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Tren’ness has been honored in Ebony Magazine’s coveted “Power 100” list and Paper the Magazine’s “Beautiful People” list. She has also been featured in several New York City promotions and other major media outlets both nationally and internationally. CLICK HERE

A vivid sense of pride suffuses the charming and enigmatic nature of the communications guru and media strategist that is Tren’ness Woods Black.

Born as a third generation heir to the Sylvia’s empire, she strides confidently in her role as its spokeswoman and legacy-builder. Tren’ness is energized by her commitment to the growth and preservation of the Sylvia’s legacy and its impact on both its community and the world. Photography Javi Mota Stylist AO Style by Ano Okera Make Up & Hair Isamel Quevedo

As the current president and chief strategist for Tren’ness Woods-Black, LLC (TWB), her expertise is a culmination of over 20 years in the restaurant industry and as a seasoned communications executive. In fact, her expertise and business savvy have revitalized her grandmother’s influence and affirmed the Sylvia’s empire as a ‘pioneer’ of the food renaissance movement in multi-cultural neoHarlem.

Additionally, since launching TWB, Tren’ness’ impact has revolutionized brands such as the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, American Heart Association, Ralph Lauren Cancer Prevention Center, HBO, BMG, Sylvia’s Restaurant, De Beers, Hush Puppies, The Sylvia & Herbert Woods Scholarship Foundation, and Harlem Park to Park. Moreover, she has successfully brokered marketing deals with Target, Splenda, Starbucks and Whirlpool.

Honored in Ebony Magazine’s coveted “Power 100” list, NV Magazine’s Movers and Shakers List and Paper the Magazine’s “Beautiful People” list, Tren’ness has also been featured in several New York City promotions and other major media outlets both nationally and internationally. These include: The Associated Press, Good Morning America, MSNBC, The Early Show, BBC, Good Day New York, The New York Times, The Daily News, the Dr. Phil show, The View, The Food Network’s special “Savoring Harlem,” Time Magazine, Masterchef Australia and Project Runaway.

Tren’ness’ contributions to Harlem and the world are beautiful manifestations of the dreams resonant in her DNA. An accomplished speaker, her enigmatic personality, passion, and incredible sense of style have brought immense momentum to every cause she has championed. She began by volunteering at area schools, in pediatric programs at local hospitals, and to teach children how to make traditional recipes healthier. This work inspired her efforts to successfully raise over $100,000 for The Sylvia and Herbert Woods Scholarship Fund.


She is proud to be a founding member of Harlem Park to Park. And though she does not suffer from heart disease, being selected as the spokesperson for the American Heart Association was an obvious choice because of her advocacy and natural ability to inspire and captivate. Tren’ness is thrilled to lend her voice to all of these causes and honored to have the privilege of representing them. She is committed to tirelessly promoting causes that will strengthen the vibrant legacy of her Harlem community and make the world a better place for everyone.

As a seasoned communications executive, Tren’ness has skyrocketed the trajectory of brands such as Sylvia’s restaurant and food products, National Action Network, BMG, De Beers, and Hush Puppies. She has also successfully brokered marketing deals with Target, Splenda, Starbucks and Whirlpool.


BlackWoods Communications TWB, LLC President & Chief Strategist Sylvia’s Restaurant and Products Vice President of Communications and Special Events Webbe, Software Inc Vice President of Communications

GT Interactive Software Public Relations Specialist J Walter Thompson/Parker and Associates Public Relations Account Executive TWB, LLC President & Chief Strategist

Tren’ness is a sought after speaker and personality in the culinary, philanthropic, and small business arenas. Her vibrant, motivational personality and incredible style aesthetic invigorates every project. Her zeal for the culinary arts is permeated by her rich culinary legacy, coupled with the vibrant history of the arts that is at the heart of Harlem and New York City.


Growing up in the Sylvia’s Legacy and Harlem Grandma Sylvia was always eager to meet people. It wasn’t to put on a show, or for good business, she actually cared. People she met for the first time would return months later, and she would still remember them by name. Her authenticity and passion was both humbling and inspiring. Through her, I discovered my own passion for people and service.

Being a part of Being a part of Sylvia Wood’s Sylvia Wood’s third third generation. generation Being the third generation of a legacy business has been a huge, yet welcomed

challenge. As of now, there are 18 of us, and one restaurant, so you can imagine how difficult it can be to focus our vision, and efforts unanimously. The Sylvia’s brand has entrusted its marketing and development aspects to me, so I’m aware my efforts will enrich our legacy’s growth for generations to come. That is why keeping all of us synchronized is a responsibility I gladly take on, but it can be exhausting. Add that with the challenge of generating revenue outside of my grandmother’s legacy, and it can be quite a juggling act! But with that said, I’ve never been afraid of hard work, and I am blessed and grateful to have such solid, family roots. I must admit, over the years, the rewards have certainly outweighed the difficulties. One of my proudest moments took place during

the restaurant’s 40th anniversary. I was only 30 years old, and was given a special opportunity to really take charge of our major, milestone event. I organized for my grandmother to ring the bell at the stock exchange. She was the first African American restaurateur, and the second culinary brand to have ever done so. The two things still fresh in my mind are the big beam of happiness that filled her face and walking with the family to the actual room that overlooks the stock exchange with our brass engraved name plates. It was magnanimous!

