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MARCH 2013 | ISSUE NO. 88



Winning start for Sean, Tejas, Boulanger, Nish in Rally Raid 1

2013 Rally Cross Round 1

2013 KQ East African Safari Classic Rally: A full house !

MARCH 2013 | ISSUE NO. 88

Baldev Chager breaks longstanding Mitsubishi sequence

Rally Roundup

Chatte wins D&G Insurance Kisumu Rally


2 Jass Chatthe / Gugu Panesar By Abdul Sidi


hatthe wins Kisumu’s round of the Clubman’s Rally Championship for the second event running. The 33-year-old Mitsubishi Lancer driver took over the lead of the event after earlier pacesetter, Dilraj Bhui went off the road in the second competitive stage of the competition driving a Subaru Impreza GC8. Dilraj, who

Kisumu CRC Results (provisional) 1. Jassi Chatthe/Gugu Panesar (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo8) 54.59

2. Jitu Dhokia/Bhavin Patel (Subaru Impreza) 01.01.28 3. Dilraj Bhui/Savraj Bhui (Subaru Impreza GC8) 1.11.45

was navigated by his brother Savraj Bhui, eventually finished in the third position, almost 10 minutes behind the similar car of Jitu Dhotia and Bhavin Patel. In conjunction with new sponsors D & G Insurance Brokers, the Equator Motor Club will run a another five CRC events in addition to one round of the 2013 KCBsponsored series. 4. Gurpreet Brar/Jasmeet Khaira (Subaru Impreza) 1.15.06 5. Imran Kana/Mohammed Kana (Toyota Levine) 1.18.14 6. Dilraj Chatthe /Deepy Kalsi (Buggy) 1.24.50 7. Starters/6 finishers

Winning ways for Baldev Chager Rallycross Round 1 By Abdul Sidi

MARCH 2013 | ISSUE NO. 88


aldev Chager maintained his winning ways by securing victory in the opening round of the 2013 National Autocross Championship held at the East African Portland Cement. ‘’I am thrilled but very lucky that the machine stopped in the final heat with a mechanical problem. I was fortunate I had scored good times in the previous three heats,’’ said Chager. Azar Anwar was placed in the second place, followed closely by George Njoroge in the third place. National Quad champion, Shazar Anwar won his class followed by Tejas Hirani in the second place in a similar machine. Hirani is fresh from winning the Buggy Class of the Raid Rally Championship event in Naro Moro last weekend.The Rift Valley Motor and Sports Club-event attracted one of the biggest entries so far of up to 43 competitions in various types of machines ranging from quads, buggies to rally cars respectively. Caroline Gatimu, proved to be the best lady driver after finishing way

ahead of some of the more established competitors in the KNRC series. She was placed third overall in the 2WD Class driving a Toyota Levine. The Class was won by Denis Mwenda in Toyota Corolla. The Buggies Class was won by Amit Bhatt.

George Njoroge on his way to 3rd in his Subaru.

Meanwhile, the next round of the 2013 Kenya National Rally Championship planned for Voi, has been postponed indefinitely. A communiqué signed by the Clerk of the Course, Surinder Thatthi, cites current political rallies as main reason for the postponement. ‘’The organizers of the KCB Voi Rally KNRC 2 have found out that there is a very big Campaign rally for one of the main political parties that has been organized to be held in Voi on Saturday 23rd February 2013. Also we have been informed that the extra police in the region have been deployed to Mombasa on that weekend thus reducing the rally security. In the light of this new information the organizers and the KMSF Rally Commission have mutually agreed to postpone the KCB Voi Rally to a date after the elections which will be advised by the Rally Commission in the near future.’’ Barring any other obstacles, Nyeri will host the next round of the series on 6/7 April, while the Motor Sports Governing Body looks for a slot to re-allocate a new date to the organizers of the Voi Rally.

