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VOL. 43, NO. 32 FRIDAY AUGUST 10, 2012

Moser Glass Collection And Other Lamp & Glass Stars Created A Sparkling Auction Event t’s been a whirlwind of began 155 years ago. $10,000 esti- cameo and enameled prairie flow- piece, it featured repousse and events for auction firm Of the nearly 30 lots mate for ers on a rich pink background lead- enamel decoration of hanging ing to a delicate ruffled rim. It wisteria flowers and topped with James D. Julia, Inc., in the of these elaborate items, a $8,050. opening months monumental Tiffany, who neared the top end of its $10,000 to a delicate butterfly finial. Estimated to bring $25,000 to $15,000 estimate to of 2012. In two-piece handled is also well $50,000, it finished up at sell for March, they set vase with applied known for $31,625. An early Tiffany $14,950. yet another world flowers, birds and their leaded footed tureen featured auction record in berries and topped glass wintwo figural handles in the their firearms with a ruffled rim dows, would Moser form of bull buffalo’s division for confinished up at first draw up a decorated heads and a lid topped ducting the high$26,450 against an mock of their winsalamander with an elaborate artiest grossing estimate of $20,000 dows for approval pitcher, choke finial. It sold firearms auction to $30,000. A pair of before embarking sold $6,900 (estimate above its $8,000 to Moser decorated on the creation of it. Moser applied and $3,000 to $12,000 estimate for decanters with heavy One such example decorated vase, $4,000). $14,950. applied grape depicting two sold $4,680 (estimate $3,000 to This was followed by a leaves, stems, small window $4,000). variety of Tiffany bronze and clusters designs desk accessories. A rare douever held in histoagainst a shadsigned by ble pen holder in the Nautical ry when the final ed Amberina the artist pattern supporting two Bakelite tally hit a jawbackground a n d pens sold for $10,350, well dropping $18 more than approved exceeding its $3,000 to $4,000 Million. A few tripled the low by Louis estimate. A Tiffany bronze therweeks later, end of its Comfort mometer in the rare Byzantine Julia’s opened $5,000 to $7,000 Tiffany pattern was accented by a single their first satelestimate to bring himself sold turquoise jewel at the top and lite office in $17,825. A stunfor $5,750, string of opalescent jewel around Woburn, Massachusetts, to betning pair of Moser more than douthe sides. It changed hands above ter service the Boston bling its estimate There were no bargains to be had its $4,500 to $5,000 estimate at Metropolitan area and points in their exceptional offering of of $2,000 to $6,325. west. In May, Julia’s was honored Moser enameled glass from a $3,000. A The sale was further enhanced by Maine’s Governor Paul private Midwest collection. sketch design by a stellar grouping of art glass A LePage, receiving the Governor’s Of the approximately 30 lots, for a six part Loetz, Steuben, Award for Business Excellence in a monumental two-piece Tiffany leaded square Daum Nancy vase with including window brought pulled corners and decorated with a Quezal, and more. A pair of a special ceremony. Now, in the handled vase with applied birds and berries and Durand ribbed art $5,175 against scene of trees in a pasopening days of summer in flowers, topped with a ruffled rim finglass table lamps with the same $2,000 ture brought $9,200, Maine, Julia’s fine glass and lamp ished up at $26,450 against an exaggerated bell to $3,000 esti- exceeding an division conducted a two-day estimate of $20,000 to $30,000. shaped dark rose mate. One for a estimate of auction that grossed just over $1 and gold iridesdemilune win- $7,500 to Million. Featured was a vast ewers with applied parrots cent shades sold dow design $8,500. A large array of rare and highly sought and acorns against an for $6,325, surp a r t i a l l y Galle mold after objects handpicked from Amberina background is passing an estipainted to blown shoulder collections and estates from also worthy of note. The mate of $4,000 to give a hint of vase with lusacross the United States and pair sold above its $6,000. An exquisthe final cious plums boasted fresh-to-the-market $7,000 to $10,000 estiite Steuben chandeproduct exceeded weighing down goods seldom seeing the mate for $11,500. lier with brass ball public marketOf the fine lamps in a $1,500 to $2,500 estimate to sell the branch on its center with acanfrosted yellow place. the sale there was a for $6,325. thus leaf arms terThe auction continued with a background sold Highlights Tiffany Studios Dragonfly minating in pulled $12,937 included an table lamp with seven down marvelous selection of French for leaf tulip shades exceptional turned dragonflies with glass cameo glass. Included was a very against an estisold above its offering of cabochon eyes against a mot- rare Daum prairie scene vase with mate of $12,000 $1,200 to $1,500 to $15,000. Moser enamtled green and yellow estimate for Also quite eled glass from background. It $4,025. And a impressive a private neared the Quezal chandelier was a selecMidwest collecmidrange of with nickel plated tion of Tiffany tion. Moser its $60,000 hardware supportglass highglassworks began to $80,000 ing twisted brass lighted by a in the mid-19th estimate to bands that hold four rare and large century. In 1857, sell for gold iridescent fishblack Tiffany $69,000. A Moser decorated net pattern shades vase with blue multihued ewer, sold $6,325 (estimate $2,500 to doubled its $2,000 to iridescent Tiffany $3,500). $2,500 estimate to sell pulled feather Crocus table for $4,312. decoration surlamp showThe sale was roundrounding its glass engraver ing flowers in ed out in part by a shoulder. After a Ludwig Moser varying stages grouping of glass heated bidding (1833-1916) created of bloom was paperweights from battle it sold for a small workshop in another popular the collection of Una $25,300 against Karlsbad in North East choice, finding a $10,000 to Moser decorated handled and Henry Blake. Bohemia where he crebidders willing to $15,000 esti- vase, sold $6,325 (estimate Included was a variated and sold hand go to $17,250 ety of examples rangmate. A Tiffany $1,500 to $2,500). engraved glass to the rich against an estimate of ing from antique to millefiori vase in clients from the town. The $15,000 to $25,000. rich green, purple, and gold iri- contemporary with highlights foundation was created for a Other leaded lamps descent pulled heart and vine including a Clichy loop garland company whose products included a handsome decoration interspersed with example with 13 rose canes and a became very sought Duffner & millefiori flowers brought large pink and green rose cane after, attracting the Kimberly within its $6,000 to $8,000 esti- that neared the upper end of its attention of emperexample with a $5,000 to $7,000 estimate to sell mate to sell for $6,900. ors, kings, popes, dome shade The elegance of Tiffany for $6,900. A lovely Clichy milleand world stars, constructed of Tiffany, who is well known for their leaded glass among others. The company mottled yellow geomet- windows, would first draw up a mock of their win- also included a selection of fiori newel post exceeded expecstill exists (http://www.moser- ric panels accented by a bot- dows for approval before embarking on the cre- sterling silver such as a tations of $2,500 to $3,500 to sell - continuing its tom band of oak leaves in ation of it. These sketches have become popular diminutive and rare and for $4,312. A complex Clichy paperweight with long history of perfecting the art autumn colors. This stunner collectibles in their own right. This sketch design exquisite enamel decorated checker of glassmaking, a story that sold within its $7,000 to for a six part design brought $5,175 against the teapot. Possibly an exhibition (Continued on page 2)


same $2,000 to $3,000 estimate.

2 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012

Fooled By Fakes: Buyer Beware!

By Anita Stratos

This Month’s Feature: Netsuke - Miniature Marvels I was recently at an auction that featured over 100 netsuke from one person’s collection, and the auction drew far more than its usual number of bidders. During the preview, I noticed several people examining pieces extremely carefully with high magnification lenses. Every piece sold, most for over $300 and several going into the thousands. Sprinkled throughout the auction, I’d hear one of the biggest bidders sitting behind me occasionally comment, “That’s a fake.” I finally asked the bidder if there are a lot of netsuke fakes on the market in general, and he vehemently responded, “You have no idea.” Now considered diminutive pieces of fine art, netsuke were originally an attractive but functional part of Japanese attire. According to the

As Japanese attire changed to a more European standard, neither the sagemono nor the netsuke were necessary by the early 20th century. But by then, Westerners had discovered these beautifully handcarved pieces and had begun collecting them, opening up a new market for Japan. Netsuke continued to be made by talented Japanese artisans, but as more tourists visited Japan and wanted to bring home netsuke as souvenirs, factories began churning out mass-produced pieces and molded resins to meet the growing demand. Initially these pieces were of low quality, but over the years the quality has improved, making identification more difficult. Netsuke are still being made today by highlyskilled carvers all over the world; these artists sign pieces with their own name or mark and sell them as the modern works of art they are. Buyers need to be wary of resellers representing modern pieces as antiques, as well as factorymade netsuke, which sometimes carry the faked marks of old-world carvers. Because there are so many variables when it comes to dating and authenticating netsuke (which makes for avid debate among even the most highly knowledgeable netsuke schol-

International Netsuke Society (INS) (, over the course of more than three centuries, netsuke were developed to prevent the silk cord attached to a sagemono (a pouch of sorts) from slipping through the waist sash from which the sagemono hung. Sagemono were used to hold a person’s small belongings since kimonos had no pockets. The INS website states that netsuke “were often beautifully decorated with elaborate carving, lacquer work, or inlays of rare and exotic materials. Subjects portrayed in netsuke include naturally found objects, plants and animals, legends and legendary heroes, myths and mystical beasts, gods and religious symbols, daily activities, and myriad other themes. Many netsuke are believed to have been talismans.” It’s easy to see why GLASS AND LAMP these fascinating pieces (Continued from page 1) became so coveted by collec- millefiori canes segmented by tors. latticino twists likewise exceeded its estimate to

ars), for the purpose of this column we’ll talk about the possible differences between a modern netsuke and an antique. One of the first things you can check out is the cord holes on the netsuke. If the piece is old enough to have been used functionally before circa 1920, the hole edges should show some wear. Newer pieces used only for display purposes will have sharper, unworn edges. Of course, if the forger is paying attention to detail, he may give hole edges some artificial wear - this is why it’s important that the piece pass several criteria before you can make a final determination. Next check the wear marks on the

bring $4,025. Julia’s upcoming auctions include their annual End of Summer antiques and fine art auction in August while a phenomenal firearms and military memorabilia auction will be held in October. Julia’s next rare lamp and glass auction as well as their toy and doll auction will fol-

piece: a netsuke used on a kimono should have wear from handling as well as the proper patina, which can be uneven in color since the part worn against the kimono may not have discolored as much from light exposure. Also look for rubbing in unusual spots created to camouflage the mold lines of a resin. On a figure wearing ethnic clothing, the consistency of the entire outfit is important; for this, you need to understand the time period in which the piece was supposedly carved. A good example is given in the book Netsuke: Masterpieces From the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art by Barbra Teri Okada. Okada discusses the comparison of two nearly identical netsuke Dutchman figures in authentic Dutch period costume, noting a “stylistic deviation” within

the costume of the reproduction. The authentic 18th-century piece is wearing a hat in keeping with the period style of the garment, whereas the reproduction is wearing a Korean style hat that wouldn’t have been seen on such a figure until the late 19th century. This was just the first clue that raised a red flag on this particular netsuke. A netsuke made of old ivory isn’t necessarily an old carving because some modern forgers use antique ivory for their carvings. Some of these as well as netsuke made from modern ivory may also contain manmade cracks, mimicking the cracks that can naturally occur in old ivory. It can be hard to recognize the difference, but one indicator is that ivory cracks naturally with its grain, whereas some manmade cracks can be at angles. In her book, Okada describes other, more detailed ways to identify the difference between a natural and manmade crack, as well as chemically-induced cracks forgers create in modern ivory. Normally, cracks collect dirt over the decades, but careful scrutiny is needed here too, because some forgers use dark stain to simulate collected dirt. Carver’s signatures or marks are only part of the (Continued on page 4)

low in November. For more visit online at www.jamesd information, contact Julia’s at (207) 453-7125. Write: James (More Highlights On Page 3) D. Julia, Inc., P.O. Box 830, Department PR, Fairfield, Maine 04937; E-mail:; and

P.O. Box 500, Mount Joy, PA 17552 800-800-1833 717-653-1833 717-653-6165 fax e-mail: Editor - Denise Sater, Ext. 2540 Advertising Sales John Barilla, Ext. 2536 Beth Funk, Ext. 2537 Circulation - Linda Deshler, Ext. 2541 Classifieds 1-800-428-4211 Fax 717-492-2566

A large Galle mold blown shoulder vase with luscious plums weighing down the branch on its frosted yellow background sold for $12,937 against an estimate of $12,000 to $15,000.

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A Tiffany millefiori vase in rich green, purple, and gold iridescent pulled heart and vine decoration interspersed with millefiori flowers brought within its $6,000 to $8,000 estimate to sell for $6,900.

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An exceptional and select grouping of lamps included a Tiffany Studios Dragonfly table lamp with seven down turned dragonflies with glass cabochon eyes against a mottled green and yellow background. It neared the midrange of its $60,000 to $80,000 estimate to sell for $69,000.

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A rare and large black Tiffany vase with blue iridescent pulled feather decoration surrounding its shoulder sold after a heated bidding battle for $25,300 against a $10,000 to $15,000 estimate.

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Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012 - - 3

SHOPS & CENTERS GLASS AND LAMP (Continued from page 2)


(717) 473-3261

By Patrick van der Vorst

Angie’s Country Corner

Hometown Antiques 59 S. Main St., Red Lion, PA 17356

(717) 244-8126 OPEN 7 DAYS • MON.-SAT. 10-5; SUN. 12-5 10,000 Sq. Ft. - 2 Levels Of Quality Antiques & Collectibles Special Events & Sales Throughout The Year! Over 50 Dealers Featuring... Primitives • Glassware • Jewelry • Pottery • Furniture Music Memorabilia • Milk Bottles • Coins • Sports Cards Postcards • Comic Books • Dealer Supplies • Vintage Clothing


Victorian Milk Jugs This week’s item is a being silver-plated the Victorian silver-plated milk value will be jug, by Martin l i m i t e d . Hall & Martin Hall Co., of & Sheffield. C o m p a n y, It is of baluswere large ter form chased good quality with scrolls and producers of leaves. It was silver and silmade in ver plate. The England circa marks on your 1875, and it jug are not silver measures marks but incorfive inches porate the Gothic high. letters EPGS for This is of electroplated a good size German-silver, which and looks to be is another name for in excellent nickel-silver. condition, but Value: $40 to $60.

A pair of Moser decorated decanters with heavy applied grape leaves, stems, and clusters against a shaded Amberina background more than tripled the low end of its $5,000 to $7,000 estimate to bring $17,825.

A selection of sterling silver included this diminutive and rare and exquisite enamel decorated teapot. Possibly an exhibition piece, it featured repousse and enamel decoration of hanging wisteria flowers and topped with a delicate butterfly finial. Estimated to bring $25,000 to $50,000, it finished up at $31,625.

Frazer Antiques The Best Kept Secret On The Main Line A collection of glass paperweights from the collection of Una and Henry Blake included this Clichy loop garland example with 13 rose canes and a large pink and green rose cane that neared the upper end of its $5,000 to $7,000 estimate to sell for $6,900.

A marvelous selection of French cameo glass included a very rare Daum prairie scene vase with cameo and enameled prairie flowers on a rich pink background. It neared the top end of its $10,000 to $15,000 estimate to sell for $14,950.

Affordable Prices • 19 Dealers • Great Selection Furniture, China, Glass, Majolica, Silver, Shabby Chic, Primitives, Decorative Items, Clocks, Artwork, Linens, Collectibles & Jewelry 351 Lancaster Ave. Frazer, PA 19355

Open 7 Days 10-5



Value My Stuff ™is a unique online appraisal service providing valuations and expert opinions on art, antiques, and collectibles. Value My Stuff ™ was founded in London in 2009 by Patrick van der Vorst to provide high caliber valuation service to a wide audience. Although the appraisals are available to anyone with an Internet connection and a camera, the company has opened a New York office to provide better customer service to the United States. For more information, visit; or email AAN Editor at

Located 5 Miles East Of Hershey At The Intersection Of Route 322 & 117 On The Corner In Campbelltown


Regular Hours: Thurs.-Mon. 10-5 Summer Hours: June, July, August: Open Seven Days A Week 10-5

From Frazer Exit On Rt. 202 Go 2 Miles East On Rt. 30


Everything You Want Under One Roof! Antique Gallery * Flea Market * Café

Over 30 New Dealers Displaying Some Of The Area’s Finest Antiques Ranging From Primitives, Folk Art, Fine Art, Glass, Militaria, Jewelry, Furniture, Tons Of Sports Antiques And Much More!

DUNCANSVILLE ANTIQUE DEPOT 1401 Second Avenue, Rt. 22 & 764, Duncansville, PA Over 150 Antique Dealers • Over 200 Flea Market Dealers Caboose Café Open Weekends

(814) 696-4000 * Dealer Space Available Call For Booth Availability Today!

For More Info Call 717-342-2498 Or 717-461-0277 S534301

Antique Gallery Open Daily 9-5, Closed Wed. Flea Market Open Sat. & Sun. 9-5



Come Visit Our Unique Facility And Experience The Atmosphere Of An Old Movie Theatre! Make A Day Of It And Visit All Of The Antique Shops In Columbia Including Rivertowne Antique Center, Burning Bridge Antique Market And Partners And Friends!

VILLAGE BARN ANTIQUES Located in the Historic Village of Churchtown, along scenic Route 23. 4 miles West of Morgantown 3 miles East of the Shady Maple Complex 11 miles South of Adamstown


2058 Main Street, Narvon, PA 17555

One Of The Largest And Finest Antique Malls In PA Dutch Country! Shop In Our Clean, Brightly Lit & Climate Controlled Building. We Offer A Huge Variety Of Fine Antiques & Collectibles Displayed By Over 125 Dealers.

PA 17562

Open Monday Through Saturday 9:30 A.M. To 5:00 P.M. Sunday 10:00 A.M. To 5:00 P.M. - Closed Tuesday


Visit Our Web Site

• Most Major Credit Cards Accepted • Convenient Parking • Bus Tours Welcome • Climate Controlled • Handicapped Accessible • Dealer Inquiries Welcome • Prime Location

a continuing obsession for quality!


