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FEBRUARY-MARCH 1971 Volume 57, No. 1

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.



"TELL THEM WE ARE RISING!" Richard R. Wright

ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. National Headquarters / 4432 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive / Chicago, Illinois



A. Callis


E Street,




General President — Ernest N. Morial 1821 Orleans Avenue, New Orleans, La. General Treasurer — Leven C. Weiss 4676 West Outer Drive, Detroit, Michigan Comptroller — Isidor J . LaMothe, Jr 1407 University Avenue, Marshall, Texas General Counsel — Morris M. Hatchett 1456 E. Adelaide, St. Louis, Missouri Editor, "The Sphinx" — J . Herbert King 4728 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois Executive Secretary — Laurence T. Young. ...4432 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, Chicago, Illinois

70116 48235 75670 63107 60615 60653


Viee Presidents 66 Dry HIM Road, Norwalk, Connecticut " 9 7 8 Dover Avenue, Akron, Ohio 602 Mooremont Terrace, Chattanooga Tennessee 6513 Shirley Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas 3909 South Norton Avenue, Los Angeles, California

Eastern — W. Decker Clarke itidwestern — James' R.'Williams! Southern — Bennie J . Harris Southwestern — Oell Sutton Western — Thadeaus H. Hobbs

06851 44320 37411 72203 90008

Assistant Vice Presidents Eastern — David A Wright Midwestern — Eugene Shelton, Southern — Larry L. Earvin Southwestern — Delbert O. DeWitty Western — Fritzic A l l e n . .

Contributing Editors Malvin Ft. Goode, Martin L. Harvey, Eddie L. Madison, Frank L. Stanley, Sr., L. H. Stanton, Charles Wesley, Randolph White, O. Wilson Winters, Laurence T. Young. Editorial Advisory Committee Malvin R. Goode, Marshall Harris, John H. Johnson, Moss H. Kendrix, Belford V. Lawson, Samuel A. Madden, J. E. Martin, Lionel H. Newsom, Gus T. Ridgel.

30 Bay State Road. Boston, Massachusetts 214 Wright Hall, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio 9 Maude Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee 640 Elm Street, University of Oklahoma, Norman Okla 613 Johnson Drive, Richmond, California

02215 44240 37403 73069 94806

Committee Chairmen Committee on Standards & Extension

Wayne C. Chandler

Committee on Housing & Building Foundation

2913 N.E. 18th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111 William M. Alexander, 4272 Washington Blvd oi.



D Historical Commission - Charles H. Wesley 1824 Taylor Street, N.Wp, Washington .£:?°°™ Committee on Publications Moses General M „ e s ^lahaslee, R o H S . ^

Committee on Awards » Achievement -

Arnold W. Wright, Sr

Committee on Rules and Credentials -

Andrew J . Lewis, I I . .



.. ^

Thomas D. Pawley, III





§0& "£$

•••• •• -1014 Lafayette Street Jefferson City, Missouri 65101


Eastern Region

NATIONAL COLLEGE EDITOR MICHEL V. BROWN Texas Southern University The Sphinx is the official magazine of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., 4432 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr., Chicago, III., with editorial offices at 4728 Drexel Blvd., Chicago, III. 60615. Published four times a year: February, May, October and December. Address all editorial mail to 4728 Drexel Blvd., Chicago, III. 60615. Change of Address: Send both addresses to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, 4432 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, III. Manuscripts or art submitted to The Sphinx should be accompanied by addressed envelopes and return postage. Editor assumes no responsibility for return of unsolicited manuscripts or art. Opinions expressed in columns and articles do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and use of any person's name in fiction, semi-fiction articles or humorous features is to be regarded as a coincidence and not as the responsibility of The Sphinx. It is never done knowingly. Copyright 1970 by The Sphinx, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Reproduction or use, without written permission, of the editorial or pictorial content in any manner is prohibited. The Sphinx has been published continuously since 1914. Organizing Editor: Bro. Raymond W. Cannon. Organizing General President: Bro. Henry Lake Dickason. Second class postage paid at Chicago, III. Postmaster: Send form 3579 and all correspondence, 4728 Drexel Blvd., Chicago, Illinois 60615.

M»„, i„,„oU Brn i onn Swnenv 6 Norman Drive, Neptune, New Jersey M ^ v l a n d * BTO ChaMes P Howard Jr .'\'.' . . . .3206 North Hilton Street, Baltimore, Md. CoTnecUcuT - ° B r o * o " . ni. T o w n , ' * V. WW. ^VT^P^^T^L "JS u»^, B m r i a r n n r p . Jacobs 111-63 178th Place, St. Albans, N.Y: Pe e n W ns y rvani7- Bro F7anCke tfSSLWW .WW. 6202 Washington Philadelphia, Pa. uirnini. Rrn Talmaoe Tabb 324 Greenbnar Ave., Hampton, Va. 105 G ee M a c h u T e t f s - T B r o " J a m . . Howard' WW! WWW 7°°Ad S , p B ~ t o n " ^ 7Q 'n Rhode Island Bro. Ralph Allen 179 Doyle Ave., Providence, R.I. M i d w e s t e r n Region Northern Indiana - Bro. William J . Bolden Northwest Ohio Bro. Robert Stubbleford hi




^ I ^ U e T w o o T u f t ' 1340 West Woodruff

ToKdo^OhiS Toledo, O h o

WaShin9, n

I ^ a T o h i o ° B r o ~ 0 ,iver S um,in ° WWW.W.W. WMm H o o v t r A ™ ' o f Z . Smo S/Jlt Mi?,oSri"Kansas - Bro jTrnmie L ' Buforrj"'.'.'. ..2645 Lorkridge Avenue, Kansas Ciity, Mo. BU S , f u k / , R,n C r f i o n ^ a l e v '° 3338A Aubert Avenue, St. Louis 15, Mo. No hern M i c h l B « r T - * Bro « ' w n b e r t o r c e Plummer... .654 Wealthy Street, N E. Grand Rapids, Mich E u i f h i n . 7 Rrn William Boards Jr 680 W. Van Buren Street, Battle Creek, M i c h . W t h i , K ; " R 7 „ Rnhert J Chiliis'on I 16155 Normandy, Detroit, Michigan n I S h i » « t n£n BTO Hollowav Sells « W N. Crescent Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio fn»» RrS IveTeS A M a i s ...701 Hull Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50316 East «» St. lLouis, Illinois Iowa — Bro. fcverett A. M a y s . . . . . . _ Avenue e=«» m l > Illinois Southern Illinois — Bro. Harold T h o m a s . . . • • " •1306 L . r ^ Cecil S L S ™Avenue, .™ Louisville, Kentucky 5344 N 64,h Kentucky — Bro. Waverly B. Johnson uii./.^..'ta Rrn Hnvt'Haroer ' Milwaukee, Wis. K g j j T J S f J a g - I R. Goldston, „ I . . . . Lincoln .Jnive^ity, Jefferson - V , Mo ^ 5 1 0 1 Southern Indiana Nebraska — Bro. Thomas „.,„,,... w p r n n n I Foshee Rrn ? \iTnV Rnr Chas HI Fin lev k Lin... Rrn T F Patterson „ „ Arkansas — Bro. T. fc.o r Kanerson T e x a s - B r o . Reby Cary Texas — Bro. Victor Arkansas — Bro. M. L. F r l d i t . . Arkansas Bro. George H o w a r d . . . At-Large — Bro. Paul Smith. »i«h»m= Rrn Kirkwnnrl nnnn? ~ R r o br Robert ?.nn?„_ Rro D> Sen™ Alabama - ^ o . " j ' o h n V Rrn Tprrpl I S l t a M South Carolina Bro w Tennessee Bro. C h a r * .

Southwestern Region 725 Terrace Blvd., Muskogee, Oklahoma 6 1 E • ° - M a i n S t r e e t ' Lafayette, La. 70501 16z4 w 21st Li,,le Rock «•• ' Arkansas 1804 Bunche Dr., Ft. Worth, Texas T=„«., tnnt 0 u_ n_ c, VA,—,K WM





1200 Pulaski, Little Rock, Ark. Watson Blvd Pine Bluff, Ark. • ' .Ark. . , / • A P and ^ wM ^ JCollege, n L l ' Pine Bluff, Ark.

Southern Region Balton 408 Tenth Court West, Birmingham, Ala. SmUh •• - « 1 Rosemary Ave., West Palm Beach, Fla. M Colier''Jr 1827 Mills B: Lane Ave:, Savannah, Ga: Monfg'om.'ry . . . V.WWW. • • • • • • P- O. Box 243 Daphne Alabama I Ranee P- O. Box 732. Brookhaven, Mississippi E Burke 920 Hadley Road, Raleigh, N. Carolina J Davis, * ; " : : : 4509 Williamsburg Drive, Columbia, S:C: H. Tarpl'ey 1429 South Parkway, Memphis, Tenn.

Western Region Northwest District Director — Bro. Clifford E. Donley Southwest District Director Bro. R o y d Plymouth. ^ . - . . . , District n ; . . . : - . Director ni.or.tnr — Rrn Central Bro. Clifford W. Basfield Southern District Director — Bro Clyde C. Osborne

347 29th, 1940 Leon a S t 2245 E. 11th 5467 Bradna,

Seattle, Washington Las Vegas. Nevada St., Stockton, Calif. Los Angeles, Calif.




THERE GOES AN ALPHA MAN There goes a man of high impulse Of princely mien and grace There goes a man of humble faith A credit to his race There goes a man of conscience vast with will to reach his goal There goes a man of lordly rank Of heroes' stock and soul— There goes a man of noble caste Whom hardship cannot break There goes a man in merit clad Whom duty won't forsake There goes a man in cultured verse Who holds a sportsman's creed There goes a man too vigilant To bow to Inst or greed There goes a man whose life is spent in service not in scorn There goes a man whose majesty Shines like a May time

There goes a man who is a friend To love and duty truth There goes a man to help uplift The lives of wholesome youth There goes a man with industry and faith at his command. There goes the best man in and out For he is an Alpha Man.

February - March 1971

Number 1




CONTENTS General President Speaks Employment Opportunity Brother Howard Jordon, Jr Delta Eta — Savannah State College Employment Opportunity Beta Phi Lambda Chapter Alpha Workshop Alpha Alpha Lambda Chapter Alpha Wife Survives Plane Crash Brother Morial — Second Term College Editor Alpha Helping Hand Brother Murphy Sworn In Gamma Upsilon Lambda Chapter Epsilon Pi Lambda Chapter Jackson State College Poet's Corner Theta Rho Lambda Chapter Theta Delta Lambda Chapter Omicron Lambda Chapter Brother Thad Madden Omega Chapter Employment Opportunity Regional Convention Dates

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COVER — Dr. Howard Jordon, Jr. Former president of Savannah State College, Savannah, Georgia. The first Black appointed to a Vice Chancellorship in an American University System. "Tell them we are rising!", was the message that was conveyed to the northern states by President Richard Wright, the first president of Savannah State College. The college was formerly known as GEORGIA STATE COLLEGE.



Alpha Moves to Kraft Foods Personnel Staff

SPEAKS . . . General President Ernest N. Morial

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. January


Dear Brother:

Brother Ellis

Our r e c e n t election witnessed the l a r g e s t r e t u r n of ballots since the practice of u n i v e r s a l suffrage was employed in Alpha Phi Alpha. This is a tribute to you, and tends to prove that this is the best method for selecting our General P r e s i d e n t . A detailed r e p o r t of the election appeared in the D e c e m b e r 1970 i s s u e of The Sphinx. To those who voted for me - - THANK YOU - - . To those who voted for B r o t h e r Ridgel - you a r e commended for having seen fit to e x e r c i s e your right to vote your choice. Now let us join together to promote and foster the p r o g r a m s of Alpha Phi Alpha. You are asked to s e r v e as a one man r e c l a m a t i o n c o m m i t t e e . We can exceed 10,000 active Alphamen in 1971 if every active Alpha gets an Alpha active. Can we count on Y O U ? W o n ' t YOU H E L P ? During 1970, we embarked on a group life i n s u r a n c e p r o g r a m . To date the number of e n r o l l e e s has been disappointing. N e v e r t h l e s s , the p r o g r a m is still in effect. Shortly, you will be given another opportunity to participate. Don't pass up this chance to obtain added insurance protection for you and your family. This i n s u r a n c e p r o g r a m should be of a s s i s t a n c e to you in your r e c l a m a t i o n efforts. Our Convention - the 65th Anniversary Convention - will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - August 1st - 6th, 1971. Within the next s e v e r a l weeks you will r e c e i v e detailed information about it. Plan now to attend with your family. Your suggestion of a THEME for our 1971 G e n e r a l Convention and your r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s of B r o t h e r s to s e r v e on our v a r i o u s Standing C o m m i t t e e s will be s e r i o u s l y c o n s i d e r e d . Let m e have your suggestions NOW. W a r m e s t p e r s o n a l r e g a r d s and best w i s h e s for a p r o s p e r o u s and successful y e a r in 1971.

,"^~~i ENM-vcg


A long-time Chicago resident, Brother Ellis Godwin recently joined the Kraft Foods National Personnel staff as Coordinator of Selection and Placement. Mr. E. G. Kasch, Vice-President of Personnel for Kraft made the announcement. Brother Godwin's educational achievements and past work accomplishments make him particularly suited for this position in Kraft's International headquarters office in Chicago. In addition to earning a degree in Sociology from Loyola University in Chicago, Brother Godwin has also done graduate work in Sociology at the University of Chicago and in Law at the Chicago Kent College of Law. Before joining Kraft, he was employed as Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator for the Naval Ordnance Center, Forest Park, Illinois. Prior to that time, Brother Godwin held positions at the Continental Assurance Company and the Cook County Department of Public Aid. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Brother Godwin and his wife, Marie have two children, Cynthia, age 13 and Ellis Gregory, age 14. The family lives at 8007 South Harvard Street in Chicago. In addition to his academic and work accomplishments, Brother Godwin also finds time to enjoy and participate in many outside projects and activities. Not only is he an active member of the Urban League, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and The American Society for Public Administrators, he also was recently a seminar leader at a conference for Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinators held in Great Lakes, Illinois.

