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This is Volume 62, Number 1 February 1976 The issue number is misprinted on the front cover

CDITOR'S History is full of ironies and, as proof of that adage, one should simply note that Paul Robeson, to whom w e pay tribute in this edition of our SPHINX, died at about the same time that Richard Nixon went to China, A G A I N ! The tragic, and indeed disgusting, irony in that fact is that Poul Robeson - a man of character and dignity and a champion of human rights was villified by this government and its citizens because of the respect and love which he was accorded abroad, especially in the Soviet Union; while Richard Nixon - a man who clawed his way to the highest public office in this land by destroying the lives of others whom he attacked as "communists" - is picked up in this country by a military plane of the "communist" People's Republic of China, flown to China and treated like a k i n g ! A n d the official government position on Mr. Nixon's sojourn is that the former President was merely exercising his right as a "private citizen" to travel where he pleases. Enough said! . . . We are pleased to present, for your personal archives, this Paul Robeson Memorial Edition of the SPHINX. Thanks to Brothers Bradford Spencer (of Chicago) and Dr. L i o n e l N e w s o m for their contributions. A n d a special note of thanks to an outstanding Alpha man, Bishop J . Clinton Hoggard, for making available his historic eulogy of this great man. . . I cannot proceed without apologizing to the brothers of the Midwest and the Indianapolis host chapter, lota Lambda, for not printing details of the recently held Midwestern Regional Convention in the last issue. Your Editor was certain that this issue would be on time and, thus, decided against running the material earlier. Nonetheless it was a record breaking and successful meeting and congratulations are extended to all involved. . . We are pleased to present the first installment of a new regular feature, Educational News. Education Foundation Chairman W i l l i a m R O M , J r . was most cooperative and w e feel certain that the brotherhood will benefit from up-to-date information on the workings of the Foundation. . . Chapter News! Chapter News! If you have any doubts about the level of activity of Alpha around the country, take note of our Chapter News section . . . The scheduled article on Dallas Cowboy's star Jethro Pugh arrived too late for publication in Alpha Athletes, but the news that Brother Eddie Robinson had been elected the top collegiate football coach in the nation was right on t i m e . . Thanks to Brother Marcus N a u s t a d t a r , who did his usual outstanding job in preparing the story on Alpha's 50th year in Louisiana.. . A note of sadness pervades Alphadom, as many of our esteemed Brothers joined Omega Chapter since our last publication. We urge all chapters to insure that proper tribute is given to deceased brothers by forwarding a notice to the SPHINX... After constant badgering from our "supersalesman ", Brother "Tiny" Blanton, w e now have a full-page ad w i t h photos of the items on sale by the General Office. "For your wearing pleasure1." . . . Finally, the salute to Paul Robeson presented here, or at any one source, gives only a glimmer of the vitality and majesty of this Black giant. We hope that it will inspire you to find out more about this great man and disseminate that information in order that no one, and certainly no Black person, should ever have to ask "Who was Paul Robeson?" . . . Until next issue . . . M . J . P.



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General Convention Up-dated program information on Alpha's Convention. Make plans to attend NOW!


Paul Robeson A tribute to a giant among men, Brother Paul Robeson. Articles by Brother Bradford Spencer, Past General President Lionel H. Newsom, and Bishop J. Clinton Hoggard, who delivered the Eulogy at the funeral services for Brother Robeson.

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Regional Conventions Information on the upcoming Regional Conventions. FOCUS The life of Brother Lester Granger, long-time Executive Director of the National Urban League. Louisiana's 50th Year In December of 1975, the brothers of Louisiana celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Sigma Lambda Chapter in New Orleans, marking the beginning of Alpha Phi Alpha in that state.


CAMPAIGN "76 Biographical material on the two nominees for the Office of General President - Brother William Decker Clarke (pages 34 & 35) and Brother James R. Williams (pages 36 & 37).


Educational News A new regular feature of The SPHINX, from the Fraternity's Director of Educational Activities and Chairman of the Alpha Phi Alpha Education Foundation, Inc.



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Alpha Golden Legacy Read the fascinating story of Brother Noble Sissle, an outstanding musician and leader in the Harlem Renaissance.



CREDITS Photo (Ed. News logo, page 38) - Ignacio Leal, Chicago, IL Ode to the Deceased (page 65) - Brother (Dr.) Andrew A. Best Zeta Eta Lambda, New Bern-Kingston, NC ABOUT THE COVER: In tribute to the late Brother Paul Robeson, the graphic design of the cover is highlighted by the "Paul Robeson Medallion", presented to recipients of the Alpha Phi Alpha "Paul Robeson Humanitarian Award".

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The Sphinx / February 19 76


m ยงmm NATIONAL BUSINESS ENCOURAGEMENT WEEK: On November 25, 1975, Brother Leroy W. Jeffries, CoChairman of the Business Encouragement Commission, wrote all Regional Vice Presidents regarding the establishment of a unified Business Encouragement Week. After considerable thought, because of the importance and magnitude of the Business Encouragement Week, we have decided to designate the week of MAY 9 - 1 5 , 1976 as National Business Encouragement Week, to "kick off" our program. This will give all of the chapter presidents and State Directors the necessary time and opportunity to set up first-rate programs for Business Encouragement Week. A flyer has been prepared by the Commission suggesting types of programs and means of implementation for this event. This does not mean, however, that any ongoing Business Encouragement plans are to be curtailed. This National Business Encouragement Week observance will be a concerted effort by all regions of Alpha Phi Alpha to put on a major program in one or several large cities in each region. The Business Encouragement Program is a worthwhile contribution to Black people throughout the nation and we hope to establish National Business Encouragement Week as an annual event of the Fraternity.


GENERAL CONVENTION: "1976 - Alpha's International Year" is the theme for the historic 70th Anniversary Convention of Alpha Phi Alpha, to be held July 30 - August 8, 1976 in New York City and Monrovia, Liberia. Our goal is to have the participation of 4,000 persons in the New York and /or Monrovia phases of this unique educational event. Due to the fact that this is the nation's Bicentennial Year, with many activities scheduled on the East Coast, we urge all brothers to make reservations NOW, for both phases of the convention. PROJECT 100: The 1976 Convention will witness a report on the status of our two-year drive, initiated in 1974, to establish 100 new and viable chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha. Chapters are in various stages of establishment across the globe, from Africa to Arizona, and we urge all groups to finalize their chartering process wherever possible. STATE CONVENTIONS: Congratulations to all of the hardworking State Directors who coordinated the numerous State Conventions during this year. All of these meetings were reported to be huge successes, enabling us to carry out many of the vital leadership training and communications functions which cannot be handled at larger meetings. THis success speaks well for the future of our great Fraternity.

General President 2



The Sphinx / February 19 76

©urair! GREETINGS: I duly recall (in the October 1973 issue of the Sphinx magazine) there was an article — MEET the EXECUTIVE SECRETARY DESIGNATE — which stated his primary efforts and goals were REDEDICATION to the New Agenda for ALPHA PHI ALPHA and to Aid in every possible way to INCREASE the ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP of our dynamic Fraternity. It is the latter goal which I would like to relate to — RECLAMATION! Give or take a few hundred brothers, there are about 40,000 INACTIVE and UNFINANCIAL BROTHERS out there in ALPHAIand! Every chapter should organize a Reclamation Committee — NOW • to canvass their CITY, TOWN, COLLEGE, ORGANIZATION, etc., to seek out and RECLAIM INACTIVE BROTHERS. One golden opening gesture for RECLAMATION is the issuing of the 2 5 YEAR MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE or 50 YEAR MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE to qualified brothers. The National Office will issue the 2 5 / 5 0 YEAR MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE to all brothers ACTIVE or INACTIVE, FINANCIAL or UNFINANCIAL, upon written request from a chapter . . . containing the NAME, COLLEGE, and DATE OF INITIATION into the Fraternity. Upon our verification, the 2 5 / 5 0 YEAR MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATES WILL BE FURNISHED FREE OF CHARGE to the chapter for presentation to the Brothers. Such chapter activities as: The Sphinx / February


Annual Dances, Smokers, Founder's Day, State Conventions, etc., would make an effective presentation of the 2 5 / 5 0 YEAR MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE. If this were made a chapter's annual affair, with as much ENTHUSIASM and GUSTO as we put into an Alpha Dance or Banquet, I know for a fact that the Fraternity would chip away a "Piece of that Rock" — 40,000 Unclaimed ALPHA Brothers. Some may ask, "What about the younger, inactive brothers?" — For starters, invite them to witness these presentations . . . so that the concept of "brotherhood," "love," "belonging," and "fraternity" are interwoven and imprinted in their mind, . . . so that they will continue to stay ACTIVE thereafter with the Fraternity.

I have a " D R E A M " that with your d e d i c a t e d support the Reclamation Program can surpass and o u t n u m b e r that outstanding LIFE M E M BERSHIP Program by 5,000 Reclamed Brothers In O n e Year.

BE POSITVE! ACT POSITIVE! and We shall positively have more inactive brothers Active! Also, may I suggest that during your Regional Conventions you introduce a RESOLUTION for the upcoming General Convention

— THAT an appropriate AWARD be presented annually to the Region and Chapter having the largest number of RECLAIMED brothers in one year. Furthermore, we MUST always remember to GIVE RECOGNITION to those brothers present at Regional and National Conventions who have been members of the Fraternity 5 0 YEARS or more. For Starters Goals for Regions by August 1976 EASTERN MIDWESTERN SOUTHERN SOUTHWESTERN WESTERN

500 600 700 400 100



For Positive Action Goals for Regions by July 30,1977 EASTERN MIDWESTERN SOUTHERN SOUTHWESTERN WESTERN Total

1,100 1,200 1,500 800 400 5,000

Future Goals 5,000 RECLAIMED BROTHERS per year until the 40,000 "Piece of that Rock" is GONE! Note: If any Region believes these GOALS are too LOW — by all means SURPASS THEM. Fraternally yours,


Brother NATHANIEL R. GOLDSTON, III founded Gourmet Services, Inc. for the express purpose of providing a new concept in college dining throughout the country. This new market is highly specialized and is in increasing demand by colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. Brother Goldston said, "The executive professional management and staff are composed of some of the most highly qualified and versatile food service specialists in the country." The established combined professional training and experience of two hundred employees is in excess of one hundred years in the culinary arts. Its on-going training program enhances their growth and development, creativity, skills, and awareness of trends and influences which effect campuses today. Orientation of employees including seminars, workshops, and roundtable discussions are encouraged for maximum productivity. Brother Goldston was introduced to the food service at an early age. Being the son of a professional hotel executive, he was exposed and taken through every phase of the hotel and food service field. Brother Goldston attended Denver University, graduating with a degree in Business Administration — with a major in Hotel and Restaurant Management. His postgraduate work was in the field of dietetics, real estate, and law. His extensive twelve year experience was with Catering Management, Inc., the fourth largest food service company in the industry. While with Catering Management, Goldston spent four years as a food service director, one year as District Manager, three years as Regional Vice President and four years as Senior Vice President. As 4

Senior Vice President, he was Chief Operating Officer and Coordinator of the National Sales Program. Goldston's varied experiences, education, and success in the industry qualify him for top leadership because of his performance of excellence. Gourmet Services, Inc. is unique. Its flexibility focuses upon the needs of the client. Goldston's advocacy of a "team approach", between client and Gourmet Services, in designing a food service program which compliments the existing physical conditions as well as introduces new techniques and processes which are "student centered" and "institution oriented" . . . is the basic component of the company. Gourmet Services, Inc. operations are initiated on a sound and constructive basis with a concern for a qualitative yet economical program. It has established guidelines for a total professional food service program structured to conform with college specifications. All of its quality standards of service, food preparation, sanitation, and personal performance are maintained at the highest level found anywhere for maximum results in the college food service industry. A comprehensive on-going in-service training program for staff is provided to update methods and operational skills to help meet the student's psychological and sociological needs. Gourmet Services, Inc. cares about the students' performance scholastically and their attitudes socially in providing a well balanced in or off-campus experience. Periodically, Goldston as President, and members of the Board of Directors of Gourmet Service, provide opportunities to meet presidents and business executives of education institutions during strategic cultural func-

tions to project and introduce Gourmet Services, the newest and most exciting food service and management company in today's market. Among the articulate policy making Board of Directors of Gourmet Services, Inc., are two other outstanding Alphas on the move, i.e. Isadore J. Lamothe, M.D. of Marshall, Texas and Ernest N. Morial, Esq. of New Orleans, Louisiana. Their influence and effective contributions have been felt in the growing success of Gourmet Services, Inc. Presently, it is the privilege of Gourmet Services, Inc. to serve Barber Scotia College of Concord, North Carolina; Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, North Carolina; Livingstone College, Salisbury, North Carolina; Mary Holmes Junior College, West Point, Mississippi; Miles College, Bir-

mingham, Alabama; Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Voorhees College, Denmark, South Carolina; and Wiley College, Marshall, Texas. Under the wise counsel and guidance of President Goldston, Gourmet Services continues to offer exclusive professional and specialized food services and food management to the colleges/universities and industrial markets, and it is predicted that Gourmet Services will emerge as a most unique qualitative and productive company, unmatched by any other food service company in the industry. As 1975 closes, Gourmet Services, Inc. gross sales exceeded three million dollars. "Gourmet Services, Inc. makes the difference." The Sphinx / February 19 76

Brother MELVIN J. NORTON, SR. is an outstanding Alpha leader in the fraternity's vast Western Region. A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Brother Norton was initiated into Beta Sigma Chapter at Southern University and is presently a member of Delta Psi Lambda Chapter in Denver, Colorado. He also serves the fraternity as Colorado Director. A staunch supporter of education causes, Brother Norton served as a member of the Denver Public Schools Monitoring Committee for the year 1974-75 and is President of the Stevens School PTA and Elementary and Junior High School Budget Committee. He is also one of the first brothers to join the Education Foundations fund-raising drive, having donated over $1,100 to date. Employed by the Denver District Court Probation Department, Brother Norton is active in a number of civic and community organizations, in-

cluding the Boy Scouts of America, the Denver Urban League, Common Cause of Colorado, the Central YMCA, Boys Clubs of Denver, Inc., and the Greater Parkhill Community, Inc. During his years of involvement in the Denver community, Brother Norton was given the distinction of being the first Alpha brother to be President of an Optimist Club in Denver and also the first Alpha to be a life member of that organization. Last year, he was awarded the Denver Optimist International Governor's Award. The above mentioned achievements are just the tip of the iceberg in the busy life of Melvin J. Norton, but they clearly show why he was honored as the Western Region's "Man of the Year" at the 1974 convention in Sacramento and why he has been tapped to provide leadership for the Regions Colorado Area. Melvin J. Norton is an Alpha Man!

TO THE LEFT: Bro. Melvin J. Norton, Sr.

TO THE RIGHT Bro. Jeff Flucker, Jr.

Brother JEFF FLUCKER, JR., a senior in the department of Physical Education at Hampton Institute, is a member of Gamma lota Chapter. He is a native of Hampton, Virginia and presently pursuing a career in professional karate fighting and is affiliated with the Professional Tournament Circuit. He started studying the art of karate while in high school, but could not pursue it fully because of his involvement in football and wrestling. Karate is subdivided into different levels. Classical karate is for people who are merely interested in selfdefense and the beauty of the art. Amateur competition is the level where the weekend athletes are found. The next two levels are professional where there is a lot of body contact and the The Sphinx / February 1976

contestants fight for money. The final level, in which brother Flucker is interested, is full "knock-out" karate. In the year 1975, Jeff has won: $300.00 in the 1975 Baltimore Karate Tournament; first place ($175.00) in the Virginia International Pro-American Championships; second place in the Kumite Black Belt Heavy Weight division in the 1975 Red Shield Open Karate Tournament; first place ($100.00) in the Roberts ProAmerican Karate Championships; and first place in the Butoki-Kai Championship, just to name a few. He had his first team knock-out fight in December (1975) which was held in Baltimore. Brother Flucker cites that karate has been and is a personal and rewarding experience and he feels that it has something to offer everyone.

&KJ it




Q -Q



Brothers: On behalf of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and the Greater New York City host chapters, a hearty invitation is extended to you and your family to join Brothers of Alpha at their 1976 INTERNATIONAL YEAR CONVENTION which opens in New York City July 30, 1976, at The New York Hilton Hotel. Alpha's history will record the Bicentennial Year — the year Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity launched its international and intercontinental convention. A warm welcome awaits you both in New York City and Monrovia. Walter Washington General President Convention Committee and Board of Directors Brother Kermit J. Hall, Director, General Conventions Brother William H. Walker, Executive Secretary Brother Walter Washington, Ex-Officio Convention Chairmen Brother W. Decker Clarke Brother Leonard T. DeShield

CONVENTION INFORMATION Hotel Room Rates: Singles $29.00; Doubles/Twins $39.00; One Bedroom Suites $95.00; Two Bedroom Suites $145.00. Children under 12 years in rooms with parents free. Registration Fees: Graduate Brothers $60.00; College Brothers $40.00; Ladies $35.00; Children $25.00; Nursery $20.00. ALPHA BROTHERS REGISTERING AFTER July 10, 1976 ADD $5.00 TO THE ABOVE FEES. Extra Formal Banquet tickets — $15.00. Life Members Breakfast $8.50. Registration Fees — Monrovia Residents — Graduate Brothers $35.00; College Brothers $25.00; Ladies $25.00; Children $15.00. Special Information: Brothers and their families attending Phase II of the convention in Monrovia, hotel accommodations and special meal activities are included in the tour cost. (See tour brochure).


Brothers or Alpha wives seeking special information should write to Brother W. Decker Clarke, Convention Chairman, 1290 Avenue of Americas, New York, New York 10019, or Brother Leonard T. DeShield, Monrovia Convention Chairman, P. O. Box 738, Monrovia, Liberia. For general convention information write to Brother Kermit J. Hall, Director, General Conventions, 100 Fairview Avenue, Yeadon, Pennsylvania 19050, or Brother William H. Walker, Executive Secretary, 4432 Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60653.

The Sphinx / February


PHASE 1 — NEW YORK CITY FRIDAY, July 10:00A M. 12:00 Noon 1:30 P.M.

1:30 P.M. 2:30P.M. 4:00 P.M. 8:00 P.M. 9:00 P.M.

30,1976 Board of Directors Meeting Registration and Information Hospitality Centers Committee Meetings Rules and Credentials Election Commission Finance Committee Ladies Beauty Clinic Education Foundation Meeting Building Foundation Meeting Get-Acquainted Party - TEENS and PRE-TEENS Reception (Discothque Jamboree)

SATURDAY, July 31,1976 8:00 A.M. Registration and Information 9:00 A.M. FIRST GENERAL SESSION 9:00 A.M. PRE-TEENS - Natural History Tour of New York City (Museum of Natural History, Staten Island, Battery Park)... Lunch. 9:00 A.M. TEENS - Soho Village Art Gallery, Greenwich Village Tour, American Freedom Train, Afternoon Sightseeing .. .Lunch. 9:00 A.M. CHILDREN (to 6 yrs.) - Gulliver's Trails .. Lunch. 10:00 A.M. MEMORIAL SERVICES 12:00 Noon KEYNOTE LUNCHEON 1:30 P.M. SECOND GENERAL SESSION 3:30 P.M. THE FRATERNAL ADDRESS 4:00 P.M. Business Encouragement Seminar 5:00 P.M. NOMINATION OF ELECTED OFFICERS 6:00 P.M. College Brothers Assembly 8:00 P.M. TEENS and PRE-TEENS - Social Activity 9:00 P.M. Inter-Greek Dance SUNDAY, August 1,1976 7:30 A.M. Life Members Breakfast 8:00 A.M. Registration and Information 9:00 A.M. Committee Meetings 10:30 A.M. Ecumenical Church Service

12:00 Noon College Brothers Luncheon 1 2:30 - 2:00 P.M. TEENS and PRE-TEENS - New York Experience Tour, McGraw Hill. 2:00 P.M. Regional Caucuses 3:00 P.M. Budget Hearing 4:00 P.M. Concert - Public Program 6:00 P.M. Concert and Reception (Black Tie) 9:00 P.M. TEENS - Disco Dance 9:00 P.M. Social Activity (Host Chapters) MONDAY, August 2,1976 7:30 A.M. Registration and Information 8:00AM. Equitable Opportunities Breakfast 9:00 A.M. PRE-TEENS - Central Park Zoo Tour, Lunch and Puppet Show in the Park, "Highlights of the City" Bus Tour, Statue of Liberty. TEENS - Sightseeing: The Battery (South 9:00 A.M. Ferry), Boatride to Statue of Liberty, Visit to Wall Street Stock Exchange, Twin Towers, Francis Tavern Museum, Federal Hall. 9:30 A.M. Polls Open for Voting 9:30 A.M. THIRD GENERAL SESSION 12:30P.M. Ladies Luncheon - Fashion Show Education Foundation - Seminar 1:15P.M. FOURTH GENERAL SESSION 2:00 P.M. Buffet Supper and Social 6:00 P.M. (TEENS and PRE-TEENS) 7:00 P.M. Alpha Formal Reception 8:00 P.M. Alpha Formal Banquet 10:00P.M. After Dinner Dance (Honoring the Eastern Region) TUESDAY, August 3,1976 9:00 A.M. Education Foundation 10:30A M Building Foundation 11:30 A M Convention Committee and Host Committee 5:00 P.M. Bus - J. F. Kennedy Internation Airport 7:00 P.M. Depart - Monrovia, Liberia

PHASE 2 — MONROVIA, LIBERIA • • WEDNESDAY, August 4,1976 8:30 A.M. Arrival - Roberts International Airport, Liberia 9:30 A.M. Reception and Greetings Eta Epsilon Lambda, Host Committee and Government Officials 10:00 A.M. Assignment of Transportation and Hotels 11:00 A.M. Arrival - Monrovia 8:00 P.M. Reception Eta Epsilon Lambda Chapter, Host THURSDAY, August 5,1976 8:30 A.M. Registration and Information (Monrovia Area Brothers, Wives) 10:30 A.M. Official Opening — Phase II 70th Anniversary Convention - Public Program 12:30 P.M. KEYNOTE LUNCHEON (Registered Alphas and Guests) 12:30 P.M. Children's Luncheon 2:30 P.M. GENERAL BUSINESS SESSION Phase II - 70th Anniversary Convention 2:30 P.M. Women and Children's Activities 5:00 P.M. Special Committee Meetings 6:00 P.M. College Brothers Assembly 8:00 P.M. Social Activities - Women and Children 8:30 P.M. Alpha Smoker... Eta Epsilon Lambda, Host Nursery service will be available in New York City for evening activities.

The Sphinx / February 19 76

FRIDAY, August 6,1976 7:30 A M . Life Members Breakfast 9:30 A M . SECOND GENERAL SESSION 10:00 A.M. Children's Activities 12:00 Noon Luncheon - Fashion Show (Alpha Wives, Brothers and Guests) 7:00 P.M. Children's Activities 9:00 P.M. Pan-Hellenic Ball SATURDAY, August 7,1976 9:00 A.M. Departure for Totota, Bong County 10:30 A M . Tour-Tubman Museum, Zoo, Plantations 12:15 P.M. Lunch - CooCoo Nest Restaurant 7:00 P.M. Children's Dinner and Social Activities 7:30 P.M. Alpha Formal Reception 8:30 P.M. Alpha Formal Banquet 10:30 P.M. After Dinner Dance SUNDAY, August 8,1976 8:30 A M. Board of Directors Meeting 10:30 A.M. Ecumenical Church Service 1:00 P.M. Alpha Picnic - Lunch — Providence Island 7:00 P.M. Special Film Show Benefit - Indigent Children's Home, Bentol Free Evening MONDAY, August 9,1976 Depart Monrovia to New York City Ivory Coast Tour



March 1 9 - 2 0 March 3 0 - 3 1

March April 1 April 1 5 - 1 7

April 2 2 - 2 5 April

May 1

May 9 - 1 5 May 31 May June 1 July 30 - August 8

MIDWESTERN REGIONAL CONVENTION Indianapolis, IN Mailing of DELEGATE FORMS to all ACTIVE CHAPTERS (Chapters must have filed an OFFICIAL DIRECTORY for 1975 - 76). DIRECTORY OF MEMBERSHIP to be published. DEADLINE for May Issue of the SPHINX. • SOUTHERN REGIONAL CONVENTION Jacksonville, FL • SOUTHWESTERN REGIONAL CONVENTION Beaumont, TX • WESTERN REGIONAL CONVENTION San Jose, CA EASTERN REGIONAL CONVENTION Richmond, VA • MAIL BALLOTS for the Office of General President to be sent to all Brothers who are active as of April 1. • Revised CONSTITUTION & BY-LAWS to be published. • Election of COLLEGE CHAPTER OFFICERS (First Regular Meeting) • DELEGATE CREDENTIALS due in the General Office. • DEADLINE for SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS to be submitted to the General Office. National BUSINESS ENCOURAGEMENT WEEK PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS due in the General Office Election of ALUMNI CHAPTER OFFICERS CONVENTION REPORTS due in the General Office (Committee Chairmen and General Officers). 70th ANNIVERSARY CONVENTION New York City - Monrovia, Liberia

&fâ‚Źice&ofl Our dear late brother, Paul Robeson, carried the spirit and wisdom for survival within his heart, hoping for equality, peace and the advancement of mankind . . . as is the inherent dream of every Alpha man. Brother Robeson, grandson of an American slave, w h o s e booming baritone voice renditions brought him fame around the world, died at the age of seventy-seven. For the past eleven years he had lived in seclusion in West Philadelphia and, on December 28, 1975, he was admitted to Presbyterian University Hospital for treatment of a stroke. An All-American football player who turned to singing and acting on stage and screen, Brother Robeson's outspoken political views made him the target of Communist hunters in later life. He also used his prestige and talent in an attempt to ease the suffering of other Black Americans and drew the wrath of racist hate groups. The Rev. William Drew Robeson, a Methodist minister, was born in slave quarters. Paul was born to the minister and Louisa Bustill Robeson, a former Philadelphia schoolteacher on April 9, 1898, in a Princeton, New Jersey parsonage. He was one of five children. Paul was educated in the New Jersey public schools and graduated from Rutgers University in 1919 with a Bachelor of Arts d e g r e e and possessing the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa key. Standing 6'3", he played end on the Rutgers varsity football squad and was selected for "Walter Camp's All-American 1 1 " in 1918, the first Black to be so honored. Brother Robeson at one time contemplated following in his father's footsteps as a minister, but changed his mind and entered Columbia University Law School in 1920. A friend, Dora Cole, who was a theatrical coach, persuaded him to take a part in an amateur play at a New York YMCA. Eugene O'Neill and other prominent theatre 10

tvn tjdlflfltl figures were in the audience one night and w e r e very impressed with Robeson's speaking voice and his onstage demeanor. In the spring of 1922, he played the leading role of a West Indian voodoo doctor in "Taboo", went to London to play the same part, and then decided on a theatrical career, while also studying voice. Robeson joined a singing quartet featured in the show

"Shuffle Along" and later appeared with another quartet in the Plantation Room in New York. He played in Eugene O'Neill's "All God's Chillun Got Wings" at the Provincetown Playhouse and follkowed this with another success in the title role of "Emperor Jones." In 1 925 he made his debut as a concert singer in Greenwich, Connecticut and was an immediate hit, although he had doubts about his own talent. He starred in such shows as "Porgy", and "Black Boy", and "Showboat", singing the memorable "Ol' Man River". He starred in the same role in the motion picture in 1936. In 1930 Robeson made a triumphant concert tour of Europe and also played the leading role in "Othello" in London. Singing everything from operatic arias to jungle tunes, he learned to speak fluently in Russian, Hebrew, French, Greek, Latin, German, and at least two African dialects. In 1 9 2 1 , Paul married Eslanda Cardoza Goode, a chemist. They were the parents of one son, Paul Jr., who is also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha. In the mid-1930's, Brother Robeson first expressed an interest in politics. He showed great admiration for the Russians after making a concert tour of the Soviet Union, where he was adored and respected. In January of 1947, he announced that he would give up his career for two years in order to "talk up and down the nation against prejudice." He ran into criticism whenever he spoke out against the oppression of the Black and poor in America and around the world. His enemies used the success of his Russian tour as a weapon in their attempt to silence Brother Robeson. He denied their charges of communism before a California legislative committee. Called before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee in 1950, he took the Fifth Amendment, citing his previous testimony in California. The Sphinx / February 19 76

Brother Belford Lawson (Left) congratulates Brother Paul Robeson after his performance at the public meeting of the 40th Anniversary General Convention (1946) held in Columbus, Ohio. At center is Brother Dr. Channing Tobias, also a principal speaker at the meeting. Brother Lawson presided over the event as Alpha's General President.

In August of 1950, the United States State Department cancelled Robeson's passport while he was in Europe addressing a communistsponsored "peace" conference. The passport was returned in 1958. After a self-imposed five-year exile in Europe, Brother Robeson and his wife returned to New York, in December, 1963. Mrs. Robeson died in 1965. Brother Robeson himself was suffering from a circulatory ailment and had received medical treatment in East Berlin and The Sphinx / February 19 76

London. His deteriorating health forced his confinement following his last public appearance at a 1965 birthday party in his honor in New York. In the 1950's Paul Robeson's fantastic career was systematically purged from the pages of history, depriving the public of the opportunity to review the success of one of the greatest Black men who ever lived. In recent years this suppression of greatness has begun to ease. The long overdue recognition of Paul Robeson's

exceptional character is being revealed to large segments of the public. He is finally being accepted, because he had the courage to struggle relentlessly for what he believed in and conquer same, regardless of the obstacles Paul Robeson was a giant of a man, by any standards. He took the spirit of Alpha, which most of us strive to achieve, and actually lived it . . .a claim few can make. That spirit, as exemplified in the life of Paul Robeson, will never die!




tAe mtwvu

£ace& o£<z man, o£mtwvu

"The right way" seems to be Brother Robeson's theme as he talks to English young people.

£ac&t&, tAe&e

A GREAT ARTIST COMES THROUGH FOR ALPHA Brother Robeson sings "Water Boy" at the public meeting of the 1946 General Convention.

Brother Robeson, pioneer activist in the civil rights movement, with Dr. Harvey Ward at a Civil Rights Congress some 30 years ago.

The serious face of a concerned Brother Robeson at a 1948 political rally. 12

The Sphinx / February



TRIBUTE T O PAUL ROBESON DR. Lionel H. Necusora "Our deeds follow us from afar, And what we have been makes us what we are.

Last Friday morning I was distressed to learn of the death of Paul Robeson, a man whose work and qualities I knew and admired very much. Robeson was a scholar, singer, athlete, actor and battler for equality of treatment for all races. His bravery, intelligence, sensitivity, and forthrightness were characteristics of a truly talented person. Robeson was a very uncommon man who loved the common man. Robeson fought for liberty and justice when it was suicidal to do so. Learning of Robeson's death, I thought back through the years, remembering that this distinguished man was not accorded the full honors he should have received from his nation, from his race (which he stoutly defended) or even from us, his fraternity brothers. Years ago at several fraternity conventions we tried to honor Paul Robeson by showing special deference to him and by presenting him awards citing his attainments. But the advocating minority, of which I was part, was overruled by a majority â&#x20AC;&#x201D; men typifying the human frailties of many other men of all colors seeking upward mobility and fearful of offending whatever establishment people may frown upon an outspoken and critical Black leader. Despite the fact that Robeson retired evidently in disappointment somewhat early in life, his attainments are monumental and can serve as an inspiration and example for those who seek success and self-fulfillment.

SCHOLAR As a student, Robeson attained Phi Beta Kappa honors at Rutgers University at a time when many teachers in predominately white Universities automatically gave Black students the grade of " C " regardless of excellence or deficiency. Phi Beta Kappa recognition came to him in his junior year and he was graduated with high honors in 1919. From Rutgers he went to Columbia University at which he studied law, again producing a laudable academic, record while playing professional football to pay his fees and was graduated in 1923.

