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Books on flags, banners, colours and militia guilds ('schuttersgilden')


Haarlem 1999

Š Antiquariaat A.G. van der Steur

At the cover: Several flags from the second volume of L' art de batir les vaisseau (Amsterdam, D¡ Mortier, 1719), Catalogue nr. 14.

Summer 1999

L.S. With some delay, due to the request of a Dutch foundation in this field to have a first choice, we present this specialised catalogue of hooks and prints on flags c.a. Because catalogues on antiquarian and out-of-print hooks in this field are rare, we decided not to remove the sold items, hut just to print the word 'sold' instead of the price. In our still available catalogue 19 we offered hooks on related subjects like seals, heraldry, nobility, genealogy, etc. We welcome orders by post, telephone, fax and e-mail. Prices are in Dutch guilders, exclusive 6% VAT and postage.

Antiquariaat A.G. van der Steur: Ab van der Steur Theo Hopman Garrelt Verhoeven


A. l.l\UM


. nF.S


Pavillons et marqucs distinctivcs des état~ et des principales . c 317 with :t few thousand colourcd flags in

organi~atiom internationales. Pans 19 ~O'




ringbinder. - 96 ' .h· d supplcmcnt'i t1 11 19 • Offici~l publication by the Frcnch ".'arincs. Wit mscrtc .ë 3 vols. in one . Rotterdam 1867, iU. , ALGEMEEN SEIN0OEK ten dienste van alle natl n. 225,255+275+28 p. Orig. cloth. Onsignalflagsat sca. ,, , Gotha [1825] . Ill. , IV, 204, 176 p., orig. Ai.MANACH DE GoTI-iA pour L annee 1826. 495-





5. 6.


8. 9.




13. 14.

boards in orig. slipcase. . . h ar:1vcd handcolourcd flags of Europcan countrics anc1 eig t ui~anccs en""- maritimes ' lllustratcd i.a. with four doubic PIatcs, cach with . . ales de 1•Europc ·. O n thc pages Il-TV somc towns: 'Tableau des pavvillons de poupc des pnncip p rcmarks on the illustraded flags. lil. 16 p. 48,ALPHABET van wapens en vlaggen. N .p., n.y. ' . . d fl "" of different counmes. W1th 6 p. text. 1· . chromo1·ithographY with coats of amis . the Ten plau:s m • . d an ff atr • t n American flags, or pub ished m [AMERICA], 38 small pubhcattons an o -pnn s o 100 USA on flags in genera!.· . Flag Plaza S tan d ar:d, The ' f fi American flag magazines: [AMERICA] some odd issues o a ew ' . Th s d d Bearer NA VA News, The Annin Banner. Ca. 1960New Coristellat1on, e tan ar ' 50 _ 1980, ca. 50 issues. . . ' OVlLLO El escudo y la bandera. Memona y disenos er N Ruz C AMoN, SANTIAGO; J.M . , . . los simbolos de la comunidad autonoma de Madrid. Madrid 1984. lil., 111 p. 35,On the coat of arms and flags of Madrid. . .ANRJCH, GEROLD; A. & G. C ORNFORD, Das Flaggenbuch. Die Geschichte der 35,wichtigsten Flaggen der Welt. Ravensburg 1978. lil., 121 p., boards. .ANSTED , A , A dictionary of sea terms. Glasgow 1947. lil., 327 p., 45,orig. boards. Scvcral words about flags. .APPEI.BAUM, STANLEY (ed.), The triumph of Maximilian 1. 137 woodcuts by Hans Burgkmaier and others. With a translation of descriptive text, introduction and notes. New York 1964. Oblong, ill, ca. 150 p. 50,[.AR.MENlAN .ALMANAC 1815). Vcnice 1815. 12°. Full gold embossed leather binding, illustrated i.a. with 16 hand colored engraved plates with each 6 flags, dated Venice 1813, 260 p. sold Not in Whimcy Smith, Bibliograp/iy of.ks (1965). ARM! ANTICHE, Bollettino dell'Accademia di S. Marciano, Torino. Numero speciale: per il 4° Congresso Internazionale di Vessillologia. Torino 1971. Ill., 149 p. 45,Reports of the International Fla.g Congress 1971. THEARMs, Flags and Emblems of Canada. N .p., 1981. Ill., 112 p. 30,L'.AR.T DE BATIR LES VAISSEAUX et d'en perfectionner la construction [...] outre les pavillons de divers états, le tout tiré des meilleurs auteurs hollandois, comme Witsen, Van Eyk, Allard, etc. Amsterdam: D. Mortier, 1719. 4°: 2 vols: 82, 94, 24, 101 p., half leather, with 22 and 90 plates (some designed by or after R. Nooms) . Bound with: H. Michelot, Le portulan de la mer mediterranee ou le vray guide des pilotes costiers. Amsterdam: P. Mortier, 1709. 4°: 175 p., with one plate. 9500,ln volume II of L'Al1 de batir 90 engraved plates with 214 flags of all nations! On pp. ~24 of this volume the description and history of these flags. The same edition of L'A11 de batir was also published with the year 1718 on the title page. The translation in French is based on C. Allard, Nieuwe Hollandse sd1upsbo11w... Amsterdam 1695 (2nd ed 1695-1705; 3rd ed. 1716). NHSM 746, resp. 68. Sce also Vexilla Nostra 207, 208.


~ unEMARD, L. , Les J?nques chinoises. 1. Histoire de la jonque. Rotterdam 1957 , 98 p., 111.; 111 . O mamentat1on et types. Rotterdam 1960, 61 p., ill. 40l\,bli5hecl by Museum voor ~nd- en Volkenkunde and Museum Prins H d ·k R d V 1 •' in 1959 and dcmihcd the commtction of these Chinese ships Only pubt t~ at thottcr am. ~ ·. Il ":'as publishcd . . • 1ca 10n on cse caractcnst1c Chinese 0~.



IAusmJAl, 4 small pubhcat1ons on Austrian flags . 20AI. UZON a:) B[ OISMINART, W .P . r1j, De Nederlandsche vlag, of onder welke driek.l;ur streden onze vaderen tegen Spanje? Utrecht 1862, 24 p., orig. cloth. sold On the history of the Dutch flag.


Azo.RRAGA, JosE On the Sp:mish flag.


BANDERAS, magazine of the Sociedad espanola de vexilologia. 1-49 (1979-1993) .

LUISDE , La bandera de Espana. Madrid 1981. lil., 32 p ., boards.



Missing nr. 21. J).

BARON , louis, Bibliographie drapeaux et étendards. [Vincennes 1970?], 79 p.


Pub\ished by the ' Setvice historique de l'armée de France'.


BARRACLOUGH , E.M .C . (ed.), Flags of the world. London-New York 1965. Ill., 325 p., orig. cloth. 60, History of the fl~ of the world, especially British 0ags. Originally publishcd in 1897 as Flags of r/,e world by F.E. Hulmc. A second, third and fourth edition by W.J. Gordon w2S pub\ished in 1915, 1924 md 1928. In 1933 it appcared under a new titlc, A 111a11uel of.flags, rcviscd by V. Wheelcr-Holohan, reprintcd in 1939 as Flags of tl,e world. 1bc next edition undcr the same title dates fi-om 1953 by H. Grcsham Carr, rcviscd in 1956. Barraclough was die editor of this revision of 1965.


BARRACLOUGH , E.M.C. (ed.), Flags of the world. Londen-New York 1969. Ill., 284 p., orig. cloth with dust wrappers. 60,-


BARRACLOUGH , E.M.C .; W .G . CRAMPTON, Flags of the world. London-New York 60,1978. Ill., 250 p., orig. cloth with dust wrappers.