Minority Business Enterprise Appointment Announced

Aerospace is t h e w a y up Investigate the career opportunities at Hamilton Standard As the most diversified Division of United Aircraft Corporation. Hamilton Standard maintains a broad spectrum of active programs in the design, development, and manufacture of aerospace. aircraft, and commercial products and systems. With this gratifying diversification, why not look into one of these engineering career opportunities? You may explore virtually any type of activity in almost any discipline. Our products and systems include

SPACE SYSTEMS Space Environmental Control Systems

Brother Wendell F. White

The Commerce Department recently announced the appointment of Brother Wendell F. White as Field Representative for the Office of Minority Business Enterprise (OMBE) in Atlanta. OMBE is an office of the U. S. Department of Commerce. OMBE was established by Executive Order 11458 to assist minorities in developing new businesses and strengthening those already in business. Its four major functions are to coordinate Government programs designed to aid minority businessmen, to mobilize resources in the private sector, to stimulate positive action in the minority communities, and to serve as an information center. As the OMBRE representative, Brother White is responsible for the coordination of these functions and to see that they are carried out. Many of the services will be carried out by Project Outreach, an OMBE affiliate office. The Director is Frank O'Neal, located at 329 Walker Street, S.W., and the telephone number is 524-5449. Brother White is a native Atlantan and attended the public schools of Atlanta. He also attended Howard University in Washington, D.C., but received his Bachelor's Degree from Morehouse College, and Master's Degree in Business Administration from Atlanta University. He attended Harvard University's Business Management Seminar and has done post graduate work at UCLA.

BIOMEDICAL SYSTEMS Medical Monitoring Equipment Respiratory Assist Devices AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS Propellers, Gearboxes, and Controls for V/STOL Aircraft Jet Engine, Air Inlet, and Servo Actuator Controls Aircraft Environmental Control Systems ELECTRONICS SYSTEMS Power Conditioning Systems Flight Management Systems Engine Control Systems Digital Data Systems Guidance and Control Systems

111 AEROSPACE SERVICES Computer Controlled Monitoring and Diagnostic Test Systems Overhaul, Repair, and Modification of Aerospace Equipment COMPOSITE MATERIALS

GET COMPLETE INFORMATION and see for yourself how easy it is to pick the career opportunity you've been looking for at Hamilton Standard. Forward your resume to Mr. A. S. Fehlber, P e r s o n n e l Dept., H a m i l t o n S t a n d a r d , W i n d s o r L o c k s , Connecticut 06096. An Equal Opportunity Employer

Hamilton Standard

U fi


He is presently on a leave of absence from a marketing position with The Coca-Cola Company where he was an Account Executive for the Western Area responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive marketing, advertising, sales promotion, and public relations programs. He has also worked as an accountant for General Motors, advertising and merchandising representative for Johnson Publishing Company,

real estate salesman for Williamson and Company. He is a veteran of the U. S. Army also. Brother White is a member of the National Association of Market Developers, serving as Vice President and Chairman of the Economic Development Committee of the Los Angeles Chapter. He has served as a consultant to Empire Investment Enterprises. He is also a member of the National Business League.


A N O T H E R FIRST . BROTHER HOWARD JORDAN, Building In Georgia . . . Moving "Right On" . . . Savannah State College President Howard Jordan Jr. was named vice chancellor-services of the University System of Georgia during a Board of Regents meeting in Atlanta. Brother Prince A. Jackson, vice president of the Board of Education and chairman of the division of natural sciences at Savannah State, was named acting president. Both appointments were effective Feb. 1. Brother Jordan said he will be coordinator of services for the university system. He will have charge of all special services, continuing education, and all special programs which are not degreegranting programs. He and Mrs. Jordan will move to Atlanta, but he will travel throughout the state to keep in touch with these programs on university system campuses. Many such programs are at Savannah State, he said. Study Completed As one of his last official acts, Brother Jordan reported that a self-study by the college has been completed as part of its application for reaffirmation of accreditation by the Southern Assn. of Colleges. Brother Jordan said he will relinguish his directorship of the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce and the Coastal Empire Council, Boy Scouts of America. Last year he was a vice president of the chamber and formerly served as a director of the Greater Savannah Council. Brother Jordan will continue as a member of the President's National Advisory Commission on Supplementary Centers and Services under Title III of the Education Act, and as a member of the State Advisory Council on Vocational Education. He has been president at Savannah State since November, 1963. He expressed regret at leaving Savannah after "eight very successful years" but said he is "delighted" over the new appointment. He has known about it for a month, he said. Brother Jackson, who headed the selfstudy committee at the college, said he was "shocked" when he heard the news. "Great Challenge" "It is going to be a great challenge," he said. "As an alumnus of Savannah



Brother Howard Jordan, Jr. Vice Chancellor of the University System of Georgia

EDITORIAL â&#x20AC;&#x201D; A South Carolina N e w s p a p e r . . .

RISING TO PROMINENCE NEGRO colleges, including those in South Carolina, are frequently maligned for academic deficiencies, but it cannot be denied that they make excellent contributions to society. While in the main they give poorly prepared students a chance at higher education at a level and pace they can absorb, they do quite often provide students who possess drive, ambition, and native intelligence with a spring board to greater things. The list of those who have risen above whatever shortcomings may have existed in their basic college preparation and achieved success in life is quite long. The most recent example to come to our attention is Dr. Howard Jordan Jr., native of Beaufort, B.A. at S.C. State College at Orangeburg. Dr. Jordan, most recently president of Savannah State College, is the first Negro to be elevated to a high position with the Georgia State Board of Regents, governing body for 17 institutions in that state. He has recenly been named vice chancellor for services. In this position, he will be able to make a considerable contribution in Georgia. Such success stories are always a pleasure to report. State College I welcome this opportunity for leadership." Brother Jackson, a native of Savannah, has been in administrative and teaching positions at Savannah State since 1955. Until 1970, he served additionally as alumni secretary.

University System Chancellor George Simpson Jr., who announced the appointments, said an advisory committee will be named to assist him in searching for a new president at Savannah State. â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Savannah Evening Press. Wed., Jan. 13, 1971



THE JORDAN Y E A R S " . . . A Monument of Excellence

Brother "Ted"

Wright receives a retirement

A Graduate Studies Program emerged fessional growth of competency.


to further the pro-

AWARDS DAY . . . Sophia Way presents her class.

Brother Jordan

Brother Jordan graciously Savannah State College.


the first

Year Book of

Kappa Delta Pi Charter for


D E L T A E T A . . . Savannah State College Savannah, Georgia, formerly Georgia State College The brothers of Delta Eta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. at Savannah State College, Savannah, Ga. (also known as the College by the sea) would like to extend our greetings to all brothers in the world of Alpha. We would also like to congratulate Bro. Ernest N. Morial on his recent victory. We the brothers of Delta Eta have engaged in many worthwhile community projects during this school year and are very proud of the results. A few of the projects we have undertaken are: our annual trips to Nursing Homes to sing Black Hymns to the aged, trips to the Mental Hospitals to show the exceptional individuals that the outside world still cares, our annual donation to the Thanksgiving Basket drive and many, many more. It is only fitting to mention our Graduate Chapter Beta Phi Lambda which is composed basically of the Alumni of Savannah State College. Most of the brothers of Beta Phi Lambda are men of the Savannah area who have returned in service to the community in which he grew up. (Continued on page 9)

Row one: L-R Brothers: Charles Bass, John Wilhite, Larry Brown, Frank Bynes, Leon Crumley, Malcolm Walker, Freddie Cooper. Row two: L-R Brothers: Percy Mack, Albert Lewis, Gary Simmons, John Garvin, George Maxwell, Vernon Bryant, Paskel Simmons, and Bobby Flowers. Row three: L-R Brothers: Ralph Underwood, Alfonza Walker, William Eason, Charles Williams, James "Juke" Bennett, Clyde Johnson, James Jones. Row four: L-R Brothers: Lawerance Polite, Benny Moore, Lavon Kornegay, and Alvin Powell.

Hands of Revolution . . . A Winner

Delta Eta Prexy


WK" S§


i f iBk







\ i i i '''i-'siV,* ~K


Ptmnrw ^ M * £ ^ & * *•*' -imfm

. «Bt


Mr W l i


t%iH wti '^-Vim

Vi. ?Tr " Brother Vernon Bryant is shown delivering the annual founders day address entitled. The Hands of Revolution which was an interpretation of the title of our 1st place home-coming float. Brother Bryant is a Senior Biology Major from Savannah, Ga.


1st place homecoming float presented by the brothers of Delta Eta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Savannah State College, Savannah, Ga. The entire float is not shown. Our float was entitled The Hands of Revolution. The lovely queens for 1970-1971 are: Right — Casandra Grant — Miss Sphinx; Center—Sandra Sanders — Miss Black and Gold; Left — Marjorie Smith — 1st runnerup.





1. Charles Bass


Harrisburg, Pa.


2. James Bennett 3. Larry Brown

Sr. Sr.

Marietta, Ga. McDonough, Ga.

Phisical Ed. Mech. Tech

4. Vernon Bryant


Savannah, Ga.


5. Frank Bynes 6. Freddie Cooper

Jr. Jr.

Savannah, Ga. Savannah, Ga.

Biology Chemistry

Lonnie Crawford Leon Crumley Wilbur Eason Bobby Flower John Garvin

Jr. Sr. So. Sr. Sr.

Savannah, Ga. Savannah, Ga. DryBranch, Ga. Lakeland, Ga. Detroit, Mich.

Biology Biology Economics Mathematics Economics

12. George Heyward 13. Clyde Johnson 14. James Jones

Sr. Sr. Sr.

15. Lavon Kornegay 16. Terry Legget

So. Sr.

Savannah, Ga. Brunswich, Ga. Savannah, Ga. Kinston, N.C. Savannah, Ga.

Biology Electronics Biology Chemistry Phy. Ed.

17. Albert Lewis 18. Percy Mack

Jr. Sr.

Valdosta, Ga. Savannah, Ga.

Bus. Adm. History

19. Reginald May 20. George Maxwell

Sr. Sr.

Savannah, Ga. Savannah, Ga.

Socialogy Chemistry

21. Bennie More


Albany, Ga.

Soc. Science

22. 23. 24. 25.

Nicholos Peterson Lawerance Polite Alvin Powell Gary Simmons

Sr. Jr. Jr. Jr.

Savannah, Ga. Hineville, Ga. Hawkinville, Ga. Newman, Ga.

Accounting Music Ed. Bus. Adm. Bus. Adm.

26. 27. 28. 29.

Dan Stevenson Paskal Simmons Ralph Underwood John Wade

Jr. Jr. Jr. Sr.

Savannah, Ga. Savannah, Ga. Tampa, Fla. Athens, Ga.

Sociology Accounting Bus. Adm. Sociology

7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Awards & Honors Vice Pres. Drama Club, Member of Student Union Business Manager Yearbook Dean Pledges APA, Member of ASAE Pres. APA, Delta Eta, Member Beta Kappa Chi, Sphinman's Award 1968 Nominated to Who's Who's Among Colleges and Universities Beta Kappa Chi American Chemical Society, Track and Cross Country, Editor to Sphinx, Nominated to outstanding College Athletes in America Drama Club Member Beta Kappa Chi Track & Cross Country Fin. Secretary APA Pres. Drama Club, Treas. of Senior Class Drama Club Drama Club Cpt. Football Team Nominated to Outstanding College Athletes in America Pres. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, Nominated to Who's Who's Among Students in Colleges and Universities, Ed. Committee of Student Gov't. Assoc. Men's Glee Club Drama Club V. Pres. APA, Pres. Affiliate Chapter American Chem. Society Pres. Sophomore Class, Advisory Councial of Student Gov't. Ass. Aspirant to akmy Veteran U.S. Army Pres. of Band Rep. of Pan Hellenic Council APA Corresponding Sec, Student Congress Rep. Debating Club

(Continued on page 8)



ALPHA MEN UNDER 3 0 . . . MAIL TODAY HERE IS AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY! If You Want to Travel, Meet Important and Interesting People, Make a Good Salary, Complete this Application.
















Out of


WORK EXPERIENCE: (LIST LAST JOB FIRST and give as much information as possible within the space provided.)

(1) FROM


(2) FROM



Mail to: Committee on Personnel, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. 4432 Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60653

ROLL CALL DELTA ETA (Continued from page 7) 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35.


Alfonza Walker Malcolm Walker Charles Wilhite John Wilhite Charles Williams George Williams

Jr. Jr. Sr. Sr. Jr. Sr. (Continued

Savannah, Ga. Savannah, Ga. Savannah, Ga. Savannah, Ga. Apopka, Fla. Florence, S.C. on page 12)

Electronics Mathematics Biology Sociology Electronics Biology

Newtonian Society Beta Kappa Chi Veteran U.S. Army Drama Club, Men's Glee Club Member Alpha Kappa Mu Who's Who Among American College and Universities

Eventful Happenings of

(fJeta f-^kl JLambdu


., .

