folkways of "those people." For example, in one two-week span last year there were eleven rapes of Black women by Black men; little was done to apprehend those animals. During the same period, one Black man raped a White woman; that animal was apprehended in 24 hours. Why the difference? Because society and in particular Black society accepts this preposterous dichotomy. We must insist that "Black on Black" crime or "Black on White" crime or "White on Black" crime be treated identically, with quick apprehension and quick and just punishment. The fact that "Black on Black" crime seems to be accepted as a The Sphinx / Summer 1978

way of life by both Blacks and Whites only helps convince the Eric Hoffers of this world that Blacks are inferior. Let us not go begging to the establishment for help. Let us not wait for the Congress or the Supreme Court or the President to bring our brothers and sisters out of the darkness. "Isn't it far better to light just one candle than merely remain cursing the darkness?" I am not suggesting a movement; I am instead asking for a personal commitment from you as individuals. Why you? Because you have the power. You are school principals and teachers who can bring about innovation in your classrooms, who can encourage young people to stick it out despite the odds. You are the social workers who help shape the destiny of public welfare and who deal with the individuals who so desperately need our help. You are the policemen, the lawyers, the judges who carry out law enforcement and our correctional programs; you can help change your systems. You are the preachers who give hope to the people. You are the doctors who can influence the medical services in the ghetto. You are the businessmen who help shape personnel policies, marketing policies, pricing policies. Do not tell me that the man downtown makes the decisions or the man in Springfield makes the decisions, or the man in Washington makes the decisions, or the man in the executive suite makes the decisions. You foo make decisions, and each of them could help your poor brothers and sisters. The plantations were closed a century ago. Let us banish plantation mentality then. "The man" no longer controls our destiny. You and I control the destiny of our people. My challenge that we abandon the plantation mentality carries with it some consequences. Let me say in no uncertain terms that I call for the reintegration of the Black "haves" with the "have-nots." Move back into the inner cities and live among your poorer brethren so that by our example and our actions, we can clean up the streets, help repair the houses, and prevent the deterioration of Black neighborhoods. As inner-city property owners, involve yourselves in all neighborhood preservation and rehabilitation efforts. While we are living in the inner-city, let our children attend the schools so that the "haves" who hold the power can be certain that teachers teach and needed supplies are available. As people of power we can also make the school board more responsive to our needs, so that more careful decision-making and reallocation of resources relevant for the future of both the "have" and "have-nots" are made. We will be able to influence political bodies and social agencies so that they too will become more responsive to the real needs of all Black people. If we begin to do things like these — together — "we shall overcome" — or better the way Dr. King said, "Black and White together, we shall overcome" — overcome prejudice, injustice and discrimination, overcome poverty and ignorance and fear.

ME 21

Looking back, it certainly has been enjoyable serving you as the College Scene Editor. But, "College days do swiftly pass," and my time for departure will come June 11th. It only seems like yesterday, when I asked Brother Price when he was going to have a section that reflected the views of the College Brother — and he gave me the challenge of filling the void. And with this my last story, I suddenly think of all the things I should have written about; or how I should have followed up on articles I wrote in the past. Hopefully, the new Editor-in-Chief of the Sphinx will permit me to keep in touch with you. Alpha Phi Alpha has been very good to me. I feel fortunate that I was able to go to college, let alone obtain the ranks of Alphadom. You and

I know of people who may have been good Brothers but never got the chance. And I am indeed lucky to be in this great organization, because I seized this chance. I want to say "Thank You" for having helped an only child finally have brothers. I am grateful to Brothers Mike Price and "Tiny" Blanton for giving me the moral support and a positive overview of the fraternity. And I'll never be able to thank Brother Dr. Lionel H. Newsom for allowing me to atend Central State University. But to you, my College Brothers, I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to interact with you coast-to-coast. My College Brothers have shared their perspectives with me, and I feel that has made me a better person. I say thanks to the Brothers of Alpha Eta (St. Louis), my home chapter — who showed me the Light: Brothers Tyrone "Breeze" Berry, Donald Williams, James "Plumber" Williams, Kevin Harper, Carl Brinkley, and Leland Friar. I thank my "sands," Brothers Kerry Luster and Jimmy Moore — who made The Sphinx / Summer 1978

"Three the Hard Way" one of the baddest lines in Alpha Eta history. My gratitude goes to the Brothers of Zeta Nu (Eastern Illinois University) where I saw my first Sphinxmen (now Brothers Wayne Ramsey and Greg Walker). Also, this is where I first heard "Don't Lean on the Shield." Also, Zeta Rho, Indiana State University, was visiting Eastern Illinois University that weekend, and I met their 23 Sphinxmen, of which only one (at that time) Brother Rhoal Tapp crossed. A 2 month-old neophyte was taken to his first Midwestern Regional Convention by Brothers Robert Moody and Flip Rodgers. And Columbus, Ohio, hasn't been the same since then. When I wanted to attend Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Brother Mike Ford of Beta Sigma chapter tried his best to connect me with the people who would help me get in. Meanwhile, Brother Henry Bellaire was my Grad Brother support. (By the way, Mike, do you still have my black and gold hat?) Before I left to return to Chicago, I went to New Orleans where Brothers Harry Johnson and Darryl Donohue showed me a great time. There has been nothing like the joy of seeing the fellows in the neighborhood come home as Alphas; Brothers like Larry Heron (Western Illinois University), who was in the same High School classes with me and listened to the teacher (Brother Fred Jackson) explain what it meant to be an Alpha. We both vowed that we would go to college and become Alphas. He crossed one week before me. Brother Ed Gilmore and I worked at a drug store together while we were in High School, and at the time we weren't the best of friends — but the bond of brotherhood has erased all those ignoble impulses. Brother Derrick Young . . . we more or less grew up together. I went to Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, to see him cross. Brothers Cleve Wesley, Emile Barber, and Dennis Richie made my stay enjoyable. Across the street at the University of Houston, Brother Danny Russo took photos of the pinning ceremony. Back in the neighborhood — Brother Steve Smith crossed at Alpha Delta in Los Angeles, which began the chapter at his home school (lota Psi in Pomona, California). Then Brother Stan Watkins was a charter member of Mu Sigma at the University of Rochester. There was no way of telling him he couldn't make it. And I can't forget Brother Ed Williams of Gamma Phi (Tuskegee, Alabama), The Sphinx / Summer 1978

who graduated with me from grammar school. At the Regional Convention in Indianapolis, I was in line behind then General President Walter Washington when he checked in at the hotel. They told him that they were sorry but a convention had all the rooms booked. When he explained who he was, they somehow "found" him a room. Later on that night, Brother Greg King from Kentucky State University took me up to Brother Stenson Broaddus' room, where I learned all about Kentucky. The next day at the banquet, I was asked to leave because I didn't have a suit coat on. Brother Mike Price hooked me up with Brother Charles Hunt, who was my size . . . and I must admit, that coat fit me like it was mine! Brother John Reasoner of Alpha Gamma chapter (Brown University) sent me a Brown University T-shirt, complete with A Phi A insignia. Then there are those who I've just enjoyed discussing the state of the fraternity with: Brothers Mike Sparks, Randy "Sly" Allen, Cornell Fowler, Gary Penny, Walt Tyson, Leonard Gore, Richard Locke, and anyone who had the time for conversation. When I was accepted into Central State University, I rushed to get there and school hadn't opened yet. The Brothers of Xi Chapter (Wilberforce University) put me up until CSU opened. Coming from one chapter to another, I have had many rewarding experiences, learning that not everyone does things in the same ways, but the end product is the same. The Brothers of Delta Xi have gone out of their way to make me feel a part of the chapter. I was voted Mr. Delta Xi-Brother of The Year for the 76-77 school year. This was quite an honor considering there were several candidates who were certainly qualified, seniors, and Delta Xi "made." Thank you for making me a part of the chapter, Brothers Harper, Northington, and Branham (whose line didn't have a name), to "Two Tough Guys," to "Roots," to "The Force." And I can't forget the Granddaddy of Delta Xi, Brother Danny Boone. Now I am sure I've forgotten someone whom I should have mentioned . . . forgive me. What I have tried to do is to show how being an Alpha has made a difference in my life. And this is just the first chapter; stay tuned and see what happens as I become the Brother from Lambda. Again, to all my Brothers . . . "Thank You!" Fraternally Yours, David E. Brown



JULY 28-AUG 3 . . . 72nd ANNIVERSARY CONVENTION, Minneapolis, Minnesota AUGUST Why Not Pay 1979 Grand Tax, NOW! SEPTEMBER CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS (approved by the General Convention) - Were circulated to all Chapters by the General Office. CHECK YOUR CHAPTER FILES! Do you have an ample supply of General Off ice forms (REMITTANCE OF FUNDS; NOTICE OF INITIATION; PIN ORDERS, etc.)? Have you mailed your (1978 -1979 CHAPTER DIRECTORY to National Headquarters? If not, MAIL IT NOW! New forms available from General Office. CONVENTION MINUTES - to be printed and mailed OCTOBER . (3 copies) to all chapters. Additional copies will be available for purchase from the General Office. October Issue of The SPHINX. DEADLINE for December Issue of The SPHINX. NOVEMBER 1 DEADLINE for Payment of (1979) GRAND TAX NOVEMBER 15 without penalty. NOVEMBER 16 LATE FEE of Three Dollars ($3.00) is now due with Grand Tax. November Issue of ALPHA NEWSLETTER. DECEMBER HAVE YOU DONE, OR RECEIVED, ALL OF THE ABOVE? December Issue of The SPHINX. JANUARY 1979 . . . All 1979 GRAND TAX should now be paid!


The Sphinx / Summer 1970

General President James R. Williams Appointed U.S. District Attorney

The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Brother General President James R. Williams was appointed to the powerful and very responsible post of U.S. District Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. In this position he will be directly responsible for enforcing all criminal and civil laws in Northeastern Ohio, including the Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown areas. More than 200 spectators crowded the northwest courtroom of the U.S. Courthouse as Brother Williams, son of a Mississippi farmer, was sworn in as U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. Courtroom observers from Cleveland marveled at the tremendous turnout of spectators and friends. One was overheard saying that his was one of the largest attendances ever for a federal swearing in ceremony. They came to honor a young man who had helped them along the way. And they thanked him for doing so much for his community. People from all walks of life who remember the man they could call at any hour of the day to make complaints and he would very cordially respond. Brother Williams always believed in the total community. "It's my responsibility to serve the needs of all the people," Jim would lecture reporters and others in the media who referred to his race. This was not to say that he didn't have Black pride.

Brother General President James R. Williams being sworn in as U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio by Chief U.S. District Judge Frank J. Battisti. Supported by his family (left to right): Daughter, Jacqueline; son, Michael; and his wife, Catherine.

Brother Williams remains a champion of Blacks seeking to get into the mainstream of our society. Jim's journey to the halls of power has been a difficult but rewarding one. It's a sojourn because he'll go even higher in this arena. Despite his achievements, Brother Williams never forgot from whence he came. He remembers that farm in Mississippi and the teachings of his parents. He knows that one cannot succeed without a firm moral and spiritual foundation. He recognizes that one must have faith to carry out his convictions. Jim believes in strong family ties. He never fails to acknowledge that his wife, Catherine, and two children, Michael and Jacqueline, are great sources of strength


to him. Whenever possible, you see them together, ambitious and affable, yet known for firmness. Williams brings to his new office a liberal Democrat experience in government, polity, and law. Jim has already discussed changes in the office to coincide with the reorganization of the FBI approach of concentrating efforts on major crimes has reduced this agency's case load by 60 percent. Brother Williams said he has mixed feelings about the change. And in the U.S. Attorneys office he said, "There must be a strong effort, an aggressive effort, in the areas of white collar crime, political corruption and organized crime."

The Sphinx / Summer 1978

/ [ Brother General President James R. Williams and family.

Brother Williams has truly served in a number of leadership positions. He was president of both his Alumni and college chapters and served for five years on the national Board of Directors as Midwestern Vice President. He is also Chairman of the Board of Alpha Phi Alpha Homes, Inc. (the local mortgagor and management corporation for Channelwood Village), the Fraternity's 11.5 million dollar, low-moderate income housing development in Akron. Jim has received numerous awards from our fraternity and other groups including the NAACP, the United Community Council, the Urban League, and the YMCA. In 1976, he was named Knight Grand Commander of the Liberian Human Order of Africa Redemption, by Dr. William R. Tolbert, Jr., President of the Republic of Liberia.

He was awarded the Pittsburgh Courier's Top Hat Citation in 1977, and is listed in Ebony Magazine's 100 Most Influencial Black Americans. In March, 1978, Mr. Williams was awarded the Merle B. McCurdy Equal Justice Award by the Association for the Study of AfroAmerican Life and History, Cleveland Chapter. Brother Williams was unanimously renominated, without opposition, for a second two-year term in the office of General President. Brother James R. Williams, a man of humble faith, a credit to his race, a brother whose life is spent in service, not scorn. You might think, after this dissertation, that our General President could walk on water. No, he can't, but I believe he would try if he thought it would help somebody. Randy C. Allen

The Sphinx / Summer 1978


ALPHA PHI ALPHA - FOR LIFE CHAIRMAN ELMER C. COLLINS 26151 Lake Shore Boulevard, #1224 Euclid, OH 4 4 1 3 2

Greetings Brothers: I had the opportunity to attend two Regional Life Members Breakfasts, and I was very pleased with the progress being made in the Life Membership Program in each of the Regions. It is still my hope that in the future each region will schedule their meetings apart and plan a Life Members Breakfast... to promote the fellowship among Life Members and to attract other brothers to join "ALPHA FOR LIFE." I would like to invite every Life Member (and those who wish to become Life Members) to attend the 13th Annual Life Members Breakfast in Minneapolis on Tuesday morning, August 1,1978. DON'T MISS IT! At the Breakfast, awards will be presented for participation in the program from September 1, 1977 to June 30, 1978. The only criteria for the awards is continuous activity (recorded by National Office) within the period mentioned (from convention to convention). The Awards to be given are: OLIVER WILSON WINTERS AWARD — given to the most outstanding chapter with 10 years of leadership in the Life Member Program. JOHN D. BUCKNER AWARD — given to the region having the most outstanding growth in Life Membership. FREDERICK L. JOHNSON AWARD — given to chapters for outstanding participation/growth in the Life Membership Program. (All chapters are eligible.) ELMER C. COLLINS AWARD — given to individuals for outstanding participation in the areas of recruitment and service in the Life Membership Program.

Current Leading Cities (Total Participants) Alumni Chapters Cleveland Atlanta St. Louis Chicago Philadelphia College Chapters Eta Tau — Normal, IL Chi — Nashville, TN Alpha Tau — Akron, OH Epsilon Psi — Rolla, MO

257 188 185 1

53 126 11 10 9 8

There is now a total of 5,391 participants in the program; 4,258 fully paid and 1,133 Subscribers. Let's even out our fully paid to a total of 4,500 strong by the convention. Encourage your subscribers to complete their payment plans. Those under the Two-Hundred Dollar plan have until July 1, 1978, to complete their membership without penalty. All other plans must be completed within the contract period of two years from date of enrollment. LET'S GET TO WORK — WE CAN REACH OUR GOAL! In doing so, we can continue to have success in reclaiming brothers who wish to proclaim "ALPHA PHI ALPHA . . . FOR LIFE."

Can't decide on a Father's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, or Graduation GIFT? HOW ABOUT A LIFE MEMBERSHIP THIS YEAR!

Note: The Constitution Amendment to raise the Life Membership Fee to $500.00, effective February 1, 1978, has been ratified and, thus, is in effect for all new memberships beginning after February 1,1978.


The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Brother Arthur Bettis

Brother ARTHUR BETTIS, a staunch and devoted Alpha Man from Delta Pi Lambda Chapter, Selma, Alabama, was recently unanimously elected Coordinator of College Affairs by the Alabama State Association of Alpha Phi Alpha, Incorporated. In his acceptance speech, he expressed the fact that for years he had been deeply concerned over the unfair relationship existing between Alumni and College chapters. His feeling was that the relationship that existed in the past, and is still prevalent today, is one of father to son rather than brother to brother. Brother Bettis vowed to visit every chapter in Alabama, both College and Alumni, in an attempt to bring about more uniformity between College and Alumni chapters. He stated further that there are no boys in this fraternity, they are all Alpha men, with the same rights and privileges of any Alpha man, any where, any time. We at Delta Pi Lambda say to Brother Bettis — Congratulations and good luck, for the eyes of Alabama are upon you. One of California's most powerful governmental bodies recently interrupted its formal business to honor the retirement of Brother ROBERT BREWINGTON, a member of Eta Pi Lambda, Pasadena, California. The five-member Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors represents more than seven million people. It spends more than several billions of dollars each year. The person charged with maintaining peace and order while the Board meets was Brother Brewington, the body's sergeant-at-arms.

Brother Brewington served in this post for ten years and he was the first person to hold the position full time. Retirement for Brother Brewington was mandated by his doctors after he suffered a heart attack in 1976. He completed twenty-five years of service to Los Angeles County. He held the rank of Sergeant in its Sheriff's Department, assigned to the Board of Supervisors, when he retired. He was initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha through Alpha Delta Chapter in 1950 and he earned his bachelors of science degree at the University of Southern California in the same year. Prior to his County Service, Brother Brewington served in the United States Navy. He is presently an inactive naval reserve officer holding the rank of Lt. Commander. He entered the navy in 1945. Brother Brewington is active in local community and church activities. He serves as treasurer of Eta Pi Lambda. He and his lovely wife, Haroldine, maintain a beautiful home in Altadena. Their only son, Robin, is a senior at San Diego State University.

Special thanks are received by Brother Robert Brewington on the occasion of his retirement from the service to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Left to Right — County Sheriff Deputy Lance Harper, Fourth District County Supervisor James Hayes, Second District County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn, Brother Brewington, First District County Supervisor Peter Scharbarum, Third District County Supervisor Edmund Edelman, and Fifth District County Supervisor Baxter Ward.

Brother CHARLES GREEN, administrative intern at Odessa College for the spring Semester, has been named recipient of a fellowship for the 197879 academic year by the council of Southern Universities. Brother Green, who will complete his d o c t o r i a l d i s s e r t a t i o n next year, received the 12-month grant from the Southern Fellowship fund through the University of Texas at Austin. 29

He is currently working as an intern at OC under the direction of Dr. Lee Buice, assistant to the president. Brother Green's proposed topic for his dissertation will be a study on enrollment trends in black colleges and in Texas community colleges. The OC i n t e r n r e c e i v e d the fellowship on the basis of academic excellence in his graduate study.

Brother J. C. Harrison Brother J. C. HARRISON is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Harrison of Due West, South Carolina. He graduated from Dixie High School in 1974. While in high school, J. C. was active in a number of community projects including the Youth Together Club, of which he was president and charter member. He is a member of Mt. Lebanon A.M.E. Church and held the position of treasurer and later served as president of the Young People Department of the church. As a college student, J. C. began his college work at Peidmont Technical College in Greenwood, South Carolina, in 1974 with a major in Human Services. Feeling the need for a greater part of college life, J. C. transferred to Benedict College in Columbia in 1975. As a student at Benedict, J. C. has remained active in numerous campus and community organizations where he has held several positions and received many certificates and awards for his services. J. C. Harrison became a member of the noble men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. on April 2, 1976. Since becoming a member of Gamma Pi Chapter, he has received an Out30

standing Service Award in 1976-77 for his work of planning a talent program for the youth in the Columbia area, doing volunteer work for MOSOB Drug Abuse Center, and for his untiring work with the coronation of Miss Black and Gold of Gamma Pi Chapter for 1976-77. He also received a service award in 1977 for services rendered during the S e c o n d Annual Leadership Conference. J. C. served as a counselor for the young men participating in the program by giving them guidance to solving their problems while at the conference. He is a member of the Benedict College Gospel Choir, where he received a Certificate of Service for the year 1976-77. He also served as vice president of the choir for 1977. He held the position of business manager of Gorden Jenkins Pre-theological Association where he received a certificate of award for helping promote a religious atmosphere on campus in 1975-76. He held the position of Student Government Representative when he received an outstanding service certificate for aiding and promoting an understanding among college students and the administration in 1976-77. He has served on several committees for student improvement and planning programs. J. C. has been appointed to serve as Editor of Greek News, a new addition to the Benedict Tiger Newspaper for 1977-78. He is also a volunteer for Brothers and Sisters in Columbia. In April of 1977, J. C. was elected to serve as president of the Gamma Pi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha at Benedict College in Columbia, S. C , for the year of 1977-78. Since the election of J. C , as president of Gamma Pi, the Chapter has taken over two new brothers, crowned a new Miss Black and Gold, won the Blood Doner award for contributing the largest amount of blood to the American Red Cross (more than any other organization), and plans to sponsor the Youth of MOSOB Talent show, the community showcase, where funds raised will be used to aid NAACP, the UNCF, the Urban League, and the March of Dimes. J. C.'s interest in civic, church, and community affairs is demonstrated by his participation. A senior majoring in Sociology, J. C. intends to attend graduate school after completing his studies at Benedict and obtain a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling and School Personnel. J. C. is presently employed with the Drug Response Operation in Columbia, S. C , where he is a counselor at MOSOB, a center for drug abusers.

Brother JOHN HENDRICKS, JR., former State Director of Mississippi, completed the requirements and received the Ph.D in Science Education and Administration in Higher Education at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, Friday, May 19, at 3:00 p.m. H e n d r i c k s r e c e i v e d h i s B . S . at Tougaloo College, and his M.A. from the University of Michigan. While attending Tougaloo, John was initiated into Gamma Upsilon chapter. Prior to his doctoral study, Brother Hendricks taught chemistry and physics at Utica Junior College from 1955-1959, then organic chemistry and physics at Alcorn State University, 1960-1965. In 1965, the science educator was appointed Director of Public Relations at Alcorn State University, wherein he served eleven years. In addition to being responsible for general public relations, Hendricks served as advisor for the Alcorn Herald (student newspaper), the Alcornite (yearbook), while coordinating student recruiting and serving as sports information director. Hendricks said, upon entering Kansas State University, "I am interested in pursuing formal courses leading to exp e r t i s e in a d m i n i s t r a t i o n , c o m munication media including prints and a u d i o - v i s u a l s as w e l l as s c i e n c e education." He further said, "I am seeking, primarily, the type of training which will prepare me to be both an effective administrator and teacher in science education." The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Dr. Hendricks is actively involved in many professional and social organizations. He holds membership in the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, Kansas Association of Teachers of Science, College Sports Information Directors of America, Football Writers Association of America, Phi Delta Kappa Professional Educational Fraternity, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Brother JOSEPH E. HEYWARD, a member of Delta Kappa Lambda Chapter, Florence, South Carolina, was the recipient of the Charles W. Green Award at the Southern Regional Convention in Birmingham. The Charles W. Green Award of Merit is the highest award given by the region and it represents seven years of "outstanding service to the community, fraternity and occupation." Brother Heyward is presently Director of Smith College Center, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, and Instructor of Mathematics at Francis Marion College in Florence. In the fraternity, Brother Heyward holds the offices of local chapter and state secretary and Executive Secretary of the Southern Region. Before becoming college center director, Heyward was on the FMC faculty as instructor of mathematics and academic counselor. He has also taught in the public schools and was assistant principal and principal at several Florence junior high schools. Last year Heyward was named one of the Outstanding Young Men of America and was named Man of the Year by his state (South Carolina) and region in 1976. He is also listed in Personalities of the South for 1978-79. Active in his profession and community, Heyward is a member of the Florence County Education Association and the National Education Association. He is on the Board of Directors of the Florence Boys Club of America and the Pee Dee Big Brothers Association. He is Vice-President for Relationships for the Pee Dee Area Boy Scouts of America. A member of the NAACP, Executive Committeeman for Florence Precinct No. 3, member of Florence County Historical Commission, and Florence Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals, Heyward also holds various positions in his church, including several dealing with young people. Brother Heyward is married to the former Evelyn Sargent and they have two future Alphas, Joey and Ryan. The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Brother CHARLES H. JACKSON, JR., a genuine Alpha man who is on the move, gifted with a wealth of experiences and knowlege plus an unusual sense of humor, is contributing much to help keep Alpha Delta Lambda Chapter well and doing fine in the great city of Memphis, on the banks of the Mississippi. Being involved in educational endeavors in the city of Memphis, Brother Jackson has been serving as general chairman of the chapter's Educational Committee for the last two years. He has done a yeoman's service for Alpha in working with the Alpha's "Future Leaders Club." This organization was found and organized by Brother Jackson and his Educational Committee. The group is composed of high school boys in the Memphis City Schools. These young men are being trained in leadership skills with the intent to help them function more effectively with peers and teachers in an academic setting; to enhance awareness of and skills in the social graces that applies to gentlemen; to develop study skills; to develop and prepare more effectively for college; and to provide these young men with career educational information to mention a few. Brother Jackson is a native of Memphis, Tennessee, and was educated in the public schools of that city. He earned a B. S. degree in Business Administration and Accounting at Tennessee State University, in Nashville, where he made Alpha at Beta Omicron Chapter in 1955, and received his M. A. degree plus 45 quarter hours above in American History and Curriculum and Instruction at Memphis State University. The topic of his master's thesis was "Fort Wallace on the Kansas Frontier, 1865-1882." As a teacher of accounting and social studies for the past eighteen years, he taught for two years in a private business college, and for sixteen years in the Memphis City Schools System. He was actively involved in teacher professional associations for eight years, served a two-year term on the board of directors of the local teachers' credit union, coauthored a federally funded Ethnic Heritage Studies Project, and chaired a committee that wrote a three-volume Black Studies Curriculum for the Memphis City School System. In the area of community service, he is a board member of two day care centers, treasurer of his neighborhood

Brother Joseph Heyward block club, a member of South Side Church of Christ, and Education Director/Chairman of the Education and Scholarship Committee of Alpha Delta Lambda Chapter.

