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Machine knitting

How To Wrap Cast On And Knit A Simple Plain Swatch • Your machine should be set up, threaded, and ready to start. • With carriage at the right, bring out the number of needles you need for the swatch. • Tie off the yarn securely to your left. • Pull the yarn up and hold the yarn between the first two needles on the left.

How To Wrap Cast On And Knit A Simple Plain Swatch • Holding the yarn with the right hand and start to wrap the yarn counterclockwise around the first needle on the left. • Make sure your wraps lie behind the latches. • Bring the yarn under the second needle in from the left, and wrap it counterclockwise around the second needle.

How To Wrap Cast On And Knit A Simple Plain Swatch • Check that the carriage is set to knit back needles in the forward position. On a Brother machine, the lever will be in the N position instead of H.

Check that all carriage front panel buttons are NOT pushed in and make sure that the yarn is in its slot and the gate is closed.

• Set the row counter to zero. • Hang the cast on comb to help weigh down the new tightly wrapped cast on row .

How To Wrap Cast On And Knit A Simple Plain Swatch • Carefully knit across to the left. This first row will be snug and stubborn to knit. • To help stop this make sure on this first carriage crossing that the tension is not set too tight. • Continue moving the carriage back and forth to finish your first square of plain knit • On a Japanese flat bed machine, the purl side always faces you.

How To Make Corking

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Bring forward four or five needles into working position Cast on using the wrap method Knit two rows and add a weight Press one part button, and continue knitting until you reach the desired length. The corking can be used as jumbo hand knitted yarn on large hand knitting needles or can be, crocheted, woven, or stitched into any number of ways.

Pointelle/ Weave & Irregular Stich Tension Ideas Creating simple controlled holes in your knitting using the pointelle method and then weaving contrasting ribbon or beads through can add colour and dimension to your design. Playing around with the tension dial from high to low will create an elongated stitch effect. Done together as stripes or with pointelle holes can create great textural combinations.

Machine Knitting Techniques  

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