BETA PHI LAMBDA During the past few months, a series of wonderful events have occured in the city of Savannah, Ga. and Beta Phi Lambda chapter. Throughout the Christmas holidays 1970, the brothers of Beta Phi Lambda initiated and successfully completed a project which resulted in happiness for a family that otherwise may have had a dismal Christmas. Each brother was requested to contribute in the form of money, clothing, or toys. Brother Frank Ellis, Chairman of the project, reported that the brothers had responded diligently to this act of love for humanity. On Tuesday December 29, 1970, the presentation of twenty-one (21) lovely debutantes was sponsored by the brothers of Beta Phi Lambda. This is an annual affair which is preceded by a charm school and various debutante activities. The setting took place in the grand ball room of the DeSota Hilton Hotel.

DELTA ETA (Continued from page 6) One such Brother is Brother (Dr.) Prince Jackson Jr. who with 100% cooperation of Delta Eta conducted a door to door campaign successfully to become the first black to ever hold office of the Vice President of the Chatham County (Ga.) School board. A few months later Bro. Jackson was named Acting President of Savannah State College replacing Bro. (Dr.) Howard Jordan, Jr. who was named as the first Black Vice Chancellor of Georgia's University System. Last but not least is our beloved advisor Bro. J.B. Clemmons who is chairman of the Math. Department at Savannah State. Bro. Clemmons is not only an advisor and instructor ,but also a very close friend to all students. We the brothers of Delta Eta are very proud of our Chapter, our Graduate Chapter, our President, our probates and our school. Most of all we are proud to be Men of Alpha Phi Alpha. We invite correspondence from other chapters. In The Love of Alpha Brother Freedie E. Cooper Editor to the Sphinx

Debutantes form the receiving

line. Beta Phi Lambda Chapter, Savannah, Ga.

Brother Prince Jackson, president of Beta Phi Lambda, welcomed the parents and the many guest who filled the elegant ballroom. Each debutante and her escort were introduced by Brother and Mrs. Bobby L. Hill; afterwhich they danced the Minuet with dignity and grace. The Debs then Waltz with their fathers, followed by a receiving line and an evening of dancing and enjoyment. Brother Raleigh Bryant, Coordinating Chairman of the Social Committee, members of the social committee, and the Alphabettes (wives of Alphas) were commended for the radiant success of this 26th annual presentation ball.

The Alpha Man of the Year award was presented from Beta Phi Lambda Chapter to Bro. Dr. Howard Jordon, Jr., formerly president of Savannah State College. This citation was given to Dr. Jordon for his untiring contribution and services to the Savannah community and to the growth of Savannah State College. Recently, Dr. Jordon was appointed by the Regents of the University System of Georgia as Vice-Chancellor for Services throughout the system. He had served as president of Savannah State College for almost eight years. (Continued on page 12)

Debutantes encircled as the brothers sing the Alpha Phi Alpha Hymn. Beta Phi Lambda Chapter, Savannah, Ga.



An ALPHA Expose'. . .

OMICRON LAJ BDA CHAPTER Acting President Savannah State College

Omicron Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated held it's initial meeting of this fraternal year on Saturday, September 19, 1970, at it's house, located at 1704 Thirteenth Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama. Indicative of the deep concern and fraternal spirit of Alpha men were the diligent efforts on the part of the President-elect Brother Clarence Mitchel who, during the interim summer period, did an excellent job of alerting and charging all newly elected and appointed officers and all other brothers of Omicron Lambda of the duties and responsibilities expected to be fulfilled by the chapter during the ensuing year.

Brother Prince A. Jackson

The officers of Omicron Lambda for this fraternal year are as follows: President, Brother Clarence Mitchell; VicePresident, Brother Dwight Burgess, Secretary, Brother Theodore Hawkins; Financial Secretary, Brother Claude Hooks; Treasurer, Brother William J. Dowdell;

Chaplain, Brother James Pharris. Committee Chairmen are as follow: Social Affairs, Brother Erroll Pharris; Program, Brother Richard Arrington; Public Relations, Brother L. W. Oliver; Promotions, Brother K. Balton; Budget and Finance, Brother C. F. Campbell; Constitution, Brother J. Mason Davis; Graduate and Undergraduate, Brother Ira Williams, Jr., Reclamation. Brother A. Harrell; Auditing, Brother K. Balton; Historical, Brother N. E. Wills; Political Action, Brother Peter Hall; Ritual and Initiation, Brother J. Pharris; Founders Day, Brother T. R. Hawkins; Editor to Journal Brother L. W. Oliver. Brothers in Omicron Lambda extend best wishes to all Greekdom for the ensuing year. Public Relations Committee Submitted by, L. W. Oliver, Chairman


Seated, left to right: Brothers: F. L Kirk Patrick, Treasurer, Gordon Davis, Secretary, Cornelius Blount, Chaplain, Wm. Rice, Ben C. Hampton, President, Robert J.N. Largen, Vice President, Tommy Postell, Dean of Pledgees, Edgar Martin, Historian and Lawrence S. Young, Editor to Sphinx.


Standing, left to right: Brothers T. Burns, Starling Smith, A. G. Sadler, Marshall Troup, Jesse Jones, J. N. Booth, James Hubbard, Hodge King Charles Stallworth, Bennie Walker, William Johnson, William Noble, Egbert Bacon, W. Carl Gordon, D. C. Hazel, Leroy Walker, Adrian Jenkins, O. S. Kelley and F. V. Rollins.

J-^roucLlu [Credent

. . .


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity expanded to the Maryland suburbs when its 370th chapter was installed on December 13 in Montgomery County with 35 charter members. The installation ceremonies, held at the Washingtonian Motel and Country Club, Gaithersburg, Maryland, were witnessed by more than 100 Alphas and their ladies. Dinner and cocktails preceded the program. The charter was presented to Iota Upsilon Lambda Chapter by Attorney Belford V. Lawson, Jr., past national president of the fraternity, who also installed the chapter officers. The featured speaker was Dr. Charles H. Wesley, also a past Alpha general president as well as president emeritus of Ohio's Central State University. Currently serving as executive director of the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH), Dr. Wesley challenged the new chapter to have vision and dedication in the likeness of the fraternity founders. A check for $100 was presented to the ASNLH official, an internationally recognized historian, as a chapter contribution to the Carter G. Woodson Building Fund established to acquire permanent, suitable office spaces and facilities for the Negro history organization. Chapter officers installed were Werten F. W. Bellamy, Sr., president; Hanley J. Norment, vice president; Edward D. Young, recording secretary; Robert E. Hatchel, corresponding secretary; Roy R. Gwyn, financial secretary; Robert U. Turnquest, treasurer; Coleman R. Seward parliamentarian; McRussell Flynt, associate editor to the Sphinx; Elbert L. Roberts, historian; and Kenneth C. Jackson, chaplain. Also included on the program was a trombone solo, Handel's Sonato No. 3, presented by Calvin Jones, instrumental instructor, D. C. Schools and D. C. Youth Program. Samuel F. Yette, Newsweek correspondent, served as toastmaster. Among those sending congratulatory messages were Dr. Henry A. Callis, the fraternity's only surviving founder; Ernest N. Morial of New Orleans, national fraternity president; Laurence T. Young of Chicago, fraternity executive secretary; James P. Gleason, Montgomery County Executive, and the Montgomery County chapter of the NAACP, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, and the National Organization of Tots and Teens. Visiting Alphas came from Washington, Northern Virginia, Annapolis, and Baltimore. Attorney Charles Howard, fraternity regional director, was among those attending from Baltimore. (Continued on page 28)

ALPHA PSI LAMBDA CHAPTER NEWS Alpha Psi Lambda begins a new year with high hopes and great expectations under the leadership of our conscientious, and very effective president, W. J., "Dub", Davis. Brother Davis is also the State Director. The Chapter has enjoyed its highest membership the past year, with 55 active members in the greater Columbia area. The members of the chapter were happy to have elected to the State Legislature, a brother, I. S. Leevy Johnson, who is now Representative Johnson. Brother Johnson, along with two other blacks, are the first black men to serve in the S. C. State Legislature since 1902. Many of the brothers helped in various ways to achieve this victory. The brothers of the chapter recently celebrated the thirty-fifth birthday of the chapter with a breakfast on Sunday, December 6, at the beautiful Fountain Bleau Restaurant. Brother Davis presided at the historical occasion. Brother T. S. Martin recounted the ideals which motivated the founding of the Fraternity. Brother Raymond Bailey recalled some of the high lights and various changes that he has witnessed in the chapter from its beginning to the present time. (Continued on page 12) 11

Brother Chuck Sterling on the Move in New York

Eventful Happenings, Beta Phi Lambda

NEW YORK — The appointment of Brother Charles A. Sterling as general sales manager of Summit Laboratories has been announced by S. Henry Bundles, Jr., president. He will be responsible for all phases of sales, sales promotion, and merchandising of all company lines. Prior to coming to Summit, he attended Lake Forest College, acquired a broad sales, marketing, and advertising experience as manager of market services with the Lorillard Corporation, as account executive with Tuesday Publications and Johnson Publishing Company and as national sales manager of special markets with Helene Curtis Industries.

(Continued from page 9)

Alpha Psi Lambda (Continued from page 11) For 1971, the brothers are looking forward to the Hawaiian Luau, which has become very successful with the help of the Alpha wives. Later in the spring, the chapter will entertain all brothers and their families with its annual picnic.


. .

Appointed as acting president of Savannah State is Bro. Prince Jackson, Jr. Bro. Jackson, a native Savannahian, holds degrees from Savannah State (B.S.) New York University (M.S.) and Boston College (Ph.D.). He has been on the faculty at Savannah State since 1955. Bro. Jackson has received endorsements from the Savannah State Alumni Association, Beta Phi Lambda Chapter, and a number of other organizations to be appointed permanent president at the college. Presently, the Beta Phi Lambda Chapter roster includes fifty three active brothers and we are striving continuously to reclaim brothers who have become inactive. Submitted by, Brother Lawrence Hut chins, Jr. Editor to the Sphinx

Appointed to Board in Springfield, Ohio Brother Maurice L. Reed of 3875 Springfield—Jamestown rd., a leader in the Springfield Urban League, was appointed to the Clark County Technical institute Board of Trustees Tuesday night by the City Board of Education. Brother Reed will replace the Rev. Roosevelt Walker as the city representative for a three-year term ending Nov. 30, 1973. The Rev. Mr. Walker's term ended Nov. 30 Brother Reed, Springfielder since 1951, has been active in the New North Street AME Church, charter member and past president of the Springfield Information Council, director of the Center Street YMCA, member of Champion Masonic Lodge No. 15, and president of the Urban League.

MOVED OR CHANGED ADDRESS If so, please fill in the information (type or print) requested below and return to the Executive Secretary, Alpha Phi Alpha General Headquarters, 4432 Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60653. Name


Brother M. L Reed


New Address City






Old Address



Send $1.00 if you want if you want issue mailed. Changes of address received from the Post Office are expensive and sometimes inaccurate. The return of this coupon will enable us to up-date your master membership records and assure delivery of the THE SPHINX.


ROLL CALL DELTA ETA — (Continued from page 8) Black and Gold Court (1970 -1971) Sandra Sanders Marjorie Smith Casandra Grant

Jr. Jr. So.

Griffin, Ga. Statesboro, Ga. Jacksonville, Fla.

Social Science Elem. Ed. Elem. Ed. Mr. John B. Clemmons, Advisor Morehouse College, M.A. Very Dedicated and Active Alpha Chairman Math. Department




Brother Jefferson On Sunday, December 6, 1970, the Epsilon Tau Lambda and Eta Gamma Chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity held a program in observance of Founder's Day. The program was held in the Memorial Student Center at Prairie View A & M College. Brother Charles Urdy, President of Epsilon Tau Lambda Chapter, gave the Call to Worship. Brother Arthur Wilson read the scripture and led the prayer. The president of Eta Gamma Chapter, Brother Lawrence Johnson, introduced the speaker, Attorney Andrew L. Jefferson, Jr., a Trial Counsel for Humble Oil and Refining Company. Brother Jefferson, a 1959 graduate of the University of Texas Law School, used the Alpha Phi Alpha theme "Elimination of the Ghetto — Goals for the 70's" as a basis for his address. He cautioned the listeners about the elimination of the ghetto which has been historically stereo-typed. The attorney, currently the president of Alpha Eta Lambda Chapter, elaberated on some of the "good" qualities inherent in the ghetto. He appealed to the students who are, perhaps, products of the ghetto, to remain in or return to "your ghetto" and attack the "root causes" of ignorance, crime and disease. At the afternoon luncheon the Eta Gamma Chapter was installed after a presentation of "Alpha Ideas" by Brother George Woolfolk. Also, the Eta Gamma Chapter Queen Miss Jackie Ball was crowned.