Hampton, Hampton, NYU,NYU, Life Lessons Life Lessons and and Experiences. Experiences Hampton was a culture shock. This was because I was always the minority throughout my schooling in New York. Even more so, I never had the privilege of having black teachers prior to Hampton. My university life happened during a very socially conscious time for people of color in America with the success of The Cosby Show, A different World and during “The blacker the

berry the sweeter the juice renaissance.” Everyone was proud! A Hampton memory that stands out was having to write about, “The first time I realized I was black.” I wrote how the realization hit me like a slap in the face, when I was in eighth grade. I had a crush on a boy in my class,

and was bold enough to tell him. He told me he thought I was pretty, but that I was too dark for him. This baffled me, because he and I were the same complexion! That was when I realized something must be, so-called, ‘wrong’ with my color. Thankfully, lessons learned about the realities and fallacies of color strengthened, not stifled me. I used harsh realizations as inspiration, and decided how I could contribute to my community and the world. New York University was another stepping stone that allowed me to decide how I could strengthen my community through contribution. At NYU, I was able to credential my experience in hospitality and hone my writing skills in a non-matriculated, two-part focus. Both experiences have really allowed me to actualize my fullest potential, and I still reap the rewards to this day.

The of your yourimpact in The value value of impact in Harlem and the Harlem world and the world. The value of my impact was something I saw in my grandmother, and the women

who raised me. It feels like a natural progression, because I come from a line of strong, confident women, including my great-grandmother, who was born into slavery. Her tenacity was passed down in the values and land she bequeathed to her children, and Grandma Sylvia. In fact, my first fundraising

effort was for The Sylvia and Herbert Woods Scholarship Endowment Fund (SHWSF). I personally knew some of the scholarship recipients, and watching how it changed them, changed me. This invariably opened up a

philanthropic appetite that has empowered the woman I’ve become. Since then, I have been advocating at the forefront, for a number of organizations here in Harlem, and the list continues to

I am Sylvia’s at the core, so I can do all of what I do from

Earlier in my career, I started inspiring the community by going to the area schools, working with different pediatric programs in local hospitals, and talking with kids about making traditional recipes healthier.

food and healthy nutrition. Even more, I love special events and speaking. I get to meet these organizations, and represent not just the company but also Harlem and it’s vibrant legacy.

I was simply sharing my passion, but when I noticed the looks of inspiration on faces of girls who looked just like me, when I was that age, something shifted! A renewed sense of pride kindled inside


Being a role model for young girls and women Being a role model for young of Color girls and women of Color.

of me, and I felt inspired to share more of my ideas and passion, not only with children, but with adults interested in collaborating to be dream fosterers. As I grew, I wanted to do more, I wanted to connect with more people at a time, in my community. That is when I fell in love with the American Heart Association and City Meals on Wheels. I recognized how working with these awesome organizations, could contribute to more people, more often, than if I worked solely on my own efforts.

Passion forfor People.... Passion People.... Cornbread & Cornbread & Conversations Conversations Currently, I’m in support of The Sylvia and Herbert Woods Scholarship Foundation

(SHWSF), Harlem Park to Park, WITS, and my newly adopted love - The MS/PS 7 School in East Harlem. Out of my passion for legacybuilding and storytelling, I created “Cornbread & Conversations.” This event, hosted bi-monthly at the Sylvia’s Also Lounge, brings together leaders and influencers to share their stories through intimate conversations. It allows the featured speaker to connect with their audience in a very organic and inspiring way.

What all women and What all women and young young girls should girls should know. know You are a princess; you are a Queen. You were born with everything it takes to be who you want to be! You have every ingredient you need! Be passionate; stay inspired; have faith in yourself, and watch your recipe for success manifest!

Being beautiful Being beautiful means… means.... Loving yourself. Believing in yourself, believing in your dreams, and taking action!



TWB, LLC provides superior special events management, support and powerful results through innovative strategies and seamless execution. Our services include: • Event Management • Vendor Procurement • Special Event Design/ Development • Public Relations Management • Marketing Strategies • Social Media Execution

• Budget Management • Event MC/Host Services • Sponsorship Solicitation & Fundraising • Celebrity & Community Engagement

Tren’ness Woods-Black, LLC Passion for People, Poised for Press Phone I 917-549-0041 Twitter I @trennesstweets Email I

Team at AO Creative: Ano Okera (Creative and Copy Director) Jerónimo Herrera (Art Director) Nichole Walford (Editor)

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Tren'ness Woods Black is a sought after speaker, legacy builder and communications executive. As the current president and chief strategist...

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