CALL FOR INFO: 717-442-8805

Century Old Tobacco Warehouse with all amenities Open Daily 10 to 5, Closed Tuesday & Wednesday 717-445-9108 Visit our website for photos and more information at


3371 Lincoln Highway East, Paradise,


Antique Mall (717) 243/5802

(Continued on page 8)

OPEN 7 DAYS 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


A Great Dealer Stop

FAYETTEVILLE Antique & Craft Mall

OPEN THURSDAY THRU MONDAY 10 A.M.-5 P.M. 717.533.1662


726 North Hanover Street,



Antiques. Collectibles. Coins. Jewelry. Glassware. Consignment Furniture. Candles. Baskets. Wrought Iron. Decorations. Etc. HOURS: 9AM TO 5PM 3625 – 3653 Lincoln Way East Fayetteville, PA 17222 717-352-8485 S725588






Easy access from Route 81, Exit 52 - Go south 31â „2 miles on Route 11 or take the PA Turnpike to mile marker 226 - Go south 21â „2 miles on the right.

Over 80 Quality Dealers • Two Floors • Air-Conditioned Building


(Continued from page 2)

authentication process and should never be a reason for buying a piece (the quality of the carving is far more important). Members of the INS discuss and debate this issue in their forum, and even museum experts can disagree on signatures. The reason for the confu-

sion is that, among other things, sometimes multiple carvers in a group will sign with the same mark; an artist’s signature can sometimes change throughout the years; and forgers have become better at copying signatures. The one thing you can watch out for is evidence that a signature was added in modern times in an




4 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012

Closed New Year’s Day • Easter • July 4 • Thanksgiving • Christmas

Antiques • Furniture • Art • Jewelry • Collectibles since 1974


We’ve Moved! Visit our new location in


HISTORIC GARNET VALLEY, Pennsylvania (formerly Boothwyn)






100 N. Water St. Lewisburg, PA 17837


A 20+ Multi-Dealer Shop


Phonographs, 78, 45, 33 rpm Records, Music Instruments, Radios, Sheet Music, Antique and Vintage Furniture, Ephemera, Nautical, Textiles, Jewelry, Vintage Holiday, Porcelain, Paintings/Artwork, Pottery, Lighting, and so much more! Hours - M, W, Thurs. Noon-5:30pm, Fri. Noon-7:00pm, Sat. 11:00am-7:00pm, Sun. Noon-5:00pm; Closed Tues. 36 West Front Street, Keyport, 732-670-4600 New Jersey Exit 117 GSP

1102 Naamans Creek Road, Garnet Valley, PA 19060 610-558-4411 • 610-789-6622 Hours: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. Ardmart Antiques is a multi-dealer market with shops & showcases




Saturday 8-4

Sunday 8-4

42,000 Sq. Ft. FARMER’S MARKET 8,800 Sq. Ft. ANTIQUE GALLERY Up to 350 FLEA MARKET Vendors

70 Tollgate Rd., Quakertown, PA


(215) 538-9445

12,000 Square Feet!

62 North Third Street Stroudsburg, PA 18360

WE ALSO PROVIDE: Chair Caning • Lamp Rewiring Book Binding • China & Pottery Repair Custom Furniture • Furniture Repair & Finishing Layaways & Gift Certificates Available S689619

Regular Hours Mon., Thurs. & Sun. 10-5; Fri. & Sat. 10-6

878 Baltimore Pike (Rt. 1), CHADDS FORD, PA 19317 Open 10-5 Wednesday Thru Sunday

Phone 610-388-2000 Fax 610-388-2720 E-Mail Located Directly On Rt. 1 “At The White Barn� S718253

Hrs.: M-F 12-5; Sat. & Sun. 10-5

Antiques • Collectibles • Furniture • Jewelry • Crafts Primitives • Linens • Paper Ephemera • Books Greeting Cards • Prints • Sheet Music Postcards • Candles


Bank Barn offering 15,000 Sq. Ft. of Quality Antiques, Primitives, Estate Furniture, with Appropriate Accessories & Smalls.

Quaker Antique Mall 200 feet east of route 309

In The Historic “White Barn�


5309 Lincoln Highway West, Thomasville, PA For more info & directions, call or visit our web site! Weekdays 717-792-1919 Weekend 717-792-9751




Don’t Miss It!

Over 125 Friendly Dealers inside a 100-year old machine shop in Downtown Stroudsburg IN NOW R Dealer Space Available OU AR


517 St. Mary’s St. 400 Open 7 Days ANTIQUE 11-5 Daily Lewisburg, PA 17837 DEALERS

We purchase single items or entire estates. Limited Space Available for Quality Dealers Only


51 Main Street, Jacobus, PA • 717-428-9316



I-80 Exit 307 to Main St. to Third Street. Convenient off street parking.

Open Every Day 10am-5pm

Of Lemoyne

2 Blocks From I-83, PA-581, US Rte. 11 & Rte. 15

Across the river from Harrisburg, PA

1251 E. Main St., Annville, PA 17022 717.867.4400 30,000 Sq. Ft. of Lebanon Valley’s Premier Antique Dealers Next To CAFE 422 and behind Marty’s Music


Take a break in ChloÊ’s Cafe— coffee, tea, desserts

Furniture, Jewelry, Art, Glassware, Pottery, Clothing, Postcards, and More!


We’re Closer Than You Think Come Spend Your Day With Us!!!


130 Quality Vendors in 32,000 sq. ft.



Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012 - - 5



(SINCE 1859) Lambertville’s Oldest & Largest Antiques Center Quality Antiques, Fine Art, Furniture & Accoutrements • 40 Dealers • • 1,000s Of Quality Antiques & Collectibles •

(717) 684-5364 OPEN SEVEN DAYS - CLOSED HOLIDAYS Mon. Thru Sat. 10-5 and Sun. 12 (Noon)-5

Corner of Union & Church Streets (1 block off Bridge St.) S749708


Open 7 Days A Week 9 A.M.-5 P.M. NEW ITEMS ARRIVING DAILY! Adjacent to the Old Village Store GPS Address: 2705 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-In-Hand, PA 17505

e. enc 92 180

Accepting New Dealers. Limited Space Available


Da y

op , PA e Sh ville 10-6 niqu s U n o A , Zi hurs. T 00) te 1 , Tue., d u ses o e . R s ( n o emi om o . Cl , r t e M P e Str t. 9-6, , Wed s On ques.c com a nut ti l. -9 ie hest 11-5, S ri. 10 cilit svilleanues@ao C a F 7 F . q 6 n i n 75 ing Su .zio ant Din wwwil: zion Phone a m E (610) 965-3292



Ex ping

de Antique l O f C o s Come Spend The Day! e 16,000 Sq. Ft. of Unique and Exciting Antiques and Collectibles

Antique & Vintage Furniture • Jewelry • Sterling Silver Fine China • Crystal • Coins • Books • Dolls • Trains Decorative Paintings • Fine Art • Glassware • Figurines • Pottery Quilts • Rugs • Linens • Bottles • Tools • Musical Instruments Sports Memorabilia • Vintage Clothing • & Much, Much More.





1 Mile S. of Historic Smithville Village and 9 Miles N. of Atlantic City


Primitives, Country & Victorian Furniture, Art Pottery, Postcards, Stoneware, Glass, China, Jewelry, Advertising, Silver, Lighting & More

(609) 397-9808

er nt

all M e u q i t n A e ill v s n io

A 30,000 Square Foot Climate Controlled Complex Featuring Antiques And Collectibles.

Lambertville, NJ 08530


403 North Third Street, Columbia, PA 17512



(717) 397-1291

Select Dealer Space and Showcases Available OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. The Jersey Shore’s Largest Co-Op

ANTIQUE CENTER Over 150 Dealers




Space available at the Shoppes at the Arcade.

610-791-7910 Located Just Off Rt. 78, Lehigh St. Exit 1 ⁄4 Mile South To 31st Street On Left.

Antique Center Hours: Monday Thru Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 11-5

Benton Antiques, Etc.

Harrisburg Rt. 78 ALLENTOWN


NJ & New York

➤ S756174

Lehigh Street

Both shops open 10 am - 5pm Thurs. - Sun.

31 Street

Sitar Realty Company, TCN

658 Cookman Ave., Asbury Park, NJ 07712

Located just across the street with over 50 exhibitors and thousands of antiques and collectibles on two oors. 235 Main St. Benton, PA 17814,





80 Dealer Co-Op




Haddon Heights, New Jersey

Head east on Rt. 38; turn left at light after Rt. 206 intersection

Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10-7 And Sunday 10-5

Walter Baum, Winter Snow, oil on panel, 6 x 9 inches

“We’re Bigger ★ Than We Look”



Quality European works are of interest, as well


PHONE: (732) 349-5764 VISA/MC ESTABLISHED SINCE 1969 12 Quality Dealers Under One Roof ★

★ ★

Investment is a Fine Art™

Exit #82 Garden St. Parkway Rt. #37 East

First Light right 1/2 mile on Main St. Dealer Business Welcomed


(856) 546-0555 (609) 726-1588 OPEN 7 DAYS - 10 AM TO 5 PM OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 8 PM




Point Pleasant Antique Emporium Displaying the Largest Selection of Fine-Quality Antiques and Collectibles in the State 125 Booths Filled With Unique Specialties: Victorian Furniture Pewter Cut Glass Dolls/Toys Quilts

Vintage Clothing Paintings Silver Porcelain Jewelry

Clocks Rugs Primitives Stoneware


Open 7 days a week, 11 am to 5 pm Free Parking

POINT PLEASANT BEACH / NEW JERSEY 08742 800-322-8002 / BAY & TRENTON AVENUES / (732) 892-2222

Open Mon.-Fri. 10AM-4PM, Sat. 10AM-5PM & Sun. 12-5PM


Wed. through Sat. 10 - 6, Sun. 12 - 6, and by appointment



68 S. Main St., Doylestown, PA 18901 (215) 348.2500 /

Limited Space Available Route 616, 127 Hanover Street

44 North Bedford St.

717-241-5309 Abstract • Ashcan School • Brandywine School California Impressionists • Cape Ann • Florida Scenes Genre Scenes • Hudson River Valley Modernists • New England Painters Newport, Rhode Island Painters • Pennsylvania Impressionists Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Philadelphia Ten • Revolutionary War Scenes • Western


Clements Bridge Rd. & E. Atlantic Ave.

Two Floors With Over 100 Quality Antiques & Collectibles Dealers Dealer Space Available


Grist Mill Haddon Heights Antiques Center Antiques Center





230 Main St., Benton, PA 17814 570-925-5186

Reasonable Rents including heat, A/C and maintenance. Located in the Heart of Cookman Avenue adjacent to the Antique Emporium with 60 dealers. Be part of the Success at the Shoppes at the Arcade



2200 31st St. SW,


Over 70 Exhibitors

& Lodging Directory


6 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012


All ads in guide are listed in zip code sequence within each state. All other ads have zip codes. To find out where advertisers are located, check the first three digits of the zip code against the locator list below. The first three digits tell you which part of each state the advertiser is located in. (We suggest you circle in advance the advertisers you plan to visit. Then locate and mark the towns on your driving map). DELAWARE 197-8 Northern 199 Southern D.C. 200-205

MARYLAND 215 & 217 Western 210-12 Northern 214 & 206 Southern 216-218-219 Northeastern

19711 Newark 302-454-8007 AUNT MARGARET’S ANTIQUE MALL 294 E. Main St. Mon- Sat. 10-5, Sun 12-5. 2 floors. Antiques, collectibles, primitives, much more.

21043 Ellicott City 410-465-4444 TAYLOR’S ANTIQUE MALL, Historic District. Cor. of Frederick Rd & Old Columbia Pike. 16,000 Sq.Ft. of Antiques & Collectibles. Mon.- Sat. 10-5 & Sunday Noon-5.

19711 Newark 302-733-7677 MAIN STREET ANTIQUES, 23 Liberty Plaza. Open Mon-Sat. 10-8, Sun. 11:305:30 Over 45 Showcase & Room Dealers selling Quality Antiques & Collectibles.

21078 Havre de Grace 410-942-0701 SENECA CANNERY ANTIQUES, 201 St. John St... Largest Mall in Havre de Grace with 50+ quality dealers. Open 7 days, M-S 10-5, S 11-5. Wide Selection of antiques & collectibles.

19809 N. Wilmington 302-792-0555 THE ZEPPELIN & THE UNICORN AT THE RED BARN, 400 Silverside Road, Sun., Mon., Wed. 12-5, Closed Tues., Thurs. thru Sat. 10-6. Antiques, unique items.

21157 Westminster 410-857-4044 WESTMINISTER ANTIQUE MALL 433 Hahn Rd 25,000 s.f., furn., military, toys, silver, coins, comics, glassware. Generally open 7 days/ week Mon. - Sat. 10-6; Sun. 12-6.

19933 Bridgeville 302-337-3137 ART’S ANTIQUE ALLEY, Rt. 13 South. 60 dealers. Open 7 days 9am-6pm. 20,000 sq.ft. Collectibles. A/C, restrooms, snacks

21211 Baltimore 410-467-0329 AVENUE ANTIQUES/ THE IDEAL, 901905 W. 36th St in Hampden. From fine antiques and art to vintage clothing, collectibles, furn, jewelry. 60+ merchants. Space Available. M-Sa 10-7, Sun 10-5

19958 Lewes 302-645-2309 HERITAGE ANTIQUE MARKET, 16168 Coastal Hwy. (RT1), 2mi. N. of Five Points, Lewes. Roseville pottery, furniture, books, dolls, china, glass, jewelry, art & more from 49 dealers! Always looking for new Dealers in the Beach Resort. 11-5 daily. 19963 Milford 302-424-1288 RIVERSIDE ANTIQUE MALL 34 N. Walnut St. Mon-Sat. 10-5. Featuring diversified antique dealers sure to satisfy any collector. Civil War, Lionel Trains, Quilts, Glassware, Furniture, Jewelry, etc.

21028 Churchville 410-734-6228 YE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP, Route 22 & Aldino Rd. Minutes from I-95. Oak furniture, advertising, toys, militaria, glassware, general line. Hrs daily 10-4 21028 Churchville 410-734-6267 DENNY’S OLE CALVARY POST OFFICE 1100 Calvary Rd. Purveyors of hard to find items. Antiques & Collectibles, yarn & handmades, preserves & jelly, fresh baked pies. Hrs. Mon.-Fri. 7-7, Sat. 7-5.

21901 North East 410-287-8318 5 & 10 ANTIQUE MARKET, 115 S. Main St. Daily 10am-6pm. Cecil County’s largest! Buying/ selling antiques & collectibles. Gourmet chocolates. 21921 Elkton 410-398-0954 IRON BRIDGE FARM, 2953 Appleton Rd. Antiques and collectibles. Three full floors. Seven days week, 10-5. Rush & cane chairs. Mins. from I-95 near Fair Hill area.

07701 Red Bank 732-224-0033 MONMOUTH ST. EMPORIUM, 27 Monmouth St., Multi-Dealer, vintage furniture & accessories, jewelry, home decor, lighting, art, glassware, shabby. Open 7 days/ week. Space available. 07701 Red Bank 732-842-7377 MONMOUTH ANTIQUE SHOPPES, 217 W. Front St. 40 Dealers located in the Antiques District of Red Bank (6 Lg. Multi-dealer shops). Open 7 days 11am5pm. 2 blocks from RR. 1.5 miles off Garden State Parkway ext. 109.

29 Division St. Somerville, NJ 08876


(908) 218-1234

S612460 Open Daily 10-5, Sun. 11-5

16159 W. Middlesex 724-528-2490 ANTIQUE & FLEAMARKET & AUCTIONS OF W. MIDDLESEX RT18 S. Open Wed. thru Sun. 9am-5pm. Monthly Auctions. Largest Antique Market in Western Pennsylvania.

07874 Stanhope 973-347-7373 BLUE HERON ANTIQUES, 34 Main St. Roseville Pottery, Perfumes, Art Glass, Lamps, Jewelry, Paper Weights, Watches, Clocks. CLEARANCE SALE. Open Wed.- Sun. 10-6. Tues. by chance.

16686 Tyrone 814-684-5088 I-99 ANTIQUES, conveniently located off the Tyrone Exit of Interstate 99, 1222 Pennsylvania Avenue. Quality antiques & collectibles. 40 dealers. Open Daily 10-5, Sun 12-5. Dealers welcome.

07901 Summit 908-273-9373 SUMMIT ANTIQUES CENTER, 511 Morris Ave. 2 floors, 60+ dealers. Antiques, collectibles. Smalls to furniture. Open 7 days 11-5. Free parking.

16801 State College 814-238-2980 APPLE HILL ANTIQUES, Rt. 26N to 169 Gerald Street. Distinctive antiques in a gallery setting. Over 60 dealers. Open daily 10 to 6. Wide variety.

07930 Chester 908-879-7836 CHESTER ANTIQUE MALL, 30+ Dlrs, no reproductions. 427 Rt.510 (old RT24) between Mendham & Chester, Tues -Sat 10:30-5:00, Sun. 11:30-5:00. Furniture, primitives, glass, jewelry, art, etc. 08005 Barnegat 609-698-3020 BAY AVENUE ANTIQUES 349 S. Main (Route 9). Open Tues.-Sun. 10am-5pm. Book Seller: New Jersey Books, Maps, Prints, Baseball, Ebbets Field, Chess, Railroad, Titanic, Lincoln, LBI items. 08006 Barnegat Light 609-361-8039 THE SEAWIFE, 1901 Bayview Ave. at Viking Village. Country primitive antique furniture, quilts, folk art, architecturals & garden. Open weekends. 08007 Barrington 856-617-0218 BYGONE ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES, 102-R Clements Bridge Rd. A Unique Co-Op of knowledgeable, friendly dealers- smalls, antique & vintage jewelry, furniture, rare & unique items. Closed Mondays. 08033 Haddonfield 856-429-1929 HADDONFIELD ANTIQUES CENTER, 9 Kings Highway East. Multi-dealer co-op, Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4. Antiques, collectibles, vintage merchandise, art, books, brass, copper, furniture, glassware, jewelry, pottery, silver, toys, etc. 08310 Richland Village 856-697-2170 SHORELINE VINTAGE, 1343 Rt. 40. Antique Furniture & More, Open Thurs. thru Sun. or by appt.


