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Catalogue 23

N atural History


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Catalogue 23

Natura/ History old & rare hooks, prints, drawings & documents in the field of natural history, zoology, botany, horticulture, mineralogy; proto-geology, agriculture, & garden architecture




Cover illustrations: Front cover: Handcoloured engraving from: Arnout Vosmaer, Natuurkundige afbeeldingen of groot prenteboek voor kinderen. Zaltbommel, Johannes Noman, [ca. 181 O]. Catalogue nr. 65. Inside: Lithographed lily by W.H. Fitch from: Henry John Elwes, A Monograph Lili11m. (London, privately printed] 1880. Catalogue nr. 79.

of the Genus

Back cover: Watercolour drawing by G. Michielsen with tropical birds [1823]. Catalogue nr. 100. Inside: Chromolithographic plate of an orchid from: Llndenia. Iconographie des orchidÊes. Edited uo<ler supervision of J. Linden and Lucien Linden, with Émile Rodigas and R.A. Rolfe. 15 vols. Ghent, F. Meyer-Van Loo [vols. 1-2] and E . Vander Haeghen [vols. 31SJ, 1885-1899. Catalogue nr. 97.


Haarlem, Spring 2001

L.S. Some of you may be surprised to see a catalogue on natura! history from us. We do not specialize in the fields that are covered by this catalogue, but sometimes an antiquarian bookseller has to widen his horizon. Last winter we were able to purchase a collection of books at a Belgian castle in the middle of a large landscape garden. Many of these books were bought at the end of the 19th century, at a time when Belgian horticulture was flourishing as never before. On the boo kshelves in the cold rooms of the castle were quite a few of the highlights of horticultural publishing in this period, exuberantly illustrated and with fine contemporary bindings. Especially the Belgian horticulturists and orchid growers Jean Jules Linden (1817-1898) and his son Lucien (1853-1940) were well represented with their magnificent magazine on orchids Lindenia, but also important works from outside the country were present, like Elwes Monograph of the Genus Lilium. The purchase of this collection provided the opportunity to go through our stock to find more hooks on the subject in order to be able to present a special catalogue on botany, horticulture, gardening and related subjects in the field of natura! history. We added some hooks on Dutch natura! history and agriculture, several travel accounts with a interest for natura! history, a few German documents on gardening and a selection of our Old Master Prints with prints of animals, birds, flowers and gardens by artists like Adriaen van de Velde, Jacob Gerritsz Cuyp, Simon de Vlieger and Nicolas Berchem. The items in this catalogue are organised in the following categories: I II III

Genera! works & expeditions Zoology & anima! prints Botany, horticulture, gardening & garden architecture


Agriculture Microscopy Mineralogy & proto-geology

We tried our best to describe these works as accurate as possible - in spite of our lack of experience in this field - and to add commentaries about the backgrounds of the hooks, prints and the responsible authors or artists. We hope you will read this catalogue with as much pleasure as we had in making it and that you will find something of your interest. A.G. van der Steur Th. Hopman Garrelt Verhoeven


Catalogue nr. 2



1 Boddaert, Pieter (ed.) Natuurbeschouwer of verzameling van de nieuwste verhandelingen over de drie ryken der natuur, welke thans in Duitschland uitgegeven worden. Edited and translated by P. Boddaert. 2 parts in 1 vol.'s-Gravenhage, Isaac du Mee, 1779-1781. / 1200 €545

1 Pag.: [XVI]

160, 220 pp. With 6 handcoloured plates: [1] horns, [2] 'De Kaapse he RaU ' (by N. Muys),

[3] Butterflies and insects, [4] 'Zeefbij', [5] Veldspath, [6] Lapis Mutabilis. Later half clo th, Browning in the final gatherings, not affecting the plates. Landwehr, Books with co/ol(redplates, 143;

A collection of tracts on a variety of subjects in the field of natura! history, collected, translated and edited by Pieter Boddaert. Contibutions by D. Kuhn, F.C. Gunther, J.E.J. Walch, C.G.V.M., Le Sage, M.E. Black, J.A. Goetzen, Meineke, Chemnitz, Bock, Meuschen, Sanders, ].A.E. Götze, Leske, Mazeas and others. Dedicated by Boddaert to Abraham Gevers at Rotterdam.


2 Bruyn, Cornelis de [First volume:] Reizen van Cornelis de Bruyn, door de vermaardste deelen van Klein Asia, de eylanden Scio, Rhodus, Cyprus, Metelino, Stanchio, &c. l\1itsgaders de voornaamste steden van lEgypten, Syrien en Palestina, verrijkt met meer als 200. kopere konstplaaten, vertoonende de beroemdste landschappen, steden, &c. Alles door den autheur selfs na het leven afgetekend. Delft, Hendrik van Krooneveld, 1698. [Second volume:] Cornelis de Bruins reizen over l\lioskovie, door Persie en Indie: verrykt met driehondert kunstplaten, vertoonende de beroemste lantschappen en steden, ook de byzondere dragten, beesten, gewassen en planten, die daar gevonden worden: voor al derselver oudheden, en wel voornamentlyk heel uitvoerig, die van het heerlyke en van oudts de geheele werrelt door befaemde Hof van Persepolis, by den Persianen Tchilminar genaemt. Alles door den auteur zelf met groote naeukeurigheit na't leven afgetekent, en nooit voor dezen in 't ligt gebragt. Amsterdam, Rudolph en Gerard Wetstein, Joannes Oosterwyk en Hendrik van de Gaete, 1714.f35.000 €15.882 il 2°: [vol 1]

pil *-2*4 3* 1 A-3E4 (3E4 blank), pag.: ; [vol 2] *4 (* l+pil) A-3N 4 3O-3Q2, pag.: [811-472

j12]. Cont. giltstamped calf, edges marbled in red and blue. Binding by the so-called 'Eerste Stadhouderlijke Binderij '. Spine partly cracked, mino r damages to the cover and corners. Large paper copy. Tiele, Bib/iographie, 207 and 209 note; Catalogus NHSM 1, 257; Ternaux 2733; Henze I, 378; Storm van Leeuwen, De achttiende-eemJJse Haagse boekband, pp. 55-72 [binding].


Collcctcd cdition of the tmvels of Cornelis de Bruyn (1652-1727) to the Levant and to Russia. De Bruyn lcft his rcsidencc The Haguc in 1674 at the age of 22 for what seemed to be a regular 'Grand To~r'. l lowcver, aftcr 4 years in Italy, he continued his journey to the Middle East, visiting places likc Smyrna, Constanrinople, Cairo, Jerusalem and Aleppo. He returned to The Hague in 1693. In 1698 his travel account was published, lavishly iUustrated with more then 200 copperengravings after his own drawings. Shortly afterwards, in 1701, he left the Netherlands for the second time to trave) Persia (via Moscow) to see the Persepolis. He arrived there and left for East India but illness forced him to return shortly afterwards. Again travelling via Moscow he did not return before 1704. The account of his second voyage was published in 1711 and a title-edition appeared in t 714, both to

illustrated with over 300 engravings. The present set contains the first edition of his first voyage and the 1714-title edirion of his voyage to Persia via Moscow, both with all the plates and the portrait of Cornelis de Bruyn. The illustrations include large panoramic views on cities like Moscow, Smyrna, Constantinople, the Bosphorus, Rhodes, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and many others. The splendid bindings of this set are made by the so-called 'Eerste Stadhouderlijke Binderij' in The Hague, as could be traced from the stamps that were used. Except for the little figure in the central part of the front cover, all stamps can be found in Storm van Leeuwen's reproduction of the bindery's materials, and can be dated between 1734 (one of the stamps being used from that year onwards) and 1740 (one of the stamps used was replaced after this year). The 'Eerste Stadhouderlijke binderij' is well-known for it's large, high quality production of luxurious bindings, among others for stadtholder William IV. The products of dus firm beloog to the best of Dutch eighteenth-century bookbinding.

3 Buffon, George Louis Leclerc Compte de Le Buffon classique de la jeunesse ou Résumé d'histoire naturelle. Ouvrage neuf, rédigé pour la jeunes gens des deux sexes, d'apres le texte de Buffon, et de tous ses continuateurs, par A.H. et P.B. 2 vols. Paris/London/Brussels, Société pour les Publications Llttéraires, 1837. J 450 €204 ,i 2 vols. , pag.: [vol. 1] XIII, 300; [vol. 2) [4) 403 pp. With 50 lithographic plates by M. Lacoste after E. Verbroeckhoven and other artists. Orig. half cloth with gilt !ettering on spine. Nice copy. Abridged version for youngsters of the famous Histoire 11at11re//e by the French naturalist G.L.L. Compte de Buffon (1707-1788), with fine lithographic plates depicting various animals, people from different parts of the world and two views at the Vesuvius.



4 [Catalogue] Catalogue de la superbe bibliothèque d'ethnographie, de zoologie, d'anatomie comparée, etc. formée par mr. W. V rolik. Amsterdam, Frederik Muller, 1865. /225 €102

1 Pag.: 104 pp. Orig. paper wrappers. Good copy. Auction catalogue of the library of Willem Vrolik (1801-1863), son of Gerard Vrolik (1755-1859). After the death of Willem the large cabinet with splendid anatomical specimens (normal and pathologie), zoological and teratological specimens, that was formed by father and son, was acquired by a committee of citizens of the city of Amsterdam. The collection was handed over to the municipality of Amsterdam and placed in the Anatomical Laboratories of the Athenaeum Illustre, the forerunner of the present University of Amsterdam, where it is still to be seen in the Museum Vrolik. Apparently the hooks from the collection of Gerard and Willem Vrolik were sold at the famous auction house and bookshop of Frederik Muller in Amsterdam. The catalogue has an introduction by J. van der Hoeven and a bibliography of Vrolik's publications.

