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Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.



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ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. General Office / 4432 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive / Chicago, Illinois



A. Callis


E Street,




Alcorn A and M College, Lorman, Miss. 4432 Martin Luther King Dr., Chicago, III. 4676 W. Outer Drive, Detroit, Michigan 2800 Guardian Building, Detroit, Mich. 1824 Taylor Street, N. W.. Washington, D.C. 2601 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans. La. 100 Fairview Ave., Yeadon, Penn.

39096 60653 48235 48226 20011 70122 19050

Officers General President — Walter Washington Executive Secretary — Laurence T. Young General Treasurer — Leven C. Weiss General Counsel — Barton W. Morris Historian — Charles H. Wesley Comptroller — Chas. C. Teamer Director-General Conventions — Kermit J . Hall


There goes a man of high impulse Of princely mien and grace There goes a man of humble faith A credit to his race There goes a man of conscience vast with will to reach his goal There goes a man of lordly rank Of heroes' stock and soul—

Eastern — Charles P. Howard, Jr Midwestern — James R. Williams Southern — Bennie J . Harris Southwestern — Robert M. King Western — Thadeaus H. Hobbs

1500 American Building, Baltimore, Maryland 1 Cascade Plaza, # 1 9 0 8 , Akron, Ohio 602 Mooremont Terrace, Chattanooga, Tenn. 1839 Mahalia Drive, Waco, Texas 3909 S. Norton Avenue, Los Angeles, California

21202 44308 37411 76705 90008

Assistant Vice Presidents Eastern •— Stephen S. Johnson Box K-130 Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. Midwestern — George W. Durden 908 1-2 Work Drive, Akron, Ohio Southern — Leonard C. Johnson Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, N. C. Western — Charles G. Lewis 4020 W. 21st Street, Los Angeles. California Southwestern — Brace B. Godfrey . . B o x 44012, Southern Univ. Capitol Station. Baton Rouge, La.


02167 44320 28208 90018 70804


Educational Activities — Thomas D. Pawley 1014 Lafayette Street, Jefferson City, Mo. Building-Housing Fdtn. — William M. Alexander 4272 Washington Blvd, St. Louis, Mo. Constitution — John D. Buckner 4246 W. North Market Street, St. Louis, Missouri Rules & Credentials — Andrew J . Lewis, II 2861 Engle Road, N.W., Atlanta, Georgia Standards & Extension — Leonard R. Ballou Eliza. City State Col, Elizabeth City, N. C. Election — Emmett W. Bashful 6400 Press Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana Budget & Finance — Isidore J . Lamothe, Jr P. O. Box # 1 5 5 8 , Marshall, Texas Personnel — Meredith G. Ferguson 1701 21st Avenue, N. Nashvillee, Tenn. Publications — Moses General Miles 1329 Abraham Street, Tallahassee, Florida Publicity-Public Relations — Marcus Newstadter 2745 Prentiss Ave., New Orleans, La. Equitable Job Opportunity — Ather Williams Johnson & Johnson, 4949 W. 65th St. Chicago, III.

63108 63108 63113 30318 27909 70126 75670 37208 32304 70122 60638


There goes a man of noble caste Whom hardship cannot break There goes a man in merit clad Whom duty won't forsake There goes a man in cultured verse Who holds a sportsman's creed There goes a man too vigilant To bow to lust or greed There goes a man whose life is spent in service not in scorn There goes a man whose majesty Shines like a May


There goes a man who is a

friend To love and duty truth There goes a man to help uplift The lives of


youth There goes a man with industry and faith at his command. There goes the best man in and out For he is an Alpha Man.

New Jersey — Bro. Leon Sweeny Maryland — Connecticut — Bro. Otha N. Brown, Jr New York — Bro. Clarence Jacobs Pennsylvania — Bro. Frank E. Devine Massachusetts — Bro. James Howard Rhode Island — Bro. Ralph Allen

6 Norman Drive, Neptune, New Jersey 208 Flax Hill Road, Norwalk, Conn. 111-63 178th Place, St. Albans, N.Y. 6202 Washington, Philadelphia, Pa. 105 Greenwood St. Boston, Mass. 179 Doyle Ave., Providence, R.I.

Midwestern Region Northern Illinois — Bro. Andre Bell 1501 Albion, Chicago, Illinois Eastern Illinois — Bro. William Ridgeway, Ph.D Dept. of Zoology, Eastern III. Univ. Southern Illinois — Bro. Harold W. Thomas 6899 Lake Drive, East St. Louis, III. 62203 Indiana — Bro. William J . Bolden 3157 West 19th Street, Gary, Indiana Iowa — Bro. Everett A. Mays P. O. Box No. 533, Des Moines, Iowa Kansas — Bro. Elarry E. Mukes 3828 Laven Street, Wichita. Kansas 67208 Kentucky — Bro. Melvin Talbott 1863 Overlook Terrace, Louisville, Ky. 40205 Eastern Michigan — Bro. Robert J . Chillison, III 13836 John R. St., Highland Pk., Mich. Western Michigan — Bro. W. Wilberforce Plummer, MD 654 Wealthy St., SE, Grand Rapids, Mich. Eastern Missouri — Bro. Clifton Bailey 3338 Aubert Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63115 Central Missouri — Bro. Carl Smith State Route 2, Lakeview Subdivision, Jeff. City., Mo. Western Missouri — Bro. Titus Exum 108 Allen Hall, Lincoln Univ., Jefferson City, Mo. Nabraska — Bro. Thomas A. Phillips 5012 Ruggles Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68104 Northeast Ohio — Bro. Curtis Washington 151 Wheeler Street, Akron, Ohio 44311 Northwest Ohio — Bro. Robert Stubblefield 1340 W. Woodruff St., Toledo, Ohio 43606 Central Ohio — Bro. Oliver Sumlin 2724 Hoover Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45407 Southeast Ohio — Bro. James Wright 1505 Franklin Park, So.. Columbus. Ohio 43205 Southwest Ohio — Bro. Holloway Sells 135 Mary Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio West Virginia — Bro. J . A. Shelton P. O. Box No. 314, Welch, W. Va. Wisconsin — Bro. Hoyt Harper 5344 64th Street, Milwaukee, Wis. 53218 Oklahoma — Bro. Vernon L. Foshee Louisiana — Bro. Chas. H. Finley Arkansas — Bro. T. E. Patterson Texas — Bro. Reby Cary Texas — Bro. Victor Smith Arkansas — Bro. M. L. Fridia Arkansas — Bro. George Howard At-Large — Bro. Paul Smith

Southwestern Region 725 Terrace Blvd., Muskogee, Oklahoma 501 E. Main Street, Lafayette, La. 70501 1624 W. 21st St., Little Rock, Arkansas 1804 Bunche Dr., Ft. Worth, Texas 2004 N. Adams, Amarillo. Texas 1200 Pulaski, Little Rock, Ark. 60 Watson Blvd., Pine Bluff, Ark. Ark. A and M College, Pine Bluff, Ark.

Southern Region At-Large — Brother Andrew J . Lewis II 2861 Engle Road NW, Atlanta, Ga. 30318 Alabama — Brother Roosevelt Bell 52 Fourteenth Court West, Birmingham, Ala. 35204 Florida — Bro. Robert L. Smith 431 Rosemary Ave., West Palm Beach, Fla. 33401 Georgia — Brother Dr. Henry M. Collier Jr Collier Professional Building, Gulf Area — Brother John H. Montgomery 1103 Daphne Avenue, Daphne Ala. 36527 Mississippi — Brother John I. Hendricks, Jr Box 677, Alcorn College. Lorman Miss. 39096 North Carolina — Brother W. Sullivan 2405 Glenridge Court, Greensboro, N. C. 27405 South Carolina — Brother W. J . Davis Jr 4509 Williamsburg Drive. Columbia. S.C. 29203 Tennessee — Brother Zenoch G. Adams 1024 Kellow Street, Nashville, Tenn. 37208 Bay Area — Granvel Jackson Colorado Area — Laurence Ogletree Los Angeles Area — Clinton Minnis Phoenix-New Mexico — Wm. M. Corbin Sacramento-Stockton — C. W. Basfield San Diego Area — Samuel McElroy, Jr Tucson-Nev. — Felix L. Goodwin

Western Region 257 Kensington Way. San Francisco, Cal 6550 E. 6th St.. Denver, Colo 2118 So. Bagley St., Los Angeles, Cal 2401 W. Cheery Lynn Rd.. Phoenix, Ariz. 520 W. 5th St., Stockton, Cal. 6531 Hopedale Ct., San Diego, Cal 941 E. Seneca St., Tucson, Ariz

94127 80220 90034 85015 95206 92120 85719

Number 1

Volume 58


» February 1973



J. HERBERT KING Interim Editor 4728 DREXEL BOULEVARD CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60615 Contributing Editors John D. Buckner, L. H. Stanton, Charles Wesley, O. Wilson Winters, Laurence T. Young. PUBLIC RELATIONS Program Committee Carlton Taylor J. Herbert King Eddie L. Madison Dick Campbell John Procope, Jr. Louis Martin Longworth Quinn L. H. Stanton Frank L. Stanley, Jr. Bill Sims Chairman

The Sphinx is the official magazine of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., 4432 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr., Chicago, III., with editorial offices at 4728 Drexel Blvd., Chicago, III. 60615. Published four times a year: February, May, October and December. Address all editorial mail to 4728 Drexel Blvd., Chicago, III. 60615. Change of Address: Send both addresses to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, 4432 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, III. Manuscripts or art submitted to The Sphinx should be accompained by addressed envelopes and return postage. Editor assumes no responsibility for return of unsolicited manuscripts or art. Opinions expressed in columns and articles do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and use of any person's name in fiction, semi-fiction articles or humorous features is to be regarded as a coincidence and not as the responsibility of The Sphinx. It is never done knowingly. Copyright 1970 by The Sphinx, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Reproduction or use, without written permission, of the editorial or pictorial content in any manner is prohibited. The Sphinx has been published continuously since 1914. Organizing Editor: Bro. Raymond W. Cannon. Organizing General President: Bro. Henry Lake Dickason. Second class postage paid at Chicago, III. Postmaster: Send form 3579 and all correspondence, 4728 Drexel Blvd., Chicago, Illinois 60615.

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SPEAKS General President W a l t e r Washington

Mobile, Ala. BETA 0MICR0N ELECT OFFICERS Beta Omicron Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., of Mobile, Alabama held its monthly meeting at the home of Brother William Mitchell where the brothers elected their officers for the fiscal year 1972-73. They are as follows:

FOUR TASK FORCES APPOINTED President — Bro. Earl Roberson In order to get at the heart of some of the disturbing problems of the Vice-President — Bro. Emanuel Carter Fraternity, the General President appointed four task forces to make a study Recording Sec'y — Bro. Alvin Allen and report in writing to the General President within sixty (60) days. Financial Sec'y — Bro. Thomas Reed TALENT-SEARCH COMMITTEE — This committee, headed by Brother Treasurer — Bro. John Finley John D. Buckner; is to set up a job analysis and job description for the Editor-to-the-Sphinx — position of Executive Secretary. Brother Laurence T. Young has announced Bro. Ralph Howard that he will not request the renewing of his contract after this year. Therefore, Chaplain — Bro. Sigmundt Herman this task force will set up the duties and responsibilities of the new Execu- Sgt.-at-Arms — Bro. Thomas Crenshaw tive Secretary Parliamentarian—Bro. William Guilford PUBLIC RELATIONS PROGRAM COMMITTEE — This task force will Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity members, be headed by Brother Frank L. Stanley, Jr., who has a master's degree in who are very active in civic and social communications and is the son of a past General President, Brother Frank affairs locally, meets the third SaturL. Stanley. This committee will look at the entire problem of communication, day of each month (except July, August) recommend a public relations program and seek out the best issues that at the home of one of the Brothers. should be covered by the news media and any other programs that may be developed by the Fraternity. THE COMMITTEE ON AUDIT — This task force will be headed by Brother Charles P. Howard, Jr. It is designed to set the scope for a general audit of the Fraternity. The purpose of this is to help determine the real financial status and net worth of the Fraternity. As you know the Fraternity has the responsibility of setting the scope of the audit. This audit will include the general Fraternity, Building Foundation and Education Foundation. Brother John O. Ligfoot, Assistant GENERAL PROGRAM DRAFTING TASK FORCE — Brother John H. Vice President for Administration for Otey of Nashville will head this task force with a fine group brothers as- Alabama State University in Montgosisting him. The responsibility of this committee is to draft the national The American Purchashing Society as program for the Fraternity, ready for adoption at the New Orleans Con- mery, Alabama, has been certified by vention in August. a fully qualified purchashing profesional. THE SPHINX — The Fraternity did not elect an editor of the Sphinx Lightfoot has demonstrated his knowat the Denver Convention. Brother Morial asked the Executive Secretary to ledge of the many business subjects publish the magazine until this problem could be solved. Upon becoming which are prerequisites for certification. the General President, Brother King was asked to put out the next three In addition he has mainted the highest issues of the magazine as a special assignment to the Fraternity. This request ethical standards and is recognized as a in no way appoints Brother King as editor of the Sphinx. The General person o integrity in all business endeaPresident cannot elect him; only the General Convention can do this in the vors. elective process. Brother Lightfoot is a graduate of ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENTS are requested to send directly to the Alabama State University and has been General President a report on the scholarship for the first semester or employed there in his present capacity quarter of this school year of each chapter under their supervision. The in- since 1968. He has also worked for the formation should contain the following and should reach the Office of U. S. Department of Commerce in the General President by March 30: Huntsville, Ala., and the Job Corps Cen1. The average grade made by each chapter. ter in Heber, Arizona. He is a member 2. How many brothers made 3.00 or 4.00 according to the point system of the American Purchashing Society, on the respective campuses? Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and is a 3. What major leadership positions are held by Alphas, such as class Mason. He resides in Tuskegee Institute, presidents, student government presidents, etc? Alabama. (Continued on page 43)

Brother Lightfoot Wins Recognition


DR. WALTER WASHINGTON Installed as 24th General President of Alpha Phi Alpha

Brother France, Past General President Morial, Mrs. Washington, General President Washington and Past General President Frank Stanley, Sr.


The finale

Brother Edwin A. France, Administrative Assistant to the Mayor of Chicago, gives oath of office to Brother Washington. Will Brother Walter Washington please stand and approach rostrum.


Brother Washington, you stand here tonight as President of Alcorn College and General President of Alpha Phi Alpha Incorporated. Whereas you have achieved a distinguished record in the field of education, and whereas you have been recognized by your Alpha brothers by having been elected to the highest office in this, the greatest brotherhood in the World, we come tonight to reaffirm our commitment to you and to have you reaffirm your commitment to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to you as our national leader. You are emminently qualified to hold this position of trust; your service to Alpha Phi Alpha began with your initiation into the fraternity on December 5, 1949. The history reveals that you have been a financial brother since you were first initiated and you are now recognized in the official records as a life member, holding card No. 449. You will be remembered as having been Southern Regional Vice President; Chairman on the Committee on Standards, and extension for four years; having served on almost all of the other national committees, and serving as the Alpha Phi Alpha representative on the National Pan Hellenic Council, where you distinguished yourself and the glorious name of Alpha Phi Alpha, by having been selected by your peers on that Council as it's National President. It is these magnificent accomplishments that so become an Alpha Man, which cause us to gather here tonight to reaffirm our commitment to you. Do you, Walter Washington, reaffirm your commitment to holding high the torch of leadership demanded by your office? If so, answer "I reaffirm my commitment."


nWAM 1

witnessed by life-long


Do you, Walter Washington, recommit yourself to engage all of your faculties to assure continuation of the historically high standards of Alpha Phi Alpha? If so, answer "I reaffirm my commitment." Do you, Walter Washington, reaffirm your commitment to a form of leadership that causes the membership of Alpha Phi Alpha to enoy the fullest opportunity to creatively participate in the atfairs of the fraternity? If so, answer "I reaffirm my commiment." Do you, Walter Washington, commit yourself to use this fraternity and the powers it offers you to accomplish the objectives enunciated by the seven jewels more than 50 years ago and refined down through history? If so, answer "I recommit myself." Do you, Walter Washington, having been elected the 24th General President of this noble fraternity, pledge yourself to build upon the works of the 23 great men who have preceded you? If so, answer "I pledge myself." Will the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha, here assembled, please stand and repeat after me: We, the Brothers of Alpha Assembled here in Chicago Do recommit ourselves And all Alpha Men throughout the world To support the ideals of our fraternity, To follow the leadership of our Exaulted President And to engage all our powers To maintain for Alpha Phi Alpha The esteemed position Of the only fraternity in human existence Alpha Phi Alpha Be seated, please. And now, my Brother, by the power vested In me by the National Board of Directors of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, and by the mandate of the brothers here assembled, I hereby declare that your ascendency to the office of General President has been confirmed by these acts and bid that God will endow you with hope, wisdom, and the strength necessary to lead us to fulfill our ambitious, successful, and hopeful dreams.


Installation of a General President... The Dinner... Ernest N. Morial General President and the BOARD OF DIRECTORS

of ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. request the presence of you and your company at the INSTALLATION DINNER

of DR. WALTER WASHINGTON twenty-fourth General President

of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Saturday Evening, January Sixth nineteen hundred and seventy-three at seven-thirty o'clock The Palmer House Chicago, Illinois

Brother Kermit lall, Chairman Installation


Subscription; SI2.SO per person Cocktails: 6:30 P. M. RSVP - December 30th

Dress: Black Tie

In Our Dear A Phi A, led by Brother Elmer Collins. Applause for the 24th General

Congratulations from Brothers King, Hobbs and Charles G. Lewis, Assistant Western Vice President.


A gift and hand-shake Chapter.

from the Brothers


of Chicago's


MORE ... The Insfdilation Dinner ...

Drawing straws to lead The Alpha Hymn, Brothers Elmer Collins, Robert King and Ernest Morial.

Past General President Morial and Brother William Brown, III the main speaker.

Brother William J. Bolden and table guests from Gary, Indiana.

Brothers from the staff of Johnson and Johnson, and their guests.



Brother John Devine greets Brother and Mrs. Charles Lewis of Los Angeles, Calif.

Past General President Belford Lawson and Brother Lamar Harrison talking, "Alpha."

General President and Mrs. Walter Washington

A gift and best wishes from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.


Dallas, Texas


Birmingham, Ala.

Omicron Lambda Founders Day always an auspicious occasion for all Alphas, was observed with a closed banquet at the famous black owned, A. G. Gaston Supper Club, on December 9, 1972. Brother Bishop Chester A. Kirkemlall, the presiding Prelate of the C.M.E. Church for Alabama and Florida delivered a most challenging message. He challenged all brothers to accept the role of leadership in the community by seeing that our black brothers and sisters enjoy first class citizenship.