Provisional Results:

Open Class 1)Baldev Chager 6.34.71 2)Azar Anwar 6.54.30 3)George Njoroge 6.75.87 Buggy 1) Amit Bhatt 6.58.77 2)Ashlin Bending 6.59.91 3)Amit Pandya 6.62.97 Rally Cars 1) Dennis Mwenda (Toyota Sprinter GT 1600cc) 2WD (6.74.01) 2) Sammy Nyorri (Toyota Vitz) 2WD (6.89.25) 3) Caroline Gatimu (Toyota Levin 1600cc) 2WD (7.10.31) Rally Cars 4WD 1)Anish Chauhan 6.55.05 2)Imran Mughal 6.57.51 3)Asad Khan 6.58.26 Non Turbo Buggy 1) Sachin Choda 6.88.50 2) Anthony Corline 7.03.38 3) Tejas Hirani 7.32.36 Quads 1)Shazar Anwar 2.27.47 (Quad) 2)Tejas Hirani 2.44.12 (Quad)

2013 KQ East African Safari Classic Rally Entries In order of receipt Driver/Co-Driver Conducteur/Coéquipier 1. Aslam Khan / Ashard Khan

Nat Nat Kenya

Vehicle Voiture Porsche 911

2. Michiel Campagne / Mike Van Thiel 3. Mir Muzzamil / TBA 4. Alastair Cavenagh / TBA


5. Shahnawaz Murji / Mo Verjee Kenya/Kenya

Clevrolette Corvette GS Datsun 180B Ford Escort Mark 2 Mercedes 220E

6. 7. 8.. 9.

Datsun 260Z Datsun 260Z Porsche 911 Porsche 911

19. 20.. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.

Patrick Van Heurck / TBA Ian Duncan / Amaar Slatch Aziz Tejpar / Andy Nagi Phillip Vendromme / Frederic Vivier Gerard Marcy / Stephan Prevot Jean-Pierre Mondron / Eric Werner Karim Wissanji / TBA Jorge Perez Companc / Jose Volta F..ranz Wunderlich / TB.A Ber.nhard Kessel / Ron.ny Kessel Jan .Hagman / Marti.n Hagman Miguel Diez / Jeronimo de la Macorra Andres Gomez / Mauricio Pimentel Kailesh Chauhan / TBA

33. Mark Bentley / Ed Bentley 34.. Albert Michiels / Patrick de Coninck 35. Jayant Shah / Lofty Drews 36. Jonathan Somen / Richard Hechle 37. Andrew Siddall / Carl Williamson 38. Marzio Kravos / Renzo Bernardi 39.. Simon Sharpe / Crispin Kennedy 40. Jean-Michel Martin / Vincent De Raiken 41.. Michael Madler / Michael Schauderna 42. Ramesh Vishram / Atul Kocchar 43. Josef Jobst / Gerd Petzold 44. Nick Mason / Harpal Sudle

Sweden Sweden Sweden Sweden Belgium/TBA Switzerland/ TBA Belgium/TBA Kenya/Kenya Kenya/Kenya France/France

Ford Escort RS2000 Porsche 911 Porsche 911

Porsche 911 Ford Capri Ford Escort Mark 1 Porsche 911

Belgium/ Porsche 911 Belgium Belgium/France Porsche 911 Tanzania/TBA Argentina/ Argentina Germany/TBA Germany/ Germany Sweden/ Sweden Mexico/Mexico

Ford Escort Mark 1 Ford Escort RS1800 Mark 2 Porsche 911 Porsche 911 Porsche 911 Porsche 911

Mexico/Mexico Porsche 911 Kenya/TBA England Belgium/ Belgium Tanzania/ Australia Kenya/Kenya England/ England Kenya/Kenya Kenya/Kenya Belgium/ Belgium Austria/ Germany Kenya/Kenya Germany England/ England Kenya/Kenya

Ford Escort Mark 2 Ford Escort Mark 1 Porsche 911 Porsche 911 Ford Escort Mark 1 Datsun 260Z Ferrari 308 Dino GT4 Ford Capri Porsche 911 Ford Escort Mark 1 Ford Escort Mark 2 Porsche 911 Datsun 240Z

45. Rommy Bamrah / Harvey Jutley 46. Kishan Bhanderi / Keith Kenya/Kenya Henrie 47. Jaspal Matharu / Tim Kenya/USA Mammen 48. Mark Pickering / David Boddy Australia/ Australia 49. Aaron Banks / Tim Chesser England/ England 50. Kobus Coetzee / TBA South Africa/ TBA 51. Malcolm Destro / Simon Kenya/Kenya Bates 52. Onkar Rai / TBA Kenya/TBA

