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FOREWORD cly is defined os o hoblol or humqn settlemenl where ils res clenls compele for progressive developmenl ond oclvoncement n coreer ond weolth, reflecting ihe groMh of iis sociely. Since the r incepton the cities of Kuolo Lumpul Penong ond Johor Boru molured ond beckons o redefinition in ils structure, plonning ond lmoge. As o developing noiion, ctes ore cufiently undergoing o tronsformoton of imoge lo ref ect ts lmportonce os o metropolilon cly w'fh n o globol confeir. Consequenly, new ponning opprooches oncl opplicoiions ore needed to identify Mooysion ciies os developed and lechno og colly odvqnced meiropolis thot exempif es a moden ond efficient cily A

ln the lost two decodes, MoLo\,,sion cilies hove foced lremendous cholenges in fhe lerms of plonning ond development thot w l specificolly benefit the groMh ol the country Todoy, c tes reflect o deveoped ond compelilve country The moge of o safe oncl

centrol environmenl hos o'drocled forelgn investments, feeding to re qtionsh p between the env ronmenl oncJ mon hos been slrong y emphosized bv ocodemics ond theoisls ond is deemed imporloni wth n the

the growth of ihe copitols economy The dynomc


of socjol, economic ond


physicol developrnenl ihe environmeni hos become o mqn elen'reni n

ponn ng for lhe impiovemeni ond odvoncemenl of o ciiy. Cii es w ullimoielv miror o responsive, c vilized ond developed soc ely thoi is sensilive iowords



o counlrv with lslom os ihe officiol relgion, eoch deveop.neri !s plonned ond mp emenled io ossure ihe integrot on of eihn c vo !9s


towords developing o cv societ ond qdherng io susic nobls deveopmenl p ncipes Ctes ore olmng io ochev-- o oeveopeo

slolus lhol symbolzes susloinobi iy, culuro :niegroiioi ond

occeeroted economic developrneni. Glidelines ond pcl.cles icrm ihe bockbone of suslo nob e lown ond cly pcnn ng icr c ies . i're counlry. Ihe Vlson 2020, siruclure pons, sL-rsio nob e devecpn_eri ond lows ond ocis hove provided significoni lmpoionce i. lhe formotjon of o globo secl copito c iy o cily of e comr-ierce, k economy, rch culuTo ond soco dversiry, p'ooressve deveopmeni ond economic importonce

o growlng nolon, every sngle deve opi-ren; rs occu.oiey ponned ond impleaienied io ossure the iniegroiion oi oll s noturol elements oi ils besi. Ih s book ref.ecis some oi ihe molor e emenls ihol forms ond shopes thoi hove been derlved irofi. odher ng to the As

plonned deveopment Suppoded by sirong gudng prnciples ond plons, proper cly ponnng hos heped heghlen ond redefine ihe moge of clties. This s the notioas bggesi step iowords reo sing our vision of q developed nalon commend lhose thot hove been nsirL-rmentol in seeng this timey book published Ths is cleorlv o londrnork conlrllulon iowords reo sing our vision of o developed nolon Direclor Generol Deportment of Town oncl Counlry Plonn ng Peninsulor Moloysio


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wilh Vision

beller lMng envlronmenh lor sustqlnqble developmenf To

d€slgn ond develop Moloyslon clllgs thot will

be cenlers of excellence for lMng, lecreolion ond commerce wilh dlsllncllve choroclers.

The Mdloysion clly would enhonce lhe Moloyslon woy of llte emphoslzlng on our cullurol hedtsge while b€lng a portlclpqnt in

lhe globcl villoge. $ would be on Enlily lhot r€spEch the nqturql environment, lMng within noture ond pEseMng it for posledv. lhe civ ond lh sociely will be tdendly, w€lcomlng ond blessed wlth noble spirituol yolues. Knowledge wlll be o comerslone ol lhe clly. A ploce ryhere children would develop ond di6cov€r Moloysion volues, odopling new ldeos ond lechnologies noi only tor Molqysio but olso lor lhe world. Ihe pgople will be efficienl qnd compellllve lo lqce lhe chollenges of lhe 2lsl cenlury ln ochieving lhe vlslon 2020. Cities ore lhe culmlnotion of currenl proclices ond lhe rollonole for tulure ones.






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Tolol Plonning & Developmenl Docline New plonning ond redevelopmenl ol cilies currenlly odopl lhis doclrine. The moin ingredienl ol lhe Tolol Plonnlng & Developmenl Doclrine is lhe inlegrolion of spiriiuol volues in plonning ond developmenl. Spirituol volues ore the combined resull of lhree symblotic reloiionships lhol form lhe

crux ot ony society, - Relotionship beiween Mon ond lhe Creolor - Relolionship beiween Mon ond Mon - Relotionship between Mon ond ltre Environmenl

o €

Mon ond the Environment (M-A) l\,4on os the odminislrotor on eorlh is entrusied wiih ihe tosk of

monoging ond enrlching ihe environment. lvlon is required to preserye ihe envlronment ond ils resources while mointoining ihe

eco system. Plonning


sustqinqble deveiopment in mind

wlll ensure thoi vorlous

eodh resources such os mounloins, iver s ond our colleclion of floro ond

founo will be enjoyed endlessly.

Mon ond Mon (M-M)

Deve opment is o physico monilestolion of ihe collective eifor of rnon ond hls socieiy'. Consiont\

fluctuoiing needs moke urbor plonning ond deve opment creot€ o communol liMng gnvironmenl tho

is complete. ll would olso b€ copoble of fostering ihe spkit o neighborliness while encourogin! interoction omong oll level o society

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Tolol Plonning Philosophy The tronsloiion ond implementotion of the Totol Plonning ond Development Doctrine is through the philosophy of five chorocte slcs.




The 1olql plonning

ond development should covet

oll volues, morol ond spiiituol os wel os the physicol ond moierlol ospecls of our sociely. These eiemenis ore inseporoble becouse they form 'lhe core of o susiolned well being objective. Mqn qs lhe Focus of Developmenl Mon's needs, olJiludes ond ospirotions ore some ol


i'...\ .,i


ihe mosi importoni ospects thqi ore token inio considerotion in formuloting be it policy ol development opptooch Neverfheless, oil issues should siress on fjnding q bqlonce beiween ihe needs of mon ond the cqpqcily of ihe environment 1o fulfill ond supporl these needs Mulli Dimensionol Aclivities

Plqnned development tqkes into occounl o mullitude of voriobles, All ospects ol mon's llfe ond diverce development activities must be glven due consideroUon ond thus would be q compleie ond bo anced model.

i, Quonlilotive qnd Quolitolive Chonge Totol plonning ond developmeni stresses on the

bolonce belween odjuslmenls whereby eoch progress ond chonge will moke [,,lon groteful 10 the

benevolence of lhe Cteolor, Equilqble Utilizotion ond Dislribulion of Resources Tolql plonning ond developmenl emphosizes on the optimum use ond equiloble distrlbulion of oll nqlurol resources between N,4on, bosed on ohts ond justice.

It is the hollmqrk of o civilizotion to hove o dlsclplined ond orderly ciiy Wiih ihe proper guidonce ond reguloiions n ploce, ihe fiomework of how the city would

grow how iis lnhobilonls would conducl lhemselves ond tne slructure of orgonizotions wiihin itre cily, would be cieai. Tne cily is plonned by Govenmenl reloled

ogencies 10 tneir respective locol City Council.'ri ogetcy roles ore more lowords plonning of the civ ihe deveiopmenl thol would be o lowed ond the cirecion ihe plonn nq wolld loke. CitV Council tokes on lhe iole of irnplenrenler ond os o reguloior of these plons ond reievont gude nes

t Il


An od.r-r nisiroi:on c.a/ such os Kuo

o Lumpur


noi only o

ceaie but oso o benchmork for good governonce crd clr" n-roacaemeni fol othgr counl es orouid ile v/ofd Pulcloyo is o new eleclronic busiress

govern,'neii odn a;sl.of:ve cenire onc will bring ihe stondord ot ciiy mono9e..eni to greoter height. Elemenis oi qdmlrisiroiion con be seen in vorlous cllies such os co|rdhouses, whlch represent the role of ow mosques, which represent relgion ond governrnenl offices, which represenl lhe do y business of govemlng o notion.