Brother Atty J. Mason Davis was presented the "Alpha Man of the Year" Award at the banquet. Brother Davis is very active in his fraternity and community. A special achievement award was presented to Brother Dr. William J. Dowdell. The brothers paid tribute to President Wallace receives congratulations from Brothers Clarence Russeau, Claude Dr. Dowdell for his long years of dediWilliams and Lacy K. Johnson. cated service to Omicron Lambda Chapter. Along with Brother Dowdell's many Alpha Sigma Lambda Chapter of Alactivities he served as chapter treasurer pha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. observed for twenty-eight years. Founder's Day recently with a social The Chairman of the Public Relations affair at the home of Brother Judge Committee, Brother Lemorie Carter, Page. served as Santa Claus and carried the The chapter was organized 40 years cheer of Alpha to a group of mentally ago by seven men in the year 1932. Of retarded children at the Jackson School the original number, Brother Robert of Hope. Brother Carter gave out gifts, Prince, Sr. was present. candy and fruits to the students. For the Brother Prince was given special reclast few years Omicron Lambda has ognition for his past and continued pressponsored this program. ent contribution to the chapter and community, by the Fraternity. Omicron Lambda Chapter initiated Alpha Lambda is a solid civic and six men into our beloved fraternity. The social leader in the Dallas community, neophyte brothers are: John A. Jordan, and is noted especially for its Alpha Jr., Dwight Sheery, Charles Holt, WilMerit Group Program. Some of the obliam Edwards, William Harris and Ike jectives of the Alpha Merit Group Pro- Retiring President H. B. Bell receives a Hardy. These brothers will add greatly gram are as follows: to Omicron Lambda Chapter. plaque from President Earnest Wallace. 1. Assemble top students into an inThe first phase of the 1972-1973 year formal organized group in an efended on a super note. Omicron Lambda fort to encourage and assist in de- Awards Luncheon, at which time college hosted its Annual Christmas Dance at scholarships are awarded top high school velopment in college prepration. the Cascade Plunge Club in the Crystal students in the Dallas area. 2. Provide an atmosphere for free disRoom. The brothers and all their guests cussion of ideas with the purpose This affair has grown each year, and enjoyed a fabulous affair and danced to of stimulating and motivating par- is one of the civic highlights in the City the music of Brother Avery Richardson ticipants to continue educational ad- of Dallas. and his band. vancement. One of the features of the dance was To those brothers passing through 3. Participants in turn make an effort the presenting of Mrs. Omicron Lambda Dallas, stop by our Fraternity House and to encourage and motivate fellow visit with us, as we are always happy and her attendant. Mrs. Clarence Mitclassmates to achieve the maximum chell is Mrs. Omicron Lambda and Mrs. to welcome visiting brothers . of their abilities. Barbara Clemons is her attendant. Brother Thomas M. Kennedy The Alpha Merit Group activities are (See page 7) Editor to the Sphinx culminated with the annual Scholastic


Omicron Lambda Chapter

Is ON THE MOVE Brother Mitchell is the immediate past president of the chapter. Brother d e mons is one of the young outstanding attorneys in Birmingham. Omicron Lambda chapter is also proud of the fact that our President, Brother Dwight A. Burgess, was recently appointed as the new Executive Director of the Birmingham Urban League. Brothers in Alpha: Omicron Lambda Chapter is on the Move: Watch out for more things to come in the next issue. Omicron Lambda Chapter with a well planned program for the year 1972-1973 has been working untiringly to implement the new program. Because of the efforts and endeavors of President Dwight A. Burgess and his hard working committee chairmen and their committees, the brothers find themselves anxiously awaiting the sounding of the gavel for the bi-monthly meetings. The Social Committee kicked off the year's activities with a fabulous Labor Day Bar-B-Que Picnic on the campus of Miles College. The brothers and their immediate families look forward to this annual event sponsored by Omicron Lambda Chapter. The 1972 Bar-B-Que will be remembered by all brothers attending. "Elimination of the Ghetto" reguires total involvement of all Alphas. Omicron Lambda is doing its share for the less

Left to Right: Mrs. U. W. demons, Clarence Mitchell.

Officers of Omicron Lambda Chapter, left to right: Bro. Dwight Burgess, President; Bro. James Pharriss, Vice President; Bro. Theodore Hawkins, Sr., Corresponding Secretary; Bro. Claude Hooks, Financial Secretary; Bro. Kirkwood Balton, Treasurer; Bro. John Jordan, Sr., Sgt.-At-Arms; Bro. T. R. Patton, Chaplain; Bro. Earl Hilliard, Parliamentarian; Bro. Jeff Germany, Editor to the Sphinx.

fortunate. The brothers in the chapter distributed baskets of food to needy in the name of Alpha during the Thanksgiving Holidays. In Birmingham, Alpha

Bro. Jeff Germany, Mrs.

in its small way attempted to start or* the problem of trying to "Eliminate the Ghetto" by giving nourishment to the indigent.

Left to Right: Bro. Dwight Burgess, Bro. J. Mason Davis, Bro. William J. Dowdell, Bro. Frank Robinson, Jr.


An Invitation...

Southern Regional Convention April 1 9 - 2 1 . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. CHATTANOOGA IS THE PLACE TO BE IN 1973 Few places can boast the remarkable diversity of the Chattanooga Area. Rugged mountains, broad lakes, the tumbling streams and waterfalls of the great forest all combine to provide endless beauty for every eye in "THE SCENIC CENTER OF THE SOUTH."

Brothers of Psi Lambda Chapter, Regional Convention.

Co-host of the Southern

The 1973 Southern Regional Convention of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. will be held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on April 19-21, 1973, at The Read House and Motor Inn. The Brothers of Psi Lambda and Eta Phi Chapters are very busy in planning and arranging for a most dynamic and meaningful weekend of work and play for Alphas and their families. It is not too early for Chapters and individual Alphamen to begin to make plans to attend. It is our hope that every chapter in the Southern Region will be represented. The business sessions are promising to be most interesting in that some important issues related to the internal workings of the fraternity will be addressed. Moreover, we are planning to have outstanding and well known speakers for this convention! On the social side, the Brothers and Alphabettes of Chattanooga plus all of Tennessee promise that you will not be disappointed. Some of the activities that are planned include: A Golf Tournament, Pan Hellenic Ball, Formal Banquet and Dance, Pre-Dawn Breakfast, Tour of Scenic Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain and Rock City, Bait- A-Date Party, Cocktail and Happy Hours, Bridge party, Luncheons, Fashion Show, Activities for children and many many more ! ! ! Enclosed are pre-registration materials for the convention. Will you please complete the hotel reservation form and forward it to the Read House and Motor Inn. Also, will you complete the pre-convention registration form and forward it along with your check or money order to the chairman of The Registration Committee. A complete schedule of the entire convention shall be forthcoming. If you need additional information or materials, write to the undersigned. LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU IN SCENIC-HISTORIC CHATTANOOGA. Fraternally yours, Theodore B. Kennedy, Chairman Registration Committee P. O. Box 11184 Chattanooga, Tennessee 37401 8

THE ALPHABETTES OF CHATTANOOGA, TENN. Alpha Wives pictured above are: 1st row seated from left to right are: Mrs. Bennie Harris, Mrs. George N. Taylor, Jr., Mrs. James Wiley; 2nd row seated, left to right are: Mrs. Booker T. Scruggs, 1st; Mrs. Arlyce Garth, Mrs. Albert M. Miller, Jr., Mrs. Samuel W. Seals; Mrs. Albert B. Barnett, Jr., Mrs. Booker T. Scruggs, 2nd; Mrs. Julian Blackshear; Third row standing, left to right are: Mrs. Ernest Buffington, Mrs. Rodney Claybrook, Mrs. Theodore B. Kennedy, Mrs. Henry Bowles, Mrs. Wendell Collins, Mrs. Sarah Hainey, Mrs. Clifford Hendrix, Mrs. Thomas Scott, Mrs. Samuel Trammell, Mrs. Julian Brown, Mrs. Irene H. Patton and Mrs. Frank A. Jones. Not pictured are: Mrs. George (Chubby) James, Mrs. Herbert Smith, Mrs. Richilieu Strange, Mrs. Carrie Looney, and Mrs. Robert D. Lewis. Mrs. Albert M. Miller, Jr., president of the Alphabettes of Chattanooga, Tennessee, extends a cordial invitation to all Alpha Wives of the Southern Region, to attend the meeting to be held in Chattanooga, April 19-21, 1973. Many pleasant experiences await you In the "Scenic City of the South."

PSI L A M B D A CHAPTER CHATTANOOGA To Host Southern Regional Conference The 1973 Southern Regional Convention of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. will be held in the Souths' Scenic City (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga College Chapter) Hotel. The Brothers of Psi Lambda and Eta Phi Chapters (University of Tennessee at Shattanooga College Chapter) with assistance from their wives (Alphabettes) are very busy in planning and arranging for this occasion which is a first in the Chapters' history. It is hoped that every chapter in the Southern Region will be represented for what promises to be an important business and delightful social affair. Registration fees for the convention are as follows: Graduate Brothers — $25.00 College Brothers — $15.00 Banquet Ticket (wife) — $10.00 More details on the convention, registration materials and schedule of activities can be obtained by writing to: PSI Lambda Chapter T. B'. Kennedy, Registration Committee P.O. Box 11184 Chattanooga, TN 37404 THESE BROTHERS ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AT THE SOUTHERN REGION CONVENTION APRIL 19-21, 1973

Grads and Undergrads Pool Efforts In Sickle Cell Program One of the characteristics that distinguishes Alpha from any other greek letter organization is its involvement in issues and programs that affect the welfare of Black people. Alpha Psi chapter and Beta Zeta Lambda chapter of Lincoln University of Missouri have spread their Alpha influence throughout the midwest by way of a sickle cell testing program. The testing program tested 200 persons of an estimated 250. The test involved the use of "sickle decks" tests and required only a small sample of blood to determine if a person had the disease. The test was given by Bros. Owen Abraham, Carl Smith, and Ronald Nelson, all medical laboratory technicians at Memorial Hospital in Jefferson City. Results of the tests were forwarded to individual physicians, and if a person's test was positive his doctor would begin corrective measure and counseling. The program marks the first time a sickle cell program has been conducted in Jefferson City, much as it is in many cities Sickle Cell Anemia is a forgotten disease, the tests were administered free of charge. No only was it used to spot victims of the disease but it also served to educate local residents about all aspects of the age old disease. By sponsoring a community project such as this sickle cell program, the Alphas of Lincoln University of Missouri are doing their part in the fight for the betterment of society. The Sickle Cell Testing Program at Lincoln was the result of the experience and know-how of the graduate brothers coupled with the energy and dedication of the college brothers. This pooling of talents is another giant step in bridging the gap between the young and the old for a worthwhile endeavor.


Eta Phi Brothers: Hermon, Tyrone Partridge, Calvin Alonzo Brewer, Horton.

as they are standing from left to right: Joseph Hunt, Pezevan Whatley, William Martin, Joseph Florence. Other Brothers not in picture are: James Freeman, Valetus Edwards and John

Seated, left to right: Samuel A. Simon, Herman McCants, Roosevelt Simmons (Recording Sect.), Erving Simmons (President). Standing: Mitchell L. Lilly (Sgt. at Arms), Wesley A. James Treasurer), Floyd O. Edwards (Corr. Sec'y), Nathaniel Abston, Reuben Nickels (Vice-Pres.), Robert Sisco, Daniel Tarvin, Dan Witherspoon II (Dean of Pledgees - Beta Omicron Lambda Chapter), Earl Roberson (Pres. Beta Omicron Lambda Chapter). Not Shown: Jacob Dwight, Aulmon Hayles, Jr., George Smith, Booker T. Taylor.


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. EASTERN REGIONAL





1973-74 SENIORS


MEN AND WOMEN THESE COMPANIES ARE INTERESTED IN YOU LIST OF FIRMS WITH JOB OPPORTUNITIES Eastern Airlines Miami, Florida Allstate Insurance Co. Northbrook, Illinois Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester, N. Y. Chrysler Coip. Detroit, Michigan IBM White Plains, New York J.C. Penney Company New York, N. Y. Grumman Aerospace Co. Bethpage. New York National Lead Co. New York, N. Y. Gulf Oil Co. Pittsburgh, Pa. Johnson & Johnson New Brunswick, N. J. Mobil Oil Corporation New York, N. Y. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. New York, N. Y. Xerox Corporation Rochester, N. Y.

Dupont Wilmington, Delaware Gates Rubber Co. Denver, Colorado National Cash Register Co. Dayton, Ohio State Farm Insurance Companies Bloomington, Illinois National Institute of Health Bethesda, Maryland United States Atomic Energy Com. Washington, D. C. Kraft Foods Chicago, Illinois Jos Schlitz Brewing Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Goodyear Aerospace Corp. Akron, Ohio General Electric Co. Erie, Pa. U.S. Steel Corp. Pittsburgh, Pa. Humble Oil & Refining Co. Houston, Texas Hamilton Standard (Div. United Aircraft) Windsor Locks, Conn.

Procter & Gamble Cincinnati,,Ohio

Atlantic Richfield Company Dallas, Texas Anheuser-Busch, Inc. St. Louis, Mo. Martin Marietta Co. Denver, Colorado B.F. Goodrich Company Akron, Ohio Ford Motor Company Detroit, Michigan Frito-Lay, Inc. Dallas, Texas Sears Chicago, Illinois Owens-Illinois Co. Toledo, Ohio Johnson Products Co. Chicago, Illinois The Navy-Washington D.C. U.S. Civil Service Commission Washington, O.C. Federal Drug Administration Washington, D.C.


Mr. Henry Gray Gillem Associate Coordinator Eastern Regional Convention Job Recruitment Program 1009 South Quinn Street Arlington, Virginia 22204


Gamma lota Lambda Chapter of Brooklyn and Long island

GAMMA IOTA LAMBDA CHAPTER INDUCTS NEW MEMBER. It was a very special initiation ceremony recently when Gamma lota Lambda Chapter (Brooklyn and Long Island) of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., inducted Paul Robeson, Jr., son of the famous baritone, athlete, and theatrical star into its ranks. Paul Robeson, Jr. is an engineer. Shown above from left to right are Dr. Harry L. Boston, Jr., Past President of the Chapter; young Robeson, Brother Herbert T. Miller, Chaplain of the Chapter, and Mr. Robeson's sponsor and current Chapter President, Judge Tolley R. Broady.

Brother Robert F. Jacox, Jr. Community College President

Dr. Robert F. Jacox, Jr., educational giant in East St. Louis, Illinois (formerly a resident of St. Louis, Missouri) becomes college president.

The Board of Trustees at State Community College voted last night to elect Dr. Robert F. Jacox, Jr., as President of State Community College. He will become the second President to serve at the College, replacing Clifton J. Woods. Robert F. Jacox has been employed at the College since 1969 as Head of the Department of Sociology and Director of Special Programs. His research has resulted in the funding of more than $3,000,000 in educational programs supported by Federal funds at State Community College. He has served as a Consultant for the Black Studies Program at Princeton University, the Conference on Curriculum Development at Teacher's College, Columbia University, President of the Regional Principal Study Council, and is affiliated with many other educational activities.

GAMMA IOTA LAMBDA CHAPTER OF BROOKLYN AND LONG ISLAND ELECTS NEW OFFICERS. During a recent meeting in Brooklyn at the home of Brother Dr. Chares Green, Gamma lota Lambda Chapter elected its new officers. Some of the officers are shown above: Brother Herbert T. Miller, Chaplain; Brother Dr. Joseph Thomas ,Sgt. At Arms; Brother Homer Gillis, Secretary; Brother Judge Tolly R. Broady, President; Brother Dr. Roger L. Russell, Financial Secretary. Not shown above are Brother Dr. Charles Green, Vice President and Brother Ashley Brinson, Treasurer. Executive Committee members are Brothers Leon DeKalb and Dr. Harry L. Boston, Jr.

Dr. Jacox is a life member of the National Education Association and the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; he is a member of Beta Kappa Chi Honorary Society; an Elk and a Mason. He has two publications in print â&#x20AC;&#x201D; "The Task of Educational Institutions of Higher Learning" and "Quality Education for Minority Groups." He has received the Outstanding Young Man of the Year Award, Academic Achievement Award, and the Citizen of the Year Award. He was twice elected Alpha Man of the Year and recently appointed to the National Committee for Program Development and Evaluation, the U. S. Office of Economic Opportunity, Washington, D.C. The Board of Trustees is to be congratulated that they have elected a man of ability and integrity.



Eta Pi Lambda Man

Would Change Voting in New York Broteher David Dinkins has only been President o fthe Ne York City Board of Elections (a first for a Black) since July 24, 1972. In fact, he's only been a Commissioner of the Board since July 6 of this year.

In Alpha Fraternity Arthur E. Prince was honored recently at a surprise dinner party given by his wife in their lovely home in Altadena, California.

But this Marine Corps veteran is already making waves, drawing recent editorial attention from two of Manhattan's three major daily newspaper. Brother Dinkins, or Dave to those who know him well — including those he served from the 78th Assembly District who he represented in the 1966 New York State Legislature, and those he now serves as district leader in the 71st Assembly District's Carver Democratic club at 1794 Amsterdam Avenue — drew the editorial attention to himself when he proposed an idea that has been advanced before. Still his has the fresh look. He simply hopes for and urges a change in the election system where New Yorkers could have, some form of automatic or universal registration and be able to vote unless they specifically stated they did not wish to., "I'm for universal registration." he said this week in an interview. "That means that when o person reaches the age of 18, he or she is automatically a registered voter, unless the person notes affirmative to the contrary that they do not wish to partipicate." Brother Dinkins, who had been counsel of the Board of Elections since Oct., 4, 1970 before his two major moves this year holds no illusions this change can occur tomorrow, simple election system changes can be made only be the State Legislature. But rom the "overall good response" received so far regarding his proposal. Dinkins realizes "the time when it counts more than just lip service will be during the legislative session when this proposal will be presented." He said he "would like to see some editorial support — from both Republicans and Democrats. "We can make giant strides in this direction towards universal registration." says Dinkins. "There ought to be a philo12

Honored on 50th Anniversary

Brother Prince is one of the charter members of this eleven year old chapter in the Pasadena, California area. He was also a charter member of Alpha Delta Chapter, which was the first chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity in the west, founded in 1921 in Los Angeles, California. It was recognized by Prince's Alma Mater The University of Southern California the same year. sophy and obligation of government — in this case the Board of Elections, to see to it that 100 per cent of the populace takes part in the elective process. "I propose that we have mail order registration, where in people would only have to fill out o simple form and send it in. The Board, using some kind of process, such as Social Security rolls could cross check the registrations." "I think it ought to be easy to register to vote," he observes. "No long lines, a friendly atmosphere. But we first hove to change attitudes in some quarters. But the more participants in the voting process the greater the likehood that people abide by the legislation and laws passed by those they vote for. As it is, there is a very small number rruning our country and making our laws. "This autohatic enrollment would bewarming up to his subject. "Black and Puerto Ricans and other minorities can't nefit the entire community," he persists, get any action by not partipaciting in the voting process. Dinkins, who lives on Riverside Drive, is an attorney, in the law office of Paterson, Michael and Dinkins. His partners are Basil A. Paterson, the new black vice chairman o fthe Democratic Natioonly black member of the New York nal Committee and Ivan A. Michael, the City Planing Commission.

Brother Prince was retired from the position of District Superintendent of the Enterprise School District, L.A. County in 1964. Mrs. Prince arranged the surprise party quite cleverly. He was entertaining the Eta Pi Lambda Brothers at his home and at a given time, three of his former Alpha Delta Chapter members arrived. They are Dr. Edvin Neale, retired L.A. dentist, Rufus Norman, retired postal employee, and Grant Venerable, retired industrialist and manufacturer, and first black graduate of Cal. Tech. The wives and lady friends of the Eta Pi members arrived at the same time. From then on a gala evening ensued, with reminiscence of 1921 chapter days, pictures, and a delicious dinner. It was indeed a memorable Golden Alpha Year celebration.

A.B.S. graduate of Howard University and with a law degree from Brooklyn Law School, Mr. Dinkins is married to the former Joyce Burrows, a former power in Harlem Democratic politics and still a prominent businessman there. They have two chidren, David Jr., and Donna. The political club Mr. Dinkins now Jones, the famed "Fox." and longtime heads was once headed by J. Raymond prominent political leader on both a national and local scale.



Salutes Retiring Brothers

ALPHAS FOR LIFE By Bro. John D. Buckner, National Lite Membership Chr.

