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Greetings . . . and welcome back to school, jobs, or whatever endeavors the coming of fall signals for you . . . Before going any further, let me urge all you "dues paying Brothers" to mail your 1978 Grand Tax payments NOW! The Atlanta Convetion approved a new publications schedule, which will give you something from the General Office every month. THE SPHINX will be published in October, December, February and April (the last date was changed from May to allow more mailing time before the end of school). This will be supplemented by the Alpha Newsletter — scheduled for September, November, January and March (May is still another possibility). Such an intensive publishing schedule allows little time to process changes and additions to our mailing list. AND, this is the last publication due the 1977 passcard holders. So, get your dues in now . . . We think that this is one of the best editions ever, thanks to the many Brothers who contributed articles for publication. Special recognition is due — Brother OTHA BROWN for his timely article in the VIEWPOINT section; Brother HUEL PERKINS, who contributed the Our Fraternity in Literature (which he described as "chauvinistic as hell") for LEGACY; Brother DAVID E. BROWN for his usual excellent job in COLLEGE SCENE; Gamma Xi Lambda publicist EARLE KYLE for his profile of the Minneapolis convention preparations; and, Brother ERNEST WALLACE, former Southwestern Vice President, for researching the ALPHA ATHLETES article on Brother JETHRO PUGH . . . We are especially pleased to announce our plans for the upcoming DISTINGUISHED COLLEGIANS feature. Scheduled for the April '78 edition, we hope this section will serve the useful purpose of giving proper recognition to those College Brothers who have excelled in upholding the name of Alpha Phi Alpha. We urge each of you to nominate outstanding young brothers in your area. Only with your help can we gain a representative sample of the hardworking College Brothers across the nation . . . VIEWPOINT will be a regular feature — containing short articles by various Brothers on the "State of the Fraternity." If you have something to say, now's your chance to share your wisdom with the Brotherhood. Only those matters of a ritualistic nature are exempt from consideration . . . HERE WE GO AGAIN: Editors, please follow these guidelines — 1) All articles should be typewritten and doublespaced, preferably on standard 8Y2 X 1 1 " typing paper. 2) Adhere to DEADLINES! They are: December Issue, November 1st; February Issue, January 1st; April Issue, March 1st. 3) Proofread articles before mailing. 4) If possible, send only black and white photos for publication. NO PHOTOS WILL BE RETURNED! If it's precious, don't submit it for publication. — With your cooperation in these ways, we can insure continuation of a quality journal... Until next issue ... MJP

Official Organ

MICHAEL J. PRICE Editor-in-Chief

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.


JEWELL V.COOK Art Director

14 - PUBLIC POLICY STATEMENT, adopted by the 71st Anniversary Convention . . . 19 • FOCUS looks at Dr. Emmer Lancaster, a trailblazer in minority business enterprise . . . 20 - VIEWPOINT, a new regular feature. Brother Otha N. Brown, Jr. argues for heightened political activity on the part of the Fraternity . . . 24 - LEGACY: Our Fraternity in Literature, penned by Southern University professor Huel Perkins . . . 34 - MINNEAPOLIS, a look at preparations for the 1978 General Convention in the Twin Cities . . . Other features include our ALPHA ATHLETES profile of Dallas Cowboys' gridiron star JETHRO PUGH (Page 33); a final look at the greatest convention ever — ATLANTA '77 (Page 11); introduction of our upcoming DISTINGUISHED COLLEGIANS feature (Page 9); and, a report on the kickoff of Alpha's Million Dollar Fund Drive.


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The General President Speaks JAMES B. BLANTON MARVIN GOODWIN Alpha Athletes The Executive Secretary's Desk Alpha Workshop DAVID E. BROWN WILLIAM ROSS, JR. There Goes An Alpha Man College Scene Educational News Alpha Workshop ELMER C.COLLINS JAMES R. WILLIAMS Life Membership Newsline LAURENCE T. YOUNG, SR„ ERWIN A. FRANCE Educational News Omega Chapter Viewpoint Opportunity Line Life Membership News College Scene Alpha Calendar Alphas On The Move Chapter News ABOUT THE COVER: Brothers JAMES Omega Chapter TRENT(L) and FRANK BELL captured Brother Chapter Directory of the Year honors in the alumni and college categories, respectively. Their profiles are on Page 23.




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i, eaungly important to us * a Black people attempt to rediscover our past and mrselves m t e r m * ot who w e w e It w aspect o l Ate> Haley's Woofs which dine d it as a literary leal despfle the em

j l the fraternity has to any Alpha > to see his fraternity retorted to * acw l e d g e d Merery masterpieces This p w

its and o n e winch attracts outstanding •s to its ranks In effect, these ; e s preserve m e name ot our great ?mity tor l u t i r e generations to read and id inspiration inerefrom In the loliowini ons. Alpha man should gam an

minneanolis The Sphinx is the official magazine of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., 4432 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr., Chicago, IL 60653. Published four times a year: February, April, October and December. Send all editorial mail and change of address (send both addresses) to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, 4432 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, IL 60653. Manuscripts of art submitted to The Sphinx should be accompanied by addressed envelopes and return postage. Editor assumes no responsibility for return of unsolicited manuscripts or art. Opinions expressed in columns and articles do not necessarily reflect tne views and policies of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and use of any person's name in fiction, semi-fiction articles or humorous features is to be regarded as a coincidence and not as the responsibility of The Sphinx. I is never done knowingly. Copyright 1976 by The Sphinx, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Reproduction or use, without written permission, of the editorial or pictorial content in any manner is prohibited. The Sphinx has been published continuously since 1914. Organizing Editor: Bro. Raymond W. Cannon. Organizing General President: Bro. Henry Lake Dickason. Second class postage paid at Chicago. IL. Postmaster: Send form 3579 and all correspondence: 4432 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr., Chicago, IL 60653.

The Sphinx / October 1977


ran Šisnii&iL iPiaigHiDisnr §mm Greetings: As you know by this time, our 71 st Anniversary Convention was an overwhelming success. I want each Brother to know that I am deeply appreciative of the effort made by those who travelled to Atlanta to give time and talent in the interest of Alpha Phi Alpha and, indeed, all mankind. Each person present displayed the keen sense of duty and commitment to principle upon which our great Fraternity was founded. Equally, we are cognizant of the support offered by those who could not join us in Atlanta - but stand ready as we prepare to move forward and implement the programs adopted there. Our convention theme was "BACK TO BASICS: The Greatness of Our Past is the Key to Our Future," and it was a touching experience to be able to meet and fellowship with the over 20 Brothers present in Atlanta who have been members of Alpha for over 50 years. These brothers provided graphic evidence of the rich history of our Fraternity and its precepts. Atlanta is a "fun" city and everyone present expressed their delight at visiting the mecca of the New South. This is in no small measure due to the tremendous cooperation offered us by all levels of the city administration. I would like to personally thank Brother Maynard Jackson, Mayor of Atlanta, for his help in this regard and for his personal efforts in meeting with us as much as his busy scheduele allowed. His frequent trips to the Atlanta Hilton certainly made each of us feel at home. On the other hand, our meet in Atlanta epitomized the "working convention." There we were able to explore and solve some of the major problems facing us over the next few years. Our deliberations were highly productive as we tapped the wealth of talent on hand to confront the problems of society. As a result of the Atlanta convention, we are in a strong position to move forward and achieve unprecedented success in our national program. Atlanta highlighted the amazing "Spirit of Brotherhood" which is sweeping Alpha at this time. Sacrifice was the watchword as brothers, college and alumni, enthusiastically offered to participate in the various aspects of our program. A positive attitude was evidenced by the fact that even in those instances where things didn't quite go as planned - the brothers did not complain. Based upon this rewarding experience, the future of Alpha looks bright indeed. We expect this enthusiasm to carry over and grow, as we begin our work and lay the groundwork for the upcoming fraternal year. In summary, Atlanta was the scene of a great convention. Our primary aim was to make this General Convention a selfsupporting venture and I am pleased to report thatwe easily achieved this goal. Preliminary budget reports indicate that income exceeded expenses. New systems of management and extraordinary cooperation on the parts of the local chapters and our national officers made this possible and we thank each of them for their participation. All in all, we feel that we've laid the foundation for a new era of greatness for Alpha - t h e results of which will have tremendous import for all mankind. 2

0 O J

In the coming year, we shall continue our national program, "Back to Basics," and work hard to bring to fruition the various aspects of that program. The Million Dollar Fund Drive was officially kicked off and the result was truly heartening. Much credit is due our drive chairman, Brother Isadore J. Lamothe, and his regional coordinators. We urge each of you to become involved with this project and push us over the top. We also request that you continue to support our other national programs during the coming year. We will continue to communicate with you in an effort to establish clear and attainable goals toward which we all can work to insure the success of our national programs. As we begin this fraternal year, I join the General Office staff in urging each chapter and brother to immediately attend to those basic requirements without which we cannot properly function. You know what they are. Having done so, the attainment of our objectives becomes an easier task. Alpha Phi Alpha is a goal-oriented movement. Its importance depends upon the extent to which the General Organization and, indeed, all Alpha men remain seriously concerned for the needs and interests of our people. This responsibility is an integral part of the legacy of Alpha. With your help we shall continue to meet this awesome challenge. Fraternally, /J.


JAMES R. WILLIAMS General President The Sphinx / October 1977



BUSINESS: Our First Priority In The New Year!

As we put the finishing touches on 1977 and begin our prefunctions for 1978, many brothers are wondering: WHEN IS GRAND TAX DUE? After November 15? After the Christmas dance, or homecoming? Well, to put it as plain as I can: GRAND TAX IS DUE — NOW! Waiting until later will cause magazines and other mailings to be interrupted due to the time it takes to fully process a late (NOVEMBER 16th and thereafter) Grand Tax payment. Remember, there are few (if any) jobs on which ability alone is sufficient. Needed also are loyalty, sincerity, enthusiasm, and most of all — cooperation. "Sovereign Authority" in ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. is in the individual members. All other bodies, except the General Convention, are creatures of the membership, acting together for the achievement of common goals or services and the exercise of unified leadership. With this in mind, the General Office is appealing to the Brotherhood to submit Grand Tax as early as possible to enable the office to relieve itself from the annual congestion caused

when 80% of the Grand Tax arrives at the same time. Then, should circumstances cause you to be among those who have to submit your GRAND TAX after NOVEMBER 15th — by all means feel obliged to enlarge your support of the Fraternity by paying the required LATE FEE. All monies help defray the expenses of operation and administration of ALPHA'S programs. HELP US TO SERVE YOU BETTER — and always remember, it is our belief here at the General Office that the goal of criticism is to leave the person with

the feeling that he has been helped, and that is the way we accept it. So, as we go about our various duties, let us keep in mind the words of our Brother, DR. CHARLES H. WESLEY, which (though spoken many years ago in St. Louis) are so very relevant to our endeavors today: " . . . Where are we going? In these serious times . . . Is the outer world correct in its judgment ofus?... "We are to be 'first of all,' and this means that we are to be in places of leadership as a group and as individuals. We are to be 'servants of all,' and this means that we are to seek opportunities for serving the people, as well as ourselves. We are 'to transcend all,' and this means that wherever there is a towering and overshadowing achievement, there we may find Alpha men. "With these thoughts in our mind, let us continue to have a devotion to the ideals and purposes of our beloved fraternity. May the spirit of fraternity be in our midst, and when we would stray from the paths to our goal may we turn toward the light which we saw when we came into Alpha Phi Alpha..."


James B. Blanton Acting Executive Secretary


File C H A P T E R D I R E C T O R Y [ a d d r e s s ] w i t h G E N E R A L OFFICE

File A D D R E S S C H A N G E S E A R L Y (include c u r r e n t P a s s c a r d o r Life M e m b e r s h i p n u m b e r ]

Pay 1 9 7 B G R A N D T A X early

The Sphinx / October 1977


Brother AARON A. GREEN is a shining star in Alpha Phi Alpha's worldwide galaxy of distinguished men.With his election, at age 30, Brother Green became the youngest person ever to hold the post of Mayor-Commissioner of the City of Gainesville, Florida. A stalwart member of Epsilon Pi Lambda Chapter in that city, Brother Green holds high the precepts of our great Faternity. Brother Green is a 1963 graduate of Lincoln High School in Gainesville. He went on to receive the bachelor's degree in political science from Forida A & M University. On that campus he served on the Student Advisory Board to the University President, as President of the YMCA, and joined Beta Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha. Brother Green earned the Juris Doctorate from the Law School of the University of Florida. A former teacher in Florida and New York, Brother Green later served as Deputy Assistant Public Defender in Alachua County (FL). Active in his profession, he is a member of the American, Florida and National Bar Associations, the National Conference of Black Lawyers and the Acadamy of Florida Trial Lawyers. The local alumni chapter of Alpha served as an important springboard in the community involvement of this young brother, along with his stalwart work with the Gainesville League for Civic Action. In addition to his local position, Brother Green has attracted statewide attention. This has led to two gubernatorial appointments to date: as a member of the Florida Human Rights Advocacy Committee and member of the Eighth Judicial Circuit Nominating Committee. Keep the name in mind - you'll hear more from Brother Aaron A. Green, an Alpha Man!

Brother TOBY OWEN, Muskogee, Oklahoma, was initiated in Alphadom on 12-21-17, as a charter member of Upsilon Chapter at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. He was elected president at the time. Brother Owen graduated from the University of Kansas with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He was a teacher in Arkansas and Oklahoma for seven years and for thirty-three years he was chief finance officer, first at the State Training School for Boys, Boley, Oklahoma, and then at the former Taft State Hospital, Taft, Oklahoma. Brother Owen retired from Taft State Hospital in 1965, but has been quite active since, working with various charitable and civic organizations in Muskogee. Brother Owen has served as a volunteer with the American Red Cross, Boy Scouts, United Fund Drives and Community Action Foundation. He is currently employed as an "Aging Specialist" with the Eastern Oklahoma Development District. EODD is one of

11 economic planning districts which covers seven counties in eastern Oklahoma. This agency serves as a clearing house for Federal grant programs. It also has the responsibility of prevention of duplications, and aids communities in writing applications and in applying for Federal grants. Brother Owen is a member of Beta Chi Lambda Chapter, Muskogee, Oklahoma, and is the financial secretary. He has served two terms as president and two terms as secretary of this chapter. This good brother is a member of Mount Calvary Baptist Church and served as assistant Baptist Training Union director, Sunday School teacher, Sunday School Superintendent, announcing clerk, trustee, chairman of the Religious Education Committee, and is currently financial secretary. Oh yes, Brother Owen is 80 years of age, a life member of Alpha Phi Alpha and a brother who has been active in the fraternity since his initiation.


Brother Powell has distinguished himself in his major profession of Dental Medicine as a practitioner, teacher, and researcher. Presently he is an Associate Professor, School of Dental Medicine. Department of Behavioral S c i e n c e s and Community Health, University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, Connecticut. His activities at the school have been: Director, Screening Clinic; Director, Student Training Program in Dental Public Health; Coordinator, Health Center Student Dental Health Service; Sponsor- Preceptor, Third-Year Student Library Research Project; Student Advisor and presently, Director, Residency Program in Dental Public Health.

Brother TOBY OWEN A 60-Year Alpha Man During the 1 9 7 7 S o u t h w e s t e r n Regional Convention in Little Rock, Arkansas, Brother Owen was honored as the oldest brother in attendance. This was a great moment for Brother Owen and for Oklahoma Alphas who know and respect Brother Owen for his long history of service to mankind and dedication to our beloved fraternity.

Brother ELBERT A. POWELL of West Hartford, Connecticut epitomizes what the founding fathers of our great fraternity expected of those initiated into the fold — excellence! As an allaround citizen of his community, as a family man, professional man and Alpha man, Brother Powell rates "first among equals." Let us review for your edification a n d / o r evaluation the record. His lovely wife, Irma, is an outstanding teacher of Biological Science, Weaver High School, Hartford, Connecticut. She is a graduate of Hampton Institute, and Wesleyan University (Connecticut) where she received her B.S. degree in Biology. The Powells have two wonderful children: Barbara, a sophomore at Howard University, and Stuart, a June 1977 graduate of Conard High School, a merit finalist and honor society student who now matriculates at Howard University. Both Barbara and Stuart are enrolled in the College of Liberal Art — Premedical curriculum. The Sphinx / October 1977

His committee responsibilities have been: Student Health Service; Admissions of Disadvantaged Students to University of Connecticut Health Center; C o m p r e h e n s i v e Dental Care Clerkship (Secretary); A d m i s s i o n s ; Chairman, Human Behavior and Community Dentistry, and Graduate Clinical Admissions, to name a few. Brother Powell has a B.S. from Hampton Institute, D.D.S. from Howard University, and M.P.H. from Columbia University. He p r a c t i c e d dental medicine in Brooklyn, after doing his clinical internship at the Murray and Leonie Guggenheim Dental Clinic, New York City. Brother Powell is a member of many professional organizations and is a Public Health Diplomate, American Board of Dental Public Health, the first and only Black member. For a man as busy in his professional work as Brother Powell, it is commendable that he finds time to lend his support to organizations in the community. Community activities have included President of his Fraternity Chapter and he is a member of St. Monica's Episcopal Church in Hartford, Connecticut. Sandwiched in between lecturing, parenting, and giving service to his community, Brother Powell finds time to do research, to write for publications in his and related fields and to present papers at scientific meetings. In 1976, Brother Powell was elected to a 3-year term as a member of the Dental Health Section, American Public Health Association. He also presented a scientific paper at the Annual Meeting of that Association in Miami Beach, Fla. in October. The paper was titled: "Establishing Criteria for Radiographic Interpretation in Cinical Field Trials."

During 1977, Brother Powell has had two chapters accepted for publication as a contributing author to a textbook on Dentistry for Adolescents. The textbook will be published by Saunders Co., Inc. The chapters are: "Social and Psychological Considerations in Dentistry for the Adolescent" and "Major Dental Diseases in the Adolescent: Problems and Approaches to Solutions." In June 1977, Brother Powell delivered a paper on the "Bilateral Occurrence of Dental Caries Among Junior High School Children," at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Dental Research in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is also the co-author of two other papers presented at that meeting. It is a truism that "he who prepares himself well, serves best." This is certainly true of our Alpha Man, who is a native of Cape Charles, Virginia, and a product of its public schools. Brother ELBERT POWELL




James B. "Tiny" Blanton Acting Executive Secretary

WORKSHOP As we enter the 1977-78 fiscal year and new chapter officers assume their respective offices, many questions (and requests) are coming into the General Office as to what materials and forms are needed to properly carry out their duties. Several brothers have found outdated forms (with old prices), and some can't seem to find any type at all. So, to help those brothers who are finding themselves in this particular situation, the General Office offers the following CHECKLIST of forms and other ALPHA materials that every chapter should have (to pass from one administration to the next):



National CONSTITUTION (Latest edition - Revised 1976)








: : CHAPTER DIRECTORY Forms (re: Contact Person in Sphinx)


All of the above items may be obtained from (or through) the General Office. Due to changes of fees and pin prices during the past two years, many forms are now obsolete. In order to avoid delays due to underpayment of fees — CHECK YOUR SUPPLY OF FORMS, NOW! Your request for current fee information and/or forms will be responded to promptly. Are you MISSING some MATERIALS that should have been received? Do you want to know HOW TO LOCATE THEM? Follow the directions listed below: CONTACT THE GENERAL OFFICE by phone or (preferably) letter and give the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN particulars of the situation — remembering that NUMBERS are important! If no "receipt" was received from the General Office, then state the amount and its form (Cashier's Check, Money Order, etc.) and what it was to cover (i.e., Grand Tax and/or Initiation Fees, purchase of office paraphernalia, release of "held" items, etc.). If you received a receipt (the pink Chapter File copy of the Remittance of Funds form), always give the information shown on it.

THE NAME OF THE CHAPTER AND its KEY NUMBER should appear on all correspondence to the General Office, and precede any requests to trace: HISTORY BOOKS:* REMITTANCE NUMBER and the date thereof. APA 4-digit Order Number. How many brothers were involved, and their names. PINS:* REMITTANCE NUMBER and the date thereof. APA 4-digit Order Number and the BALFOUR 7-digit Number printed on the multicolored forms. Names of the brothers involved — alongside the pin (Style "A" or "B") which they ordered. DATE OF INITIATION (and the name of the Chapter into which they were initiated, if it is different from the one making the inquiry). MISCELLANEOUS OFFICE INVENTORY ITEMS and/or other items (i.e., Chapter Seal, etc.):* REMITTANCE NUMBER and the date thereof. List of the quantity and items not received. *ln all cases, the NAME and ADDRESS of the PERSON TO RECEIVE THE MATERIAL should be given.

The Sphinx / October 1977

[dedicated forr •bunq office of prel lat, as usual, it

WHO, WHAT AND WHERE TOP OF THE PAGE: Politics merits star b i l l i n g in t h i s i s s u e , g i v i n g a d d e d significance to Brother OTHA BROWN't article on the Fraternity's involvement in the political arena (VIEWPOINT, Page 20) . . . In Atlanta, GA, Brother M A Y N A R D JACKSON scored a spectacular reelection victory in his bid for a second term as Mayor of that city. Congrats to the Mayor and his beautiful bride, Valerie . . . The Crescent City, New Orleans, LA, was the scene of another Alpha triumph as P a s t G e n e r a l P r e s i d e n t ERNEST N . MORIAL led the eleven man field in round one of that city's non-partisan mayoral election. A t press time, "Dutch" was in the midst of campaigning for a November 15th run-off for the city's top administrative office. . . The Bay Area continues to be the hub of minority victories, following Brother LIONEL WILSON'S victory as Mayor of Oakland, CA. The October Issue of Black Enterprise chronicles San Francisco Mayor George Moscone's victory over conservative forces calling for his removal and the elimination of a plan calling for the election of supervisors (councilmen) by districts. BE notes that Moscone's w i n was made possible only through support from Brother WILLIE BROWN, a state assemblyman. Brown was rightly tagged one of the state's most powerful politicians and he's also a former Lay Member of Alpha's Executive Council . . . As an example of the diversity of Alpha's political interests, it should be noted that a leading opponent of the Brown-Moscone coalition was Brother TERRY FRANCOIS, presently the only Black supervisor in San Francisco. . . NEXT: Brother ELMER C. COLLINS. Life Membership Chairman, was honored by the

Ohio Board of Education on April 12th for his many years of service to children through various compensatory education projects. Brother Collins retired on July 29th as Assistant Educational Program Manager for Compensatory Education Services. Brother WARREN G . PALMER was banquet speaker at the Annual Banquet for M u G a m m a Chapter, Georgia College (Milledgeville). Dr. Palmer is Associate Professor of Education, School of Education, the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and Director of the Office of Educational Communication/Media. Brother Palmer spoke on "Imperatives for Alpha Men in the 80 s and Beyond" . . . (Left) Kappa Alpha's Brother GAY HOWZE and Ms. Billie Faye Scott, 1976 Homecoming Queen at the University of Alabama. The chapter conducted a telephone campaign leading to Ms. Scott's election as the 2nd Black Homecoming Queen at U of A. (Right) Brother Elmer Collins accepts award from Dr. J. P. Nalrus.

VACANCY Office of the Executive Secretary Pursuant to Article X, Section 10.4 of the Constitution of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., notice is given herein of a staff vacancy in the General Office of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. for the position of Executive Secretary of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. General qualifications for this position are outlined in Article VII of the Constitution of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc Further information on selection procedures shall be published in The Sphinx. Those Brothers desiring additional information regarding selection procedures and qualifications should direct such inquiries to: JAMES B. BLANTON Acting Executive Secretary Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. 4432 Martin Luther King Drive Chicago, IL 60653

The Sphinx / October 1977

RANDOLPH BAXTER, Chairman Committee on Personnel


B r o t h e r ARTHUR D A V I D SHORES. President Pro-Tern of the Birmingham City Council, was the recipient of the Robert Ming Advocacy Award at the 68th Annual Convention of the NAACP. Brother Shores, Chairman of the Talladega College Board of Trustees, is a noted civil rights attorney. . . Two members of the Z e t a Z e t a Lambda (St. Albans, NY) w e r e elected members of the School Districts 17 and 29 in New York City. Congrats to Brother DAVID BLUFORD and ROBERT SIMMONS . . . The Eastern Regional Convention adopted a program to entertain foreign visitors of African and Island nations through the Cooperative Service Program (COSERV) under the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. State Department. Brothers JULIAN BARTLEY and DAVID SMITH of the department presented the program to the convention, thru which brothers and their families w i l l volunteer to be listed as hosts as foreign visitors travel through their cities. . . A gold star to Brother THOMAS MALONE, who has been appointed Deputy Director of the National Institutes of Health. . . INVOLVEMENT and SCHOLARSHIP key Eta G a m m a Chapter's capture of the College Chapter of the Year honors at the General Convention in Atlanta. Example: For the fall 7 6 Semester the Prairie View A & M University (TX) chapter had 13 brothers posting honor roll averages, with 3 making straight A's. Four Brothers (H. DEAN. L. JERNIGAN. F. ROBERTS and M . ROLLE) were tapped for inclusion in Who's Who A m o n g Students In American Universities and Colleges for 1977. Brother Roberts was elected an Outstanding Young Man in America by the U.S. Jaycees, The Holley Hall and was named Prairie View Man of the Year for 1977. He was also cited as the senior making the greatest contribution to the university. Eta G a m m a was t h e r e c i p i e n t of t h e P r e s i d e n t ' s A w a r d as t h e G r e e k organization making the greatest contribution to the university's Operation Success during 1976-77. Alpha Phi Alpha is

Above (I to r), Brother George Nichols presents award to Brother Raymond Brown as Mrs. Brown and Eta Tau Lambda president W. R. Miller look on.

Brother JOSEPH D. LINDSEY was elected Man of the Year by Epsilon Beta Lambda chapter In Macon, GA.


1978 MIDWESTERN REGIONAL The Theta and XI Lambda Chapters will host the 1978 Midwestern Regional Convention in April, 1978 at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. We take this opportunity to urge all Brothers to PRE-REGISTER! In line with Fraternity policy, all brothers must be active and registered in order to participate in any phase of this great convention. COLLEGE BROTHERS Events tor the College Brothers are being scheduled for the FRIDAY of the convention weekend. These include the Song Fest and the Miss Black and Gold Contest. Please make plans now to come early and participate in these events. All participants must be financial and registered! In order to adequately plan for these events we urge you to contact us and indicate the events in which you plan to participate. This information should be forwarded to Brother LARRY ROGERS, President - Theta Chapter, Box 53150, Chicago, IL 60653. Look to the SPHINX and Alpha Newsletter for additional information on the convention. CHICAGO WILL BE GREAT - IN 7 8 ! ! !


Brother THEODIS GREEN proud to join Prairie View in saluting these distinguished young men. . . Eta Tau Lambda Chapter, A k r o n , Ohio, saluted Brother R A Y M O N D BROWN for Outs t a n d i n g C o n t r i b u t i o n s to t h e A d vancement of Libraries and Reading." The chapter's active Library Committee is a primary part of its outreach program. . . B r o t h e r THEODIS GREEN. A s s i s t a n t Professor at Langston University (OK), was included in Who's Who A m o n g Black Americans for 1978. Brother Green is Assistant Chairman in the department of technology at Langston and a city councilman there. . .THE BOTTOM LINE: The Chapter Directory, published in the back of each issue of the Sphinx, is Alpha's "lifeline." Not only are correct addresses crucial to our business operations, but it serves to foster Brotherhood. A n important part of the fraternal experience is the ability to contact and fellowship w i t h brothers as w e travel around the country. PLEASE, check carefully to insure that your current address is listed. Note: Many updates were received after our deadline and w i l l be included in the December I s s u e . . . Until next i s s u e . . . The Sphinx / October 1977

AWWUHCWQ . . . Distinguished Collegians The SPHINX announces its 1 st Annual Distinguished Collegians competition. Nominations are now being accepted for inclusion and we invite your participation. Nominees must be members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, presently working toward the baccalaureate degree. Selections will be made on the basis of the overall accomplishments of nominees or extraordinary achievement in any one area (scholarship, sports, campus leadership). Those College Brothers selected will be featured in the April 1978 issue of the SPHINX in a special feature entitled DISTINGUISHED COLLEGIANS. There are no restrictions regarding the number of applicants per region or chapter. Nominations may be submitted by ANY member of Alpha Phi Alpha — including the nominee. Selections will be made by the staff of the SPHINX. MAIL YOUR APPLICATION NOW!!! All nominations must be received in the General Office no later than February 1, 1978. MICHAEL J. PRICE Editor-in-Chief The SPHINX


„ , First



Chapter Name

Chapter No.

College / University

Name Location




On Scale of Minor

Date of Initiation Chapter of Initiation (If different from present chapter). Hometown Details of education (Include high school): Future plans: Memberships in other organizations (with offices held): Other extracurricular activities: Honors, prizes, awards (with dates): Hobbies: What contribution has ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY made to your career / goals?

Mailing address: . Zip Code Please include glossy PHOTOGRAPH (Preferably black & white) with completed nomination form. Attach up to one additional sheet, if necessary. DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 1,1978

The Sphinx / October 1977



GREETINGS . . . In the largest assembly of Alpha men in the Fraternity's history, the 71st Anniversary Convention of Alpha Phi Alpha was held August 5-10, 1977 at the Atlanta Hilton Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia. Over 3000 persons registered for the convention and it is estimated that some 5000 participated in some phase of the meeting. Even more impressive than the overflow crowd was the evident "Spirit of Brotherhood" displayed by all in attendance. Everyone enjoyed themselves and, while addressing some of the most vital issues of the day, found time to taste the hospitality of "Lovely Atlanta." While it's difficult to pick highlights for such a successful meeting ( one innovative affair was the Alpha Smoker Symposium. Dedicated to the 50-Year Alpha Brothers, the affair featured addresses by stalwarts such as Brother Charles H. Wesley, Brother Raymond W. Cannon, Brother Andrew Lewis, Brother Sidney A. Jones, Jr. (Toastmaster), and others. Special musical numbers were rendered by a quartet of brothers from Delta Theta Lambda Chapter, Huntsville, Alabama and there was no doubt that their selections touched the hearts of all in attendance. Following the beautiful singing of the Alpha Hymn the convention was clearly off to a rousing start. Saturday's 1st General Session opened to a capacity crowd. Brother Maynard Jackson, Mayor of Atlanta, entered the room to a standing ovation bringing greetings to the brothers. Brother Leonard DeShield, Minister of Protocol of the Republic of Liberia, was named the third Honorary Chairman of 10

Brother Mayor.

Mr. Councilman.

Brother Commissioner

Atlanta extended a hearty welcome. Above (I to r), Maynard Jackson; City Council President Carl Ware; and, Public Safety Commissioner Reginald Eaves. Below (I to r), Southern (Host) Vice President Ozell Sutton; Georgia Director Lorenzo Manns; and, Southern AVP Anthony Thomas.

Brother Vice President.

Brother State Director.,

Brother Asst,Vice President... The Sphinx / October 1977

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— • A full house... the meet - joining Brother Jackson and Brother Andrew Young, U.S. Ambassador to the UN. Brother DeShield served as Chairman of Phase II of the 1976 General Convention in Monrovia, Liberia. Greetings were also brought from Georgia Governor George Busbee and Carl Ware, President of the Atlanta City Council. General President James R. Williams was introduced and, in line with the theme "Back to Basics," r e c o g n i z e d the 50-Year Brothers present. Brother Williams remarks reiterated his conviction that the State of the Fraternity is "fine." He talked at some length about the Million Dollar Fund Drive for the UNCF, NAACP and Urban League. Brother Williams further expressed concerns about our Reclamation Program and the pledge programs on our campuses. Past General President Raymond W. Cannon delivered the dynamic Keynote Address and was then honored by the American Tobacco Company as the continued on page 16 The Sphinx / October 1977


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Greeting old friends.

PREZAND THE LADIES... Waiting to greet the opening session are, seated (I to r), Atlanta Alphabettes President Deborah Sims and Eula Cohen, Ladies Activities Chairman. 11



The Fraternity's highest awards were again conferred on two of the nation's most distinguished. The Alpha A ward of Honor the hiahest at accolade for a non-member, was presented to Mr. Henry "Hank" Aaron (above left). The highest honor for a Fraternity member is the Alpha Award of Merit, Presented this year to former U.S. Treasury Secretary William T. Coleman, Jr. (above right). Both presentations were made by General President Williams and Brother Bennie D. Brown, Chairman of the Committee on Awards and Achievements. COLLEGE CHAPTER OF THE YEAR ALUMNI CHAPTER OF THE YEAR


Brother Frederick Roberts (center) poses with Past General Presidents Cannon and Wesley after receiving the College Chapter of the Year Award on behalf of Eta Gamma, Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, TX. BUCKNER AWARD

For outstanding Region in the Life Membership Crusade. Accepted on behalf of the Southern Region by Southern Life Membership Chairman Andrew J. Lewis (1) and Southern Vice President Ozell Sutton (c). Presented by National Life Membership Chairman Elmer C. Collins.


The Sphinx / October 1977

Members of lota Upsilon Lambda are shown after again capturing alumni chapter honors. The Silver Spring, Maryland Chapter has topped the list for the last three years.


For outstanding chapter leadership (10 years) in the Life Membership Crusade is accepted from Brother Collins by Brother Ronald Flowers, President of Xi Lambda Chapter, Chicago, Illinois. Brother John Bustamante, President of the First Bank of Cleveland, Ohio, was presented the Alpha A ward of Achievement for his work in minority business enterprise.



Brother Adron Butler and Mr. Thomas Edenfield are shown with General Electric's EEOC Award. FOR A DISTINGUISHED CAREER . . .


The Paul Robeson Humanitarian Award to Brother Martin Luther King, Jr. - accepted by Mrs. Coretta Scott King.

Brother Milton Davis accepts Meritorious Nor ™ f ? A.wa/dufo' pardon of Clarence ' ns 1 ( > > l a s t of the Scottsboro Boys.

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American Tobacco Company honors Past General President Raymond W. Cannon ^2"d U0™ ' ^ f°r 3 lifetime of "umanitarian



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The Sphinx / October 1977

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A PUBLIC POLICY STATEMENT In Convention Assembled A t l a n t a , Georgia August 5 - 1 0 , 1 9 7 7

EDUCATION Education is truly the building block for a better tomorrow for all people. Without education, people living under substandard conditions continue to cycle, generation after generation. Nowhere in our society is racial segregation more destructive in its efforts than in our public schools. The constitutional right of Black and other minority students to receive quality, integrated education is not guaranteed. This is evidenced by the reduced funding of educational programs intended to help disadvantaged school children through the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Statistics show that the expulsion rate for Black public school students is very high. It is in the best interest of the nation to provide the best possible education for all students. The educational system must provide the education and skills that are meaningful and marketable. Black colleges and universities are being under-funded and/or phased out. Yet, the annals of education and history have not recorded a success story more touching and more gripping than that of the Black college. Black colleges, since their inception, have performed a function that no other institution could or would perform. They took, and are taking, potential tax burden citizens and made, and are making, them tax paying citizens. The Black colleges and universities need our support. ALPHA pledges support and urges all others to support the institutions with their time and money. ALPHA further requests the Federal Government to indicate its concern for the Black institutions by increased funding and by declaring them to be a "National Resource" and, thus, in need of protection and preservation. ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC., joins forces with like thinking groups and organizations to see that all children receive an education which represents their maximum potential. We further commit ourselves to reducing the drop-out rate of Blacks in the public schools. In addition, ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. is quite concerned about the impending Supreme Court hearing of the Bakke case. This challenge of affirmative action and equal opportunity programs, guaranteed under the Civil Rights laws, as "reverse discrimination" threatens the status of every Black American and could severely cripple Black youths' chances of admission to schools. ALPHA believes that should the Supreme Court's decision find in favor of Bakke, then Black Americans will realize a reverse to discrimination. We call for denial of this plea by Bakke.

EMPLOYMENT There is no more ugly and urgent crisis facing the Nation today than unemployment. Unemployment drastically reduces the Gross National Product. Women, minorities and youth suffer most from present employment practices. The unemployment rate for Blacks is twice that for Whites. The unemployment rate for Black Youth is up to 50 percent. Add to adult and youth unemployment the high incidence of part-time employment and underemployment and we have a truer picture of the unemployment problem. Unemployment creates and/or contributes to excessively high crime rates and psychological and physiological deterioration. Since high or full employment is in keeping with the ideals of democracy and creates an atmosphere conducive to the improvement of our society and simultaneously provides increased benefits to other Nations, the ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. is committed to: (1) Full employment as a necessary factor in a human society. (2) Rejection of the emerging philosophy that a 6% unemployment rate is a tolerable level. (3) Passage of the Equal Opportunity and Full Employment Act (HR 50). (4) Efforts to enhance and assure equal opportunity not only in employment but in upward mobility as well.