Brother Charles H. Jackson In the latter position, he has spearheaded a Student Leadership Training Seminar that has enhanced the leadership skills of more than 150 boys. He is in every sense of the word a true dedicated Alpha man. Brother Jackson is so involved in so many social, civic, educational, and religious activities in the city that time and space will not permit us to tell it all. He is married to the former Jessie L. Wallace of Nashville, Tennessee, who is a Home Economics teacher, and they have two children, Charles, III, who is ten years old and a future Alpha man, and Jessica Jeannene, three years old. 31

"Kellam delivered his summation first. He was absolutely masterful. At least as much an actor or, more precisely, a thundering evangelist as an attorney, he gave a performance that lasted over an hour and kept me riveted for its entire length. His voice would drop to just above a whisper and then soar to what was almost a bellow. He gestured lavishly, pointed an accusing finger toward heaven itself, and pounding his fist on the rail of the jury box as if he wanted to splinter it." These were the words of Melvyn Bernard Zerman, author of "Call The Final Witness." Brother LEROY B. KELLAM, Esq., an undergraduate of West Virginia State College, began his career in New York as a bacteriologist, for the Department of Hospitals and later for the Department of Health. During his seventeen years as a bacteriologist, he became interested in law and attended Brooklyn Law School at night. Fifteen years later as president of the Queens County Criminal Courts Bar Association and former president for many years of the Macon B. Allen Black Bar Association, Brother Attorney Kellam is considered one of the most brilliant criminal lawyers in the east. This was attested to by Judge Agresta of the famous Potato Chip Murder Case, as he stated to the acquitted Darrell Mathes: "Young man, every day of your life you should thank your attorney. That was one of the most brilliant defenses I've seen in my career." Book critic of the New York Post stated, "The whole case against Ricky Mathes — torn to shreds by a brilliant Black lawyer named Leroy B. Kellam." Young Mathes is merely one of hundreds of Black New Yorkers, defended by Kellam, who has gone free after being accused of some criminal act. Very poor, poor, middle class, and wealthy are served by our popular and busy barrister who is a member of the Advisory Boards of the NAACP and the Urban League. Brother "Roy" Kellam, an active member of Zeta Zeta Lambda Chapter, is married to a lovely Alpha Kappa Alpha Soror, Claree Stepteau Kellam, a recently retired Junior High School reading specialist. They have a son, Bernard, who plans to enter law school in the fall; a daughter, Jenny, who works as a copywriter at one of New York's largest advertising agencies; and a younger daughter, Leesa, who teaches at a nursery school. It really did not take Zerman's 32

sensational book, "Call The Final Witness," for the local brothers to show pride in their very personable, charismatic character, into whose court room some of us occasionally go just to hear him expound, but the true story as related in the book will cause you to also burst with pride.

(Left to Right): President of Epsilon Delta Lambda Chapter, Brother Dunn, presents plaque to Brother Lawson for outstanding service to the fraternity. Brother Lawson is a graduate of Alabama State University, which honored him with the Distinguished Alumni Award two years ago, and Fisk University. He has done further study at Columbia University of New York, and Auburn University. Brother Lawson's son, Robert C, is also an Alpha man.

Brother Leroy B. Kellam Brother ROBERT E. LAWSON was a charter member of the Epsilon Delta Lambda chapter of Talladega, Alabama. He was responsible for establishing the chapter more than 34 years ago and served as its first president for four years. He also served some years later as president for another two years. Brother Lawson retired from the principalship of East Highland High School of Sylacauga, Alabama, after serving for 33 years. During this time, the school received National Accreditation and is recognized as one of the best schools in the state. Brother Lawson was honored with a testimonial dinner at which time the Mayor, the Superintendent of Education, teachers, and other people from all over the state gave testimonies concerning his work as an outstanding educator and community leader. Chapter President, Brother Dunn, presented Brother Lawson with a plaque for outstanding service to the fraternity. Active in Boy Scout work, Brother Lawson was awarded the Silver Beaver Award at the annual Scout Banquet. He has given many years of service to his chapter and is presently serving as Editor-to-the-Sphinx. He has worked on the Scholorship Committee, and was his chapter's delegate to the National Convention held in Atlanta in 1977.

A native of Brunswick, Georgia, Brother ROSBY EDWIN LEE is presently a junior Pre-Law major attending Bethune-Cookman College. Brother Lee is truly a well-rounded individual. He presently has a 3.93 cumulative grade point average. He is an active officer in various organizations: Pre-Law Club, President; Leone Bennett, Historical Society VicePresident Tra-Co Dram Theatrical Group; Veterans Group, VicePresident; Member of Alpha Kappa Mu H o n o r S o c i e t y ; M e m b e r of t h e Executive Board, Student Government Association; Member Greek Letter Advisory Council. Brother Lee states that Alpha Phi Alpha has made a tremendous impact on his life. His motto is "RESPECT."

Brother Rosby Edwin Lee The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Brother FRANK A. NICHOLSON was recently honored by Eta Pi Lambda as its 1977 Man of the Year. The award was presented during the chapter's Founders' Day Program that was jointly held with Beta Psi Lambda Chapter in Los Angeles, California. Brother Nicholson was honored for his service to the chapter and the general Pasadena-Altadena community. During 1977, he served as chairman of the chapter's educational committee and he headed the chapter's most successful ever fund-raising activity. It was in 1935, while at the University of Iowa, that Brother Nicholson was initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha. He went on to earn a bachelors degree in English and a masters degree in biology before he left Iowa in 1940. He then entered the army and retired holding the rank of major. He is also retired from the Los Angeles County Probation Department. Service to Alpha and the AltadenaPasadena community consumes most of Brother Nicholson's time. He shares his retirement with his lovely wife Elizabeth. He moved to Altadena, California, when he retired from the army. He has been an active member of Eta Pi Lambda since settling in Southern California. His dedication and loyalty to Alpha makes it easier for all who know him to move onward and upward toward the light. The Denver Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America recently presented their highest honor, the Silver Beaver Award to Brother MELVIN J . NORTON Brother Norton's life is a glowing example of leadership and courage. He has served Scouting for 19 years in his neighborhood Pack and Troop 149 sponsored by the Zion Baptist Church. In 1958, he began his adult Scouting as a member of both Pack and Troop Committee 149. He served on the committee for five years. In 1968, Brother Norton became the Scoutmaster of Troop 149, serving those youths who are hardest to reach, but who perhaps need Scouting the most. He holds the position of Scoutmaster to this day. Brother Norton's commitment of over ten years of continuous work, many times completely by himself, has merited him the Silver Beaver. Brother WILLIAM D. PHEARS, lota Beta Lambda Chapter, has been selected by the International Executive The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Brother William D. Phears Service Corps as a consultant to the Bahamian Government, with a specific assignment to the Minister of Works where he will make an analysis of the Public Utilities and make recommendations for necessary upgrading and cost effectiveness. Brother Phears has extensive experience in the public works field. He is a retired Air Force Civil Engineer and more recently, retired Commissioner of the Water Department of the Town of Hempstead, New York. He holds a master's d e g r e e in Management Engineering and is active in such professional organizations as the American Public Works Association, Institute for Municipal Engineers, Society of American Military Engineers, Institute for Water Resources, and the American Society for Engineering Education. He has received many recognitions for his professional competence, including the national "Top Ten Public Works Men of the Year" award in 1969. Brother Phears has been a leader in many local organizations and is now president of the Condominium Association in Cocoa Beach, Florida, where he now makes his home. His son, William, Jr., lives in Sacramento, California, and his daughter and her husband are completing their doctorate at Stanford University, California. An announcement of February 3 of t h e a p p o i n t m e n t of Brother J. RUPPERT PICOTT OF Mu Lambda, Eastern Regional VicePresident, 1 9 5 6 - 5 9 , as general chairman of the August, 1 9 7 9 , Washington National Alpha Convention was greeted with enthusiastic

applause. Dr. Picott has achieved prominence in a variety of public affairs, and we believe that he will help direct unique, meaningful, and exciting programs. His administrative ability, his wide experience as a convention organizer, his devotion to the cause, his perceptiveness in dealing with people in many places, qualify him almost perfectly for the special task of chairman. Brother Picott, a Virginia native, graduated from Union and received his Ph.D. at Temple University. A former high school and college teacher, he first attracted national attention in the fifties as executive secretary of the Virginia Teachers Association. Later with the N.E.A. in Washington, he served as Assistant Director of Membership and Director of Evaluation. For the past five years this life member has done an excellent development job as executive secretary of the Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History, with headquarters in D. C. His officerships and awards (including three Alpha citations), his memberships and publications are numerous; he has t r a v e l e d e x t e n s i v e l y on f o r e i g n educational missions. Biographical listings of Dr. Picott have appeared in Who's Who in America, Who's Who in Black America, and Who's Who in American Education. A Presbyterian, our good brother is married to the former Alta Hodges, of Washington. One son, Ruppert, Jr., lives in Paris; the other, Hodges, lives in Palo Alto, California.

Brother Ruppert Picott 33

The deputy convention chairman, Hanley Norment, will give Dr. Picott strong support. As former president of lota Upsilon chapter, Silver Spring, Maryland, Brother Norment led his group astutely and won national alumni chapter first honors three times. The regional chapters have an articulate force of workers assigned to the regional and local planning committee and they are getting it together with the national organizers. Brothers Kermit Hall, national convention chairman, met with the local planning committee on February 17 and outlined the convention format from the national organization's point of view. Then there was a mutual discussion of procedures and responsibilities of host area chapters. The committees of Alpha men and wives are swinging into action. Alphas, please come in '79, you hear! Brother TROY SIMPSON, JR., has proven himself to be one of the most sincere and dedicated brothers of Alpha Delta Lambda Chapter, Memphis, Tennessee. He is a native of West Memphis, Arkansas, and received his early formal education in the public schools of that city, graduating from Wonder High School. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Sociology and History in 1964 from the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and his Master's in Social Work in 1967 from the University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois. Further study was done at Memphis State University in Educational Administration and Supervision where he received his certification as a junior college administrator. Brother Simpson is employed as Director of Continuing Education and Community Services, and Chairman of the Division of Developmental Studies at Shelby State Community College in Memphis, Tennessee. Brother Simpson was initiated into Gamma Delta Chapter of Alpha while he was a student at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, and was very instrumental in assisting with the reactivation of Omicron Lambda Beta Chapter, Champaign, Illinois. He is currently serving as an officer with Alpha Delta Lambda Chapter in the capacity of corresponding secretary. He is a pillar on the chapter's Educational Committee, especially working with the "Future Leaders Club," which is composed of over one hundred high school boys from the Memphis City Schools who are getting excellent training in leadership 34

Brother Troy Simpson, Jr. techniques. Brother Simpson is also very active with the Housing Committee which is composed of only the "pureing Heart," because of the many meetings, etc., involved with it in finding an ideal location. A former social worker, he has been employed as a social caseworker with the Cook County Department of Public Aid in Chicago, Illinois, and the Illinois Department of Mental Health as a Mental Health Social Worker. Brother Simpson's philosophy is to get involved in activities and experi ences that deal with the stabilizing and promotion of human resources. He feels that the human being is the most important resource to be utilized in the world. He believes in the potential of the human being to be creative and productive, being able to love, develop, and serve mankind. Brother Simpson has had a wide range of experiences, having served two years in the Armed Forces in Lanstul, Germany, where he worked as a Medical Specialist. He has worked as State Director (president) of the Young People's Division of the Arkansas Baptist Association and held a position with Parkland Community College as Coordinator of Special Programs for Disadvantaged Students. He is a member of The Tennessee Adult Education Association, The National Community Education Association, Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity, and many more s o c i a l , c i v i c , educational, and religious organizations in the city of Memphis. Brother Simpson is a dedicated Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., married, the father of two fine children, and resides at 1424 Holly Hill Drive, Memphis, Tennessee.

Few in Minnesota were surprised when Brother DR. SNOWDEN became the first Black Metro. Transit Commission member. Even before his recent appointment, Brother Snowden was becoming knowledgeable about transit problems and possible solutions. The MTC was established in 1967 and operates nearly 1,000 buses on more than 100 routes in the Twin Cities Area on an annual budget of more than $50 million. A Senior Chemist at 3M Company with the research division, he is concerned with " d e v e l o p i n g new technologies and product concept useful to 3M." He formerly worked as a research chemist for the United States Department of Agriculture. Brother Snowden was born and reared in New Orleans. He earned a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Xavier University in 1960. After attending Howard University, he returned to New Orleans and received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of New Orleans in 1975. In addition to his work with 3M, he is a member of an advisory committee of the State Environmental Quality Board and a Director of the Minnesota Institute on Black Chemical Abuse. Brother Snowden in his leisure time can be found directing the Minnesota Alpha Annual Tennis Tournament and other leadership roles in Gamma Xi Lambda Chapter. Snowden makes his home in M i n n e a p o l i s , 1 4 0 1 East Minnehaha Parkway.

The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Chapter President Leroy Stansbury congratulates Brother Maynard Jackson.


new york

lota Theta Lambda Chapter of Endicott, New York, commanded national brown u recognition in 1975 when it hosted the first Upstate New York Convention in During the blizzard of '78, the the state's history. The convention brothers of Alpha Gamma Chapter at boasted an excellent agenda and was Brown University, Providence, Rhode well attended by Alpha brothers and the Island, kept the spirit of brotherhood general public. The featured speaker aglow by constructing an eight-foot tall for this momentous occasion was snow sculpture. The monument, Brother Congressman Ronald V. modeled after the symbolic Sphinx, was Dellums of California. Brother Dellums built on the campus green by several captivated the audience with his style, brothers and our pledges who have sinstatesmanship and oratory. Again in ce crossed the "burning sands." The 1976, lota Theta Lambda achieved six neophytes are: Henry Pippins, national attention when it participated in Richard Moore, Arthur Wright, III, Eric re-establishing Alpha Chapter at CorGarnett, Eska Bly, and Mike Fraizer. nell University in Ithaca, New York. The brothers of Alpha Gamma recenBrother Maynard Jackson speaks to lota There are currently twenty-four active tly co-sponsored a minority career day Alpha Lambda. brothers in lota Theta Lambda. Fourwith Brown University's alumni relations teen of those are Life Members or Suboffice. The event took place Saturday, scribing Life Members. March 25, and featured various career maryland interests represented by graduate Brother Thomas Alston, one of brothers of Mu Theta Lambda and Brothers of iota Alpha Lambda and Alpha's most dynamic young brothers, minority alumni. Brother Joseph G. more than 350 guests from the com- delivered the keynote address at our LaCount, Rhode Island's first Black munity heard the Honorable Maynard H. 1977 Founder's Day Program. Brother lawyer, who at the age of 90 is still Jackson, Jr., Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, Alston challenged all brothers to practicing, spoke at the affair. address the Chapter on its Twelfth An- become actively involved in their To commemorate the long awaited niversary and Founder's Day, January respective communities and in Alpha coming of spring, the brothers added to Phi Alpha at both the regional and 1978. the festivities of Brown's spring In the true spirit of fraternity, Brother national levels. weekend by hosting a cabaret. The Jackson provided the audience with Prior to Founder's Day, lota Theta "jam," appropriately entitled "Spring such an eloquent presentation that this Lambda hosted the Ebony Fashion Fair Odyssey," launched the crowd into a small community is still talking about in September of 1977 for the second night-long journey that finally ended at "Our Main Man" from Atlanta. consecutive year. Proceeds from the dawn. Brother Jackson met with the local Fashion Fair are used for the Chapter's press afterwards and many excerpts scholarship fund. Each year since from his great speech appeared in the 1974, the chapter has awarded a local papers. $500.00 scholarship to a deserving Due recognition was accorded lota Black high school senior, with outAlpha Lambda for its "Manly Deeds" in standing academic credentials. the community and for bringing such an In the Spring of 1977, lota Theta o u t s t a n d i n g leader and eloquent Lambda combined its efforts with those speaker to the area. of chapters of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity It is anticipated that this "kind" of and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity in event will be held at subsequent "Foun- presenting the first annual Greek Cabaret. The Dance was well attended Alpha Gamma Chapter's "Snow Snhinx." der's Day" for the chapter. The Sphinx / Summer 1978


and prompted many who attended to urge another dance. The chapter also held a "Smoker" on the campus of SUNY-Binghamton (State University of New York) to acquaint young men with the activities and goals of Alpha Phi Alpha. A follow-up meeting with those who showed interest is planned. The chapter's program for 1978 promises to be just as active and exciting as in previous years. Its yearly calendar is outlined below: January — Wives and Sweethearts Dinner; April — Inter-Greek Dance, Eastern Regional Convention; June — Scholarship Award; July — Annual Community Picnic; August — National Convention; September — Scholarship Benefit; October — State Convention; December — Founder's Day, Annual Christmas Dance.

maryland Delta Omicron Lambda, the Eastern Shore of Maryland alumni chapter, and Delta Nu, the undergraduate chapter at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore (UMES), shared in the experiences of the Dark Ages. The undergraduate chapter, in particular, lost most of its vigor, enthusiasm, and sense of being. More importantly, however, these chapters have now witnessed a rebirth in the last few years. This rebirth was quite evident in the number, variety, and nature of activities in which the chapters were engaged in over the past year. Scholarship Projects — The awarding of scholarship funds to students and local colleges is an annual endeavor for Delta Omicron Lambda; however, this year the chapter, consisting of only twenty-two brothers, resolved to give $1,000 in scholarship money. To raise the money, the membership committed itself to three major projects. The first of these projects was two-fold: to promote scholarship and service to the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. Parents of the students were solicited by letter for a donation equal to the retail cost of a one-pound fruitcake. The fraternity purchased the fruitcakes and turned them over to University Chancellor William P. Hytche for presentation to the students before their departure for the Christmas holidays. It was Alpha's way of joining the Chancellor in wishing the students a Merry Christmas and, simultaneously, raising money for the University scholarship fund. 36

(Seated, left to right): Moses Vaughn; Robert Newton, Recording Secretary; Clifton Humbles; Ronald Polden; Robert Batson; Raymond White; Oliver Williams. (Standing, left to right): George Downing; William Hytche; William Holliday; J. Comillus King, Treasurer; Earl Richardson, President; Claud Marion, Vice President; Norman Anderson, Corresponding Secretary; Charles Davis; David McGibboney. The second fund-raising project was an M & M candy sale which ran from November to March. After some reservation about the viability of the project, the members of Delta Omicron Lambda and Delta Nu joined hands for a sale of approximately 7,560 boxes of candy. The third project of the year was the annual benefit dance held at the United States Army Armory in Salisbury. Founder's Day Program — Delta Omicron Lambda resolved to expand its realm of support to the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, by providing on the campus supplemental activities of social and cultural significance. The Founder's Day Program afforded an excellent opportunity to pursue that pledge by inviting a prominent national figure to interact and exchange ideas with the students, faculty, and staff. The individual chosen was Brother Ronald V. Dellums, Representative, District 8, California. After giving reverence to the history and legacy of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Brother Dellums gave a very dynamic and challenging presentation, "The Implications of the Energy Issue and Arab Oil Crises for Blacks." The program was held on Sunday, December 1 1 , 1977, in the UMES Ella Fitzgerald Center for the Performing Arts. Efforts in Support of Und e r g r a d u a t e s — By t h e S p r i n g Semester of 1977, the viability of Delta Nu Chapter was threatened because of small membership and the number t>f brothers with senior level status. Realizing the undergraduates' plight, the graduate brothers undertook an a g g r e s s i v e and c o m p r e h e n s i v e

program of activities and financial support to increase the membership. The graduates underwrote a "smoker supreme" in October, 1977, to which the undergraduate chapter offered printed invitations to a select few. In a d d i t i o n t o t h e i n f o r m a t i o n a l segment, the smoker featured a full course meal of roast beef, baked p o t a t o / s o u r cream, green beans almondine, Mateuse Rose wine, c h o c o l a t e cake, tea, and other delicacies. Seven men were confirmed as Alpha pledgees during the smoker, and they are now Alpha men. The graduate brothers again joined with Delta Nu in sponsoring a second smoker supreme on February 25, resulting in a pledge roster of seven persons. If all seven pledgees are successful, the undergraduate chapter will have climbed to twenty-one with only five brothers graduating. Delta Omicron Lambda, in its working with the undergraduates, recognized a need to hold a workshop on pledging,

Brothers of the Delta Omicron Lambda and Delta Nu host the Men-lnterested-ln-Alpha during a "Smoker Supreme" at UMES. The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Congressman Ronald V. Dellums speaking at the Alpha's Founder's Day Observance held at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore.

the rituals, and the conduct of initiation ceremonies. One workshop was held during the fall and was well received. In briefing the general membership of the graduate chapter, Brother Earl S. Richardson, president, said: "It was quite evident in the sessions that we have been remiss in our duties to the undergraduates. We took too much for granted in believing that they were sufficiently knowledgeable about such things as the meaning and significance of the pledge period, the proper way to conduct an initiation, etc." At first the undergraduates were somewhat repugnant and skeptical. But when they realized just how valuable the sessions could be, they were elated. Other Major Projects — Among other major projects undertaken by Delta Omicron Lambda in the last year has been the organization of major Greek letter fraternities and sororities into a Panhellenic-type arrangement. The primary objectives of the arrangement were to promote more effective coordination in planning activities, mutual cooperation, and unified efforts in projects of mutual concern. K n o w n as t h e E a s t e r n S h o r e Panhellenic Senate, the organization is not now an affiliate of the national Panhellenic Council. The Senate does envision affiliation as one of its goals and will pursue it as the financial position of the body develops to the level necessary for membership dues. Delta Omicron Lambda led in the campaign to have the official pledge period at the University of Maryland The Sphinx / Summer 1978

reduced from eight to five weeks. The Chapter maintained that the eight-week period had an adverse effect on the academic averages of pledgees and subjected them unnecessarily to long periods of harrassment. The sponsoring chapters for other Greek letter organizations concurred in Alpha's opinion, and the administration at UMES has now established the period to be five weeks in duration. In sum, Delta Omicron Lambda has pursued vigorously the national thrust of Alpha Phi Alpha. It has impacted significantly the lives of member Alphas, university students and faculty and the community at large. The Chapter resolves to continue in the same fashion as the organization moves onward and upward toward the summit of the fraternity's noble aims and objectives.

st. paul's college The Delta Tau Chapter at Saint Paul's College in Lawrenceville, Virginia, extends greetings to all brothers throughout the Alpha communities. We have always adhered ourselves to the Fraternity Motto, "First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All." We started off the year with a dynamic block show, with some good down-to-earth stepping. We were involved in various college, as well as community, activities. A bulletin board

was prepared in the main academic building to commemorate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., and other outstanding Alpha men. The chapter presented Thanksgiving baskets to families within the Lawrenceville community. Magazines were donated to various hospitals within the area for the patient's use. A raffle for a box of Valentine candy to raise money for the Alpha Phi Alpha One-Million Dollar fund drive was a big kick-off. We, along with the Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, will be working with the sickle-cell program in March. Also, in March, we will be serving as the host chapter to the Virginia Association of Chapters, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (VACAPAF), Danville, Virginia. On January 23, 1978, we gave our "Smoker." This turned out to be a great success. Our guest speaker for the occasion was Brother Edward I. Long of Epsilon Omicron Lambda Chapter. The brothers of Delta Tau Chapter are: Hampton A. Johnson, President; Gregory Slay, Vice-President and Corresponding Secretary; James Allen Bess, Chaplain and Recording Secretary; Phillip Judkins, Treasurer; Last E. Springs, Historian; and Terry Moore, Dean of Probates. The brothers of Delta Tau will continue to adhere to the high standards set by our founding Jewels in 1906. Even though we are small in number, we are constantly upholding the name of Alpha Phi Alpha.

Standing tall are the brothers of Delta Tau Chapter: Hampton A. Johnson, Gregory Slay, James Alan Bess, Phillip Judkins, Last E. Springs, and Terry Moore.

old dominion u

campus. In December, the brothers also co-sponsored a Senior, Miss Rene Gaines, in the Old Dominion Kiwanis Classic. Through the combined efforts of the Black student body, she reigned as the Queen. During the Fall semester, 1977, the brothers were busy making the Alpha Trash Can that we presented to Old Dominion University. Upcoming projects include a Miss Alpha pageant and ball, Spring line 1978, visitation to St. Mary's Home for the Underprivileged, an awards ceremony, and scholarships. Through the combined efforts of the brothers, we can truly say we are holding high the name.

dipity of it all, contributed to a memorable evening. The Nu Theta Chapter has been very A feeling of relaxed fellowship and busy for the last year. Being a new determined group effort characterized "charter" chapter, we have gone the annual February chapter meeting in through the hustle and bustle of setting the attractive building of the Association up the chapter. Nevertheless, we have for the Study of Afro-American Life and been holding high the name of Alpha. In History. A long line of Alpha stalwarts the true spirit of the fraternity, we have have contributed to the outstanding sponsored the underpriviledged success of this organization for many children of the Lamberts Point section years. Brothers Charles Walker of Norfolk with a Halloween Party and Thomas, national president of ASALH, dance. We also sponsored a Junior, and J. Ruppert Picott, executive Miss Paula Batts, in the Miss secretary, served as hosts and Homecoming Festivities as the junior presented the Association awards to representative. In November, we cofeatured speakers of the evening. And sponsored a Thanksgiving Brotherhood then, with a dynamic thrust, National Dinner for All the Black organizations on President James Williams heralded the Alpha Million Dollar Drive and the minority business project, moved on to enforce the Minnesota Movement for a good national convention in 1978, and ended with a pulsating come-on, noting that Washington has the potential for sponsoring a great convention in 1979. Brother President Taylor, whose leadership has pointed toward multiphased, sound, fraternity progress, was honored in November at Southern Illinois University with an award for distinguished service to the University and its alumni. Also as chairman of the synodical committee on race relations of the Christian Reformed Church of America and as a delegate to their annual senate session, Ted was the first black to ever address that legislative body. Our brother, Averitte Corley, was saluted in December by lota Lambda chapter, Indianapolis. He received a plaque as a founding chapter member in 1922. The December meeting, largely The Nu Theta Chapter of Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. Seated Left to devoted to business, was held at the Right: Leonard Terrell, Junius Watson, Clinton Doxey, Mark Davenport, and Norman Sales. Back Row Left to Right: Felix Simmons, Ronald Simpson, and John Ferguson. (Missing from handsome residence of President James Cheek of Howard University, picture is Calvin Morris.) who has been a progressive Alpha man for 26 years. The annual spring dance, sponsored reinforcing of our fraternity's esteem in by the social committee and superbly the public mind. The quest for fraternity, a recurrent chaired by Wayland McClellan, aims to At the smoker, the chapter presented theme in black history, was attract Alpha participants and others, two former national presidents, accentuated as Mu Lambda Chapter, together with their spouses and friends, Brothers Wesley and Lawson; former headed by Brothers William Smith and for an evening of fun and frolic at the general secretary, Brother Walker; J u l i u s B r i c e , s p o n s o r e d a brisk, Shoreham Hotel on May 13. Eastern vice-president, Brother Gillem; organized program at Northwest District director, Brother Hunt; Mu LamGardens on January 19. This stress on bda founders, Brothers Russell and the durable tradition was not only Daly; and former presidents, Brothers directed at strengthening our bonds of Booker and Madison and 80 Alphas. b r o t h e r h o o d , d e s p i t e the s o c i a l Brother Louis Russell was honored as On January 15, 1978, Kappa Theta conflicts all around us, but also towards one of the fraternity's oldest living memLambda Chapter of our illustrious enlarging our membership on a yearbers, having joined Beta chapter in fraternity and the Bergen County Links round basis by recruiting a diversity of 1911 before entering Cornell later. The sponsored a concert commemorating personnel. And, too, the final aims were jovial spirit and the promise of the the birthday of Brother Dr. Martin Luther the reclaiming of those whose fraternal speaking program, the eye-catching King, Jr., at the Orrie de Noyer loyalties have been diverted and the floor show, the good food, the serenAuditorium in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Washington, d. c.

new jersey


The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Dr. Leon Thompson conducted the New World Symphony and the famed Choir of the Abyssinian Baptist Church of New York City. This was the second musical tribute that has been presented by Kappa Theta Lambda in honor of Brother King. Brother Rufus L. Caine of Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, was appointed a trustee of Bergen Community College for a four-year term. Dr. Caine is an assistant professor of dentistry at the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry. And, finally, we are pleased to announce that several members of Kappa Theta Lambda participated in an all-day vocational project held at Fairleigh Dickinson University in February.