1972 ALPHA LIFE MEMBERSHIP CRUSADE — FINAL REPORT Most Outstanding Chapters — Final Report — As of December 31, 1972

1. 2. 2. 2. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

Theta Zeta Lambda Epsilon Lambda Zeta Zeta Lambda Eta Lambda Kappa Lambda Beta Psi Lambda Alpha Gamma Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Beta Lambda Xi Lambda Zeta Omicron Lambda Mu Lambda Beta Beta Lambda Psi Lambda Rhc Gamma Iota Lambda Sigma Lambda Beta Zeta Lambda Epsilon Gamma Lambda Zeta Phi Lambda Alpha Eta Lambda

Ann Arbor Saint Louis St. Albans Atlanta Greensboro Los Angeles New York City Cleveland Hampton Chicago Philadelphia Washington, D.C. Miami Chattanooga Philadelphia Brooklyn New Orleans Jefferson City Boston Stamford Houston

Fully Paid 18 15 15 15 14 14 13 12 12 11 11 10 10 9 8 8 7 7 7 6 6

Subscribing 22 3 3 3 5 2 2 21 2 6 5 8 2 6 13 1 4 3 2 10 7

Participants 40 18 18 18 19 16 15 33 14 17 16 18 12 15 21 9 11 10 9 16 13

Top Ranking States — Final Report — As of December 31, 1972 Subscribing : Fully Paid i'articipai 67 18 49 1. New York 30 65 35 2. Ohio 12 41 29 3. Missouri 24 48 24 Michigan 4. 23 22 45 5. Texas 10 31 21 6. Virginia 21 5 26 7. Florida 4 25 21 8. Georgia 20 4 24 9. California 22 41 19 10. Pennsylvania 18 13 31 North Carolina 11. 10 25 15 12. Illinois 14 7 21 13. New Jersey 13 16 29 14. Connecticut 13 26 13 15. Tennessee 7 18 11 16. District of Columbia

THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS You have answered the great philosopher Pogo whom we quoted as our crusade theme: "WE ARE ONLY FACED WITH INSURMOUNTABLE OPPORTUNITIES" National Chairman

Beta Phi Lambda Chapter paid tribute to three brothers who have retired from their professional careers. Brother Lawrence D. Perry retired as president of the Carver State Bank, Brother C. Vernon Clay retired as professor of chemistry at Savannah State College and Brother Hubert Reeves retired from the faculty at Savannah State College. The main address was given by Brother Dr. Prince Jackson, Jr., president of Savannah State College. His topic, "What is an Alpha Man?" centered around the lives of these brothers and the contributions that they have made to their community, their people and to Alpha. Brother Jackson also announced that Brother Clay had been approved professor emeritus of chemistry at Savannah State College. In making responses after receiving plaques from the Chapter, the three brothers all stated that though they were retiring from their professional positions, this was not a retirement from Alpha and that the fraternity would continue to have their whole-hearted support in its activities and affairs. Lawrence Hutchins, Jr. Editor to the Sphinx

a Phi Chapter Sponsors Blood Drive The brothers of Alpha Phi Chapter at Clark College in Atlanta, Georgia sponsored their annual blood drive on the college campus. The project was very successful and has brought recognition from the Atlanta Regional Red Cross Blood Center, the Dean of the college and other college administrators. All blood donors received a certification which entitled them and their relatives to six months free coverage if ever the blood need were to arise.


Brother Young Appointed to Bank Board of Directors

Brother Harding B. Young

Brother Harding B. Young, Professor of Management at Georgia State University and the first black to earn a Doctorate from the Harvard University Business School, has been elected to the Atlanta Board of Directors of the Citizens and Southern Bank. Prior to joining Georgia State's faculty in 1969, he served as Dean and Prof. of Business Administration at Atlanta University for eight years. Bro. Young received his B.S. Degree in mathematics from Agricultural, Mechanical and Normal College (1944), M.C.S. Degree in management and accounting from Boston University (1948), and the D.C.S. Degree in control and management from Harvard in 1955. He has 10 business research publications to his credit with 3 others in progress. Along with his instructional experience at Agricultural, Mechanical and Normal College, Harvard University (Graduate School of Business Administration), and North Carolina Central University; he is a specialist in 5 business areas including human relations and legal aspects of business policy. His numerous professional associations and honors include his listing in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in Education.


HERBERT T. MILLER PROMOTED TO EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATOR Council on Economic Development and Empowerment of Black People in Metropolitan New York Herbert T. Miller has been a Social Service Executive and Religious Leader since 1926, serving as an executive with the Young Men's Christian Association and Councils of Churches in Toledo, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland and New York. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, and has done graduate work through Springfield College and Boston University. In January 1944, he was named by Judge Samuel S. Leibowitz as the Foreman of the Kings County Grand Jury of Brooklyn, New York, thus becoming the first Negro in America to serve as a foreman of the county grand jury. By popular vote conducted by the Amsterdam Newspaper of New York City, he was consecutively voted Brooklyn's "Most Valuable Citizen" for the years 1947-1948. In 1948 he was the recipient of a bronze plaque which is awarded annually by the Kings County, New York, Council of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States "To that Brooklynite who in the broadest possible sense of the term has contributed the most toward better understanding among the various groups that make up the Brooklyn population." In September, 1949, he was invited by the National Baptist Convention of the USA, Inc., to come to its National Convention in Los Angeles, at which time he was named "America's Outstanding Layman," and was presented with a bronze plaque by the Laymen's Section of the Convention. In 1950, he was invited by Sherwood Eddy to become a member of The American Seminar, which was composed of 50 distinguished Americans who toured Europe during that summer. The Seminar visited England, Holland, Berlin, West Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. He was the only Negro member of the group. He maintained a close friendship with Branch Rickey, baseball leader, and was instrumental in helping to properly integrate Jackie Robinson into baseball.

Brother Herbert T. Miller

From 1954-1956, he served as the Associate Director of the Cleveland Ohio Church Federation. From 1956-1964, he served as a member of the Executive Staff of the National Council of Churches. While a member of the staff of the National Council of Churches, he was certified by the American Baptist Convention as one of its commissioned ministers. From 1963-1965, he served as the Executive Administrator of the New York Baptist City Societies. On March 1, 1966, he became the Executive Secretary of the Manhattan Division of the Protestant Council of the City of New York. He holds membership in the Sigma Pi Phi (Boule) and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. He lives with his wife, Belle, at One Lincoln Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10023. * Note to the Editor of the Sphinx: Brother Miller also is the one who recently sponsored and helped initiate Brother Paul Robeson, Jr. into our chapter â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Gamma Iota Lambda. Signed: Brother John J. Rice, Jr. 243 East Pennywood Ave., Roosevelt, N.Y. 11575.

Investigate Your


Brother G. Koonce Fort Valley, Georgia




Fort Valley, Georgia 31030, George Koonce, class of '63, was recently installed as the new president of Fort Valley State College's National Alumni Association at the institution's observance of Alumni Day here. Brother Koonce, who is a native of Donalsonville, Georgia, now resides at 1259 Dickson Drive No. 12 J of Coral Gables, Florida. Since his departure from FVS, he undertook additional study in French at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and the University of Toulouse, Toulouse, France in 1965 and 66. He subsequently earned the Masters in French at Indiana University and earned an additional Masters Degree in Educational Administration at the University of Miami. Brother Koonce who is presently working toward the doctorial degree in Education Administration at the University of Miami, serves as assistant principal for administration at Miami Springs Senior High School. In his acceptance speech, he said, "I perceive my role as that of coordinator of the abundance of talent represented in this slate of offices, in an attempt to continue the very valuable program initiated by the immediate past president Mr. Myers. He is to be congratulated on the manner in which he conducted the affairs of the association during his tenure as president." Brother Koonce continued, "our organization will continue to progress and expand only through a concerted effort on the part of alumni and friends of the college." He stated that he felt that his efforts as president of the association are doomed if a very comprehensive effort and continued support is not given by all concerned. Koonce added: "our first task will be to encourage the alumni to give to the college one-half of the amount they claimed to give on individual income taxes. Secondly, he said, we plan to deal with the concept that financial support for the college must, out of necessity, take the form of special projects." He named Miss Alumni Contest, car raffles, fish fries and other measures to bring out his point.



Alpha Eta Lambda Merit


Alpha Eta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., in cooperation with the chapters at Texas Southern University and the University of Houston established its first Alpha Merit Group. The Alpha Merit Group consists of senior high black male students from schools throughout the city of Houston. Alpha Phi Alpha hopes to aid in promoting excellence on the part of these talented students. The areas of concern of the Alpha Merit Group are career orientation, college selection, scholarship programs and aids. The objectives for the first year will be to assemble top black male students in their senior year into an informally organized grouping in an effort to assist in their own preparation for vocational or college education, to provide the atmosphere for free discussion of ideas and sharing (with the purpose of stimulating and motivating participants to continue striving for high scholastic achievement), to give exposure to the importance of community service, and to award a $1,000.00 one-time scholarship to the outstanding student participating in the Alpha Merit Group. The first meeting of the Alpha Merit Group was held on Sunday, December 3, 1972, at four p.m. at the Alpha Fraternity House, 1519 Ruth Street, Houston, Texas. Students attending this first meeting were recommended by their high scholar counselors. Memberships in the first Alpha Merit Group included the following students: Tommie Austin, Washington Senior High; Edward Baldwin, Washington Senior High; Darrel Bourgeois, Houston Technical Institute; Ruben Burgess, Worthing Senior High; Robert Burroughs, Lamar Senior High; Ruben Davis, Houston Technical Institute; Emory Dockery, Sterling Senior High; Michael Donahue, Kashmere Senior High; Dano Edwards, Lee Senior High; Sylvester Gillon, Yates Senior High; Eric Harrison, Kashmere Senior High; Frederick Henderson, Yates Senior High; James Jones, Lee Senior High; Eddie Mason, Yates Senior High; John Mason, Westbury Senior High; Wayne McDowell,, Washington Senior High; John Miller, Austin Senior High; Rayfield Miller, Lincoln Senior High; Oliver Moore, Sterling Senior High; Jimmie Peevy, Kashmere Senior; Michael Pres-



Brother Walter Washington (right) was awarded an honorary Doctor ot Laws degree by Tougaloo College lor his outstanding leadership as a college president at the 103rd Annual Commencement ol Tougaloo College. Brother Washington is a 1948 graduate of Tougaloo. He holds degrees from Indiana University, Yale University, George Peabody College and an earned doctorate from the University ot Southern Mississippi. To the left is Vernon Jordan, Executive Director ot the National Urban League, who was also awarded an honorary doctorate and in the center is Brother George Owens, President of Tougaloo College.

ton, Lincoln Senior, Willis Pumphrey, Lamar Senior; Larry Randolph, Wheatley Senior; Melvin Roberts, Worthing Senior; Leslie Rucker, Yates Senior; Huey Smith, Lincoln Senior; Van Stuart, Wheatley Senior; Donald Thomas, Worthing Senior; Robert Thymes, Lee Senior; Fred Westbrook, Lamar Senior; Charles Wicks, Reagan Senior; and Louis Wilson, Kashmere Senior. The following officers were elected; President, Leslie Rucker, Yates Senior; Vice-President, Donald Thomas, Worthing Senior; Secretary, Charles Wicks, Reagan Senior; Treasurer, Frederick Henderson, Yates Senior; and Reporter, Jimmie Peevy, Kashmere Senior. Members from Alpha Eta Lambda Chapter serving on the Alpha Merit Group committee included, James Bryant, Claude Cole, Albert Edwards, Robert Gray, Eddie Frank Green, John Guess, Andrew Jefferson, John Peavy, Wallace Singleton, Elva Stewart, A. R. Tillman, Oddis Turner, Winston Watkins, Horace Williams, and Joe Williams. Earl Newsome, III, and Herbert Poison respresented Eta Mu of the University of Houston and Lucious Humphrey represented Delta Theta of Texas Southern University. Robert Gray serves as chairman of the Alpha Merit Group, with John Guess as co-chairman. Gary Abernathy is president of Alpha Eta Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Bro. Alexton O. Mallory, Editor-to-Sphinx, Alpha Eta Lambda Chapter

Beta Mu Chapter of Kentucky State University Striving for Excellence April 28, 1972 marked the 39th Anniversary of Beta Mu Chapter of Kentucky State University, where for their Founder's Day Banquet Brother James R. Williams, the Midwest Regional Vice President, was the guest speaker. Brother Tyrone B. Knox, the Assistant Midwest Regional Vice President, and Brother Mel Talbert, the Kentucky Regional Director, were also present for the occasion. Brothers Alfonso Sherald and John Moore of the chapter were responsible for the success of the banquet and the entire week of Founder's Day activities. The brothers of Beta Mu are constantly striving for excellence in every respect and innovative ideas for worthwhile projects. In the past year the chapter has sponsored a Halloween Party for the children of the neighborhood and a charity "Can Dance" to provide needy families with Thanksgiving baskets which contained a large chicken in addition to the canned goods. Now that fund-raising affairs are permitted on campus by the administration, the brothers of Beta Mu have plans to replenish their bank account in order to sponsor large fund-raising affairs in the future, for they see so much that can be done for the people in their community. The academic year of 1971-72 was one of a great deal of work for Beta Mu. George W. Hardaway, now graduated president of the chapter and Board of Regents student representative; Philip J. Rogers, now graduated secretary of the chapter and Student Government Association president; and Vincent F. Sparrow former treasurer and S.G.A. vice president were selected to Who's Who Among Students In American Colleges And Universities. Other brothers also held leadership positions on campus along with being on the Dean's List and several campus committees. This school year past, the brothers of Beta Mu made two "ships"; one of five the first semester and another of tour the second semester. "These fellows have been a great asset to us in more ways than one," says the now graduated former president George Hardaway. The formulation of the ALPHA ANGEL CLUB was also a project of much planning and thought for the chapter. If anyone has been busy, the brothers of Beta Mu have, and that's a fact. ROLL CALL OF BETA MU CHAPTER 1971-72 James H. Atkins, Jr. — Senior — Lexington, Ky. History Major; International Relations Club; Student Government; Student Center Board; Dorm Council; Past Chapter Dean of Pledges. Julius T. Booker — Senior — Lexington, Ky. Political Science Major; International Relations Club; Dean of Pledges. Music Ed. Major; Deans List; Vice President of Music Educator National Conference; Concert Choir; Terry K. Grimes — Junior — Lexington, Ky. Chapter Treasurer; Vice President Elect of Student Government Association.

Miss Martha Oatts, soror of A.K.A. conversing with Brothers Terry Grimes, Mel Talbert and Tyrone Knox after the Founders' Day Banquet of Beta Mu Chapter (K.S.U.)

Some brothers of Beta Mu pictured at their Annual Picnic. Pictured are: Row 1: Russell McNeal, Thomas Jenkins, James Atkins. Row 2: Philip Rogers, John Moore, Julius T. Booker, Glen Johnson, Emanual Watson, George Hardaway. Not pictured: Brothers Clark Wade, Ronald Wilson, Dwight Jackson, Alphonso Sherald and Terry Grimes.

George W. Hardaway — Senior — Lexington, Ky. History Major; International Relations Club; Deans List; Board of Regents Student Representative; Chapter Pres. of '71-'72 Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. *Dwight M. Jackson — Senior — Dayton, Ohio Social Science Major; Sociology Club; Manager of Football Team; Deans List. 17






Western Kentucky University


One of the most outstanding eents is reflected in the photograph. Eta Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha honored Sister Coretta Scott King for continuing the work of her late husband, Brother Martin Luther King, Jr. Brother Rogers Jackson at the far right made the presentation at a dinner held for her on November 14, 1972. Standing at the far left are Brothers Robert Deboe and Reginald Glass.

Eta Rho Chapter, located on the hilly campus of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky, truly exemplifies the motto: "First of All, Servants of All, We shall transcend All". Academically, the chapter is ranked third out of fifteen fraternities. Brother Robert Deboe is the only elected Black in student government. Brother Rogers Jackson was 1st vice-pres. of the United Black Students (Brother Jackson is now a transfer student at the University of Louisville and active with Alpha Pi chapter there). Brothers George Kendricks and Reginald Glass were the only two Black males chosen or Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. In athletics, Brother Virgil Livers is a member of the footbal team. Brothers Leo Fain and Ervin Horsch are on the track team. On Founder's Day, Eta Rho Chapter initiated James Jackson and Ervin Horsch into the fraternity. They presented the fraternity with a seven foot paddle which has all the Brothers names inscribed on it. It was presented at the Founders' Day Dinner held with 18

the chapter's Alpha Angels a few hours before they crossed the burning sands. Eta Rho Chapter chose Alpha Angel Sandra Ray as Miss Alpha Phi Alpha. Cynthia Beverly was chosen as Miss Eta Rho and Shirley Glover completed the court by being chosen as Miss Black and Gold. The Alpha Angels along with Eta Rho Chapter have committed themselves to the Black Community. The chapter contributed financial aid to help the United Black Students in several service projects. The Alpha Angels bought toys and gave a Christmas party for Head Start children of Bowling Green's Black Community. Alpha Angel Julia Beard was the recipient of a scholarchip from the Student National Education Association of which she is a member. There are only twelve brothers active in Eta Rho Chapter, but as every brother knows, size has never been a factor in the continuing accomplishments of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. Brother Rogers Keith Jackson

Brother Joseph Alsberry Zeta Theta Lambda Chapter

Brother Alsberry was one o fa select number of men from his state who was included in this awards volume. This nationally respected, annual publication recognizes men between the ages of 21 and 35 who have distinguished themselves by their civic and professional achievements. As an Outstanding Young Man, Brother Alsberry's full biography and record of achievements was featured in the 1972 edition of Outstanding Young Men Of America along with those of his fellow award winners. Brother Alsberry, Deputy Director at the Opportunities Industrialization Center, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is very active in professional and civic organizations. He is President of the Alumnia Association at the Harrisburg Area Community College; Chairman of the Business Assistance Committee, Black Businessmen Association of Harrisburg, Inc., Board Member, Progress Investment Association For Economic Development, Member of the Jaycees, Member of the Pennsylvania Association of NotariesLicensed Notary Public and many other organizations.



Salutes Brother Alphonse Jackson

Brother Jackson, Louisiana State Legislator, Delta Upsilon Lambda Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha.

Delta Upsilon Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity salutes Bro. Alphonse Jackson, Jr. as the first Black to be elected to the Louisiana State Legislature since Reconstruction. Bro. Alphonse Jackson, Jr. is a native of Caddo Parish, born in Shreveport, Louisiana and is a product of the public schools of the parish. His undergraduate degree was awarded from Southern University with honors. He holds the M. A. degree from New York University and is studying toward the Ph.D. degree at New York University.

Occupation — Past Principal of Central Elementary School Principal of Judson Elementary School Bro. Jackson has been in the forefront of the fight for equal rights for Black people and has organized and led the first Students' Rights Conference in Louisiana. Investigated educational problems in Alabama, Louisiana and Texas for the National Education Association. Organized the first state wide Headstart program in Louisiana bringing two and one-half (2Vi) million dollars to Louisiana. He now serves as an advisor and consultant for the Association of Supervision and Curriculum matters relating to Black students. He has pledged to do all in his power while serving in the State Legislature to bring new dignity and opportunities to Black people.

Mother of the Year Alpha lota Lambda Institute, W. Va.


Mrs. Fannie Cobb Carter

Denver, Colorado Mrs. Fannie Cobb Carter was honored as the Alpha Mother of the year by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity on Mothers Day, at the Samaritan Baptist Church in Institute, W. Va.

Honors — Past president of the Louisiana Education Association. Member of Board of Directors of Community Action Program of Caddo and Bossier Parishes. Voted Administrator of the Year — 1964 Elected to Who's Who — 1968 First Black from the state of Louisiana to serve on the Board of the National Education Association Elected to State Advisory Committee of the United States Civil Rights Commission State Director of the National Education Association


Brother Harrison Hudson For his service to the Denver Black community and Alpha Phi Alpha, Hudson was honored most recently by the fraternity for bringing the fraternity's national convention to Denver this summer. In addition to his fraternity activities, he has been active in Denver community and church affairs over the years.

Mrs. Carter, the founder of the Mattie V. Lee Home, is 99 years young, and has been the mother of hundreds of girls who found refuge and comfort in the home. Mrs. Carter is a well-known longtime resident of Charleston, and has been active in many community and civic projects. Presentation of a corsage was made by Professor Douglas Miller, the President of the Charleston-Institute, (Graduate) Chapter of the Alpha's and Mr. David Scott. Remarks were made by many former students of Mrs. Carter.