Datsun 260Z

53. Johan Nel / TBA

South Africa/ TBA Kenya/Kenya

Ford Escort Mark 2 Datsun 710

54. Kulwinder Sandhu / Raja Sehmi 55. Richard Jackson / TBA

Mazda RX7 Mazda RX7 Datsun 280Z Ford Escort Mark 1 Ford Escort Mark 1 Datsun 260Z Porsche 911


Porsche 911

56. Joakim Roman / Jorgen Fornander 57. TBA / TBA

Sweden/ Sweden TBA/TBA

Porsche 911

58. Gregoire De Mevius / Alain Guehennec 59. Bernard Munster / Johan Gitsels 60. Steve Troman / TBA

Belgium/France Porsche 911 Belgium/ Belgium England/TBA


Porsche 911 Porsche 911 Porsche 911 Porsche 911 Porsche 911 Porsche 911

Porsche 911

Porsche 911 Porsche 911

2013 KQ East African Safari Classic Rally:

A full house !


Blomqvist, who is keen to add a Safari raditionally, Christmas and the winner’s trophy to his collection. Also New Year is a quiet time for mojoining in behind the wheel of a Porsche tor sport action, but in the Ke911 is Grégoire de Mévius, twice FIA nya Airways East African Safari Group N champion in 1991 and 1992, Classic Rally office in Nairobi there has ex-Belgian rally champion and winner of been a virtual tsunami of entries arriving the Rallye du Maroc with a Porsche 911 for the next edition due this November. in 2010. The entry list is now full with sixty The Safari Classic is open to cars built crews having registered. This is the bigbefore the end of 1978 so that among the gest entry that the Safari Classic has had Escorts will be found Mk1s and Mk2s since it was first run in 2003. some powered by twin-cam BDA engines Event Director, Surinder Thatthi said and others by single cam Pinto engines. : ‘This is a wonderful Datsun too have a good situation to be in. The on the original entry list does not I am sure pedigree Safari Rally with seven officially close until that with outright wins (with various October 1st and we while the first two already have a full entry. an entry of models) Safari Classics were also won It is very pleasing not only this size and by Datsuns. But only nine of for the organising team but these rugged Japanese samualso for our sponsors, Kenya quality, our rai have entered to do battle Airways, who have been Safari Classic with the Europeans over a right behind us all the way. 4,100 mile route through I am sure that with an entry this year will the roads and mountains of of this size and quality, our be a classic Kenya and Tanzania. Safari Classic this year will Two Ford Capris are enbe a classic rally in every rally in every tered and one of them is the sense of the word.’ sense of the formidable vehicle prepared Following Porsche’s by the man that won the breakthrough victory on the word.” 2009 Safari Classic in a Ford last Safari Classic in 2011 Surinder Mustang V8, local champion, when a Porsche 911 finally Ian Duncan. There is also a won a Safari Rally after Chevrolet Corvette from Holfirst attempting that feat in land, a Mercedes 220SE from Kenya, a 1968, it is not surprising that there are Ferrari 308 Dino GT4 prepared in Kenya many Porsches entered this year. Björn and two locally-entered Mazda RX7s. As Waldegård, ex-World Rally Champion, to crew nationalities, there are comfour times winner of the original Safari petitors coming from Sweden, Britain, Rally (in Ford Escorts and Toyota Celicas) Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, and the driver of the winning Porsche in Austria, Monaco, South Africa, Argentina, 2011, is back in a similar car to defend Mexico, Australia, USA and, of course, his title. Kenya and Tanzania. Currently there He is joined by no fewer than thirtyare three crews on the reserve entry list one other drivers in Porsche 911s, more and they will only get a chance to run if than half the entry. Driving one of these someone ahead of them drops out. is another ex-World Champion, Stig


11. Bjorn Waldegard / Mathias Waldegard 12. Stig Blomqvist / Staffan Parmander 13. David von Schinkel / TBA 14. Roger Samuelsson / TBA 15. Christer Johansson / TBA 16. Per Bjorkman / TBA 17. Patrick Henri de Frahan / TBA 18. Josef Huber / TBA

England/TBA S.Africa/Kenya Monaco/TBA Monaco/ Monaco England/ England Sweden/ Sweden Sweden

MARCH 2013 | ISSUE NO. 88

Steve Perez / TBA Geoff Bell / Tim Challen Paolo Faldini/ TBA Gerard Brianti / Olivier Campana 10. John Lloyd / Adrian Cavenagh