I. I. t.

The Nu Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity extends greetings and well wishes to all brothers. As of this past December 22, 1977, eighteen brothers were newly initiated into Alphadom. These brothers all attend The Illinois Institute of Technology located in Chicago, Illinois, and is a leader in minority engineering efforts on a national basis. It has the highest retention rate of Black students in a technical discipline at a major university The Brothers of Alpha Psi Chapter. and its university president, Dr. Thomas L. Martin, Jr., serves as the President of President of Alpha Psi, Brother Lawrenthe Committee on Minorities in ce Deadmon, presented Brother Engineering out of Washington, D.C. Newson with a plaque welcoming him back to his old Alma Mater. A The Neophyte brothers are: Ronald Brotherhood Smoke was held at the Andre, Thomas Ashford, Stanley residence of Mid-Western Regional Boganey, Robert Ersery, Michael Vice-President Dr. Thomas D. Pawley, Gougis, Prentiss Jackson, Fred Jones, II. Greetings from the proud brothers of Timothy Jones, Steven Loggins, Ernest Alpha Psi Chapter at Lincoln University As a true servant, and forever holding Millsap, Anthony Metoyer, Larndell in Missouri. The Brothers of Alpha Psi Alpha high, Alpha Psi inducted two new Morgan, Kenneth Neal, Richard Patrick, and graduate chapter Beta Zeta Lambmembers into the fold: Brothers Randy Arndell Ricks, Larry Taylor, Marvin da were on hand to greet Brother Phifer of New York and Jesse Smith of White, and Christopher Winston. Lionel Newson at Lincoln University's Maryland. The Deans of Pledges were part of a Founder's Day Banquet. Another for1977 was a most prosperous year metropolitan Alpha Phi Alpha effort: mer member of Alpha Psi, now for us and 1978 appears to be even Vincent Gee (Tau), Dean" of Pledges, president of Lincoln, Brother James brighter as we look forward to attending Edwin Paschal and Wille Broaden (lota Frank, introduced Brother Newson as the National Convention in August. We Pi), Associate Deans of Pledges, and the guest speaker of the banquet. Vicewill see you when we get there!!! Steve Powenski (Nu Delta), along with Gregory Jones (Theta) were the Assistant Deans. The Nu Rho Chapter immediately began business prior to the start of the *# Spring Semester 1978. The brothers immediately began work compiling files of old tests and establishing residences for the brothers. I.IT. possesses residence facilities which will make Nu Rho the first residential chapter in Chicago. The neophyte brothers have performed a number of civic activities such as helping host Halloween Parties in the community, tutoring and actively participating in several "Open Houses" and high recruitment support efforts for LIT. LIT. is a well-known university focusing on engineering, the applied sciences, architecture, city and regional planning, and related fields. Most of the chapter members are enrolled in the College of Engineering. The graduate advisor, Roy Jones, serves as Assistant Director of Admissions at the University and as Director of the Early Identification Program (for talenBrother Dr. Lionel Newson, guest speaker at Lincoln University's Founder's Day Banquet, ted high school students interested in and Brother Dr. James Frank, President of Lincoln University. the engineering disciplines).

MIDWEST lincoln u.

The Sphinx / Summer 1978


Twenty-Five Year Certificates were awarded to Brother James Cash, Brother Neil Dunson, Brother John Leahr, Brother George McClung, Brother Harold McClure, Brother James Morris, Brother Chester C. Pryor, II, Brother E. Leon Robinson, Brother Richard C. Scott, Brother Henry Walters.

Cincinnati, oh. The exclusive Cincinnati-Hilton Inn was the setting for the Seventy-First Founder's Day Observance of Delta Gamma Lambda Chapter on Saturday, December 9, 1977. The special guest and banquet speaker was Brother Lorenzo R. Manns from the Southern Regional Office and State Director of Georgia, Columbus, Georgia. The F o u n d e r ' s Day C o m m i t t e e , drawing on the thrust of the national program's goal of Back To Basics utilized the theme: "The Greatness of Our Past Is The Key To Our Future." Brother Manns was excellent in his delivery as he assisted the many local

brothers in reviewing their past and projecting a course of action for the future. H i g h l i g h t s of t h e p r o g r a m : Dr. Chester C. Pryor, II, was masterful as the Toastmaster. Brother Spaulding Dickerson, the chaplain, was most reverent as he gave the invocation and benediction and lead the Memorial Service for Brothers of Omega Chapter. Brothers and their guest were entertained by the Alpha Ensemble, "Songs All Alphamen Love To Sing" and special music by Brother E. Leon Robinson, accompanied by his wife. Brother Leon M. Render introduced the banquet speaker with much excitement.

The winner of the 1977 Delta Gamma Lambda Chapter Award was Brother Clarence T. Frazier.

Fifty-Year Certificates were awarded to Brother Spauling Dickerson and Brother Charles C. Jackson.


Delta Gamma Lambda Chapter President, Brother Price M. Michael, made the following presentations: Neophyte, Brother Roman L. Walton, Twenty-Five Year Certificates were awarded to Brother James Cash, Brother Neil Dunson, Brother John Leahr, Brother George McClung, Brother Harold McClure, Brother James Morris, Brother Chester C. Pryor, II, Brother E. Leon Robinson, Brother Richard C. Stott, Brother Henry Walters. Fifty-Year Certificates were awarded to Brother Spauling Dickerson and Brother Charles C. JackAon. The winner of the 1977 Delta Gamma Lambda Chapter Award was Brother Clarence T. Frazier. T h e s u c c e s s of i h i s f r a t e r n i t y celebration was the result of a total chapter effort. We of Delta Gamma Lambda re-commit ourseh/es to the building and preservation of a strong Alpha Phi Alpha.

kansas Eta Beta Lambda Chapter, Wichita, Kansas, is involved in community activities. Brothers Elarryo Mukes and Jesse Williams provided "seed money" to three Alpha men from Kansas University to help them with an idea to raise money for their Chapter. The successful weekend event sparked the idea for an expanded joint venture program with Alpha men on other Kansas campuses. President Henry Brown assigned the task of investigating the feasibility of such a program to Brothers Elarryo Mukes, John MeCray and Henry Donaldson. Practical ideas are p r e s e n t e d , discussed, accepted or rejected for funding by the Executive Committee. Matching funds allocated to the receiving chapter(s) as "seed money" is returned within the agreed-upon time. The communication network developed is valuable when sending notices to college campuses regarding events in the cities. It is a must for scheduling city-wide reunions of friends who are in college. Brothers Jesse Williams, Mt. T. Buckner, G. Franklin WHIiams, Ricardo Jordan, John MeCray, Otis Milton, Henry Donaldson, Booker T. Roy, Herbert Nurse, Robert Tutt, and Henry Brown of the fund-raising committee scheduled dances every other month. This schedule kept members interested and helped to raise funds for chapter projects. The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Some of the money was donated to the United Negro College Fund. Eta Beta Lambda Chapter aided financially, one of four Black women in her bid to become "Miss Wichita" of 1978. We also completed payment to become a "Life Member" of the N.A.A.C.P. Eta Beta Lambda Chapter, again supported the Wichita Chapter of Links, Inc., in their Third Annual Beautillion. Brothers Henry Brown and Jesse Adams, Jr., served as Special Dads. Brothers G. Franklin Williams and Henry Donaldson represented the Chapter in receiving recognition for participation in the Third Annual Beautillion. This event for high School (male) seniors was highlighted with the attendance of juniors from the six high schools in Wichita, Kansas. They received tickets donated by Eta Beta Lambda Chapter. As professional members of the school community, we affirm our belief that an education is the birthright of every child and pledge ourselves to the preservation of that right; and, as "Alpha Men," we have the education of children as our first priority. The men of Alpha supported Beau Keith Brown in his forward step for high scholarship and a better education.

who have uplifted the aims of Alpha Phi Alpha. Next fall, Theta Chapter will undergo a change of administration. The outgoing President, Larry Rogers, has been the backbone of the Chapter for the past two terms and lifted the chap-

ter to heights. The Chapter will try to carry on the spirit that has been exhibited during his terms. The Chicagoland brothers would like to welcome home all brothers returning from school this summer.

Theta Chapter: (Row 1, left to right) Earl Bell, Taylor Polk, Larry Rogers, Ezra Hemp Anthony Mosley, Marvin Golden. (Row 2, left to right) Willie Owens, Rupert Ham-Ying, D Shipley, Brian Jackson, Willis Shannon, Greg Bragg, Henry O'Neal, and John Lillybridg

metro Chicago The brothers of greater Theta Chapter of Metropolitan Chicago would like to take this opportunity to enlighten you on our happenings. First, we wish to thank all who attended the 1978 Midwestern Regional Convention, held in Chicago, hosted by Theta and Xi Lambda. The workshops and meeting proved to be extremely profitable and, of course, the brothers can party. A special thanks to members of the Convention Committee who gave many hours of dedicated work to make that weekend, at the Palmer House, very successful and enjoyable. We are looking forward to seeing all of you brothers in 1980. We would like to announce the newest members of Theta who were initiated into Alphadom on January 13, 1978. These neophytes, known as Triple Threat alias Flight of the Phoenix, are David Shipley from the University of Chicago, Willie Owens and Anthony Mosley from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Congratulations goes out to our graduating brothers: Earl J. Bell, Marvin Golden, Willis Christian, and Greg Godwin. The younger brothers wish the best of success to these men The Sphinx / Summer 1978

u of missouri When Mai Goode speaks before an audience, it is practically assured that he'll capture everyone's attention. Even the most difficult gathering would be captivated by his deep, resonant voice — a voice that sounds out with authority his experiences and his knowledge on almost any subject. Goode was in his usual best form last November as the featured keynote speaker at the Alpha Phi Alpha Awards banquet at the University of Missouri in Columbia. The banquet was part of a three-day workshop weekend, sponsored by Zeta Alpha chapter. The theme for the weekend was Black America and the Political Challenge. Goode, a United Nations consultant for the Mutual Black Network, spoke on a variety of issues; from the Alan Bakke reverse discrimination case to the United Arab Republic President Anwar Sadat's visit to Israel. But he particularly addressed his comments to the youth. "Don't let them (white people) break your will," he said. "You're all the hope we have. Nothing can bring about change like the church and the pen.

You won't see age 50 unless we change things in this country." He pointed out that black students do not need to wear a sign telling everyone they are black and beautiful anymore. He said that if black students have high standards and walk circumspectly, then they should feel that no one is better than they are. Goode also spoke of leading Alpha men who had spearheaded the civil rights struggle and the strides that blacks have made in the past years. But he also warned of complacency. "Now is not the time to relax, because we still have far to go. We (black people) haven't even scratched the surface of making this country live up to the committment it made over 200 years ago," he said. "But one thing is for sure. We cannot make any progress with hate in our hearts." Goode, considered by many to be the "Dean" of Black professional broadcast journalism, has been in journalism for over 30 years. After beginning his journalism career, at the Pittsburgh Courier in 1948, he steadily climbed the ranks in a profession where blacks were few and not readily accepted. 41

Brother Mai Goode speaks out again.

A high point of his career came in 1962 when he was hired by ABC News in New York, thus becoming the first Black to hold membership in the National Association of Radio and Television News Directors and the Association of Radio and TV News Analysts. Since then, he has appeared before audiences in more than 300 cities in discussions of civil rights or the United Nations. Zeta Alpha chapter presented Goode with a meritorious service plaque for his accomplishments during his career. Also honored were the St. Louis Argus, Sentinel and American newspapers for their service to the St. Louis area black community. Zeta Alpha chapter president, Stephen Suggs, said the workshop was a huge success. "We had excellent support and participation from most of the Missouri chapters," he said. "We're grateful to Mr. Goode and the visiting brothers who helped."

vention, the Brothers of Gamma Theta (University of Dayton) are not to be forgotten as they aid us in its formulation. When the work day is over, we relax to the fullest. We were driven in a chauffeured limousine at the Homecoming Parade and went on to take first place in the step show afterwards. Our intramural basketball team placed second, with Brothers Kenny Singleton and Donald Brame the leagues' leading scorers. Brother Singleton has been named as a starter in the Intramural All-Star game. We would like to acknowlege the three Brothers we will be losing to graduation. Brother Kevin R. Penn from Youngstown, Ohio, has served the chapter as Treasurer, Assistant Dean of Pledgees, and Dean of Pledgees. He was a charter member and past VicePresident of Sigma Tau Epsilon, the Industrial Technology Fraternity. As an Industrial Tech major, he will be graduating Cum Laude. Brother David E. Brown from Chicago, Illinois, has been Secretary to Delta Xi, since coming here in 1975. In 1976, he was voted Brother of the Year and in 1978 was selected for Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. A former CSU Supreme Court Justice and the Fraternity Rep. to Pan-Hell, he now ser-

ves as the Senior Class Representative in the Senate as well as the VicePresident of the Senior Class. Brother Edwin H. Lloyd, a native Brooklyn, New Yorker, is "Mr. President." He has been elected Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class President. He is the President of the chapter, Vice-President of the PanHellenic Council, and the Fraternity's Representative in the Senate. Brother Lloyd was instrumental in obtaining a NAACP College Chapter at CSU. Because of his professional and community service, he was awarded as an Outstanding Young Man of America. Part of the success of the chapter is due to the other hard-working members, who hold Alpha high. Now the load is being shared by eight new members, whose line was called "THE FORCE." The other part of our success is having the support of the Wilberforce graduate chapter. Having a Past General President, the President of the University, as well as Brothers serving as Dean of Students, Dean of the College of Business, Department Chairmen, and the Director of Instructional Services, we have an advantage over all other organizations. Because only the strong survive, we will be pushing onward and upward toward the light.


central state u The Brother of Delta Xi, the Central State University Chapter are alive and indeed carrying out the goals of Alpha. We are constantly striving to keep Alpha Phi Alpha "First of All," on the campus. President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Sgt.-of-Arms are offices of the Pan-Hellenic Council held by members of the chapter. In addition to the President and Vice-President of the Senior Class. We are working diligently with our neighboring Brothers of Xi Chapter (Wilberforce University) in raising $1,000 to be donated to the United Negro College Fund and the NAACP, which we are planning to present to them by the middle of May. With CSU being the site of next year's state con42

The Sphinx / Summer 1978

On Saturday, March 1 1 , 1978, during the monthly meeting of the Xi Lambda Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, we were pleasantly surprised by the presence of Mr. James Williams of Cleveland, Ohio, our illustrious national president. We were extremely honored by Mr. Williams' presence, as we were afforded the opportunity to ask him many pertinent questions regarding national business. As we were in the process of planning our Midwest Regional Convention, scheduled to be held at the Palmer House in Chicago, Illinois, during the weekend of April 14th, 15th, and 16th, Mr. Williams' helpful suggestions concerning this event were immeasurably appreciated by all who attended the meeting.

SOUTH u. south alabama Theta Delta, the University of South Alabama Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity observed its first Founder's Day Celebration. The theme was "Back to Basic." A series of activities began on Wednesday, February 22, 1978, and ended on Sunday, February 26. The first scheduled activity was a basketball game at the U.S.A. gym Wednesday evening. The Alphas challenged the Sigma Chi fraternity and defeated the team 50-42. The University Cafeteria was the setting for the Alpha's luncheon Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. All members were requested to wear their frat jackets.

The Sphinx / Summer 1978

On Friday evening, a banquet was held at the Martin Luther Social Center. Alphonse Russell, Jr., President of the chapter, briefed the members and guests on the history of the chapter. Thomas P. Greene, Assistant Principal at K. J. Clark, was the guest speaker. He is also a member of the graduate chapter Beta Omicron Lambda of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. He expound on the topic "Back to Basic" in keeping with the theme. Mitchell Lilly, one of the members of the fraternity of the first line and Sidney Allen, one of the brothers on the last line to go over in March of '77 at U.S.A., emphasized the need for the fraternity to return to the basic concepts, bylaws, and legislature set by the Chapter. Four awards were made during the evening. Tommie Burks was presented an award for outstanding secretarial and artistic work performed for the fraternity. Eric T. Day received an award for his excellent performance as the chapter's treasurer. Cecil Monroe received an award for being instrumental in promoting representation from the chapter on the Interfraternal Council, a council for Greek Organizations on campus. Through his efforts, the chapter is registered with the I.F.C. Alphonse Russell, Jr., was

presented an award for his leadership ability and dedication in keeping the chapter together. He is most deserving of this award because of his aggressiveness, integrity, and interest shown while serving as president. Hors d' Oeuvres of pickles, olives, cheese and crackers were served before dinner. The dinner menu was the same as the first meal served when the fraternity was founded. It consisted of broiled lamb c h o p s , hash brown potatoes, peas in tub, rolls, coffee, iced tea, ice cream, and chocolate cake. The Alphas entertained their quest at an informal dance Saturday evening at the Martin Luther Social Center. Music was furnished by one of the frat brothers. Rev. David Smith delivered the message at the Sunday morning worship service held at the Smith Memorial Church in Hillsdale. In the afternoon, the Alpha vs. Kappa basketball game was played at the University gym. The Alphas won by a narrow margin, 29-28. This activity climaxed the Founder's Day Celebration.

Theta Delta Basketball team Left to Right: Otis Battles, Eric T. Day, Ervin Simmons, Cecil Monrow, Charles Smith. Kneeling Left to Right: Robert Lickly, Calvin Rumph. Brothers of Theta Delta taking a break during the Alpha Luncheon. Thomas P. Greene, Assistant main speaker at the banquet.


memphis state

The climax of the Fall quarter was highlighted by the cultural and spiritual enlightment of "Alpha Week," which Another year is upon us and with it was held from November 28 through comes added responsibility and comDecember 3, 1977. Alpha Week began mitment. The Brothers of Kappa Eta with a project of both a social and Chapter at Memphis State have swerice nature, the "One Million Dollar designated 1978 as a year of service. Disco" was held from which proceeds Recently, the brothers showed their went to the chapter's contribution to support of Black human rights by the fund which will ultimately aid the becoming active members of Operation NAACP, and the National Urban P.U.S.H. We also gave certificates of League. The disco was quite sucachievement to its coordinators, cessful and, hopefully, this one million dollar commitment that has been made by Alpha, collectively, will be realized and used to aid in the fight for justice and equality. "Founder's Day Observance," the most significant event of the week, was also held. The commemoration of the founding of our great fraternity was held a little early, but never too soon. No praise is too high for the great idea perceived by the "Seven Jewels." Morris Brown Concert Choir performed and Brother Robert S. Williams was the Guest Speaker. Continuing the theme of the National Convention, "Back to Basics," was quite appropriate, for the basics are the foundations of our essence. There was also a Greek Show given December 3, "Steppin Bold in Black and Gold" was the chant as the brothers prevailed as number one. The Brotherhood of Kappa Eta Chapter: Brothers Gones, Hardaway, Marner, Cox, December 2 was also a day of a Freeman, Gray, Lambert, Home, Harris, Mattox, and Clark. social and service affair. First, there was the Miss Black & Gold Coronation. Brother Cleveland Bedgood of the Later that same night the brothers Theta Nu Lambda Chapter, LaGrage, sponsored a "Toys for Tots Disco," The brothers of the Nu Gamma Georgia, was Guest Speaker, and the proceeds went to the pre-school kids Chapter are proud of the fact that on president of West Georgia College, Dr. of the Carroll County Early Childhood May 2 1 , 1977, another chapter was Maurice Townsend, made the official Center. The project was successful and conceived, bringing about a new "light" acceptance. a few of the world's children were to be and expansion to our great fraternity. In the area of service the brothers happy at least one Christmas. Eight brothers crossed those "burning had the rewarding experience of putIn the areas of upmost concern, sands" of Alpha on that day, they were: ting on a Halloween Carnival for unachievement and scholarship, the Brothers Lawrence Barber, Blarence privileged kids at one of the community brothers have presented the fraternity's Brown, Jr., Robert E. Lowe, Timothy Day Care Centers. A variety of games aims very well. Brother Robert Lowe Penn, Aaron Prater, Victor L Riddle, and prizes were given to insure a joyful was initiated into the Accolade Senior David C. Scott, and Anthony Truitt. Untime for these disfortunate kids. The Honor Society and named to Who's der the pledgeship of Theta Nu Lambda program was a great success and enWho Among Students in American Chapter, LaGrange, Georgia, and Zeta joyed by both the children and the Universities and Colleges. Brother Mu Chapter of Atlanta, Georgia, "Roots brotherhood. Aaron Prater is president of the Black Eight" can truly say "we saw the light." The brothers were also ready and Student Alliance, also a member of willing to extend its hand when a fellow Hard work, diligent service, and Who's Who Among Students in student's room was burned, totally achievement are words truly explaining American Universities and Colleges and destroying all of the belongings present the involvement of the Nu Gamma Student advisor to the Geography in her room. Chapter to all mankind since its inDepartment. Brother Wallace O. ception. The brotherhood sponsored an McLaughlin was also among the Chartering Services were held in emergency fund-raising dance to help students named as a member of Who's September, whereby West Georgia the student supplement the cost of her Who Among Students in American College officially accepted the Nu Gamloss. The project was very successful Universities and Colleges, member of ma Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraterand a substantial cash amount was Omicron Delta Epsilon, an honorary nity, Inc. Greetings were extended by raised. The brotherhood holds dear society recognizing high scholastic all of the other "Greeks" on campus, "servants of all." Reverend Kyles and Ms. Maxine Smith. Kappa Eta donated a ping-pong table to a local boys club and sponsored a benefit dance for the victims of a house fire. Still endearing to be "Servants of All," the brothers organized a college awareness program at several high schools with tremendous success. Yet, despite all of this, we realize that there is more to be done and have totally dedicated ourselves to the great task at hand.

w. georgia college


The Sphinx / Summer 1978 '

Homecoming Chairman of 1978. Brother Wallace McLaughlin has been a special inspiration to Nu Gamma Chapter and later received "Brother of the Year Award." As for the Winter quarter, the brotherhood held a "Smoker" January 19, 1978, which was very well attended and quite successful. Plans have been made to start a F.A.M.U. (Future Alpha Men United) interest group. Nu Gamma Chapter observed Black History month during February of the school year. The brothers presented a black historical perspective, "The Black Experience," in observance of Black History month. The program, coordinated by Brother Harry Richardson, demonstrated the experiences and contributions that Blacks have made to the American society, from slavery until the present. Also, during Black History month, the brothers of Nu Gamma donated a piece of sculptural art commemorating black history to the campus library. Progress never ends for Nu Gamma for these and other projects will be only a reflection of what is meant by "First of all, servants of all, we shall transcend all."

areas at UTK. Fields of study ranged from Engineering to Black Studies to Natural Resource Technology to PreMed. During the administrations of chapter Presidents Gayle Kendrick and Kenneth Hill, the brothers initiated activities leading to a stronger visible presence of Black Greek groups on campus. Activities, such as Chapter Dress Days, displays marking the founding of the fraternity and other chapter activities helped set a pattern for other groups to follow. "Mi" Chapter has been represented at every regional, state, and national convention since its founding. Plans are even now in progress to attend upcoming conventions. In addition, brothers have organized several local Brotherhood Conferences for Knoxville Alphamen. The event involving brothers from other Knoxville chapters, Gamma Omicron and Alpha Mu Lambda along with unaffiliated graduate brothers, has drawn increasing attendance in the two years of its occurrence.

The brothers of Nu Gamma would like to extend special thanks to Brother Harry Richardson for the unselfish service he has rendered Nu Gamma Chapter.

u of tennessee We call it "Mi" Chapter! And since receiving its charter, May 28, 1976, Mu lota has proven to be one of the most innovative and progressive groups at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville! The chapter began with the charter line Genesis 15 and four founding undergraduate brothers. The initial membership comprised of men from a wide range of academic and social

Brothers "Rumble," "Kenny Mac," and Michael "Screech" Leach of Mu lota Chapter.