ALPHA WORKSHOP Laurence T. Young, Executive


ALPHA WORK SHOP Truly we find ourselves within the confines of the area set forth in Holy Writ — For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: A time to be born and a time to die; A time to kill and a time to heal; A time to break down and a time to build up A time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together A time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; A time to rend and a time to sew A time to keep silence, and a time to speak — — — — With the advent of our newly elected General President, Brother Walter Washington — the dynamic program enunciated by him indicates a time to change. EDUCATION FOUNDATION Brother Thomas D. Pawley, Chairman of the Alpha Phi Alpha Education Foundation announced the recipients of 1972-1973 Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarships: Brother Sherard Morgan and The University of Arizona, Western Region Brother Henry LaMothe and Long Island University, Eastern Region Brother Darryl Moore, and the University of Missouri, Midwestern Region. Brother Pawley has also announced a special meeting of the Board of Directors for the Mid-Year meeting, for March 24, 1973 at 9:30 A.M. at the General Office. APPOINTMENTS 1973 The General President will announce the 1973 appointments in a News Letter to be circulated the first of March 1973 — which will include the appointment of Brother Charles C. Teamer, as Comptroller, — replacing Brother Isidore J. Lamothe, Jr. who for many years has rendered excellent service to the Fraternity, and was willing to give another brother an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this part of our fraternal life. REGIONAL CONVENTIONS It is well to set forth the dates for the Regional April 27-29, 1973 MIDWESTERN REGIONAL March 30-April 1 WESTERN REGIONAL April 20-22nd SOUTHWESTERN REGIONAL April 20-22nd SOUTHERN REGIONAL April 12-14 EASTERN REGIONAL

Conventions: Toledo, Ohio Seattle, Washington Ft.Worth, Texas Chattanooga, Tenn. New York City

New Orleans, La. 66th Anniversary Convention August 3-9, 1973 Headquarters: Fairmont Roosevelt Hotel. The theme for the General Convention (1973) is: "BUILDING A GENERAL PROGRAM FOR ALPHA" The General President is requesting 3,000 brothers or more to attend his first General Convention, as General President, in New Orleans for a re-dedication, with their families — with the hope that all will leave the convention site with new commitment and stimulation, and it is further hoped that the Convention will bring into existence a new fraternal spirit based on individual achievements, brotherly love and a concern and respect for all — again emphasizing another of our precepts: "Many deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind." LAURENCE T. YOUNG Executive Secretary — Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.


BETA ALPHA CHAPTER REVITALIZED Beta Alpha Chapter, located at Morgan State College, Baltimore Md,. was founded in 1926. During the years that followed its establishment the chapter was a positive force in both community and campus affairs. However in recent years, the chapter has undergone various problems which have affected its influence. With these difficulties now history, the chapter has proceeded to reestablish itself as a viable member of Alpha Phi Alpha. Under the inspiring leadership of Brother Leslie C. Venable Jr., the chapter has taken as its 1972-73 theme: "Alphas for Action". To support this, the chapter is currently involved in a Christmas "Toys of Tots", program and a "Drug Workshop" aided by its pledge club, and other members of the Greek Family of Morgan State. Future programs include a fund drive for Sickle Cell Anemia and a tutorial project under the guidance of Brother Perry Winchester. The Beta Alpha Chapter, in its guest for excellence has enlisted the aid of Brother Clayton C. Stansberry as its advisor for the school year 1972-73 and it encourages correspondence from all chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha. In closing, the Brothers of Beta Alpha extend the most warmest of greetings for the new year to members and of Alpha Phi Alpha. Sincerely yours, William O. Dorsey Jr. Editor to the Sphinx

Latest Appointments Brother Charles C. Teamer of New Orleans, La., Chairman of Budget and Finance Committee. Brother Herman B. Smith of Atlanta, Georgia. Chairman Educational Activities and Brother L. H. Stanton of New York, N. Y., Chairman of the Equitable Job Opportunity Committee and Convention Souvenir Journal.


University of Miami

Confers Doctorate Degree on Eugene Williams, Sr. Miami, Florida Brother Eugene Williams, Sr. received the Doctorate Degree from the University of Miami on June 4, 1972 majoring in Curriculum and Supervision and minoring in Human Relations and Administration of Higher Education. Brother LTC. Dewitt H. Hudson

Brother Williams is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor V. Williams.

Bro. LTC. Dewitt H. Hudson, Jr. was awarded the Legion of Merit, 11 May 72 in Long Bihn, Vietnam for exceptional meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service in the Republic of Vietnam during the period July 71 to May 17, 1972.

He was graduated with honors from George Washington Carver High School in Rapidan, Virginia, 1960. In 1964, he attended Saint Paul's College in Lawrenceville, Virginia on a four-year scholarship and was graduated Cum Laude in English and American History.

While in the service, Bro. Hudson has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Meritorious Service Medal and Army Commendation Medal.

In 1966, he was awarded a Southern Education Foundation Fellowship to study for a Master's Degree in English Education at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. After receiving the M. Ed. in 1967 from the University of Virginia, he was awarded an administrative teacher education internship by the Southern Education Foundation to study teacher education at the University of Miami.

Bro. Hudson is presently enrolled in Graduate School, Florida A & M University and upon receiving his degree, will be assigned to the FAMU ROTC Department.

ODE TO BROTHER ADAM CLAYTON POWELL The soldierless horse marches on a leader is fallen. A compensation will be made; The attempt to place someone to fill his glory will occur. He was a man child in the promised land. His legend has and shall continue to supercede throughout the ages. Unfortunately those that immediately surround him will be the only ones who will know him. For those he loved and those that loved him equally as much we extend our hand and heart to you. J. W. Diggs Editor to the Sphinx Beta Sigma Chapter Southern University Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Admitted to the doctoral program at the University of Miami in 1969, brother Williams was awarded an assistantship with the Florida School Desegregation Consulting Center and later a fellowship in the Triple T. Program designed to train teachers of teachers. In 1970, he was appointed Associate Director of the Head Start Supplementary Training Program at the University of Miami in Coral Gables. He was given an administrative internship in junior college administration at Miami Dade Junior College North Campus and a position as part-time visiting instructor in the School of Education, University of Miami. 1971. He has done additional study at Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, Alabama and Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut. At Tuskegee he participated in an NDEA English Institute and at Fair-

Brother Eugene Williams, Sr.

field, he participated in a counseling institute sponsored by the United States Department of Labor. He is affiliated with the following organizations: Phi Delta Kappa, Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, Association for Humanistic Psychology, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and Epsilon Tau Lambda, an adult honor scholastic organization at the University of Miami. He has produced documentary and instruction materials and films dealing with the disadvantaged student and teaching in the desegregated school and has shared the responsibility for developing major desegregation plans for three Florida counties. He is married to the former Helen M. Barbary of Miami and has one child Eugene, Jr. who is three years old. Helen, his wife, received the Masters Degree in American Studies on June 4, 1972 from the University of Miami.


State of Wisconsin . . . A News Letter WISCONSIN BROTHERS ATTEND INSTALLATION DINNER FOR BROTHER WASHINGTON AS TWENTY-FOURTH GENERAL PRESIDENT Wisconsin was well represented by a party of twelve in Chicago last week-end when Brother Walter Washington was installed as the twenty-fourth General President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The gala affair, presided over by Out-going General President Ernest N. Morial, was attended by brothers from all over the nation. It was held in the Red Lacquer Room of the The Palmer House. The main address was given by Brother William H. Brown, III, Chairman, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Brother Washington was sworn in by Brother Erwin A. France, Administrative Assistant to the Mayor, City of Chicago. Past General President Belford V. Lawson and Frank Stanley, Sr. gave brief remarks. Presentations were made to Brother Washington on behalf of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority — and to Retiring General President Morial by Executive Secretary Laurence T. Young on behalf of the Board of Directors. Wisconsin Brothers attending the affair with their wives were; Brothers Fred D. Bobo, Carl Birks, Coleman O. Wells, Earl V. Lucas, Hoyt H. Harper, and Joseph Sanders. Brothers from all over the nation are still praising Milwaukee for the fine 1971 General Convention — and send hellos to everybody! FOUNDER'S DAY OBSERVED Milwaukee Chapters (Delta Chi Lambda, Epsilon Tau) observed the 66th anniversary of the founding of the fraternity with a banquet dance at the scenic Chalet-on-the-Lake, Friday, December 8. The brothers and more than 200 guests were lavished with praise for the "Alpha Reflections" expressed by Brother L. B. Nutter, a forty year fraternity member, Brother Daniel Burrell, an eight-year member, and Brother Stephen Parks, who was initiated into the fraternity about two months ago. Brother George Walker led the "Tribute to the Jewels." Hoyt H. Harper reviewed the accomplishments of local members for the past year. Among these were: Virgil Jack Gilmore's appointment as principal of Rufus King High School, Etzer Chicoye's promotion to the position of Research Director, Miller Brewing Company, and Dr. and Mrs. Fred D. Bobo's Catholic Family Life Award. Brother Harper referred to Brother Bobo as Alpha's Man of the Year everyyear — and to his wife, Cecilia, as the "Chapter's Sweetheart." Brother Bobo, a life member, was initiated in 1918. WHAT ALPHA MEANS TO ME (The following is the text of "Reflections" made at the recent Founders' Day Banquet by Brother Stephen Parks.) I have found in my few months as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, a unique brotherhood that has a common purpose, well-defined ideals and aims that bind us together without clannishness toward others. We take the position that we must render service to our community, particularly service


to black people. The fraternity demands that ours is an exercise in leadership, togetherness, and responsibility. While, personally, I have not rendered much service, I have, however, been motivated to become dedicated for a life of service. Part of this motivation emerged from the realization that I am now a brother of such great black men of American history as — DuBois, Powell, King, and Young who have gone to our Omega Chapter. And contemporary brothers as — Rangel, Metcalfe, Dellums, Brooks, and Young who represent more than one-third of the male members of the black congressional caucus — and many, many other leading figures throughout the country. I have also found a new lasting meaning of friendship — with friends with whom I can share worthwhile experiences. During the most trying time of my pledgeship I found a BIG BROTHER who represented more than brotherhood. He was a welcomed father-figure whom I am now proud to call Brother. At time swhen I felt like giving up and my dreams of becoming an Alpha were all but shattered, I would call him and he would listen to my pains and sorrows — and then say — " . . . If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you . . . you'll be a man, my son." With that kind of held . . . I did keep my head — and I am now a man, a real man, an Alpha man. ZETA IOTA TAKES HONORS IN ILLINOIS Members of Zeta Iota (Whitewater) journeyed to Illinois the first week-end in December to participate in Tau Chapter's (Univ. of 111.) Alpha Round-Up. The ZI Brother's "Steps" won first place. Their "Angels" won first place for the Co'ed's performances. A PHI! BROTHER GOLDEN HONORED Brother Luther E. Golden was presented an award for meritorious service to Epsilon Tau and Delta Chi Lambda Chapters. The presentation was made at the Founders' Day Banquet, December 8. Brother Golden, a former secretarytreasurer of Delta Chi Lambda, has always supported all Alpha programs in Milwaukee. BROTHER HARPER APPOINTED TO GENERAL PRESIDENT'S TASK FORCE TO PLAN FRATERNITY'S NEW AGENDA General President Walter Washington has named Brother Hoyt H. Harper as a member of a task force to formulate plans for the "New Agenda" of his administration. Brother Washington stated — "A sound program geared to the needs of the members is basic to any national organization. Alpha Phi Alpha, in order to be a positive force in building men, must have a program designed to uplift and renew the spirits of its members." Referring to Brother Harper's selection, Brother Washington stated — "I like the psychological imput he can give." Brother Washington visited the five regions recently to discuss with brothers his idea of an Alpha Phi Alpha Inward Reach Program. He said that he was encouraged by the discussions. Midwest Regional brothers met with him in Chicago, Saturday, November 25.



The Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York have been successful in establishing Theta Epsilon Chapter on the campus of the University. The Brothers received official confirmation of their Chapter status on May 12, 1972. However, they had been working toward their goal for two years prior to their inception, largely through the structure and support of Eta Chapter (located in New York City).

Adelphi University is a liberal arts private institution, which has been located on Long Island for the past 43 years. The University is located approximately 30 miles from the social and intellectual activities of New York City.

At Founders Day Service Judge Robert H. Campbell of the District of Columbia Superior Court was the guest speaker for the Zeta Theta Lambda Chapter at the Founders Day Service of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity on December 11, 1973, at 3:30 p.m. at the Tabernacle Baptist Church, Capitol and Herr Streets.


The Brothers of Theta Epsilon have dedicated themselves to community involvement and assisting the Department of African American Studies and the Black Student Union in uplifting campus life for Black and Latin students. They are currently setting up a transportation system for off campus students.

Judge Robert H. Campbell

Judge Campbell has long been active in D.C. legal affairs. Following graduation from Howard University School of Law in 1949, he practiced law there until 1954 when he was named Assistant Corporation Counsel for the District of Columbia, appearing frequently as Principal Advocate for the City. He later was assigned in the Law Enforcement Division, becoming chief in 1967.

Brother Caesar Raynor escorting Theta Epsilon and Black Student Union Queen of the year: Sister Debbie Iverson.

The Brothers of the Chapter have been instrumental in providing social activity for campus residents, most of whom come from homes outside of the State. Below are some pictures of the highlights of their spring "Afro Cabaret:"

The Brothers and Sisters of the Black Student Union, who modeled both mod and African clothing: (Lett to right) Gene Baldwin, June Sudderth, Clyde McPherson, Jackie Muckeroy, Sonia Walker, Ray Lee and Robin Walker. Standing: Debbie Iverson and sitting Aurora Montijo.

He is a member of the board of directors of the District of Columbia Bar Association, and a member of the National, Washington and Federal Bar Associations. Judge Campbell, in addition to holding a law degree from Howard, has the master of law degree from the University School of Law, now George Washington University, and has served as adjunct professor of law at the Howard School of Law since 1966. Karl E. Hope Zeta Theta Lambda

Some of the guests of the evening enjoying the fashion



Alpha Zeta Chapter W. Va. State College The located stitute, extend

brothers of Alpha Zeta Chapter at W. Va. State College, InW. Va. take this opportunity to greetings to all Alpha men.

Alpha Zeta has sponsored many successful social functions during the past years, among these are the annual Founders Day Weekend, the annual Song Festival, the annual Black and Gold Ball, the annual Fall Formal in which we participate in conjunction with the graduate brothers of Alpha Iota Lambda Chapter, and a number of jam-packed funky parties. We hope to make these functions even more successful this academic year. Alpha Zeta has also been quite active in the community. Last year we went from house to house collecting for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. We also established a tutoring service to aid college students who were having difficulties in their studies. This year we plan to extend our tutoring services to include tutoring elementary school students at the Shawnee Elementary School in Dunbar, W. Va. We, along with the graduate brothers of Alpha Iota Lambda Chapter, are in the process of having an "Alpha Rock" made to be placed on the campus grounds. Realizing that leadership is one of the inherent qualities of an Alpha Man, we, the brothers of Alpha Zeta, have exemplified that quality for years and years. To begin with, the president of the college, Dr. William Wallace, is an Alpha Man. Several members of the faculty are Alpha Men. Brother Jesse A. Wilersons Jr., the president of the Student Government, is an Alpha Man. Alpha Men have held this office five out of the last six years. The Chief Justice of the Student Court, Walter Vaughan Crawford, is also an Alpha Man. Alpha Men have held the office for the past four years. Last year, Brother Frank Chester was the president of the senior class and brother Wayman Rucker held the post of president of the junior class. Brother Larry Bonner held the office of sophomore class president in 1971. Brother Joe Nelson is now the treaturer of the Student Government,


an office in which brother Bonner held last year. Brother Joseph Jenkins is a representative to the Student Government. There are four brothers who display their leadership ability in the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (R.O.T.C.) program. These are cadet first lieutenants Thomas Madison, Nelson, and Rucker, and cadet second lieutenant Donald Graham. Bro. Ronnie Saunders, last years offensive end for the W.V.S.C. football squad, displayed his leadership qualities on the gridiron and also as the president of Alpha Zeta last year. Bro. Buddy Davis displays his leadership ability in the field of music where he is a member of the W.V.S.C. marching band, the college jazz band, and he also has a group of his own called "The Sensational Showmen". The brothers of Alpha Zeta truly are the leaders in every phase of college life at W. Va. State College. Therefore we have adopted the slogan, "Want to be a leader? Be an Alpha." In academics, Alpha Zeta has also excelled. During the past years we have ranked number one in Accumulative grade point averages among Greek Fraternities on campus. Last year Bros. Miles Cary, Frank Chester, Frankie Hoskey, and Wayman Rucker were named to both "Who's Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges" and "Who's Who Among Greek Fraternities and Sororities In America." No other fraternity on campus had as many selections. We are pleased with our performance to date and take pride in our accomplishments and we shall continue to adhere to the phrase "First of all, servants of all, we shall transcend all." The officers for 1972-73 are as follows: President — Walter Vaughan Crawford Vice-President — Thomas Madison Recording Sec'y. — Wayman Rucker Corresponding-Sec'y.— Thomas Madison Treasurer — Larry Bonner Historian — Donald Graham Dean of Pledgees — Larry Bonner Dean of Probates — Joe Nelson Parliamentarian — Jesse Wilkerson Jr. Sgt.-at-Arms — Joseph Jenkins Editor-to-the-Sphinx — Wayman Rucker Social Chairman — Buddy Davis Submitted by Wayman Rucker Editor-to the Sphinx

Alpha Zeta Lambda Hosts Gala Christmas Party Bluefield, W. Va. — On the night of Saturday, December 2 the Alpha House was the locale of a happy and festive annual Christmas Party which was attended by brothers, their wives, and some forty guests. Through the years this annual affair has become the traditional and highlighted beginning of the Yuletide. By coincidence 1972 marked the tenth anniversary of the purchase of the House and its spacious and beautiful surrounding acreage. The interior decorating was done by the Alpha Wives who also prepared a most delicious buffet dinner which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. In recognition and appreciation of her excellent and productive leadership the Alpha Wives surprised their out-going president, Mrs. Bernice Martin, with a cash gift presented by the in-coming president, Mrs. Louise McClanahan. Brother Marshall S. Harris, playing his traditional role of Santa Claus, distributed presents to the wives of members and to lady guests. Alpha Zeta Lambda, under the presidency of Brother Leonard H. McClanahan, looks forward to a happy and productive fraternal year, and the same for Alphas everywhere. Joseph I. Turner Editor-to-the Sphinx

Eta Pi Lambda Chapter of Pasadena, California Selects Man of the Year Eta Pi Lambda Chapter honored their president Louis K. Harris, Sr. with the Man of the Year Award for service to others. The award was presented at the First Luthern Church, where the honoree is Assistant Sunday School Superintendent. Mr. Harris is a native of St. Louis, Missouri and is a probation officer with the Los Angeles County Probation Department. Recently he received the Twenty-Five Year Alpha Phi Alpha Membership Certificate. Reported by Brother Frank A. Nicholson, Chapter Reporter to the Sphinx

President of Alpha \\ Lambda Brother Lawyer Made Assistant Dean

Brother Peters

Brother Felder Wins

Television Host

Federal Lawyer Award

Brother Cyrus Lawyer was installed as president at the June meeting of Alpha Xi Lambda Chapter in Toledo, Ohio. Brother Lawyer is the youngest president of Alpha Xi Lambda and comments that he sees his job as a challenge. Alpha Xi Lambda recently won the Outstanding Graduate Chapter of the year award and is currently involved in building a 3.2 million dollar housing project. This chapter will also host the Midwestern Region Convention in April of 1973.

Berlin. Germany â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Major Ned E. Felder, officer of the Staff Judge Advocate here, was recently named one of five young attorneys as a winner of the 1972 Younger Federal Lawyer Awards at the annual convention of the Federal Bar Association in Washington.

Brother Curtis O. Peters

Cyrus J. Lawyer, assistant dean of students at The University of Toledo, effective July 1, 1972.

Brother Lawyer was initiated in 1963 at Gamma Upsilon Chapter at Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, Mississippi. Before joining Alpha Xi Lambda in 1969, Brother Lawyer served as the housefather and university adviser for Epsilon Theta Chapter at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio for two years. Brother Lawyer is a candidate for the doctor of philosophy degree at the University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio. He will work half-time until he completes his degree. His work will include administrative duties, discipline and the programming for dormitories according to Dr. Lancelot C. A. Thompson, vice president for student affairs. Mr. Lawyer's appointment was approved by the University of Toledo Board of Trustees May 9.