T. Young,



MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Board of Directors of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity met at the RooseveltFairmont Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 20, 1971 — one of the most successful meetings held in recent years with 9 8 % of the membership present. The General President — Brother Ernest N. Morial was sworn in as General President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. for a term of two years by Brother Bennie J. Harris, who opened the ceremonies by invoking divine blessing upon him and quoted from that familiar poem: "LORD SEND US A LEADER," administered the oath of office, and made a presentation of a gavel as a symbol of his authority and power, admonishing him with respect to the discreet use of power, in that there is never any "absolute power." Summary reports were made by the Vice Presidents, and the Assistant Vice Presidents, and the other officers of the Fraternity. Note was taken of the absence of the Eastern Vice President, Brother W. Decker Clarke and two of the Assistant Vice Presidents — Brothers David A. Wright, and Euegene Shelton. Summary reports were presented by the Chairman of the Committee on Educational Activities, Brother Thomas D. Pawley, a written report was read from Brother William M. Alexander, Chairman of the Building Foundation. The Editor of The Sphinx, Brother J. Herbert King presented a report, which was most illuminating. REGIONAL CONVENTIONS In discussing the 65th Anniversary Convention, to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin — with headquarters at the Sheraton-Schroeder Hotel in August 1971 — it was duly directed that there be an open hearing at a convention general session for the general discussion and decision about problems which have had proposed solution for several years — viz: HOW SHALL THE STATES BE RE-ALIGNED SO AS TO PROVIDE FOR THE NEW SOUTHEASTERN REGION? WHAT SHOULD BE THE MOST EQUITABLE RE-ALIGNMENT OF STATES IN REGIONS IN VIEW OF THE NEW REBATE TO REGIONS FINANCIAL PROGRAM? SHALL LEGISLATIVE POWER BE GIVEN TO REGIONS? HOW? HOW MUCH? NOMINATION A N D ELECTION? WHAT? HOW SHALL VICE PRESIDENTS REPORT (accountability) EXPENDITURES TO GENERAL A N D REGIONAL CONVENTIONS? ARE REGIONAL CONFERENCES REPRESENTATIVE? IN WHAT WAY ARE COLLEGE BROTHERS INVOLVED IN REGIONAL PROGRAMS A N D PLANNING? It is requested that the REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENTS give leadership at their regional conferences this spring that will assure chapter delegates discussing the structure of the fraternity around there issues. This is in preparation for the open committee hearing at the General Convention in Milwaukee. All should be urged to continue the discussions at state and-or local chapter meetings. 65th ANNIVERSARY CONVENTION The format with regard to the 65th Anniversary Convention will be different than has been presented in former years. The Convention is scheduled for JULY 30th — AUGUST 5th, 1971. ELECTION COMMISSION It has been determined that Candidates for the office of General President 1973-75 will be nominated at the Milwaukee Convention — August 1971 — that the ballots will be mailed from the General Office April of 1972, to be counted at the Denver Convention in July 1972, at which Convention the winner will be announced, and will take office January 1, 1973. (Continued on page 17)


ALPHA ALPHA LAMBDA... 44 Years O l d . . .

Brother Carlise Parker

NEWARK, N.J. — Alpha Alpha Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, founded 44 years ago, held its annual formal November 27 at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, N.J., with three New Jersey mayors and its invited guests •— Mayors Kenneth Gibson of Newark William S. Hart of East Orange and Matthew Carter of Montclair. Brother Hart is a chapter member and was saluted by the chapter AlphaBettes when he took office nearly a year ago.

Group at Alpha Alpha Lambda chapters annual formal includes I. to r. Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Connon of Roosevelt L.I.; Mrs. Minnie Avent of Edison N. J., Mrs. Bernice Webber, president of Alpha Bettes; George Avent, Edison N. J.; Mrs. Odell Sands of Somerset N. J., Mrs. Ruth Coleman of Rahway N. J. and Mrs. Rowena Warren of Montclair N.J.

Alpha Man Wins Award — Richard Cooke, former corresponding secretary of Alpha Alpha Lambda Chapter in Newark N. J. and also a veteran counselor of The Leaguers, a youth group, was awarded a plaque the past year for community service. Mrs. Elsie Bookhart of Montclair N.J., regional president of the National Council of Negro Women, presents the award to Brother Cooke at the Council's annual Community Awards luncreon. The NCNW Life Members Guild mapped the awards. The Life Members Guild's former president is Mrs. Bernice Webber of Newark, who is president of the chapter AlphaBettes. (Overby Photo)

The chapter's newly-elected officers, headed by Carlise Parker, a top New Jersey educator, are shown above. The chapter came very near to making national news in December of 1969 as a result of Brother Hart's speech made at the Founders' Day breakfast of the Trenton, N.J. chapter, now headed by Dr. Hubert H. Byron of Wrightstown, N.J. (Brother Byron is probably the only black president of a Chamber of Commerce in the nation, and was also, a guest at the formal). Brother Hart's speech at that breakfast first contained the expression "Silent Black Majority," which was his theme. Months later Patrick Monyhan, President Nixon's aide, captured the expression in his famous memo. The speech was exclusively reported by a visiting Alpha Alpha Lambda brother and sub-


mitted both to Newark Evening News and New York Times, but both refused to publish it. Thus both Newark and Trenton chapters missed the publicity. Later the New York Times also declined a review of the Hart speech when Monyhan reached front pages.

Alpha Alpha Lambda, under former president Marion Frederick, organized Alpha wives into the Alpha-Bettes, headed by Mrs. Bernice Webber, with Mesdames George B. Warren, Ernest E. Stevenson, Wallace J. Haddon and James Wilson, officers.

Two Alpha's are Mayors of Two Nearby Ohio Cities — Dayton and Xenia

Re-Elected to City Council In Louisiana

Flanked on either side of the two mayors are the outgoing president Dr. Clarence Thomas, outstanding dentist of Xenia and Dr. Paul McStallsworth, new Pres. professor of History of Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, although Paul McStallsworth would rather be referred to as the father-in-law of Cleophus Hayden, All-American Halfback at The Ohio State University. Brother H. L. Fusilier

Brother Attorney James McGee, mayor of the city of Dayton, Ohio and Brother Professor James H. Henry, Mayor of the city of Xenia, Ohio both participated in the organizational meeting of Chi Lambda Chapter of Wilberforce, Ohio and nearby communities for 1971. Both Mayors spoke. Mayor Henry of Xenia said jokingly that the city of Dayton was a suburb of his city of Xenia. Henry reviewed his activities as a commissioner of Xenia for more than a decade before becoming mayor. Mayor McGee said being the mayor of Dayton was certainly an honor but his involvement in the affairs of the city of Dayton was more important than being mayor. Brother Thomas Kelley, secretary of Chi Lambda, presented Mayor McGee with a picture of the 1935 baseball team of Wilberforce University of which he was a substitute.

A l p h a W i f e Survives Plane Crash A Trans Caribbean Airways Jet 727 whose flight began in New York, during the holidays, crashed in St. Thomas, Virgin Island. The Harry S. Truman Airport was the scene of the near fatal disaster for an Alpha wife. Mrs. Edna Beach of Mt. Vernon, N.Y. stated that the plane approached the field and skidded across the runway, knocking down a fence, severing the top of a truck, finally landing on Sara Hill, approximately 800 feet from the landing strip. As the plane hit, the crew was able to put two emergency evacuation slides in action, thereby averting the death of the 53 passengers aboard, The final toll, two de"«l and injuries ran from minor

scratches to major surgery. Mrs. Beach is the wife of a most grateful husband, Brother Phillip Beach of Mt. Vernon, New York.

Mrs. Phil Beach

Brother Harry L. Fusilier (M.A.) on April 1970 was re-elected to serve his third four-year term on the City Council in Crowley, La. He studied at Southern University, Baton Rouge, La. (received B.S. degree, 1950), Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas (M.A., 1954), Further studies McNeese State University, LSU, and Southern University. Presently, Brother Fusilier is Principal of Ross Elementary School, service on the Board of Selective of Acadia Parish, the first black to serve on the Board. Brother Fusilier is listed in Personalities Of The South (1970), and selected by the Board of Governors in the International Platform Association, State of Louisiana, Custodian of Voting Machines. Member of the following organizations: Etta Gamma Lambda—(AQA) Lafayette Branch Aggressive Men's Club St. Joseph Society-President Knights of Peter Claver Louisiana Education Association National Education Association Acadia Education Association Member Greater Crowley Chamber of Commerce 15

Judge Morial Sworn In As Fraternity President — Takes Oath of Office for Second Term By Brother Marcus Neustadter Jr.

General President Ernest N. Morial

Juvenile Court Judge Ernest N. Morial was administered the oath of office of president of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., the nation's oldest and largest predominantly black college social fraternity, during an executive meeting at the Fairmont Roosevelt Hotel Saturday. Administering the oath of office to Judge Morial was City Judge Bennie J. Harris, division II of Chattanooga, Tenn., who is the southern area vice-president. In his acceptance speech for a second two-year term, Brother Morial noted that with the meeting "a voter registration campaign to get 18-year-olds registered was being immediately instituted on the more than 300 college and university campuses where our undergraduate members are found, and we are certain that the impact of this campaign will be realized and be effective in future elections." According to Brother Morial, the fraternity's 18-year-old voter registration is also in line with the philosophy of the founders of the fraternity who coined the statement — "A voteless people is a hopeless people." Although voter education is important and a vital part of the fraternity's program, Brother Morial pointed out that through its housing foundation, which is headed by Brother William M. Alexander of St. Louis, Mo., Alpha Phi Alpha has instituted Federal Housing Authority development programs in St. Louis; East St. Louis, 111.; Akron, Ohio, and Bakersfield, Calif.; with future developments slated in Atlanta, Ga.; Gary, Ind.; Trenton and Princeton, N.J., and the Detroit, Mich., general area.


General President Ernest N. Morial was sworn in as judge of Orleans Parish Juvenile Court in an induction ceremony conducted by the New Orleans Bar Association in the Civil District Court Building in New Orleans, Louisiana, December 31, 1970 The accompanying picture shows his two sons — Marc and Jacques assisting their father with his judicial robe, being supervised by Criminal Court Judge Israel M. Augustine, Jr. Mayor Moon Landrieu presented Brother Morial's commission in the brief ceremony conducted before the judges of Juvenile Court sitting en banc, with Senior Juvenile Court Judge Leo B. Blessing presiding. Brother Morial resigned his post in the State Legislature of Louisiana to be elevated to the bench. A full story of the career of Judge Morial appears in the December issue of The Sphinx.

According to Brother Morial the problems of the urban complex should be the major area of concern today in America. He noted that Alpha Phi Alpha was also concerned with the problems and plight of the elderly and was represented at the National Caucus on Black Aged, which was organized in 1970, and would participate in the next White House Conference on Aging scheduled to be held in November. Brother Harris, another speaker, claimed that if the conditions of life for blacks — joblessness and low incomes, disorganized family situations, problems of physical or mental handicapped and the frustrations of blocked opportunities — are allowed to continue, the urban crisis will be perpetuated. Attending the sessions which will run through Sunday is Brother Kermit J. Hall of Yeadon, Pa., director of general conventions. Hall announced that the 1973 convention of the fraternity has been set for New Orleans and he is inspecting various facilities and properties to make selections for the sessions. Among other major officers present are Brothers Laurence T. Young, Chicago, 111., executive secretary; Leven C. Weiss, Detroit, Mich., general treasurer; J. Herbert King, Chicago, 111., editor, The Sphinx; Dr. Isidor J. LaMothe Jr., Marshall, Tex., comptroller; Thomas D. Pawley III, Jefferson City, Mo., chairman, education foundation; and Larry Earvin, Atlanta, Ga., Southern region assistant vice-president.

MESSAGE FROM MIKE by Brother Michel Brown, College Editor

Luxuriation of

Alpha Phi Alpha by Hodari Kinamo Under the direction of the Tri-Chapter Liason Committee, the Los Angeles area chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha are well on the way toward realizing the goals set forth as resolutions at the symposium held October 24, 1970. December 6, 1970 saw for the first time in many years all three chapters gathered in unity at the Founder's Day Banquet. The banquet was held at the First AME Church. Brother Reveren H. H. Brookins, who is the pastor, was the speaker for the evening. He delivered a very well-received address on "Middle Class Apathy," pointing out the often misquided efforts of our youth aimed at curing the ills of society. These efforts are less meaningful because the middle class "intelligencia" who should offer both guidance and support to the young, black and disherited withdraws in fear of the revolution. The L.A. Times and Sentinel covered the event thus aiding in the attempts to reclaim those Alphas in the L.A. area who are not affiliated with any chapter. In keeping with the efforts toward the reclamation of all non-active Alphas in the Los Angeles area, The Reclamation Committee, headed by Brother George Allan of Beta Psi Lambda Chapter, hosted a Reclamation Beer Bust at the Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery. The event was held on January 29, 1970. Needless to say, it was a success with more than fifty brothers in attendance. There was food, films highlighting the L.A. Rams football team, fratemalizing and free beer for everyone, except two who drank only water. (Continued on page 19)

Gamma Epsilon Sweetheart Court "As my first official act as National College Editor of the SPHINX 1 would like to focus on the proud and progressive Brothers of Gamma Epsilon chapter at the University of Wisconsin (Madison campus). Gamma Epsilon is sponsoring a most significant event, the political and social implications of whch are very much an integral part of the changing politics of Alpha Phi Alpha. Virtually every chapter sponsors' a Sweetheart Court at some point during the academic year. Such events are usually of little concern to any but the chapter in question. The 1971 Sweetheart Court of Gamma Epsilon will not be such a court because Angela Davis, the revolutionary sister presently on trial for allegedly passing weapons to 17-year old revolutionary Jonathan Jackson which were used in his attempt to free his brother and other brothers from a California courtroom where they were on trial will be hailed by the chapter as "NIGIST," or "Queen-in-her-own-right." Miss Davis will reign as a profound symbol of Black Womanhood in conjunction with an "ITEGE," or "Queen," to selected from the ten women composing the "Konjo's" (Young Beautiful Lady) Court. The Brothers and the Konjos will vote jointly in selecting the ITEGE, and it is hoped that a response will be solicite from Angela Davis concerning her selection as NIGIST. In addition to the Court, the Brothers have been soliciting ads for a booklet dedicated to the Black Woman, The booklet will be written entirely by Brothers and will contain information and photography about the Konjo's Court, the national fraternity and the local chapter. The date of the Konjo's Ball is March 20, and chapter president Brother Ron Williams leads Gamma Epsilon in extending an invitation to Alphas everywhere. The theme of the Ball is "With All Our Love, Peace, and Happiness," and music will be provided by the Renaldo Domino Revue. Partial proceeds from the Ball will be sent to the Angela Davis Defense Fund. To: Brother J. Herbert King 4728 Drexel Blvd. Chicago, Illinois From: Brother Michel Brown 1356 Wolfe House-Ogg Hall The University of Wisconsin at Madison (zip code-53706) Dear Brother King, First I would like to thank you for my appointment and promise to do everythaing I possibly can to further the cause for which our fraternity stands— namely leadership and service to our people. I have enclosed a story concerning an unusual event which is to take place here at the Univ. of Wisconsin under WORK


the auspices of the local Alpha chapter. When the event takes place I have photographs taken and send you a follow-up story. Meanwhile, good luck with the SPHINX, and you will hear from me soon. Your in Fraternal Spirit, Michel Brown, Nat'I College Editor of the Sphinx P.S. I forgot to mention that I will be attending the University of Wisconsin as part of a special exchange program between this institution and Texas Southern University, where I am normally in attendance. (Continued from page 13)