Revised cdition.

The thircl by Barraclough revised edition.


BAUDOIN, LutGI, Palio d'Asti. N .p., 1970. Ill., 121 p., orig. cloth with dust wrappers.40,On the füg fcstivitics in the lt21ian city Asti.


BAUMGARTNER, l.oTHAR, Die Entwicklung der österreichischen Marineflagge. Offprint 40,Militaria Austriaca (1977). Ill., 22 p. On the Austtian navy flag.



BAXTER , E.H., National flags, with aircraft markings, calendae of days for hoisting national flags and colour keys for ready identification. London-New York 1934. Ill., 172 p., orig. cloth. 35,BEBLOWSKI , .ANDRZEJ, Le pavillon international a Gdansk entre 1920 et 1939. Warshaw 1981 . Ill., 22 p. 35,vr:ry rare publication on the Dantzig Hanze flag.


BEELDEN EN BANIEREN. Fort Asperen Acquoy 1987. Asperen 1987. Oblong., ill., 50 p. sold Beauriful photographs of statues and bmners at an cxhibition organized by P. Cleveringa, R.H. Fuchs and Piet de Jonge.


BEENHAKKER , AJ. , Flags of polder boards in the Netherlands. Muiderberg 1980. Ill., 16 p. ~.lnventarisation of polder-flags.


BERCKEL , H.A.A. VAN, Het vaan als rechtsteeken. Offprint Dietsche Warande V. sold Amsterdam 1860, 96 p.


BLAZON KAJ FLAG BULTENO, magazine of a Czechoslovakian flag society, 1981-1982.25,BOLDINGH, H.J. ; J.C.M. WARNSINCK ; J.W. BLOEM; P.S. VAN. HMFF , Ged~boek uitgegeven bij de viering van het 75-jarig bestaan van de opleiding tot zeeofficier te · c1oth • 90Willemsoord. Den Helder [1929]. Ill., 325 p., ong. •

Rare book.Ict on hcralds and law.



3.1 34.

f 'corp~ adclbor.;tcn', with a colourcd plate. Pp. 31-299 namcs ctc f Chaptcr 7 : The standard o t 11e . . o the 23<>8 Ou1ccrs er. 1929 1854· MARIJKE VAN DEN, Vlaggen, vaandels & standaarden van het Rïks BI~ND~OF' d catalogus. Amsterdam 1977. Ill.' 99 p . ~ rnuseurn. Een geîllustreer e .. . 45 · f flags in the R1Jksmuseum m Amsterdam. ,C loguc of the collecnon o b h S Gallen ata A & B Schweizer Fahnen uc . t. 1942. Ill., 383+ 175 . BRUCKNER , · ·' p., ong.

450,· . 'This book givcs an extremety dctat·1_cd. and weIl documcntcd history of Swi 8 Wh101cy Smith_271 . 1 (and nuny iUustrarions) of ongmal flags.' ss national and cloth. .




~'3J. 40.


c:mton flags, with a cata oguc . N [ 1930) BULGARIA FAHNENBILDER . Europa-sene. .p . ca. . Oblong, ill., Z7 p. and interleaved maps . . . fl 1 tcs of European flags . Author and 11lustrator: 0 . Neubccker. Scrapbook with 200 ag p a d blik D hJ 1TO Die Farben der Bun esrepu eutsc and. 0 B USCH' ' . h lf 1 h Bedeutung. Frankfurt 1954. m., 142 p., ong. a c ot .



Ihre Tradition und 60,-

On the Gennan flag. . BIJL Mz., A , Stadswapen, vlag en zegels van Vlaardingen. Spiegel der historie 2 (1967), pp. 601-605. sold CADENAS y VICENT, VICENTE, Manuel de vexilologia. Nociones y terminos propios ~ Ia ciencia de las banderas. Madrid 1976. Ill., 95 p. Handboek on vexilology in Spanish. . [CANADA], 3 small publications ?n Canad1an_ flags. . c ANEPA, Luis, Historia de los s1mbolos nac1onal es Argentmos. Buenos


Aires 1953, 'l37 75,-

p. 41.


On the Argentinian flag. CARASSo-KoK, M.;J. LEvv-VAN HALM (ed.), Schutters in Holland. Kracht en zenuwen van de stad. Zwolle-Haarlem 1988. Ill., 435 p ., large 4°, orig. cloth with dust wrappers. 1251_ Very well illustrated and documented work on the miliria-~ilds in the to~ns in the wc:stcm region of the Nethedands. With emphasis on the arts. The book was published on occasion of an exhibition in the mm Halsmuseum at Haarlem. With contriburions by P. Knevel, P.T.E.E. Rosenberg, Chr. Tümpel, R.E.0 . Ekkart, L.v.d. Bergh-Hoogterp, J.B. Kist, J.P. Puype and the editors. CATALOGUS Internationaal Museum Heraldiek Benelux. Temse (B.) [1982],

16 p. 43.





Coats of anns and Bags. Author. J. Boeykens. CAYLEY, FRANK, Flag of stars. Adelaide 1966. Oblong, ill., 172 p ., orig. cloth with dust wrappers. 45,The history of the Australian flag. cccP 1922-1972. [Russian flags and emblems.] Moskou 1972. Oblong, ill., 77 p ., orig. cloth with dust wrappers. 125,C HAMB0N, ALBERT, Marine. Gewoonten en gebruiken. Den Helder z.j. lil., 143 p., orig. cloth. 28,'Vandersteng-serie 2'. Popular book on the Dutch navy, with chapters on flag honours and signal fla~. CHAMBON, ALBERT, De Heldersche Post. Complete set of issues (1942-1946), ca.

200 p . 47.

48. 49.


Very rare ' magazine' by the author of the popular Vandersteng-books. On publications etc. conceming the Duu:h navy. Added: Ha11d/eidi11g maritieme documentatie. Den Helder (1943]. In orig. board-folder with text 'Onze marine'. CHARRIÉ, PIERRE, Drapeaux et étendards de la Révolution et de !'Empire. Paris 1982, ill., 232 p . , orig. cloth with dust wrappers. 150,0n the history of French military flags . 60,CHARRIÉ, PIERRE, Drapeaux et étendards du Roi . Paris 1989, ill., 174 p. French royaJ flags. [CHINES~ FLAGS] . ïbree large photographs of flags found in excavations 1980 - With text in Chinese in orig. board folder.


Hunan, ca. 75,-


C HOJNACKI, S. , Somc notcs on the history of the Ethiopian national flag. Offprint <f Ethiopian studies (1963), 14 p. _ 28 CONGRES MONDIALE DE VEXILLOLOGIE VI aux Pays Bas. Recueil. Muiderberg 1975, ill., 160 p. 75-

Joumal 51 .




Printcd in ({2 numbcrcd copics. l.a. the_~cxt of lccl\J~cs by_W.A. van Ham (the Bourgondian cross) and H.C . K;mp (l)urch songs on flags) . Thrcc othcr cd1t10ns wcrc pnntcd m 1976-1978, in total 400 copies.

52 53.

CoNNER, j.E.; J.E. CONNER; R.C . HARPER, The flags of Texas. Norman 1964, ill., 270 p., orig. cloth. 60C 0OPER, GRACE ROGERS, Thirteen-star flags, keys to identification. Washington 1973, ill.1 62 p. 40,Smithsonian Studies in History and Tcchnology 21.