ATHLETE A strapping six feet three inches of agility, mobility and muscle, Robeson became a member of the Rutgers varsity football squad and was named to the Walter Camp AllAmerica team in 1917 and 1918. He was an offensive and defensive end. Camp said, "Robeson is the greatest defensive end I have known." Robeson also was an all-around athlete, winning 15 varsity letters in football, basketball, baseball and track. He was among the few Black athletes who survived the usual dirty tricks and extra lumps inflicted upon Black pioneers in sports. The Sphinx / February


SINGER-ACTOR This column does not have enough space for me to enumerate Robeson's accomplishments as a singer and actor, for his career on the stage was truly phenomenal. It began in 1923 when he left law school and continued through 1963, when he returned to the United States from an extended tour of Europe. Some of his biggest successes were in Europe where he first attained international fame before being accepted as a star performer in his native land. Two of his major theatrical roles include O'Neill's "The Emperor Jones" and Shakespeare's "Othello." Only those who have heard his rich bass-baritone voice can really appreciate his artistry. BATTLER FOR EQUALITY Perhaps Robeson was understood least in his role as a battler for racial equality. He was obviously a man marching to the beat of a different drummer. He experienced the slights and slurs that came from ignorance and racism and he was sensitive to the total American public policy of racial discrimination of his era. The Europeans, he said, treated him more humanely than Americans did and were not as concerned with his race as with his ability. He spent much time in Europe, especially London and Moscow. His search for human dignity took him to the battlefields of the Spanish Civil War and to Russian friends who honored him. He was denounced and crucified by many Federal officials as a Communist because he was loved and respected by the Russians. He was persecuted for doing far less than Kissinger is doing now in seeking Russia's good will and detente. Some writer wrote "Our experience is composed rather of illusions lost than wisdom acquired." I believe Robeson died unhappy and disillusioned, as do many idealists and perfectionists. I also believe that scholars of social movements will refer to him as a fearless pioneer on the razor's edge of the civil rights struggle. However, his career is an eloquent and inspiring refutation of the claims of the segregationists, bigots, and the discriminators. The son of a fugitive slave, Robeson became a king of the stage. Let us heed well the lesson that Robeson and his career tell us - intelligence, perserverance, and dignity coupled with education and work spell SUCCESS. Although he is dead, what he did will live as long as the oceans roll. One last thought: Robeson did not demand that grading systems or qualifying instruments be changed to accommodate his weaknesses; he proved his superiority by meeting conditions as he found them and being the best in whatever competition he found. He accepted challenge as another opportunity to excel. Robeson was always his own man. 13

eulogy Gal. 6 : 1 7 - "Henceforth, let no man trouble me; for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus." Paul Robeson, singer, actor, peacemaker, human rights activist and minority peoples friend has joined the immortals. Born in a parsonage, reared in a Christian family home, surrounded by culture and courage inherited from his mother and his father, Paul Robeson was fitted for the battle of life both physically and mentally. Our family associations go back to 1904. In 1912, my father, now of sainted memory, was assigned to the pulpit in Westfield, N. J. where the late Rev. W. D. Robeson, father of Paul and four other children, had built the new edifice for the St. Luke A. M. E. Zion congregation. My father carried his bride, my mother, to the Westfield congregation while the Robeson family moved to Somerville, N. J. for the Rev. W. D. Robeson to pastor the St. Thomas A. M. E. 7ion Church. It was here that Paul began to discover his singing ability as he sang with the church choir on Sundays. He also would be called upon to fill his Dad's pulpit from time to time as the health of his father began to deteriorate. While in High

"'BepoRe I'd b e a s l a o e , I'd b e bciRied in my Qnaoe a n d g o b o r n e to my G o d a n d b e frzee'"

School at Somerville, N. J., he competed in an oratorical contest with professors from Rutgers University serving as judges. His forensic skill won him a scholarship to Rutgers which resulted from the persuasion of the late Dr. Charles S. Whitman, sometimes head of the English Department at Rutgers. The hard rough road of life began. Encountering racial slurs, gridiron attacks, social ostracism and some campus exclusions, Paul tightened his belt and determined to achieve what his father had taught all of his children, towit: excellence is the only rating a Robeson should have in scholarship, competition of athletic powers or cultural performances. This is evidenced by his being elected to the highest academic honor society in America, Phi Beta Kappa, in his Junior year at a college where he could not live on campus in a dormitory because "there was no room for him in the Inn." Living in a residence on Morrell Street in New Brunswick, N. J., with Mrs. Cummings and family, Paul used his strong body in athletic engagement leading him to become a 14

Tribute given by Bishop J Clinton Hoggard, Indianapolis. Indiana, Presiding Bishop ot the 6th Episcopal District. A M E Zion Church at Funeral Services for Paul Robeson which were held in Mother A M E Zion Church, 146 West 137th St, New Yoik City. Tuesday, Jan 27. 1976, 8:00 P M

15 letter man in four major sports, football, baseball, basketball and track. Our scriptural text is very appropriate at this point. On Paul's first day of scrimmage at college he told, many times, that "one boy slugged me in the face and smashed my nose . . . and then I was down . . . another boy gouged me with his knee . . . He managed to dislocate my right shoulder." He further stated that he had 10 days in bed and then out for another scrimmage. He made a tackle and was on the ground . . . a boy came over and stepped hard on his hand. The bones held, but the cleats took every single one of his fingernails off of his right hand. He said . . . . "that's when I knew rage." St. Paul of the early church bore marks in his body from conflict with the pagan and nonbelieving world. Beaten with straps and shipwrecked many times, he concluded his letter to the church at Galatia, with these words: "Henceforth, let no man trouble me, for I bear on my body the mark of Jesus." Part of his social exclusion led him from "white" fraternities at Rutgers to initiation into the grand old original Greek letter fraternity among American Blacks - namely, Alpha Phi Alpha. Paul Robeson at the time of graduating from college could rightfully say that he bore on his body marks of vengeance placed there because he tried to live as a person who was created by God with dignity and a "potential" for fulfilling life's dreams. These battle scars did not deter him from pursuing studies of law at Columbia University. After marriage to his wife, Eslanda Cardozo Good Robeson in 1 9 2 1 , he launched into the career of drama. His acclaim was nationwide, then worldwide. Finding a climate for "being a person" in Europe sooner than he experienced being a "free man" in America, he began to use his platform of dramatic performances as a launching pad for crying out against the oppressor of race in the economic and political arenas of life. As a child, I remember hearing his first records being played on the victrola; "My Soul is a Witness for My Lord, My soul is a witness for my Lord, who'll be a witness for my Lord?", and, "I've got a home in a dat rock - don't you see - between earth and sky, for I heard my Saviour cry - I've got a home in a dat rock - don't you see." As Paul saw more of the world and compared life in countries other than the United States, he invoked hostility, governmental vindictiveness which led to the lifting of his passport, and personal harrassment of the McCarthy era which subjected him to inquisition and interrogations. But the courage of his ex-slave father, who ran to freedom, spurred Paul on to no compromise with any man on the matter of conscience, human rights or personal dignity. Ultimately, he was vindicated by the U.S. Passport Office returning his passport under mandate from a ruling of the Supreme Court in a case that was precedent setting for the rights of citizens to travel at home or abroad without The Sphinx / February 19 76

penalty being inflicted on persons due to political persuasions contrary to the majority opinion. Paul was denied the opportunity to sing in the Rutgers University Glee Club, the prestigious organization on Queen's Campus. When I became the first black member of the Glee Club in the fall of 1934, Paul returned from Europe and gave a concert in Princeton, N. J. Several of the Rutgers men attended the concert. When it was over, we went backstage to talk with Paul. He greeted us, remembered our family and asked how I was getting along "On the Banks of the Old Raritan." I told him of my activities including membership in the University Choir and Glee Club. He offered his massive hand to shake my puny hand which was almost lost in search of his hand and said, "Congratulations, Clinton, I never was able to make the Glee Club." I then said, "Well, you can make a good living at concert singing now, but I had not better try." This reflected some change in the climate of Rutgers university from 1915 to 1934. Today students have a Center on campus named for Paul and the president, Dr. Edward Bloustein, is active with Alpha men and College Presidents seeking to have Paul's name enshrined in the Football Hall of Fame. It seems right so to do, that this service of a great personality should be enacted within these consecrated walls of Mother A. M. E. Zion Church. His brother, Benjamin Congleton Robeson, pastored here from 1936 - 1963. For twenty-seven years the Robeson tradition of character, individualism and stalwart determination was manifest on Manhattan Island. I served as a student minister in this church in 1939-40 while pursuing Theological studies at Union Theological Seminary. This caused me to have even closer contact with the family. When Paul was in the U. S. he worshipped regularly in this sanctuary as a modest, humble, unobtrusive member. He did not enjoy being a celebrated personality when he came to worship. His brother carried the pastoral leadership of the congregation which was under a heavy mortgage responsibility. Many times, Paul gave • lis service to this church in the form of a concert which would pack this building and all proceeds went to the liquidation of the debt of $160,000.00 on the church and $40,000.00 on the organ which occurred in 1945. A freedom fighter belongs to rest in freedom's palace for this church, now in its 180th year of continuous history, is the oldest black organization on Manhattan Island. She was the cradle for freedom's cause in the late 18th and 19th century when it broke from the John Street Methodist Church because of the indignities perpetuated against people of color in the name of Jesus. Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas and a host of Bishops of the church have passed through these portals of Mother Zion Church as members of the local congregation, and, or as members of the National Church. Douglas was in New Bedford, Mass., Harriet Tubman in Auburn, N. Y., Sojurner Truth here in Mother Zion and others throughout the length and breadth of America. Paul sang gloriously within these walls - "Freedom, Freedom, Freedom Over M e " - and "Before I'd be a slave, I'd be buried in my grave and go home to my God and be free." Paul patiently withdrew from the active arena of life in 1965. A widower, his last brother, the Rev., having died in 1963, Paul chose to live with his good and faithful sister, Marian, in her home in Philadelphia, where she, a widow, had retired from the Philadelphia School System, made pleasant the latter days of her brother. She blessed our race by helping to lengthen his days, so he could be with us who were close enough to visit him, receive counsel and learn from him that

The Sphinx / February


he was no ways tired of traveling to Mt. Zion - for he was on his journey home. In moments of quiet, my brother, a pastor of the St. James A. M. E. Zion Church, the Rev. Aaron Hoggard, would visit Paul, have prayer with him, take him for automobile rides and find complete happiness in his presence. He reports that never did there seem to be a deterioration of mind but a determination not to talk of current affairs. This affirmed by another brother, Dr. Phillip Hoggard, who also lives in Philadelphia and visits the family from time to time. Since in one's patience, one possesses his soul, it can be truly said that Paul learned how to be patient in adversity. He lived a long active life until the penalty of harrassment which began to take its toll on his physical frame - even so, he was comforted by the words of lago from his all-famous 296 performances of Othello: "Good name in man or woman, dear, my lord, is the immediate jewel of their souls: who steals my purse, steals trash; 'tis something, nothing; 'twas mine, 'tis his, and has been slave to thousands; but, he that filches from me my good name, robs me of that, which not enriches him, and makes me poor indeed." The legacy of a good name is bequeathed Paul Jr. and his family; his sister, Mrs. Marion Forsythe, her daughter, the nieces, the nephews, the grand nieces, the grand nephewskeep it good for justice and freedom for character and culture, for racial pride and religious commitment. If we do this, then as Paul would close a concert before labor unions when singing, "Joe Hill", a song about a union organizer who was executed for an alleged murder, he would sing the final line as a challenge - "Don't mourn for me - Organize." Let me paraphrase it - "Don't mourn for me, but, live for freedom's cause" during this Bicentennial of America and say to any and all who may urge you to leave America that "Because our ancestors were slaves, and our people died to build this country we are going to stay right here and have a part of it, just like you. And no Fascist-minded people will drive us from it. Is that clear?" I bear in my body the marks of the Jesus - but I also say its worth it — !

'"Don't raoaRB for* roe — ORganize'" '"Don't rooaRia fou roe, b a t , lioe fon pReeooro's c a a s e ' "

Quoting from Paul Jr.'s message to his father on the occasion of Paul Sr.'s 75th birthday celebration in Carnegie Hall, April, 1973,1 believe his words are strength for all at this time. Hear them:"The most important thing my father has done for me does not derive from his unprecedented achievements, or from his great fame, or even from his magnificent intellect. What means most to me is the fact that from as far back as I can remember, he has, in his own special way, helped me to be a better human being. One cannot thank a father for such a gift — one can only treasure it and carry it always in one's heart." "Keep on travelling" - Paul would say to us to-night —"for there is a great camp meeting in the promised land." 15


is forlovers.

EASTERN REGIONAL CONVENTION April 22 - 2 5 . 1976 The John Marshall Hotel RICHMOND, VIRGINIA

THEME: "Minority Pinoeers' Impact on the Development of America' "Alpha Pioneers to Develop Minorities in America"

Virginia Alphas Beta Gamma Lambda (Richmond), Gamma (Virginia Union U), and Theta Rho (Virginia Commonwealth U) Chapters and the Alpha Bettes of Beta Gamma Lambda invite you to attend the Eastern Regional Convention to be held in Virginia - The Old Dominion - April 22-25, 1976. All activities will be held in The John Marshall Hotel, Richmond, Virginia. Every effort is being expended to make this convention productive, informative and enjoyable. Hotel reservations should be made directly with the hotel on cards supplied. The convention registration fee for Alumni Brothers will be $35.00, if paid before March 22, 1976. Please add $5.00 if paid after that date or at the convention site. The registration fee for College Brothers will be $25.00 and the fee for wives and sweethearts will be $25.00. A fee for children is to be announced. The Richmond Tour will be available for those who wish to see more of the historic sites of Richmond during this Bi-Centennial Year. C.A. Pennington and Frederick W. Black, Jr., are CoChairmen for the convention; William E. King is President of Beta Gamma Lambda; and Mrs. E. J. Pennington is President of the Alpha Bettes and Chairperson for Ladies and Childrens, Activities. H. Gray Gillem is Vice President of the Eastern Region. Come to Richmond! Come to Virginia!! Virginia is for Lovers!!! 76


Registration Staff Meeting FRIDAY, APRIL 23,1976

8:00 A.M Registration 9:00 A.M Opening Session Greetings Rules and Credentials Reports of Directors and Officers 2:00 P.M Issues in the Professions - Seminar Education and Counseling Business and Employment Medicine and Allied Health Legal and Contractual Architecture and Engineering 3:00 P.M Seminar Issues in the Professions Counseling in the Professions Guidance into Careers Job Opportunities in the Professions Support of Students - Financial Assistance 7:00 P.M Public Meeting 10:00 P.M Pan Hellenic Dance The Sphinx / February



Registration FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 1976

8:00 A.M 9:45 A M 7:00 P.M 10:00 P.M

Registration and Continental Breakfast City Tour, Lunch and Shopping Public Meeting pan Hellenic Dance SATURDAY, APRIL 24, 1976

12:30 P.M

Luncheon Chorale Presentation Ballet Shopping Cocktails Formal Banquet Formal Dance

SATURDAY, APRIL 24,1976 7:30 A.M Life Membership Breakfast 9:30 A M Eastern Region Workshop Parliamentary Procedures Financial and Budget Management Program Management Forms and Records Management Organizational Management and Leadership 12:30 P.M Fraternal Luncheon 2:00 P.M Business Session Committee Reports Workshop Reports 6:00 P.M Cocktails 7:00 P.M Formal Banquet 10:00 P.M Formal Dance

SUNDAY, APRIL 25,1976 10:00 A M

Ecumenical Services


Registration City Tour, Lunch and Shopping SATURDAY, APRIL 24,1976

10:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M

SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 1976 10:00 A.M 11:30 A M

6:00 P.M 7:00 P.M 10:00 P.M

Ecumenical Services Staff Meeting 7:00 - 8:00 P.M 9:00 - 11:00 P.M

Trip to Lion Country Safari Ages 10 and over Children under 10 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible person Mini Banquet Social Hour

SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 1976 10:00 A.M

Ecumenical Services

Virginia Wives The Sphinx / February



Midwestern Regional Convention

March 1 8 - 2 1 , 1 9 7 6 Indiana Hilton Indianapolis, Indiana

"BIG THINGS ARE PLANNED" . . . The 1976 Midwestern Regional Convention will be hosted by lota Lambda Chapter of Indianapolis, Indiana, the Outstanding Graduate Chapter in the Midwest (1975). The convention will be held in the beautiful Hilton Hotel in downtown Indianapolis, March 18-21, 1976. After greetings by state and city officials, Brother Lionel Newsom, Past General President, will deliver the Keynote Address. Brother James R. Williams, Past Midwestern Vice President, will chair the Workshop Panels. Other speakers will include Brother Ernest N. Morial, Past General President - Founders' Breakfast; Brother Alva Tabor, Assistant Coach of the Cleveland Browns football team, College Brothers' Luncheon; and, Brother Mai Goode, - Banquet Speaker. The activities are being coordinated by Brother William S. Coleman, Jr., Chairman, and Brother Leslie House, Co-Chairman. Brother John Warrick is President of lota Lambda. 7:30 a.m.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 12:00 noon 1:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 3:30 p.m. 5:00 p.m. 8:00p.m.

FRIDAY, MARCH 19 Registration Opens Lower Lobby Regional Staff Meeting . . Monument Suite — Lunch — Opening Session Royal Ballroom First Business Session . . . Royal Ballroom Workshops Festival Suite Keynote Address Royal Ballroom Brother Lionel Newsome Pan-Hellenic Dance Graduate Brothers Royal Ballroom Undergraduate Brothers . . . I.U. Center

9:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m. 11:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m.

2:30 2:30 3:30 7:30

p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m.

9:30 a.m. *FEEITEM



REGISTRATION FEES Alumni Brothers College Brothers Wives and Aphabettes Guests

$35 $17 $15 $10


SATURDAY, MARCH 20 Founders'Breakfast* . Monument Suite Brother Ernest Morial Second Business Session. Royal Ballroom Workshops Festival Suite Committee Reports/Nominations Festival Suite Undergraduate Luncheon Royal Ballroom Brother Alva Tabor "SONGFEST" Polls Open Monument Suite Workshops Festival Suite Final Business Session . . . Royal Ballroom Banquet and Ball (Formal)Royal Ballroom Brother Mai Goode SUNDAY, MARCH 21 Ecumenical Breakfast* . . Royal Ballroom Brother T. Garrott Benjamin

Brothers of lota Lambda, Indianapolis, Indiana with Brother James R. Williams. 18

The Sphinx / February 1976


SATURDAY, MARCH 20 9:30a.m.

7:00-10:00 p.m

1:00 p.m

THURSDAY, MARCH 18 Hospitality Room Rm. 928 Pre-registration and Registration Orientation FRIDAY, MARCH 19 Hospitality Room Rm. 942 Sponsored by Indianapolis Pan-Hellenic Council

12:30 p.m.

Guest Rap Session Rm. 942 Undergrad and Graduates on Social and Organization Life on College Campuses Sponsored by Indianapolis Chapter Alphabettes Bridge Luncheon Rm. 939 Open Sponsored by Indianapolis Chapter Alphabettes

OFFICERS OF IOTA LAMBDA AND ALPHAMEN, INC. 1975 Front Row: (left to right) William S. Coleman, Jr. Recording Secretary Leon Bradford Corresponding Secretary John H. Warrick President William Hoston III Vice-President Second Row: (left to right) Wilhelin French Editor to the Sphinx Leslie House Secretary of Alphamen, Inc. Theo Hamiter President of Alphamen, Inc. Andre D. Hammonds Director of Education

WIVES OF IOTA LAMBDA Mrs. H. Moore Mrs. N.Jones Mrs. A. Thompkins Mrs. S. Davie Mrs. C. House Mrs. E. Hoston Mrs. D. Bullard Mrs. E. Warrick Mrs. E. Hoggard Mrs. D. Bradford Mrs. G.Gray

The Sphinx / February



Upsilon Lambda Chapter Hosts

Souikctw "Reqitmd Cwmliw

FLORIDA STATE CONVENTION Thursday;, April 15,1976 12:00 - 6:00 P.M Convention Activities Dr. Robert Smith, State Director


Thursday, April 15, 1976 12:00 p.m. -12:00 a.m 3:00 p.m. -12:00 a.m 7:00 p.m. - Until

Friday, April 16,1976 8:00 a.m 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m 9:00 a.m.- 10:30 a.m

"A Glance Backwards and a Move Forward"


Registration Hospitality Room Open Bait-a-Date Dance Golf Tournament Basketball Tournament Registration Continental Breakfast FIRST GENERAL SESSION (Brothers and Wives) Invocation Greetings Solo Introduction of Keynote Speaker Keynote Address Brother T. Winston Cole Past General President and Dean of Academic Affairs, University of Florida The Sphinx / February 19 76

10:30 a.m. - 1 2 : 0 0

The 1976 Southern Regional Convention will be hosted by Upsilon Lambda Chapter of Jacksonville, Florida at the beautiful Jacksonville Hilton, April 15-17, 1976. Brother Louie Jenkins is President of Upsilon Lambda and Brother Samuel J. Tucker is Convention Chairman. The following brothers are instrumental in planning the meeting: Ike James, Alphabettes Coordinator; Daniel Lauray, Golf Tournament; Richardson, Registration and Credentials; Satterwhite, Banquet and Luncheons; J. Bryant, Tours; W. Ware, Jr., Publicity; Holmes, Life M e m b e r s h i p ; Sewell, Souvenir Program; Jenkins, Accommodations; McBride, Transportation; Howard and Kappa Upsilon, Favors; ÂŁ Bryant, Major Ads; Kappa Upsilon Chapter, Bait-a-Date; John Lee and Kappa Upsilon Chapter, College Brothers Affairs. With the hard work of these brothers and others in Upsilon Lambda and Kappa Upsilon (Jacksonville Area Colleges) Chapters, the 1976 Southern Regional Convention promises to be an outstanding affair.

SECOND GENERAL SESSION Invocation State Directors' Reports* Special Committee Reports* Necrology Adjournment * Three minute summaries. Reports will be written and distributed.

12:15 p.m.-2:00 p.m

THIRD GENERAL SESSION LUNCHEON - "Alpha's Outreach to Business" Address Brother Isaac Miller, III Southern Assistant Vice President

2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m 3:30 p.m - 6 : 0 0 p.m 6:00 p.m - 6:30 p.m 3:30 p.m - 2:00 a.m 8:00 p.m 10:00 p.m 10:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m

Vice Presidents Business Session Regional Program Tour Bi-Centennial Fireworks Hospitality Room Open "Miss Black and Gold" Contest Pan-Hellenic Dance

Saturday, April 8:00 a.m. - 1 : 0 0 8:00 a.m.-9:15 8:00 a.m. - 9:15

Registration Continental Breakfast Life Membership Breakfast

17,1976 p.m a.m a.m

9:15 a.m. - 1 0 : 1 5 a.m 10:15 a.m. - 1 0 : 4 5 a.m 10:45 a.m. - 1 2 : 3 0 p.m 12:30 p.m. - 1 : 3 0 p.m

1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m

10:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m

Sunday, April 18,1976

FOURTH GENERAL SESSION Seminar - National Officers Nominations College Brothers' Session LUNCHEON Fraternal Address Brother Wendell Holmes FIFTH GENERAL SESSION Election of Officers Free Time FORMAL BANQUET Music Introduction of Speaker Address Dr. Walter Washington General President FORMAL DANCE Intermission - Stomp Contest (College Brothers) Services At the Church of your choice

LADIES' ACTIVITIES Brother Samuel J. Tucker Convention Chairman

Friday, April 16,1976 12:30 p.m Saturday, April 17,1976 Noon

Dinner Alhambra Dinner Theatre Luncheon and Fashion Show Marie's of Jacksonville Swimming Shopping Mall adjacent to the Hotel

CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES A social for TEENS is planned depending on number . . .NURSERY (Ages 2-6) will be available between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. $5.50 per child. Pick-up and delivery. Baby-sitters for night activities available Jacksonville Children's Museum is located adjacent to the hotel. The Sphinx / February 19 76


BEAUMONT, TEXAS APRIL 16 and 17, 1976

"ACpka'd OufoeacktoBttdUtew" Brother George Thompson and Lucius Alexander, our newly elected Regional Vice-President and Assistant Regional Vice-President, have planned a full program centering around the National theme "Alpha's Outreach to Business." Both of the Vice-Presidents along with the State Director, Roosevelt Johnson and Horace Williams, have visited and been in constant consultation with us to ensure a well planned Regional. Br other Leonard Broussard and his Social Committee are sparing no expense to ensure that a swinging-good time is enjoyed by the Brothers, wives, and children. This program will be high lighted by the perpetual hospitality suite, College Brothers dance on Friday, Banquet and Formal on Saturday, interspersed with luncheons, style shows, tours and Teen-Hops. Let us not forget the Stomp Contests and recreational tournaments. Brothers of the Southwest, we anxiously await your arrival to help promote the "New Image" of the beloved Southwest, under the able leadership of Brothers Thompson and Alexander.


The Sphinx / February 1976

HOSTS FOR SOUTHWESTERN REGIONAL Gamma Tau Lambda and Epsilon Rho Chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, located at Beaumont, Texas and Lamar University welcome the Brotherhood of Alphadom to the 30th Southwestern Regional Convention April 16th and 17th. All Brothers of the Southwest are invited to fraternize and frolic in Beautiful Beaumont â&#x20AC;&#x201D; "where the great southeast Texas meets the sea." The meeting will convene April 16th in the fabulous RIDGEWOOD MOTOR HOTEL, 2520 Interstate 10, East, Beaumont, Texas. All of the elaborate facilities of this Convention Center will be at your disposal. Its location makes it readily accessible to the many fine shops, restaurants, motels, and recreational facilities in Beaumont. Brothers Dan Clark and Garfield Como, Convention Co-chairmen and Maxie Sprott, president of the host chapter, promise all an inspirational, educational, and fun-filled Convention that you will never forget. Detailed information, including the finalized program and activities, hotel reservations, preregistration information, registration fees for Brothers, wives and children will be forthcoming monthly to every chapter in the Southwest. Note: Some college chapters' addresses are not current. Please contact: Bro. Elijah Moye, 4125 So. 4th Street, Beaumont, Texas 77701 for additional information.

The Sphinx / February 19 76

THEME: "Steadfastness — A Challenge to the Alpha Man in Today's World"

28flt tUeatew Reijuwafi Cwmtiw SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 15 -18,1976 THURSDAY, APRIL 15,1976 9.00 A.M. -11:30 A.M. Registration 11:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Golf Tournament 2:00 P.M. - 3:30 P.M. Registration 7:00 P.M. - 8:30 P.M. Rules & Credentials 8 3 0 P.M. -11:00 P.M. Social Reception No Host Bar

Plaza Room San Jose Municipal Plaza Room Governor's House

FRIDAY, APRIL 16,1976 9 00 A.M. -12:00 P.M. Registration Plaza Room 9:30 A.M. -12:00 P.M. Opening Session Governor's House Presiding: Bro. MikeThaxton Invocation: Bro. Clifford Basfield Greetings: Bro. Edward Hunter, President Eta Sigma Lambda - San Jose Introduction: National & Regional Officers 12:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M. Luncheon Governor's House Introduction: Bro. Edward Hunter Greetings: Mayor Janet Gray Hayes City of San Jose Address: Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Pastor of Allen Temple Baptist Church, Oakland, CA Member of Gamma Phi Lambda Chapter 2:00 P.M. - 3:30 P.M. FIRST GENERAL SESSION . . . Governor's House Presiding: Bro. Rogernald Jackson Committee Appointments: Resolutions, Recommendations, and Constitutional Amendments, Nominations and Elections 3:30 P.M. Educational Workshop Los Angeles Room Bro. Harold Jones & Michael Lange 4:30 P.M. Appointed Committees Meet... 9 3 0 P M -1 30 A.M. Informal Community Dance . Mediterranean Center Music by "INCENSE" — No Host Bar


The Sphinx / February 19 76

PROGRAM — Continued

Eta Sigma Lambda and Epsilon Mu Chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the brothers of the San Jose Bay Area, and the Alphabettes are enthusiastically preparing to host the 28th Western Regional Convention. The convention will convene April 15th at the San Jose Hyatt House. Several social affairs and events including activities for the children, will await your arrival in San Jose. Be sure to make plans to attend this convention. San Jose . . T h e Headquarters City rich in western culture as California's oldest civil settlement, it is now the nation's fastest growing metropolitan community. Today, San Jose has moved into the most exciting period in its history. By the end of the next decade, San Jose will be California's second largest city. Hotel Reservations . . . The hotel accommodations for the Western Regional Convention will be handled by the San Jose Hyatt House Catering & Sales Department and Coordinated by Brother Mike Thaxton. For your convenience, room reservation cards will be mailed soon to each chapter of the Western Region. When you receive them, fill them out immediately and return to the San Jose Hyatt House. Reserve your room early. Hotel Room Rates: Singles - $21.00; Twins $26.00; Doubles $26.00 and 1 bedroom Suite $47.00. Children under 12 years sharing rooms with parents - no charge. Registration F e e s : Graduate Brothers $40.00; College Brothers - $30.00 IF PAID AND RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE April 2, 1976. Registration thereafter and at the Convention Add $5.00 to the listed fees. Registration fees do not include those tours, meals golf tournament or activities where a fee charge is indicated in the program. Extra Formal Banquet tickets - $15.00 each. Life Membership Breakfast - $5.00. College Brothers Luncheon and Fashion Show Luncheon Cost included in registration fee. Extra Luncheon and Fashion Show tickets - $8.00 each. Special Information: Brothers or Alpha wives seeking special information about San Jose should write to Brother Nathaniel Newman, 6291 Purple Hills Drive, San Jose, California 9 5 1 1 9 . The Sphinx / February


SATURDAY, APRIL 17,1976 7:30 A.M. Life Members Breakfast Governor's House Open to all Brothers 9 0 0 A M. Registration Plaza Room 9:30 A.M. SECOND GENERAL SESSION . Governors House Presiding: Bro. Benny Harris REPORT OF REGIONAL OFFICERS Secretary: Bro. Nathaniel Newman Public Relations: Bro. Carlton Dias Director of Education: Bro. Harold Jones DIRECTORS BAKERSFIELD-FRESNO—Bro. W. H. Day SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA—Bro. Elmon Elmore COLORADO AREA—Bro. Melvin Norton LOS ANGELES—Bro. Clinton Minns SACRAMENTO-STOCKTON—Bro. C. Blasfield SAN BERNADINO AREA—Bro. K. Chapman SAN DIEGO—Bro. J. E. McCain WASHINGTON—Bro. Denny Tuggle TUSCON-NEVADA AREA—Bro. Felix Goodwin PHOENIX-NEW MEXICO AREA — Bro. William Corbin SAN JOSE AREA—Bro. Vernon Johnson HAWAII AREA—Bro. George Johnson Regional Vice President - Bro. Rogernald Jackson 10:45 A.M. WORKSHOP: RECLAMATION* INTERNAL PROBLEMS* 12:20 P.M. Luncheon & Fashion Show Del Oro Room Introduction: Bro. Dale Williams Address: Bro. Lehman Walker, Pres. Epsilon Beta, Fresno Fashion Show: GRODINS 2:00 P.M. THIRD GENERAL SESSION . . . Governor's House Presiding: Bro. Bennie Harris—College Brothers 3:30 P.M. FOURTH GENERAL SESSION . Governor's House Presiding: Bro. Rogernald Jackson Memorial Service: Bro. C.W. Blasfield COMMITTEE REPORTS: Time & Place: Resolutions, Recommendations & Constitutional Amendments, Nominations and Election. Voting. Unfinished Business Adjournament 7:30 P.M. Formal Banquet Mediterranean Center 9:30 P.M. Formal Dance Mediterranean Center Music by "INCENSE" 'Reclamation Workshop will be held in The Los Angeles Room 'Internal Problems Workshop will be held in The Monterey Room

WOMEN'S ACTIVITIES THURSDAY, APRIL 15,1976 9:00 A M. Registration Plaza Room - S1 COO* 11:00 A.M. Golf Tournament / Tennis ... 1:00 P.M. Women & CHildren — Hospitality Suite 8:30 P.M. Social Reception Governor's House No Host Bar FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 1976 9:00 A.M. Registration Plaza Roorr 9:30 A.M. Marriott's Great America Amusemer-:Pa 9:30 P.M. Informal Dancing Medite, No Host Bar SATURDAY, APRIL 17, 1976 9:00 A.M. Registration Plaza Roo-n - $10.00* 12:20 P.M. Luncheon & Fashion Show Del Ore Room 3:00 P.M. Shopping Tour & Ice Skating Party Eastridge 3:00 P.M. Ladies' Hospitality Suite ... 7:30 P.M. Formal Banquet Mediterranean Center 9:30 P.M. Formal Dance Mediterranean Center Music by "INCENSE" — No Host Bar 'The $10.00 Registration fee doesn't include banquet ticket and entrance fee to Marriott's Great America Amusement Park.




;:w.:: The Sphinx / February 1976

BROTHER LESTER B. GRANGER Scholar â&#x20AC;˘ Social Worker â&#x20AC;˘ Eminent American During the height of the civil rights struggles of the 1960 s a familiar scene was the local white southern official, feigning confusion about was happening around him, berrating "outside agitators" for stirring up trouble and asking, with dubious sincerity, "what do the nigras want?" Had that southern sheriff or mayor known Brother LESTER B. GRANGER his question would have been answered. A longtime civil rights leader, Brother Granger once summed up the essence of the goals toward which Black America was striving: "the right to work, the right to vote, the right to physical safety, and the right to dignity and self-respect." Lester Granger was a professional social worker and, in 1 9 4 1 , he inherited the legacy of Jewel Eugene Kinckle Jones and others when he took over as Executive Director of the National Urban League. He was suberbly suited for the task. Quiet, precise and unassuming, he was dedicated to the cause of equal rights and, working within the system, he broke down many of the barriers of discrimination. His death on January 9th was a great loss to America and to Black people and, at this time, we shall FOCUS on the life and workings of a distinguished Alphaman - Lester B. Granger. Born in Newport News, Virginia on September 16, 1896, Granger worked his way through Bucknell University and the University of Vermont to earn a medical degree. He graduated from Dartmouth College with a B.A. degree in 1917 and did further study at New York University. Following a stint with the U. S. Army in France during World War I, he joined the New Jersey Affiliate of the Urban League. He also taught school in North Carolina and New Jersey. In 1934 he went to work for the National Urban League, where he eventaully became Executive Director. As Executive Director, Brother Granger moved the league in new directions designed to increase its effectiveness. He created the Commerce and Industry Council and the Trade Union Advisory Council in the league to monitor progress and make recommendations in the vital economics area of The Sphinx / February 19 76

the Black struggle. He served as a constant critic of the capitalistic system, always armed with carefully researched facts and, even more importantly, solutions to the problems facing the Black worker. During his tenure as Executive Director, he more than doubled the staff of the National Urban League and raised its budget from $ 6 0 0 , 0 0 0 to more than $4.5 million. One of his greatest challenges came seven years after his appointment as Executive Director, when he was appointed Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy during World War II. In 1 945 he conducted a 25,000 mile fact-finding tour and did a survey of Navy racial problems. His findings resulted in the ending of blatant racial discrimination in that branch of the service. For his efforts he was awarded the Navy's highest civilian decoration, the Distinguished Civilian Service Medal. President Harry S. Truman conferred upon Brother Granger the President's Medal of Merit and noted that Granger had "contributed more than any other person to the effective utilization of Negro personnel in the service." A distinguished scholar and social worker, Lester Granger served as President of the National Organization of Social Workers and was the first American elected President of the International Conference of Social Workers. Among his many honorary degrees are the following: Dartmouth, D.H.L.; Wilberforce, D.H.L.; Columbia, D H.L.; Oberlin, L.L.D.; Morris Brown, L.L.D.; and Virginia State, L.L.D. Following his retirement from the Urban League, he served as a Visiting Professor of Sociology at Princeton, Loyola, Tulane and Dillard Universities. Since its inception in 1910, the National Urban League has worked to secure jobs on all levels for Black Americans. And the work of Brother Lester B. Granger, third Executive Director of the National Urban League, played a vital role in carrying on that work. We would all do well to FOCUS on the life of Brother Lester B. Granger! 27

Sigma Lambda Celebrates 50 Golden Years

Brother Charles deLay, a past president, is shown presenting a "Silver Engraved Serving Tray" to Brother (Dr.) C.C. Haydel, Sr., (fourth from left), one of the two active founders of Sigma Lambda Chapter, while brothers (left to right) A.C. Priestley; Whitney M. Haydel, Sr.; Walter E. Mortal, chapter secretary; Marcus Neustadter, Jr., banquet chairman and master of ceremonies; (Dr.) William R. Adams, a past president; and Rudolph Detiege, chapter president, look on. A half-century of Alpha Phi Alpha in Louisiana was marked as Sigma Lambda, the New Orleans alumni chapter, celebrated at its 50th Anniversary with a series of events, December 5-7, held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the State Conference at the Fairmont Hotel. Highlighting the Founders' activities were addresses by two candidates for the office of General President. Brother

James R. Williams of Akron, Ohio, delivered the address at the Founders' Banquet on Friday night, and Brother William Decker Clarke, former Eastern Vice-President, keynoted the luncheon session on Saturday which opened the State Conference. Brother Williams, former Mid-Western Vice-President, was high in his praises of the Founders of Alpha Phi Alpha Frater-

Speakersat Sigma Lambda Anniversary festivities included (left) Bro. James R. Williams (center) chapter President Rudolph Deteige and (right) Bro. William Decker Clarke


The Sphinx / February


nity and Sigma Lambda Chapter. He briefly traced the history of the Fraternity and stressed the important role that it has played in programs that are designed for the uplift of all mankind. Speaking directly of the founders of Sigma Lambda, which was chartered on December 5, 1925, Brother Williams said that the charter members (Lusien V. Alexis, Osceola A. Blanchet, Edward M. Coleman*, Dr.C. C. Haydel, William H. Mitchell, Jr.*, Rudolph Moses, Jesse O. Richards*, Bishop Robert E. Jones*, and Dr. Alvin J. Smith - * Omega Chapter) were "all pioneers and drum majors in leading the Greekletter college fraternities into the South." Sigma Lambda was the first chapter of a predominately Black college fraternity to be formed in the state of Louisiana. Another highlight of the event was the presentation of engraved silver trays to the two still active founders - Dr. C. C. Haydel and Dr. Alvin J. Smith (unable to attend, Brother Smith's award was accepted by his son, Brother (Dr.) Alvin J. Smith, Jr.). On Saturday, Brother Clarke set the tempo for the State Conference and stressed that Alpha Phi Alpha is more than a college organization. Referring to the Civil Rights movement of the sixties, Clarke pointed out that "with all the marches, demonstrations, sit-ins, and the legislation there was never accomplished a means through which the non-white economic base acquired a degree of performance. Blacks still are the last to be hired and the first to be fired. With the recession of recent months, the industrial layoff of workers has been the greatest since 1959, and 72 percent has been so-called non-white workers. This is mainly due to a lack of seniority." According to Clarke, there is still a concerted effort to see that "the poor must remain poor, the oppressed must remain oppressed, the Blacks must remain inferior, if not in-

tellectually, certainly economically." "The technology is different, the maneuvers are different, the concessions are different, the whole American technique is different, but the cumulative effect, the aim, is no different. There is little fear of the Ku Klux Klan making night rides into Black communities, the suppressive lynchings and other oppressive tactics used before as retardants against equal opportunities and progress. Public opinion - nor will world opinion - stand for that. There are new techniques but the end results are the same," he said. Clarke closed by saying that "when we (Blacks) measure our gains, be sure that we include our economic progress, because even an intellectual can suffer from hunger pains." The Louisiana State Conference included a panel, with Dr. C.C. Haydel, Sr. and Dr. Alvin J. Smith, Sr., two of the surviving founders of Sigma Lambda Chapter, and Dr. William R. Adams among the group of panelists. Brother Ray O. Wright was re-elected President of the State Conference. Others elected were Mitchell Albert, Vice President; Johnnie McCoy, Recording Secretary; Charles Johnson, Corresponding Secretary; Leonard Barnes, Treasurer; James Prestage, Parliamentarian; Marcus Neustadter, Director of Publicity; and Donald Carryle Wade, Chaplain. Other speakers at the meeting included George Thornpson of Alexandria, Southwestern Vice President; Lucius Alexander of Austin, Texas, Southwestern Assistant Vice President; Larry Charles, Regional Assistant Secretary; James R. Williams, Akron, Ohio City Councilman; and Rudolph Deteige, President of Sigma Lambda Chapter. Tne conference closed Sunday with a Memorial Service, 11 a.m. at Central United Church of Christ. Dean Martin L. Harvey of Southern University in Baton Rouge, National Chaplain for Alpha Phi Alpha, was the speaker.