There is



of gu:delnes,

suggestions ond

proposols regarding the developmeni oi ihe ciry. t is lhe role of lhe odmi|,]islroto. io siFi ihrougn cll of these ond choose lhe mosi eileclive one ond moke ii legol Only

the odminisjroiion hcs the ouThoity to moke ii so ond enforce its stotus. Ths roe is one of powef ond of stofus. This con be seen by the vorous forms thcl odmin sirotion tokes in the city. From the Clly Holl lo lhe Courthouse, th-ose ploces generote on ouro of discplne ond sirenglh.

ln oddlion to plonning the cily, odminisirolion tokes on mony more roles. they p oy the roie of guiding the inhobiiont's woy of life. They show ti're dkeciion in which it lo ioke. Plonning,

would be ideol for the inhobilonis

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P,jme Minjsle^


offce - putrojoyo

q growlng lrend in N,4oloysion cities lol orge scoLe ond comprehensive houslng

There is

development with better iving envlronmenis. The cily would be o ploce where lvoloysions con lve in comlod wiih o wide choice ol housing iypes ond locqiions. Creoting homes closel io the work oreqs qnd strengthening lhe imoge of lhe residenliol oreos, pqrticulorly new housing

schemes would creote o more conducive environment for living. The imp(ovemenls of

pub' ic tronsport ond other infloslructure js geo€d towords mokrng the city o more humone ond livoble hobitot. From the ospecl ot lecreotion, Lelsure, work ond heallhcole, these loctols need

lo be token nlo consideroUon. Urbon centres ln the clly need 10 be in o stote of minlmum disrupton io be ob' e to p qy its role effeclively

Good ne ghboury relotions, the co ng N,4oloyslon soc elv ond hqving a good reloilonship wlth the noturo londscope hove mqde our new housing developmenis into o modem urbon sociely

embrocing the spirt Regordless


of o

Ny'oloysion villqge,

sociol closs, provlding good

oflordoble homes hos remoined

ihe commitmenl in our morch towolds excellence.

Condomiri'rm Mng



ol holsn9 dryelopmenT

lnlegoi on ol ond$ope

i -& i d,.-i


jhe irous ng schenre

Cilies thot ore bosed on piely ond devotion con become lhe polnl thql connecls the hormony of humon oc'tlvlly ond ihe envircnmenl, The concept of o clly bosed on devollon ond pleiy need to plqn

ln keeping with ils lmportont role, lvoloyslon cilies hove the followlng oulstonding chqrocterlslicsi Hislory - Preserving ond conseNing buildings whlch ore historic ond syrnboljse the noble volues of o civilisotion; (nowledgeoble The urbon centre os o centre of

the folowing elementsl


The moin focol point of ihe City is communjty ihol prioitize religion (mosque), odminislrolion, fomihl educoJion ond sociely; - The mosque hos been lhe focol point of the cily since the time of the Prophel lvJuhqmmod (peoce be upon himl. The mosque os o ploce for personol ond sociol devotion ond deeds. odminislrotion cenlrc, nelghbourhood centre, sociol development cenfre, informoiion centre ond cenires for economy ond educotion; - A rood system thot centres on the moin mosques. Cilies should not hove more thon 100,000 residents to ovoid increosing sociol problerns ond when the residentiol populolion reoches thol number, o new ciiy would be neededl - The mosque is ploced os the centre of foco point of the cltt/, Shoh Alom hos been plonned with the mosque os o primory cenlre ond cleor precincl disirlcts thqt ploce odmhistrollon ond educo'lion inslilullon withln them ond commerciol centres in



ocodemic excellence ihrough the provision of integroted focilities such os schools, mosques ond science cenlrcs; Beneflclql - The economic octivities ond focilities of the urbon centre is of benefit to oll levels of usersj The Mosque os q tocus - ln its role os the pulse of o successful neiwork of developmentj lnleroclion cenlre - Urllon octlvitles thoJ provide oppodunities for lnteroclion lowords ochievlng unilyj Hdrmonious - Design of o city thot with ils environmentj

is in


Bequliful ond cleon - Syslemolic ponning ond development of Infrostructure, public qnd soclol focililles so thot they wil oppeqr hormonious, beoutilul qnd godly mointoined;


- ln plonning

for the urbon cenlre,

focuses on the occessiblliiy c terio which should be odequote, shqlegic ond integroted.

neor by precincts.

lhe city centre is the pulse of the Ciry, Mon is the generolor of qclivliy ond the mqgnet of octivily, Both of these need feeders lhot ore nelwork or colleciive connection tools.


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,: ti,Bii!

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...good relqiionshiB with ihe noiu!'ol londseepe har,'e made our new housing development into q modern urbon sociely enrbreie ing ii-ie spirit of Moloysion villoge


s -i.

The vlsion is for Moloysion cites lo become on economic hub of ihe ASEAN region. The uliimate objective is 10 provide o totol business environment wilh conducive worlcpoces, omenities qnd slote of the ort infrostruclure to creole on envlronment of excellence for the highly tolenled people. Apod from thot, the city will offer o comprehensive ronge of business focilities whjch ore inclusive of o g obo fnonciol centre wth the relevonl T fiomework. Soaae

of lhe deos

tho't woud



i) To

A. Methods to creole green woyt which ore inner cily green oreos. This

' -


To creqte on ideol living


To creote lT fromeworks os ond city for business. 'nlelllgenl

ii) Sociol elements siress on the ospect to produce o clvlized communily in line with lhe ospirolion to

ochieve on ldeol cltizenrv,

ond esure spoces o

bosis fo.


A: The moin encourcgement towords this objective

is ihrough stengthening communiiy, fomily ond religious volues. A community ihol hos o strong religious belief will overcome volues thot ore noi


compqtible wiih the needs of religion. Br lhe points thol need io be stressed on ore

concepl oflhe Prosperous Clly Prepore o cily envlron thol is peoceful from the phvslcol ond sociol eement pont of view Heolhy physicol elemenis encomposs cleon iness ond

educolion, creoling on envkonment thot encouroges sociol integrotion ond the odvoncemeni of culture thot wiil strengdhen the

polluiion fiee (oll forms of pollution). The docirLne prjnciples thol need 10 be opplied within this process .. lo creote such o cit is , ' Compossion - c€ole foci tles for ihe communily wh e toL,l^g into occoJ']'the effects o'deveoo-nent 01 he indvduol, societv o.d


nqtionol idenlity \.ifiile protebting the communlly from infuence! of ddiimentol io€ion cullues.



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- developmerl tho' does not donoge. e:ih.'

irgi rrs ulu hormonious ond ensures e5 rights ond symbiosis. ry,, 'uu!r5.




nL-. bolonced when tulfillrng the needs ol oll pores. ti'tn i'c*^ plonning ond implementotion lhot is slructured. ' '. Toleronce

simibllo preporing o iver €serye ond


ond hoiels wiihn

clarse to the business hubs.


but it needs on effective implementotion ond would nol ollow ony d sruplion to ihese oreos Br The method of creoting blue woys which ore ivel oreo nelworks, pro'iec'ied by cleody denned reseNes ond used comprehensively os o city londscope.


otlroct worklorce ond invesimeni

Provlslon of convenlon centres the bus ness cenire.


o green bell or bufier zone os hqs been prociiced,


environmeni to the cllv





Aa^"h/ -- toke +^ta in+^ t^a Beouly into occounl the a^\,ir^^ma.t^l environmeniol 'r ^^.^"^+




sensilive environmentol oreos thot entoil plont life needs ond the citys ecology.


i ;

Crilerio for lhe creolion of q Ptosperous Cily:

Three lmportonl foundotions thot hos been the

guiding prlnciple

in moklng

Moloysion clt


prosperous ore ceoniness, heolthy ond peoce. cleon oir, woter ond environs will ensure the heolth of plonts,

onimols ond therefore humons ioo. c@enery lhot provides cleon oil ocl os o nolurol oit wqter, noise filier ond shopes locol weo'ther lhot is pleosont. Cleon woter provides for humqn, onimol ond plqnl consumption whlle f te ng oil pollullon ond obsorbing heot. \ hile urbon ocllvllies ensure o reevonl peoce


for the comfort of the communily. These foundqlions ensure the prosperity of lhe cily

ils' residents. A cleon environment will form ond slrong sociol foundoiion.


o good

'i1 I


cleo.lliness ond oeouV f'or ll'e phvscol t ospect o.d even th- -e1to V O' lhe C:hzel^S. t


conditions, for exomple woter, plont life ond


needed, os wos procticed in the time of the Prophei Muhommod Ipbuh].

- Creoiion of o finonciol cenlre ond lnsttL,ton os the nucleus for buslness deve opmenl on

- the creotion of on ideol ombionce cnd

mqintoin o green environmenl ond cleonliness

of woletwoys, restucted developmenl qreqs

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S$he.$ hland






ou Pinorg Buiinâ&#x201A;Źsi Dsrrct

r[fi$EliIf,li kItltl.&[FsH








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Finonciol focilities ore the key element to ossist our

economic groMh. With systemotic ond efflcient fnonciol systems throughoul ihe country belng inked through ihe mojor cities, L4oloysio js o ploce

thoi provides o sloble foundotion for

finonciol ociivilies. ln oddition to bonking focilities there ore mony other fqciliies in the city. There ore Exchqnges, not just limited to stock trqding bui q plethoro of olher finqnciol instruments, flnonciql service componies ond olso Govenment reloted

finqnciql serylces such os Tobung Hoji. These instilulions do nol slond qlone bdr wok hond n hond with .ek'ied insliMions elther in the p voie sector or in the Govenment sector. ft is 'lhis cooperolion thot gives sLength ond credit io lhe ciiy os o finqnciol hub.