C0URTIN, F.; A., VUILLEMJN , Pavillons des principaux états du globe. Paris-New York , n .y. [ca. 1851]. Oblong, lithographed titlepage and 12 plates in chromolithography. 175,Thc booklct consists of a world map, a plate of cocardcs and 10 platcs with 180 coloured flags.


C RAMER, RENÉ IE, Vlaggen & wimpels. Aandenken van 'Oud Vlaenderen', wereldtentoonstelling van Gent 1913. Brussel [1913], ill., 52 p., cloth. 125,Titlc also in Frcnch; 40 plates in colour prinring of flags and banncrs in the world exhibition at Gent in 1913.


57. 58. 59.


C RAMER, RENÉ DE , The same, de-luxe copy with all plates pasted down on thin cardboard, bound in half leather. 175,C UMBERLAND , BARLOW, History of the union jack. How it grew and what it is. [2nd enlarged ed.] London [1900], ill., 324 p., orig. cloth. 125,[CZECH0SLOVAKIA.] 5 small Czechoslovak.ian publications on flags . 50,C ZERWINSKI, PETER, Die Schlacht- und Turnierdarstellungen in den deutschen höfischen Romanen des 12. und 13. Jahrhunderts. Zur literarischen Verarbeitung militärischen Formen des adligen Gewaltmonopols. (Diss.) Berlin 1975, 344 p. 75,DALEN, A.G. VAN, Gilden en schutterijen in de graafschap Bergh. Een stuk sociale geschiedenis in een landelijke Gelderse gemeente (Bergh en omgeving). Zutphen 1971, ill., 218 p . with sep. maps. 48,Militia guilds in the community of Bergh, in the eastern regions of the Netherbnds.



DAVIS, BRIAN LEIGH, Flags & Standards of the lbird Reich. Army, navy & air force 19331945. London 1975, ill., 160 p ., orig. cloth with <lust wrappers. 75,DAWNAY, Ntc . PAYAN, The standards, guidons and colours of the Household Division 1660-1973. Tunbridge Wells 1975, ill., 272 p., orig. cloth with dust wrappers. 125,The Household Division consists of the lifc guards, the Blues and Royals, the Grenadier Guards, the Coldscream Guards, the Scots Guards, the Irish Guards and the Welsh Guards.


DELAHAYE, ALBERT, De gilden van Rijsbergen. Zundert 1971, ill., 84 p.


Militia guilds of Rijsbergen in the south of the Netherlands.


DENNYS, R. 0., Brooke Bond Picture Cards. Flags & emblerns of the world. Reading 45,[1967], oblong, ill., 18 p. Scrapbook, published by Brooke Bond Tea, with 50 flag places.


DIDER0T, DENIS, Encyclopédie ou dictionnaire raisoné des sciences, des arts et des métiers. Paris 1751-1765. Planches 17, 17a, 18, 18a, 19, 19a, 20, 20a, with 238 engraved flags . With 6 pp. text. Complete. 275,Engravin~ by Benard after Goussier. Text undcr the places: · Marine, pavillons'.



DIDEROT, DENIS, idem, five plates from the same work: 18a, 19, 19a, 20 and 20a. 90,A. DRJESSEN'SATIAS-VLAGGEN ALBUM van Europa. Rotterdam, n.y., ill., orig. boards. 50,Scrapbook with places of flags . lnterleaved in a school atlas of Europe. Published by the Rotterdam chocolate factory A . ~.


DROOGENDIJK, J.M., Het korps mariniers en zijn vaandel. Rotterdam 1930, ill., 123 p., orig. cloth. 75,On the Dutch Marine~ Corp~ and iu standanl.

B., Les pavillons des états musulmans. Rabat [1961], ill. , 86 p.





DUIM , J.F. VAN , lntroduction to the rustory of the signa! flag in the Netherlanru navy. The Haguc 1969, ill., 38 p. 30,DUIM , J.F. VAN , Het seinwezen bij de Nederlanrue zeemacht. (Voorlopige uitgave.) [Muiderberg], 1970, 45 p., typescript. 40,-

Vcry nrc. Printcd in 100 copies.


On signa] flags.


E.C.-G., Wat iedere Nederlander van zijn vlag weten moet! Bussum 1937, ill., 8 pp. sold


DE EERBAERE GuID . Vanen en trommels, zilver en reglementen, bijeengebracht door 12 gilden uit het zuiden der Kempen. Uitgave t.g.v. de tentoonstelling der 12 gilden t.e Valkenswaard. Valkenswaard 1973, ill., 60 p. sold

Popular introduction to the Dutch flag.

Published at an exhibition of militia guilds in the south of the Netherlands.


EKDAHL, SVEN, Die 'Banderia Prutenorum' des Jan Dlugosz. Eine Quelle zur Schlacht bei Tannenberg 1410. Untersuchungen zu Aufbau, Entstehung und Quellenwert der Hanruchrift. Göttingen 1976, ill., 315 p., orig. cloth with dust wrappers. 125,-


ELTING, MARY; FRANKLINF0LS0M, Flags of all nations. And the people who live under them. New York 1969, ill., 157 p., orig. cloth. 45,EMBLÈMES ET PAVILLONS. Bulletin de la Société française de vexillologie, nrs. 1-38 (1985-1993), all published. 125,ENKIAAR, W.F.P., Een drietal geuzenvlaggen onlangs weêrgevonden door T . van Spanje. Deventer 1873, ill. , 16 p., orig. lithographed covers. 48,-

Splendid publication on a manuscript from ca. 1450 in the Biblioteka Jagiellonska at Knlcau. See also Gorski, C.



With 3 lithographed coloured plates of 16th century flags of the Gueux in the Netherlands.

EvANS, I.O., The Observer's book of flags. London-New York 1959, ill., 204 p., orig. cloth. 18,79. EvANs, I.O., The same work, revised edition 1971, 207 p., ong. cloth with dust wrappers. 18,80. EVANS, I.O., The same work, revised edition 1975, 191 p., ong. cloth with dust wrappers. 18,81. EVANS, I.O., Flags of the world. Toronto etc. 1971, il!., 159 p. 15,78.

Series: Bantam Knowledge through color.


FAHNEN, erbeutet in den Schweizer Kriegen, nach den Fresken in der Franziskanerkirche in Lüzem. Lüzem 1939, 38 'Farben-Tafeln' and 8 p. of text. 125,Confiscated flags in Swiss wars. Much sought afi:er publication.


FAHNEN, Sachzeugen revolutionärer Militärgeschichte. Katalog Armeemuseum der D.D.R. Dresden 1978, ill., 80 p. 45,Aag catalogue of the war museum ar Dresden.

84. 85.

FERNANDO, EDITH M.G. (ed.), [Sri] Lanka flags. Unique memorials of heraldry. Colombo 1980, ill., 57 p. 40,~IORA, PAOLO EDOARDO, Bandiere in Piemonte, documentazione storica. Torino 1971, ill., 120 p. 40,Flags in Piemontc.


FIAG BULLETIN, THE • Magazine of the Flag Research Center at Winchester (Mass. USA), 13 - 0 (1 961-1991). The years 1-7 bound in artificial leather, the years 8-30 in issues as



A nrc, nearly complete run of the most important magazine on vexilology. Missing vol. 19, 3-5 (= Report 7th Int. Congrcss 1980). Addcd: T11e Flag Bulleti,r Newsletter 1-5 (1969-1973) and Flag ltiformatio11 Sourm 1-4 (1970-1973), both complete runs, and somc other rnatcrial.