Mu Iota has established an ongoing community project in sponsoring a yearly book drive for Brushy Mountain State Prison. Over 200 textbooks and magazines were collected for the prison library. Other campus and community projects include visits to the Hillcrest Nursing Home, holiday parties for neighborhood children of East Knoxville, sponsoring Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, along with donations to the NAACP and local families left homeless from fire. Brothers also worked in the Operation Crossroads To Africa and Robert Butler "Mi" Chapter and "Spirit 4" line stepping Defense Fund-raising drives. out after their crossover. The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Brothers Leach, Bugg, Hill, Towles, Kendrick, "Fuzzy," and Carpenter. Yet "Mi" people have been busy working individually as well. Brother Hubert Estridge continues to head the AASLF tutorial program; Brother Michael Heard serves as Editor-in-Chief of a forth-coming black year book; Brother George Bugg, as a member of community service group Unity, has worked on several community projects; Brothers Kenneth McClellan and Theodore Jeans served as resident assistants in university dorms while Brothers Bugg, Jeans, Warren, Michael Leach coordinated an'orientation program for incoming Black freshmen; while Brother Brandon Maloney is organizing a series of videotaped lectures of university speakers for Brushy Mountain inmates. Genesis 15 member, Mark Allen, a graduating senior, was named an honored UT Torchbearer. Brother Allen had previously served on several university committees, along with serving as AASLF President. In 1977, Brothers Adrian Davis and chapter advisor Marvin Peek were named Undergraduate and Graduate Brothers of the Year, respectively. Members of "Mi" Chapter's second line, Spirit 4, have continued to infuse innovation into the chapter. Brothers Antoinne Able (Fund-raising Chairman); Jesse McClinton (Projects Chairman); Alven Whiting (Assistant DOP); and basketball star Ron Herd have provided much of the impetus for chapter events. The brothers of Mu lota are: Kenneth Hill, President; Antoinne Able, Vice-President; Adrian Davis, Treasurer; George Bugg, Recording Secretary; Anthony Courtney, Corresponding Secretary; Gregory (Fuzzy) Cofield, Dean of Pledges; Warren Michael Leach, Parliamentarian; and Gregory Carpenter; Hubert 45

Estridge; Michael Heard; Ronald Herd; Theodore Jeans; Brandon Maloney; Kenneth McClellan; Jesse McClinton; Jerry Pearson; William (Rumble) Powell; Eric Roberson; Michael Towles; and Alven Whiting. This is the house that Genesis built in the first growing years of "Mi" Chapter. We extend invitations to brothers visiting or moving to Knoxville to check us out.

florida Yes, Mu Zeta Lambda Chapter is still functioning in the name of Alpha. Although we haven't been heard from since our February, 1977, issue of the Sphinx, we have been very busy w o r k i n g f o r o u r f r a t e r n i t y . In chronological order, here is a summary of events that took place from March, 1977, until the present: During 1977 we initiated and eventually made three new Alpha Brothers: Laveral King, insurance underwriter; Jack Johnson, teacher; and Walter Kelly, attorney. During the summer we held a picnic

for Brothers and their families at one of the many beautiful lakes. We held a blood donor drive in cooperation with the R. P. Tew Memorial Blood Center of Lakeland. Mu Zeta also put together a very fine porgram on sexual assault "rape" with an expert from the Lakeland Police Department as chief lecturer. With the year rapidly coming to a close, we began to conclude with our first annual Founder's Day celebration, also honoring our fraternity's 71st anniversary. This occasion was attended by the Brothers and their wives and guests and visiting Brothers and was held at the Golden Steer Restaurant, one of Lakeland's finest. We ended 1977 with a newspaper article extending season's greetings to the city of Lakeland. We opened the new year with a smoker and we are happy to report that we eventually initiated eight Sphinxmen into the pledge club. February brought us one of the toughest corner backs in professional football, Brother Ken Riley, No. 13 with the Cincinnati Bengals, a graduate of Florida A&M University who resides in Bartow, Florida, during the off season. Finally, in March, we held an InterGreek Affair with all the fraternities and sororities getting together for a disco party. This affair was a fund-raising drive to help us toward our goal for the NAACP's One Million Dollar Fund Drive. You'll be hearing from us again real soon.

tennessee The Brothers of Alpha Mu Lambda Chapter (Knoxville, Tennessee) have worked hard on chapter programs this past year. Emphasis has been stressed on evaluation of our chapters' objectives. During May 1977, a workshop was held on the University of Brothers Laveral King, Jack Johnson, and Tennessee campus involving the three Walter Kelly of Mu Zeta Lambda Chapter.

chapters in the city. This workshop was designed to evaluate our chapters' performance with respect to program activities and future directions. Our pledge committee was very active during the 1977 year, organizing a complete pledge program emphasizing meaningful as well as functional activities for those involved in the program. Questionnaires were mailed to prospectives seeking information concerning general interest and additional pertinent information. A booklet entitled "Alpha Phi Alpha; Facts of Interest" was prepared to acquaint each interested person with our fraternity with respect to its aims, objectives, and general membership. In November, we initiated the following brothers into Alpha: Lee Jackson, Robert Under, and Robert C. Wallace. Brother Robert E. Under is a graduate of Lincoln University (PA), with additional graduate work taken at the University of Tennessee. He is a Research Associate of Housing with the Research and Development Center at the University of Tennessee. Brother Lee J. Jackson is a graduate of the University of Tennessee in Industrial Engineering receiving both the B.S. and M.S. degrees. He is employed as a Senior Planning Specialist for the Union Carbide Corporation; Nuclear Division, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Brother Robert C. Wallace received the Master of Divinity degree from Howard University, and the B.A. degree from Knoxville College. He is Dean Emeritus, Chicago Baptist Institute. Brother Treasure Rogers was awarded the "Alpha Man of the Year" plaque during our Founders' Day Program activities for 1977. Brother Rogers has made tremendous and outstanding contributions to our chapter. Several brothers in our chapter have initiated life membership subscriptions. These brothers include Ralph M. Ross, Leonard Jackson,

Mu Zeta Lambda's Blood Drive. 46

The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Herman Jackson, William Holt, Charles Harper, Robert Wallace, and James Harper. These subscribers increase our chapters' life membership enrollment to twenty-five. Brother George H Lennon was presented with the Distinguished Achievement Award during 1977 for his outstanding achievements in the area of athletics. Brother Lennon, whose 1958 Austin High School basketball team was one of the best ever from this area, completed 43 years of service with the Knoxville City School System before his retirement. While coaching at Austin, he acquired a most impressive record. The Panthers won 221 games and lost 63 and had seven ties in football. Among those victories were three national championships. On the other side of the coin, as a head coach of the basketball team, his record is equally impressive. His team won State championships in 1943, 1953, and 1954. He was described by the Shriners in 1970 as the person who accomplished the most for Black athletics in Knoxville. The Green Turf Golf Association of Knoxville honored him for contributing the most to sports in Knoxville. The Mayor of Knoxville and the Knox County Judge issued a proclamation on October 21, 1977, proclaiming George H. Lennon Day. Additional honors were bestowed on Lennon in the form of naming the new Austin-East High School stadium for the veteran coach. Brother Lennon began his career in the field of education in 1931, after graduating from Morristown College and Bluefield State Teachers College where he received his B.S. degree. He received the Master's degree in 1942 from the University of Wisconsin with additional graduate studies at the University of Tennessee. We are looking forward to a successful 1978 fraternal year and plans are being made along the line of "holding Alpha high." Great strides in all endeavors are expected of Alpha men and we the brothers of Alpha Mu Lambda are out and running.

bethune - cookman college Happy New Year from the brothers of Delta Beta Chapter. The key word of the year is "Involvement." The brothers kicked off the new year by organizing committees outlining various activities to highlight the second half of the academic year. During the past semester, eleven brothers were initiated into Alphadom. The Sphinx / Summer 1978

The brothers are Walter Granger, Everett Harris, Derrick James, Giovanni Kilpatrick, Carl Kingcaide, Miquelangel Lopez, Eugene Mincey, Guy Molock, James Pierce, Melvin Robinson, and Charles Todd. The brothers of Delta Beta and Beta Delta Lambda chapters came together once again to finalize plans for the annual Alpha Ball, which will be held in early April. Proceeds of the affair will be distributed jointly to the NAACP and the United Negro College Fund. Delta Beta brothers will sponsor the annual Miss Delta Beta Pageant, which will be presented on campus during the month of March. The ultimate goal is to continue to spread the great name of our beloved fraternity, dear Alpha Phi Alpha. The brothers of Delta Beta leave with you, once again, the key word "Involvement."

winston - salem state u Greetings Brothers of Alpha. The Brothers of Beta lota Chapter located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, from which you have heard very little would like to share our year-end review with you. During the fall of 1977, the Brothers of Beta lota did many things for the university and community. We held several blood pressure checks and food and clothing drives for the needy. The brothers visited the sick and held parties for needy children during Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas. Brothers Foster, Jones, and Williams served as our representatives to the Big Brother/Big Sister program. During the week of December 4, we sponsored campus activities for all students and their guest. On the fourth we held a Founder's Day banquet with several other Greeks as our guests. The brothers also helped several Black leaders in their bid for elected office. We also greeted Brother Dr. H. D. Covington, who is the new chancellor for Winston-Salem State University. On January 15, 1978, we held a Gospel Expo which netted over $300, which was donated to the Million Dollar Fund Drive. Chancellor Covington has asked that we make the Gospel Expo an annual event. At our state convention, which was held February 3-4, 1978, the Brothers of Beta lota took the Stepping and Basketball championships, both for the second straight

year. We also had several brothers to receive merit awards for outstanding basketball handling. But as we prepared to leave, Sunday, our hearts were saddened by the news of the passing of Brother Dr. Joseph N. Patterson. Brother Patterson instructed a philosopy and religion class at WSSU. Brother Patterson was the very spirit of the campus and he entered Alpha in 1937 at Florida A&M's Beta Nu Chapter. Remembering what Brother Patterson had instilled in us, we are ever striving to be "First of All," forever holding the name of Alpha Phi Alpha high above all others. And the Brothers of Beta lota have really been "First of All." During the school year of 197778, we took and held the lead in campus life. Under the leadership of Brother Fred Gibson (Assistant State Director College, West), we held a "Alpha How To Do It" workshop on April 22, 1978. Brother Dr. A. M. Witherspoon was guest speaker. Brother Witherspoon is State Director for North Carolina. The Brothers of Beta lota have served in such ways as: Troy Baker, President Phi Beta Lambda, Junior Class SGA Representative; Dimitri Belmont, President Pan-Hellenic Council; Tony Bellamy, Vice-President Political Science Club, President Junior'Class; Bobby Bennett, President University Ushers; Cecil Cates, Vice-President Junior Class; Donald' Henderson, 'President Senior Class, President Data Processing Management; Ernest Newton, Senior Class Representative to the SGA; Benjamin Becton, Brown Hall Dorm. Council; Fred Gibson, VicePresident SGA and Alpha Phi Alpha Assistant Director for College-West. Brothers serving on chancellor committees were: Fred Gibson, Administrative Council, Loans, and Scholarships; Jarrel Jett, Library Committee; Ernest Newton, Lyceum Committee; Bobby Bennett, Lyceum Committee; Joseph N. Patterson Assembly Series, Parents' Day/Honors Day Committee, Awards Day Committee, and the Business/Industry Cluster Committee. Brothers Troy Baker and Cecil Cates were inducted into "Who's Who Among College and University Students." Brother John Foster entered the ranks of Beta Kappa Chi. Brother Baker was elected Director of Financial Affairs for the SGA. Brother Bellamy was elected Director of Social Affairs for the SGA. Both brothers will take office in June of 1978. Brother Bobby Bennett was appointed to the Winston-Salem State University Reaccreditation Committee. 47

Our officers for 1978-79 are: President, Bobby Bennett; VicePresident, Aaron Rushing; Secretary, Steve Thornton; Treasurer, Craig Urnstead; Historian, Steve Thornton; Chaplain, Douglas Summers; Editor-tothe Sphinx, Jarrel Jett; Dean of Pledgees for the Fall '78, Jeff Jones; Assistant Dean of Pledgees for the Fall '78, Lewis Rogers; Assistant State Director for College-West 1978-79, Cecil Cates. Brothrs we are "First of All" on our campus and our light shines bright before our peers and the community.

alabama The brothers of Epsilon Delta Lambda have had a very successful program during the 1977-78 year. The chapter increased its membership by 20 percent through reclamation. We served as host to the Alabama State Convention on February 23-25 at the Downtowner Hotel in Anniston, Alabama. A large part of each one of our meetings incident to this time was spent in preparing for the State Meeting. Brother Mingo Clark, our State Director, indicated that the State Meeting was one of the best yet. Much of the credit for its success should be given to the Convention Chairman, Brother Leon Leonard, President Brother Dunn, Brother Dr. Stinson, Brother Dortch, Brother Howard, Brother Evans, Brother Banks, as well as all the others who were responsible for collecting funds for the Souvenir Program. Brother Bob Duncan, the chairman of our projects committee, reported a total of over $800.00 that will be used as part of the funds for our Scholorship Awards that our chapter gives to Talladega College each year. The brothers of Epsilon Delta Lambda are again assisting Alpha Beta Chap-

Brother Willie L. Davis 48

ter of Talladega College in several ways. The two groups sponsored a joint Founder's Day celebration. Epsilon Delta Lambda invited the undergrads to one of their chapter meetings and entertained them with a smoker. Brother T. Y. Lawrence is busy conducting activities in preparation of the Debutante Ball in early April. The proceeds from the affair will provide College Scholorships for three high school graduates. The chapter salutes Brother Willie L Davis for his achievement as a leading citizen in his community and the state. He is the first Black to serve on the Sylacauga Housing Board and served as its chairman for a short time. He was also the first Black to serve as the chairman of the three-county Community Action Program in Talladega, Clay, and Randolph. He also appeared on the program of the National Association of Elementary School Principals Association at their recent convention. Brother Dunn, our president, was elected to the Board of Directors of the Horace Mann Insurance Company of Springfield, Illinois. Efforts are being made to make our chapter 100% in contributing to the Million Dollar Drive. We will meet this goal!!!

mississippi Alpha Epsilon Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., elected Brother Ronald Davis as president. Brotner Davis is blessed with a strong group of outstanding brothers who are totally committed to supporting Alpha's program. This year will be one in which the brothers in Jackson will have to work harder to fulfill our goals. This is due to a banner year that saw the chapter, along with others, put together a great Southern Regional Convention. The convention was a home-coming for many native Mississippians. Alpha Epsilon Lambda Chapter is one of Alpha's outstanding chapters. The chapter has an abundance of Alphamen who are making noticeable contributions in their communities. Our membership consists of a past Southern Regional Vice-President (Walter Williams), a national president (Dr. Walter Washington), two senior college presidents (Dr. Walter Washington, Alcorn State University and Dr. George Owens, Tougaloo College), two junior college presidents

(Dean A. L. Johnson, Prentiss Institute and J. L Stokes of Utica Junior College, and a state director for Alpha (William Dease). The roster of Alpha Epsilon Lambda also consists of department chairmen for universities, presidents of businesses, outstanding men in the state government, and educators. These men are making decisions that will affect the course of history in our state and nation. All of the brothers of Alpha Epsilon Lambda Chapter are dedicated to the use of their resources to make our communities good places for our college brothers to grow and develop into worthwhile citizens. Presently, the brothers are assisting the undergraduate chapters of Jackson State University and Tougaloo College It was the concensus of the members of the chapter that the following brothers serve as officers for the year: Dr. Paul Purdy, Vice-President; Dr. R. W. Harrison, Secretary; O. B. Hackett, Financial Secretary; A. N. Jackson, Treasurer; W Calbert, Chaplain; O. Rice, Parliamentarian; and W. Harkless, Editor to the Sphinx. The goal of the officers is the reclamation of inactive brothers.

florida Upsilon Lambda launched its 197778 fraternal year with the Annual Installation Banquet held in July. The Brothers installed were: Ezekiel Bryant, President, Charles V. James, VicePresident; Clarence Von Bostick, Recording Secretary; Samuel Eaves, Financial Secretary; Richard Hunter, Treasurer; Alva Thompson, Parliamentarian; James E. Bryant, Chaplain; Walter Ware, Dean of Pledgees; and Bennie Moore, Associate Editor to Sphinx. In addition to remarks from the out-going and in-coming Presidents, a special tribute was made to Brother Arthur St. George Richardson for more than Fifty Years of active service to Alpha. We proudly announce the initiation of six new brothers who saw the eternal light of September 17, here in Jacksonville. Congratulations to Brothers: William K. Davis, Koduru V. Rao, Robert A. Sewell, Jr., Johnny F. Smiley, Ernest T. Williams, and Marion V. Young. In a joint breakfast meeting with the Alpha Wives, the Brothers pledged themselves to support the Fraternity in its two National Projects: (1) Million Dollar Drive to assist the Urban League, NAACP, and United Negro College The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Fund and (2) Back to Basics. On the local scene, our Chapter President presented the 1977-78 program which includes the Annual Scholarship Dance on November 25, Founder's Day Observance, community and fund raising, and a weekend excursion planned in collaboration with the Alpha Wives.

SOUTHWEST texas Brother Earl Jones, our new President of Epsilon Tau Lambda, is working diligently to revive that old Alpha spirit in the faithful members of the fraternity and the inactive brothers as well. He has initiated and successfully executed two major activities since his term of office began. The first was a dinner meeting of all Alpha brothers with the inactive brothers and their wives or sweethearts as guests of the chapter. This was the beginning of a reclamation program to change the status of inactive members to active. The master of ceremonies and the keynote speaker were inactive brothers and, we are happy to say, some of them have returned to the fold. The second activity was a public program simultaneously commemorating the Silver Anniversary of the chapter and the 71 st Anniversary of Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. General President James R. Williams was the guest speaker for this occasion. He reemphasized our national theme, "Back to Basics," and also spoke of the important role that black women have in our present society. The charter members of Epsilon Tau Lambda were given a plaque and the 50-year brothers and life members were presented to the audience. A souvenir program was prepared which highlighted the growth of the chapter and the undergraduate chapter, Eta Gamma, as well. Funds accrued from ads and the list of patrons in the souvenir program will be used to provide scholarships for deserving students at Prairie View. Alpha men of both chapters and their guests were invited to meet President Williams at a reception which was held at the beautiful and spacious home of Brother Jiles Daniels. Brother Lucius Wyatt's Program Committee, which consisted of members of both chapters, certainly deserve congratulations for the impressive program and the exhibit which was set up by the collegiate brothers. Congratulations, too, to our president, Earl Jones, for his leadership The Sphinx / Summer 1978

General President, Brother James R. Williams, hounders' Day Speaker. and productive efforts in reclamation and generating enthusiasm in Alpha! Brother O. E. Jackson, one of the 50year brothers, receives praises and condemnations — and occasionally threats — from readers of "Sound-Off" because of his letters to the editor. "Sound-Off" is a popular section of a leading daily newspaper in Houston, Texas, which prints letters received on various subjects, and Brother Jackson's letter appear often. Keep up the good work, Brother Jackson! Brother T. P. Dooley attended the 50th reunion of the Class of '27 at Morehouse College in May. Each member of the class was presented a Gold Alumni Card which exemps them from further alumni dues. Why not a Gold Pass Card for a 50-year member of Alpha Phi Alpha? Some consideration should be given to deserving 50-year members. For the benefit of the less affluent, Brother Thomas Solomon, a 50-year brother, brought back slides and a tape from the King Tut Exhibit in New Orleans and presented them at a

monthly meeting of the fraternity. It was the next thing to being there! All of the brothers extended a warm welcome to Lt. Col. Lloyd J. Starks of Colorado Springs, Colorado, at a recent meeting. He was PMS with the Army ROTC at Prairie View several years ago. After listening to the debates and the many and varied opinions, Brother Starks said that it was "just like old times!" Congratulations are extended to Brother Lt. Col. Robert Cole, Jr., on receiving a Commendation Medal for meritorius service in the Army Reserves from 1975-1977. Epsilon Tau Lambda is structuring a program of community action for the current year.

philander smith college

Pi Lambda and Beta Chi Chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., held the 71st Observance of Founders' Day in the M. L. Harris Auditorium at Philander Smith College, Little Rock, Arkansas, on December 18, 1977 at 3:00 p.m. The program was one of the finest held yet in the true tradition of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity at Little Rock, Arkansas. The program consisted of the following: Presiding — Brother J. J. Lacey, President of Pi Lambda Chapter and Director of Federal Programs for the Little Rock School District. Invocation — Conducted by Brother Tyrone Greene, former President of Pi Lambda Chapter. Music — By Brother Lucious Powell who has a tremendous voice and his accompanist was Alphabet, Gladys Hayes. Tribute To The Founders — This superb task was done by Dr. W H. Fowler, State Director and Assistant Superintendent of Personnel for the Little Rock Public Schools. Music — "Invictus" was beautifully and gracefully done by Brother Charles Ford, Jr., of Beta Chi and neophyte of twenty-four hours prior to the event. Brother Ford is from Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa and also the President of the Philander Smith Collegiate Choir. Reading — The House of Alpha was eloquently and magniloquently done by Brother Larry Williams of Beta Chi Chapter and who was also a neophyte twenty-four hours prior to the event. Brother Williams, last semester, made a 3.00 at Philander Smith College which Collegiate President, Brother John Osby. is Seated, left to right: Local Vice-President, an "A" average. Brother Williams is Brother Raymond Carreathers, Brother also Editor of the Panthernaut, the James Williams, Brother Lucius Wyatt. Philander Smith College student 49

newspaper, and he sings in the collegiate choir too. Introduction of Speaker — Brother W. D. Feaster, who is with the State of Arkansas, Department of Agriculture Extension. Address — Brother Dr. Clinton Hampton, whose theme centered around "There Goes an Alpha Man." Brother Clinton is associated with Riceland Rice of Stuttgart, Arkansas. Recognition of Guests — Brother Acie Johnson, past President of Pi Lambda, and who is very sophisticated in dealing with issues of this type. The Alpha Hymn — Brothers of Alpha. Benediction — Brother Sanford B. Toilette, Sr. A reception was held after the Founders' Day Observance in the Foyer of the M. L. Harris Auditorium at Philander Smith College under the guiding hands of the Alphabetts of Pi Lambda Chapter and was enjoyed by all. The Founders' Day Committee consisted of the following Brothers: W. D. Feaster, Chairperson, McKinley Newton, John Talley, and Glen Sargeant. Pi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., held its 26th Annual Debutante Ball December 27, 1977. The Ball was held at the Exhibition Hall of the Convention Center in Metropolitan Little Rock, Arkansas. The Convention Center was decorated in the traditional colors of Black and Gold. There were thirty-four distinguished young women presented at this event who are enrolled as freshmen in various colleges and universities in the United States. The Master of Ceremonies was the President of Pi Lambda Chapter, Brother J. J. Lacey, and the general Ball Chairperson, who successfully completed an Alpha man's job, was Brother John Lewellen. However, he was assisted by the superb leadership of Robert Whitfield, who was chairperson of the debutante activities. And, behind all great Alpha men were the wives of the Brothers, the Alphabetts, under the dynamic leadership of Mrs. Janet Tate, President, who assisted in the implementation and preparation for the Ball. The Beta Chi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the first National Greek intercollegiate fraternity for blacks, has been re-energized by the initiation of three well-bred, scholarly and intelligent young men, two of whom play active roles in leadership at Philander Smith College. 50

After seven weeks of pledging, on December 17, 1977, neophytes Larry Williams, Charles Ford, and Robert Weston were initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha and have since begun to participate actively. Twenty-four hours after entering into Alphadom, Mr. Ford sang "Invictus" at the 71st Founders' Day Observance held in the M. L. Harris Auditorium. Brother Larry Williams, a junior Political Science major, is editor-in-chief of the school newspaper staff; The Panthernaut; a member of the choir; and president of Beta Chi. Charles Ford, a native of Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa, is a senior Biology major, President of the great Philander Smith Collegiate Choir, and dean of pledges of Beta Chi. Robert Weston hails from Eudora, Arkansas, and is a sophomore Pre-med student and also is a member of the choir. He presently serves as secretary of Beta Chi.

texas "We're on the move, we're involved," says William Hays, Jr., president of Delta Rho Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha.Fraternity, Inc. On January 29, 1978, thirteen of the Alpha fraters served as hosts, greeting the guests at the Carver Community Cultural Center. The event was the Green Tea sponsored by the Alamo Chapter of the Huston-Tillotson College Alumni Association. Alpha Brothers who attended the gala event were: Richard E. Calhoun, Ernest Stevenson, Lewis Marshall, William Hays, Jr., William D. Smedler, Andrew Richardson, III, Bob Wilson, Murrene Gilford, Robert C. Kelley, Calvin R. Kennedy, John D. McDonald, Robert B. Portwood, and Celestus Smith.

On February 16 - 18, seven fraters from the chapter attended the Alpha Phi Alpha State Convention at Waco, Texas. The highlights of the convention were the awarding of two plaques to Delta Rho Lambda. One plaque was for "Outstanding Chapter" in the State of Texas. The second plaque was for "Attendance Chapter," with the most number of brothers in attendance. Responsible for receiving this plaque were brothers Randall Palmer, III, William Hays, Jr., Andrew Richardson, Ml, Bernard McCutchen, Robert Portwood, and Roy Washington. Brother Andrew Richardson, III, did an outstanding job in conducting two Ritual Workshops at the Convention. On March 10, 1978, the chapter was enthusiastically involved in the fun-filled "Nite in Las Vegas," staged by the Alamo Chapter of the Pan Hellenic Council, Inc. There were nearly 35 Alpha's, their wives and sweethearts who attended and participated in the fund-raising event. Two of the three Delta Rho Lambda representatives to the Pan Hellenic Council served as members of the project committee; Brothers Bob Wilson and Calvin Kennedy. On March 17, 1978, the fraternity received a plaque at the Awards Banquet put on by the Boys Clubs of San Antonio. At the Eastside Boys Club, the president of the fraternity accepted a plaque citing the fraternity for "outstanding community service" to the Boys Club. Twelve brothers, their wives and sweethearts attended this very impressive occasion. On March 23 and 24, 1978, at Lawton, Oklahoma, six fraters from the chapter attended the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Regional Convention. The highlight of the convention was the awarding of the plaque for


Delta Rho Lambda The Sphinx / Summer 1978

"Outstanding Chapter" in the region to Delta' Rho Lambda. In attendance to witness this rare occasion were brothers William Hays, Jr., James Lewis, Bernard McCutchen, Randall Palmer, III, Reginald Pickard, and Johnny W. Thomas. The participation and involvement in convention activities by the brothers was especially noteworthy. The involvement included service on the Awards Committee by brother Palmer; service on the Nominating Committee by brothers Lewis, Thomas and McCutchen; and service on the Constitutional Revision Committee by brothers Hays and Pickard. The wives who attended the convention were Mrs. Pickard, Lewis and Palmer.


One scene from the California Mini-Conference, standing is Western Assistant Vi President Jerome Cannon.

san jose Saturday, February 18, 1978, Brother Jerome Cannon, Western Assistant Vice President, in cooperation with Epsilon Mu chapter, sponsored a unique schedule of events for the state of California. California Mini-Conference Some 75 Alphamen of all ten college chapters as well as some alumni chapters were represented in a California mini-conference at San Jose, called by the Western Assistant Vice President. Brother Rogernald Jackson, Western Vice President, was also present with us to discuss pertinent matters before the Monterey Regional Convention. The discussion included: I. II. III. IV. V.

Regional Convention Activities Model Pledge Manuel Reports (from chapters) Million-Dollar Drive Ritual and Traditional Matters

Brother Norman Towels, Mu Xi Lambda chapter, made a special presentation concerning the Western Regional Awards Guide. Many thanks goes to Theta Eta, Epsilon Beta, Alpha Delta, lota Chi, lota Psi, Mu Kappa, Mu Chi, Gamma Xi, Eta Sigma, and Epsilon Mu chapters for their participation. Behold the spirit of the great Alpha West! Highlighting a weekend of accomplishment, Epsilon Mu chapter, in conjunction with the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Eta Omega chapter, sponsored one of the most well-planned events in California. The Sphinx / Summer 1978

The All-California Greek Show. GREEK SHOW ' 7 8 , hosted participants of the Black fraternities and sororities from all over California. Five Alpha chapters (Theta Eta-Davis, Epsilon Beta-Fresno, Alpha Delta-Los Angeles, lota Psi-Pomona, Gamma XiLos Angeles, Epsilon Mu-San Jose), along with chapters from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, competed for awards Saturday night, February 18, 1978, in the San Jose State University Student Union Ballroom. Each organization presented its history and on-going endeavors to some 650 people in attendance. The history presentation worked effectively in destroying most prejudices against

fraternal and sororital organizations Never before had a Greek Show of this magnitude been planned. In a threehour show, there was standing room only! Pledgees of the various organizations spirited the night as the singing, dancing, and rhymic marching steps of their Big Brothers and Sisters dazzled an unexpecting crowd. Through the profits collected during the show, Epsilon Mu chapter intends to make a sizable contribution to the Million-Dollar Drive. Many thanks goes to the Greek Show committee: Jerome K. Cannon (Western Assistant Vice President) chairperson, Stephanie Dixon (DST) chairperson, Ronald G. Cannon (Alpha Phi Alpha), Juan Sigler (Alpha Phi Alpha), Carol R. Heard (DST), Thomas 51

Perry (Alpha Phi Alpha), and Mollie Johnson (DST). Epsilon Mu chapter president LaGuan Lea and Delta Soror Sidney Sims served as MC for the night. Brother Bruce Santos delivered an impressive history presentation for the Fraternity. Special thanks goes to the Brothers of Epsilon Mu chapter and judges: Steve Wright (ASB-President), Edna Campbell (ASB-Vice President), Al Jones (ASB-Attorney General), Barbara Profit and Mona Morgan for their fine participation.