The head banquet table - (left to right, seated) Brothers James H. Bradshaw; Emmett W. Bashful; Lary Charles (Southern University, New Orleans) James R. Williams, past mid-western vice-president; Charles C. Teamer, comptroller (general organization, immediate past president, Sigma Lambda; and Rudolph Detiege, president. Sigma Lambda; (Standing. L. to R. ), Brothers Walter E. Morial, past president, secretary, Sigma Lambda; William Decker Clark, past eastern vice-president; Marcus Neustadter Jr., past president and banquet chairman; and Michael Price, Assistant Executive Secretary, Editor-to-Sphinx. The Sphinx / February 19 76


TOP OF THE PAGE: We know it's late, so we'll bring you up to date! Each chapter should soon be receiving a Spring Mailing from the General Office containing the following materials - Chapter Directory, Delegate Credential Forms, and Scholarship Ap-

plications for College Brothers. All chapters should report their elected officers and Official Contact Person, via the Chapter Directory, as soon as possible for the 1976-77 fraternal y e a r . Since campus addresses frequently change from term to term,

College Chapters may wait until the beginning of the fall school term to report addresses. However, the 197677 addresses will be used after September 1, so we advise you to complete this form as soon as possible . . .


OMEGA CHAPTER: A few days before going to press, we received the sad news that our National Chaplain, Brother MARTIN L. HARVEY, entered Omega Chapter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Brother Harvey, who served as Dean of Students at Southern University, was an outstanding Alpha man and his spiritual leadership will be sorely missed . . . Gamma Chi L a m b d a C h a p t e r h e l d t h e i r installation of officers at the exclusive American Airlines VIP Room of the San Francisco International Airport, courtesy of Brother ROBERT REDD, sales rep for the airlines. Brother WILLIAM HUNTER is president of the chapter . . . MIDWESTERN REGIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: The 1976 Midwestern Regional Convention, the first in the a d m i n i s t r a t i o n of Vice President THOMAS D. PAWLEY, III, was an unqualified success. The event, held in Indianapolis, Indiana, featured addresses by Brothers ALVA TABOR, Special Teams Coach of the Cleveland B r o w n s ; Past G e n e r a l President LIONEL NEWSOM; Brother MICHAEL JONES, President of Kappa Chapter (Ohio State); and an unscheduled but delightful talk by Brother SIDNEY A. JONES, JR. Judge Jones w h o celebrated his 50th Anniversary as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha this year, is a past Midwestern Vice President and Acting General Secretary. His reflections on the history of the Fratern i t y , i n c l u d i n g his p e r s o n a l involvement in the great civil rights cases fought by Alpha lawyers, captivated the attention of young and old 30

Mr. Ford Eugberth (right) is one of the many concerned citizens in the Rochester area who work with Eta Rho Lambda's program as community volunteers. This support from members of the community is the key to the success of the tutoring program. Brother George Green, right, tutors math, a part of Eta Rho Lambda's Alpha Outreach â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Tutorial Program in Rochester, New York.

Brother Joe Tolliver tutors in reading.

The Sphinx / February


alike. Finally, Brother DARRYL MATTHEWS, President of the Missouri State Conference and a member of Z e t a G a m m a Chapter ( C e n t r a l Missouri U - Warrensburg) was elected Assistant Vice President for 197677. Further details in the next issue. . . A related note: The brothers of Beta Xi Lambda Chapter, Omaha, Nebraska, made a big impression in Indianapolis. They noted that Alpha is beginning to come alive in Nebraska, with the hard work of the chapter members, many of whom are new Life Members. Look for big things from the Cornhusker State. Also on hand with a strong contingent were the brothers from Z e t a Kappa Lambda in Des Moines, Iowa. . . Dr. GRANT S. SHOCKLEY was elected the third president of the Interdenominational T h e o l o g i c a l Seminary in A t l a n t a , Georgia. He succeeds Dr. OSWALD P. B R O N S O N , w h o succeeded Dr. RICHARD V. MOORE as president of Bethune-Cookman College. Alphas on the Move . . . A bright spot in the lives of disadvantaged youth in Rochester, New York is Eta Rho Lambda's Alpha Outreach-Tutorial Program, which aids the young students in various subjects. Details are found in the Chapter News section . . . Brother OLIVER STRIPLING, SR. is presently serving as Director of School Plant Services for the Oklahoma City Public Schools. . . Brother I V A N L. COTMAN, of Detroit, has assumed a double mantle of responsibility - serving as president of that city's Gamma Lambda Chapter and as the Midwestern Region's Director of Education . . . Brother JAMES "Tiny" BLANTON reports that outstanding state conventions were held in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Brother Blanton presented workshops at each of these meetings focusing on fraternity procedures and communications. Your Editor filled this same role at the Arkansas State Meeting, its first in over ten years, which was attended by practically every active brother in the state. . . Brother WILLIAM H. WATSON was tapped to be Vice President Affirmative Action for the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, Inc., popularly known as A & P . . . BOTTOM LINE: We are making every attempt to include information in this, your official organ, which will help chapters and brothers carry out their functions in a businesslike manner. This includes the listing of current chapter addresses, committee chairmen, the Alpha Calendar, and convention information. To be truly effective, however, the magazine must

The Sphinx / February 1976

AT THE AMERICAN AIRLINES VIP ROOM, SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; Gamma Chi Lambda insfalls its officers for 1975-76. Left to right ore Sylvestre Lee, chaplain; Leonard Leath, treasurer; James Harris, dean of pledges; Carlton Dias, associate editor of the Sphinx; Howard Grant, stand-in for Bro. Dr. W. C. Nixon, vice president; Alonzo Fields, recording secretary, Grandvel Jackson, historian; and Bill Hunter, president.

be READI All too often, we get letters or phone calls for information which has already been printed in The SPHINX. We plan to add even more information beginning with the October Issue, following consultation with the Committee on Publications at the General Convention, and if you have suggestions that you feel would benefit the brotherhood, please let us know. Finally, after two years of publishing deadlines, the following change must go into effect after the General Convention: SPHINX Deadlines will be strictly enforced.

No materials submitted after the deadline will be printed and the Editor will assume no responsibility for holding such material over for the next issue. The SPHINX is one of the few fraternal organs which makes no charge for printing materials (the others do, check it out!) and if w e are to insure that the magazine is published on a timely basis, we must insist that Chapter Editors adhere to deadlines as noted here - OCTOBER '76 ISSUE, September 1; DECEMBER 7 6 ISSUE, November 1; FEBRUARY 7 7 ISSUE, January 1; and MAY 7 7 ISSUE, April 1.

GETTIN' DOWN . . Alphas love to march and sing, and among the best "stompers" around are the dynamic brothers of Zeta Rho chapter at Indiana State University.



Listed below are the top 10 chapters in the Life Membership Program. As you can see, 50% of those ten have passed the 100 mark in total participants. It is still not too late for your chapter to reach the same goal— but, you must get your programs together immediately and enroll as many members in your chapter (or chapter area) as possible. Each Life Membership Committee Member, Chapter Chairman, and Regional Co-ordinator should contact the National Chairman of Life Membership - Brother Elmer Collins • to make themselves known and to set up lines of communication for continued success and new inroads in reclaiming brothers who wish to proclaim . . ."ALPHA PHI ALPHA —FOR LIFE."

TOP TEN (10) LIFE MEMBER CHAPTERS (Fully Paid Members) CHAPTER NUMBER No. 105 No. 189 No. 113 No. 107 No. 247 No. 102 No. 103 No. 111 No. 147 No. 146


NUMBER OF MEMBERS FP. TOTAL 146 24 170 1 29 78 207 101 9 110 94 44 138 77 28 105 66 18 84 65 17 82 64 4 68 55 32 87 53 15 68

LOCATION St. Louis, MO Cleveland, OH Chicago, IL Atlanta, GA Philadelphia, PA Kansas City, MO Detroit, Ml Washington, DC Richmond, VA Miami, FL


In the coming months, each chapter with Life Membership participants will be receiving a Life Membership Verification Form from the National Office. These forms should be completed and returned - by the deadline shown on the form. This form is to insure proper credit to each chapter participating in the Life Membership Program. Also, each Life Member should purchase (from the National Office) his own personal Life Membership Paperweight, which is designed especially for the Life Members. If your Regional Convention is planning a Life Membership Breakfast, please contact Brother Collins and advise him of the details so he can make plans to attend, if possible. All Life Members planning to go to the General Convention in New York should also make plans to attend the 11th Annual Life Members Breakfast — August 1, 1976. With this issue, the Life Membership Program has passed the 3,200 mark (with over 4,000 participants) — and we are now attempting to reach a new plateau of 4,000 fully paid Life Members (over 5,000 participants) by the New York Convention. Subscribers under the old ($200.00) plan are encouraged to complete their contracts . . . as soon as possible.






ELMER C.COLLINS 26151 Lake Shore Boulevard, #1224 Euclid, OH 4 4 1 3 2

F.O. WOODARD 161 2 W. Pearl Street Jackson, MS 3 9 2 0 3

The Sphinx / February



Alpha Phi Alpha Rings are now available only through the General Office. Base price is $ 7 9 . 0 0 plus gold surcharge, taxes and additional charges. Please contact the General Office for full information. During this fraternal year, the General Office will introduce new items for your wearing pleasure Watch the ALPHA NEWSLETTER and the SPHINX for announcements. Also, brothers are encouraged to submit ideas on new types of Alpha paraphernalia. Please limit suggestions to jewelry, wooden items, decals, and wall items - wearing apparel will not be sold through the office.

A PHI A Medallion (with Black and Gold Ribbon).. .$4.25

(1) Life Member Pin - $10.00 (2) Black & Gold Lapel Pin - $2.00 (3) Pledge Buttons - $1.75 + Tax (now available directly through the General Office)

Sphinxman Handbook - $2.00 Ritual - $1.00

Sunburst Medallion (No Chain)...$7.50

(Limit TWO per chapter)



(1) (4" (2) (4"

Alpha Life Membership Paperweight - $5.00 X 6" Wood)... can also be used as a Wall Plaque. A PHI A Paperweight - $5.00 X 6" Wood)... can also be used as a Wall Plaque.


(9"X 12")

Ifli The Sphinx / February 19 76

Revised (1976) CONSTITUTION is presently being printed and will be on sale shortly.


Editor's N o t e : M a t e r i a l for these pages submitted by: W i l l i a m Decker Clarke, Nominee for General President - M.J.P.

WILLIAM DECKER CLARKE Dynamic, Courageous, Imaginative

Candidatefe&tG&moi Vmidwt


Initiated Beta Zeta Chapter Samuel Huston College (Now known as Huston - Tillotson College) Austin, Texas 1946 President Beta Zeta Chapter 1947 President Zeta Phi Lambda Chapter 1960-64 President Kappa Xi Lambda Chapter 1974-Present New England District Director 1959-68 Eastern Vice President - 1969-73 Member Board of Directors National Housing Foundation (Chairman of Application Committee) 1966-69, 1973-Present

Charter Member of Three Chapters Married to Atty. Eleanora Norwood Clarke Father of two daughters: Lynda Michelle -Alpha Kappa Alpha Leigh Decker, both students at the University of Connecticut

Participated in each General Convention Since 1954 Served on Following National Committees: Constitution Budget and Finance Public Policy Equitable Opportunity Rules and Credentials Resolutions General Conventions Housing Reorganization Has attended at least two Regional Conventions in each Region. Received honors or awards from 13 Chapters and two Regional Awards. 34

The Sphinx / February 1976

THE CANDIDATE SPEAKS: • I have a strong conviction that Alpha's past is but a small entree into the role it must now assume, as a body not as individual Brothers, in helping to fulfill the dreams and aspirations so dear to our people. • MY CANDIDACY is truly dedicated to the cohesive spirit of BROTHERHOOD, to the creation and establishment of fundamental and sound programs, improvement of administration and structure, and, to the mobilization and the utilization of the unlimited men of talent that are available in abundance in each area of our national component. • We can and must, with a new sense of continuity, inspire and invigorate those programs which have been our hallmark, but, with equal vigor, we must reassess and appraise our existence and direction. We must resolutely face those factors which reduce our spirit of fraternity, minimize our effectiveness and denigrate our being. Our fraternity is beyond the games that children play, above the folly of unreal slogans and empty rhetoric, and, too refined to allow ourselves to be reduced to REGIONAL foemen and adversaries. • As an Official of the City of New York with a staff of over two thousand I have administered the construction of over 100,000 apartment units; As Counsel to three banking institutions I have supervised the investment and disbursement of many millions of dollars; I have received many awards for civic work and belong to a number of social and professional organizations. Not one of these factors howeer, should serve as test of my effectiveness of potential for the leadership of this fraternity. That test should primarily be devoted to the nature, quality and consistency of service to the Fraternity. • Our Fraternity has thrived because of the spirit and traditional objectives of our Jewels. Our leadership has excelled for each period of history. Our future will depend upon the continuity of that spirit, tradition and leadership. I believe that I can offer the kind of unrestricted, courageous and perceptive leadership that will meet that demand. • As a Candidate I have not made a pledge to the personal glory of any individual Brother, nor offered to trade a commitment for support. My commitment is to the welfare and continuity of the entire Fraternity. • I dare not demean the National posture of our Fraternity, nor ridicule the intelligence and mature judgement of the Brotherhood, by seeking to have my Region, or any Region, to cast a block vote on my behalf simply because of my association with it. I ASK ONLY to be judged on the basis of my wide experience in ALPHA, the platform which I have circulated, my knowledge and response to the issues and problems and my dedication to the principles and precepts which are the foundation of our existence. The Sphinx / February


• It is clear that our fraternal structure as it relates to the affairs, involvement and welfare of the College Chapters and Brothers is ineffective to keep pace with the diverse problems. At a time in history when student enrollment is at an all-time high, our level of initiates is totally inconsistent with that growth pattern. There is a division of thought which has continually served to separate the college from Graduate Brothers. There is no active machinery for coordinating the activities and affairs of the College Chapters, which of course, are inherently different from graduate affairs and often misunderstood. I pledge the development of a new concept and approach to the recognition and solution of these problems. • As Vice President I have been asked to overrule a College Chapter and order the initiation of a man who was refused admittance by the Chapter. Unfortunate as this incident might be, I cannot set the precedent of having an officer, with no actual knowledge of all the facts, impose his judgment against the members of a Chapter who are possessed of all the facts and must live with them. The Constitution makes no provision which authorizes an officer to intervene in the selection of Candidates for initiation. • THE FINANCIAL STRUCTURE: Of primary importance, is a clarification of the financial status of the fraternity and an improvement; of its fiscal policy, reporting and budgeting. With a view toward achieving this goal the following is pledged: (1) A change in the fiscal year so that a current financial report is available for consideration at a National Convention. (2) A full assessment of the benefits and burdens of our corporate components. (3) A solemn review of the impact of the Life Membership Program on the current and future financial posture of the fraternity, the income thereof and the yield therefrom. (4) A review of the spiraling costs of conventions, both national and regional, with a view toward consolidating efforts of planning, negotiating, contracting facilities, resources and inducements. (5) To mandate constructive changes in the payment of obligations, methods of accounting and a full disclosure of the nature and amounts of those obligations. (6) Strengthen the Committee on Budget so as to enable it to make adequate and timely final reports to the National Convention. • THE LEGAL STRUCTURE: The Fraternity is now faced with several legal actions in various sections of the country. The adequate defense of these actions, as well as future litigation, is dependent upon the availability of counsel within the jurisdiction or proximity of the case. Further, the magnitude of our possible legal liabiality and the necessity for legal review of many Chapter affairs, has rendered our concept of a single General Counsel ineffective. I Pledge to direct the creation of a network of Attorneys, situated in the various legal jurisdications of the country, who will act on behalf of the National organization at and under the direction of the corporate General Counsel. 35

BRO. JAMES R. WILLIAMS, Nominee for General President Editor's N o t e : M a t e r i a l for these pages submitted by: 'James R. Williams For General President C o m m i t t e e " - M.J.P.

Born Our Candidate was born in Lowndes County, Mississippi and reared in Columbus, Mississippi. Education Union Academy High School, Columbus, Mississippi B.A. University of Akron, Akron Ohio Juris Doctor (Law) University of Akron Family Married to former Catherine Douglas of Columbus, Mississippi Father of two (2) children: Jacqueline, 15, and Michael, 19, a Morehouse College freshman Occupation Attorney At Law-Member of Firm of Parms, Purnell, Stubbs& Williams City Councilman - City of Akron, 1970 to Present Formerly taught in Akron Public Schools for four years and lectured in Senior Problems at The University of Akron Served as Senior Staff Member of City of Akron's Department of Planning & Urban Renewal (five years) Fraternity Activities Initiated in Alpha Tau, University of Akron President of Alpha Tau (1 959) President of Eta Tau Lambda (1963-64) Member of National Education Committee (1963-64 Life Member Legal Counsel, Midwestern Region 1967-70 Midwestern Vice President 1970-75 Chairman of Board of Alpha Phi Alpha Homes, Inc. 1968-Present Community Activities Chairman, Summit County Council of Governments President, Summit County Legal Services Program Past President Summit County Cap Agency Past Vice President, Ohio NAACP Past President of Brotherhood of Wesley Temple A.M.E. Zion Church. Member of Executive Board of following organizations: NAACP, Metro YMCA, Summit County Criminal Justice Commission, Past Member of Urban League Board, Candidate for Lt. Governor, State of Ohio 1974, Member of Executive Committee, Summit County Democratic Party, Treasurer of five County Regional Planning Agency (NEFCO), LifeMember-NAACP Fraternity Awards Eta Tau Lambda "Man of Year" for 1964 Man of Year" in Midwestern Region for 1969 Alpha Phi Alpha's "Outstanding Achievement" Award for Work on Channelwood Village Housing Development in 1973 "Exemplary Service" Award, Midwestern Region 1975 Community Awards "Individual Achievement" Award by Akron Chapter of NAACP in 1967 "Outstanding Achievement" for Volunteer Service for the United Community Council of Summit County in 1 968 Urban League's Outstanding Community Leadership" Award in 1973 YMCA "Service A w a r d " in 1 974 36

Brother Williams has the past few months cerns and asking suggestions on how p r i o r i t y " items that listed below:

traveled throughout the country during talking with Brothers about their confor their recommendations and to improve Alpha. Some of the " h i g h Brother Williams is committed to are

Full disclosure in all financial matters Fairness in appointment of Committee Chairman and Members Involvement of College Brothers in all aspects of programming and decision making process Development of Senior Alpha Program, where retired Alpha Brothers will serve as resources of talent at all levels National Reclamation effort with goal of 25,000 active members by 1980 Fairness in selection of recipients of awards; creation of Hall of Fame to honor Brothers that have made outstanding contributions to Fraternity Better Convention Programming to provide greater opportunity for participation by Delegates Improve c o m m u n i c a t i o n s b e t w e e n B r o t h e r h o o d and National Office The Sphinx / February


Wkd 2\dwu Ate Sayutg

9<wm R. William "Bro. Williams is indeed one of the most brilliant and effective young men of the Fraternity. Keeping the leadership of Alpha high and in good hands can best be accomplished, in my judgment, by the election of Bro. James R. Williams, as our next General President." Bro. Belford V . Lawson, Jr. Past G e n e r a l P r e s i d e n t Family; Jacqueline,

Catherine, Jim and Michael

"Bro. Williams is capable, dedicated and fully capable for leadership of our brotherhood, which w e so richly deserve. He has my vote." Bro. A. M a c e o Smith Past G e n e r a l P r e s i d e n t "Bro. Williams has proven to be a Brother of great imagination, an immense program implementor and one who professes love for his brothers. He is one who will bring our Fraternity to great heights and place us at the pinnacle of Organizations." Bro. W a l t e r W . Sullivan Past State D i r e c t o r of N o r t h C a r o l i n a "Bro. Williams is aware of the problems of College Brothers. He is genuinely interested in the welfare of all Brothers." B r o . S t e v e n L. J o n e s Past A s s i s t a n t M i d w e s t e r n Vice President "/ have known Bro. Williams for a number of years and have always been impressed with his sincerity, his dedication to Alpha, and his demonstrated leadership ability." I.J. L a m o t h e , Jr., M D â&#x20AC;&#x17E; President G a m m a Upsilon Lambda M a r s h a l l , Texas

Bro Williams, Chairman of Board of Alpha Phi Alpha Homes, Inc., worked more than ten (10) years to make Channelwood Village a reality. Above he joins the late Brother William Alexander, Congressman John Seiberling, and others at Channelwood ground breaking in 1971. The 1 1 Vi million dollar housing complex was completed in 1973 and now houses more fhan 500 families and senior citizens.

"/ k n o w of no Brother better qualified to be a General President and heartily recommend the Candidacy of Brother Williams." Bro. H a n l e y J . N o r m e n t , President lota Upsilon Lambda Silver S p r i n g , M a r y l a n d "/ supported Williams for Midwestern Vice President in 1970 because I saw him as General President material. He has lived up to all my expectations. He will make a great General President." Stenson Broaddui Past M i d w e s t e r n V i c e P r e s i d e n t The Sphinx




Bro. Williams provided outstanding leadership as Midwestern Vice President for five years. His Administration was noted for leadership development, fiscal accountability, participating of College Brothers and working Conventions with full participation of the Brothers. Bro Williams is shown above at the 1975 Midwestern Regional Convention with Congressman Harold Ford and Former General Presidents, Raymond Cannon, and Lionel Newsom.



J? &


Dear Brothers in Alpha: I greet you at this time as the newly appointed Director of Educational Activities and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Alpha Phi Alpha Education Foundation, Inc. Beacause of his increased duties and responsibilities as Chancellor of the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, our former Chairman, Brother Herman B. Smith, Jr., found that he could not continue his dynamic leadership of the Foundation and continue to meet all the pressing issues that he faced in his position. With regret, our General President, Brother Walter Washington, accepted Brother Smith's resignation, and appointed me to assume the job in December, 19 75. Brother Smith is to be congratulated for his untiring efforts in helping Alphas throughout the world make an important effort in an "Investment in the Future." Through his work as Chairman, we were able to launch an important campaign for fund-raising, and we have the fruits of this labor in a federally-funded grant for three (3) years. As I struggle to give you the program that we need in times like these, I must thank those Chairmen in the past who worked hard to keep Alpha in the forefront of viable programs. It was my pleasure to have worked under the following giants in education: Brother Oscar Ritchie, Lionel Newsom, Clifton Jones, Thomas Pawley, and Herman B. Smith, and each brother gave his all to the cause of helping to make our educational program the reality as expressed by Jewel Nathaniel A. Murray . . . that our "organization was built squarely upon the solid foundatiion of quality rather than quantity . . . that special emphasis must be placed upon men of character, good fellowship, good scholarship, unselfish devotion to our cause, and men who would work and cooperate in unity for the good of Alpha Phi Alpha." It is in this spirit that I begin my term of office. The spirit of the past, with an eye to the needs of the future. There are major obstacles that we must hurdle. We must somehow bridge the gap between our College and Alumni brothers. We must make sure that each chapter has a Director of Education. We must set aside a portion of each meeting geared to some issue in improving the education of our youth in our local communities. We must report our programs that we have going in order to receive national recognition. Brothers, we must return to excellence. With your help, cooperation, and determination, this can be an accomplished fact. Your Regional Director of Education will be soliciting your help and support at each Regional Convention during this Bicentennial Year. As we approach our seventieth year Brothers, we must remember the words of Jewel Nathaniel Murray and return to the doctrine and creed as found in the preamble of our ritual.

WILLIAM ROSS, JR., Chairman Alpha Phi Alpha Education Foundation, Inc. 3900 Ford Road â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Apt J17 - 1 Philadelphia, PA 19131


The Sphinx / February


Athte* Today you can turn to the sports page of any major newspaper across the country, including the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times, and follow the progress of practically any Black collegiate team. However, only a few years ago this was not the case. If you wanted to know what was happening with Southern, Alcorn or Tennessee State you were forced to communicate with Someone you knew "down home" or consult the Black press. The man who, perhaps, did more than any other person in bringing about this change is Brother EDDIE G. ROBINSON. Brother Robinson, Head Football Coach of the Grambling State University (formerly Grambling College) Tigers, developed his team into such a national powerhouse that it became impossible to talk football without talking Grambling. Also, more than any other coach, Eddie Robinson has changed the entire nation's perspective on collegedivision football. Now this outstanding leader has scored another TD by becoming the first Black coach to be elected President of the American Football Coaches Association. He succeeds none other than Darrell Royal, Head Coach of the University of Texas Longhorns, a perennial contender for the national championship. A major factor in Robinson's success is that he has never been matched in proficiency when it comes to developing

players for professional football. Over 140 ex-Tigers have mastered the intricacies of the "play-for-pay" game. The list includes such present and former standouts as Paul "Tank" Younger, Ernie Ladd, Willie Davis, Willie Brown, Buck Buchanan, Clifton McNeil, Frank Cornish, Frank Lewis, Sam Holden, Garland Boyette, Mike Howell, Nehemiah Wilson, James Harris, William Williams, Essex Johnson, Alphonse Dotson, Robert Atkins, Robert Barber, Gary Johnson, Henry Davis, Virgil Robinson, Richard Mendenhall, Ezil Bibbs, and Roosevelt Taylor. With the results such as these, it's easy to see why, in 1966, the Football Writers of America cited Robinson as "the man who made the biggest contribution to collegedivision football during the last 25 years." Some say he did it with hard-headed determination. The Grambling mentor scoffs at such talk and calls it "good fortune and luck." An An unassuming man, Brother Robinson is quick to point out that "Over the years, we have had a lot of help from a lot of wonderful people." History suggests that there might be a little more involved than that. When Robinson was named head coach back in the summer of 1941, a psychology of failure hung over the campus. His first year was beset with doubt and indecision and he failed to win a singletjame. However, the vicissitudes of that season didn't discourage him. He likes to recall that "We didn't have much to look ahead to, but even less to look back on." At that time the school was pitifully impotent in football, unheralded, unsung, and almost unheard of. Today, thanks to Eddie G. Robinson, Grambling is a household word in collegiate and professional football circles. It has gotten to the point where it is almost impossible to watch a pro game on television without seeing a Grambling product in the lineup. Eddie G. Robinson is truy an Alphaman in every sense of the word and he's an active leader in Epsilon Kappa Lambda, his local chapter. We join the brothers of Epsilon Kappa Lambda in saluting our outstanding brother. As he takes his place as head of the football coaches of America, we can simply say . . . it's about time!

This "classic"photo, only a few years ago could not have been possible... nor would it have been distributed from coast to coast by national wire services. Integration at Southern schools was not an easy task, but the way was paved by the professional excellence of Eddie Robinson. Shown with Coach Robinson (center) are (from left) head coaches Douglas Porter, Howard; Bob Blackman, Illinois; Charlie McClendon, Louisiana State and Darrell Royal, Texas, outgoing president. Again fielding a superior Grambling squad, Brother Robinson was named 19 75's Black College Coach of the Year. With a 246-82-11 career record, only Paul "Bear" Bryant leads Robinson in wins among active coaches.

The Sphinx / February 1976


Noble Lee Sissle the French soldiers, which was on a national tour when Mr. Europe was killed. The Europe band was never to play again.

A bright star in the golden legacy of Alpha Phi Alpha was Noble Lee Sissle, pioneer in American music, international entertainer, and leader in the Harlem Renaissance. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, this gifted lyricist-poet was 86 years old when he died December 1 7, 1975. But his contributions to American music and his pioneering efforts in opening doors for Black entertainers shall remain his legacy to us. After being educated in the Cleveland, Ohio public schools and attending Butler University in Indianapolis, he met Eubie Blake. With a handshake, they sealed the partnership that blazed those cultural trails which ushered in that dignified, wholesome entertainment which was to begin America's Black Renaissance. Writing for Sophie Tucker, the song writing team of Sissle and Blake created their first combined effort It's All Your Fault and from there entered vaudeville to play for America's top society circles across the country, thereby opening the doors of legitimate theatres to Black entertainers. In April of 1916, Noble Sissle joined James Reece Europe's Society Orchestra as vocalist and was introduced to the world of international entertainment. His association with Mr. Europe grew to that of partner and business manager of the 369th Hell Fighters Band, a name graced by


Two Smash Musical Revues After the band broke up, Sissle and Blake rejoined as a team and overnight became a vaudeville success, entertaining with their own songs. In 1921 Noble Sissle and his partner, Eubie Blake, joined with Flournoy Miller and Aubrey Lyles, a vaudeville comedy team, and created their own musical, Shuffle Along, which opened May 2 1 , 1921 at the 63rd Street Theatre in New York City. The show made theatrical history and became a national hit, playing every legitimate theatre in the Eralanger and Shubert Circuit. Up until this time, no Black show had played the theatres as a regular attraction. After Shuffle Along's success, Sissle opened their own show, The Chocolate Dandies, which played legitimate theatres for 18 months. Among the songs from Shuffle Along that had the entire American public humming were I'm Just Wild About Harry, Love Will Find A Way, Honey Suckle Time, and You Were Meant For Me. Even today, these tunes are frequently heard on television variety shows. After Shuffle Along's initial success in the 1920's, Sissle and Blake journeyed to London in 1925 and opened at the Picadilly Hotel, beginning a record breaking year playing at all of the major theatres. In 1927, he returned to England and joined pianist Harry Revel in composing special songs for his London act. At the urging of Cole Porter, he formed an orchestra composed of Black Americans living in Europe and played at the exclusive Ambassadeurs Restaurant in Paris for a revue which Porter had written. The Sphinx / February


ravorite of Royalty The Noble Sissle Orchestra was born from this experience and, after four seasons following Paul Whiteman and Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians, the band sailed to New York and embarked on a national tour in 1 9 3 1 . Before leaving London, the band had become a favorite of King Edward VIII, who was the Prince of Wales at that time, and in December of 1930 while playing at London's Ciro Club, the Prince brought his brother, King George VI, and his wife, Queen Elizabeth (at that time the Duke and Duchess of York) to the club to hear Noble Sissle sing. Headlines the next day said it was the largest gathering of the Royal Family under the roof of a night club at one time. The Prince loved Wild About Harry and even took the drumsticks and "gigged" with the band. Returning to New York in 1 9 3 1 , the Sissle band was booked into the Princess Restaurant in New York and became the first Black band to play an exclusive club. From this location he was constantly broadcasting on CBS radio from coast-to-coast. By 1934 the Noble Sissle Orchestra was so nationally reknowned that it became the first Black band to play white southern colleges. In 1952 Noble Sissle continued to open doors by becoming the first Black disc jockey to appear on a major radio station in New York (WMGM). With his band making appearances continuously, the Noble Sissle Orchestra, with

The Sphinx / February


guest artists W.C. Handy and Eubie Blake, played for President Dwight Eisenhower's Inaugural Ball, another first for a Black band. Organize's Black Entertainers Transcending his individual efforts as an innovator and pacesetter for Black artists, Brother Sissle led the effort to organize Black entertainers. To this end, he founded and served as First President of the Negro Actor's Guild of America. Through the years between 1931 and 1970, Noble Sissle and his partner Eubie Blake continued writing music and performing on special occasions as one of the oldest remaining vaudeville acts in America. From the 1 9 5 0 s until his death, Noble Sissle spent all of his spare time working for local and national humanitarian causes. He unselfishly worked for the U.S.O. from its inception in 1941 as a member of its Board of Governors, the Warwick School for Boys (New York) and many other youth-oriented programs. Through his Noble Sissle's Concert Varieties Organization, he helped shape the careers of many struggling, gifted performers. Noble Sissle touched the lives of many on all levels of society, but none were more important to him than the working people who admired and adored him because he was never too busy to speak or spend time with them. He never once lost the common touch .. . though he walked with kings. The life of Noble Sissle is our legacy.