17552 Mount Joy 717-653-9026 STONE BARN ANTIQUES, 21/2 miles east of Mount Joy, on Chiques Road, across from Liederkranz. Oak & pine furniture & general line. Call for appointment. 17745 Lock Haven 570-893-1650 MARKET HAUS & GROVE, U.S. RT 220 Lock Haven, PA exit RT 120. Open Thurs. - Sun. 9:30-5. 22,000 sq. ft. of antiques, crafts, collectibles, furniture & such. A trip you’ll always remember. 17810 Allenwood 570-538-1886 BALD EAGLE ANTIQUE CENTER, Rt. 15approx 10-12 mi. N of I-80, Exit 210B or 9 mi. S of Williamsport, PA. Full general line. Dlrs Welcome. New Hours: Open Sunday 10am-5pm only. 18071 Palmerton 610-826-4200 NOW & THEN ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES 636 Delaware Ave. Toys, Advertising, Autographs, Primitives. Hrs. Mon.-Fri. 9-5; Sat. 9-4

18080 Slatington 610-767-8400 BUS STOP INDOOR FLEA MARKET 8281 RT 873, every Fri., Sat., Sun. 9am-5pm. Crafts, Antiques, & Flea Market items. Former Keystone Lamp Factory. New vendors welcomed.


Open Every Day 10-6

Antique Emporium of Asbury Park






35,000 Sq. Ft. Over 130 Booths

6 46 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, New Jersey Just minutes from Exit 102, Garden State Parkway

(301) 447-6471


Open Daily 10-5 P.M. 1 Chesapeake Ave. E411409


Everything From Antiques To Collectibles

(Off Main St.)

Emmitsburg, MD


Antique and art dealers of fine European and American furniture, art, bronzes, statuary, porcelain, glass, china, silver, primitives, jewelry, clocks, decorative items, linens, collectibles, and much more!

WEST VIRGINIA 254 Northeastern 260-268 Northern 247-259 Southeastern

18251 Sybertsville 570-788-1275 HAL’S ANTIQUE FLEA MARKET, 732 State Rte. 93, Exit 256 off I-80, take 93 S. or Exit 145 off I-81, take 93 N. Sundays 9am-4pm. 18337 Milford 570-409-8636 OLD LUMBERYARD ANTIQUES 113 7th St. 2 large Multi-Dealer Shops, 10,000 sq. ft. Mon., Thur-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-5. 18360 Stroudsburg 973-590-0574 TIMELESS TREASURES 1845 W. Main St. Antiques, primitives, collectibles, old toys. We buy and sell gold. Open: Thurs.- Mon. 11-6 or by appt.

18947 Pipersville 215-766-7145 BUX-MONT CONSIGNMENT SHOPPE 6719 Easton Rd. Over 75 vendors with Antiques, Collectibles & Consignments. Specializing in Military & Auto. Open Daily 9-5, closed Tues./ Wed. 18951 Quakertown 215-536-4547 ANTIQUES AT 200 EAST, Rts 212 & 313. Multi-DLR shop; EAST BROAD ANTIQUES, 141 E. Broad St. 215-5364408. One Stop 2 Fantastic Stores. Shop Where Dealers Buy! Open 7 days.

18655 Shickshinny 570-542-4489 JAKE’S OUTPOST 51 W. Union St. Antiques, Collectibles & Militaria. Hours Thursdays & Fridays 9am-6pm.

18962 Silverdale 215-453-1414 THE FACTORY ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES, 130 West Main St, Rt 113, Bucks County. Featuring over 40 fine Buck’s County Dealers. Open Wednesday thru Sunday 10am to 5pm.

18657 Tunkhannock 570-836-8713 APPLE WAGON ANTIQUE MALL, Rt.6, 5 miles west of Tunkhannock. Primitives, furniture, glassware, pottery, toys, books, linens & coins. 25+ vendors. Mon.-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-5.

19128 Philadelphia 215-482-1033 KITCHENIQUES 646 Roxborough Ave. Antiques, collectibles, specializing in kitchen, dining & restaurant decor, Chef’s tools, etc. Hrs. Thurs.-Sat. 114pm,

18705 Plains 570-270-3107 COOK & COOK ANTIQUES & Home Furnishings. 29 E. Carey St. Quality multidlr shop. Antiques, furniture, lighting, jewelry, collectibles. Open Tues.-Sat. 10-5, Sun 12-4,

19343 Glenmoore 484-888-1009 CRICKET’S GARDEN MARKET 1641 Horseshoe Pike. Antique & Vintage Garden Accents along with Plants Galore! Hours 10am-5pm. Wed. thru Mon.

18901 Doylestown 215-348-4864 ANTIQUES IN DOYLESTOWN 35 E. State St. Great better & costume jewelry, art, kitchenware, pottery, smalls, clothing. Mention Ad for add’l discount. Wed. 11-5 Thurs.12-6 Fri.11-8 Sat 11-6

19343 Glenmoore 610-458-8964 VILLAGE EMPORIUM, Ludwigs Village Shoppes, Rts 100/ 401. Antiques, lighting, collectibles, jewelry, furniture, local artists. Tues.-Sat. 10-5.

18914 Chalfont 215-997-3227 BUCKS COUNTY ANTIQUE GALLERY, 8 Skyline Dr. Just off Rt. 202, S of Rt.152. Antiques & more. Old/ new accessories, consignment furniture. 12,000 sq ft. of Bucks County’s Best. Tu.-Sa. 10-5, Sun 12-5

19355 Frazer 610-651-8299 FRAZER ANTIQUES. -Best kept secret on Phila. Main Line- Open daily 10am5pm. 2 mi east of Rte 202 on Rt. 30.

18930 Kintnersville 610-847-1966 GRISTIES ANTIQUES AND ODDITIES, Rt. 611 near Rt. 32. 30 Dealers. Smalls and primitives to fine furniture. Open every day 11-5. Free parking. 18938 New Hope 215-862-5454 COCKAMAMIE’S 15 N. Main St. Specializing in Art Deco lighting, Furniture, Home Accessories, Celebrity Autographs & 1950’s. Authors of Art Deco Lighting & Popular Art Deco Lighting: Shades of the Past. Open Thurs.-Mon., appts. call 215-534-2169. With Ad receive additional discount. 18940 Wrightstown 215-598-8837 NOSTALGIC NOOK, Rt413, Carousel Village at Indian Walk. China, Stangl, Pennsbury Pottery, Glass-Cut & Pressed, Silver, Primitives, Furniture, Frames, Lamps. M-Sa 10-6. Sun 11-5.

AT T E N T I O N Shouldn’t your SHOP or B&B be listed in this guide?

CALL 1-800-428-4211, ext. 2561 or

717-653-9848 Monday- Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

FAX 717-492-2566 24 hours a day Your ad will be processed on the next business day

E-MAIL Submit your ad to us at Deadline: Wednesday 4:00pm for Fridays edition

Special Display At Haddon Heights Center

110 Dealers a great source for ... ) Antiques & Collectibles Furniture Art & Prints Advertising • Textiles -HZHOU\ ‡ &RLQV ‡ 7R\V Quilts • Pottery • Books


VIRGINIA 220-229 Northern 230-239 Southern 240-246 Southwestern

18944 Perkasie 215-257-3564 TREASURE TROVE, 6 S. 7th Street. Estate jewelry, furniture, linens, vintage clothing, glass, china, books, toys, kitchenware, advertising, postcards. Primitives to Deco. Dealers Welcome. Mon.-Sat. 10-5. “Since 1980.”

In Frederick, Md.


MON - SAT. 11 TO 5, SUN 12-5

17090 Shermans Dale 717-582-3457 HEARTS DESIGN AT NEEDFUL THINGS 5800 Spring Rd. Open 7 days/ week 106. Antiques, Gifts & Custom Embroidery,



608 Arnold Ave. Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ


17062 Millerstown 717-589-7810 STITCH IN TIME ANTIQUE & GIFT MALL 43 N. Market St. Antiques, Collectibles, Furniture, Quality Handmade Crafts & Gifts. Open 7 days 10-5, Fri. til 8. Millerstown exit off RT322.


Point Pavilion Antique Centre

2 Floors 2 Explore

17025 West Fairview 717-732-7680 WE DABBLE, 73 2nd St. (on Rt 11-15) . 3500 sq.ft. We buy/ sell for you. Marbles wanted.

08876 Somerville 908-218-1234 ANTIQUES EMPORIUM, 29 Division St. Open 7 days 11-5. Municipal parking free on weekends! Be sure to come in for all the special discounts ongoing! Lots of fresh merchandise daily!


4,000 Sq. Ft. Park Free Weekends

Hopewell, NJ 08525

07801 Dover 973-989-4470 DOVER ANTIQUE CENTER Corner of Warren & Bassett. Furniture, pottery, jewelry, toys, glass, books, records, clocks, art, trains, coins W 11-7, F/Sat 11-5, Su 10-5.

08525 Hopewell 609-466-9833 TOMATO FACTORY ANTIQUE & DESIGN CENTER 2 Somerset St. We Have It All! Open Mon. thru Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-5. We have 38 Dealers.

Open Every Day 11-5

38 Dealers 2 Somerset Street

020-027 Southeastern NEW JERSEY 070-079 Northern 085-089 Central 080-084 Southern

08505 Bordentown 609-298-1424 SHOPPE 202, 202 Farnsworth Ave., Exit 7 NJ Turnpike, 206 N-1 mile. Antiques, custom framing, collectibles, art & furniture. Tues. thru Sat. 11-5, Fri. till 8.



and Eastern Shore 207-8-9 GreaterD.C. MASSACHUSETTS 010-016 Western& Central 017-019 Northeastern

5862 Urbana Pike (Rt. 355 So.) Frederick, MD Open Daily 10-6 “Late” Thursdays ‘til 8 pm


CONNECTICUT 060-1-2 Central & Northeastern 063 Southeastern 064-9 Southwestern

PENNSYLVANIA 190-1 Philadelphia 189-196 Southeastern 100-109 Metropolitan 180-188 Northeastern 110-119 Metropolitan 170-171 Central NEW YORK & Long Island 172-179 South Central 140-149 Western OHIO 166-169 North Central 130-139 Central 120-129 Northeastern 437 & 455 East Central 160-165 Northwestern 441 East North 150-158 Southwestern & Eastern Central

A variety of plush monkeys, some vintage children’s books, porcelain animal figures, and an interesting lion head plaque are just a few of the many wild animals that will be represented in the “Trip to the Zoo” display throughout August at the Haddon Heights Antiques Center.

A trip to the zoo is always an interesting summertime excursion. With that in mind, the Haddon Heights Antiques Center in Haddon Heights, New Jersey, is mounting a “Trip to the Zoo” special display featuring vintage wild animals throughout the month of August.

Included in this display will be lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, and more in figural form. Certainly, there will be plush animals, including those highly collectible ones made by Steiff. There will also be figurines made of porcelain, (Continued on page 7)


Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012 - - 7


GEORGIA 8/10-12/12, ATLANTA, Antiques & Collectibles, Atlanta Expo Centers 9/07-09/12, ATLANTA, Antiques & Collectibles, Atlanta Expo Centers

9/16/12, BARNEGAT LIGHT, SUN 9 AM-5 PM, Antique & Collectible, 19th & Bayview Ave, Historic Viking Village NEW MEXICO 8/09-11, SANTA FE, THURS 6 PM-9 PM FRI 10 AM-6 PM SAT 10 AM-5 PM, Antique Ethnographic Art, Historic Downtown, Santa Fe Convention Center

8/11/12, LANCASTER, SAT 9 AM-1 PM, Hunting & Fishing, 1383 Arcadia Rd, Lancaster Farm & Home Center 8/11/12, MANHEIM, SAT 7 AM-2 PM, Antiques, Collectibles, Flea Market, Crafts, 705 Graystone Rd, Root's

8/11-12/12, BLUE MOUNTAIN LAKE, SAT & SUN 10 AM-5 PM, Antique, Adirondack Museum

8/26/12, SHREWSBURY, SUN 9 AM-3 PM, Coin, Off I-83 Exit 4, Hampton Inn

8/13-19/12, BOUCKVILLE, MON-SUN, Antiques & Collectibles, Scenic Rt 20, Madison-Bouckville

8/31-9/01-02/12, YORK, FRI 10 AM-6 PM SAT 10 AM-6 PM SUN 11 AM-5 PM, Antique, 334 Carlisle Ave, York Fairgrounds Conv & Expo Ctr Memorial Hall East

NEW HAMPSHIRE 8/09-11/12, MANCHESTER, THURS & FRI 10 AM-7 PM SAT 10 AM-4 PM, Antique, 700 Elm St, Radisson Hotel 8/10/12, CONCORD, FRI 10 AM5 PM, Pickers Market Antique, 15 Loudon Rd, The Douglas N. Everett Arena NEW JERSEY 8/25/12, SALEM, SAT 10 AM-4 PM, Antiques, Antique & Exhibition Cars, On The Streets of Salem, Salem Market Street Day

9/01-02/12, STORMVILLE, SAT & SUN 8 AM-5 PM, Antiques & Flea Market, 428 Rt. 216, Stormville Airport PENNSYLVANIA 8/11-12/12, EAGLES MERE, SAT & SUN 9 AM-5 PM, Arts & Crafts Festival, on the Village Green, Eagles Mere Historic Village

7UHDVXUH +XQW $7/$17$(;32&(17(56 $7/$17$*(25*,$

8/25/12, LITITZ, SAT 9 AM-4 PM, Antique & Collectible, Lititz Springs Park

9/15/12, BOXBOROUGH, SAT 9 AM-4 PM, Paper, Book, Advertising Collectibles, 242 Adams Place, Boxborough Holiday Inn

9/14-19/12 (9/18 AUCTION 6 PM), HARRISBURG, All-Dairy Antiques & Collectibles, 2300 N Cameron St, PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Ctr



8/25/12, NEW BERLIN, SAT 9 AM-4 PM, Antiques, Arts, Crafts, New Berlin Town Center

9/01/12, EAGLES MERE, SAT 9 AM-4 PM, Antiques, on the Village Green, Eagles Mere Historic Village

VIRGINIA 8/10-12/12, VIRGINIA BEACH, FRI & SAT 10 AM-6 PM SUN NOON-5 PM, Antique, 1000 19th St, Virginia Beach Convention Ctr


8/18/12, LANCASTER, SAT 9 AM-5 PM, Postcard Expo, Arcadia Rd, Farm & Home Center

8/12-14/12, SANTA FE, SUN 6 AM-9 PM MON & TUES 10 AM5 PM, Antique Indian Art, Historic Downtown, Santa Fe Convention Center

MAINE 8/11-12/12, UNION, SAT 9 AM-5 PM SUN 9 AM-4 PM, Antiques Festival, Fairgrounds Ln, Union Fairgrounds

9/22/12, PERKIOMENVILLE, SAT 10 AM-4 PM, Antique, 318 Colonial Rd, Henry's Field

9/27-29/12, KUTZTOWN, THURS 10 AM-4 PM FRI 8 AM5 PM SAT 8 AM-4 PM, Extravaganza, 740 Noble St, Renningers-Kutztown Antique Market

8/11/12, SOMERSET, SAT 8 AM4 PM, Antique, On The Streets

MASSACHUSETTS 8/10-12/12, SHEFFIELD, FRI & SAT 10 AM-5 PM SUN 10 AM-4 PM, Antique, Berkshire School Rd, Mt Everett Regional School


9/22/12, GETTYSBURG, SAT 7 AM-4 PM, Outdoor Antique, Streets of Downtown


Directions: 3 miles East of Atlanta Airport on I-285 at Exit 55 (3650 & 3850 Jonesboro Rd.)