Kenya/TBA Kenya/TBA

Kajiado Rally KNRC Round 1 of 8 2013



Baldev Chager breaks longstanding Mitsubishi sequence Photography: Anwar Sidi


Azar Anwar / Julius Ngigi

MARCH 2013 | ISSUE NO. 88

Alex Horsey / Frank Gitau

istory was made in Kajiado when Baldev Singh Chager gave Subaru Impreza N16 its first ever win on Kenyan soil. And this was also Chager’s first win in four years since winning Nakuru Rally in 2008 in the old Subaru N12, which he later sold, to Onkar Rai. Chager, who sat with Ravi Soni for the first time, had his campaign effectively sewn-up when Duncan suffered puncture gremlins whilst Tundo had his run stymied with turbo failure on the second stage. “Boldy” managed to break the tight grip of Mitsubishi Evolutions after powering his Subaru Impreza N16 to victory in the first round of the 2013 KCB Kenya National Rally Championship. Chager clocked 1.25.26 in soaring temperatures, but admitted candidly that he felt somewhat hassle-free when he saw Peter Horsey’s EVOX by the roadside and Ian Duncan’s EVO9 on a flat. Duncan and his partner Amaar Slatch however drove their EVO9 to second in 1.27.40hours. Azar Anwar and Julius Ngigi in a Mitsubishi EVO8 romped home third in 1.30.49hours, achieving a similar position to what they managed in the season-closing Guru Nanak Rally. Chager was flabbergasted by his win when crews returned to Kajiado for the last service and ceremonial finish. “The feeling is amazing. We were fast and consistent all though and didn’t damage the car at any point. The only problem we encountered was overheating and I’m glad my new co-driver settled in quickly,” For Soni this was he’s first career win and his first outing with Boldy. Adnan Suhail navigated by Salim Khan won the 2WD >>

Kajiado Rally KNRC Round 1 of 8 2013

Provisional Overall Results for KCB Kajiado Rally 2013

The feeling is amazing. We were fast and consistent all though and didn’t damage the car at any point. The only problem we encountered was overheating and I’m glad my new co-driver settled in quickly,”