HEALTH The health care system in America is in a state of crisis. Good health care must include the concepts of accessibility, quality, continuity, and efficiency. Administratively, the Government must attempt to achieve good health care by using these concepts with the basic end result being good health care available to all individuals and that race, creed, color, residence, or economic circumstances should not interfere with or create differential standards of care. ALPHA PHI ALPHA realizes that good health is a basic requirement for optimal performance in all areas of human endeavor and is essential to the fulfillment of the joy of living. Our National Health Care Program, which should assist almost 50% of our population, has proven to be inadequate and inefficient; therefore, ALPHA supports the creation of a National Health Plan that will: (1) Support cost-control programs throughout the health profession. (2) Eliminate waste and fraud in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. (3) Phase in National Health Insurance over the next 5 years. (4) Set new priorities in medical research that seek solutions to our greatest PREAMBLE health problems and emphasize health education, community health We the members of the ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC., In order to programs, and preventative medicine to the end that we become a improve the conditions of mankind and to enhance the destiny of our healthier nation. progeny, do approve and establish this Public Policy Statement. (5) Guarantee better representation and distribution of Black health professionals. 14 The Sphinx / October 1977




The drastic rise in the cost of houses throughout the United States, the unfulfilled promise of the Federal Government to provide adequate housing for rent or purchase by low and middle income citizens and the poor performance of governmental agencies at the Federal, State and Local levels in enforcing the laws intended to assist minorities and the poor in acquiring adequate housing has created a multitude of conditions that impact adversely upon this segment of the American population. It is an accepted fact that housing patterns affect the environment, hence the health, of people. Education, employment and one's total outlook and life's aspirations, are influenced by the nature of the housing conditions that are available. Today we hear many derogatory statements and experience negative attitudes relative to those who live in the "Inner-City" or the "Ghetto." ALPHA takes the position that many of the problems encountered by Blacks and other minorities and the poor are directly related to their housing. ALPHA PHI ALPHA calls attention to the following: (1) Home ownership, by Blacks, has declined from approximately 40% in 1960 to approximately 25% in 1975. (2) Less than 50% of the Community Development Block Grant Program funds are likely to benefit lower income persons. (3) Housing discrimination in the use of Federal funds results in the lack of availability of adequate housing and limited mortgage money to finance the purchase of homes. (4) The "White flight" to the suburbs creates a concentration of poor Blacks in the inner-city, creates racial imbalance, reduces taxable income, and fosters general deterioration of the cities with its attendant problems. ALPHA strongly condemns the present policies and practices in the field of housing and the mortgage lending institutions and strongly urges the Congress and all the agencies involved in housing to take the necessary steps to assure equitable housing opportunities for all citizens. More specifically, ALPHA — (1) OPPOSES the position taken by the U.S. Solicitor General in the case of Gautreau vs. Chicago Housing Authority, which implies that tax dollars may be used to support racism. (2) OPPOSES Varied Interest Rate Mortgages. (3) OPPOSES the Community Development Block Grant Program and Section 8 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. (4) SUPPORTS National Land Use and Urban Growth Policies. (5) SUPPORTS the Housing Under Homestead Provision of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. (6) OPPOSES public condemnation policies that impact negatively on the Black Community.

It is clear that in order to maximize its potential for leadership and make meaningful contributions toward the improvement of life for the culturally different, ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. has an important role to play in the political arena. We are honored to have a number of Brothers distinguishing themselves at all levels of government and in Congress. ALPHA must carefully assess its appropriate use of the political process as a means of realizing its goal of "uplifting mankind." Possible areas of participation are: (1) VOTER REGISTRATION (2) VOTER EDUCATION PROJECTS (3) SEEKING ELECTIVE OFFICE

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT " A Piece of the Action" is an integral part of the American dream. Blacks, other minorities, and the poor are constantly being admonished to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps." ALPHA PHI ALPHA traditionally has encouraged and insisted upon education and self-improvement. If Blacks are to become a part of the decision-making process, a balance must be established between production and consumerism. Economic development is one means whereby this can be accomplished. The following have been barriers to Blacks entering business: (1) Blacks have routinely experienced difficulty in securing the insurance coverage and bonding necessary to operate in the business world. (2) Blacks have experienced difficulty in securing the financing to be competitive in business opportunities. (3) Most Blacks have been denied the apprenticeship and job responsibilities that allow them to learn the practical application of the knowledge and skills of the business world. The FRATERNITY, therefore, SUPPORTS the passage of the Minority Enterprise Act of 1976 (HR 567) which provides a means for the small businessman to receive expanded assistance under the Small Business Act to assure him maximum opportunity to receive U.S. contracts.

RACISM IN SOUTH AFRICA ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY urges unequivocal condemnation of racism at home and abroad. ALPHA condemns the demeaning, dehumanizing and debasing policy of segregation and discrimination that the White-controlled government of South Africa perpetrates upon the Blacks of that nation. Latest statistics available show the average monthly wages paid Whites in coal mines is approximately $693 per month while Blacks are paid approximately $73 per month. Blacks are prohibited from holding any supervisory positions and live under extremely deprived conditions described by some as sub-human. It is regrettable that there is existing U.S. corporate business support for South Africa. However, if we are to be faithful to our commitment to human rights, it is absolutely imperative that no new business support be contracted for Southern Africa and present investments and support be withdrawn within two years. Therefore, ALPHA condemns the United States Government, businesses, and institutions for their support of South Africa.

AMBASSADOR ANDREW YOUNG Ambassador Andrew J. Young is a bright ray of hope in the Carter Administration. Ambassador Young has been a leading spokesman for "Human Rights" and "Human Dignity." ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. expresses its complete confidence in Ambassador Young. We call on President Carter to continue to support Brother Young both in public and in private. Brother Young is expressing the views of many Americans and we urge President Carter to encourage him to continue to speak out on the important issues of Human Rights.

PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER ALPHA commends President Jimmy Carter for his appointment of Brother Young. In addition, his appointment of other Blacks in key positions in his administration gave us much encouragement. However, we concur with the National Urban League's Executive Director, Vernon Jordan, that we are concerned about President Carter's seeming lack of commitment to fulfilling promises to the Black Community. ALPHA encourages President Carter to meet regularly with our Black leaders to maintain better communication with them and to seek suggestions as to how he can better serve a community which served him so well.

MARTIN LUTHER KING HOLIDAY ALPHA PHI ALPHA joins other organizations in their efforts and petition to the President of the United States and the Congress to establish JANUARY 15th as a "National Holiday" commemorating the birthday of Brother Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is ALPHA'S feeling that this holiday should be used for re-committing the nation to Dr. King's goals of eliminating poverty, injustice, discrimination and bigotry.

CRIME The fast rising crime rate threatens the very existence of life in America as we have come to know it. Our streets and homes are not safe at night. Much is made of the fact that a disproportionate amount of violent crimes are committed by Blacks while overlooking the fact that Blacks are twice as likely to become crime victims as are Whites. The ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY views the crime rate with due alarm. Our streets must be made safe and our homes and our persons must be made secure. ALPHA recommends the following to achieve this — (1) Poverty, blight, poor education, and unemployment are major causes of crime — ALPHA advocates a program that eliminates these disabling situations. (2) The need exists for a police force in all our communities, one that is representative of the social and ethnic composition. (3) Police departments must first respect the person and the rights of all citizens and then enlist their involvement in fighting crime.

The Sphinx / October 1977


recipient of their "Humanitarian Award" for over a half-century of work for the betterment of mankind. The afternoon saw a standing-room only crowd of brothers and their families listen to Julian Bond, Georgia State Senator and President of the Atlanta NAACP, speak in support of Alpha's Million Dollar Fund Drive. Highlighting Sunday's Public Program were representatives from other Greekletter organizations who brought greetings to the convention. Addresses were given by Brother Clarence Coleman, Deputy Executive Director of the Urban League; Christopher Edley, Executive Director of the UNCF; and, Benjamin Hooks, Executive Director of the NAACP. Each speaker rallied the audience with timely remarks on the importance of these three institutions to the survival of Black America and complimented the Fraternity on leading the way with the Million Dollar Drive. A special Meritorious Service Award was presented to Brother Milton C. Davis of

Tuskegee, Alabama for his role in securing the pardon of Clarence Norris, last of the Scottsboro Boys. Mr. Norris was also on hand to thank Brother Davis and the Fraternity for their continuing support of his cause. Henry "Hank" Aaron received the Alpha Award of Honor - the Fraternity's highest award to a non-member-for his contributions to the world of sports and the youth of America. Other speakers included Brother Thomas D. Pawley III, Fraternal Address; Brother Darryl R. Matthews, College Brothers Luncheon; and, Frank Borman, President of Eastern Airlines, Equitable Opportunities Luncheon. Mr. Borman accepted the Fraternity's Equitable Employment Opportunities Award on behalf of Eastern. Also honored for affirmative action was the General Electric Company, represented by Thomas K. Edenfield. Special events during the convention included two seminars, "Making it in Business" - sponsored by the Business

NOW HEAR THIS Sights & Sounds

You See, Brother Mayor...

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The Sphinx / October 1977

Encouragement Commission; and, "The Survival of the Black College - A Plan of Action" - sponsored by the Education Foundation. Both seminars were well attended and very successful in terms of grasping the problems facing minorities in both areas. Chief panelist for the business seminar was Brother John Bustamante, President of the First Bank of Cleveland, Ohio, who received the Fraternity's Achievement Award for his work with that institution. The education panel included the presidents of five Black colleges, all Alpha men, and Brother Johnny Hill, Executive Director of the Office for the Advancement of Public Negro Colleges. As evidence of the positive attitude of the brothers concerning the direction of the Fraternity, all three officers up for election at the convention were reelected without opposition. They were General President James R. Williams, General Treasurer Leven C. Weiss and Comptroller Charles C. Teamer. All five Regional Vice Presidents had previously been re-elected at their respective regional conventions and they were joined on the board by the new Assistant Vice Presidents, also elected at the regionals. The convention ended with the traditional Formal Banquet and Ball. Another overflow event, it was nonetheless enjoyed by all. Brother William T. Coleman Jr., former U.S. Secretary of Transportation, was on hand to receive the Alpha Award of Merit - the Fraternity's highest award for a member. Also present was Mrs. Coretta Scott King, who was formally presented the Paul Robeson Humanitarian Award on behalf of her late husband, Brother Martin Luther King, Jr. Mrs. King also accepted a $3000 check from the Fraternity to be used by the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Social Change, part of a two year commitment of $5000 from Alpha Phi Alpha. With the presentation of other special awards for service to the Fraternity, the banquet resumed and the brothers and guests continued their fellowship - capping what was perhaps the most successful convention in the history of Alpha!

The Sphinx / October 1977

Morehouse prexy Brother Gloster

The Wings of Man.

Typical of the dynamic speakers present were Mr. Benjamin Hooks, NAACP Executive Director (above left); Georgia State Senator Julian Bond (above right); Christopher Edley, UNCF Executive Director (below right); and (below center) Brother Clarence Coleman, Deputy Executive Director of the National Urban League. General President Williams (below right) closes the Formal Banquet with a special "Thank You" to all in attendance!




The Sphinx / October 1977

The U.S. Department of Commerce's Office of Minority Business Enterprise (OMBE) has presented its Award of Excellence to Dr. Emmer Martin Lancaster, a pioneer in the fostering of minority business enterprise. He was Special Assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on Negro Affairs from 1940 to 1968, and served as Manpower Development Specialist, United Planning Office in Washington from 1968 until his retirement from government service in September 1974. Dr. Lancaster received the award at the Frontiers Clubs Annual Vitiligo Conference in Nashville, Tennessee July 27. The Frontiers Vitiligo Project, which was founded by Dr. Lancaster, is a program which is providing research into the cause and possible cure for Vitiligo, a skin disease which affects blacks. The disease causes a gradual and irregular whitening of the skin. Over $30,000 has been donated to the Medical School at Howard University in Washington, D.C. for research into the disease by the Frontiers. There are approximately 2,500 members in the organization, comprised of business and professional leaders from black communities. In addition to the Vitiligo project, the group also supports a broad crosssection of community projects. The theme for this year's conference is, "Aiding Black Survival in Urban America Through the Frontiers Movement." Dr. Lancaster was cited on the award, which was signed by Dr. Randolph T. Blackwell OMBE director-designate, "In recognition of outstanding achievement in support of minority business enterprise and equal business opportunity for all Americans." His business experience includes the founding of the American Savings and Loan League â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a national trade association of black savings and loan associations; serving as secretary, National Negro Business League; secretary of the D.C. Chamber of Commerce; chairman, Joint Convention Committee of the National Business League; and secretary/The Sphinx / October 1977

legal counsel of the Clarence E. Shaw and Company Securities Brokers in D.C. Dr. Lancaster is from Akron, Ohio, where he presently practices law. He attended public school in Akron and earned his A.B. degree from the University of Akron, and a M.S. from the School of Business Administration, New York University, commuting from Washington, D.C. to New York one day each week to do so. He has a LL.B. degree from Western Reserve University Law School and an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Akron, at which he was the first black to graduate in 1921. While an undergraduate at Akron, Dr. Lancaster was the first black on the school's track, baseball, and debating teams. He was also initiated into the Pi Kappa Delta Honorary Debating Society of the school. Dr. Lancaster was admitted to the Ohio Bar in December 1926. He has been admitted to practice in all courts of Ohio; the U.S. District Court of the northern district of Ohio; U.S. Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court; the U.S. Tax Court, Washington, D.C; and U.S. District Court of D.C. Dr. Lancaster, who is one of the founders of Alpha Tau Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity at the University of Akron, has authored many government and private sector publications on banking, economics and other related subjects. He is the holder of the National Business League's Symbol of Service Award; special honorary awards from the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, the D.C. Business League and the D.C. Frontiers Club. Brother Lancaster was initiated into the Fraternity at Pi Chapter, Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio in 1923 and has been active in all levels of Alpha since that time. He was one of the 50-year Brothers honored at the 1977 General Convention in Atlanta. In the forefront of the fight for economic opportunity â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Dr. Emmer Martin Lancaster continues to be an Alpha On the Move! 19

Viewpoint. Topic: Author

Brother Otha Brown Brother Otha N. Brown, Jr. is well known to Alphas across the nation. A school counselor, he is a former Connecticut State Representative from Norwalk and former Majority Leader of the Norwalk City Council. In the legislature he became the first Black to become chairman of a standing committee in the history of the state lower house - where he chaired the Human Rights and Opportunities Committee and, later, the Correction, Public Welfare and Humane Institutions Committee. Brother Brown is now President of the Norwalk Black Democratic Club and Coalition and has served as state president of the Connecticut Federation of Black Democratic Clubs. He is extremely active in state and local politics and served as a Carter delegate to the last Democratic national convention. He was elected Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the University of Connecticut. A Life Member, Brother Brown is Director of Area II - District II (Connecticut) of the Eastern Region.

Politics has been often defined as the "art of the possible." Some view it as the "art of compromise;" still others as the ability to get things done in the body politic of our government on all levels. The decade of the 70's has made it increasingly clear that the destiny of Black people is inextricably woven in the fabric of the country's political structure, and to the extent there is effective involvement in the political process by Black people can any favorable prognosis be made about the continued progress toward equality and the end of second class citizenship. To say that Alpha Phi Alpha has an important role to play in the political arena is an understatement. Since the founding of the fraternity, Alpha has been in the forefront in providing leadership to our communities across the nation in every walk of life. As individuals, Alpha men have excelled in politics. One need only to look at the list of Black office holders for verification of this assertion. Leading the list is Brother Edward W. Brooke who made political history by being elected the first and only Black U.S. Senator since Reconstruction following the Civil War. Of no less accomplishment are the several Alphamen who have been elected to the lower house of Congress who include Brothers Ralph H. Metcalfe of Illinois; Ronald V. Dellums, California; Harold Ford, Tennessee; Charles Rangel, New York; and Andrew Young of Georgia who was recently appointed as Ambassador of the United Nations. These distinguished officials are joined by other Alphamen in state and local offices throughout the country. All of these individual efforts and accomplishments are laudatory and deserve much praise. However, the facts indicate that our fraternity had virtually no direct involvement in the political successes of these brothers. Money and votes are the determining factors in getting elected, not a pat on the back or even the expressions of best wishes. Yet in surveying the budgets of our national organization and its chapters, few include a program or funds for voter registration or money to aid worthy brothers seeking elective office. The reason often expressed is that the fraternity is made up of brothers with many and varied political persuasions, and

"Money and Votes are the determining factors in getting elected, not a pat on the back or even the expressions of fBest Wishes'." 20

The Sphinx / October 1977

Alpha Phi Alpha in Politics:

Why Not?

Brother Otha N. Brown, Jr. that we should not be involved in partisan politics. It is the writer's opinion, however, that to give assistance to a brother who is running for political office is to be fraternal rather than partisan. Indeed, the Preamble to our Constitution admonishes us to "aid in and insist upon the personal progress" of our brothers. In my view, we must also exercise a degree of sophistication in the art of politics by making the judgment of even going beyond our own ranks to make our influence felt in helping Black people achieve power and effectuate positive change in the political system. The late Bro. Dr. William H. Hale, Past General President, once made a plea to the fraternity to "Return to the Future" in one of his brilliant convention addresses, by adopting and implementing again the program of voter registration with the slogan, "A Voteless people is a Hopeless people." This was a great program of our fraternity, well needed in the 1920's, and needed now worse than ever as we approach the challenges of the 1980's. The Voter Education Project with headquarters in Atlanta is the only regional or national organization that conducts yearround non-partisan voter registration in Black communities, and that is primarily financed by White individuals and foundations. Alpha Phi Alpha has the human and financial resources to change this situation around. As one Black Congressman, Augustus Hawkins of California, recommended recently, "We must use every resource in the Black community as an organizing base. We must decisively reject the false and accomodating dogma of the past â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the one which tells us that politics has no place in our churches, lodges, fraternities, and social organizations. Nothing could be more perilous to our survival." It is clear that we need a comprehensive and aggressive plan of action under the umbrella of our fraternity that could encourage a coalition and unified effort of political, social, religious, labor, civic, and other fraternal groups in our communities and on a national level toward a revitalized political agenda. Alpha has more than its share of leaders among 25 million Black people; therefore, it must assume greater responsibility for an idea with an imperative whose time has come. According to studies conducted by the Joint Center of Political Studies based in the Nation's Capital, there were 9.5 million Black voters in the 1976 elections, an increase of three

quarters of a million more than in 1972. 6.6 million voted for a turnout of 70%. An unprecedented nationwide 94% Black vote gave Jimmy Carter the edge to become the first president in the 3rd Century of our country. In anticipation that Black voters would make the difference in a close election, more Black people were placed in strategic and significant roles by all the presidential candidates than ever before in our history. (For example, I was selected as the temporary moderator for Carter's primary in my city by Carter officials and organized the entire slate. Later I was elected Permanent Moderator by the caucus which led to my election as the only Carter delegate to the National Democratic Convention.) This kind of momentum must be continued, and in my view, Alpha Phi Alpha must be the motivator for continued progress in political gains in order that Black people may be the beneficiaries. This can only be done by increased participation and representation in the political structure of our country on all levels. I urge the fraternity to assemble its best minds and experienced leaders to map out a program of political action. I further urge consideration of the fraternity establishing a bureau or office in Washington, DC. in order to be "where the action is in politics," and to make our presence felt where it counts. We must not only be involved in politics, we must be in the center of it. We must encourage our brothers to seek public office not only with our mouths but with our work and our money. To paraphrase the great philosopher, Pericles, "We don't say that a person who is not involved in politics is minding his own business, we say he has no business at all." Alpha Phi Alpha has a great opportunity to be a visible and effective force in mobilizing the resources in our communities across the nation. We can and must make the difference. In this put-up or shut-up stage of our struggle for power and human dignity as individuals, we must go further and bear the additional burden of helping each other, and indeed, all mankind to reach higher standards of human endeavor. This challenge may be difficult, but unavoidable. Time is a great enemy, but can be used for good. The need is clear. The rewards are enormous. But the greatest reward of all is to keep Alpha ever First of All, Servants of All, and we shall continue to Transcend All.


. . . Alpha Phi Alpha must be the motivator for continued progress in political gains in order that Black people may be the beneficiaries."

The Sphinx / October 1977


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Million Dollar Fund Drive Goals By 1 March 78 (6 months) 1 June 78 (9 months) 1 September 78 (12 months) 1 March 79 (18 months) 1 September 79 (24 months)

Pledges 30% $300,000.00 75% $750,000.00 100% $1,000,000.00


15% 30% 50% 75% 100%

$150,000.00 $300,000.00 $500,000.00 $750,000.00 $1,000,000.00

Progress Report (October 1,1977) Goals



$ 750,000 (75%) The Climb of the


Join us in making our Million Dollar Fund Drive a success! As shown in the graph at left, the Drive Kick-Off in Atlanta netted some $218,000.00 in Pledges. We're on target â&#x20AC;&#x201D; HELP US OVER THE TOP!

$ 500,000 (50%)

I. J. Lamothe, Chairman Million Dollar Fund Drive

$ 300,000 (30%)

$ 150,000 (15%)

ft$218,000 (21.8%)


1W $3,000 (1%)

Regional Progress GOALS




%of Nail. GOAL

$227,000.00 $240,000.00 $310,000.00 $170,000.00 $ 60,000.00

23% 24% 31% 17% 6%


$68,770.00 $40,953.00 $50,602.00 $20,430.00 $37,319.00

% of Reg. GOAL

30% 17% 16% 12% 62%



$1,571.50 $ 200.00 $ 70.00 $ 310.00 $ 225.00

* * * * *

* Less Than 1%


The Sphinx / October 1977

MUM The Committee on Awards and Achievements tapped two outstanding Brothers for honors as the College and Alumni "Brothers of the Year -1977" at the General Convention in Atlanta. Brother FRANK BELL of Delta Gamma Chapter, Alabama A & M University, was named College Brother of the Year and Brother JAMES TRENT of Landover, Maryland was recognized as the Alumni Brother of the Year. Both these distinguished brothers have enviable records of community, civic, and fraternity involvement qualifying them for these honors. Brother Bell has been very active throughout his years at Alabama A & M, having received the school's Outstanding Male Student Award for two years. He served as President of his sophomore and senior classes, Vice President of the Student Government Association, Treasurer of the Honorary National Society of Pershing Rifles, and President of the Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society. Frank is an active member of the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Phi Beta Lambda Business Fraternity and Omicron Honorary Accounting Club. Chosen the Southern Region's College Brother of the Year at the Regional Convention in Jackson, Mississippi, Brother Bell has received many awards, scholarships and honors. Among them are: "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges;" Outstanding 1st Year ROTC Cadet Award; John J. Pershing Academic Excellence Award; Alpha Phi Alpha Highest Overall Average Award; Alpha Kappa Mu Scholarship Award. He was listed on the Academic Honor Roll and the Dean's List throughout his fouryear college career and received scholarships from the university, the AICPA and the Student Government Association. On the basis of an on-campus interview, Brother Bell was selected to represent his school in Mobil Oil's "Week in the Business World" program for sophomore students. He received an all-expense paid trip to New York City and Philadelphia to observe Mobil's operations. He was also chosen to participate in one of the "Big 8" accounting firm's summer intern program. The Sphinx / October 1977


A native of Birmingham, Brother Bell's numerous activities and honors clearly indicate why he was chosen as the top college brother in the country. Involvement is also the watchword for Brother James Trent â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the Alumni Brother of the Year. Brother Trent, an official with the Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, in Washington, D.C., was cited for his contributions to the Fraternity and for outstanding community service in Prince George's County, Maryland. Brother Trent is a graduate of Tennessee State University, where he was initiated into Beta Omicron Chapter. He was appointed to the Eastern Regional Staff as Financial Secretary and Special Assistant for Programs. In the latter position he developed a model financial and budget system for the region designed to standardize, collect and consolidate financial data for use by the Regional Vice President. This financial model is now a part of the Eastern Regional Handbook, which was authored by Brother Trent. Brother Trent serves the Bureau of Reclamation as Chief of the Program and Budget Branch. In that capacity he is responsible for the formulation, presentation, and execution of the Bureau's budget which is in excess of $1.1 billion in outlays. Fraternity activities take a large portion of Brother Trent's time. He was active in the establishment of Kappa Ep-

silon Chapter, of which he is presently a member, and worked with the reactivation of Eta Zeta Chapter at Bowie State College. Within his chapter, he has used his professional expertise to develop the chapter's current operating procedures and to formulate a directory of county officials for use by the citizens of Prince George's County. His latest challenge is on the national level, where he serves as committeeman and Eastern Regional Chairman of the Million Dollar Fund Drive. In addition, Brother Trent was instrumental in the establishment of a Pan-Hellenic Council in his county, of which he is immediate Past President. Active in civic and educational affairs in the county, Brother Trent is frequently called upon to testify on equal employment and educational matters. He serves as a board member of the county United Way and the National Conference of Christians and Jews and is Chairman of the Constitution Committee of the Prince George's County NAACP. There are 'many distinguished members of Alpha Phi Alpha and, while this makes the task of chosing "Brother of the Year" a difficult one, it adds a ray of distinction to the honor. There is no doubt that Brothers Bell and Trent are deserving of the honor bestowed upon them by their brothers in Alpha. Congratulations â&#x20AC;&#x201D; to two outstanding Alpha men! 23

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That which distills, preserves and then enlarges the experience of a people is its literature. It is the way a civilization talks to itself about itself. And it-has been wisely said that if you wish to know a people, then look at what they have written. â&#x20AC;˘ The written word has become increasingly important to us as Black people as we attempt to rediscover our past and precisely define ourselves in terms of who we are. It was this aspect of Alex Haley's Roots which distinguished it as a literary feat despite the emphasis upon sex and violence in the twelvehour televisiqn adaptation of the book. â&#x20AC;˘ Interestingly, the name of the fraternity has appeared in some literary documents. It is a source of indescribable pride to any Alpha man to see his fraternity referred to in acknowledged literary masterpieces. This pride is enhanced when the fraternity is cited as an organization of tremendous accomplishments and one which attracts outstanding members to its ranks. In effect, these references preserve the name of our great fraternity for future generations to read and to find inspiration therefrom. In the following citations, Alpha men should gain an increased respect for our fraternity

because of the recognition of the organization by outstanding writers and the fact that the fraternity is depicted in its most positive aspects. â&#x20AC;˘ The first reference is found in Zora Neale Hurston's autobiography entitled Dust Tracks On A Road, published in 1942. Miss Hurston is one of the most respected writers to emerge from the period which was known as the Harlem Renaissance. After attending Morgan College as a high school I student, Howard University (where she became a member of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority), she migrated to New York City and took a degree in Anthropology from Barnard College. It was in New York City where she met this Alpha man, whom she refers to only as A. W. P., who was a graduate of City College working toward a Master's degree at Columbia University, with whom she fell in love. She writes: "I did not just fall in love, I made a parachute jump. No matter which way I probed him, I found something to admire. We fitted each other like a glove. His intellect got me first for I am the kind of woman that likes to move on mentally from point to point, and I like for my man to be there way ahead of me."It <<

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The Sphinx / October 1977

was Miss Hurston's inimitable style of writing that gained for her widespread recognition— such beautiful metaphors and similies. She further writes about A. W. P.: "Then one night when we had attended the Alpha Phi Alpha dance — yes, he is an Alpha man — he told me that the white dress I was wearing was beautiful, but I did not have an evening wrap rich enough to suit him. He had in mind just the kind he wanted to see me in, and when he made the kind of money he expected to, the first thing he meant to do was to buy me a gorgeous wrap and everything to go with it. He wanted his wife to look swell." While A. W. P. and Zora Neale Hurston never married, she wrote that "I have the satisfaction of knowing that I have loved and been loved by the perfect man. If I never hear of love again, I have known the real thing."1 Miss Hurston identifies two characteristics usually associated with Alpha men: first, they are an intelligent group of men and second, they come very near to being perfect. Miss Hurston, without doubt, is a writer of the first-rank and this acclaim rests upon such works as: His Eyes Were Watching God, Jonah's Gourd Vine, Mules and Men and Tell My Horse. Another author who cites the fraternity in his writings is Chester Himes, the author of the popular novel If He Hollers Let Him Go. Himes is a brilliant writer whose heroes are usually college-trained men who cannot rationally deal with the irrationality which they see about them in terms of race relations. Himes attended Ohio State University and there he became acquainted with the fraternity. In his autobiography entitled The Quality of Hurt, he writes: "Of the two black fraternities, Alpha Phi Alpha and Omega Psi Phi, the Alphas


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were more popular in the North, the Omegas in the South. I became pledged to the Alphas and was initiated by being blinded and thrown into the lake in the park at the end of Long Street in the upperclass black neighborhood; then with the others, I became a Sphinx; the following year I would have become a lifetime brother."2 Unfortunately, Himes did not become a member of the fraternity. Following a dance given by the Sphinx Club, Himes got six couples together, left the dance and went to another house. An altercation ensued and the following day Himes was called into the office of the Dean of Men and asked to withdraw from Ohio State University for reasons of "ill health and failing grades." Himes, one of the most prolific writers of the race, did have a brief association with the fraternity and recorded in his autobiography that this was his choice of a Greek-letter organization. While he is wellknown for his screen version of Cotton Comes To Harlem, he has written some good novels and a number of lively potboilers about Harlem detectives. Among his works are: The Third Generation, Cast the First Stone, Pinktoes, Lonely Crusade, and The Primitive — many exploring the relationship between the Black man and the white woman. Another very interesting statistic concerning the fraternity in literature was found in the Archives Division of the Library of Congress in Washington, D. C. Upon examining the papers of the William E. Harmon Foundation, this bit of history was discovered. Between the years of 1926 and 1930, the William E. Harmon Foundation awarded medals and honoraria for exceptional achievement in the fields of Business, The Sphinx / October 1977

Education, Fine Arts, Literature, Music, Race Relations, Religious Service and Science. During this period, sixtyseven awards were made to sixty-five different individuals. Of the sixty-seven award winners, eleven listed their fraternal affiliation as Alpha Phi Alpha, including Countee Cullen, renowned Harlem Renaissance poet, who also held membership in Phi Beta Kappa. This number is significant when seen in relationship to the number of recipients holding membership in other Greek-letter organizations. For the remaining three fraternities, the total of memberships was five.3 << >>

Finally, the most interesting reference to our fraternity appears in the book entitled The King God Didn't Save by John A. Williams. Though the book met with some controversy because it did not treat Martin Luther King, Jr. in the kindest light, nevertheless, John A. Williams is a first-rate writer and is highly acclaimed for such works as The Man Who Cried I Am, Sissie, This Is My Country Too, Night Song, and Mothersill and the Foxes. About the fraternity he writes: "A man clawing out his status doesn't stop with getting an education; there are attendant titles to earn. In the Negro Handbook Biographical Dictionary (Johnson, 1966) King is listed as an Elk and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Of the former, E. Franklin Frazier (also a brother) wrote, " . . . the Order of Elks is a means of power and income for middle class Negroes . . . Because of the predominantly working class membership of the Order of Elks, a middle class Negro, if he is a doctor or college professor, will generally 'explain' his membership in the Elks on the grounds that it is necessary for his profession, or that he can render 'service'." Of the fraternities Frazier said, "It is through the Greek letter fraternities that the so-called intellectual members of the black bourgeoisie often gain recognition and power. . . Alpha Phi Alpha is the oldest black fraternity and by that accident, the most prestigious, and a handy organization for a young man on the way up to join. I too was once a member of that fraternity, and perhaps for the very same reason."4 Yes, Alpha Phi Alpha is the oldest and most prestigious fraternity among black college-trained men. It is gratifying to see recognized writers refer to it as such in novels, autobiographies and archival documents. Thus, the name and the good works of our fraternity have been preserved for posterity and the experiences of black people immeasurably enlarged.

'Zora Neale Hurston, Dust Tracks on a Road, An Autobiography (New York: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1942), p. 270. 'Chester Himes, The Quality of Hurt, (Garden City, New York: Doubleday and Company, 1972), p. 26. Manuscript Division, The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. •John A. Williams, The King God Didn't Save (New York: Pocket Books, 1971),p.121. Brother Perkins (LM2111) is Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities at Southern University in Baton Rouge. Initiated into Beta Sigma Chapter, Dec. 1941. 25



W 2

A Case For An Education Committee in Each Chapter Alpha Phi Alpha has the responsibility to help our schools and our entire educational enterprise reform. There are profound changes which have come about in American life which can only be solved through persistence and diligence. The changes that are called for in our educational enterprise have the paradoxical character that they cannot be met by legislation, but they depend nonetheless upon legislation. Some of them cannot be provided by money alone, but cannot be achieved without money. Some changes cannot be fulfilled by professional educators alone but their support is sorely needed. In order to help solve this dilemma, a concerted effort on the part of all brothers must be made to make education the business of the whole of society. We must do all that we can to recreate old or create new educational networks whose function is not profit-making but society-making. The Education Committee in each chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha is asked to play a dynamic role this year. In the past, the Education Foundation has encouraged committees to monitor school programs, promote scholarship, become involved with learning clinics, tutoring programs, and promote career conferences. Not only do we want each committee to continue these things, but we would like the committee members to address themselves to the following topics in the monthly meetings this year and help us make changes in American life through total invovement; they are:

. EDUCATION - a shared responsibility. . CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT. .PUPIL ACHIEVEMENT. . THE PLIGHT OF BLACK COLLEGES. . "BACK TO BASICS" IN EDUCATION. . THE LEARNING-DISABLED CHILD . ADVOCACY SYSTEMS TO SUPPORT STUDENT SERVICES. . . . DISCIPLINE IN OUR SCHOOLS. These topics may be discussed from the local point of view in each community, and community personnel may be involved in helping your committee become aware of problems which affect society. Each committee can then evaluate the perspectives gained through such activities and develop "positions" on important community educational issues. Whenever there are hearings or other proceedings on such issues, the education committee of the chapter should be willing and prepared to testify on behalf of the best course of action - for minority students and, indeed, the entire educational system. The objective of the Education Foundation is to achieve change. Through an organized network of local education committees this goal can be hastened to fruition. Remember, Brothers, Alpha possesses the largest group of college-trained men anywhere. Our mandate is to use our skills for the betterment of all mankind. Please help the Education Foundation meet this awesome challenge. — Dr. William Ross

WILLIAM ROSS, JR., Chairman Alpha Phi Alpha Education Foundation, Inc. 3900 Ford Road — Apt./M 7 -1 Philadelphia, PA 19131

The Sphinx / October 1977

oppopf uniti] line COALITION FOR BLACK TEACHERS: Black teachers and administrators are needed in Southeast Missouri. For a list of openings and application forms write: Coalition for Black Teachers, Box 534, Hayti, MO 63851. L'EGGS PRODUCTS, Purchasing Agent: 4-year degree, pref in packaging/printing. 3 or more years exp. purchasing packaging and promotional display materials for consumer goods company. Salary open. Located in Winston-Salem, NC Consumer Research Manager, New Ventures: Bachelors degree in Business, Economics and Liberal Arts. 2 or more yrs. marketing research exp. Salary $20,000-23,000. Inventory Control Supervisor: Undergraduate degree, accounting exp or general accounting exp. Knowledge of data processing and auditing beneficial. Salary $12,500-14,000. For both positions send r e f e r r a l r e s u m e s t o : Fritz M o r r i s o n , Recruiting Coordinator, L'eggs Products, Inc., P.O. Box 2495, Winston-Salem, NC 27102. SYBRON/PFAUDLER: Engineer: Bachelors in any engineering discipline. 1 -2 years exp. $13,800 to $18,400 plus ample fringe benefits. CONTACT: Donna J. Schenker, Employment and Employee Benefits Administrator, The Pfaulder Co., Division of Sybron Corporation, P.O. Box 4011, Elyria, OH 44035 (216) 323-3191. GOODYEAR AEROSPACE CORPORATION: Structural Dynamicist: MS or PhD in Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering or equiv. Minimum of 3 yrs. industrial or research exp. Project A e r o d y n a m i c i s t : MS or P h D in Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering or equiv. 3 yrs industrial or research exp. Hydrodynamics Engineer: MS or PhD in Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering or equiv. Compounder: BS in Chemistry or C h e m i c a l E n g i n e e r i n g . Mechanical Engineer: BSME for engineered fabrics. Tool Designer: Exp required. Manufacturing Engineer: ME or IE degree req w / 5 yrs exp desired. Exp in metal removing process. Aircraft Engineer: BSME with 310 yrs exp. Pref specific exp in design and development of mechanical equipment. Vibration Analyst: MSME w/3-10 yrs exp in mechanical systems vibration analysis.

Quality Assurance Engineer, Sr: BSEE or ME. work on development and production products with minimum supervision. 5 or more yrs exp on military systems procured to MIL-Q-9858. Engineer, Reliability/Maintainability: BSEE. Related exp must have been with DOD military weapons systems. For all positions, send resumes to: D. P. Baddo, Personnel Representative, Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, 1210 Massillon Road, Akron, OH 44315 (216) 794-3385. DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT: Insurance Examiner: Federal Insurance Administration, Office of Insurance Examination and Actuarial Services, Insurance Examination Staff. 4 yr degree in insurance, bus admin, accounting, or economics, or 3 years exp. 3 yrs exp. Personnel Rep: William C. Jones. Supervisory Accounting Specialist: Office of Finance and Accounting, HUD-Held Home Properties and Mortgages Division, Mortgage Servicing Branch. 2 yrs exp in commercial bookkeeping or maintaining or examining records for govt or industrial agencies. 4 yrs specialized exp (appropriate education may substitute for some exp). Personnel Rep: Mark H. Jones. Program Analyst: Office of Assistant Secretary for Housing, Office of Policy Development and Evaluation, Financial and Economic Analysis Division. 3 yrs exp req. Personnel Rep: G. Eleanor Coleman. Special Assistant: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Housing, Office of Policy Development and Evaluation, Office of the Director. 3 yrs exp and appropriate education. Personnel Rep: G. Eleanor Coleman. Computer Programmer: A/S for Administration, Office of ADP Systems Development, Administrative Support Systems Division, Administrative Systems Branch. 2-3 yrs exp. Personnel Rep: Mary M. Pisciotta. Computer Specialist: A/S for Administration, Office of ADP Systems Development, Standards and Quality Control Staff. 3 yrs general exp - 1 yr exp in management analysis or technical supervision or tabulation project planning or computer solutions. Personnel Rep: Mary M. Pisciotta. Computer Technician: A/S for Administration, Office of ADP Operations, Production and Data Control Division. 3 yrs

general exp and two yrs specialized exp in translating actions into computer languages. Personnel Rep: Mary M. Pisciotta. Computer Specialist: A/S for Administration, Office of ADP Systems Development, Housing Programs Systems Division, Systems Requirement Branch. Personnel Rep: Mary M. Pisciotta. Consumer Complaint Program Specialist: A/S for Neighborhoods, Voluntary Associations & Consumer Protection, Office of Consumer Protection, Consumer Complaints Division. 2-3 yrs exp or appropriate education. Personnel Rep: Rodney R. Minklein. Consumer Specialist: A/S for Administration, Office of ADP Systems Development, Administrative Support Systems Division. 3 yrs general exp and 1 yr specialized exp. All personnel reps should be contacted at: Dept. of HUD, Office of Personnel, Room 2258, 451 Seventh St., SW, Washington, DC 20410. GENERAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION USA: MANAGEMENT TRAINING POSITIONS: Architect: Public Buildings Service, degree in architecture. Buildings Management Specialist: Business, Economics Public Administration or Liberal Arts. Engineer: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Prevention, Construction, Industrial or General Engineering. Protection S p e c i a l i s t : Any major, B u s i n e s s Management or Police Sciences pref. Realty Specialist: Business, Public Administration or Liberal Arts. Management Analyst and Program Analyst: Business Administration, Public Administration or Liberal Arts. For all positions, recent graduates must attain eligibility on the appropriate Civil Service Examination. Information about the necessary forms may be obtained at your local Post Office or Civil Service Commission office, or by calling the Commission's Federal Job Information Center for your area. Consult your local telephone directory under U.S. Government or Call WATS information assistance (800â&#x20AC;&#x201D;555-1212) for the toll-free number nearest you. For questions or further info on the PBS contact: PBS Personnel Branch, GSA-Office of Personnel, 18th & F Streets, NW - Room 1128, Washington, DC 20405 (202) 566-0545. SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION: Marketing Specialist: Staff in Business Management Office. 3 yrs exp or appropriate education in marketing and statistical or analytical methods. Vacancy number MPA-77-3001B. Contact: Office of Personnel Administration, Arts and Industries Building, Room 1 4 7 1 , Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC 20560

RESUMES WANTED!!! All Brothers desiring consideration by the firms utilizing the Job Interview Program of the upcoming 1978 General Convention in Minneapolis should submit resumes to the General Office. YOU NEED NOT BE PRESENT! Each participating firm will receive a copy of the resume book prepared for the convention. Special consideration will be given graduates of the following terms: SPRING '78 SUMMER '78 WINTER '78 SPRING '79 Increase your chances for getting the job of your dreams! Register your resume with the General Office immediately! The Sphinx / October 1977


ALPHA PHI ALPHA - FOR LIFE CHAIRMAN ELMER C. COLLINS 26151 Lake Shore Boulevard, #1224 Euclid, OH 4 4 1 3 2

Atlanta 7 7 - LIFE MEMBERS LED THE WAY!!! Greetings Brothers: The largest number of Alpha Life Members ever assembled in one site was recorded at this year's convention in Atlanta. It seemed like everyone you saw was sporting a Life Membership Pin... and, of course, we believe that this was the key to success for the entire convention. Being "down South" must have reminded some good Brothers of the old days (getting up early to go to the field) — because over 850 Brothers attended the LIFE MEMBER BREAKFAST at 7:30 A.M., twice as many more than at last year's Breakfast. The Breakfast was a real success; speakers included: Brother Reginald Eaves and General President James R. Williams. Special thanks go out to all the brothers responsible for making this the best morning of fellowship at the convention. It was appropriate that while in Atlanta an Honorary Life Membership was conferred (posthumously) upon Brother DR MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. This makes him only the 6th person to hold this coveted honor — and it will insure that in years to come the name of this distinguished brother will remain foremost in the hearts and minds of all ALPHA men.