5 Engelman, Jan Het regt gebruik der natuurbeschouwingen, geschetst in eene verhandeling over de sneeuw figuuren. Haerlem, !zaak van der Vinne, 1747. /1950 €885 18°-in-4: pi2 (pil blank) A-Y4 Z 2 , pag.: [2] 1-178 [2]. With 5 folded tables and 29 full page engravings of snow cristals. Cant. calf with marbled endpapers. Spine damaged, hinges loose, covers wom, bookblock in good condition Rather poor copy of this rare and curious book. Bierens de Haan, 1329; Van Berkel (a.o.), A history of scienfe in the Netherlands, p. 79; B.C. Sliggers, 'Honderd jaar natuurkundige amateurs in Harlem', in: A. Wiechman (ed.), Een elektriserendgeleerde: L'vlarti11111

van Mamm 1750-1837 (Haarlem 1987), pp. 67-102; H.J. Zuidervaart, Va11 'ko111tgenoten' en hemelst fanofl1e11e11 (Rotterdam 1999), p. 615.

The physician Jan Engelman (1709/1710 - 1782) was the founder and stimulator of the 'Natuur- en Sterrekundig Collegie' at Haarlem. Since 1754 he was also surveyor of the waterboard Rijnland and lived at Zwanenburg and Spaarndam. He was brother in law of the renowned female novelist Betje Wolff. Engelman had a special interest in the farms of snow crystals, as he states in the introduction of his book. In a period of four years he studied snow crystals at Alkmaar, Haarlem and Zwanenburg, when snow had fallen and he could free himself from professional obligations. Thus he described and made drawings of over 400 different forms. However, Engelman was quite aware of the fact that many other forms could be found. He appeals to his readers to watch for new forms and picture them. Every year he wants to publish separately printed sheets with additions to his book. In 1743 E ngelman already published a Verhandeling over de sneeuwfiguren [Bierens de Haan 1328], which was reprinted in 1771 with an introduction by Pieter Boddaert [Bierens de Haan 1328 note].




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Y 'S N A T U U R 1. Y K E H J S I

o R 1 ,,c.

F van Berkhey, Johannes Ie 6 Nrancql kc historie van I lolland door J. Ie Francq van Berkhey. Met aruur y ' boe,1 1769-1811. [vol. noocfige . _ vols Amsterdam Yntema en T te atbceId111gen. 9 · ' . 42 . 1 j . Natuurlyke historie van het rundvee m Holland. Leyden pH· · 9 pu bi ,~ 1cc as. , . . Trap

/8500 €3857

1805-1811 .]

, 9 vols. Many folded engravings, some handcoloured, by D . Veelwaard, JE. van Varelen, N. va d . n er Meer, R. Vinkeles and S. Fokke, aften after designs by Berkhey. Uniformly bound in half calf, Wtth gilt omamented spines. A very fine set. Arpots, Vra11k e11 vry, 147

Large project of the Leyden Uni~ersity teacher Le ~rancq van Berkhey (1729-1_812), concerning the different aspects of the natural htstory of the provtnce of H olland. The book ts very important for the local folklore, as Berkhey was the first to describe customs and habits of the people in and around the places where he used to live: Leiden and Warmond. In the 19th cenrury his remarks were often repeated by authors like Ter Gouw and Schotel, without crediting their source. Funhermore Berkhey's work is irreplacable for his description of cattle breeding in this region in the late 18~ century and contains lots of information on the daily life of rural people in the Western pan of the country. The book is exuberantly illustrated, i.a. with the famous prints of ice-sailing on the river Zaan and horse racing at the Haagsche Schouw near Leiden, both by S. Fokke.

7 [Francq van Berkhey, Johannes le] Portrait print of Francq van Berkhey by (1771).

1 Engraving (18 x 11,5 cm.) Many other portrait prints on request.



Houbraken (1771) after H. Pothoven /125 €57

8 Krempfer, Engelbert Hi~toire naturelle, civile, et ecclesiastique de ]'empire du Japon. Transl. after the English by Jean-Ga.spar Scheuchzer. 3 vols. Amsterdam, Herman Uitwerf, 1732. /6000 €2722 , 112°: Jvol. 1] pi2 a-c 12, A-N 12 , pag.: LXX, 312 pp.; lvol. 2] pi *2 A-R'2 S•, pag.: [6] 416 pp.; [vol. 3] Q1 2



R", pag.: 141 379 [17]. With an engr. frontispiece and 13 folding plates with maps and views. Copy in

late 19th-century calf, black title shield and gilt !ettering. Cover edges worn, else a good copy from the library o f A. Ramel (with his engraved exlibris). Landwehr, VOC, 533; Tiele, Bibliographit, 585; Cordier, Japo11ica, pp. 416-417; Alt Japa11 Kal. 714

In 1690 the German traveller, botanist and physician Engelbert Kaempfer (1651 -1716) was appointed the post of medica! officer to the Dutch factory on Deshirna. During his term of duty (1690-1692) he twice joined the VOC-ernbassy to Edo in the cornpany of the head of the factory. During his stay in the empire Kaernpfer learned much about the Japanese history, culture and society. Back in Germany he wrote an extensive account of his visit to Japan, together with a description of the country. After his death, Kaempfer's manuscript carne in posession of Sir Hans Sloanc, who had it translated in English. Therefore in 1727 the first edition of Kaempfer's account appeared in English as The History of Japan, followed in 1729 by translations in both Dutch and French. The translator of this second French edition (after the English by Scheuchzer) was Francois Naudc lsee Querard, LJJ France litt., IV, 1830, p. 282]. Contrary to the first French edition, published as a large folio-edition, this second, abridged translation was published as a pocket-book by Uytwerf in Amsterdam. He probably shared the costs of publication with two colleagues in The Hague (Pierre Gosse & Jean Neaulme), as editions of the same year and format are known with their address. In 17 58 Uytwerf reprinted his edition, in cooperation with the Paris booksellers Desaint & Saillant. A German edition of Kaempfer's work did not appear until 1749. Until the nineteenth century his book would stay the major source on the history and culture of Japan, as hardly any Western visitors were admitted in the country. In the chapters 8, 9, 10 and 11 Kaempfer deals with the natura! aspects ofJapan, describing it's climate and minerals (chapter 8), trees, plants and flowers (chapter 9), animals and birds (chapter 10) and fishes and shellfishes (chapter 11).

9 [Martinet, J.F.] Portrait print of Martinet, sitting in front of a window with a rainbow outside, by R. Vinkeles (1778). /90 €41 ,1 P.ngraving (15 x 9 ,5 cm.)

Many other portrait prints on request.


van] W n Senus after Charles Hodges. 10 [Marum, Martinus . f V Marum by . va pnnt o an

]175 €79

,i Stcclcngnwing (18 x 15 cm.)

11 Natuurlijke ~isto_rie

Nederland. Complete set, containing: [1] D. Lubach 1sto Natuurlijke h ne van A C Kruseman 1863); [2] W.C.H. Staring De De I lmvoners van Nederland (Haalr emA, c· seman 1'856); [3] C.A.J.A. Oudema~s D flodem J .1 d 2 ls (Haar em, · · ' , e ora va11 Neaert.1'1111 . vo L t ahemeen beschreven. 3 vols and atlas-volume (Haar! N d -land ten behoeve van 11e b N J ., ern van e e, · )· [4] F WC Krecke Het klimaat van eaertand. 2 vols (Haar! ' A C Kruseman, 1859 ' . . . ' . N J li d G u . ern, · · )· [ ] H Schlegel De dieren van . eweroeme dieren. 4 part 5 A C. Kruseman, 1861 ' . ' C Kru 1860)· [6] JA H kl s in. 2 vols with 2 plate vols. (Haarlem, A. . seman, ' . . er ots, De . N J " d Weekdieren. 1 vol. and 1 plate vol. (Haarlem, A.C. Kruseman dieren van eaman · /2500 € ' 1859). 1135



· the origt' nal cloth bindings, including 4 plate vols. Attractive complete set of . 1 tn ,i Uruform set o f 15 vos. this standardwork on Dutch natura( history. Nissen, BBI, 1475 [Oudemans]; Nissen, ZBI, 1901 [HerkJots]; Nissen, ZBI, 3686 [Schlegel].


12 Paludanus, Rutger

Oudheid- en natuurkundige verhandelingen, meestal betreklyk tot Westvriesland, of het Noorderkwartier[...] Eerste stuk. Leiden, P. van der Eyk and D. Vygh, 1776. /975 €442 ,i 8°: *4 A-RSS4, pag.: (8] 276 (4]. With two folding tables and one folding plate. Cont. half calf, marbled boards. All published. Haitsma Mulier/v.d. Lem, 373; Repe,torium Noord-Holland 566; See on Paludanus: H. Schoorl, 'Rutger Paludanus', in: Holland 15 (1983), pp. 129-136.

Rutger Paladanus (1736-1788) studied law in Leiden. Later he hold position as aldennan, bailiff, and burgomaster of Alkmaar, and published a few works on different subjects. This rare 'first part' of the Oudhetd- en natuurkundige verhandelingen - a second part never appeared _ contains four tracts about different aspects of the north of the province North-Holland. Two of these are of interest for Durch natura! hist0ry. The first describes a inquiry about the geological origin of the isle of Texel, tbe larrer deals with the finding and harvesting of Texel's oysters. The plate shows [1] a machine to collect oysters from the bottom of the sea and [2] a map of the North-Eastern part of the Wieringerwaard.