FOR YA CHTSMEN]. Group of 8 publications on this subject in Dutch, English and French. Authors: H .C.A. van Kampen, J. Loeff, T. Kasemier, L. van der Steur, the 'Kon. Ned. Zeil- en Roeivereeniging', the Royal Yachting Association and Louis Doliveux, 1915-1982. 150,FLAGGEN der Binnenschiffahrt. Verzeichnis der Hoheits- und Signalflaggen, Reedereiund Hausflaggen der Binnenschiffarht. 6th ed. Duisburg 1973, ill., 77 p. 30,[FLAG ÉTIQUElïE



Flags of the Gennand inland navigation.


FlAGGEN aller Staaten der Erde, Die-. 7th ed. leipzig [1930?] .


Oblong flag chart with colourcd illustrations. Fl.AGGEN- UND SALlIT-ÜRDNUNG für

60+13 p., orig. cloth.


die kaiserliche Marine. Entwurf. Berlin 1895, ill., 175,-

Niccly illustrated proposal (in colour) for a regulation on the usc of flags in the Gerrnan mvy, with hand wrirten additions and the ex libris of J.H.A. Gualthérie van Weezel.



FLAGGENFORUM, magazine of the Archiv für Flaggenkunde Ralf Stelter, in Hattingen (Germany), (0) 1-7 (1990-1993). 30,FLAGGENMITTEILUNG, magazine published by Günther Mattem, in Switzerland, nrs. 4fr220 (1979-1998) . 295,On Swiss and international flags. With index on nrs. 1-200.


FLAGMASTER, THE FIAG lNSTITUfE BULLETIN, nrs. 1-44 (1971-1984), complet~ run. 275,Publication of the Flag lnstitute in Chester (UK). Added: Newsletter Heraldry Society, Flag Section 1-4 (1969-1970), which was its forenmner. Nrs. 19-23 appeared under a different title: Flag Institute Bulletin, but were later incorporated in the series.


FIAGS OF ALL NATIONS, Vol. l: National flags and ensigns; Vol. Il: Standards of rulers, sovereigns and heads of state. Flags of heads of rninistries, and of naval, military and Air Force officers. London: Her Majesty's Stationary Office, 1955-1958. 350,A very elaborate work in rwo ring binders. With many hundreds of coloured plates. Both volumes with supplements. Vol. I is a reprint from 1965, incorporating the supplements 1955-1965.


FONSEKA, LIONEL DE, The Karave flag. Offprint Ceylon Antiquary and Literary Register [ca. 1940?], 17 p. 20,The flag of Ceylon (Sri Lanka).


FOREEST , H.A. vm, Bloedvlag. Offprint Mededelingen Ned. Ver. Zeegeschiedenis 15 (nov. 1967), 13 p. sold On the red ' blood flag', used at sea.


FOURNIER, GEORGES, Hydrographie, contenant la théorie et la pratique de toutes les parties de la navigation. Facsimile reprint (in 500 numbered copies). Grenoble 1973, after the edition Paris 1667, ill., 706 pp., folio, artificial leather. 375,With introductions in French on the book and its author by several specialists. Foumier deals extensively with French naval flags, but there are also descriptions of other European flags .

98. <J),

[FRANCE, BELGIUM]. 4 small publications and offprints on French and Belgian flags. , 25FRIEDEL, ALo1s, Deutsche Staatssymbole. Herkunft und Bedeutung der politischen Symbolik in Deutschland. Frankfurt-Bonn 1968, ill., 131 p., orig. cloth. 75,German state symbols.

100. FRUIN, R., De Nederlandsche vlag. Extract Volksalmanak (1865), 8 pp.


Early publication on the Dutch flag by the leading historian of those days.

101. [FRYSLAN FIAG .] De Fryske flagge. Rapport en advys fan de komrnisje ta bistudearing fan de fryske flagge. Assen 1956, ill., 52 p. 38,Double i.srue of It Beake11 on coat of anns, seal and flag of the Dutch province Friesland. Edited by Kl. Sierksma.


TI1e samc, the original, stencilled report, datcd 7th February 1954. 52 p., with separate illustrations. sold 103. FuRTTENUACH, JosEPHUM, Architectura Navalis. Ulm 1629. Bound with: The same Architectura Universalis. Ulm 1635. 2 books in one, half vellum, with two engraved titl; printli and 80 plates. Folio, 134+ 159 P· sold


Rare work.s, cspccially the Arrl1ittdura Navalis. On pp. 66 and 67 platcs of flags.

104. GACETA DE BANDERAS. International newsletter of the ' Sociedad espanola di vexilo logia, (0) 1-9 (1991-1993). 20,30,105. GAWKER,JOSEPH M.. Das Bannervon Luzern. Luzern 1966, ill., 59 p. The Luzcm flag.

106. GAYRE, ROBERT, Heraldic standards and other ens1gns. Edinburgh-London 1959, ill. , 75,148 p., orig. cloth. 107. GAYTAN, JosE FERNANDEZ, Banderas de la marine re Espana. Madrid (Museo Naval), , 1985, ill., oblong, 40 p. 28108. GERARD, R ., Flags over South Africa. Pretoria 1952, ill., 55 p., orig. 150,half leather. Published in a numbcred limited cdition of 300 copies. Much sought alter.

109. GERLACH JR., J.A. , Oorsprong, geschiedenis en tegenwoordige toestand van het Collegie van oude schutters van den voetboog van St. Joris en der jonge colveniers schutters te Heusden, met afbeeldingen van hunne gedenkstukken. Groningen 1862, ill., 159 p., orig. half leather. 2000,Beauriful work with 66 lithographcd plates with coats of anns of the mcmbers of the Heusden (Noord-Brabant) militia, view of the 'doelen', 2 maps, but also of the flag\ and other utensils. This ' voetbooggilcle' was abolished in 1905. Thank.s to the Leiden snidcnt:s the painting\ and othcr object:s of the militia wcre placed in the town hall, where it was destroyed in World War ll. Wit/1 an articlc from Ga,ist11 Trou (1968) by H . Poll about the 500 years celebration in 1856.

110. [GERMANY, SWITZERlAND]. 19 small publications and off-prints on Gem1aI1 and Swiss flags, or published in these countries. 75,111. GESETZ vom 4.6. 1957 betreffend Wappen und Flaggen des Fürstentums Liechtenstein. 12,Liechtenstein 1957, ill., 4+6 p. Aag laws in Liechtenstein.

112 GEs.5LER, E.A., Schweizerkreuz und Schweizerfahne. Zürich 1937, ill., 46 p.


On the Swiss flag.

113. GJBBS-SMITH, CHARLES H., Beeldverhaal aan de wand. Het Tapis de Bayeux. Bussum 1973, ill., ca. 75 p., orig. boards. 35,Dutch translarion of 11,e Bayeux tapistry. London 1973.

114. GIIDE of Broederschap van St. Joris te Noordwijk 1477-1977. Noordwijk 1977, ill. , 24 p. 5~115.

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, 28Dutch militia guild in the south of the country.

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3. 1693: first page of a series of 12 flag charts, published by P. Mortier; 4-5. 1695: 2 pans of a very large print of maritime authoritics by T . Rousseau and I. Chevillard (Paris);

6. 1720: the oldest known flag chart with flags of many countrics, published in Amsterdam by L'Honoré & Chätelain; 7. 1756: flag chart by J. Bellin (Namcs?); 8. 1800: lblian Oag chart by B. Chiesa (Livomo); 9. 1805: Swedish Oag chart by E. Akerlund (Göteborg?); 10. 1821: flag c~art with so-called college-flags (Rotterdam, Arbor and Krap); 11. 1868: Amencan Oag chart, Johnson, New York; 12. 1890: flag chart with royal standards, published by H.C. Steenbergen.