Life Membership Awards This has been another banner year for the LIFE MEMBERSHIP CRUSADE; and, as usual, it was difficult choosing winners for the awards. The Awards were presented at the LIFE MEMBER BREAKFAST by Brother "Tiny" Blanton and General President Williams. The efforts of the following chapters and brothers are to be applauded: OLIVER WILSON WINTERS AWARD (Ten Year Leadership) XI LAMBDA - Chicago JOHN D. BUCKNER AWARD (Most Outstanding Region) SOUTHERN REGION FREDERICK L. JOHNSON AWARD (Most Outstanding Chapters) DELTA ALPHA LAMBDA • Cleveland ETA LAMBDA- Atlanta RHO- Philadelphia BETA GAMMA LAMBDA Richmond ETA TAU LAMBDA - Akron ZETA OMICRON LAMBDA - Philadelphia DELTA PSI LAMBDA-Denver ZETA PHI LAMBDA-Stamford ALPHA DELTA LAMBDA-Memphis


GET YOUR LIFE MEMBERSHIP — Now!!! The General Convention approved a constitutional amendment raising the LIFE MEMBERSHIP FEE from $300.00 to $500.00 — effective FEBRUARY 1,1978. The countdown begins, NOW! We urge you to enroll in the Life Membership Program immediately — to beat the price hike. SEND YOUR FULL PAYMENT OR INITIAL SUBSCRIPTION ($50.00 or more) TO THE GENERAL OFFICE, Pledge your support to "Alpha Phi Alpha — for Life!" (You will still have two years — from the day you start — to complete your subscription.)

BROTHER JOHN D. BUCKNER This is our first report since the untimely passing of Brother John D. Buckner. While Brother Buckner was a giant in all phases of our beloved Fraternity, he held a special place in the hearts of the Life Members. History will record that this brilliant brother conceived and executed the LIFE MEMBERSHIP CRUSADE — he devoted much of his time, effort, and money to its success. W^hile most Greek-letter organizations have similar programs, none can begin to compare with the records established by ALPHA PHI ALPHA'S LIFE MEMBERSHIP CRUSADE — due almost entirely to the vision and foresight of Brother JOHN D. BUCKNER. As we prepare to enter another year of the CRUSADE, let us demonstrate that his legacy still lives: "ALPHA PHI ALPHA — (NOT JUST FOR COLLEGE, BUT) for LIFE!"


The Sphinx / October 1977

It was Brother Fred Jackson, my high school teacher, who first introduced me to Alpha Phi Alpha. When I got to college it was Brother Zeb Nash who took me to my Alpha interview. Brother John Pope impressed upon this Sphinxman that the road to Alphadom was not a very easy one and Brother Lionel Newsom gave me the opportunity to attend Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. All four are alumni brothers. Their individual efforts channeled my advancement â&#x20AC;&#x201D; from high schooler, to Alphaman, to soon-to-be college graduate. Although you don't hear much of alumni brothers heavily interacting with college brothers, they have an important role to play in the development of exemplary Alpha men. I'm greatly appreciative of the four brothers mentioned above for the impact they have made on my life. Other

could come together to discuss the engineering field. It is also a well known fact that we have a number of Brothers in a position to even offer internships. Our alumni brothers who own and operate businesses could provide "on the job training" for qualified undergraduates who are pursuing careers in those businesses. These businesses could link up with colleges and universities and perhaps offer credit and/or a small stipend. There are numerous college brothers awaiting opportunity. What better way for Alphamen to create that opportunity! We college brothers speak glowingly of our alumni brothers who have "made it." Share with us your knowledge. We are the future leaders! And we in turn will pass it down. Developing the "Alpha Network" could start at "home." A giant step in this direction was taken at the Atlanta

EDITOR â&#x20AC;&#x201D; David E. Brown undergraduates have probably had similar experiences and it would be beneficial to the Brotherhood to increase this interaction. One way of accomplishing this goal would be the development of what I term an "Alpha Network" between undergraduates and graduates. The many questions students have concerning careers, advantages and disadvantages of certain professions, could be answered by our alumni brothers who have the knowledge and experience. Encouragement could be given, models could be provided and careers could be developed. For instance, Alpha physicians might spend a couple of hours per quarter conversing with Alpha pre-med students in area schools. Or perhaps Alphas in engineering, both alumni and college, The Sphinx / October 1977

Convention, as part of General President Williams' program, when questionnaires were distributed to alumni brothers initiated in college chapters. The purpose of this project is to help build and strengthen relationships of alumni brothers to their college chapters. Preliminary results of this survey indicate that many graduates are willing to offer assistance to their home chapters. I urge all brothers to join in this project. Also, college and alumni chapters in the same area should get together and become more cohesive. I have heard and read many times that we must become closer. Those interested in the "Alpha Network" should do their part. Alpha Phi Alpha "must aid in and insist upon the personal progress of its members." 29


I am pleased to present the following poem submitted by Brother Freeman Montaque, Jr. of Theta Upsilon Chapter, Arkansas State University. Brother Montaque exemplifies the traits inherent in an Alpha man. He has upheld the challenge of "scholarship and service to mankind" and this poem is his way of expressing the inspiration Alpha has given him in his endeavors. At ASU, Brother Montaque has been active in j-v basketball, the InterFraternity Council and the Dorm Council. He has served as a member of the Advisory Committee to the University President and the Selection Committee for a new University President. He also has been Vice President of United Student's Alliance and the American Chemical Society. A pre-med student with a major in chemistry and a GPA of 3.71 , Brother Montaque also has served as President of Phi Eta Sigma, an honor society for male students with GPA's of 3.50 and above. Active with the Student Government Association since his freshman year, he is presently 1 st Vice President of that organization. David E. Brown

"HE AIN'T HEAVY . . . HE'S MY BROTHER" Ourfamily trees are not the same, we both have a different mother And yet I'd proudly tell the world that this man is my brother. It's like we 've lived our lives together, though we meet for the first time As this powerful sense of brotherhood makes everything seem fine. Spectators stand and look with awe as we do our secret shake, Never realizing that this clasping of hands does not a brother make. We are brothers in a deeper sense than they can comprehend, For when our bond has just begun, their's are about to end. When we were searching for the light, as all Sphinxmen must do, They stood aside and laughed out loud, "I wouldn't do that! Would You?" And yet when we had crossed those sands and the light we could finally see, They stood aside and whispered softly, "Oh how I wish it were me!" I know the decision I made was wise, of this I'm sure and have no doubt Each day in my life will have blue skies, for I m an ALPHA from here on out. And never again will I be lonely fori have brothers everywhere, In cities of population two, I even have a brother there. There is nothing in this whole wide world that we wouldn't do for one another I'm sure I'd even give my life to save that of my brother. But there are still those in darkness who cannot understand Why I would share the burden which belongs to another man. When asked, "Why weigh yourself down with the load of another?'' I simply smile at them and say, ' 'He ain't heavy... he's my brother!'' Brother Freeman Montaque Jr. 30

The Sphinx / October 1977

Alpha Phi Alpha Rings are now available only through the General Office. Base price is $79.00 plus gold surcharge, taxes and additional charges. Please contact the General Office for full information. During this fraternal year, the General Office will introduce new items for your wearing pleasure. Watch the ALPHA NEWSLETTER and the SPHINX for announcements. Also, brothers are encouraged to submit ideas on new types of Alpha paraphernalia. Please limit suggestions to jewelry, wooden items, decals, and wall items - wearing apparel will not be sold through the office.

A PHI A Medallion (with Black and Gold Ribbon).. .$4.25


1976 Directory-$1.00

(1) Life Member Pin - $10.00

(3) Pledge Buttons - $1.75 + Tax

(2) Black & Gold Lapel Pin - $2.00

(4) A PHI A Decals - 3 for $1.00,50* each

(now available directly through the General Office) A PHI A BANNER - $3.00

Sphinxman Handbook - $2.00

(9" X12")

Sunburst Medallion Ritual - $1.00

(No Chain)...$7.50

(Limit TWO per chapter)

^aitrnitir. J L

(1) Alpha Life Membership Paperweight - $5.00 (4" X 6 " W o o d ) . . . can also be used as a Wall Plaque. (2) A PHI A Paperweight - $5.00 (4" X 6" W o o d ) . . . can also be used as a Wall Plaque.


hnHNHHP The Sphinx / October 1977

Mail all orders to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc 4432 M. L King Drive Chicago, IL 60653






CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS (approved by the General Convention) were circulated to all Chapters by the General Office. CHECK YOUR CHAPTER FILES! Do you have an ample supple of General Office forms (REMITTANCE OF FUNDS; NOTICE OF INITIATION; PIN ORDERS, etc.)? Have you mailed your (1977 -1978) CHAPTER DIRECTORY to National Headquarters? If not, MAIL IT NOW! CONVENTION MINUTES - to be printed and mailed (3 copies) to all chapters. Additional copies will be available for purchase from the General Office. October Issue of The SPHINX. DEADLINE for December Issue of The SPHINX. DEADLINE for Payment of (1978) GRAND TAX without penalty. LATE FEE of Three Dollars ($3.00) is now due with Grand Tax. November Issue of ALPHA NEWSLETTER. HAVE YOU DONE, OR RECEIVED ALL OF THE ABOVE? December Issue of The SPHINX. All 1978 GRAND TAX should now be paid!



STATEMENT Of OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION (Act of August 12,1970; Section 3685. Title 39, U.S. Code) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. 8.


Title of Publication: Sphinx Date of filing: October 15,1977 Frequency of issue: Quarterly Location of known office of publication: *432 S. King Drive, Chicago, Cook, ILT>0653 Sameas4 Names and addresses of publisher, editor, and managing editor: Publisher - Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, 4432 S. King Drive Chicago, Illinois 60653 Editor • Michael J. Price, same Owner: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (a not-for-profit corporation), 4432 S. King Drive, Chicago, IL 60653 There are no stockholders owning 1% or more of total amount of stock

has been increased from $300 to $500 (effective February 1, 1978). have been increased (effective immediately). ALUMNI — from $10 to $20 COLLEGE — from $7 to $10 has been increased from $1 to $3

9 Not applicable D. 1. Free distribution (including 10. The purpose, function, and non-profit status of this organization and trie samples) by mail, earner exempt status for Federal income tax purposes have not changed during or other means 500 500 preceding 12 months. 2. Copies distributed to news 11. Extent and nature of circulation: agencies but not sold None None Aver. No. E. Total Distribution (sum of C and D) 10,900 10,900 copieseach Single F. Office use, left-over, unaccounted, issue during issue spoiled after printing 100 100 preceding nearest to G. Total (sum of E and F should 12mos. filing date equal net press run shown in A) 11,000 11,000 A. Total no. copies printed 11,000 11,000 B. Paid circulation I certify that the statements made by me above are correct and complete. 1. Sales thru dealers, (Signature of editor, publisher, business manager or owner) carriers, street vendors and Michael J. Price counter sales None None 2. Mail subscriptions 10,400 10,400 C. Total paid circulation 10,400 10,400 J

The Sphinx / October 1977

Jethro Pugh, veteran defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys, could be considered an unorthodox athlete — based on his thirteen year history as a member of that squad. He's generated little controversy, had no contract hassles, maintains a positive public image, is well liked by his teammates and, yet, remains a most valuable contributor to the perennial success of the Dallas franchise. He has consistently been one of the most outstanding linemen in the National Football League, despite playing in the shadow of the legendary Bob Lilly. • Jethro Pugh knows professional football. He's seen the ups and downs which are a part of that game. He knows how it feels to be a rookie out of Elizabeth City State College, drafted by Dallas, and given no chance of making it in the big time. But Jethro made it and he has remained with the Cowboys throughout his entire career. He understands the feelings of the majority of performers who, like him, never get classified as "super-stars." Yet he's watched as super-stars have come and gone — while he played the last season as Co-Captain of his team. He attributes the Cowboys' success to efficient management organization. His own high quality performance in the glamour world of the gridiron is modestly called " . . . a job. Either you like it or you don't." • He's been at the game for a long time: before Dandy Don started swapping quips with Howard Cosell — when names like Duane Thomas, Bob Hayes, Calvin Hill and others evoked visions of another Cowboy victory. They've stopped trying to guess when he'll give it up and he says he's just taking it one year at a time. • Brother Pugh was initiated into the Fraternity in 1968 through Alpha Sigma Lambda Chapter in Dallas. While he's busy with football most of the year, he serves as a resource person for the chapter's Merit Group project, a very successful counseling and scholarship program. • As the product of a Black college, Brother Pugh feels that athletic programs at these schools do a good job, although increased support from alumni would enhance their chances for excellence. His advice to the young Black athlete? "Don't forget that you're in college first to get an education because you'll need it as the basis for your life's work." He also feels that the young Black athlete has a moral obligation to do the best that he can as a positive image to all young people. • Brother Pugh acknowledges the tremendous pressures in game-to-game competition and he notes that this pressure gets tougher from year to year because of the high quality players. Don't count Jethro Pugh out of the action — no matter what the odds! • Brother Jethro Pugh, a quiet, unassuming, talented football player who does his job well and excels — in the Alpha tradition! The Sphinx / October 1977




1. Gamma Xi Lambda mans Minnesota Hospitality Suite in Atlanta. Front (I to r): Treasurer Ralph Sutton; Hospitality Chairman John Garner; Alpha Man of the Year Levi Brady. Back: Dean of Pledgees James Goins; Convention Co-Chairman John Warder; Chapter President Willie T. James; Convention Co-Chairman James Beard; and Ray Cabaniss. 2. Chairman Frank Snowden, left, poses with participants in this year's Annual Alpha Tennis Tournament. 3. New Brothers of Mu Chapter at this spring's Recognition Banquet. From left: Rodney Crim, Rodney Johari, Richard Moody, Eddie Williams and James Goins, Gamma Xi Lambda Dean of Pledgees. 4. Chapter proxy Willie James and local A KA president Beatrice Bailey discuss convention plans with General President James Williams during his spring visit to the Twin Cities.


The Sphinx / October 1977

Minneapolis' Alphas are off and running to a good start in planning next year's general convention. Under the leadership of Gamma Xi Lambda Chapter President, Willie T. James, the brothers have generated much enthusiasm and support in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul for the '78 Alpha Convention. The highlight of this spring's activities was the annual banquet and ball attended by 1,700 guests in the beautiful facilities of the Radisson Center, the site of next year's convention. In town for the event were General President James R. Williams; Director-General Conventions Kermit J. Hall; Midwestern Vice President Thomas D. Pawley; Assistant Executive Secretary James B. Blanton, and several other state and regional directors. During the weekend of the spring ball, convention planning Co-Chairmen Brother Jim Beard and Brother John Warder along with the women's activities leaders, Laura Gaskins and Leslie Garner, provided a preview of the warm hospitality everyone can expect next year with a series of receptions and private parties for the out-of-town guests in the plush Villa Suite overlooking downtown Minneapolis. This welcoming mood was carried down by the 35 member Minnesota delegation visiting the General Convention in Atlanta this summer. The Sphinx / October 1977

Brother John Garner arranged the Minnesota Hospitality Suite at this I year's convention. Some 1,500 people enjoyed Gamma Xi Lambda's wine and cheese reception, and free prizes and champagne given for the duration of the convention. Guests viewed a dual dissolve sound and slide show of Minneapolis activities produced by chapter publicist Brother Earle Kyle's newspaper, The Twin Cities Courier] with narration and equipment provided by Brother Len Hays an education and | training specialist with the 3M Co. in St. Paul. Minnesotans have always been active. The brothers had the largest | delegation attending last year's convention in Africa. First Plymouth Bankl President Brother John Warder and Viking's football star Brother Carl Ellen have been prime movers in the business development and revitalization of the Black community on the near north side of Minneapolis. Chapter President James has lent his expertise in community planning and human relations to numerous human rights commissions! in the Twin Cities area Some have said it's the quality of life I in Minnesota, now rated number one in the nation, that has allowed leadership and civic pride to flourish. Whatever the reason, the area has been the home of Alpha's 12th General President Brother Raymond Cannon,

Roy Wilkins, Carl Rowan, Gordon | Parks, Carl Stokes, and many others. Throughout this year's activities, I ranging from the recognition banquet for the new brothers of Mu Chapter I through the annual golf and tennis tourInaments, Minnesota's Alphas have focused on strengthening the membership and planning an outstanding convention for '78. Whatever your pleasure, there will be plenty to do in the Twin Cities Metro area with its 930 Makes, 100 parks, 65 golf courses, plus major league sports with the Twins, Vikings, and the new Minnesota Kicks I soccer team. For culture, the Twin ICities ranks number two only behind New York City. There are over 60 theaters including the world famous I Guthrie, plus the new orchestra hall created by the designer of the Kennedy Center in Washington. For night life there's great jazz, swing, rock, and blues to be found at the more than 3500 clubs and restaurants in the Twin Cities area. The brothers in Minnesota's Alpha country are ready to welcome you next year.

By: Earle F.Kyle, Jr. Editor-to-the-Sphinx Gamma Xi Lambda Chapter 35

r on THE MOV Brother JOHN J. BALLOU was named Man of the Year by Alpha Phi Lambda Chapter in Norfolk, Virginia. Brother Ballou, a native of Newport News, Virginia, was a member of the first graduating class of Huntington High School in June 1923. As the ranking student in the class he received a scholarship from Zeta Lambda chapter of A. Phi A. as a part of its "Go-to-High School â&#x20AC;˘ Go-to-College" campaign. He was initiated in Xi chapter of Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, Ohio, April, 1925. After graduation in 1927 he began a teaching career at his alma mater, the Huntington High School, as a teacher of mathematics, music teacher, choral director, bands and orchestra director. During his twenty-one years as a teacher in Newport News he also taught music and directed bands at the Virginia State School for the Deaf and Blind, and at Hampton Institute. These twenty-one years gave him the opportunity to work with Zeta Lambda. Other memberships included the Newport News Teacher's Association (at one time President), the A.M.E. Church, Past Master of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, the N.A.A.C.P., the Virginia State Teachers Association, the Music Educators National Conference and the College Band Directors National Association. From 1948 - 1950 Brother Ballou was on the music faculty of Savannah State College at Savannah, Georgia, where he directed the choir, glee clubs and bands. During this time he was affiliated with Beta Phi Lambda chapter of Savannah. In 1950 Brother Ballou continued his career at the Norfolk Division of Virginia State College, later named Norfolk State College. He was the first band director at this college. Brother Ballou is the husband of Mrs. Edna DeHart Ballou. They have one son, Brother Leonard R. Ballou, who is a life member in Alpha as is his father. 36


Brother Ballou has served Alpha Phi Lambda chapter faithfully since 1950. Because of his devotion to Alpha Phi Alpha and his illustrious career as an educator, church and school musician his brothers proudly presented him a plaque. This symbolized their esteem of him as "Alpha Man of the Year."

Brother Willie Barber presents his work of art to Brother Dr. Oswald P. Bronson, President of Bethune Cookman College. Barber is a resident of McDonough, Georgia. He was a 1977 Honor Graduate, Cum Laude, Business Administration Major. While at Cookman, he was an active member in the entire Brother Arnell Burrus (left), President of Music Department, Men's Senate, and Alpha Phi Lambda, presented "Alpha Manone of Delta Beta's Outstanding Alpha of the Year" award to Brother John J. BallouMen. for 1976. Brother WILLIE JOE BARBER presented a work of art to his Alma Brother EMMETT W. BASHFUL, a Mater, Bethune Cookman College. The member of Sigma Lambda Chapter, has work, entitled "I Leave You Love," is been promoted from Vice President to one in which Barber has taken Mary Chancellor of Southern University in McLeod Bethune's last will and testament. The theme of the picture is New Orleans, announced the Reverend the college founder leaving the college Lionel Johnson, chairman of the and the spirit of its great presidents Southern University System Board of behind her. All the presidents were Supervisors. Alpha Men: Dr. James Coston, Dr. Dr. Bashful was appointed Dean, the Richard V. Moore, and, presently, Dr. chief executive officer when the New Oswald P. Bronson. Orleans campus was opened in 1959. He was named its Vice President in Brother Barber states, "I have always 1969. wanted to leave my Alma Mater A long-time active member of Alpha something of my own creation. Now over a long period of study and obPhi Alpha, the Chancellor was initiated servation I have finally finished it." Barinto Beta Sigma Chapter at Southern ber's work has been placed in the University, Baton Rouge in 1939 where school's library, Carl Swisher, second he served as president while a student. floor. He has been active with Tau Chapter at


The Sphinx / October 1977

the University of Illinois, and Gamma Mu Lambda in Tallahassee, Florida. He is a former president of Sigma Lambda which he joined in 1959. An Alpha Man in the finest tradition, Chancellor Bashful attends all national and regional Alpha conventions. He served as chairman of the National Election Committee for several years and member of the committee for six. He was also chairman of the Committee on Nominations and Elections. Following graduation from high school, Chancellor Bashful attended Leland College, Baker, Louisiana for one year, then transferred to Southern University, Baton Rouge, where he earned the B.S. degree in 1940. He earned the M.A. in 1947 and the Ph.D. in 1955 from the University of Illinois, studying a part of this time as a Ford Foundation Fellow. Before his appointment to head the New Orleans campus, Dr. Bashful was professor of political science at Florida A & M University where he advanced from instructor to full professor and head of the department. Chancellor Bashful began his professional career as a teacher for the Allen Parish, Louisiana schools. This was followed by a stint as assistant manager of Keystone Life Insurance Company. Before returning to the field of education, he served four years as a first lieutenant in the United States Army, spending part of the time in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations. In addition to Alpha Phi Alpha, Chancellor Bashful is a member of the American Political Science Association, Southern Political Science Association, American Association of University Professors, Association of Social Science Teachers, Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Sigma Rho Sigma Social Science Honorary Society, and Pi Gamma Mu Social Science Honorary Society. Brother Emmett Bashful

A firm believer in rendering service to the community, Dr. Bashful has received numerous citations for his contributions, the most recent of which was the 1976 Volunteer Activist Award, a part of a national program for citing volunteers. He was cited by the Florida Supreme Court in 1955, and he has received Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity's Social Action Award in 1957; a citation from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1958 for aiding a registration and voting campaign; and the Boy Scouts of America Silver Beaver Award in 1967. The Chancellor's publications include the book, The Florida Supreme Court: A Study in Judicial Selection, and the articles "Registration and Voting Among Members of the Florida State Teachers Associations," which appeared in the Journal of the Florida State Teachers Association, and "Citizenship Education in a Dynamic Society â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Some Suggestions Regarding Scope and Direction," in the Journal of Social Science Teachers. Dr. Bashful is a member of the Boards of Directors for the National Council of Christians and Jews, Committee on Alcoholism of Greater New Orleans, the Frey Foundation, the Metropolitan Area Committee and Big Brothers, Inc. (honorary member). Formerly chairman of the John Albert District, New Orleans, Boy Scouts of America and vice president of the New Orleans Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, Dr. Bashful has served as a member of the Boards of Directors of Republic National Bank, Community Relations Council, United Fund of Greater New Orleans, National Foundation of March of Dimes, and Girl Scouts of America (Southeast Louisiana). He was appointed to the Louisiana Youth Commission by the Governor.


Brother JAMES E. BROWN is an active Alpha on the Move in Omicron Lambda Alpha Chapter of Washington, D.C. Brother Brown received his B.S. degree in Business Administration from Virginia State College in Petersburg, Virginia. He has since done work at the graduate level in Oberlin, Ohio sponsored by the N.A.C.S. (National Association of College Stores). Brother Brown has been employed at Howard University since 1966. His positions at Howard have been Assistant Manager of the University The Sphinx / October 1977

Brother James E. Brown Bookstore, Assistant Manager of the Dental Medical Bookstore, and at present the Assistant Purchasing Agent. Brother Brown was initiated into Alpha in 1967. He has served as Financial Secretary, Vice-President and currently is Treasurer, a position he has held for the past 7 years. He has been a Life Member since 1975. Brother Brown and his wife Betty reside in Silver Spring, Maryland. They have three sons â&#x20AC;&#x201D; James Jr., Daril and Anthony.

MB* Brother VINCENT G. CARTER has been accepted to the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine in Madison. Brother Carter was born and attended school in Milwaukee, graduating from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in August of this year. He was initiated into Epsilon Tau Chapter in 1974 and served the chapter in a number of capacities including Secretary and President. He also served as Dean of Pledges for the charter line at Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Brother Carter serves on the Usher Board of the Mt. Carmel M. B. Church in Milwaukee. Observing the need for more minority physicians serving minority patients, Brother Carter would like to establish a practice in a community in need of this service. He is especially in meeting the needs of the elderly and feels that his medical training will accomplish this aim.

i!0L Brother VINCENT CHAPMAN, recently initiated in Zeta Kappa Lambda Chapter, is currently engaged in a vigorous membership campaign in the Iowa capital city to add 2,000 new NAACP members to a roster of about 37-

Brother JOHN B. HARRIS of Richmond, Director of the Virginia State Office of Minority Business Enterprise, with offices at Virginia State College and at the State Capitol, has been named to the Council of Small Business, a national advisory group to the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, according to William L Eastham, Chairman of the Board of The Chamber. Harris joins 45 other distinguished leaders and business executives from the small business community who were appointed last fall to the Council.

700 members. As president of the Des Moines branch, Brother Chapman says: "This is the kind of retirement gift from Des Moines that Roy Wilkins would treasure and remember. We have membership drives annually, but it's more important this year because it's the final year Mr. Wilkins will be at the national level. We feel there should be an extraordinary effort to say 'thanks, Roy'." Further, Brother Chapman hopes the drive will re-ignite dedication and interest among Des Moines Blacks to the local branch. Several years ago, Chapman said, the organization had about 1,500 members. The group slowly shrunk after the 1960's to only a handful and now is struggling to regain its previous force. Like so many Alphas across the nation, Brother Chapman is providing local community leadership for the NAACP. Brother Chapman's program is also consistent with Alpha Phi Alpha's national program to raise $1 million for the benefit of NAACP, United Negro College Fund and Urban League. Brother Chapman moved to Des Moines several years ago from Chicago with Standard Oil Credit Office. He is Assistant to the Manager of Employee Relations for this company. A 1973 graduate of Roosevelt University in Personnel Administration, Brother Chapman is active in Burns Methodist Church, Roosevelt Club and American Management Association. He is married and the father of two teenaged children. We salute Brother Vincent Chapman who recently crossed the burning sands as an Alpha on the Move!

ÂŁg& 38

Brother John B. Harris The Council was established late in 1976 to help the Chamber serve its smaller members more fully and to build the effectiveness of those members in legislative action and agency liaison, for the benefit of small business and the private enterprise system as a whole. According to Harris, more than 50,000 smaller firms are a part of the National Chamber. He says the Council position is a means of assisting the national organization in promoting the interests and concerns of small and minority business firms. Director of VSOMBE since its inception in 1972, Harris has spearheaded the state agency through an intensive program of procurement management and educational assistance for minority business firms across the state. The agency has reported $86 million. Its educational programs including seminars and workshops for minority business owners have served some 3,700 clients. As a new Council member, Harris brings expertise to the small and minority business community as a former consultant to large firms and public agencies (Eastman Kodak, Pillsbury, Proctor and Gamble, IBA, Campbell Soup Company, USDA, USDC, D. Parke The Sphinx / October 1977

Gibson, International, etc.), and as a College Professor of Business Administration.

^a Brother WENDELL P. HOLMES, JR. (member of Upsilon Lambda Chapter, Jacksonville, Florida and Jacksonville Funeral Director) has been elected as president of the 10,000-member National Hampton Alumni Association of Hampton Institute, Virginia. Prior to his recent election as National president, Holmes had served as president of the local Alumni Chapter for fourteen (14) years, as president of the Southeastern Region of the NHAA since the Region was organized in 1967, and for the past four (4) years had served as Second Vice-President of the National Association. Holmes had also served as National Fund-Raising Chairperson of the Hampton Alumni Association for the past four (4) years. At the recently held Alumni Reunion on the Hampton Institute campus in Hampton, Virginia, the alumni reported in excess of $207,000 in contributions to the college during the current year's campaign. It is expected that total alumni contributions by the end of the close of the fiscal year on June 30, 1977 will be approximately $225,000. A member of the Duval County School Board since 1969, Holmes is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Century National Bank, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jacksonville Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc., Secretary of the WJCT (Channel 7) Board of Trustees, and Chairman of the Administrative Board of Ebenezer United Methodist Church. He was recently appointed as a member of the Board of Trustees of BethuneCookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida. Brother Wendell P. Holmes, Jr.




Brother Holmes has served as president and treasurer of Upsilon Lambda Chapter, and is a Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha.

JQH Brother HOBART JARRETT was named Man of the Year by the Gamma lota Lambda Chapter of Brooklyn Long Island, New York. Pofessor of English at Brooklyn College, Dr. Jarrett received awards for excellence in teaching from Brooklyn College and the Board of Higher Education of the City of New York. Named " O u t s t a n d i n g Educator of America," Dr. Jarrett has been an administrator and professor at Bennett College and at Langston University. He is a long-time Alpha man and has served as president of three chapters. A prominent speaker, he delivered the national convention banquet address when the convention was held in his home state of Oklahoma. His seminar in the humanities was carried live on cable TV in Manhattan until the budget crisis in CUNY. Active in professional organizations, Brother Jarrett is the Chairperson of the College Section of the National Council of Teachers of English. He also serves as president of Gamma lota Lambda Chapter.

ML Brother LAURENCE OGLETREE has been named Director of Safeguards and Security at the Rockwell International Plant in Richland, Washington. Prior to his new assignment, Larry was Shift Superintendent at Rockwell's Rocky Flats, Colorado plant. Larry was employed as an analytical chemist by Dow Chemical Co. at the Rocky Flats plant in 1963, he subsequently held positions as decon-

Brother Laurence Ogletree The Sphinx / October 1977

tamination foreman, lead analytical chemist and Equal Employment Opportunity Manager. While at Dow, Larry served as Loaned Executive to the National Alliance of Businessmen, EEO area representative and Loaned Executive to the United Negro College Fund. Larry received his B.A. Degree from Fisk University in 1962 and the M.A. Degree from the University of Northern Colorado in 1976. Larry served as Vice President (1968-70) and President of the Delta Psi Lambda Chapter in Denver, Colorado (1970-72). 1972 was Denver's year to host the National Convention of the Fraternity. He is a life member of Alpha Phi Alpha and currently serves as Treasurer of the Denver Chapter. Included in his interests are the New Hope Baptist Church, the NAACP, and the Denver Fisk Club. Larry and his wife, Audrey, have two children, Vincent and Kendra.

Brother Clarence P. Penn

fice of Technical Assistance in the State Department of Education. Brother Penn, besides being an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha, is also a Master Mason, Shriner, Elk and a member of the Farmville Jaycees. He was named Outstanding Young Educator in 1973 by the Farmville Jaycees after being the first Black taken into that organization. He was named Man of the Year in 1976 for the lota Tau Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Brother CLARENCE P. PENN, prinBrother Penn is the son of Mrs. Maria cipal of Prince Edward County High Penn and the late Clarence Preston School in Farmville, Virginia since 1969, Penn, Sr. of Pulaski, Va. He is married to has been appointed Division Superinthe former Miss Paulette Mitchell. They tendent for the Surry County school have one daughter, Michelle. system, making him the third Black in Virginia ever to be named to this position. King and Queen County and Richmond City schools being the other Brother HERMAN A. SANDERS is an two divisions with Black leadership. Alpha on the Move in Sacramento, Brother Penn is a member of the lota California. A member of Zeta Beta Tau Lambda chapter in Charlotte Court Lambda Chapter, he serves as ChairHouse, Virginia. He is a graduate of man of the Education and Scholarship Bluefield State College, Bluefield, W. Committee where he renders valuable Va., where he entered the Beta Theta professional contributions. chapter and received his B.S. degree in On May 21, 1977, Brother Sanders English and History. He received his presented "Project Motivation Masters degree from Radford College, Program" under Alpha Phi Alpha has studied at Longwood, Virginia auspices at one of the local high State, and is presently pursuing a doc- schools. The purpose of this program torate at the University of Virginia in Administration and Supervision. Brother Penn has been involved in educational endeavors for many years but has also found time for other community activities. He was, in 1970, appointed by Governor Linwood Holton to serve on the Virginia State Board of Welfare and Institutions, thereby becoming the second Black to have been named to a Board of that significance. He was chairman of the Group A Board for the Virginia High School League for two years and he serves as a consultant for the Consultative Resource Center and the of-




was to provide parents and students in MMHHHMH| the Sacramento area information pertinent to: (1) Secondary and post secondary occupational programs; requirements for state universities and colleges and the University of California (2) Financial aid applications and scholarships available to students (3) Names, types and purposes of vocational education youth clubs. Brothers Addison Somerville of California State University, Sacramento, Gus Davis of University of California at Davis, CA and Marcus Crowder of American River Community College, along with other educational professionals contributed their expertise in support of the program. Under Brother Sanders' chairBrother Dave Smith manship of the Education and Sholarpresent position is Instructor Pilot â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Tship Committee, a special scholarship fund has been established and the 43/454th Flying Training Squadron. Brother Smith was born in Nagoya, amount of the scholarship awards has been increased. In addition to his Japan, of a military family (his father is present position in APA, he has served an Alpha Man). Education: Linden High as Chapter Recording Secretary and on School, Columbus, Ohio; OSU, Columbus, Ohio (B.S. in Business Adseveral other committees. Brother Sanders holds a BA ministration); Golden Gate University, (Langston University, Oklahoma); MA San Francisco (candidate for MBA in California State University, Los Management). Military Training: ROTC Angeles; MA in Education and MS in Ohio State University (commissioned School Counseling and Pupil Personnel 2nd Lt., 1973); graduated Pilot Training, Lubbock, Texas, 1975; AdServices. Prior to his coming to Sacramento vanced Pilot Training, Mather Air Force where he served as Vice-President, Base, California. Brother Smith progressed from coPupil Personnel Services (August 1970-June 1976) he participated in pilot to First Pilot to Aircraft Commander many seminars and special con- to Instructor Pilot in a period of two ferences in the Los Angeles area years. His other positions include dealing with "The Exceptional Child," Junior Officers' Council and Squadron Flying Safety Officer. Drug Abuse, Human Relations, Transactional Analysis, etc. Brother SanBrother Smith crossed the burning ders' "track record" for APA services sands into Zeta Beta Lambda in 1975. while in the Pasadena area includes (1) Delegate to National Convention, LA, 1967 and to Detroit, 1968 (2) Received Apha Phi Alpha Man of the Year Award Brother MICHAEL SMITH is truly an by Eta Pi Lambda Chapter, Pasadena ambitious Alpha Man. He was elected (3) Served as Chapter President two president of the Black Student Union at years and Chapter Secretary for one the University of Georgia. Throughout year. his college career he has been very acIn June 1976 Brother Sanders was tive in college affairs and was very inpromoted from Vice-President Perstrumental in reorganizing the BSU. sonnel Services at Hiram Johnson High A native of Athens, Georgia, he is a School to Headquarters Unified School senior pre-veterinary major with plans District in the capacity of Coordinator, to attend veterinary school. He is Instruction and Counseling. presently holding the office of Assistant Dean of Pledgees in Zeta Pi Chapter.