13 Plinius Secundus, C. Histori~ mvndi libri XXXVII. Cvm castigationibvs et adnotationibus doctiss. & variis prreterea lectionibus ex mss. compluribus ad oram paginarum accurate indicatis. Ex nouissima & laboriosissima editione Iacobi Dalechampii, medici, Cadomensis. Cum indke duplici, vtroque locupletissimo. Accedunt iam primum Pavli Cigaliru comensis prrelectiones dure eruditiss. Vna de vera patrire nostri Plinii: altera de fide & auctoritate /1250 €567 ipsius. Frankfurt, C. Marnius and heirs of J. Aubrius, 1608. ,i 8°: *8 A-5O8 2A-2M8 (M7-8 blank), pag.: (16)-1688-[192]. With a large wood cut printers mark on the title page and final page. Two vols. in cont. blind stamped vellum, red painted edges. Fine copy of this classic on natura) history, with a cont. ownership mark on the titlepage of Allardi Rudolphi à Waay. Graesse V, 340

Unillustrated edition of Pliny the Elder's classic encyclopedia of the knowlegde of the ancient world, of which the edito princeps was published in Venice in 1469: 'It comprises thirty-seven hooks dealing with mathematics and physics, geography and astronomy, medicine and zoology, anthropology and physiology, philosophy and history, agriculture and mineralogy, the arts and letters.' [Printing and the Mind of Man, nr. 5]. Although Pliny gained little interest as a literary author, his Historiae mundis was appreciated highly as the earliest known book on natural history. This edition was edited by Jacob Dalecamp.

14 Plinius Secundus, C. Vyf boeken: Handelende van de natuure. Corr. and enl. ed. Edited by 'Een liefhebber der Nederduitsche taale Th.v.B. [= Th. van Brussel] . Amsterdam, J. Morterre, [1770]. /1500 €680 ,i 8: pi1,2 *4 A -2R8 2S6. With engr. tp. (dated 1769) and numerous engraved plates depicting animals. STCN mentions one copy (Royal Llbrary, The Hague).

Rare Dutch edition of Pliny with many engravings (i.a. a mermaid).


15 (Vincent, Levinus] Vianen, Jan van . . The natural history cabinet of Levinus Vincent. Engraved front1sp1ece by Jan van Vianen after Romeyn de Hooghe, from Vincent's Wonde~ooneel der nature. Amsterdam, 1706. The print depicts the cabinet in a circular room ~Jth an ope~ balustrade in the ceiling (the original idea for the entrance hall of Teyler s Museum m Haarlem?), with the text: 'Theatrum naturae mirandum' and many showcases around with speciminae of the collection. f800 €363 ~] Engraving (21,5 x 16 cm). Hollstein 249; Landwehr, Rom1y 11 de Hooghe as a book illmlralor, p. 105; De 111ereld binnen handbereik (Amsterdam 1992), p. 22.

Levinus Vincent (1658-1727) was a baptist merchant (i.a. damask) in Amsterdam (untill 1705) and Haarlem (1705-1724). His collection of curiosities was one of the largest and most famous in the Netherlands, with lots of naturalia, artificialia, antiquities, paintings, drawings and many ocher specimina. Part of the collection he required from his brother in law Anthony van Breda. Vincent corresponded with other collectors in England (Petiver, Sloane and others) and Germany, and was a member of the Royal Society in London. After Vincent's death in 1727 the collection became the property of Pieter Bout. There are several publications by Vincent on (parts of) his collection. In 1706 he had his Wondertooneel der nature [. ..] published by the Amsterdam publisher Francois Halma, with the present engraved frontispice by Jan van Vianen (ca 1660-after 1726) after Romeyn de Hooghe, accompanied by a few laudatory poems and a short sketch of his cabinets. The main publication followed in 1715. It was entitled Het tweede deel of veroolg van het wondertooneel der natrmr [. ..), referring to the earlier publication of 1706.

16 [Vincent, Levinus] Anonymus engraving from Vincent's Het tweede deel of vervolg van het wondertooneel der natuur (Amsterdam, 1715) showing a cabinet with drawers and some butterflies, beetles and small tropical birds. J300 €136

,1Engraving (21,5 x 16 cm.). 17 Whitley, Gilbert Some early naturalists and collectors in Australia. [Sydney], [1933].

,r Pag.: 33 pp. Text of a lecture for the Royal Australian Historical Society on July 25, 1933.


f80 €36

18 Zimmennan, E.A.W. von De aarde en hare bewoners, volgens de nieuwste ontdekkingen, een werk ter bevordering der kennis van landen en volken en van derzelver voortbrengsels en handel. Transl. from the German. 19 parts in 9 vols. Haarlem, [erven] Francois Bohn, 18161826. /2250 â‚Ź1021 , 19 parts in 9 vols. Complete set with 34 engravings of D. Veelwaard after C.B. Wadstroem and 3 maps. Cont. half leather with red morocco title shields and gilt !ettering on spines. Some spines worn, else a

nice set. Tiele, Bibliographie, 1240; Saakes 6 (1816), p. 213 t/m Saakes 8 (1827), p. 298.

First and only Dutch translation of Die Erde und ihre bewohner nach den ne11esten Entdeckungen (1810-

1814), with a description of all aspects of the countries of the world (narural history, geography, anthropology, etc.). Ina foreword the publisher writes that Zimmerman first published his Almanach der Reisen, a compilation from older and newer travel stories. Although this book was well received, Zimmerman made an enlarged edition that was even better. The Dutch publisher is confident that the book will be a succes in the Netherlands as well: '[...] ik twijfel niet, of ook in ons Vaderland zal men hetzelve op hoogen prijs stellen, als een boek, dat beide aan het verstand en aan het hart een nuttig en aangenaam voedsel verschaft.' [I do not doubt, that it will be appreciated highly in our Fatherland, as a book which supplies food to bath the brains and the heart].


l l ZOOLOGY & ANIMAL PRINTS · d bY I• G n'ffiter and p PI . .h l 1o different b1rds etche Two prints wit eac 1 ' . . . , · ace aft . B l w from the series 'Multae et diversae avtum species ' published b er yJ Francts ar o 3 Bowles and E. Cooper. f OO (each) €136

19 Barlow, Francis

~ 11

h' ( h x 0 cm) from a set of 6 plates, signed: 'F, Barlow delin:', 'F. Place fiec, ·• : and 'l. 2 etc mgs eac 22 3

Bowles exc.'. Le Blanc 22


20 [Beaurieu, Gaspard Guillard de]

Kort begrip van de historie der insecten. Transl. from the French. 4 parts in 2 vols. Amsterdam, Erven F. Houttuyn, 1766-68. f950 €430

1 2 vols.: s


[vol. 1] pi2 *4 (- *4, blank) A-N8, *2 A-R8, pag. [10] 1-108, (4] 1-270 [21; [vol. 2] pi2A-PB Q2,

*2 A-PB Q4, pag.: [4] 1-244, [4) 1-248. With an engr. frontispice in vol. 1 by R. Vinkeles, 8 folding platcs, some signed by B. de Bakker. The original titlepages of part 1 (published in 1766) and 3 (1768) were replaced by new titlepages for the two volumes when the 4 parts were bound. Cont. marbled calf, gilt omamented spines with red morocco title shield, gilt upper edges. Hinges and corners wom, else a good copy. Nissen, ZBI, 271; Buijnsters, Bibliografie van nederlandse school- m kinderboeken 1100-1800, nr. 545 Dutch translation of Abrégé de l'histoire des insecls by Gaspard Guillard de Beaurieu (1728-1795). In his foreword the translator states that it is both his as well as the author's intend to present a usefull book for the youth. The work is presented as an abridged and cheap edition in order to reach the young readers. De Beaurieu wrote several other hooks for a young audience, influenced by the ideas of philosophers like J.J. Rousseau and John Locke. [see about Beaurieu: De Feller 3, p. 572]


21 Berchem, Nicolas 'Animalia ad vivum delineata, et aqua forti aeri impressa studio et arte Nicolai Berchemi'. Complete set of 6 etchings by Nicolas Berchem of goats. On the titlepage a shepherd and a dog. /1200 €545 ,i Etchings (each 10 x 13 cm.) Nice set. Hollstein (Berchem) 35-40, 5th state o f 6; Bartsch 35-40; Dutuit 35-40.

Berchem (1620-1683) was well known as a painter and printmaker, who often chose animals as his subject.

22 Berchem, Nicolas Seven etchings of sheep from a series of 8: 'Animalia ad vivum delineata et aqua forti aeri impressa, studio et arte Nicolai Berchemi'. The so-called 'Woman's book', named after the woman on the titlepage. / 800 €363 ,i Etchings (each 9,8 x 11 cm.). The set Jacks number 2. Hollstein (Berchem) 41 -48, 7th state of 8; Bartsch 41-48; Dutuit 41 -48.

23 Berchem, Nicolas The drinking cow. Published by L. Schenk in 1680.

/600 €363

,i Etching (each 28 x 37 cm.). Few brown spots. Hollstein (Berchem) 1, 4th state of 5; Bartsch 1; Dutuit 41-48.

One of the most famous prints of Berchem with cattle in front of a roman wall. To the right a shepherd with a large stick and some other figures.

24 Berchem, Nicolas The pissing cow. Etching number three of a series of 6 prints. ,i Etching (12 x 17 cm.). Hollstein (Berchem) 15, 3rd state of 3; Bartsch 15; Dutuit 15.