2+,2(;32&(17(5 &2/80%862+,2



All Facilities are Heated & Air Conditioned ~ Luxury Shuttle Buses & Showcase Rentals in Georgia ~ Table & Chair Rentals Available in Georgia & Ohio


DELAWARE 8/26/12, NEW CASTLE, Antique, Battery Park, On The Waterfront

9/08/12, TUCKERTON, SAT 8 AM-4 PM, Antique Flea Market, Rt 9, Ocean County "Tip" Seaman Park


CONNECTICUT 8/11/12, MADISON, SAT 9 AM-4 PM, Antique, Boston Post Rd, Madison Town Green

Directions: I-71 Exit 111 (17th Ave.) to the Ohio Expo Center (Ohio State Fairgrounds)

q14.'šU $4)(U5 105*.:0'11405+36(*18U> 9LVLWZZZ6FRWW$QWLTXH0DUNHWFRP

8/11-12/12, PHILADELPHIA, SAT & SUN 9:30 AM-5:30 PM AUCTION EVERY SAT 11 AM, F/M & Auction, 1600 S Warfield St, Pennsy Flea Market & Country Auction

HADDON HEIGHTS (Continued from page 6)

Pennsy Flea Market Philly’s Largest Indoor Market New Management New Vendor Mix Every Saturday & Sunday 1600 S. Warfield Street

Philadelphia, PA 19145

215.463.FLEA (3532)


wood, and celluloid. Vintage animal prints and children’s books will be represented. Souvenirs and postcards of zoos, especially the Philadelphia Zoo, will be displayed as well. And remember that everything in the display is for sale. Come see if your favorite zoo animal is represented in this display, and, while there, check out the many interesting and affordable antiques and collectibles that the dealers at the Haddon Heights Antiques Center have to offer. Open seven days a week from 10 to 5, with extended hours on Fridays, the Haddon Heights Antiques Center is located at 531 Clements Bridge Road in Haddon Heights. For directions or additional information, call (856)546-0555. S714861

Antiques in Henry’s Field

The Power House Antiques & Collectibles

Catch the antiquing bug! S756144

Rt. 29 3 Mi. N. Of Rt. 422 Collegeville, PA 19426 Fine Antiques, Collectibles, Jewelry, Coins, Art Deco, Roseville, Rare Books, Glass, Vintage Clothing, Stamps, Postcards, Christmas Collectibles, Old Toys, Advertising & Much, Much More. OPEN EVERY SUNDAY 9-5 Ph. 610-489-7388 Every Tuesday Since 1925


Saturday, September 22, 2012 10 am - 4 pm

6 A.M.-9 P.M. &

ROOT’S COUNTRY MARKET & AUCTION 9 A.M.-9 P.M. 717-898-7811 705 Graystone Rd., Manheim, PA 17545

All proceeds to benefit the Goschenhoppen Historians and the Henry Antes House restoration

318 Colonial Rd., Perkiomenville, PA 18074

Info: 610.762.4034

Visit Bldgs. 6 & 9 (2 floors) to See Antiques, Collectibles, Toys, Tools, Coins, Glassware, Home DĂŠcor & Our Co-Op.

or visit (30 miles NW of Philadelphia off Rt. 73, Upper Frederick TWP., Montgomery Co., PA)

(Look For Signs) S757031

TH ts Special Even e SATURDAY, AUGUST 11 7 A.M.-2 P.M. om elc W s Antiques, Collectibles, Flea Market & Crafts or nd Ve Upcoming Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show - Sat., Sept. 8th Call Jim At (717) 898-7443

Antiques Show and Sale


8 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012

FOOLED BY FAKES (Continued from page 4)

effort to make an unsigned antique piece more valuable. The INS has photographic evidence of a mouse netsuke that was originally unsigned, then “miraculously� showed up at auction with a signature - a clear attempt at deception. A knowledgeable INS member also advises using caution with any signature stained red on a wood netsuke. If you own one or more newer pieces that you thought were antique, don’t fret; instead, use them as opportunities. Study the differences between the modern pieces and known antiques - this is the best way to truly understand the look and feel of each. Netsuke have been made from many different types of material, each with its own characteristics. But the single most impor-

tant thing you can do to truly understand this field is to join the International Netsuke Society, where you can chat with and learn from some of the most helpful, knowledgeable netsuke collectors you’ll ever find. This invaluable resource’s forum is filled with interesting, lively discussions about authenticity, carvers, and so much more that anyone even slightly interested in netsuke and its related forms will find the INS most stimulating and, happily, addictive. All photos are comparisons of forgeries and their authentic counterparts and were generously contributed by members of the International Netsuke Society. AT A GLANCE: Signs of a Fake, Forgery, or Reproduction: 1. Netsuke without the patina indicating years of handling.

SHOWS & MARKETS 2. Cord holes with sharp, unworn edges indicate a modern piece. 3. Cracks in ivory running at an angle to the natural grain +HOGLQWKH:KLWH5RRPLQGRRUVDWWKHHQGRIWKH,QGRRU are manmade. $QWLTXHV0DUNHW)ULGD\ 6DWXUGD\GXULQJWKH([WUDYDJDQ]DLQ 4. Parts carved after a natural crack formed indicate .XW]WRZQ6HSWHPEHU WR)HDWXULQJ,QWHUQDWLRQDOO\ modern carving on old ivory. .QRZQ$UWLVW'RQQD0DULDQRI'DUN&UHDWLRQ 5. Dark stain inside a crack mimicking natural age. 6. Rubbing in unusual spots may be camouflaging mold lines. 7. Multi-colored stains suggest a modern piece. Reference books, websites, and collecting groups are the best ways to keep from being fooled by fakes. Here are a few: International Netsuke Society (; Netsuke: Masterpieces From The Metropolitan Museum of Art by Barbra Teri Okada; Inro and Netsuke by Tokyo National Museum.


You’re invited to attend the ‌

20TH ANNUAL POSTCARD EXPO Sponsor: Lancaster (PA) County Postcard Club


Saturday, August 18, 2012 9 A.M. To 5 P.M.

5(11,1*(56.87=72:1 $QWLTXHV &ROOHFWRUV (;75$9$*$1=$

Farm & Home Center Arcadia Road (off Rt. 72 at the Honda Sign)

Lancaster, Pennsylvania (near Rt. 30) For Information/Directions: Or call Jere Greider, (717) 285-5872 Or E-mail: Only $2.50 Admission ($2.00 with this ad)



Outstanding Exhibits, Free Parking, Door Prizes, Good Food Available


No Dealer Trading or Early Bird Buying



Antiquing in Central PA’s Susquehanna River Valley: Every Turn a Treasure





UPCOMING EVENTS July 15: Antiques on the Avenue, Selinsgrove


5(11,1*(56$'$0672:1 $QWLTXHV&HQWHU

August 24-26: Middlecreek Valley Antique Association’s Fall Show, Old Colony Road, Selinsgrove


Free antiquing brochure: ÂŽ 1-877-717-9933



August 25: New Berlin Day, Downtown New Berlin



Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012 - - 9



Hatfield, PA 215-393-3000


Check Our Website For Additional Info. & Photos


Spence’s Auction & Flea Market Auction Every

Chester Heights, PA 19017 Phone:

(610) 358-9515

Pennsy Auction 1600 S. Warfield Street

Philadelphia, PA 19145

‘Like’ Us On Facebook -


DELAWARE 8/18/12, SMYRNA, SUN 10 AM, Primitive decorative, Longaberger baskets, pottery, pictures, Christmas, furniture, books, tools etc., 142 Dodge Dr, Green Gavel Auction, LLC

1500+ Lots Sold Every Week!

weekly listings & hundreds of photos:


1347 Naamans Creek Road Garnet Valley, PA 19060 610.566.3138 (Office) 610.485.0412 (Showroom)



Doors Open 2:15 P.M. Dollar Sale 2:45 P.M. Gallery Sale 4:30 P.M. ANTIQUES VINTAGE COLLECTIBLES: Glassware, China, Jewelry, Toys, Artwork, Ephemera, Furniture. Always a nice assortment of Unusual Smalls. Quality-Antique Sale Third Tuesday Of Every Month 216 Mill Street (Rear Entrance)

8/11/12, AUDUBON, SAT 11 AM, Antiques & Collectbles, 100 W Merchant St, Audubon's Auctioneers 8/18/12, BRIDGETON, SAT 9 AM, Architectural, garden furniture, decorator items, paintings, prints, antiques, collectibles, carved furniture, statues, lighting etc., 710 Shiloh Pk (Rt 49) Hopewell Twp, Action Auctions & Appraisals


NEW YORK 8/17-18/12, LOWVILLE, FRI 5 PM SAT 9 AM, Rare & hard to find antique tools & miscellaneous, 8628 St Rt 26, Ted Simmons




Information Call: 215-788-6700 or 215-499-7023 (Cell) 10% Buyer’s Premium 5 Min. Off I-95 or Exit 358 of PA Turnpike Lic.# AU-003580-L

Amoss & Freeman, Auctioneers Members Of AAM & NAA


LEBANON, PA 17046 Auctions Thurs. 1 P.M. For Information Phone (717) 272-7078


Bel Air Auction Gallery Consignment Auction Every Fri. 6:00 PM Monthly Antique Auction First Sat. Of Each Month 13 Ellendale St., Bel Air, MD 1-800-451-BIDS


8/10/12, KEMPTON, FRI 10 AM, Antiques, primitives, jelly cupboard, Longaberger baskets, Coca Cola advertising, old Grundig radios, toys, furniture etc., Kempton Community Ctr 83 Community Dr, Arner Auctioneers LLC

COSTEA’S AUCTION SERVICE Camp Hill, PA (717) 737-0000 Specializing In Antiques

Bodnar’s Auction Sales 3000 Lots Sold At Every Sale 2 Auctions Simultaneously Buy, Sell, Consign, Appraise


Richard L. Dotta Auction Co.

Route 512 (11 miles North of Route 22)


8/11/12, HARRISBURG, SAT 11 AM, Coin, jewelry, sterling, coins, currency, 1500 Paxton St, Cordier Antiques & Appraisals

8/18/12, CANADENSIS, SAT NOON, 1930 log home, acreage, antiques, 3164 Old Canadensis Hill, Jack Hamblin Auctions

8/11/12, LIMERICK, SAT 9 AM, Sterling & jewelry, baseball memorabilia, some coins, textiles, assorted primitives etc.; appx. 80 Hummels @ Noon, The Limerick FIre Hall 390 W Ridge Pk, Rokicki's Auction 8/11/12, SASSAMANSVILLE, SAT 9 AM, Antiques, collectibles, clean modern furniture & working appliances, gas, soda, & tobacco advertising, toys, wood shop equipment, tools, costume jewelry, slag glass hanging & parlor lamps etc., Sassamansville Fire Co 1865 Hoffmansville Rd, Arn B. Malmberg 8/12/12, CAMP HILL, SUN 11 AM, Antiques, quality furnishings etc., Lower Allen Plaza 2228 Gettysburg Rd, Costea's Auction Service 8/15-17/12, HATFIELD, WED 10 AM-NOON & 1 PM THURS 9 AM & NOON FRI 10 AM-NOON, 8/15 - 10 am-Noon Real Estate open house @91-93 Carol St., Ramsey, NJ; 1 pm online only real estate closes on 3501 W 10th St., Marcus Hook, Pa; 1 pm-2 pm real estate open house @ 201-203 W. Oakland Ave., Oakland, NJ; 8/16 - estate auction; Noon Asian; 8/17 - 10 amNoon real estate open house @ Rt 447, Canadensis, Pa, 501 Fairgrounds Rd, Alderfer Auction & Appraisal




Collectibles, Firearms, Jewelry & Estate Auction WED., AUGUST 15TH, 2012 AT 6 P.M.



220 N. Main St Suite A, 18960 Jewelry w/4.5 Ct. Diamond Ring, Meissen Mantel Clock, Firearms including Winchester John Wayne Rifle, Portraits on Ivory, Sm. Franz Bergman Bronze, Fenton Art Glass, Camel Figurine Collection, Vintage Toys, Collectibles & More. For Full Listing & Photos visit


Stephenson’s Auction Antiques - Residential Contents Auctions Every Friday - 4 P.M. In Our Gallery 1005 Industrial Blvd. Southampton, PA 18966 (215) 322-6182 For Questions Call 855-765-3001

Sellersville Auction, LLC (AH001943)

8/18/12, CARLISLE, SAT 9 AM, Rare museum quality collection of early phonographs, collection of Nipper dogs, chalk, paper mache and other examples, illuminated signs, posters, cylinder records, Carlisle Fire & Rescue Social Hall 177 Carlisle Springs Rd, Richard Murry

8/18/12, NAZARETH, SAT 9 AM, Antique, Victorian & Edwardian furniture, smalls, collectibles, power tools, lawn, garden equipment, 2001 Mazda B-4000 SEV6 pick-up truck, 5769 Sullivan Trail, Robert H. Clinton & Co., Inc. & Hahn Auction Co. 8/18/12, STATE COLLEGE, SAT 9:30 AM, Period Chippendale & Sheraton antique furniture, other antique furniture, dolls, Westward Ho pattern glass, Moravian tile table, 18 kt. gold Rolex man's watch, oriental rugs etc., 704 W Fairmount Ave, Ron J., Ron S. Gilligan, David C. Zentner 8/18/12, YORK, SAT 9 AM, Vintage collectibles including 60 albums & box lots w/100's of autographs & paper collectibles etc., Springettsbury Fire Co. Social Hall 3013 E Market St, Gilbert & Gilbert Auctioneers

Antiques & Auction News Is Published Weekly

C & M AUCTIONEERS AUCTION Monday, August 6th 5:30 P.M. | 739 Lincoln Avenue, Burlington, NJ Hawaiian man daguerreotype; Sloan ointment bottle; German head bottle topper; 1834 German Bible; Judith Caplan signed pen/ink; Vogue cover mock up; Weller, Floretta pitcher; RS Prussia bowl, Victorian pole finial; Oriental vase bookends; soda fountain dispensers (circa 1930); 1972 Harmony, American made guitar; large quantity of vintage 1970’s clothing, not worn, many with tags; Florence police badge; Nazi collectibles, armband; shield (R), patch; more vintage dolls; advertising match safes; Wilson/Goldwater political buttons; G.A.R. medal, vintage postcards; smalls from England, porcelain, brass, copper, vintage Certified autographs: Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Muhammad Ali ++; costume jewelry; photo postcards, Much more. Accepting Consignments 609-216-0383 C&M Auctioneers 609-216-0383 | 609-386-1778 Limited space, call to reserve; check for picture/terms


Fine American Furniture (Henkel Harris), Diamond Ring, Model Cars, JD Riding Mower (like new), ‘98 Cadillac Eldorado (excellent)


Selling Large Amount of Antiques, Collectibles & Household Goods From Local Homes & Estates Office: 610-274-8525 Jim Hill: 484-576-6368 For Sale Schedule & Highlights Visit:

8/15/12, SELLERSVILLE, WED 6 PM, Collectibles, firearms, jewelry, estate, 220 N Main St Suite A, Sellersville Auction LLC

8/18/12, LANCASTER, SAT 8:30 AM, Fine American furniture, diamond ring, model cars; JD riding mower, 98 Cadillac Eldorado noon, 2483 Ellendale Dr., Miller & Siegrist Auctioneers


(in Willow Acres Dev. across from Rockvale Square.) Very ďŹ ne, high-quality furniture! See web for listing & photos.




8/16/12, QUARRYVILLE, THURS NOON, Antiques, coins, large Native American Collection, musical instruments, 3164 White Oak Rd, PA Auction Center

2483 Ellendale Dr., Lancaster, PA

Auctions every other Friday & Saturday Starting 9 A.M. Preview 8 A.M.

NEW 15,000 Sq. Ft. Building with very large loading dock. LOW COMMISSION RATES CONSIGNMENTS ALWAYS WELCOME 15% Buyer’s Premium 356 Swedesboro Avenue

8/11/12, GETTYSBURG, SAT 10 AM, Vintage millinery, accessories, clothing, Sidney Willoughby Run 730 Chambersburg Rd, Time Travelers Estate Sales

Mowers & Car: 12 noon


1465 New London Road Landenberg, PA 19350

7:00 AM - Glassware & Outside 10:00 AM - Furniture Large amounts of oak, walnut, mahogany, glassware and collectibles

8/15/12, MILLVILLE, WED NOON, Documents that mark the end of World War II, 2267 State Rt 42, Col. Kirk's Auction Gallery

4"5 "6(645 t".



PENNSYLVANIA 8/09-10 & 13/12, MANHEIM, THURS 9 AM FRI 8:30 AM MON NOON, 8/9 - wagon loads of box lots, 8/10 - customer appreciation day, antiques, collectibles, lawn,garden, farm equipment; Noon - cars/trailer, 8/13 - furniture, 1667 Cider Press Rd, John M. Hess Auction Service

8/11/12, DUNCANNON, SAT. 2 PM, Fishing, collectibles, glassware, pottery, clocks, railroad & trains, coins, Chandler books, Ned Smith items, sterling jewelry, early books, MIB Lemax Spooky Town, ammo, furniture etc., Rts 11/15 between Marysville & Duncannon beside Leonard's Oak World, Cindy Fenton


Associated Auctioneers & Appraisers Inc.

MAINE 8/21-24/12, FAIRFIELD, TUESFRI, Antiques & Fine Art, 203 Skowhegan Rd, James D. Julia, Inc. NEW JERSEY 8/06/12, BURLINGTON, MON 5:30 PM, Hawaiian man dauggeratype, Sloan ointment bottle, German head bottle topper, 1834 German Bible, 1970 vintage clothing, costume jewelry, photo postcards, prcelain, brass, copper, vintage autographs etc., 739 Lincoln Ave, C & M Auctioneers





Previews: Thursdays: 4-7PM All-day Fridays from 9AM




Estates Welcome - Over 150 Flea Market Vendors, Indoors & Outdoors

Exit No. 17, Interstate 295 PHONES: (856) 423-6800 OR 423-6801

Every Saturday at 11am

344 Valleybrook Road,


Weekly, Public, Absolute Estate Variety Auctions Every Friday at 4PM



Sales Every Mon., Wed. & Every Other Sat. Phone (717) 764-5403 - 792-3837 Auctioneers: Jack & Sheryl Hooks

Since 1911 Auctions Every Wednesday Starting At 3 P.M.

Tues. & Fri. - 1:00 P.M. Flea Market Every Tues., Fri. & Sat. 7:30 A.M.