ALPHAS on THE MOV Brother MURRENE GILFORD, Delta Rho Lambda Chapter, has been appointed Chairman of the San Antonio Transit System's Board of Trustees for a two year term. Brother Gilford's full time job is an insurance representative with Atlanta Life where he serves on a committee as an advisor to the president. Brother Gilford said he began to believe in a personal philosophy of self-help and confidence long before he left his hometown of Trinity, Texas, having learned as a small boy that selfrespect inspires others to reciprocate. "If you like yourself, others like you," he explains. Brother Gilford was president of the Alamo City Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Alamo Branch YMCA, and he has served in such civic functions as San Antonio Human Relations Council, San Antonio Union Junior College Board of Directors, and the Ecumenical Council on Religion and Health. Brother Gilford was a six-year veteran of the San Antonio Transit System's Board before he saw his beliefs reinforced in his appointment by his fellow board members recently. Brother Gilford's name appears not only in the local limelight but in such prestigious listings as "Who's Who in the South and Southwest," and "Who's Who in Black America." He is a life member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.


Brother MICHAEL GREEN was recently cited as one of the outstanding youths in Prince Georges County. In a letter from Winfield M. Kelly, Jr., County Executive, Brother Green was cited for his involvements in University activities and service to the community. Brother Green entered Alpha as a charter member of lota Zeta Chapter on April 27, 1974, and has since served two terms as Corresponding


Secretary, a short time as a Dean and Assistant Dean of Pledges in his chapter and on a regional level as the Director of College Chapters for Maryland Delaware - and Washington, D.C. He currently serves as the Assistant Sergeant-at Arms for the Eastern Region.

Brother EMMETT L. GREGORY, Jr., President of Gregory Enterprises, Ltd., Wilberforce, Ohio, has recently published in the Harlo's Anthology of Modem-Day Poets and Authors, published by the Harlo Press of Detroit, Michigan. The Anthology is a selection of poetry and prose by writers from throughout the country covering a wide gamut of ages and ethnic groups. Gregory's selections are dedicated to his mother, the late Mrs. Evernolia Gregory. Brother Gregory received his B.S. from Central State University in Ohio, C.D.R. from Howard University, in Washington, D.C. and completed postgraduate studies at Antioch College of Ohio. Brother Gregory, Life Member No. 2117, is also a member of the Alpha Phi Gamma National Honorary Journalism Fraternity, the American Association of University Professors, American Public Welfare Association, Consumers Union, Council for Exceptional Children, the National Association for Financial Aid Officers and Guidance Counselors, National Conference on Social Welfare and the Ohio Education Association.

Brother HARRISON HUDSON, past president of Delta Psi Lambda Chapter (Denver, CO), is serving as Chairman of the Greater Park Hill Community, Inc., an outstanding civic organization in the Denver area. The GPHC carries out a number of community-oriented projects, including a tutoring program and an

emergency food shelf, which aid people of all races throughout the area. Brother Harrison and his wife, Dorothy, have resided in Denver for twenty-five years and he has been continuously active in community work. In addition to his work with the New Hope Baptist Church and the Boy Scouts of America, he devotes much of his time working as a volunteer probation counselor for the Denver District Court. A past president of the Denver Pan Hellenic Council, Brother Hudson served as president of Delta Psi Lambda from 1966 through 1970. He was Chairman of the 66th Anniversary Convention (1972) in Denver and is a past Western Regional Director of Education Activities. He is a Life Member of the Fraternity and a member of the Masonic Lodge and the NAACP.

Brother LOGAN JOHNSON recently received the 1975 Edgewood Arsenal Nomination for one of ten National Civil Service League Special Achievement Awards. These awards are presented annually by the National Civil Service League to Civil Servants who exemplify outstanding characteristics in career service. Brother Johnson's achievements in his personal life, as well as in his federal career, establish him as an exceptional member of his race and an inspiration to all Black persons who are striving to enhance their personal lives. He began work at the Edgewood Arsenal in 1 9 5 1 . Although he held a Bachelor of Science degree from Central State College, Wilberforce, Ohio, he entered Civil Service as a laborer the only position available to a Black at Edgewood Arsenal in 1 9 5 1 ! In a few months he was advanced to a physical science aide position. Later, he received a technician's rating and then, at long last, a position as a chemist in 1962 in what was then the Arsenal's The Sphinx / February


Brother Murrene Gilford, Chairman of the San Antonio Transit System.

Brother Harrison Hudson, Denver civic leader

Brother William D. Phears, on assignment Sierre Leone

Brother Percy Pollard, tapped for Outstanding Young Men

The Sphinx / February 1976

Quality Assurance Directorate. Since 1 9 7 1 , he has held the position of chemist in the Scientific and Engineering Applications Division of the Arsenal's Management Information Systems Directorate. Brother Johnson's efforts in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) as well as in student education, human relations, and employee-union endeavors, have earned for him many honors including the Edgewood Arsenal EEO Award in 1973 and 1975. In community activities, he holds or has held executive positions in more than 1 4 organizations including the Harford County Human Relations Commission, the Department of Parks and Recreation,, Parent-Teachers Associations and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. His activities tell the beautiful story of a man, who, as he personally overcame the handicaps of racism, has devoted his energies to making life better for his fellow Blacks. Brother Johnson is a member of the National Federation of Federal Emp l o y e e s , the Toastmasters International, where he has served as a Divisional Lieutenant Governor, and is sought after as a guest speaker at educational institutions and Toastmaster Clubs. Brother Johnson is an active member of lota Alpha Lambda Chapter. He is past Secretary, and, for the third consecutive year, is serving on the Education Committee. He is dedicated to Alpha and can always be counted on to shoulder fraternity responsibilities. A native of Ashland, Kentucky, Brother Johnson resides with his family in Aberdeen, Maryland. His wife, Cathyrine, Supervisor of the local Headstart Program, is President of the Alpha Wives.

ML Brother SIDNEY A. McNAIRY, Jr., Professor of biochemistry and director of the Health Research Center at Southern University, has been appointed Health Science Administrator with the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. McNairy was granted a year's leave of absence from SU to assume the one-year appointment, effective August, 1975. As Health Science Administrator, Brother McNairy will be responsible for


giving day-to-day direction and scientific guidance in the review, evaluation and program development aspect of the Minority Biomedical Support Program (MBSP). His assignment, which is with the MBS and General Research Support (GRS) programs under the Division of Research Resources (DRR), will also involve him in the general orientation and management training about NIH and other federal agencies. Currently a NIH-Biomedical Proposal Reviewer, Brother McNairy has been Health Research Center director since 1971 and MBSP director since 1972. He has taught at SU since 1965. He holds several consultantships as well as membership on many research and advisory committees, local, state and national. His present research interest is metabolic disease, and he has several publications in this area. He is also involved in a number of other health projects, two of which are in the areas of sickle cell anemia and hypertension. Having done post-doctoral studies at Columbia University in New York, Brother McNairy received both his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana. He is an active member of Beta lota Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

-M& Brother WILLIAM D. PHEARS, Life Member No. 433, who recently retired as Commissioner of the Water Department of the town of Hempstead, New York, has been selected by the International Executive Service Corps for an assignment with the Guma Valley Water Company, Sierra Leone, West Africa. He will advise the company management on training of maintenance and operations employees. Brother Phears, who now lives in Cocoa Beach, Florida, is a retired Air Force officer and a professional engineer. He majored in Architectural Engineering at Detroit Institute of Technology until his education was interrupted by service in World War II. He later received his B.S. degree from.

the University of Maryland and a Masters d e g r e e in Management Engineering from Long Island University. He is a member of the Society of Military Engineers, American Public Works Association, the American Water Works Association, the Institute of Municipal Engineers, Institute of Water Resources, President of the Milton B. Flemings, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund, and Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity. He was r e c o g n i z e d for his professional performance by receiving the "Top Ten Public Works Men of the Year" Award in 1969. Before his retirement, he was a member of the Contract Negotiating Team, LaborManagement Committee, Education and Higher Skills Training Committee, Long Island Water Conference and many local and civic organizations including: Kiwanis, 100 Black Men of Nassau-Suffolk, Black Leaders Council, President of the Library Board of Trustees, Golf Club, PTA, Church, Political Club and President, PhearsFlemings & Associates Consulting Firm. His son, David, lives in Los Angeles and his daughter, Jo Alison, and her husband, Ron Johnson, are attending Stanford University Graduate School.

jfflfc Brother PERCY POLLARD, Life Member No. 867 and the Recording Secretary of lota Upsilon Lambda Chapter in Silver Spring, Maryland, was recently named one of 1975's "Outstanding Young Men of America." Brother Pollard is Employee Relations/Compensation Manager for the Federal Systems Division of the IBM Corporation. This award resulted for extensive work with service-oriented organizations over an extended period. Brother Pollard followed his work with Family Services in Broome County, New York, with service as vice president and board member of Family Services of Montgomery County, Maryland. He is also a founder and board member of the Gaiiaitherburg/ Montgomery Village Kiwanis Club, and chairman of their Youth Services Committee. In addition, he was until recently a member of the Montgomery County Human Relations Commission, involved with employment committee activities. The Sphinx / February 19 76

CHAPTER NEWS EAST Hampton institute In their recognition of 1975 being "International Women's Year," Gamma lota Chapter of Hampton Institute honored the struggle of the Black woman as the central theme for their fourth annual Black and Gold Coronation held on Friday evening, September 26, 1975 at the school's Little Theatre. By dividing up the 20th century into five - 15 year periods, the sweetheart court sought to show â&#x20AC;&#x201D; by paralleling the struggles/achievements of the 20th century Black woman to the development of Alpha Phi Alphaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; that both the fraternity and Black womanhood have progressed and continued to meet the needs of our ever changing society. The near capacity audience of both students and parents enjoyed the historic presentation. Honors were bestowed upon Ms. Greer D. Wilson, Coordinator of Student Activities (and an Alpha wife!), and Hampton Institute's own Gamma Theta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the Mid-Atlantic Regional College Chapter of the Year. The thirteenmember Black and Gold court was then formally presented and Miss Medina Wilson was crowned "Miss Alpha Phi Alpha, 1 9 7 5 - 7 6 " by Brother Thomas G. Allston, III, Eastern Assistant Vice President. Miss Wilson, a senior elementary education major from Atlantic City, New Jersey, is the daughter of Brother Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson, the former, a member of Alpha Theta Lambda Chapter in Atlantic City and an initiate of the same Gamma lota in '48. Medina is the President of the Hampton Institute Chapter of the Student National Education Association and a member of Gamma Theta Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha. Music for the Coronation was furnished by the "Alpha Quartet" with a special solo by Brother James "Flash" The Sphinx / February 19 76

Palmore, President of the College Choirs. The brothers of Beta Chapter at Howard University were also present. Gamma lota, which last year was ranked No. 6 in college chapters membership with thirty-six, began the academic year with 26 brothers. The chapter proudly boasts of having 1 Life Member and two subscribers, and possessing more student leaders than any other campus organization. A look at the chapter roster shows: Brother Albert Ashburn (Who's Who and President of Hampton Institute's Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society); Duane Boone (President, Biology Club); Robert Eaves (Who's Who, Senior Class Business Manager, and Editor-in-Chief, Hampton Script student newspaperj.Thomas Evans (Parliamentarian of the College Choirs and a subscribing Life Member); Julius Green (Associate Judge,, Student Court); Virgil Green (Who's Who and past Chairman, Student Christian Association); Bernard Johnson (President, Junior Class of '77); Thomas Law (President, Gamma lota Chapter and son of Brother Dr. Thomas Law -L-1630, President-Designate of Virginia State College); Michael Morgan (President, Music Club); Aaron Noble Hampton Institute Essay Contest Winner and Varsity Basketball Letterman); James " F l a s h " Palmore (President, College Choirs and Senior Class Secretary); Larry Pleasant (Who's Who and VACAPAF Chaplain); and Arthur "Fudd" White (President, Marching Bands), to name a few. Gamma lota is also the home of Brother Thomas Allston, III, Eastern Assistant Vice President, whose address at the College Brothers Luncheon at the Miami Convention caused Dr. Walter Washington to label him "the new rising force in the East." Brother Allston is also the President of the Student Government Association at Hampton Institute, as well as the Vice President of VACAPAF. The chapter is co-advised by Brothers Robert A. Rice (Director of

Special Projects) and Dr. John W. Handy, Jr. (Chairman, Division of Graduate Studies), both at Hampton Institute. Both are "Alphas for Life" and active members of Delta Beta Lambda Chapter in Hampton. Members of Gamma lota are regular "members" of both Delta Beta Lambda and Zeta Lambda in New Port News, as the whole of Tidewater North tries to implement the national fraternal program of joint efforts for both college and alumni brothers. Under the direction of Brother Shedrick Lowndes, Jr., the chapter is actively planning their first official reunion - of both Gamma lotas and other Hamptonian Alphas - at the home coming in October of '76, to commemorate the chapter's 30th anniversary.

Miss Medina Wilson, Gamma lota's "Miss A 0 A" with chapter President Thomas Law, Jr.

The brothers of Gamma lota Chapter, Hampton Institute, Hampton, Virginia, are proud to announce the recent induction of three new members into the Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, i.e. Brothers Robert Eaves, an Accounting major from Barnwell, South Carolina; Gary A. Stewart, a Sociology major from Seat Pleasant, Maryland, and Albert P. Ashburn, a Mathematics major from Franklin, Virginia. Brother Eaves, past Treasurer of the chapter, is an active member of the Business Club in addition to his position as Business Manager for "Ogre Phi Ogre" (Class of 1976). Brother Stewart, Assistant Dean-ofPledges for the 1975 Pledge Line, "Genesis", co-chairs this year's Alpha Brats' activities - a select group of underprivileged boys in the Hampton community. 45

Brother Ashburn, Vice President of the chapter, is also serving as President of the Hampton Institute Chapter of Beta Kappa Chi National Scientific Honor Society. Brothers Virgil L. Green, a senior architecture major from Washington, DC. and Larry B. Pleasant, a senior mathematics major from Smithfield, Virginia along with Brothers Ashburn and Eaves, were selected to be featured in the 1975-76 edition of "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities." Brother G r e e n , past Recording Secretary, is also President of the Student Christian Association. Brother Pleasant, who is participating in a cooperative internship at the corporate headquarters of General Electric Company in Schenectady, New York, for the spring semester, has served as chapter Vice President and Chaplain of the Virginia Association of Chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Brother Thomas R. Evans, a junior music major from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has recently become Gamma lota's second Life Member this year. He is Assistant Dean-of-Pledges for the 1976 Sphinx Club. Brothers LaVelton Daniel, Bob Hutchins, and Charles McLaurine are subscribing Life Members.

toward the national goal of Alpha's Outreach to Business program, and to provide additional working capital for various social and community functions. Epsilon Pi does not skate anywhere! December 4 marked the first time in Epsilon Pi's history that a joint initiation was held with our alumni chapter, Alpha Phi Lambda. This type of working relationship helps to make the Tidewater South Area one of the strongholds of Alpha here in the Eastern Region, and further reinforces the Spirit of Fraternity that rides high in the State of Virginia. Numerous events with our sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority have highlighted our social calendar. The apex of our success being Homecoming night, when brothers and sisters of Norfolk State and Hampton Institute met for a gala post-Homecoming jam. The chapter, under the leadership of Brother Samuel "Hollywood" Gregory, III, has also reorganized the Angel program and boasts a following of twenty-five (25) intelligent, attractive, diligent working and gracious ladies who form the backbone of our social activities. All are worth the honor that has been bestowed upon them. December 7th culminated a week

long celebration of our Founders Day. A beautiful religious service was held in most holy reverence, and the spirit of Fraternity was truly with us as we paid homage to the Seven Jewels, while rededicating ourselves to the fraternity. The light for the future burns bright for Epsilon Pi as Spring '76 promises to be better than all previous semesters. Plans are underway for the acquisition of a house located conveniently close to the campus. Participation and involvement is planned for this year's State, Regional and National conventions. A bevy of community and social programs are also in the works with success being a definite trend. Behold!! Behold!! Epsilon Pi is alive and growing in Norfolk, Virginia. Brothers of Epsilon Pi are as follows: Samuel C. Gregory, III, President; John S. Greene, Vice President; Bruce Alvin Young, II, Secretary; Charles Jennings, Treasurer; Maurese Joyner, Dean of Pledges; Linwood T. Daughtery, Chaplain; Keith I. Jones, Parliamentarian; Milton Bailey, Sergeant-at-Arms; and Brothers Wiley Powell, Anthony Sizemore, William Dallas Carter, Reginald Keith Hunt, Dennis Cooke, and Dennis Wormly.

norfolk state Epsilon Pi Chapter, Norfolk State College, Norfolk, Virginia is movin' on! With the initiation of "Genesis Eight," Epsilon Pi has more than doubled its active membership and p r e d i c t s phenomenal growth within the next few semesters. Quality has not been and never will be sacrificed for quantity. Working with only seven brothers during the Fall '75 term, the chapter has managed to excel in the ideas and goals for which Alpha was established. Community projects involved the brother, Angels and Sphinxmen, and included such events as a Halloween party for under-priviledged children at a local hospital; distribution of Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to the indigent; sponsoring a Gospel Concert in early December; a scholarship drive with subsequent selection and presentation of awards; and participation in various other community activities. In the campus dormitories and at various sporting events, hot dogs, donuts, and bake sales were held to gain valuable experience 46

The Brothers of Epsilon Pi, Norfolk State College. (L to R, Front) Reginald K. Hunt, John S. Greene; Samuel C. Gregory, III; Bruce A. Young, II; William D. Carter. (Back row) Wiley Powell; Milton Bailey; Dennis Wormly; Charles Jennmg; Keith I. Jones; Anthony Sizemore.

The Sphinx / February


university of maryland The lota Zeta Chapter, at the University of Maryland at College Park, wishes to acknowledge its new officers and to note the accomplishments of some of its brothers. The following men have been elected to serve their chapter and Alpha: President, Roosevelt V. Boone, III; Vice President, Stephen Gibson; Recording Secretary, Jeremiah Mont a g u e ; Corresponding Secretary, Michael Green; Treasurer, Jeremiah Montague; Financial Secretary, Norman Pruitt; Editor-to-the SPHINX, Bruce Branch; Chaplain, Paul Jones; Dean of Pledges, Quinten Davis; Assistant Dean of Pledges, Warren R. Jones; Sergeant-at-Arms, Clarence Brown; Parliamentarian, Darnell Pearsail; Director of Education, Weldon Thomas; Historian, Ed Williams; and Songmaster, Maurice Jenkins. Chartered April 27, 1974, lota Zeta Chapter, under the tutelage of lota Upsilon Lambda Chapter, has already produced many leaders in Alpha. We would now like to commend those brothers who have achieved in Alpha and those who have made strides which reflect on Alpha. First of all, lota Zeta boasts five graduates. Brother Myron (O.J.) Lofton, in Community Studies, is now pursuing graduate studies at Howard University; Brother Joseph Williams, in Psychology, now a student at the American University Law School; William Ward, in Urban Studies and Air Force R.O.T.C, now an officer in the Air Force Reserves specializing in missile ballistics; William Johnson, in Journalism and Bruce Branch, also in Journalism. lota Zeta wishes to commend Brother Jeremiah Montague, who was recently appointed the Recording Secretary for District VI of the Eastern Region and Brother Michael Green, who was recently appointed Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms for the Eastern Region. Brother Green had just completed a term as the Director of College Chapters for Maryland, Delaware and Washington, D.C.

delaware On November 22, 1975 Zeta Rho Lambda Chapter s u p e r v i s e d the initiation of 15 men into the Fraternity. Nine initiates were welcomed into Zeta The Sphinx / February 19 76

Rho Lambda, while six men joined Gamma Sigma (Delaware State College), re-activating the chapter. Included in the group that joined Gamma Sigma was a father and son combination - Neophyte Brother Robert Coppadge, retired Master Sergeant from the U.S. Air Force, now completing his education in Business Administration and his son, Darryl, also working toward his bachelors degree in Business Administration. Zeta Rho Lambda welcomed Neophyte Brother David Henry, the most active 74 year old 1924 graduate of Hampton Institute.

students attending Harford Community College. We are gratified that Andrea Cole, who received the scholarship in 1972-73 and 1973-74, and Bernard James, recipient in 1974-75, achieved scholastic records which secured for them financial aid from four-year institutions in the state. Andrea is now working toward the Bachelor's degree at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Bernard James is pursuing the Bachelor's degree at Towson State College. The recipient of the 1975-76 scholarship is James Quickly, now a freshman at Harford Community College.

Following the ceremonies, which were attended by the State Director, the men with their w i v e s and sweethearts, along with the undergraduate chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, dined and danced at the Holiday Inn of Dover. New blood has been added to Zeta Rho Lambda Chapter, which sponsors its Fifth Annual Gospel Festival in February. Proceeds from this activity are used for scholarships and community activities.

The officers of lota Alpha Lambda Chapter are: President, Elbert W. Williams; Vice President, LeRoy Stansbury, Jr.; Recording Secretary, Victor Fenwick; Corresponding Secretary, Francis H. Harris; and Treasurer, William M. Clark, Sr.

maryland lota Alpha Lambda Chapter, Aberdeen, Maryland, is on its way to a successful year. We are proud of the fact that three of our twenty-member roster are Life Members, i.e. Elbert W. Williams, M. Clark, Sr., and Alphonso R. Askew. We regret the loss of two members. Broades H. Hartley, President-Elect for 1975-76, who was stationed at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, received a grant for study toward the Ph.D. degree in Hospital Administration at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. Brother Hartley attended the National Convention in Miami. Brother James C. Jackson, stationed at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, was promoted to full Colonel and is now located at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. The Program Committee, chaired by Dr. Lehman W. Spry, geared fall and winter activities to raising finances for our Scholarship Fund. Our Annual Fall Fashion Fair was held on October 17, 1975. On Sunday, January 4, 1976, the chapter presented the "Great Hymn's Choir" of Baltimore, Maryland, which under the direction of Dr. Daniel Rideout, Sr., r e n d e r e d Handel's Messiah at Harford Community College. Our chapter gives a full scholarship award (tuition, book costs) annually to

new york In August of 1975, the officers and members of the Eta Rho Lambda Chapter set up their activities for community involvement for the year 197576. One of the activities proposed was the ALPHA OUTREACH-Tutorial Program. This program was set up to help tutor inner-city students in various subjects such as: reading, math, English, health, science, social studies, etc. The program began after an extensive publicity campaign through the use of announcements on the local radio stations; personal appearances on the local radio talk shows; and communicating with the principals of the Rochester City Schools. Registration was held on September 10, 1 7 and 24, with the first full session of the program held on Saturday, October 4th. The tutorial sessions were held every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at Trinity Emanuel Presbyterian Church, which is centrally located and surrounded by many schools in the city. Tutors in the program, which presently serves fifty-eight (58) students, include both brothers in the chapter and local adult volunteers. The program has had a noticeable impact on the students, who were once disillusioned with their studies. Examples abound, including a student who has developed a real interest in math-resulting in better grades, and one student who turned down a week-end trip to Canada in order to be on hand for the tutoring session. The discouraged students in the Rochester 47

area have now found that someone cares . . . namely, Eta Rho Lambda Chapter. Another highlight of the year was the Third Annual Charles T. Lunsford Scholarship Dinner-Dance, held on October 1 7th at Logan's Party House in Rochester. Music for the affair, which was attended by some six-hundred twenty people, was provided by "Essence" of Syracuse, New York. All funds raised from the dance are used by Eta Rho Lambda to provide scholarships to qualified students from the Rochester area, and to support other scholarship like the United Negro College Fund and the chapter's own ALPHA OUTREACH - Tutorial Program. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the chapter's 1975 "Man of the Year Award." This year's recipient was Brother Vantuyl J. Levy, who was cited for the many contributions he has made to the Rochester community. Extremely active in community and civic affairs, Brother Levy was the first Negro to practice dentistry in the city of Rochester and is a Life Member of both the American Dental Association and the Central YMCA. He is the only living charter member of three chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha, including Eta Rho Lambda, and has served this chapter as an officer in all capacities. Brother Levy, who has practiced dentistry for some forty years and is still active, is indeed a dedicated Alpha Man deserving of this tribute.

Brother Vantuyl Levy (at mike) accepts from Eta Rho Lambda.



MIDWEST u. of missouri - rolla The brothers of Epsilon Psi Chapter at the University of Missouri-Rolla, have been busy striving to continue to show that caliber of excellence so dominant in Alpha men. We are striving in the field of athletics-having two brothers who play football well. Brother Michael Joshua, an offensive halfback, is the leading all time University of Missouri-Rolla rusher with over 3,000 yards. He also holds the single season rushing record, his freshman year he received the "Outstanding Freshman Athlete Scholarship," an award given by a local organization in Rolla. In 1974 he was elected team captain and all conference MIAA. Meanwhile, Brother Terry Logan, defensive noseguard, was picked all conference MIAA in 1974 and chosen defensive player of the year for the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1974. Brother Logan was selected to "The Best College Athletes in America" organization in 1975. For the fall of 1975, Brother Michael Joshua, a graduating senior, served as chapter Vice President, while Brother Terry Logan served as chapter President. If Brother Thaddeus Williams continues his shocking playing of the net game, he will become the first Black to ever make the University of MissouriRolla's tennis team. We have not n e g l e c t e d the academic field. How could we forget being here in an engineering environment? In 1975, Epsilon Psi received the award of the "Most Improved Grade Point Average" of any fraternity in Rolla. Brother Fred Marshall, house manager, Interfraternity Council Representative, Intramural Manager, House Maintenance & Imp r o v e m e n t C o m m i t t e e Chairman, received a $1,000 Scholarship from Alpha Phi Alpha, for having a 3.0 grade point average and his involvement in the fraternity. In order to serve our community better, we recently remodeled Stella Marie's Day Care Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Since we believe ourselves to be instruments of communication, we have been delivering a message of brotherly love through the songs we sing, the steps we take, and in our everyday endeavors. Being a part of Alpha makes us proud and humble.

We, the brothers of Epsilon Psi, strive to show that caliber of excellence so dominant in Alpha men.

ohio About eighty Alpha Brothers, with their wives and families, attended Alpha Xi Lambda Chapter's Annual Founders' Day Program in Toledo, Ohio on Sunday, December 14, 1975. Held to commemorate the founding of the Fraternity and honor the local charter members, the program was held at the University of Toledo Faculty Lounge. "Alpha Then, Now, and Tomorrow" was the theme for the Toledo chapter's celebration. Brother Herbert Goodloe, one of the founders of Alpha Xi Lambda, talked about "Alpha Then," and noted that the aims of the Fraternity have remained constant. The message on "Alpha Now and Tomorrow" was delivered by Brother Jeffrey Brown, a member of Epsilon Alpha Chapter at the University of Toledo. Program activities were highlighted by the featured speaker, Brother Leon Bibb, Jr., of Columbus, Ohio. Brother Bibb, a 1966 journalism graduate of Bowling Green State University, is presently a reporter-anchorman for Channel 4 Television in Columbus. He reminded the brothers that we have come a long way, but admonished that we must not forget our heritage. In September of 1975, Alpha Xi Lambda also hosted some ninehundred guests who were in attendance at their 11th Annual Playboy Ball, held at the University of Toledo. This annual event is sponsored by the chapter to raise money for their scholarship fund.

/ 1th Annual Playboy's Ball Committee Joseph Sansbury and wife.


The Sphinx / February 19 76

Brother Leo Perry, the chapter's Educational Affairs Committee Chairman, pointed out to the assembled that all proceeds from the dance provide a complete scholarship used to send a Black male student to college. For the past 15 years, the fraternity has given scholarships to young men who might not have been able to afford a college education. Four complete four-year scholarships have been given during the past eight years and, prior to that time, partial awards were made. Candidates are chosen from area high schools, including those students with a "B-Plus" average or better. They are also selected according to their financial needs and their contributions to the community. The scholarships are maintained only if the students attend school full-time, keep a "C-Plus" average or better, and continue to con-

tribute to the welfare of the community. During the month of May, the chapter will sponsor a Recognition Dinner for Black high school graduating males. School counselors are invited to the dinner to inform the young men about college grants a n d / or scholarships, as well as the avenues for obtaining these funds. The young men are also introducted to the Fraternity in a formal manner. The 11 th Annual Playboy Ball ended successfully again in 1975, meeting all of its aims â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Manly Deeds, Scholarship, and Love For All Mankind. Alpha Xi Lambda Chapter continues to point Black youth onward and upward toward the light. The chapter faces the future in confident assurance of its promise and its purpose â&#x20AC;&#x201D; to Transcend all and to Serve All Mankind in the spirit of Brotherhood.

(Standing, L - Ft) Alpha Xi Lambda President James Pitt, and Founders Day Committee members William Bryant, Sr., Charles Harrell and Arthur Roach. Seated is Brother Leon Bibb, Jr., guest speaker.

Officers of Beta Xi Lambda with guests are (L Bailey, Dean of Probates; Douglas Morrow, Ned Williams, President; VP Thomas Pawley Alfred Grice, Secretary; L Kenneth Myers, Chandler, Editor-to-the SPHINX, and Rev.

nebraska The Brothers of Beta Xi Lambda Chapter in Omaha are leading the resurgence of Alpha Phi Alpha in the State of Nebraska. Over thirty brothers joined in the chapter's celebration of the 69th Anniversary (1975) of the founding of the Fraternity. The main speaker at the Founders Day Banquet was Mid-Western Vice President Thomas D. Pawley, III, whose address served as a real inspiration to the brothers in Omaha. Also on hand was Beta Xi Lambda member, Brother Thomas Phillips, who serves as State Director for Nebraska. Another highlight of the event was focused on eight brothers who scored a "first" for the chapter, as they were presented with their Life Membership plates byi Vice President Pawley. Officers of Beta Xi Lambda are: Ned L. Williams, President; Douglas Morrow, Vice President; Alfred B. Grice, Secretary; Capt. Frank Bailey, Dean of Probates; L. Kenneth Myers, Historian; Rev. Michael Gibson, Chaplain; and, Virgil Chandler, Editorto-the SPHINX.

- R) Capt. Frank Vice President; of the Midwest; Historian; Virgil Michael Gibson Chaplain.

Alphas of Beta Xi Lambda, Omaha, Nebraska together for the 69th Annual (19 75) observance of Founders Day. Midwestern Vice President Thomas Pawley is seated third from left.

The Sphinx / February 19 76


michigan Zeta Kappa Lambda Chapter in Des Moines, Iowa presented a $500 scholarship award to Derek Batts of Detroit, a freshman in the Drake University College of Business Administration. The award was granted on the basis of the student's academic performance during high school and his first sememster's work at Drake. The presentation on behalf of the chapter was made by Brother Eddie V. Easley, a professor at Drake University. Also attending the presentation were Brother Everett Mays, a retired employee of Northwestern Bell Telephone Company, who serves as chapter treasurer and State Director for Iowa and Brother Wiley, a Des Moines physician and president of Zeta Kappa Lambda Chapter. Derek is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William T. Batts of Detroit, and a 1975 graduate of Cass Technical High School. Two of his uncles are members of Alpha Phi Alpha.

minnesota Long identified with the needs that have blighted the lives and blunted the hopes of too many Americans, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, on Saturday night, December 20, 1975, passed resolutions, the intent of which is to expand its efforts for the coming year. Gamma Xi Lambda, the twin cities chapter, reviewed its expenditures of material and human resources. Worthy of note it was concluded; the installation of more than seven dozen storm windows at the Zion Group Home for Girls; awards by Alpha scholarships and grants to students and to residents of Zion's Girls Group Home, the latter to attend the United Negro College Fund's Ebony Fashion Fair; and the participation by Alpha members in the parent organization, Zion Church's Founder's Day. As has been the case in the long and illustrious history of the fraternity, new and more community wide programs were planned for 1976, and all received the enthusiastic endorsement of the officers. The. officers are: President, Ellis F. Bullock; Vice President, Joe Richardson; Secretary, Rodney Thomas; Treasurer, Levi Brady; and Corresponding Secretary, Booker Hobbs. 50

(L. to R) Zeta Kappa Lambda members Everett Mays, State Director for Iowa, and Dr. Walte Riley look on as Derek Batts accepts scholarship award from Drake U. professor Brother Eddie V. Easley.

kansas u. Retired Attorney, Benjamin H. Brown, the only living charter member of Upsilon Chapter, Kansas University, and a charter member of Eta Beta Lambda Chapter, Wichita, Kansas occupied the seat of honor for Founder's Day celebration. Brother Brown has been an Alpha brother since the year 1917. He listened intensely, as Dr. E. Holloway - Zeta Gamma Lambda Chapter and Dean of Students at Langston University, Langston, Oklahoma delivered the address. It reflected on "Alpha Golden Legacy" - reminiscences by Brother Raymond W. Cannon. The memories of the past and the continuing struggle of the present, makes Alpha Phi Alpha necessary for the future. He realize.d that it was clear and large enough for others to follow. His eyes sparkled as over half of the members received their "Life Membership Pin" and a smile of satisfaction was on his face. Upon hearing again, that, "Alpha Phi Alpha has never known what it is like to be in second place," he somehow didn't need to use his hearing aid. Seeing the brothers in the diverse occupational positions in the community did his heart good. As he received a plant as a token of appreciation for being with us in the kingdom of Alpha, the thought, "You can't go wrong by staying active in Alpha," was recalled. Words of wisdom spoken by Dr. Charles Roquemore, charter member of Eta Beta Lambda Chapter, were very enlightening. He made all brothers present realize that to support Alpha is to support mankind.

u of missouri - k.c. "We like to think of Alpha Phi Alpha as an avenue to channel the energies of young Black men to the service of their people and their country, and to this sole purpose and end, the Delta Rho Chapter - University of Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri exists," stated one of the members of the chapter when explaining the idea of the organization of the chapter. "Young Men on the Move," the slogan of Delta Rho Chapter, gives a fairly concise idea of what Delta Rho plans for the future of young Black men in the Greater Kansas City area. Charles H. Handley and W.C. Shelton, Jr., who collaborated in writing this story said, "In this day and time of economical crisis, where man is embroiled in chaos and confusion and plagued with statis and economic plight, there is one group of men and an organization which has failed to succumb to these plights. Alpha endeavors to be the spearhead for Black people, for Black leadership and a contributing factor to the cause of all humanity." Delta Rho Chapter, has a membership of approximately 25 young men. Student members are attending Penn Valley Community College, Park College, Kansas City Art Institute, RockhurstandUMKC. They have been involved in many activities. Last year, they participated in the special Olympics for the Handicapped of Missouri.