JtXl rÂŁ\ Brother DAVE SMITH, 1st Lt., U.S. Air Force (Captain Selectee), was nominated Pilot of the Year, 1976, Mather Air Force Base, California. His 40

jQfc. Brother JAMES SPAIGHTS, pianist, whom New York critics acclaimed "a virtuoso pianist and technician of the

Brother James Spaights first rank" after his New York debut at Town Hall in 1965, was presented in concert on March 20,1977 in Carnegie Hall, New York City, by the Behre Piano Associates of New York. Spaights is a former student of Madam Edwine Behre in New York City, also Freda Rosenblatt, Bronx, N.Y, and Emma Slutsky, Brooklyn, N.Y. For three years Spaights served as Ambassador of Goodwill for the United States' State Department as a concert pianist touring throughout Europe, parts of Canada, and the United States. On his most recent United States tour, Spaights was presented by the Music Department at Morgan State College in Baltimore, Maryland, and Goddand College in Montpellian, Vermont. Spaights holds a B.A. Degree in Music from Howard University and a Master of Arts Degree in Music from Columbia University. He is a member of the Lechetisky Association of America, The Behre Piano Associates of New York, and a member of Gamma Eta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity in Austin, Texas. He is presently serving a post in the Music Department of Huston-Tillotson College of Austin, Texas.

m Brother GEORGE P. THOMAS of Beta Sigma Lambda Chapter, Hartford, Connecticut, was elevated to the 33rd Degree of Prince Hall Masonry at the 96th Annual Session of the United Supreme Council, A.A.S.R. of Freemasonry (Prince Hall Affiliation) The Sphinx / October 1977

Brother George P. Thomas Northern Jurisdiction, U.SA., Inc., held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 810,1977. Brother Thomas is a Past Grand Master of Excelsior Lodge No. 3, F. & A. M., P. H. A. in New Haven, Connecticut. He is also a Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha.

ML Brother WALLACE WALKER was recently admitted to practice law before the United States Supreme Court. Brother Walker is active with Eta Pi Lambda Chapter in Pasadena, California. He is a former president of his undergraduate chapter, Alpha Delta, and was the Far-Western Regional Assistant Vice-President, 1963-64. He earned his bachelors degree in journalism from California State University at Los Angeles. The University of California at Los Angeles awarded him the Juris Doctor degree in 1970. He holds professional memberships in various bar associations and Sigma Delta Chi, an honorary journalism society.


Brother NORBERT WILLIAMS of Zeta Alpha Lambda, Fort Lauderdale, is an Alpha on the Move. A graduate of Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia, with a B.A. degree in 1955, Brother Williams received his Masters of Education degree from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, in 1 9 7 1 . Brother Williams has shown that his interest in education remains high. This partly explains why he has furthered his knowledge in the field of education by attending Tennessee A & I University; Florida A & M University; University of Miami; and the Florida State University. The Sphinx / October 1977

Brother Williams present position finds him principal of Lauderhill Middle School in Fort Lauderdale. Before being appointed to his present position, he had been a classroom teacher at Blanche Ely High School, Pompano Beach; and Everglades Junior High School, Fort Lauderdale. Like all good Alpha men, Brother Williams finds time to give of his time to his people and community. He is chairman of "Water Management District III" here in Broward County. He is also Regional Vice-President of the Morehouse College National Alumni Association. Realizing the importance of youth, he serves as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors for the North Broward Boys' Club. Affiliated with the Mount Calvary Baptist Church of Pompano Beach, where he serves as deacon, Brother Williams is also Director of Christian Education and Director of the Male Chorus. Brotlier Williams' s e r v i c e s to education and his Lord have not been overlooked. Blanche Ely High School named him "Teacher of the Year" in 1964, and Mount Calvary Baptist Church named him "Man of the Year" in 1972. ZAL is proud of Brother Norbert Williams and what he represents. We look to him with great admiration. Married to Juanita W. Williams, brother Williams is the proud father of three beautiful children â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Patricia, Reginald and Phala. A last note. Should there be need for a gospel singer, just call (305) 9428 2 6 8 - the telephone number of Brother Williams. For Alpha Brothers everywhere, he is the best gospel singer in Broward County.

^ija, Brother MELVIN WRIGHT of Jackson, Tennessee, has been elected President of the Pan-Tennessee State Dental Association. Dr Wright is Brother Wright

engaged in the private practice of dentistry in Jackson and is an instructor of operative dentistry at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. A graduate of Tennessee State University and Meharry Medical College, Dr. Wright is active with numerous civic and professional groups. These include the Jackson Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Trustees of the State Department of Mental Health and the Board of Trustees of Western State Psychiatric Hospital.

Brother Phail Wynn, Jr. Brother PHAIL WYNN, JR. w a s awarded the doctoral degree in Adult and Community College Education from North Carolina State University at Raleigh, May 14, 1977. His doctoral dissertation was entitled Functional Interdependence and Linkage Between Faculties at Selected North Carolina Community Colleges and Technical Institutes: A Case Study. A native of Lawton, Oklahoma, Brother Wynn received the Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma where he was a charter member of Zeta Zeta Chapter. He received the Master of Education degree from North Carolina State University at Raleigh. Wynn served six years in the U.S.Army, primarily as a counter-intelligence officer. His short army career included a one-year combat tour in the Republic of Vietnam. Brother Wynn is currently serving an administrative internship with t h e D e p a r t m e n t of C o m m u n i t y Colleges, North Carolina Board of Education. Brother Wynn currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina and is a member of Phi Lambda Chapter. He is married to the former Peggy Jane Lynch of Whitakers, North Carolina, who is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. 41

Ilptta <\ Eta Ela Alpha U m b r f a " ^

EAST f rostburg state col. Attention all Brothers! The song of Alpha now rings forth from the hills of Western Maryland, with the establishment of Mu Upsilon Chapter. The chapter is located at Frostburg State College in Frostburg, Maryland. This past April 6, 1977, 7 strong brothers marched proudly into the ranks of Alphadom. Founding Fathers of Mu Upsilon Chapter are Bill Murray. Dwavne Jenkins, Willard Saunders, Larry Burnham, John Lightner, Al Washington, and Michael Hargrove. Please welcome our new fledged, hard working Brothers into the halls of Alpha. Be strong one and all.



King, Jr. Using the general theme "Legacies of a Dream" the Brothers of Kappa Theta Lambda mobilized King adherents throughout Northern New Jersey to help observe Brother King's Day. The King observance was set up in a format as follows, 1) The week of January 9-16 was designated as Dr. King Week; 2) Notices were sent to schools, colleges and churches asking them to organize special programs observing Dr. King's Birthday; 3) A Speakers Bureau, including men, women and children who are. knowledgeable about Dr. King and his work, was organized by the chapter to provide speakers to organizations requesting them during the week of January 9-16; 4) The week of activities was culminated on Sunday, January 16, with a wonderful musical tribute to Dr. King at Bergen County's largest concert hall, the Orrie DeNooyer Auditorium in Hackensack. The music for this occasion was provided by OPUS-3, one of the East's finest ensembles. OPUS-3 is headed by a member of the chapter, Brother Charles

Zane Phoenix, left, is saluted upon his installation as President of Zeta Theta Lambda by Brothers (I to r) Warren Vann, outgoing prexy Eldren Lowman, and State Director Frank Devine. Warren, pianist-organist, the Chapter Musician. The week of activities honoring Dr. King was extremely successful from the point of view of community involvement, cultural interaction, and public service. In addition to the volunteer speakers who gracefully gave their time, the Bergen County Chapter of the Links, Inc. worked on an equal basis with the Brothers of Kappa Theta Lambda to co-sponsor the very successful concert. Net financial proceeds were sufficient for the chapter and the Links to each contribute $1000 to the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Social Change in Atlanta, Georgia, and to provide approximately $500 for scholarships for each of the groups. Since the program, Dr. King's Birthday has been legalized as a State Holiday in

The Zeta Theta Lambda Chapter in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania installed its new officers at a meeting held at the home of Brother George Little on June 11, 1977. Brother Frank Devine, Pennsylvania Director of Alpha Phi Alpha, inKAPPA THETA LAMBDA stalled the officers. Officers of Zeta Theta Lambda for 7 977 Alpha Honorees and their wives. Left to Right: Brother Albert Small, Mrs. Morro 1977-1978 are as follows: Zane Brother Dr. John Morrow, Bro. Dr. Wm. Beavers III, Chapter President, Brother Dr. Archie L Lacey and Mrs. Lacey. Phoenix, President; Mike McCoy, VicePresident; Warren Vann, Secretary; Willie Williams, Treasurer; Addison Cash, Chaplain; Joseph Alsberry, Parliamentarian; Karl E. Hope, Editor-tothe-Sphinx; and James Portlock, Program Chairman.

new jersey As a relatively new chapter in Alpha, chartered in 1973, Kappa Theta Lambda's list of activities for 1977 reads much more like that of a chapter that has been in existence for many years. The chapter (encompassing-BergenPassaic Counties in new Jersey) now counts twenty-one active members on its roster and began 1977 with a most memorable celebration of the birthday of the late Brother Dr. Martin Luther 42

The Sphinx / October 1977

New Jersey by the Legislature and the Governor. April 30 was the date of the Second Annual Spring Festival given by the chapter. In the finest Alpha tradition, the Brothers hosted their friends from far and near at a complimentary Awards Banquet and Formal Dance. Chosen as Alpha Men of the Year for 1977 were Brother Archie Lacey, a thirty-five year Alpha man, Fulbright nominee, and former Chairman of Teacher Education at Herbert H. Lehman College of the City University of New York; and, Brother John Morrow, former United States Ambassador to Guiana and Chairman of the Romance Language Department at Rutgers University of New Jersey. The Chapter's Man of the Year for 1976 was Brother Dr. Stephen J. Wright, former President of Fisk University. Kappa Theta Lambda plans to grow even stronger in the 1977-78 year. There are six prospective Brothers in the current Sphinx Club.

Washington, d.c. The Brothers of Omicron Lambda Alpha Chapter (Washington, D.C.) have worked hard on chapter programs this past year. Prior to the 1977 General Convention, we obtained our Life Membership in the NAACP. In April we initiated the following brothers into Alpha: Dr. Ryle Bell, Dr. Calvin Chambers, Freddie Cohen, Vincent Dames, James Davis Jr.., Dr. Jesse Dawkins, John Garnette, Alvin Holmes, Jaurvon Johnson, Wayne Joseph, Darryl Mabra, Dennis Neblett, and Benjamin Watkins. OLA also assisted in the establishing of Nu Beta Chapter, American University, Washington, D.C. Officers for the 1977-78 year are: Daniel Anderson, President; Benjamin Watkins, Wee President; Andrew Coleman, Recording Secretary; Dr. Willie Ruff, Corresponding Secretary; Jaurvon Johnson, Financial Secretary; James Brown, Treasurer; Hubert Michel, Chaplain; Dr. Ryle Bell, Historian; Freddie Cohen, Director of Education; Dr. James Gregory, Sgt.-atArms; Dr. Jesse Dawkins, Editor-to-The Sphinx; and, Sylvester Robinson, Social Committee Chairman. More than twenty brothers attended the Atlanta Convention, participating on many committees. Meetings are held on the thirdThursday of each month, 4704 13th St. N.W. We invite all brothers to attend our meetings. The Sphinx / October 1977


Delta Lambda Chapter sponsored its First Annual Alpha Invitational Tennis Tournament, June 10-12, at the attractive lakeside tennis courts of Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland. In the three day competition which drew more than ninety participants from the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, players competed in open singles, senior singles, doubles and mixed doubles events. A special feature of the tournament was the team competition. Organizations were allowed to designate three members as team Delta Lambda players in open singles competition. Tournament Committee: Russell Kelly, Pau Brothers Russell V. Kelley, Charles F. Reese, Joseph Yates, Charles Robinson Robinson and George Maxwell com- and George Maxwell. Joseph Yates is piled more than enough points to win President of Delta Lambda and Charles the first team trophy for Delta Lambda. Robinson was Tournament chairman. Unseeded Renault McKinney of Ann- serves as the sole trustee. Keith, a apolis, Maryland and second seeded student at P.S. du Pont High School, Lael Jones of Baltimore pulled off the was critically injured in a football game major upsets in the men's and women's last fall. As a result of wide community singles by winning first place trophies. interest and hard work spearheaded by So successful was the tournament as the Public Policy Committee (chaired by wholesome recreation, friendly com- Brother Tom Hudgins), several items petition and a fun-filled way to con- have been handled for him which were tribute to scholarships for inner-city not covered by other funds. youth, that Delta Lambda plans to sponThree young men were recipients of sor its Second Annual Alpha Tennis our annual scholarship awards. Howard Tournament in June, 1978. Proceeds Street, who will be attending the Univerfrom the affair were donated to inner- sity of Maryland, College Park, was the city youth agencies including Red chief awardee. Shayne Maness and Shield, Operation Champ and Police Dwain A. Bottoms, honorable mention Boys Clubs. awardees, will be attending Dillard and Johnson C. Smith Universities, respectively. Major activities scheduled for the fall The Brothers of Gamma Theta are the Disco-Casino Scholarship Night, Lambda (Wilmington) will begin the up- Voter Registration and Founder's Day coming year with the following officers: (featured speaker, Brother Mai Goode). Josh Martin (President); Richard Williams (Vice-President); Howard Cooper (Secretary); Kenneth Hilton The growth and continuation of Alpha (Treasurer); Kirby Kirsey (Editor-to-the Phi Alpha was recently viewed on the Sphinx); and William Young (Parliamen- campus of the University of Bridgeport, tarian). Brother Martin, in following the Bridgeport, Connecticut. Sixteen young example of the Atlanta Convention, has men were aided in marching onward chosen "Back to the Basics" as the and upward toward the light, under the theme for the year; increased com- auspicious eye of the State Director, mitment and involvement by the mem- Otha Brown, and his senior Brothers of bership are expected. the Zeta Phi Lambda Chapter. May 7, Highlights from the past year include 1977 marked a new era on the campus the reclamation smoker, held instead of as the brothers crossed the "Burning the regular June meeting. Twenty-five Sands" into Alphaland, to establish the inactive Brothers attended, indicating a mighty Mu Phi Chapter. The pledgees strong interest in returning to active on different projects had worked in constatus. An ongoing program tied to the junction with the founding Pledgees of National's efforts will be implemented the Mu Psi Chapter located in New Haven. this fall. One of our special projects is the The. Brothers constantly strive to Keith Campbell Trust Fund; the Chapter keep Alpha Phi Alpha "First of all" on


u. of bridgeport


the Campus. During the pledge period the brothers involved themselves in different phases of the student government. Many of the Brothers currently hold elected positions in Student Government, both political and social. Their plans for the future are quite diverse. They include recognition of the university's fifty years of educational services, a big-brother program in the community, a sports day for the local youth, and a ball to benefit local organizations and foundations. Brother Gilbert Carlisle, President; Kevin Brown, Vice-President; Harold Gartmond, Treasurer; Clifton D. Caldwell, Secretary; Phillip J. Askins, Parliamentarian; Cyril Greenidge, Representative to the Black Student Alliance; Michael Brown, Leroy Comrie, Shane Gaskins, Terry Gethers, Craig Jones, Ewart King, Stephen Morrison, Arnold Pierce, Kesner Sorel and Reginald Wickham of the Mu Phi Chapter wish to extend greetings to the Brotherhood. The Brothers of Mu Phi in their continued endeavors upward will keep in mind and heart the advice of our faculty advisor, Bro. Prof. Isaiah Robinson, in regards to difficult tasks - "Deal With it."

Washington, d. c. Thirty-five members of Mu Lambda (Washington, D.C.) heeded the 71st Convention theme plea and went home en masse to get a look-see at this growing, gracious Atlanta Convention Center, the educational mecca, and to witness one of the most vitally interesting and largest Alpha assemblages ever held. The ambiance was partly of yesteryear as the fraternity honored four former national presidents who attended and saluted roundly brothers eligible for fifty-year membership certificates, including our own Brothers Russell, Wesley, Logan, Lawson, House, Dean, Atkins, Daly, M. Williams, R. Mitchell, Lindsay, Daniel, Haywood, McGraw, Evans and Langhorne. This stark revival of the Alpha spirit hearkened back to the glory days of the twenties when Alpha sounded the initial clarion call for leadership and service to the Black masses with its Go-to-High School, Go to College campaigns. However, the importance of present day concerns was chiefly emphasized with a sparkling variety of programs, some featuring national leaders, which held the attention of the brothers and their guests who had come from far and near for work and fun August 5 - 1 0 . 44

Hear ye! The Washington area is the convention host city in August, 1979. We hope to develop an outstanding program for the enjoyment of those who assemble in the nation's beautiful capital. Few questions now are of greater consequence than comprehensive planning. The program committee has already begun working. Tempus fugit! The H. A. Callis Scholarship Fund Board, led by its capable and far sighted chairman, John Haywood, has studied last year's program and outlined a procedure that has advantages over the present one. To raise more operating funds and to provide opportunities for fraternizing with their families and friends, the group will present a Founders' Day dinner program on December 4. Another means of adding to their coffers will be the sending of an appealing solicitation letter to Alpha brothers. The Board's fund raising efforts were bolstered this summer by a sparkling $750 contribution from the Alpha wives, a $1,000 donation from MuLambda, and 17 individual members' gifts. For the school year of 1977-78 not only will the 1976-77 award be repeated but also strengthened with a $500 scholarship for a Howard senior who needs the money to graduate. The University's Office of Financial Aid follows the requirements of the Callis Board, with main concerns, scholastic ability and need. Last year's winner was Willie Tomony, a sophomore. Scholarship, manly deeds...

Howard u. We at Beta Chapter look for 197778 to not only be a productive year, but one of service to the community and our dear A Phi A. With the addition of the 13 "Noble Sons of Khafre," the 70th line to cross the burning sands of Beta Sigma Lambda

Beta, and transfer brothers from across the country, we will again be one of the largest undergraduate chapters in the country. Aong with fund raising events for the $1,000,000.00 drive we have also begun projects with RIF (Reading is Fundamental) and Save the Children. A fall blood drive and a Homecoming Cabaret with the AKA's in October are also planned. Rounding out the semester with a Smoker '77 should come to a close in grand style. Our congratulations must also go to our graduating brothers: Lewis Barnes, Alton Alford, Chauncey Bradley, Danny Halloway, Wendell Leonard, Jay Jones, Eric Eaton, Keith Lashley, and Kenyon Parker who have moved on to such varied fields as medical and law school, advertising management, accounting and architecture. Our elected officers for this year are Guy Little, President; Merril Smith, VicePresident; Ezzard J. Brown, Recording Secretary; Andre Mitchell, Corresponding Secretary; Richard J a c k s o n , Treasurer; Henry Brent, Chaplain; Jon Bailey, Sgt.-at-Arms.

Connecticut Beta Sigma Lambda Chapter (Hartford) held its Annual Scholarship Awards Presentation Saturday, August 20th at an informal reception at the home of Brother George Thomas, Chairman of the Scholarship Committee. This affair was largely attended by brothers of the chapter. Each year a $100 scholarship is given to high school students in the city's three high schools who show outstanding scholastic ability and character and who are in need of some financial assistance to continue their education. This year the committee reviewed over 30 applicants.

The Sphinx / October 1977

MIDWEST illinois Kappa Chi Lambda presented its Second Annual Black and Gold Ball on Saturday, March 12 at the Holiday Inn in Mundelein. Highlights of this grand affair were: (1) the Chapter's donation of $250 to the North Chicago Chapter of the NAACP, (2) a soul-stirring recitation by Miss Illinois Black and Gold, Cheryl Jackson of Northern Illinois University and (3) the presentation to Brother Robert Thirston of his Life Membership Pin. Approximately 400 guests were in attendance. On Saturday, June 4, the Chapter held its Third Annual Installation Banquet at the Country Squire Restaurant in Grayslake. Brother McKinely Nash, Principal of Evanston Township High School, delivered the Keynote Address and officially installed the following Brothers as Kappa Chi Lambda's new officers: James Walker, President; George Dillard, Vice President; Jesse Hawkins, Recording Secretary; Robert Thirston, Corresponding Secretary; I. David Logan, Treasurer; Robert Morrison, Editor-tothe-Sphinx; Leroy Thompson and Melvin Washington, Co-Deans of Pledges; Charles Rogers, Parliamentarian; and A. D. Williams, Chaplain. Also during the program Neophyte Brother Willie Jackson was presented with his Shingle, Pin and Medallion. All Brothers, their wives, girlfriends, mothers and others were cordially invited to attend Kappa Chi Lambda's Las Vegas Night held Saturday, October 8 at the Union Hall in Waukegan. The Brothers of the Chapter worked hard to make this event a smashing success. As Kappa Chi Lambda progresses, under only its third administration, it reflects upon past commendable contributions while constantly striving for outstanding ones to the Community and Fraternity.

purdue u. The Brothers of Gamma Rho Chapter, Purdue University, would like to extend greetings to all brothers in Alpha and let you know what's been going on here. This past summer was largely used for thinking over the explicit goals of Alpha Phi Alpha and planning numerous tasks which we can perform in an attempt to achieve these goals. As a result of numerous informal meetings of The Sphinx / October 1977

Brothers of Kappa Chi Lambda: Front row - Jessie Hawkins, Sam Robinson, A. D. Willia Allen Turk, James Walker, Willie Jackson, Melvin Washington, Lawrence Head. Sec - I. David Logan, Lawrence Poole, Charles Rogers, Robert Morrison, Robert Th George Dillard, Leroy Thompson, Vernon Shelton. Absent â&#x20AC;˘ Walter McCallum, Willie S and Frank Walker. Oaks and blossoming Rhododendrons, was the setting. Brother J. C. Tonsler went all out to groom the spacious lawns for the occasion. Highlight of the occasion was music of the 30's and 40's provided by Alpha wife Bernice Martin from the priceless collection of the late Brother Ernie Martin. Guest Reverend Haskins also presented his collection of the Jazz immortals of the past. Naturally, we sang the Alpha Hymn to close things out as the sun faded into the hills and cloistered trees Gamma Rho: (kneeling, I to r) Darryl Henry to the west. (T) and Tony Thompson (P); (standing I to r) Thomas Poindexter, P. Michael Gibbs (VP), Brother Murvin Enders, educator with James Johnson, Cleo Ball, William Wallace, 40 years of experience in teaching and Donvasca Williams, and Michael Gearing. administration, has been appointed brothers in discussion of these goals Curriculum Specialist for the McDowell we face the coming year with a deeper County Board of Education. Brother Enders received, his B.S. Degree from understanding of Alpha. With the help of our graduate advisors, Brothers Dr. West Virginia State College and Master Samuel Hay and William J. Magruder, of Arts from Columbia University. He has held principalships in various counwe plan to hold high the banner of ty schools since 1950 and is one of the Alpha. Many of our brothers journeyed to outstanding civic leaders of the area. Sportswriter Stubby Currence of the Atlanta this summer to attend the 71st Anniversary Convention and left the Bluefield Daily Telegraph recently paid meeting thoroughly enlightened. tribute to Brother Tonsler in his column Neophyte Brothers P. Michael Gibbs press box: "J. C. Tonsler has been and Michael A. Dowell manned a booth retired for several years but he might have had one of the nation's best high at the 1977 Indiana Black Expo and inschool coaching records. He coached formed those in attendance of minority health problems and what we can do to all sports and had many state titles but combat them. It was a very rewarding his greatest achievement was in basketball. He won two National Chamexperience. Over all, this has been a successful pionships. One with a squad of only year and we ask you to watch us as we eight men. He deserves recognition as push onward and upward toward the one of West Virginia's greatest coaches." light. Brother J A. Shelton and Dr. Henry Whisiker, two of the stalwarts of Alpha Zeta Lambda, are confined at Veterans Alpha Zeta Lambda had its annual Hospital, Beckley, W Va. They would picnic July 4th. Our fraternity house, appreciate cards from you Brothers out located on a rolling hill amidst giant there. Brother Dr. Claude Kingslow is

w. Virginia


confined to his home. Brother Kingslow, a charter member of Kappa Chapter (Ohio State) and of Alpha Zeta Lambda, has been active with the fraternity for more than 60 years. Brother Adolphus Young, Jr. has just completed his first year as State Regional Director for the fraternity in West Virginia. He also serves as secretary for Alpha Zeta Lambda. Newly elected officers for 1977-78 are: Joseph I. Turner, President; J. Claude Kingslow, President-Emeritus; Sinkler C. Martin, Vice President; Adolphus Young, Jr., Secretary; W. C. Spencer, Assistant Secretary; Aubrey N. Jackson, Treasurer; Clarence Shelton, Editor-to-The Sphinx; Marshall Harris and William Law, Chaplains; Leonard H. McClanahan, Historian; Murvin Enders, Director of Educational Activities; W. E. Hebert, Jr., Director of Public Relations; J. C. Tonselor, Dean of Pledges.

ohio The brothers of Delta Alpha Lambda celebrated a successful year at their annual dinner-dance on June 11,1977. The chapter has a record enrollment in life-memberships and many brothers have been cited during the year for their outstanding accomplishments in various business and professional fields. The Women's Auxiliary has been very active and supportive. The Pride Program sponsored by the chapter has had significant influence in developing pride among junior and senior high school students. All of which adds up to one of Delta Alpha Lambda's best years.

We have also experienced great sadness during the year as some of our beloved brothers have been called into Omega chapter. Most recent of these were Brother Dr. Hatcher Day, Sr., July 22, 1977, and Brother Benjamin Haynes, August 22, 1977.

kansas Eta Beta Lambda Chapter, Wichita, Kansas is again on the move. The Wichita, Branch Y.M.C.A. Chapter presented a plaque to Eta Beta Lambda Chapter for involvement and participation in their membership and fundraising drive. Eta Beta Lambda Chapter sponsored "Beau" Marc Boyce, a high school senior in his quest to become "Mr. Beau" of 1977. Brother Henry Brown (special dad) escorted the potential "Alpha Man." Marc has already been selected to attend West Point Military Academy and plans a career in electrical engineering. Brothers George F. Williams and Henry Donaldson accepted the certificate award presented for participation and support of the Links Inc. Second Annual Beautillion 1977. The Chapter's Newsletter, "Alpha Nugget" - The rainbow in your life with a touch of Old Gold - announces the winner of the "pot of gold" for attendance at meetings. These brothers were selected to fill the following positions for the 1977-78 year: Henry Brown, President; Otis Milton, 1st Vice President; Ricardo Jordan, 2nd Vice President; Robert Tutt, Secretary; Manual Buckner, Treasurer; Henry Donaldson, Director of Education; Jesse Williams, Parliamentarian; Johnny McCray, Historian; Her-

bert Nurse, Chaplain; and George F. Williams, Associate Editor of the Sphinx. Brother Buckner has been an "Alpha Man" since April 26, 1935.

lincoln univ. Alpha Psi Chapter at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri has been striving to keep the name of Alpha high. The Brothers of A Psi would like to extend warmest greetings to the entire Brotherhood. There are now eight brothers on the Lincoln U campus: Thomas Clemons, President; Lawrence Deadmon, Vice President and Editor-to-The Sphinx; Steve Hobson, Treasurer; Howard McCondichie, Dean of Pledgees; Don Marshall, Secretary; Detral Treadwell, Tavin Thompson, and Bobby Smith. Alpha Psi Brothers urge all chapters in the Midwest to inform us when there is something happening on your campus. We would like to travel to show unity and brotherhood. Remember, keep your head toward the light!

millikin univ.

The Brothers of Theta Omicron Chapter at Millikin University, (Decatur, Illinois) are "Getting it On" for the calendar year of 1977-78. We have planned many events for the year and we are hoping to continue moving "Onward and Upward Toward The Light" of A Phi A. Some of the programs which we have planned for the Fall Semester include: An All Area drive for The United Negro College Fund; A Thanksgiving Food Drive for underpriviliged families in Decatur; co-sponsoring a Christmas Toy and Food Drive with the Black Student Organization on campus; and a tutorial program for freshmen entering the University to help with their academic transition to college life. These events stated are just a few of the many activities which we the brothers of Theta Omicron Chapter have planned for this year and with the officers which were recently elected in May. We hope to continue to strive for the perfection and high achievement which A Phi A demands. The officers for the year are: Gregory Griffin, President; Michael Dar, Vice President Officers of Delta Alpha Lambda Chapter at their June Dinner Dance. Seated (I to r): Lawrenand Dean of Pledges; Kenneth Beteet, ce Willis (SA); William Travis (RS); General President James R. Williams; Jerome McClain Secretary; Leonard McCray, Treasurer; (T); Leonard Hamilton (CS), the president elect. Standing (I to r): Ralph Pruitt (Hj; William Richardson (DP); Zeddie Coley (FS); Glenn Zellars (P); Daniel Drake (DE); Walter Branche Michael Halbert, Editor-to-The Sphinx; (ES); and Andrew Venable (VP). Vernon Johnican, Parliamentarian; and, 46

The Sphinx / October 1977

Michael Halbert, Director of Educational A ctivities. So with the addition of our 3 new "Men Of Alpha" Brothers Charles Stanley, Jessie Chester and Yves Doublette we the brothers of Theta Omicron Capter hope to continue to show that A-Phi-A is the only way.

ill. state univ. The Brothers of Eta Tau Chapter, Illinois State University, Normal, III., have always committed themselves to the Fraternity Motto, "First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All." Since its chartering on October 9, 1971, Eta Tau has pledged nine lines and initiated 63 men. At the Illinois State Conference held in February, 1977 at Northern Illinois University, Eta Tau was awarded Most Outstanding Undergraduate chapter in the State. Upon returning to the campus of I.S.U. the Brothers, in following the tradition of Alpha, awarded their 2nd annual William Townes Memorial Scholarship during Black History Week. William Townes was a brother from Eta Tau who entered Omega chapter on June 29,1975. Under the direction of the Educational Committee, a fund-raising basketball tournament was also established in the name of William Townes. On April 1 st - 3rd the Fraternity held its Midwestern Regional Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. At this convention Eta Tau was awarded the Most Outstanding Undergraduate Chapter in the Region. Being first has always been of utmost importance for the Brothers at HT. There are several Brothers in leadership positions in the student body as well as faculty and staff. On the social scene, the Brothers again proved unbeatable in their stepping abilities by capturing first place in the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority annual Fraternity Marchdown. On April 29th, the annual Angel Ball was held. On April 30th, three new Brothers were initiated into the chapter. These new Brothers were Kevin McCoy, John Gary and Mayo Loving. To round off the activities for the spring semester 1977, the Brothers sponsored a membership drive for the NAACP. To direct the fraternal activities for the chapter the following Brothers were elected to serve for the school year 1977-78: Dennis Miner, President; David Horton, Vice-President; Andre McKenzie, Secretary; Henry Sutherlin, Treasurer; Gilbert Batts, Dean of The Sphinx / October 1977

Pledges; Paris Brown, Asst. Dean of Pledges; Leonard McNairy, Corresponding Secretary; Leroy Gordon, Historian; and Timothy Walker, Editorto-The Sphinx. The Brothers of Eta Tau hope to maintain the high standards of our beloved and great Fraternity and that through the visions of the Jewels we continue to make Alpha Phi Alpha, "First of All."

iowa With two brothers receiving appointments by the Governor of Iowa to important boards, a host of successful fraternity activities and a spring line of five promising young Alphas, Zeta Kappa Lambda enjoyed one of the most successful years in its history. Recently, Governor Robert Ray of Iowa appointed three blacks to state boards and commissions. Two of the three were Alpha brothers and active members of Zeta Kappa Lambda. Appointed to the State Banking Board is Brother Vincent Chapman, President of the local branch of the NAACP and a business executive with Standard Oil Credit Office. Brother Lewis A. James, a well-known and reputable dentist in Des Moines for a number of years, was appointed to the State Board of Dental Examiners. Brother James is a life member of the fraternity and is currently serving as Corresponding Secretary of the chapter. Under the leadership of Brother Paul Danforth, Zeta Kappa Lambda experienced some new heights in brotherhood. The fall kickoff began with the fraternity's annual football weekend excursion with wives and sweethearts to Kansas City. As usual the outcome of the game was only secondary to the fun-filled weekend of fellowship and frivolity. Brother William White, a government official, was our chairmanhost for the weekend. In December many of the brothers, along with the Alpha Nu brothers at Drake, joined Alpha Theta brothers at Iowa Cty for their Founders' Day Weekend Activities. Included among the activities were a stepping contest and a dance on Saturday, and a banquet and a commemorative program on Sunday. Brother Eddie V. Easley, Chairman of Marketing Department at Drake University, was the featured speaker. In April five new brothers, after months of preparation, crossed the burning sands successfully under the guidance of Brothers Billy Ray and

Thomas Spencer, Jr. We are proud to welcome the following neophte Brothers; Melvin Allen, a Ph.D. candidate at Iowa State University; Stanley Lewis, a law student at Drake; James Garnett and Franklin Smith, both graduate students at Drake; and Vincent Chapman, a business executive. Later in the month, Zeta Kappa Lambda held its Black and Gold Ball which has become one of the city's annual social highlights. This year the Ball was at Hotel Fort Des Moines where the brothers, wives and guests grooved until the wee hours of the morning, after which we enjoyed a fellowship breakfast at one of the local restaurants. During the intermission the Chapter announced its $500 scholarship award winner for 1977-78. This year's recipient is Brother Vincent J. Jones, Jr., of Chicago, a Public Administration junior at Drake. With the State Director, Brother Everett Mays, in our midst we are ever mindful of the general fraternity's activities and programs. Five brothers of the chapter, including Brother Mays, attended the regional convention in Cincinnati where Brother Easley participated on the Job Search panel for undergraduate members. The Chapter's year ended with Brother Thomas Spencer, Sr.'s successfully planned Family Picnic in July at Easter Lake. As we look back on the year's activities we know there are some projects we may have done better, there are some goals we did not attain; and there are undoubtedly some personal achievements we did not gain BUT as we look forward to the future, we can say with pride that the ALPHAS in Des Moines are on the move!

eastern ill. univ. The Brothers of Zeta Nu Chapter located at Eastern Illinois University (Charleston) have worked diligently to excel in leadership roles, play an important part in campus activities, and to help make the Charleston community a better place to live. These are the things which keep ZN striving to be First of all, Servants of all, and Transcending all. This past semester Zeta Nu finished up a fantastic year. The semester started off with the induction of fourteen young men into the Sphinx club. With the pledge program thoroughly planned, the Brothers proceeded with the election of delegates for State, Regional and National Conventions. The brothers then proceeded to lay out 47

plans for their Annual Sweetheart Ball. Zeta Nu takes pride in its Sweetheart Ball because it is the biggest social event held on Eastern's campus during the spring semester. And the brothers all agreed that this was one of their best Sweetheart Balls ever held. The Coronation and ball was the climax of a week of service and social events which were enjoyed by all students on campus. The highlight of the Sweetheart Ball was the Coronation ceremony at which Miss Bonnie Freda Harris was crowned Sweetheart for 1977. Miss Harris received an all expense paid vacation to Daytona Beach, Florida, along with many other gifts. The guests were entertained by the brothers presenting a medley of songs and steps. The attire was strictly formal with the brothers decked out in white tuxs and tails. The semester came to a fantastic close with the brothers having their Annual Honors and Awards banquet. Awards were presented to the Black Seniors and Freshmen with the highest grade point averages, and to the Brother with the highest grade point average. And an award was presented to a young lady whom the brothers chose Angel of the year. As a way of saying congratulations, plaques were presented to all graduating brothers. These brothers were: James Brooks III, Otis Nelson Jr., Michael Sparks, Gregory L. Walker, Emory Ben Wilson Jr., and Gregory D. Johnson. The Quality of Life award, which is presented every year to a brother for his outstanding contribution to the Community, the Campus and the Chapter, was presented to Paul Stubblefield. The Whitney M. Young, which is presented to the chapters most outstanding brother of the year was presented to Brother Paul T. Johnson III for outstanding service to the Brothers, Chapter and Fraternity. The banquet came to a close with the singing of the Alpha Hymn and the presentation of new officers for the coming year. Those officers are: Paul Johnson III, President; Carl Reed, Vice President; Keith Johnson, Secretary; Paul Stubblefield, Treasurer; Wayne Ramsey, Social Chairman; and, Larry Haron, Dean of Pledges.



Zeta Nu â&#x20AC;&#x201D; first row (I to r): W. Gamble; K. Lane; M. Williams; M. Thomas; E. Reynolds; Minard; E. Hemphill; C. Reed; and E. Wilson. Second row: J. Young; P. Johnson; L. Ha M. Potts; G. Walker; P. Stubblefield; and T. Meeks. Third row: W. Washington; L. Blakley Johnson; O. Erby; M. Sparks; M. Smith; and J. Brooks. Fourth row: O. Nelson; D. Stallwo C. Morgan; and W. Ramsey.

Beta Eta (I to r): C. Williams; A. Holloway; V. Walton; I. Sherrill; D. Phillips; R. White; Staten; Ninette Webb, Chapter Sweetheart; K. Jones; G. Mitchell; R. Allen; Dr. Jame Peters, Advisor; M. Duncan; and G. Wilson.

southern Illinois u. Pride, Dedication, and Determination - these qualities describe the efforts and achievements of the brothers of Beta Eta Chapter, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale. Each year the brothers of Beta Eta Chapter host an Annual Miss Eboness Pageant. This year the pageant will be held on Saturday, November 5, in the Shryock Auditorium in Carbondale. The actual idea of a pageant was formulated by the brothers during the fall 1971. Undaunted, the brothers got together with members of Black Affairs Council and combined fraternal support to bring about the first Miss Eboness Pageant in the fall of 1972. The pageant is aired live on local televion. In 1975, a Miss Eboness scholarship fund was started. Judges were members of the SIU Blackfacuity. This year, Beta Eta Chapter received an award from Black Affairs Council for the highest GPA among Black organizations, BAC award for outstanding services. Also, Brother Arzrow (Deuce) Staten works with Southern

Illinois Special Olympics. He was also elected vice-chairman of Inter-Greek Council. Outstanding new brothers of Beta Eta Chapter this year are Bro. Dr. James Peters, 1st Distinguished Visiting Professor, who will be the Chapter Advisor and Brother Randy "Sly" Allen, senior in Radio-TV broadcasting, who was this year's College Brother of the Year in the Western Region.

missouri In an election at their May meeting, the Brothers of Epsilon Lambda Chapter, St. Louis, Missouri, chose the following Brothers as officers for 197778: Wayne Harvey, President; Reginald Foster, Vice President; Sidney Reedy, Recording Secretary; John Pope, Corresponding Secretary; Arthur Visor, Financial Secretary; Louis Evans, Treasurer; Milton Powell, Editor-to-The Sphinx; Melvin Smotherson, Chaplain; John Buckner, Parliamentarian; Lamar Smith, Sergeant-at-Arms; Robert Simpson, Historian; and Warren Brunson, Dean of Pledges. The Sphinx / October 1977

In early May of this year, Epsilon Lambda Chapter presented a check for $2,076 to the St. Louis Chapter of the NAACP. The gift represented proceeds of the 5th annual Alpha Phi Alpha Open Golf Tournament, co-sponsored by Miller Brewing Co., held on August 2829, 1976 in St. Louis' Forest Park. The sounds of the Disco Rhythm Band accompanied the dancing of three hundred twenty-five Brothers, wives, and guests when Epsilon Lambda Chapter held its Black and Gold Formal at the spacious Machinists Hall. Among out-of-town guests at the June 3rd affair were Midwestern Vice-President Brother Thomas D. Pawley III and Mrs. Pawley.