Auctions Held 2nd Thurs. Of Every Month At UKRAINIAN CULTURAL CENTER 135 Davidson Ave., Somerset, NJ Member Of The NJSSA For More Info. Call




BLUM’S AUCTION Adjacent To Black Diamond At The Schuylkill Mall FRACKVILLE, PA Monthly Bid Board Auctions 570-622-3089


(302) 734-3441

5 miles W. of YORK on Rt. 30



Antiques & Collectibles, Real Estate Auctions, Business Liquidations, Agricultural, Household, Benefit, Storage Units, Guns, Coins & More! S733433

550 S. New Street, Dover, DE 19901



3164 OLD CANADENSIS HILL, 18325 Selling For The Estate Of Jeanne T. Snyder. Parcel 1 - The Unique, Former "Hugh & Neta Talmage Log Home," Built Ca. 1930, Situated On 2 Acres +/- With Frontage On The Brodhead Creek Trout Stream. First Floor Features Gorgeous Living Room w/Vaulted Ceiling And Massive Stone Fireplace, 3 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Dining Room And Bath, With Attic Storage, 3 Rooms And Bath Upstairs. Twin 360 Sq. Ft. Porches (One Screened) Complement The Creek Exposure. Mature Trees Surround Home On Three Sides, With Expansive Open Lawn To The Front. Zoned B-1/Commercial, Residential. Deed Book 551, Pg. 226. Parcel 2 - Wooded Lot (5.4 Acres) On Left Side Of Private "Melody Lane," Located Off Upper Seese Hill Rd., Barrett Twp., Canadensis, PA Zoned R-1 Residential. Deed Book 174, p.133. BOTH Parcels Will Be Offered At Public Auction At 12 Noon Sharp Aug. 18 At The Site Of The Log Home. INSPECTIONS AND VIEWING: By Appointment Only. TERMS: Buyer Of Parcel 1 Will Present At Strikedown A Bank Cashier's Check Payable To Jack Hamblin Auctioneer Escrow In The Amount Of $7,500.00. Buyer Of Parcel 2 Will Present At Strikedown A Bank Cashier's Check In The Amount Of $5,000.00 Payable To Jack Hamblin Auctioneer Escrow. Balance In (30) Days For Each Parcel. Both Deposits Are Nonrefundable. Prospective Buyers Are Advised To Have Finances In Order. Seller Guarantees Good Deeds. CONTENTS: Antiques And Collectibles Offered At 10:00 A.M. Sharp, To Incl. 12 Pane Corner Cupboard, Cherry Dressers And Stands, Cherry Slant Front Desk And Dry Sink, Cherry Hutch, Ant. Andirons, Clocks, Ant. Table Lamps, Sterling Flatware, Sterling Rings, Large Tugboat Models, Victorian Settee, And More. See Website. Auctioneer's Note: This Amazing Log Home Has Been In The Same Family Since Its Construction About 1930. With Mrs. Snyder's Passing, The Estate Is Offering Everyone The Same Fair And Equal Chance To Bid On Both The Log Home (Parcel 1) And The Wooded Lot On Melody Lane (Parcel 2). Must Be Sold To Settle Estate. Be Sure To Join Us Aug. 18 At High Noon ‌ Your Bid May Buy. Photos, GPS Directions And Descriptions At (Auctioneer ID#4958). Auction Ordered By: Carolyn Welsh, Executrix Of The Estate Of Jeanne Snyder. JACK HAMBLIN AUCTIONS, AU1813L PAA / NAA P.O. Box 504, Swiftwater, PA 18370

570-688-5735 or Toll-Free 1-888-881-6746



Dover, DE

2501 E. Ontario St., Phila., PA 215-425-7030 ESTATES & CONSIGNMENTS WELCOME

Auctioneers & Appraisers



Ben Twilley, Auctioneer



Green Gavel Auction, LLC





20th Century Works, Old Master Paintings, Antique Furniture And Decorations Top The Sale

Attr. Jakob Bogdani (1660-1724) Still Life of Fruits, Flowers & Animals; Sold for $15,600.

estimate of $370,000 to $615,000, and reached a sales total close to the high estimate at nearly $600,000, which includes auction sales and items sold in the tag sale. There were 3,271 bids entered in the online sale.

Items sold to more than 368 winning bidders who hailed from 32 different states and several foreign countries. Property in the sale featured items from some notable collections, including property from The Estate of Leon and Norma Hess - of Hess Oil and one time owner of the NY Jets (Park Avenue); The Estate of Interior Designer Barbara Girard (property removed from a Plaza Hotel Residence); The Estate of Helen Rolo, which featured an outstanding collection of Antiques & Fine Art; Property from the Woodlay Collection - from which a $200,000 Chinese soapstone seal was sold in our last auction (Westport, Connecticut); The Estate of Mrs. Frederick Pair of Cased Parlor Percussion Pistols (French, circa 1850); Bryan (Wingdale, New York); and The Estate of sold for $1,800.

Col. Kirk’s Auction Gallery



We will have up for auction, a very rare and important piece in American history. These documents are one of three that were sent out to the Aircraft Carriers during WWII. One of the documents is said to be in the Smithsonian Institute, ones whereabouts is unknown, and the other one will belong to the highest bidder. This one was sent to the USS Missouri, the ship that the treaty was signed on. There are photos, documents, and other important papers to go along with it. Please see photos and read the story at: When:

WED., AUGUST 15TH AT 12:00 NOON Where: Col.

Kirk’s Auction Gallery


2267 State Route 42, 570-458-6682


570.458.6682 /

WANTED: We specialize in the very best in BASEBALL COLLECTIBLES. If you don’t check with us before selling – you won’t know what the market will bear. Let us tell you what we think of your baseball collectibles. We offer complete auction services, as well as free appraisals and comprehensive information about your material. We will not try to buy your material. We are not dealers. We are strictly an auction house – with unparalleled integrity, knowledge and experience in the field. We will give you the information you need to make the most intelligent decisions regarding your significant and valuable baseball material. When Barry Halper, the world’s greatest baseball collector, sold his legendary collection, he insisted that Robert Edward Auctions oversee the historic sale of his Twenty-Six Million Dollar Collection.

Buttons Autographs Documents Display Pieces Gum Cards

• • • • •

Photographs World Series Items Pre-1900 Baseball Posters ETC., ETC….

Please Note: Item pictured will be sold in a future REA auction.

ROBERT EDWARD AUCTIONS P.O. Box 7256, Watchung, NJ 07069, 800-766-9324


Robert Edward Auctions offers the largest circulation of any auction devoted to sports collectibles in the world. Robert Edward Auctions always has millions of dollars available at a moment’s notice specifically for cash advances. We specialize in the very best in all areas of baseball collectibles. This includes: • • • • •

ARN B. MALMBERG P.O. Box 404 Bally, Pennsylvania 19503

(Continued on page 12)



(610) 845-2594

SAT., AUGUST 18TH, 2012 AT 10:00 A.M. Location: 142 Dodge Dr., SMYRNA, DE 19977

Directions: U.S. 13 Northbound Garrison Lake, Turn Left Onto Hickery Ridge Rd., Go Approx. 1⁄4 Mile, Turn Left Onto E. North Ridge Dr., Left Onto N. Ridge Dr., Right Onto Dodge Dr., Auction Signs Posted. Living Estate Auction To Downsize Years Of Collectibles. You Can’t Miss This One! Lots Of Primitive Decorative. 100s Of Longaberger® Baskets, Pottery, Pictures, Christmas And More. Everything Pristine! Furniture: Wonderful Hoosier Cabinet, Beautiful And Unique Secretary, Solid Oak Bar, Vintage Wooden Wall Phone, Oak Highchair, Vintage Wooden Baby Carriage, Washstand, Grape Press, Hanging Quilt Rack, Handmade Cradle, Child’s Spinning Wheel, Wooden Yarn Wheel, Deacon’s Bench, Solid Oak Rolltop Computer Desk, Wingback Chairs, Patio Furniture, Cast-Iron Umbrella Stand, Sewing Machine In Cabinet, Coat Rack, Daybed, Wood Chests/Trunks, End Tables, Coffee Tables, Wooden Sewing Basket. Collectibles: Various Native American Collectibles, Carved Wooden Swans, Roseville Pottery, Noritake, Goebel, Lots Of Capo-diMonte Fine Porcelain, Sarah’s Attic Figurines, Birdhouse Decorations, Snow Buddies, Snowbabies, Victorian Santas, Dolls Including Original Cabbage Patch Dolls, Hess Trucks. Longaberger®: Christmas Baskets, Nesting Baskets, Laundry Baskets, Picnic Baskets, Friendship Baskets, Big Easter Baskets, Discontinued Baskets, Consultant Only Baskets, Some Baskets Signed By Family Members, Most All Baskets Have Liners Protectors, Lids And Original Cards, Fruit Medley Pottery, Canning Jars, And Pictures. Misc.: Vintage Clarinet, Records, Griswold Fry Pans, #40 Butter Churn, Norristown Brewery Box, Cheese Box, Bread Box, Amish Hand Painted Easter Eggs, Crocks, Hens On Nest, Pitcher And Bowl Sets, Flowerpots, Stands, Cast-Iron Pieces, CB Radios, Bicycles, Hanging Baskets, Shepherd’s Hooks, BBQ Grill, Yard Tools. Household: Cast-Iron Skillets, Dishes Wolfgang Puck Panini Grill. Appliances: Whirlpool Side-By-Side Refrigerator Freezer, Ice Chest. Books: Gorgeous Old Bible, Signed History Of Delaware Books, Native American Books, Many Very Nice Collector Books. Tools: Misc. Hand And Power Tools, 4 HP Sears Craftsman Industrial 220 Air Compressor, 4x36” Sears Craftsman Disc Sander, Woodworking Bench, Shop Cabinets, Craftsman Toolbox, Chevy S10 Trailer Hitch, 12’ Amish-made Octagon Gazebo - Vinyl - Cedar Shingles Prewired, Ceiling Fan, Light Switch, Screened, Hahn - 5’x8’ Single Axle 2000 Lb. Flatbed Trailer Tagged Until 9/2012. Auctioneer’s Note: Remember, There Is NO BUYER’S PREMIUM Applied To Your Bid Price, Or Delaware Sales Tax. TERMS: Payment In Full The Day Of Sale With CASH, Or Check.


Ben Twilley, Auctioneer (302) 734-2432

Sterling, Coins & Currency, Jewelry

For over 30 years no one has consistently helped more sellers realize more money for their quality BASEBALL MATERIAL than Robert Edward Auctions. Offering an unparalleled tradition of integrity, knowledge, and professionalism, and an extraordinary national client base.

Baseball Cards Babe Ruth Items Tobacco Cards Uniforms Lou Gehrig Items


1865 HOFFMANSVILLE RD., 19472 Directions: West Of Frederick, PA On Hoffmansville Rd. Between Rt. 663 & Rt. 100, 3 Miles North Of Boyertown, PA. Watch For Signs. Antiques & Collectibles, Clean Modern Furniture & Working Appliances, Gas & Tobacco & Soda Adv., Toys, Woodshop Equipt. & Tools Incl. Thomas Edison Victrola w/Horn & Cylinder Records, Spinning Wheel, Rocking Chair & Others, Dry Sink, Oak Dresser, Vict. Iron Baby Crib, Assort. Child’s & Baby’s Furniture, CI Oak Sewing Machine & Shoe Stand, CI Figures & Doorstops, Sm. Oak Filing Cabinet & Others, Assort. LR Tables, Cedar Chest, Cherry Rocker, Oak Cabinet, 6 Pc. Maple TempleStuart DR Set, 8 Pc. Cherry QA Style Penna. House DR Set w/Lighted Hutch & LR Cabinets, Pine 2 Sect. Barrister Bookcase, Port. Fireplace Mantel, Slag Glass Hanging & Parlor Lamps, Stools, Gas & Tobacco Adv. Signs, Coke Zero & Pepsi R2D2 Star Wars Display Coolers, Pepsi Wagon, Cow & Bell Collects., Walking Stick & Collector Plate Collects., 2 Pc. LR Sofa & Chair Sets & Others, 3 Pc. Wicker Porch Set, 2 Pc. Maple BR & 5 Pc. Maple Breakfast Sets & Other, Costume Jewelry, Beaded Purse, Quilts & Linens, Sewing Supplies, Twig Style Stand, Mantel Clock, Baskets, Hummels, Art Pottery, Cookie Jars, Candy Containers, Books & Records, CDs & VHS Tapes, Milk Bottles & Cans, Milk & Park Benches, Barbie Dolls & Others, Board Games & Puzzles, Assort. Toys & Trucks, Sleds, Crocks, Clown & Rooster Collects., Silver Plate, Lenox, Framed Picts., Religious Icons, Assort. Stereos, Assort. Kitchenwares & Gadgets, Holiday Decor., Cut & Pressed Glass, Sm. Appliances, Kenmore & GE Dishwashers, GE Refrig./Freezer, GE 27 In. Color TV w/Remote, Hotpoint Elect. Stove, Frigidaire Washer/Dryer, Pots/Pans, PC Computer w/Extras, Assort. Fishing Equipt., Golf Clubs, Assort. Hand/Garden Tools, Drafting Table & Drafting Tool Kit, Milwaukee Power Hand Tools, Band & Radial Arm Saws, Bench Grinder, Vert. & Horiz. Sander, Duracraft Drill Press, Drum Sander, Table Saw, Air Compressor, Wood Lathe, Ariens 6 HP Snowblower, Lawn Roller, Riding Mower, Leaf Blower Attach., Platform Scale, Metal Shelves, Stepladders, Tubs & Buckets, 3 Reel Mowers, Toolboxes, Pressed Steel Patio Furniture, Hay Hook w/Trolley, Shop Vac, Old Fire Nozzle, Car Roof Carrier, Marble Slabs, Maple Kitchen Cart. See Auct. ID #5172 For Photos & Full Listing. TERMS: CASH/GOOD PA CHECKS



• • • • •



Green Gavel Auction, LLC.


Virginia Dooley, “Promoter, Protector, Companion and Friend of R. C. Gorman,” as well as paintings from the estates of artists: Skaling, Giuseppi Napoli & Marks, and many other fine estates and collections. There were highlights in the sale across the board, but specifically, the Antique Furniture and Decorations section featured some of the top lots. The highest selling item in the auction was a Regency parcel gilt ebonized marble-top Gueridon (English, 1810-1820), which sold for $17,400, more than tripling its high estimate of $5,000. Other highlights included: a Biedermeier Secretaire a Abattant that sold for $8,700 after receiving 20 bids; a 17th century Chinese blue and white vase lamp which sold for $8,100; a pair


Saturday, August 11 at 11 A.M. Preview: 9 A.M. thru auction

Harrisburg, PA

1500 Paxton Street, 17104 STERLING (at 11 A.M.): 35+ lots. Flatware incl 98 pc. set Manchester Leonore; 43 pc set Reed & Barton English Provincial; 18 pc. Towle Old Newbury; spoons; serving pieces; more. Hollowware incl. candlesticks; shakers; bowls; compotes. Also coin silver spoons; dresser set; coasters; more. COINS & CURRENCY (at approx. 11:30 A.M.): 200 lots. GOLD incl. 1884-S $20 Liberty; 1854 $3; 1991 4 pc. Proof American Eagle set; 2008 Proof $5 Bald Eagle; 10+ Proof American Eagles 1⁄10 to 1⁄2 oz.; 10+ commemorative sets w/gold; 1976 Cook Islands $100 proof; more. SILVER incl. Morgan & Peace dollars; proof & unc. American Eagles; commemorative sets; medals; Blue & Brown Ikes; halves; quarters; dimes. Also proof sets incl. silver & prestige; mint sets; nickels; cents incl. 1857 Flying Eagle, Wheats; other type coins; foreign; more. Currency incl. 1899 $1 silver certificate. JEWELRY (at approx. 1 P.M.): 100+ lots. Diamond incl. .56ctw, .55ctw & .51ctw engagement rings; diamond & onyx; filigree. Gemstone rings incl. .75ctw sapphire eternity band. Gold incl. bands; class rings; earrings; etc. Sterling incl. Japanese money clips; Siam; Mexican; charms; German rose pin w/ivory; bracelets; necklaces; earrings; pins. Costume incl. enameled flamingo pin; men’s Japanese porcelain cufflinks; rhinestone; crystal; designer incl. Joan Rivers; beads; earrings; necklaces; more. Wristwatches incl. lady’s Parfis 14k enameled & 18k Goering; Accutron in box; Hamilton; Waltham; Elgin; Sheffield. Pocket Watches incl New Haven dollar; German 12k & 800 silver; Elgin; repair supplies. Visit for photos & more details. Directions: From 83 South 17th Street Exit, Left onto 17th Street, Right onto Paxton; From 83 North 13th Street Exit, Right onto 13th David Cordier, Street, Right onto Paxton. AU005321 10% Buyer’s Premium. Terms: Cash, PA checks. Out-ofstate checks w/prior approval. All major credit cards 717-731-8662 accepted. Food concession by Taste of the Nations.


Litchfield County Auctions’ Summer Sale in Litchfield, Connecticut, offered a variety of items for dealers and seasoned collectors, as well as to those people just starting out in the world of collecting antiques and art. The sale offered an eclectic mix of traditional antiques and fine art, paired together with modern furniture, artwork and decorative items. With more than 1,000 lots in the sale, there was surely something for everyone, and something to fit every budget - from $50 to $15,000. Overall, the sale achieved a sell-through rate of more than 80 percent, selling 835 of the 1,020 lots in the auction. Lots sold had a presale



Litchfield County Auction’s Summer Sale Was A Scorching Success!


10 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012


Lancaster Hunting And Fishing Show & Sale The 41st Lancaster Hunting & Fishing Show & Sale will be held on Saturday, August 11 at the Lancaster Farm & Home Center, 1383 Arcadia Road, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Approximately 100 collectors and dealers will have for display and sale some of the following items: antique hunting and fishing licenses, shell boxes, old lures, plugs, reels, decoys, fishing rods, books, game posters, knives, guns, traps, pictures, patches and related hunting and fishing items. Collectors and dealers from Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania

will have many items for you to buy or trade. A lot of the public bring items to sell or trade to the dealers and collectors. Admission is only $4. Children under 14 years are free when accompanied by a parent. Show hours are 9 a.m. to p.m. Door prizes are also given away. An early bird admission at 8 a.m. for $10 will help you beat the crowd. Good break-

Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012 - - 11


fast and lunch will be available from the Paradise Lions Club. This show, known as “the Lancaster Show,” is one of the best on the East Coast, and is held rain or shine, inside an air conditioned building. Eight foot tables are available for rent. For information and details, contact Ron Funk, 3045 W. Meadowview Drive, Gordonville, PA, 17529; or phone (717) 687-8101, evenings. “Hope to see you there and take home some fond memories,” says Funk. The next show will be Saturday, March 2, 2013, at the same location.