Mqoysos obiiy io soil through ihe recent Aslqn economic crlsis is proof thqt not only our Kuqlq Lumpur Siock Exchonge bul olso our finonciol fundomenlols ond slFlems ore slrong enough to weoiier ony inlemJption to our glowth. The existence ol lorcign Rnonciol gionts in mojor ciies glves credt 10 our economlc policy ond system. MoLqysq is olso o pioneer of lsqmlc bonking thqi is offered sde by side with irodllionoL bonking services. The lslomic finonciol sysiem is onoiher option for the globol morket ihol Moloysio ploys on

imporiont role in. Although lhere is no dlsticl finonciol cenLe os yel,lhere


one in lhe moking n

the neighbourhood of Kuoo Exchonge.

Lumpur Slock

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'ql :r,



Ftqule E

G"FoR The commercioi secior in Moloysio hos developed very strong bose in lerms of its versotility ond vo ety comprises o wide ronge of shopping fqcilities ronging from smoll lroders lo lhe huge shopping complexesi Shopping is on importont ospecl oi ciiv life os it colers -ol moteriol needs lhol connot be fullled i1 rurql oreos, In5l oclivity hos olso become o mojo|lourism ottrocion. Thh:

being the cose,


o hos o'odLced

some of


reg ons finesi shoop'19 ce.)l es thot ore eosiv occess'blâ&#x201A;Ź for veh culor troh c os well os g ving o mojor emphos:s o

pedestrion lroffic. i

The locotion of these shopping cenites hove becomef m ni cent es of 9row15 os s-poort ng oclivit'es qnd lo'd,

su'roundilg l^ese shopp:ng ce^tres benefrt from 'he: economic ociiviiies generoted by them. FurthermoleJ


shopping cenlres in the city ore bosed on nodes wherâ&#x201A;Ź' theâ&#x201A;Ź is one nnoln shopping oieo supported by shopping oreqs such os shoplots. lt is okin lo hoving onchor lenqnl suppoding smoller tenonts but this is on q neighbouhood scole.

/3... --

'. I ,:.-1,/

;K./,, Y1tlA

Snopplng porodse



rc 3cnp


-.i " i:e feor.ih:.r/



- 6,1


r 0ls,qc Slreellrl0


srropp:nc cnd ne

qitouhood cenlre



, l,=._ -i'-r :





is set to become o developed notion by the yeor 2020, l\,4oloysion cilies will hove its own unique idenli'iy by

Although Moloysio incorporoting





vegetotion ond wotelwqys in the plqnnlng of our cilies. ln on ideolly plonned cily, green lungs would oct os o bolonce by obsorbing fhe heoi

ond by'produc'is of humon octivily ond


exchonge, provide the breoth of the city. The Putrojqyq Wet onds oreo is lhe besl exomple of our omplified vision of o cily where people

work, live ond plqy close




Putrojoyo Wetlonds covers 160 heclores ond wos built over 19 monlhs. Creoted using ihe lqtesl envlronmentol technologi\4 it functions os o nolurol fillering syslem for fhe Putrojqyo Lqke, ond provides lood mlligolion meosures for lhe whole oreo, [,4qny other sonctuories within

creoted olrned


the city limits were




londscope ond wild life os well os o ploce io escope for q brief respite from the huste ond busile of the cily, lncoporqting elements ol noiure in the build n9 of roods, i)oulevqrds ond squores, enhonce lhe chorocter of o tropicol city ond gives clues to our continuing pride ol ouI nqlurol identity. By

ensh nlng lhe closeness to noture in our woy

of lite, Environmentol lmpoct

Assessnnents (ElAl

ond Envlronmentql l\,4onogernent Systenls plov on imporlonl role,

& r.n: - - 1ib{"+ii. !xl

\.-s ".

a*!S1$p&*r,:irr: i",rli .i-rL


wilh Vision

Lr,. ::r:. B-r Feinlg


The relo'iionship bgv-egn mqn ond noture hos been ove ooked in the dost tiu'l there hos been o shift when plqnners recognized thoi iolvn plonning had to be integroled wiih regiono plonning, ond thoi bolh of ihese hod lo be incorporoled wiihin ihe contexl ol slrotegic plonning, which hos o onger-term future orientoiion, In

to fullill long term gools, ihere wos increosing evidence thol ihe environmenl would ploy o lorger port in the Success of o p on. order

By undersionding noture ond





E.o-touRrsM Folowing the Prosperous CiJy cile o, cilies hove o wqy lo hove their oreos of preseNed qreenbet ond wotelwovs ore benefclol io the communily There ore mqny octviiies thol con be conducted within these qreos. They ore octjvities thot do nol horm thol poriiculor environment or need onv forrn of properlv develoomenl. 10 Jind

Ecologico Tou sm ls o form of tourlsm thot respects the consirolnts of the enviaonmeni by conducting octivities such os mountoin biking, river rofting or bird woiching. Other noturol londmorks or uniqueness con olso benefit from lhis iype of tourlsm Bqlu Coves olihough nol plonned lo hove qn ospect of eco touism, it hos found o niche in covlng Areos lhot ore plonned ore oble lo use theh nolurol choroctedslics to enhonce lhis experience,


B!['iCecloh Noilic

ond .non mode


wilh n

lfâ&#x201A;Ź city



-ffi" --., i,, ':i:'r':r r'

Moloysio hqs the qdvontoge of o yeor round sunny climote with o good onnuol roinfoll. Thls is beneficiql nol only for the residents but olso for plont life. A look oround the cily is enough evidence of this. Well monicured rood shouldeF which ore olso londscoped with o vorieiy of plonls ore o common sight oround the cit ond subudron oreos. This would give o clue os to how importont greenery is within the plonning of o cily. Thg gqrdens thot ore ovoiloble wilhin o ciy ore the epftome of this plonning, The gordens ole o showcose of Moloyslos folq ond founo, giving emphosis io procljcolity qnd funclion of ihe plont life ovoiloble. The focus of o gorden in lhe city is lhe voiely of plont life ond ils beouty. The gordens ore designed following lhe needs ot lhe environmenl ond connected with green bets. An exomple could be seen in how g.eenery complements lhe vo ous loke gordens ln Kuolo Lumpu, The gordens ore siruciurolly plqnned in o rodiol formotion.

lhe townscope of o gorden in the city

is o s\6Jem ot comprehensive. lt mointoins o green oreo of 20% oF toiol lond oreo. There is o dislincl system of godens ond moinloins the ospect of beouty, culture ond design. The moin component of o gorden in the ciiy is odmlnistrotion of the gordens, comrnerciol complexes ond os such, Suppod components would include pub c porks such os f nge godens, prlmory gorden, pockel gorden, housing goden qnd os such, greenery ft]ol


Beoutitul Cily Concept

one cite o of plonning'ihot



reflecied In Mooysiqn cilJes

reflecion of lhe communiiys personolity. The vqlles of this ciiy ore directed more

is 'beouty which is

towords strengihening lhe relotionship between mon ond the environmeni, the responsibility of mon lowords lhe Creqlor ond nol only bosed on oeslhelic building volue becouse buildlngs qre only one personolity ospect Beouly is olso the culiurol beouil rep.esentoiive of Moloysion / Eosiem volues, iiend jness, peoceful ond loleronl

Doctrine p nciples thot need

to be

shessed upon


cleonliness ond bequty; which ore - Design ond plocemenl of ordedy ond effective spoces jn

creoting cleonliness, beouty, comfort ond sowing lhe of lesponslbility lowords the environmeni in lhe soul of the residenfs. seecls


Conserve greenery, bodies of woter ond olso the envkonmentol quoljly, wlthoui loklng into occount prof itoblllty of discrlminotory clossif icqtion of f ocllities,


- .fl







, .:1 .



lnndscope otgggdng




Moloysio hos ch histoicol bqckground ond multl rociol socletv thql hos formed ihe foundotion for the development of Molol6ion cities. These foctors-.hoye produced dlffe.ent orchilectuiqt sytes ltrot ld6â&#x201A;ŹS'iii '


the vo ous influences on Moloysion lffe. These influences ore rnosl evidenl in colonlol buildings when Moloysjq wos undergoing one of tls phoses of ropld developmenl, lhese building ollhough old, slill serve ln lhe form of ofilces, shops qnd even museums. They


o volue'fhqi

is ouistonding to the generol

public ond to thg fuiure the poinl of vlew of history

of nqture ond ot mon, They ore ltluslrotive of lhe evolution of humon soclely ond settlement in Moloyslo over iime, under the hfluence of the ph!5lcol constrqints ond oppodunlties presenied by their noturol envkonment ond of successive soclol, economic ond culturol forces, both externol qnd cut'ru.ql lqndscopes represenl lhe comblned works


\y'hile some of lhe orchitecturol londscopâ&#x201A;Ź thol ls bequeqthed to lhis generollon ls piceless, cliles olso hove o livlng hedtoge thol ls on pqr or even more pdceless thqt Is embodled ln the oris. Venues for expression of these orts hqve been neglecled in our rush towqrds developmenl There ls now o shltt ln thinking liowords develoFing lhls slde of ou hedtoge os well, Ihe Nolionol lheqtre Is one of the first modern conlribullons lowords this effod.


uridrE n

Jcnor Sohor!

slliollbu hb' JiiCng

Ihe R')ol S.Jor€or



!b . l/le'cehJ Sq$€






il rh'