SOUTH albany state college With zest and determination, the brothers of Delta Delta began a series of service projects to help our campus and community, and are moving onward and upward. After returning from the State Convention in Athens, Georgia, we began to give service to our community and campus. On April 18, we gave a Personal Hygiene lecture to the students of Hazzard Elementary School. Here we told these students the importance of taking care of their bodies. In addition to this, we gave a legal aid seminar for the community and students of Albany State College. We also gave a dance to raise money for the A.S.C. scholarship fund. Leadership is an essential part of our chapter, and Brother President Henry Hopson has worked hard to motivate the interest of the brothers in our chapter. At Delta Delta there is no happier feeling than that of making a new brother. On May 27, 1977 we initiated three new brothers into our Chapter. They are Michael Bell, Gregory Edwards, and Marlon Simmons. With the close of this school year the brothers of Delta Delta were busy planning for next year. Some of the events scheduled are as follows: October 27, 1977 — Coronation of Miss Alpha Phi Alpha; November 4-5, 1977 — Building of Homecoming Float; December 4, 1977 — Founders Day Program; and, December 17, 1977 — Christmas Shopping Spree. The Sphinx / October 1977

Epsilon Lambda gives to NAACP. Shown are A. Visor; J. Pope; J. Doggett; Ida Boone; N. Shipp; ft Foster; and ft Smiley.

tuskegee institute Gamma Phi Chapter, Tuskegee Institute, has once again proved the worth of its existence on campus. The 76-77 school year will truly be a model for us in terms of what we can accomplish if we "Think Big." Lead by our dynamic President, Brother Keith Jackson, our 36 member chapter has held highly successful community projects — ranging from UNCF (which originated at Tuskegee) Fund collection drives, to elementary school tutorials, to numerous affairs for the extravagant in taste. Foremost on our list is the Veterans Administration Hospital bi-monthly affair. Realizing that patients of the VA need some form of entertainment to relieve the hospital atmosphere, the Brothers of Gamma Phi visit the hospital every other Thursday. To insure that the patients relax and enjoy themselves we bring along the ladies, the latest records, and even refreshments. So far, this community project has been a tremendous success and we are constantly reviewing it to make sure that it continues to be such. Just a year old but still going strong is our weekly Howard Road Tutorial Program. This service, sponsored by the Institute's Social Work Action Club and actively supported by Gamma Phi, caters to youth who are 8-15 years of age. Math, English and the Social Sciences are the basic courses tutored. Gamma Phi was chartered on April 15, 1948, making Alpha the first fraternity to be officially recognized by the Institute. To commemorate our 29th Anniversary, the Brotherhood sponsored a campus-wide Alpha Week. Varied in

nature and programmed to appeal to a wide range of interests, the week was a great success. Brother Attorney Milton C. Davis (an Alpha Man on the Move in the strictest sense) gave a dramatic and inspiring talk on "Are Black Folks Ready?" — eloquently illustrating the need for Black students to prepare themselves now to one day "rise up and come again." Other activities of the week included relay races for the fraternities, volleyball for the sororities, outdoor entertainment by the Tuskegee Institute Jazz Band for the entire campus, informal discussions, dances and, naturally, some good, down-to-earth steppin'. Always on the move, Gamma Phi collected some $557 for the urgent NAACP drive, another $150 for the UNCF, and had no trouble capturing the 1st Place steppin' contest prize at our state convention in Huntsville. Our Louis Adams High School Project was another enlightening venture for the chapter. Focused on the educable and trainable mentally retarded students, the Brotherhood sponsored gift-giving at Christmas, egg hunts during Easter, and donated food baskets at Thanksgiving. During the school year, Gamma Phi initiated 14 new brothers into the fold but unfortunately lost 7 others to graduation. We really hope that our graduating brothers meet continuous success in all their endeavors. Gamma Phi can again say that it has had a successful year. We have planned, tried and we have accomplished. As the years flow, we will continue to be First of All. And this truly is what the Jewels intended! 49

u. of georgia Results of spring Quarter campus elections indicated that Alpha Phi Alpha, Zeta Pi Chapter, would remain the dominant force in political and leadership circles at the University of Georgia. When all ballots had been tallied, Brothers Michael Smith, Steven Brown and James Jackson emerged victorious. Brother Smith is President of the Black Student Union, succeeding none other than Brother Larry Golden. Brother Smith is the immediate past President of the Pan-Hellenic Council. Brother Brown, Vice President of the Black Student Union, is the immediate past President of the Committee for Minority Programming. Brother Jackson is the incumbent President of the Committee for Minority Programming. On April 7-9, the Alphas attended the Regional Convention held at the Holiday Inn in Jackson, Mississippi. The convention was highlighted by Brother James Williams, General President of Alpha Phi Alpha. A one point loss during the Intramural Basketball season resulted in a second place finish for the Alphas. This lone setback robbed the Alphas of the conference championship. However, on April 14, the oncedefeated Alphas upended the Omegas 60-44 in the opening round of the Omega Psi Phi Post Season Tournament. This victory was followed by a 104-34 rout over the Sigmas in the semi-final round. This is the highest amount of points ever scored in a post season tournament. On April 22, the Alphas received the second place award after losing a close 77-73 decision to the Black Student Union. The Founders Day Banquet held on May 12 was a splendid success. The guest speaker was Brother James Head, graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law and a member of the Eta lota Lambda Chapter in Athens, Georgia. The Man Of The Year honor was awarded to Brother Stanley Tunstall and Brother Coley Works received the Athlete Of The Year Award. The Seven Men of Distinction Awards were meted out to Brothers Eric Chaney, Alton Berry, Wallace Jackson, Milton Marquis, Melton Liggett, Larry Golden, and Stanley Tunstall. Zeta Pi initiated two men into the Fraternity during spring quarter. Those crossing the burning sands were James Jackson and Gerald McClerklin. 50

Commencement exercises were held on June 10, at Sanford Stadium. Brothers Wallace Jackson, Harold Mayweather, Gregory Morris, and Roosevelt Sanders received their undergraduate degrees. The summer months were spent preparing for the National Convention which the brothers attended on August 5-10 at the Atlanta Hilton. The convention was dedicated to the College Brothers and it was the largest assembly of Brothers in the history of Alpha. The final business session ended as Brothers Raymond Cannon and Charles Wesley led the procession. Projects for the quarter consisted of a Cancer Drive, Heart Fund, Easter Egg Hunt, NAACP Drive, Care, Sickle Cell Anemia, Clothing Drive, and a Tutorial Program. The Zeta Pi Chapter is ably led by Brother Milton Marquis, a dynamic individual excelling in the areas of politics, scholarship, leadership, and service to mankind. He is a senior at Georgia planning and preparing for a career in law. Editor's Note: Zeta Pi would like to thank the brothers from various chapters who supported us throughout the year.

fisk u. The Brothers of Alpha Chi would like to take this opportunity to thank all the brothers throughout the country who contributed to our "Alpha for Fisk" fund drive in support of Fisk University. The contributions and other money collected are being donated to the University's Chapel Renovation Fund to save our historical but dwindling chapel. It is important to the Men of Alpha Chi to help maintain our school's great heritage and to do this, we must preserve its history and therefore its great landmarks, of which the chapel is just one. This is why we are extending the "Alpha for Fisk" campaign until the end of the year (1977), the year of our 50th Anniversary. We appreciate the help and support many brothers have already given, but now we would like to call on other brothers for support and contributions to a very worthwhile cause. We would like to thank you in advance for your support. Alpha Chi will miss those dynamic brothers lost to May's graduation. We would like to say our formal farewells to Brothers: Thomas Adams, Reginald Armstrong, James Brown, Wilburn Cameron, Fernando Fox, Thomas Fuller, John Jenkins, Andrew Long,

Richard White, and Orion Willis. We know the chapter is losing some great men but we also know each of them will go out into society and do fine things for the good of mankind as all Alpha Men do! We wish all of them the best of luck in the future. In the coming school year we look forward to doing more community projects as well as donating more to the N.A.A.C.P. and other viable community organizations. Of course, we look forward to working more closely with the Brothers of Tennessee State University (Beta Omicron) and Vanderbilt University (Kappa Theta) because we know that working collectively is what "fraternal spirit" is all about. Last, but not least, we the Men of Alpha Chi will be strongly supporting Brother Leslie Richmond in his endeavor as Student Government President to get the student body more optimistic and genuinely concerned about Fisk's future and moving once again in the positive direction. Until later Brothers, keep moving toward the light.

savannah st. col. "By different methods different men excel; But where is he who can do all things well?" He is in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The Brothers of Delta Eta Chapter always seek this versatility and excellence in all endeavors. Continuing these goals are six new brothers who were successfully conducted into Alpha Land during the spring of 1977. They are John-Tite Stevens, Martin Flowers, Esau Mercer, Victor Stucky, Wilson Thomas, and Irvin Allen â&#x20AC;&#x201D; known collectively as the Untouchables. Leadership within the chapter for the forthcoming year will be entrusted to: Aldean Duncan, President; Louis Morant, Vice President; James E. Smith, Recording Secretary; Victor Stucky, Assistant Recording Secretary; Ronald Jackson, Corresponding Secretary; Martin Flowers, Treasurer; Irvin Allen, Sergeant-at-Arms/Parliamentarian; Lewis Banks, Chaplain; Wilson Thomas, Editor-to-the-Sphinx; Charlie Escartin, Dean of Pledges; and, John-Tite Stevens, Assistant Dean of Pledges. The brothers are also involved in various phases of campus leadership. Brother James E. Smith will serve as SGA President for 1977-78. Brother John-Tite Stevens will also serve in the SGA cabinet as Parliamentarian. The Sphinx / October 1977

Brother Wilson Thomas will act as CoEditor for the campus newspaper, the Tiger's Roar. And in various other capacities the brothers of Delta Eta will take an active role at Savannah State College. To all the undergraduate chapters, we the brothers of Delta Eta wish a very successful and truly fraternal year for you.

florida The Brothers of Zeta Alpha Lambda, Fort Lauderdale, held their second annual "Roast" at the Sheraton Hotel on Saturday, June 18, 1977. The Program Committee, chaired by Brother Norbert Williams, thought that it would be fitting and proper to "rib" a well deserving brother named Raleigh Rawls. Brother Rawls, our chapter president, was quite surprised at being chosen over other deserving brothers whom he thought should have been "cooked" first. During the roast, Brother Rawls stated that he "never realized that so many good comments could be stated in so short a time!" All of the participating brothers presented our president with a gift and one of the better gifts was given by Brother Jennings Coleman. Brother Coleman felt it fitting to give our prexy a plaque. The only thing missing was "all the words!" Others who spoke "lovingly" on behalf of the "roastee" were Brothers Morton, Roach, Bass, W. Allen, Mitchell, Thompson, Holmes, Lampkins, Williams, and Joseph Johnson. Brother Johnson did a super job as Master of Ceremonies and Brother Benjamin Lampkins, Attorney-at-Law, played the role of cameraman for the evening. During the month of August a photobooklet was presented to Brother Rawls, containing all the beautiful scenes of the evening dedicated to him. ZAL is proud of its chapter president. He holds the light of Alpha high. He is a family man, a community worker, a practicing attorney and our Brother in Alpha.

in a field day program in which the chapter came in first place. Eta lota contributed to the college Founder's Day program held in April. The chapter contributed more money than any other organization on campus. The chapter planned an Alpha Week, consisting of a Chapel Program held in the college St. Phillips Chapel and an Assembly Program held in Laurance Memorial Auditorium. The guest speaker for this assembly was Brother Thurstan Deland, Director of Institutional Relations at Voorhees College. The chapter took on a part of the campus grounds as a clean-up area on Saturdays. Brother Willie Lee Bethune was named Greek Of The Year and was honored at the college's first annual Greek Banquet. Brother Bethune was a graduating sociology major from Mannings, South Carolina and the State Assistant Director. The chapter is very outstanding around the campus. One main honor is the record for holding the Student Government Association presidency for three consecutive years. Other brothers have held various positions from SGA vice president to members of the disciplinary committee. The new officers for this academic year are: Ronnie Shoultz, President; Joseph Lanham, Vice President; Milton Gaines, Secretary; Jessie Wright, Treasurer; Elester Garrett, Advisor. Brother Shoultz and his officers are on the move to make this year as prosperous as last year. For the academic year the chapter had eight new brothers and ten graduating brothers leaving the total of twelve. The C h a r t e r Line at V o o r h e e s College was in 1971; since then many

young men have joined together and become like Brothers. There have been many young men who saw some type of motivation in life: the desire to be one of the best, not looking down on the rest, but trying to motivate them for a better life in society. There have been young men of integrity, loyalty, love and, most of all, men of peace. Eta lota has made these men and is now making them better men and most of all outstanding Alpha men. Denmark, South Carolina is a small rural town which contains several nursing homes. The brothers try to bring some happiness to those who are a little down in their health and minds. There are several brothers who are faculty and staff members at Voorhees College who have been very helpful in making Eta lota a great success.

bethune-cookman college A year of success ends with the glowing colors of Black & Gold shining radiantly across the campus of Bethune-Cookman College. The brothers of Delta Beta Chapter began the year by initiating eight brothers into Alphadom. The brothers are Charles Ware, Raul Lopez, Greg Smith, John Huger, Van Edwards, Samuel Sharper, Albert Stratton, and Rosby Lee. All of the brothers were anxiously ready to uphold the standards of Alpha by getting involved in all campus organizations ranging from Student Government Association Executive Board to the NAACP. The annual smoker was one of the highlighting events this past year as 45 young men showed interest in Alpha.


voorhees college The Eta lota Chapter at Voorhees College, Denmark, South Carolina rounds up one academic year of progress into another. President Ronnie Shoultz has planned several activities for the academic school year. Last year the chapter engaged in several activities, including participation The Sphinx / October 1977

Era lota â&#x20AC;&#x201D; front (I to r): D. Gardner; C. Moody; M. Brown; D. Corry; D. Martin- J Wriohf L Staggers; W. Bethune; A. Avant; W. Stewart; and M. Gaines. Back: W Walker R PatrickWilliams;ftJenkins; J. Lanham; A. Smith; ft Shoultz; and J. Moton 51

The brothers of Delta Beta and Beta Delta Lambda sponsored the annual Alpha Ball at the Holiday Inn Top 'O The Surf Ballroom, Daytona Beach, Florida. The highlight of this year's ball was the culmination of the Miss Alpha Doll Contest. This year's Miss Alpha Doll is Janice Cotton, a junior Sociology Major from Jacksonville, Florida. After the ball, the brothers began to prepare for the annual Miss Delta Beta Pageant to be presented on campus. This affair was the most outstanding presentation this year on the campus. Ten young ladies were seeking the title of Miss Delta Beta. Miss Gold for this year was second runner-up Miss Jennifer King from Miami; Miss Black was first runner-up Miss Jasmine VanMeter. a resident of Daytona Beach. Miss Delta Beta for 1977-78 is Miss Brenda Armstrong, a sophomore Business Administration major from Jacksonville. The success of the program was insured by the chairman of the planning committee, Brother Willie Joe Barber, who was also named "Brother Of The Year" by the brothers of Delta Beta. The Alpha Angels also chose Brothers Rosby E. Lee, newly elected president, and Willie J. Barber as their "Brothers Of The Year." Ending the school year is a sad feeling as each year brothers must depart to serve upon graduation. Delta Beta lost ten outstanding Alpha Men who have really strived during these past four years to uplift the name of our beloved fraternity. As the year comes to a close and another year is once again upon us, the name of Alpha continues to shine high as the majority of all the campus organizations utilize the leadership of an Alpha Man. The brothers of Delta Beta leave you with the key word — "INVOLVEMENT." Keep striving!

shaw u. The brothers at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina have very definite and active plans in store for the school year 1977-78. They realize how dormant they have been, and vow that they will be heard from in a big way. Their theme is The Rebirth of Beta Rho, and it is towards this end that these brothers re-pledge themselves. Due to heavy graduation loss, the chapter has been diminished to a total of only eleven brothers — but then again, recall that it only took a significant seven in 1906 the very first time! Those brothers remaining in the Beta Rho Chapter and the newly elected officers for this school year are as follows, all Seniors in classification: Henry Jones (President), majoring in Psychology, from Rochester, New York; Walter Bennett (Vice President), majoring in Theatre and Arts, from Trenton, New Jersey; Richard Copeland (Dean of Pledgees), majoring in Music, from Portsmouth, Virginia; Milton Percell (Assistant Dean of Pledgees), majoring in Elementary Education (K-3), from Reidsville, North Carolina; Gerald Courts (Treasurer), majoring in Business Administration and Accounting, from Reidsville, North Carolina; James Scales (Secretary of Internal Affairs), majoring in Music, from Portsmouth, Virginia; Reginal Dean (Secretary of External Affairs), majoring in Biology, from Chicago, Illinois; William Hicks (Chaplain), majoring in Engineering, from Emporia, Virginia; Leroy Thompson (Historian), majoring in Urban Planning, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Kevin McQuay, majoring in Mathematics, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida; and, Daryl Williams, majoring in Music, from Portsmouth, Virginia.

Brothers of Beta Rho, Raleigh, NC


Young men representing twentyseven of the twenty-nine Memphis City High Schools participated in the "1st Annual Student Leadership Workshop," sponsored by members of Alpha Delta Lambda Chapter. The workshop was held on the campus of Shelby State Community College. In the tradition of "Manly Deeds," "Scholarship," and "Love for All Mankind," the Alpha men of the Memphis Chapter sought to render a service to the youth of Memphis and the community as a local project. The workshops were held on three consecutive Saturdays in the Continuing Education Department at Shelby State Community College, Mid-town campus. The group facilitators were Brother Charles J. Patterson, Director of Race Relations, Memphis City Schools and past president of Alpha Delta Lambda Chapter; and Brother James Christopher, Human Relations Specialist, also with the Memphis City Schools. The objectives of the workshop basically were to meet the following criteria: To develop leadership skills with the intent to enable students to prepare more effectively for college; to enhance personal skills with the intent to help students function more effectively with peers and teachers in an academic setting; to enhance awareness of, and skills in, the social graces; to develop study skills; and to provide students with career education information in several related professional fields such as Medicine, Engineering, Law, Public Services, Education, Business and Commerce, Sports and others to mention a few. Brothers from the various fields were Delta Beta — standing (I to r): C. Ware; S. Sharper; V. Edwards; W. Barber; R. Lopez; on J. hand to answer questions and comHuger; R. Lee; A. Stratton; G. Ogbu; and W. Briggs. Seated: J. Roundtree; G. Smith;municate R. with the participants. Priester; W. Vickers; B. Cooper; H. Cooper; and D. Harris. 52

The Sphinx / October 1977

The seventy young men participating in this activity not only received increased leadership skills, but also were presented a certificate from the fraternity, as well as one from Shelby State Community College, attesting to involvement in the conference. Also, Shelby State Community College gave each participant 1.3 Continuing Education Units, which will give him his first college credits. Each participating school received a certificate of cooperation from the fraternity. Students selected to participate in the workshop were on recommendations from the guidance counselors from the twenty-seven Memphis High Schools participating in the conference, which will be an annual project for Alpha Delta Lambda Chapter. The conference closed with a formal reception for the participants and their parents. The certificates of awards from the fraternity were presented by the chapter President, Brother Eldridge Williams, and the Scholarship Chairman, Brother Charles Jackson. The certificates from Shelby State Community College were presented by Brother Troy Simpson, Director of Continuing Education at that institution. The workshop was chaired by Brother Charles H. Jackson, Jr. and his Scholarship Committee, which included the following brothers of Alpha Delta Lambda Chapter: Brothers Harold Winfrey, Sr., Troy Simpson, D. J. Thomas, Vernon R. Johnson, Freddie Criss, Fred Blakney, Curtis Jeans, Dorsey T. Patterson, Horace Hicks, Walter Evans, William Hawkins, Aaron Powell, Joseph Matthew, Maurice Sargent, John Stokes, Melvyn Tuggle, Clarence Williams, Eldredge Williams and Willie E. Lindsey, Jr.

u. of alabama The Brothers of Kappa Alpha Chapter at the University of Alabama have been actively involved in both the University community and the city of Tuscaloosa, helping to make it a better place to live. Since the inception of our chapter in 1974, we've worked with the AfroAmerican Association's breakfast and tutorial programs. Youth from the city are tutored on Saturday mornings by some of the brothers. In the breakfast program, we feed underprivileged youth before they go to school. Without this program, these kids would go to school hungry. Other worthwhile projects from this spring include the Swine Flu imThe Sphinx / October 1977

Alpha Delta Lambda's first Annual Student Leadership Workshop.

munization drive, work with our Boys' Club basketball team, our memorial program for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (which featured the state vicepresident of the NAACP — Dr. Earl Lancaster), and a $50 contribution to the AAA choir in their drive to cut their first album. Last fall the brothers helped elect the second Black Homecoming Queen in the 146-year history of this predominantly White campus. A telephone drive by the brothers helped garner support for Miss Billye Faye Scott, the lady who won the honor. One of our most recent projects include our AIM'S (Alpha Intended Men) work at Bryce Mental Hospital, working with the recreation of the patients. Recently the Brothers painted the Tuscaloosa Insight Center, which is a rehabilitation center for alcoholics on the west side of town. The center works mainly with Blacks in the area and is not federally funded. Troy Bishop, director of the Center said, "Insight has become what it is because of people in the community pitching in with labor, time and supplies like Alpha Phi Alpha is doing." The Brothers also have a tradition here at Alabama for bringing the best of Greek shows, discos and live entertainment. The nerve center of the chapter is the frat house which opened in January 1976. Thus we made what is a dream to most chapters a reality for us. We had a college hop after the March 1976 state convention which packed the House to standing room only. We host parties at our villa in the back on a consistent basis. In July we had our own "brickhouse" contest in which we sent the winner to the August 12th Commodores' Concert in Birmingham. We wrote history on August 26th when we became the first Greek organization on this campus to bring a 53

live band to the city. That night our Back-to-School Extravaganza featured KALU Inc., out of Birmingham, and they put on one helluva show. But the brothers here feel that the best is yet to come as we continue to strive to make this world a better place to live. It's been said that "All great men are not Alphas, but all Alphas are great men." Well, we've got some brothers who have done great things which deserve recognition at this time: Brother Joe Ransaw — recently elected to the national engineering honorary Beta Theta Pi, and compiled a perfect 3.0 in engineering last spring. Brother Theodore Smith — headed the Breakfast program as an undergraduate and is now attending Medical School at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Brother Richard Williams — recently received a 3-year Army ROTC scholarship here at the University. Brother Thomas Pendleton recently received a $2,400 fellowship to study chemistry in graduate school at Alabama. Kappa Alpha chapter entry in the 1976 Homecoming Parade. Left, 1976 chapter sweetheart, Kathy Reid; 1977 chapter sweetheart, Samaritan Taylor with Dean-of Pledges, Brother Leonard Dunning.

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-V *IB§F Brothers of Kappa Alpha seated in front row from I to r: Theodore Smith, Leonard Dunning, Norman Taylor, Bruce Allen. On second row: Joe Ransaw, Van Pinkard, Gary Cobb and Charles Jones.

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* * Alpha Wives of Omicron Lambda Chapter during Africa dinner-party.

tougaloo college



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Brother Al Wesley is a former African dinner party. This affair was just president of the chapter and assistant one of the many activities sponsored by to the Southern regional Vice President. the Alphabettes to encourage cohesion He is now enrolled in the Alabama Law among the wives, which in turn School. promotes a closer brotherhood among their husbands. The evening was a Brother Roger Reese compiled a persmashing success because of the fect 3.0 average in math during the spontaneous creative ingenuity and spring of '76. Brother Reese is now cooperation exhibited by everyone inteaching Math and Calculus at Alabama. volved. Brother Sylvester Wilson — Alabama College Man-of-the-Year in 1975, is Highlighting the evening was the dinnow an accountant at the South Central ner itself. The menu ranged from comBell Headquarters in Birmingham. plex meat dishes to simple side dishes of spiced raw vegetables. Expressions Brother Leonard Dunning was elecof acceptable delight rewarded the ted Dean of Pledgees for the spring of wives who had painstakingly prepared 1977 and was re-elected D.P. for this each dish from authentic African fall, becoming the first brother in chaprecipes. ter history to serve as D.P. for two straight semesters. The synergistic effects of the sumpInterest in Alpha at the University of tuous meal and the visual excitement of Alabama is at its highest ever. We're exAfrican artifacts, artistically and pecting to pledge our longest line ever strategically placed, raised the level of this fall. More details of this will be consciousness of our great heritage, reported in the December issue of the and likewise, heightened the admiration Sphinx. for the brotherhood of Alpha. Officers for 1977-78 are as follows: Gary Cobb, President; Charles E. Jones, Vice President; Richard Williams, Secretary; Gary Howze, Fellow Brothers of a tradition that has Treasurer; Reginald Stroud, Parliamen- persisted for nearly three-quarters of a tarian; Leonard Dunning, Dean-ofcentury, we the Brothers of Gamma Pledgees; Reginald Stroud, Assistant- Upsilon Chapter would like to extend to-the-Dean; Norman Taylor, Editor-to- our best wishes for a progressive and the-Sphinx; Walter Morrissette, spirited "Alpha Year." Assistant Editor-to-the-Sphinx. Our year, 1977-78, began during the Whenever a brother is in Tuscaloosa, spring of the preceding semester with he knows that he has a home away the orientation of the new chapter offrom home at our frat house at The ficers, presentation of our beloved H. T. University of Alabama. Drake Trophy of Academic Achievement, and the official presentation of our Standford Love Memo'rial Scholarship. The new officers for 1977-78 are: The Alpha Wives of Birmingham's Brothers Ray C. Carter, President; Omicron Lambda Chapter entertained James Smith, Vice-President; Frank A. their husbands and guests at a festive



Brown, Recording Secretary; Michael Reddix, Treasurer; Gary Haynes, Business Manager; Willie Arbuthnot, Editor-to-the-Sphinx; Timothy James, Dean-of-Pledges; Orman Know, Sergeant-at-Arms; Theodore Pollard, Chaplain. Continuing with our ever-increasing desire to be what our tradition demands, we awarded our coveted H. T. Drake Academic Trophy in honor of Gamma Upsilon's Jewel H. T. Drake. The criteria (cum G.P.A. 3.75, faculty interview, social and community involvement, to name a few) was fully met by Miss Beverly A. Lowry, who is a premedicine major from Mound Bayou, Mississippi. Miss Lowry will contend with this fall's winner in hopes of receiving the distinction of a double award. Along the same lines of endeavor, the Brothers of Gamma Upsilon gave a monetary award to a deserving student, both financially and academically. This award, Standford Love Scholarship, is given annually in remembrance of a deceased brother who became a member of the Omega Chapter while out of session at Tougaloo, trying to acquire funds to continue his education. Gamma Upsilon is striving to be the best of the best. That leaves room for our other Brothers across the nation room to breathe and still be aware of our traditional goals. We wish you well and we will continue to find a purpose at the "LOO" for transcending to a higher plane, while still being servants of all, which makes us first of all. This fact being evident in our having been selected as state chapter of the year for the Magnolia state, Mississippi, for 1977. Gamma Upsilon is ever striving toward the light. The Sphinx / October 1977

georgia Since the nature of the society is of such paramount importance, we must ask ourselves what, precisely, causes a society to be the way it is. There are, of course, numerous theories on this subject, most of them in conflict with each other. Most theorists like to talk about a complexity of factors causing the nature of society. Epsilon Beta Lambda Chapter, Macon, Georgia, would like to suggest here that the society is primary, and that the nature of society changes for the better when young people are given the opportunity to make positive impacts on society. On Friday, April 29, sixteen lovely and charming high school junior and senior girls were formally introduced to society through the auspices of Epsilon Beta Lambda's Annual Cotillion Ball. Coming from various schools in Macon and the Middle Georgia area, these highly intellectual young ladies, who aspire to attend Vassar, Howard, Fisk, Wesleyan (to name a few), echoed this social custom of long ago with an elaborate display of total femininity. Miss Sonja Denise Washington, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis H. Washington of Gray, Georgia, was crowned Cotillion Queen for 1977. Miss Washington is a junior at the Jones County High School. Miss Audrey Darlene Parks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Parks, Sr. was First Attendant and voted Miss Loquacious. Audrey's older sister, Rosalyn, was Cotillion Queen in 1974. Miss Denise Antionette Brumfield, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cornell F. Brumfield ws Second Attendant and a finalist in the talent show. She's a junior at the Northeast High School, Macon. Other outstanding debutantes were Miss Julia Mallary Fambro, Miss Intellectual; Miss Cheryl Fertessa Canty, Miss All Around; Miss Margo DeLang Walker, Miss Talented; and Miss Rasheen Shelia Cainion, Miss Congenial. The proceeds and funds received from the Cotillion are used for scholarships, charity, and used to keep the Cotillion self sustaining. This year's scholarship recipients were Tommy Harvey of Jones County High School and Sebastian Lurry of Northeast High and presently a second quarter freshman at Georgia Tech, Atlanta. At the annual banquet, the scholarships were presented along with awards to Brother Jackson B. Sheftall for The Sphinx / October 1977

Epsilon Beta Lambda's Cotillion Ball. service to the fraternity, and Brother Joseph D. Lindsey was named Alpha Man of the Year in the Chapter. It is with this spirit that Epsilon Beta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. support youth and their efforts to make a positive impact on society.

SOUTHWEST texas In retrospect we must recapture some of our exciting events and properly record them in the annals of history. Our most recent excitement began on April 25, 1977. This was the day the General President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Brother James R. Williams, came to visit Delta Rho Lambda and Epsilon Sigma Chapters in San Antonio, Texas. Brother Williams was pleased to learn that upon his arrival, plans for observance of Alpha Business Encouragement Week were in full swing. On April 26, 1977, he was invited to attend a strategy meeting put together by the Business Encouragement Committee at St. Philip's College. The college was selected as the focal point for the Business Encouragement Week activities. At the meeting, President Williams stressed Alpha's Business Encouragement Week goals. He referred to Alpha's long distinguished record of encouraging Black youth to become involved in business operations and enrolling in business and businessoriented courses in college. Dr. John B. Murphy, Dean of the College, attended the meeting and pledged the support of the college toward insuring the success

of this outstanding effort. The faculty members attending this strategy meeting and offering their support were: Mrs. Georgene Bias, Head Librarian; Miss Lillie Woodson, Staff Librarian; Mrs. Gloria Jackson, Chairperson, Business Administration Department; Mrs. Johnny Walker, Placement Director; Mrs. Paulette Halvorson, Chairperson, Business Management Department; Mrs. Joan Carabin, Program Coordinator, Continuing Education Department. Representing the Delta Rho Lambda Chapter were President William Hays, Jr. and Bob Wilson, Chairman, Business Encouragement Committee. Representatives from Epsilon Sigma Chapter were Brothers Ferrero Brown, Emmett Crockett, and John T. Daniels, Jr. The evening of April 26th was highlighted with a dinner at Earl Abel's Restaurant in honor of Brother Williams. The president spoke on the subject of "Back to the Basics." While he presented a distinct challenge to all Alpha fraters, he emphasized that it is extremely important that we recognize the basics of our past which contribute to our greatness. The dinner was well attended by nearly 50 fraters from Delta Rho Lambda and Epsilon Sigma. Prior to departing the Alamo City, the President expressed delight in knowing that Mayor Lila Cockrell was scheduled to proclaim April 8-14 as Alpha Business Encouragement Week for the city of San Antonio. On April 10, 1977, Mayor Cockrell, while in her Chambers, signed and presented the proclamation in the presence of Brother William Hays, Jr., President, Delta Rho Lambda Chapter; Brother Jeffrey Bell, President, Epsilon Sigma Chapter; Brothers B. T. High, 55

Randall Palmer, III, and Bob Wilson, Delta Rho Lambda; and Dr. John B. Murphy, Dean of St. Philip's College. On May 28, 1977, the San Antonio Chapter of Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc., honored its national president, Mr. Charles B. Wright, with a dinner at the Brooks Air Force Base Officers Club. Mr. Wright hails from White Plains, New York. During his speech, he admonished the eight Greek-letter fraternities and sororities to learn to put more effort into working together. Alpha fraters are to be commended for their support to the dinner committee and it was no surprise that the dinner was well attended by Alpha brothers and their wives. Our 71st Annual Alpha Convention was held in Atlanta, Georgia, August 510, 1977. We are happy to announce that our allotted four delegates attended the convention: William Hays, Jr., President; James Lewis, Sergeantat-Arms; Randall Palmer, III, Legal Counsel; Bob Wilson, Historian and Associate Editor-to-the-Sphinx. We almost forgot to mention our brand new members who are thrilled that they finally "made it over:" Brothers Kenneth Carter, John Harris, Dr. William Harris, and Ronald Kennard. Welcome aboard!!! Our annual family picnic was a blast on June 4th at Landa Park, New Braunfels, Texas. The Chairman of the Project Committee, Brother James L. Pickett, and his committee members provided a splendid affair for all fraters and their families. The site selection could not have been' better.

so. arkansas univ. Greetings, Brothers in Alpha, from the tenacious young men of Kappa lota Chapter, located at Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia, Arkansas. Brothers of the chapter sponsored and participated in numerous projects during 1976-77 and we are looking forward to more community involvement during 1977-78. Members of Kappa lota did volunteer work with the less fortunate families of Magnolia and, in a campus sponsored blood drive, the chapter was the number one participating organization. We also made various donations to community groups and local churches. The major project for Kappa lota was a gospel program on the university campus - featuring gospel choirs from the area. Funds from this project were donated to sickle cell anemia research. We are also active in campus tutoring. 56

We seek to carry out even more projects and become more involved in the goals of Alpha and we plan to aid the Million Dollar Drive of the Fraternity. Graduating chapter members were Ronnie Barnnon, Willie Hawkins, Judge Larry, and Rev. Earl Thomas. Brother Brannon was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Army Medical Corp. Brother Earl Grant, President of the ASU Inter-Greek Council, participated in the Health Careers Program at Harvard University this summer. Brother Claudell Woods completed Army Officers Candidate School training at Fort Benning, Georgia. Other chapter members are: Curtis Webb, President; Charles Lee, Vice President; Aubrey Morrison, Secretary; Bill Stewart, Treasurer; Larry Christopher, Historian, Editor-to-The Sphinx; Rev. Johnny Berry, Chaplain; David Deck; Don Hawkins; Fred Webb; and, Terry Bass. We are dedicated to manly deeds, scholarship, spiritual sobriety, academic excellence and cultural sensitivity.

texas Many events have occurred in Epsilon Tau Lambda (Prairie View) since the last report to the Sphinx. In collaboration with Eta Gamma, a very impressive Founders' Day Program was presented to a large and enthusiastic audience. The chapter honored brothers who have been members of Alpha for 50 years or more. They were Brothers: H. T. Jones (Upsilon); T. R. Solomon (Alpha Beta); O. E. Jackson and T. P. Dooley (Alpha Rho). They were presented a plaque from the chapter and a certificate from the national organization. Brother E. B. Evans was given a posthumous award for 50 years of membership in the fraternity.