The Sphinx / February 19 76

SOUTH n. Carolina state university For Eta Omicron Chapter, North Carolina State University, the 1975 Fall semester is now a part of the chapter's illustrious history. During the Fall semester, Eta Omicron continued its program of assistance to an elderly couple who have now moved into the Raleigh area. The program evolves around two areas of assistance â&#x20AC;&#x201D; when the couple encounters a money problem, the chapter comes to their aid. (The couple do not, however, depend on the chapter for continuous support.) In addition to the above, the chapter also gives the couple constant companionship - which is extremely important to them. You might say that the chapter has adopted the couple and vice versa. Early in November, Eta Omicron held a picnic for the students at Shelley School, who are young retarded children. This marks the second year of the chapter's involvement with the school. Along with these projects, Eta Omicron has also held many social events for the students in the Raleigh area. Each month there was a discojam sponsored. In association with the Black Students Board at North Carolina State, the chapter sponsored the finest group of homecoming activities in the school's history - from the Black perspective. For a nominal fee, one could enjoy dances, happy hours, and other "gettogethers" for the entire homecoming weekend. The first of December found the chapter at a meeting with the esteemed Southern Regional Vice President, Ozell Sutton. The meeting was held on N.C. State's campus. The meeting also consisted of the North Carolina State Director, Dr. A.M. Witherspoon, with the chapters, Gamma Beta - N.C. Central University; Beta Rho - Shaw University; Beta Theta Lambda - Durham; and Phi Lambda Raleigh, attending. The meeting allowed the chapter to become acquainted with Brother Sutton and to have ideas conveyed. The following day, Brother Sutton spoke at the Founders' Day Program The Sphinx / February 19 76

held by Beta Rho, Gamma Psi (St. Augustine's College), Phi Lambda, and Eta Omicron. The program was held at St. Augustine's College. This program marked the end of the semester for Eta Omicron's activities as final exams started the next day. The end of the semester also marked a great loss for Eta Omicron. Brother Walter Cummings, a ROTC participant, graduated and was commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Yet our loss is someone else's gain. Eta Omicron's outlook for the Spring semester is one of unlimited horizons. The chapter has 28 active brothers striving for one goal â&#x20AC;&#x201D; ALPHA FIRST!

florida Brother Archie Holmes, Life Member No. 1303, is a very civic minded brother of Zeta Alpha Lambda Chapter, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He graduated from South Carolina State College of Orangeburg, South Carolina in 1934 and has been a member of Zeta Alpha Lambda since 1955. Brother Holmes exemplifies "manly deeds" to the fullest. He is a 32nd Degree Mason and a member of Masud Temple Number 69, West Palm Beach, Florida. Aside from the responsibilities of President of the Broward Civic Association, Brother Holmes still finds time to be "financial secretary" in the Elks Lodge here in the city. Brother Holmes attends regular meetings as CTA (Classroom Teachers Association) Building Representative but finds time to be President of Choir Number 2 at the First Baptist Church here in Fort Lauderdale. Brother Holmes sees the importance of youth involvement. Maybe this is the reason why he is the Boy Scout Master of Troop No. 164 of Fort Lauderdale. The brothers of Zeta Alpha Lambda believe that Brother Holmes' wonderful wife has a lot to do with his community involvement. Mrs. Holmes is an active member of a fine sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, and she is also active in church activities at the First Baptist Church, Reverend Cornelius Ford, Pastor. Brothers of our chapter are proud of Brother Holmes who exemplifies manly deeds', scholarship, and love for all mankind.

florida On December 14, 1975, Epsilon Pi Lambda Chapter of Ocala and Gainesville, Florida, held its annual Founders' Day Program at the Zion United Methodist Church in Ocala. The brothers of Epsilon Pi Lambda were proud to have as their speaker, Brother Dr. Oswald P. Bronson, President of Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona Beach, Florida who gave us a very inspirational message. Other highlights of the program included presentation of awards to outstanding members of the community. Dr. John Haile, a Black Cardiologist and James Cunningham, Sr., first Black elected to the Ocala City Council since Reconstruction, were among the recipients. After the program the brothers were honored with a dinner at the home of Brother Herbert S. Coleman. Officers of the Chapter for the year 1975-76 are: Dr. Rayfield M. McGhee, President; Dr. J.C. Rawls, Vice President; William E. J a c k s o n , Secretary; Alphonso L. J o h n s o n , Treasurer; Dr. Oliver H. J o n e s , Parliamentarian; Warren J. Wimberly, Editor-to-Sphinx; Rev. Eugene F. Broxton. Chaplain.

alabama The brothers of Delta Gamma Chapter of Alabama A & M University are alive and indeed carrying out the goals of Alpha. We have had many successful projects this past year. To begin the school year of 75-76, we raffled off a color television and the proceeds will result in some young man winning a scholarship which will be announced in April. Realizing that during the Thanksgiving holiday many families wouldn't have sufficient food on their tables, we began a can food drive. With the student body and surrounding communities' support, we collected over 3 0 0 can goods which were given to approximately 1 2 needy families. In support of Delta Theta Lambda Chapter, a "toy dance" was given at the Elks Club to raise Christmas toys for underprivileged children. Officers for the new year are: Walter Graham, President; Cecil Flournoy, Vice President; Jerome Bradford, Secretary; Joe Arrington, Treasurer; Joe Robinson, Dean of Pledgees; Vince Perry, Assistant Dean of Pledgees; Billy Austin, Chaplain; Caster Green, Parliamentarian; and Bernard Nobles, Sergeant-at-Arms. 51

alabama The Brothers of Delta Pi Lambda, their wives, sweethearts, and guests, spent an enjoyable evening celebrating their Annual Founders' Day Ball on December 22, 1975. The affair was held in the famous "IBPOEW's Pride of Alabama Ballroom." The ball was in keeping with the tradition of Alpha men and was highlighted by the presentation of a plaque to Brother John D. Taylor. Brother Taylor was chosen "Man of the Year" for his outstanding civic, social, and recreational contributions to the Selma-Dallas County community during 1975.

south Carolina Alpha Psi Lambda Chapter celebrated its Fortieth Anniversary December 19, 1975 at the Market Restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina, with an awards banquet. Two of the charter members Brothers Dr. Harry B. Rutherford, Sr. and Joseph D. McGee were on hand for this memorable occasion. Brother Thomas S. Martin the other charter member was hospitalized. Brother Rutherford is presently a member of lota Upsilon Lambda, in Montgomery County, Maryland; Brother McGee now lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is a member of Eta Lambda Chapter. Brother Martin is still an active member of Alpha Psi Lambda. Brother Dr. Rutherford was the speaker. He was introduced by Brother Robert M. Simmons, Vice President of Alpha Psi Lambda. His message dealt with the past and

Brother Cecil Adderley, Jr. (I) gives award to Mr. Clay Normand of the Brothers arid Sisters organization.


Brother Calvin Jones, Social Chairman, makes presentation to Brother Taylor (r).

present events of Alphs Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and Alpha Psi Lambda Chapter. Brother Rutherford expressed pleasure in seeing how the chapter has grown and was proud of the progress that the chapter had made in the past forty years. However, he reminded us not to stop - but to keep on striving for even higher goals. There were several different categories of awards presented. Some for service to the community and some for service to the chapter. Awards were as follows: (1) Brother Cecil L Adderley, Jr., Chairman of the Social Committee, presented Mr. Clay Normand, Director of Brothers and Sisters Inc., an organization for disadvantaged children the award for the nonfraternity member for his contribution to the community. Brothers and Sisters operates on strictly volunteer funds and help. There are some 350 volunteer workers and 550 children. (2) Brother Cecil L. Adderley, Jr. was presented the fraternity award for his service with the Save Our Community Club. The Save Our Community Club is a non-profit organization which strives to help the less fortunates. The clubs' motto is "Service to Mankind." Brother Adderley was also presented an award for his services to the chapter as Chairman of the Social Committee. (3) Brother Marion Johnson received an award for his outstanding service to the chapter. Brother Johnson served as Recording Secretary for a continous period of twelve years. Brothers Adderley and Johnson awards were presented by Brother J. O. Jackson, President of Alpha Psi Lambda. Brother W.J. Davis, Jr., past state director of South Carolina and past president of Alpha Psi Lambda, presented awards as Past Presidents

and Charter Members to Brothers H.B. Rutherford, Sr. and Joseph D. McGee. Brother T.S. Martin was ill in the hospital and his award was given to Mrs. Martin, who represented him. However, several Brothers visited Brother Martin the following day and officially presented him his award. One of the highlights of the program was the presentation of awards to the past presidents of the chapter by Brother J.O. Jackson. In making these presentations, Brother Jackson stressed some of the important things that happened during the administration of each past president. Awards were presented to the following past presidents: Brother L. Raymond Bailey, I.P. Stanback, E.E. Taylor, W.J. Davis, Jr., J.E Jackson and Charles Blakely. Brother Jasper Salmond did an outstanding job presiding during the banquet. Other participants were Joseph D. McGee, charter member of Alpha Psi Lambda; Isaac Miller, Assistant Southern Regional Vice President; Peter Felder, State Director of South Carolina; and Mrs. Frankie Brunson, President of the local ALPHABETTES. Brother Dr. Walter Washington, President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and Brother Ozell Sutton, Southern Regional Vice President, sent letters expressing their regret for not being able to attend. Alpha Psi Lambda was the first graduate chapter in Columbia, South Carolina. It was the first chapter in South Carolina to obtain a life membership with the NAACP. Alpha Psi Lambda have twenty-six (26) Life Members, which is the largest number of any chapter in South Carolina. The chapter also has subscribing Life Members. Additionally, the chapter has

Brother W. J. Davis, Jr. (r) presenting award to H. B. Rutherford, Sr., charter member and past president of Alpha Psi Lambda. Rutherford was 40th Anniversary speaker.

The Sphinx / February 1976

recently purchased a Fraternity House. The officers of Alpha Psi Lambda are: James O. Jackson, Sr. President; Robert M. Simmons, Vice President; Joe E. Brown, Corresponding and Financial Secretary; Lester Corley, Recording Secretary and Isaac C. Brown, Treasurer.

SOUTHWEST u. of arkansas During the spring of 1975, Kappa Kappa Chapter, U. of Arkansas, gave its first annual Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarship Ball, where Donald Johnson was presented with a $200.00 scholarship award and our sweethearts for the year were crowned. The three sweethearts crowned include: Miss Overtis Hicks, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate. Miss Hicks was President of the Alpha Angels Society, a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority and is now a law student at Vanderbilt University. Miss Linda Gail Johnson was selected for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities and is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. She is also President of the Alpha Angels this year. Miss Karen Simmons is the 1974 Black Collegiate and is Vice President of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. Also, in the spring, the chapter held its annual Alpha Angels Picnic, in honor of the chapter'se eighteen angels. During the fall of 1975, the chapter held a drive for sickle cell; gave a Halloween party for Black children in Fayetteville; and sponsored a Thanksgiving dinner for the same children. The chapter also hosted a tea in honor of the Alpha Angels and our sweethearts court. A dinner with the Angels, Alpha Kappa Alpha, and the Alpha Phi Alpha Interest Group followed. In our chapter, President Everette Lynn Harris, a junior from Little Rock, is a Dean's List Student and is the first Black Associate Editor of 1976 Razorback. Brother Harris is also a member of Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society and won the Outstanding Service Award from Black Americans for Democracy. Brother Ron Jordon is a resident assistant and was named to Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, the only Black male named. Brother Butch Carroll is Treasurer of Student Government, also the first Black to hold this position. Brother Carroll is also a staff writer for the The Sphinx / February 19 76

student newspaper. Brother Anthony Acklin is Treasurer of Black Americans for Democracy, while Brother John Colbert is director of Project Contact and a member of Kappa Delta Pi honorary. Brother Jeffery French is a student senator and a member of the judicial board. Brother Harvey Hampton is a starting defensive tackle for the Arknasas Razorbacks and was named Outstanding Defensive Player for his play against Air Force. He had 13 unassisted tackles. All our members are active in campus affairs as well as the fraternity. We have several activities planned for this spring, including Alpha Week, with service and social projects throughout the week, choosing a new sweethearts club and allowing new angels and prospective Alpha men to take a chance at the burning sands. One last thing, we held a big party (homecoming) with the brothers of Gamma Delta (UAPB) and Zeta Upsilon (NESU) in Oklahoma with the AKA's and the Alpha Angels. We are also the "baddest" steppers of all the Black Greeks on the campus. We are holding Alpha High every day of our lives.

prairie view a & m university The brothers of Eta Gamma Chapter at Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, Texas have just completed one of their busiest â&#x20AC;&#x201D; but rewarding semesters, by being actively involved in numerous activities during the fall semester.



The beginning of the semester saw the installation of the new officers of the chapter for 1975-1976. From then on, the work began. As part of a community project, the brothers worked with the Boy Scouts and Cub troopers in the Prairie View area on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They supervised the activities for these energetic young men. Football seems to be one of the favorite activities of the groups. Apart from the fun and games, the troopers take part in a craft session. For Halloween, the brothers sponsored a Halloween party for the troopers. The chapter ran a successful pledge period, with five young men having been initiated into the chapter. They are Marco Rolle, Nassau, Bahamas; Mitchell Normand, Beaumont, Texas; John Osby, Houston, Texas; Lionel Evans, Nassau, Bahams and Lawrence Fryer of Gonzales, Texas. With the addition of these five new members, the is twenty-two members strong. Although the chapter is relatively small as compared to other fraternities on the campus, Eta Gamma still maintains the number one position. The brothers believe in the philosophy, "Eta Gamma and Alpha Phi Alpha stress quality and not quantity." For Thanksgiving, the brothers took to the community, collecting canned goods and other food stuffs which were included in the Thanksgiving baskets that were given to needy families in the area. This is one of many activities performed by the chapter annually. The week of December 1 thru 6 was officially declared "Alpha Week" by the President of the University. During the week, the chapter set up a showcase reflecting achievements of the brothers on the campus and achievements of other prominent Alpha men. Activities for the week included the entertainment of the scouters with an all Greek forum entitled, "Unity Among Greeks by Way of Operation Success." The highlight of the week was the Founders' Day observance service which was held on Sunday, December 6, 1975 in the Student Union. The program was jointly sponsored by Eta Gamma and Epsilon Tau Lambda Chapters of Prairie View. Brother Rev. Dr. Irvin C. Gordon, Director of Upward Bound at the University, served as speaker for the occasion. His message entitled, "Wake Up Alphas, Don't Sleep Through the Revolution," was truly inspirational and challenging. 53

The brothers look forward to an even better semester which began when they returned to school in January of 1976. On the chapter's drawing board are plans to start a satellite Big Brother Program. They will be affiliated with the Houston chapter of the International Big Brothers of America Program. Also, they plan to help set up a reading program for the students at the university and in the community. As a contribution to the nation's bicentennial, the brothers will work with the university's history department in promoting Black history week. In summary, the brothers of "Macking" Eta Gamma are truly on the move doing great things that other fraternities can't do. "We hold forever high our motto, 'First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All'."

langston university Greetings from the proud brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha's 54th undergraduate chapter, Beta Kappa. Upholding their committment of providing responsive leadership for the betterment of Alpha Phi Alpha and the world, the brothers of Beta Kappa were involved in many worthwhile activites during the 1975 fraternity year. Some of these activities unclude, a Black on Black cultural show; a Gospel Music show; a community clean-up campaign; production of a weekly half hour radio program; and visits to several area nursing homes. Individually, Brother Bernard Warren, from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, recently returned from a tour of several European nations with a twentymember Student Mission Team. The purpose of the mission was to share faith in God through music and individual witness. On November 10, 2975, Beta Kappa initiated 23 cold-blooded brothers, known as Utopia 23, into Alpha land. With the addition of these new brothers, Beta Kappa becomes the largest undergraduate chapter in the Southwestern Region. Also, Beta Kappa was named Langston University's most outstanding campus organization. Langston University, the home of Oklahoma's "Mother Chapter," is located 4 5 miles s o u t h w e s t of Oklahoma City, and 90 miles northeast of Tulsa. The campus occupies 45 of 54

Brothers of Beta Kappa Chapter before November 10, 1975 (L to Ft.) Anthony Colbert, Lansing Lee, J.C. Johnson, Bernard Warren, Henry Whitaker, Stanley Allen, Malcolm Piatt, John Bates, Roy Henderson, 10 75 A Phi A Queen, Shelia Sullivan, Michael Richardson, Keith White, Len Marzett, Ronald Carter, David Atchison, William Morris, and Jesse McMullen. L. to R. kneeling to right of insignia, Howard Payne, Alonzo Roberson, and Johns Edgar.

Langston's state-allotted 4 0 0 acres. Its co-educational enrollment is approximately 1,500. Among the Alpha men who provide leadership for Langston University include: Dr. Thomas English, President; Dr. Ernest Holloway, Dean of Student Affairs; James Simpson, Director of Public Relations; Dr. Raymond Johnson, Director of the Division of Applied Sciences; and Dr. James Ellis, Director of Cooperative Education and one of Beta Kappa's founders.

Officers for the 1975 fraternity year include: Mark Davis, President; J.C. Johnson, Vice President; Howard Payne, Recording Secretary; Stanley Allen, Corresponding Secretary; Alonzo Roberson, Treasurer; Roschan Sheppard, Assistant Treasurer; David Atchison, Chaplain; Bernard Warren, Historian; Dexter Patmon, Parliamentarian; Anthony Colbert, Dean of Pledgees; and John Bates, Sergeantat-Arms.

1975 Sphinxmen â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Ship of Utopia 23, L. to ft kneeling, Sphinxman Hyrice Tomlin and Dean-ofPledgees Anthony Colbert. L. to R. front row, Sphinxmen Jimmy Washington, Ray Johnson, Larry Wiggins, Dewitt Lewis. Archie Craft. Michael Adams, Ronald Latimer, Louis Thompson, James Walker. Burnice Reed, Ray Penn. and Ronald Hooks. L. to ft back row. Sphinxmen Melvin Tucker, Richard Mumford, Auther "Bo" McFadden, Burnell Smith, Emile Hurd, Randy Moore. Edward Williams. Glen Smith. Ralph Hodge and Cecil Sourie.

The Sphinx / February


ROW 1 (L. to R.) Elder Granger, Sam Franklin, Charles "Pee Wee" King, James Fitzgerald. ROW 2 (L. to R.) Alfred Smith, Walter "Bo" Thomas, James Edmundson, Charles Watson, Willie Larry, Terry Stevenson, Lloyd Huskey. ROW 3 (L. to R.) Roger Veasley, Thomas Armstrong, Victor James, Billy Holt, Ardell Strawther, Terry McHenry, Percy Bland.

arkansas state u. Greetings from the Brothers of mighty Theta Upsilon Chapter at Arkansas State University. Our special greetings go to our Graduate Chapter Brothers of Theta Tau Lambda, in Helena, Arkansas, who helped found our chapter in May of 1973. Since that time we have grown to be one of the largest, if not largest, undergraduate chapter in Arkansas. "As college days swiftly pass," Thomas Armstrong and William Lee, the last members of our founding line will graduate in May with degrees in Chemistry and General Business, respectively. We wish the best of life to Brothers Armstrong and Lee, and all the other Brothers in Alphadom whose life will be, "Imbued with mem'ries fond," upon their graduation. As true servants, and forever holding Alpha high, Theta Upsilon continues to uphold our slogan, "First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All." Along with our annual philanthropy to underprivileged children at Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine Day, Brothers of Theta Upsilon are in challenging leadership positions on campus, in the community, and in the state. Also during the Fall four new Brothers crossed the burning sands to see the light. They are Ronald Gentry, Ronnie Dedman, Anderson Neal and Joseph McNeil. 1975 has been a most prosperous year for Theta Upsilon and 1976 appears to be even more promising with plans set to attend our State Convention in February, our Regional ConThe Sphinx / February 19 76

vention later in the Spring, and on to the National Convention in August. For Theta Upsilon it's "New York '76."

texas The members of Epsilon Tau Lambda are holding high the name of Alpha Phi Alpha and living up to its tradition of service. No better examples of this are seen than in the lives of Brothers Evans, Boyer, Christopher and Wood. Brother E.B. Evans, PresidentEmeritus of Prairie View A&M University, was elected in September of 1975 to honorary membership in the Houston Chamber of Commerce in recognition of his position as official -representative to the nation of Senegal, Africa. He was presented a plaque in October (1975) by the San Jacinto Lung Association for his continous service for more than 40 years, and for his leadership in helping to eradicate tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases. These were the latest of a long list of awards and honors bestowed upon Brother Evans for dedicated service in many areas. Brother Jacob Boyer, a Life Member, was recently appointed to the Tax Equalization Board of the Waller Independent School District. He is an Alderman of the City of Prairie View, and he is on the Board of Directors of the recently organized Texas Savings and Loan Association of Waller County. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Waller County Medical Center. Brother Boyer, owner of the Super Save Food Market, is active in many community organizations, including the Episcopal Church.

Brother Curtis Wood was recently appointed as an advisor to R.E.A. He is the first Black to serve in this capacity, and it is hoped that a Black will soon be elected to the Board of Directors. Brother Clyde Christopher is on the Waller County School Board. He keeps us abreast of what's happening and where we can be of assistance. We recently received our Life Membership Plaque from the NAACP, and the brothers have been urged to take out individual Life Memberships in the organization. Founders' Day was celebrated jointly by Eta Gamma and Epsilon Tau Lambda on December 8, 1975. This culminated a week-long, daily participation in some event by the undergraduate chapter. They attended, as a group, the style show sponsored by the AKA Sorority; conducted a forum of all Greek letter organizations on campus; entertained the Cub Scouts; sponsored a party; and on Saturday; entertained the children of the community. They also arranged a very impressive thirty foot long display of historical and current events in the Student Center. We congratulate the members of Eta Gamma for an excellent program! Brother Gordon, head of the Upward Bound Program, delivered the address on Sunday. He admonished us to continue to be active in revolutions that are taking place in the United States in education, civil rights, economics, and other areas, and to emulate the leadership provided by past and current national figures of Alpha Phi Alpha. The formal winter dance in December was a gala affair of fun and fellowship, bringing to its close a successful 1975. We have entered 1976 with a greater determination to hold even higher the name of Alpha Phi Alpha by rendering greater service to ourfellowmen.

Brother E. B. Evans


texas Delta Rho Lambda Chapter, San Antonio, Texas, celebrated its Ninth Annual Toy Dance at the LaVillita Assembly Building on November 28, 1975. The Toy Dance is a formal ball whereby each of the 7 to 8 hundred guests bring a new gift to be given to a needy child in the community. Over 1000 toys were collected and divided among the following social service agencies who distributed them to needy children: Ella Austin Community Center, Miller's Child Care Center, Project Free, and United Citizen's Project Planning and Operating Corporation (UCPPOC). One director commented that the toys collected from the Alpha's Toy Dance were their only source of honoring the numerous requests for toys at Christmastime by the families they serve. During the nine years of this annual event, approximately 8,000 toys have been collected and distributed. The Christmas season also included the Founder's Day Program and the Christmas Party given by the Alpha Wives and Sweethearts. This year's Founder's Day Speaker was Brother Rev. Troy Bell who spoke to the theme of "Getting Back to the Dream." The wives and sweethearts again entertained the brothers with a Christmas Party at the country home of Brother James Pickett. Other Highlights of the year include sponsoring the sale of tickets to the fourth largest parade in the world "The Battle of Flowers" and to the "Flambeau" parade both main at-


tractions to Fiesta Week in San Antonio; the annual picnic held at the popular Landa Park in New Braunfels, Texas (approximately 40 miles from San Antonio); the initiation into the fraternity of four brothers with three more pledging; and the sponsoring of Miss Cassandra Franklin in the Miss Black San Antonio Pageant. Miss Franklin was the first runner-up in this scholarship oriented project and is showing promise as she starred in a Broadway Production, "The Best of Broadway" at a local Dinner Theater from June to August. The brothers of Delta Rho Lambda Chapter should applaud Brothers William Hays and John Warren for their outstanding work as 1975 chairmen of Projects and Founders Day committees, respectively. Our chapter is looking forward to an exciting year in 1976 with the following new officers: John McDonald, President; Allen Melonson, Vice President; Timothy Nicholson, Recording Seaetary; Claude Wilson, Assistant Secretary; Randolph Harris, Treasurer; Andrew Richardson, III, Financial Secretary; John Warren, Chaplain; Frank Evans, Sr., SergeantAt-Arms; Ulysses Andrews, Executive Lay Member; Tyrone Knox, Historian and Editor to Sphinx; Ernest Stevenson, Director of Education. There are 36 active brothers.

arkansas Pi Lambda Chapter held its Annual Founders' Day celebration on Sunday, December 17, 1975 at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Little Rock,

Arkansas. The inspirational program included the "House of Alpha" by Brother Nolan McMurray, "Historical Reflections" by Brother William Fowler, and special musical renditions by Brothers Lucious Powell and Ira Scroggins. Brother Acie Johnson presented the featured speaker, Brother James Jones, Pastor of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. Rev. Jones' Founders' Day Address to the brothers was very forceful, dynamic, knowledgeable and scholarly. The program, which closed with the singing of the Alpha Hymn, was co-ordinated by Brothers Acie Johnson, President of Pi Lambda: James Wilson, Program CHairman; and Tyrone Green, CoChairman. Folowing the Founders' Day Program, Brother William H. Fowler, Arkansas State Director, held a statewide planning meeting with brothers representing all of the college chapters in Arkansas and two alumni chapters. The purpose of the state meeting was two-fold: (1) It served as an educational experience for the college brothers at the newly formed chapters at predominately white state institutions. These brothers also participated in the Founders' Day program; and (2) Planning was done for the State Meeting which was held February 14, 1976 at Philander Smith College in Little Rock. On December 26th, the Pi Lambda Chapter presented thirty-five young ladies at its Fifth Annual Debutante Ball. The event was held at 9:00 p.m. at the Little Rock Convention Center. The young ladies presented are currently enrolled in various colleges and univer-

The Sphinx / February 1976

sities throughout the country. Proceeds from the ball were given to the following local organizations and institutions in the Greater Little Rock area for the past four (4) years. They are: Philander Smith College, Arkansas Council on Human Relations, the YMCA - Little Rock and North Little Rock, the Arkansas Foundation of Sickle Cell Anemia, and The Urban League of Greater Little Rock. The gifts to each organization has averaged from $200 to $500 each year.

Brother Robert Whitfield (r), Financial Secretary of Pi Lambda, presents check to Mr. Elijah Coleman, Executive Director of the Arkansas Human Rights Council.

texas On Sunday, December 7, 1975, Theta Delta Lambda Chapter observed Founders' Day. The El Paso, Texas based chapter has an annual traditional observance of Founders' Day consisting of a worship service and a chapter dinner with the installation of newly elected officers. In addition, this year a fund raising auction was conducted during the dinner, sponsored by the chapter's Alphabettes. The Founders' Day observance began with the brothers and their families gathering at the Eastside Christian Church at 10:30 a.m. for a group worship experience. (A different church is attended each Founders' Day, in rotation, with a special offering given to the host church.)During the service, Brother James Poole sang a moving solo from The Student Prince, "I'll Walk With God." The Founders' Day celebration continued at 4:30 p.m. in the huge recreation-party room of the VIVA Apartments. Here a gala buffet dinner The Sphinx / February 1976

was held, with food provided by the Alphabettes. After the meal the new 1975-76 officers were installed by Brother Juan Lawson. Brother Johnnie L Shepherd, re-elected President for a second consecutive term, gave appropriate remarks about Alpha's 69 years of illustrious history. He also spoke a word of appreciation for the work of the Alphabettes. Little Brothers of the chapter presented to the chapter, as the result of a work-project, a beautiful wooden scrapbook binder for the chapter scrapbook. The auction was conducted by Brother Chester Jordan after the speeches and it was an outstanding success. Gift items, prepared and donated by the Alphabettes, (craft and ceramic items, sewing, baked good, etc.) resulted in approximately $300.00 being raised. Brother and Mrs. Berton Keith, residents of VIVA Apartments, were the special host and hostess for the occasion. The evening ended with an extended social period. The final activity of Theta Delta Lambda for 1975 was the traditional chapter "Toy Dance" (admission - one unwrapped toy), and toys collected were distributed to needy families. Chapter officers installed for fiscal year 1975-1976 are: Johnnie L Shepherd, President; Alonzo Poindexter, Vice President; Walter M Showers, Recording Secretary; Webster Langhorne, Corresponding Secretary; Harold Caro, Treasurer; Robert Wingo, Dean of Pledges; Charles Pratt, Editor-to-the-SPHINX, Chaplain, Director Education, Berton Keith, Parliamentarian, Sergeant-atArms, and Bennie Dobbins, Historian.


Oklahoma Eta Xi Lambda Chapter in Lawton, Oklahoma, recently hosted the Annual Oklahoma State Dance at the Noncommissioned Officers Open Mess, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Approximately 800 members and guest were in attendance. The warm and friendly gathering epitomized a beautiful and festive evening. Brother Rundel Edison was General Chairman for this event. Officers for Eta Xi Lambda for the past year were: Remus C. Rhodes, III, President; Robert W. Salley, Vice President; Archer R. McPhaul, Corresponding Secretary; Floyd E. Rogers, Treasurer; James Macon, Dean of Pledges; Juan Gray, Editor to the Sphinx; Jessie R. Wright, Historian; Rundel Edison, Chaplain. During the past year the brothers of Eta Xi Lambda Chapter engaged in the following activities: On the State level, the chapter served as host for the state meeting. Brother Elridge W. McMillan was elected State Secretary. On the Chapter level, a $300 scholarship was provided and awarded to Miss Gloria Ruiz for her achievement as outstanding school senior. Miss Ruiz will be attending Cameron University at Lawton, Oklahoma. There were twelve brothers added to the chapter. Brothers Levi Bowman, Vernon Broomfield, Emitt Fields, Ronald James, Melvin Jones, Salis Johnson, Alton Morrison, Maurice Myles, Roosevelt Oatis, Larry Reeves, Edward Topping and Thurman White. The chapter reports 18 Lite Members and 7 sub-

.ÂŤ - * w# ,#..# i f f a s t f & jfi *


Brothers of Theta Delta Lambda, El Paso, Texas (L to R) Darrin Patterson, Leon Wilson, Columbus Floyd, Charles Pratt, James Poole, Robert Wingo, Bennie Dobbins, George Ellis, Johnnie Shepherd President, Juan Lawson, Alonzo Poindexter, Marvin Caulton, Horace Whitfield, Berton Keith, Webster Langhorne, Valiant DuHart, Chester Jordan, Harold Caro and Paul Jackson.


scribers for a total of 25 participating Life Members out of 28 membership roster. On the Civic and Community level, the chapter coordinated the assistance of various community services for a family experiencing severe financial hardships. Transportation support was provided for Ricky Bly to Fort Devins, Massachusetts so that he could have an opportunity to compete for the United States Olympic Handball Team. Mr. Bly made the team and will represent the United States in the 1976 Olympics. Brother Remus C. Rhodes, III was selected as Outstanding Male Greek for 1975 by the Lawton-Fort Sill Chapter of the National Panhellanic Council. Officers for the new year are: L. Zimmerman, President; R. Edison, Vice President; A. McPhaul, Secretary; J. Salmon, Assistant Secretary; F. Rogers, Treasurer; V. Broomfield, Dean of Pledges; M. Myles, Editor to the Sphinx; B. Willis, Sergeant-atArms; J. Wright, Historian; E. Hill, Chaplain.

Oklahoma In December, the men of Beta Eta Lambda Chapter in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma participated in a round of activities ranging from a Reclamation Smoker to a joint worship service at a local church. In between, the brothers had a workshop at which plans were made for the coming year. Brother Raymond Randle coordinated the events. The Shaparee Club was the scene for the Smoker. Several brothers new to the community and several nonGreek men were guests at the affair. A planning workshop, under the chairmanship of Brother Frank Ford, was held at the Millwood School on the following day. Areas in internal operations, educational and community support projects, college relations, and ways and means were discussed. With the plans presented, and subsequent implementation, Alpha is on the move in Oklahoma City. The highlight of the weekend was the Fraternity Breakfast held at the Shaparee Restaurant. This third annual event, held to celebrate both the national (December 4, 1906) and local (1938) foundings, had added significance . . . Brother Alexander Dumas, local founder and a surprise appearance. Brother Dumas, in ill health in recent months, was presented with a plaque to honor him as a charter member. He joined Brother 58

losts for the Oklahoma State Dance. Sercy Bailey, another local founder, as special guests at the breakfast. The third living founder, Dr. G.E. Finley, was out of the city. Brother Wayne C. Chandler, former Southwestern Vice President, was the guest speaker and stirred the brothers with his message centering on the Fraternal Spirit. Brother John Green, First Assistant U.S. Attorney, was honored as the "Alpha of the Year" and Brother Melvin Todd, Assistant to the Chancellor of Education for Oklahoma, was presented with the "Outstanding Citizenship Award." Both men were selected by popular by the chapter members and honored for their signal achievements during the past year. Brother William Gerald Henderson, President of Beta Eta Lambda Chapter, was presented with an

engraved gavel for his outstanding fraternal leadership and Brother Alfred Le. Williams was presented a 25-Year certificate for membership in the fraternity. After the breakfast, the brothers joined Brother Rev. Williams at First AME Church for services. Brother Williams, after preaching a powerful sermon, joined in the singing of the Alpha Hymn. Several brothers from Zeta Zeta Chapter at the University of Oklahoma, their pledgees and Alpha Angels, were present in the services. In accordance with the fraternity's national policy on minority business encouragement, the chapter extended thanks to Mr. Newton of the Shaparee and "Big Jim's Photography" for their excellent services in connection with the activities.