/350 €159

25 Bird prints from Nozeman 'Larus canus' and 'Larus, cinereus'. Two handcoloured engravings of a mew gul1 and another gul1 type, from C. Nozeman, M. Houttuyn and J.C. Sepp, Nederlandsche vogelen (Amsterdam 1770-1829). eachj750 â‚Ź340

1 E ngravings (37 x 50 cm.), probably by N. Muys, in contemporary handcolouring. Beautiful copies of these large bird prints. Landwehr, Book, wilh ço/ouredplales, 145; Fine Bird Books, 10, 1990.

Cornelius Nozeman (1721-1 786) started the entreprise of describing and depicting all Dutch birds, which would take almost sixty years to be completed. This is the first comprehensive account of the avifauna in Holland. After Nozemans death, Martinus Houttuyn (1720-1798) succeeded him as the editor o f the book and after his death in 1798 the project was continued most likely by the publisher

J.C. Sepp (1739-1811). The second volume of the set mentio ns N . Muys as the artisc responsible for the drawings of the birds. The plates depict the birds in their natural surroundings and as far as possible in their natural attitudes. Freguently the birds are depicted with their eggs and nests.


Catalogue nr. 26


26 Boddaert, Pieter Natuurkundige beschouwing der dieren, in hun inwendig zamenstel, eigenschappen, ]650 €295 huishouding enz. Utrecht,]. van Driel, [1778/1779].

,1 With four handcoloured engravings: [1] a bird (p. 104), [2] a monkey (p. 160), [3] two dogs (p. 242) and 141 two cats (p. 392). Dedications to N.L. Burman, G.C. Taets van Amerongen and A.Ph. van de Capellen. Copy in paper wrappers. Edges rubbed, else a good copy. Landwehr, Book.r 111itb co/011rcdplates, 38;

Pieter Boddaert (1733-1795) was the son of the Zeeland poet with the same name and father of the notorious 'erotic' poet Mr. Pieter Boddaert Jr. He was a medica! doctor in Utrecht and was the author and translator of several works in the field of natura! history.


27 Boitard, [P.] De diergaarde te Parijs, beschrijving en levenswijze der zoogdieren van de menagerie en het kabinet van natuurlijke historie, door Boitard, voorafgegaan door eene geschiedkundige en pittoreske beschrijving van den plantentuin, door J. Janin. Bewerkt naar het Fransch, en vermeerderd met eenige aanteekeningen wegens de diergaarden te Londen en Amsterdam. Transl. from the French. Amsterdam, Elix &

f 450 €204

Co., 1845.

,i Pag.:[21], i-lxvi, [6], 1-472. With 51 full-page engravings, 4 handcoloured steelengravings depicting European birds, portraits of Buffon and Cuvier and a folding map of the Paris Zoo, made by Andrew, Best and Leloir. Many smaller text-illustrations of animals. Pasted on the inside of the front cover is a prospectus of the book. Original cloth with paper pasted on. Spine loose, hinges broken, covers wom. Landwehr, Book.r with colouredplates, 39.

The list of subscription contains - among many others - the narnes of the king and queen of the Netherlands and the late Graaf van Nassau (all two copies!), the Prince of Orange and Prince Frederik of the Netherlands.

28 Boitard, [P.] [The same]

/475 €215

,i Half calf, gilt ornamented spine, with marbled fly leafs and marbled edges. Spine and corners wom, bookblock loose at the front.


29 Bouwer, J. 'Door visschen in dees print vertoond / zijn 's lands rivieren rijk bewoond'. Popular print with twelve woodcuts of fishes with a sturgeon in the middle, marked with the letter N in letterpress in the upper right corner. [Amsterdam, early 19th c.]. f 695 €315

il Pl:mo (33 x 42 cm.) De Meyer, p. 274 (our copy without the seal of't Nut)

Bouwer worked in Amsterdam, between 1805 and 1808.

30 Bylandt, H.A. graaf van Hondenrassen. Punten, beschrijving, eigenschappen, gebreken, enz. 2 vols. Deventer, E.E. Kluwer, [1904]. f 1200 €544 ,J Pag.:{vol. 1] 23, À'Vl, 796 [6]; [vol. 2] 800 [50]. Orig. cloth. Hinges weak and partly loose.

31 Chintzpaper Complete sheet of Dutch chintzpaper with shepherds and their animals, printed in black, brown and green, by an anonymous artist [Netherlands, ca. 1780]. /2400 €1089 , Sheet of chintzpaper (38 x 46 cm.) Beautiful copy of this very attractive sheet. Hämmerle, B11ntpapier, color plate XVIII and p. 155.

This sheet shows a female and a male shepherd, the latter with a flute and a dog, surrounded by several sheep, a gaat and a pig. Hämmerle: 'das reizende Schäferblatt urn 1780, dessen etwas hölzerner Charme an den modernen Französischen Illustrator Peyret erinnert.'

32 Collaert, Adriaen Bird prints from the series Avium Vivae lcones: (1] Three birds, in the centre an eagle; [2] Two birds: 'Pica Glandaria' and 'Auriuittis'; (3] Three birds, in the center an owl; [4] Two birds 'rara aues aquatricre'; [5] Two birds: 'Upupa epops' and 'Bubo'; [6] Three birds 'Auis ignem deuorans' and 'Torchilus'. All with landscapes in the background. Published ca. 1580-1610. each /200 €91

16 engravings (13,3 x 19 cm.) from the series of 32, the first signed: 'Th. Galle excud.' and 'Adr. Collaert fecit', the Jatter signed 'Th. Galle exc.', the others signed by Collaert. Poor impressions with tight margins and small defects. Hollstein IV, nrs. 616-647.


33 Collaert, Adriaen Bird prints from the series 'Avium Vivae lcones': [1] Two birds, at the left a falcon; 121 Two birds: 'Pica Glandaria' and 'Auriuittis'; [3] Two birds: 'Akedo' and 'Ardea' and [4] Two birds: 'Upupa' and 'Acanthis'. Ail wfrh landscapes m the background and signed 'Adriaen Collaert fecit et excud.', pubLished ca. 1580-1610. f 400 (each) â‚Ź181 ~] 4 engravings (13,3 x 19 cm.) from the series of 32. Good impressions with wide margins Hollstein IV, nrs. 616-647.

Engravings from one of the earliest series of bird engravings, by the Antwerp engraver and print publisher Adriaen CoUaert (ca. 1560-1610). Collaerts 'Avium vivae icones' inspired other artists like Nicolaes de Bruyn to publish similar series.

34 Cuyp, Jacob Gerritsz Diversa animalia quadrupedia ad vivum delineata a Iacobo Cupio atque a:ri insculpta a R. Persyn. Amsterdam, Claes Jansz Visscher, 1641. /8000 â‚Ź3630

1 Set of 13 engravings (titlepage and 12 plates of cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, etc.), each measuring 12,9 x 19,2 cm., by Reinier van Persijn after drawings by Jacob Gerritsz. Cuyp. Fine set of this extremely rare print series. Hollstein, vol. XVII, Persijn 11-23, only states; Wurzbach 30; Nagler 23; Houbraken, Groote S,ho11b11,gh, vol. I, p. 237; Brit.rh M1m11m Genera/ Catalogue, vol. 187, p. 383. Further literature on Jacob Gerritsz Cuyp: G.H. Veth, 'Aelbert Cuyp, Jacob Gerritsz. Cuyp en Benjamin Cuyp', in: 011d-Holland 2 (1884); Aelbert C,!Jp en zijn familie. Schilder.r Ie Dordrecht [exhibition catalogue] (Dordrecht 1978); J.G. van Gelder & Ingrid

Jost, 'Vroeg contact van Aelbert Cuyp met Utrecht', in: Mi.rcella11ea JQ. van Reg/eren Altena (Amsterdam 1969), pp. 100-101, 305; S. Reiss, Aelbert C,!Jp (Londen 1975).


,A. N I 1\t\ ALIA (l_~IA J)Jl \ J !' I·: 1\J)



\'l\'\JM 1>El,lNl-) i\T1\ A

t,,conn Ct1r HJ :rr i ,nfc ulpt :t a


R . l't: R !- Y ~ l.1nl vern in l11 cn11 i:dir,1 pc r Nicobum lo:1n11Î~ \ltfkhcrnm /\111\('I '64 1.

Little is known about the life and work of Jacob Gerritsz. Cuyp (1594-1651/1652), the son of a glass painter in Dordrecht, and father of Aelbert Cuyp (1620-91) one of the most celebrated Dutch landscape painters of the seventeenth century. After his apprenticeship at the Utrecht painter Abraham Bloemaert, Jacob returned to Dordrecht, where in 1617 he became a member of the St. Lucas guild of painters. A number of.young painters are recorded as his pupils in the years of his activities in Dordrecht. About 110 paintings by Cuyp are known to have survived, the majority of them portraits of men, women and children. Only few of the paintings depict landscapes and natura! scenes with animals, but he clearly had an interest in this topic as can be derived from his drawings. Only one of the original drawings for the present series of prints i~ known (number 5 of the series, which is preserved in the Albertina in Vienna, inv. nr. 8149, depicted in Van Gelder & Jost, p. 305). Several other animal drawings by Jacob Cuyp show a remarkable resemblance in style with the prints in the series (seeAelberlCIIJp en zjjnfamilie, pp. 105-107). The drawings of Jacob and especially the present series of animalprints strongly influenced his famous son Aelbert Cuyp, as is stated by Reiss in his monograph on the latter (referring to at least 6 of the plates). Some animals in Aelbert Cuyp's paintings seem to be directly copied after the drawings made by his father. The engravings for the Diversa anima/ia were made by Reinier van Persijn (ca. 1614-1668/1688), who's work was influenced by his masters Cornelis Bloemaert and Theodoor Matham. His engravings were highly valued in his time, especially in Rome where he worked in his youth and where he was


nick-named 'Narcissus'. After his marriage to the rich daughter of the glass painter Dirk Crabeth he seems to have given up printing and engraving. The print series, published by the famous Amsterdam firm of Claes Jansz Visscher, is of great rarity. Only two other copies could be traced: one is in the Rijksprentenkabinet in Amsterdam and a second copy (in the form of a booklet) was in stock at Israel Rare Books. Our set has the collectors mark 'v. E.', referring to Van Eekelen. He bought the set at the auction of the collection G. van Tienhoven at Paul Brandt in June 1968 (cat. nr. 885).