:l lecllre




l(*on*EDeE ctrY




order to qchieve the Vision 2020, the Moqyslon lvernment hos given much emphosis on developing jucqlion. This includes the disseminoiion of knowledge rd the reseorch into goining new knowledge. Only by ,'veloping lhe mind ond qtlitude thot comes wittl rf, con ,'ochleve lhe vislon Anhough Motoysiqn cilies ore known centres of educolion wiihin ihis region, more effort wlll be ven in promoting this role of the cily to greoter heghts The gvelopmenl of knowledge bosed focililies such os schools, r

stilulions of higher leorning, instiluiions of continuing lLrcoion, libra es, reseorch ond deveopment is constontly eng exponded. lost Moloysion cities

olreqdy hove thei own univelslties,

ond lnstiMes of higher leorning besides the avelopmeni of smod schoos for the pimory ond clleges

lcondorv leves There is on exponsjon of the number of niveBities in Moloysio, some In lhe plonning sioge, some of Em just compleied ond some of them being upgroded in 'olus. The city will keep on increosing lhe number of niversl'lies ond insiiMions of higher leqnlng becouse the ,lmber of siudents enroling lnto locol unlversilies is on the se. lt is olso becouse one of ihe'ienets of city development

i the



knowledge cenires. lvlqny

rienqionol schools os well os p vqie colleges with links io relgn universities ore ovoiloble oi regionoi offordobilily, This )Jlrocts noi onlv locol siudenis to continue lheir studles in ,lo oysio br,,i olso foreign studenfs. The cliy not only seryes ccol

needs but olso future ond foreign needs.






r 7 -.,,....,."1, .....--;',. ._, -,+'& it ,l il lir

The odvoncement of science ond technology is expected to nfuence ond use octivities, besides improvlng the efficiency ol public ond prlvole lronspodoiion system, As o resull the pqtiern of


ond sefilement is expected


expedence o chonge wherg more new oreos will be developed, especiolly ot the outskiris of existing fownships. New odditions io the cily will be creoted. The developmenl of

the Ny'ullimedio Super Corrldor

will infuence the exponson of informoion technology ond ielecommlnlcoilon. Cybeioyq is o flogship lT cily ond will become ihe prototype of the new lifestle of the digitol oge. The Muftimedio (N,4SC)



specificolly geqred towords the

developrnent ond dissemlnotion of


knowledge. All

these hove encouroged the conslruction of intelllgenl buildings in lorge cltles, Such progress requires lhe suppod of ubon plonning ol lhe mocro level, lor lnslonce in the plonnlng of intelligent cllies ond informotion infrostructure.

The odvoncemenl of sclence ond lechnologty os welL os vo ous new concepts ore expecied 10 influence'lhe scenorio ol urbqn ponnjnq in the 2lst

century ond plonning ogencies hove on impodont role to ploy ln monog ng thls motter

G onl

€bclonic cornrnunicolion sce€n . Medeko SqLro€

Kuo o


lnlelligeni Ciiy Concept


lnie ligent Cly concept odopts ond proctices informqiion technology in oll opplicoble ospecls. i oso represents o smori c1y thot hos compete foc Ues thot ore bosed on informoiion lechnology odvoncemenls. This cilv o so stresses on the ospeci of educoton through the ncreose n edlrcoionol institutions. lntelligent Cjty oso refers to lhe ociive usage oi technology such os the prociices of eCommerce. e-Bonking, k-Economy ond voious

other currenl octivilies thot involve elecfuonic lronsoctions ond ore bosed on knov!4edge. Docirine p nciples lhol ore used in creoting on lnielligent City ore

o) Visiono.y - plonn ng lor ochieving the next level of developmenl bl Knowledgeoble - encouroge the disseminoion


knowledge by preporing fociilies thoi cqn q knowledgeoble society using the Knowedge Gorden concepl ond formotion of qn


ideol socieiy,

c) lndependenl sociejy

living wjth confidence wilhin o

ond ndependent from othe6.

d) Sensitive - o living culture thol

environment owore


sensitve with ihe

ond expedencing


development ospirqlion.

e) Coreful ond Efficienl - proficienl usoge of resources, through lechnologicol odvonces, opiimum, voriefy, informotive, foir, centered,





.-._ ^'::-r_-e

inlelligenl, lnnovolive ond dimensionol.

C\ter oiice Compler .cvbeio}o

Mlllrned o Urivsljy



\rmf@N m{tr Plonne6 otten deol with lhe design of lhg sireehcope. the coreful construclion of relqtionshlps

This involves

between people ond lhe immediole elements of lhe

pedestrion ond ouiomotive envkonment such os poving, irees, slgns, bulldlng focodes, ond llghllng fixtures, Sireeiscope deslgn is very imporlont, Th€ expedence oi lhe communtly by people on foot, on bicycles, ond ln qulomobiles or tonsit vehicles, sirucfures lhelr understqnding of the communiiy, lheir role in it, qnd 'thelr perception of lhe communitys qttitude loword them. lt olso includes the fusion of culturol deslgns ond resldclions in the Moloyslon conled. Cliles ore lncoporqiing more ond more volues olhs lhon connectivity in designing their 'lronsportofion ljnk. fhis is onolher effort lowqrds q more beoutitul ciiy. Movemeni ol people, goods qnd services hos olwqys grcv'4'n for lhe cities becouse without these qcivllles o city connot exist These ore the lifeblood of ihe citles. The developmenl of efficient hlghwoys, motolwoys hove provided most Molo)tlon ciiles essenliol meons of tronsport, Our cities orc olso connected to q compEhensive roilrood neiwok ihqt spons three countries, Singopore on the South ond lhoilqnd on lhe North. Trqveling by oir is of no problem qs the cilies ore equlpped lo hondle high volume olr lrofllc, The KLIA ls poised to be o regionol hub wilhin o couple of !€ors ofler meeling the requked pqssenger volume level, lt would be sofe to soy lhqt KLIA would be hondling close to the totol populqion ol Moloyslo, in terms of troffic volume, onnuolty in coming yeols. Molo)6lon ports ore improving in leops ond bounds, smqshlng recods ln terms of coeo hondled on o legulor bosls. Withln the cliy itse[ Kuolo Lumpur would be the ilst city to enloy the benefits of o seomless 'ironsll syslem thot connects oll corners of the city.

Erce lenl rcod nefuo* in lhe


been o generotor of

,{( ,\


,. :: .



Feq/ setuice lo Penong

bd ,




tumpur ldeJnoio,nd





n onticlpqtion for lhe ropjd groMh thol Mo oysqn cities ore emborking upon, the Government i5 continuing efforts to imprcve ciiy services. These lnvolve upgroding ond implemenlolion of new seryices infroslruclure. The KL lower ond lnlemolionol Broodcosting Centre ls o londmork in

our odvoncemgni in lelecommunicoiions ond broodcosting. New doms, rgservoirs os well os environmenlollyjiendly woste treotment syslems ore being built to cope wifh the ever upword demond of utilities The fire seryices ond police servces ore oso belng upgroded to meel lhe demonds of the cltys progress, Good governonce ond efficienl city mqnqgement system w ensure on excelleni quolity of cily services.

Concept ol lhe Fdendly City A friendly



provides focilues, comlorl ond humons,

io oll porties, from

environmeni or non living elements such os buildingt trotfic ond u )on lond use. Prlnciples involved in lhe Fiendly ciiy orel 1l Foirness - plonning ond developmeni ihoi

folows needs ond pqcements thol con be enjoyed evenly by everyone.

iil Accessibiliiy - troffic, i(onspori and trovel

syslems lhot is simple, comFortoble ond sofe lor oll users, molo zed vehjcle drivers, possengers, pedeskions, bicycllsts, senior citlzens, children or

the hqndicopped, liil lniimocy - encouroges interoclion ot o multi culturol society thot wjll enhonce the formoiion of on ideal sociefy. iv) Aworeness of on urbon form thol is bolonced

of phvslcol, sociol ond economicol developmenl, formulqlion of o from the ospecl

coring soclety ond on environmentol quolity.


Reloiionship between


Mon ond lhe

Environmenl - thol emphosizes cleon, beouly, conseryotion, cohesiveness ond cultivolion.

A cily would be o

Friendly City when oll

elemenls contoined is connected lo one onother in o symbiolic form lhql provides benefits ond goodness. For exomple buildlngs

thot ore built suitoble wiih ils use, environmenls, size ond scole, current ulilities ond lroffic ond toking inlo occount direcl or lndirect users. A Friendly City emphosizes lhe welfore ond convenience of the users lhol ore the Cilys community. Therefore lhe elemenls of the cily thot need otlenlion in on etfori to creote lhls city ore lnfrostructure ond ulillty,

fue norDft ohsYf on oEn


o heolthy city, eoch Moloysion city is plonned wilh their own genero

To ensure

l-ospiicls in line with governnent polic:es P vote medlcol institutions ore expqnding in oll cilies. With Governrnent suppod for medicol reseorch ond developmenf, univeElly ofiilioted hospitols ore offering stote of the o.l lechnology ond speciqlisl teotment. Speciolist ieolment does nol end with privote institulions; the govenmenl hos olso long esloblished o

Notionol Heort lnslituie ond Notionol

!g :â&#x201A;Ź.:



:&ir @i





Concer lnstiiute to treoi the pubic. Even o Noionol Blood Centre hos been e$oblished 'o slreorrine bood donolion. coileclon ond dislribution oclivifies. Heolth

fociit9s qre plonned


service lhe

immediote communily while specioized heollh fociliiies ore clustered in order to mo^i-nire tl_e po'e.]i.ol of co.e O_e sJcts (luler con be seen in K,olo Lurpur o' the Genero Hospitol oreo ihot is olso home io the Notionql Bood Centre ond Heorl lnstitute. A new ero of poperless

hospilols thot ore ol linked wilh one onother ore cufieniy undeMoy os our dedcotion towords excellence in medicol

services continuous.