The Henderson Travel Agency, Inc. has been designated as the official travel agency for Alpha Phi Alpha. Post-Convention tours are being considered — with emphasis on Las Vegas — and other points of interest in continental United States, and a most exciting consideration is being given to a West Africa Tour as it relates to the 1976 General Convention, which is scheduled to be held in Monrovia, Liberia — in two parts. More on that later. 17


Alphas Lend A Helping Hand

Voorhees College, Denmark, S.C. The Sphinx Club of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.. in order to promote a more perfect union among College men, (Voorhees family) and Denmark Community it serves, started its first in services community involvement and humanitarian deeds during the Valentine week: To those who do not know, the Sphinx Club of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., it exists as eternal light that stimulates the ambition of its members; to prepare them for the greatest usefulness in the causes of humanity; freedom and dignity of the individual; to encourage the highest and noblest form of manhood; and to aid downtrodden humanity in its efforts to achieve higher social, economic, and intellectual status. To become concerned in serving humanity, on Saturday, February 13, 1971 the Sphinx Club of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Voorhees College, Denmark, S.C. raised $48.22 and bought 10 baskets of food. The baskets were delivered by the Sphinxmen to the five most needy families in Denmark Community comprising of orphans and unprivileged children, in place of candies. The Sphinx Club made sad and rejected families smile, had something to thank God for, made sufferings, sick and shut-ins know that somebody cares. In keeping pace with our changing system, the Sphinx Club of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. along with Voorhees family has undertaken the reform to make our community a better place to live. We extend our appreciation to those persons who made contributions toward our dreams and endeavor come true. Thank you. Sphinx Club of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Monday Paul Akpan, Advisor


GIFT OF COAL â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Mrs. Maggie Sanders of 720 S. Dawson St. accepts gift of coal from Francis Ledbetter, left, and Larry Teele, members of Alpha Pi Alpha fraternity at St. Augustine's College. The fraternity has begun a project to provide coal to lowincome Southside families three times a week in winter.

BETA PI CHAPTER - LANE COLLEGE Jackson, Tennessee Brother Charles Burton, a January graduate of Lane College has been accepted at the University of Tennessee Medical Branch in Memphis, Tennessee. Brother James Wray, D.O.P. of '70 and '71, and a May graduate, is one of the student tutors in the Upward Bound Project. In remembrance of Brother Dr. Martin Luther King, the brothers gathered around our lighted coat of arms, and sang majestically, our renowned national hymn. The short tribute was closed with silent meditation and the fraternity prayer. In the area of manly deeds, the brothers of Beta Pi were cited in the solicitation drive for the Muscular Dys-

trophy Movement and was awarded a Citation of Merit for our participation in the world-wide battle against dystrophy and related diseases. Brother Marvin Peek, chairman of the Division of Social Sciences, spoke to a listening congregation at the Mother Liberty C.M.E. Chcrch on youth week observance. His theme was "Contributions that Black People have made to the American Culture." Because the church seems to be the only feasible place for BLACKS to know about BLACKS, Dr. Peek spoke to the congregation on great Blacks, their positive forces, and images that the younger generation of BLACKS would like to emulate.

Alpha Phi Alpha Claims Another Addition to the Judiciary in Baltimore, Maryland

Program on Drug Abuse Presented at Huntington NEWPORT NEWS — Zeta Lambda Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., sponsored the drug panel at Huntington High School, Wednesday, November 11. Members of the junior and senior class were the audience. Myron Cook of the Action Committee to Stop Drugs, Hampton, was the first speaker. Eugene W. Hunter, pharmacist, outlined the effects of marijuana, barbiturates, amphetamines, heroin, morphine, codeine and hallucinatory drugs.

Son, William, helps dad prepare

for his busy court date .

Brother William H. Murphy, a grandson of the founder of the Baltimore Afro-American newspapers was sworn in as Muncipal Court Judge of the City of Baltimore, by Superior Court Clerk Robert House, who also presented Judge Murphy's commission on December 31, 1970 at noon ceremonies in the new Municipal Court Building. It is interesting to note the rise of Brother Murphy, a Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha. His collegiate work was completed at Oberlin College, — he was the third black student enrolled in the School of Law, University of Maryland — entered the law field in Baltimore, where he practiced for twenty three years, specializing in cases involving Workman's Compensation. He is the first "black" in the State of Maryland to be elected by the people, and who survived both primary and general elections, resulting in his elevation to the bench for a term of ten years. Benjamin L. Brown, President of the Monumental Bar Association presented Judge Murphy to the panel of judges sitting en banc, noting that New Year's Eve was an appropriate date for the new judge to start a new career. Judge Murphy is married to Madeline Wheeler Murphy formerly of Wilmington, Delaware, is the father of five children, one of which, William H. Murphy, Jr. an attorney held the robe for his father during the brief ceremonies. The family name MURPHY means much to Alpha Phi Alpha, in that Judge Murphy's uncle — Carl J. Murphy was former Editor of The Sphinx, — he has three brothers who are active members, now living in Baltimore and he himself has remained steadfast in his support of the ideals of the Fraternity — manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind.

LUXURIATION Enthusiasm among Alpha Delta, Beta Psi Lambda, and Iota Zeta Lambda is high. Cooperation has been generous among all three since the institution of the revitalization program. An additional thrust towards reclaiming brothers is planned in the form of a city-wide reclamation dance to be held in late March. Then the plan is to implement the long range community involvement

(Continued from page 17) programs discussed at the October symposium. Yours in the True Spirit of the Fraternity Hodari Kinamo Associate Editor to the Sphinx Beta Psi Lambda Chapter Los Angeles, California

The Rev. John Romain of Proclaim House, Hampton, explained the setup of the rehabilitation center for male addicts. "The big problem is what happens down in your soul, your mind and your emotions. It takes Jesus Christ and a miracle to straighten out a junkie," Rev. Mr. Romain said. Dr. G. P. Carter pointed out that it has been medically proven that the centers of brain cells have degenerated from chronic use of drugs. He warned that infectious hepatitis results from "popping" with a dirty needle. He also stated that treatment is brought about through built-in steps, but that an addict has to ask for help. Mrs. Pauline Grazier, Office of Economic Opportunity, reminded the students that they represent the future. She begged them to leave drugs alone. She received a standing ovation after reading the poem "King Heroin." Major George C. Austin, Newport News Police Department, warned the audience against complacency. "No matter who you are, how old you are or how much money you do or do not have, it could happen to you." He reviewed past and present drug laws and explained the "no knock" clause. Brother W. Raphael Herring, president of the local chapter expressed appreciation to the panel. Brother William Crump, on sabbatical leave from Hampton School System, vocalized "Be Strong." He was accompanied at the piano by Albert Melton.



The Alpha Wives of Gamma Upsilon Lambda Chapter (seated left to right) Mrs. L. W. Garrett, Treas., Mrs. Alexander Duncan, Vice Pres., Mrs. V. E. Daniel, Pres., and Mrs. I. J. Lamothe, Secretary. (standing left to right) Mrs. N. H. Anderson, Sr., Mrs. R. L. O'Neal, Sr., Asst. Sec, Mrs. Eddie Robinson, Mrs. I. E. Willis, Jr., Mrs. Bennie Dade, Mrs. John L. Wilborn, Mrs. Warren Scott, and Mrs. P. T. Young, (not pictured Mrs. T. H. Miller, Chaplain, Mrs. Clinton Moorman, Mrs. F. W. Armstrong, and Mrs. F. P. Hodge.

Brothers of Gamma Upsilon Lambda Chapter (seated left to right) Bennie Dade, Sec, I. E. Willis, Jr., Pres., T. H. Miller, Chaplain, and R. L. O'Neal, Sr., Vice President, (standing left to right) Eddie Robinson, I. J. Lamothe, John L. Wilborn, Treas., Nolan H. Anderson, Sr., P. T. Young, Alexander Duncan, Warren Scott, and L. W. Garrett, Corres. Secretary, (not pictured) Brothers F. W. Armstrong, V. E. Daniel, and Clinton R. Moorman.

Gamma Upsilon Lambda Gamma Upsilon Lambda Chapter, Marshall, Texas is immensely happy to have within its membership brothers who have distinguished themselves to the extent that they have received special recognition â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Bro. Dr. I. J. Lamothe was recently placed on the Executive Board of Region Nine of the Boy Scouts of America. Region Nine embraces the states of New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. He along with two other blacks were the first to be placed on the Executive Committee. Dr. Lamothe is an outstanding leader and physician in the Marshall Community. Bro. Lamothe is comptroller of the national organization of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The new Student Union Building at Wiley College was named in honor of the late Brother Fred T. Long, who for more than 34 years was the football coach at Wiley College. In the early years of his athletic career Coach Long taught classes at Wiley in Political Science and History. He was known on campus by his many friends as "Pop Long." Coach Long was responsible for Wiley receiving 12 football champion20

Brother Fred Long

ships. He was one of the founders of the Southwestern Athletic Conference and hi;\ teams w^re featured in many post-season bowl games: Orange Blossom Classic, the Angel Bowl, the International Bowl, his teams for a number of years played Prairie A & M College at the Texas State Fair in the Cotton Bowl Stadium, Dallas, Texas. The climax of Bro. Long's great coaching career was

his election to the "Football Hall of Fame" of the National Association of Inter-Collegiate Athletics and the Helms Athletic Foundation. Bro. Long was a native of Decatur, Illinois. He received his A.B. degree from Millikin University and M. A. from the University of Michigan. He also held coaching positions at Paul Quinn, Prairie View, and Texas Colleges. Gamma Upsilon Lambda Chapter has held career programs in a number of the local schools in recent years. Bro. Rev. Telly H. Miller, who is chaplain of the chapter, is presently in the process of planning a program entitled Stageorama which will be designed to encourage high school seniors to continue their education. Talent from the surrounding area will be solicited. Brother L. W. Garrett, Atlanta Life Insurance Manager, received the Silver Beaver at the East Texas Area Council Boy Scouts of America Banquet recently. The Silver Beaver is the highest award given to a volunteer in scouting for outstanding services. Bro. Garrett is an outstanding leader in this East Texas Community. Bro. Dr. Nolan H. Anderson, Sr., a long time physician and leader (Continued on page 26)

Epsilon Pi Lambda Chapter Observes Founder's Day


for twenty years of service

. . . Brother

Achievement Award


Epsilon Pi Lambda Chapter, Gainsville and Ocala, Florida's Graduate Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., held its sixty-fourth Anniversary Founders Day, Sunday morning December 20, 1970 11:00 A.M. at Greater Bethel A.M.E. Church, Gainesville, Florida. The program included the history and objectives of Alpha Phi Alpha which was given by Brother John Dukes, Jr. In recognition of twenty years of service as secretary of this Chapter, plaque was presented to Brother William E. Jackson by Brother Titus Harper, President. The main feature of the program was presented in the form of a "Hymn Sing" preceded by a brief history of each hymn under the Direction of Brothers John C. Rawls and Jerry C. Miller. An appreciative audience participated in this unique activity. The following familiar hymns sung: Joy To The World, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, Onward Christian Soldiers, Rock Of Ages, Work For The Night Is Coming, Lift Every Voice And Sing, and concluding with the Brothers singing the Alpha Phi Alpha Hymn. The current officers and members of Epsilon Pi Lambda Chapter follows: BrotherTitus J. Harper President Brother Bentamin E. Brown Vice President Brother William E. Jackson Secretary •Brother Alphonso L. Johnson Treasurer Brother Oliver H. Jones Parliamentarian Brother A. Quinn Jones, Sr Editor to Sphinx Brother Rev. Eugene Broxton Chaplain Bro. I. H. Caffey *Bro. Thomas A. Harris Bro. Gaston T. Cook Bro. R. M. McGhee Bro. Johnnell L. Cook Bro. B. F. Miller Bro. Albert L. Daniels Bro. C. W. Norton *Bro. John Dukes, Jr. * Bro. Roy Rolle, Jr. Bro. Thomas George Bro. Andrew R. Mickle Bro. Aaron Green Bro. Jerry C. Miller *Bro. Dr. L. R. Hampton *Bro. John C. Rawls Bro. John C. Starker * LIFE MEMBERS

Brother Hall, accepts Beta Pi Lambda Achievement


Mayor Erastus Corning, 2nd, and the Reverend George Kahlbaugh, Program Director, for the Episcopal Diocese, joined the members of Beta Pi Lambda Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity in a special ceremony in the Mayor's Conference Room at City Hall in recognition of the achievements of one of the first Negro Engineers in the New York State Department of Public Works — Crispin C. Hall, Sr. Beta Pi Lambda Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, presented its First Achievement Award to Brother Crispin C. Hall, Sr., a Negro Engineer, who recently retired from State employment after forty-three years of service. At the end of Mr. Hall's brilliant career, he was Supervisor of two Design Squads for the New York State Department of Transportation, the highest position ever held by a Black Man in the history of the Department. Brother Hall has also been very active in the Episcopal Church in the Capital District, serving as a Representative for the local diocese to the General Convention. He has also served as a Vestryman. He is presently a member of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Lansingburgh, New York. Brother Hall is a Past President of Beta Pi Lambda Chapter. Brother and Mrs. Hall reside at 589 Third Avenue, North Troy, New York. They are the proud parents of two children: Mrs. Elizabeth Brinson and Crispin C. Hall, Jr. (His son is an Engineer with the same department) Brother Hall received a B.S. Degree in Engineering and a M.S. Degree in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — one of the few Negroes in the United States to receive both degrees from this distinguished University. His son is an Engineering Graduate from R.P.I.