TWO CHARTER MEMBERS pose with three chapter officers. Seated left to right. Bro J. M. Jenkins. chaplain. Bro. W. Fouche. vice president. Bro. Sercy Bailey, charter member. Bro. Alexander Dumas. charter member, and Bro. Wm. G. Henderson, chapter president.

The Sphinx / February


Also at the Long Hospital, toys are presented to one of the children by Beta lota Lambda

Brothers ot Beta lota Lambda visit children in the Earl K. Long Hospital at Baton Rouge. Louisiana. Standing (I to r), Brother E. Hicks. Mrs. Betty Ray, a nurse at the hospital, and Brothers V. Jordan, J. Williams and J. Edwards. Seated with the children is F. Williams.

louisiana The brothers of Beta lota Lambda Chapter, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, demonstrate love for all mankind by donating toys and books to the children confined to the Pediatric Ward of Earl K. Long Hospital over the Christmas holiday. The Beta lota Lambda Chapter is known for its generosity and this is simply another example of the generosity and deep seated feelings for the less fortunate. It is also an example of how Beta lota Lambda is involved with the community in which it is located. This is the first in a series of projects to be undertaken by the Education Committee. Future projects involve the following: Louisiana School for the Deaf at Southern University; Blundon Home at Baton Rouge, Louisiana; School for the Blind at Southern University; Louisiana Training Institute at Baton Rouge; and Beta Sigma Chapter located at Southern University. Members of the Education Committee are; Brothers Ernest Hicks, Chairman; James Williams; James Edward; Frank Williams; Vernon Jordan; Calvin Dees; Henry Bellaire. The President of Beta lota Lambda is Brother Thomas Wilcox.

The Sphinx / February


texas The brothers of Epsilon lota chapter, located on the University of Texas campus, are proud to announce the results o their activities held during the fall semester of 1975. On November 15, 1975, six new brothers were initiated into Epsilon lota chapter. "The Flames of Infinity" consisted of Ellegy Leon Etter, Andre' Newman, Jimmy Cordell Jackson, Carl Anderson Searles, Leslie Gene Carter, and Yardliey Bartholemew Kennedy. The "Prophytes" in E.I. are honored with the recognition of their "Neophytes". In addition, on two successive Saturday mornings during November, the brothers of Electrifying E.I. with the outstanding help of the "Cherubs", (an Alpha Angel interest organization) collected over $1,400 dollars for their Thanksgiving Day Drive for Needy People of Austin. Churches and disabilaity clinics provided a list of disadvantaged citizens, where a portion of Epsilon lota's donations were distributed in the form of boxed groceries. As a result 1 7 needy Austin families had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. During the first week in December, Epsilon lota celebrated "Alpha Week" (Dec. 1ste - 5th). The week festivities featured a stomp and presentation in honor of womanhood in the Texas Tavern (a meeting place for Black students on campus), with each female


receiving a gold and white rose; a basketball tournament, Alpha seminars, a benefit and recognition program featuring Brother Anthony Haynes, a prominent state official and educator as guest speaker. Epsilon lota recognized the other Black Greek Organizations on campus with a certificate of appreciation for their community service. The program ended with a check in the amount of $ 5 0 0 dollars presented by E.I. to 14 year old Wayne Marshall, a sickle cell anemia patient. This marks the second year of E.l.'s attempt to combat sickle cell anemia. Last year the chapter held a door to door drive to receive funds to combat this disease. Alpha Week festivites were concluded by the "Annual Alpha Christmas Ball", which highlighted a week specifically intended to extend the goals and ideals of Alpha Phi Alpha. Epsilon lota chapter officers are as follows: Donald Pinkard, President; Hoover Alexander, VicePresident; Clemis Jackson, Secretary; Garfield Britton, Treasurer; Andre' Newman, Asst. Secretary; Garfield Fisher II, Dean of Pledges; Billy Wilson, Chaplain; Albert Hawkins III, Parliamentarian; and Exton Maddox, Sergeant at Arms. In upcoming months Electrifying E.I. will be participating in tutorial programs for elementary schools, charitable drives, benefit parties, smokers for perspective pledges, and the final event of the school year "The Annual Black and Gold BAH". Alpha Phi Alpha "First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All.


WEST California state polytechnic univ. lota Psi Chapter, in Pomona, is located 30 miles east of Alpha Delta, in Los Angeles, and 30 miles west of lota Xi, in Redlands, and at the seat of the California State Polytechnic University. lota Psi is a dream come true under the guidance of Brother Charles Lewis, former Assistant Western Region Vice President; Brother Walter Funches, former President of Alpha Delta, both attending California Polytechnic; and, of course, the brothers of Alpha Delta. Our charter was approved and granted by the National Convention in San Francisco, 1974. August 5, 1974 marked the beginning of lota Psi and the beginning of Alphadom in the Pomona Valley area. Within one month after being chartered, officers were elected. By Thanksgiving eve, three families were having a complete dinner sponsored by a can food drive of the chapter. By the Western Region Convention, 1975, in San Diego, lota Psi had assisted in political campaigns on the local level, crossed two lines (8 new brothers), administered and enforced a strict educationally-oriented-no hazing pledge program, initiated other community projects and become a candidate for the Outstanding Chapter Award of the Western Region, 1975. Our 1975 year has been spent focusing on our organization procedures and chapter direction, both on the campus and in the community. "Do for self, progress and expand," has been our attitude. Community agency officials and city departments in the area have been very cooperative and 1976 should be a very busy and important year for lota Psi. We strive to become a strong and self-sufficient chapter by utilizing all the talents within the organization. Here are just a few of the lota Psi profiles and accomplishments: P.O. Box- obtained for centralized communications; "Light of Alpha" constructed by Brother Tony Harris, majoring in Electronics at California Polytechnic; lota Psi stationery designed by Brother Joe Paige, majoring in Graphics Design at Califor60

nia State Fullerton; opening the door for all social fraternities and sororities on California Polytechnic's campus with the deletion of a University Section prohibiting such organizations from charter privileges - assisted by Brother Barbee, charter President and delegate for lota Psi at past Regional and National conventions. Brother Barbee served as Secretary on Standards and Extension Committee in San Francisco and recently appointed to a state committee on Urban Populations for the California Parks and Recreation Society. He is currently serving as Vice President for lota Psi. Involving lota Psi in the sciences - is Brother Dan Richardson, President of lota Psi and also of the Pomona chapter of the National Black Science Students Organization, which is comprised of most of the Black engineering, science and business students on the California Polytechnic campus. Special thanks to Brother Michael Butts, who, after the sudden death of a community member, substituted by becoming Santa Claus to complete the children's Christmas festivities at an urban park. Alpha Angels and the lota Psi Court are comprised of intelligent college coeds who support the efforts of lota Psi. They are exposed to community/support activities, Black women organizations, sororities and the whole of Black Greekdom. As a group, these

sisters serve as an aid to the chapter in identifying needs of the community since many are long residents of the area. Thanksgiving dinners have increased from three to six families. That's progress! That's Brother Douglas Cole! lota Psi will continue to function in the true spirit of our Founders and live the motto, "First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All," to its fullest â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Alpha West, on the move!

san jose state college On November 16, 1975, Epsilon Mu Chapter acted as host for a Northern California Undergraduate Chapter Conference with Assistant Vice President, Bennie J. Harris, Jr. Discussion of the upcoming Regional Convention in San Jose and communication amongst college chapters was of prime interest to those in attendance. Chapters represented were as follows: Epsilon Mu, San Jose State University; Epsilon Beta, Fresno State University; Theta Eta, U of California at Davis; Eta Sigma Lambda, San Jose; and Theta Beta Lambda, Richmond. Rogernald Jackson, Western Regional Vice President, was also present. Brothers of Epsilon Mu are welcoming all suggestions towards a better Regional Convention in 1976.

Some of the brothers in attendance at the Northern California Undergraduate Chapter Conference. (seated I. to r.) Bennie J. Harris, Jr., Western Assistant Vice President; Jerome K. Cannon; and Everette Garmon. (Standing I. to r.) James M. Moore, LaGuan Lea, Robert Evans, Theodore Harris, Larry Calloway, Al Murray and Michael Cunningham.

The Sphinx / February 1976

Memorial services for well known and respected Milwaukee civic and fraternal leader, Brother Dr. Fred D. Bobo, were held at a high mass Wednesday, January 14, 1976 at noon at St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church. Brother Bobo, a dentist and retired welfare and caseworker investigator, died at Veterans Hospital, in Tomah, Wisconsin, Thursday, January 8, where he had been hospitalized about a year. He was born March 2 1 , 1899, in Okolona, Mississippi. He graduated with honors from Summer High School in St. Louis, Missouri, where he was captain of the "greatest football team in Summer's history." He was awarded a Congressional appointment to West Point Military Academy. However, he chose to attend the University of Illinois where he graduated with honors, and later Marquette University Dental School in 1926. At the start of the depression, Brother Bobo joined the Milwaukee County Welfare Department. He retired in 1967 and was awarded the Governor's Special Award and the Milwaukee Service Award for 3 6 years of service to the State of Wisconsin and Milwaukee County. He practiced dentistry on evenings and week-ends. The double job helped him to pay for the education of his eight children, who studied for a total of 62 years beyond high school. His three sons became doctors. Brother Bobo was active in community affairs. He was vice-president of the Milwaukee County Museum Board of Trustees at his death. He was also a member of the Governor's Commission on Human Rights, the NAACP, Milwaukee Urban League, Boy Scouts, Cream City Medical Society, the American Legion, YMCA, Wisconsin and Milwaukee Dental Societies, and the Catholic Order of Forresters. Brother Bobo married the former Cecelia Phillips in 1 9 2 1 . They met two years earlier at an Alpha dance. In 1972, Brother and Mrs. Bobo received the Judge Arnold J. Cane Memorial Award from the State Council for Home and Family as a "State Tribute to the integrity and excellence of their family life." Brother Bobo was initiated at Tau Chapter in 1918. He was a charter member of Alpha Phi Chapter at Marquette University (May 4, 1923) the first chapter in Wisconsin. He was a moving force in the chartering of Gamma Epsilon Chapter the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1946. He was a charter member of Delta Chi Lambda Chapter, Milwaukee, 1949 serving several years as its first president. A familiar figure with his wife at general and regional conventions, Brother Bobo also was the first regional director of Wisconsin and its first life member. He has been cited by his brothers on numerous occasions. He was named Milwaukee's Alpha Man of the Year in 1968 (no one has been named since), and in 1971 when the General Convention met in Milwaukee, Brother Bobo was cited, by the general organization for meritorious service. His wife is affectionately referred to as "Sweetheart of Alpha Phi Alpha." The Sphinx / February 19 76

Brother (Dr.) Fred D. Bobo The fraternity rites were held as a part of the mass. Fellow dentist and charter member of Delta Chi Lambda, Brother Peter C. Murrell, eloquently gave words of tribute for a loving life of service, Brother Veledis Carter movingly directed the singing of the hymns, and lyric tenor, Brother Louis I. Flowers was soloist. Brothers of Wisconsin formed a cardon for the processional and recessional. Brother Bobo's body was donated to the Wisconsin Medical College (formerly Marquette School of Medicine). Many memorial donations were made to the Delta Chi Lambda's Scholarship Fund at the family's request. Survivors include his wife; two sons, Brother Edward C. and Albert, both physicians of Encino, California; five daughters, Mrs. Delores Smyth and Mrs. Kathryn Sanders, both of Milwaukee, Mrs. Betty Seiden of Oakland, California, Mrs. Margaretta Goins of New York City and Mrs. Fredericka Seque of Detroit; and two sisters, Mrs. Melissa Brown, Tuskegee, Alabama, and Mrs. Betty Showers of Detroit, along with twenty-five grandchildren and one great grandson. Another son, Dr. Joseph Bobo joined Omega Chapter two years ago. Following the services, a luncheon was hosted by the family in the church hall. The fellowship lasted until late in the afternoon. An Alpha Giant who walked among us is now at Peace in the Jewel studded Omega Chapter.


Brother FRANK CONOLY, a charter member of the newly established Mu Zeta Lambda Chapter in Lakeland, Florida, entered Omega Chapter on October 13, 1975. Brother Conoly was initiated at Beta Nu Chapter, Florida A S M University, in November 1947. Brother Conoly was affiliated with the Harmony Missionary Baptist Church, former Sunday School Superintendent; and, the Masonic Lodge. He was a former principal of the J.R.E. Lee Junior High School (Mulberry) and was a recent instructor at the Lincoln Avenue Elementary School in Lakeland. A native of Day, Florida, he is survived by his wife, Mrs. InezT Conoly, and four children.

Brother BINDLEY C. CYRUS, longtime Alpha leader and convention personality, entered Omega Chapter on February 16, 1976 at his estate at Welches, St. Michael, Barbados. Brother Cyrus was a lawyer, businessman and leader of Chicago's West Indians. His passing ws the occasion of mouring on the part of members of the American West Indian Association which he founded in 1944, serving as its first president for six years. Because of his dedicated and able leadership, the AWIA named his Honorary President for life. Brother Cyrus was a true exponent of the culture of his homeland, blending the best of several worlds into his. His zeal in helping promote the independence movements in his beloved islands moved him to take on the task of fund-raising 62

to support the aspirations of such political leaders as the late Prime Minister Norman W. Maneley of Jamaica and Sir Grantley P. Adams of Barbados. He was a leading figure in the 1945 General Convention of Alpha Phi Alpha at which Brother Manley, then leader of the pro-independence Peoples Party in Jamaica, spoke at the public meeting. The government of Barbados recognized Brother Cyrus' skill in diplomacy by appointing him its first Honorary Consul at Chicago in 1968. His continuous efforts, loyalty to his homeland and sincere love for his adopted country earned him a citation from Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England, who included him on her Honors list in 1955, conferring upon the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.) "In recognition of your valuable services in the cause of Anglo-American friendship and understanding." He was the first Black in America to be so honored. Brother Cyrus served with distinction when appointed to the U.S. sector of the Carribean Commission which helped to map the development of the economic potential of the islands. Born in Bridgetown, Barbados on February 8, 1894, Brother Cyrus received his earlier education on the island of St. Lucia, and worked as a clerk for a steamship company to earn his way to America. Migrating to the U.S. in 1 9 1 1 , he settled in New York, then moved to Chica;go where he became an undertakers' assistant and later owner of his own establishment as a licensed mortician, an occupation he pursued for 13 years. Determined to get into Chicago's business world, he entered the University of Chicago and by 1929 had earned both his Ph.D. and Doctor of Law degrees. He sold his undertaking business and starting yet another career became a law clerk and later and an Assistant States Attorney for Cook County. He subsequently worked from the prestigious law firm of Brown, Brown, Cyruse and Greene (the pride of Chicago Alphas) with offices at 4619 King Drive. Re-entering the business field, he became head of the Victory Mutual Life Insurance Company and was reappointed President and General Counsel of Victory Mutual in 1963. A legend in Alpha Phi Alpha, Brother Cyrus was a tireless fraternity worker and well-respected personality. He delivered major addresses at both the 1941 General Convention in Louisville, Kentucky and the 1959 General Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was a leader of Xi Lambda Chapter in Chicago, as well as on a national level. Along with pioneering the fraternity's support of the cause of peoples of color throughout the world, he was instrumental in extending Alpha Phi Alpha to the West Indies. Among the many tasks he undertook during his active tenure with the fraternity were the Building Foundation Committee, the Committee on the Establishment of the Office of Executive Secretary, and the Special Committee on Human Relations which was set up after the Supreme Court's 1954 integration decision. Brother Cyrus was affiliated with the NAACP and the Urban League, and was a founder of the Forty Club. Besides his devoted wife, Eleanor, he is survived by five sons, William, Bindley Jr., Grant, James and Raymond; two daughters, Mrs. Jan Cyrus King and Miss Elena Cyrus; and three grandchildren.

Brother FLOYD LEE GRAVITT, former Director of Education and Scholarship for Theta Rho Lambda Chapter (Arlington, Virginia) entered Omega Chapter last year. He was also a member of the VACAPAF Education Committee. Director of Human Relations for the Arlington schools, The Sphinx / February


Brother Gravitt was a graduate of Virginia State College at Petersburg and received the masters degree from George Washington University. He served as a teacher at the Langston Elementary School (Arlington) from 1960-65 and served as director of the school integration project for the school system (1956-68). As director of the Theta Rho Lambda Scholarship Fund, he built the chapter's contribution to the Northern Virginia Community College to over $ 1 0 0 0 per year. He was also active in counseling students to obtain various state, Federal and foundation grants for financial assistance. Brother LEONARD C. JOHNSON entered Omega Chapter on November 15, 1975, after being stricken with a heart attack in Greenville, South Carolina. Brother Johnson, the son of Brother (Dr.) and Mrs. S. Calvin Johnson of Buffalo, New York, was a former two-term Assistant Southern Regional Vice President of Alpha Phi Alpha. Born on May 15, 1950, Brother Johnson attended the Public Schools of Buffalo and graduated from Johnson C. Smith University in 1974. He entered the Interdemoninationa! Theological Center in 1974 and was a junior at the time of his death. Always active in civic and community affairs in Buffalo, Leonard had served in the following positions: Red Cross Council of Youth Volunteers; two years on the Staff of the Red Cross Youth; Leadership Training Center at Manlius School in Syracuse and Buffalo; Volunteer Worker at the Presbyterian Home (Buffalo), conducting services at the home for the summer of 1975. He was one of the organizers of Bennett Brotherhood Projects, sponsored by Interracial Researchers, State Education Department. He was also a past President of the local chapter of the Youth Division of the NAACP. Brother Johnson had held full-time pastoral duties at the Montoon Presbyterian Church in Greenville since September, as a part of a field study program at his seminary. In November 1975, he was chosen by the Seminary to represent the school at the Council of National Presbyterian Seminaries in Chicago. Survivors include the parents; a sister, Mrs. Sinette Winfield of Albany; a brother, S. Calvin, Jr. of Hempstead, Long Island; and a grandmother, Mrs. Lucy Warner of New York.

The Sphinx / February 19 76

Brother EDWARD F. KENNELL, a member of Beta Pi Lambda Chapter in Albany, New York, entered Omega Chapter on April 18, 1975. A leader in the field of civil rights and human relations, Brother Kennell was serving as Chairman of the Albany Housing Authority and Deputy Director of the Albany Urban Renewal Agency at the time of his demise. Born October 24, 1915 in Boston, Massachusetts, Brother Kennell was a graduate of the Boston Latin School, Fisk University and Harvard University. He was also affiliated with a host of civic and social organizations, including the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce, the United Fund, the NAACP, the Urban League of Greater Albany and the Citizens Advisory Council, State Division of Human Rights. A tireless worker in his field, he was referred to as the "Peoples Advocate" in the Albany Area. He was appointed in 1946 by Mayor Corning to the Albany Housing Authority, becoming the first Black housing commissioner in upstate New York and, later, the first Black chairman of a housing commission upstate. He served as Director of the Albany Inter-Racial Council Center before leaving in 1961 for the urban renewal agency job.

Brother ALLEN D. PARKER of Chicago entered Omega Chapter on December 3 1 , 1 9 7 5 following a lengthy illness. A veteran of World War II, serving with the U.S. Army in Europe, Brother Parker survived major combat injuries that led to his honorable discharge in 1945. Born in Chicago on March 8, 1923, he was a graduate of Englewood High School and received his degree from Dillard University (New Orleans) where he majored in Chemistry and Microbiology. Following his military service, he worked briefly in the Medical Department of the Cook County House of Corrections and later at Hektoen Institute of the Westside Medical Center. The son of Brother Frederick Parker (see also this section), he is survived by his mother; three brothers; two sisters and a host of relatives.

Brother FREDERICK L. PARKER, 86, of Chicago, Illinois entered Omega Chapter in February, 1976. Brother Parker was born in 1890 in St. Paul, Minnesota. He graduated from Central High School and was among the first Black graduates of the University of Minnesota. While in college he was Founder and eventual President of Mu Chapter. He was also a member of the Associate Vestry of the Church of St. Edmund. Brother Parker was appointed Superintendent of the Department of Agriculture, Commondant of Cadets and Coach of the football and baseball teams at State College, Dover, Delaware. He began social work as a Probation Officer of the Juvenile Court of Cook County in 1929 and served continuously. He retired after 43 years of public service as head of the Boy's Division, Family Court of Cook County. He was elected to the Illinois Academy of Criminology and was a member of many local civic organizations. Over the years he was given many awards for devotion and service in the State of Illinois. For 18 years he served the Boy Scouts of America in various capacities and was awarded the Silver Beaver for distinguished service to youth. Brother Parker was also instrumental in organizing the grass roots of the Southside Community Council and encouraged many reforms that became law. Programs were developed under his 63

leadership to deal with youthful offenders and basic family problems involving children and their families in Illinois Brother Parker was a member of the National Probation and Parole Association, University of Minnesota Alumni, original Board of Directors of Randall House, Cook County Probation Officers Association, and helped to organize the original nursery in the Juvenile Court Building. Preceded in death by his son, Allen, he is survived by his wife, Bernice; two daughters, Wilda and Patricia; and three sons, Frederick Jr., Kennedy, and William.

Brother SHERMAN DANA SCRUGGS, President Emeritus of Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri, entered Omega Chapter in Los Angeles, California. Services for Dr. Scruggs were held on Tuesday, February 10, 1976 at the Church of the Hills in Los Angeles, with Past General President Raymond Cannon representing Alpha Phi Alpha. Brother Scruggs was born June 22, 1892. in Nashville, Tennessee. His parents moved to Kansas City, Kansas, where he grew up and attended public school. He received his A.B. degree in 1920 from Washburn College. He earned his M.A. degree from Kansas University and, in 1935, became the first member of his race to receive the Ph.D. degree from that institution. During World War I, in the service of his country, he was awarded the Croix de Guerre. After a lengthy career in the Kansas City public school system, Dr. Scruggs was invited, in 1938, to become president of Lincoln University. He served in that post for 18 years, until his retirement in 1956. Later, the curators of Lincoln University granted the title, "President Emeritus". He is survived by his wife of 49 years, Thelma; one son, Sherman III; one daughter, Bettie Anne; three granddaughters; one brother; a number of other relatives and a host of friends.

Brother JAMES H. SEENEY, 62, Chairman of the Division of Education and Psychology and Head of the Department of Education at Lincoln University, passed suddenly on Sunday, December 14,1975 at his home in Jefferson City, Missouri. Dr. Seeney, was the son of James Clifford and Elizabeth Mosley Seeney. He graduated from Battle Creek High School, received the A.B. from Western Michigan University, where he was elected to Kappa Rho Sigma Honor Society for students of Mathematics and Sciences, the M.S. from the University of Michigan and the Ed.D. from the University of Missouri at Columbia. Brother Seeney has been a teacher at Lincoln University since 1940, when he joined the staff of the Laboratory High School as a Science and Mathmatics Instructor and Coach of the High School basketball team which won the Missouri Negro State Interscholastic Athletic Association Championship in 1943. He later served as Principal of the Laboratory High School and Secretary-Treasurer of the MNSIAA. At the time of his death, Dr. Seeney was also Chairman of the Graduate Council, Director of Teacher Education, and a member of numerous commissions and committees. Brother Seeney was initiated into Epsilon Chapter at the University of Michigan, April 9, 1936. He was a member and former President of Beta Zeta Lambda Chapter in Jefferson City, Missouri. The University Memorial Services were held at the Baptist Student Center on Wednesday morning, December 17, 1975, and Fraternity Services, Wednesday 64

evening at Buescher Memorial Home. Funeral Services were held at Grace Episcopal Church in Jefferson City. Interment was at Hawthorne Memorial Gardens, Jefferson City, Missouri. Survivors include his wife, Ardis; a daughter, Mrs. Patricia Lawson of Rockville, Maryland; three sons, James Seeney, Jr. of Los Angeles; Charles Seeney (also an Alpha) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Kenneth Seeney of Columbia; three brothers, Robert and Richard Seeney, Battle Creek, Michigan; Clifford Seeney, Cheswold, Delaware; four sisters, Ms. Bonnie Allison, Boston, Massachusetts; Mrs. Beverly Phipps, Cincinnati, Ohio; Mrs. Sally Artis, and Mrs. Barbara Sheppard, Battle Creek, Michigan; and three grandchildren. Dr. Seeney was a member and a former vestryman of Grace Episcopal Church, the National Education Association, Phi Delta Kappa, and the American Association of College Teacher Education.

Brother Charles Henry Clay White, I

Brother CHARLES HENRY CLAY WHITE, I a man of ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, CULTURAL SENSITIVITY, SOCIAL EQUALITY, ECONOMIC SECURITY, PHYSICAL FITNESS, MORAL AWARENESS, and SPIRITUAL SOBRIETY. Brother White, son of the late General Schofield White and Mrs. Rosa Bell Yarboro White was born in Louisburg, North Carolina. He departed this life on November 7, 1975 at Craven County Hospital. Brother White is survived by a loyal, devoted wife, Mrs. Elizabeth White; five children, Charlene Hampton White, Mary Elizabeth White, Charles Henry Clay White, II, Julia Rosa Evangeline White, and Ronald Govan Blacknall White; a foster son and daughter, Phil Terry McCoy and his wife, Mary; two jJaughters-in-law, Mrs. Kacinia Howell White and Mrs. The Sphinx / February 1976

Pamela Preston White; two grandchildren, Camara Owusu White and Nefertari Wonona White; two ever loving sisters, Miss Athalee White and Miss Madie White; a devoted brother, Eunice S. White; a beloved cousin, Mrs. Geral Yarboroi Sargent; nieces, nephews, cousins, and a host of other relatives and friends. Academic excellence was maintained by Brother White in the fact that he received his elementary education at St. Paul Presbyterian School in Louisburg, North Carolina. He obtained his B.S. Degree and his D.B. Degree from Johnson C. Smith University School of Theology in Charlotte, North Carolina. Brother White earned his masters degree of Theology from Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia. He has done post-graduate work at North Carolina Central University, Durham, North Carolina; A&T State University, Greensboro, North Carolina; and East Carolina University at Greenville, North Carolina. Brother White, a Life Member of the National Education Association, has his Eternal Life Membership recorded in St. John 14:1 3. Cultural sensitivity was one of Brother White's virtues in that he loved the fine arts of life and especially in Human Culture and Accomplishments. Social equality was exemplified as he became a member of Alpha Omicron Chapter at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina during collegiate years. He was one of the chapter members of Zeta Eta Lambda Chapter in the Kinston, New Bern, Pollocksville, Robersonville, Snow Hill, and Williamston area. He always expressed to the brothers that now is the appointed time. Economic security was exhibited as he labored diligently in providing a home for his family and educating his children. He founded and organized Ebenezer's Perpetual Growing Endowment Trust Fund plans, in order that Ebenezer may become a standard church and gradually become a selfsupporting church. Brother White has visited most of the largest cities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico and he had planned to retire the last of 1976. Physical fitness was exemplified through his untiring efforts to serve God and his community from the age of 1 1 . He helped establish the local chapter of the NAACP in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1926. He organized many youth church and civic groups. Brother WHite was a tireless member of the Ministerial Alliance and Ministerial Association of New Bern, North Carolina. Because of his moral awareness, Zeta Eta Lambda prides itself in Brother White, for he was a man of "gentlemanly demeanor" and a proud, loyal Alpha man. Brother White's spiritual sobriety was strengthened to further his ministerial work as a result of his union with Elizabeth White, his loyal and surviving wife. Before coming to New Bern in 1939, he had pastored in High Point, North Carolina and Wilson, North Carolina. He has served as pastor of Ebenezer United Presbyterian Church from his arrival in New Bern until the time of his passing. His church affiliations were many - membership of Faith and Life Publication Planning Commission, Experience Ministers Board of Christian Education, Cape Fear Presbyterian Eastern Area Dimension Stewartship Committment Representative, Eastern Area Church Support and Aid Planning Conference Representative. Through all of his work the strong spiritual fiber of his character will always be present. Brother White will be remembered as a man who was considerate about his church, the education of young people, and a better community for all. The Sphinx / February 19 76



Brother HOWARD DASH, D.D.S., initiated in Beta Chapter, Howard University (1923) and a 50-year member of Alpha Gamma Lambda Chapter in New York City. Omega Chapter-1975. ft ft ft ft ft ft Brother LESTER B. GRANGER, civil rights activist, sociologist and former Executive Director of the National Urban League. See FOCUS section in this issue. •fr






Brother T. H. GRANTHAM of Oakland, California, Omega Chapter, November 25, 1975. ft ft ft ft ft ft Brother PAUL ROBESON, artist and staunch defender of human rights. See cover story and feature article in this issue. •d






Brother NOBLE SISSLE, 86, organizer and first president of the Negro Actors Guild, and lyricist -conductor. See Alpha Golden Legacy section in this issue.

Dear Lord of Life and Light and Love Who ruleth all, Below — Above Have tender mercy on those souls Who flew before we reached this goal. We pray Thee, God, grant this request To give them Peace and let them rest. Then in Thy Judgement let them stand A noble, pure, and spotless clan. 0 Lord they fought for things to be be Which they could never live to see. With courage great, they waged a fight AGAINST the WRONG and FOR the RIGHT. They toiled through "blood and sweat and tears " That we might have some better years. They labored long and served so well O God, pray spare them further hell! As we reflect their noble deeds Inspire us Lord to meet the need To work in earnest through Thy name That they who died — died not in vain. Amen By BEST




JEWELS, OMEGA CHAPTER •ft Henry A. Callis. M.D.