Doctrine Principles thot ore used


creoting o Heqlthy Cityl

o) lnterociion - communily octivities ihol ore octve ond posiiive.

b) Peqcelul encouroging

o prosperous condiiion, the creotion of on

environmeni ihot gives o positive physicol ond mentol effect to ihe communily ond olso competitive economic ociivilies c) Sovings ond Professionolism - plonning

ond development proctices ihol ore efficienl ond effective, usoge of technologicol odvoncements, optimum




intelllgenl innovqive ond dimensiono

which hos q cleor ond dslincl direction.

Crlledo for lhe Creolion of o Heollhy City

To fulfil the oim

of o



developmenl needs lo be focused on the viobiily of the cily The vioblliiy of the cily


on ongoing ond


octiviiies, to ensure thot these octivities ore os such, the imporlonce of fulfilling the

residentiol demonds needs lo be ioken inlo occounl. Heolthy City olso meons the vilolity of its residenls is octive, noljusl lrom the physcol ospecl bul from dynomicqly positive volues. Guidei

i. P epo'ol,on of soecio.zed



co"rmunol ochvl'es sucl os recreolon, oJolic speoker corlers o1o os





Noironol lleoJi hslilule

l(€bogloon Moro\4 o llololol








lrr.hi3!oi. l._. iri.'r


;IffIFIFFTFFFFF :!.rI:t i!: r'.;!r; t I l:--'

New cilies dnd Ulbon Regenerotion Toiol plqnning gude nes ore curreniy beng impemented n tfre desjgn of oLrr new Moloyson cliies



the regenerarlon of lhe exstng ubon

structure. A more bcr once ond susto noble clevelopment ond regeneroion s och eved through the process of modernlsoton, upgroding of ex sl ng c ]y iollr c and conservol on progromme

t. Mocanboilonollrompodqiem

(l ) Modernisqtion: The odvoncen_et'cl saence ond

' -1 ,gloO.-O.


nonoro undeiconshrdon


Oe.Oe oO,-q

the elficiency o' selvces ir lhe ciiies. l4odern tronsportolon orrd col]]mJnaclon hos been .t 06" -o j o -p .. ) o od a o oL


New concepl o: aie gent cies lhot

ncorporoijng nev, iec.iooQ'es ond lo coier for the exponson of uir.edc cnd tiormolon Technolog es ore cufieniy consituclon



d --_




Multi N4edio Super Corridor {[4SC)

deveop:re--lr. oi ih? notcn in -rc.o ^orslre: \r be the mulaneoo _c-r:i:3s o'a niarinollct lechnoLogy opeioing r.ihr ir et!:o.meni


N4SC ls


the 2lsiceniu.y r""iereby r_=

.p^ o/d-g.o




io creole c,,,orC coss bJs atess ond ronn-renl ih:clgt iia p:c\ s 3n o'srcre ol

The cJm s livlng env

lre o [.-,-aoo c .. ,.e' ' q.ol o-.^.. o. ''o- po_oro


heoth ond secLrrry iocrres. green eirrrormerl

wlh proleciion ol ecology cnd -cpcgrcpi'r'


ond t|rmcr-i 3ro y urbon desjgn Deveopmenl Ce^ire o.rC N Teci


os eii c eni energy Supp




oflce comp

ex ono Adm

n:imi on cgnire

Pulroiqyo Putrojoyo in lhe centre


MSC, is Moloysio's new

elecltonic Governmenl Admlnistrotlve centre which porirqy on lntelligent gorden clty imoge. ond developmenl of this new city is guided by the 'iotol plonning' guidelines ond

The design

ideos wilh emphosis on creoilng



relolionshlp belween nqlure ond the built environment ond bolqnce between notionol ldenlily ond odvoncemenl of



medio ond


lechnology CyberJoyo

o leoding edge multimedio cenlre lhol ofirociing world closs mulfimedio gionls lT componies 1o Moloysio, lhe ponnlng concepi bosed on lT lond uses wiih emphosis on sophisiicoted lT syslems ond Cyberjoyo is developing inlo

integro'red inf rostructure syslem while moinloining exisiing ecology ond noturol environmeni lhe buildings in Clbe4oyo will feqtu€ smod offices,


ond publc focilties wiih ouiomoton

system built-in



Other development wlthln the MSC which locus on mode.nisolion includes the Airporl City { KUA ),

Cyber Villoge, Tele-Suburb, ond Development Cenlre ond


-Tech Pork

Clbe'iqF $rloi!. slole or ltl€ od loc,h(*

nrrr rlrrJlrrlrtrl

-11ri ;I .:I:I;I{EG


.C\beicrw Crts Ofc€6. lrlbljle io ocol orchil€cturol iodilion



(l) Upgroding: Our c lies ore conlinuing to develop ond upgrode

lhe exsling

ond the urbon fobac in lies more lveable, sociolly ond


ordei lo moke


envlronmeniq y frlendly, more etf c eni bus ness ond finonciq cenlre, more eff c enl lronspodolon syslem ond new public foc ties ond recreolon oclivlljes. Regenerolion piogromme is olso intended to link ond creote new focus n ihe clles, io enhonce the cily imoge inio coherenl ond more recognisoble

ctes (2) Conservolionr

Conserving lhe notuio ecology ond topogrophy os

well conservlng ond odoptlve reuse of the buit herltoge is one ol ihe moin ogendo for mosl of Moloyslon cities. Alihough in the posi this noturro ond

built heritoge hos to moke woy for




modernisotion, greoter

oworeness couple with slicter conlro ond iegisoiion hos ensure lhese hedtoge ore prctecled ond w remoin crs pori of the fobric of our ctes


-tuo o Lll.npu lnlemoionol AlFodr orc


N* r@i a,4s L- u,i", a..ia-ri"r c'.*L c-t* [-] co-.""i.t o'oon cu*,u.

,W-nE i.



of lonlung Pelepc

Johd Bohoru


lhe {0l d mo$ soph $co:â&#x201A;Źn




Uoa0d na of pl]brc ornen les



beo,r'icollof of oods ond pedeilion netuo( to creote moâ&#x201A;Ź

ser1rendvonde onmef'o


liendv cdy



pincipol policies forrnulqted by the l\.4oloyslqn Governmenl which hqve become There ore three


for the notionol


plonning qnd implementotion,


Vision 2020

Vsion 2020 wos specqly formuoted to guide the nolon lowords o deveoped slotus by'the yeor 2020. The progress intended is not lmlled to economlc odvoncemeni only bul covers oll ospects of life includ ng socio jlslce, quo ity of life ond politcol stob ly wiih emphosis glven lo posjtive sociol ond spiituol vo ues The emphosls on sociql ond spi iuol voues is obvious, where oul of nlne chollenges in Vslon 2020. five ore siressed on the cullurol ond

rnentol deveopment of ihe people. Among the

volues ihot need 10 be inculcoted omong lhe people

through these chollenges include lhot of ombtous ond independenl self confidence, high moro ond elhcql, religious, compromislng ond coring ii. Nolionol Development Policy

The objecive of the Nollonol Deveopment Policy (NDP) is 10 creole q more iust ond uniled socieiy,

besldes mqintoining sociol stobility ond efieclive economic monogement. This is oimed ot the provlding o conducive envkonment for grovvlh wlth

Vson 2!23

!: c



resources. The NDP emphosises on ihe erodicotion of poverty ond the

equliqble distrlbution

restrucluring of soclely in order to recify the sociol ond

economic imbolonce omong the roces. A crit col ospect of the NDP s the moulding of o sociely with posltive soclol ond splituol vo ues with o sense of pride ond ove for one's counfry.


The Five Yeor Moloysio Pldn

The Seventh Moloysio Plon (7th I/lP) mointo ns ond




on lhe



developmenl concepl qs contoined in the NDR

(2001 20051 co.+i.Les 'o give sero-. otlenlon lo stroiegies thol will generote ropid ond cont nuoLrs economic groMh wh e ensuring o fo r dislr bution of the weollh resulied from the counlrvs economc groMh, omong the elhnic groups or between the urbon ond ruro populotion Ths equiloble distu bullon musl be in bo qnce with the conseryolon of lhe envkonment ond ihe noluro resources. Aporl irom the economy, socio developmenl wos focussed In the 7th Moloyslo Plon where the fifth (sth) covenont stresses on sociol

T1e 8lh IVD

deveopment wh e improving the quolily of Lfe. ln the development hos been stresses on the deols thot hove been dscussed vsuo y wthn these

81h Moloysio Plqn suslolnobLe

o highlight os the Bih covenont which poges.