Brother Otis King, attorney for the city of Houston, who delivered the address, emphasized the roles of Blacks in the political development of the New South. He is the first Black to hold the position of City Attorney in Houston. Another highlight of the program was the violin solo played by Brother O. E. Jackson. Since retiring from the Chemistry Department of Prairie View University, Brother Earl Jones has initiated and taken the leadership in fraternal and community projects of the chapter. We gave financial support and campaigned successfully to re-elect Brother Clyde Christopher to the Waller School Board and Brother J. C. Williams to the City Council of Prairie View. Brother Earl Jones was also elected to the Board of Directors of the recently organized Pan Hellenic Chapter.Thanks to Brother Jones for representing Epsilon Tau Lambda in these worthwhile activities! HERE AND THERE: Brother H. T. Jones reported on his trip to the Orient. Brother T. R. Solomon returned to us after discovering his "Roots" while attending the convention session in Liberia where he previously served as Project Leader in a program sponsored by Prairie View University several years ago. Brother A. T. Kynard spent two weeks of spring in Russia where he participated in seminars on vocational educational institutes. (He impressed his Russian hosts with his ability to ask for vodka in Russian.) Brother Lucius Wyatt directed the University's Symphonic Band in a concert providing both culture and entertainment for the Prairie View Community. The chapter again awarded scholarships of $100 each to three university students. We held our annual family picnic on the "Juneteenth," and the delegates to the con-

At Epsilon Tau Lambda's Founders Day are (I to r): H. T Jones; T. R. Solomon; Attorney O King, Speaker; O. E. Jackson; and T. P. Dooley. All except Brother King are 50-Year me bers. The Sphinx / October 1977

vention in Atlanta reported a big success! Officers elected for the ensuing term are: Earl K. Jones, President; Raymond Carreathers, Wee President; Oliver Jackson, Recording Secretary; Carl Moore, Corresponding Secretary; Griff Kendrick, Financial Secretary; H. R. Turner, Treasurer; Jiles Daniels, Parliamentarian; T. R. Solomon, Historian; T. P. Dooley, Editor-to-theSphinx; I. C. Gordon, Chaplain; and Neal Baines, Sergeant-at-Arms. The Executive Committee is comprised of these officers who are planning a program for the coming year that will benefit both the fraternity and the community.

u. of arkansas Kappa Kappa Chapter, located on the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville campus, has 25 Brothers who are constantly holding Alpha high and letting its light shone so the whole world may see. During the Spring '76 semester the Chapter sponsored the major social events on campus, including a Candlelight Disco and a Black and Gold Disco. Our major fund raising project was selling ads for our Scholarship Ball in order to present a scholarship to an outstanding Black student. We initiated five new brothers into Alphaland - teaching them the essentials of a progressive life, worldly and fraternally. Although we gained five brothers we lost four to graduation. We would like to give these brothers special recognition because they were among the thirteen founders of this chapter. They are Brothers Butch Carroll, Lynn Harris, Harvey Hampton, and Reginald Campbell. Kappa Kappa was founded in the Spring of 1975 and since then we have accomplished just about everything we have worked for. One of the goals reached, of which we are extremely proud, is the acquisition of a Fraternity House. The Brothers of this chapter worked very hard to get and maintain this house and we're not stopping here. Many more goals have been set and we hope to reach them all. New officers for Kappa Kappa are: Fred Toilette, President; Tracy Holmes, Vice President; Mike Nelson, Recording Secretary; Lonnie Green, Corresponding Secretary; Tony Childs, Treasurer; Martin Gray, Dean-ofPledges; and, Cleotis Wilder, Editor-tothe-Sphinx. With these new officers Kappa Kappa is planning to reach even The Sphinx / October 1977

In July we installed new chapter officers at Brother Sam Gravely's home during a social held on Ford Island. Vice Admiral Gravely, our newest life member, planned and hosted an enjoyable affair. The chapter was represented at the 71st Anniversary General Convention by Brother Dan Matthews, chapter secretary. Mark April 22,1978 on your calendar now! This is the date of our 2nd annual benefit dinner dance. Plan now for a Hawaiian vacation and attend this worthwhile affair with your Honolulu brothers, "Aloha" from Hawaii. Above, General Harry Brooks addresses Mu Beta Lambda's first Annual UNCF Benefit Dinner-Dance in Honolulu. Below, Chapter prexy C. Edward Singer shows On September 12, 1977, Zeta Beta lapel pin presented to each brother by Mr.Lambda Chapter, Sacramento, puncRichard McRostie, Asst. National Developtuated the onward, upward movement ment Director of the UNCF. of Alphadom. On that date chapter president Clifton West turned over the reins of his two-year administration to president-elect Brother Heman B. Smith and the newly elected officers of Zeta Beta Lambda. Under Brother West's administration the chapter has progressed in terms of increased membership, larger attendance, enthusiastic participation on the part of individual brothers and spirited dedication to Alpha Phi Alpha. Summary of major activities during the past five months: April — Attended Western Regional Convention, Denver, Colorado (Delegates - Brothers C. West, Thomas Robinson, Vernon Freeman, Heman Smith and A. Fairfax); May — Project Motivation; June — higher goals and we will continue to Initiated four Sphinxmen (Eugene hold Alpha high! Covington, Samuel Cullers, Horace Holmes and Edward Simmons); August — Attended National Convention, Atlanta, Georgia (Delegates - Brothers A. Fairfax, A. Gay, Irvin Gipson, Gerald Jones, Heman Smith and C. West. Also Mu Beta Lambda of Hawaii reports in attendance were Mrs. Clifton West, the tremendous success of its First AnMrs. Heman Smith, Brother and Mrs. nual Benefit Dinner Dance held for the Charles W. Townsel and daughter, United Negro College Fund at the Hyatt Brother and Mrs. Dlifford Basfield, Regency Ballroom in Honolulu. Mayor Brother Al Travis and Brother Reuben Frank P. Fasi declared April 30, 1977 Smith); September — Installation of as United Negro College Fund Day in newly elected officers — Brothers honor of the occasion. A gathering of 400 enjoyed a fabulous buffet, ap- Heman B. Smith, President; Herman A. plauded the Disco Fashion Revue, and Sanders, Vice President; James Patdanced to the sounds of the Gabe terson, Recording Secretary; George Baltazar band til the wee, wee hours. Porter, Corresponding Secretary; ArMajor Gen. (RET) Harry W. Brooks, Jr., thur Johnson, Treasurer; Claude Odom, Vice President of American Factors, Jr., Chaplain; Walter Ellison, III; Ltd., gave an excellent address, "The Augustus Davis, Parliamentarian; VerValue of an Education in Today's non Freeman, Financial Secretary; World." Over $5,000 was raised for the Thomas Robinson, Dean of Pledges; Reuben Smith, Dean of Probate. UNCF.


WEST hawaii


san jose state Growing strong with eight new brothers, Epsilon Mu, 1977 Western Region Chapter of the Year, is building stronger fraternal support. Brother Jerome Cannon is serving as the new Western Assistant Vice President and Brother La Guan Lea will serve as President for this chapter. More than ever there is concern for the Black community in the San Francisco Bay area. The chapter gave a $500 pledge too the N.A.A.C.P. at an annual banquet held on May 28th in San Jose. Many prominent California citizens and politicians were present, including California State Supreme Court Justice Wiley W. Manuel. The chapter is also forming a tutoring program which is directed at underprivileged children in the San Jose area. Six Brothers graduated last semester; Phil Brown, Michael Cunningham, Chris Darden, Andrew Isadore, Derrick Kendricks, and Luis Silvestre. Brother Cunningham received his Masters in Business. Bringing the Alpha spirit back to the campus, Brothers head various campus groups. Brother Miles Newborn is President of the Concerned Black Students, Faculty, and Staff; Bruce Santos is President of Black Business Students; and La Guan Lea is Editor of the Minority Newspaper. And I am Juan Sigler, reporter for the Sphinx magazine. Other newly elected officers are: Luis Silvestre, Vice President; Kevin Clark, Recording and Corresponding Secretary; Eugene Carter, Treasurer; and Maurice Sullivan, Parliamentarian.

Brothers of Epsilon Mu chapter. 58

La Guan Lea, president of Epsilon Mu.

California On August 26, 1976, Brother Kenneth D. Chapman held the first meeting of what soon came to be Mu Xi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha. This meeting was comprised of military and civilian brothers in the San BemadinoRiverside area. Interim officers were elected and subsequently forms were submitted to the National in Chicago. Thereby Alpha begins in the Inland Empire. Due to the increase in chapter applications during the 76-77 year, the processing of cur chapter charter was delayed. However, we continued to grow and function by drafting our Chapter Constitution and increasing our membership. After lengthy communications with the national, and

receiving tentative approval of our chapter, plans were made to honor the upcoming festive occasion. Arrangements for a Charter Dinner Dance were made, although the Brothers did not know the date the chapter would be approved. Correspondence was sent to all area chapters requesting their assistance in recognizing this monumental occasion. On February 12, 1977, Mu Xi Lambda (Key Number 558) officially received its Charter â&#x20AC;&#x201D; which was presented at the dinner dance held the same evening. The keynote speaker was Brother Ray Bartlett, President of Eta Pi Lambda Chapter, Pasadena, California. Members of all Black Greekletter organizations were represented (except Phi Beta Sigma) and acknowledged. Also present were community and civic leaders. At the conclusion of the dinner, Brother Bartlett introduced the Charter Members: Carl E. Brazelton, Lt., USAF; Kenneth Chapman; Charles M. Coffin, Capt., USAF; Walter Lewis, Capt., USAF; Byron McGuire; Ron Stanley, Capt., USAF; Norman Towels; Robert Dixon, Lt., USAF; Cornell Jones, Capt., USAF; and, Howard Wallace, Capt., USAF. Other chapter members are Marion Black, Maj., USAF; John Taylor, Lt., USAF; and, Bennett Desadier. Current projects include advisory assistance to area college chapters, active participation in the Western Regional in Denver, Colorado and scholarship programs. In the opinion of the Brothers of Mu Xi Lambda, our chapter will have to be reckoned with as the most influential voice in the far Western Region.

From left to right: Charles M. Coffin, toastmaster; Kenneth Chapman, president of Mu Xi Lambda chapter and Roy Bartlett, key note speaker. The Sphinx / October 1977

Brother GEORGE E. BARBOUR entered Omega Chapter June 1, 1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Brother Barbour was initiated by Beta Theta Chapter, Bluefield State College in 1935 - being an active member of this chapter, and served with distinction of numerous committees. In 1946 Brother Barbour became affiliated with Psi Chapter in Philadelphia, and in 1956 became a charter member of Zeta Omicron Lambda Chapter, and served as chairman of its first Sweetheart Dance. The brothers of Zeta Omicron Lambda chapter mourned his passing and gave expression to their grief at a chapter Omega Service preceding final funeral services. Brother Barbour is survived by his wife, Elizabeth; two daughters, Mrs. Brenda Tucker and Dr. Phyllis Freeman; three grandchildren, Lisa Tucker, Kimberly Freeman and David Freeman; and three sisters. Brother Barbour was a Probation and Parole Officer with the Criminal Justice System in Philadelphia. Prior to this assignment he had worked for the Veterans Administration and in his earlier years had been a teacher and principal of a secondary school system in Warrenton, Virginia. Brother EDWARD W. BEASLEY, Pediatrician, age 79 entered Omega Chapter June 29, 1977 in Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. Brother Beasley was born in Macon, Georgia on May 9, 1898 the son of Albert and Mattie Beasley. He attended Ballard Institute in Macon, and in 1918 graduated from Fisk University with a Baccalaureate Degree. He received his medical degree from Northwestern University Medical School, completing his internship and residency at Cook County Hospital in Chicago where he began to Practice in 1931. Brother Beasley furthered his interest in pediatrics by studying in the famous Children's Clinics of Vienna. During his 50 years of practice, Brother Beasley served as Chief of Pediatrics at Provident Hospital and on the staffs of Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. He was the Medical Director of Supreme Life Insurance Company, and of the Chicago Metropolitan Mutual Assurance Company, serving on the Boards of Directors of both firms. Brother Beasley received numerous honors and awards including the following: Northwestern University Alumni Association, 25 years of service; Fisk University Alumni Award; Man of the Year Award of the Original Forty Club; Children's Memorial Hospital Award, 30 years of service; Chicago Pediatrics Society Distinguished Service Award; and Illinois Society of Medicine Fifty Years Award. Xi Lambda Chapter conducted Omega Services prior to the funeral rites at the United Funeral Parlor in Chicago on July 1,1977, conducted by Ronald S. Flowers, Chapter President. Brother HAROLD BROWN, SR. entered Omega Chapter August 1.1977 following a short illness, in Denver, Colorado. Brother Brown was born in Steelton, Pennsylvania November 16, 1894. He was the eldest of fourteen children, seven brothers and six sisters. He completed his elementary and secondary school work in Steelton, Pennsylvania, — he later attended Lincoln University (Pa.) where he received his Baccalaureate degree in 1915. Following his college graduation he worked as Secretary of the Pittsburgh Urban League; also worked as Field Representative in Chicago for the American Woodmens Insurance Company, from The Sphinx / October 1977

Brother Edward W. Beasley

Brother John Davis Buckner

which post he was transferred to Denver, Colorado in 1921, where he continued until his retirement in 1960. Brother Brown was a life-long Presbyterian and an active member of Peoples Presbyterian Church in Denver, where he had served as Treasurer and Ruling Elder. He served as President of the Denver Council of Presbyterian Men and the Colorado-Wyoming Council of Presbyterian Men. He was a dynamic leader and a moving force in organizing Alpha lota Chapter at the University of Denver, and an enthusiastic leader in many civic organizations. Brother Brown is survived by his wife Esther; three sisters, Martha Cobb, Rachael Stevens and Rebecca Brown; a son, Harold Brown, Jr.; and many grandchildren. Brother Brown was an active member of Delta Psi Lambda chapter, which chapter has sustained many losses by death during the year, which is regrettable. Funeral rites were held August 4, 1977 at Peoples Presbyterian Church - the local chapter taking an active part in a memorial service thereat. Brother STANLEY E. BROWN, age 77 - recently entered Omega Chapter in Cleveland, Ohio. Brother Brown received his Baccalaureate Degree at Howard University, Washington, D.C., and his Doctor of Medicine degree from Western Reserve University Medical School, Cleveland, Ohio. Brother Brown was an eye, ear, nose and throat specialist for fifty years, and following a lengthy illness died in Cleveland Veterans Hospital. Services were held at the Watson Funeral Home in Cleveland. Brother Brown was a member of Delta Alpha Lambda Chapter, and prior to his passing was the recipient of a fifty year membership certificate from the Fraternity. Brother Brown served with distinction in World Wars I and II; he was a member of Mount Zion Congregational Church, the Cleveland Academy of Medicine and many civic organizations. Brother Brown is survived by a sister, Georgia Shipman, a nephew, and two nieces. Brother JOHN DAVIS BUCKNER, age 55 — well known educator, civic worker, sports enthusiast and fraternity leader — entered Omega Chapter Sunday, July 17, 1977 on arrival at Homer G. Phillips Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri. 59

Brother Buckner's passing is a shock to all Alphadom. He had returned from Buenos Aires, Argentina — as a delegate to the YMCA World Council meeting — only a week before he suddenly collapsed in his home — 4246 West North Market Street in St. Louis. Following provisions of his will, his body was donated to Washington University Medical School. Memorial services for Brother Buckner were held at Central Baptist Church July 3 1 , 1977 under the direction of the Reverend Thomas Elliott Huntley, Pastor. Alpha Phi Alpha Memorial services were conducted at these rites by Brother Wayne Harvey, President of Epsilon Lambda Chapter. Over 150 Alpha brothers attended in a body, words of tribute were offered by James R. Williams, General President, and Laurence T. Young, Former Executive Secretary. Other expressions and memories were presented by the Mayor of the City of St. Louis, and the Governor of the State of Missouri. A laminated scroll and/or resolution was presented to Brother Buckner's mother, Mrs. Julia Davis. Other words of tribute were expressed by the Deputy Superintendent of St. Louis Public Schools, Ernest Jones; Virgil King, Principal of Sumner High School; William McAllister, Executive-MidAmerican Region, YMCA; Richard Kautz, Member of the World Alliance Executive Committee, YMCA; Mel Lowenstein, Assistant Scout Executive, St. Louis Area Council; Melvin Harrington, Chairman of the Board of the Annie Malone Children's Home; Guy R. Atchison, Chairman of the Board - Ferrier Harris Home for the Aged; and Brother Jodie Bailey, Basketball Coach, Northwest High School. Brother Buckner was educated in the public schools of St. Louis, he received his Baccalaureate degree from Stowe Teachers College and his Master's Degree from Northwestern University; post-graduate work at Iowa State and Columbia Universities. At the time of Brother Buckner's death he was Supervisor of Curriculum, St. Louis public schools. He had begun his teaching career in 1943 as an instructor of mathematics at Sumner High School where he was later chairman of the department, and then advisor to superior students before being name Supervisor of Secondary Education in 1960. He served as principal of Sumner High School from 1968 to 1971 when he assumed his present post. Brother Buckner was a member of a large number of professional organizations and had received awards for distinguished service from eleven organizations and social agencies, including four citations from Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, where he was an outstanding recruiter of life members, as well as the perennial chairman of the Committee on Constitution. Brother Buckner was the Frontiersman of the Year in 1965 and was named to the Greater St. Louis Athletic Hall of Fame in 1969. His long record of service to the YMCA began in his youth and continued until his death. He had held virtually every high-level volunteer post in the organization and at the time of his death was a member of the YMCA national board, the National Council of the YMCA's of the United States, the Mid-American Region and the City North Branch. Brother Buckner was truly a dedicated public servant. He is survived by his mother, an uncle and many collateral relatives.

Brother JOHN COLE, age 40 — of Los Angeles, California — entered Omega Chapter March 22,1977. Brother Cole was a professional engineer — earning his Baccalaureate degree at the Northrop Institute in Los Angeles, and his Master's Degree in Public Administraton at the University of Southern California. Brother Cole was initiated while a student at San Francisco State University, — and later became an active member of Eta Pi Lambda Chapter in Altadena, California. Brother Cole is survived by his wife, Beverly, a candidate for a doctoral degree at University of California, Los Angeles; one daughter; two sons; and his mother and father. 60

Brother HATCHER A. DAY — a distinguished physician in Cleveland, Ohio, and an active member of Delta Alpha Lambda Chapter — passed into Omega Chapter in August of 1977 in a tragic manner. Brother Day was shot by an unknown and as yet unidentified home invader — in his home at 16724 Scottsdale Boulevard, Shaker Heights, Ohio. Brother Day, age 76, was a graduate of Fisk University and Meharry Medical College, in 1931, following which he engaged in General Practice in North Carolina before coming to establish a lucrative profession in Cleveland, Ohio in 1949. He was a member of the Academy of Medicine and the Ohio Academy of General Practice. He was on the staffs of Forest City and Booth Memorial Hospitals, and was associated with MedicScreen, a city clinic. Brother Day was a member of Antioch Baptist Church, holding office therein, and an active official with the Boy Scouts of America. He was an Officer in the Prince Hall Lodge — a Masonic group. Delta Alpha Lambda Chapter has offered a reward of $1,000 for information leading to the identity and conviction of the slayer of Brother Day. Funeral rites were conducted at Antioch Baptist Church in Cleveland, preceded by the Alpha Omega Service under the direction of the local Chapter. Surviving are his wife, Clara; two daughters, Clara Ruth and Mrs. Dolores Best; sons Hatcher, Jr. and Jasper W.; three grandchildren; and a brother and a sister. Brother JOHN EDWARD DILLARD entered Omega Chapter June 26,1977 in Denver, Colorado — following a short illness. Brother Dillard was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee May 18, 1928, graduated from Stephen Lee High School in Asheville, North Carolina, attended Morris Brown College, Atlanta, Georgia, and received his Baccalaureate Degree at Colorado University, Denver, Colorado. Brother Dillard was active in many civic organizations — state and local — he was an active member of Delta Psi Lambda Chapter, a Life Member — and an active member of Scott United Methodist Church. It is to be noted that Delta Psi Lambda chapter has sustained an unusual amount of losses by death of active and outstanding brothers, and it is indeed regrettable. Contributions of one brother as against the contributions of another is repugnant to the traditions of Alpha — inasmuch as ALL of our brothers are OUTSTANDING, otherwise they would not be members of this Fraternity. Brother ERNEST ADDISON GREENE entered Omega Chapter August 3,1977 in Chicago, Illinois. Brother Greene was an active member of Xi Lambda Chapter, and a member of the prestigious law firm, Brown, Brown and Cyrus for many years. Brother Greene.was born in Rome, Georgia November 21, 1901, The Sphinx / October 1977

received his elementary education in Rome, Georgia, and his academic education at Talladega College, Alabama where he received his Baccalaureate Degree, following which he moved to Chicago, where he received his Bachelor of Law Degree at Chicago-Kent College of Law. Brother Greene entered the field of politics and was elected a member of the Illinois House of Representatives in 1936, where he served with distinction for a total of five two-year terms. Upon leaving the Legislature he became a Trial Attorney for the Chicago Transit Authority, and later served as Associate Judge, Circuit Court of Cook County. Brother Green's affiliations were legion. He was a member of the Cook County Bar Association, the Chicago Bar Association, the NAACP, the Talladega Alumni Club, and St. Mark United Methodist Church where he served as a Trustee. Brother Greene leaves to mourn his passing a wife, Charlyne; a son, Ernest Addison Green, Jr.; three daughters, Phyllis, Pierrette and Nina; and many others, besides a host of friends. A service of memory for Brother Greene was conducted by the Reverend Maceo D. Pembroke, Pastor of St. Mark United Methodist Church in Chicago, on Monday, August 8,1977. Brother CLAUDE HEZEKIAH HARPER, age 89 years, entered Omega Chapter May 29,1977 in St. Louis, Missouri. Brother Harper was graduated from the University of Michigan with a Baccalaureate Degree, and was awarded a Phi Beta Kappa key at Harvard University where he earned a Masters Degree in education. Brother Harper held teaching positions at Tennessee State University, Tuskegee Institute, Florida A and M University, Vashon High School, Stowe Teachers College and Sumner High School in St. Louis. At the time of his retirement, he was Assistant Principal at Sumner High School. Brother Harper married September 2,1925 the late Vida Honesty (Harper) — to which union two children were born, Evangeline and Claude. Brother Harper was an active member of Epsilon Lambda Chapter and Berea Presbyterian Church, where he served as Sunday School Superintendent and Elder. He was active in the Boy Scout movement, and an active member and participant in many local civic and educational programs. Brother Harper is survived by a son, Claude H. Harper, Jr.; a daughter, Mrs. Evangeline H. Brown; a daughter-in-law, Pearlie M. Harper; a son-in-law, Ernest V. Brown; three grandchildren, Ann, Edward and Judith; and a host of friends. Under the direction of the President of Epsilon Lambda chapter — Omega memorial services were held preceding funeral rites at Berea Presbyterian Church, and service of commitment was held in St. Peter's Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri. Brother LOUIS JULIAN HARPER, JR. — age 77 — entered Omega Chapter January 1977 in Louisville, Kentucky. Brother Harper was an active member of Alpha Lambda Chapter, Louisville, Kentucky, which chapter has again lost one of its stalwarts following that of Brother Stenson E. Broaddus. Brother Harper was born August 5, 1899 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and at an early age became a member of the First Congregational Church of Atlanta, Georgia, where his family resided. Brother Harper received his Baccalaureate Degree from the Laboratory School of Atlanta University in 1921, with a Bachelor of Arts degree. His education was interrupted when he joined the Student Army Training Corps, which led to active service with the United States Army during World War I. Continuing his education upon separation from the Armed Forces, Brother Harper studied at Louisville Municipal College, Columbia University and Indiana University, where he earned a Masters Degree. For forty eight years the teaching profession was his life's work before he retired in 1969 from Central High School where he served as Chairman of the Science Department for many years. The Sphinx / October 1977

Brother Harper served on the Chestnut Street YMCA Board and the Cerebral Palsy Board. He was a life member of the Kentucky Education Association, a member of the NAACP, the Urban League, the United Negro College Fund and the Atlanta University College Fund. Brother Harper is survived by his wife, Ruth; a sister, Lucille Saundle; and many other relatives. Brother LOUIS K. HARRIS, age 56, of Pasadena, California entered Omega Chapter May 26,1977. Brother Harris was a supervisory probation officer for Los Angeles County. He was an active member of Eta Pi Lambda Chapter. His untimely and yet unexplained death has left the brothers of Eta Pi Lambda with a greater than usual sense of loss, as Brother Harris was a moving force of the chapter, serving as Secretary. Brother Harris was born in Evergreen, Alabama, and spent his early life in Lebanon, Illinois. He was a graduate of St. Louis University, studied law at the Southwestern School of Law in Los Angeles, California. Brother Harris was a World War II veteran doing his stint of service in the United State Air Corps. He is survived by his wife, Martha; a son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Louis K. Harris; two daughters, Dianne and Allison; and a granddaughter, Nia Nicole. Appropriate chapter Omega Services were conducted at the funeral parlors preceding the Funderal Mass on May 29,1977. Brother BENJAMIN HAYNES entered Omega Chapter August 22,1977 in Cleveland, Ohio following a short illness. Brother Haynes was an active member of Delta Alpha Lambda chapter in Cleveland, Ohio, and also a Life Member. He was principal of one of the elementary schools in Cleveland for many years. He is survived by his wife Julia; two children, Wendell and Gregory; and many collateral relatives. Delta Alpha Lambda chapter took due notice of his passing prior to final rites, which were conducted Friday, August 26,1977 at Mt. Zion Congregational Church, in Cleveland, interment Lake View Cemetry in Cleveland. Brother JOHN HENRY HUNTER, age 67 years, entered Omega Chapter May 31,1977. Brother Hunter was an educator. He received his Baccalaureate and Masters Degrees from the University of Illinois. During his rewarding career he served as teacher in several schools in the St. Louis public school system. At the time of his passing he was principal of the Chouteau Elementary SchooL Brother Hunter was an active member of Epsilon Lambda chapter and recently became a member of that exclusive group, Life Members, of that chapter. Brother Hunter was born February 20, 1910 in St. Louis, Missouri. He was a member of the first graduating class of Vashon High School in 1927. Brother Hunter was a loyal, devoted and dedicated member of Central Baptist Church; a member of the Gnashers Club; the School Administrators Club; the United Negro College Fund; and many other civic organizations. The brothers of Epsilon Lambda chapter assembled at Central Baptist Church in St. Louis on June 2, 1977 for a memorial service for Brother Hunter conducted by the Chapter President. Brother JOHN W. KING entered Omega Chapter in February 1977. He was an active member of Delta Lambda Chapter, having held many offices over a period of years. In September of 1946 Brother King came to Morgan State University to teach in the Science Department. He was a member of the board of Woods Hole Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts; a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Science; the American Botanical Society; the Maryland Association of Biology Teachers; the National Institute of Biological Science; Kappa Delta Pi Fraternity (an education honor society); and Beta Kappa Chi (a science honor society). Brother King directed the 1st National Aeronautics and Space


Administration Research program for teachers at Morgan State University and he headed the National Science Foundation summer program for high-ability secondary students. Delta Lambda Chapter conducted chapter Omega Services at the funeral parlors in Baltimore, with words of tribute expressed by the Chapter President. Brother MARCUS A. MAHONE of Anniston, Alabama entered Omega Chapter Monday, May 16, 1977 at Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. A memorial service was conducted at the Unity Funeral Parlors, 4114 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, on Thursday, May 19, 1977. Brother Mahone was a member of the prestigious law firm of Brown, Brown and Cyrus for many years, and was also Secretary for a number of years for Victory Mutual Life Insurance Company. He leaves to mourn his passing a wife, Lottie, and a son, Marcus, Jr. Brother Mahone was a member of the Chapter along with his brother, Brother I. Richard Mahone.

Brother Wendell A. Peters

Brother Arthur E. Prince

Brother HERBERT T. MILLER entered Omega Chapter Wednesday, January 19, 1977. Brother Miller was an outstanding member of Gamma lota Lambda Chapter, Brooklyn, New York — and even more, he was well known on the national level, having held many offices with distinction. Brother Miller was a native of Kentucky, and attended the Cincinnati Public Schools. He was a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, and also Boston University where he received his various academic degrees. Receiving awards and plaques was evidently a favorite past-time of Brother Miller, but each award was rightfully and deservingly earned. Brother WENDELL A- PETERS entered Omega Chapter April 11, 1977 in Denver, Colorado following a short illness. Brother Peters was born in Denver, Colorado December 30, 1915 — educated in the Denver Public Schools; attended Kansas University, where he was initiated into the Fraternity and where he received his Baccalaureate Degree and his Law Degree. Brother Peters was active in many civic organizations — the NAACP; the U.S. Civil Rights Commission; the Denver Coordinating Council; the George Washington Carver Day Nursery; the Urban League of Denver, as well as a charter member of the local chapter. On April 14, 1977 the Alumni chapter conducted memorial services at Kirk's Mortuary, words of tribute were given by Brother Melvin J. Norton, Chapter President. On April 15,1977 funeral rites were conducted at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church. Brother Peters is survived by his wife, Katherine; three daughters, Janet and Joan Peters and Mrs. Patricia Joyce; and a granddaughter. 62

Brother ARTHUR E. PRINCE entered Omega Chapter February 15, 1977. Brother Prince was a charter member of Alpha Delta Chapter, University of Southern California, and at the time of his passing was an active member of Eta Pi Lambda Chapter, Altadena, California. Brother Prince was born August 4, 1901 in Pasadena, California — finished his elementary and secondary work in Pasadena, California, entered University of Southern California, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education in 1924 and later a Master of Science degree in 1931. Brother Prince began his teaching career in El Centro, California in 1926, later became school principal in 1930. In 1954 he was appointed Assistant Superintendent in charge of Educational Services by the Willowbrook School District; four years later he became Superintendent of Enterprise School District, which position he held until he retired in 1964. Brother Prince's community activities included work with the Boy Scouts; advisor to Los Angeles County District Attorney's office; the Pasadena Boys Club; and the local Methodist Church. Brother Prince was an active member of Eta Pi Lambda Chapter having held many chapter offices. He is survived by his wife Maggiette; two daughters, Margaret Cartwright and Irene Harmon; and a son, Arthur W. Prince. Appropriate Omega chapter services were conducted by Eta Pi Lambda chapter preceding funeral rites. Brother RALPH R. PYRTLE, an ardent member and Charter Member of Chi Lambda Chapter, Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio - entered Omega Chapter June 16,1977 at his home in Wilberforce, Ohio at the age of 96. Brother Pyrtle had a long and distinguished career as an Educator and a man of Science. He earned his Bachelor degree in Biology at Langton University, After receiving his Master's degree from Ohio State University, he pursued doctoral studies at Syracuse and the Universities of Chicago and Minnesota. After teaching in colleges and universities in Oklahoma and Missouri, Brother Pyrtle came to Wilberforce University in 1920 where he served until 1947 as professor of Biology and later as director of the Division of Sciences. He became associate professor of Biology at Central State University in 1947 and held that position until his retirement in 1961. During Brother Pyrtle's career, he became eminent for his research in the cology of spiders, - notably those of the oakhickory forest. He was a participating associate of the American Association of Biology Teachers and the New York Academy of Science. For his research in animal behaviorp Brother Pyrtle was honored with a citation in the 10th edition of Aerican Men of Science. Brother Pyrtle was a member of Holy Trinity AME Church, - the Pal's Club, - Sigma Pi Phi (Boule) and the Miami Consistory of troy (AF&AM) Surviving Brother Pyrtle is a son - Reginald - a daughter, Gwendolyn Hendricks; a sister Willa Smitherman, and twelve grandchildren. Brother ROCKEFELLER ESDRAS TURNER, age 73 years, entered Omega Chapter July 1977 in Chicago. Brother Turner was born in Arkansas City, Arkansas January 10, 1904 — the eleventh of twelve children. He received his elementary education in Arkansas and his thirst for higher education took him to historic Lincoln University (Pennsylvania) where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, cum laude, in 1927. Following his college stint, Brother Turner entered Harvard University, where he earned the degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence in 1930. Brother Turner headed the law firm of Turner, Cousins, Gavin and Watts in Chicago's Loop for a number of years. Like himself, all members of the firm were Harvard Law School graduates. At the time of his passing he was associated with the law firm of Braden, Hall, Barnes and Moss. For many years, Brother Turner was a trustee of Progressive Baptist Church and legal counsel for the congregation. He was a memThe Sphinx / October 1977

ber of Xi Lambda Chapter; the Lincoln University Alumni Association; the Cook County Bar Association and the Illinois Bar Association. Brother Turner leaves to mourn his loss his wife, Hazel; his daughter, Patricia; a granddaughter, Felicity; several nieces and nephews and a host of friends. Funeral rites were conducted by the Reverend Jones, Pastor of Progressive Baptist Church, at the Unity Funeral Parlors, on July 22,1977. Brother SMITH WILKES, age 55, entered Omega Chapter in August 1977 at St. Luke's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. Brother Wilkes was chief bailiff of Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court, which position he had held since 1955. Prior to that assignment he served as Bailiff for the late Judge Charles W. White of the same Court. Brother Wilkes served in the United States Army, World War II and after his stint in the Army he attended Case Western Reserve University and received a Baccalaureate degree in business administration. Brother Wilkes was an active member of Delta Alpha Lambda Chapter for many years â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and a Life Member of the Fraternity. He was an active member of the local N.A.A.C.P.; the Ripon Club (a Republican organization) and many other civic organizations. He is survived by his wife, Mary; a daughter, Robin; a brother, John A.; a sister, Elizabeth Duckwyler; a step-mother, Ada; and a host of friends. Brother LAWRENCE A. WILLIS, age 47, of Baltimore, Maryland, entered Omega Chapter July 6, 1977 at Union Memoiral Hospital in Baltimore, following a brief illness. Funeral services were conducted at Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church in Baltimore July 9,1977. Brother Willis was Vice Principal at the Robert Poole ElementaryJunior High School. He had filled both teaching and administrative positions in Baltimore's school system for more than twenty years. Brother Willis was born in Baltimore, Maryland and educated in the public schools there. For a number of years he taught science at City College; and served in administrative positions at Mervo and the City Jail school, as well as in the office of the superintendent of schools. Brother Willis was an active member of Delta Lambda chapter and many local civic organizations and he was an active trustee, deacon and choir member of the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church. Surviving are his wife, the former Noel Cousins; a daughter, Deidra; his parents and other relatives. Brother CORNELIUS WOODSON entered Omega Chapter March 15,1 977 in Baltimore, Maryland. Brother Woodson, the son of Simeon and Annie Woodson, was born March 3 1 , 1930, in Baltimore, Maryland..He attended the Baltimore City Public Schools, graduating from Douglass High School in 1947. Brother Woodson served in the Korean War, following same he returned to his previous work at the United States Post Office at night, while he attended Morgan State University where he completed work for his Baccalaureate Degree, Magna Cum Laude, in 1950. Brother Woodson was a faithful and dedicated member of Delta Lambda Chapter, having held many chapter offices. He was inducted into Alpha Kappa Mu, an honorary society. He continued his work by registering at the University of Maryland School of Law, receiving his L.L.B. degree in 1962. Brother Woodson held membership in many professional, civic and religious organizations, among which are District Commissioner, Boy Scouts of America, poet shriner Basketball Tournament, Chairman Election Committee, Harper's Choice Village Board. He was an active member of the Monumental Bar Association and an active N.A.A.C.P. worker. He was legal advisor of Jerusalem Temple, Order of Shriners (Masonic) and past president of Khayamites, Inc. Brother Woodson was an Elder and Member of the Trustee Board The Sphinx / October 1977

of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, at which place last rites were conducted. Brother Woodson is survived by his wife, Natalie; two daughters, JoAnn Woodson and Veronica Baldwin; a grandson, Andre Baldwin; four brothers; a sister; three aunts; and many, many friends.

Brother Ralph R. Pyrtle

Brother E. G. Yearwood, Sr.

Brother EDWARD G. YEARWOOD, Sr., entered Omega chapter April 25, 1977 in Washington, D.C. where he spent most of his adult life, at the age of 62. Brother Yearwood was an active member of Mu Lambda Chapter - having held many offices - constantly exemplifying his devotion to principle in all he did, said and thought. He was a generous and strong-hearted brother, with a keen sense of humor, - while others pondered plans and decisions, Brother Yearwood pursued strategies for getting things done - properly and expeditiously. Brother Yearwood was a graduate of Dunbar High School in Washington, and Morgan State University in Baltimore Maryland, where he developed a life long interest in sports, having led a team to the tennis championship of the C.I.A.A.. For 32 years he was a cartographer with the United States Geographical Survey, retiring therefrom in 1973. Brother Yearwood served his community well, and was a member and officer of Peoples Congregational Church, an active participant in YMCA matters, - the Morgan University Alumni Association and the Police Boy's club. Mu Lambda Chapter and Alpha Phi Alpha in general mourn Brother Yearwood's passing - he was well known at many General Conventions, taking an active part in same. Brother Yearwood is survived by his wife of 38 years - Grace, his daughter - Lillian Turner; his son Edward, Jr. and three grand children. Mu Lambda conducted Oega Services prior to funeral rites - under the direction of the Pesident of the Chapter.

O M E G A CHAPTER N O T I C E S Brother A. D. V. CROSBY, of Alpha Rho Lambda Chapter, Columbus, Ohio entered Omega chapter August 28, 1977' following an extended illness. Brother Crosby was the oldest member of Alpha Rho Lambda, having the distinction of being a CHARTER MEMBER. He was truly a great Alpha man. Brother THADDEAUS H. HOBBS, former Western Vice President, entered Omega Chapter July 24, 1977 in Los Angeles, California. Brother Hobbs' passing will be elaborated on in the next issue of The Sphinx. At the 71st Anniversary Convention, recently adjourned at Atlanta, Georgia, Brother Hobbs' memory was duly honored in conjunction with the memories of many Alpha brothers who entered Omega Chapter since the previous General Convention. 63




Henrj A. Callis, M.D.