3164 White Oak Road,



Mon., August 13 ~ 12 Noon 1667 CIDER PRESS RD., MANHEIM, PA

From Lanc. take Rt. 72N. through Manheim to Cider Press Rd. (approx. 1⁄2 mi. S. of Lanc./Leb. Turnpike Exit), turn left onto Cider Press Rd., auction house is approx. 3 miles on left, watch for signs. This Exciting Auction Features Items From 10+ Local Estates Watch Our Website For Pictures & Updates . 30+ Tables of Antiques & Collectibles THURS., AUGUST 9TH - 9 A.M. - WAGON LOADS OF BOX LOTS Incl. Tools; Books; Power Tools; Glassware; Fishing Equipment; Prints, etc. FRI. AUGUST 10TH - 8:30 A.M. - ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES: Starting w/Lg. Collection of Postcards (many local from Columbia, PA Estate); Good D.P. Shenfelder Blue Dec. Jug; 1 gal. John Horting Lanc., PA Blue Dec. Script Jug; Pitcher Pump; Comic Books; Good Illustrator Drawings; Sterling Silver; Art Pottery; Good Paintings; Flo-Blue China; Hubley Toys; Lg. Sel. Painted China; Lg. Sel. Good Pattern Glass; Choc. Pot; Cups & Saucers; Compotes; Lanterns; Japanese WWII Sword; Tin Spice Set; Knives; Belleek China; Fluid Lamps; Cookie Jars; Lenox; Adv. Stoneware Jug “William A Hoffman Wine & Liquor Dealer, Phila., PA”; Jewelry; Cloisonné; CI Frog Doorstop; Ironstone; Milk Glass; Egg Scales; Mantel Clock; Leather Document Box; PB Glasses; Limoges China; 13 pc. France Berry Set; Collect. of Ice Cream Dippers; Collect of Brass Spring Scales; Egg Scales; Lanterns; JD & Ertl Collect. Farm Toys; Collection of Dolls; Comic Books; CI Skillets; Fire-King Tulip Mixing Bowls; Rye Straw Baskets; Hobnail Opalescent Glass; Bavarian Exotic Bird Tea Set; Beaded Purses; Open Salts; Butterprints; Miniature Ironstone Tea Set; Wooden Planes. 12 NOON - CARS/TRAILER: 2010 Toyota Corolla LE w/only 4,900 Orig. Miles; 1993 Buick Park Ave. 3.8L 6 cyl. All Power Options; 2005 Ford Taurus Sdn. w/76,000 orig. miles (very clean); 1989 Honda Civic 4 Door w/65,109 miles; 2005 Corn Pro 18’ Livestock Trailer, 12,000 GVW. LAWN & GARDEN/FARM EQUIP.: 3pt Worksaver Spinner Spreader; 3pt 1 Bottom Plow; 3pt 5 ft. Chisel Plow; 3pt 5 ft. Box Grader; 3pt Pr. of Forks; 10” Craftsman Radial Arm Saw; 10” Craftsman Band Saw; Lawn Sweeper; Huffy Bike; Step & Ext. Ladder; Husqvarna LTH1538 Riding Lawn Mower; Garden Tools; Poulan Chain Saw; Table Saw; Mercury Boat Motor; Milk Can; Leg Vise; Hustler 34 Excel 6’ Zero Turn Mower; Honda 50cc Mini Trail Mini Bike; Butcher’s Block Table; Runner Snow Sleds; Platform Scales; Cider Press; Galv. Washtubs; Old Bikes including 2 girl’s Firestone, Boy’s Royce Union, American Standard; Power Track Pedal Tractor; Golf Cart; Coleman 17’ Canoe; Mountville 2 Hole Corn Sheller; Ext. Ladders; Chain Saws MON. AUGUST 13TH - FURN.: 200+ Pcs of Furn., Oak China Cabinet; S.W. Jelly Cupboard w/Oval Paneled Doors; S.W. Dry Sink; Dbl. Lid Wood Box; 4 pc. Mahog. BR Suite; Mahog. Satin Wood End Tables; Walnut Drop Leaf Table; Wool Winder; PA House Dinette Set; Cedar Chests; Oak Bureau; Oak Ext. Table; Kitchen Hutches; Plank Seat Chairs; Leather 2 pc. LR Suite; Good Sel. Modern Furn.; Bedding; Refrig.; Upright Freezer. John M. Hess Auction Service AY000253L Phone: 717-664-5238 or 877-599-8894 Website: Auctioneers: John M. Hess AU003484L John Carl Jr. AU005263L Phil Nissley AU002874L




Thurs., August 9th ~ 9 A.M. Fri., August 10th ~ 8:30 A.M. -



Audubon’s Auctioneers

***Note: Earlier than usual start time***

100 West Merchant Street, AUDUBON,

Large amount of Native American artifacts to be sold starting at 12:00. Musical instruments starting at 2:00 P.M. Taking consignments for additional musical instruments. Will be a large sale- plan to attend!




Check out member #12084 for more details and pictures.



AT 11:00 A.M.

Preview: Friday, August 10th From 10 A.M. To 7 P.M.

AUDUBON, NEW JERSEY PA AUCTION CENTER 3164 White Oak Road, Quarryville, PA 17566 Terms by PA Auction Center: Food on premises. VISA & MasterCard. 13% buyer’s premium discounted to 10% with cash or approved check. Announcements on sale day take precedence over ALL advertising. Not responsible for accidents. Some items subject to prior sale. Christian Z. Stoltzfus Lic.# AU005142


Please Contact Us At (717) 687-7018. See For Photos And Schedule ID#12084

A partial list includes: Fine sale this month with over 450 lots of fresh antiques and collectibles from local estates. Part 3 of the Roland Lavoie train collection including prewar trains over 100 pieces sold in large lots, American gold and silver coins, antique Chinese and Japanese bronze, porcelains and ivory, fine antique and vintage French, American furniture, Lots of American oak and walnut furniture in need of restoration!!! Vintage baseball cards, fine cut glass lamp, sterling and gold jewelry, American WWII photos and medals, listed artist oil paintings and much more. Something for everyone. Please note our gallery is fully air-conditioned with comfortable armchair seating. Complete illustrated catalog online. Check web site often for updates. Online Bidding Available through


“Come join us on the second Saturday of every month for fresh to the market estate antiques & collectibles”

SATURDAY, AUGUST 11 - 9:00 A.M. Preview: Fri. 2:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M. Sat. 7:30 A.M. U.S. Silver And Other Collectible Coins And Currency


390 W. RIDGE PIKE, 19468 Midway Between Valley Forge And Pottstown, 1 Mi. Off Of Rt. 422 STERLING & JEWELRY 9:00 A.M. Men’s Dia. Rings, Gold Necklaces, Lg. Assortment Sterling Jewelry & Serving Pieces. Some Coins. Baseball Memorabilia: Joe DiMaggio, Score Cards 1942, Sword, Bayonet, Medals, Buddy L, Antique Philadelphia Milk Wagon, Lg. Assortment Primitives: Burl Bowls, Copper Kettle, Doorstops, Textiles, Ethnic Cookie Jars. ALSO: Imari China, Flow Blue, Fish Set, Vintage Fiestaware, Limoges, Minton, Cut Glass, WURLITZER Jukebox, Hepplewhite Sideboard, Secretary Desk, Nice Assortment Primitive Furniture. Approx. 80 Hummels at 12:00 Noon MUCH MORE at AUCTIONZIP.COM #4538 Check This Sale - Out!!! Term: V/MC, Cash, Ck. Out-of-State Bidders Cash or Credit Only. 10% Buyer’s Premium. Cash Or Credit.

Large Selection Of Prewar, Postwar And Modern Trains And Accessories


JOHN ROKICKI, AUCTIONEER AU-003345-L 610-213-2361

A Selection Of Antique Cut Glass And Waterford Crystal

A Selection Of Antique Chinese Bronze And Porcelains

WWII Military Memorabilia Collection From 322nd Combat Engineers



Terms: Cash, Approved Check, Visa, MasterCard, & Discover. 15% Buyer’s Premium

LITCHFIELD COUNTY AUCTION (Continued from page 10)

sold for $4,850; and a pair of large antique cast iron garden urns for $4,300. Artwork in this sale also received a great amount of attention, as this auction included several fine Old Master paintings: a Still Life of Fruits, Flower & Animals that was attributed to Jakob Bogdani, which sold for (Continued on page 14)




Sunday, August 12th, 2012


11:00 A.M.

DOORS OPEN AT 9:00 A.M. LOCATION: 2228 Gettysburg Road, Lower Allen Plaza,


Preview: Friday 2-5 P.M. and 1 hour prior to auction. FRIDAY 5:00 P.M.: Household misc., plow truck, garage tools, 2 man chain saw, wooden wheel bike, furniture. Much More. SATURDAY 9:00 A.M.: Lifetime collection of rare and unusual tools. To include 1966 Corvair car, railroad tools, Poughkeepsie steam gauge, Miller & many other name tools. The tools go on and on. The best way to get a feel of the volume here is check out the pictures at www.auctionzip or Terms: Cash, Checks, Credit Card (3% fee) Porta John, Tent, Food Available Sale Conducted By: Northern New York Farmers Market, Lowville, NY Auctioneer and Sales Manager ~ Ted Simmons 315-376-7441 Office 315-688-4470 Home


of Chinese Famille Rose vase lamps that sold for nearly $6,000; a copper alloy Bartolomeo Colleoni equestrian statue after Andrea de Verrocchio selling for $4,920; a Sino-Tibetan bronze immortal group that


12 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012

17011 DIRECTIONS: Going North Or South On Route 15, Exit At Highland Park. Auction Is On Left Side Of Road.

Area’s Premier Auction House, Accepting Collection Of Antiques, Estates, And Quality Furnishings For Future Auction Phone For Free Consultation Check

w #1832 For Updated Photos

Phone 717-737-0000 TERMS: Cash, Visa/MasterCard, Checks. 12% BUYER’S PREMIUM (Discounted To 10% w/Check Or Cash). AUCTIONEER: Michael Costea AU-1759-L Telephone (717) 737-0000 S757586

PUBLIC AUCTION Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stoner

NAZARETH, NORTHAMPTON CO., PA 18064 SAT., AUG. 18, 2012 AT 9:00 A.M.

3 blown glass vessels by Dale Chihuly; sold for $4,260.

5769 Sullivan Trail,



(inspect from 8:00 A.M.)


Antique, Victorian & Edwardian Furniture: Oak bookcase, jelly cupboard, pie safe, washstand, settee; Stylized: Bachelor’s chest, 4 poster bed, country chest & cabinet, DR, LR & BR pcs.; pr./Danish Modern open armchairs w/matching corner table; Also: Balau Wood 6 pc. patio set, terra-cotta outdoor sculpture attributed to Elsbeth Woody; Selection of Smalls/Collectibles, Power Tools, Lawn & Garden Equip.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2012 AT 10:00 A.M.

2001 Mazda B-4000 SEV6 Pickup Truck: Approx. 42,500 mi., 4.0L V-6 gas eng., 5 spd. manual trans., 4x4, 4 door extra cab, a/c, pwr. windows & door locks, cruise control, AM-FM radio w/CD, vin#4F42R17E81TM28958 sells Subject To Seller’s Immediate Confirmation of highest bid.

Located At The KEMPTON COMMUNITY CENTER, 82 Community Dr.,


Terms: 13% Buyer’s Premium * Major Credit Cards Accepted * 3% Discount w/Cash Payment or Approved Check * View Websites or for Details/Photos *

HAHN AUCTION COMPANY 102 W. Main Street * Bath, PA 18014 610-837-7140 * AU-001271-L


ROBERT H. CLINTON & COMPANY, INC. Auctioneers & Appraisers P.O. Box 29 * Ottsville, PA 18942 610-847-5432 * AY-000093-L


LOOK FOR AUCTION SIGNS NOTE - This Is An Estate Auction With Quality Items. TERMS - Cash Or Acceptable PA Checks, No Out-Of-State Checks. NO BUYER’S PREMIUM! For Full Ad And Photos View ID#5574. ARNER AUCTIONEERS LLC AUCTION ORDERED BY: AY-002071 570-386-4586 LOCAL ESTATE REFRESHMENTS S757294


Auction To Be Held On Rts. 11/15, Just 6 Miles North Of I-81, Exit 65



Beside Leonard’s Oak World



COLLECTIBLES: 1850’s Brass Buckets, Vintage Christmas, Early Sewing, Vanity Items, Ladies’ Hats, Salem Thermometer, Zippo Lighters, Old Keys, Sterling Candlesticks, Early Beautiful Hand-Stitched Quilts, Vintage Portman Sewing Machine, 1963 PA MB License Plates, Old Gasoline Maps, Shaving Items, Buttons, Early Kitchen, Dazey Glass Butter Churn, Cast-Iron Fluter Sadirons, Linens, Vintage Cameras, Flatware Holmes & Edward’s, Starrett Alum. Head T-Square, Piel’s Beer Tray, Vintage Dial Telephone, WWII Navy Pants, Airborne Patch, Picture Frames. CLOCKS: New Ormond 8-Day Brass Motor Clock Circa 19001911, Seth Thomas Westminster Chime Mantel Clock, Miniature Carriage Clock France w/Porc. Face “Bailey, Banks & Bindle Co.” Phila., W. Germany Mechanical Hand Painted Cuckoo Clock. POTTERY: Roseville Magnolia & Peony Vases, Van Briggle Handled Vase, McCoy, Hull, Haeger. GLASSWARE: Early Frosted Pattern Glass, Phoenix Bird, Wedgwood Plates “Patrician,” Depression, Crackle, Cobalt Peanut Jar, T.H. Butturf Bottle Newport, PA, Glass Pipe Hershey Park, Cranberry Table Lamps, Carnival, 1940’s Dishes, Peanut Butter Glasses, Fire-King, Pyrex Mixing Bowls, 4 Pc. McCormick Jupiter 60’s Train Decanters, RAILROAD & TRAINS: 1947 Lionel Trains Original Boxes, Real Photos By Caulkins “View Of Train Wreck On The P.R.R. Nov. 23rd,18” Dewart, PA. NED SMITH: Lithos, Field & Stream Game Birds By Ned Smith, Nature Patches, Water Glasses, Ice Buckets. OTHER WILDLIFE: Rabbit Painting By Ron Brooks, Red Fox Painting By Paul Porter, Wild Turkey & Hunting Books. AMMO: 22 Long, 410, 12 & 16 & 20 Ga. FISHING RODS LURES: Reels: Penn - Shakespeare - Shimano - Fly Reels - Flies Lures, RODS: Kunnan St. Croix, Browning, Case XX Hunting Knife. EPHEMERA: Early Books, Postcards (Hbg., PA), Real Photo Postcards, 1933 World’s Fair Memorabilia. NEW ITEMS: Embroidery Quilt Kits - Cross-stitch - Muslin, Lang Co. Mugs, Boyds Rag Dolls - Bears & Rabbits. FURNITURE: Walnut Victorian Marble Top Stand & Beveled Hall Mirror, Decorated Blanket Chest, Oak Washstand, Beautiful Penna. House Cherry Bedroom Suite - 4 Drawer Chest - 5 Drawer Chest - Two 1 Drawer Nightstands w/Carved Wood Handles & Double 4 Poster Bed, Mahogany Duncan Phyfe Table w/16” Pop-Up Leaf & 6 Chairs, 6’ Cherry One Piece Corner Cupboard, Winners Only Oak Flattop Desk 29”x54”, Swivel Desk Chair, Oak Open Bookcase, Stenciled 44” Deacon’s Bench & Rocking Chair, Pine Cedar Chest, Camelback Trunk. COINS TO INCLUDE: Sterling UN Peace & Bicentennial Tokens, NGC Graded State Quarters, UN Sterling Rounds. FULL LISTING & PHOTOS ON WEBSITE EARLY BOOKS - COINS - LEMAX SPOOKY CHANDLER BOOKS LISTS ON WEB SITE!!! MANY WONDERFUL COLLECTIBLES!!! HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US!!!

For Info: (717) 957-9399 TERMS: Cash, PA Check, Visa, MC. No Buyer’s Premium Coins & Jewelry Approx. 4:00 P.M. Absentee Bids Accepted Furniture 7:00 P.M. Food Available

Rare Museum Quality Collection Of Early Phonographs, Very Fine Collection Of Nipper Dogs, Chalk, Papier-mâché, And Other Examples, Illuminated Signs, Pictures, Signs And Posters

SATURDAY, AUGUST 18, 2012 - 9:00 A.M. Carlisle Fire and Rescue Social Hall, 177 Carlisle Springs Road (Route 34),


NEARLY 140 PHONOGRAPHS FOR AUCTION (all in running order). ACCESSORIES & PARTS: Carrying Case full of 4 minute Wax Cylinders, 4 Rollmonicas, Pla-Rola Organ each have rolls, Collection of Needle Tins, Collection of Needle Sharpeners, Fighting Roosters, Magnetic Dancers, Collection of Record Dusters, 14 Bubble Records (complete set with box of extras), Collection of Cranks, Collection of Springs. Looks like we found some parts machines today (7/10/12). 40 additional horns, 1 recording horn, rare red Victor special mount, (a very nice variation of horns), RED ROOSTER HILL & DALE RECORDS! Standard 1⁄2 inch hole records, loads of cylinder records, Brand-new reproducers. NOTE: Catalog is not complete - printable document will be available upon its completion - thank you! No online bidding for this auction - phone bidding and absentee bidding accepted. Local forty year private collection of antique phonographs, parts, signs, Victor dogs, records, and unusuals! Collection assembled by George and Helen Myers. Mrs. Myers is a very well-known authority regarding talking machines … after many years of enjoyment and time well spent, the Myers are liquidating 100plus machines of all sorts, parts, and accessories. Please Visit Website for color photos, listing, and terms. Detailed Catalog in progress. 10% Buyer’s Premium

Elmer Murry Auctions, Inc. AY002073 Richard P. Murry Auctioneer AU-000-649L

(717) 790-2240



Midway Between


Sam Priem • Roger Warner 856-332-3083/856-455-5406 E-mail:


tions & Appraisals



10:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M. Preview




Contents of Antique Shop and Home of Santoro & Co. Location: 710

10:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M. Preview 10:00 A.M.-Noon REAL ESTATE OPEN HOUSE at 91-93 Carol Street, Ramsey, NJ 1:00 P.M.: Online Only Real Estate Closes

Shiloh Pike (Rt. 49), Hopewell Twp.,


3501 W. 10th St., Marcus Hook, PA

Including: Architectural, Garden Furniture, Decorator Items, Paintings & Prints, Antiques & Collectibles, Carved Furniture, Statues, Lighting, Much More.