California Ring up another Banner Event Zeta Beta Lambda! During February 9, 10, 11,1978, this chapter, along with the Alliance of Black Educators, conducted an educational conference which has been evaluated by participants and the attending public as a great success. Theme: Educational issues in California that impact upon the Black and Mexican-American Communities. Focus: Confronting the issues that divide us, Black and Mexican-American Educators. A broad range of professional participation was involved in this conference. Each level of education from representatives of Early Childhood Education (ECE) to college and university level. Some of the participants were: Dr. Wilson Riles, State Superintendent of Instruction of California; Ms.

Margaret Greene, President, Sacramento Area Alliance of Black Educators; Mario Obledo, Secretary of Health and Welfare Agency, California; Ms. Barbara Sizemore, former Superintendent of Schools, Washington, D. C; Dr. Frank Sanchez, C o o r d i n a t o r , College Development, Los Angeles; Herman Sanders, Coordinator, Secondary Curriculum, Sacramento; Rev. Romeo Pimental, Executive Director of State Filipino, American Coordinating Conference, et al. Jesse Jackson, keynote speaker (PUSH), electrified a standing-roomonly audience in Woodlake Ballroom. Some of the symposium topics were: "Racism: Are We Guilty?"; "Press T r e a t m e n t of Black and C h i c a n o Leaders"; Equal Educational Opportunities and the Mexican-American C o m m u n i t y " ; " D o Compensatory Education Programs Work for Black and Mexican-American C h i l d r e n " ; Affirmative Action Goals in a Multi-Ethnic Setting"; "Can We Get Together?" issues that divide us). These are just a few of the 15 topics discussed in symposiums. Zeta Beta Lambda is considering making this conference an annual event. Brother Charles W. Townsel, General Chairman, along with comm i t t e e m e m b e r s , B r o t h e r s Leon Woods, C. Woodard, Vernon Freeman, Clinfton West, Herman Sanders, A. Fairfax, et al, were commended for this outstanding accomplishment. Zeta Beta Lambda, Sacramento, California, held its Annual Founder's Day Brunch Sunday, March 5, 1978, at the Sacramento Community Center

with approximately 1,500 in attendance. Mrs. Coretta King, our guest speaker, received recognition and honors from Governor Brown, the "Key to the City" from Councilman Dan Thompson, on behalf of the Mayor, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the AKA Sorority. In her message, Mrs. King reminded the audience that many of the problems which her husband, the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., fought to solve during the sixties are still with us and emphasized the urgent need to continue to fight for humanities by means of political involvement and lobbying, etc. She spoke strongly in support of the Humphrey-Hawkins Bill and also expressed praise and admiration for the efforts of Brother Andrew Young, Ambassador to the United Nations. Following Mrs. King's informative and inspiring speech, Brother Marcus Crowder, Chairman of our Scholarship Committee presented four $500.00 scholarship awards to the 1978 winners. Other Activity Notes: The Sphinxmen's club: "Little" Brothers, Cleve Hampton, Howard Penn, Jr., William Harris, L. C. Johnson, Travis Parker, Wilbur Beckwith, as one of their community projects, promoted a champagne sip and fashion show as a fundraiser for the local Women's Civic Improvement Center. As a result of this effort, they presented the WCIC a check for $500.00. Subsequently, on March 3, 1 9 7 8 , these " L i t t l e " Brothers crossed the burning sands and have been presented their certificates. Brothers Thomas Robinson, Dean of Pledges, and Reuben Smith, Probate Dean, are to be commended for the exc e l l e n t w o r k t h e y p e r f o r m e d in preparing this group for initiation. The million dollar fund drive is progressing. Brother Woodard, Chairman, upon announcing the pro rata obligation to the chapter Brothers, received several pledges as well as some "on-the-spot" payments.

Colorado Mu Upsilon Lambda Chapter at Boulder, Colorado, held its Charter Installation dinner at the Broker Inn on January 29, 1978. Charter members of the Mu Upsilon Lambda are Brothers The Sphinxmen's club of Zeta Beta Lambda presents a check of $400.00 to the Women's Edgar Smith, Clarence Johnson, Ron Civic Improvement Center. Standing (Left to Right): Cleve Hampton; Howard Penn, Jr.; John Wynn, Namon Lewis, Clarke, William Harris; L C. Johnson; Travis Parker; Wilbur Beckwith; Brother Thomas Robinson, Warren Washington, and Emmett Dean of Pledges; and Brother Reuben Smith, Probate Dean. Seated are officers of the Haywood. Brother Edgar Smith has WCIC. 52

The Sphinx / Summer 1978

been designated President of the Chapter. The dinner was also attended by Brother Melvin Norton, President of Delta Psi Lambda Chapter in Denver, Colorado. The new Chapter has scheduled a number of activities for the coming year and is looking forward to a successful year.

California Gamma Phi Lambda Chapter's (Berkeley, California) Alpha Man of the Year for 1977, Brother James P. Joshua, was recently honored at a gala testimonial dinner (attended by 250 persons — many of whom are leaders in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay area) in the Harris Fellowship Hall of Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church. Gamma Chi Lambda Chapter (San Francisco) was also well represented at the festive occasion. The Far Western Regional VicePresident, Brother Rogernald Jackson, presented the Chapter award to Brother Joshua in commemoration of the honor. Brother Joshua was cited for his more than 30 years active service in Alpha. He has been the Chapter Treasurer for a number of years. Brother Grandvel Jackson (Gamma Chi Lambda Chapter) presented Brother Joshua an award on behalf of the Huston-Tillotson Alumni Association. Because of Brother Joshua's work in the c o m m u n i t y , some i m p o r t a n t representatives from the church, the office of the Superintendent of Schools, the Association of Oakland Public Schools Black Administrators, the Huston-Tillotson Alumni Association,

as well as teachers and classified personnel, came to the banquet to demonstrate regard and esteem for Brother Joshua. The special program featured oratorical wizardry and excellent soloists. Some of the persons who participated in the program included brother Harold Davis, Master of Ceremonies and Director of the Oakland Housing Authority and brother Dr. Robert Hill, pastor of Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church. Tributes in Brother Joshua's behalf recounted his long history of service to the community, including his aid to undergraduate brothers when he was a graduate student on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley; his ability to hold a fraternity office for "year end and year out;" his warm concern for pupils in the classroom; his humanitarian regards for others in the church and on the job; and his ability to get along with his teacher wife, Verna, in the management of their family of six children (four grandchildren), including the former Los Angeles Dodger outfielder, Vaughn Joshua. Brother Joshua was born and reared in Dallas, Texas, where he attended and graduated from Booker T. Washington High School. Mid-way through his college career at Samuel-Houston College in Austin, he got married and went off to serve three years in the World War II Armed Forces. He was initiated into Alpha while attending Samuel Houston. He later served as Chapter Secretary. He and his family moved to Oakland after the war. He later earned a B. S. degree in Physical Education from the University of

,9octap '& etn/f/em of distinction


The Sphinx / Summer 1978

MeaA, it uiitn


£TAe ijtftfiAa


California at Berkeley and the following degrees/credentials from San Francisco State University: M. A. in Education; General Secondary credential; Administrative credential. Brother Joshua worked as a journeyman metalsmith before his teaching career began with the Oakland Unified School District in 1953. Presently, he is the Principal of Markham Elementary School. Brother Joshua has had a steadying influence on the Chapter's fraternal matters. His sobering advice has enabled us to not only continue to serve the community, but to also increase our commitments to the principles of Alpha. The brothers of Gamma Phi Lambda are proud to have James Joshua receive its first Alpha Man of the Year Award.

Broth'er Rogernald Jackson, Western Regional Vice-President (left), presents the "Alpha Man of the Year" award to Brother James P. Joshua.




Alpha Phi Alpha Rings are now available only through the General Office. Base price is $79.00 plus gold surcharge, taxes and additional charges. Please contact the General Office for full information. During this fraternal year, the General Office will introduce new items for your wearing pleasure. Watch the ALPHA NEWSLETTER and the SPHINX for announcements. Also, brothers are encouraged to submit ideas on new types of Alpha paraphernalia. Please limit suggestions to jewelry, wooden items, decals, and wall items - wearing apparel will not be sold through the office.

A PHI A Medallion (with Black and Gold Ribbon).. .$4.25

AVAILABLE NOW Revised (1976) CONSTITUTION - .75 1976 Directory-$1.00

(1) Life Member Pin - $10.00

(3) Pledge Buttons - $1.75 + Tax

(2) Black & Gold Lapel Pin - $2.00

(4) A PHI A Decals - 3 for $1.00, 50' each

(now available directly through the General Office) A PHI A BANNER - $3.00

Sphinxman Handbook - $2.00

(9" X12")

Sunburst Medallion (No Chain)...$7.50 Ritual - $1.00

(Limit TWO per chapter)

*«»Ut««». j r „ /

4^ (1) Alpha Life Membership Paperweight - $5.00 (4" X 6" Wood)... can also be used as a Wall Plaque. (2) A PHI A Paperweight - $5.00 (4" X 6" Wood)... can also be used as a Wall Plaque.



NOTE: MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO: ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. Mail all orders to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc 4432 M. L King Drive Chicago, IL 60653 The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Omega CbapteR Laurence T. Young Sr., Editor

Brother NATHAN K. CHRISTOPHER, age 82, entered Omega Chapter in September, 1977, in Hillcrest Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, following a short illness. In a previous issue of THE SPHINX, wherein notice of brother Christopher's passing was mentioned, the listed survivors failed to mention, inadvertently, his dutiful and faithful daughter, Mrs. Odessa Salvant, also of Mayfield Heights, Ohio, with whom Brother Christopher had lived for the past ten years. Mrs. Salvant was responsible for her father's Life Membership in the Fraternity. It is also to be noted that Mrs. Salvant's husband, Brother Monroe C. Salvant, is also a Life Member of the Fraternity. We regret this omission. Brother MEREDITH G. FERGUSON entered Omega Chapter on one of the saddest days of the Christian year, Good Friday, March 24, 1978, in a local hospital at Nashville, Tennessee. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity will remember Brother Ferguson as the indomitable General Treasurer for many years, holding that office with distinction longer than any other such officer of the Fraternity. Brother Ferguson was the youngest son of a family of six children; he was born in Williamson County, Tennessee, to Mary Ann Tucker and Brown Ferguson. At an early age, the family moved to Nashville where he finished Pearl High School and later, receiving his Baccalaureate Degree at Tennessee A and I State University, he did further study at Atlanta University and returned to Nashville as an instructor at Tennessee State University. Brother Ferguson was a great banker of unquestioned integrity, but before going into banking, he worked for the A. A. E. Publishing House. In 1924, Brother Ferguson entered the world of banking as a bookkeeper at The Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company. His acumen and performance in banking led to rapid promotion culminating in his election to the presidency in 1959, which position he held until the time of his passing. Under his leadership, the bank prospered and expanded. Brother Ferguson was a person of unusual perception. His activities were varied and many and bridged many aspects in the community including: Member of the Board of Trustees of Meharry Medical College; Director of the Tennessee State University Foundation; Trustee of Senior Citizens, on the Advisory Board of the Small Business Administration; one of the founding Members of the Middle Tennessee Business Association of the National Business League; member of the Chamber of Commerce; Chairman of the Black Exposition. Brother Ferguson was an early "Life Member" of the Fraternity, carrying Life Membership Number Three. Brother Ferguson was an active member of the Agora Assembly; the Twenty-One Club; a charter member of the Nashville Chapter of Frontiers International; and an ardent, dedicated member of St. John A.M.E. Church in Nashville. Brother Ferguson was the recipient of many awards in recognition of his matchless contributions to the civic and business growth of the community. He was awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters from Meharry Medical College in 1976; received a plaque for outstanding services rendered to the Metropolitan Teachers Credit Union in 1978. He was to have been honored by Fisk University at the close of the academic year. Brother Ferguson was a true humanitarian and always went to the extreme to help, the small and the great; he was truly a man for "All Seasons," no ones troubles were too minute for his concern and attention. Tau Lambda Chapter conducted Omega Chapter services at the Gunter and Sons Funeral Parlor prior to the final rites, which were held March 27, 1978, at St. John A.M.E. Church, celebrated by the Reverend John G. Corry ands of comfort given by the Pastor, the Reverend William P. DeVeaux. Brother Ferguson is survived by a devoted wife, Grace Harrison; a nephew, Alvin Armstrong; six nieces and nephews of Detroit, Michigan; and a host of loyal friends. Brother RODERICK F. RAGLAND, age 24 years, entered Omega Chapter March 23, 1978, in Detroit, Michigan. Brother Ragland was an active member of Gamma Lambda Chapter, Detroit, Michigan. He was initiated into the fraternity at Gamma Tau Chapter, Michigan State University, March 3, 1973. He furthered his education by registering at Wayne State University where he received his Baccalaureate Degree in Biology. The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Omega Chapter services were conducted at the Stinson Funeral Home in Detroit by members of Gamma Tau Chapter. In attendance were many brothers from the various chapters in the State. Brother Ragland is survived by his parents, Theodore and Isabelle Ragland, a sister, and two brothers. Interment was at Westlawn Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan. Brother GEORGE RUFUS RAGLAND, of Epsilon Tau Lambda Chapter, Prairie View, Texas, entered Omega Chapter January 18, 1978, following a tragic automobile accident. Brother Ragland was born May 16, 1916, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, received his Baccalaureate Degree at Langston University, and his Doctorate Degree from the State University of Iowa. Brother Ragland's life was spent in the field of education with tenure at Texas College; the University of Iowa; Alabama A and M University; and Prairie View A and M College, Prairie View, Texas, at which institution he held the post of Acting Registrar and Head of the Department of Sociology. At the time of his passing, he was serving as Vice President of Academic Affairs. Brother Ragland's interest in the Fraternity was unparalleled; from 1939 at the University of Iowa he brought to that chapter a high degree of maturity, dedication, and leadership. He continued to display that high standard of service and loyalty through the years. Omega Chapter services were conducted by Eta Gamma Chapter, the college chapter, prior to the funeral rites. That chapter also served as active pall bearers. An impressive grave site memorial service was conducted, concluded with the singing of the Alpha Phi Alpha National Hymn. The University has lost an outstanding educator; the community has lost a good citizen; and the Fraternity has lost a sincere, devoted, <jnd loyal brother.

Brother Meredith G. Ferguson Brother George Rufus Ragland Brother FREDERICK HAROLD ROBB, more familiarly known as HAMMURABI HAMMURABI, age 77, was consigned to Omega Chapter in April, 1977, from the Chevy Chase Nursing Home, 3400 South Indiana Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, following surgery for a brain tumor. Brother Robb was born in Hartford, Connecticut, where he attended primary and secondary schools, coming to Chicago where he enrolled at Northwestern University, where he received his Law degree. His major interest was in bexconomics. Brother Robb was the founder of the "House of Knowledge," in Chicago, where he made his permanent residence. After the formal opening of the "House of Knowledge," Brother Robb began his long and arduous attempt to change the image of Africa in the minds of Blacks. During his life time, he published two books and published a calendar featuring photographs of prominent figures in civic, community, and business endeavors in Chicago. Brother Robb is survived by a sister, Beatrice Canady; a brother, George Robb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and a nephew, Samuel Canady of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Following funeral rites at Crook's Funeral Home, Brother Robb's body was cremated at Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago. 55

Brother TEDD T. SMITH, age 69, entered Omega Chapter February 5, 1978, at his home in Sacramento, California. Brother Smith received his elementary and secondary education in Sacramento and, later, earned his Baccalaureate Degree in History at the University of California in Berkeley. Brother Smith was initiated into Alpha Epsilon Chapter and, because of his loyalty, commitment, dedication, and expressed ooncern about his brothers in the Fraternity, as well as in his local community, he was loved and held in high esteem, not only by his Alpha brothers, but by all who knew him and ever came in contact with him. Two days before Brother Smith's passing, he participated in the chapter initiation, helping to steer six Sphinxmen across the "burning sands." Brother Smith served as an officer in the United States Army during World War II, following which he entered the Postal Service in Chicago, Illinois. After a few years in Chicago, he returned to California and immediately became affiliated with Zeta Beta Lambda Chapter, which chapter he served faithfully. Brother Smith was an ardent supporter of the NAACP and many other national and local associations. He is survived by a devoted Aunt, Adele Smith, and a nephew, Jack, Jr. Omega Chapter rites were conducted by members of Zeta Beta Lambda Chapter, Brother Heman Smith conducting same at the Sacramento Memorial Chapel. His remains were interred in the Sacramento Memorial Lawn Cemetery alongside his wife, Ruby, who passed three years previously. Brother LEWIS S. TERRY, age 74, was born in the environs of Pleasantville, New Jersey, in 1904. He graduated from Temple University's College of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1928, and was married to Aivs Spenser that same year. Shortly following graduation, Brother Terry opened "The Ethical Pharmacy" in Washington, D. C, the first ethical pharmacy in the Country, its business limited strictly to the filling of prescriptions. By 1950, the business had been so successful, the record indicated they had filled over a million prescriptions, which occasion was marked by an appropriate ceremony. Brother Terry had many worth-while accomplishments including: Consultant to the Ministry of Health, London, England, under the auspices of the National Pharmaceutical Association in 1952; received the Man of the Year Award from the Temple College of Pharmacy Alumni Association in 1953 for his inspiring tenure as pharmacist for the Group Health Association for the years 1966-1972, following the sale of the "Ethical Pharmacy." Brother Terry maintained a lively interest in many community activities. He received the District of Columbia Meritorious Public Service Award; was honored as a 33rd Degree Mason and as Past Master of Eureka Lodge No. 5 and as a member of its Supreme Council. He also held membership in the Epsilon Boule of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity; was active in the local NAACP, as well as other local and national associations. Mu Lambda Chapter (Washington, D.C.) conducted Omega services March 11, 1978, prior to the funeral rites which were held at Berean Baptist Church, Washington, D.C. Brother Terry is survived by a devoted wife, Avis, two brothers, Doctors Frank and Paul Terry, and many collateral relatives. May his soul and the soul of all the faithful rest in peace.

Brother WINSTON CHURCHILL WILLOUGHBY, a national and internationally known doctor of dental science, a humanitarian, a civil libertarian, a leader, poet, and song writer, entered Omega Chapter in Washington, D.C, on March 4,1978, following a short illness. Brother Willoughby was born in Trinidad, West Indies, in 1907 and came to New York in 1920 for his secondary education, gaining his United States citizenship in 1936. He received his Doctor of Dental Science degree at Howard University, Washington, D.C, in 1933, beginning his professional career immediately thereafter. The concept of man's ultimate redemption through beneficient activity threads through this unusual brother's long and interesting life. He provided housing and financial aid for students from his native Trinidad, while they studied at Howard University; he served faithfully as staff director of the District of Columbia Health Department Clinic, 1938-1944; he was Boy Scouts Committeeman, 1934-1935; and a Board Member of the National Graduate University. Brother Willoughby was the recipient of Certificates of Appreciation from Presidents Roosevelt and Truman; he was commended by the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Judiciary Committee in 1967; he won the United Nations Humanitarian Award in 1972. Brother Willoughby was well known for the wide range of his successful, multi-ethnic practice and was acclaimed the "Dentist of the Year" in 1975 by the Washington Dental Society. He held membership in numerous honor, social, and professional organizations. Omega Chapter services were conducted in Washington, D.C, by members of Mu Lambda Chapter March 8, 1978, at the Rankin Memorial Chapel, on the campus of Howard University, prior to the final rites. A large and interesting assemblage attended these rites, words of tribute were offered by United States Congressman Charles Rangel of New York, a vocal tribute rendered by the well-known Metropolitan Opera Star, Mattiwilda Dobbs. Brother Willoughby is survived by his beloved wife, Anselee; his daughters, Michelle and Gina; and his brothers, Aubrey and Roland. Alpha Phi Alpha was always remember Brother Willoughby as a brother who was cosmopolitan in culture and as a sincere, genial brother of varied interests. He was active in Mu Lambda Chapter in all their efforts; the market place of worth-while ideas seemed to intrigue him and he responded with valued service and natural talent.

O M E G A CHAPTER N O T I C E S Brother ARTHUR W. FERGUSON, architect, of Springfield, Illinois, was consigned to Omega Chapter February, 1977, in Springfield. He was a faithful member of Mu Delta Lambda Chapter. Brother HOWARD D. GILES entered Omega Chapter February 24, 1978, in Columbus, Ohio, following a short illness. Brother Giles had been engaged in the General Practice of medicine in Columbus, Ohio, for over fifty years. Brother WILLARD SMITH, JR , of 3700 Delavan, Kansas City, Kansas, entered Omega Chapter November 2,1977.

O M E G A CHAPTER H Y M N Alpba BROtbeRS, gatbeR ROCIFIU And m a k e OCJR pnaises Resound Of this Brzothen cobose laboRs novo ane cnovoned. His g o o d deeds, heaoen blest, Commend him through each test, To O m e g a , OUR c b a p t e R of svoeet Rest. CHORUS

FaRecDell, deaR BRotbeR, Tnanscendent one thou, Thy spiRi't sball dcoell voith us novo, W e cbeRi'sb tb*y Mem'ng, Tb*y good name voe'U neuene, To thy glong, thy honor*, BROtbeR deaR. 56

The Sphinx / Summer 1978



Henry A. CJIIIS, M.D.

Charles H. Chapman

Eugene Kinckle Jones

George B. Keller

" )

Nathaniel A. Murray

Robert H. Ogle

Vertner W. Tandy


GENERAL PRESIDENT — James R. W i l l i a m s . . . 5 8 4 Avalon, Akron, OH EXECUTIVE SECRETARY — James B. Blanton 4 4 3 2 King Drive, Chicago, IL GENERAL TREASURER — Leven C. Weiss 4 6 7 6 W. Outer Drive, Detroit, Ml GENERAL COUNSEL - A l b e r t H o l l a n d , Jr 3 1 Hickory Hill Rd., Tappan, NY HISTORIAN — Charles H. Wesley 1 8 2 4 Taylor Street, N.W., Washington, DC COMPTROLLER — Charles C. Teamer 2 6 0 1 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans, LA DIRECTOR-GENERAL CONVENTIONS — Kermit J . Hall 1 0 0 Fairview Ave., Yeadon, PA

44320 60653 48235 10983 20011 70122 19050

VICE PRESIDENTS EASTERN — Henry G. G l l l e m , Sr MIDWESTERN — Thomas D. Pawley, III SOUTHERN — Ozell S u t t o n SOUTHWESTERN — George W . T h o m p s o n WESTERN — Rogernald Jackson

22204 65101 30331 71301 94602

1 0 0 9 S. Quinn Street, Arlington, VA 1 0 1 4 Lafayette, Jefferson City, MO 1 6 4 0 Loch Lomond Trail, S.W., Atlanta, GA 3 6 1 6 - 1 3 t h Street, Alexandria, LA 1 6 3 4 Leimert Blvd., Oakland, CA

ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENTS EASTERN — Errol Southers MIDWESTERN — Broderlck H o u s t o n SOUTHERN — Frederick Buie SOUTHWESTERN — Charles K i n g , Jr WESTERN — Jerome K. C a n n o n

4 8 William Ellery Place, Providence, Rl 0 2 9 0 4 5 2 9 1 Bermuda Lane, Flint, Ml 4 8 5 0 5 Box 8 0 7 , Mississippi State, MS 3 9 7 6 2 Box 3 8 0 , State University, AR 7 2 4 6 7 1 7 2 6 Fruitdale, #3, San Jose, CA 9 5 1 2 8

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, I n c . GENERAL O F F I C E : 4432 Martin Luther King Drive, C h i c a g o , IL 60653 James B. Blanton, Executive Secretary Michael J. Price, Assistant Executive Secretary, Editor-in Chief, The SPHINX Alpha Phi Alpha Building Foundation, Inc. J- L Hunt, Chairman P.O. Box 7 3 7 4 3 Scotland Branch Post Office Baton Rogue, LA 7 0 8 0 7 Dr. Edward W. Ballard, Vice Chairman James B. Blanton, Acting Secretary Leven C. Weiss, Treasurer Albert Holland, Counsel Stenson Broaddus,* Asst. Secretary William Decker Clarke Ernest N. Morial William Alexander* Morris W. Hatchett Larry Earvin James R. Williams, EX OFFICIO Alpha Phi Alpha Education Foundation, Inc. William Ross, Jr., Chairman 3 9 0 0 Ford Road — No. 17-I Philadelphia, PA 1 9 1 3 1 Ivan L. Cotman, Vice Chairman James B. Blanton, Secretary Leven C. Weiss, Treasurer Albert Holland, Counsel Jesse Sterling Walter Sullivan Paul Williams Reby Cary Marvin Jones James R. Williams EX OFFICIO •OMEGA CHAPTER

The Sphinx / Summer 1978

NATIONAL COMMITTEE/COMMISSION CHAIRMEN AWARDS PERSONNEL Randolph Baxter -1594 Stadelman Ave., Bennie D. Brown • 9427 S. Vernon, Akron, OH 44320 Chicago. IL 60619 BUDGET AND FINANCE ONE MILLION DOLLAR DRIVE Charles C. Teamer - 2601 Gentilly Blvd., Isadore J. Lamothe -1407 University Ave., New Orleans, LA 70122 Marshall, TX 75670 BUSINESS ENCOURAGEMENT COMMISSION PUBLIC POLICY John H. Johnson • 820 S. Michigan, Henry Ponder - Benedict College, Chicago, IL 60605 Columbia, SC 29204 Leroy W. Jeffries • 3540 Wilshire Blvd., PUBLICATIONS Los Angeles, CA 90010 Hanley J. Norment -12500 Arbor View Terrace, COLLEGE BROTHERS AFFAIRS (Commission) Silver Spring, MD 20902 Hoyt Harper-6015 Calumet Rd., PUBLICITY-PUBLIC RELATIONS Milwaukee. Wl 53223 Erwin A. France - c/o SPA-REDCO, LTD., CONSTITUTION 1 East Wacker Drive, A. Wendell Wheadon - 2600 St. Louis Ave., Chicago, IL 60601 RECOMMENDATIONS E.St. Louis, IL62205 Earnest Wallace - 2018 Van Cleave, ELECTIONS Dallas, TX 25216 Clifton Bailey- 3338Aubert Ave., RULES AND CREDENTIALS St. Louis, MO 63115 Wilson J. Davis - 4509 Williamsburg Dr., EQUITABLE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Columbia, SC 29203 Charles Lewis • 3500 Fieldstone Dr., SENIOR ALPHAS COMMISSION Winston Salem, NC 27105 Laurence T. Young, Sr. • 555 E. 33rd PL, #1208 GRIEVANCES AND DISCIPLINE Chicago, IL 60616 Ottawa W. Harris - 2604 Elizabeth St., STANDARDS & EXTENSION Denver, CO 80205 Lawrence Sutton, HOUSING Box 191. IttaBena, MS 38941 John Warrick-4801 Dickson Rd.. TIME AND PLACE Indianapolis. IN 46226 Grandvel Jackson - 275 Kensington Way, LIFE MEMBERSHIP Elmer C. Collins - 26151 Lake Shore Blvd., #1224, San Francisco, CA 94217 Euclid, OH 44132

PAST GENERAL PRESIDENTS Moses Melvin Morrison* Roscoe C. Giles* Frederick Miller Drawer " M " Mound Bayou, MS 38762 Charles H. Garvin* Henry L Dickason* Henry Arthur Callis* Howard H. Long* W. A. Pollard* Daniel D. Fowler* L L McGee* S. S. Booker* Raymond W. Cannon 2008 Virginia Road Los Angeles, CA 90016 B. Andrew Rose* Charles H. Wesley 1824 Taylor Street. N.W. Washington, DC 20011 Rayford W. Logan 3001 Veazey Terrace, N.W., No. 326 Washington, DC 20008 Belford V. Lawson, Jr. 1140 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20036 A. Maceo Smith • Frank L Stanley, Sr.* Myles A. Paige 4124 Kenway Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90008 William H. Hale* T. Winston Cole 124 S.W. 23rd Gainesville, FL 32601 Lionel H. Newsom Central State University Wilberforce, OH 45384 Ernest N. Morial 1101 Harrison-Avenue New Orleans, LA 70122 'Walter Washington Alcorn State University, Lorman, MS 39096 •OMEGA CHAPTER



Mis * (Asterisk) indicates that address listed is not current. In this case a directory was submitted for 1976-77 but not for 1977-78 NO REPORT indicates that the chapter has failed to report an address (file a chapter directory) for two consecutive years prior to publication. In such cases no directory was filed for 1976-77 or 1977-78.