149, 150.


152 153

154. 155.

156. 157.


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, . 1i;oo n11111hcrcd copir~. llr~111ili1I p11bliotio11. · . . .

]'Jinl('(l lil

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der deutschen Vergangenheit.Leipzig 1899, ill., 157 p., half



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cl~On Dutch militia guilds. Fine illustrations aficr water colours by J. Hoynck van Papendrecht.


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R2IC publication on Scandinavian cross-flags.

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Coffcc table book, based on the private collecrion of flags of Mr. and Mrs. Mastai, with 255 plates in full colour.

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1925, 90,-

cloth 30,-

Thc ciriginal book was printed. This is a typescript copy of a printed book.

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2JS. J)G_







213. 214. 215.

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1972, ill., ca. 100 p.


. h d by Estado-Maior do exercito, cabinete de Hcraldica. Publis e .


NIJHOFF , MARTINUS, La Manne. ~atalogue_ 3~1 de_ li:1"es etc., anciens et modemes, en te aux prix marqués, lere part1e: Archivalia, b1bliographie, encyclopédies recueils ven . .. L H [b ' biographiques, historre mantune. a aye a out 1920?], 167 p., boards. 80,1 e Cauogu

of one of the leading Dutch antiquarian booksellers.


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On the flag of South Afiica.

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Symbols of South Africa.

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On the national flags of South Africa. PAPERS XI CONGRESSO lNTERNACIONAL

ill., 364 p.

de vexilologia. Madrid 1985/Barcelona 1987, 60, -

Published in 200 numbered copies.


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by Karl Fachinger -

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by John Bcdclls -

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p., orig. cloth with dust wrappers.




On Spanish flags. Lots of mistalces on not-Spanish subjects.

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1990, ill., 218 p.

, 28-

Prisma-bock 2691 . Descriprion and illustrarions in colour of national flai?;i-

241. 242

[PoLAND.] 5 small Polish publications on flags. 50,PosTHUMUS, N ., Catalogue 183: Marine: rare old prints, aquatints, watercolours, lithographs shipping subjects, including Americana, portraits, whaling, etc. The Hague [1930], ill., 28 p. 45,Catalogue of a Dutch anriquarian bookseUer.


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Folded poster, showing 55 flai?;i,

Mainly on English flags.

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248. REGLEMENT EN ORDONNANTIE op het havenen en betalen van havengeld, door koopvaardijschepen en vaartuigen in de havens van Hellevoetsluis, 10-8-1817. 22 p., in vellum covers.


Rules for entering the harbour of Hellevoetsluis (the Netherlands), 1.a. which flags to usc. Addcd: a bill for ' havengeld' for captain K. Noord%)', dated 1822 and signcd by the 'havenmeester' P.C . Nap.


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0n Dutch military standards.


Rrrz, B.C., Rood of oranje. Offprint Eigen Haard 25 (1899), 2 p.


Added: ca. al small brochures and 19th-<entury cutrings, all about the Outch fhg.


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[RUSSIA.] 12 small publications and offprints on Russian flags , or published in Russia on flags in general. 100,256. [RussIAN FLAGS.] Oblong album with 33 pages with Russian flags and symbols. Moskow 1959. 90257. RUSSOCK.I, STAN .; STEFAN K. KUCZVNSKI; JULIUS WILLAUME, Godlo, Barwy i h ~

litei · Zarys Dziejow. Warshaw 1963 ill. 260 p rzeczyp Ospo :.i• • • ' ' • 50 CKI J11c same work, later ed1t1on. Warshaw 1970 34l p . ,' ·• ong. cloth with dust z;s. RUSSO ' wrappe~. . . . 60 N F H A. , Memone betreffende de u1tre1king vernieuwing inl . ' O ' en evenng van '[,9. SADR , · · • vaandels en standaarden bij het Nederlandsche leger sedert 1813. ['s-Gravenhage ],


iU., 91 p., orig. cloth. booklct



Dutch anny bannc~ with 6 folding colourcd platcs. These plates are often missin .

;:sEN, AUG., Geschiedenis van de schutterij 011

der kolveniers of Lieve-~rouwegilde te

Helmond. Helmond 1882, ill., 47+10 p.


R:irc book on the militia guild of Hclmo~d in the south of the Netherlands. Printed in 150 copies. With 10 lithographed plates, i.a. the banncr of the gu1ld. ScHUITEMA MEYER, A.T.; W .K. VAN DER VEEN, Zegel, wapen en vlag van de stad

Groningen. Groningen 1965, ill., 149 p .

, 24-

On the coat-of-anns, seal and flag of the Dutch town of Groningen.

SEMJÉN0WIECZ, N.N., (A history of the Russian navy flag, written m Russian.] Leningrad 1946, ill., 95 p. 75,With Dutch mnslation in typescript. SERRAD0R Y ANINO, RICARDO, Iniciacion a la vexilologia Qa cencia de las banderas).


Madrid 1992, ill., 252 p. Spanish introduction.



Reprint edition of Siebmacher's Grosses Wappenbuch, Band I : Die Wappen und Plaggen der Herrscher und Staaten der Welt. Neustadt a.d. Aisch 1978. 375,-

Classic work on coats-of-arms and flags of heads of states in all countries of the world.

355. SIEGEL, R., Die Flagge. Geschichte der Entwickelung der auf den Kriegs- und Handelsschiffen zur Verwendung komrnenden Flaggen unter Berücksichtigung des Gebrauchs von Flaggen zu Signa!- und Salutzwecken. Berlin 1912, ill., 267+64 p ., orig. 225,cloth. Classic work on signa) flags at sea by the Gernun admiral Siegel.

Xi6. SIERKSMA, KL., Nederlands vlaggenboek, vlaggen gemeenten. Utrecht-Antwerpen 1962, ill., 157 p.

van Nederland, provmaes



Prisma-boek 796. On the flags on the Netherlands, the Dutch provinces and local communities.

357. SIERKSMA, KL., Vlaggen. Symbool, traditie, protocol. Bussum 1963, ill., 95 p .


General introduction.

358. SIERKSMA, KL., Flags of the world 1669-1670. A seventeenth-century manuscript. Amsterdam 1966, ill., 24+280 p . 95,Limited, numbered edition of 1000 copies. Beautiful publication with 120 flags in colour, most of them not elsewhere documented, from a Dutch manuscript from 1669-1670. The manuscript was in possession of the publisherantiquarian bookseller Simon Emmering, who sold it to the U.S.A.

359. SIERKSMA , KL., Vlaggen op kastelen en historische landhuizen. Offprint Spiegel der

Historie 3 (1968), 443-450, ill.


Results of an inquiry under the ownc~ of castles and mansion-houses in the Nctherlands about a house-flag. About 70 houses had such a flag.

270. SIERKSMA, KL., Noord-Holland met vlag en wapen. Offprint Holland 6 (1974), 10 p., ill. 10, 271.


Fla~ and coat-of-arms of the communities in the province of North-Holland.

SiERKsMA, KL., Een Nederlands vlaggenmuseum. Is zoiets nodig? Is zoiets mogelijk? Een inleidende beschouwing. Muiderberg 1975, 10 p. sold Published in a small amount of copies by the ministry of WVC, in conncction with the furure use of slot Loevestein.

SiERKsMA , KL., Voerde Nederland ooit een ' oorlogsvlag'? Offprint Mars et Histo ria 3'.)

(1996), 3 p., ill .