1:00 P.M.-2:00 P.M.: REAL


See Full Description and Photos at

TH #14257

8:00 A.M. Preview 9:00 A.M. S757521

or Call 856.455.5406 Cell 856.332.3083 13% Buyer’s Premium for Credit or Debit Cards, 10% Buyer’s Premium for Cash or Check

TIME TRAVELERS ESTATE SALES Previews at 8:30 A.M. & also from 6-8 P.M. on Friday, Aug. 10th

Run, 730 Chambersburg Rd.




10:00 A.M.-Noon

REAL ESTATE OPEN HOUSE at Route 447, Canadensis, PA

501 Fairgrounds Rd., Hatfield, PA 800.577.8846 ext. 3023



Unable To Attend Our Auctions? Bid Online At: CHECK US OUT ONLINE AT: ALDERFERAUCTION.COM AUCTIONZIP.COM ID #4273 Find Us On Facebook


Saturday, August 18, 2012 - 9:30 A.M.

As the World’s Largest Collectibles Auctioneer, only Heritage Auctions can supply the market strength to provide the highest possible ďŹ nancial return for your vintage trading cards and sports collectibles. Cash advances, ďŹ nder’s fees and outright purchase offers are always available for quality material, and we are happy to provide free appraisals. And Heritage has never been late with a single consignment settlement check in our thirty-ďŹ ve years in operation. (State College, PA Centre Co.)

Period Chippendale & Sheraton Antique Furniture - Antique Furniture - Dolls Westward Ho Pattern Glass - Moravian Tile Table - 18k Gold Rolex Men’s Watch Oriental Rugs - Dutch Cupboard - Corner Cupboard - Blanket Chests Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner will conduct a public auction located at 704 W. Fairmount Avenue,

State College, PA

That’s a guarantee you can take to the bank.








Call 800-872-6467 to discuss opportunities Free catalog and The Collector’s Handbook ($65 value) for new clients. Please submit auction invoices of $1000 + in this category, from any source. Include your contact information and mail to Heritage, fax 214-409-1425, email, or call 866-835-3243. For more details, go to

Annual Sales Exceed $800 Million | 700,000+ Online Bidder-Members 3500 Maple Avenue | Dallas, Texas 75219 | 800-872-6467 | DALLAS | NEW YORK | BEVERLY HILLS | SAN FRANCISCO | PARIS | GENEVA S757562

16801 (Centre County) From S. Atherton St. (Rt. 322 Business) turn onto W. Fairmount Ave. & go 3/10 of a mile to auction on left. For sale will be the following‌ Chippendale walnut 4 drawer chest w/orig. brasses - attributed back to Joseph Harris Chester County 1740-1815 (Sgt. American Revolution Vol. 10 Pa. Archives), beau. Sheraton cherry 6-drawer chest (2 over 4) w/orig. finish, beaut. cherry 4 dr. Sheraton chest, Beautiful Lancaster County cherry & apple Dutch cupboard, one-of-a-kind signed 1045 M.S.L. Co. antique Moravian (Mercer) tile coffee table, antique 2-piece corner cupboard w/orig. paint & finish (dated on rear Nov. 8, 1843), small cherry dovetailed blanket chest w/orig. paint & finish, Sheraton Period walnut gateleg beautiful card table, period Chippendale camelback sofa ca. 1760-1795 w/Marlborough legs, beautiful Philadelphia highboy handmade in the 1920’s from Chippendale period mahog., (6) Berrysburg plank bottom chairs, orig. period Chippendale, Sheraton, & Queen Anne walnut & mahog. side chairs, mahog. lap desk w/drawer & ivory knives & accessories, Period Queen Anne mirror, Period Queen Anne wing armchair, 4 period Chippendale mirrors, (2) beaut. reverse painted wall mirrors, nice period Windsor armchair in orig. red finish from the Mary Willard Estate, beau. 3-pc. antique walnut & marble top bedroom suite, 9 spindle Windsor chair, Centre County splay leg stand, Nice Philadelphia Mahog. Windsor armchair, New England continuous-arm Windsor armchair, Lykens Valley dovetailed blanket chest, 6 board New England blanket chest from Mary Willard Estate, ant. oak icebox, beau. wicker porch table, wicker desk w/chair, & wicker side table, approx. 1950 American Indian rug, Wagemaker oak 4 dr. file cabinet, Rugs: 8’x10’ Heriz oriental rug, 2’x2’ Tabriz oriental rug, 11’x17’8� made in Iran Tabriz oriental rug, 31⠄2’x9’ oriental runner, approx. 11⠄2’x12’ beaut. oriental rug, 41⠄2’x6’ Qum oriental rug, 21⠄2’x91⠄2’ oriental runner, 3’x61⠄2’ Hamedan oriental runner w/snakes, (2) 3’x4’ oriental rugs ‌ Remington model 870 Wingmaster 12 ga. pump shotgun ‌ Man’s 2-tone 18k gold & SS Rolex wristwatch, 14k white gold filigree pin w/diamonds, man’s 14k gold ring w/approx. 1⠄4 diamond, cameo pin, ivory bead necklace, Perles Duchesse pearl necklace w/14k clasp, Hamilton man’s wristwatch, American Waltham fancy engraved pocket watch, costume jewelry, bird’s-eye maple jewelry chest, early mohair Teddy bear, misc. older dolls - tin heads & misc., early Joann Fabrics display doll, other dolls: Patsy Ann, orig. 27� Shirley Temple, early Thomas Dewey artist doll, Madame Hendren, (3) Sasha baby dolls, early 28� Effanbee, old doll w/red riding hood outfit, Horsman, Mortimer Snerd, orig. Schoenhut doll furniture, Schoenhut child’s piano, period style miniature doll furniture, ant. peddler doll in period glass dome, miniature salesman’s sample 3-dr. chest w/inlay, Beaut. complete hanging cast-iron oil lamp, beaut. banquet lamp w/ball shade, Colonial antique brass andirons, (2) whale oil lamps, good heavy wrought iron early American eagle, Wheeling blue lining peachblow vase, spatterware blue & white cups & saucers, Peafowl saucer, Kyber flow blue veg. bowls & platter w/chips, collection of Westward Ho - (8 Indian on lids pcs.), old blue sponge mixing bowls & Pitchers, beaut. moon landing paperweight & others, 1939 World’s Fair American Potter plate, rare 1⠄3 pint milk bottle, oil lamps, purple slag glass compote & misc., (6) flow blue plates, old sm. alpaca, Thos. Blinks 1892 Fox Hunt print, Brandywine Wilmington Del. lg. print by Robert Shaw w/boy on sled remark, beaut. 5-pc. washbowl & pitcher set, nice Coterie blue & white porcelain bowl & pitcher, sm. goose feather Christmas tree, old leather olive green gray shoes, black bonnet, silhouette doll pictures, cant hook from Centre Furnace Mansion auction, vintage Nikon M80 slide camera, Nikon D60 digital camera, collectibles not listed - see web ‌ Auctioneer’s Note: No phone bids - absentee bids - or Internet bidding ‌ No buyer’s premiums. Beautiful antiques out of a great old State College home. Terms: Cash or Check only by conclusion of auction. Food & Job Johnny Available day of auction - tents if needed. Auction by: Marion & Winabelle Deppen. Auctioneers: Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner, #AU339-L & #AU3430-L & #AU5442-L. ALL ORAL INFO DAY OF AUCTION TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER ANY & ALL WRITTEN ADS. OWNER & AUCTIONEERS NOT RESPONSIBLE IN CASE OF ACCIDENTS.



Netsukes, Woodblock Prints, Scrolls, Jade and Hardstone Carvings, Carved Libation Cup, Porcelain including FlambÊ, Satsuma, Famille Rose, Blue and White, Porcelain Plaques, Pair of 42� Faience Foo Dogs, Dressing Screen with Hardstone Carving in Relief, Collection of Buddhas including Bronze, Porcelain and Wood, Cinnabar, CloisonnÊ, Lacquered Boxes, Dolls, and Bronzes. Bid online too at

SAT., AUGUST 11TH, 2012 AT 10 A.M.

The entire private collection & antique & vintage store stock inventory of Victorian Millinery of Frederick, MD, retiring after over 20 years in business, along with other fine consignments. Go to & search under Auction ID# 28118 for a listing & photos. Hats, hats & more hats from Victorian - 1960’s, bonnets, caps, broad brims, cloches & more of many great materials and periods. Vintage millinery store display heads, dress forms, large amounts of fine millinery ribbons, laces, trims, fringes, braids, tassels, gimps, felt & buckram bodies, store stock feathers & assemblages, faux flowers, hat veils, sewing supplies, vintage crown & flange hat blocks & hatter’s tools, gloves, hankies, lace collars & cuffs, Edwardian worsted wools, Chinese export silks, c.1930’s crepe, Liberty & Co. London labeled fabrics, parasols & fans, Victorian - 1950’s buttons, fancywork, Victorian 1950’s jewelry, c.1940’s-50’s dresses, hats & photos of House Beautiful Editor Elizabeth Gordon Norcross, Edwardian era whites, c.1920’s-40’s dresses, party dresses, 1960’s-70’s silk & satin suits, shawls, coats, jackets, vintage belts & buckles, a curved glass countertop display case, vintage hat stands & racks, mannequin heads, exacting reproduction bonnets by Victorian Millinery, & so much, much more ‌ Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, Cash & Known Checks. 15% buyer’s premium, 12% with cash. Fine food available. Absentee & telephone bids are welcomed. All announcements made the day of the sale take precedence over any earlier printed matter. Time Travelers Estate Sales, Lic. #AY002102, 717-352-9977 (Attn. TTESGA3) Owner Gail C. Sitterly, Consultant Glenn F. Sitterly.


China & Glassware: Gallway Stemware, Waterford, Ridgeway/Fine Arts China Sets, Boehm Birds, Tobies: Mark Twain, Hamlet, Sherlock Holmes, The Fortune Teller, Simple Simon, John Barley Corn, Doultonville Collection (Mrs. Loan, Betty Bitters, Dr. Pulse, Major Green, Mr. Litigate, Beswick-Pecksniff) Steins: Delft, Germany, Lithophane, Enamel. Pair of Monumental Vase Lamps, Onyx Music Stand, Lyre Base Desk, 4 DR Chairs & French Style Glass Top Table, Glass Stainless Étagère, Craftsman Snowblower, Furniture Dollies, Electric Hand Tools, Bar Clamps 20+, 11 Duck Decoys, Percussion Side-by-Side Fowler, Britains Toy Soldier/ Military Miniatures, G.I. Joe Action Figures, Dime Stone Soldiers, Plastic Soldiers, Gray Iron Soldiers. Artwork, Jewelry, Furniture/Furnishings, Collectibles, Antiques And Much More!

12 Noon

Great Vintage Millinery, Accessories & Clothing Auction

At Sidney Willoughby


at 201-203 W. Oakland Ave., Oakland, NJ



Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012 - - 13

TX Auctioneer licenses: Samuel Foose 11727; Robert Korver 13754; Andrea Voss 16406. This auction is subject to a 19.5% buyer’s premium.




sale estimate of $600 to $900; an 18th-century William & Mary highboy (Boston) which sold for (Continued from page 12) $5,460; a theorem with a $15,600; a 17th-century oil of bowl of fruit sold for $3,200; ornamental birds in a land- and a full bodied gilt copper scape, Circle of Melchoir and zinc cow weathervane Hondecoeter, sold for sold for nearly $3,500. Other $14,600; and a pen/wash highlights included a group drawing by Jean-Baptiste of 12 porcelain occupational LePrince sold for $4,560. shaving mugs that sold for $2,640 after receiving 14 strong bids against its presale estimate of $500 to $800; 32 Chinese Export porcelain items in the “Fitzhugh” pattern sold for $2,660; and a pair of 19th-century Chinese tobacco platters sold for $2,600. 20th Century Art and Design also received fair billing in this sale the proof shown by the bids received. A group of three blown glass vesPaul Madeline, “Le Baie de Launay sels by Dale Bretagne” 1913; Sold for $9,300. Chihuly sold for $4,260; two pairs Other original works that of Buccellati sterling silver reached high prices were two mushroom-form table artiworks by Paul Madeline, sell- cles sold for $3,900; a ing respectively at $9,300 Vacheron Constantin 18K and $2,460, both surpassing Gold, Rock Crystal, Jade and their high estimates. 20th- Enamel Potted Lilies of the century works included a Valley sold for $3,480; a bronze by Rudolph Carl Joyeria Milton Mexican sterGorman that sold for $1,750; ling silver tea/coffee set sold and Runnin’ Wild, a 1960 for $2,360; 36 Cartier porcepainting by Giuseppe Napoli lain plates and bowls sold for that sold for $1,900, far $2,161; and two Steuben exceeding its presale estimate dark blue jade glass vases of $150 to $250. sold for $2,100. Plus, a sterAmerican items strongly ling silver weighted model of influenced this sale and fea- a race horse and jockey (from tured these highlights: an the estate of Leon & Norma 18th-century New England Hess), sold for $1,560, tavern table that sold for tripling its pre-sale high esti$5,160 after a bidding war of mate of $500; a pair of 22 bids, surpassing its pre-


AUCTION SALE BILLS 1930’s Arte Moderne Brown Leather and caned hardwood lounge chairs sold for $1,340; and an art pottery vase by Karen Karnes sold for $1,170. Don’t miss getting the best Litchfield County bids for any ephemera items Auctions, an independent you may be auctioning associate of iGavel, conducts for your clients. 5 or 6 online auctions per gets the word out year, each featuring fourteen days of online viewing with to ephemera and comprehensive cataloging country store collectors. and multiple online images. Call Arlene at In addition, each auction also 800-800-1833, ext. 2561 features five day-long traditional exhibitions at the Giuseppe Napoli, “Runnin’ or 717-492-2561 gallery location, during Wild,” 1960, oil on canvas; sold which time a separate estates for $1,920. tag sale is also held. Holiday Jewelry and NEXT DEADLINE: The next sale will feature Couture Auction in AUGUST 30, 2012 FOR THE OCTOBER ISSUE! 20th-Century Modern Art (Continued on page 15) Plus Design, Asian Arts And Antiquities together with European Antiques, to be viewable online beginning September 26th and concluding on October 10th. Items will be exhibited at their Litchfield Gallery over On: AT 9 A.M. Columbus Day weekend from October 5th to 9th. At: 3013 E. Market Street, Springettsbury Fire Co. Social Hall Following that sale, LCA will hold their 4th Annual 60 albums and box lots with 100s of autographs and paper collectibles from estate of York/Harrisburg newsman

Hey Auctioneers!



14 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012




Harry McLaughlin. Incl. 20 BIG albums related to presidents Eisenhower through Clinton, & albums on politics, government, WWII, space, sports, York Barbell, writers/authors, celebrity items (obtained at York Fair), & signed record albums. 70 Lots of presidential campaign items from mid-1800’s, with 100s of items in small & large lots, including tokens, buttons, etc. for presidential candidates plus third parties, prohibition, causes, conventions, inaugurations incl. 50 lots of mostly 1932-1944 FDR items: Buttons, numerous lamps and clocks, framed posters, 16mm films, records, newspapers, fabrics, banks, busts, wall plaques, plates, glasses, paperweights. 40 Lots of advertising collectibles including buttons, stickpins for products, early 1900’s stove adver., giveaways, CDV and cabinet photos, Spanish-American War buttons, several store counter display cases. 170 Lots of toys, character watches, radio premiums, TV & movie, Big Band, early Disney, cowboys and huge collection with 100s of 1930’s-1950’s collectibles including character rings and other send-away premiums for Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Tom Mix, Buck Rogers, Capt. Midnight, Radio Orphan Annie, Dick Tracy, Sky King, Straight Arrow, Amos ‘n Andy, The Shadow, Jack Armstrong, Space Patrol, Capt. Video, Howdy Doody, Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, Red Ryder, Lone Ranger, Gabby Hayes. Also late 1930s photos signed at Valencia Ballroom by Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey, Ozzie Nelson, Woody Herman, Harry James and signs from York’s The Shady Dell. Watches incl. Ky. Derby, Mantle/Mays 50s All-Stars, early comic characters (6), Mickey Mouse 3 from 30’s and other pre-50’s Disney, 50’s cowboys (5), 1940’s Mary Marvel and Superman. See website for pictures. All auction announcements supersede all printed material. 10% Buyer’s Premium. Preview Showing: Friday, Aug. 17 from 6:30 to 8 P.M. Terms: Cash or Check with auctioneer’s approval. No out-of-town or out-of-state checks unless accompanied by a current letter of guaranteed payment from your bank. No Credit Cards. Please come prepared.

Gilbert & Gilbert Auctioneers Inc., Lic. #2086 Brian Gilbert Lic. #2256 - Jacob Gilbert #336

717-252-1656 - w w w. g i l b e r t a u c t i o n s . c o m Vacheron Constantin 18K gold, Rock Crystal, Jade & Enamel Lilies of the Valley; sold for $3,480.


Spectacular 4-Day Antiques & Fine Art Auction August 21st, 22nd, 23rd & 24th, 2012 in Fairfield, Maine This sale will feature 700 American & European paintings & bronzes, 1000 lots of American & European furniture & accessories; 1200+ lots of Asian items featuring items from the Collection of P.Y. Wang (1893-1977) and Eu Tong Sen (1877-1941) Family and Descendants; A large collection of Peking glass from a private, CT collection; A large private Florida collection; The contents of the “Harp House” in Camden, Maine featuring Black Forest carvings; Also items from other various Estates & collections including a selection of Atocha treasure from an original investor of Mel Fisher; Military medals & jewelry from the descendents of Colonel Sir Hugh Richard Deare Oldman, K.B.E., M.C. Categories include silver, important folk art, Oriental rugs, weathervanes, nautical collection, historical items, Native American, jewelry, clocks & watches, porcelain, 3 Rhinoceros horn libation cups; Huge quantity of jade, ivory & scroll paintings and much more. View catalogs online:

Abbot Fuller Graves

Daniel Ridgway Knight

Selection of Fine Oil Paintings

Guy Wiggins

William Bradford

Group of Atocha Treasure incl. 116 tr. ozcoral encrusted set of gold bars

3.2ct & 3.4ct Diamond Ring Orders of Oman in Solid 18k Gold Given to Col. Sir Hugh Richard Deare Oldman K.B.E. M.C.