EAST INTERNATIONAL (DISTRICT I) Director McKinley A. DeShieM. Ph.D Dean, Call ol Agriculture University of Liberia Monrovia, Liberia Atrici (Area I) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Kappa Phi (U ot Liberia Cuttington Coll - #439) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Eta Epsilon Lambda (Monrovia. Liberia - #260) NO REPORT Europe (Area II) Theta Theta Lambda (Frankfort. Germany - #285) Roy T Scales (CS) HQ„ 2d BN.. 3d Field Artillery APONew York, NY 09077 Caribbean (Area III) Theta Epsilon Lambda (St. Thomas, VI - #282) NO REPORT lota Sigma Lambda (St. Croix, VI - #518) NO REPORT Epsilon Theta Lambda (Hamilton, Bermuda - #219) NO REPORT lota Epsilon Lambda (Nassau, Bahamas - #506) A. Cubell Rolle (CS) PO Box 2481 Nassau N P . Bahamas

NEW ENGLAND (DISTRICT II) Director McKinley Hacked Post Office Box 1287 Framingham. MA 01701 Massachusetts (Aria I) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Sigma (Metropolitan-#17) Roderick Blair 8 Sewall Street Roxbury. MA 02120 Alpha Kappa (Metropolitan - #32) INACTIVE ALUMNI CHAPTERS Epsilon Gamma Lambda Boston - #214 James Howard (CS) 104 Greenwood St. Boston. MA 02121


Theta lota Lambda (Springfield - #286) Lewis E. Randall (P) P.O. Box 35, Highland Sta. Springfield, MA 01109 Connecticut (Area II) COLLEGE CHAPTERS •2«U (Yale U - #6) John Cleveland (S) 6432 Yale Station New Haven. CT 06520 Kappa Delta (U of Connecticut - #423) NO REPORT Mu Phi (U of Bridgeport - # 4 6 1 ) Reginald Wickham (S) Univ. of Bridgeport, Box 753 Bridgeport, CT 06602 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Sigma Lambda (Hartford - #161) Thomas D. Harris, IV(P) 135 Canterbury Hartford. CT 06112 Zeta Phi Lambda (Stamford - #253) William D. McLean (P) 19 Oakwood Drive Seymour. CT 06483 Eta Alpha Lambda (New Haven - #256) Ronald Manning (P) 140 Stimson Road New Haven, CT 06511 Rhode Island (Area III) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Gamma (Brown U - #25) Calvin Michael (CS) Box 1167, Brown University Providence, Rl 02912 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Mu Theta Lambda (Providence - #553) Tophas Anderson (P) P.O. Box 6062 Providence, Rl 02940 New Hampshire (Area IV) •Theta Zeta (Dartmouth College - #381) Michael Metcall (P) Hinman Box 5024 DC Hanovei, NH 03755

NEW YORK STATE (DISTRICT III) Director Clifford R. Clemmons 221 25 Manor Road Queens Village. NY 11427 Western New York State (Area I) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta Epsilon (U of Buffalo - #93) NO REPORT •Mu Sigma (U of Rochester - #458) William Davis (DP) 164 Apple Creek Lane Rochester, NY 14612

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Rho Lambda (Buffalo - # 1 1 6 ) NO REPORT Eta Rho Lambda (Rochester-#271) Larry Charles P.O. Box 40065 Rochester, NY 14606 Eta Theta Lambda (Wyandance - #263) NO REPORT Central New York State (Area II) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta Zeta (Syracuse U - #94) Sylvester Johnson (S) 105 Smith Lane Syracuse, NY 13202 Alpha (Cornell U - #1) Glen Christopher Rm 4 milliard Straight Hall Cornell University Ithaca. NY 14853 ALUMNI CHAPTERS •Iota Kappa Lambda (Syracuse-#511) Eugene Hayden (S) P.O. Box 6128 Syracuse, NY 13210 lota Theta Lambda (Endicott - #509) Frederick Johnson (P) 501 Winston Drive Vestal, NY 13850 Northeast New York State (Area III COLLEGE CHAPTERS Kappa Zeta (Utica College - #425) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota lota Lambda ( R o m e - #510) NO REPORT Theta Chi Lambda (Schenectady - #298) NO REPORT Beta Pi Lambda (Albany - #159) Donald Johnson (S) 60 Fullerton Avenue Schenectady. NY 12304 "Hudson Valley" (Area IV) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Kappa Upsilon Lambda (Mid-Hudson Valley- #542) Samuel Tucker (S) Box 230 Mountain Rd. Otisulle. NY 10963 •Eta Chi Lambda (Nyack #276) Willie Bryant (S) Box 121 Otangebuty. NY 10962 •Eta Zeta Lambda (New Rochelle - #261) Arnold C. Baker (S) 16 Nursery Lane Rye, NY 10580

(A) (P) (CS) (S) (FS) (RS)

— — — — —

Advisor President Corresponding Secretary Secretary Financial Secretary Recording Secretary

New York City (Metropolitan) (Area V) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Eta (Metropolitan - #7) NO REPORT Zeta Eta (Columbia U - # 3 3 8 ) K. E. Clark (T) 534 W. 114th Street New York, NY 10025 ALUMNI CHAPTERS •Alpha Gamma Lambda (New Y o r k - # 1 2 5 ) C.Vanderbilt Miller (P) 1270 5th Ave.. Apt. #5L New York. NY 10029 •Kappa Xi Lambda (New York - #536) William D. Clarke (P) 20 West 64th St., Apt. #36 D New York. NY 10023 Brooklyn and Long Island (Area VI) COLLEGE CHAPTERS •Delta Chi (City of Brooklyn - #308) Darlton E. Haskins (DEA) 35 Lincoln Place Brooklyn. NY 11217 Theta Epsilon (Adelphi U - #380) Caesar A. Raynor. Jr. (A) Linen Hall. Box 107 Adelphi University Garden City, NY 11530 Kappa Rho (C.W. Post College - #435) MarkC O'Riley(S) Box 125. C. W Post Centei Greenvale, NY 11548 ALUMNI CHAPTERS •Gamma lota Lambda (Brooklyn Long Island - #175) John M Williams (S) 51 Alabama Avenue Hempstead. NY 11550 •Zeta Zeta Lambda (St. Albans - #239) Wesley A. Parrott (CS) Box B Cambria Heights. NY 11411

NEW JERSEY (DISTRICT IV) Director Elbert C. Wisner 300 Lincoln Dr.. Colonial Terr. Ocean. NJ 07112 Northern New Jersey (Hudson) (Area I) COLLEGE CHAPTERS loU Rho (Newark College of Engineering - #413) NO REPORT

(T) (ES) (VP) (OOP) (DP) (AS)

Kappa Theta Lambda (Teaneck - #531) Dr. J. Edison Brown (P) Llewellyn Park West Orange, NJ 07052 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Mu Lambda (Paterson - #199) James H. Allen (P) 495 East 29th Street Paterson, NJ 07514 Alpha Alpha Lambda (Newark - #123) Carlisle Parker. St. (P) 603 Thomas Street Orange, NJ 07050 Beta Alpha Lambda (Jersey City - # 1 4 5 ) NO REPORT Central New Jersey (Area II) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta lota (Rutgers U - #97) Charles Singletary (S) R.P.O. 0202 Rutgers College New Brunswick. NJ 08903 •lota lota (Trenton State College - #406) Warren Lackland (CS) Box 504, Rm, 1015 Travers TSC Trenton, NJ 08625 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Nu Lambda (Plamlield - #245) NO REPORT Theta Psi Lambda (Somerset - #299) Lyman R Lewis 1427 Vivian Street Plamlield, NJ 07060 Zeta lota Lambda (Trenton - #242) James Davis, Jr (S) 70 Tyler Drive Willingboro. Nl 08046 Coastal New Jersey (Area III) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Kappa lota Lambda (Burlington County - #532) Horton Cooper (CS) 24 Marigold Lane Willingboro. Nl 08046 Zeta Epsilon Lambda (Red Bank - #238) Woodrow C. Holmes (S) 53 Old Bridge Drive Howell. NJ 07731 Alpha Theta Lambda (Atlantic C i t y - # 1 3 0 ) Lawrence L. Stroud (RS) 805 S. Broad Street Pleasantville. NJ 08232

Treasurer Editor-to-The-Sphinx Vice President Dean ot Pledges Dean ot Pledges Assistant Secretary

PENNSYLVANIA (DISTRICT V ) Director Frank Devine 6202 Washington Avenue Philadelphia. PA 19143 Western Pennsylvania (Area I) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Omicron (U of Pittsburgh - #14) NO REPORT lota Sigma (Millersville State College - #414) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Kappa Beta Lambda (Erie - #525) NO REPORT Alpha Omicron Lambda (Pittsburgh-#136) Wilbur Douglas, Jr. (S) 6521 Deary Street Pittsburgh, PA 15206 Central Pennsylvania (Area II) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Nu (Pennsylvania State College - #78 Craig A Brown (P) 1013 S. Allen. #408 State College, PA 16801 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Theta Lambda (Harnsburg-#241) Zane G. Phoenix (P) 600 North 17th Street Harnsburg, PA 17103 Eastern Pennsylvania (Area III) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Zeta Psi (West Chester State College - #353) Dannie K. Williams (P) West Chester State College Box 3093 Westchester, PA 19380 Nu (Lincoln U - #12) Luther Manning 103C Rendall Hall. Box 721 Lincoln University, PA 19352 Psi (U of Pennsylvania - #22) Samuel Barham (S) 5131 ParrishSt Philadelphia. PA 19139 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Rho (Phrladelpia - #16) Dr. Thomas Watkins(P) P.O. Box 18913 Philadelphia. PA 19119 Zeta Omicron Lambda (Philadelphia - #247) Vincent Hawkins (P) 55 Sandstone Lane Willingboro. NJ 08046

The Sphinx / Summer 1978


DELAWARE, MARYLAND &D.C. (DISTRICT VI) Director Thomas R. Hunt 9 Rickover Court Annapolis, MD 21401 Delaware (Area I ) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Sigma (Delaware State College - #83) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Theta Lambda (Wilmington - # 1 7 4 ) Joshua Martin ( P ) P.O. Box 1622 Wilmington. DE 19899 Zeta Rho Lambda (Dover - #249) Reuben Salters ( P ) 109 Bertram! Drive Dover. DE 19901 Maryland North (Area I I ) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Alpha (Morgan State College - #45) Martin Ballard (CS) Cold Spring Lane & Hillen Road Baltimore, MD 21219 Mu Rho (Towson State - # 4 5 7 ) John Campbell (CS) Towson State University Box 2074 Towson. MD 21204 Nu Kappa (Baltimore - # 4 7 3 ) Leslie Lee Ransom 4429 Clifton Rd. Apt. #5 Baltimore, MD 21216 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Lambda (Baltimore - # 1 0 4 ) Earl Graves (RS) 3201 Clifton Avenue Baltimore. MD 21216 Iota Alpha Lambda (Aberdeen - # 5 0 2 ) James F, Jones (CS) P 0 . Box 705 Iota Alpha Lambda Aberdeen, MD 21005 Kappa Kappa Lambda (Baltimore - # 5 3 3 ) Carl E. Bell (P) 6223 Plymouth Road Baltimore. MD 21214

Director George H. Johnson 3300 Lamb Avenue Richmond. VA 23222 Blue Ridge North (Area I) COLLEGE CHAPTERS lota Alpha (Washington* Lee U - # 3 9 8 ) Charles H. Jones. Jr. (A) 256 Dover Decatur. IL 62521 Iota Beta (U ol Virginia - # 3 9 9 ) Charles Corum, Jr (P) Box 430. Newcomb Hall Station Charlottesville, VA 22903 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Alpha Lambda (Charlottesville - # 1 6 7 ) Stephen D. Waters (S)

Box 3036


Charlottesville, VA 22903 Blue Ridge South (Area II) COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Virginia Polytechnic U - # 3 8 4 ) James Fleming, Jr. (CS) P.O. Box 346 Blacksburg, VA 2 4 0 6 0 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Kappa Lambda (Roanoke - # 1 3 2 ) NO REPORT Gamma Nu Lambda (Lynchburg - # 7 8 ) NO REPORT Southern Virginia (Area I I I ) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta Tau (St. Pauls Polytechnic - # 3 0 5 ) Hampton Johnson Rt. 2. Box 89 Gladstone, VA 24553 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Nu Lambda (Danville - # 2 0 0 ) L. Wilson York ( P ) 219 Ross Street Danville. VA 24541 Epsilon Omicron Lambda (Lawrence # 2 2 5 ) Ernest L. Morse (CS) Box 595 South Hill, VA 2 3 9 7 0

Maryland Eastern (Area IV) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta Nu (U ol Maryland. E.S. - # 1 0 0 ) Keith Grimes P.O. Box 1578 UMES Princess Anne. MD 21853 Eta Zeta (Bowie State College - # 3 5 9 ) Anthony Buise (VP) 604 Towers. Bowie State College Bowie, MD 20715 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Omicron Lamda (PrincessAnne- #203) Earl S. Richardson ( P ) P.O. Box 491

(Virginia Commonwealth U Robert Whitehead (RS) 2335 Nunnally #3 Richmond. VA 23230 Beta Gamma

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Gamma Lambda (Richmond - # 1 4 7 ) C. A. Pennington (S) 3212 Griffin Avenue Richmond, VA 23222 Nu Lambda

(Virginia Stale C o l l e g e - # 1 1 2 ) Robertnett J. Hayes 21329 Sparta Drive Ettrick, VA 23803 Princess Anne, MD 21853 #262) Tidewater North (Area VI) Eta Eta Lambda (Annapolis COLLEGE CHAPTERS NO REPORT Gamma lota Washington, D.C. (Area V) (Hampton Institute - # 7 5 ) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Geolfrey B Sherrill (CS) Beta (Howard U - # 2 ) Hampton Institute Michael D. Welcher (CS) Box 6161 P.O Box 506. Howard University Hampton, VA 23668 Washington, DC 20059 Kappa Pi Nu Beta (American U - # 4 6 5 ) Adrian Brevard (CS) (William & Mary - # 4 3 4 ) 503 Valley Avenue. S.E #7 Ronald H Smoot ( P ) Washington, DC 20032 Box 7100 College Station ALUMNI CHAPTERS Mu Lambda (Washington - # 1 1 1 ) Theodore L. Patterson (CS) 4110 18th Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20011 Omicron Lambda Alpha (Washington - # 5 0 0 ) Willie Ruff (CS) 311 Broadleal Drive, N.E. Vienna. VA 22180

Williamsburg, VA 23186 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Beta Lambda (Hampton - # 1 9 0 ) NO REPORT Zeta Lambda (Newport News - # 1 0 6 ) Claude N. Carter (CS) 12 Suburban Pkwy. Hamoton, VA 23661

The Sphinx / Summer 1978

Director Dr. Robert Copeland 270 Lincoln Hall University of Illinois Urbana.IL 61801 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Tau (U of Illinois - #18) Alexander Pope ( P ) 55 E. Haley Street, Apt. 101 Champaign, IL 6 1 8 2 0 Epsilon Kappa (Bradley U - # 3 1 9 ) Clifford R. Rallms (CS) Williams Hall 821 N. University. # 1 0 0 Peoria. IL 61606 Zeta Nu (Eastern I l l i n o i s - #343) Paul Johnson. Ill ( P ) 808 Van Buren Street Charleston. IL 6 1 9 2 0 Eta Tau(lllmois State U - #371) Timothy G. Walker (ES) P.O. Box 604 Normal, IL 61761 Theta Omicron (Millikin U - # 3 8 9 ) Charles Jones, Jr. (A) 256 Dover Drive Decatur, IL 62521 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Omicron Lambda Beta (Champaign-#501) Coleman Carrodine (P) 1008 West Union Street Champaign, IL 61820 Kappa Pi Lambda (Peoria - # 5 3 8 ) Kappa Pi Lambda Chapter Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 1108 West Bradley Peoria. IL 61606

ILLINOIS (Northern)

Director Ronald McBride 8828 S. Cornell Chicago. IL 60617 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Theta (Metropolitan - # 8 ) Larry W. Rogers ( P ) 1815 S. Troy Chicago, IL 60623 Alpha Mu Northwestern U - # 3 3 ) William Woods ( P ) 1927 Orrington Ave., # 1 1 2 0 (Evanston. 1160201 #391 Epsilon Phi

(Virginia State C o l l e g e - # 4 7 ) Herbert L. Hunter. Ir. ( P ) 237 Grove Avenue Petersburg, VA 23803

Mu Alpha U m b d a (DeKalb Isaac Stinnette(VP) 8424 S. Ingleside Chicago. IL 60619 Mu Delta U m b d a (Springfield - # 5 4 9 ) Jerry G. Jones (S) 2209 daremont Drive Springfield. IL 62703 Mu Mu Lambda (Glen Ellyn - #556) Ken Watkins (CS) 1700 Buena Vista Drive Wheaton. IL 60187 Mu Chi Lambda (Rock Island - #566) C R. Bradford (P) 3109 9W Street Rock Island, IL 61201

(Northern Illinois U - #329) Michael T. Baker (VP) P.O Box 66 DeKalb. IL 60115 Mu Mu (Elmhurst Co.. - #452) Blandon Dwyer (CS) 512 S. 22nd Avenue Bellwood.IL 60104 Nu Delta (Chicago State U - # 4 6 7 ) Stephen Powenski (S) 5541 S. Everett, #806 Chicago, IL 60637 Nu Epsilon (Lewis U - # 4 6 8 ) Marlon Williams (S) Rte. 53. Box 210 Lockport. IL 60441 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Xi Lambda (Chicago - # 1 1 3 ) Ernest E. Sims (VP) 10609 S. Lowe Chicago. IL 60624 i Zeta Xi Lambda (Evanston - # 2 4 6 ) Theodore M. Harding (P) 1717 Greenwood St. Evanston. IL 60201 Theta Mu Lambda (Joliet - # 2 8 8 ) NO REPORT lota Delta Lambda (Chicago - # 5 0 5 ) NO REPORT Kappa Chi Lambda (Waukegan - # 5 4 4 ) Robert Thustun (CS) P.O. Box 512 North Chicago, I I 60064

Eta Xi (U of Detroit - # 3 6 6 ) NO REPORT Theta Tau (General Motors Institute - # 3 9 3 ) Arnold J. Cary(P) 3531 Ct. Circle Drive Flint. Ml 48504 lota Epsilon (Grand Valley - # 4 0 2 ) NO REPORT

#546) Zeta Kappa Lambda (Des Moines - # 2 4 3 ) Ira Tolbert (P) 314 Barnett Drive Cedar Falls, IA 50613

KANSAS Director Richard Marshall 1801 N. 76th Dr.. #8 Kansas City, KS 66112 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Upsilon (U of K a n s a s - # 1 9 ) James E. Banks (P) 1014 Mississippi Lawrence. KS 66044 "Gamma Chi (Kansas State C o l l e g e - # 8 7 ) Elvis E A I c o x ( P ) 209 Tanner Hall

I L L I N O I S ( S o u t h e r n ) p"nsburg%s°6'6762 Delta Mu (Wichita State U NO REPORT

Director A Wendell Wheaton, Esq East St Louis. IL 62205 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Eta (Southern Illinois U - #51) Arzrow W. Staten (P) P.O. Box 1002 Carbondale, IL 62901 Eta Eta (Western Illinois - #360) Kenneth Tucker (P) 915 N.Charles Street Macomb, IL 61455 lota Pi (SIU Edwardsville - #412) Zadok Dean (CS) 5 1 1 - I B Tower Lake Edwardsville, IL 62025 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Epsilon Lambda (East St. Louis - # 1 9 3 ) Jesse P. Gurley. Ill (P) 1758 North 43rd Street East St. Louis. IL 62204 Mu Kappa Lambda (Carbondale - # 5 5 5 ) Carl R. Flowers P.O Box 2393 Carbondale. IL 62901

1305 W. 11th Street Topeka. KS 66609 Eta Beta Lambda (Wichita - #257) Jesse C. Williams (S) 2553 Raleigh Wichita. KS 6 7 2 1 9

KENTUCKY COLLEGE CHAPTERS 'Alpha Pi (Uot Louisville-#37) Danny R. Penick(P) Box 1120


KENTUCKY (Western)

INACTIVE Theta Upsilon Lambda (Fort Wayne - # 2 9 6 ) Jerry! White(S) P.O. Box 5076 Fort Wayne, IN 46805 'Kappa Rho Lambda (Evansville - # 5 3 9 ) James Landers (AS) 714 Bayard Park Drive Evansville, IN 47713

IOWA Director Everett A. Mays P.O Box 533 Des Moines, IA 50302 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Theta (U of Iowa - #30) Douglas Stewart (P) P 0 Box 789 U of Iowa Iowa City, IA 52240 Alpha Nu (Drake U - # 3 4 ) Cornell Fowler ( P ) 1359 24th Street. Apt #3 Des Moines, IA 50311 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Kappa Lambda (Des Moines - # 2 4 3 ) Dr. Lewis James (CS) 678 26th Street Des Moines, IA 50312

P.O. Box 1247

Richard H. Ross ( P ) P.O. Box 7409 Ann Arbor. Ml 48107 lota Rho Lambda (Pontiac NO REPORT

Box 654 Hopkinsulle KY 4 2 2 4 0 COUEGE CHAPTERS Eta Rho (Western Kentucky U - # 3 6 9 ) Curt Owens (P) 301 Old Moigantown Road Bowling Green. KY 42101 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Epsilon Lambda (Hopkinsville-#171) Claude Snorton (P) Box 654 Hopkinsville. KY 42240

MICHIGAN Director William A Tipper 912 E Wellington Flint. Ml 48503 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon ( U o l Michigan - #5) Dennis Eugene Story (S) 530 South State Street MU 25 Ann Arbor, Ml 4 8 1 0 9 'Alpha Upsilon ( W a y n e S t a t e - #41) Donald Snider ( P ) 23020 Webster Oak Park. Ml 48237 Gamma Tau (Michigan State U - #84) Leroy F. Jackson (P) 811 C Cherry Lane East Lansing, Ml 48823 Epsilon Eta

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Zeta U m b d a (Jefferson City - # 1 5 0 ) George W. Enlow ( P ) 1503 Chestnut Street Jefferson City. MO 65101

Jimmie Bufford 9807 Smalley Avenue Kansas City. MO 64134 #517)

1714 W. Kalamazoo Lansing. Ml 48915

MICHIGAN (Northern) Director Theophilis Duckett 917 Clover Kalamazoo, Ml 49008 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Xi (Western Michigan U - # 3 2 2 ) Lawience Counts (P) P.O Box 448 Kalamazoo. Ml 49005 Zeta Beta (Ferris State - #333) Jerry A. Russaw(P) Rankin Center Box 4 • FSC Big Rapids, Ml 49307 Zeta Delta (Northern Michigan U - #335) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Phi Lambda (Muskegon Heights - #521) Tommy L Jones (P) 1360 Amity Avenue Muskegon, Ml 49442 Kappa Psi Lambda (Kalamazoo - #545) Robert Jones (P) P 0 Box 368. Courthouse Station Kalamazoo, Ml 49006

MINNESOTA Director James Beard 4109 Portland Ave. South Minneapolis. MN 55407 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Mu ( U o l M i n n e s o t a - # 1 1 ) INACTIVE ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Xi Lambda (Minneapolis-#179) Willie T. James ( P ) 4352 Arden View Court Arden Hills, MN 55112

MISSOURI (Eastern) Director Ronald E Smiley 1562 Mendall St Louis. M 0 6 3 1 3 0 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Eta (St. L o u i s - # 2 9 ) A Phi A Fraternity 1269 Hodiamont Ave St Louis. MO 63112 Epsilon Psi (U of Missouri #331) Randy Donaldson ( P ) Highway 63 S Elm Street Rolla. MO 65401 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Epsilon Lambda (St Louis - # 1 0 5 ) John Pope (CS) 1269 Hodiamont Ave St. Louis. MO 6 3 1 1 2 Epsilon Eta Lambda (Charleston - # 2 1 8 ) Booker T Robinson (S) P.O Box 828 Cairo. IL 62914