StERKSMA, KL., Militaire bannistiek. Offprint Mars et Historia 10 (1976), ill., 8 p.


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Impottant study about emblcms and their symbolism (also coacs of arms), before 1267. The sources wcrc coins, scals and a few manwcriplS. SMITI-1, CLEVEIAND H.; GERTRUDE R. TAYLOR, Flags of all nations. New York 1946,

35,ill., 152 p., orig. cloth. 278. SMITI-1, WHITNEY, The bibliography of flags of foreign nations. Boston (Mass.) 1965, sold · 169 p., orig. cloth. Excluded are: the Bags of the United States and signa! flags.

SMITI-1, WHITNEY, Prolegomena to the study of politica} symbolism. Thesis. Boston 1969. Photocopies of a typescript, 323+3 p. 60,SMITI-i, WHITNEY, The same work, but as microfilm on a roll. 30,J30. 281. SMITI-I, WHITNEY, The flag book of the United States. New York 1970, ill., 306 p., orig. cloth with dust wrappers. 80,SMm-I, WHITNEY, Flags through the ages and across the world. Maidenhead 1975, ill., 357 p., orig. cloth with dust wrappers. 60,279.

'A major survey of civilization fi-om the perspective of that unique artifàct the flag'. With ca. 3000 illuscrations, nearly all in colour.


SMITI-1, WHITNEY, Die Zeichen der Menschen und Völker. Unsere Welt m Fah nen und 48,Flaggen. Luzem 1975, ill., 357 p., orig. cloth with dust wrappers. German cranslation and revision of Flags tliroug/r tl,e agts a11d across tbe world .

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287. SMITH, WHITNEY, Elseviers gids van vlaggen en wapens. Amsterdam-Brussels 1981 , ill., 30,256 p., art. leather with <lust wrappers. Translation of Flags and arms


the world , London 1980, a shortcned version of Flags through tht agts. .

288. SMOUT, ARTHUR H., The flag book. Australia, 3rd ed. Brisbane 1982, ill., 72 p. 30,239. SNOUCKAERT VAN ScHAUBURG, A.C.; F. DE BAS, Vaandels en standaarden. 2nd ed. 'sGravenhage 1893, 20 p., boards.


On Ducch military standards.



SOEJlMA, HIROYUKI, The Japanese flag, 'Hinomaru' and its origin. 10 p., typed. SOKOLOV, V.A., [Book on flags in Russian.] 1969, ill., 309 p. Flags of over 140 countries with explanation. Rare publication from the Iron Wall period.

SOKOLOV, V.A., State flags and coat of arms of Uraine. Helsinki 1983,



ill., 34 ]P·7 small Sparush . publicat1ons · on f1ags.


dust wrappers.


· d th d . 25[ SPAIN oHN Vennont an e stars an stnpes in 1777. An address d li d ' Sr~RGO, J ' . e vere at the eeting of the Vermont Society of the Sons of the American R . aiu1ueI In evo1ut1on. Vennont 1927, 19 p. 28,SPIER , :[>ETER, 111e star-spangled banner. New York 1973, ill., 48 p., orig. cloth with ·"- tt •nustnted children's book, with the words of the National Anthem. With separate poster Dcautml y I d 1 . .

S oSVLAG der gemeente Bolswar , voorgeste d m de vergadering van de raad van BT~sward op 6 mei 1955, iJI.' 4 p. sold S~DENNUMMER VAN HOLIAND, jrg. 1, nr. 4/5 (October 1969), 84 p., ill. 201_ '!)7. '!}6.

Results trom an international project about mediaeval towns in Europe, with interest for coats of anns seals and fla~. Hete the results for Dordrecht, Haarlem, Leiden, Amsterdam and Gorinchem. '

STEWART, CoLIN; JOHN S. STYRING, Flags, funnels & Huil colours. London 1963, oblong, ill., 88 p. 35,STEWART, W.K., Brown's signalling. How to learn the international code of visual ans '1)9. sound signals, based on information contained in vol. I of the 1931 international code of signals. Glasgow 1947, ill., 213 p., orig. boards. 60,1512-1912. Feestwijzer voor de Internationale lX). ST.-GREGORIUSGILDE S1RAruM 68,Gildefeesten. Eindhoven 1912, ill., 168 p., boards. 2}8.

Program of the festivities of the Dutch militia guild at Stratum, 1912, with hundreds of advertisements.

1)1. 1)2

STYRJNG, JOHN S., Brown's flags and funnels of British and foreign steamship companies. Glasgow 1978, oblong, ill., 96 p . 35,SYMPOSIUM CoNSERVATI0N OF FIAGS, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 14-18 november 1977. Amsterdam 1980, ill., 130 p. 28,21 tcxts of lectures, i.a. by Zygulski, Sierksma (rules for the description of flags), Danielsson, Schneider, Lodewijks, Kerlchoven, Leene, Allen, Willcox and Murray.


l>4. llS.

lJ6. 1)7.

SYSTEMATISCHE INDEX op de vlaggen der publiek.rechterlijke lichamen en lijst der gemeenten in Nederland. 2de uitgave. 's-Gravenhage (Hoge Raad van Adel), 1981, 55 p .sold TALOCCI, .MAUR0, Guida alla bandiere di tutto il monde. Milano 1977, ill., 255 p . 35,TAPISSERIE DEBAYEUX . Bayeux [about 1960]. Reproduction in colour of the complete tapistry in leporello-form. N .p., n.y. 28,TERLUIN, J.C., Wapen en flagge van Ysbrechtum. Offprint Genealogysk jerboekje (1977), sold pp. 97-98, ill. THORNE, G.G., A miscellany of British flags. Glasgow 1948, ill., 45 p., half cloth. 45,With a letter of the author d.d. 30-11-1948 to ' Dear commander Mead'.

~ - [TIMMERMAN, H .AJ.A. ], Het vaandel van het 6de regiment infanterie. [Breda 1898], ill., 18 p.

m. 310.


With two maps of Waterloo.

TOOR1ANs, JAN, Het vendelzwaaien in de historische schuttersgilden. Bergen (N.-H.) 1969, ill., 281 p., orig. cloth with dust wrappers. 65,0n the use of flags in Dutch militia guilds.

Turu, H.A., De koninklijke Hollandse vlag: van 1806 tot 1810. Een bijdrage tot de geschiedenis van de Nederlandse vlag tijdens het bewind van koning Lodewijk 28,Napoleon. Offprint Marineblad (1970), ill., 14 p .


0n tbc Dutch flag in the fust years of the 19th century.

TR.Eu_, H.A., De Nederlandse vlag en de Nederlandse koninklijke vlaggen. Een algemeen ~verzicht met enige nieuwe bijdragen tot de kennis van haar historie. rs-Gravenhage 9721, ill., 72 p. 48,-

,,,, /rtt ,qcbied der krij,es,emliiedmis 64 (1970). A good genera! survey on the

Supplement I in Nt1spon·11JCII en st11dii!11 ., Dutch flag.

312 311

1)tEU H

k fii ·nt A The same wor ' as o pn .


' · ·' Id I gvertoon. Offprint Gelders erfgoed (1995), lRJJSDURG, JAC ., Ge ers Va

7 p ·• ill.