Wang Chun (1 of 125) Imp. Dbl Gourd Vase

Fine Pair Needlework Screens (74” x 47-1/2”)

100+ Pieces of Jade

Fabulous books incl.

Louis Renard

Alfred Dubucand

American Stoneware Quantity Advertising Masterpiece of Ivory (32” h x 56” dia.)

Thomas Fletcher, Philadelphia, PA

Aaron Willard Clock

Cigar Store Indian Maiden

Unique silk tapestry embroidery of the Taj Mahal border encrusted with rubies, sapphires & emeralds Overall Size: 80” x 105”

Contact Bill Gage, Tony Greist or Katya Tilton Email: Tel: (207) 453-7125 James D. Julia, Inc., 203 Skowhegan Rd., Fairfield, ME 04937 James D. Julia Lic#: ME: AR83

Extraordinary single owner collection of Black Forrest carved animals. Approximately 100 pieces!

Fine Weathervanes


John Hoppner

Rhinoceros Horn Libation Cup (1 of 3)

Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012 - - 15

SEEKERS/SELLERS 1880 TO PRESENT MOVIE POSTERS, Highest Prices Paid for Lobby Cards, 1-Sheets, Window Cards, Glass Slides, Dwight Cleveland, PO Box 10922 Chicago, IL 60610-0922 Fax 773-525-2969, 773-525-9152,

Have Something to Sell? Looking For Something? Have a Service to Offer? Let us show you how to reach 60,000+ collectors & dealers in the EAST! Call Arlene in Classified Sales 717-492-2561 or 1-800-428-4211 x2561

ART- OLD OIL PAINTINGS wanted, any condition, New Hope School artists, PAFA artists, gold leaf frames and mirrors. 20 years experience. Immediate payment. Call 215-348-2500. BUYING: VINTAGE PHYSIQUE/MALE Photographs. Entire Collections, Single prints. 212) 274-0525 RUSSIAN BRONZE SCULPTURES & porcelain figurines wanted. Free consulting, quick money or a proper auction sale recommendation. Email images to: or call 610-285-1777.

WANTED: ROYAL BAYREUTH FEEDING DISH- Sunbonnet Babies feeding dish with the BAKING (Saturday) Scene. Mike Young 662-983-2348 or email

ALWAYS BUYING PHOTOGRAPHS, Archives, Albums, Snap-shots, Collections. Call Jim 800-872-9990.

AMERICAN INDIAN OLDER Items, particularly pre-1940 pottery (which is typically unsigned) and baskets. I buy and sell. Please call Lou at 610-647-7198. ANTIQUE/ OLD GUNS WANTED Collector buys old muzzleloaders, pistols, shot guns, Kentucky rifles, knives, swords, hunting licenses & photos, animal traps, hand forged & bear traps, old ammo, antiques, military items. One piece or collections. House calls made. PO Box 83, New Tripoli, PA 18066, 610-298-3180. AUTOMOBILE OWNERS MANUALS Wanted most years and models. Also sales brochures, service manuals, etc. TMC Publications, 6308 Deer Park Rd., Reisterstown, MD 21136. 410-526-4495. AUTOMOBILES WANTED. LOOKING to buy old foreign cars, especially British. Will purchase in any condition, also buying parts. Call Ed, 856-816-7321. BUYING GOLD-FILLED EYEGLASSES. Paying Top Dollar. Any Condition. Immediate Payment. Call 724-427-5590 Or for current buy prices visit:

MUSIC BOXES WANTED, highest prices paid. Gems to junkers- we buy, sell, repair. Chet Ramsay Antiques, 2460 Strasburg Road, Coatesville, PA 19320. 610-384-0514

OCEAN LINER MEMORABILIA china, glassware, silver, paper, souvenirs, posters or models. Cunard, French Line, White Star Line, Italian Line, etc. 607-625-3947

SHEET MUSIC WANTED, any era. Sandy Marrone, 113 Oakwood Drive, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, 856-829-6104 E-mail

TIFFANY DESK PIECES, lamps, glass. Bill Holland 610-470-5925 or Renningers Sunday Antique Market, Booth A-53, Adamstown, PA 8am-1pm. email

TOP DOLLARS PAID for Carbide Cap Lamps, oil wick/ lard lamps, blasting cap tins, scatter tags, carbide lamp parts and small mining artifacts needed in my collection. Larry Click 703-241-3748 or email WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE! Old Vintage Tube Electronics, Audio equip., Vaccuum tubes, Military & Ham radios, speakers, test equip., even parts. Cinema - Broadcast - Studio Soundex 610-649-4151


CARNIVAL, CIRCUS, FREAKS, Sideshow, Fairs, Amusement Parks, Coney Island, Nude Photos, Fireworks, Pinups, Strippers, Burlesque, Auto Thrillshow. CASH FOR 78 RPM records! Send $2 Nostalgia Enterprises, Box 300, (refundable) for illustrated booklet idenLockport, NY, 14095. 716-433-9418. tifying collectible labels, numbers, actual prices paid. Docks, PO Box 780218, San Antonio, TX 78278-0218. COMIC BOOK COLLECTIONS. Contact me for FREE Appraisals if you wish to sell your comics or just determine their current value. I’ll provide you honest recommendaGUITARS, VIOLINS, MANDOLINS, tions based on three decades experience banjos, early brass & woodwinds. and will assure you receive the fairest and We buy, sell, & appraise. highest prices whether it’s 1 book or a In business since 1974. 1,000. Call Ed 215-351-5392 or email Vintage Instruments, Philadelphia, 215-545-1100. I BUY ANTIQUE & Vintage Sewing Button collections. Also Military & Uniform buttons, top prices paid, email photos to or 717-344-4180. I BUY RUSSIAN Samovars (brass, copper, silverplate, nickelplate, coin silver). Also interested in other fine Russian antiques. Please send photos to: Attn. Igor, 14814 Palmerston Sq., Centreville, VA 20120, 301-919-2798.

POSTCARDS, POSTCARDS, POSTCARDSActively buying old postcards- albums, collections, etc. Top $$. Postage paid. Gary Ronk, 6247 Cove, Roanoke, VA 24019 540-562-2368.

MILITARY & SPORTING FIREARMS- all periods Wanted, Bucks Co. Collector will pay more for single items or collections. Call 215-858-5506 or email Will travel.

KEYSTONE TELEPHONE COMPANY of Philadelphia Wanted. Telephones and related items, signs, telephone books. Call Andy, 732-986-2637 or

WANTED OLD RADIOS, Tubes, Hi-Fi Equip., Amplifiers, Speakers, Ham Radios, Tube Testers & related items. Large and small collections. Call Rich 484-948-8044, Pottstown, PA. WANTED: MUSIC BOXES, slot machines, old Wurlitzer Juke boxes, any cond. Call or write Frank Zygmunt, PO Box 542, Westmont, IL 60559. 630-985-2742.

Place Your Classifieds NOW! Questions? Call 1-800-428-4211

I BUY OLDER TOYS & TRAINS please call Marty 301-753-4959 11560 Magnolia Ct., Swan Pt. MD 20645 MATCHBOX/ HOT WHEELS Cars Wanted If you’re interested in selling your collection, call, fax or write, ask for- Larry, 830 Fulton Ave., Lansdale, PA 19446. 215-855-1962 or fax 215-368-9684. OLD TOY TRAINS, collector will pay generously for well-kept (1900-1970) Lionel, Flyer, Marklin and Ives, trains & accessories. Dr. Bob 215-348-0944 PURCHASING HO TRAINS- Please call Barry McKeon Cell: 610-506-5961, or email:

DO YOU COLLECT Old Paper, Ephemera, Advertising, Country Store, etc? Subscribe to "THE PAPER & ADVERTISING COLLECTORS’ MARKETPLACE", the monthly collector's newspaper that covers this specialty. For a FREE sample copy, phone 1-800-800-1833, ext. 2541, 8am-4:30pm daily.

X OLD RAILROAD POLICE BADGES WANTED: Collector buys old railroad and Coal & Iron police badges, any railroad police artifacts. Contact Chip at or call (201) 390-7372

ADVANCED COLLECTOR PAYS Top Prices. Older Better. Toy Trains, Bats, Gloves, Uniforms, Trophies, Photo’s, Balls, All Sports, Philadelphia Athletics, Yankees, Ruth, Cobb, Cards, Whole Collections. Tom Kaczor, 267-243-2379. SPORTS CARDS AND other sports related items. Publications, pins, pennants, tickets, etc. Pre-1975. Philadelphia items especially wanted. Ellis, 158 Stratford Dr., Philadelphia, PA 19115, 215-934-5618. TIRED OF EBAY? Sell your Sports Cards and Memorabilia to a Collector. Ken Domonkos 848-448-4709, WANTED BASEBALL/ BOXING Cards & Memorabilia. Tobacco packs opened/ unopened, pre-war, before 1970. Valuable collections only. No appraisals 610-9990131,

B.C.INDIAN RELICS $1 for color catalog. Indian, PO Box 246, Independence, KY 41051

ANDY WARHOL original, signed, LIZ litho call 908-930-0909.

FOR SALE: Large Collection of Italian Pottery pieces. Plates, vases, souvenirs, etc. Want to sell as collection. Call for more information. 717-625-4310

OIL PAINTING by Richard George Hinchliffe, British, 1868-1942, 20x30 inches. Flapper era girl, nude, outdoors. $750. Phone 717-625-4310

ANTIQUARIAN, VINTAGE & Used Book Collection for Sale, 530+ books. Mylar book rolls, etc. included. Optional five wood book cases. May be viewed at - links to left on home page. $4,800 obo pick up only New Jersey 08405. 609-513-2193

HAMMOND ORGANS WANTED. Leslie speakers & console pianos. Pottstown, PA 610-495-5234 or Also Orlando, FL Area.

MUSIC BOXES WANTED Buying and Selling Cylinder & Disc Music Boxes, Bird Cages, Bird Boxes, Phonographs, Automatas. Specializing in all Antique Resortation Services for over 60 years. Ask for Gerald Wright. Rita Ford Music Boxes, 1253 Springfield Ave. #304, New Providence, NJ 07974, 908-377-3225, 212-535-6717.

TELEPHONES: OVER 85 different, genuine 1892-1983 woodwall, payphones, bakelites, repros, parts, repairs. Free Catalog. Since 1973. Wish to sell out, retire, with or w/o realestate, 12 employees. Offers? 608-582-4124

1800-1970 SELL YOUR ANTIQUE TOYS, TRAINS, SPACE TOYS & ROBOTS FOR THE HIGHEST PRICE! No one will pay you higher for Tin Toy Collections! 856-547-5521 ANTIQUE TOYS WANTED of every description. 1800’s-1950’s. One piece or collection. Write for free 3 page illustrated want list. Bruch, P.O. Box 121, Mountaintop, Pa 18707. Call toll-free 800-549-8697.

ANTIQUE RADIO, PHONOGRAPH And Old Car Radio Repair. Free Estimates. 610-732-3284 EXPERT ANTIQUE SHIPPING/DELIVERY Furniture, Artwork and Collectibles. Insured and well experienced- Low rates! Within 250 miles of NY City only. BoxcarNY Transport Service 631-759-0534 Kevin

ATTENTION Get the Word Out!! Advertise Your

ESTATE SALE Plates, bells, dolls, other collectibles, furniture. Hummel, Knowles, Bradford Exchange, Danbury Mint, Villeroy & Bach, Madame Alexander. (preferred contact) (718-987-4324 in PM only)

SERVICE OR SUPPLIES in the Classifieds! Call 1-800-428-4211, x2561 or

om) is located at 425 Bantam Road (Route 202) in Litchfield, Connecticut, and can be contacted at (Continued from page 14) or (860) November, with an exhibition 567-4661. to be held over Thanksgiving weekend. Consignment inquiries are invited for both of these auctions in addition to subsequent upcoming sales to be held in the Winter of 2013. Litchfield County A u c t i o n s (LitchfieldCountyAuctions.c


Biedermeier Secretaire a Abattant, from the Rose Regency Parcel Gilt Ebonized Gutmacher Residence at The marble-top Gueridon (circa Plaza Hotel, NYC; Sold for 1810-1820); sold for $17,400. $8,700.


16 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 10, 2012

Morphy Auctions Rolls Out Antique Advertising, Coin-Ops And The Peter V. Fritsch Mechanical Music Collection The festive sounds of been “a very particular Every turn-of-the-century music buyer. boxes and coinop machines will ring t h r o u g h M o r p h y Auctions’ D e n v e r , Pennsylvania, g a l l e r y August 10 and 11 as the company pre- 1920 Fisk Tires sents a varied paper poster, art by and colorful Maxfield Parrish, estimate 1,100-lot sale of $500 to $800. Morphy antique advertis- Auctions image. ing and mechanimachine he cal amusements. The Friday session fea- owns is special tures the 50-year music box and has an extra collection of Peter V. or unusual feature Fritsch of Kutztown, that would not be considPennsylvaia. The assem- ered standard.” A selection of 130 occublage of 30 plus music machines consists mainly pational shaving mugs will

collectors, Kuehne’s shavOver 250 general store ing mug is expected to lots - including showcases and signs - will be offered to the highest bidder. A very rare circa1880s Perry Davis Pain Killer tin sign is lithographed with busy, colorful images of people make $6,000 performing different tasks to $8,000. to produce a bottle of the A n o t h e r pain medicine. Estimate: i n t e r e s t i n g $4,000 to $6,000. Also shaving mug within the grouping of was quite like- signs is a 1914-1915 ly a souvenir, as Buffalo Bill Wild West it features the Show poster estimated at image of the Lake $2,000 to $3,000. Roland (Maryland) More than 50 coin-operElevated Railway. It is esti- ated machines will open the mated at $1,000 to $1,500. Saturday session. An outFrom a Philadelphia standing dual vending pharmacy that closed many machine that dispenses years ago comes a fresh both Chiclets chewing gun collection of more than 80 and Stollwerck chocolate apothecary antiques, leads the group. In including apothecary jars, untouched condition with candy jars and show globes. beautiful porcelain panels, A mint-condition 24-inch the machine could reach apothecary jar with Greek $10,000 to $15,000 on auckey motif is estimated at tion day. Other noteworthy $2,000 to $3,000; while an coin-ops include a 10-cent extremely rare teardrop- Rol-A-Top slot machine shape apothecary jar with with an eye-catching cherry similar decoration could design on its façade, $6,000 bring $2,500 to $4,000. to $7,000; and a functional, circa-1920s N o v e l t y Merchant Co. “ d i g g e r ” m a c h i n e , $2,000 to $4,000. British late 19th-century Queen Havana Cigars tin sign, lithogAn attracrapher Hope Company Limited Philadelphia, estimate $600 to tive array of $1,200. Morphy Auctions image. soda pop advertising of American productions, follow. The top-estimated awaits bidders, with highlights including a mug originally belonged to including an Regina 27-inch automatic professional baseball player elusive and changer, $16,000 to William J. Kuehne and very desirable $18,000; a Regina 15-1/2- reflects his occupation with 1955 7-Up inch automatic changer, its image of a player sliding double-sided $14,000 to $18,000; and a into home plate alongside policeman Symphonium wood-cased the catcher, with a full store display hall clock, $10,000 to baseball diamond and playsign. Of dou$12,000. Morphy’s CEO ers in the distance. Between Dan Morphy remarked that 1883 and 1892, Kuehne Occupational shaving mug that belonged to ble-sided lithoPeter Frisch has always played infield positions for William J. Kuehne, professional baseball graphed metal, teams in player from 1883 to 1892. Offered with origi- it is similar in Pittsburgh, St. nal Old Judge Tobacco card and two early design to the Louis and cabinet cards, each depicting Kuehne. more common$6,000 to $8,000. Morphy Auctions ly seen CocaCincinnati; and Estimate image. Cola police he was featured figure. on 11 Old Judge Additionally, there are mul- crossing-guard Tobacco cards. tiple sets of 3 to 5 matched Estimate: $4,000 to $6,000. Speaking of the pause With its jars, the type that late-19thc r o s s o v e r and early 20th-century that refreshes, more than appeal to sports pharmacists used to store 200 Coca-Cola advertising lots will be auctioned by m e m o r a b i l i a pills, herbs and liquids. Morphy’s. A scarce 1920svintage Coke bottle lamp in fine original condition is estimated at $6,000 to $9,000; while a 1902 CocaCola calendar featuring a beauty of the day could make $3,000 to $5,000. A 1954 tin cutout sign depicting a 12-pack of Coke is expected to reach $2,000 to $3,000. The Saturday session will conclude with a 100lot offering of tobacciana. Possibly by Robb or DeMuth, a well-detailed circa-1900 carved figure resembling Hercules - with a club in one hand and a pack of cigars in the other is entered in the sale with a $10,000 to $15,000 estimate. A circa-1870s plaster sign advertising Hondarez Cuban Cigars will cross the auction block with hopes of achieving $1,000 to $1,500. Both the Friday, August 10 and Saturday, August 11 auction sessions will comRegina 27-inch Auto-Disc Changer, late Deco mence at 10 a.m. Eastern Regina 15-1/2-inch Auto-Disc Changer Style “Regina Corona” Style 33. Includes 12 discs. Time. All forms of bidding 36, 5-cent slot. Includes 24 discs. Estimate Estimate $16,000 to $18,000. Morphy Auctions will be available, including $14,000 to $18,000. Morphy Auctions image. image. live via the Internet through

Old Virginia Cheroots paper poster, 1890s-1900, estimate $1,000 to $2,000. Morphy Auctions image.

Circa 1880s tin Perry Davis Pain Killer Sign, estimate $4,000 to $6,000. Morphy Auctions image.

Morphy Live or View the fully illustrated catalog online at or For additional information, call (717) 335-3435 or email Visit Morphy Auctions online at

Scarce 1920s Coca-Cola bottle lamp, 20-1/4 inches, estimate $6,000 to $9,000. Morphy Auctions image.

Cigar figure depicting man resembling Hercules, turn of the 20th century, 46 inches tall without base, estimate $10,000 to $15,000. Morphy Auctions image.

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