A PLEA . . . from

Brother Wright Elected to City Council

Delta Chapter Bro. J. Herbert King 4728 Drexel Blvd. Chicago, Illinois Dear Brothers in Alpha: From its very inception, later by established tradition, Alpha Phi Alpha has provided leadership, emphasis, and support to higher education for black youths. We, The Brothers of Delta Chapter, Huston-Tillotson College, are totally committed to uphold that tradition for our beloved College. We feel that Huston-Tillotson College is striving to create and fulfill black pride of accomplishment, in addition to the educational processes offered. The College has remained small enough to enable students and faculty to communicate easily with each other, thereby maintaining a feeling of unity throughout the campus community. Additionally, the College is fully accredited by The National Committee on Accrediting, The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and other accrediting agencies. Although we take great pride in what now exists, we are acutely aware that the College needs a broader and stronger financial base for its continued service to black youth. In response to this recognized need, Delta Chapter is committeed to sponsoring a funds drive to assist the College, with a goal of $10,000 by May 1, 1971. We will do all possible toward attainment of our goal, however, we feel your help will also be needed. Consequently, we are asking all brothers in Alpha Phi Alpha to assist us by contributing to this effort. May we depend on your help? By working together, we shall achieve great satisfaction from our combined efforts in bolstering black education, black unity, and resultant black pride. Please make all checks payable to Huston-Tillotson College, also denote on check "Delta Chapter Appeal", so that receipt can be acknowledged. The enclosed return envelope is for your convenience. We thank you for your anticipated generosity. Fraternally, Lewis B. Johnson Editor-To-Sphinx 22

Brother Bob Wright

Dr. Robert L. Wright, known to his many friends around Columbus, Georgia as "Bob", has won by an overwhelming margin a two year term on the newly created Metro City Council; a truly outstanding achievement in Columbus, Georgia. After receiving his oath of office, Brother Wright legally assumed his position as Councilman on January 1, 1971. Brother Wright's involvement in civic affairs in his community won for him, "Young Man of the Year" award for 1963. He was also advisor to the Columbus, Georgia, Muscogee County Charter Commission, establishing the new Metro government. Married to the lovely June Russell of Columbus, Georgia, Brother Wright is the father of two wonderful children: Kim, his daughter, who is eight years old and his son, Russell, who is three years old. Born in Columbus, Georgia and educated in the elementary and secondary schools there, Brother Wright attended Ohio State University where he graduated in 1960. He has practiced optometry in his home town of Columbus for the past nine years. In running for post on the Metro Council from District Two, Brother Wright received the full support and backing from his fraternity brothers of Delta Iota Lambda Chapter; a chapter which is doing much civically, educationally and socially to make its presence felt in the community.

New Brothers at Jackson State College The ranks of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Delta Phi chapter, grew on December 11, 1970, with the induction of ten probates into the fraternity. December 11, was the culmination of many activiies dating back to April, 1970, when these ten gentlemen were inducted into the Sphinx Club. These ten men have trodden the ground that has the eternal footprints of many great Alphamen. They have accepted the task of upholding the traditions, objectives and honor of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity welcomes these aspiring black men into an organization that untiringly works toward its ends. The fall line of 1970 at Jackson State embodied talent, ingenuity and determination. In the order of their appearance in the line, first is Mr. Napoleon Smith who hails from Crystal Spring, Missisisppi. Mr. Smith is a sophomore music education major. He plans to be a jazz musician. Second is Mr. Russell Thomas who comes from Heidelberg, Miss. Mr. Thomas too is a sophomore music education major and an honor student. He plans to focus his talents upon becoming a jazz musician. Third is Mr. Maurice Sargent who is a product of Moss Point, Miss. Mr. Sargent is a sophomore honor student majoring in business administration. He plans to work with some business firm and eventually establish a business of his own. Fourth is Mr. Jimmy Denson who hails from Pickens, Miss. Mr. Denson is a sophomore majoring in political science. After completion of his studies at Jackson State College, Mr. Denson plans to attend law school. Fifth is Mr. Winfred Avant who comes from Louisville, Miss. Mr. Avant is a sophomore chemistry major. He is highly interested in becoming a laboratory technician. Sixth is Mr. Jesse Potters who is a product of Natchez, Miss. Mr. Potters is a sophomore majoring in social science. Mr. Potters aspires to be a social worker. (Continued on page 31)

Lament for My Brothers I ask these questions, are they true? Are there feelings left unsaid when I see persons of different hue And secretly I wish them dead but find tolerance within my heart to accept within me that lone part that makes them my brother?

All mankind will live or die Because of the wars being fought today Every historian will search for why, And how America he must portray when this new breed of Americans started and separate ways mankind parted and forgot about his brothers!

Dear I leave the stones unturned that I have crawled since I was born or taste the whip that's burned my inner feelings as they were torn from our very minds themselves and put upon forgotten shelves by my racist brothers?

I walk alone, if that I must to lend a helping hand that others might stand for those things right and just to bring peace again to this land. And if then, peace comes not then let our memory be not forgot. The new-breed brother!

Now black are proud, I find myself Unforgiven, and unforgiving of those who've made our lives unadulterated hell and torment me with the life they chose For you, and I the new breed on earth Their sins we've carried since our birth. These were their burdens brother! Unify or die! has been the word that spreads like fire in the ghetto and yet our cry still goes unheard thus fire and bombs and types of metal are thrust on those that still dare stand against equality for all in our home land. Brother fighting brother! Can mankind himself forsee himself to be his brother's keeper and keep alive his legacy or, make his hills to climb steeper by continuing on his separate way, knowing the price his children must pay, Our coward brothers! Our world is full of occasions, Oh no, not just those who pull the trigger, against our leaders, or just to harass men, but those who dare to figure that this is the way to scare his kin into doing things that are a sin. Our no-good brothers! Damn black, Damn White, Damn this world, Damn this life of mine if I cannot do what I know is right regardless of the gun or knife. The pain, the prejudice, the fears have been here all these years No more, my brothers.

I'll take up the gun, and carry a club and defend my life and property. I'll strike not the first blow but will not turn my check to be slapped as in times before but never, never more, The Angry Brother.' Yet when the fighting and blood bath is over Return not . . . to the scum of the earth But reach back and help your sons find their dignity inherent by his birth. Stand erect, and proud yet free and I shall unify with thee, You are my Brother! Michael Clark, Captain, U.S. Air Force, Beta Omicron 1964-1967 Eta Beta Lambda 1967-Present

ECOLOGY Butterflies no longer sip nectar From the flowers in my garden For the flowers did not bloom this spring. Sparrows no longer play tag In the hedgerows. For the projects are there now. Children staring from apartment windows, Not knowing the joys of street-ball Or romping in the park. Where once there was a cool breeze blowing across the lake, There stands a tower of concrete and steel. The fish that once filled the lake Are in the supermarket. Hodari Kinamo


Theta Rho Lambda Dinner with the Alphas of Theta Rho Lambda Chapter had a definite flavor as hundreds of guests supped on turkey with all the trimmings. It marked the Frat's sixth annual black and gold banquet which carried out the Fraters' promise to "wine, dine and dance" in true Alpha style. In the hotel's beautiful Commonwealth Room, the Black and Gold motif was evident throughout — from table decor, to the waiters' attire, to the apparel of the charming ladies in attendance; and even to the petite corsages worn by Alpha wives.



Brothers of Theta Rho Lambda Chapter The banquet, in its sixth year — (the life span of Theta Rho Lambda Chapter) — is hosted for the purpose of benefiting the organization's scholarship fund which has, for the past five years, "continuously assisted needy and worthy students at the Northern Virginia Community College." It also affords the Chapter the opportunity to honor citizens from across Northern Virginia who are chosen by the Chapter for their "Contributions to Community Coalescense." 24

1970 Honorees were Ferdenand Day, vice chairman of the Alexandria School Board; Taylor M. Williams, principal of James Madison High School in Fairfax County; June Lehman, receptionist at Northern Virginia College; Gerald D. Greenwald, Director of Center for Volunteers; William Andrew Cartel, III, who assumed the position of Assistant Commonwealth Attorney at Roanoke on November 3; and Susan Trent, president of Theta Rho Lambda's Alpha Wives Club from 1965 to 1969.

Dr. Richard Ernest, president of Northern Virginia Community College accepted the scholarship presentation. Main speaker for the banquet was Belford Lawson, himself an Alpha, who had the distinction of installing the Chapter six years ago; and who spoke in his usual eloquent manner. The theme for the occasion was, "From Rhetoric and Dialogue to Involvement and Implementation." (Continued on page 26)

Theta Delta Lambda Observes Founders Day The observance of Founders Day was quite busy for the brothers of Theta Delta Lambda, and their wives. The day began with the brothers and their wives worshiping as a group at the Immanuel Baptist Church at ten-thirty in the morning. In this service, Reverend Parks (Pastor) emphasized many of the high points in Alpha history. He also pointed up the many areas in which Alpha had been first among fraternities of this country. The activities for the day climaxed with a banquet at the Howard Johnson Motor Hotel. At this affair, Brother Chester Jordan was awarded a plaque for being chosen Theta Delta Lambda's Alpha man of the year. Brother R. E. L. Washington (local Realtor) was guest speaker for the affair. He charged the brothers to become involved in the mainstream of the community.

<HitMjfif &


Brother Chas. A. Green

The brothers of Theta Delta Lambda Chapter, located at El Paso, Texas, under the leadership of Brother Charles A. Green are moving along with a program that has aroused the interest of both active and many long lost inactive brothers. Theta Delta Lambda Sweethearts on Founders Day 1970

In keeping with the Fraternity's Motto, "First of All, Servants of All, We shall Transcend All, our congratulations to Brother President Charles A. Green on his election to the governing body of the Texas Council of Alpha Chapters (Western Regional Director). He was elected to this position while attending the first meeting of the Council. The purpose for the organization of this body is to improve the communication among chapters and strengthen the general education of Alpha men in the Region.

Seated, left to right: Brothers Harold Crawford, Sconyers, Welborn Williams, Charles Green,'Willard Edwards, Chester Jordan, Earnest Hunter. Standing, left to right: Brothers Lois Miller, R.E. L Washington, James Ball, Trusdale, James Poole, Williams, and Bowlen.

Brother Green is a Regular Army Major, currently stationed at Fort Bliss Texas. He was born at Owenton, Kentucky, and claims Lincoln, Heights, Ohio, as home. He is married to the former Miss Dorothy C. Holland, of Nyack, New York, and is the Father of four children, daughter: Louise, sons: Raymond, Cary and Glen.


Gamma Upsilon Lambda

The Program . . .

Annual 1970 Black and Gold Banquet and Ball of Theta Rho Lambda


from Past General president


•Theme: "From Rhetoric and Dialogue to Action and Implementation" I. Welcome — Toastmaster, Bro. Dan Brown, Pres., O P A Introduction of Bro. Wm. T. Syphax ii. Invocation — Bro. Wm. T. Syphax Candle Snuffing Ceremony in. Banquet Remarks and Introductions — President Dan Brown IV. A. Introduction of Special Guests B. Introduction of National, Regional, District and Va. Ass'n. Officers, and Chapter Officers: Wm. D. Clarke, E.R.V.P,; Tal. Tabb, Pres.; Dan Brown,. V. P., H. G. Gillem, Va. Dir.; C. Smothers, Ass't. Dir.; C. Halstead, Secy. Geo. Brown, Tidewater; Chap. Off. — Invitation; Chas. Pennington, Centr.; Wm. A. Carter, West, E. L. Morse, South V. Introduction of Awards Committee, H. G. Gillem, Chrmn. Presentation of Awards. A. Scholarship Presentation — Floyd Gravitte to Pres. Richard Ernest. B. Civic Awards, Contributions to Community Coalescence. 1. Wm. T. Syphax — to Ferdinand Day Taylor Williams 2. H. Gray Gillem — to June Lehman Gerald Greenwald C. Chapter Awards — Ronda Gilliam to 1. Alpha Man of Year — Wm. A. Carter, III. 2. Alpha Wives — Susan Trent, Recipient 1970 VI. Introduction of E.R.V.P., Wm. D. Clarke, Remarks and Introduction of Banquet Speaker. VII. Banquet Address — Bro. Atty. Belford V. Lawson, Jr. VIII. Appreciation — Toastmaster, Pres. Dan L. Brown, Announce Photo of All Brothers, Chapter Brothers. IX. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Hymn. X. Invitation to Dance to Music of Jimmy Griffin and Orchestra Dance and Cocktails.