Johnson C. Smith's former Director for University Relations, Curtis O. Peters, has joined the news staff of WSOC-TV, Channel Nine as a news reporter. The announcement was made by WSOC's Program Director, Doug Bell. In addition to news reporting, Peters will be featured in on-the-air hosting duties. A native of Orange, N. J., Peters graduated Cum Laude from Johnson C. Smith University in '67 and attended Fordham University as an intern uniil 1971. Other achievements include the AilCentral Intercollegiate Athletic Association football team in '66 and Outstanding Young Men of America in the '71 issue of the All-America NAIA football brochure. A native of Vicksburg, Mississippi, Brother Lawyer received the bachelor of science degree from Tougaloo College and the master of science degree in chemistry from Bowling Green State University. He also took graduate work at Purdue University. Brother Lawyer is a member of the American Chemical Society, American Association of University Professors, American Association for Higher Education. He is married to the former Vivian Moore. They are the parents of a daughter. Brother Lawyer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus J. Lawyer, Jr. live at 200 Riviera Blvd., Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The presentations were made during a luncheon sponsored by the Association's Council on Younger Lawyers in the Blue Room of the Shoreman Hotel which featured an address by Supreme Court Justice William H. Rehnquist. MAJ Felder's citation reads as follows: "While in Vietnam in 1966 as a member of the Judge Advocate General's Corps, he became involved in efforts to qualify soldiers to vote by absentee ballot in the ensuing primary and general elections. In the course of these activities, he learned that a large contingent of alien servicemen could not register because they were not United States citizens. He there-upon initiated a one-man project to assure the naturalization of those servicemen desiring United States citizenship. Through his substantial efforts, a number of applicants obtained U.S. citizenship. A larger percentage, however, were unsuccessful due to the existing requirements. He called these obstacles to the attention of the Director of Immigration and Naturalization and obtained assurances that remedial legislation would be enacted. With the passage of such legislation in 1968, hundreds of alien servicemen have obtained U.S. citizenship. He has also contributed substantially to the promotion of equalization of civil rights in the armed forces and has initiated programs to educate military personnel and their dependents about drugs." Brother Felder is a member of Theta Theta Lambda Chapter, Frankfurt, Germany.


DANFORTH Foundation Appointee

Rev. Bro. Telly H. Miller

The Reverend Brother Telly H. Miller, College Pastor of Wiley College, has been appointed by the Advisory Council of the Danforth Foundation to the Underwood Fellowship. Brother Miller was selected as one of twenty percent of the qualified candidates who were appointed in the highly competitive selection process. The Fellowship is specifically designated to support his formal study for completing his Doctorate. Brother Miller will spend a year at Vanderbilt University Divinity School in Nashville, Tennessee, completing his Doctorate of Ministry in Ethics and will return to the College in the summer of 1973. While studying at Vanderbilt, Brother Miller will do an internship there in the campus ministry, for which he will receive credit toward his Doctorate. Brother Miller received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Wiley College and his Master of Divinity Degree from the Morehouse School of Religion of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1971, Brother Miller was named to Who's Who in the South and Southwest. He serves on the Board of Directors of

Zeta Phi Lambda Brother Feted a t Testimonial Dinner Brother David Austin of Zeta Phi Lambda Chapter, Stamford, Connecticut was recently cited for his dedicated service to the Stamford Day Care Program, Inc. Serving as board chairman, Brother Austin and Mrs. Jeanne H. Ellis, Executive Director of the Day Care Program were honored at a dinner on June 23, 1972, sponsored by the Teacher — Directors Association at the Italian Center. More than five hundred persons were in attendance, including local and state officials. Telegrams were acknowledged from the Honorable Thomas Meskill, Governor of Connecticut, Mrs. Coretta King, Percy Sutton, Borough President of Manhattan, N.Y., and the Honorable Shirley Chisholm, U.S. Representative from New York. The program originating in 1969 with a grant from the Department of Community Affairs has grown from four to ten centers, one named for our brother honoree, The David A. Austin Center. The Day Care Program in Stamford has recently been cited by the Child Welfare League of America as having the largest and best operated program in the state of Connecticut. Brother Austin, a graduate of Morehouse College, has recently completed two graduate seminars sponsored by the Smith College Club of Greenwich and Stamford. The credits from these seminars will be applied towards the completion of a Master of Arts Degree.

the Harrison County Cancer Society and the Board of Directors of the Harrison County United Fund. During his four years as College Chaplain, he has headed several campus organizations. He is presently faculty sponsor for Kappa Pi Chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Inc., and for Alpha Sigma Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. He is a member of the NAACP and the Morgan Lodge No. 10. Accompanying him to Nashville will be his wife, the former Miss Glory Bennett and their twelve month old daughter, Alanna Camille.

Brother David Austin

Brother Austin has served his chapter as Vice President and is currently its Secretary. He is at present or has been affiliated with the following organizations; National Recreation Association, Vice-President of the Stamford Choral Society, the Stamford Community Council, the N.A.A.C.P., Executive Board — Local 786 Stamford Firefighters, Keeper of Records and Seals — Dunbar Lodge No. 5, Knights of Pythias, Grand Lodge Secretary — Mortuary Fund — Knights of Pythias, first Vice President — Stamford Day Nursery, member of the Policy board — Stamford Head Start Program and Board Chairman of the Stamford Day Care Program, Inc. In 1955, Brother Austin was appointed a member of the Stamford Fire Department, and became the first Black fireman in the city of Stamford. Brother Austin is a veteran of World War II, and resides with his wife Helen, daughter Karen and son David III on Quintard Terrace, Stamford, Connecticut.


Columbus, Ohio

INVOLVED IN HUGE PROJECTS TO BENEFIT THE COMMUNITY Alpha Rho Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated which is located in Columbus, Ohio, is now very much involved in an Extensive Program for the improvement of conditions in the Community.

Psychology and Sociology. He was then employed at the Hamilton County Welfare Department as a Case Worker. He then matriculated at the Ohio State University and received a Master Degree in Social Work.

The Powerful Community Action Committee engineered by its brilliant, energetic and efficient Chairman, Brother Howard V. Ware who received the Annual Award for Outstanding Service to The Chapter in 1971, is making rapid progress. This Committee was organized for the express purpose of developing a program to initiate Chapter Projects that would portray Alpha's involvement in The Community. To achieve this goal, Brother Ware and his Committee organized retreats designed to sensitize the Brothers and to formulate concrete recommendations that would result in a master plan for the Chapter. The third Retreat was held in January 1972. At this time the Chapter was honored by the presence of Brother J. Herbert King, Editor, "The Sphinx." Brother Ware was appointed Chairman of The Community Action Committee in 1968.

In 1953, Brother Ware began working at the Juvenile Diagnostic Center as a psychiatric social worker. He has progressed in his capacity of working with delinquent youths from social worker to h's present position as Administrator of Classification and Assignment Section with the Ohio Youth Commission.

The Chapter is involved in a Housing Project. It is presently taking steps to sponsor Housing development in the Columbia Inner City. This development is being planned for the Elderly or Senior Citizens, and should have approximately 150 Units in a high rise structure. Brother Walter Penn is Chairman of The Housing Committee. Other Committee members are Brothers Ronald Clark, Howard Nolan. Albert Britton, John White, Carl Robinson and Jon Morehead. The Chapter is also involved in the fight against Drug Abuse, and The Community Action Committee held a spirited meeting with Congressman Sam Devine regarding the drug problem in Columbus, Ohio. Possible Federal funds to aid the fight was discussed. Alpha Rho Lambda will be host to The Regional Convention in 1974. We are pleased to have it here in Columbus. The new administration will take office at The Chapter's next regular meeting which will be in September. The

Brother Howard V. Ware

new officers of Alpha Rho Lambda Chapter are as follows: President Vice President Rec. Secretary Corres. Secretary Treasurer Sgt.-at-Arms Editor-to-Sphinx Chaplain

Eddie L. Francis Howard V. Ware Willie S. Glover John W. Hall Ronald Clark Robert Dciz James B. Smith Walter McCreary

I would like to give a brief history of the active life of Brother Howard V. Ware, Alpha Rho Lambda's Man of The Year; Brother Ware was born in Elizabethtown, Ohio. He obtained his Elementary School Education at Saylor Park Elementary School. He got his High School Education at Hughes High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. After his graduation from High School he became an employee of The Cincinnati Recreation Department and progressed from Junior Recreation Leader to Supervisor of a year around playground. Brother Ware, at the time of the outbreak of World II was employed at the Wrights Aeronautical Corporation, and from there he served for three years in the Armed Forces, the major part of which were spent in Africa and Italy. Upon completion of his military service, Brother Ware received a B.A. at the University of Cincinnati, majoring in

Brother Ware is married, his wife being an English Teacher at Columbia's West High School. His son is at present employed in an Architectural Firm. Brother Ware is a member of Second Baptist Church, serves as a Trustee on The Usher Board. He is a Charter Member of The National Association of Social Workers and the Chairman of The Correctional Council. Brother Ware is a past board member of the NAACP and is at present in the process of becoming a life member. He is an active member of the Ohio Correctional and Court Services Association, the past president of the Beatty Tennis Club, member of the Worthington Community Council and the Franklin County Mental Health Association. This will probably be my last article to "The Sphinx" for Alpha Rho Lambda Chapter as I am an officer of the outgoing administration. It has been an extremely rewarding and pleasant experience serving nine consecutive terms as EditorTo-Sphinx for Alpha Rho Lambda Chapter. I thank all of the brothers who helped make this possible. The New Administration has my full loyalty and support. Fraternally, Glenn D. Jones Editor-To-Sphinx Alpha Rho Lambda Chapter Inclosed with this Article is a photograph of Brother Howard V. Ware. Please return it to me when you have finished it. 27

52 YEARS OF ALPHA HISTORY Psi Chapter in Search of Its Beginnings Reclaims 5 2 Years of Alpha History

Founders and Guests â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Front: Brothers James R. Burden, Willis N. Cummings, L. L Granger, C. D. Rodgers, L. R. Terry, R. P. Alexander and William T. Bailey; Second row: James V. Peterson, William Ross, Jr., J. Herbert King, W. Decker Clark, Charles P. Howard, Frank Devine, LeRue Myers and Daniel Hall.

Founders â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Brothers Willis N. Cummings, Lloyd Granger, C. Dewey Rodgers, R. Terry and Raymond P. Alexander.

During the early part of 1972, Psi Chapter (chartered at the University of Pennsylvania, but for all practical purposes, is now a metropolitan chapter) had had many conflicts of interests on the regional and local levels. The chapter decided that maybe if more were known about its past, it might better determine its future. On September 22nd, 1972, Psi installed its first annual Founders' Day Banquet at Tobin's Inn, a black-owned restaurant in Philadelphia's West Oak Lane section. Phi's fellowship and guests met with five of its seven surviving founders (at the chapter's inception in 1920, there were 21). Our seven surviving founders: Raymond Pace Alexander, 28


Dr. Lawrence Duke Christmas (unable to attend), Dr. Willis N. Cummings, Dr. Lloyd Granger, Dr. John Edward Lowry (unable to attend), Dr. C. Dewey Rodgers and Lloyd R. Terry, are men of diverse interests and temperaments. Some extended Alpha wherever they went. For instance, Bro. Raymond Pace Alexander, (now a distinguished senior judge in Philadelphia and recipient of more awards and fellowships than space will allow to list), who founded AlphaEta & Alpha-Kappa Chapters while he was in graduate school at Harvard and who later became a Vice President of the fraternity. Some exhibited uncanny natural abilities and courage under very difficult cir-

cumstances. Three specific instances come to mind. First, many of our founders were honor students at Penn, but because of prejudice, their records were purposely altered or deleted. In some cases only brilliant research of these men's parts remedied the situation. Second, Bro. C. Dewey Rodgers, who ran on the 1920 track team whose record remained unbroken for seven years. Third, Bro. Willis N. Cummings, who was a member of Penn's distinguished Varsity Club and the first black captain of an Ivy League Cross Country Team, resolutely faced some 1000 lynch-minded spectators at a pep rally while he objected to the use of the word "nigger" by a speaker. These are the men from whom Psi expected to gain encouragement and guidance. This point was emphasized in remarks made by distinguished guests; Bro. Charles P. Howard, Eastern Region VicePresident and Bro. J. Herbert King, Editor-in-Chief of the Sphinx. Both stated that our "seven surviving founders represented the Seven Jewels in Philadelphia and charged Psi Chapter to document their individual histories as those collectively constitue the history of Alpha. " Other distinguished guests were: Bro. William Ross Jr. (President of Rho Chapter), Bro. Daniel Hall (President of Zeta Omicron Lambda Chapter), Bro. William Decker Clark (Former Eastern Region candidate for the presidency of the fraternity), Bro. Frank Devine (Pennsylvania Regional Director), Bro. James V. Peterson (President of Nu Chapter) and Bro. Louis Harris (Secretary of the Delaware Valley Intra-Fraternal Relations Committee). The Banquet Committee: Bro. James Renel Burden (Chairman), Bro. William H. T. Bailey (Vice-Chairman), Bros. Martin McCain and Richard Clinton Vause Jr. (Auxiliaries), wish to thank all those who helped make this affair a success. Fraternally, Brother James Renel Burden

Brother Thomas Reed was Honored In Brookhaven, Mississippi A native and former citizen of Brookhaven, Thomas Reed, who recently became the first Black member elected to the Alabama State Legislature, was given a day of recognition Saturday, May 27 in Brookhaven. A group of black citizens, along with some of Mr. Reed's former classmates, sponsored the recognition program and solicited the support and cooperation of local public officials, the business community, churches, clubs and the public in extending courtesies to Brookhaven's native son. Some of the activities included a motorcade through the downtown area that afternoon. The final event of the day was a mass meeting Saturday night at Alexander School. Born and reared in Brookhaven, Bro. Reed graduated from Alexander High School. He attended Tuskegee Institute and following graduation he made his home in the City of Tuskegee where he established several successful businesses. Following his recent election he is now serving in the Alabama House of Representatives from the counties of Macon, Bullock and Barbour. He is a member of the Committees on Education, Public Welfare, Business and Labor. Brother Reed also serves as one of the Vice Chairmen of the 1972. NAACP Nationwide membership c a m p a i g n , Chairman of Region Five, NAACP, the top Executive post for the region encompassing Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, State President of the Alabama NAACP, Chairman of the Black Elected and Appointed Officials of Alabama, Member of the Macon County Democratic Executive Committee, Member of the State of Alabama Democratic Executive Committee. He was also elected as a Delegate to the 1972 National Democratic Convention, during the May 2, Primary. Some Achievements of Representative Reed since becoming a member of the Alabama Legislature and State President of the NAACP:

Brother Thomas Reed

Representative Reed caused the first Black Page to serve in the Alabama Legislature — Justin Harper, Shorter, Alabama. Representative Reed appointed the first Black Minister to preside over devotional exercises in the Alabama Legislature — Rev. T. H. Brown of Tuskegee, Alabama. During the past three (3) terms of his administration, an average of four (4) State Board Meetings a year have been held. He caused a bill to be passed to prevent undesirable mail and other items to be placed in the mail boxes of Members of the House and Members of Senate. The first Black man to be honored by the Alabama Legislature, Oliver Davison of Alabama, was nominated by Representative Reed. He called and presided over a series of Public Hearings on mal-treatment of inmates in State Penal Institutions in Alabama. The first and most significant one was held in the Alabama State Capitol — Legislature Chamber.

Under his leadership, working along with the State Field Director and Officers of State Conference — the membership of the NAACP has showed a steady increase over the past three (3) years. Representative Reed was successful in introducing a bill that gave the all White Capitol Guard Force an increase in pay. You may well understand this action on the part of Representative Reed for he knew that one day 25% of the same jobs would go to Blacks. He caused a bill to be passed that created 60 scholarships at $600 each to help students from low-income families to enter the School of Nursing at Tuskegee Institute, a first of its kind. Representative Reed introduced an amendment which caused Tuskegee Institute to receive the highest amount of money from the State of Alabama that it has ever received heretofore. A Bill that prevents law enforcement officers from jailing teenagers in his district until they reach age 18 has become law, another bill introduced by Representative Reed. The State Conference of the NAACP filed a suit and was successful in winning against the Department of Agriculture — Extension Service Division, thereby eliminating discrimination in hiring and upgrading Negroes in the extension service. He filed charges against 17 Agencies of the Federal Government to insure that Blacks get 25% of all Federal jobs in Alabama, which should cause about 8,000 more Blacks to eb hired in Alabama. Representative Reed was successful in filing charges against the State of Alabama, which will result in the hiring of approximately 500 additional Blacks in the State of Alabama. He is responsible for a Bill which created a Commission to investigate the Prison System for the first time in the history of the State of Alabama. Representative Reed caused the Department of Public Safety to hire 350 Blacks in various areas, the most visable, was that of hiring Black State Troopers for the first time since 1935.




Alphas on the Undefeated Rockets Two Alphas and four Sphinxmen at The Univers ty of Toledo were members of the Rocket football team which in 1972 posted its 35th victory without a loss — the second longest winning streak in modern major college football. Two of those players — tight end AI Baker and defensive back John Saunders — piayed each of the three years during which Toledo teams were undefeated, giving them the unusual status of having completed their college varsity careers without tasting defeat. Saunders, president of the Alpha chapter at Toledo, was a fourth round professional draft choice of the Los Angeles Rams. He and Baker are seniors, and both were named to the All-Mid American Conference team this year. Saunders also played on Jan. 9, 1972, in the AllAmerica Bowl in Tampa, Fla. Baker has been offered a tryout with the New Orleans Saints. First-year players on the Rocket varsity this year included four Sphinxmen: defensive back Pete Alsup, linebacker Mel Minnfield, tight end Art Willoughby and Middle guard David Williams, each of whom lettered this year for the undefeated Rockets.

AI Baker, senior tight end with the undefeated University of Toledo Rockets football team, was named to the Mid-American Conference all-conference first team. He has been offered a professional tryout with the New Orleans Saints.

John Saunders, corner back on The University of Toledo Rockets football squad completed his college varsity career with a team that posted 35 consecutive victories. Saunders, president of the APhia chapter at Toledo, was a fourth-round draft pick of the Los Angeles Rams.

BROTHER "TED" TAYLOR Elected President of Southern Illinois University Alumni CARBONDALE, ILL., June — Theodore E. (Ted) Taylor of Washington, D. C. was installed as president of the Southern Illinois University Alumni Association at the organization's annual meeting on the Carbondale Campus June 10. Taylor, a native of Centralia, 111., and a 1944 SIU graduate, is a physicist at the Naval Ordnance Laboratory at White Oak, Silver Springs, Md. He did post-graduate work at Howard University, where he also taught physics with the Army Specialized Training Program. He served as president of the Washington, D. C. Area SIU Alumni Club in 1968-69 and was elected to the Alumni Association Board of Directors in 1969.

Theodore F. Taylor of Washington. D. C, (left), new president of the Southern Illinois University Alumni Association, chats with University president David R. Derge (center) and retiring alumni president Paul Gill of Bloomington, III. Taylor is a physicist at the Naval Ordinance Laboratory at White Oak, Silver Springs, Md.


A member of Beta Kappa C h i , scientific honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma, physics honor society, and A l p h a Phi A l p h a fraternity, Taylor also is chairman of the board of stewards of Israel Metropolitan Christian Methodist Church. H e is married to Eloise L. Wiggins, formerly of Steubenville O »»,„ T „ „ I „ , •„ „ ~„fU,„v,„*;„<. • , , „ * „ „ „ TT. T I ' i. Mrs " T a y l o r ' S a ] m a ^ e m a t f P r e s s o r . The Taylors, who 1,ve a t 5 M c D o n a l d Place, Washington, have one daughter, Patricia Anne, a student at H i r a m College.