Charles H. Chapman

Eugene Kinckle Jones

George B. Kelley

Nathaniel A. Murray

Robert H.Ogle

Vertner W. Tandy

GENERAL OFFICERS GENERAL PRESIDENT — James R. Williams 1908 #1 Cascade Plaza, Akron, OH 44308 ACTING EXECUTIVE SECRETARY — James B. Blanton 4432 King Drive, Chicago, IL 60653 GENERAL TREASURER — Leven C. Weiss 4676 W. Outer Drive, Detroit, Ml 48235 GENERAL COUNSEL — Albert Holland, Jr 31 Hickory Hill Rd., Tappan, NY 10983 HISTORIAN — Charles H. Wesley 1824 Taylor Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20011 COMPTROLLER— Charles C.Teamer 2601 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70122 DIRECTOR-GENERAL CONVENTIONS — Kermit J. Hall 100 Fairview Ave., Yeadon, PA 19050 VICE PRESIDENTS EASTERN - Henry G. Gillem, Sr MIDWESTERN — Thomas D. Pawley, III SOUTHERN — Ozell Sutton SOUTHWESTERN — George W. Thompson WESTERN — Rogernald Jackson ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENTS EASTERN — Errol Southers MIDWESTERN — Broderick Houston SOUTHERN — Frederick Buie . SOUTHWESTERN — Charles King, Jr WESTERN — Jerome K. Cannon

1009 S. Quinn Street, Arlington, VA 22204 1014 Lafayette, Jefferson City, MO 65101 1640 Loch Lomond Trail, S.W., Atlanta, GA 30331 3616 - 13th Street, Alexandria, LA 71301 1634 Leimert Blvd., Oakland, CA 94602 48 William Ellery Place, Providence, Rl 02904 5291 Bermuda Lane, Flint, Ml 48505 Box 807, Mississippi State, MS 39762 Box 380, State University, AR 72467 1726 Fruitdale, #3, San Jose, CA 95128

^ _ |


* | Ww

U& Vjfc X&W X£f

PAST GENERAL PRESIDENTS Moses Melvin Morrison* Roscoe C. Giles* G E N E R A L O F F I C E : 4 4 3 2 M a r t i n Luther King Drive, C h i c a g o , IL 6 0 6 5 3 Frederick Miller Drawer "M" Mound Bayou, MS 38762 James B. Blanton, Acting Executive Secretary Charles H. Garvin* Michael J. Price, Assistant Executive Secretary, Editorin Chief, The SPHINX Henry L Dickason* Henry Arthur Callis* Howard H. Long* Alpha Phi Alpha W. A. Pollard* Building Foundation, Inc. Daniel D. Fowler* J. L Hunt, Chairman L L. McGee* P.O. Box 73743 S. S. Booker* NATIONAL COMMITTEE/COMMISSION CHAIRMEN Scotland Branch Post Office Raymond W. Cannon Baton Rogue, LA 70807 PERSONNEL AWARDS 2008 Virginia Road Randolph Baxter -1594 Stadelman Ave., Bennie D. Brown - 9427 S. Vernon, Dr. Edward W. Ballard, Vice Chairman Los Angeles, CA 90016 Akron, OH 44320 B. Andrew Rose* Chicago, IL 60619 James B. Blanton, Acting Secretary Charles H. Wesley ONE MILLION DOLLAR DRIVE BUDGET AND FINANCE Leven C. Weiss, Treasurer 1824 Taylor Street, N.W. Isadore J. Lamothe • 1407 University Ave., Charles C Teamer - 2601 Gentilly Blvd., Albert Holland, Counsel Washington, DC 20011 Marshall, TX 75670 New Orleans, LA 70122 Rayford W. Logan Stenson Broaddus,* Asst. Secretary PUBLIC POLICY BUSINESS ENCOURAGEMENT COMMISSION 3001 Veazey Terrace, N.W., No. 626 William Decker Clarke Henry Ponder - Benedict College, John H. Johnson • 820 S. Michigan, Washington, DC 20008 Columbia, SC 29204 Chicago, IL 60605 Ernest N. Mortal Belford V. Lawson, Jr. Leroy W.Jeffries-3540 Wilshire Blvd., PUBLICATIONS William Alexander* 1140 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Los Angeles, CA 90010 Hanley J. Norment -12500 Arbor View Terrace Washington. DC 20036 Morris W.Hatchett COLLEGE BROTHERS AFFAIRS (Commission) Silver Spring, MD 20902 A. Maceo Smith Larry Earvin Hoyt Harper-6015 Calumet Rd., PUBLICITY-PUBLIC RELATIONS 4557 Shady Hill Milwaukee, Wl 53223 James R. Williams, EX OFFICIO Erwin A. France • c/o SPA-REDCO, LTD., Dallas, TX 75229 CONSTITUTION 1 East Wacker Drive, Frank L Stanley, Sr.* Alpha Phi Alpha A. Wendell Wheadon - 2600 St. Louis Ave., Myles A. Paige Chicago, IL 60601 Education Foundation, Inc. E. St. Louis, IL 62205 4124 Kenway Avenue RECOMMENDATIONS William Ross, Jr., Chairman ELECTIONS Los Angeles, CA 90008 Earnest Wallace - 2018 Van Cleave, 3900 Ford Road — No. 17-I William H. Hale* Clifton Bailey • 3338 Aubert Ave., Dallas, TX 25216 Philadelphia, PA 19131 T. Winston Cole St. Louis, MO 63115 RULES AND CREDENTIALS Ivan L Cotman, Vice Chairman 124 S.W 23rd EQUITABLE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Wilson J. Davis - 4509 Williamsburg Dr., Gainesville, FL 32601 James B. Blanton, Acting Secretary Charles Lewis - 3500 Fieldstone Dr., Columbia, SC 29203 Lionel H. Newsom Leven C. Weiss, Treasurer Winston-Salem, NC 27105 SENIOR ALPHAS COMMISSION Central State University GRIEVANCES AND DISCIPLINE Laurence T. Young, Sr. • 555 E. 33rd PI #1208 Albert Holland, Counsel Wilberforce, OH 45384 Ottawa W. Harris 2604 Elizabeth St., Chicago, IL 60616 Jesse Sterling Ernest N. Morial Denver, CO 80205 STANDARDS & EXTENSION 1101 Harrison-Avenue Walter Sullivan Lawrence Sutton, HOUSING New Orleans, LA 70122 Paul Williams Box 191, IttaBena, MS 38941 John Warrick-4801 Dickson Rd., Walter Washington Reby Cary Indianapolis, IN 46226 TIME AND PUCE Alcorn State University, Marvin Jones LIFE MEMBERSHIP Lorman, MS 39096 Grandvel Jackson • 275 Kensington Way Elmer C. Collins • 26151 Lake Shore Blvd #1224, James R. Williams EX OFFICIO San Francisco, CA 94217 •OMEGA CHAPTER Euclid, OH 44132 •OMEGA CHAPTER A l p h a Phi A l p h a F r a t e r n i t y , I n c .


The Sphinx /

October 1977


'(Asterisk) indicates that address listed is not current. In this case a directory was submitted for 1976-77 but not for 1977-78 NO REPORT indicates that the chapter has failed to report an address (file a chapter directory) for two consecutive years prior to publication. In such cases no directory was filed for 1976-77 or 1977-78.


Rhode Island (Area III) COLLEGE CHAPTERS ( D I S T R I C T II) •Alpha Gamma (Brown U - # 2 5 ) Erroll G. Southers (CS) P.O. Box 1167 Brown U McKinley Hackett Providence. Rl 02912 Post Office Box 1287 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Frammgham, MA 01701 Mu Theta Lambda Massachusetts (Area I) (Providence - #553) COLLEGE CHAPTERS NO REPORT Sigma (Metropolitan - #17) New Hampshire (Area IV) NO REPORT Alpha Kappa (Metropolitan - #32) •Theta Zeta (Dartmouth College - #381) INACTIVE Michael Metxalf (P) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Hinman Box 5024 • DC Epsilon Gamma Lambda Hanover, NH 03755 (Boston - #214) NO REPORT Theta lota Lambda (Springfield - #286) ( D I S T R I C T III) NO REPORT Director Connecticut (Area II) Clifford R. Clemmons COLLEGE CHAPTERS 22125 Manor Road •Zata (Yale U - #6) Queens Village, NY 11427 John Cleveland (S) Western New Ton State (Area I) E432 Yale Station COLLEGE CHAPTERS New Haven. CT 06520 Delta Epsilon (U of Buffalo - #93) Kappa Delta NO REPORT (U of Connecticut - #423) •Mu Sigma (U of Rochester - #458) NO REPORT William Davis (DP) ALUMNI CHAPTERS 164 Apple Creek Lane 'Beta Sigma Lambda Rochester, NY 14612 (Hartford - #161) ALUMNI CHAPTERS R. Lee Scott (P) Rho Lambda (Buffalo - # 1 1 6 ) 128 Fulton Street NO REPORT New Britain, CT 06051 Eta Rho Lambda •Zata Phi Lambda (Rochester - #271) (Stamford - #253) NO REPORT Glenn Williams (S) Eta Theta Lambda 18 Amundsen Street (Wyandance - #263) Nonvalk, CT 06855 NO REPORT •Eta Alpha Lambda Central New York State (Area II) (New Haven - #256) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Ronald Manning (P) Delta Zeta (Syracuse U - #94) 140 Stimson Road Sylvester Johnson (S) New Haven. CT 06511 105 Smith Lane Syracuse. NY 13202


INTERNATIONAL Director ( D I S T R I C T I) Director McKinley A. DeShield, Ph.D. Dean. Coll. of Agriculture University of Liberia Monrovia. Liberia Africa (Area I) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Kappa Phi (U of Liberia Cuttington Coll. - #439) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Eta Epsilon Lambda (Monrovia, Liberia - #260) NO REPORT Europe (Area II) Thiu Theti Lambda (Frankfort. Germany - #285) Maj Need ham Kelly (T) HHC 60th Ord Group »P0 New York, NY 09052 Caribbun ( f e u III) n»ta Epsilon Lambda (St. Thomas, VI - #282) NO REPORT Iota Sigma Lambda (St. Croix, VI - #518) NO REPORT Epsilon Thtti Lambda (Hamilton, Bermuda - #219) NO REPORT Iota Epsilon lambda (Nassau, Bahamas - #506) A Cubell Rolie (CS) P.O. Box 2481 Nassau N.P., Bahamas

The Sphinx / October 1977








(A) (P)

(CS) (S) (FS) IRS)

Corresponding Secretary


Vice President



Dean ot Pledges

Financial Secretary


Dean of Pledges

Recording Secretary


Assistant Secretary

New Tort City (Metropolitan) Alpha (Cornell U - #1) (AruV) Glen Christopher COLLEGE CHAPTERS Rm. 4 Williard Straight Hall Eta (Metropolitan-#7) Cornell University NO REPORT Ithaca. NY 14853 •Zata Eta (Columbia U - #338) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Clifton A. Royal (CS) •lota Kappa Lambda 534 W. 114th Street (Syracuse - #511) New York, NY 10025 Mr. Donald Williams (S) ALUMNI CHAPTERS P 0 Box 6128, Teall Station •Alpha Gamma Lambda Syracuse. NY 13217 (New Y o r k - # 1 2 5 ) lota Theta Lambda C. Vanderbilt Miller (P) (Endicott - #509) 1270 5th Ave., Apt. #5L Frederick Johnson (P) New York. NY 10029 501 Winston Drive •Kappa Xi Lambda Vestal. NY 13850 Northeast New York State (Area III) (New Y o r k - # 5 3 6 ) William 0. Clarke (P) COLLEGE CHAPTERS 20 West 64th St.. Apt. #36D Kappa Zeta New York, NY 10023 (UUca College - #425) Brooklyn and Long Island NO REPORT (Area VI) ALUMNI CHAPTERS COLLEGE CHAPTERS lota lota Lambda (Rome - #510) •Delta Chi NO REPORT (City of Brooklyn - #308) Theta Chi Lambda Darlton E. Haskins (DEA) (Schenectady - #298) 35 Lincoln Place NO REPORT Brooklyn, NY 11217 Beta Pi Lambda (Albany - #159) Theta Epsilon NO REPORT (Adelphi U - #380) "Hudson Valley" ( f e u IV) Caesar A. Raynor, Jr. (A) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Linen Hall, Box 107 •Kappa Upsilon Lambda Adelphi University (Mid Hudson Valley - #542) Garden City, NY 11530 Samuel Tucker (S) Kippi Rho Box 230 Mountain Rd. (C.W. Post College-#435) Otisvrlle, NY 10963 Mark C. 0 Riley (S) •Eta Chi Lambda (Nyack - #276) Box 125, C. W. Post Center Willie Bryant (S) Greenvale. NY 11548 Box 121 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Orangebury, NY 10962 •Gamma Iota Lambda •Eta Zeta Lambda (Brooklyn-Long Island - #175) (New Rochelle - #261) John M. Williams (S) Arnold C. Baker (S) 51 Alabama Avenue 16 Nursery Lane Hempstead. NY 11550 Rye. NY 10580

•Zeta Zeta Lambda (St. Albans - #239) Wesley A Parrott(CS) Box B Cambria Heights. NY 11411

NEW JERSEY (DISTRICT IV) Director Elbert C. Wisner 300 Lincoln Dr., Colonial Terr.

Ocean, NJ 07112 Northem New Jersey (Hudson) (Area I) COLLEGE CHAPTERS lota Rho (Newark College of Engineering - #413) NO REPORT Kappa Theta Lambda (Teaneck - #531) Or. J. Edison Brown (P) Llewellyn Park West Orange, NJ 07052 ALUMNI CHAPTERS •Delta Mu Lambda (Paterson - #199) Lyman Lewis (P) 1427 Vivian Street Plainfield. NJ 07061 Alpha Alpha Lambda (Newark-#123) Carlisle Parker, Sr. (P) 603 Thomas Street Orange, NJ 07050 Beta Alpha Lambda (Jersey C i t y - # 1 4 5 ) NO REPORT Central New Jersey (Aru II) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta lota (Rutgers U #971 Charles Smgletary (S) R.P.O. 0202 Rutgers College New Brunswick. NJ 08903

•lota Iota (Trenton State College - #406) Warren Lackland (CS) Box 504, Rm. 1015 Travers TSC Trenton, NJ 08625 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Nu Lambda (Plainfield - #245) NO REPORT Theta Psi Lambda (Somerset - #299) Glenville Watson (CS) 18 Suttie Avenue Piscataway, NJ 08854 Zeta lota Lambda (Trenton - #242) James Davis, Jr. (S) 70 Tyler Drive Wrllrngboro, NJ 08046 Coastal New Jersey (Area III) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Kappa lota Lambda (Burlington County - #532) Horton Cooper (CS) 24 Marigold Lane Wrllrngboro. NJ 08046 Zeta Epsilon Lambda (Red Bank - #238) Woodrow C. Holmes (S) 53 Old Bridge Drive Howell. NJ 07731 Alpha Theta Lambda (Atlantic C i t y - # 1 3 0 ) Lawrence L. Stroud (RS) 805 S. Broad Street Pleasantville, NJ 08232

PENNSYLVANIA (DISTRICT V) Director Frank Devine 6202 Washington Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19143 Western Pennsylvania (Area I) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Omicran (U of Pittsburgh - #14) NO REPORT


lota Sigma (Milleisville State College - # 4 1 4 ) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Kappa Beta Lambda (Erie - #525) NO REPORT Alpha Omicron Lambda (Pittsburgh - #136) Wilbur Douglas, l i . (S) 6521 Deary Street Pittsburgh. PA 15206 Central Pennsylvania (Area II) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Nu (Pennsylvania State College - #78) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Theta Lambda (Harrisburg-#241) ZaneG. Phoenix (P) 600 North 17th Street Harnsburg. PA 17103 Eastern Pennsylvania (Area III) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Zeta Psi (West Chester State College - #353) Harvey Highland (S) 2455 Edgeley Street Philadelphia, PA 19121 Nu (Lincoln U - #12) Luther Manning 103C Rendall Hall. Box 721 Lincoln University, PA 19352 Psi (U of Pennsylvania - #22) Samuel Barham (S) 5131 Parrish St, Philadelphia. PA 19139 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Rho(Philadelphia - #16) Thomas H, Watkins, Sr. (P) 847 N. Mt. Pleasant Road Philadelphia, PA 19119 Zeta Omicron Lambda (Philadelphia - #247) Vincent Hawkins (P) 55 Sandstone Lane Willmgboro. NJ 08046


Kappa Epsilon Lambda (Landover - #528) Charles Guilford (P) P.O. Box 2188 Capital Plaza Dr. Hyattsville. MD 20784 Maryland Eastern (Area IV) COLLEGE CHAPTERS OattaNu (U of Maryland. E.S. - #100) Keith Grimes P.O. Box 1578. UMES Princess Anne, MD 21853 Eta Zeta (Bowie State College - #359) Anthony 8uise (VP) 616 New Dorm. Bowie State College Bowie, MD 21705 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Omicron Lamda (Princess Anne - #203) Earl S. Richardson (P) P.O. Box 491 Princess Anne. MD 21853 Eta Eta Lambda (Annapolis - #262) NO REPORT Washington. DC. (Area V) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta (Howard U - #2) Leon Holley (CS) Box 506 - Howard University Washington. DC 20059 Nu Beta (American U - #465) Adrian Brevard (CS) 503 Valley Avenue. S.E. #7 Washington, DC 20032 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Mu Lambda (Washington - #111) Theodore L. Patterson (CS) 4110 18th Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20011 Omicron Lambda Alpha (Washington - #500) Willie Ruff (CS) 311 Broad leaf Drive, N.E. Vienna. VA 22180


Director George H. Johnson 3300 Lamb Avenue (DISTRICT VI) Richmond. VA 23222 Director Blue Ridge North (Area I) Thomas R. Hunt COLLEGE CHAPTERS 9 Rickover Court lob Alpha Annapolis. MD 21401 (Washington ( L e e U - #398) Delaware (Area I) NO REPORT COLLEGE CHAPTERS M a Beta Gamma Sigma (U of Virginia - #399) (Delaware State College - #83) Charles Coram, Jr. (P) NO REPORT Box 430. Newcomb Hall Station ALUMNI CHAPTERS Charlottesville. VA 22903 Gamma Theta Lambda ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Wilmington - #174) Gamma Alpha Lambda Joshua Martin (P) (Charlottesville - #167) P.O. Box 1622 Stephen D. Waters (S) Wilmington. DE 19899 Box 3036 Zeta Rho Lambda (Dover - # 2 4 9 ) Charlottesville. VA 22903 Reuben Salters (P) Blue Ridge South (Area II) 109 Bertrand Drive COLLEGE CHAPTERS Dover. DE 19901 Theta lota Maryland North (Area II) (Virginia Polytechnic U - #384) COLLEGE CHAPTERS James Flemming (CS) Beta Alpha P.O. Box 346 (Morgan State College-#45) Blacksburg. VA 24060 Martin Ballard (CS) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Cold Spring Lane A Hillen Road Alpha Kappa Lambda Baltimore. MD 21219 (Roanoke - #132) Mu Rho (Towson State - # 4 5 7 ) NO REPORT John Campbell (CS) Gamma Nu Lambda Towson State University (Lynchburg - #78) Box 2074 NO REPORT Towson. MD 21204 Southern Virginia (Area III) ALUMNI CHAPTERS COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta Lambda (Baltimore-#104) Delta Tau Joseph A. Vates (P) (St. Paul's Polytechnic - #305) 3201 Clifton Avenue Hampton Johnson Baltimore. MD 21207 Rt. 2, Box 89 lota Alpha Lambda Gladstone. VA 24553 (Aberdeen - #502) ALUMNI CHAPTERS James F. Jones (CS) Delta Nu Lambda P.O Box 705 lota Alpha Lambda (Danville - #200) Aberdeen. MD 21005 L.Wilson York(P) Kappa Kappa Lambda 219 Ross Street (Baltimore - #533) Danville. VA 24541 Jessie Waker (CS) Epsilon Omicron Lambda 4 South WoodingtonRd. (Lawrence - #225) Baltimore. MD 21229 NO REPORT Maryland Southwest (Area III) lota Tau Lambda COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Charlotte Court House-#519) Iota Zeta NO REPORT (U of Maryland - #403) Northern Virginia (Area IV) Michael A. Green (RC) ALUMNI CHAPTERS P.O. Box 259 Calvert Rd. Zeta Upsilon Lambda College Park. MD 20740 (Reston - #252) ALUMNI CHAPTERS NO REPORT Kappa Phi Lambda Theta Rho Lambda (Columbia - #543) (Arlington - #293) Joseph W. Collins James E. Pierce, Jr. (P) P.O. Box 321 1009 South Quinn Street Columbia. MD 21045 Arlington. VA 22204 Central Virginia (Area V) (Silver Spring - #520) COLLEGE CHAPTERS John B. Walker III (CS) Gamma (Virginia Union U - #3) P.O. Box 2233 NO REPORT Silver Spring. MD 20906


Theta Rho (Virginia Commonwealth U - #391) Robert Whitehead (RS) 2335 Nunnally #3 Richmond, VA 23230 Beta Gamma (Virginia State College - #47) Herbert L. Hunter, Jr. (P) 237 Grove Avenue Petersburg, VA 23803 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Gamma Lambda (Richmond - #147) C. A. Pennington (S) 3212 Griffin Avenue Richmond. VA 23222 Nu Lambda (Virginia State College-#112) NO REPORT Tidewater North (Area VI) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma iota (Hampton Institute - #75) Anthony W. Witherspoon (S) P.O. Box 6161 Hampton Inst. Hampton. VA 23668 Kappa Pi (William t Mary - #434) Ronald H. Smoot (P) Box 7100 College Station Williamsburg, VA 23186 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Beta Lambda (Hampton - #190) NO REPORT Zeta Lambda (Newport News - #106) Claude N. Carter (CS) 12 Suburban Pkwy. Hampton. VA 23661 Tidewater South (Area VII) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Pi (Norfolk State College - #324) Steven R. Amos (P) Box 2033. Norfolk State College Norfolk, VA 23504 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Phi Lambda (Norfolk-#142) Arnell Burrus 340 Fern wood Farm Rd. Chesapeake. VA 23320 Epsilon lota Lambda (Suffolk - #220) Leon N. Harris (CS) 5548 Greenwood Rd. SuNolk, VA 23437 Epsilon Nu Lambda (Portsmouth - #223) E. Alphonzo Harrell (P) P.O. Box 1092 Portsmouth, VA 23705

MIDWEST ILLINOIS (Central) Director William Ridgeway, Ph.D. Department of Zoology Eastern Illinois U Charleston. IL 61920 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Tau (U of Illinois - # 1 8 ) Alexander Pope (P) 55 E. Haley Street, Apt. 101 Champaign. IL 61820 Epsilon Kappa (Bradley U - #319) Louis Wright (DOP) 934 N. Elmwood Peoria. IL 61606 Zeta Nu (Eastern Illinois - #343) Paul Johnson. Ill (P) 808 Van Buren Street Charleston, IL 61920 Eta Tau (Illinois State U - #371) Timothy G. Walker (ES) P.O. Box 604 Normal. IL 61761 Theta Omicron (Millikin U - #389) Charles Jones, Jr. (A) 256 Dover Drive Decatur, IL 62521 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Omicron Lambda Beta (Champaign - #501) Coleman Carrodine (P) 1008 West Union Street Champaign, IL 61820 Kappa Pi Lambda (Peoria- #538) Kappa Pi Lambda Chapter Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 1108 West Bradley Peoria, IL 61606

ILLINOIS (Northern) Director Ronald McBride 8828 S. Cornell Chicago. IL 60617 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Theta (Metropolitan - #8) Larry W. Rogers (P) 1815 S.Troy Chicago, IL 60623

Alpha Mu Northwestern U - #33) David Q. Jackson 2400 Sheridan Road Evanston, IL 60201 Epsilon Phi (Northern Illinois U - # 3 2 9 ) NO REPORT MuMu(Elmhurst Coll. - # 4 5 2 ) Keith F. Jones Box 762. 190 N. Prospect Elmhurst College Elmhurst, IL 60126 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Xi Lambda (Chicago - # 1 1 3 ) NO REPORT •Zeta Xi Lambda (Evanston - #246) Theodore M. Harding (P) 1717 Greenwood St. Evanston, IL 60201 Theta Mu Lambda (Joliet - #288) NO REPORT lota Delta Lambda (Chicago - #505) NO REPORT Kappa Chi Lambda (Waukegan - #544) Robert Thirston (CS) P.O. Box 512 North Chicago. IL 60064 Mu Alpha Lambda (DeKalb - #546) NO REPORT •Mu Delta Lambda (Springfield - #549) Milton P. lohnson (CS) 1801 Seven Pines Road Springfield, IL 62704 Mu Mu Lambda (Glen Ellyn - #556) Ernest Gibson (P) 23 W. 235 Edgewood Ct. Glen Ellyn. IL 60137

ILLINOIS (Southern) Director A. Wendell Wheaton. Esq. 2600 St. Louis Avenue East St. Louis, IL 62205 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Eta (Southern Illinois U - #51) Arzrow W, Staten (P) P.O. Box 1002 Carbondale, IL 62901 Eta Eta (Western Illinois-#360) Kenneth Tucker (P) 915 N.Charles Street Macomb. IL 61455 Iota Pi (SIU Edwardsville - #412) Willie A. Broaden. Jr. (CS) Branch P.O. Box 1559 Edwardsville, IL 62025 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Epsilon Lambda (East St. Louis - #193) Jesse P. Gurley, III (P) 1758 North 43rd Street East St. Louis, IL 62204 •Mu Kappa Lambda (Carbondale - #555) Robert Shipp, Jr. (T) Rt. 2, 21 Fairway Vista Dr. Murphysboro, IL 62966

INDIANA Director Edward Lander 676 Covert Street Evansville, IN 47713 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Eta (Indiana U - #73) Edward D. Wells (P) 1127 Atwater Street Bloomington, IN 47401 Gamma Rho (Purdue- #82) Michael D. Lyles(P) 613 Waldron Street West Lafayette. IN 47906 Zeta Rho (Indiana State - # 3 4 7 ) Herman Lee (P) c/o Charles Brown Indiana State University Terre Haute, IN 47809 Theta Xi (Ball State U - #388) Michael Bennett (P) Box 355 Ball State University Muncie, IN 47306 lota Theta (Calumet College-#405) Johnny Isbell (S) 4935 Larkspur Dr. East Chicago, IN 46312 ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Lambda (Indianapolis - #109) Leon Biadford (CS) P.O. Box88181 Indianapolis. IN 46208 Gamma Rho Lambda (Gary - #182) Michael L. Exum 5850 Forest Court. Apt. #101 Gary, IN 46403 Theta Xi Lambda (South Bend - #290) INACTIVE

Theta Upsilon Lambda (Fort Wayne - #296) Jerry T. White (S) P.O. Box 5076 Fort Wayne. IN 46805 'Kappa Rho Lambda (Evansville - #539) James Landers (AS) 714 Bayard Park Drive Evansville, IN 47713

IOWA Director Everett A, Mays P.O. Box 533 Des Moines, IA 50302 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Theta (U of Iowa - #30) Michael Glynn (S) P.O. Box 789 - U of Iowa Iowa City. IA 52240 Alpha Nu (Drake U - #34) Cornell Fowler (P) 1359 24th Street, Apt, #3 Des Moines, IA 50311 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Kappa Lambda (Des Moines - #243) Dr. Lewis James (CS) 678 26th Street Des Moines. IA 50312

KANSAS Director Richard Marshall 1801 N. 76th Dr., #8 Kansas City, KS 66112 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Upsilon (U of Kansas - #19) James E. Banks (P) 1014 Mississippi Lawrence, KS 66044 'Gamma Chi (Kansas State College - #87) Elvis E.AIcox(P) 209 Tanner Hall Pittsburg, KS 66762 Delta Mu (Wichita State U - #99) NO REPORT Epsilon Omicron (Washburn U - #323) NO REPORT •Kappa Tau (Kansas State U - #437) Richard Marshall (A) 1014 Calvin No. 9 Kansas City. KS 66102 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Eta Lambda (Topeka - #195) Earl Fowler (P) 1305 W. 11th Street Topeka, KS 66609 •Eta Beta Lambda (Wichita - #257) Jesse C. Williams (S) 2553 Raleigh Wichita. KS 67219

KENTUCKY COLLEGE CHAPTERS •Alpha Pi (U of Louisville - #37) Danny R. Penick (P) Box 1120 Louisville. KY 40208 BetaMu (Kentucky State U - #55) Ronald J. Clark (S) Ramada East Campus. Room 127 Frankfort, KY 40601 •Epsilon Chi (U of Kentucky - #330) Jerome White (P) Box 379 U of Kentucky Lexington, KY 40506 Zeta Omicron (Murray State U - #345) Isaac C. Payne (P) P.O. Box 4513 Hart Hall MSU Murray, KY 42071 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Lambda (Louisville-#101) William Braxton (CS) 1818 W.Jefferson Street Louisville, KY 40203 Alpha Beta Lambda (Lexington - #124) Lee A. Jackson (VP) P.O Box 1248 Lexington. KY 40501 Gamma Beta Lambda (Frankfort-#168) D. W. Lyons (S) Box 121 • KSU Frankfort, KY 40601

KENTUCKY (Western) Director Claude Snorton Box 654 Hopkmsville, KY 42240 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Eta Rho (Western Kentucky U - #369) Curt Owens (P) 301 Old Morgantown Road Bowling Green, KY 42101

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Epsilon Lambda (Hopkmsville - #171) Claude Snorton (P) Box 654 Hopkmsville. KY 42240

MICHIGAN Director William A. Tipper 912 E. Wellington Flint, Ml 48503 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon (U of Michigan - #5) Dennis Eugene Story (S) 530 South State Street MU 25 Ann Arbor, Ml 48109 •Alpha Upsilon (Wayne S t a t e - # 4 1 ) Donald Snider (P) 23020 Webster Oak Park. Ml 48237 Gamma Tau (Michigan State U - #84) Leroy F. Jackson (P) 811 C Cherry Lane East Lansing, Ml 48823 Epsilon Eta (Eastern Michigan U - #316) Titus Dawson (DP) 835 Green Road, #301 Ypsilanti, Ml 48197 Eta Xi (U of Detroit - #366) NO REPORT Theta Tau (General Motors Institute - #393) Arnold J. Cary (P) 3531 Ct. Circle Drive Flint, Ml 48504 lota Epsilon (Grand Valley - #402) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Lambda (Detroit - #103) George D. West (FS) 20112 Renfrew Drive Detroit, Ml 48221 Epsilon Upsilon Lambda (Flint - #230) Orlando Roberts (CS) P.O. Box 1247 Flint, Ml 48502 Eta Nu Lambda (Grand Rapids - #267) NO REPORT Theta Zeta Lambda (Ann Arbor - #283) Richard H. Ross (P) P.O. Box 7409 Ann Arbor. Ml 48107 lota Rho Lambda (Pontiac - #517) NO REPORT lota Chi Lambda (Saginaw - #522) Mark Ball (P) 4028 Wisner Saginaw, Ml 48601 Kappa Delta Lambda (East Lansing-#527) Lee Richardson (P) 1714 W. Kalamazoo Lansing, Ml 48915

MICHIGAN (Northern) Director Theoptulis Duckett 917 Clover Kalamazoo, Ml 49008 COLLEGE CHAPTERS •Epsilon Xi (Western Michigan U - #322) Lawrence Counts (P) P.O. Box 448 Kalamazoo, Ml 49005 Zeta Beta (Ferris S t a t e - # 3 3 3 ) Jerry A. Russaw(P) Rankin Center Box 4 • FSC Big Rapids, Ml 49307 Zeta Delta (Northern Michigan U - #335) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Phi Lambda (Muskegon Heights - #521) Tommy L. Jones (P) 1360 Amity Avenue Muskegon, Ml 49442 Kappa Psi Lambda (Kalamazoo - #545) NO REPORT

MINNESOTA Director James Beard 4109 Portland Ave., South Minneapolis, MN 55407 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Mu (U of Minnesota - #11) INACTIVE ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Xi Lambda (Minneapolis - #179) Willie T. James (P) 4352 Arden View Court Arden Hills, MN 55112

MISSOURI (Eastern) Director Ronald E. Smiley 1562 Mendall St. Louis, MO 63130 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Eta (St. Louis - #29) A Phi A Fraternity 1269 Hodiamont Ave. St. Louis, MO 63112 Epsilon Psi (U of Missouri - # 3 3 1 ) Randy Donaldson (P) Highway 63 S Elm Street Rolla. M0 65401 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Epsilon Lambda (St. Louis-#105) John Pope (CS) 1269 Hodiamont Ave. St. Louis. M0 63112 Epsilon Eta Lambda (Charleston - #218) Booker T. Robinson (S) P.O. Box 828 Cairo, IL 62914

MISSOURI (Central) Director Carl Smith Lakeview Subdivision Jefterson City, MO 65101 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Psi (Lincoln U - #44) Don Marshall (S) 4807 East 40th Place Kansas City. MO 64130 Zeta Alpha (U of Missouri - #332) Clarence Wine (A) 100 Read Hall, U of Missouri Columbia, MO 65201 Iota Xi (Northeast Missouri - #410) Hurel Manns (ES) Room 506, Missouri Hall Northeast Missouri State University Kirksville, MO 63501 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Zeta Lambda (Jefferson City - #150) George W. Enlow (P) 1503 Chestnut Street Jefferson City, MO 65101

MISSOURI (Western) Director Jimmie Bufford 9807 Smalley Avenue Kansas City. MO 64134 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta Rho (U of Missouri - # 3 0 3 ) Edward B. Baker, Jr. (P) 3225 Victor Kansas City, MO 64128 Zeta Gamma (Central Missouri - #334) Rembert Young (P) Box 20 University Union CMSU Warrensburg, MO 64093 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Lambda (Kansas C i t y - # 1 0 2 ) Robert Hughes, Jr. (CS) 1439 North 4th Street Kansas City, KS 66111

NEBRASKA Director David Chase 2503 North 30th Street Omaha, NE 68111 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Beta (U of Nebraska - #46) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Xi Lambda (Omaha-#157) Rod Adams (S) 11912 Amerado Rd. Rte 33-Apt. #323 Omaha. NE 68123

OHIO (Northeast) Director James T. Rushin 1186 Wyley Avenue Akron. OH 44306 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Pi (Cleveland State/ Western Reserve - #15) Kermit Ralph Henderson (P) 1852 Alvason Road East Cleveland, OH 44112 Alpha Tau (U of Akron - #40) hoy Purnell 30M W. Tallmadge Akron, OH 44310 Epsilon Delta (Kent State U - #313) Mr. Glenn Thornton (S) 317 Beall Hall Kent, OH 44242 Iota Phi (Mt. Union College - #417) Howard Ward (S) 330 Vincent Blvd. Alliance. OH 44601

The Sphinx / October 1977

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Zeta (West Virginia State - #28) Francisco B. Newman, III (P) P.O. Box 511 Institute, WVA 25112 Beta Theta (Bluefield - #52) Ronald Wright (P) 1001 Hanover Street Bluefield, WVA 24701 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Zeta Lambda (Bluefield - #128) AdolphusA. Young, Jr. (S) P.O. Box 671 Bluefield, WVA 24701 Alpha lota Lambda Director (Charleston - #131) Robert Stubblefield John E. Scott (S) 915 Loch Lomond Avenue P.O. Box 303 Toledo, OH 43607 Institute. WVA 25112 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Alpha (U of Toledo #310) Gamma Delta Lambda (Beckley-#170) Timothy Miles (CS) INACTIVE 941 Lincoln Avenue Toledo, OH 43607 Epsilon Theta (Bowling Green U - # 3 1 7 ) Director John W. Lampkin (S) Hoyt Harper 6015 Calumet Road 130 South Prospect Milwaukee, Wl 53223 Bowling Green, OH 43402 COLLEGE CHAPTERS ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Xi Lambda (Toledo-#135) Gamma Epsilon (U of Wisconsin-#71) James Pitts (P) Reginald Stone (P) 618 Weirwood Drive Memorial Union Mail Box 508 Toledo, OH 43607 Kappa Mu Lambda (Lorain - #534) 800 Ungdon Street NO REPORT Madison, Wl 53706 Epsilon Tau (U of Wise-Mil. Branch - # 3 2 7 ) Director Vincent G. Carter (P) William Nelson, Ph.D. 4554 N. 21st Street 2572 Burnaby Dr. Milwaukee, Wl 53209 Columbus. OH 43209 Zeta lota (U of Wisconsin - #340) COLLEGE CHAPTERS NO REPORT Kappa (Ohio State U - #10) Eta Beta (Wisconsin State - #355) Noah Hester (S) NO REPORT Bo« 51, Ohio Union, 1739 N High Eta Pi (Wisconsin State U - #368) Columbus. OH 43210 Warren L. Scurlock (RS) Phi (Ohio U - #20) 655 North Scott Hall Bruce A. Williams (T) Oshkosh, Wl 54901 c/o Alpha Phi Alpha Mu Epsilon Baker Center Student Union (Carthage College - #446) Ohio University NO REPORT Athens, OH 45701 ALUMNI CHAPTERS •Delta Chi Lambda ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Milwaukee - #210) Alpha Rho Lambda Taft E. Benson (S) (Columbus - #138) 2815W. Ranch Road 116N Clayton N. Hicks, O.D. (ES) Mequon. Wl 53092 P 0 . Box 6821 •Mu Eta Lambda Columbus. OH 43205 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Rho Lambda (Youngstown - #160) NO REPORT Delta Alpha Lambda (Cleveland - #189) Leonard M. Hamilton (CS) P.O. Box 99551 Cleveland, OH 44199 Eta Tau Lambda (Akron #273) W R. Miller (P) 278 S. Miller Rd. Akron, OH 44313

OHIO (Northern)


OHIO (Central)

OHIO (West Central) S * [ a "?'S W"«e 5211 Big Bend Drive Dayton, OH 45427 COLLEGE CHAPTERS «i (Wilberforce U - #13) Gregory Jackson (P) WU- Box 366 Wilberforce. OH 45384 Gamma Theta (U of Dayton #74) Thomas E. Rogers (CS) 1923 Trinity Avenue Dayton. OH 45409 Delta Xi (Central State U - #300) David E. Brown P.O. Box 441 Wilberforce, OH 45384 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Delta Lambda (Springfield - #237) Clarence Harmon (P) 1818W.Wittenburg Springfield, OH 45506 Chi Lambda (Wilberforce - #121) Samuel B. Kidd (S) P.O. Box 351 Wilberforce, OH 45384 OHIO (Southwest) Director Clarence Frazier 1145 Wionna Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45224 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Alpha (U of Cincinnati - #23) Vmce Walker (S) 848 Dabney Hall UC Cincinnati, OH 45221 Delta Upsilon (Miami U - #306) James M. Butler (P) c/o Larry Young 96 Bishop Hall • Miami U Oxford, OH 45056 AUIMNI CHAPTERS Delta Gamma Lambda (Cincinnati - # 1 9 1 ) Charles Neal (S) 2840 Melrose Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45206

WEST VIRGINIA Director Adolphus Young, Jr. P.O. Box 671 Bluefield, WVA 24701

Z'Tm*™ 1818 Lynndale Road Madison. Wl 53711

SOUTH ALABAMA Director W. Mingo Clark 2026 Winchester Rd. Huntsville, AL 35810 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Beta (Talladega College - #24) Henry 0. Gosha Box 591 TC Talladega. AL 35160 Beta Upsilon (Alabama State U - #63) Ronnie G. Jones (S) P.O. Box 28 ASU Montgomery, AL 36101 Gamma Kappa (Miles College - #76) Eric Fancher (P) Box 177 Miles College Birmingham. AL 35208 Gamma Phi (Tuskegee Institute - #86) Keith H. Green (CS)