Roco hormony

These three p.imqry policies were lqken inlo occounl in lhe formuloton of the lotol pqnnng ond developmenl opprooch.

in o mu


roc olsoc ery

ln order io ensure lhe success of Totol


Concept ond Doctrlne, o strong ond cleor legol fromewoak s needed to enoble lhe government to odminislel ihe new plonning opprooch ond to ensure ol government pollc es ore Implemenfed, One of the opiions is ihrough the Physlcol Plonnlng System which ore co(ed out oi ihree levels. Al federol level the responsibility of lormu oling ond odmin sterlng oll notionol policies reloted to town ond country plonning is enhusted to The Federol Deportment of Town ond Country Plonning. At stote level, lhe Slote deportmenl of Town ond County Plonnlng octs os on odvisory body

to Stole Govenmenl on


eloted to town ond

counlry plonnhg. Simllorly lhe locol oriho ties with lheir own fown plonning commitlee ore responsible for oll lown ond country plonning funclions ot the locollevel.

lhe Role ol Physicol Plqnning Physlcol ponnlng plays on impodonl roe in ldentlfying

ihe necessory course of oclion io ochieve notionol objeclives in ine wilh the Vsion 2020, Noiionol Development Plon (NDPI ond the


ve-Yeor Mooysio

Plqn such osl

' Tronslqllng lhe Soc;o-Economlc Oblecllves lnto Spqllql qnd Physicdl Forms Consistenl with the nolionol strotegy of ochieving o cohesive development, the oim is to ochieve optimum utilizotion of resou.ces shored by oli level of socielies while ol lhe some time, preserving these rcsou.ces for ihe futurc generolion. Therefore oll notionol socioeconomic policies musi be ossessed by spotiol ond physicol implico'tlons.


Tronsloling Development Policles




Development in f/oloyso is guided by the exisfence of vo ous developmenl po ces ond strotegles, nol ony qt the notonol level, buf oso ot regionol ond

inlernotiono ieve n impemenlng the physicol plonnng progrommes, eoch po cy ond strotegy s ironsoled lnto spo'rol relotons ond coordlnoled inlo the physico plonning


Consldering the lmportonce

Ouqllt h



Pldnning Development is ofien ossocioled with degrodoiion in

the quolily of the environmenl ond lhe destruclion of the noturol environmenl riselt The process ol physco plonning mokes o owonces for environmenlol ospecls n q more inlegroted monner so os io preserve the qi-rolily of the envronmenl. ' Plonnlng for Urbon Fqcililies By

the yeor 2020 obout 70% of ihe populoilon ln s onticipoted to inhobit ubon oreqs, The role


of plonning ogencies


ore odequotely plonned.


ensure thot urbon foc Ues includes bosic omenities,


housing needs, solid wosle monogement,

lronsporlolion, economic oclivilies qnd employment opportunilies, os wel! os demonds for other sociol focililies.



ond Mdnoging Sclgnllrlc


Technologicql Advoncemenl The odvoncemenl of science ond technology os well os vqTious new concepts ore expecled to inlluence the scenqrio of ubon plonning in the 2lsrCentury ond plonnlng ogencies hove on imporiqnt tole io piqy ln mqnog ng this motter.

Ensrpb or Noliod



Pt.o* N|NG Sl/SrEr\4IN MALAYSIA The Town

ond Country Plonning Act

The ow ieLotng io lown ond country plonnlng s conlo ned ln The Town ond Country Plonnng Acl 1976l


172) This Act ensures ihe uniformitv of lown

ond country ponnng ows proctce by


ouihor lies throughout the country 'Jnder this Act the Stote Authorlly ossum-^ the overoll responsib liy for ponning the lond use ond the

developrnenl of lond within the stote li oso provdes locol plonning outhoriies wiih the


ly for plonning, cleveopment control ond conservotion of buiding ond lond in lher qreo. responslb

It oso gves specifc





omong ihose ore o. Public Podicipation Seclion 9 ond 13 of lhe Town ond Country Plonnlng Acl, 1976, provdes for pub c pq'licipouon n the prepcrrcdion of the cleveopmeni plon I o ows the pirblic to influence oncl shope the development plon oi lhe formotive stoge of the plqn preporolion. Locol plonning oulhorily prepores ond publshes the reporl of Survey, the Drofi Siructu.e Pon ond Droft District Locol Plon for public nspeclion. The pub c hos the right to pul their views forword ond these views w be considered ond evoluoted by o sub commiiiee oppointed by the Stole Ponnng CommilJee b. Developmenl Conlrol Under Pori lV seclion l9 of the Act (l 72) provides lhot No person, other ihon ocol plonning oufhority, shol

commence, undertoke, or corry out ony deveiopmenl unless plonning permjss on in respect of the deveTopment hos been gronted io him'. c. Preseruotion of Ndlurdl Topogrophy As o further requirement in the environment ogendo ihe locol plonning outho i/ is responsible io ensure thol odequqte condlUons ore mode for the preservotion of the noturol topogrophy of lhe lond to be developed when gronting plqnning permission, This is to piolecl the noiurol lond condilons from excesslve distubonces or domoges couse by eoirhwo*s corried out wlthout proper plons ond


specifcotions, d. Tree Preservolion Order To this end empowers lhe locol plonning olthoity io issue lree preservotion order which prohibiis the cutiing

of ony portlculor.iree or trees unless with tho.wdfien permission of the ocol filonnlng oLlthority. Nonetheless ropid economic groMh ond the increqse

in public


on the protection .ji ihe

environmenl hos creoled new plonnlng issues which requke o mechonism to check ond bolonce in order to increose lhe effecliveness of the plonning sysiem,


;'ll Eiomple ol Râ&#x201A;Źgionql Plon .Kong Wlley

i l

Notionol Physicql Plon

Al the noliono level, o Notionol Physicol Plon is prepored towords the ochlevement of sustoinoble


development in the country. lt is o long-term plqn io indicote in brood outlines on lhe govenment deslre fo|the physico structure of lhe counhy, This plon is revjewed every five yeols in tondenn with the revjew of lhe Nolionol Five Yeqr Development Plons. This plon ls build on ihe foundolion of socio economic plons ond ii gives the Stote Autho les o fi'omework lo

s* '"o



review ond implemenl developmenl plons with regords io District Locol Plons, Regionol PIqn

The regionol plon is plepqred ogoinsf the bockground of the Notionql Physicol Plon ond consists of slotes sho ng the some border thot foce common problems. These problerns ore overcome

by lhe creotlon of regionol bodles for plqnning purposes. Sfole Slruclure Pldn

Aomplâ&#x201A;Ź ol $ructulP Phll . tul6u

The funclion of il,e Stole Level Structure Plon is lo provide qn instrument fol the developmenl of lhe stote in terms of deveTopmeni plonning, ln o nutshell, It combines the ideois of economic ond non

economic forces

to ochieve o

Vlhile Distrlct Locol Plon typicolly include

o lond


component, it h not o zoning plon. The lond use element ol the comprehensive plon is o more generolized stqlement of the objecives of fLrture ociions, to be implemented, in tun, by detoiled ond immediotely effeclive zoning, subdivision regulotion, ond other lond use ordinonces. District Locql Plqns will directly ofiects the residents of o podiculor community ond i6 used os the development tool by Locol Authorifies ln lhe iheir respecive oreo, These plons orc otien pLrblicly gozelJed

physicol spoiiol

hormony in the stote

Dislrict Locql Plqn

A cornmunitys Dist ct Locol Plon is nol jusl o collection of plqns for future streets; porks ond

lo ensurc everyone opinion is heqrd ond token

recreotion; housingi fire pfoteciion; environmentol proteclionj histo c preservolionj lond use zoningi seweroge: droinoge ond flood proleciionj woier supply ond distibuijon; poking; school locotion; ond


consideroiion. These plons olso hove to toke into occount some brcod Govenment plons os the porometers of plonning,

community chqaqcter More importrontly^jt isFn integroted slqtemgnl ol the ospkotipnsSof 'lhe :communlty linlegroted ..wlfh



ond Stote Siructure Pronsl npw. the vor:ous fJlciio^-specit c plons in

Ndtlonbl, Reg'o'rol

.lllJstrcfing the comrrLjnity o e l'ed togethe|to ochieve o brood offoy of communiiy objectives,

"& *di

Eromple ol locol Plon . londor Kolo Inqqi Jonor

Pu'.rr.rtNe sYsrEM IN I'TALAYSA

t i


One of the flrnclions of the physico plonnlng syslem ls to provde q mechonlsm which coord nqles oll levei of leorning to ensure systemotic integroton beiween

phj6icol plonning ond economic plonning ond the envircnmenl. Ihis inlegrolion is incopo.oled belween one pionning syslem ond process colled lnlegroled


ond Monogement Sysiem


The lntegroted Plonning ond Monogemeni Syslem (IRMS). lt is bosed on the integroted plonning