Alphas In Scouting

Brother Charles E. Means, National Director America National Council and Principal in Mississippi,

Brother James Greene, BSA Council member of

Ithaca, N. Y., shown congratulating Director

of Boys Scouts of

of Toomer High School




of Social Welfare of the Virgin Islands, who was pre-

sented the Silver Antelope Award at the Regional meeting of the BSA in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Athens, Georgia

The Zeta Pi chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. announces the acquisition of a fraternity house. This house is located along fraternity row and is a five-minute drive from the main campus. This house serves to reinforce more interaction between the brothers and also as a social outlet for the black students on campus. Although this chapter is relatively small, with an average of fifteen brothers over the years, and relatively young, established in 1969, we felt that these conditions were not immovable obstacles in the accomplishment of our goals. Presently, the chapter has increased its membership to twentyone active brothers. As our chapter increases, the brothers of Zeta Pi set even higher goals. Through manly deeds, scholarship, and love for all mankind, we feel that any and every goal can be reached. —Ralph C. T. Franklin, Corresponding Secretary


PROCESS APPLICATIONS ENGINEER EDUCATION — Ch E or ME graduate, strength in heat transfer and fluid flow. EXPERIENCE — Prefer 2-3 years in food or chemical process industries. JOB REQUIREMENTS — Evaluation of field sales inquiries (inquiries concern scraped surface heat exchangers, wiped film evaporators, fillers centrifugal filters and continuous mixers, or complete process systems including two or more of these). Preparation of specifications for proposals and/or process plants. Some travel involved. Creative thinking highly desirable. FUTURE — Advancement to field sales or administrative position probable. Contact: Edmund Weatherby YOTATOR DIVISION CHEMETRON CORPORATION P.O. BOX 43 — LOUISVILLE. KY. 40201

A LETTER TO THE EDITOR Dear Brother King: I would like my copy of the Sphinx magazine to be sent to Manual High School Library, 1700 East twenty eight avenue Denver, Colorado 80205, except during the month of June and July only. As of this date. I have the permission of the principal for this matter. The purpose of this, is to show the students the official organ of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and hopefully to encourage future Alpha Phi Alpha Brothers. cc Mr. J. D. Ward Prin Manual Hi School Fraternally yours, Melvin J. Norton Life Member


Johnson & Johnson Invests $100,000 In Rutgers Minority Business Program â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Promotes Brother Ather Williams New Brunswick, N. J. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Johnson & Johnson has purchased 100 shares of stock, valued at $100,000, in a minority enterprise investment company managed by the Rutgers Graduate School of Business Administration.

gers MESBIC as consultants to minority businesses in New Brunswick, Plainfield, Newark, Woodbridge and Paterson. Brother Williams joined Johnson & Johnson while still a student at Loyola University, from which he was graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1968. Just 28 years old, he has shown leadership in numerous black organizations on a national level. He is also active in the Chicago Urban League, NAACP, Operation PUSH, and the National Association of Market Developers.

The investment will support a comprehensive program at the business school that links minority group businesses with students, faculty, and Johnson & Johnson employee volunteers, according to Brother Harold R. Sims, director of corporate affairs for the company. Operated by the Rutgers Minority Investment Company, the program, with the aid of the Small Business Administration and other lending institutions, provides loans and management assistance to minority persons who seek to start or expand businesses normally considered high-risk ventures. Established in 1970, the Rutgers investment company is one of 50 Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Companies ( M E S B I C s ) operating throughout the United States which have been set up with private financing under the aegis of the U. S. Department of Commerce. Once a business applies to R.M.I.C. for new or additional funding, it is assigned one or two counselors who guide the applicant through the proper procedures. If a loan is granted, the counselors remain associated with the business to help identify problem areas and to assist the business owners in securing the proper advice or assistance to overcome the problems. The counselors are graduate business students from Rutgers and a group of Johnson & Johnson employees. Johnson & Johnson also makes available for advice various specialists in areas such as accounting, law, marketing and personnel management.

Brother Ather Williams, Jr.

on his firm's purchase of stock in the Rutgers MESBIC, said: "We, at Johnson & Johnson, take distinct pride in joining the State University and other corporate organizations in support of an important grass-roots' program that enhances the opportunities for the growth of minority-owned businesses in the state's urban centers. "Over the past year, some of our middle and upper-level management personnel have been working with the Rut-

Johnson & Johnson, world-wide producers of hospital, health care, pharmaceutical and baby products, has promoted Ather Williams, Jr. to the position of production superintendent of its Fibre Products Mill in Chicago, it was announced by Cecil J. Milner, midwestern director of manufacturing of the company. Brother Williams has had an outstanding career with Johnson & Johnson since joining the company in 1966, as an acting production supervisor. Promoted four times in that span, he also last year won the company's George F. Smith Award as the outstanding department manager of the year in recognition of his excellent record in the company's Chicago Gauze Mill.


Among the businesses aided by Johnson & Johnson consultants have been a men's clothing store, a manufacturer of dental laboratory supplies, a confectionery store, a pharmacy and a combination restaurant and tavern. Richard B. Sellars, president of Johnson & Johnson Worldwide, commenting 32

The corrected names ot the Brothers in the above photograph which appeared in the Fall Issue, page 17, are left to right: Brothers Lionel Newsom, Willard B. Smith and Charles Wesley.



A Legend In Virginia Educational System Palmer School Honors Memory of Educator Fired by Board When dignitaries and other interested persons meet to dedicate Palmer Elementary School on Oyster Point Road, there may be some in the audience who will find irony in the occasion. For it was 29 years ago that the man for whom the city's newest elementary school was named was "fired" from the school system. In May of 1943, the contract of Lutrelle F. Palmer, principal for 23 years of Huntington High School, was not renewed, in the words of the school bard, "for the good of the system." Contracts of two other black principals and three black teachers were not renewed for the same reason. This was the month that the Newport News school board adopted a new basic salary scale for teachers in the local system, designed in part to carry out a federal court order equalizing the salaries of white and Negro teachers. Also denied reappointment were principals T. Roger Thompson of Booker T. Washington Elementary School, J. Rupert Picott of Dunbar Elementary School, and Huntington High School teachers, Eric Epps, James W. Ivy and Miss Ethel Pannell. Dorsey C. Pleasants, chairman of the city school board, said "the board saw fit not to reappoint them for the benefit of the school system." Palmer had been in the school system 23 years; Thompson, 21, and Picott, 11. Miss Pannell had 21 years experience in the system, while Ivy had eight. Epps was a first-year teacher. From May until October, Newport News papers carried numerous stories about the educators, the school board and the reaction of the community. A petition asking for reconsideration of the case was recommended by Gov. Colgate W. Darden Jr. to the delegation of Negro leaders from the city who visited him. In an editorial May 19, it was stated that the only information relayed so far by the school board to the public was that "these teachers were not given new contracts for the benefit of the school system." "The sole light so far shed on that brief generality," continued the editorial writer, "is the statement of Dr. Palmer that he was threatened with dismissal from he system several monhs ago unless he discontinued his activity on behalf of parity pay for teachers in the Newport News system." The writer claimed "there will be no end to such rumor until the school board makes known to the public the basis for its decisions. The sooner this is done the better, and the sooner the public interest will be served." A full-page ad, called "An Open Letter to the Newport News School Board," appeared in the Times-Herald the same day.

Wray R. Henning, President Zeta Lambda Chapter, Dr. J. Rupert Picotte, Guest, Asst. Director of Higher Education, National Education Association and an Alpha Man.

According to the letter, "the undersigned, a committee representing more than 2,000 citizens who have attended mass meetings on this subject, and other interested citizens, urgently request an immediate public hearing of the board, for the purpose of reviewing and reconsidering its actions en the contracts of the principals and teachers involved." First signature was that of Rev. J. B. Henderson, chairman of the Citizens' Committee. Headlines May 20 pro-claimed that "Extra Session of Board Denied in Teacher Row" and "Ousted Principals Told No Special Meeting Planned." A petition to be presented to the school board, according to the afternoon paper, "reportedly would not ask for reinstatement, but a hearing." In a letter from Pleasants to Rev. Henderson, the citizens' committee was informed of a special meeting of the school board set for June 1. In his letter, the chairman denied that the board's action in refusing to reappoint the principals "was in any way connected with recent agitation which resulted in a court order equalizing the pay of white and Negro teachers." Pleasants also said "no action has yet been taken relative to the teachers, Miss Pannell, Ivy and Epps. In his letter, Pleasants said the school board "has the obligation and responsibility to select teaching personnel each year. The procedure is not automatic, and election of each teacher is by contract for an annual period." At the June 1 special board meeting, the executive committee of the Citizens' Committee presented a prepared statement, saying that "the necessary legal steps will be taken" to protect the interests of these teachers, and all other teachers, white and Negro, who in the future may find themselves similarly situated." (Continued on page 34)


BROTHER LUTRELLE R. PALMER (Continued from page 33) The committee asked for early and favorable action on reinstatement of the principals. No response to the petition was made by school board members in their regular meeting the following week. Formal complaints against the board by representative of the Negro Citizen's Committee were filed three days later. According to Judge Herbert G. Smith who heard the case in corporation court, this was the first case tried in Virginia in which the authority of a school board was questioned with respect to a decision on personnel under its cntrol. Court was crowded for the two days acting city attorney Charles E. Ford argued that an attack was being made upon the authority of the board to handle and manage schools of the community. Ford argued that "the petitioners have no legal right to reelection as principals or teachers in the Newport News system, and this court is powerless to create such right." Ford termed as "illogical, unwarranted, unjustifiable and gratuitous conclusion," a hint by the petitioners that the board's action may have been influenced by activities of the educators in securing equal pay for white and Negro teachers. On July 31, Judge Smith took under advisement a motion to dismiss complaints filed against the school board. He said he would announce a decision on Ford's motion after counsel had filed briefs. A 10-day deadline was fixed for filing. Counsel for the Citizens' Committee argued that the matter was properly before the court, that the board had exceeded its authority, that it was answerable to the people, and that the petitioners should be accorded opportunity for a full and complete hearing to develop a reason for dismissing Palmer, Thompson and Picott. The petitioners contended that the three principals were recommended for reappointment by Joseph H. Saunders, superintendent of Newport News schools, and that the school board ran counter to the superintendent's recommendations by refusing to renew the contracts. Attorneys for the petitioners were W. R. Walker, R. Wendell Walker and A. L. Bivins of Newport News, and Dr. Leon A. Bansom, dean of Howard University Law School, Spottswood W. Robinson III of Richmond, and Robert H. Colley of Petersburg. Bivins was a former chairman of the school board. A front page story September 9 reported that Judge Smith ruled the school board "is not bound to give any reason for its action, that it is free to contract with whomever it chooses, and that the hearing now will be limited to the question of whether the board acted corruptly." The case continued, but the petitioners were not offered contracts with the school system. Immediately after leaving the Newport News system, Palmer became co-director of extension at Hampton Institute, a position he held until his death in 1950. His widow, Mrs. A. L. Jackson, whose second husband died three years ago, said Palmer "went to court for a reason."


"His work had always been considered very fine. Some of his white friends said his dismissal was because of his fight for equal pay. They had no other reason to dismiss him. The teachers, students and citizens stood back of him," she continued. "He knew nothing about it (his dismissal) until the contracts were given. He didn't get one, and he made inquiry. The school gave him no reason," "I am so sorry he didn't live to see the integration of schools," Mrs. Jackson said. The Palmers moved to Newport News from Ohio's Wilberforce University almost 51 years ago. "When we first came here, the streets were not paved," Mrs. Jackson recalled in a recent interview at her home on Marshall Avenue. Palmer received bachelor's degrees from the University of Michigan and Wilberforce University. At the latter, he was instructor in Latin and history, executive librarian and instructor in education. He also was principal at Wilberforce Academy. He came to Huntington "because he said he would like the idea of helping to build a high school," his widow said. "He thought it would be a challenge. He was very, very interested in high school children â&#x20AC;&#x201D; both girls and boys â&#x20AC;&#x201D; but especially the boys. After they went away, he would follow them and help them. Many came back here to teach. Mrs. Jackson, who will be 80 on June 22, said she feels "So very, very grateful" about the naming of the new school for her husband. One of the people for whom Sunday's dedication will have special significance is Miss La Verne Yeldell, a first grade teacher at Palmer School, who was a student at Huntington when Palmer was principal. She also was a neighbor of the Palmer family and was their "paper girl" for time. She recalled that the educator was "respected in the community . . . an eloquent speaker . . . and a very smart man. "Students would do anything that he asked. If he said 'climb a tree,' you'd try to get up there. If you left money at home, he'd let you have it, or go in the cafeteria with you and say "this student is okay'." (Continued on page 35)

Brother Lutrelle F. Palmer, Jr. left, Dr. Palmer's son, Mrs. Myrtle Palmer Jackson, center, his widow, Mrs. Dorothy Smith, right, Dr. Palmer's daughter.

BROTHER LUTRELLE R. PALMER (Continued from page 34) The community depended on Huntington for entertainment, Miss Yeldell said. "If a speaker came to Hampton Institute in the morning, Mr. Palmer would have him at Huntington in the afternoon. "Once he signed his name at Nachman's so the whole choir could get uniforms. Of course, the parents paid it back. He was always ready to send his school out with the best. "For a child who didn't have a good home life, he would talk to him and call him 'son'. The children liked that. That's why he got so much out of them." "If you went down in a subject, he wanted to know why. He'd say, 'Why did you go down in math? Let's talk about it. That was his attitude. By so doing he won the respect of everybody in the community." L. F. Palmer also had the respect of teachers at Huntington, said Mrs. J. A. Green, who joined the faculty in 1925. The former Miss Effie Mae Bullock was at Huntington lrom 1925 until 1928, and from 1931 until her retirement in 1967. "One of the many wonderful things about Mr. Palmer," she said recently, "was his ability to inspire his teachers to want to help with the program. He had very definite ideas about what he wanted to do. It was easy to work with him because you had definite direction. "He encouraged you in what he saw you were able to do. He allowed you a wide range to develop whatever creative ideas you had. The Palmers had three children, one of whom was the late Dr. Nelson Palmer, a member of the faculty of Hampton Institute, where his widow, Mrs. Viola G. Palmer, now teaches. Another son, L. F. Palmer Jr., is a reporter-columnist for the Chicago Daily News. A daughter, Mrs. Dorothy P. Smith, is a teacher in the Baltimore school system. In response to a query from The Times-Herald a few weeks ago, L. F. Palmer Jr. wrote, in part, that his father "was a man of great vision, extreme compassion and enormous courage. While he was building Huntington High School into one of the best high schools in the nation, (not one of the best black high schools) he recognized the impact that education plays in the lives of oppressed people. He also recognized the genocidal results of miseducation. "In addition, my father understood the nature of power and he chose to challenge the misuse of that power through the judicial system. "His vision, compassion and courage have inspired many blacks, particularly black youths. Perhaps the dedication of Palmer Elementary School and an honest telling of what Palmer was about will serve as an inspiration to white boys and girls, too. This could edge the American dream just •A little closer to realization." In response to a request for comments about her father s role in the community and in the field of education, Mrs. Smith wrote: "I think my father saw and inspected every brick and board which went into Huntington. Early in the morning and late at night he was on the site — blueprint in hand.

"I remember the day that the furniture was delivered to Huntington. As was customary at that time, white kids received new furniture and books — black kids used the discards. On the day that the furniture arrived for the music mom, my father barred the door with his body. Short in stature, but commanding in appearance, he said to the driver, "Take that old, scratched furniture back to the warehouse. My children will sit on the new floors before they sit in that old furniture.' We sat on folding chairs and packing boxes for some time. Finally we received new furniture." "When the news broke . . . that my father and some of the other leaders in the fight for salary equalization had been summarily dismissed, many people advised boycotting the schools. "My father said, 'There is no one man or group of people whose careers are worth the sacrifice of one of my children's schooling for even one day. So fervently did he believe in the democratic process that he chose to fight for his position in the courts. "By staking his job on the justice which he felt he could obtain through the courts, he lost his job, and, I am sure, hastened his death. For as I helped him clear his office of his personal mementos on that heart-breaking day when he left Huntington, my father said to me, 'Losing Hunitngton is almost like losing one of my own children.' "It is impossible for me to conjure up for you a man of such Christian love for mankind that he never knew the bitterness of hatred. I can only tell you that he was years before his time. "Countless business and professional people in the black race owe their careers to his direct help or to his inspiration. If the students in the Palmer Elementary can catch his vision of sacrificial devotion to the cause of equality and justice, his dreams will never die." Dr. Palmer, or "Professor Palmer" as he often was called, received an honorary Doctor of Pedgaogy degree in 1942 tor his "outstanding services to the teachers of Virginia." Not only did he head an outstanding school in the city of Newport News, but he served as visiting professor during summers at Virginia State College, Atlanta University and Hampton Institute. He received a master's degree from HI in 1936. He was executive secretary of the Virginia Teachers Association, editor of the Virginia Teachers Bulletin, vicepresident of the American Teachers Association and president of the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools for Negroes. When the Richmond Times-Dispatch started its "Honor Roll" of 12 outstanding Virginians in 1938, Palmer's name appeared second on the list. In the civic area, he was equally outstanding. As chairman of the Slum Clearance Committee in 1937, he authored a report to the Newport News city council which resulted in the appointment of a housing authority for the city. He spoke for consolidation of local communities more than 10 years before this happened. He served on the board of directors and as vice-president of the Newport News Civic Club. Among the numerous committees he headed were the Peninsula Interracial Committee, the War Housing Agency and the Hampton Roads Evacuation Authority.





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From: Brother


Brother Karl E. Hope Zeta Theta Lambda Chapter Brother Karl E. Hope, Curriculum Development Specialist in the Pennsylvania Department of Education of the Zeta Theta Lambda Chapter was recently granted a certificate and letter of commendation from Governor Milton J. Shapp for service to the schools and people of Pennsylvania "above and beyond the call of duty" following the aftermath of the great hurricane Agnes.

THETA THETA LAMBDA CHAPTER Frankfort, Germany Each year Theta Theta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Frankfurt, Germany awards an annual scholarship for 1972-73 was awarded to Lawsoo B. Hawkins, Jr., who is enrolled at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California. It is the desire of Theta Theta Lambda Chapter to continue to assist Mr. Hawkins, however, the distance prohibits the direct personal support which could be beneficial to him during this school year. Theta Theta Lambda Chapter would like to correspond with the Alpha Chapter neorest the school Mr. Hawkins is attending. Request that the names and addresses of the Alpha Chapters in the Pasadena area be forwarded to Theta Theta Lambda Chapter. We appreciate any assistance you can provide. Fraternally, BARMORE DUNCAN Secretary




National Pan-Hellenic Council

The Executive Board of the National Pan Hellenic Council met in Dallas, Texas, April 20, 1972 at the Executive Inn Hotel. Those in attendance from left to right seated were as follows: Frank M. Pierce, Treasurer; Emogene W. Wilson, Secretary; James T. Bailey, President;


M. Swain, 1st Vice President;

Vernon Tratter, 2nd Vice


Shirley Malone; Standing â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Alvin J. McNeil; Roosevelt Johnson, Jr., Executive tary; James Patterson;

Mrs. James T. Bailey;

Commerce; Albert W. Johnson; August J. Marigny and Phi Beta Sigma All national organizations were


The National Pan Hellenic Council is participation. The above undergraduate Pan Hellenic hold responsible offices in Council. Left to right, James Patterson, Frank M. Pierce, Jr., Treasurer, Shirley Member and Vernon Tratter, 2nd Vice


Noel Reed, Host, Negro Chamber of

eager for youth member members of the National the National Pan Hellenic Executive Board Member, Malone, Executive Board President.


BROTHER JULIAN BARTLEY, of Eta Chi Lambda Chapter, has been appointed United States Vice Consul to the Dominican Republic. He has been assigned to Santo Domingo and his duties began effectively May 7, 1972. These duties involve safeguarding the legal and social rights of American Citizens living and traveling in the Dominican Republic. Bro. Bartley will be working directly under Vice Ambassador Francis E. Malloy and Consul General John Diggens. Prior to this appointment, Bro. Bartley was an English teacher at Nyack, New York and a language instructor at Columbia University and Rockland Community College.

James T. Bailey, newly elected president of the National Pan Hellenic Council, puts together a working team in planning for the future of the council. The combined efforts of the graduates and undergraduates will enhance the 1971-72 theme â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Planning groups above are Emogene W. Wilson, Secretary, Memphis Tennessee; James T. Bailey, National President, Dallas, Texas; Alice Swain, 1st Vice President, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Roosevelt Johnson, Jr., Executive Secretary, Dallas, Texas; Vernon Tratter, 2nd Vice President, Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Frank M. Pierce, Treasurer, St. Louis Missouri.