MISSOURI (Central) La keview Subdivision Jefferson City. M 0 65101

(U of Missouri - # 3 3 2 ) Marvin Goodwin 104 Read Hall, Univ. of Missouri Columbia, MO 65201 lota Xi (Northeast Missouri - # 4 1 0 ) Michael Wayne Simms ( P ) 505 Missouri Hall Kuksville. M 0 6 3 5 0 1


Kappa Delta Lambda (East Lansing - # 5 2 7 ) Lee Richardson ( P )

Director Carl Smith

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Psi (Lincoln U - # 4 4 ) Don Marshall (S) 4807 East 40th Place Kansas City, M 0 6 4 1 3 0 Zeta Alpha

MISSOURI (Western)

Theta Zeta Lambda (Ann Arbor - #283)

(Kansas State U - # 4 3 7 ) lonme 0. Barnes (P) lota Chi Lambda 410 S. Juliette (Saginaw - # 5 2 2 ) Manhattan, KS 66502 George Adams ( P ) ALUMNI CHAPTERS #195)4086 Amelia Drive Delta Eta Lambda (Topeka Saginaw. Ml 48601 Earl Fowler (P)

Louisville. KY 40208 Beta Mil (Kentucky State U - #55) Ronald J Clark (S) Ramada East Campus, Room 127 Director Frankfort, KV 40601 Edward Lander Epsilon Chi 676 Covert Street (U of Kentucky - # 3 3 0 ) Evansville, IN 47713 Jerome White ( P ) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Box 379 - U of Kentucky Gamma Eta (Indiana U - # 7 3 ) Lexington, KY 40506 Donald Goens(P) Zeta Omicron 1127 Atwater (Murray State U - # 3 4 5 ) Bloomington, IL 4 7 4 0 1 Isaac C. Payne ( P ) Gamma Rho ( P u r d u e - # 8 2 ) P.O. Box 4513 Hart Hall MSU Anthony Thompson (P) Murray, KY 42071 613 Waldon Street ALUMNI CHAPTERS West Lafayette, IN 47906 Alpha Lambda (Louisville - #101 Zeta Rho (Indiana State U # 3 4 7 ) William Braxton (CS) James Gilmore 1818 W. Jefferson Street P.O. Box 418 Louisville. KY 40203 Terre Haute, IN 47808 Alpha Beta Lambda Theta Xi (Ball Stale u - # 3 8 8 ) (Lexington - # 1 2 4 ) Andre N. Cole (S) Lee A. Jackson (VP) Box 355 Ball State University P.O. Box 1248 Muncie. IN 47306 Lexington, KY 40501 lota Theta Gamma Beta Lambda (Calumet College - # 4 0 5 ) (Frankfort - # 1 6 8 ) Clay C. Cates D. W. Lyons (S) 2201 Marshalltown Lane Box 121 KSU Gary. IN 46407 Frankfort. KY 40601 ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Lambda (Indianapolis - # 1 0 9 ) Leon Bradford (CS) Director P O Box 88181 Claude Snorton Indianapolis. IN 46208 Gamma Rho Lambda (Gary - #182) Michael L Exum 5850 Forest Court. Apt. #101 Gary, IN 46403 Theta Xi Lambda (South Bend - #290)

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Lambda (Detroit - #103) George D. West (FS) 20112 Renfrew Drive Detroit. Ml 48221 Epsilon Upsilon Lambda (Flint - # 2 3 0 ) Orlando Roberts (CS)

Flint. Ml 4 8 5 0 2 Eta Nu Lambda (Grand Rapids - # 2 6 7 ) #99) NO REPORT

Epsilon Omicron (Washburn U - #323) NO REPORT Kappa Tau

2600 St, Louis Avenue

ILLINOIS (Central)

Theta lota

Maryland Southwest (Area I I I ) COLLEGE CHAPTERS lota Tau Lambda lota Zeta (Charlotte Court House - # 5 1 9 ) (U ol Maryland - # 4 0 3 ) NO REPORT Charles Keyes (CS) Northern Virginia (Area IV) 4711 BerwynRoad ALUMNI CHAPTERS College Park. MD 20742 Mo Upsilon (Frostburg St. - #460) Zeta Upsilon Lambda (Reston - #252) Bill Murray, Jr. (S) Leon M. West ( P ) Box 64, FSC P.O. Box 2278 Frostburg, MD 2 1 5 3 2 Reston. VA 2 2 0 9 0 ALUMNI CHAPTERS theta Rho Lambda Kappa Phi Lambda (Arlington - # 2 9 3 ) (Columbia - # 5 4 3 ) James E. Pierce, Jr. ( P ) Joseph W. Collins 1009 South Qurnn Street P.O. Box 321 Arlington. VA 22204 Columbia. MD 21045 Central Virginia (Area V) Iota Upsilon Lambda COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Silver Spring - # 5 2 0 ) Gamma (Virginia Union U - # 3 ) John B.Walker III (CS) Keith Walden ( P ) P.O. Box 2233 Virginia Union University Silver Spring. MD 20906 1500 Lombardy Street Kappa Epsilon Lambda Richmond. VA 23220 (Landover - # 5 2 8 ) Theta Rho Charles Guilford ( P ) P 0. Box 2188 Capital Plaza Dr. Hyattsville, MD 20784

Tidewater South (Area VII) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Pi (NorlolkStateCollege-#324) Steven R. Amos (P) Box 2033. Norfolk State College Norfolk, VA 23504 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Phi Lambda (Norfolk - # 1 4 2 ) Arnell Burrus 340 Fernwood Farm Rd. Chesapeake. VA 2 3 3 2 0 Epsilon lota Lambda (Suffolk - # 2 2 0 ) Leon N. Harris (CS) 5548 Greenwood Rd. Suffolk. VA 23437 Epsilon Nu Lambda (Portsmouth - # 2 2 3 ) E. Alphonzo Harrell (P) P.O. Box 1092 Portsmouth, VA 23705


COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta Rho ( U o l M i s s o u r i - # 3 0 3 ) Edward B. Baker, Jr. ( P ) 3225 Victor Kansas City, MO 6 4 1 2 8 Zeta Gamma (Central Missouri - # 3 3 4 ) Carl Mason (ST) 128 Diemer Hall Warrensburg. MO 64093 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta U m b d a (KansasCity-#102) Robert Hughes, Jr. (CS) 1439 North 4th Street Kansas City. KS 66111

NEBRASKA Director David Chase 2503 North 30th Street Omaha. NE 68111 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Beta ( U o l N e b r a s k a - # 4 6 ) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Xi U m b d a ( O m a h a - # 1 5 7 ) Rod Adams (S) 11912 Amerado Rd. Rte 33 Apt. #323 Omaha. NE 68123

OHIO (Northeast) Director James T. Rushm 1186 Wyley Avenue Akron. OH 44306 COLLEGE CHAPTERS * Pi (Cleveland State/ Western Reserve - # 1 5 ) David Alexander (P) P.O. Box 99551 Cleveland. OH 44199 Alpha Tau (U of Akron - #40) Roy Purnell 30'.j W Tallmadge Akron, OH 44310 Epsilon Delta (Kent Slate U - # 3 1 3 ) Mr. Glenn Thornton (S) 317 Beall Hall Kent State U Kent. OH 44242 •Iota Phi (Mt. Union College - #417) Howard Ward (S) 330 Vincent Blvd Alliance. OH 44601 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Rho U m b d a (Youngstown- #160) NO REPORT Delta Alpha U m b d a (Cleveland - #189) Leonard M Hamilton (CS) P.O. Box 99551 Cleveland. OH 4 4 1 9 9 Eta Tau U m b d a (Akron - #273) W R. Miller ( P ) 278 S. Miller Rd Akron. OH 44313

OHIO (Northern) Director Robert Stubblefield 915 Loch Lomond Avenue Toledo. OH 43607 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Alpha (U ol Toledo - # 3 1 0 ) Timothy Miles 7 Shaftsbury Dr. Apt #6 Toledo. OH 43615 Epsilon Theta (Bowling Green U - # 3 1 7 ) Ricaido L. Bailey (CS) 130 South Prospect Bowling Green, OH 4 3 4 0 2 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Xi U m b d a (Toledo - # 1 3 5 ) Joseph Sansbury ( P ) 1437 Addington Toledo. OH 43607 Kappa Mu U m b d a (Lorain Houston Love 1247 W. 17th Street Lorain, OH


(Eastern Michigan U - # 3 1 6 ) Titus Dawson (DP) 835 Green Road. #301 Ypsilanti. Ml 48197


OHIO (Central) Director William Nelson, Ph.D. 2572 Buinaby Dr. Columbus. OH 4 3 2 0 9 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Kappa (Ohio State U - # 1 0 ) Noah Hester (S)

Gamma Epsilon (U of Wisconsin -


Rodney Matthews (S) 800 Langdon Street Box 508, Memorial Union Madison, Wl 53706 Epsilon Tau ( U o l Wise. Mil. Branch Vincent G Carter (P) 4554 N. 21st Street



Epsilon Pi Lambda (Ocala William E Jackson (S) 1822 S.W 4th Street Ocala. FL 32670 Zeta Alpha Lambda (Ft Lauderdale - # 2 3 4 ) Raleigh R. Rawls(P) 1018'/, NW 6 Street Fort Lauderdale, F l 33311 Eta Kappa Lambda (Ft. Pierce - #265) Havert L. Fenn (S) P 0 . Box 1271

#226) Alpha Chi Lamhda (Augusta - # 1 4 3 ) • Willie George Mats'ull (VP) 829Stro'rre. C.iw Augusta. CA 30501 Beta Phi Lambda (Savannah - # 1 6 4 )

Theta Sigma Lambda (Natchez - #294) W'ley I . Jones (.-•) P.O Box Z85 Alcorn State U Lot :n MS 3 W 9 S h>u Gamma La.nh b ( I :i:iesburg-Lau«l • #548) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

-NO REPORT Gamma Omicron Lambda Mu Gamma Lambda Chapter (Albany - #180) P.O. Box 98 William Johnson (P) Milwaukee. Wl 53209 Collins, MS 39428 1127 Joel Drive Zeta lota ( U o l W i s c o n s i n - # 3 4 0 ) Albany, GA 31705 David Gaham (FS) Gamma Sigma lambda Ft. Pierce. FL 33450 Director 347 Tratts Street. #313 (Ft. V a l l e y - # 1 8 3 ) Theta Eta Lambda Theta Alpha Lambda Dr. A M. Witherspoon Whitewater. Wl 53190 Clinton H. Dixon (S) (St. Petersburg - # 2 8 4 ) (Gadsden - #278) 2701 RothgebDr. Eta Beta (Wisconsin State - #355) PO. Box 1742 Charles Brltt (P) Daniel Littlelield (T) Raleigh, NC 27610 NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Fort Valley Slate College P.O. Box 15024 1215 Mountambrook Drive COLLEGE CHAPTERS Eta Pi (Wisconsin State U # 3 6 8 ) Alpha Rho Lambda Fort Valley. GA 31030 St Petersburg. FL 33733 Gadsden, AL 35901 Alpha Omicron Michael Sledge (ES) (Columbus- #138) lota Beta lambda (Cocoa - #503) Delta lota Lambda (Johnson C. Smith University - # 3 6 ) Theta Gamma Lambda 18CW Irving Clayton N Hicks, 0.D (ES) (Columbus- #197) Hiram Mann (S) Randy L. Lee (P) (Dothan - #280) P 0 Box 6821 Oshkosh, Wl 54901 Lorenzo R Manns (S) P O Box 1275 UPO Box 171 J.C. Smith Univ. Jerome Coleman (P) Columbus. OH 43205 Mu Epsilon 4554 Moline Ave. Cocoa. FL 32922 Charlotte. NC 28216 P.O Box 6893 . (Carthage College - # 4 4 6 ) Columbus. GA 31907 Iota Pi Lambda (Miami - #516) Beta Epsilon Dothan. AL 36301 I NO REPORT Epsilon Beta Lambda (A & T State U - #49) Walter Frierson (CS) Kappa Nu Lambda (Macon - # 2 1 3 ) Nu Xi (Marquette U - # 4 7 6 ) Director Stanley V. Cash ( P ) 11500 S.W. 139th Terr (Lerghton - # 5 3 5 ) Joseph D. Lindsey (S) Dean Brazier (S) Edward White Box A 14, A & T State University Miami, FL 33175 NO REPORT P.O Box 5329 929 N. 17th Street. # 3 0 2 5211 Big Bend Drive Greensboro, NC 27411 Mu Zeta Lambda Mu lota Lambda Macon, GA 31208 Milwaukee. Wl 53233 Dayton. OH 45427 Beta Zeta (Lakeland - # 5 5 1 ) (Mobile - #554) Eta lota Lambda (Athens ALUMNI CHAPTERS COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Elizabeth City State U - # 5 0 ) Hugh R. Mills (T) #264) Isaac Bowie, Jr (CS) Hugh Goodrum (CS) Delta Chi Lambda Hi (Wilberforce U - # 1 3 ) 1126 West 14th Street NO REPORT 2252 Clinton Street P.O. Box 902 (Milwaukee- #210) Gregory Cyprian ( P ) lakeland. FL 33801 Beta lota Mobile, AL 36617 Athens, GA 30603 Leroy Broussard Box 47, Wilberforce University Mu Psi Lambda (Winston-Salem State U - #53) Theta Nu lambda 4652 N Parkway Wilberforce. OH 45384 (Bumingham - # 5 6 7 ) Cecil Cates ( P ) (LaGrange - # 2 8 9 ) Milwaukee. Wl 53209 Gamma Thela (U ot Dayton - #74) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 14318 Winston Salem St. Univ. Director Oliver N. Greene (S) * M u Eta Lambda Thomas E Rogers (CS) P.O. Box 2281 Winston Salem. NC 27102 Lorenzo Manns 712 Pyracantha Drive (Madison - # 5 5 2 ) 1923 Trinity Avenue Birmingham, AL 35201 Beta Rho (Shaw U - # 6 0 ) 4554 Moline Avenue LaGrange. GA 3 0 2 4 0 John Y. Odom Dayton, OH 4 5 4 0 9 Henry Jones ( P ) Columbus, GA 31907 lota Gamma Lambda 1818 Lynndale Road Delta Xi (Brunswick - # 5 0 4 ) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Shaw University New Men's Residence Madison. Wl 53711 (Central State U - # 3 0 0 ) lota (Morris Brown College - # 9 ) Thomas P. Williams (S) Room 206 Director David E. Brown 1716 Albany St. NO REPORT Raleigh, NC 27611 Robert K. Wright P.O. Box 441 Brunswick. GA 31520 Alpha Rho Gamma Beta 365 Bartley Road Wilberforce. OH 45384 Kappa Tau Lambda (Morehouse C o l l e g e - # 3 8 ) (North Carolina Central U - # 6 8 ) Daytona Beach. FL 32014 (Valdosta - # 5 4 1 ) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Vincent J Toles (CS) Joe N. Lacewell (CS) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Dr, L.W.Williams Theta Lambda (Dayton - #108) P.O. Box 6 2 7 - M C P.O. Box 11 Chidley Hall - NCCU Director Beta Nu (Florida ASM U - # 5 6 ) P.O. Box 1684 Fred Conway, Jr. ( P ) Atlanta. GA 30314 Durham, NC 27707 W. Mingo Clark Clarence J Davis (P) Valdosta, GA 31601 Box 468 Paul Lawrence Dunbar Sta Alpha Phi (Clark College - #42) Gamma Mu 2026 Winchester Rd P 0 Box 598 FAMU Rudolph R. Cohen. Jr. (P) Dayton, OH 45417 (Livingston College - # 7 7 ) Huntsville.AL 35810 Tallahassee FL 32307 635 Fair St.. Apt. B-6 Zeta Delta Lambda NO REPORT COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta Beta Atlanta. GA 30314 (Springfield - # 2 3 7 ) Gamma Psi Alpha Beta (Bethune-Cookman - # 9 0 ) Gamma Zeta Clarence Harmon (P) Director (St. Augustine's College - # 8 8 ) (Talladega College - # 2 4 ) Johnny Roundtree (CS) (Ft. Valley State - # 7 2 ) 1818 W. Wittenburg William K. Dease Kenneth Pittman ( P ) Coleman Henderson (S) Box 235. Bethune-Cookman College Trent B Johnson (CS) Springfield. OH 45506 5980 Huntview Drive 1000 Glascock Street Talladega College. Box 576 Daytona Beach, FL 32015 P.O Box 4326 (FVSC) Chi Lambda (Wilberforce - #121) Jackson. MS 39206 Raleigh. NC 27611 Talladega. AL 35160 Delta Psi Fort Valley. GA 3 1 0 3 0 Samuel B. Kidd (S) Epsilon Zeta COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Upsilon (Florida Memorial College - #309) Delta Delta (Albany State - #92) P.O. Box 351 (Fayerteville State U - # 3 1 5 ) Gamma Upsilon (Alabama State U - # 6 3 ) Robert Shanks(S) Jimmy Adetula(S) Wilberforce. OH 45384 (Tougaloo College - #85) NO REPORT Ronnie G. Jones (S) P 0. Box 36 ASC 15800 NW 42nd Avenue Percy Price (CS) P 0. Box 28 ASU Zeta Epsilon Albany, GA 31705 Miami, FL 33054 Alpha Phi Alpha - Gamma Upsilon Montgomery, AL 36101 Delta Eta (Barber Scotia C o l l e g e - # 3 3 6 ) Eta Delta (U ol Miami - # 3 5 7 ) Director Tougaloo College Gamma Kappa James A. Reed (S) NO REPORT Clarence Frazier Tougaloo, MS 39174 (Savannah State College - #95) (Miles C o l l e g e - # 7 6 ) P.O. Box 907 Theta Gamma 1145 Wionna Avenue Lewis L. Banks. Jr. (CS) ErrcFancher(P) Delta Kappa (Alcorn State U - # 9 8 ) i ? 3 ' 6 ^ ™ ' * ? J ' e 8 e (U of South Florida - # 3 7 8 ) Cincinnati. OH 45224 Delta Eta A Phi A B o x l 7 7 Miles College Leo Smith (S) Concord. NC 28025 Reginald B. McGill COLLEGE CHAPTERS P 0 Box 20742 Birmingham, AL 35208 EtaNu P 0. Box 789 USF P O Box 267 - Alcorn State Alpha Alpha Savannah, GA31404 Gamma Phi (East Carolina State U - # 3 6 5 ) Tampa, FL 33620 Lotman, MS 39096 (U of C i n c i n n a t i - # 2 3 ) ZetaMu (Tuskegee Institute - # 8 6 ) Theta Sigma (U of Florida - # 3 9 2 ) Andy Adiele. Jr. (S) Delta Phi Archie Woods (RS) (Georgia State U - # 3 4 2 ) Keith H Green (CS) 104-H Cherry Court Drive (Jackson State College - #307) NO REPORT University of Cincinnati J, Derrick Chubbs (P) P.O Box 36 Greenville. NC 27834 ' I o t a Delta Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 211 Sander Hall II Box 542 University Plaza GSU Tuskegee. AL 36088 Eta Omicron Delta Phi Chapter (Florida State U - # 4 0 1 ) Cincinnati. OH 45221 Atlanta. GA 30302 Delta Gamma Paul A. Hatchett. II (P) Box 17177 JSU (North Carolina State U - # 3 6 7 ) Zeta Pi (U of Georgia - # 3 4 6 ) Delta Upsilon (Miami u - # 3 0 6 ) (Alabama ASM College - #91) P.O. Box U3640 Jackson, MS 39217 Weldon Dixon Milton A, Marquis (P) James M. Butler (P) Earnest Davis (CS) Tallahassee. FL 32313 Zeta Phi Box 5631 P 0 , Box 2151 c/o Larry Young Box 220 • Alabama ASM U Kappa Upsilon (Ms Valley State College #351) Raleigh, NC 27607 Athens, GA 30602 96 Bishop Hall Miami U Normal. AL 35762 (Metropolitan - # 4 3 8 ) Wilbur Hill (S) Eta Alpha (Paine College #354) Oxford. OH 45056 Kappa Omicron Epsilon Nu John Lee (A) Zeta Phi Chapter Berkala K Lowe ( P ) ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Duke U - # 4 3 3 ) (Stillman C o l l e g e - # 3 2 1 ) Paine College - P O Box 77 P.O Box 899 MVSU 1568 Kings Road Box 659 Delta Gamma Lambda George A. Neale (S) Bruce Crawlord (S) Augusta, GA 30901 Edward Waters College IttaBena. MS 38941 (Cincinnati-#191) P 0. Box 4783 Duke Station Stillman College Theta Beta Jacksonville. FL 3 2 2 0 9 lota Gamma Durham. NC 27706 Charles Neal (S) P O Box 4008 Mu Theta (U of West Fl. - #449) (Rust College - # 4 0 0 ) Mu Zeta ( U N C - # 4 4 7 ) 2840 Melrose Avenue (Columbus C o l l e g e # 3 7 7 ) Tuscaloosa. AL 35401 Ulysses Johnson, Jr. ( P ) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Larry Alston (CS) Cincinnati OH 45206 Michael Johnson (H) •Theta Delta P 0. Box 32446 lota Gamma Chapter PO. Box 551 2908 Uiban Avenue (U of South Alabama - #3791 Pensacola. FL 32504 Shenda Mosby (P) Chapel Hill. NC 27514 Columbus, GA 31907 Seymour A Irby. Ill (P) Rust College, P.0. Box 527 ALUMNI CHAPTERS MuTau Director Iota Eta ( M e r c e i U - # 4 0 4 ) 5920 Wanngwood Drive Holly Springs. MS 38635 Upsilon Lambda (U of North Carolina - # 4 5 9 ) Adolphus Young. Jr James Anthony Carr (P) Mobile. AL 36608 Kappa Beta (Jacksonville-#119) Anthony Foust(P) P 0 Box 13 P O Box 61 • Mercer University lota Nu (U of Alabama - # 4 0 9 ) (State College - # 4 2 1 ) Clarence Von Bostick (S) Alpha Phi Alpha / MuTau Keystone. WVA 24852 Macon, GA 31207 Timothy Payne (S) 2816 Ribault Scenic Drive Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity UNCC Mu Alpha (Emory U - # 4 4 2 ) COLLEGE CHAPTERS UAB Jacksonville. FL 32208 Kappa Beta Chapter Franklyn H Geary, Ir. (CS) Charlotte, NC 28213 Alpha Zeta Beta Beta Lambda ( M i a m i - #146) P.O. Box 1472 Box 329. NBSB P.O Box 21185 Emory U Nu Zeta (Western Carolina U - # 4 6 9 ) (West Virginia State - # 2 8 ) J Walter Hale. Ill (S) Mississippi Stale, MS 39762 Birmingham, AL 35294 Atlanta. GA 30322 Harvey Walker, Jr. ( P ) Francisco B Newman III ( P ) Kappa Alpha (U of Alabama - # 4 2 0 ) P O Box 510027 Mu Gamma (Georgia Coll - # 4 4 4 ) Mu Xi (Metropolitan - # 4 5 4 ) P.O. Box 543 P.O Box 511 Miami. FL 33151 Alpha Phi Alpha Mu Xi Charles E. Jones Joseph Nunnally (S) Institute, WVA 25112 Cullowhee, NC 28723 Beta Delta lambda P.O. Box 2017 P.O Box 7368 P.O. Box 749 Georgia College Beta Thela (Bluefield - # 5 2 ) ALUMKI CHAPTERS (Daytona Beach - #148) Southern Station University AL 35486 Milledgeville. GA 31061 Ronald Wright ( P ) Kappa Lambda William W Pierce. Sr (CS) Hattiesbuig, MS 39401 Mu Delta Kappa Gamma 1001 Hanover Street (Greensboro- # 1 1 0 ) 1306 Milton Drive ALUMNI CHAPTERS Bluefield, WVA 24701 Richard Bennett (U of North Alabama - # 4 2 2 ) Daytona Beach. FL 32014 (Georgia Southwestern - #445) Alpha Epsilon lambda P.O. Box 2 1 0 5 2 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Kenneth Anderson (S) Gamma Zeta Lambda Ed Lymes (P) (Jackson - # 1 2 7 ) Greensboro, N( 2 7 4 2 0 Alpha Zeta Lambda University ot North Alabama (Tampa - # 1 7 2 ) P.O. Box 553 GSC Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Phi Lambda (Raleigh - #120) (Bluefield - # 1 2 8 ) Florence. AL 35630 Richard F Pride (FS) Amencus. GA 31803 Alpha Epsilon Lambda Les Brinson ( P) Adolphus A. Young, Jr (S) 2907 26th Street ALUMNI CHAPTERS Mu Omicron P.O. Box 356 4617 Limerick Drive P 0 Box 671 Tampa. FL 33605 'Omicron Lambda Yazoo City, MS 39194 (Valdosta Slate Coll. - # 4 5 5 ) Raleigh, NC 27604 Bluefield. WVA 24701 Gamma Mu Lambda (Birmingham - # 1 1 4 ) Epsilon Xi Lambda Dr L.W Williams (A) Alpha Pi lambda Alpha Iota Lambda (Tallahassee- 177) James Pharns (P) (Mound Bayou - #224) 415 S Ashley Street (Winston Salem - # 1 3 7 ) (Charleston - #131) Dr Charles R Russell (S) 35 20th Ave Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Valdosta. GA 31601 Di James M, Jones (P) John E. Scott (S) 433 Mercury Drive Birmingham. AL 35205 Epsilon Xi Lambda Chapter Nu Gamma 3952 Glen Oax Drive Tallahassee. Fl 32301 Alpha Nu Lambda P O Box 5531 (W Georgia College - # 4 6 6 ) Winston Salem, NC 27105 Institute, WVA 25112 Delta Delta Lambda (Tuskegee Institute - # 1 3 4 ) Greenville. MS 38701 Lawrence Barber (S) Beta Theta Lambda Gamma Delta Lambda (W Palm Beach - #192) Walter J Sapp ( P ) Zeta Mu lambda West Georgia College, Box 10016 (Durham - # 1 5 2 ) (Beckley - #170) Bernard G Jones (P) (Bilon - # 2 4 4 ) P O Drawer B8B Carrollton, GA 30117 Roy Street, Jr. ( P ) INACTIVE 613 Clear Lake Avenue Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Tuskegee Institute. AL 36088 ALUMNI CHAPTERS 1106 Magnolia Drive W Palm Beach Ft 33401 Zeta Mu Lambda Chapter Alpha Upsilon Lambda Eta Lambda (Atlanta # 1 0 7 ) Durfiam. NC 27707 Delta Xi Lambda P O Box 4254 (Montgomery - #141) Joseph Patterson (CS) Beta Mu lambda (Orlando - #202) Gulfport. MS 3950 Samuel L Jackson (P) P 0 Box 92576 (Salisbury-#155) Edward C Wilson (CS) Albert Thompson Ir 137 South Haardt Drive Atlanta. GA 30314 P 0 Box 5548 Delta Xi Lambda Eta Phi Lambda (Columbus - #275) M a r l 0 n B j 0 „ e s ( S ) 3831 West Capital Drive Montgomery. AL 36105 Orlando FL 32805 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 809 West Thomas Street Milwaukee, Wl 53216 Beta Omicron Lambda Epsilon Mu Lambda Eta Phi Lambda Chapter Salisbury. NC 28144 (Mobile - # 1 5 8 ) (Pensacola - #222) Rte 1 Box 233 Beta Nu Lambda Alvin I Allen (RS) frank Kyle (P) Steens, MS 39766 (Charlotte-#156) 1205 St Madar Street 1211 E LeonardSt Thomas E Asbury Mobile AL 36603 Pensacola FL 32501 P 0 Box 16153 Charlotte, NC 28216 Gamma Kappa lambda (Wilmington - # 1 7 6 ) Box 5 1 , Ohio Union, 1739 N High Columbus. OH 4 3 2 1 0 Plli (Ohio U - #20) Bruce A. Williams (T) c/o Alpha Phi Alpha Baker Center Student Union Ohio University Athens, OH 45701