Level 2; Resource Allocqtion

Ths leveJ ls more concerned wlth choice of ollemotives in resource exploltoion ond deveopment

which is geored lowords conseryotion ond preservolion lo mointoin o bolonce between nofurol omenities ond mon-mode goods ond services, while st ving for notonol gool ond objectives. The Stote Structure Pon serves lo lll the gop between nolionol

policies ond lond use plons

opprooch, which hos incorporoted the s'trotegic

l-evel 3:

plonning fromework lor socio-economic objectives ond pollcles lt conloins lwo ly'pes of nlegrotion within the plqnning process for sustqinoble plonning ond developmenl

At ihe locol level, efforts


lnlegrolion belween physicol plonning ond

economic plonning. This integrqtion enloils the intelpretoton of seclorol socio-economic policies in spotiol form. This is ochieved p morily though the preporotion ond implemenlqtion of vorious lypes of development


ot thg

differenl levels



belween physicol plonning ond Rio Declorofion on Envl.onment ond Development ond Agendo 2l serve os the iwo mojor guiding documents used in lhe fomulolion of environmentql policies qnd the plon of oction for lvloloyso, e.9., Nolionol Pollcy for Env ronment, Noionol Plon of Aclion for Agendo 21 ond Notionol Conservotion Strotegy. TOP-OOWN



The two type iniegrotion mentioned obove is incorporoled within one plonning syslem ond ihe

locql Plonning

m nimizqtion


ol the locol


ll be mode on the

of odveGe environmenlq effects



frcm deveopmeni Locol Plon wil ossess the locol

environmento{ suitobility of Stote Siructue PIon qnd progrommes. tt gives feedbock to the stqte level on 'the impocl from the slole polic\1 strolegy ond form os

o bosis ond


for pteporolion of

implemenlotion plon Level 4: lmplemenlolion Level 4 monilors the implernenlotion of policies, plon, ond projects ond iheir impocts This is done lhrough

of invesimenis inlo ihe physicol envronment vis-d-vis Environmentol coordinotion ond control

Monogement Pon (EMP) ond


cor ed out

vio Envi.onmeniol Monitoring Progromme [audiiing). Hence it con conclude lhot Level 4 moniiors lhe ochievement of sustqinoble developmenl ond provides the most criticql npLrt to oll the other levels oi plonning ond monogement.

The integroted monogemeni system integrotes plonning, monitoring, control oclivilies oi oll govenmeni level thot hos o ro e in line wilh its

monogement process.

governmeni odminisiroive hierorchy. To ochieve o more efficient ond efieciive plonning sysfem, o mechonism is proposed to implement this system


lirrcugh the legislotion.

' ensure implementotion of policies sftotegles, progrom ond notionol plonning is lmplemented in o coordinqted monner lor bolonce

Physicql Plonning Guidelines

development in oll ospecis.

BOTTOM-UP - ensure monitoing ond control over effects towords lhe environmenl is used os feedbock towords reviewing policles, strotegies, progrommeF ond plonnlng qi voious levels,


l: Nolionol Plonnlng

the proposol for o 5 - Year Noiionol Physicol Plon


level I servgs os notionollrqm]ewo* ond guidonce for lond use plonning. This Is in line wilh lhe curenl proposol for o.Nofionol Physicol Plon, which is silll

under study. The two s,Yeor Notionol


suppLemented with Notionol Sectorol Policies, ote 'trqnsloted Into lhe siole slrqlegies ond policies in the Slote Sirucfure Plons ln Level 2, from which the ossessment of sustoinoble resource monogemenl wlll form the feedbock for regulor reviews.

Effeciive implemeniotlon of development plqn policies ond development conlrol system is closely suppoded by physicol plonning guidelines. Plonning guidelines ore impodont oid to plonners ond decislonmokers to guide deveopment towords susioinobilily, they speclfu whot po icy meons in proclicol terms. This could be in the form of developmenl qnd design guidelines, or slondords ond citerio for the provision of focililies.

ln generol, the physicol plonning syslem procUced in Moloysio is copoble not only susiojn urbqn

development bui provlde good tools for o beller quolity of life for its evel increqsing populolion ond urbon octivilies.



EnvtoffHt-l€d polcles

& da/€lopmenil plorE

Enviqrn€rnol Lnprci€nt€rf & prol€crlbn & focllllles

Aeos for lndusldes & cornmerclol, focllote A€os ior corrEerwllon & pr€c€rvollon glies ior

ruste dspocd

Mqlogflo ubdl growlh Fllrfic podblpolbn

Ouolny phFlcol ll!4n9 envlronmer$


of notrrol reso'rc6 / dls€f5


ubar growlh

Ad€qlole lntroslruchie, soclo-€conomb & h€dlh foclliles

f _Fii


Gldly Cldcd Mng en*mm€nt Conrsl/slton of noturd €sourcea Envftonn€nl]ed ubon / d€lEloprn€fii plons




1.0 Plonning Applicotion Procedure.

Development Proposol Report (LCP) for development control purposesThe present ponning syslem s olso o more environmenlo y incllned plocess. ll is now o requiremenl for o opplicotions for plonnlng perrnission to be occomponied by o'Development Proposol Repoid. This repod shq contoin the relevont informoiion on use of lond ond the proposed deveopmenl which will help ihe locol plonn ng oulhorilv 10 evoluole on the opplicotion. lhls report in focl is o reody o requiremenl in plocice, olbeil in dillerent forms ond terms.


Plonning Applicolion FIow chort

2.0 Physicdl Pldnnlng Guidelines


Pldnning Guideline for univelsol Plonning ond

qevclepmenl; t is o set of physcol ponn ng gu delines formuloted to provide good volues in plonning.


Plonning,. Guideline

tq! Theme


Developmenl; This set of gudelines outlnes deveopmeni slondods

which hove

lo be odopted in the development of

theme poks.

2.2PlqnninqGuidellne-llgl-!ldCllllSf4qCSq .. .lo iegulole plonnjng ond

These guidelnes qre

2.3 Pldnning Guidelines tor Toxic ond Solid Woste

2,14 Plqnning Guideline for Service Prolocol (utlllty); Plonning ond deveopment contro guide nes for lhe provsion of ulility lines such os lelecommunicot on, eleclricifil gos ond woler supply.

DisposolSiies: these guidelnes cre speciijc sie crilerio for solid woste


deveLopaaenl contro for ndusftol oreo

!!s!!Ds â&#x201A;Ź!!ge!!4e le

Dp!4e!t e!


Houslng for lndustriql wo&ers; lhis set of guidelines includes vorious plonnlng ospects

2.4 Plonning Guidelines on the Provision of Sites lor

such os housing concepls ond supporling focililies bosed on universot plonning princ ples with good

lncinerotor: These gudelines ore lo be lsed by


Locol Ponning

Authorliies, Siole Plonning Authorlties, Technicol Depodments ond pavole deveopers os o guide for the ollocoiion of ste for ncinerolor ond ils bosic infrostruclure

2.5 Curent Guidellnes ond Geomehic stdndqrds On Rood Network


Ths guideine covers lor rood hierorchy ond rood system n ter..s ol width ond principe for rood plonning. 2.6 Pldnnins Guidellnes !o!]!i!!!S g!MlC!:q Specific plonning guidelines fq lhe siiing of energy sub stoi on which includes the requirement for set bocks ond bulfers.

2.7 Plonning Guldellnes for Reiention Ponds os Pod of Open Spoce;

specflc ponnng guideines lor the developer to


16 Physicol Plqnning Guideline for The MultiMediq Super Corddor, Thls set of guidelines is spec f colly ouilined for lype ol 2.

oclivlijes ond components desgn io the Mult Supet Corrdor oreo

2.17 Plonning Guideline fot




Developmenl This set of guidelines provide guidonce in siil ng the commerciql development by ocivities such os reioil,

@ 2.lE Plonning Guidelines for Open


Recreolionol Areos Specific plonning guidelines for the provision of open spoce ond recreolonol oreos such qs lypes of f oci lt es: mlnimlm s!qc9_lqqu.l9!19!1 ,.g!li!g of! disirlbuilon.

provde relention ponds lor the preveniion of floods

2.8 Plonning Guidelines for Roof Top Gorden


.These guidelines provide guidonce

on the lypes of focililies, minimum spoce requiement for roof top gorden development so os to ensure sofety to ihe residence of condominiums ond oportmenls.

2.9 Plonning Guidellnes for Bosic Amenities Associoted with Rokon Mudo: specific plonning gujde nes lo encouroge provlsion ol spods ond recreollono octivities for the youth. 2.10 Plonning Guidelines for Developmenl of Golf



This sel of guide ines is to enslre on integroied opprooch in preporlng q oyout for golf course

2.19 Plonning Guidelines for Sociol Fociliiies Plonning ond development conlrol gude nes for the provsion of sociol focilities such os educoton, heollh,

pglice,.flre brigode, posl office, librory ond rnuli' purpose holl.

2.20 Plonning Guidelines lor lslomic



Specific plonning guidelines formuloled for the

of lslomic Religious focilities in oJoects like locotion, hierorchy, exlernol design ond surrounding provision lond use

2,21 Plonning Guidelines for Mulli Siory Houses

These gu dellnes ore


reguloie plonnlng ond

development conlrol for muluple slory fiouses in terr.Ls of locotion, minimum oreos, set bock, rood network ond provision of socioL focilities ond utililies.