Charles H. Chapman

Eugene Kinckle Jones


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Nathaniel A. Murray

Robert H. Ogle

Vertner W. Tandy

GENERAL OFFICERS GENERAL PRESIDENT — Walter Washington Alcorn A S M University, Lorman MS GENERAL TREASURER — Leven C. Weiss 4 6 7 6 W. Outer Drive, Detroit, Ml GENERAL COUNSEL — Albert Holland, Jr 31 Hickory Hill Rd., Tappan, NY HISTORIAN — Charles H. Wesley 1 8 2 4 Taylor Street, N.W., Washington, DC COMPTROLLER — Charles C. Teamer 2 6 0 1 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans, LA DIRECTOR-GENERAL CONVENTIONS — Kermit J. Hall 1 0 0 Fairview Ave., Yeadon PA EDITOR-IN-CHIEF-SPHINX — Michael J. Price 4 4 3 2 S. King Drive, Chicago, IL

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VICE PRESIDENTS EASTERN — Henry G. Gillem. Sr MIDWESTERN — Thomas D. Pawley, III SOUTHERN — Ozell Sutton SOUTHWESTERN — George W. Thompson WESTERN — Rogernald Jackson

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ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENTS EASTERN REGION — Thomas Allston, III Hampton Institute. Hampton VA MIDWESTERN REGION — Charles E. Smith 1 5 9 8 Neil Avenue, Columbus, OH SOUTHERN REGION - Isaac H. Miller, III 9 3 0 White Street, Atlanta, GA SOUTHWESTERN REGION — Lucius Alexander 6 3 0 3 - A Vioitha Drive, Austin, TX WESTERN REGION — Bonnie J. Harris, Jr. . . . 2 7 2 7 Ellendale Place No. 16, Los Angeles CA

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A l p h a Phi Alpha Fraternity, I n c . General Office: 4432 Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, IL 60653

William H. Walker, Executive Secretary James B. Blanton, Assistant Executive Secretary Michael J. Price, Assistant Executive Secretary A L P H A PHI A L P H A BUILDING F O U N D A T I O N , I N C . J.L Hunt, Chairman Dr. Edward W. Ballard, Vice Chairman William H. Walker, Secretary Leven C. Weiss, Treasurer Albert Holland, Counsel Stenson Broaddus, Ass't Secretary Ernest N. Morial William Decker Clarke Dr. Walter Washington, Ex Officio William M. Alexander* Morris W. Hatchett Larry Earvin A L P H A PHI A L P H A EDUCATION FOUNDATION, INC. William Ross, Jr. Chairman William H. Walker, Secretary Leven C. Weiss, Treasurer Albert Holland, Counsel William Ross, Jr. Jesse Sterling Ivan Cotman Walter Sullivan Reby Carey •OMEGA CHAPTER 66

NATIONAL COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN COMMITTEE ON CONSTITUTION: John D. Buckner - 4246 W North Market Street, St. Louis. MO 63113 COMMITTEE ON BUDGET AND FINANCE: Charles C. Teamer - 2601 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70122 COMMITTEE ON ELECTIONS: Clifton E. Bailey • 3338 Aubert Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63115 COMMITTEE ON STANDARDS AND EXTENSION: Lawrence Sutton - Mississippi Valley State U IttaBena. MS 38941 COMMITTEE ON HOUSING: Henry W. Rice, III - 160 Broadway. New York, NY 10038 COMMITTEE ON PUBLICATIONS: Moses G. Miles -1329 Abraham Street, Tallahassee, FL 32304 COMMITTEE ON PERSONNEL: M.C.Ferguson-1701 21stAvenue, N , Nashville, TN 37208 PUBLICITY PUBLIC RELATIONS: Erwin A. France - Rm. 507 • City Hall 121 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL 60602 RULES AND CREDENTIALS: Henry M. Collier, Jr., - 1827 Mills "B" Lane, Savannah, GA 31405 COMMITTEE ON GRIEVANCES AND DISCIPLINE: Richard Moore - Bethune Cookman College, Daytona Beach, FL 32015 COMMITTEE ON RECOMMENDATIONS: Obra V. Hackett - Jackson State University 1325 Lynch, Jackson, MS 39203 TIME AND PLACE COMMITTEE: Grandvel A. Jackson - 275 Kensington Way, San Francisco, CA 94127 EQUITABLE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Charles Lewis - 3500 Firestone Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 AWARD COMMITTEE: Bennie D. Brown - 9427 S Vernon, Chicago, IL 60619 PUBLIC POLICY COMMITTEE: toll Sutton - 1640 Loch Lomond Trail, S.W.Atlanta, GA 30331

PAST GENERAL PRESIDENTS Moses Melvin Morrison* Roscoe C. Giles* Frederick Miller Drawer " M " Mound Bayou, MS 38762 Charles H. Garvin* Henry L Dickason* Henry Arthur Callis* Howard H. Long* W.A. Pollard* Daniel D. Fowler* LL. McGee* S.S. Booker* Raymond W. Cannon 2008 Virginia Road Los Angeles, CA 90016 B. Andrew Rose* Charles H. Wesley 1824 Taylor Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20011 Rayford W. Logan 2001 Veazey Terrace. N.W. No. 326 Washington, DC 20036 A. Maceo Smith 4557 Shady Hill Dallas, IX 75229 Frank L Stanley, Sr.* Myles A. Paige 4124 Kenway Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90008 William H. Hale* T. Winston Cole 124 S.W. 23rd Gainesville. Fl 32601 Lionel H. Newsom Central State University Wilberforce. Ohio 45384 Ernest N. Morial 1101 Harrison Avenue New Orleans, LA 70122


/ February

19 76

* (Asterisk) indicates that address listed is not current In this case a directory was submitted for 1 9 7 4 - 7 5 but not for 1 9 7 5 - 7 6 NO REPORT indicates that the chapter has failed to report an address (file a chapter directory) for two consecutive years prior to publication In such cases no directory was filed tor 1 9 7 4 - 7 5 or 1 9 7 5 - 7 6

EAST INTERNATIONAL (DISTRICT I I Director Office of Division Chaplain Sylvester Shannon, Chaplain HQS, 3rd Armored Division APO New York, NY 09039 Africa (Area I) Eta Epsilon Lambda (Monrovia, Liberia — #260) K. Jefferies Adorkor, Jr. (CS) P.O. Box 55 Monrovia, Liberia Europe (Area II) * Theta Theta Lambda (Frankfort, Germany — #285) LTC Chester F. Johnson (CS) 63rd Finance Section APO, New York 09052 Caribbean



* Theta Epsilon Lambda (St. Thomas, VI — #282) Ulysses J. Warrick, Jr. (CS) 2A-1 Harbour Ridge Skyline Drive Star Route St. Thomas, VI 00801 lota Sigma Lambda (St. Croix, VI — #518) NO REPORT Epsilon Theta Lambda (Hamilton, Bermuda — #219) NO REPORT Alia (Area IV) Iota Epsilon Lambda (Saigon-Long Binh, South Vietnam — #506) NO REPORT

Alpha Kappa (Metropolitan — #32) INACTIVE ALUMNI CHAPTERS Epsilon Gamma Lambda (Boston — #214) James T. Howard (CS) 104 Greenwood Street Boston, MA 02121 * Theta lota Lambda (Springfield — #286) Dr. Gerard B. Cutting (P) 6 Wilkin Drive Longmeadow, MA 01106 Connecticut (Area II) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Zeta (Yale U — #6) Edward F. Honesty, Jr. (CS) 4861 Yale Station New Haven, CT 06520 Kappa Delta (U of Connecticut #423) Gerald D. Coley (S) P.O. Box 454 Storrs, CT 06268 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Sigma Lambda (Hartford — #161) R. Lee Scott (P) 128 Fulton Street New Britain, CT 06051 Zeta Phi Lambda (Stamford — #253) David A. Austin (P) 29 Quintard Terrace Stamford, CT 06902 Eta Alpha Lambda (New Haven — #256) Ronald Manning (P) HO Stimson Road New Haven, CT 06510


Rhode Island (Area III)

McKinley Hackett P.O. Box 845 Westfield, MA 01085

Alpha Gamma (Brown U — #25) Kent D. Lollis (CS) P.O. Box 1167 —Brown U Providence, Rl 02912

Massachusetts (Area I)

New Hampshire (Area IV)

COLLEGE CHAPTERS 'Sigma (Metropolitan — # 1 7 ) Dennis Hinson 200 Bay State Rd., Rm. #401 Boston, MA 02215

Theta Zeta (Dartmouth College — #381) Michael A. Carter (VP) Hinman Box 5024 — DC Hanover, NH 03755

The Sphinx / February 19 76

(A) (P) (CS) (S) (FS) (RS)

— — — — — —

Advisor President Corresponding Secretary Secretary Financial Secretary Recording Secretary

NEW YORK STATE (DISTRICT I I I ) Director Clifford R. Clemmons 221-25 Manor Rd. Queens Village, NY 11427 Western New York State (Area 1) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta Epsilon (U of Buffalo —#93) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Rho Lambda (Buffalo — #116) Frank Brown (P) 232 W. Klein Road Williamsville, NY 14221 Eta Rho Lambda (Rochester —#271) Charles Champion (P) 342 Bridgewood Street Rochester, NY 14612 Eta Theta Lambda (Wyandance — #263) NO REPORT Central New York State (Area II) COLLEGE CHAPTERS ' Delta Zeta (Syracuse U — #94) Sylvester Johnson (S) 104 — Dellplain Hall — SU Syracuse, NY 13210 Alpha (Cornell U - #1) Glen J. Christopher (S) 125 Coddington Road — Apt, F.-6 Ithaca, NY 14850

(T) (ES) (VP) (DOP) (DP) (AS)

ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota lota Lambda (Rome — #510) NO REPORT Theta Chi Lambda (Schenectady — #298) NO REPORT Beta Pi Lambda (Albany — #159) Paul L. Sargent (S) P. 0. Box 737 Schenectady, NY 12301

ALUMNI CHAPTERS * Kappa Upsilon Lambda [Mid Hudson Valley — #540) Adedokin A. Oshoniyi (A) 16 Crossway Road Beacon, NY 12508 Eta Chi Lambda (Nyack NO REPORT


Kappa Rho (C.W. Post College — #435) Oliver Davis (A) Box 393 — CWP Center of LIU Greenvale, NY 11548

Gamma lota Lambda (Brooklyn-Long Island — #175) Homer Gillis (S) 68 Virginia Avenue Hempstead, NY 11550

Zeta Zeta Lambda (St. Albans — #239) Theodore N. Collins P.O. Box 8 Cambria, NY 11211

Eta Zeta Lambda (New Rochelle — #261) NO REPORT

NEW JERSEY New York City (Metropolitan)


COLLEGE CHAPTERS Eta (Metropolitan — #7) NO REPORT Zeta Eta (Columbia U — #338) Stephen C. Walker (CS)) 534 W. 114th Street New York, NY 10025

lota Kappa Lambda (Syracuse — #511) NO REPORT lota Theta Lambda (Endicott — =509) Allen Lee (P) 2029 Ford Road Endicott, NY 13760

* Kappa Xi Lambda (New York — #536) Lock Box 724 F.D.R. Station New York, NY 10022

Northeast New York State (Area III) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Kappa Zeta (Utica College — #425) William E. Madison (S) Box 148 South Hall - Utica College Utica, NY 13502

Theta Epsilon (Adelphi U — #380) Roger Carey (P) Adelphi U — Linen Hall Suite " 0 " Garden City, N.J. 11530

ALUMNI CHAPTERS "Hudson Valley" (Area IV)

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Gamma Lambda (New York) #125) Connie V. Miller (P) 1270 — 5th Avenue —Apt. 5L New York, NY 10029


Treasurer Editor-to-The-Sphinx Vice President Dean of Pledges Dean of Pledges Assistant Secretary

Director Elbert C. Wisner 300 Lincoln Dr., Colonial Terr. Ocean, NJ 07112

Northern New Jersey (Hudson) (Area I)

COLLEGE CHAPTERS * Iota Rho (Newark College of Engineering — #413) Benjamin Tarver (S) P.O. Box 143 Newark. NJ 07101

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Kappa Theta Lambda (Teaneck — #531) NO REPORT

Brooklyn and Long Island, New York (Area VI) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta Chi (City of Brooklyn — #308) NO REPORT

* Delta Mu Lambda (Montclair— #199) James H. Allen (P) 495 E. 29th Street Peterson, NJ 07514

* Alpha Alpha Lambda (Newark — #123) Arthur C. Williams (S) 158 Lincoln St. Montclair. NJ 07042 Beta Alpha Lambda (Jersey City — #145) NO REPORT Central New Jersey (Area II) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta lota (Rutgers U — #97) NO REPORT loti lota (Trenton State College — #406) Burgess Harrison (CS) 306 Ely — Trenton State College Trenton, NJ 08625 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Nu Lambda (Plainfield — #245) NO REPORT Theta Psi Lambda (Somerset — #299) Glenville Watson (CS) 18 Suttie Avenue Piscataway, NJ 08854 Zeta lota Lambda (Trenton — #242) James Davis, Jr. (S) 70 Tyler Drive Willingboro, NJ 08046 Coastal New Jersey (Area I I I ) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Kappa lota Lambda (Burlington County — #532) Kenneth Baylock (CS) 15 Edge Lane Willingboro, NJ 08046 Zeta Epsilon Lambda (Red Bank — =238) C. B. Cargile, Jr. (S) 1261 Old County Lane Road, E. Lakewood, NJ 08701 Alpha Theta lambda (Atlantic City — #130) Lawrence L. Stroud (RS) 805 S. Broad Street Pleasantville. NJ 08232

PENNSYLVANIA (DISTRICT V) Dirutir Frank Devine 6202 Washington Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19143 Western Pennsylvania (Area I) COLLEGE CHAPTERS • Omicron (U of Pittsburgh — #14) Glenn Leroy Hodge (P) Box 1594, 3955 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213 Iota Sigma (Millersville State College — #414) Joseph F. Kinsey (P) 3 G Brookwood Court Millersville, PA 17551 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Kappa Beta Lambda (Erie — #525) NO REPORT ' Alpha Omicron Lambda (Pittsburgh — #136) Wilbur C. Douglas, Jr. (S) 6521 Deary Street Pittsburgh, PA 15206


Central Pennsylvania (Area I I ) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Nu (Pennsylvania State College — #78) George W. Smth (VP) 340 E. Beaver Ave. — Apt. #129 State College, PA 16801 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Theta Lambda (Harrisburg — #241) NO REPORT Eastern Pennsylvania (Area I I I ) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Zeta Psi (West Chester State College — #353) Charlie Griffin (T) Box 3093 — WCSC West Chester, PA 19380 * Nu (Lincoln U — # 11) Edward L. Vaughn (S) 1213 Wissler St. Clarksdale, MS 38614 Psi (U of Pennsylvania — #22) Jerry Godfrey (P) 6134 Columbia Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19151 ALUMNI CHAPTERS

' lota Beta (U of Virginia — #399) Thomas Jeffrey Fields (CS) P.O Box 83 X NCMB Station Charlottesville, VA 22903

Maryland Southwest (Area I I I ) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Iota Zeta (U of Maryland — #403) Jeremiah Montague, Jr. (RS) Box 259 —College Pk. P.O. College Park, MD 20740

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Alpha Lambda (Charlottesville — #167) Stephen 0. Waters (S) Box 3036 Charlottesville, VA 22903

Nu Lambda (Virginia State College — #112) Walter Elias, Jr. (P) Box 68 — VSC Petersburg, VA 23803

Blue Ridge South (Area II)

Tidewater North (Area VI)

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Theta lota (Vinginia Polytechnic U — #384) Vincent B. Johnson (CS) P.O. Box 346 Blacksburg. VA 24060

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma lota (Hampton Institute — #75) Shedrick C. Lowndes, Jr. (CS) 104 Moton Hall Hampton Institute, VA 23668

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Kappa Phi Lambda (Columbia — #543) Melvin Blanheim (P) 9628 Basket Ring Road Columbia, MD 21045 lota Upsilon Lambda (Silver Spring — #520) John B. Walker, III P.O. Box 2233 Silver Spring, MD 20906 Kappa Epsilon Lambda (Landover — #528) Silas A. Butler, Jr. (P) Box 2188 — Capital Plaza Dr. Hyattsville, MD 20784 Maryland Eastern (Area IV) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta Nu (U of Maryland, E.S. — #100) James K. Jubilee (P) P.O. Box 1482 — UMES Princess Anne, MD 21853

Rho (Philadelphia — #16) George C. McLean (S) 508 Briar Hill Road Springfield, PA 19064 Zeta Omicron Lambda (Philadelphia — #247) Charles L. Keels (P) 6121 Carpenter Street Philadelphia, PA 19143

DELAWARE, MARYLAND & D.C. (DISTRICT VI) Director Thomas R. Hunt 9 Rickover Court Annapolis, MD 21401 Delaware (Area I) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Sigma (Delaware State College — #83) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS ' Zeta Rho Lambda (Dover — #249) Frederick J. Franklin (ES) 138 Bertrand Drive Dover, DE 19901

Eta Zeta (Bowie State College — #359) Barnabus D. Sewell (P) P.O. Box #675 Bowie, MD 20715 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Omicron Lambda (Princess Anne — #203) NO REPORT * Eta Eta Lambda (Annapolis) Thomas R. Hunt (P) P.O. Box 694 Annapolis, MD 21404 Washington, D.C. (Area V) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta (Howard U — #2) Eddie Mason. Ill (CS) Box 506 — Howard University Washington, DC 20009 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Mu Lambda (Washington — #111) Theodore L. Patterson (CS) 4110 18th Street. N.W. Washington, DC 20011

Gamma Theta lambda (Wilmington —#174) James A. Gray (P) P.O. Box 1622 Wilmington, DE 19899 Maryland North (Area II) COLLEGE CHAPTERS ' Beta Alpha (Morgan State College — #45) Alan V. Poulson (P) 2318 Koko Lane Baltimore, MD 21216

Omicron Lambda Alpha (Washington — #500) Daniel S. Anderson (S) 6716 Garrett Road Rockville, MD 20855

VIRGINIA (DISTRICT VII) Director George H. Johnson 3300 Lamb Avenue Richmond, VA 23222

ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Alpha Lambda (Aberdeen — #502) Francis H. Harris (CS) P.O. Box 205 Aberdeen, MD 21001 * Delta Lambda (Baltimore Joseph Yates ((P) 3201 Clifton Avenue Baltimore, MD 21215

Kappa Kappa Lambda (Baltimore — #533) Carl E. Bell (S) 6637 Knottwood Court Baltimore, MD 21214

Blue Ridge North (Area I)


COLLEGE CHAPTERS ' Iota Alpha (Washington S Lee U — #398) John W. Evans (S) P.O Box 1120 Lexington, VA 24450

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Gamma Lambda (Richmond — #147) C. A. Pennington (S) 3212 Griffin Avenue Richmond, VA 23222

Kappa Pi (William & Mary — #434) Timothy E. Allmond (S) c/o Box 7042 —Campus P.O.— WMC Williamsburg, VA 23186

ALUMNI CHAPTERS * Alpha Kappa Lambda (Roanoke — #132) Walter N. Atkinson 911 Staunton Ave., N.W. Roanoke, VA 24017

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Beta Lambda (Hampton — #190) Dr. Alfred P. McQueen (S) Box 6414 - Hampton Institute Hampton, VA 23668

Gamma Nu Lambda (Lynchburg — #78) David L. Moseley (S) Rte 4. Box 330C Madison Heights, VA 24572 Southern Virginia (Area III) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta Tau (St. Paul's Polytechnic — #305) NO REPORT

Zeta Lambda (Newport News— #106) Claude N. Carter (CS) 12 Suburban Pkwy. Hampton, VA 23661 Tidewater South (Area VII)

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Epsilon Omicron Lambda (Lawrenceville — #225) Ernest L. Morse ((CS) P.O. Box 595 South Hill, VA 23970

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Pi (Norfolk State College — #324) Samuel C. Gregory (P) Box 2033 — NSC Norfolk, VA 23504

lota Tau Lambda (Charlotte Court House — #519) John A. Brown (S) P. 0. Box 221 Dillwyn, VA 23936

ALUMNI CHAPTERS * Alpha Phi Lambda (Norfolk — #142) Arnell Burrus (P) 340 Fernwood Farms Rd. Chesapeake, VA 23324

' Delta Nu Lambda (Danville — #200) Robert G. Neals (S) Rte. 3, Box 425 Danville, VA 24541

Epsilon lota Lambda (Suffolk — #220) Leon N. Harris (CS) 5548 Greenwood Rd. Suffolk, VA 23437

Zeta Upsilon Lambda (South Boston — #252) NO REPORT Northern Virginia (Area IV) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Theta Rho Lambda (Arlington — #293) Clarence P. Halstead (P) 2608 18th Street, S. Arlington, VA 22204

* Epsilon Nu Lambda (Portsmouth — #223) Charles H. Taylor, Jr. (P) 1409 Carson Cresant, West Portsmouth. VA 23701


Central Virginia (Area V) COLLEGE CHAPTERS * Gamma (Virginia Union U — #3) John Toney P. 0. Box 893 Richmond, VA 23220 ' Theta Rho (Virginia Commonwealth U — #391) Earl Johnson (T) 804 W. Lancaster Road Richmond, VA 23222 Beta Gamma (Virginia State College — #47) George W. Collins. Jr. (P) 20811 —3rd Avenue Ettrick. VA 23803

ILLINOIS (Central) Director William Ridgeway, Ph.D. Department of Zoology Eastern Illinois U Charleston, IL 61920 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Tau (U of Illinois — #18) Terrence A. Young (P) Box 2062 - Station A Champaign, IL 61820 Epsilon Kappa (Bradley U — #319) Ralph Buck (P) 1721 W. Fredonia Peoria. IL 61606 Zeta Nu (Eastern Illinois — #343) Otis Nelson (P) 1031 — 7th Street Charleston, IL 61920

The Sphinx / February 19 76

Eta Tau (Illinois State U — #371) Calvin 0. Matthews (A) 503 E. Willow Street Normal, IL 61761

Eta Eta (Western Illinois U — #360) Maurice Redding (P) 700 Linden Lane — Apt. #606 Macomb, IL 61455

Theta Omicron (Millikin U — #389) Charles Jones, Jr. (A) 715 E. Clay St. Decatur, IL 62521

lota Pi (SlUEdwardsville — #412) Kevin R. Harper (P) Branch P.O. Box 1559 Edwardsville, IL 62025

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Omicron Lambda Beta (Champaign — #501) Jim Casey (P) P.O. Box 3263 — Country Fair Station Champaign, IL 61820

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Epsilon Lambda (East St. Louis — #193) Elijah Langford (P) 2401 St. Louis Avenue East St. Louis, IL 62205

Kappa Pi Lambda (Peoria #538) Sam Hayes (P) 2919 N. Redwood Peoria, IL 61606



Director Ronald McBride 8828 S. Cornell Chicago, Illinois 60617 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Theta (Metropolitan — #8) O'Dell E. Davis (S) 2001 S. Michigan — Apt. 4L Chicago, IL 60616 Alpha Mu (Northwestern U — #33) Aldore D. Collier (S) 2321 Sheridan Rd. — Box 309 Evanston, IL 60201 Epsilon Phi (Northern Illinois U — #329) Michael S. Hill (S) 917 Greenbrier DeKalb, IL 60115 ALUMNI CHAPTERS *Xi Lambda (Chicago — # 1 1 3 ) Charles A. Johnson (CS) 8051 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60619 7-eta Xi Lambda (Evanston — #246) Theodore M. Harding (P) 1717 Greenwood St. Evanston, IL 60201 Theta Mu Lambda (Joliet — #288) NO REPORT

INDIANA Director Robert McGhee 3410 West 58th St. Indianapolis, IN 46208 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Eta (Indiana U — #73) Derek M. Stephens (P) 1127 East Atwater Bloomington, IN 47401 Gamma Rho (Purdue — #82) Daryl Hamer (P) 613 Waldron St. West Lafayette, IN 47906 Zeta Rho (Indiana State — #347) Milton A. Dumas (P) 727 N. 8th Terre Haute, IN 47807 * Theta Xi (Ball State U. — #388) John Pearson (S) Box 388-BSU Muncie, IN 47306 lota Theta (Calumet College — 405) Johnny Isbell (S) 4935 Larkspur Dr. East Chicago, IN 46312 ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Lambda (Indianapolis — #109) Leon Bradford (CS) P.O. Box 88181 Indianapolis, IN 46208

Alpha Nu (Drake U — #34) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Kappa Lambda (Des Moines — #243) Walter J. Riley (P) 4000 — 29th Street Des Moines, IA 50310

COLLEGE CHAPTERS ' Upsilon (U of Kansas — #19) Dexter White (P) Box 2158 Kansas City. Mo. 66044 Gamma Chi (Kansas State College — #87) Elvis E. Alcox (P) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 209 Tanner Hall Pittsburg, KS 66762 Delta Mu (Wichita State U — #99) NO REPORT Epsilon Omicron (Washburn U — #323) NO REPORT Kappa Tau (Kansas State U — #437) Richard Marshall (A) 1014 Calvin —No. 9 Kansas City, KS 66102 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Eta Lambda (Topeka — #195) P. J. Williams (P) 3107 Illinois Topeka, KS 66605 Eta Beta Lambda (Wichita — #257) Jesse C. Williams (S) 2553 Raleigh Wichita, KS 67219

KENTUCKY Director Langston D. Smith 1860 B. Arundel Drive Lexington, KY 40505 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Pi (U of Louisville — #37) Danny R. Penick (P) Box 1120 Louisville, KY 40208

* Gamma Rho Lambda (Gary— #182) Everett S. Palmer (S) 634 E. 21st Ave. Gary, IN 46407

Kappa Chi Lambda (Waukegan — #544) George H. Dillard (CS) 804 Oakley Waukegan, IL 60085

Theta Xi Lambda (South Bend — #290) INACTIVE

Beta Mu (Kentucky State U — #55) Gregory F. King (P) 330 MoCullin Hall — KSU Frankfort, KY 40601

' Mu Alpha Lambda (Dekalb #546) Donald J. Wilson (S) 135 N. Maytield Apt. "C" Chicago, IL 60644

' Theta Upsilon Lambda (Fort Wayne — #296) Ernest P. Lavender (S) P.O. Box 5076 Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Epsilon Chi (U of Kentucky — #330) Jerome White (P) Box 379 - U of Kentucky Lexington, KY 40506

" Kappa Rho Lambda (Evansville — #539) James Landers (AS) 714 Bayard Park Drive Evansville, IN 47713

ILLINOIS (Southern) Director A. Wendell Wheaton, Esq. 2600 St. Louis Avenue East St. Louis, IL 62205 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Eta (Southern Illinois U. —#51) Darold Tucker (P) PO. Box 1002 Carbondale, IL 62901

IOWA Director Everett A. Mays P.O. Box 533 Des Moines, IA 50302 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Theta (U of Iowa — #30) Ronald Baugh (P) 135 Slater Hall — U of Iowa Iowa City, IA 52242

The Sphinx / February 1976

Gamma Epsilon Lambda (Hopkinsville — #171) NO REPORT

KANSAS Director Richard Marshall 1014 Calvin —No. 9 Kansas City. KS 66102

Iota Delta Lambda (Chicago — #505) NO REPORT

Mu Delta lambda (Springfield — #549) Milton P. Johnson (CS) 1801 Seven Pines Road Springfield, IL 62704

* Gamma Beta Lambda (Frankfort — #168) Dr. William W. Bearden (S) Box 7 Kentucky State University Frankfort, KY 40601

Zeta Omicron (Murray State U — #345) NO REPORT ' Eta Rho (Western Kentucky U — #369) Leo Fain (P) 321 Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, KY 42101

KENTUCKY (Western) Director Claude Snorton Box 654 Hopkinsville, KY 42240 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Eta Rho (Western Kentucky U #369) Kenneth J. Bell (P) 321 College Hts, — WKU Bowling Green, KY 42101 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Epsilon Lambda (Hopkinsville — #171) Claude Snorton (P) Box 654 Hopkinsville, KY 42240

* Epsilon Upsilon Lambda (Flint — #230) William A. Tipper (P) 912 East Wellington Ave. Flint, Ml 48503 Eta Nu Lambda (Grand Ranids — #267) NO REPORT Theta Zeta Lambda (Ann Arbor — #283) Leonard Gay (S) 2822 Yost Ann Arbor, Ml 48104 lota Rho Lambda (Pontiac — #517) NO REPORT lota Phi Lambda (Muskegon Heights — #521) NO REPORT lota Chi Lambda (Saginaw — #522) James Gaddis (P) 4028 Wisner Saginaw, Ml 48601 Kappa Delta Lambda (East Lansing — #527) Robert Brown, Jr. (P) P.O. Box 1226 Lansing, Ml 48904

MICHIGAN Director William A. Tipper 912 E. Wellington Flint, Ml 48503 COLLEGE CHAPTERS * Epsilon (U of Michigan — #5) Gerald Appling (S) 340 S. Division St. Ann Arbor, Ml 48104 Alpha Upsilon (Wayne State — #41) Donald Snider (P) 23020 Webster Oak Park, Ml 48237 * Gamma Tau (Michigan State U — #84) Hugh S. Hatten (P) P.O. Box 466-MSU East Lansing, Ml 48823 Epsilon Eta (Eastern Michigan U - #316) NO REPORT

* Kappa Psi Lambda (Kalamazoo — #545) Wilford Miner (AS) 1108 Bridge Kalamazoo, Ml 49001

MINNESOTA Director James Beard 4109 Portland Ave., South Minneapolis, MN 55407 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Mu (U of Minnesota — #11) INACTIVE ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Xi Lambda (Minneapolis — #179) Ellis F. Bullock. Jr. (P) 7710 Tessman Dr. Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

MISSOURI Epsilon Xi (Western Michigan U — #322) NO REPORT Zeta Beta (Ferris State — #333) Gary Taylor (P) Rankin Center Box 4 — FSC Big Rapids, Ml 49307 Zeta Delta (Northern Michigan U — #335) NO REPORT • Eta Xi (U of Detroit — #366) Don Smith (P) 2417 Highland Detroit, Ml 48206 Theta Tau (General Motors Institute — #393) Harry L. Alston, Jr. IS) 3495 Apt. 4 Court Circle Dr. Flint, Ml 48502

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Lambda (Louisville — #101) NO REPORT

' lota Epsilon (Grand Valley — #402) Paul R. Harvey (P) 41 Buckley St. Grand Rapids, Ml 49503

Alpha Beta Lambda (Lexington — #124) Jice Stokes (P) c o Alpha Beta Lambda Chapter P. 0. Box 1248 Lexington, KY 40507

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Lambda (Detroit — #103) Oscar B. Session (S) 19475 Stratford Detroit. Ml 48221


Director Ronald E. Smiley 1562 Mendall St. Louis, MO 63130 COLLEGE CHAPTERS • Alpha Eta (St. Louis — #29) David Brown (S) Box 54-Lindenwood College, II St. Charles, MO 63301 Epsilon Psi (U of Missouri — #331) Terry 0. Logan (P) Hwy 63 & Elm Rolls. MO 65401 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Epsilon Lambda (St. Louis — #105) Elmore W. Nelson (CSJ 1269 Hodiamont Ave. St. Louis, MO 63112 Epsilon Eta Lambda (Charleston — #218) Booker T. Robinson (S) Rt. # 1 , Box 214 Mounds, IL 62964



Director Edward Wilkerson 1413 Chestnut Jefferson City, MO 65101


COLLEGE CHAPTERS ' Alpha Psi (Lincoln U — #44) Paul Best 522 E. Atchinson Jefferson City, MO 65101 Zeta Alpha (U of Missouri — #332) Clifford L. Hubly (A) 100 Read Hall — U of Missouri Columbia, MO 65201 ' lota Xi (Northeast Missouri — #410) Leon Price (S) Dobson Hall-Rm. #300 N.M.S.U. Kirksville, MO 63501 ALUMNI CHAPTERS * Beta Zeta Lambda (Jefferson City — #150) Clyde K. Phillips, Jr. (P) 1409 Chestnut St. Jefferson City, MO 65101 MISSOURI (Western) Director Jimmie Bufford 3202 V: Brighton, # 2 0 Kansas City, MO 64128 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta Rho (U of Missouri — #303) Raymond Vaughn, Jr. (CS) 4224 S. Benton Kansas City, MO 64130 Zeta Gamma (Central Missouri — #334) Rembert Young (S) 354 " B " Knox Hall — CMSU Warrensburg, MO 64093 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Lambda (Kansas City — #102) Jimmie L. Buford (P) 9807 Smalley Avenue Kansas City, MO 64134

NEBRASKA Director (To be appointed) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Beta ill of Nebraska — #46) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Xi Lambda (Omaha — #157) Alfred B. Grice (S) 3222 North 24 Street Omaha, NE 68110 OHIO (Northeast) Director Joseph Hill 934 Hartford Ave. Akron. OH 44320 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Pi (Cleveland State/ Western Reserve — #40) Kermit Ralph Henderson (P) 1852 Alvason Road East Cleveland. OH 44112 * Alpha Tau (U of Akron — #40) Michael Hughes 806 Euclid Ave. Akron, OH 44307 Epsilon Delta (Kent State U — #313) Albert Jones, Jr. (P) c'o Adrian Haywood Koonce Hall — Box 511 Kent. OH 44243 lota Phi (Mt. Union College — #417) Howard Ward IS) 330 Vincent Blvd. Alliance. OH 44601


ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Rho Lambda (Youngstown — #160) NO REPORT

Delta Xi (Central State U — #300) Marshall P. Bryant (P) c/o Pan-Hellenic Office — CSU Wilberforce, OH 45384

Delta Alpha Lambda (Cleveland — #189) Andrew A. Venable (CS) 3399 Superior Park Drive Cleveland. OH 44118

Delta Upsilon (Miami U — #360) Gregory Walker (P) c'o Lawrence Young (A) 96 Bishop Hall — Miami U Oxford, OH 45056

* Eta Tau Lambda (Akron — #273) Edwin L. Parms (CS) 1908 # 1 Cascade Plaza Akron, OH 44308

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Theta Lambda (Dayton — #108) Edward L. White (P) 5211 Big Bend Dr. Dayton, OH 45427

O H I O (Northern) Director Robert Stubblefield 915 Loch Lomond Ave. Toledo, OH 43607 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Alpha IU of Toledo — #310) Timothy Miles 941 Lincoln Avenue Toledo, OH 43607

Gamma Kappa (Miles College — #76) Joe W. Carter (P) Box 177-Miles College Birmingham, AL 35208


Epsilon Theta (Bowling Green U — #317) Jonathon 0. Bailey (CS) 130 S. Prospect Bowling Green, OH 43403 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Xi Lambda (Toledo — #135) James Pitts (P) 618 Weirwood Toledo, OH 43607

Alpha Zeta (West Virginia State — #28) Etheredge W. Donaldson (S) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Alpha Zeta Chapter West Virginia State College Institute, WVA 25112

OHIO (Central) Director William Nelson, Ph.D. 2572 Burnaby Dr. Columbus, OH 43209 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Kappa (Ohio State J — #10) Paul T. Venable, II (CS) 1555 Franklin Park South Columbus, OH 43205 Phi (Ohio U — #20) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Rho Lambda (Columbus — #138) Clayton N. Hicks, 0.0. (ES) P.O. Box 6821 Columbus, OH 43205 Zeta Delta Lambda (Springfield — #237) William Simpson (P) 667 Omar Circle Yellow Springs, OH 45387

O H I O (Southwest) Director Clarence Frazier 1145 Wionna Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45224 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Xi (Wilberforce U — #13) Terry Jones (P) APA House — Wilberforce U Wilberforce, OH 45384 Alpha Alpha (U of Cincinnati — #23) James Jenkins, (P) Sawyer Hall, #1110 Cincinnati, OH 45225 Gamma Theta (U of Dayton) Larry Wright (P) 1923 Trinity Dayton, OH 45409


Delta Gamma Lambda (Cincinnati — #191) Harry Turner (P) 3560 Lossing Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45220

Box 132


' Beta Theta (Bluefield State — #52) Adolphus Young, Jr. (A)

Box 671 Bluefield. WVA 24701

Delta Phi Lambda (Tuscaloosa — #209) Ben Winston (S) 4116— 19th Place Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

* Alpha Beta (Talladega College — #24) James P. Gleason (P) Talladega College Talladega, AL 35160

Wilberforce, OH 45384

Director Douglas Miller, Esq. P.O. Box 261 Institute, WVA 25112

' Kappa Mu Lambda (Lorain — #534) Jerry 0. Ledbetter (A) 2810 Packard Drive Lorain, OH 44055

ALABAMA Director W. Mingo Clark 2026 Winchester Rd. Huntsville, AL 35810

Beta Upsilon (Alabama State U — #63) Ronnie G. Jones (S) P.O. Box 28-ASU Montgomery, AL 36101

* Chi Lambda (Wilberforce — #121) Thomas E. Kelley

Delta Pi Lambda (Selma — #204) John D. Taylor (CS) 1821 Legrande St. Selma, AL 36701


* Epsilon Delta Lambda (Talladega — #215) Harold Washington (CS) 1515-Cobb Street Anniston, AL 36201 Theta Alpha Lambda (Gadsden — #278) NO REPORT Theta Gamma Lambda (Dothan — #280) NO REPORT

Gamma Phi (Tuskegee Institute — #86) Ivor L. Raygins (CS) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Gamma Phi Chapter Residence E, Room #306 Tuskegee Institute, AL 36088 Delta Gamma (Alabama A8.M College — #91) NO REPORT * Epsilon Nu (Stillman College — #321) Henry BiHups (S) 4231 Stillman College Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 Theta Delta (U of South Alabama — #379) Seymour A. Irby, III (P) 5920 Waringwood Drive Mobile, AL 36608

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Zeta Lambda (Bluefield- #128) Adolphus A. Young, Jr. (S) Box 671 Bluefield, WVA 24701

lota Nu (U of Alabama — #409) LeRoy A. Simmons, Jr. (P) 918 3rd Street, West Birmingham, AL 35204

Alpha lota Lambda (Charleston — #131) John E. Scott (S) P.O. Box 303 Institute, WVA 25112

* Kappa Alpha (U of Alabama — #420) Ben Winston (A) 4116 19th Place Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Gamma Delta Lambda (Beckley — #170) INACTIVE

Kappa Gamma (U of North Alabama — #422) James Allen (CS) 124 S. Blair Florence, AL 35630

WISCONSIN Director Hoyt Harper 6015 Calumet Road Milwaukee, Wl 53223 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Epsilon (U of Wisconsin — =71) Reginald Stone (P) Memorial Union — Mail Box 508 800 Langdon Street Madison, Wl 53706 Epsilon Tau (U of Wise-Mil. Branch — #327) NO REPORT Zeta lota (U of Wisconsin — #340) NO REPORT Eta Beta (Wisconsin State NO REPORT


Eta Pi (Wisconsin State U — #368) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTER ' Delta Chi Lambda (Milwaukee — #210) Taft E. Benson (S) 2815 W. Ranch Road 116N Mequon, Wl 53092

* Alpha Nu Lambda (Tuskegee Institute — #134) Dr. Steve Goldsberry (P) 107 Fuller St. Tuskegee Institute, AL 36088