35 Ducq, Jan Ie The set of the clogs. Rare complete set of 8 dog etchings, dated 1661. ~

/3250 â‚Ź1475

Etchings (each 14 x 18 cm.) Fine set.

Hollstein 1-8, 2nd state of 3; Wurzbach 1-8; Bartsch 1-8; Dutuit 1-8

Jan Ie Ducq (1630-1676) worked in The Hague and was a pupil of Paulus Potter and presumably also of Karel Dujardin. Allmost all of his fourteen known prints depict clogs.



0 ,•

EG J:ï: ~lOHlE I DA :

' A rr.a :n ~CT ION, ,

. '

~j'l/yu~ ptrtl'., _ 1;._..,,.,,.,. 11,·,•r.1,11tl1Y..1 11 ,rp,-r.,...,ulp11rt'I)~., 7i(/IJW., &.r:'IUI~ . df/'VIJ , • .(.,.mil(' ,~ 1;,/(,;mn,,. ,; tJ• ...,~1"''?1~11: /; .f't.,....,I ,uu•llf/!'!,f_1fi Ull.Ul ? r J/1•4r✓ , Jr,!r./J /•tir hi ft J,.,;,.~ •

lu ..{,-:/ir,'(11t-r trnï

tl ,kJJm,: 1'<1r

n· EJ E BF.RG. 1/"'""</'flr ,,7l . ;;;(tirl·• . ,

'LE B RO . tl

36 Eisenberg, F. W. baron van L'Art de monter a cheval ou description du manege moderne, dans sa perfection; expliqué par des lecons necéssaires, & représenté par des figures exactes, depuis l'assiette de l'homme à cheval, jusquà !'arrest; accompagné aussi de divers mords pour bien brider les chevaux: écrit et dessiné par le Baron d'Eisenberg, et gravé par B. f 4800 €2178 Picart. The Hague, P. Gosse & J. Neaulme, 1733. ~ 2°-oblong: frontispiece, [4] and 57 (of 59) engraved plates by Bernard Picart with 56 pages text. Lacks

plates 4 and 9. Poor copy, binding damaged. Brunet II, p. 957; Lipperheide To 41

Second edition of tlûs famous book on horse riding. The editio princeps was published ca. 1727. Reprint editions appeared in 1733, 1737 and 1740 and in 1746 and 1748 German translations were published. The engraver, Bernard Picardt (1673-1733) worked in the Netherlands from 1710 onwards, and produced many high quality book illustrations, in collaboration with his pupils.


1 ~ T Il • C E N Tll R

y c o1. 0U R PI


.37 Fessard, Claude d F sard after J.f.L. Reino1d, coloured 'a la poupee' by L Bird prints by Clau e . es . turelle des oiseaux d'Afrique (1796-1808)· 1 ang1ois 15 frorn r. LeVaiUa~ts H ng_,e Roi des Vautours varie); 22 (Le Para;;; ;"'ches S 3 9 (Le Blagre); 9 (L O~ico~ (Le Tchong); 34 (Le Minule); 78 (La Grande P:e, ~ (te Faucon a culotte notre), 32 h gtleche)• 120 (Le Coriphee male, La Femelle). eac JS00€22,


~ Engavings, colourcd 'a la poupcc'. . . S'tw 11 a.o. Fine Birds Books, p. 90; Anker 297. Nissen IVB, 555_ Th1emc-Becker XI, p. 504, 1 e ' .h

• t François Le Vaillant (17 53-1824) visited Africa personally to obs

The French orrut o1ogts

. erve the babits and collect specimens of the birds of that contt~ent. Spo~sored by }acob Temminck, to search for new species of birds for Temminck's natur~ history cabmet, L~ Vaillant made his trip to the Cape colony. As a professional naturalist, he descnbed the plants, arumals, natives, and French settlers in the area with a detailed eye. The omithological result was his splendid six-volume Histoiri llalllrel/e des oiseaux d'Ajrique (1799-1808). The combination of a detailed and interestingly written text with beautiful colored plates distinguishes this impressive work. The excellent plates are from drawings by Rein hold, engraved by Claude Fessart (17 40-after 1803) and Péree, and printed bv Audebert and Langlois. 'The French colour-printing of this period has never been surpassed' (Sitwell).

38 Flamen, Albert 'Araneus marinus' [crab fish] from Icones diversorum piscium.

/300 €136

1 Etching (10,5 x 18 cm.). Minor defects. Nissen, ZBI, 1393; Bartsch V, pp. 167-198, nr. 14 Flamen was born in Bruges (Belgium) around 1620 and worked in Paris in the years 1648-1669. In 1664 he published his famous set 0 f 67 etchings o f fishes, wtth · beauttfully · · the etched seascapes in background.

39 Flamen, Albert 'Molucius piscis' [cod fish] from Ico


di . . versorum p1scmm.

1 Etching (10,5 x 18 cm.). Fine. Nissen, ZBI, 1393·, Bartsch V, pp. 167-198, nr. 22


/400 €181

40 Flamen, Albert Titlepage of vol. 11 of Albert Flarnen's Icones diversorurn piscium , with several fishes , fishing nets and boats. /300 €136

1 Etching (10,5 x 18 cm.). Minor defects. Nissen, ZBI, 1393; Bartsch V, pp. 167-198, nr. 13

41 Flamen, Albert 'Trutta' [trout] from Icones diversorum piscium.

/500 €227

1 Etching (10,5 x 18 cm.). First state, before the numbers. Fine impression. Nissen, ZBI, 1393; Bartsch V, pp. 167-198, nr. 46

42 Hervieux, J.C. Traité curieux des serins de canarie; contenant un description du naturel de ces oiseaux, la maniere de les apparier, de les faite nicher, d'élever les petits, de leur apprendre à chanter & à siffler, de connoitre & de guerir leurs maladies. [...] Naaukeurige verhandeling van de kanarivogels [...] Behelzende een beschryving van den aart deezer vogels, hoe die te doen paaren, haare nesten te maaken, de jongen op te voeden, haar te leeren zingen en fluiten, waar aan haare ziektens te kennen en hoe te geneezen. Trnsl. from the French by A. Moubach. [Amsterdam], Hendrik Schelte, 1712. /975 €442

1 Pag.:

[18) 303 [13]. With engr. titlepage, one print of the assemblance of a bird's cage, one double leaf

with engraved music scores. Cont. half calf, back renewed, else a reasonable copy. Cf. Brunet 5818 (other editions)

Text in French and Dutch. The first French edition was published in 1705.



D. r.•rae avit1m species, a set of ca.. 40 prints, pubijshed 43 Hollar' Wenzel B IO w fro m rve ., Six etchings after F. ar ' De prints depict: [1] a brooding hen, duck 17th in the middle of the centuryd. ith some other birds, with a large church' i5Wthan, d a hen bustar w ] [S] n e etc.; [2] a cock an . [4] birds mobbing an ow ; seven ducks· [6] . ' rune . [3] three pheasants, background, each f 600 €2 72 ducks. . essions of these very decorative bird prints. \Vith colle h' ( ach 14 x 21 cm.). G00d tmpr ctor's , Etc mgs e ( _1872) 11 ugt 2014] and P. Davidsohn (1839-?) fLugt 654]. 1'"' mark at the back of G. Parthey 1798 f ]· 30 [first state of rwo]; 2131 [only state]; 2134 [first state of l'w· j· Pennington 2129 [first state o two , 21 o, 2142 [only state]; 2143 [first state of two].

44 Jonge, J. de . .. . Vogelalbum. Eenige verschijnselen wt het vogelleven beneven~ een beschnJvtng van honderd van de meest voorkomende soorten. 2 vols. Grorungen/ Amsterdam, K Tiktak, 1924-1927. f 150 €68 , Picture-book with collectable plates, with resp. 100 and 120 chromolithographed plates of birds. The foreword mentions C.A. van Voorn as the artist; most of the plates are signed 'H.S.' or J-1. Sikkema. Nice set.


45 Last, H.W. Souvenir Natura Artis Magistra. Amsterdam, Koninklijk Zoologisch Genootschap, /450 €20-l [ca. 1850].

1 Titlepage, table of contents,

and 18 timed lithographed plates (each 10,5 x 18 cm, one 16 x 45 cm.) by

H.W. Last, printed by E. Spanier in The Hague. Probably lacks the introduction by 1-1.\'C Last.

The arti st Hendrik Wilhelmus Last (1817-1873) published several plate-books with tinced lichographs of his drawings, a.o. S011ve11ir de Schevening11e el de ses envirom (1855) and Een cahier ge'Jjgten rall

Arnhem (ca. 1850). Of the present Souvenir of the zoological gardens of f\rtis in Amsterdam, we ~ould tra~e only one other copy in the Provinciale Bibliotheek Friesland (Leeuwarden), wirh an introductton by Last that is not included in our copy.