(Continued from page 20) in the Marshall, Texas area, was recently invited and attended the Governor's Conference for Children and Youth in the state capitol at Austin, Texas. Brother Dr. I. E. Willis, Jr., President of Gamma Upsilon Lambda Chapter, was named to the Texas State Board of Podiatry Examiners. Brother Willis is the first and only "black" to serve on the Texas Board of Podiatry Examiners. Brother Ret. Major Clinton R. Moorman, for the past two years has worked with the national staff of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He attended conferences in Kansas City, Mo., University of Arkansas and Stephen F. Austin University of Texas. Brother Moorman is a Retired Major of the United States Army and former head football coach at Wiley College in Marshall, Texas. Bro. Moorman is presently a scout with the San Diego Chargers Professional Football Team. The speaker for the banquet portion of the affair will be our General President Bro. Judge Ernest N. Morial. Gamma Upsilon Lambda Chapter presented to Bro. Dr. Vattel E. Daniel a plaque in recognition of his many years of service to education and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Dr. Daniel is a former dean and teacher of Wiley College, Marshall, Texas, and only missed being one of the Jewels of the fraternity by a few years. Brothers I. E. Willis, Jr. and Alexander Duncan made the presentation to Brother Daniel.

(Continued from page 24) The most impressive part of the program came at the close when all Alpha men assembled in the center of the hall and in top voice, led by William Syphax, sang the Alpha Hymn. Dancing to the strains of Jimmy Griffin's band followed. Officers of Theta Rho Lambda are Daniel L. Brown, president; Kenneth B. Anderson, vice president; Clarence P. Halstead, recording secretary; Thomas L. Penn, corresponding secretary; James M. Trent, financial secretary; John H. Moore, treasurer; Arthur B. Word, chaplain; William A. Carter III, parliamentarian; Milledge S. Polite, sergeant-atarms; H. Gray Gillem Sr., historian; Floyd Gravitte, director of education; William T. Syphax, dean of pledgees.

Omicron Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. OBSERVES 64th FOUNDERS DAY

Omicron Lambda Dresents its Neophyte brothers and their dates to ifs guests at their annual Christmas Ball. sZdmo leh to right with heir dates are: Neophyte Brother Henry Carr, Neophyte Brother Wiilie C. McCall, Brother Clarence Mitchell, treTemol Omicron Lambd7Chapter, Neophyte Brother Charles T. Daniels, Brother Edward L. Pharris, Dean of Pledges, and Brother Errol T. Pharris, Chairman, Social Committee.

The Omicron Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity observed it's sixty fourth Founder's Day with its annual banquet at the plush A. G. Gaston Lounge on Sunday, December six, 1970. Serving as Toastmaster for this most impressive occasion was Brother Dr. J. T. Montgomery who exemplified his most gifted talent of assuring each brother and guests of one of the most glorious and exhuberant evenings ever spent by men and women in alphadom. The banquet was beyond reproach and the deliciousness of the foods which refreshed the taste and fulfillment of those in attendance will long be remembered. The program of the occasion proceded as follows: A most inspiring devotion was led by brother James Pharris; President, brother Clarence E. Mitchell rendered a most magnificant overview of this gallant affair; Mrs. Noan Wills, President of the Alphabettes momentously graced the affair with her introduction of the Alphabettes which included all alpha wives and sweethearts; brother Dr. John H. McCain, portrayed his versatility with the introduction of the guest speaker for the occasion, Brother, Dr. James K. Baker, attorney at Law, who gave one of the most inspiring addresses ever heard and wit-

Bro. U. W. Clemon, left, receives the Omicron Lambda Chapter's Alpha "Man of the Year Award" from Brother L. W. Oliver, Director of Public Relations, right. Sharing in the presentation is Brother Theodore Hawkins, Secretary to Omicron Lambda. The award was presented for meritorious service and outstanding community achievements.

nessed by attending alphas and guests; following this most superb address, Brother T. R. Patton installed the newly elected officers of Omicron Lambda Chapter for the ensuing year, 1970-71. They were as follows: President Bro. Clarence E. Mitchell Vice President Bro. Dwight A. Burgess

Secretary . Br. Theodore R. Hawkins Financial Secy. Bro. Claude Hooks, Jr. Chaplain . Bro. James Pharris Treasurer Bro. Dr. William J. Dowell Sgt. at Arms Bro. Iva Williams, Sr. Editor to the Sphinx and Director of Public Relations Bro. Dr. L. W. Oliver


Brother Thad Madden...

Peninsula Sports Club's M a n - o f - t h e - Y e a r Thad Madden has received quite a few surpises in his life. But being named the Peninsula Sports Club's Man-of the-Year was one of the biggest of all. "It has to be one of the most pleasant surprises that has come my way," said Brother Madden after learning that he would be honored by the PSC at a Headliners Night banquet sometime early next year. "I'm happy and thrilled at the honor," said the Huntington High School football and track coach. "It's an honor I'll always be proud of." The PSC couldn't have made a better choice than Brother Madden, who for 28 years has devoted his life preparing young student-athletes at Huntington High. Brother Madden has put together one of the most amazing track and football records in the south since taking over the coaching reigns at Huntington. Before entering the Peninsula District AAA league, Brother Madden coached in the Virginia Interscholastic Association circles, an all-black league. While in the VIA, Brother Madden's teams won 19 state outdoor track championships. He also finished runnerup six other times. And in football, Brother Madden has put together 215 victories, 24 losses and 14 ties, taking in VIA and AAA play. This past season, Brother Madden's Vikings finished 7-2-0. Seven times the Vikings walked off with the state VIA football crown. During his tenure as football (and track) coach at Huntington, Brother Madden has developed a number of outstanding athletes. Included in the array of stars are Earl Faison, Bennie McRae, Walter Bowser,




Ray Pollard, Theodore Holman, Raleigh Davenport, Lloyd Eason, Ide Gatling, Phillip Smith and Derek Faison, to name a few. "I just can't remember all the names," added the 50-year-old coach. "I've had some real fine athletes . . . McRae is still playing professional football with the Chicago Bears." Like McRae, Earl Faison and Holman also played pro football. Brother Madden's greatest contribution hasn't been on the field alone. "He's devoted a lot of his time to the needy boy away from school," said one of his close associates. "He's never turned his back on any boy." "He's always shown a genuine care for people," said another of his close friends. "That's one of the reasons why he could get so much out of a boy."

(Continued from page 12)

One of the major reasons for organizing the chapter, Alpha's 220th such graduate or alumni local unit, was to bring together a segment of the area's black professionals in order to better relate to the County's growing black population, now approaching 30,000 and to participate in various political and educational efforts to help improve the lives and circumstances of these citizens, some of whom exist in poverty surrounded by affluence. The chapter's strong commitment to social action involvement is already being exemplified by its active participation in various programs of the local NAACP branch. 28

Before deciding to get out of the coaching profession, Walter Kane, now an administrator with the Newport News School System, teamed with Brother Madden for 18 years. The Madden-Kane team worked wonders for Huntington. "Coach Kane was a big, big help to me," said Brother Madden. Two of the biggest thrills experienced by Brother Madden since taking over the football and track posts at Huntington in 1943 were Pollard's 46.7 anchor lap in the Penn Relays in 1963 and a 10-0 football season during Bowser's senior year. "I will never forget that win in the mile relay in the Penn Relays," recalled Brother Madden. "Pollard took the baton 10 yards behind the man in front of him and burned the track with a 46.7 lap, enabling us to win the national championship in the mile relay. "It was the fastest time of the year on the track for a 440-yard lap," continued the ex-Virginia State of Petersburg graduate, who also earned a master's degree from Indiana University in physical education. Pollard's clocking brought the school a lot of national recognition. "As for the 10-0 season in football, that was the year we really got the runand-shoot offense going," said Brother Madden. With Bowser, now at Minnesota, at the helm, Brother Madden decided to use an offense which would make use of Bowser's natural talents. Coming back from a clinic at Ohio State the year before, the Viking coach decided to go with the "run-and-shoot." "It was primarily a passing offense, with the quarterback throwing mostly on the run," explained Brother Madden. "Bowser made it click." Brother Madden's inovation caught the fancy of a number of coaches in the area and state. "We were getting letters from all over the state asking us about our offense," said Brother Madden. And only recently, Brother Madden received another outstanding honor. He received a citation from President Nixon. It thanked him for "excellence in working with youth in his community." The PSC honor couldn't have gone to a more deserving person.

Memorial Services for


Benjamin Hickman Wright, Jr. Son of Brother Benjamin Hickman Wright of HI. Y. The body of Benjamin Hickman Wright, Jr. the oldest son of Ben, Sr., was found murdered early Sunday morning, December 27, 1970. Robbery was the motive. An arrest has been made. Benny (as he was known to many) was a very bright, well-mannered and involved young man whose earnestness, quiet modesty and integrity were hallmarks of his life. He was a senior and honor student at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Benny was listed in "Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities," associate editor of his school paper, member of the track team and had poems and other writings published on numerous occasions â&#x20AC;&#x201D; dating back to his high school days.

415 Lancaster


Standing on the street corner, Waiting for the light to change, Watching all the cars go by, Growing there seconds older with age. Seeing people I've never seen before; People I'll never see again. Wonderin' what will become of m e â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Will I make it 'cross the street? Three seconds older. Will I make it past tomorrow Or today . . . Benjamin Hickman Wright, Jr.

Editor's Note: I too knew Benny . . . In fact, Benny and I, were guests of his father at the 1969 holiday performance of "No Place To Be Somebody." I last remember when he left us that night, with a smile on his face, a twinkle in his eye, he said, "I'll see you later." That was Benny ! ! So, now it's my time to say, "Rest in peace Benny, I'll see you later." Benny was the nephew of his father's twin brother, Dr. Nathan Wright, author of "Let's Face Racism."

Br. Mark Rites Held in Texas, SUMO Biology Professor Succumbs in New Orleans, La. Funeral services were conducted Tuesday in Nigton, Texas for Dr. Jesse J. Mark; professor of biology at Southern University in New Orleans. Interment was at the Nigton Cemetery in Nigton. Brother Mark died at Flint-Goodridge Hospital following a brief illness. He was 65. Born in Nigton, he graduated from Prairie View State College with a bachelor of science degree in 1929. In 1931 he recevied his master's degree in biology from Iowa State University. He received a doctor of philosophy degree in biology in 1935. While attending Prairie View he became captain of the football team and was named an All-Ameican fullback in 1928. Teaching for 35 years he was at different times a member of the faculties of Kentucky State College, Tennessee State College, Lincoln University in Missouri, Texas College and SUNO. Known nationally in the field of genetics, Brother Mark was a member of Sigma XI, an honor society devoted to research in science. He also belonged to the American Association of Science, and the United Order of Free Masons. He was listed in "Who's Who in American Science." Survivors include his widow, the former Margarette Butler; a son, Jesse J. Mark Jr. of Dayton, Ohio; and two brothers, the Rev. J. B. Mark of Chester, Texas and John C. Mark of Conroe, Texas.

Brother Harlan Passed Brother John C. Harlan Jr. 1932-1970 passed of a heart attack April 27, 1970 in the Paradise Valley Medical Pharmacy in National City California. He graduated from Howard University School of Pharmacy in 1955 and was a Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha. He is survived by wife Betty Sue and two children Deborah and Byron.

Brother K. Horner Cannon, Brother of Past General President, Passed Away Brother Karl Homer Cannon, brother of Past General President Raymond W. Cannon, passed away January 15, 1971. Brother Cannon was the youngest son of Mack Oliver and Mittie Belle Cannon, and was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota April 29, 1898. Brother Cannon attended the public and high schools of Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota College of Law. At the age of 18 years, while a student at the University, he enlisted in the United States Army during World War I and entered officer training. At the conclusion of the war he re-entered the University and was the Drum Major of the University of Minnesota Band. Brother Cannon received his law degree in June, 1923, passed the Bar Examination the following month and opened law offices in Minneapolis where he engaged in the general practice of law until the fall of 1943 when he retired for reasons of health and came to California. Brother Cannon was initiated into the old Mu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha in 1919, and was a member of the Twelfth General Convention then held at the seat of Theta Chapter in Chicago, Illinois and in which the Go To High School, Go To College Campaign was authorized. He was a charter member of Gamma Xi Lambda Chapter. He was affiliated with the American Legion, The Elks, Hennepin County and Minnesota State Bar Association in Minnesota, and the Business and Professional Association of Minneapolis. He leaves to mourn his loss two nieces, Mrs. Beverly Beavers and Miss Shirley Cannon, a nephew, Miles Oliver Cannon, Jr., two grand nephews and a grand niece, all of Los Angeles.