Beta Omicron Lambda (Mobile — #158) Alum J. Allen (RS) 1205 St. Madar Street Mobile, AL 36603 Delta Theta Lambda (Normal — # 1 9 6 ) Cleophas N. Haygood (CS) PO Box 189 Normal. AL 35762

FLORIDA Director Robert L. Smith 431 Rosemary Ave. West Palm Beach, FL 33401 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Nu (Florida AiM U — #56) Andrew A. Dixon (P) P.O. Box 598 — FAMU Tallahassee, FL 32307 Delta Beta (Bethune-Cookman — #90) NO REPORT * Delta Psi (Florida Memorial College — #309) Roger Cherry (VP) 15800 NW 42nd Avenue Miami, FL 33054 •Eta Delta (U of Miami — #357) Lemuel Rosier (VP) Apt. 43 F - U of Miami Coral Gables, FL 33146 Theta Gamma (U of South Florida — #378) NO REPORT

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Omicron Lambda (Birmingham — #114) James Pharris (P) 35 20th Ave. Birmingham, AL 35205

Alpha Upsilon Lambda (Montgomery — #141) William M. Minter (P) 1001 Pelham Street Montgomery, AL 36104

* Kappa Nu Lambda (Leighton — #535) Emmitt E. Jimmar 408 S. Atlanta Ave. Sheffield, AL 35660

Theta Sigma (U of Florida — #392) NO REPORT lota Delta (Florida State U —#401) Kelvin R. Davis (P) UO Box 6032 — FSU Tallahassee, FL 32313 Kappa Upsilon (Metropolitan — #438) John Lee (A) 1568 Kings Road Edward Waters College Jacksonville, FL 32209 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Upsilon Lambda (Jacksonville — #119) NO REPORT Beta Beta Lambda (Miami — #146) Aubyn Jones (S) P. 0. Box 510027 Miami, FL 33151 'Beta Delta Lambda (Daytona Beach — #148) Theo R. Nicholson, Sr. (P) 1077 North Street Daytona Bch., FL 32014 Gamma Zeta Lambda (Tampa — #172) NO REPORT Gamma Mu Lambda (Tallahassee — #177) NO REPORT

The Sphinx

Delta Delta lambda (W. Palm Beach — # 1 9 2 ) Bernard G. Jones (P) 613 Clear Lake Avenue W. Palm Beach, FL 33401 ' Delta Xi Lambda (Orlando — # 2 0 2 ) Ernest C. Goodman (CS) 3400 West Church Street Orlando, FL 32805

' Zeta Pi (U of Georgia — # 3 4 6 ) Roosevelt Sanders (S) 119-1 Ashley Circle Athens, GA 30601

(Pensacola — = 2 2 2 ) NO REPORT Epsilon Pi Lambda (Ocala — # 2 2 6 ) William E. Jackson (S) 1822 S.W. 4th Street Ocala, FL 32670 ' Zeta Alpha Lambda (Ft. Lauderdale — # 2 3 4 ) Beniamin F. Lampkin, Jr. (P) 1400 Northwest Sixth Street Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311 Eta Kappa Lambda (Ft. Pierce — # 2 6 5 ) Havert L. Fenn (S) P 0. Box 1271 Ft. Pierce, FL 33450 * Theta Eta Lambda (St. Petersburg — # 2 8 4 ) Alfred B. Williams 2534 22nd Street South St. Petersburg, FL 33407 ' Iota Beta Lambda (Cocoa — # 5 0 3 ) J Albert Diggs, Jr. (S) 1725 Country Club Drive Titusville, FL 32780 ' Iota Pi lambda (Miami — # 5 1 6 ) John Pittman (S) P.O. Box 57023 Miami, FL 33157 Mu Zeta Lambda (Lakeland — # 5 5 1 ) Lynwood L. Bell 516 Lowell Street Lakeland, FL 33801


Theta Beta

lota Eta (Mercer U — # 4 0 4 ) Waldo Emerson Johnson, Jr. (S) PC. Box 1078 — M U Macon, GA 31207

ALUMNI CHAPTERS • Eta Lambda ( A t l a n t a — # 1 0 7 ) Nathaniel C. Veale, Jr. (CS) P.O. Box 92576 Atlanta, GA 30314 Alpha Chi Lambda (Augusta — # 1 4 3 ) Willie George Marshall (VP) 829 Strother Drive Augusta, GA 30901 Beta Phi Lambda (Savannah — = 1 6 4 ) E. G. Miller, Sr. (CS) P.O. Box 1361 Savannah, GA 31402 Gamma Omicron Lambda (Albany — # 1 8 0 ) NO REPORT Gamma Sigma Lambda [Ft. Valley — # 1 8 3 ) Clinton H. Dixon (S) P. 0. Box 1742 Fort Valley State College Fort Valley, GA 31030 ' Delta lota Lambda

Director Lorenzo Mann 4554 Moline Avenue Columbus, GA 31907

(Columbus — # 1 9 7 ) Lorenzo R. Mann (S) 4554 Moline Ave. Columbus, GA 31907

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Iota (Morris Brown College — # 9 ) Morris Heath (S) 446 Chestnut Street, N.W. Atlanta, GA 30318

Epsilon Beta Lambda (Macon — # 2 1 3 ) Joseph D. Lindsey (S) 2941 Malibu Dr. Macon, GA 31201

Alpha Rho (Morehouse College — # 3 8 ) Paul M. Booth (CS) P.O. Box 627-MC Atlanta. GA 30314 Alpha Phi (Clark College — # 4 2 ) William Smith (CS) 188 Griffin Street, N.W. Atlanta, GA 30314 Gamma Zeta (Ft Valley State — # 7 2 ) Johnny Mitchell (CS) P.O. Box 326 Fort Valley, GA 31030 ' Delta Delta (Albany State — # 9 2 ) E. Charles Thomas (P) PO Box 257 • ASC Albany, GA 31705 Delta Eta (Savannah State College — # 9 5 ) J B Clemmons (A) Savannah State College

(Tougaloo College — # 8 5 ) Lucas Watson (CS) Tougaloo College

' Eta Alpha (Paine College— # 3 5 4 ) Anthony Campbell (S) 1235 15th Street Augusta, GA 30901

(Columbus College — # 3 7 7 ) Edward C. Short (P) 1103 Glenwood Road Columbus, GA 31906

Epsilon Mu Lambda


' Eta lota Lambda (Athens — # 2 6 4 ) Hugh Goodrum (CS) P.O. Box 902 Athens, GA 30601 Theta Nu Lambda (LaGrange — # 2 8 9 ) Oliver N Greene (S) 712 Pyracantha Drive LaGrange, GA 30240 lota Gamma Lambda (Brunswick — = 5 0 4 ) Thomas P. Williams (S) 1716 Albany St. Brunswick. GA 31520

Tougaloo, MS 39174 Delta Kappa (Alcorn State U — # 9 8 ) Robert Baker (S) P.O. Box 267 — ASU Lorman, MS 39096 Delta Phi (Jackson State College — # 3 0 7 ) Gerald T. Cooper (CS) Box 17177 — JSC Jackson, MS 39217 * Zeta Phi (Ms Valley State College — = 3 5 1 ) Esper Smith (S) P.O. Box 899 Itta Bena, MS 38941 * lota Gamma (Rust College — # 4 0 0 ) Fred Taylor (S) Rust College Holly Springs, MS 38625 " Kappa Beta (State College — # 4 2 1 ) Clarence Christian (A) 321 University Village Starksville, MS 39759 ALUMNI CHAPTERS * Alpha Epsilon Lambda (Jackson — # 1 2 9 ) Dr. R. W. Harrison, Jr. (S) P.O. Box 356 Yazoo City, MS 39194 Epsilon Xi Lambda (Mound Bayou — # 2 2 4 ) George J. Bacon (CS) P.O. Box 5531 Greenville, MS 38701 Zeta Mu Lambda IBiloxi — # 2 4 4 ) Mack B. Harris (CS) P.O. Box 4254 Gulfport, MS 39501

Registrar's Office

Eta Phi lambda (Columbus — # 2 7 5 ) NO REPORT Theta Sigma Lambda (Lorman — # 2 9 4 ) Wiley F. Jones (P) P.O. Box 285 — ASU Mu Gamma Lambda (Hattiesburg-Laurel — # 5 4 8 ) Howard J. Jones (A) Southern Sta. — Box 5223 Hattiesburg, MS 39401

NORTH CAROLINA Director Dr. A. M. Witherspoon 1025 Seabrook Rd. Raleigh, NC 27610 COLLEGE CHAPTERS * Alpha Omicron (Johnson C. Smith


Zeta Mu (Georgia State U. — # 3 4 2 ) Beniamin F. Jenkins, Jr. (P) 4578 Fernbank Drive, S.W. Atlanta, GA 30331

John I. Hendricks, Jr. Alcorn State College Lorman. MS 39096

The Sphinx





Beta Rho (Shaw U — # 6 0 ) Lorenzo M. Hainsworth (P) Box 108 - Shaw U Raleigh, NC 27602

Epsilon Sigma Lambda (Tarboro — # 2 2 8 ) NO REPORT

* Gamma Beta (North Carolina Central U — # 6 8 ) Dennis Levi Forbes (CS) P.O. Box 1948-NCU Durham, NC 27707

(Elizabeth City — # 2 3 2 ) E. N. Smith (P) Box 102-ESU Elizabeth City, NC 27909

* Epsilon Chi Lambda

* Gamma Mu (Livingston College — # 7 7 ) Larry D. Giles Box 62-Livingston College Salisbury, NC 28144 Gamma Psi (St. Augustine's College — # 8 8 ) Kervin L. Hawkins (S) P.O. Box 1091 — SAC Raleigh, NC 27611 * Epsilon Zeta (Fayetteville State U — # 3 1 5 ) Howard Picett (CS) P.O. Box 1438 Fayetteville, NC 28301 Zeta Epsilon (Barber-Scotia College — # 3 3 6 ) Charles C. King (P) Box 437 — BSC Concord, NC 28025 Eta Nu (East Carolina State U — # 3 6 5 ) NO REPORT Eta Omicron (North Carolina State U — Thurman L. Mcintosh (S) P.O. Box 5483-NSU Raleigh, NC 27607


Kappa Omicron (Duke U. — # 4 3 3 ) Lonnie A. Wilson (S) P. 0. Box 4783 Duke Station Durham, NC 27706 ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Greensboro — # 1 1 0 ) Gordon S. Sellers (P) P. 0. Box 21052 Greensboro, NC 27420 Phi Lambda (Raleigh — # 1 2 0 ) Raymond C. Perry (P) P. 0. Box 14072 Raleigh, NC 27610 ' Alpha Pi Lambda (Winston- Salem — # 1 3 7 ) John P. Bond, III 726 25th Street, N.W. Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Beta Theta Lambda (Durham — # 1 5 2 ) A.J.H. Clement, III (P) 2505 Weaver Street Durham, NC 27707 Beta Mu Lambda (Salisbury — 155) Frank R. Brown (S) P.O. Box 2212 Salisbury, NC 28144

Mallory D. Felder (P) Charlotte, NC 28208 Beta Epsilon (A&T State U. — # 4 9 ) George Cobb, III (P) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Box A-14-N.C. A &T State U Greensboro, NC 27411


Savannah, GA 31404

Epsilon Rho Lambda (Fayetteville — # 2 2 7 ) Frederick Hill (P) P.O. Box 1572 Fayetteville, NC 28301

Zeta Eta Lambda (Kinston — # 2 4 0 ) B. F. Hall. Jr. (S) 1007 E. Caswell St. Kinston, NC 28501 Eta Mu Lambda (Gastonia — 266) Joel C. Marable (S) 407 Belevedere Circle Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Theta Omicron Lambda (Goldsboro — # 2 9 1 ) John D. Stokes (S) 306 W. Chestnut Street Goldsboro, NC 27530

SOUTH CAROLINA Director Peter Felder P.O. Box 41 Claflin College Orangeburg, SC 29115 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Delta (South Carolina State — # 4 8 ) Nolen V. Bivens (P) Box 12 — New Men's Dorm — SCSC Orangeburg, SC 29117 Gamma Gamma (Allen U — # 6 9 ) NO REPORT Gamma Pi (Benedict College — # 8 1 ) Virgil Henry (P) Jenkins Hall-Benedict U Columbia, SC 29204

Kappa Lambda

P.O. Box 785 • J.C.S.U. Kappa Tau Lambda (Valdosta — = 5 4 1 ) Dr. Lafayette W. Williams (S) 415 S. Ashley Street Valdosta, GA 31061

Beta lota (Winston-Salem State U — # 5 3 ) Ronald Nolan (P) Box 306 — Brown Hall Winston-Salem, NC 27847

Beta Zeta (Elizabeth City State U — # 5 0 ) Jimmie Tatem (S) Box 197 — ECSU Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Beta Nu Lambda (Charlotte — # 1 5 6 ) M. A. Cochrane (P) P.O. Box 16153 Charlotte, NC 28216

Delta Alpha (Claflin U — # 8 9 ) Anderson Mack, Jr. (P) Hi-Rise Dorm — Claflin College Orangeburg, SC 29115 * Eta lota (Voorhees College — # 3 6 2 ) Thurmond White (P) Battle Hall-Voorhees College Denmark, SC 29042 Theta Nu (U of South Carolina — # 3 8 7 ) Stewart Cummings (S) Box 84511 — U o f SC Columbia, SC 29208 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Psi Lambda (Columbia — # 1 4 4 ) James 0. Jackson (P) P.O. Box 11466 Columbia, SC 29211 Beta Kappa Lambda (Charleston — # 1 5 4 ) McKinley Washington (P) P 0 Box 7 Edisto Island, SC 29438

Gamma Kappa Lambda (Wilmington — # 1 7 6 ) NO REPORT

* Gamma Gamma Lambda (Greenville — # 1 6 9 ) Fred W. Bostic (S) 201 Kennedy Drive Greenville, SC 29605

* Gamma Psi Lambda (Asheville— # 1 8 8 ) James E. King (CS) 81 Taft Ave. Asheville, NC 23803

* Delta Zeta Lambda (Orangeburg— # 1 9 4 ) Peter Felder (P) Claflin College Orangeburg, SC 29115


Delta Kappa Lambda (Florence — # 1 9 8 ) Joseph E. Heyward (S) P.O. Box 384 Florence, SC 29501

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Tau Lambda (Nashville —


Wilson Q. Welch, Jr. (CS) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Tau Lambda Chapter

Delta Sigma Lambda (Pine B l u f f — # 2 0 6 ) Calvin Matlock (CS) UAPB — Box 4132 Pine Bluff, AR 71601


Nashville, TN 37208 Psi Lambda (Chattanooga — Albert M. Miller, Jr. (CS) 718 Midland Pike Chattanooga, TN 37411

' Theta Pi Lambda (Bennettsville — # 2 9 7 ) Ralph W. Dupree (CS) Beauty Spot Road Bennettsville, SC 29511

Zenoch G. Adams 1024 Kellow Street Nashville, TN 37208 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Chi (Meharry Medical College — # 2 1 ) Samuel C. Lett (PI Box 86 — Meharry Medical College .. Nashville, TN 37208 Alpha Chi (Fisk U — # 4 3 ) Adam Sumlin (P) P.O. Box 577 - Fisk U Nashville, TN 37203

Ray 0. Wright 823 Atkinson Monroe, LA 71201 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Sigma (Southern U — P.O. Box 9929 — SU Baton Rouge, LA 70813

Beta Upsilon Lambda (Jackson — # 1 6 3 ) L. R. Cunningham (CS) 342 Webster Street Jackson, TN 38301

* Beta Tau (Xavier U —

Kappa Zeta Lambda

* Beta Phi (Dillard U — James V. Langle (S) P O . Box 214 New Orleans, LA 70122

(Clarksville — # 5 2 9 ) NO REPORT

Director William H. Fowler

(Tennessee State U — # 5 8 ) Dennis Lawson (CS) Box 149-TSU Nashville, TN 37203 • Beta Pi (Lane College — Gregory Scott (P) 211 Jackson Street Jackson, TN 38301

Beta Chi (Philander Smith College — Timothy Williams (S) 1503V2 Center Street Little Rock, AR 72202


(Knoxville College — # 8 0 ) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Gamma Omicron Chapter 901 College St. — P.O. Box 382 Knoxville, TN 37921 Eta Phi (U ol Tennessee — # 3 7 3 ) Benjamin J. Odom ISI Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. 757 Vine Street Chattanooga, TN 37403 * Theta Pi (Austin Peay State U — # 3 9 0 ) R. Briggs (CS) Hillview Hgts., Apt. C 19 Clarksville, TN 37040

Delta Sigma (Grambling U — # 3 0 4 ) Ernest Williams (P) P.O. Box 200 — Grambling U Grambling, LA 71245


* Theta Kappa (Henderson State College —

Zeta Chi (Bogalusa — NO REPORT

Eta Xi Lambda (Lawton — # 2 6 8 ) Cpt. Archer R. McPhaul (S) P.O. Box 1335 Lawton, OK 73501


TEXAS Director Roosevelt Johnson 2521 South Blvd. Dallas, TX 75215

(Lake Charles — # 2 5 5 ) J. Y. Bellard (T) 2911 General Mitchell Drive Lake Charles, LA 70601


(Lafayette — # 2 5 8 ) AlvinWiltz (S) 832 Begnaud Street Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

(Huston-Tillotson College —

Zeta Xi

Eta Kappa (Louisiana Tech U — # 3 6 3 ) Clyde Dennis (S) P.O. Box 5497 — Tech Station Ruston, LA 71270


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Eta Delta Lambda (Monroe — Louis Pargoud (CS) 500 Jason Drive Monroe, LA 71201


Johnny Harris (P) Route 1, Box 176C Gordon, AR 71743 Theta Upsilon (Arkansas State U — # 3 9 4 ) Elder Granger (P) P.O. Box 1980 State University, AR 72467 Theta Psi (U of Central Arkansas — # 3 9 7 ) Kimmy Cleveland (S) Box 646 — U of Central Arkansas Conway. AR 72032

(Northeast Louisiana — Robert Hendricks (P) 4309 Bon Aire Drive Monroe, LA 71201


Theta Theta (McNeese U —


NO REPORT Theta Phi (Louisiana State U. — # 3 9 5 ) Rodney C. Cook (S) Box 1235 - Lake Front Campus • UNO New Orleans, LA 70122

Kappa lota

Alpha Sigma (Wiley U — NO REPORT

(Southern State — # 4 2 8 ) Ronnie L. Brannon (S) Box 1355-SSC Magnolia, AR 71753


(Vanderbilt U — # 4 2 7 ) Gerald T. Washington (S) Box 5270 Station B Vanderbilt U Nashville, TN 37235

(U of Arkansas — # 4 2 9 ) Everette L. Harris (P) P.O. Box 2623 — U of A Union Fayetteville, AR 72701

Kappa Mu (Nicholls State U — # 4 3 0 ) Gilbert Boudreaux (S) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Kappa Mu Chapter Box 2009 — NSU Thibodeaux, LA 70301

Kappa Xi (Middle Tennessee State — # 4 3 2 ) Bayne W Spotwood (CS) PO Box 655 - MTSU Murfreesboro, TN 37132

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Pi Lambda (Little Rock — # 1 1 5 ) Acie L. Johnson (PI 1011 S. Hughes Little Rock AR 72204

(Southeastern Louisiana — # 4 3 1 ) Stacey Pierce (S) P. 0. Box 3917 Hammond, LA 70401

Kappa Kappa

Kappa Nu


Gamma Alpha (Texas College — # 6 7 ) NO REPORT Delta Theta (Texas Southern U — # 9 6 ) Derrick Young (CS) P.O. Box 214 — 3201 Wheeler Houston, TX 77004

OKLAHOMA Director Roy L. Watson 4401 North Thompson Oklahoma City. OK 73105

Epsilon Gamma

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Kappa (Langston U —


(Bishop College — NO REPORT


Mark Davis (P) Epsilon lota (U of Texas — Donald Pinkard (P) P.O. Box 1712 Austin, TX 76067

Epsilon Epsilon (Oklahoma State U — Ronnie Foster (P) 408 N. Washington Stillwater, OK 74074

Epsilon Rho (Lamar Tech State College —



Zeta Zeta (U of Oklahoma — # 3 3 7 ) Bruce A. Nolan (FS) 640 Elm Street Norman, OK 73069 Zeta Sigma (Central State U. — NO REPORT



Epsilon Sigma (St. Mary's U — # 3 2 6 ) Roy Washington (CS) P.O. Box 2406 San Antonio, TX 78285


Zeta Upsilon (Northwestern State U — Hilton Verrett (P) P 0. Box 5232 Natchitoches, LA 71457

Huston-Tillotson College — Box 324 Austin, TX 78702

Langston, OK 73050

Eta Chi


Henry Hunt (P)

Langston U

Kappa Theta


Epsilon Psi Lambda (Alexandria — # 2 3 3 ) Lee A. Dotson, Jr. (P) P.O. Box 421 Boyce, LA 71409

* lota Xi Lambda

Theta Chi #427)

* Zeta Gamma Lambda (Langston — # 2 3 6 ) Robert S. Anderson (CP) Box 778 Langston, OK 73050

(Opelousas — # 5 1 4 ) Donald J. 8ush (P) P.O. Box 329 Opelousas, LA 70570

Gamma Delta (U of Ark. at Pine Bluff — David Leron Walker IS) P. 0. Box 4202 - UAPB Pine Bluff, AR 71601

(Muskogee — # 1 6 5 ) Vernon L. Foshee (S) 725 N. Terrace Blvd. Muskogee, OK 74401

Eta Gamma Lambda

(U of Southwest Louisiana — # 3 4 4 ) Carol Bourgeois Box 1 8 8 9 U of Southwestern Louisiana Lafayette, LA 70501


Gamma Omicron


(Southern U — # 3 2 8 ) Marshall M. Jackson IS) 1408 S. Miro — Apt. "A" New Orleans, LA 70125


* Beta Chi Lambda

Zeta Psi Lambda

Epsilon Upsilon

2515 Ringo Little Rock, AR 72201

Beta Omicron


Oonzell Floyd (DE) St. Michael's Dorm New Orleans, LA 70125



Jerry Henderson, Sr. (CS)


- Beta Xi

(Oklahoma City — # 1 5 1 ) Gerald Henderson (P) P.O. Box 11105 Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Epsilon Kappa Lambda (Grambling — # 2 2 1 ) Jacob T. Stewart (P) P.O. Drawer 604 Grambling, LA 71245


(Knoxville — # 1 3 3 ) Edward 0. Hill (P) 2643 Linden Ave. Knoxville, TN 37914


Beta Eta Lambda

(Shreveport — # 2 0 8 ) NO REPORT


(Memphis — # 1 2 6 ) George D. Clark, Jr. (S) 1217 Fountain Court Memphis, TN 38106



Beta lota Lambda (Baton Rouge — # 1 5 3 ) Frank Williams (CS) 1649 — 77th Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70807 Delta Upsilon Lambda

* Alpha Mu Lambda

(LeMoyne-Owen College — Lee Lester (P) 1607 Florida Street Memphis, TN 38109

Theta Tau Lambda (Helena — Willis C. Williams (P) 51 Lambert Drive West Helena, AR 72390

Alpha Delta Lambda

* lota Eta Lambda (Denmark — # 5 0 8 ) NO REPORT

Kappa Eta (Memphis State U — Dennis W. Swift (P) 520 Moline Road Memphis, TN 38102


(Boley — # 1 4 9 ) L. G. Ashley (S) P.O. Box 247 Boley, OK 74829



P.O. Box 5646 Eta Omicron Lambda (Rock Hills — # 2 6 9 ) Leon G Cureton (S) 400 E. Barr Street Lancaster, S'C 29720

* Beta Epsilon Lambda

Sigma Lambda

(Northeastern State College — NO REPORT


' Eta Theta (East Central State College — Alvin Thomson (S) PO. Box 1734 Ada, OK 74820


' Zeta Kappa (U of Texas) George Ellis 2111 Sun Bowl Dr., # 1 1 3 A El Paso, TX 79902 * Zeta Tau (East Texas U — Edward Johnson (CS) Box S.E.T. Station Commerce, TX 75428


Zeta Chi (U of Texas at Arlington — # 3 5 2 ) Edwin C. Washington APA Fraternity — Zeta Chi Chapter 320 Lampe Street Arlington, TX 76010

' Kappa Epsilon (Cameron U — # 4 2 4 ) Melvin L. Jones (AS) P. 0. Box 6397 - Cameron U Lawton, OK 73501 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Tau Lambda (Tulsa — # 1 4 0 ) Melvin Tennant (S) 1441 S. Frisco — Apt. " D " Box 1751 Tulsa, OK 74103

Eta Gamma (Prairie View A&M College — Willie L. Waters (P) P.O. Box 2255 Prairie View, TX 77445


The Sphinx / February 19 76

Eta Epsilon (North Texas State U — #358) E. Vinson Brewster (P) P.O. Box 4259 — Tech Station Denton, TX 79406

Epsilon Epsilon Lambda (Waco — #216) Mason Yarbrough (P) 1809 Mahalia Drive Waco, TX 76705

ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Nu Lambda (Fresno — #513) Henry E. Jules, Jr. (P) 5698 E. Tarpey Drive Fresno, CA 93727

Eta Mil (U of Houston — #364) Danny K. Russo (VP) 1119 Laurentide Houston, TX 77029

Epsilon Tau Lambda (Prairie View #229) Griff W. Kendrick (FS) P.O. Box 2224 Priarie View, TX 77445

Kappa Eta Lambda (Bakersfield — #530) John W. Randall (P) P.O. Box-1243 Bakersfield, CA 93301

' Eta Upsilon (Texas Tech U — #372) Henry Wheeler (CS) 2801 8th Lubbock, TX 79409 Eta Psi (Texas Christian U — #375) NO REPORT * Theta Alpha (Jarvis Christian College — #376) lerry E. Parker • J.C.C. Hawkins, TX 75675 Theta Mu (Sam Houston State U — #386) NO REPORT lota Kappa (Paul Quinn College — #407) Reginald Archer (S) P.O. Box 2121 Waco, TX 76704 lota Mu (Stephen S. Austin State U — #408) NO REPORT Iota Omicron (Southern Methodist U — #411) Robert S. Butler (P) SMU Box 3522 Dallas, TX 75275 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Eta Lambda (Houston — #129) W. H. Fouche' (CS) 2500 N. MacGregor Way #157 Houston, TX 77004 Alpha Sigma Lambda (Dallas — #139) Earnest Wallace (P) 2018 Van Cleave Drive Dallas, TX 75216 Beta Tau lambda (Ft. Worth — #162) John Booker, Jr. (CS) 1316 Stafford Drive Fort Worth, TX 76134 Gamma Eta Lambda (Austin — #173) Archile E. Petit (P) 4412 Elmsgrove Drive Austin, TX 78721 Gamma Pi Lambda (Galveston — #181) NO REPORT * Gamma Tau Lambda (Beaumont — #184) Elijah Moye (CS) 4125 South Fourth Street Beaumont, TX 77705 Gamma Upsilon Lambda (Marshall — #185) T. E. Gray (CS) P. 0. Box 583 Marshall, TX 75670 Delta Rho Lambda (San Antonio — #205) Timothy Nicholson (SI 1626 Lone Oak San Antonio, TX 78220 Epsilon Alpha Lambda (Tyler — #212) NO REPORT

Epsilon Phi lambda (Port Arthur — #231) NO REPORT

CALIFORNIA (Bay A r e a )

Zeta Tau Lambda (Amarillo — #251) Donald G. White, Sr. (P) 4821 Rusk Street Amarillo, TX 79110

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Epsilon (UC — Berkely — #27) NO REPORT

Eta Upsilon Lambda (Odessa — #274) NO REPORT Theta Delta Lambda (El Paso — #281) Walter M. Showers (S) 10754 Linas Drive El Paso, TX 79935

Delta Omicron (Stanford — #301) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS * Gamma Phi Lambda (Berkeley — #186) Luther R. Harris (P) 4851 Scotia Ave. Oakland, CA 94605

Theta Kappa lambda (Lubbock — #287) NO REPORT Kappa Gamma Lambda (Texarkana — #526) NO REPORT

Gamma Chi Lambda (San Francisco — #187) William Hunter (P) 255 Urbana Drive San Francisco, CA 94127

Kappa Sigma Lambda (Killeen — #540) Kappa Sigma Lambda Chapter Box 1338 Killeen, TX 76541

Eta Sigma Lambda (San Jose — #272) A. Vernon Johnson (FS) 7356 Maywood Drive Pleasanton, CA 94566


Director Elmon Elmore 2575 Bantry Lane S. San Francisco, CA 94080


Director To be appointed ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Tau Lambda (Phoenix — #207) William M. Corbin (CS) 2401 W. Cherry Lynn Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85015

Kappa Alpha Lambda (Monterey — #524) Harold V. Manson (S) # 1 Walter Colton Drive Monterey, CA 93940

ARIZONA (Tucson) NEVADA Director Felix Goodwin 7065 N. Stardust Tucson, AZ 85718

Kappa Omicron Lambda (Vallejo — #537) Otha M. Green (S) 418 LaDera Dr. Vallejo, CA 94590

Eta Pi lambda (Pasadena — #270) Tommy McMullins (P) 1245 Rubio Vista Road Altadena, CA 91001 lota Zeta Lambda (Compton — #507) Mac A. Florence (P) 4237 W. 59th Place Los Angeles, CA 90043

CALIFORNIA (Sacramento-Stockton Area) Director Clifford Basfield 520 West 5th Street Stockton, CA 95206 C0LLESE CHAPTERS Theta Eta (Davis — #382) Al Murray (P) 3000 Cowell Blvd. #241 Oavis, CA 95616 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Beta Lambda (Sacramento — #235) Clifton L. West (P) P.O. Box 22261 Sacramento, CA 95822

CALIFORNIA (San Bernadino A r e a ) Director Kenneth Chapman 846 East Margarita St. Rialto, CA 92376 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Delta (U of Southern California — #26) Ronald K. Wortham (P) 1317 W. 137th Street Compton, CA 90222 lota Chi IU of Redlands — #418) Anthony M. Cummings (P) P.O. Box 142 Redlands, CA 92373 lota Psi (California Polytechnic U — #419) Dan Richardson (P) P.O. Box 1742 Pomona, CA 91769

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha lota (U of Colorado — #31) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Psi lambda (Denver — #211) Leroy Colbert, Jr. (CS) P.O. Box 2975 Denver, CO 80201 lota Omicron Lambda (Colorado Springs — #515) Melvin Johnson (S) 6407 C USAFA Colorado Springs, CO 80940

WASHINGTON OREGON Director Dewey Tuggle 1201 S. Proctor Tacoma. WA 98405 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Xi (U of Washington — #35) John Nelson (S) 3775 — 15th, N.E. Seattle, WA 98105 Beta Psi (II of Oregon — #66) NO REPORT lota Tau (E. Washington State — #415) Randy C. Allen (P) EWSC — College Box 940 Cheyney, WA 99004 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Epsilon Zeta Lambda (Portland — #217) NO REPORT * Zeta Pi Lambda (Seattle — #248) Wallace L. Johnson 2451 26th Ave., E Seattle, WA 98102 lota Mu Lambda (Tacoma — #512) Elvoid Walker (P) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. lota Mu Lambda Chapter Box 171 — Fern Hill Station Tacoma, WA 98412

NEW MEXICO Director Boyd Jackson 1305 Evelyn Ct., N.E. Albuquerque, NM 85705 ALUMNI CHAPTER * lota Psi Lambda (Albuquerque — #523) Samuel E. Harris, Jr. (P) P.O. Bx. 5435 (Kirtland AFB, NM) Albuquerque, NM 87115


COLLEGE CHAPTERS Zeta Theta (U of Arizona — #339) NO REPORT ALUMNI CHAPTERS Eta Psi Lambda (Tucson — #277) Norman Bartee (CS) 8321 E. Karolee PI. Tucson, AZ 85710 Theta Pi Lambda (Las Vegas — #292) NO REPORT

CALIFORNIA (Bakersfield-Fresno Director William H. Day 866 E. Fir Fresno, CA 93710

Theta Beta lambda (Oakland — #279) Michael F. Lange (DOD P.O. Box 10172 Oakland, CA 94610

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Psi Lambda (Los Angeles — #166) Samuel W. Davis (RS) 6743-3rd Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90043

SAN JOSE Director Vernon Johnson 7356 Maywood Drive Pleasanton, CA 91001 COLLEGE CHAPTER Epsilon Mu (San Jose State U — #320) Everette Garmon IS) P.O. Box 486 — SJSU San Jose, CA 95103


C0LLE6E CHAPTERS Epsilon Beta (Fresno State College — #311) Lehman 0. Walker (P) 4645 N. 5th St. Fresno, CA 93726

CALIFORNIA (Los Angeles A r e a ) Director Clinton Minnis 2118S. BagleySt. Los Angeles, CA 90034 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Xi (U of California — #79) NO REPORT

CALIFORNIA (San Diego A r e a ) Director Samuel McElroy 6531 Hopedale Ct. San Diego, CA 92120 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Eta Sigma (Metropolitan — #370) Samuel O. Thomas, Jr. (P) P.O Box 33 National City, CA 92050 ALUMNI CHAPTERS * Zeta Sigma lambda (San Diego — #250) Reginald Jackson (CS) 3194 Caminito Quixote San Diego. CA 92154

COLORADO Director Melvin J. Norton 2001 E. 21st Ave. Denver, CO 80205

Director George M. Johnson 1350 Ala Moana Blvd. — Apt. 401 Honolulu. HI 96814 ALUMNI CHAPTER Mu Beta Lambda (Honolulu, HI — #547) Richard L. Addison (RS) 426 Funston Road Schofield Barracks, HI 96557

UTAH DIRECTOR To be appointed COLLEGE CHAPTER lota Omicron Lambda (Colorado Springs — #515) Melvin Johnson (S) 6407 C USAFA Colorado Springs, CO 80940 lota Upsilon (Utah State U — #416) Joe Smith 600 East 600 North # 1 Logan, UT 84321

The Sphinx 4432 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive Chicago, Illinois 60653 Return Requested

Second Class Postage Paid Chicago, Illinois

The SPHINX | Spring 1976 | Volume 62 | Number 1 197606201  

Alpha's first International Convention coming soon! A special tribute to Brother Paul Robeson. Focus on Brother Lester Granger (Executive Di...

The SPHINX | Spring 1976 | Volume 62 | Number 1 197606201  

Alpha's first International Convention coming soon! A special tribute to Brother Paul Robeson. Focus on Brother Lester Granger (Executive Di...