· C011sen1er111g · Id I d Added fi-om the same magazine:


T ,e ' 1se waterrnoodvlag and

. On the tlag of the provmce of Ge er an . Em /1cn1011de11 prijS11lag (from Duren, ·k). flags J Album nr. 2. N .p ., n .y . Oblong 28 [TURMAC SCRAPBOOK for SI1 woven . ' p.,







with 9 f] ag-s1 s eac • ...l' bi' hed by the Tunnac Turkish Macedonian Tobacco Company, Scrapbook . Alle landen verceni5u , pu 1~ Constancinopcl-CavaUa. Author: 0 . Neubec er. h F b L . . VAIENTIN, VElT; OTTFRIED NEUBECKER, Die deutsc en ar en. e1pz1g [1928], ill.,

240+12 p ., orig. cloth


. . .. . . . 275,h' f th G rman f.lags. The book contams an excellent cnt1cal b1bltography of items rclaring 0 Much aftcr is_toryl the "f~aggcnfi-agc" of the Weimar Republic era' (Whitncy Smith, Bibliography, 1965). to German ags, parncu ar1y e c. . DER Neerlands volksleven. Zaltbommel 1920, 101., 111., 366 p., orig. , VEN, DJ. . VAN 75,cloth. . • h Dutch open air museum at Amheim; b. on the folklore procession of 4 September 1919 Early pubi1cat1on on a. t e in Amheim. . 60,VEN, DJ VAN DER, De gilde viert. Groningen 1931, ill., 32 p .


Scrapbook of the Tobacco Company Niemeijer, with 120 places. . VEN , DJ. VAN DER, Het vendelzwaaien herleeft! Baarn [1936], ill., 64 p .


On the use of flags in Dutch militia guilcls. . VERMEEREN, KAREL (ed.), De eeuwige gildebroeder. Anno 1975. Emdhoven 1975, ill.,






Published at the 40th anniversary of the Bond van Schuttersgilden Kring Kempenland (Society of militia guiJcls in a part of the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant) . 60,VERMEULEN, P.J., Nederlands vlag. Utrecht 1865, 50 p.


On the colours of the Dutch flag. VERZAMELING van verordeningen voor de koninklijke marine. Voorschrift betreffende ~ eerbewijzen en het ceremonieel (VVKM 19). [Den Helder, about 1980-1990], in 4 ring binders. sold On the use of flags in the Dutch Navy. Complete set with some older material (vvkrn 9). VEXILIA lTAUCA, magazine of the 'Centro Italiano di studi vessillologici , at Torino

(Italy), 1-12 (1974-1985). The year 1983 is missing.


VEXILLABELGICA, Societas vexillologica Belgica, vols. !-XII (1977-1988),


~ Each yearbook 120 pp. appr. Sec also Vtxilli,ifo. VEXILLA HELVETICA. Jahrbuch der schweitzerischen Gesellschaft


ill. Complete


für Fahnen- und Flaggenkunde / Annuaire de la Société Suisse de Vexillologie, 1-16 (1969-1984), in 6 ring binders. 350,All that was published. Beautiful publication with original photographs etc. Added: 'Sondernummer 1975'.


VEXILLA Nosrn.A. Magazine of the ' Nederlandse Vereniging voor vlaggenkunde', 106,

113-117 (1980-1981).



Added: program for the Dutch Congress 1975, propaganda leaflet and report 1975. VEXILLINFO, vexillologisch informatieblad van de vzw. Societas Vexillologica Belgica,

nrs. 1-126 (1980-1990): all that was published.


See also Vexilla Belgica.

'5ll. VEXILLOLOGICA • Bulletin de l'Association française d'études vexillologiques, vol. HV

(1967-1975), not complete?


Very rare magazine• published by G· pasch m · pans, · m • max. 30 cop1es. . D1fficult . to collate. VEXILOLOGIE • Magazine of the Vexilologicky Club at Prague,


80 (1972-1990) . 80,3- . 52 S3, 56-58, 62. 77. Addcd: Index~ 1-20; 21-35; 36-50 and 51-70. Mi~ing: nn. · • T d 1 1 b . V1~NE' FELIX 1::l: • w~ ou e v aemsc 1e ann1eren, met_ cene inleiding over den oor~ rong der bannieren m het aJ~emeen. Ge~t [ca._1850?), 111., 14 p., boards. 125,5 p f two 16th ccnrury Flcrmsh banncrs. Not in Whrtney Smith. I With 2 p arcs o d 1 ds 1 . ERKWILLEM, De Ne er an e v ag m heden en verleden Amsterdam 1990, ill., ~ VISSER, D . . .'\'J · p., orig. cloth With dust wrappers. 15,-



.. VLAGGE-BOECK van _den Hee~ _Paulus van der Dussen, cap1tem, microfilm of this 3.31. manuscript in the Nattonal Mantune Museum, 1 film on a roll in iron box. 75,h l 7th cenrury manuscript. Sec Spiegel Historiael 14 (1979), pp. 663-668. 3IZ ~~GGEN VAN ALLE NATIEN, pavillons de toutes les nations, flags of all nations. Amsterdam [1862] . Lithgr. title, col. lithogr. frontisp. and 39 col. lithogr. plates with flags and ca 100 accomp. tex_t leaves _in Dut.eb, French and English. Cont. gilt half calf with giltlettered mor. letterp1ece, folio. 1750,Fine copy of a rare work. The author was captain Steenbergen. Ca 1300 fla~ and banners of countries, towru, corpor2tions etc. are ordered by colour and subject on the 39 coloured plates with the idea that one could easily worlc out whos flag one saw on a v~I . The book was published, aficr four yem of trouble (cf forew ord), in twelve pans, each priced /40,- (cf Brinkmann). A p~blishcr's ~orice in this copy te!]s ~at the ~rice was ~tcred ~u~ng publication to /25,-. So it was already an expellSlvc book m the ycars of publication. 1lûs copy with ex-libns of Jhr. J.F.L. Cocnen van 's Gravcsloot and Wcndelaar-Beets. 333. VUtGGEN, MERKEN EN WlMPELS in gebruik bij de Belgische Zeemacht. Brussel [about 1955], ill., 65 p., orig. boards. 175,Belgian naval fla~; 300 copies printcd. With: Voorlopig reglement betreffende de eerbewijzen en het ceremonieel. Brussel [about 1955], ca. 200 p. 331-. VLAGGEN EN WIMPELS van alle landen. Goemans Pudding Fabrieken N .V. 4th edition. Haarlem n.y., oblong, 37 p. sold Scrapbook with 132 plates of flags. :IB. VUtGGEN TEKENEN en kleuren. Onderhoudend - leerzaam - interessant voor jong en oud. Amsterdam [about 1950?], oblong, 40 p. sold Colouring book for children. Th. VLIEGENDE VENDEL, HET-. Schoten (B.) 1984, ill., 304 p., boards. sold Edited by Frans Geens a.o. Published by the Instituut voor Vlaamse Volkskunst. Not in the trade. Survey of flag waving in militia guilds in Flanders. JJl. VOORLOPIG REGLEMENT op de eerbewijzen en het ceremonieel bij de koninklijke landmacht (nr. 1590). [Den Haag] 1951, ill., 199 p . sold With lots of proposed corrections in typescript by Kl. Sierksma. ~ - VRIES, S. rE, De doorlughtige weereld, voorstellende een zeer nette genealogische, historische en politische beschrijvingh aller tegenwoordig levende keyseren . . . 3 vols. Amsterdam 1700, vellum, ill., ca. 1930 p. 2950,0e Vries was the translator. Author was Samuel Heinrich Schmidt. About 400 illustrarions of fla~ and coats-of-anns, partly handcoloured. Vol III chapter 9: 'Scheepsvlaggen en andere zee-teeckenen der meeste natiën'. n)_ VIJFHONDERD JAAR Noordbrabantse schuttersgilden. Eindhoven 1977, ill., 88 p. 45,Catalogue of an exhibition in Eindhoven of 500 yem militia guilds in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. 340. WAARD, C. rE, De Nederlandsche vlag. Nieuwe bijdragen tot de kennis harer kleuren. Groningen 1900, ill., 192 p., orig. half cloth. 125,~ery detailed work on the colours of the Dutch flag, with a 'detailed critica) bibliography of many items rel:iting to e flag of the Netherlands and its origins' (Whitney Smith). 3:11. WALKER., A.S.; R.G. HICKOX· C. FARLOWE Flags and banners of the Third Reich. 1973' ill., · 136 p., ong. · cloth with '. dust wrappers. ' 45,3:12 Gennan Oa~ 1933-1945. ~APEN DES HEYL!GEN ROMISCHEN REICHS Teutscher Nation .. . Facsimile reprint 1969 0 th e first edition Frankfurt a.M . 1545, ilJ., 172 p., orig. cloth with dust wrappers.l?S,-