O M EGA C H A P T E R "Founder" of Theta Rho Lambda Chapter Passes

Brother John L. Procope

Philadelphia, Pa., January â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;˘ Brother John L. Procope, national known hospital administrator and one of the first Negroes to become a Fellow of the American College of Hospital Administrators, died in Graduate Hospital here on Wednesday. He was 71. As administrator of four hospitals during his long career, Brother Procope had a facility for coalescing diverse departmental employees in the institutions he served. A graduate of New York University, his introduction to fiscal affairs was when he accepted a position as accountant at Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, Alabama. Brother Procope's first assignment as administrator of a hospital was when he became executive director of People's Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri. Concurrent with those duties he was president of an insurance brokerage firm. There followed assignments in New Orleans, La., where he was administrator of Flint-Goodrich Hospital; and Provident Hospital in Baltimore, where he directed expansion of medical programs at that institution. Brother Procope came to Philadelphia in the early 1930's to become administrator of the former Mercy Hospital. He was in New Orleans and Baltimore during an interim from his first directorship of Mercy Hospital until he returned to this city in 1956 to become administrator of the merged Mercy-Douglass Hospital, one of the nation's larger Negro medical institutions. A native of New York City, Brother Procope entered military service from that city in World War I. Despite the responsibilities he bore as a hospital administrator, he was constant 30

Victim of Heart Attack, December 18, 1970 Brother Ronda Allen Gilliam was born committee on Food and Clothing for the on March 31, 1906 in Shoals Township, poor. He was very Civic minded and was Surry County, North Carolina. He atalways aware of the needs and willing tended the schools of Shoals County to serve his community in many areas. where he was raised and went on to high Among his affiliations and membership school at Tuskegee Institute, he took a were community projects, which includjob in the U.S. Department of the ed the Boy Scouts, Y.M.C.A., Arlington Archives in Washington, D.C. on FebView Civic Association, Arlington for a ruary 1936. He graduated from Allen Better Community, D.C. Friends of LiUniversity in South Carolina in 1947, beria, Association for the Study of Nethen matriculated in the Catholic Unigro Life and History, and he was apversity of America Graduate School from pointed by the Arlington County Board 1948 to 1950 while working as Histoof Supervisors to the Arlington Comrian in the archives. He attended Amerimission on Aging in 1968. He was a can University in Washington, D.C. life member of the Alpha Phi Alpha where he did special study in historical Fraternity. His hobbies were photograareas. As a result of his specialty he was phy and the collection of Negro and made supervisor of a Historical Archives African historical data. He was a lover Section, a position he held until retireof children and wished for a better way ment in 1957. for the youth today. He was reared in the Church and often said he owed his triumph over hardships and tribulation as well as his success to his faith in God. He held membership in the 15th Street Presbyterian Church for 7 years and served on the Trustee Board for several years. For eight years he has been a member of the Arlington Presbyterian Church. He was an active member of the Sunday School Class and served as an Elder of the Session for one year, also as the Elder Commissioner for the year 1970 to Washington City Presbytery. He derived so much joy in working with the

He was a devoted husband, brother, uncle, godson and godfather. He leaves to cherish his memory a devoted wife, Oatrice H. Gilliam, two sisters, Mrs. Florence F. Bratcher of Pinnacle, N.C.; Mrs. Ruby Pervis of Winston Salem, N.C.; two brothers, Charles W. Gilliam of Greensboro, N.C. and Clarence T. Gilliam of Winston Salem, N.C; Godchild, Shari C. Mauney, Godmother, Mrs. Margaret Payne; Mother-in-Law, Mrs. M. F. Holoman; seven sisters-inlaw; one brother-in-law, nieces, nephews, other relatives and many friends.

in his quest for equal civic and economic opportunities for Negroes, impelling him for many years to serve on the board of directors of the Philadelphia Urban League and as a member of The Frontiers, a nation-wide organization composed primarily of businessmen concerned with opening new avenues for advancement for Negroes. Brother Procope also was for years an active member of the Episcopal Community Service in Philadelphia, which provided shelter, guidance and spiritual incentive for children, on an integrated basis. When Mr. Procope retired as administrator of Mercy-Douglass Hospital in 1965 Blue Cross in Philadelphia retained his services to administer that organization's Medicare plan. His fraternal affiliation was with

Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, and he was a long-time member of The Commissioners, one of the leading men's social organizations along the eastern seaboard. A resident of Yeadon, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, he is survived by his wife, the former Corrine Smith of New Orleans; two daughters, Mrs. Jean P. Martin of Bloomfield, Conn.; and Jonelle A., a student at Howard University; a son, John L., Jr., advertising director of the New York Amsterdam News; a grandson, Russell-John P. Martin; two brothers, William S. and Russell, both of New York City, and a sister, Mrs. May P. Gonzales, also of New York. In lieu of flowers, the family request that donations be made to the American Cancer Society, Inc.

Past Midwestern Vice President Died in Columbus, Ohio Columbus, Ohio lost one of its finest citizens on January 2, 1971, in the person of Dr. Harley Sherman Manuel, who resided at 3270 East Livingston Avenue. A native of Latty, Ohio, he was the son of Martin M. and Cora Jane (Dempsey) Manuel. Dr. Manuel was a graduate of Ohio State University, College of Medicine and with his nephew, Dr. Robert M. Manuel, established the Manuel Clinic at 270 South Grant Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. Brother Manuel specialized in the field of Allergy and was a lecturer on Allergy at the Grant Hospital School of Nursing and St. Anthony School of Nursing. He was an Associate Physician at Central State University Wilberforce, Ohio; a faculty member of Ohio State University; a member of the Regional Medical Advisory Committee on Stroke, Cancer, Heart Disease and Allied Diseases of Central and Northwestern Ohio. Brother Manuel held staff membership at the following Columbus Hospitals: University, Children's, Mt. Carmel, Grant and St. Anthony. He was a member of the Columbus and Franklin County Academy of Medicine; Ohio State Medical Association, Ohio Valley Allergy Association; and a Fellow, American College of Allergists and the American Medical Association. Brother Manuel was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Dutch Uncles of Columbus; served on the Board of Trustees and was one of the CoFounders of Brother Martin's Home, now located in New Lexington, Ohio; CoFounder with Charles E. Jones of the Livingston Heights Place, Columbus, Division of Project HOPE of Central Ohio; Honorary Advisor to Women's Division of Project Hope of Central Ohio; National Midwestern Vice-President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; member of Free and Accepted Masons, St. Mark's Lodge No. 7; L. D. Eaton Consistory No. 21, Valley of Columbus, Ohio; and Alia Baba Shrine Temple No. 53 of Columbus. The entire Columbus community has benefited directly or indirectly from Brother Manuel's medical, civic, philanthropic and educational endeavors, on behalf of the ill, the aged, many in need, deprived youth and children.

Brother Manuel

As co-founder of Brother Martin's Home, many cerebral palsied, crippled, blind or mentally retarded were and are still being cared for. As a Board Member of the Dutch Uncles of Columbus, thousands of deprived children enjoyed the many allday outings and carnivals planned on their behalf. As sponsor and underwriter of the annual Christmas Party for the aged and infirmed at Mary Jo's Nursing Home, "the joy of Christmas and remembrance is brought to scores of forgotten senior citizens." As a Life Member of the NAACP and regular contributor to the Legal Defense Fund, many doors were opened and remain ajar for black America. As National Midwestern Vice-President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity hundreds of college youths have been inspired to attain greater heights, to transcend all, and to embrace all mankind As coAs co-founder of Livingston Heights Place, new vision and individualized housing became available to many. Brother Manuel is survived by wife, Eva F. Manuel daughter, Roswitha M. Manuel, and nephew, Dr. Robert M. Manuel.

Services Held for Meharry Medical College Benefactor Funeral services were held at the Beecher Memorial United Church of Christ for Dr. George Bracy Talbert, prominent dental surgeon and civic leader. Brother Talbert died unexpectedly at his home. He was 73. A graduate of Dillard University and the Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry in Nashville, Tenn., Dr. Talbert had been cited for his contributions to the scholarship funds of the two schools. Brother Talbert was a 32nd degree Prince Hall Mason and belonged to the Mt. Olive Lodge No. 21, a member of Eureka Consistory No. 7, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and Platte Temple No. 15, Ancient Egyptian Order Nobles Mystic Shrine. He was active in several professional organizations and was also a member of the city Urban League, the NAACP, and the Dryades Street Y.

Jackson State College (Continued from page 22) Seventh is Mr. John White who hails from Natchez, Miss. Mr. White is a sophomore honor student majoring in pre-medicine. After graduating from Jackson State College, Mr. White plans to attend medical school. Eighth is Mr. Alphonse Carter who comes from Magnolia, Miss. Mr. Carter is a junior honor student majoring in industrial arts. He plans to be an architect. Ninth is Mr. Harvey Westbrook who is a product of Liberty, Miss. Mr. Westbrook is a sophomore biology major. He is undecided about his plans after graduation. Tenth is Mr. James Macon who hails from Columbus, Miss. Mr. Macon is a sophomore honor student majoring in political science. He plans to attend law school or to become a college instructor. These ten men have entered Alphadom and have accepted that which is expected of them. Delta Phi proudly accepts the genius of these men and challenges them to use their talents for the betterment of their race and country. 31

First Black Councilman Matthew L Brooks Dies Suddenly at 55

Brother Matthew Brooks 1915-1970 The shock, of the passing of our good Brother Matthew L. Brooks of Franklin affects all Alphadom. This great loss was encountered first by his wife, Lucille. The hurt of the sad news soon spread to relatives, friends, co-workers and Alpha brothers. In the February, 1970 issue of the Sphinx, one will note the picture and article d e s c r i b i n g Brother Brooks' achievement as the first black to become city councilman in Franklin. We are all deprived of a sorely needed individual. We will not forget what Brother Brooks was and what he stood for. We will miss Brother Brooks. His life was a real tribute to Kentucky, Alpha and all mankind. Brother Brooks was Alpha Man of the Year 1969-1970 of Gamma Epsilon Lambda chapter and was elected President for 1970-71 business year. Brother Matthew Brooks taught me agriculture and coached me in the Junior High athletic program at the former all-Black Lincoln High School in Franklin. During this time, I found Brother Brooks to be kind and understanding with a lot of interest in young people. In high school he encouraged me to go to college and to give serious consideration to pledging to the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, which I did after one year of college. We both attended Kentucky


Funeral services for Franklin City Councilman Matthew Lee Brooks, age 55, held at the Elevated Baptist Church with Rev. J. J. Northington and Rev. A. Bell officiating. Burial was at Shady Rest Cemetery. Brother Brooks died of an apparent heart attack at Paris, Kentucky, where he and Mrs. Brooks were visiting relatives. Brother Brooks was the only Negro ever elected to the city council here and was completing his first year on the council. He received more votes than any candidate for the council in the election in November 1969. He was also a member of the city-country planning commission. Brother Brooks, a graduate of Kentucky State College, taught agriculture at Franklin-Simpson High School, had been in the local school system since 1946 and once coached at the now consolidated Lincoln High School. He was member of the city-county planning cation Association, TDEA, KEA and NEA. He was president of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and was named "Man of The Year" by the fraternity. A veteran of World War II, he was a member of the Masons, Sportsmen Club, NAACP and Harristown American Legion Post 202. A native of Bourbon County, he was a member of the Little Rock Christion Church at Paris and a trustee of the Shady Rest Cemetery Club. Brother Brooks is survived by his wife, Mrs. Lucille G. Brooks, also a teacher at F-S High School one brother, Charleston Brooks of Paris and several nieces and nephews.

State Coilege and were made Alpha brothers by Beta Mu chapters at this college with about a two decade time difference. There will always be a special place in my heart for Matthew Brooks, as teacher, friend and Alpha brother. I and all Alphadom have lost a dear brother. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Jimmie L. Stewart, Reporter to The Sphinx Gamma Epsilon Lambda

Brother Clifton Ulysses Williams, D. D. S. Passed in June Prominent Columbus, Georgia Dentist Funeral services were held June 19, 1970 for Brother Clifton Ulysses Williams, who died suddenly of a heart attack. Brother Williams was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania November 25, 1922. He attended elementary and high school in Pittsburgh. He also attended the University of Pittsburgh, Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri, Fisk University and Meharry Medical College. Brother Williams practiced dentistry in Columbus, Georgia for 22 years and for many years served as dentist for the Muscogee and Harris County Health Departments. He was a member of St. Mary Magdalene's Episcopal Church and was active in civic and social affairs.



He was past president of Delta Iota Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and he served as a member of the Columbus Racial Relations Advisory Committee and Board of Management of the local Y.M.C.A. Brother Williams served his country as a member of the Air Force during the Korean conflict. He was married, in 1958, to the former Miss Helen Anderson who survives. In addition to his widow, Brother Williams is survived by his mother Mrs. Minnie L. Williams and his sister, Mrs. Larnell Goodman, both of Pittsburgh, Penn., and many other relatives and friends.


upliftin SOLUTIONS TO EVERYDA Y PROBLEMS. In this instance, we've just removed a traffic-snarling casualty from a crowded expressway. Now, we'll concede that this might be considered a relatively modest contribution towards improving the human environment. But. . . this same Sikorsky® helicopter could have been effecting a rescue mission off a wallowing tanker in a North Sea gale. It could have been airlifting food and supplies to starving villagers in flood-ravaged Tunisia . . . or transporting equipment for on-the-spot control of off-shore oil pollution. Obviously, what we're pointing out is the impressive record and adaptability of our helicopters in solving important human problems. There's much more to come in our world of exciting, advanced VTOL aircraft systems. For example, Heavy-Lift Skycranes® and Tilt-Rotor Transports. And just around the corner are our High-Speed Commercial Transports—designed to ease short-haul mass-transportation headaches. Does this kind of engineering attitude stir your sense of responsibility and imagination? Then you should talk careers with us. There's ample opportunity for innovation in: aerodynamics • human factors engineering • automatic controls • structures engineering • weight prediction • systems analysis • operations research • reliability/ maintainability engineering • autonavigation systems • computer technology . . . and more. And your career advancement can be accelerated through our corporation-financed Graduate Study Programs—available at many outstanding schools within our area. Please submit your resume in confidence, stating salary requirements, to: MR. LEO J. SHALVOY Professional and Technical Employment

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*n>9il 7 $t»t

EASTERN REGION:'** * * £ W. Decker Clarke, Vice President David A. Wright, Assistant


MIDWESTERN REGION James R. Williams, Vice President Eugene Shelton, Assistant

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS April 16, 17, 18, 1971

SOUTHERN REGION Bennie J. Harris Vice President Larry L. Earvin, Assistant

MOBILE, ALABAMA April 2, 3, 4, 1971

SOUTHWESTERN REGION Ozell Sutton, Vice President Delbert O. DeWitty, Assistant

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS April 9, 10, 11, 1971

WESTERN REGION Thadeaus H. Hobbs, Vice President Fritzic Allen, Assistant

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. April 2, 3, 4, 1971

The SPHINX | Spring 1971 | Volume 57 | Number 1 197105701  
The SPHINX | Spring 1971 | Volume 57 | Number 1 197105701  

Brother Howard Gordon Jr. Alumni chapters on display. Whitney Young dies in Nigeria. Black Power. 65th Annual Convention. Funeral Services.