46 Maas Geesteranus, L.F. Baucher en Fil~s. Eenige beschouwingen omtrent het stuk met bovenstaand opschrift voorkomende 111 het weekblad "Hippos" van 11 mei 1895. 's-Gravenhage, C. van Doorn & zoon, 1896. /225 €102 , Pag.: 124 [2] . Orig. paper wrappers. Essay about the horse-riding of Francois Baucher (1805-1873) and James Fillis (1833-?), the latter showing his art in the circus of Oscar Carré in Amsterdam in 1895.

47 Marum, Martinus van Verhandeling over de olijfanten, die in vroege eeuwen de noordelijke gematigde en koude luchtstreken der aarde bewoonden, waarin eene beschrijving en afbeelding van den olijfantskop, welke in 1820 uit een' kuil, nabij Heukelum, bij doorbraak ontstaan, is uitgespoeld [Haarlem : Wed. A. Loosjes Pz., 1824]. [Natuurkundige verhandelingen /695 €315 van de Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen te Haarlem; 13:5] , 8°, pag.: [1-3] 4-52. With two plates in lithography by D. Abrahams after I.E. van Varelen (1825). Orig. blue paper wrappers. Good copy of this rare tract on mammoths in the Northem regions. Saakes 8 (1825), p. 162; J.G. de Bruijn, 'Van Marum Bibliography', nr. 1-73 (see also II-17 for the manuscript-version); Saalmink, p. 1229. After winning a scientific prize in 1778 the famous Haarlem physician, physicist and chemist Martinus van Marum (1750-1837) was appointed director of the Teyler's Museum. In this function he tried to purchase the remains of a mammoth, which had been detached from the soil during a dike burst near the village of Heukelom in the centre of the Netherlands in 1820. Due to economie problems the board of directors of Teyler's Stichting, who had to finance the purchase, refused Van Marums request. However, the Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen, permitted him to buy this important object, which for that reason remained in the Netherlands and was placed in their Natural History Cabinet. For the same reason Van Marum had his Verhandeling over den olijfanten which discusses the newly found mammoth - published in the series of that society in 1824

[Natuurkundige verhandelingen van de Hollandsche Maatschappij der lP'etenschappen te Haarle111 13, nr. 5, pp. 253-304]. The present book is an offprint from this series, published as a separate publication with a new pagination. It was not, however, by purely scientific interest that Van Marum was motivated to publish his article on the mammoth. Clearly he wanted to use the matter to defend himself against allegations blaming him for having clone too little for the extension of the Teyler's Museum collections. The last part of the book (pp. 43-52), containing his defense to the allegations, form part of an autobiographical essay, which is preserved as a manuscript. [R.J. Forbes, Martinus van Marum. Llfa and work, vol. I (Haarlem 1969), pp. 66-67, 306 and 320]


48 Mees, Auguste fi d , e en l 886. Herenthals, A. Mees, [1903].fl 75 €79 A l'abeille. Maison de confiance on e . . Ori a er wrappers with flower decorations and a portrait . 96 PP· With many text illustrauons. g. p p 1 ag" 1904' of Mees. At the back: 'Prix-courant XVIII , 1903.

•j p

. fi o f Auguste Mees and his So n Joseph, that sold allmost Sales catalogue o f this famous Belgian irm . c f .b . f b e hives to trinkets m the torm o a ce. anyth ing related to bee-farmrng, rom e -

49 Michiels van Verduijnen, L.P.M.H. . . d ·k I Eenige opmerkingen over dierenmishandeling naar ~anleiding van -~ ~:ten 254, 350 en 455 van het nieuwe wetboek van strafrecht. Leiden, P. Som erwt, · / 125 €56 ~

Pag.: l8] 41 l6]. Orig. paper wrappers.


50 P.P.v.S. De seldsaame en noit gehoorde wal-vis-vangst, voorgevallen by St. Anna-land in 't jaar 1682. den 7. october. Mitsgaders, een pertinente beschrijving~, van de gehee!e Groen-landse-vaart. Verhandeld in prose, en versen. Nevens verschetde saaken tot die materie dienende; gelijck op d'and're sijde van dit blad kan gesien worden. 2nd corr. /3750 €1 702 and enl. edition. Leiden, [n. p.], 1684. 14°: pil A-14 [K] 2 [L)l; pag.: [2] 1-72 [6]. With two fuU-page engraved plates by Jan Luyken and one older folding plate of the hunting of a polar bear by Luyken which was adjusted by him for this edition, and 4 folding plates of which one is signed A. de Blois. Mixed copy (ff. 14, [KJ 1-2 and [LI added) of this extremely rare publication. Comp.lete with all the prints. Caption of first print cut o ff, brown spot on titlepage, light browning on some plates, else a good copy. Knuttel 12249; Van der Wulp 5895; Van Eeghen-Van der 1-.:.ellen 88; Tiele, Bibliogmphie, 8 12 [nootj; not in E. IngalJs, Whaling prints in the FB. Lothrop col/ec1io11 (1987); Only three copies (of the thrce variants) of the second edition are described in the Short Title Catalogue Nethcrlands.

The first edition of this publication was published in 1683 with the titlc Korl en opre,_~t verbaal van het



avontuurlt;k wederoaren,


Ahraha111 Jansz


Oefen, printed for the anonymous author

P.P.van S. A year afterwards a second corrected and enlarged edition was published in Leiden, in which two prints o f Jan Luyken were added. Van Eeghen-Van der KelJen mentio n three slightly variant issues of this second edition, each with another typographical o rnament o n the titlepage. The third variant - the present copy - also has the adjusced o lder plate by Jan Luyken. The contents of


the bonk consists of sevcn different parts on the history of Duteh whaling: l_1 j an account of the yoyage of .J:rn Jans7.. van <kien in 1682, [21 the extraordinary bunting of a whale by Van Oelen on Octobre 7th 1682, Greenland,

1.31 the

cyuipment of a G reenland whaUng ship, f4J the method of whaling on

151 sevcrnl spectacular and dramatic stories of commanders who went to Greenland, [6] a

convcrsatio n of a young man about these stories and 171 a list of the Dutch ships that went out to G rccnland in 1683, mentioning the names of the book.keepers, the shjps and their commanders. In his rhymed foreword the author states that the book is meant for the youth in the first place, whlch can also be concluded from the didactic poems that are included. The popular character probably explains the rarity of this curious book.


51 [Pallas, Peter Simon] Dierkundige beschouwingen, eeniger soorten van zeldzame dieren, door naauwkeurige beschryvingen, afbeeldingen en verhandelingen opgeheldert: vertaald, met aanmerlcingen verrykt en thans op nieuw in 't licht gebragt. In VI stukken. Met plaaten. Rotterdam, Johannes Jacobus Meyneken, [early 19th century]. /1450 €658 iJ 4°: *3, pi A-D4, pi A-E 4

[-Al , 2; E4 blank], pi A-D4 EZ [-A l , 2); pi A-D4 [-Al,2) ; pi A-D 4 [-A1,2; D4

blank], pi A-D 4 [-A 1,2, D4 blank]; pag.: VI, [2] 1-32, [2] 5-38, [2] 5-35, [2] 5-32, [2] 5-30, [2] 5-28. The first two folia of the six separately published issues have been replaced by newly printed subtitles. With the 10 copperplates, 2 by J. van Hiltrop and 8 by J.J. Bylaert, to which in this copy are added 8 engraved plates from other works, o f which two coloured plates by P. Rösel von Rosenho f after C.F.C. Kleeman and o ne engraving of Cl. de Fessard after Lebrecht Reinold. Cont. half vellum with marbled paper. Little wear at the cornes and covers. Good and complete copy with extra plates. Landwehr, Books 111ith coloured plates, 154; Cf Nissen, ZBI, 3072

Between 1767 and 1770 six parts were published of the Dutch adaptation by Pieter Boddaert (1 7331795) o f the Miscellanea zoologica or the Spicilegia zoologica by the German zoologist Pieter Simon Pallas (1741 -1811). Pallas lived in the Netherlands for several years, whlch explains his close cooperation with the Dutch zoologist and artist Pieter Boddaert, who made illustrations for Pallas' publications and edited Dutch erutions of his work. For the same reason it were Dutch artists like Hiltrop and Bylaert who made the illustrations for the above mentioned work. Each part had one or more engraved plates (10 alltogether) and was published in Utrecht by Abraham van Paddenburg and J. van Schoonhoven. When the work was completed in 1770 a genera! titlepage was issued, to be able to present a complete book. In 1779 a second editio n appeared in Amsterdam (Wed. van Esveldt & Holtrop). The present copy is a title-issue of the original six parts, in whlch the first two leafs o f each part have been replaced by a newly printed subtitle to present the whole as one publication. Little is known about the Rotterdam bookseller J ohannes Jakobus Meyneken, who published thls erutio n. To the present copy 8 plates are added by a former owner, originating from other zoological hooks.


I 8 T 11 C 1'. N T U R Y


J\ Ci A I N S T

R A 8 1 r-. S .

52 [Rabies] Re medie, gcbruykt by H ycke Bo tes, woonachtig tot Ferwert in Vriesland, en door haar ingegeven aan verscheidene menschen die van dulle honden of andere beeste gcbccten of gcquetst zijn. [No place and publisher, dated in pencil: 1731 ]. /325 €t 4~ il Plano sheet (33 x 21 cm.), printed. The tcxt revcals a recipe of a decoction of herbs used by the Frisian lady Hycke Botes as a medecin against rabies, as welt as informatio n about the treatment of wo unds caused by mad clogs. Finally it describes a medicin for cows, horses and clogs who are infected by rabies.