.. ublished by Cyriacusjacob at Frankfurt. The 148 beautiful woodcuts are by the not id . The 1545 ed1t:1on was p I f1 of Gcnnans cirics in the hand of a herold. cntified 'Meistcr I.K.' and show I ic aS,' . f. VLAGGEN . 3 vols. . with 96 plates .of coats-o -arms and flags of countn· es aII 343. WAPENS ublished by Filmphoto Service Amsterdam [ca. 1950?] 90 ,over tl1e worId . P Scrapbook.




der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und der Bundesländer Bonn t ·

e c.

1956, ill., 67+18 p. . . . 48,G Anleitung zur Fahnen-Malere1 rmt 20 ausgefiihrten Fahnen und Em. h . . l b d . 345. w EBER, . , blemzeichnungen. Leipzig 1891, 21 plates m t e ongma oar covers, ill. 200,-

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On the ~pecial ffa~ of the fishing boal~ in K_urische Haff (near Memel, in the Baltic Sca). ,:6l. ZWEED~JK, J., De vadcrlandsche driekleur. Pleidooi voor een miskende. Dinteloord , 1913


o11print of De

Di11tcloordsc/1e Coura11t

25 October-29 November 1913. On the history of the Dutch flag.


'!/JZ JOHNSON'S NEW CHART OF NATIONAL EMBLEMS', published by Johnson & Ward, New York 1868 (see Historische vlaggenkaarten/Historica/ jlag charts, 11). 45x65 cm. 400,:h1 ,KAART DER KANTOORVLAGGEN en andere onderscheidingsteekenen van de Neder Iandsche Noordzee-visscherij, ontworpen door C.D. Bom H .G.zn. Zeevaartkundige Boekhandel H.G. Bom, Amsterdam 1887'. Coloured lithograph, 60x85, fastened on two original sticks. The map shows one large scene with ships, flags and fishing nets Qos Vas Dias fec. et inv.) and 14 squares with flags of fishing companies in Vlaardingen, Maassluis, Katwijk, Scheveningen, Pernis, Amsterdam, Egmond, Noordwijk, Zandvoort, De Rijp, etc. 2200,Very rare. Very good quality. 1,4. 'STANDAARDEN KONINKLIJK HUIS': standaard H .M. de Koningin, standaard van Z.K.H. de Prins der Nederlanden. Wandplaat 5050 UB 1099', 45x65 cm. 40,l>S. 'DE AALMOEZENIER VAN HET LEGER', litho in colour, 25x17 cm., showing a clergyman with the flag of the Red Cross. 75,l,6. 'CARTE NOUVELLE DE TOUS LES PAVILLONS DE MER DU MONDE'. [Amsterdam, bij H . ~ Leth, 1750.] Engraving, 28x24 cm. 150,:h7. ' CARTE NOUVELLE DE TOUS LES PAVILLONS DE MER DU MONDE'. Engraving, 18x23 cm. 60,:hS. 'VLAGGEKAART'. Amsterdam: Tresling & Co., published by ' Boekhandel van C .F. Stemler Amsterdam', chromolithograph, 30x38 cm. 95,With fla~ of sca-faring countries.

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90,374. 'KMRT VAN DE VLAGGEN DER VOORNAAMSTE ZEEVARENDE VOLKEN'. Amsterdam, H. Koster, ca. 1900? 24x29 cm. 30,375. KMRT VAN VERSCHILLENDE VLAGGEN, zoo als dezelve door de voornaamste handel en scheepvaartdrijvende natiën, thans ter zee gevoerd worden. Rotterdam, Arbon en Krap, 1821 , engraving in aquatint, 34x43 cm. sold 376. SET OF FIVE COLOURED PLATES, each appr. 40x40 cm., of flags for different members of the Royal family of the Netherlands, belonging to the K.B.'s of 27.8.1908 and 8.11.1909. 175,TABEL VOOR HET WISSELEN VAN SEINEN tusschen een oorlogsschip, belast met het


dr vim:hcrij rn cr11 visschrrsvaartuig. Bijvoegsel Ned· .Jtaatsc C' · 011 lithnw.:iphcd pl:ite, 44x29 cm. ram 4 n. •(' " STANPAR11S TAl<EN IN TIIE LAST WAR and exhibited in the ' R.iddeTZaa ,, at22.5, n .... •.~ n l • . Th! l-f a~ r 111 1713, the 1ight half of a large engravmg by A. Beek with a dedication ' Statrn van Holland'. This part mcasurcs 50x57 cm. to the / ~: 1)1: GROTE VER:'A~)ERING ~ 's-GRAVENHAGE 16?1 , large coloured school-piate 0 intrrior of Ihe Ridderzaal at The Hague, ~howm~ the flags and bannen captured durin the Dutch wars, published by J.B. Wolters ma senes of school-plates by ].W. de Jonghg H. Wagenvoort andJ.J. Moerrnan, 74x105 cm. Id THREE PLATF.5 OF DlITCH BANNERS, printed in chromolithography, taken from ~ Hofdijk, Ons voorgeslacht , each 25x18 cm., together 12 _ .131. [FUNERAL OF W IUIAM IV OF O RANGE NASSAU , 1751]. Three engravings by J. Punt fr~m the set, each showing mourners, carrying flags and banners, each 28 x 56 cm. 3()() _ Showing the maritimc flag, the miliury sundard, the pennon of arrns, a suncbrd, a banner wi th devisc Pu angusta' ad . . .. r1.l ·ht


pt)1111c1() . l _(1_l ()()3. rolourrd .lNJ )


augKSta. the grcat sundard, and the banner with the :mm of his srcne highness.

[ALLEGORICAL REPRESENTATION _of the planting of the Dutch flag in America?]. Steelengraving by Velijn after Snues, 16 x 12 cm. 24,See also Diderot and Luyt, above. REPRODUCTION


ll.3. O NE HUNDR.ED YEARS AGO . (Painting from 1876 about America's independance, with

lots of flags (reproduced Jamboree 1981).


lW. TABLEAU DES PAVILLONS que la pluspart des nations arborent à la mer, fait à Dépot des

Cartes et Plans de la Marine pour Ie service des Vaisseaux du Roy, par ordre de M. de Machault ... par Sr. Bellin, ingénieur de la marine. 1756. (See Historische vlaggenkaarten 7.) Reproduction ca. 1900, coloured by hand. 150,135. PAVlLLONS ARBORÉS ALA MER par la pluspart des nations, B. Derveaux exc. 1756. 20,.136. TABLE DES PAVlLLONS QUI L'ON ARBORE ... Amsterdam, Com. Danckerts. 10,See also Historische vlaggenkaarten , above.



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