Brother Alan Thacker Busby

Bro. Alan Thacker Busby of Beta Zeta Lambda Chapter, Lincoln University Jefferson City, Missouri is one of our newest life members. But, Brother Busby is not just an ordinary life member â&#x20AC;&#x201D; he's an exceptional one with a very positive outlook on life. Having been born December 12, 1895 makes him nearly 77 years old and he still gets around faster than many younger brothers. Graduated from the University of Connecticut at Storrs in 1918, B.S. in Animal Husbandry, Brother Busby served in World War I as a 2nd Lieutenant in Field Artillery at a time when there were only 33 Blacks in that field. He went on in 1932 to receive a Masters in Animal Husbandry, minoring in Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University, and has received numerous awards and citations, the most recent being Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Connecticut in 1969. Initiated January 6, 1933 into Alpha Epsilon Lambda at Jackson, Mississippi. Bro. Busby worked at Alcorn A & M College for 21 years before moving on to Lincoln University in 1943. At Lincoln he is past president of the credit union, was treasurer of the Credit Union for 16 years and in 1969 was elevated to manager of the new University Bookstore where he remains presently. Married to the former Miss Edith Oliver since 1923 Brother Busby is nearly set for a golden anniversary. In Beta Zeta Lambda he has held every office available and is currently corresponding secretary. His philosophy is that "Sometimes you have to set the example for others to follow," a typical ideal from a typical Alpha Man.


1972-73 OFFICERS FOR THE BETA ZETA LAMBDA CHAPTER They are front row left to right, Bro. Alan T. Busby, Corresponding Secretary; Bro. Edward Wilkerson, President; Bro. George Enlow, Treasurer; back row left to right, Bro. William D. Rice, Comptroller; Bro. Paul Best, Editor to Sphinx; Bro. LeVester, Vice President; and Bro. John Rencher, Recording Secretary.


Delta Theta Lambda honors Bro. H. F. Drake. Shown in this photo are members of Delta Theta Lambda presenting to Bro. H. F. Drake a silver punch bowl set. Front row left to right are Brothers G. O. McCalep, President elect W. M. Clark, H. F. Drake, President Phillip Redrick, Associate editor to the Sphinx F. E. Lewis and L. R. Patton. Top row left to right J. H. Richards, Aaron Smith and Calvin Browne. The occasion was "This is Your Life Dr. Harold Fanning Drake," presented by Progressive Hornemakers Club, June 18, 1972, Huntsville, Alabama. Brother Drake has completed 26 years of medical service to the community.


Brother C. P. Penn Brother Penn had been accepted as a Farmville Joycee, the first black to be so honored, and was also cited as the "young educator of the year" by the body.

The month of December for the Brothers of the Iota Tau Lambda Chapter was filled with contrasting events of joy and sorrow. We were saddened by the passing of our Brother Robert T. Yates who joined the Omega Chapter after being a patient at the McQuire Veterans Hospital, Richmond, Virginia for several years. He was for many years the Vocational Agriculture instructor at the former Carter G. Woodson High School (now Buckingham County High School), Dillwyn, Virginia where he had resided for over twenty years. The Brothers of Iota Tau Lambda Chapter attended the funeral rites in Ark, Virginia and served as active pall bearers, a departing gesture of fraternal closeness. The Chapter followed its usual custom of distributing baskets and cash donations to the needy of Buckingham, Charlotte and Prince Edward Counties. Brothers Cooley, Early and white were members of this committee. Brothers Cooley, Moore and Penn were hosts for the Chapters' Christmas party which was celebrated at the Charlotte County Villa. The Founders Day observance was held in Buckingham, Virginia. We assembled at the home of Brother Harris in

GAMMA O M I C R O N . . . JAYCEES Knoxville College, Knoxvi/le, Tennessee The Brothers of Gamma Omicron Chapter have many plans for the 197273 season. Currently on the Knoxville College Campus the brothers of Gamma Omicron hold the highest scholastic average of all greek fraternities on campus and their highest of all greek organizations on campus. Due to these outstanding averages the brothers now sponsor a tutoring service to the Knoxville College Campus. Thus the chapter lives up to our motto of "Servants of All." Again this year the brothers will sponsor their annual scholarship raffle. This raffle, which was very successful last year, will financially aid a deserving student in completing his schooling. In the near future the chapter has many service projects planned for aiding the needy and they also have a Cabaret planned for the holidays which would be open to the general public. Knoxville College's Homecoming is coming up very soon and the brothers have planned to promote school spirit and to give functions and parties to make the Homecoming occasion a successful one. On the Knoxville College Campus exists a chapter of the Jaycees of America. This chapter is the First Black Collegiate Chapter of its kind in the Nation. Of this chapter, 3A of the members are Alphas. Of these members, seven are charter members. These members are as follows: Bro. Harold Silas, Bro. Russell Sellers, Bro. Donald Whipple, Bro. Thomas Pearson,

Bro. Albert Nelson, Bro. Carl Griffen and Bro. Ronald Kearns. Brothers also hold offices within this administration. These brothers are Bro. Donald Whipple, President; Bro. Ronald Kearns, Second Vice President; Bro. Percy Ray Johnson, Asst. Secretary; and Bro. Cary Jones, Treasurer. Alpha Phi Alpha is spread among many organizations on campus. In addition to the brother holding the top spot in the previous mentioned organization, Bro. Walter Mencer Jr. holds the prestigous position of being President of the Knoxville College Pan-Hellenic Council. Gamma Omicron is proud to have such talented brothers affiliated with the chapter. The officers of Gamma Omicron for the 1972-73 season are as follows: Bro. Donald C. Whipple, President, Bro. Ronald E. Kearns, Vice-President, Bro. W. Brice Davis III, Recording Secretary and Editor to the Sphinx. Bro. Kenneth W. Banks, Corresponding Secretary, Bro. James B. Rivers, Dean of Pledgees, Bro. Carl Griffen, Assistant Dean of Pledgees, Bro. R. Vincent Venable, Historian and Parliamentarian, and Bro. Harold Silas Sgt.-At-Arms. Mr. Floyd Ogburn Jr. is our Advisor. Our Sweethearts for the 1972-73 season are Miss Lorena Brown, a Junior, from Chicago, 111. and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and Miss Janice Bennifield, a junior, from Midville, Georgia. Submitted by, Bro. W. Brice Davis III Editor to the Sphinx

Dillwyn, Virginia before attending church service at Jerusalem Baptist Church. We received a very cordial reception from both the hostesses and congregation. The Rev. J. W. Sneed delivered a timely and soul stirring sermon followed by the Holy Communion. Afterwards we dined at Maude's Hot Shoppe, Appomattox, Virginia where we were served a delicious dinner in a private setting reserved for the forty (40) Brothers and their families.

We now look forward to the meeting of the Virginia Association of Chapters at Roanoke, Virginia, February 23-25, 1973. All Alpha Brothers are invited to attend. Our February meeting will be held at the residence of Brother Harris, Dillwyn, Virginia. Yours fraternally, Brother Joseph B. Pervall Editor to Sphinx Brother Douglas R. Cooley Chapter President




(Birthday Anniversary) By Brother Henry Louis Marshall Beta Nu Lambda Chapter MY N A M E is Martin Luther King, Junior: Abe Lincoln and John Brown had been sleeping Long years before I saw the dawn of day; My mother in travail, softly weeping, Must have disturbed their rest, deep in the clay, "Someone is being born today", they said, "Who will die for freedom as we died?" As a tot my steps were for the dead, — Funeral marches for heroes of pride. How long, Good Lord, after my humble birth And early death, how long must I wait And dream and sleep in this cold blooded earth? Has freedom, Lord, a never-ending gait? Come qunckly, Thou alone, can free this world From bigotry, hatred and lack of love: In flesh and blood I walked in a twirl Up to the mountain top, gazed from above: I thought I caught a gleam of freedom's light, And there were children-white and black-playing In bliss, carefree in the pregnant night; My soul rested in peace without praying. If I should wake today from my slumber, The world I left behind, would I know it? Would there be land without hunger And some love — if only a bit? If not, I'd rather be Prometheus, bound, Or Orpheus weeping salty tears Losing Eurydice beneath the ground! I'd wait for change — even ten thousand years. Henry Louis Marshall SISTERS Like a piece of sunshine she glows, Carrying a handful of wishes and blowing Them on everyone She makes earrings From the stars while whispering to the


Moon using the Milky Way to paint her Fingernails, she has it all together an she Is cold blooded the daughter of Mother Nature and the Mother of the Revolution She ask for no quarters for she doesn't deal In small change, her love dripping Onto the heart of her man wetting His thirst for freedom while enriching His determination to Determine his own destiny As forceful as her people soft as a spring thought Is the sister who would love nothing more Than to love a brother. I C It is all clear now: U R 4 Me but not with me U drop off when the wind starts blowing or the ceiling cracks but U C it is not easy 4 me 2 do a one man act We don't do comedies in the movement anymore U have to get yourself together now (while you can). 12-14-72 — Clyde Phillips Rollin' along in Life never even saying "Good by" but always Looking back as If to say "I know That's the way The cookie crumbles" But does there have to be So many small pieces 1-15-72


I see you as you are now You see I took a "snapshot" Of your personality There was a double exposure I Found out you collect men like S & H green stamps. Do You Trade Them In Too ? 12-14-71 Does our cause cause other Causes for the cause that have No real cause at all Cause if there is No real cause for Our petty causes Then we are part of the Problem — dig? — Clyde Phillips 2-3-72 BLACK TEARS These tears are for the lost past of mother africa now reaching over the middle passage for Ghana, Mali, Benin. These tears are for 400 years of shame for the whip, the chain and thousands of black babies better off dead than alive. These tears are for today where things aren't really changing black whores are whoring black pimps are pimping black drunks are drinking black brothers preaching brotherhood are stabbing each other in the back. These tears are for tomorrow since ages of fearing the man has given way only to the oppression faced today. Bro. Benj. Williams Delta Kappa Chapter Alcorn A & M

OPEN LETTER To: Undergraduate and Graduate Brothers

Brother Arthur Beat Cooper

Dear Brother: My name is Brother Arthur Beal Cooper, Jr. I was made by the Brothers

ZETA RH0 CHAPTER (Continuel from page 42) America. Brothers Roger Taylor, Vincent Hayes, Mac Lawrence Ford and Van Daris Simpson hold positions as

of Alpha in old and new ways. There was no chapter on my campus. After being read in at Alpha Mu which appeared in the December issue. We were giving the chapter Eta-Tau which was located at Illinois State University, Normal. Illinois. We are now 28 Brothers strong, not including the graduate Brothers at the University and Business. This letter also contains a couple ideas I would like Brothers opinions on. I do hope that my ideas can be considered by all Brothers of Alpha. Brothers my fault with you are not that bad. In the early part of the year ballots were sent out for the election of President of Alpha. Over 8,000 ballots were sent out. Less than 4,000 were returned. Brother are you or do you care what happens to the family of Alpha. Brothers the convention was very nice. 1 got there on Wednesday night. I had to pay full fees because there were arrangements for late Brothers mostly undergrads. Not too many Brothers of the undergrads were there about 20. Brothers more of us have to come to student supervisors at the Cultural Center. The building itself is a true display of black culture and is considered by many one of the best equipped of its kind. Internally the chapter is operating. Under a revised constitution which incontinued on page 43)

conventions. I hope to see more than 20. And more grads helping out the new life or otherwise we may die for the lack of helping each other. We need each other. Take heed to my words. We are and always will be number one; we are the backbone of all Black groups 1906 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; we were first to come together. Brothers we need a directory to let us know of Brothers in each state who owns a business also countries. We are a family and families help each other. We could bring more funds to Brothers. Brothers do not have to give discounts just knowing we can help each other is good. If we try it we may even include relatives of Brothers. Have a committee to figure out what it would cost. Charge a fee or do it out of funds of the Sphinx in a special issue. Brothers times are changing. We need each other. Myself I will be helping Theta Chapter if I can. Sincerely and Fraternally, "Coop" of HT

STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP. MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION ~~~ (Act of August 12, 1970 - Section 3885 - Title 39 U. S. Codel T M e of Publication: D a t e of FUing Frequency of I s s u e :

THE SPHINX February IS, 1973 Quarterly February, May. October, Location of known office of publication: 4433 Martin Luther King D r i v e Chicago, Illinois 60653

Location of the Headquarters - General Office: Same a* No. 4 H o n e it Address of Publishing - Managing Editor; Publisher - Alpha Phi Alpha l T r s l e r n i y 4432 Martin Luther King Drive. Chicago, Illinois 60653 Managing Editor: Laurence T . Young, 4433 Martin Luther King D r i t e Chicago, Illinois 80833

THE GENERAL PRESIDENT SPEAKS (Continued from page 2) EACH CHAPTER should plan a program for the regular March meeting and invite every brother who has ever been made in Alpha Ph. Alpha whether or not he is financial. It should not be a public meeting but a private meeting for the brothers. The Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents and State Directors have all been notified and urged to see that the chapters under the.r jurisdiction activate this program and report on successes in their annual reports to the General Convention. Finally, the General President asks that you cooperate with the leadership of the Fraternity. The Fraternity has a fine group of Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents and other general officers. These officers will need your support as we go forth to perfect the "Inward Reach and New Agenda." WALTER WASHINGTON GENERAL PRESIDENT ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, Incorporated


Alpha Phi Alpha F r a t e r n i t y , I n c . (A not for profit organization) A d d r e s s : Same as 1 8 Nona


D o s s not apply!


Not applicable


T h s purpose, function, and non-profit status of this organisation and the exempt status for F e d e r a l Income tax purposes have not changed during ths preceding twelve months,


Single Issue nearest to filing date

Extent and nature of circulation: Aver. N o , copies each i s s u e during preceding 13 months. A. Total No. copies printed 9,000 1. S a l e s thru dealers etc none 3 . Mail subscriptions 8.400 B. Paid circulation none C. Total paid circulation B, 400 D. F r e e distribution by m a i l S a m p l e s , complimentary 500 Copies to News agents none E. Total Distribution 8,900 T. ' Office left o v e r , unaccounted spoiled alter printing 100 G. Total 9,000

9,000 none 1.400 none t , 400 800 none 9,909 - 100 9,000

I certify that the statements made by me are c o r r e c t sad complete (Signature of publisher. Managing Editor} or Subscribed and sworn to before m e e Notary Public

/ ^ A U W W C K T . TOTN3

m 41

A News Interprets

W m• •

BLACKS TAKING HOLD OF ISSUES been killed and 11 others wounded by police. On Oct. 21, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference organized a march of more than 1,000 blacks to City Hall, where the Rev. Ralph David Abernathy called for daily demonstrations to protest the shootings. Since then, the demonstrations have included walkouts by an estimated 500 students from Dallas high schools, rallies at City Hall, a boycott of one shopping center and takever by blacks of the City Council chambers and the city manager's office.

Past General President A. Maceo Smith is shown with Brother Robert Prince, Sr., charter member of Alpha Sigma Lambda Chapter, Dallas, Texas.

A. Maceo Smith appeared visibly uncomfortable last week when, in the company of local black activists, he told Dallas officialdom that the city's black establishment is supporting the protests over the police shootings of blacks. Smith, a block leader of long standing, wasted little rhetoric in comparing concern over recent shootings of blacks with other racial crisis that have faced Dallas. "I submit that none of the past issues has been fraught with more ominous danger than the one which faces us now," he told City Councilmen. Such notice from black leaders to city officials apparently is an indication that the recent rash of black shootings by policemen has brought Dallas blacks to grips with issues that confronted blacks in other major cities during the height of civil rights activism in the 1960s. In the last six weeks, Dallas police have shot six black men, killing four and triggering a series of marches and demonstrations by blacks against the city government. In 1972, nine blacks have


FINALLY, 28 of the city's most intellectual black organizations lent their weight to the protests and called on city officials to institute a list of changes that closely resembled the demands made by protesters. Among the changes sought by blacks is the appointment of a black assistant police chief, assurance that by 1974 the police force will be 25 per cent black, an independent investigation of the shootings of blacks by police and reassignment of officers involved in the shootings outside the black community. Black leaders now say the next move rests with city officials, who are studying the list of changes requested by the 28 organizations. The show of unity and strength behind the protests and demands came as a surprise. From the beginning, the protests had been viewed by city leaders and the media as a factional movement, much like others staged here by SCLC in recent years, and not representative of the mood among the city's 210,238 blacks, 25 per cent of the population in Dallas. Most Dallas black leaders now are in agreement that racial tensions and polarization of whites and blacks had surpassed two of the touchiest points in the city's racial history.

From The Southwestern Region Brother Robert M. King Vice President

NEWS FROM ZETA RH0 CHAPTER The Zeta Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, located at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana, is one of the most active Black Organizations in the Terre Haute Area. There are presently twenty-one brothers at Zeta Rho, serving in many capacities on the I.S.U. campus and the Terre Haute community, a community which is 20% black. The brothers have been involved in many programs profitable to I.S.U. Students and to the Black people of Terre Haute. The Upward Bound program of Indiana State is a pre-college experience for high school students and the staff of the program included brother Charles Brown as head counselor, brother Larry Hogg, selected most dependable counselor in the 1972 program and brother Jim Davis head advisor. In the spring of 1972 the brothers were the host for a group of high school students from the Gary area participating in Indiana State's high school recruitment program. Once again the brothers of Zeta Rho proved that we are "First of AH" by entertaining and familiarizing these young brothers and sisters with the I.S.U. campus and explaining all the rules and procedures of the University. As a result of our efforts, approximately 60% of the students who attended that weekend session returned to I.S.U. that fall, prompting university officials to ask the chapter if we would participate again this year only on a wider scale, expanding to the other black areas of the state — Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and South Bend along with Gary. The Charles T. Hyte Community Center of Terre Haute is a predominately black patronized facility, handling nearly 150 black children a day. The brothers and the Alpha Angels tutor students twice a week and also the Angels handle the major social affairs of the center, recently supervising a very successful Halloween Party with Christmas and Easter Holiday affairs coming in the future. Brother Julius Williams has served as Prime Minister of Indiana State's Black Student Union, and is presently holding a position on the Advisory Board of the Afro- American Cultural Center. Brother Williams will also appear in the 1972 edition of Outstanding Young Men of (Continued on page 43)

POET'S CORNER OUR WORLD The Black world is a world of hippocrites and martyrs dead and dying hustling and lying children waiting for chances at something and hoping. The Black world is a small portion of hell for mothers and fathers with burned plans paying their dues and no more dreaming. The Black world is abject sadness building to a crescendo of joyous laughter that makes you feel good for a little while so you face the next day knowing well the meaning of the blues from experience. Our world is one of hippocrites and martyrs dead and dying hustling and lying. Bro. Benj. Williams Delta Kappa Chapter Alcorn A & M (Continued from page 41) eludes a board of directors, designed to give each brother major responsibility in keeping up with the happenings on and off campus. Zeta Rho Officers 1972-1973 President Roger M. Taylor 810 Sandison Hall Vice President Leland Free 268 Lincoln Quad Secretary Julius Williams 1644 Spruce Treasurer Larry Dodson 310 Gillum Hall



BEYOND BLACK AND WHITE By Brother James P. Comer Beyond Black and White, the first book written by Brother Dr. James P. Comer, was published in September, 1972, by Quadrangle (New York Times) Books. The central theme of the book is that while black and white conflict is very real, the underlying cause of racial conflict is due to the failure of the country to enable all people to meet their basic needs. He points out that a powerful few fan the frustration and fear of all and play one group against another to gain and maintain their selfish ends. He argues that a coalition of minorities, youth, women and liberals are needed to turn the country around before it is too late. Brother Comer, at 37 years of age, is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Yale Child Study Center and Associate Dean of Yale Medical School. He has written numerous articles on race relations and education. He received the distinguished "Markle Scholar in Academic Medicine" award in 1969 and was listed in "Who's Who in America" in 1970. He received the Alpha Phi Alpha Eastern Region "Alpha Special Award for Outstanding Service to Mankind" in 1972. Brother Comer is the Co-Director of an elementary school program in the inner-city of New Haven, Connecticut. He is a member of the President's Committee on Science and Technology's Panel on Educational Research and Development. He has been a consultant to three national commissions; violence, educational technology and the mental health of children. Brother Comer is a member of the Board of Advisors and Consultants of Children's Television Workshop ("Sesame Street" and "The Electric Company"). He has been a lecturer and consultant to numerous and mental health programs across the country.