1. Baldev Chager/Ravi Soni-Subaru Impreza


2.Ian Duncan/Amaar Slatch-Mitsubishi


3. Azar Anwar /Julius Ngigi-Mitsubishi EVO 8


4. Alex Horsey /Frank Gitau/Datsun P/Up


5. Tejveer Rai/George Mwangi-Subaru N10


6.Alisdair Keith/ Tariq Malik-Subaru Impreza


7.Peter Horsey/ Bella Erskin-Mitsubishi EVO 10


8.Jas Mangat /Imran Khan-Subaru ImprezN12


9.Jaswinder Chana/Ravi Chana/Toyota Cellica


10.Aslam Khan /Shakeell Khan-Porsche 911


11.Farhaaz Khan /Keith Henrie-Subaru Impreza


12.John Nganga/George Njoroge-Subaru Impreza


13. Jasmeet Chana/Rohit Bhudia-Mitsubishi Evo 9


14.Adnan Suheil /Salim Khan-Daihatsu


15.Mahesh Halai/Ketan /Dinesh Halai-Subaru GC


16. Dennis Mwenda /Edward Njoroge-Toyota Sprinter


17.Ben Muchemi/Evans Mwenda-Mitsubishi Evo 9


18. John Muigai Allan /Muhindi-Subaru Impreza


19.Minesh Rathod /Falgun Bhojak-Subaru Impreza


20.Stanley Thuo/Eric Nzuva-Subaru Impreza

21. Hardev Singh Sira/ Jasneil Ghataure-Ford Escort

22.Gurmit Thethy /Depinder Kalsi-VW Golf

23.Sammy Nyorri /Steven Nyorri-Toyota Vitz

24.Khalfan Athman Abdulaziz /Athman-Subaru

25.Harpreet Sagoo /Gurveer Pandhal-Subaru

26.Fahd Bary /Shameer Yusuf-Mitsubishi Evo 9


27.Ramesh Vishram /Atul Kochhar-Ford Escort

28.Caroline Gatimu /Wangui PM-Toyota Levin

29.Daljeeth Virdee John Ngugi-SubaruP/Up

30.Dalbir Thethy /Julius Mwachuya-Toyota Conquest

31.Pavit S. Kenth /Kabir S. Kalsi/Subaru Legacy




Tejveer Rai / George Mwangi

MARCH 2013 | ISSUE NO. 88

Alastair Keith & Tariq Malik

Kajiado Rally KNRC Round 1 of 8 2013



Manvir Baryani / Drew Sturrock


Class talking an early lead in the 2013 Formula Two standings. Suhail, who is the 2012 Safari Rally winner, finished Kajiado Rally in 13th overall place and his cumulative total time of 1.57.41 was all that he needed to eclipse Toyota Sprinter’s Dennis Mwenda. Mwenda finished 14th overall to finish second in 2WD class. Alex Horsey in fourth place won the S class in his “Moto Moto” Datsun pickup followed by Alasdair Keith in 6th overall position. Group S Champion Jaswinder Chana started his title defense with third in his class. He returned his Toyota Celica GT4 in eighth overall place. Aslam Khan started his Classic Car Cup campaign on a winning note after he brought back his Porsche 911 back in 9th overall. Hardev Singh Sira drove his Ford Escort Mexico to second in his class and 20th overall. The demanding Kajiado terrain proved quite unforgiving to some of the frontrunners including defending champion Carl Tundo who

MARCH 2013 | ISSUE NO. 88

Steve Nyorri / Sammy Nyorri

bowed out with turbo failure on the 44km Corner Baridi stage. Youngster Quentin Mitchell suffered his first retirement in three years after clipping a rock and ripping off the wheel of his Subaru N16 at the end of the 12Km Olepolos stage. Out of the 54 starters who started at KMSC Clubhouse in Nairobi only 30 finishers managed to get back to Kajiado finish.During the Kajiado tour, a few incidents were reported. Car number 102 of Haraka Mamas, a Toyota Tercel, rolled on CS3. No injuries were sustained by the crew. The car was driven by Joan Nesbitt, navigated by Tamara Jones. The Subaru N16 of Kabras Sugar Team, driven by Onkar Rai and navigated by Raju Chagger caught fire and was completely destroyed. Don Smith’s first outing in the Subaru N14 ended in retirement. The rally was flagged off by among others the new KCB Group CEO Joshua Oigara.

The Subaru N16 of Kabras Sugar Team, driven by Onkar Rai and navigated by Raju Chagger caught fire and was completely destroyed

Mahesh Halai/Ketan / Dinesh Halai

Rally Raid 1


Winning start for Sean, Tejas, Boulanger, Nish in Rally Raid 1


he Rally Raid Championship round One event culminated with some exhilarating displays around the Mount Kenya region organised by Rallye Sports Club (RSC). Vincent Boulanger his Can-Am Renegade quad was in a class of hi own when he saw off defending champion Shazar Anwar (Bombardier 650) to second place. Adin Haq in a Range Rover eBowler finishing second overall in the car category up from seventh on the first day on Saturday. Champions Nish Lakhani (car class), Tejas Hirani (buggy class) and Sean Pelling (bike class) all managed to rally from behind on Day 1 showdown on Saturday to pull through on day 2. Nish, navigated by Teeku Patel in the championship winning “Kenya Cat” machine, rallied from third position on Day 1 behind former Champion Sammy Jessel to claim emphatic victory in blistering Day 2 showdown. Tejas had his campaign effectively sewn up when Ian Duncan buggy ran into gremlins. Sean recovered from second place to start his defence on the summit. Buggy newcomer Gurmit Mehta was excited with his raid debut though he believes navigation was his biggest challenge. Tejas’ navigator Riyaz Ismail was all smiles. “Out of the 5 entries our Magi-Bug had the smallest engine capacity. Starting the event, we had decided that we will drive clean to avoid problems. In Leg 1, the other 3 buggies had mechanical and navigational problems. So we went to bed lying second with the leader 25mins ahead of us and the rest 30mins behind. Starting Sunday’s stage, our strategy was the same, and when we saw Ian’s buggy stopped by the road we knew victory was ours. Its a good way to start our title defense with a win,” said Riyaz.