Kappa Gamma (U of North Alabama - #422) Charles McGuire (CS) Box 508A. Rivers Hall Florence, AL 35630 ALUMNI CHAPTERS •Omicron Lambda (Birmingham- #114) James Pharns(P) 35 20th Ave. Birmingham. AL 35205 Alpha Nu Lambda (Tuskegee Institute - #134) Charlie E. Hardy (P) Alpha Nu Lambda APA Fraternity Post Office Drawer BBB Tuskegee Institute, AL 36088 Alpha Upsilon Lambda (Montgomery - #141) Samuel L. Jackson (P) 137 South Haardt Drive Montgomery, AL 36105 Beta Omicron Lambda (Mobile - #158) Alvin J. Allen (RS) 1205 St. Madar Street Mobile, AL 36603 Delta Theta Lambda (Huntsville - #196) Bobby Player (FS) P.O. Box 189 Normal. AL 35762 Delta Pi Lambda (Selma - #204) Willie Gilford (CS) Rte. 1. Box 98 Browns. AL 36724 Delta Phi Lambda (Tuscaloosa - #209) Ben Winston (S) P.O. Box 1047 Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 Epsilon Delta Lambda (Talladega - #215) Thomas Y. Lawrence (S) 114 Baker Street Talladega. AL 35160 Theta Alpha Lambda (Gadsden - #278) NO REPORT Theta Gamma Lambda (Dothan - #280) Jerome Coleman (P) P.O. Box 6893 Dothan, AL 36301 Kappa Nu Lambda (Leighton - #535) NO REPORT Mu lota Lambda (Mobile - #554) Isaac Bowie, Jr. (CS) 2252 Clinton Street Mobile. AL 36617

FLORIDA Director Robert K. Wright 365 Bartley Road Daytona Beach. Fl 32014 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Nu (Florida A & M U - #56) Clarence J. Davis (P) P.O. Box 598 FAMU Tallahassee, FL 32307 Delta Beta (Bethune-Cookman - #90) Johnny Roundtree (CS) Box 235, Bethune-Cookman College Daytona Beach. FL 32015 Delta Psi (Florida Memorial College - #309) Jimmy Adetula (S) 15800 NW 42nd Avenue Miami, FL 33054 Eta Delta (U of Miami - # 3 5 7 )

NO REPORT Theta Gamma (U of South Florida - #378) Reginald B. McGill P.O. Box 789 - USE Tampa, FL 33620 Theta Sigma (U of Florida - #392) NO REPORT •lota Delta P.O. Box 36 (Florida State U - #401) Tuskegee. AL 36088 Kelvin R. Davis (P) Delta Gamma U0 Box 6032 - FSU (Alabama A&M College - # 9 1 ) Tallahassee, FL 32313 Earnest Davis (CS) Kappa Upsilon Box 220-Alabama A i M U (Metropolitan - #438) Normal. AL 35762 John Lee (A) Epsilon Nu 1568 Kings Road Box 659 (Stillman College - #321) Edward Waters College Randy C. Mitchell (S) Jacksonville, a 32209 P.O. Box 1020 Stillman College Mu Theta (U of West Fl. - # 4 4 9 ) Tuscaloosa. AL 35401 Ulysses Johnson, Jr. (P) •Theta Delia P.O. Box 32446 (U of South Alabama - #379) Pensacola, FL 32504 Seymour A. Irby. III(P) ALUMNI CHAPTERS 5920 Wanngwood Drive Upsilon Lambda Mobile. AL 36608 (Jacksonville - #119) lota Nu(U of Alabama - # 4 0 9 ) Clarence Von Bostick (S) Timothy W. Payne (S) 2816 Ribault Scenic Drive Box 329 UAB Jacksonville, a 32208 Birmingham. AL 35294 Beta Beta Lambda (Miami - #146) Kappa Alpha (U of Alabama - #420) J. Walter Hale. Ill (S) Alphonso Wesley (P) P.O. Box 510027 Miami, FL 33151 P.O. Box 7368 University. AL 35486

The Sphinx / October 1977

Beta Delta Lambda (Daytona Beach - #148) William W. Pierce, Sr. (CS) 1306 Milton Drive Daytona Beach, FL 32014 Gamma Zeta Lambda (Tampa - #172) Richard F. Pride (FS) 2907 26th Street Tampa. FL 33605 Gamma Mu Lambda (Tallahassee - 1 7 7 ) Dr. Charles R. Russell (S) 433 Mercury Drive Tallahassee, a 32301 •Delta Delta Lambda (W. Palm Beach - #192) Bernard G. Jones (P) 613 Clear Lake Avenue W. Palm Beach, FL 33401 Delta Xi Lambda (Orlando - #202) Edward C. Wilson (CS) P.O. Box 5548 Delta Xi Lambda Orlando, FL 32805 Epsilon Mu Lambda (Pensacola - #222) Frank Kyle (P) 1211 E.Leonard St. Pensacola. FL 32501 Epsilon Pi Lambda (Ocala - #226) William E. Jackson (S) 1822 S.W. 4th Street Ocala, FL 32670 Zeta Alpha Lambda (Ft, Lauderdale - #234) Raleigh R. Rawls(P) 101814 NW 6 Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 Eta Kappa Lambda (Ft. Pierce - #265) Havert L. Fenn (S) P.O. Box 1271 Ft. Pierce, FL 33450 Theta Eta Lambda (St. Petersburg - #284) Charles Britt(P) P.O. Box 15024 St. Petersburg, FL 33733 lota Beta Lambda (Cocoa - #503) Hiram Mann (S) P.O. Box 1275 Cocoa, FL 32922 lota Pi Lambda (Miami #516) Donald Glenn (S) P.O. Box 570723 Perrine. FL33157 Mu Zeta Lambda (Lakeland - #551) Hugh R. Mills (T) 1126 West 14th Street Lakeland. FL 33801

GEORGIA Director Lorenzo Manns 4554 Moline Avenue Columbus, GA 31907 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Iota (Morris Brown College - #9) NO REPORT Alpha Rho (Morehouse College - #38) Vincent J. Toles(CS) P.O. Box 627 MC Atlanta, GA 30314 Alpha Phi (Clark College-#42) Rudolph R. Cohen, Jr. (P) 635 Fair St., Apt. B-6 Atlanta, GA 30314 Gamma Zeta (Ft. Valley State - #72) NO REPORT Delta Delta (Albany State - #92) Robert Shanks (S) P.O. Box 36 • ASC Albany. GA 31705 Delta Eta (Savannah State College - #95) Lewis L. Banks. Jr. (CS) Delta Eta A Phi A P.O. Box 20742 Savannah, GA 31404


(Georgia State U - #342) J. Derrick Chubbs(P) Box 542 University Plaza - GSU Atlanta. GA 30302 Zeta Pi (U of Georgia - # 3 4 6 ) Milton A. Marquis (P) P.O. Box 2151 Athens. GA 30602 Ell Alpha (Paine College - # 3 5 4 ) Berkala K. Lowe (P) Paine College P.O. Box 77 Augusta. GA 30901 Theta Beta (Columbus College - #377) Michael Ivey (P) 736 Wright Drive Columbus. GA 31906 lota Eta (Merce. U - #404) James Anthony Can (P) P.O. Box 61 Mercer University Macon, GA 31207 Mu Alpha (Emory U - # 4 4 2 ) Franklyn H. Geary, Jr. (CS) P.O. Box 21185 Emory U Atlanta, GA 30322

Mu Gamma (Georgia Coll. - #444) Joseph Nunnally (S) P.O. Box 749 Georgia College Milledgeville, GA 31061 Mu Delta (Georgia Southwestern - #445) Ed Lymes (P) P.O. Box 553 GSC Americus, GA 31803 Mu Omicron (Valdosta State C o l l . - # 4 5 5 ) Dr. L W. Williams (A) 415 S.Ashley Street Valdosta. GA 31601 AUIMNI CHAPTERS Eta Lambda (Atlanta - #107) Joseph Patterson (CS) P.O. Box 92576 Atlanta, GA 30314 Alpha Chi Lambda (Augusta - #143) Willie George Marshall (VP) 829 Strother Drive Augusta. GA 30901 Beta Phi Lambda (Savannah - #164) NO REPORT Gamma Omicron Lambda (Albany - #180) William Johnson (P) 1127 Joel Drive Albany, GA 31705 Gamma Sigma Lambda (Ft. Valley - #183) Clinton H. Dixon (S) P.O. Box 1742 Fort Valley State College Fort Valley, GA 31030 Delta lota Lambda (Columbus - #197) Lorenzo R. Manns (S) 4554 Moline Ave. Columbus. GA 31907 Epsilon Beta Lambda (Macon - #213) Joseph D. Lindsey (S) P.O. Box 5329 Macon. GA 31208 Eta lota Lambda (Athens - #264) Hugh Goodrum (CS) P.O. Box 902 Athens, GA 30603 Theta Nu Lambda (LaGrange - #289) Oliver N. Greene (S) 712 Pyracantha Drive LaGrange, GA 30240 lota Gamma Lambda (Brunswick - #504) Thomas P. Williams (S) 1716 Albany St. Brunswick. GA 31520 Kappa Tau Lambda (Valdosta-#541)

Epsilon Xi Lambda (Mound Bayou - #224) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Epsilon Xi Lambda Chapter P.O. Box 5531 Greenville, MS 38701 Zeta Mu Lambda (Biloxi - #244) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Zeta Mu Lambda Chapter P.O. Box 4254 Gulfport, MS 39501 Eta Phi Lambda (Columbus - #275) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Eta Phi Lambda Chapter Rte. 1 - Box 233 Steens. MS 39766 Theta Sigma Lambda (Natchez - #294) Wiley F. Jones (P) P.O. Box 285-Alcorn State U Lorman. MS 39096 Mu Gamma Lambda (Hattiesburg Laurel - #548) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Mu Gamma Lambda Chapter P.O. Box 98 Collins. MS 39428

Beta Theta Lambda (Durham - #152) NO REPORT Beta Mu Lambda (Salisbury - #155) Marion B. Jones (S) 809 West Thomas Street Salisbury, NC 28144 Beta Nu Lambda (Charlotte - #156) Thomas E. Asbury P.O. Box 16153 Charlotte, NC 28216 Gamma Kappa Lambda (Wilmington-#176) NO REPORT Gamma Psi Lambda (Asheville - #188) Robert Harrell (S) 120 Kenilworth Road Asheville, NC 28803 Epsilon Rho Lambda (Fayetteville - #227) Lawrence Robinson 6124 Conaway Drive Fayetteville, NC 28304 Epsilon Sigma Lambda (Tarboro - #228)

NO REPORT Epsilon Chi Lambda (Elizabeth City - #232) DirKtor NO REPORT Dr. A. M. Witherspoon Zeta EU Lambda 2701 Rothgeb Dr. (Kinston - #240) Raleigh, NC 27610 B. F. Hall, Ir. (S) COLLEGE CHAPTERS 1007 E. Caswell St. Alpha Omicron (Johnson C. Smith University - #36) Kinston, NC 28501 Eta Mu Lambda (Gastonia - #266) Randy L. Lee (P) UPO Box 171 J.C.Smith Univ. NO REPORT Charlotte, NC 28216 Theta Omicron Lambda Beta Epsilon (Goldsboro - #291) (A S T State U - #49) John D. Stokes (S) Stanley V. Cash (P) 304 W. Chestnut Street Box A-14, A I T State University Goldsboro, NC 27530 Greensboro, NC 27411 Beta Zeta (Elizabeth City State U - # 5 0 ) Director Peter Felder NO REPORT P.O. Box 41 Beta lota Claflm College (Winston Salem State U - #53) Orangeburg, SC 29115 Cecil Cates (P) COLLEGE CHAPTERS 14318 Winston-Salem St Univ. Beta Delta Winston Salem, NC 27102 Beta Rho (Shaw U - # 6 0 ) (South Carolina State - #48) Henry Jones (P) Ricky Pulley (S) Shaw University New Men's Residence CI 01 Spring Street Laurens, SC 29360 Room 206 Gamma Gamma (Allen U - #69) Raleigh, NC 27611 NO REPORT Gamma Beta Gamma Pi (North Carolina Central U - #68) (Benedict College-#81) Joe N. Lacewell (CS) J. C. Harrison (P) P.O. Box 1 1 - Chid ley Hall -NCCU P.O. Box 17 Benedict College Durham. NC 27707 Columbia, SC 29204 Gamma Mu NO REPORT Delta Alpha (Claflm U - #89) (Livingston College - #77) NO REPORT NO REPORT Eta lota Gamma Psi Director (VoorheesCollege-#362) (St. Augustine's College - #88) William K. Dease Weldon Stewart (P) NO REPORT 5980 Huntview Drive 105 Battle Hall Epsilon Zeta Jackson. MS 39206 Denmark, SC 29042 (Fayetteville State U - # 3 1 5 ) COLLEGE CHAPTERS ThtUNu NO REPORT Gamma Upsilon (U of South Carolina - #387) Zeta Epsilon (Tougaloo College - #85) Masceo Deschamps (P) (Barber Scotia College - #336) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Box 80026 USC NO REPORT Gamma Upsilon Chapter Columbia. SC 29208 EtaNu c/o Willie Arbuthrot (ES) Kappa Chi (East Carolina State U #365) Tougaloo College (Francis Marion College - #440) NO REPORT Tougaloo, MS 39174 Robert S. Young (S) Delta Kappa (Alcorn State U - #98) Eta Omicron P.O. Box 384) (North Carolina State U - #367) Leo Smith (S) Florence, SC 29603 A Phi A / Eta Omicron P.O. Box 267 Alcorn State Mu Pi (Baptist College - #456) P.O. Box 5631 Lorman, MS 39096 Wayne N. Myers (P) Raleigh. NC 27607 Delta Phi Box 58. Baptist College Kappa Omicron (Jackson State College-#307) Charleston, SC 29411 (Duke U - #433) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity AUIMNI CHAPTERS George A. Neale (S) Delta Phi Chapter Alpha Psi Lambda P.O. Box 4783 Duke Station Box 17177 JSU (Columbia - #144) Durham. NC 27706 Jackson, MS 39217 Cecil L Adderley (S) Mu Zeta (UNC - #447) Zeta Phi P.O. Box 11466 I arry Alston (CS) (Ms Valley State College-#351) Columbia. SC 29211 P.O. Box 551 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Beta Kappa Lambda Chapel Hill. NC 27514 Zeta Phi Chapter (Charleston - #154) MuTau P.O. Box 899 MVSU McKinley Washington (P) (U of North Carolina - #459) Irta Bena. MS 38941 P.O. Box 7 Perlo M. Hood (S) lota Gamma Edisto Island, SC 29438 Alpha Phi Alpha / Mu Tau (Rust College - #400) Gamma Gamma Lambda UNCC Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (Greenville - #169) Charlotte, NC 28213 Iota Gamma Chapter Zachanah J. Keith (S) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Box 642 . Rust College P.O. Box 1481 Kappa Lambda Holly Springs. MS 38635 Anderson. SC 29621 (Greensboro - #110) Kappa Beta Delta Zeta Lambda Richard Bennett (State College - #421) (Orangeburg - #194) P.O. Box 21052 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Or Robert Gordon (VP) Greensboro. NC 27420 Kappa Beta Chapter P.O. Box 1978- SC State College Phi Lambda (Raleigh - # 1 2 0 ) P.O. Box 1472 Orangeburg. SC 29117 Les Brinson (P) Mississippi State, MS 39762 Delta Kappa Lambda 4617 Limerick Drive Mil Xi (Metropolitan-#454) (Florence #198) Raleigh. NC 27604 Charles Johnson (A) Joseph E. Heyward (S) Alpha Pi Lambda P.O. Box 98 P.O. Box 384 (Winston Salem - #137) Collins. MS 39428 Florence, SC 29503 Or. James M. Jones (P) Eta Omicron Lambda AUIMNI CHAPTERS 3952 Glen Oak Drive (Rock Hills - #269) Alpha Epsilon Lambda Winston Salem, NC 27105 Richard Miller (P) (Jackson - #127) P.O. Box 3563 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Rock Hill. SC 29730 Alpha Epsilon Lambda (Jackson #127) P.O. Box 356 Yazoo City, MS 39194





T h t U Phi Lambda (Bennettsville - # 2 9 7 ) Ralph W. OuPree (CS) Beauty Spot Road Bennettsville, SC 2 9 5 1 2 • I o t a Eta Lambda (Denmark - # 5 0 8 ) NO REPORT Mu Epsilon Lambda (Conway - # 5 5 0 ) NO REPORT

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Btta Chi (Philander Smith C o l l e g e - # 6 5 ) NO REPORT •Gamma Delta (U of Ark. at Pine B l u f f - # 7 0 ) David Leron Walker (S) P.O. Box 4 2 0 2 UAPB

TENNESSEE Dirtctoi Zenoch G. Adams 1024 Kellow Street Nashville, TN 37208 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Chi (Meharry Medical College - # 2 1 ) Gregory L. Adams (CS) Box 653 Meharry Medical College Nashville, TN 37208 Alpha Chi (Fish U - # 4 3 ) Bradley Sheares (CS) P.O. Box 249 • Fisk Univ. Nashville, TN 37203 BataXi (LeMoyneOwen College - # 5 7 ) NO REPORT Btta Omicron (Tennessee State U - # 5 8 ) Adrien L Partridge (CS) Box 419 TSU Nashville. TN 37203 kWta Pi (Lane College - # 5 9 ) Don White ( P ) 200 Hays Jackson, TN 38301 Gamma Omicron (Knoxville College - # 8 0 ) NO REPORT Eta Phi (U of Tennessee - # 3 7 3 ) NO REPORT ThttiPi (Austin Peay State U - # 3 9 0 ) NO REPORT Kappa Eta (Memphis State U - # 4 2 6 ) Reginald A. Banks (CS) 231 South Parkway West Memphis, TN 3 8 1 0 9 kappa Thtta (Vanderbilt U - # 4 2 7 ) Terry J. German (ES) Box 5270-B Vanderbilt U Nashville. TN 37235 Kappa Xi (Middle Tennessee State - # 4 3 2 )

Pine Bluff, AR 71601 Theta Kappa (Henderson State College - # 3 8 5 ) Jackie W. Monroe (S) Box H, 853 Arkadelphia, AR 71923 Theta Upsilon (Arkansas State U - # 3 9 4 ) Troy Anthony Price ( P ) P.O. Box 380 State University Jonesboro, AR 72467 ThttiPsi (U of Central Arkansas - # 3 9 7 ) Jim Black ( P ) Box 646 UCA Conway. AR 72032 Kappa lota (Southern Arkansas U - # 4 2 8 ) Aubrey L. Morrison (S) P.O. Box 868 • SAU Magnolia. AR 71753 Kappa Kappa (U of Arkansas - # 4 2 9 ) Reginald W. Campbell ( P ) 522 W. Maple St. Fayetteville. AR 72701 Kappa Psi (UALittle R o c k - # 4 4 1 ) Johnny Brown ( P ) P.O. Box 435 Little Rock, AR 72203 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Pi Lambda (Little R o c k - # 1 1 5 ) J. J. Lacey, Jr. ( P ) 6412 Shirley Drive Little Rock, AR 72204 Delta Sigma Lambda (Pine Bluff - # 2 0 6 ) Hazell Reed ( P ) Box 4132 UAPB Pine Bluff. AR 71601 Thtta Tau Lambda (Helena - # 2 9 5 ) George L. Denton (S) 254 Pine Street Mananna,AR 72360


Mitchell Albert 2375 79th Avenue Baton Rogue, LA 70807 Foster E. Anthony. Jr. (S) COLLEGE CHAPTERS P.O. Box 655 MTSU Btta Sigma (Southern U - # 6 1 ) Murfreesboro, TN 37132 Kenneth Murphy ( P ) Mu Beta (UT Martin - # 4 4 3 ) 1737 La Annie St. #32 Oslo Cole ( P ) Baton Rouge. LA 70815 Box 121 UT Martin Btta Tau (Xavier U - #62) Martin, TN 38238 Victor Spencer Mu Iota (U of Tennessee - # 4 5 0 ) Xavier U - St. Michaels Hall Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity New Orleans. LA 70125 Mu lota Chapter Btta Phi (Dillard U - # 6 4 ) Box 8317 University Station NO REPORT Knoxville, TN 37916 Delta Sigma ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Grambling U - # 3 0 4 ) •Tau Lambda (Nashville - # 1 1 8 ) Ernest Williams ( P ) Wilson Q Welch, Jr. (CS) P.O. Box 2 0 0 Grambling U Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc Grambling, LA 71245 Tau Lambda Chapter Epsilon Upsilon P.O. Box 5646 (Southern U - # 3 2 8 ) Nashville, TN 37208 P. Malcolm Robinson (A) Psi Lambda (Chattanooga - # 1 2 2 ) Southern U 6 4 0 0 Press Drive Archie M. Taylor (S) New Orleans. LA 70126 510 Over Street ZttaXi Chattanooga, TN 37411 (U of Southwest Louisiana - # 3 4 4 ) Alpha Delta Lambda George Sonnier, Jr. (S) (Memphis - # 1 2 6 ) 110 Harmony Street George 0. Clark. Jr. (S) Lafayette. LA 70501 1217 Fountain Court Eta Kappa Memphis, TN 38106 (Louisiana Tech U - #363) Alpha Mu Lambda Michael Conner ( P ) (Knoxville - # 1 3 3 ) 5497 Tech Station Edward O. Hill ( P ) Ruston, LA 71272 2643 Linden Avenue Eta Chi Knoxville. TN 37914 (Northeast Louisiana - # 3 7 4 ) Btta Upsilon Lambda Terry Davis ( P ) (Jackson - # 1 6 3 ) P.O. Box 40 NLU Station L R. Cunningham (CS) Monroe. LA 71202 342 Webster Street Thtta Thtta (McNeese U - # 3 8 3 ) Jackson, TN 38301 NO REPORT Kappa Ztta Lambda • T h t t a Phi (Clarksville - # 5 2 9 ) (Louisiana State U - # 3 9 5 ) Melvin Baldwin, Ir. (S) Rodney C. Cook (S) 7396 A Gardner Hills Box 1235 Lake Front Campus UNO Ft. Campbell, KY 4 2 2 2 3 New Orleans, LA 7 0 1 2 2 Mu Nu Lambda (Ktngsport # 5 5 7 ) Thtta Chi John Harrison (A) (Northwestern State U - # 3 9 6 ) 2512 Sanford Drive Nora J. Listach. Ill ( P ) Kingsport. TN 37664 P.O. Box 5232 NSU Natchitoches, LA 71457 •Kappa Mu (Nicholls State U - # 4 3 0 ) Wilbert Boudreaux (S) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Kappa Mu Chapter Kractor Box 2009 NSU William H. Fowler Thibodeaux, LA 70301 2515 Ringo Little Rock, AR 72205



Kappa Nu (Southeastern Louisiana - # 4 3 1 ) Kenneth Watson ( P ) P.O. Box 3917 SLU Hammond. LA 70402 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Sigma Lambda (New O r l e a n s - # 1 1 7 ) Walter E. Morial (S) 3328 Saint Anthony Avenue New Orleans, LA 7 0 1 2 2 Btta lota Lambda (Baton Rouge - # 1 5 3 ) Alger Wilson (CS) 391 Woodcliff Drive Baton Rouge. LA 70815 Delta Upsilon Lambda (Shreveport - # 2 0 8 ) James C. Leary (S) 2961 Looney Street Shreveport, LA 71103 Epsilon Kappa Lambda (Grambling - # 2 2 1 ) William Wiley (CS) P.O. Box 319 Grambling, LA 71245 Epsilon Psi Lambda (Alexandria - # 2 3 3 ) NO REPORT Ztta Chi Lambda (Bogalusa - # 2 5 4 ) NO REPORT Ztta Psi Lambda (Lake Charles - # 2 5 5 ) J, V. Bellard (T) 2911 General Mitchell Drive Lake Charles, LA 70601 Eta Gamma Lambda (Lafayette - # 2 5 8 ) Louis J. Lloyd (S) 1120 Tenth Street Lafayette, LA 70501 Eta Delta Lambda (Monroe - # 2 5 9 ) Louis Pargoud (CS) 500 Jason Drive Monroe. LA 71201 lota Xi Lambda (Opelousas-#514) Donald J. Bush (S) P.O. Box 329 Opelousas, LA 70570

OKLAHOMA Director Charles Lewis 1710W.Xyler Tulsa. OK 74127

Gamma Tau Lambda (Beaumont - # 1 8 4 )

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta (Huston Tillotson College Devon Small (P)


Huston Tillotson College • Box 324 Austin, TX 78702 Alpha Sigma (Wiley U - # 3 9 ) Willie Marshall 2107 Pinecrest Dr., B 16 Marshall, TX 75670 Gamma Alpha (Texas College - # 6 7 ) Alvin J. Walker (S) Texas Coll. - 2404 N. Grand Ave. Tyler, TX 75701 Delta Theta (Texas Southern U - # 9 6 ) Wilbert Powell, Jr. ( P ) A Phi A Fraternity Delta Theta Houston, TX 77004 Epsilon Gamma (Bishop C o l l e g e - # 3 1 2 ) William H. Mitchell. Ill ( P ) 3837 Simpson Stuart Rd., Box 233 Dallas, TX 75241 Epsilon Iota (U of T e x a s - # 3 1 8 ) NO REPORT Epsilon Rho (Lamar Tech State College -


NO REPORT Epsilon Sigma (St. Mary's U - # 3 2 6 ) Lelaurin F. Brown (CS) P.O. Box 2406 San Antonio. TX 78285 Ztta Kappa (U of Texas - # 3 4 1 ) B.James Golden, III (S) 5765 Corsicana El Paso. TX 79924 Ztta Tau (East Texas U - # 3 4 9 ) Darrell Hollands (P) P.O. Box S ETSU Commerce. TX 75428 Ztta Chi (U of Texas at Arlington William Wilcott(CS) Box 19193 UTA Station Arlington.TX 76019 Eta Gamma


( P r a i r i e V i e w A & M - #356) John Whitlow Osby ( P ) P.O. Box 2255 Prairie View, TX 77445 Eta Epsilon (North Texas State U - # 3 5 8 ) Robert W Randle ( P ) P.O. Box 5493, NT Station Denton, TX 76203 Eta Mu (U of Houston - # 3 6 4 ) Melvin Roberts (RC) 6014 Newquay Houston, TX 77085 Eta Upsilon

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Kappa (Langston U - #54) Terrel Harris (CS) Langston University Langston, OK 73050 Epsilon Epsilon (Oklahoma State U - # 3 1 4 ) (Texas Tech U - # 3 7 2 ) Ricky Adams ( P ) Barry W. Bruce ( P ) 408 N. Washington 2324 5th, #79 Stillwater, OK 74074 Lubbock, TX 79401 Ztta Zeta (U of Oklahoma - # 3 3 7 ) Eta Psi NO REPORT (Texas Christian U - # 3 7 5 ) Ztta Sigma NO REPORT (Central State U - # 3 4 8 ) Theta Alpha Jessie McFarland ( P ) (Jams Christian College - # 3 7 6 ) Box 340 East Hall Leonard Rogers (P) Central State U Jarvis Christian College Edmond, OK 73034 Hawkins, TX 75765 Ztta Upsilon Theta Mu (Northeastern State College - # 3 5 0 ) (Sam Houston State U - # 3 8 6 ) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Thomas Swist, Jr. ( P ) Zeta Upsilon Chapter 1611 Avenue M. #13 Box 340 - NSU Huntsville, TX 77340 lota Kappa Tahlequah. OK 74464 (Paul Quinn C o l l e g e - # 4 0 7 ) Eta Thtta (East Central State College - # 3 6 1 ) NO REPORT NO REPORT lota Mu (Stephen S. Austin Kappa Epsilon State U - # 4 0 8 ) (Cameron U - # 4 2 4 ) NO REPORT NO REPORT lota Omicron ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Southern Methodist U - # 4 1 1 ) Alpha Tau Lambda Perry Johnson (S) (Tulsa - # 1 4 0 ) SMU • Box 3 5 2 2 Dallas, TX 75205 Emanuel Palmer (S) Mu Nu (SW Texas State - # 4 5 3 ) P.O. Box 6 1 5 2 Tulsa, OK 74106 NO REPORT Beta Epsilon Lambda (Boley - # 1 4 9 ) ALUMNI CHAPTERS NO REPORT Alpha Eta Lambda Btta Eta Lambda (Houston - # 1 2 9 ) (Oklahoma C i t y - # 1 5 1 ) NO REPORT Gerald Henderson (P) Alpha Sigma lambda P.O. Box 11105 (Dallas - # 1 3 9 ) MalthusL. Northcutt(P) Oklahoma City, OK 73111 Beta Chi Lambda (Muskogee - # 1 6 5 ) 2334 S. Good Latimer Expy. Dallas, TX 75215 Vernon L. Foshee (S) Btta Tau Lambda 725 N. Terrace Blvd. (Ft. Worth - # 1 6 2 ) Muskogee. OK 74401 Wyman Wiggins (CS) Ztta Gamma Lambda 905 Green River Trail (Langston - # 2 3 6 ) Ft. Worth. TX 76103 Jimmie L. White (T) Gamma Eta Lambda P.O. Box 180 (Austin - # 1 7 3 ) Langston, OK 73050 Exalton A. Delco, Jr. ( P ) Eta Xi Lambda (Lawton - # 2 6 8 ) 1805 Astor Place Leroy Zimmerman ( P ) Austin, TX 78721 P.O. Box 1335 Gamma Pi Lambda Lawton. OK 73501 (Galveston - # 1 8 1 ) Curtis McGowan (S) 6018 Diamont Ct. Director Texas City, TX 7 7 5 9 0 Charles Green 6511 Bridgewater Cove Austin, TX 78723



NO REPORT •Gamma Upsilon Lambda (Marshall - # 1 8 5 ) T. E.Gray (CS) P.O. Box 583 Marshall, TX 75670 Delta Rho Lambda (San Antonio - # 2 0 5 ) William Hays, Jr. ( P ) 6214 Forest Bend San Antonio, TX 7 8 2 4 0 Epsilon Alpha Lambda (Tyler - # 2 1 2 )

Director Elmon Elmore 2575 Bantry Lane S. San Francisco, CA 9 4 0 8 0 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Epsilon (UC Berkley - # 2 7 ) N0REP0RT Delta Omicron (Stanford - #301) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Phi Lambda (Berkley - # 1 8 6 ) NO REPORT Gamma Chi Lambda (San Francisco - # 1 8 7 ) S. Sylvester Lee (P) 1562 Portola Drive San Francisco, CA 9 4 1 1 2 Eta Sigma Lambda (San Jose - # 2 7 2 ) Nathaniel Newman (CS) P.O. Box 23521 San Jose, CA 95123 Theta Beta Lambda (Oakland - # 2 7 9 ) NO REPORT Kappa Alpha Lambda (Monterey - # 5 2 4 ) Clifford McDuffy (P) 1326 Sky View Drive Seaside, CA 93955 Kappa Omicron Lambda (Vallejo - #537) Otha M. Green (S) 418 LaDera Dr. Vallejo. CA 9 4 5 9 0

NO REPORT Epsilon Epsilon Lambda (Waco - # 2 1 6 ) Ernest B. People P.O. Box 1405 Waco, TX 76703 Epsilon Tau Lambda (Prairie View - # 2 2 9 ) Griff W. Kendrick (FS) P.O. Box 2224 Prairie View, TX 77445 Epsilon Phi Lambda (Port A r t h u r - # 2 3 1 ) NO REPORT Ztta Tau Lambda (Amarillo - # 2 5 1 ) Donald G. White. Sr. ( P ) 4821 Rusk Street Amarillo, TX 79110 Eta Upsilon Lambda (Odessa - # 2 7 4 ) Fred Deaver ( P ) 414 Carver Street Odessa, TX 79760 Theta Delta Lambda (El Paso - # 2 8 1 ) Webster Langhorn (S) 3028 Yardwood Drive El Paso. TX 79935 Theta Kappa Lambda (Lubbock - #287) Charles Henry (S) 2623 E. Auburn St. Lubbock, TX 79403 Kappa Gamma Lambda (Texarkana - # 5 2 6 )

CALIFORNIA (San Jose) Director Vernon Johnson 7356 Maywood Drive Pleasanton, CA 91001 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Mu (San Jose State U - #320) La Guan E. Lea (S) P.O. Box 486 San Jose, CA 95103

NO REPORT Kappa Sigma Lambda (Killeen - # 5 4 0 ) Charles E. Delans ( P ) P.O. Box 1338 Killeen. TX 76541

CALIFORNIA (Los Angeles) Director Clinton Minnis 2 1 1 8 S . BagleySt. Los Angeles, CA 90034

WEST ARIZONA (Phoenix) Director To be appointed COLLEGE CHAPTERS MuEta

NO REPORT Mu Kappa (UCSanta Barbara - # 4 5 1 ) Geoffrey Brown ( P ) P.O. Box 14505 UC Santa Barbara, CA 93016

(Arizona State U - # 4 4 8 ) Jerome E. Miller ( P ) 202 W. Hermosa, Apt. K202 Tempe. AZ 8 5 2 8 2 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Tau Lambda (Phoenix - # 2 0 7 ) William M. Corbm (CS) 2401 W Cherry Lynn Rd. Phoenix, A2 85015

ARIZONA (Tucson) NEVADA Director Felix Goodwin 7065 N. Stardust Tucson. AZ 85718 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Zeta Theta (U of Arizona - # 3 3 9 ) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Eta Psi lambda (Tucson - # 2 7 7 ) Richard Davis 5620 Wilshire Dr. Tucson, AZ 86713 Theta Pi Lambda (Las Vegas NO REPORT

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Xi (U of California - # 7 9 )

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Btta Psi Lambda ( L o s A n g e l e s - #166) Samuel W. Davis (RS) 6743 Third Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90043 Eta Pi Lambda (Pasadena - # 2 7 0 ) Ray W. Bartlett ( P ) 1180 Sonoma Dr. Altadena, CA 91001 lota Ztta Lambda (Compton - # 5 0 7 ) G. Bernard Brown ( P i P.O. Box 90692 Los Angeles. CA 9 0 0 0 9

CALIFORNIA (Sacramento-Stockton

Director William H. Day 866 E. Fir Fresno, CA 9 3 7 1 0 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Btta (Fresno State C o l l e g e - # 3 1 1 ) Robert Stevenson ( P ) 428 W. Eden Fresno, CA 93706 ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Nu Lambda ( F r e s n o - # 5 1 3 ) Henry E. Jules. Jr. ( P ) P.O. Box 12301 Fresno, CA 93777 Kappa Eta Lambda (Bakersfield - # 5 3 0 ) Clifton Johnson (S) 3412 Kapral Way Bakersfield, CA 9 3 3 0 9


Iota Psi (California Polytechnic U - # 4 1 9 ) Jeff Walton ( P ) P.O. Box 1742 Pomona, CA 9 1 7 6 9 ALUMNI CHAPTERS M u X i Lambda ( R i a l t o - # 5 5 8 ) Kenneth Chapman (A) 846 Margarita Street Rialto. CA 92376

CALIFORNIA (San Diego) Director Samuel McElroy 6531 Hopedale Ct. San Diego, CA 9 2 1 2 0 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Eta Sigma (Metropolitan - # 3 7 0 ) Billy Henderson (CS) P.O. Box 33 National City, CA 9 2 0 5 0 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Sigma Lambda (San Diego - #250) Sam Thomas. Jr. (CS) 7594 Careybrook Lane San Diego, CA 92114

COLORADO Director Melvin J. Norton 2 0 0 1 E . 21st Ave. Denver, CO 80205 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Iota (U of Colorado - # 3 1 ) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Psi Lambda ( D e n v e r - # 2 1 1 ) Jay Taylor 3295 Locust St. Denver. CO 80207 Iota Omicron Lambda (Colorado S p r i n g s - # 5 1 5 ) Uoyd J. Stark ( P ) lota Omicron Lambda Chapter Box 4083 Colorado Springs, CO 80910

WASHINGTON OREGON Director Dewey Tuggle 3401 Narrows Dr. Tacoma, WA 98407 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha X i ( U of W a s h i n g t o n - # 3 5 ) Joe Miller (P) U of Washington HUB Box #32 Seattle. WA 98195 Beta Psi (U of Oregon - #66) NO REPORT lota Tau (E.Washington State C o l l . - # 4 1 5 ) Michael Vines ( P ) P.O. Box 940 Cheney, WA 99004 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Epsilon Ztta Lambda (Portland - # 2 1 7 ) NO REPORT Zeta Pi Lambda (Seattle - #248) Cecil Collins ( P ) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Inc. P.O. Box 24572 Seattle, WA 98124 lota Mu Lambda (Tacoma - # 5 1 2 ) Willie C. Stewart (S) Box 171 Fern Hill Station ) Tacoma, WA 9 8 4 1 2



Clifford Basfield 520 West 5th Street Stockton, CA 95206 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Thtta Eta (Davis - # 3 8 2 ) Charles C. Miller ( P ) 4537 Palm Ave. #2 #292) Sacramento, CA 9 5 8 4 2

CALIFORNIA (Bakersfield-Fresno)

lota Chi (U of Redlands -

Robie Marshall (P) c / o Junius Pierson 5310 Canyon Crest Dr.. #41 Riverside, CA 92507

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Ztta Btta Lambda (Sacramento - # 2 3 5 ) Clifton L. West (P) P.O. Box 22261 Sacramento, CA 9 5 8 2 2

CALIFORNIA (San Bernardino) Director Kenneth Chapman 846 East Margarita St. Riatto. CA 9 2 3 7 6 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Delta (U of Southern Caifornia - #26) Ronald K. Wortham (T) 4215 W. Don Tomaso Drive. Apt. #3 Los Angeles. CA 90008

Director Boyd Jackson 1305 Evelyn Ct., N.E. Albuquerque, NM 85705 ALUMNI CHAPTER lota Psi Lambda (Albuquerque - # 5 2 3 ) James E. T a t u m ( P ) P.O. Box 5435 Kirtland AFB, NM 87115

HAWAII Director C. Edward Singer 410 Magellan St., Apt. 908 Honolulu. HI 96813 ALUMNI CHAPTER Mu Beta Lambda (Honolulu, HI - # 5 4 7 ) Dan Matthews (S) 2277 Aumakua St. Pearl City, HI 9 6 7 8 2

UTAH Director To be appointed COLLEGE CHAPTER lota Upsilon (Utah State U - # 4 1 6 ) NO REPORT

The Sphinx / October 1977

,# £ i



The Sphinx 4432 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive Chicago, Illinois 60653 Return Requested




LU (/>





03 LU




Second Class Postage Paid Chicago, Illinois

The SPHINX | Fall 1977 | Volume 63 | Number 3 197706303  

Dr. Emmer Lancaster is a front-runner in his field of minority business enterprise, Brother Otha N. Brown, Jr. raises the issue of poltical...

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