Dr. James P. Comer Associate Dean â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Yale School of Medicine Associate Professor of Psychiatry Yale University

Brother Comer has studied social service and education programs in England, Kenya, Israel, Sweden and France. Brother Comer serves on the Board of Directors and Trustees of the Connecticut Savings Bank and the United Way of Greater New Haven. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Afro House at Yale. Brother Comer received his A.B. from Indiana University in 1956, his M.D. from Howard University College of Medicine in 1960, and his M.P.H. degree from the University of Michigan School of Public Health in 1964. He received his training in psychiatry in the Yale Department of Psychiatry, Child Study Center in Washington, D. C. He is married to the former Shirley Ann Arnold, a nurse with a B.S. degree from Indiana University. They are the parents of two children, Brian, twelve years of age, and Dawn, eight years of age. Brother Comer was the President of Gamma Eta Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha at Indiana University in 1955. He is currently a member of Eta Alpha Lambda Chapter in New Haven, Conn.



* 3 n JflrnuirUun *




Enters Omega Chapter

Brothed Clinton Irving Young, Sr.

Brother C L I N T O N IRVING YOUNG, Sr. was born August 15, 1912, the son of the late Esau and Martha Johnson Young, in Charleston, South Carolina, where he attended the public schools and Avery High School. He later obtained his Bachelor Degree from Talladega College, Talladega, Alabama, his professional certificate from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, New York â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and because of his great service he was awarded an Honorary Degree of Letters from Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, Ohio. His professional position included classroom teaching, Elementary and High School Administration, College Teaching and Departmental Administration. He discharged all of his duties with great efficiency and dedication. His professional affiliations included National Education Association, National Elementary Principals Association, National Secondary Association and local and state Teachers Associations. Dr. Young's human interests were not confined to his profession, but covered many other involvements; he was a member of the Lions Club, served as chairman of the Coastal Carolina Boy Scouts of America, Charleston, South Carolina in 1957, and later in Montgomery, Alabama. He was involved in service to the Red Cross, the Tuberculosis Association and the United Fund (Continued on page 46)


Brother Hobart D. Williams, 48 passed away in his home in Erie, Pennsylvania, on July 3, 1972. Brother Williams had been City Ombudsman for Erie since February 22, 1971. Before that, he was employed in the Legal Department at the Corporate Office of American Sterilizer. Brother Williams was the first black attorney admitted to the Erie County Bar. He began practicing in Erie in April, 1970.

Dr. Ulric Pryce

Funeral services for Dr. Ulric W. Pryce were held on Friday, June 16, 1972, 2:30 P.M. at the Woodbury United Congregational Church of Christ, Lake Charles, La. Dr. Pryce passed into Omega Chapter on Tuesday, June 13, 1972 at a local hospital. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, but had lived in Lake Charles about 50 years. He graduated from Straight College, which is now Dillard University in New Orleans, and received a doctor of pharmacology degree at Howard University. Brother Hobart D. Williams He was the first black to be admitted to the registry of the Louisiana State He was a veteran of the Army Com- Pharmaceutical Association. bat Medical Corps and was a sergeant As well as being a prominent busiwhen he was discharged in 1946. nessman, he was organizer and past Brother Williams earned a Bachelor president of the National Pharmaceuof Law degree in 1950 from Drake tical Association, president of Keystone University, Des Moines, Iowa. He re- Life Insurance Corp. of New Orleans, ceived his Doctor of Jurisprudence de- a member of Zeta Psi Lambda Chapter gree in 1969 from Drake. He also held of Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc., a 33rd Dea certificate in Electrical Engineering gree Prince Hall Mason, past master of from South Dakota State College and Golden Chain Lodge No. 103, a mema bachelor's degree in Contract Adminis- ber of the John G. Lewis, Sr. Consistration and Negotiation from U.C.L.A. tory No. 165, and a member of AI He earned a Contract Negotiation de- Kadr Temple No. 153. gree from American University in WashDr. Pryce was awarded a gold certiington, D.C. While in Washington, he ficate for more than 50 years in his worked for the State Department. profession, and in 1971 he was honored He had been admitted to the Cook as "Citizen of the Year" by the local County, Illinois Bar in 1952. chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Brother Williams was a charter mem- and "Alpha of the Year" by the brothers ber of Kappa Beta Lambda Chapter in of Zeta Psi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Erie. (Continued on page 46) (Continued on page 46)





Brother John Julius Wise, son of Mrs. Lena Ethridge Wise and the late Jule Wise, was born in Batesburg, S. C. Death came Friday, May 19, 1972 at Saunders Memorial Hospital about midday. He attended the public schools of Batesburg and Bettis Academy. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree from South Carolina State College. The Master of Arts Degree was confered by Columbia's University. He was married to Mrs. Olgeretta Davis Wise of Marion, S. C. Olgeretta preceded him in death. In 1971 he marBrother Walker James Firby, Jr. ried Mrs. Lizzie Andrews Morrison. He served his nation in the Korean Brother Walker James Firby, Jr. was War and received an honorable disborn in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on charge. July 24, 1947 to Mr. and Mrs. Walker He worked in the public schools of James Firby, Sr. He was the third child North Carolina for several years. and only son of his parents. He was He was employed as an instructor at baptized, confirmed, served as an acolyte Wilson High School, later promoted to and became a postulant for Holy Orders in Calvary P.E. Church, N.L. The Very assistant principal of Wilson Junior High then principal of Wilson Junior High. Rev. Thomas S. Logan Rector. At the time of his death Brother Wise Father Firby attended the Philadelwas principal of Williams Junior High phia Public Schools. He graduated from School, Florence, S. C , a position he Thomas Edison Senior High School, held for seven years. where he was instrumental in having the He was an active member of St. John National Honor Society established. He A. M. E. Church and served on the later became a member. After leaving trustee Board. Edison, he matriculated at Temple UniBrother Wise held membership in the versity on full scholarship with Philadelfollowing organizations: Florence County phia's Student Welfare Council guiding Teachers Association, South Carolina his footsteps. While at Temple, Father Education Association and the National Firby changed his church membership Education Association. The National Asto the Church of the Annunciation sociation of Secondary School Principals. B.V.M. to be closer to campus activities A Free Accepted Mason, a member of at Temple, he majored in Philosophy the Advisory Board of the Mental Health and Urban Sociology. He graduated Cum Association, Chamber of Commerce and Laude in 1969. That September of 1969, a Notary Public. he entered the General Theological SeHis survivors are his wife, Mrs. Lizzie minary in New York to begin his most Andrews Morrison Wise of Pamplico, formal preparation for the Priesthood. two step daughters Misses Shirley Deloris Concurrently with his studies at General and Mona Lisa Morrison. His mother Seminary, he was made a fellow at CoMrs. Lena E. Wise, Batesburg, S. C , lumbia University to work for the two brothers, Billy Wise, Batesburg, S.C. degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Only and Joe Wise of Charleston, S. C , a a half year remains to be completed on mother and father-in-law Mr. and Mrs. that degree. B. C. Andrews, Pamplico, S. C , and numerous relatives and friends. (Continued on page 47)


MILTON H. WASHINGTON YMCA Leader Mourned Brother Milton H. Washington, 64, Associate Administrative Director of the Philadelphia Metropolitan YMCA and head of its urban services, died suddenly at his home, 321 E. Hortter Street. Brother Washington had returned home ten days previously from the University of Pennsylvania Hospital where he was treated for a heart condition and appeared to be well on the way to recovery. His doctor and family had no indication of a change for the worse in his condition.

Brother Milton H. Washington

As director of urban affairs for the Metropolitan YMCA, Brother Washington successfully steered through a $1.5million program for the rebuilding of the Christian Street YMCA, which he headed as executive director before being promoted to the post he held at the time of his death. His whole career had been in YMCA work. His first position was physical education director of the Christian Street Branch. Many professional athletes got their start in the Christian Street Branch learning the rudiments of their games and the development of their skills while Milt Washington was in charge of the physical and recreation program at Christian Street YMCA. (Continued on page 47)






Brother Elmer A. Carter... Pioneer Social Worker

NEW YORK â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Brother Elmer Anderson Carter, former chairman of the State Commission Against Discrimination and Special Assistant to Governor Nelson W. Rockefeller, died at the Isabella Nursing Home after an illiness of several months. He was 83 years old. Brother Carter was the brother of Mrs. Vivian Carter Mason of Norfolk. Brother Carter had served from the Discrimination which administered the inception of the State Law Against Discrimination on July 1, 1945, as a member of the State Commission Against then new law against discrimination.

HE WAS appointed by Gov. Thomass E. Dewey. The law has now been renamed the State Human Rights Law and1 the present agency is the State Division1 of Human Rights. Brother Carter was appointed as5 chairman of the State Commission1 against discrimination on January 30,. 1959 and he resigned on November 1,â&#x20AC;˘ 1961 to become special assistant to Gov. Nelson Rockefeller for Intergroup Rel-; ations. HE WAS born July 19, 1890 in Rochester, N.Y., and was the son off George Cook and Florence (Lucretia) Carter. He was married to Thelma Charles Johnson on June 7, 1927. She, died on December 19, 1972. Brother Carter was educated in the public schoolsj of Auburn, N.Y., and Harvard University. He was appointed executive secretary of the Columbus (Ohio) Urban League. in 1919, and thereafter served as executive secretary of the Urban League of Louisville, Ky. from 1920 to 1923. Hei served in the same capacity for the St. Paul-Minneapolis Urban League fromi 1923 to 1928. HE BECAME editor of Opportunity, the Journal of Negro Life, formerly the official organ of the National Urban League. He held this post for 14 years. FROM 1942 until 1945 he served as a member of the New York State War

HIS SURVIVORS include a daughter, Mrs. Sara Elizabeth Campbell of Austin, Texas, two sisters, Mrs. Vivian Carter Mason of Norfolk, Va., and Mrs. Anita Carter Bogarte of Mt. Vernon, N.Y. and a brother, Reginald Carter of Auburn, N. Y. The news of Carter's passing was received with profound grief and shock at the State Division of Human Rights where many of the present members and staff had worked with him over the years. EXPRESSING the sentiments of the agency, the present Commissioner Jack as chairman of the State Commission M. Sable said, "As a commissioner, and Against Discrimination from its inception on July 1, 1945, to his resignation on November 1, 1961, Elmer A. Carter has given courageous leadership to the cause of human rights." Funeral services were held at St. Marlin's Episcopal Church Jan. 19. Interment was in Fern Cliff Cemetery.




(Continued from page 44) He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Beatrice Pryce, three sons, Ulric and Charles Pryce, both of New Orleans, and Frank Y. Pryce of Lake Charles; two daughters, Mrs. Lorena P. Manker of Miami, Florida, and Mrs. Grace P. Smith of Pomona, California; three sisters, Mrs. Mabella P. Callicoate, Mrs. Edyth P. Houston, Mrs Josie P. Johnson, all of Los Angeles, California; three brothers, George C. and Joel A. Pryce of Los Angeles, and Edward L. Pryce of Tuskegee Institute in Alabama; six grandchildren.

(Continued from page 44) Brother Williams is survived by his wife, Hedy; one daughter, Heidi; his mother, Mrs. Margaret Williams of Evanston, Illinois; one brother, Charles Williams with the U. S. Army; one sister, Mrs. Joseph Avery of Evanston, Illinois; and a grandmother, Mrs. Anna Patterson of Chicago, Illinois. Brother Williams' body was flown to Evanston, Illinois for funeral services and burial in Sunset Memorial Gardens. The Brothers of Kappa Beta Lambda Chapter held a memorial service for Brother Williams.

(Continued from page 44) of Charleston County, Inc. In addition to these services he held an Honorable Discharge from the United States Air Force. Dr. Young was a good churchman and served the congregation of Emanuel A.M.E. Church as a member of the Trustee Board and superintendent of the Sunday School for many years. He was also a Master Mason. In Mt. Vernon, New York, he served as a trustee of the Mt. Vernon Heights Church. On October 14, 1972, he died of a heart attack.

Elmer A. Carter


Council by appointments of Gov. Lehman and his successor, Gov. Dewey. From 1951 to 1958 he was a member of the New York State Defense Council by appointment of Gov. Dewey. In January 1959, Gov. Rockefeller appointed Mr. Carter to a 13-member Task Force Committee to Stimulate Private Investment in Middle Income Housing.

Miami, Fla.


Brother Oral A. Allen, Past President of Beta Beta Lambda Chapter, Past State Director and local chairman of the 1975 National Convention, departed this life August 17, 1972. To his Alpha Brothers, the widow stated, "Finally, we shall live as though everyday is a greater challenge upon the earth and to mankind, and conduct ourselves accordingly."

BROTHER FIRBY (Continued from page 45) Father Firby was ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacons at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Bronx, N.Y. on January 9, 1972 by the Right Reverend Robert L. DeWitt, D.D., Bishop of Pennsylvania. On May 28, 1972, while still in the Sacred Order of Deacons, he was appointed Vicar of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Brooklyn, New York by the Right Reverend Richard B. Martin, Suffragan Bishop of Long Island and Archdeacon of Brooklyn. Father Firby was ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests on Saturday, July 8, 1972 at the Church of the Annunciation, the Right Rev. Richard B. Martin presiding. He said his First Mass at Calvary Church the following Sunday morning, July 9, 1972. Father Firby's Organizational Affilations include, The Bronx Clergy Coalition, the Advisor Board of State Senator J. Galiber, The Board of Directors of City Wide Inter-Faith, the Planning Committee of the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, the Union of Black Clergy, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and the Board of Directors of Greater New York Urban League. Father Firby departed this life early Saturday morning, January 6, 1973, the result of an automobile accident. He is survived by his mother, father, sisters, grand parents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, God mother and many cousins.

By Fashion & Feature Editor Miami Times On last Thursday morning I stopped in on Mrs. Marion P. Allen, wife of the late Oral A. Allen, (principal-Lillie C. Evans Elem. School and Former Miami Police Officer), at their palatial Scott Lake Home on NW 179th Street. My presence on this occasion was warranted, but the hour of arrival was insignificant. Seconds later another friend dropped in because he did not want others to witness the expression of his emotions at this sad hour. But the Widow Allen took him in her arms and suggested "Big Al" was big, brave, and strong and he would want him to be the same. Following these words of consolation, he stated, "you know, I think a monument should be erected in his honor — like Martin Luther King, the Kennedy Brothers, and people like that." As an educator, my comment to his remark was, "why not name a school in his honor — they're building a lot of new ones now." Marion at this early hour in the A.M. was utilizing her domestic qualities BRO. WASHINGTON which many friends do not know she possesses-ie. dusting, sweeping, etc.-as I fol(Continued from page 45) lowed her from room to room. She stated that they (her friends) will never believe He was a trustee of Holy Trinity Bapthis Vivian, "me cleaning up." tist Church and had been an active layFinally she was seated and as I sat with her, I asked, "Marion, just how does man all of his life. one feel when something like this happens?" Very simply she uttered the following: In 1966 Brother Washington was the "Well, Vivian, I have no fears — I'm an athlete and when one goes out on the field to meet his opponent, he wants to win. During the years of our marriage first staff member honored by the Y's "Big Al" and I often challenged each other with negative and positive expressions Men's Club of the Christian Street of our views on various issues. We both recognized that there must be a winner Branch. He was a director of the Tribune Charities, active in the Red Cross, and a loser in any event. In this instance, I lost." Mrs. Allen is a native Miamian who graduated from Dorsey High School. She member of the Health and Welfare received a B.S. Degree in Physical Education from Allen University in Columbia, Council of Philadelphia, the State YMCA South Carolina and the M.S. Degree in Education from Florida A&M University. Board, director of the American Bond and Mortgage Company, Alpha Phi She has also done further study at Barry College. Her twenty years in the educational system have given her contact and Alpha Fraternity, and a member of the experience as a teacher of Physical Education, Science, Adult Education and NAACP. Social Studies. She has also worked as a Guidance Counselor and is presently His is survived by his wife, the former a Work Experience Coordinator at North Dade Jr. High School. Eleanor Amager; a son. Milton A., a Mrs. Allen is affiliated with the following organizations. sister, Mrs. Marion Kinchelow of Mount (Continued on page 48) Claire, N.J.; and two granddaughters.


Brother Clinton L. Blake Passes All that was mortal of Brother Clinton Levonte Blake ended on November 30, 1972. Brother Blake was a charter member of Beta Nu Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Charlotte, North Carolina. He was the leading spirit of Beta Nu Lambda Chapter and was honored at one time as Man of the Year. Also he represented the chapter at several Anniversary Conventions, and presided at the first general session of the Annual Convention of the Southern Region in 1967 at Charlotte, North Carolina. In the local chapter, he served in almost every capacity. Not only was he outstanding as an Alpha man, but he held leadership in several fraternal orders; his contributions to the McCrorey Branch YMCA, Urban Homes, Inc., and more especially his support and work in the A.M.E. Zion Church which he loved so much.

In the field of education, he is remembered by many. His special interests were athletics and dramatics. He was known as a superior teacher and a beloved principal of the West Charlotte Senior High School which he held until his retirement a few years ago. West Charlotte High School was commonly known as Blake University. There are so many rich legacies he left, that space will not allow one to enumerate. One, of course, is a must â&#x20AC;&#x201D; he was a cuisine of the first magnitude. Members of Beta Nu Lambda Chapter will always remember the meals served at their last meeting of the year in every May. Peace be to his ashes and rest to his soul. Bro. Henry L. Marshall Beta Nu Lambda Chapter

AN ALPHA WIDOW (Continued from page 47) National Standards Committee of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Past Basileus of Gamma Zeta Omega Chapter of A.K.A. Sorority, Member of Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, Charter Member of Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Member of American Association of University Women, National Council of Negro Women, Past Officer of the Florida A&M University Alumni Association, Member of St. Agnes Episcopal Church, Member-Episcopal Church Women, YWCA and Scott Lake Optimist Club. When I asked Mrs. Allen about her most cherished memories, she spoke with great pride about her two years of courtship with "Big al." During these years while he served in the U.S. Army Air Force as a Master Sergeant and stationed in Alaska, he called Columbia, South Carolina monthly while Mrs. Allen was a student at Algen University. He, also, visited in person when the opportunity presented itself. The letters which were received during this courtship are kept securely under lock and key-personal perusal only. Mrs. Allen and her entire family are sincerely grateful to all persons who extended their sympathy in any manner during this recent bereavement. The burden became easier to bear with the sympathetic understanding and varied kindness of the Administrators of the Dade County Schools, School Board Members, Nova University, FAMU Alumni Association, Instructional and Non-Instructional personnel of Dade County. Vicars and members of Incarnation, St. agnes, and Transfiguration Episcopal Churches, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Lillie C. Evans Elementary School, B.T.W. Class of 1040, North Dade Jr., High, the Dade County Classroom Teachers' Association, Neighbors, Friends, the Range Funeral Home, and all of the children whose lives were touched in any way by the late Oral A. Allen. As fashion editor and feature writer of this column, my deepest sympathy is extended to Mrs. Marion Allen, Oral, Jr., and the entire family.



Brother Daniel D. Smith

Brother Daniel D. Smith, a resident of Wilberforce, Ohio, a native of Youngtown, Ohio, and the first Black Elementary Principal of Yellow Springs, Ohio left us August, 25, 1971, at a time when few of his brothers and friends knew of his ill-condition. This was because 'Big Sarg' as he was known, was not only big in stature but more concerned with others than himself. The writer recalls that the last time he saw Brother Smith alive and that was a few days before his leaving us, he said, "How is your health these days." But he never mentioned his. He was educated in the Public Schools of Youngstown, Ohio. He studied at Youngtown University, Michigan State University, and held two degrees from Central State University, where his widow, The Former Dorothy Hawkins is head of the department of Home Economics. Before going into the field of education as a teacher and administrator, he led an important Military career. He served in World War II, The Korean War, and in the South Pacific. Brother Smith is the author of a Study titled, "Comparative Study of The Graded and Non-Graded Schools in the Area of Mathematics." He was a Thirty Second Degree Mason and Shriner.


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Sikorsky Aircraft STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT 06602

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August 3-9,1973 Room reservation cards will be mailed to the entire membership of the fraternity on or before April 15, 1973. Brother Walter E. Morial, Convention Chairman

Brother Kermit J. Hall, Director of Conventions

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