1.Tejas Hirani/Riyaz Ismail (Magi-Bug) 3.13.10 2.Ian Duncan 3.19.56 3.Alex Gibbs/ Zoe Gibbs 3.47.11 4.Gurmit Mehta /A. Sodi 3.59.17


1. Nish Lakhani/Teeku Patel (landrover) 2.41.48 2. Adin Haq/Stuart Cohen (Range Rover eBowler) 2.56.55 3. Sammy Jessel (Land Rover) 3.38.04 4. Joost Zuurbier/ Shameer Ole Yusuf (Tomcat) 3.24.15


1. Sean Pelling 2.23.32 2. Robbie Calder 2.29.02 3. Gerald Taylor 2.36.43 4. John Ross 2.37.55


1. Vincent Boulanger (CanAm Renegade) 2.19.20 2. Shazar Anwar (Bombardier 650) 2.26.32 3. Christian Collette 3.18.53 4. Chris Wahome 3,20.45

Out of the 5 entries our Magi-Bug had the smallest engine capacity. Starting the event, we had decided that we will drive clean to avoid problems...” Riyaz

RAID Feb 9-10: Raid 1 (RSC) April 20-21: Raid 2 (RVM&SC) June 15-16: Raid 3 (NRG) August 10-11: Raid 4 (RVM&SC) Oct 19-20: Raid 5 (RSC) FIM CENTRAL AFRICA MOTOCROSS CHALLENGE March 2-3: FIM Central Africa MX 1 (Nairobi) Aug 3-4: FIM Central Africa MX 2 (Kampala)) Nov 9-10: FIM Central Africa MX 3 (Nairobi) MOTOCROSS Jan 19-20: MX1 (EAMSC) March 2-3: MX2 (EAMSC) April 13-14: MX3 (EAMSC) May 18-19: MX4 (RVM&SC) June 22-23: MX5 (EAMSC) August 16-18: MX6 (EAMSC) Sep 20-22: MX7 (RVM&SC) Nov 9-10: MX8 (EAMSC) ENDURO Feb 2-3: Enduro 1 (EAMSC) May 4-5: Enduro 2 (EAMSC) June 29-30: Enduro 3 (EAMSC) August 24-25: Enduro 4 (EAMSC) Nov 16-17: Enduro 5 (EAMSC) TRIALS Feb 16-17: Trial 1 (EAMSC) June 8-9: Trial 2 (RVM&SC) Oct 12-13: Trial 3 (EAMSC) OTHERS June 1-2: Rhino Charge (Rhino Ark) June 22-23: Total Economy Run Sep 28-29: Concours De Elegance (Alpha Romeo Owners Club) November 23-Dec 1: E. A. KQ East African Safari Classic (EASR)

Sidi Rally Bulletin Crew: Story By The Sidi Brothers, Photography by: Anwar Sidi Cell: 0722 786 714 Copyright: Reproduction of the material appearing on the Rally Bulletin in any form is forbidden without prior written permission from the publishers. To quote from any material, please write to us and include the publication date, title of the article, the portion you want to reprint and the purpose for your request. Disclaimer: All advertisements, photos and non-commissioned text are taken in good faith and whilst every care is taken in compiling the contents of this magazine, the publishers and the organizers assume no responsibility in effect arising therefrom.

MARCH 2013 | ISSUE NO. 88

Tejas Hirani

AUTOCROSS Feb 16-17: Autox 1 (RVM&SC) March 23-24: Autox 2 (KMSC) April 27-28: Autox 3 (Sikh Union) May 25-26: Autox 4 (KMSC) June 29-30: Autox 5 (RSC) August 3-4: Autox 6 (MMC) Sep 7-8: Autox 7 (EMC) Oct 12-13: Autox 8 (KMSC) Dec 7-8: Autox 9 (NRG)



KCB KENYA NATIONAL RALLY CHAMPIONSIP: Jan 26-27: KCB RALLY 1 (Nairobi, KMSC) Feb 23-24: KCB RALLY 2 (Voi, EASR) April 6-7: KCB RALLY 3 (Nyeri, RSC) May 11-12: KCB RALLY 4 (Nakuru, RVM&SC) July 5-7: KCB SAFARI RALLY 5 (KMSF) Aug 31-Sep 1: KCB RALLY 6 (Kisumu, EMC) Oct 5-6: KCB GURU NANAK RALLY 7 (Makindu, Sikh Union) Nov 1-3: KCB MOMBASA RALLY 8 (Mombasa, MMC))

MARCH 2013 | ISSUE NO. 88



Anwar Sidi Rally Bulletin Issue 88  

Kenya Rallying

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