53 Rathlef, Emst Ludewig Historische en godgeleerde verhandeling over de sprinkhanen; derzelver aert, eigenschappen en verwoestingen, in oude en latere tyden; tot in de jaren 1748 en 1749. Met een aenhangsel over de spyze der Israëliten in de woestyne, gemeenlyk h."Wakkelen geheeten. Translated from the German and enlarged by Pieter Adriaen Verwer. Amsterdam, Kornelis van Tongerlo, 1750. /475 €215 , 8°:

*4 A-L8 , pag.: [8] 176. With an engraving of lifesize grasshoppers, by C.F. Fritzch. Cont. paper

wrappers, edges rubbed, preliminaries slightly browned.

Rathlef was priest of the Lutheran Church at Diepholts in Germany. Thls curious book, with a melange of natural history, theology and knowledge from the classical antiquity, is a fine example of eighteenth-century science. Rathlefs German editio princeps was translated and enlarged by Pieter Adriaen V erwer (1696-?) a mennonite citizen of Amsterdam, who is known as a literary author. He dedicated this book on grasshoppers to Jacob Roeters, silk merchant in Amsterdam and owner o f the country house Trompenburg at 's-Graveland. The occasion that led to the publication was the plaque of grashoppers that swept Europe in 1748 and 1749. The plate of the grasshoppers was made after the insects that were collected by the Remonstrant professor Jacobus Krighout, outside the Haarlemmerpoort at Amsterdam.


54 Swammerdam, Jan Ephemeri vita of afbeelcLingh van 'smenschen leven, vertoont in de wonderbaarelijcke en no~yt gehoorde hi~torie van het vliegent ende een-dagh-levent haft of oever-aas. Een d1erken, ten aans1en van sijn naam, over al in Neerlandt bekent: maar het welck binnen de tijt van vijf uuren groeyt, geboren wordt, jongh is, twee-maal vervelt, teelt, eyeren leght, zaat schiet, out wordt, ende sterft. Amsterdam, Abraham Wolfgang,


/3500 €1588

, 8°:*-2*8 A-2D8 (2D8 blank). Cant. vellum with a handwritten title on spine. With 8 engravings of D. Bosboom after J. Swammerdam. Good copy. Nissen, ZBI, 4059; NNBW X, 995. The last work of Jan Swammerdam (1637-1680) - pioneer of the research into inscects - to appear during his life. Shortly after 1672 his mental and physical condition worsened, partly due to the influence of the French religieus fanatic Antoinette Bourignon. This is evident in Swammerdam's

Ephemeri vita, which is a mjxture of entomology and religion. Two letters of Bourignon are incorporated both jn French and Dutch, but the mrun part of the book consists of the description of the one-day-fly. An English translation was published in London in 1681. Bourignon's contribution to the book was published seperately in 1699 under her own name.


55 Velde, Adriaen van de /1200 €545

Fighting clogs. Published in 1657. , Etching (11,2 x 13,6 cm.) Hollstein 9, first state of two; Bartsch 9; Dutuit 9

Adriaen van de velde (1636-1672) specialised in the etching of animal prints. Of the only 28 prints ·u·st t h at are known o f t h1s ar , 23 depict animals. Van de Velde died when he was in his mid-thirties.

56 Velde, Adriaen van de



Grazing cow with two sheep. Published m 1670. , Etching (12,6 x 17,4 cm.) Hollstein 11, only state; Bartsch 11; Dutuit 11


/900 €408

57 Velde, Adriaen van de Grazing horse. ~

j400 €181

E tching (11,2 x 13,4 cm.)

Hollstein 7, only state; Bartsch 7; Dutuit 7

58 Velde, Adriaen van de Two cows under a tree.

j600 €272

,i Etching (13 x 15,9 cm.) Hollstein 13, only state; Bartsch 13; Dutuit 13

59 Velde, Adriaen van de Two recumbent sheep. Published in 1670.

f750 €340

,i Etching (7,3 x 9,8 cm.) Hollstein 15, only state; Bartsch 15; Dutuit 15

60 Visscher, Johannes Old herd leaning on his staff near a wall, with Johannes Visscher.


dog and three cows. Etching by J400 €181

,i Etching (27 x 37 cm.) Hollstein (Visscher) 112, first state of 2; Wessely 141


61 Vlieger, Simon de Draught-horse next toa fence. Nr. 3 of a series of 10 'various animals'.

/950 €431

,i Etching (13,6 x 15,1) . First and only state. Hollstein XLI, 20; Bartsch 13; Dutuit, p. 540.

Simon de Vlieger (1601-1653), active in Rotterdam (1627-1633), Delft (1634-1638), Amsterdam (1638-1648) and Weesp (1649-1653) is best known as a marine painter. As an etcher his mosc famous work is a series of 10 various animals. We can offer 4 etchings of this series.


62 Vlieger, Simon de Greyhound and lying hound. Number 1 from a series of 10 'various animals'. /900 €408 ~! Etching (13,2 x 14,5). First state of 2. Hollstein XLI, 11 ; Bartsch 11; Dutuit, p. 540.

63 Vlieger, Simon de Tethered dog. Nr. 10 from a series of 10 'various animals'. [Amsterdam], Justus /950 €431 Danckertsz, [2nd half 17th century]. ~

Etching (13,6 x 15,6), second state of 2, with at the upper left: 'Just. Danckers Exc.'.

Hollstein XLI, 20; Bartsch 20; Dutuit, p. 540.

64 Vlieger, Simon de Three geese. Number 7 from a series of 10 'various animals'. ~

/1200 €544

Etching (13,3 x 15,4). Third state of 3, signed 'S. de V.'.

Hollstein XLI, 17; Bartsch 17; Dutuit, p. 540.



65 Vosmaer, Arnout Natuurkundige afbeeldingen of groot prenteboek voor kinderen, bevattende eene uitmuntende verzameling van zeldzame gedierten, bestaande in Oost- en Westindische viervoetige dieren, vogelen en slangen, weleer levendig voorhanden geweest zijn, buiten Den Haag, op het Kleine Loo van Z.D.H. den Prins van Oranje-Nassau door A. Vosmaer (...]. Zaltbommel,Johannes Noman, [ca. 1810]. /5500 €2496

1 4°: 2 ff, no pag.; With a handcoloured frontispice pasted on a flyleaf and 35 handcoloured plates after A. Schouman, G . van den Heuvel, P.C. Haag, G . Haasbroek, C. van Kuik, Van Noorden and 5 unsigned plates, engraved by S. Fokke, C. Bogerts and Du Boulois. Cont. boards, spine repaired, corners and edges worn. [see illustration on front cover]. Cf Landwehr, Books with coloured plates, 204 (not this edition); Nissen, ZBI, 4293 (not this edition); Cf Brunet V, 1472 (not this edition); Buijnsters, uut en leeri,,g, p. 51.


. (1720 -17('0) -r. ,, was , .. clircctor of the menageries and natural cabinets of William V, Acrnout \' osmacr

d,at wcrc foundcd in 17S6 by the widow of William IV when she bought Vosmaer's own collection. Many rnre species were imported from places Jike Borneo, the Phj]jppines, Surinam, South-Africa and even Japan. Between 1766 and 1778 Vosmaer made descriptions of rare animals that were housed at 'Het Kleine Loo' near The Hague. Each description was published separately, both in French and Dutch, accompanied by a handcoloured print, usually made by Simon Fokke after a design of Aert Schouman. Alltogether 31 parts were published with 33 engravings. In 1804 the Amsterdam publisher J.B. Elwe reprinted 34 booklets (with 35 plates) with a genera! titlepage as Nattmrktmdige heschryving eener uitnmnde ve1zameling van zeldzame gedierten with the half title Regnum Animale (also published in French as Desctiption d'tm receuil exquis d'animaux) . The present edition of about 1810 was published by Johannes Noman in Zaltbommel, a specialist in the field of popular printing. Noman's edition has left out all descriptions of the animals; the book is presented as a 'picture book for children' as can be read on the titlepage. Copies of this children's edition of Vosmaer are extremely rare; only one - incomplete! - copy is recorded in the Dutch Genera) Catalogue (Royal Library, The Hague)

66 Winter, Anthonie de [Ornamental Prints] 'Nieuw goudtsmits lofwerck'. Series of 6 prints on 3 leafs of paper, depicting tools of a goldsmith and ornamental designs of animals, by A. de Winter after W.H. van BĂśmmel. Published in Amsterdam by Cornelis Danckertsz II [early 18th century]. /3000 â‚Ź1360

il Series of 6 prints, etching and engraving, (title and

5 numbered plates), each measuring ca 15 x 20 cm.

Browning and wear in margins.

D. Guilmard, Les 111aitres omemanistes (Paris 1880-1881) [mentions a copy of the 2nd state]; Hollstein 200205, 2nd state of 3 [referring to Guilmard]; not in K.atalog der omamentstich-sammlung (Berlin 1939). ~nthonie de Winter (1652/1652-after 1707) worked as an etcher, engraver, publisher and art dealer m Amsterdam. His graphic work consists mainly of maps, ornamental prints and book illustrations.


Catalogue, nr. 66



h7 Alphand, Jean Charles .Adolphe 1 es pmrncnndcs de Pnris. Histoire - description des embellissements - dépenses de n(~ation et d'cntTctien des Bois de Boulogne et de Vincennes. Champ-Élysées - parcs _ s4w\fcs - boulevards - places plantées. Étude sur l'art des jardins et arboretum. 2 vols.