Delta Pi Lambda (Selma Willie Gilford (CS) Rte. 1. Box 98 Browns. AL 36724 Delta Phi Lambda (Tuscaloosa - # 2 0 9 ) Ben Winston (S) P.O Box 1047

Tuscaloosa. AL 35401 Epsilon Delta Lambda (Talladega - # 2 1 5 ) Thomas Y Lawrence (S) 114 Baker Street Talladega AL 35160


OHIO (West Central






OHIO (Southwest)






.mma Psi Lambd-. (Asheville - #188) Rob-rt Ha-rell (S) l?0K. i.jithlload Asheville. NC288C3 Ep»ior. Rho Lambri(F. .•••tevi'c- - •,?.'') Uwcerice ^obinsot 6124 Conway Drive Fayettevihe, NC 28304 Epsilon Sigma lambda (Tarboro - # 2 2 8 ) NO REPORT Epsilon Chi Lambda (Elizabeth City - # 2 3 2 ) Roger A. McLean (FS) Box 2 1 , ECSU Elizabeth City. NC 2 7 9 0 9 Zeta Eta Lambda (Kinston - # 2 4 0 ) B. F. Hall, Jr. (S) 1007 E. Caswell St. Kinston. NC 28501 Eta Mu lambda (Gastoma -


NO REPORT Theta Omicron Lambda (Goldsboro-#291) John D Stokes. P.O Box 788 Goldsboro. NC 27530

SOUTH CAROLINA Director Peter Felder P.O Box 41 Claflin College Orangeburg. SC 29115 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Delta (South Carolina State - # 4 8 ) Edward Franklin ( P ) South Carolina State College Box 1954 Orangeburg. SC 29117 Gamma Gamma (Allen U -


NO REPORT Gamma Pi (Benedict College - # 8 1 ) J. C Harrison ( P ) P.O.Box 17 Benedict College Columbia. SC 29204 Delta Alpha (Claflin U - #89) NOREPORI Eta lota (Voorhees College - # 3 6 2 ) Weldon Stewart ( P ) 105 Battle Hall Denmark. SC 29042 Theta Nu (U of South Carolina - #387) Masceo Deschamps ( P ) Box 80026 USC Columbia. SC 29208 Kappa Chi (Francis Marion College - # 4 4 0 ) Robert S. Young (S) P.O. Box 384 Florence, SC 29503 Mu Pi (Baptist College - #456) Wayne N. Myers ( P ) Box 58, Baptist College Charleston.SC 29411 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Psi lambda (Columbia - # 1 4 4 ) Cecil L. Adderley (S) P.O. Box 11466 Columbia. SC 29211 Beta Kappa lambda (Charleston - # 1 5 4 ) Raymond Smalls (CS) P.O. Box 2714 Charleston, SC 29403 Gamma Gamma Lambda (Greenville - #169) Zachanah J. Keith (S) P.O. Box 1481 Anderson.SC 29621 Delta Zeta Lambda (Oiangebuig- #194) Dr. Robert Gordon (VP) P.O. Box 1978 SC Stale College Orangeburg, SC 29117 Delta Kappa Lambda (Florence - # 1 9 8 ) Joseph E, Heyward (S) P.O Box 384 Florence, SC 29503 Eta Omicron Lambda (Rock Hills - # 2 6 9 ) Richard Miller (P) P.O. Box 3563 Rock Hill, SC 2 9 7 3 0 Theta Phi Lambda (Bennertsville - # 2 9 7 ) Ralph W DuPiee (CS) Beauty Spot Road 2 9 5 1 2 lota Eta Lambda (Denmark - #508) NO REPORT Mu Epsilon Lambda (Conway - #550) NO REPORT

TENNESSEE Director Zenoch G Adams 1024 Kellow Street Nashville. TN 37208

The Sphinx /Summer 1978

COLLEGE CHAPTERS rw L«eliam MtJica. Golit-ss ' v i

Theta Upsilon

(Arkansas Stare* - * : « ) liuv A itiwy Puce (P)

i > e , „ r , l A,- ..v(CS) • Bi r>?3 M harrv Medical C , n t , e in ,»•!,- : , . p.-on Alpha » i , l * U #4ji 'Trail l?ySf.fare:r(CSj ? 0 Box 249 Fisk Univ. Nashville. TN 37203 Beta Xi (LeMoyne-Owen College - #57) NO REPORT Beta OmicTbn (Tennessee State U - #58) AdrrenL Partridge (CS) Box 419 TSU Nashville, TN 37203 Beta Pi (Lane College - #59) Don While ( P ) 200 Hays Jackson, TN 38301 Gamma Omicron (KnoxyilleCollege- #80) NO REPORT Eta Phi (U ol Tennessee - #373) Darrell W Taylor 805 Krmer Street Chattanooga. TN 37406 Theta Pi (Austin Peay State 0 - # 3 9 0 ) NO REPORT Kappa Eta (Memphis State U - #426) Reginald A Banks (CS) 231 South Parkway West Memphis. TN 38109 Kappa Theta (Vanderbrlt U - # 4 2 7 ) Lours Lanos(S) Sox 5 2 7 0 B Vanderbilt U Nashville, TN 37235 Kappa Xi (Middle Tennessee State - #432) Foster E Anthony, Jr (S) p - 0 Box 655 MTSU Murfreesboro. TN 37132 Mir Beta (UT Martin - #443) Oslo Cole ( P ) Box 121 UT Martin Martin. TN 38238 Mu Iota (U ot Tennessee - #450) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Mu lota Chapter Box 8317 University Station Knoxville. TN 37916 Nu Eta (Memphis State U - #470) Tyler Moore. Ir (S) 3432 Daggett Road Memphis. TN 38109

Jonesboro. Af\ / ' ' I T Theta ?;i (U of Central A i u a s a * tim .'lack(P) Box 646 UCA Conway. AR 72032 Kappa lota (Southern Arkansas U Aubrey I Morrison (S) P 0 Box 868 SAU



Magnolia, AR 71753 Kappa Kappa ( U o l Arkansas - #429) Frederick Toilette (P) 1840 Leverette #5D Fayetteville. AR 72701 Kappa Psi (UA Little Rock - # 4 4 1 ) Johnny Brown ( P ) P O Box 435 Little Rock, AR 72203 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Pi Lambda (little Rock - #115) I I Lacey. Ir ( P ) 6412 Shirley Drive little Rock, AR 72204 Delta Sigma Lambda (Pine Blutl - # 2 0 6 ) Harell Reed ( P ) Box 4132 UAPB Pine Bluff. AR 71601 Theta Tau Lambda (Helena - # 2 9 5 ) George I Denton (S) 254 Pine Street Mananna, AR 72360 Mu Omicron Lambda (Blytheville - # 5 5 9 ) Joe H Williams (S) 1221 South 9th Blytheville AR 72315

LOUISIANA Director Mitchell Albert 2375 79th Avenue Baton Rogue. LA 70807 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Sigma (Southern U - #61) Kenneth Murphy (P) 1737 La Annie St #32 Baton Rouge, LA 70815 Beta Tau ( X a v r e r U - # 6 2 ) Sherwood C Baker (CS) 3935 Pine Street Box 114

Beta lo.a Lambda (Baton Rouee - # i 5 3 i 'Iger Wilson (CS) | 9 I Woodcl'if d i v e 3aton Roug,'. J t 70815 Delta Upsilon lambda (Shreveport - #208) James C Leary(S) 2961 Looney Street Shreveport. LA 71103 Epsrlon Kappa Lambda (Grambling - # 2 2 1 ) William Wiley (CS) P.O. Box 319 Grambling. LA 71245 Epsrlon Psi Lambda (Alexandria - # 2 3 3 ) NO REPORT Zeta Chi Lambda (Bogalusa - # 2 5 4 )

Gamma Alpha


(Texas Colleje- #67) Akin J Walker (S) Texas Coll 2404 N Grand Ave Tyler TX 75701 Delta Theta (Texas Southern U - #96) Wrlbert Powell, Ir ( P ) A Phi A Fraternity Delta Theta Houston TX 77004 Epsilon Gamma (Bishop C o l l e g e - # 3 1 2 ) William H Mitchell. I I I ( P ) 3837 Simpson Stuart R d . Box 233 Dallas. TX 75241 Epsilon lota (U of T e x a s - # 3 1 8 ) Alpha Phi Alpha Box 242, Student Programming University of Texas Austin, TX 78712

NO REPORT Epsilon Rho Zeta Psi Lambda (Lamai Tech Stale College- #325) (Lake Charles - #255) NO REPORT 1 Y. Bellard (T) Epsilon Sigma 2911 General Mitchell Drive (St Mary's U - #326) Lake Charles, LA 70601 Lelaurm F Brown (CS) Eta Gamma Lambda P 0 Box 2406 (Lafayette - #258) San Antonio. TX 78285 Richard 1. Travers (S) Zeta K a p p a ( U o l Texas - #341) 443 LaSalle Street lames Golden, III (S) St Martinville. LA 70582 P 0 Box 50 Eta Delta Lambda (Monroe # 2 5 9 ) El Paso, TX 79968 Louis Pargoud (CS) Zeta Tau (East Texas U - #349) 500 lason Drive Darrell Hollands ( P ) Monroe. LA 71202 P O Box S ETSU lota Xi Lambda Commerce. TX 75428 (Opelousas - # 5 1 4 ) Zeta Chi Donald J. Bush (S) (U of Texas at Arlington - #352) P.O Box 329 Willie Byrd (CS) Opelousas LA 70570 Box 19193 UTA Station

OKLAHOMA Director Charles Lewis 1710 W Xyler Tulsa. OK 74127 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Kappa (LangstonU - # 5 4 ) Teriel Harris (CS) Langston University Langston. OK 73050 Epsilon E psi Ion (Oklahoma State U - #314) Ricky Adams ( P ) 408 N Washington Stillwater OK 74074 Zeta Zeta ( U o t O k l a h o m a - #337) NO REPORT Zeta Sigma (Central State U - # 3 4 8 ) Jessie McFarland, Ir. ( P ) i Hall B 49 Central State U Edmond. OK 73034 Zeta Upsilon

Arlington. TX 76019 Eta Gamma (Prairie View A S M -


John Whitlow Osby(P) P 0 Box 2255 Prairie View TX 77445 Eta Epsilon (North Texas State U - #358) Robert W Randle(P) P 0 Box 5493. NT Station Denton, TX 76203 Eta Mu ( U o t Houston - # 3 6 4 ) Melvin Roberts (RC) 6014 Newquay Houston TX 77085 Eta Upsilon (Texas Tech U - #372) Barry W Bruce (P) 2324 5th. #79 Lubbock. TX 79401

Eta Psi New Orleans. LA 70125 ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Texas Christian U - # 3 7 5 ) B e t a P h i i D r l l a r d U - #64) Tau Lambda ( N a s h v i l l e - #118) NO REPORT NO RfPORT Wilson Q Welch, Jr (CS) Theta Alpha 'Delta Sigma Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Inc (Northeastern State College - # 3 5 0 ) (Jarvrs Christian College - # 3 7 6 ) (Grambling U - # 3 0 4 ) Tau Lambda Chapter Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Leonard Rogers(P) Carl Edward Williams (S) P.0 Box 5646 Zeta Upsilon Chapter Jarvrs Christian College P.O Box 200 Nashville, TN 37208 Box 340 NSU Hawkins, TX 75765 Grambling LA 71245 rsi Lambda (Chattanooga - #122) Tahlequah, OK 74464 Theta Mu Epsilon Upsilon Archie M Taylor (S) Eta Theta (Sam Houston State U - #386) (Southern U - # 3 2 8 ) 510 Over Street (East Central Stale College #361) Herbert Mays. Jr ( P ) P Malcolm Robinson (A) Chattanooga. TN 37411 NO REPORT P O Box 2840 SHSU Southern U 6400 Press Drive «Pha Delta Lambda Kappa Epsilon Huntsville TX 77341 New Orleans, LA 70126 (Memphis - #126) (Cameron U - #424) lota Kappa Zeta Xi G ?orge D Clark. Jr. (S) NO REPORT (Paul Quinn College - #407) (U of Southwest Louisiana - # 3 4 4 ) ' 2 1 7 Fountain Court ALUMNI CHAPTERS Ernest B People George Sonnier, Jr (S) Memphis, TN 38106 Alpha Tau Lambda 1020 Elm Street 110 Harmony Street Alpha Mu Lambda (Tulsa - #140) Waco TX 76704 Lafayette. LA 70501 (Knoxville - #133) Emanuel Palmer (S) lota Mu (Stephen S Austin Eta Kappa toward 0 Hill ( P ) P O Box 6152 State U - #408) (Louisiana Tech U - # 3 6 3 ) 2643 Linden Avenue Tulsa, OK 74106 OdisO Rhodes (A) Michael Conner (P) Knoxville, TN 37914 Beta Epsilon Lambda (Boley # ' 4 9 > Box 9210. SEA Station 5497 Tech Station « t a Upsilon Lambda NO REPORT Stephen F Austin State U Ruslon. LA 71272 (Jackson - #163) Beta Eta Lambda Nacogdoches TX 75962 Eta Chi L R Cunningham (CS) (OklahomaCity- #151) 3 ' 2 Webster Street (Northeast Louisiana - #374) lota Omicron Gerald Henderson (P) Jackson TN 38301 William C Gipson (AE) (Southern Melhodisl U - #411) P O Box 11105 K'Ppa Zeta Lambda P 0 Box 776. NLU Station Perry Johnson (S) Oklahoma City, OK 73111 (Clarksvrlle - # 5 2 9 ) Monroe. LA 71209 „ . „ , S M U Box 3522 Beta Chi Lambda (Muskogee Ted White Theta Theta (McNeese U - #383) * 1 6 5 ) Dallas. TX 75205 Vernon L Foshee (S) 342 Gibson Drive Kappa Sigma (WTSU - #436) NO REPORT 725 N Terrace Blvd Clarksville. TN 37040 David Willis ( P ) •Theta Phi Muskogee OK 74401 M u N u lambda iKrngsport - #557) (Louisiana Slate U - #395) West Texas State University Zeta Gamma Lambda lohn Harrison (A) Canyon. TX 79016 Rodney C Cook (S) 2512 Sanford Drive M u N u l S W Texas S t a l e - #453) Box 1235 Lake Front Campus UNO L a n « s , o n , : * , 2 3 , 6 ' JimmieL White (T) Krngsport, TN 37664 NO REPORT New Orleans .LA 70122 P O Box 180 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Theta Chi langston, OK 73050 Alpha Eta Lambda (Northweslern State U - #396) EtaXi Lambda (Lawton ' (Houston - #129) Nora I listach l l l ( P ) Leroy Zimmerman (P) Donald Bonner (CS) P O Box 5232 NSU P O Box 1335 1519 Ruth Street Natchitoches LA 71457 lawton, OK 73501 Houston, TX 'KappaMu Director Alpha Sigma Lambda (Nrcholls State U - #430) T E X A S William H Fowler (Dallas #139) Wrlbert Boudreaux (S) Director 2515Ringo M a l f h u s l Northcutt(P) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Inc Charles Green 2334 S Good Latimer Expy Little Rock. AR 72206 Kappa Mu Chapter 6511 Bridgewater Cove Dallas, TX 75215 . , . COLLEGE CHAPTERS Box 2009 NSU Austin 1 X 7 8 7 2 3 Beta Chi Beta Tau Lambda Thibodeaux, LA 70301 COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Ft Worth - #162) (Philander Smith College - #65) Kappa Nu Delta Wyman Wiggins (CS) NOREPOR1 (Southeastern Louisiana #431) (Huston Iillotson College #4) 905 Green River Trail 'Gamma Delta A l i e n ! Woods (VP) Devon Small ( P ) Ft Worth. TX 76103 (U of Ark al Pine Bluff - #70) P O Box 3917 Huston Iillotson College Box 324 Gamma Eta Lambda David Leron Walker (S) SLU Austin IX 78702 (Austin - #173) P 0 Box 4202 UAPB Hammond. LA 70402 Alpha Sigma (Wiley U - # 3 9 ) ExaltonA Delco. Ir ( P i Pine Bluff. AR 71601 Willie Marshall 1805 Astor Place ALUMNI CHAPTERS Theta Kappa 2107 PinecrestOr B 16 Austin. TX 78721 Sigma Lambda (Henderson State College - # 3 8 5 ) Marshall, TX 75670 Gamma Pi Lambda (New O r l e a n s #117) Jackie W Monroe (S) (Galveston - # 1 8 1 ) Walter E Monal (S) Box H. 853 Curtis McGowan (S) 3328 Saint Anlhony Avenue Arkadelphra. AR 71923 6018 Diamond Court New Orleans. LA 70122 Texas City TX 77590 Gamma Tau Lambda (Beaumont - #1841 NO REPORT



Gamma Upsilon Lambda (Marshall - # 1 8 5 ) T E Gray (CS) P O Box 583 Marshall, TX 75670 Delta Rho Lambda (San Antonio - # 2 0 5 ) William Hays, Jr (P) 6214 Forest Bend San Antonio. TX 78240 Epsilon Alpha Lambda (Tyler - #212)

Director Elmon Elmore 2575 Bantry Lane S San Francisco, CA 94080 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Epsilon (UC Berkley - # 2 7 ) NO REPORT Delta Omicron (Stanford

NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Phi Lambda (Berkley- #186) NO REPORT Gamma Chi Lambda (San Francisco- # 1 8 7 ) S Sylvester L e e ( P ) 1562 Portola Drive San Francisco, CA 9 4 1 2 2 Eta Sigma Lambda (San l o s e - #272) Nathaniel Newman 6291 Purple Hills Drive San Jose. CA 95119 Theta Beta Lambda (Oakland - #279)

NO REPORT Epsilon Epsilon Lambda (Waco - #216) Robert King (P) P O Box 1405 Waco TX 76703 Epsilon Tau Lambda (Prairie View - # 2 2 9 ) Earl Jones (P) Box 2241 Prairie View TX 77445 Epsilon Phi Lambda (Porl Arthur - #231) NO REPORT Zeta Tau Lambda (Amanita - #251) Donald G White. Sr (P) 4821 Rusk Street Amanita, TX 79110 Eta Upsilon Lambda (Odessa - #274) Fred Deaver ( P ) 414 Carver Street Odessa TX 79760 Theta Delta Lambda (El P a s o - #281) Webster Langhorne (S) 3028 Varwood Drive El Paso. TX 79935 Theta Kappa Lambda (Lubbock - #287) Charles Henry (S) 2623 E Auburn St Lubbock, TX 79403 Kappa Gamma Lambda (Texarkana - #526) NO REPORT Kappa Sigma Lambda (Killeen - #540) Charles E Delane(P) P O Box 1338 Killeen. TX 76541 Mu Rho Lambda (Longview Clifford Harkless Route 1. Box 208 Tatum, TX 75691

NO REPORT Kapoa Alpha Lambda (Monterey - # 5 2 4 ) Clifford McOuffy (P) 1326 Sky View Drive Seaside. CA 93955 Kappa Omicron Lambda (Valleio - #537) Otha M Green (S) 418 LaDera Dr Valleio CA 94590

(San lose State U - #320) LaGuanE Lea(S) P 0 Box 486 San lose. CA 95103

COLLEGE CHAPTERS MuEta (Arizona Slate U - #448) JeiomeE Miller (P) 202 W Hermosa. Apt K202 Tempe. AZ 85282 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Tau Lambda (Phoenix - #207) William M Corhin(CS) 2401 W Cherry Lynn Rd Phoenix AZ 85015

ARIZONA (Tucson) NEVADA Director Felix Goodwin 7065 N Stardust Tucson AZ 85718 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Zeta Theta (U ol Arizona - #339) NO REPORT


ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Psi Lambda (Los Angeles - #166) Samuel W Davis (RS) 6743 Third Ave Los Angeles CA 90043 Eta Pi Lambda (Pasadena - # 2 7 0 ) RayW Bartlett (P) 1182 E Sonoma Drive Altadena CA 91001 lota Zeta Lambda (Compton - #507) Anthony L Lawson ( P ) P O Box 90692 Los Angeles CA 9 0 0 0 9

CALIFORNIA (Sacramento-Stockton) Director Clifford Basfield 520 West 5th Street #292) Stockton CA 95206

CALIFORNIA (Bakersfield-Fresno Director William H Day 866 E. Fir Fresno. CA 9 3 7 1 0 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Beta (Fresno State College - #311) Robert Stevenson (P) 428 W Eden Fresno, CA 93706 ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Nu Lambda (Fresno - # 5 1 3 ) Paul Fuller ( P ) P O Box 12301 Fresno. CA 93701 Kappa Eta Lambda (Bakersfield - #530) Larry Harris (S) P O Box 807 Bakersfield. CA 9 3 3 0 2

CALIFORNIA (San Diego) Director Samuel McElroy 6531 HopedaleCt San Diego, CA 9 2 1 2 0 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Eta Sigma (Metropolitan - # 3 7 0 i R Cunningham Tambuzr(CS) 3371 A Street San Diego. CA 9 2 1 0 2 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Sigma Lambda (San Diego - # 2 5 0 ) Sam Thomas. Jr. (CS) 7594 Careybrook Lane San Diego, CA 92114

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha lota (U of C o l o r a d o - #31) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Psi LambdalDenver - # 2 1 1 ) Jay Taylor 3295 Locust SI Denver. CO 80207 lota Omicron Lambda (Colorado Springs - # 5 1 0 ) Lloyd J Stark ( P ) lota Omicron Lambda Chapter Box 4083 Colorado Springs. CO 8 0 9 1 0

WASHINGTON OREGON Dewey Tuggle 3401 Narrows Dr Tacoma WA 98407

NO REPORT Mu Kappa (UC Sanla Barbara - "451) Geoffrey Brown (P) P O Box 14505 UC Santa Barbara CA 93106 MuChi (Cal State Long Beach Louis Noble (P) 11002 Crenshaw #4 Inglewood CA 90303

Pomona. CA 91768 ALUMNI CHAPTERS M u X i Lambda (Rialto - #558) Kenneth D Chapman P 0 Box 7057 San Bernadino, CA 92411


COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma X i ( U of California - #79)

Director To be appointed

Theta Pi Lambda (Las Vegas NO REPORT

CALIFORNIA (Los Angeles) Director Clinton Minnis 2118 S BagleySt Los Angeles CA 90034

ARIZONA (Phoenix


P 0 Box 1742


Director Vernon lohnson 7356 Maywood Drive Pleasanton. CA 91001 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Mu


(California Polytechnic U Ron M Ross(P)

Director Melvin J. Norton 2001 E 21st Ave Denver, CO 80205



ALUMNI CHAPTERS Eta Psi Lambda (Tucson - #277) Richard Davis 5620 Wilshire Dr Tucson, A2 85713


lota Chi ( U o l R e d l a n d s - #418) Junius A Prerson (P) 5310 Canyon Cr Dr #41 Riverside, CA 92507 lota Psi

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Theta Eta ( D a v i s - # 3 8 2 ) Hermon L Borders 1214 Halifax Avenue Davis. CA 95616 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Beta Lambda (Sacramento - #235) Neman Smith ( P ) P 0 Box 22261 Sacramento. CA 9 5 8 2 2

CALIFORNIA (San Bernadlno)

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Xi ( U o t W a s h i n g t o n - # 3 5 ) Joe Miller ( P ) U of Washington HUB Box #32 Seattle WA 98195 Beta Psi ( U o t Oregon - #66) NO REPORT lota Tau (E Washington State Coll Michael Vines ( P ) P 0 Box 940 Cheney, WA 99004

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Epsilon Zeta Lambda (Portland - # 2 1 7 ) NO REPORT Zeta Pi Lambda (Seattle - # 2 4 8 ) Charlie Hampton (S) 1427 33rd Avenue Seattle, WA 9 8 1 2 2 lota Mu Lambda (Tacoma - # 5 1 2 ) Cordell W Christopher (S) Box 171 Fern Hill Station Tacoma, WA 98412

NEW MEXICO Director Boyd lackson 1305 Evelyn C t . N E Albuquerque NM 85705 ALUMNI CHAPTER lota Psi Lambda (Albuquerque - # 5 2 3 ) James E Tatum ( P ) P 0 Box 5435 Kutland AFB NM 87115

HAWAII Director C Edward Singer 410 Magellan S t , Apt 908 Honolulu, HI 96813 ALUMNI CHAPTER Mu Beta Lambda (Honolulu, HI - # 5 4 7 ) Dan Matthews .S) 2277 Aumakua St Pearl City, HI 96782


Director Kenneth Chapman 846 East Margarita St Rialto CA 92376 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Delta (U of Southern California - #26) Michael Walker ( P ) 5922 S Van Ness Los Angeles, CA 90047


Director To be appointed COLLEGE CHAPTER lota Upsilon (Utah State U - #416) NO REPORT

The Sphinx 4432 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive Chicago, Illinois G0653

Second Class Postage Paid Chicago, Illinois

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Your National Headquarters is home to every Alpha Man. So, when you're in Chicago, come to The House of Alpha. "Cordiality exists among all who abide within." Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. 74432 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive/Chicago, III. 60653

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The SPHINX | Summer 1978 | Volume 64 | Number 2 197806402  

1 ON THE DRAWING BOARD 72nd Anniversary Convention . . . Special Feature: "Tribute to the Black Woman'

The SPHINX | Summer 1978 | Volume 64 | Number 2 197806402  

1 ON THE DRAWING BOARD 72nd Anniversary Convention . . . Special Feature: "Tribute to the Black Woman'