2.1I Pldnninq Guldelines

f,oj Cooslol Developmenli to ensure lhot development of coostol oreos does nol couse disrup'tion lo the ecologicol bolonce of lhe o,eo.


sei oi guidelines


2,22 Pldnning Guidelines For Seweroge

n sitinq tlg lhis set of quideline seweroge s'5tem, soil suitobility ond buffer zone requiemenls.

2.12 ttrysicol Plqnnlng ond Developmenl Slondords rgtlllSlC Sgyglgp.nent To co-ordinole ond regulole the developmeni of islonds ihroughoul N4oloys o.

2,23 Plqnning Guidelines For Opfimum

This guideiine provides

oplimum size for


the porometer ond


lhe provsion of sociol ond

APPENDIX 2.24 Plonning cuidelines On The Prolectlon of Nqturol lopogrophy ond Physicol Development Bose On The Town qnd Country Plonnlng Acl 1976 lAcl 172) These guidelines define developments on highlonds

ond emphosise on nqtLro topogrqphy which nclude developmenl on hills of highlond eorth wo (s, slope oreos, iver reienton ponds, rood side qnd building

conslruclon ondscopes ond plonting



hlstoricol ond sclentilc pro'iecied qreos, logging of foresi oreos ond coosiol oreos development.

2,25 Guidelines for lmplemenlqlion of Plqnning Legislolion

ln odciicn io the physicol plonning menioned eorier, there ore oso

guidelines guidellnes loimu cieo, especio ly io focililqle the implemeniotion of specifc ospecis of lhe Town ond Couniry Plonning Aci 1976, iAct 172) ond Town ond CoL.rntry Plonning Ame.rdn'e rl Aci 1995 (Aci 4933) The guidelines provide deioils on woys ond meons for fuf ing lhe requ reme_'s oi'ihe Aci o.ld io ensue the i.rniformily of

rmpleme:rioio: oy Loco Aulhortes Among the gudelnes ore thoss !/h clr directly contrbule to

environmenio irap'oveaie'r:



developmeni, inc ud ng:

2.26 Guideline for Developmenl Proposol Repod {DPR]

quideline spels oui the co.:erls expecied . o nc Lde, e9se_'o ^'orr oi o..l 'o' development evoluotion regord ng the proposed development os well os deioils concening ihe lond site to be developed, such os lopogrophy geooev, londscope, nolurol droinoge ond exjsiing lcnd use. Additionolly, lhe guide jne olso specifies the lype ol plons io be conioined in the repod, lnc udlng pons, which illustrote sieps for physicol environmenl This

DPR lhis

proteclion ond jmprovemenl ond proleclion of nolurol lopogrophy. 2.27 Guidelines lor Tree Preservotion Order

guideline defines lhe cotegory ot trees, which shoud be preseNed. This includes trees, which ore This

considered os: Rore;

Endemlc; Endongeredj lJniquej Hlstoricol volues; Trees plonted by signiticonl persons; Trees wlthin prciected oreos,


Guidellne for A Tree Preservotion Order con be served by ony Locol Authority for o porticulor trees) or clustet of trees in on oreo. Moreovet the felling of trees wiih o girth size of more lhon 0.8 meter is prohibited wilhin the oreo of Ju sdiction of o poriic! or Locol Allho lV unless with pior permission.

DF,tffirffi.rt 3.0 Orgonlsollon Chort -Deportmenl of lown qnd Counlry Plqnning Penin$ulor Moldysio

@E@@E@Em@@@E 3.1 DevelopmenlPlonning






KJAA LUNIfr]R PR',!N:] CFFI.:E lP€aM, SELA\':aAl






t\l,qtAa']A" J.,fi anE



For fu irher


Res€orch ond Deve opmeni ljnli Federol Depoiimoni of Town ond Country Plonning Mlnlslry of Housing ond Locol Govenmenl Jolon Cendeosoi 50646 Kuolo Lumpur

Tel Fox

:603-2698 9211 | 603-2698 9994 e.rnoil I uppl @tolvnplon.govmy w€trsiie|ww$/

@ACKNOWTEDGEMENT The publlsher ohd The Reseorch & Development

Unll wish to express lhek deepesl grotilude to oll the people who contributed in so mqny difterenl woys lo lhe producllon of lhis publicdtion, Without your volued ossislonce lhis book would nol hove moleriqllsed. To oll who hove conlributed- lhdnk you. Ad/bq: YBhg.Dqto'Won Mohomod Mukhlor bin lvlohd. Noor Direcior Generol Depodment of Town ond Country Pon. ng Peninsulqr l\,4oloysio.

\,!lli€r: Reseorch ond Developmenl Unl Deportment of Town ond Co!ntry Plonning Peninsulor

Abd. Mutollib bin Jeloni Depuiy Direciol Generol (Development) Deportmeni of Town ond Country Plonning Peninsu or IVoloysio.


A&l Netwotk Hussoin lshok

Tn. Hi.


Hoshim Sdn Bhd lsmet bin Md Ai RPLC-Rofqr Plonning & lo.oScope Consu//onfs S/8 En.Abd.Rofor bin Abd.Azz Jeffrey


Mohd. Fodzil bin Mohd. Khlr Depuly Dkeclor Generol (Monogement) Depodmenl of Towl ond Couniry Plonning En.

Pn. A2lioh Bt.


Peninsulor Molo\,sio.

Pn.Norozion bl.Solomon

Ooodlnqior / Chld Ednoc

FtrologrcptM Depoirment ol Town ond Country Plonnlng

Puon Hojjoh Nofqsioh binti Hoji Yohvo Unit Heod, Reseorch ond Deveopmenl Unt Depodmenl of Town ond County Plonning Peninsulor Molo!6io

Peninsulor Moloyslo En,Zo killi b.Hosim


Sdn. Bhd: Khoidi bin Komoruddin Ezzot bin Md Ali Ahmqd Jumoin bin N4uhtor Moszuqndi bin Adnon Homzhori N4d Ali Afendi Md Shos b n Md Kho d Annos bin AbdulAllm Aroby KhoirulAnuor bin lbrohim AA Network: Hoji Rusdi b,Abdul Homid A el Tunglo

Edlor En.Zoln b,Mohd. Yusof

En.Mohd lzonlb [/]qt OorH-dllg Edlqr: Cybernole Sdn. Bhd: Yosmin Roshid binti Abdulloh Jeet Sukumoron Dr. R. Azmi bin Abdulloh lsmel bln Md Ali Mohd skondor bin AbdulWohob

euphb S€q€lqioi Reseorch ond Development Unit Deportmenl of Town ond Country Plonning Peninsulor l\loloysio En

Soifuddin b. Ahmod

Pn. Khotijoh bi,Che Embi Pn. So m oh b. Nqshim En. Mohd Yosr b. Hi. Sold

Cik Sobrino bt. Nordin




Puon Hojjoh Norosioh binli HojiYohyo Unii Heod, Reseolch ond Deveopment Unt Deporlment of Town ond Co!nlry Plonning Peninsu or Molovsio RPLC-Rofot Plonning &

AN Network

londscqpe Consu/fonls


A&l Net"votk: Hussoin lshok Azqd Abdul Homid Hoiun Ahmod Khoirol Foizi Sihob




of plonning with vision is to creote o mullifunclionol cily, keeplng in llne wlth lhe cily plonning process of Doclrlne - Poromeier - Concepl - Model -

The objeclive


Creole a Cily tor Buslness

creqte the ciiy os o globql finonciol ond commercjol cenlre. ll would hove efficieni intoslruclue ond stqte of the ort technologv with ecologicolly fdendly lndustrigs ond services. The cily would olso be


lhs cmx ol economlc ociivity of ihe region,

Creole o Cily wllh Betler Living Environmenls

Due lo the increqses ln urbon populqtionr which ore in line wilh the vision 2020, lhe olm io plon more livoble environments, ecologicolly fliendly with vorious houslng fypes.



Creole Susloinoble Humon Selllemenls

is solely economicolly d ven ond noi bosed on noble spirliuol volues ls soulless ond hos no heod. Only by ponnlng ond proMding s!,tficient sociol infroslruciures such os pofis, gordens, publc omeniies qnd poces of wo6hip, will o cily thrMe os o sustoinoble hunron setilement, The qim ls io ochieve q humon sefilement where o unlquely N4ololsion

A cily thot

cullure con floursh ond develop.


lnlegiote Tronsporl ond Lond


ln order tio ochiew on lnljegroted lronspod ond seMces nelwork for cities, ihe respeclive infrostructure dernonds of lond use ore included in locol developmeni plons follo\Mng Notionol Policies. The tronsportqlion sy$em hqs lo be constonily upgroded lokjng inlo occount lhe needs of residerfs ond lronsportotiofl innovolions.

C.eote o Humone Cily

o city thot con be opprecioted by qll people whlle encouroglng o closer relotionship wlih noture, The plocement of infrqstructuâ&#x201A;Ź such qs pedest on wolkwols wlll enhonce the cliles imoge os people con opprec;ote it more, lt is olso more televont thot lhe less qble porllon of the community be glven omple venues for thelr development. Accessible tunctions ore pqrt of the city qs qn insiitution, Our oim ls

Planning With Vision  

Planning With Vision

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