Pa ris, J. Rothschild, 1867-1873. ~I Two ,·ols. (44 X 73

f 4200 €1905

cm.). Pag.: 414 pp. With 487 wood engravings, 80 steel engravings and 23 large

lithogrnphic platcs. Splendid set of these exceptionally large volumes in cant. full red morocco, gilt ornamrntcd spine.

Jean Charles Adolphc Alphand (1817-1891) is best known as the main assistant of the Paris city planner Haussmann. Alphand eamed Haussmann's esteem as a graduate at the Ecole Polytechnique in Bordeaux. He was summoned to Paris in 1854 to take charge of the Service des Promenades and thus bccame the landscape architect for a great number of public squares as well as the Bois de Boulogne and the Bois de Vincennes. After Haussmann's fall from power Alphand took over many of his rcponsibilities and pursued his projects. In 1870 Alphand was promoted to Colonel by the f-rench defense government, which entrusted him with the fortifications in Paris. Afterwards he pursued an administrative career and succeeded in consolidating all public affairs under his supcrvision. He ended his impressive career as director of the World Fair in 1889. Immediately after his death in 1891, Alphand was commemorated with a monument in Paris.


68 Berge, Pieter van den The four seasons. Set of four allegorical prints of the seasons with French royal palaces and gardens (i.g. Versailles and Louvre). Amsterdam, Covens and Mortier, [ca. 1730]. /12000 â‚Ź5445 ,i Set of four etchings and engravings (each 47 x 56 cm) by Pieter van den Berge after Charles Ie Brun. Fine set of these rare large prints. Wurzbach, p. 90 (on Pieter van den Berge)

The French painter Charles Ie Brun (1619-1690) was a founding member of the Academy of Painting and Sculpture in Paris. After making a succesfull painting for Louis XIV he was summoned to Fontainebleau to become Painter to the King, and then artistic director of the Gobelins tapestry manufactory in 1662. As the supervisor of a large corps of painters, sculptors, engravers, weavers, and other decorators, Le Brun exercised great control over artistic production and theory in France throughout the remainder of his career. Prolific, efficient, and eclectic, Le Brun created the style of Louis XIV, the best and most complete expression of that style being the magnificent Palace of Versailles. Early in his career Le Brun made allegorical paintings of the four seasons by order of the king, of which large tapistries were made. In 1667 these paintings were mentioned for the first time


by f-élibirn in his Le.r q11alre.r .rai.rom peinte.r par M. Ie Bmn et mises en tapisserie po11r sa 1naje1té (Paris

116671), and mcntioned :l!-,YaÎI\ in 1670 in Le Brun's Tapisserics du 1~ (Paris 1670 and reprinted later). The Dut·ch ctchcr and cnbrraver Pieter van den Berge (ca. 1665-1737) worked in Amsterdam and made prints aftcr De Laircssc and other artists. Van den Berge o ften combined etching and cngr:wing techniqucs and also made mezzotint prints. These prints of the four seasons he declicated to the playwrights Hendrik van H almael and J acob Voordaagh, Dirk Coop à Groen and the artist's hrother Rudolf van den Berge.




69 Besoet, I ven 'Gezigt van huis Oranje Zaal en tuin van achteren etc.'. Etching, 1758, by Iven Besoet depicting the gardens and the back of the Huis Ten Bosch near The Hague.]795 €360 ~] Etching (20 x 31,5 cm.). Kossmann, De Boekhandel te 's-Gravenhage, pp. 26-27. Frederik Hendrik had the Huis ten Bosch built for his wife Amalia van Solms. The gardens were surrounded by walls an a moat. lven Besoet (ca. 1720-1769) worked most of his life as an etcher, publisher and bookseller in The Hague. His etchings are quite characteristic and were usually made after his own designs. Only few days before his death he became famous throughout the country. After he was turned out of doors because of a debt in rent, he settled himself on a chair in a field near Voorburg as a pro test. This curious action caused his death a few days later.

70 Bienfait, Anna G. Oude Hollandsche tuinen. Met medewerking van Marg. Kossmann en een voorwoord van prof.dr. J.Q. van Regteren Altena. 2 vols. 's-Gravenhage, Martinus Nijhoff, 1943. ]975 €442 ,i Volume 1 [text]: xi, 301, a few text-illustrations and plates ; Volume 2 [plates]: xv, 317,367 illustrated on 317 plates. Orig. illustrated cloth, gilt !ettering. Good copy. Erik de Jong, 'Bibliography of literature on Dutch landscape gardening and associated topics', in: Joumal of Garden History, vol. 1, no. 4. Standardwork on the subject, with a complete review of Dutch gardening up to the emerge of the landscape style. The atlas-volume has many fine reproductions of early engravings, plans and a few paintings and photographs of the old Dutch gardens.


71 Botanica! garden in the Dutch East Indies Album with seven p~otographs of a botanical garden in Dutch East India, probably at Buitenzor? Oav~), with the manuscript text: 'Aandenken. Aangeboden aan mej. L.Ch. Slot op 5 Jan_u~n 1915 door: [.. .]', followed by 120 names and initials of people, mostly of Dutch ortgm. On one of the photographs a village scene, with a building with the texts: 'Toko Singapore' and 'Kleermaker Nokonteng'. /225 €102 ~ Collection o f 7 photographs (each 12 x 17 cm.), in an album o f 8 pp.

72 Botanica! garden of Leiden U niversity 'Le jardin de l'Academie tel qu il étoit autrefois.' and 'Le jardin de l'Academie, tel qu'il est à present'. Two small engravings of the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden, numbered 4 and 5 in the lower right corner, from Les delices de Leide (Leiden 1712). /225 €102 ~ Two

engravings (8 x 12,5 and 12 x 12,5 cm), unsigned.

The first print depicts the first botanica! garden as laid under supervision of Carolus Clusius at the end of the sixteenth century. The 'present situation' of the second print, show the garden as it could be seen in the seventeenth century.

73 Bruyn, Nicolaes de Christ blessing the tax-collector with a view at a sixteenth-century castle with gardens. Engraving by Nicolaes de Bruyn, with the text: 'Ingressum autem iesum capernaumum adiit centurio. precans eum, et dicens domine, puer meus proiectus est domi paralititcus. etc. Matthaa:: 8.5.', published by Claes Jansz Visscher, [first half 17th /7 50 €340 century].

1 Engraving (37,5 x 51,5 cm.), signed: 'N. de Bruyn invent.' and 'CJVisscher Excudit'. Good copy of this large print.

Nicolaes de Bruyn (Antwerpen 1571 - Rotterdam 1656) was a printmaker with a large oeuvre of prints with biblical scenes, Iandscapes and ornamental designs. He is well known for his large landscapes with biblical scenes after artists like Coninxloo, Savary, Vinckboons a.o. At the background of the present print a 16th-century castle surrounded by a small garden.


74 Bruyn, Nicolaes de . . Landscape with the prophct Jeremia and the ~on, wtt~ ~ _falcon~ ~ ~rkey a~d many nthcr animals with the text: 'Est mihi possess10 mea s1mihs leoru tn s1lva; eilit contra me voccm s~am; idcirco odj eam. Iirmei~ 12.8.' Published by Nicolaes Visscher [second half 17th century]. /950 €431 ,i Engraving (38, 1 x 52,4 cm.) by Nicolaes de Bruyn (signcd 'N. de Bruyn invent') and published by Nicolaes Visscher (signed: 'N. Visscher excud.). Nice impression of this large print. 'Kramm, p. 182

75 [Clusius, Carolus] Hunger, F.W.T. Charles de l'Escluse (Carolus Clusius). Nederlandsch kruidkunruge 1526-1609. 2 vols. /950 €431 's-Gravenhage, Martinus Nijhoff, 1917. ,i 2 vols., pag.: lvol.1] xxiii 446 pp.; [vol. 2) xxiii 467 pp. With 6 portraits, 2 plates, a folcling map and 249 text-iUustrations. Fine set in contemporary cloth with gilt ornamented spine, unopened and uncut, with the original paper wrappers bound in.

Standard biography of Charles de l'Escluse (1526-1609), one of the most celebrated botanists of the 16th century. The Frenchman, better known as Carolus Clusius, studied at various universities and traveled extensively. His main interest was botany, writing and translating for Dodoens and other botanists. Clusius knew eight languages and was acquainted with a number of fields of knowledge. He was clirector of the Botanica] Garden in Vienna, which was part of the Imperial Gardens for 14 years. He finally became Professor of Botany at the University of Leiden. His most important work was Rariorum Plantarum historia (1601). Clusius' importance for Dutch culture is evident even in nowadays daily life as he was the one who introduced the potato into the Low Countries. Furthermore he was the chief founder of the bulb culture, which culminated in the 'tulip mania' in the early 17th century. At the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden an reconstruction was made of the botanical garden designed by De l'Escluse, which is known as the 'Clusius Garden'.

76 (Clusius, Carolus]

Portrait print of Clusius by N. de Larmessin. ,i Engraving (18,5 x 14 cm.) Many other portrait prints on request.



77 [Dodonaeus, Rombertus] Portrait print of Dodonaeus by E. de Boulonois. ~

/ 175 €79

Engraving (18,5 x 14 cm.)

Many other portrait prints on request.


78 Earlom, Richard 'A . Fruit Piece'. Stiil life .with . different types of frut·t, engrave d b y Earlom after a . pamtmg by Angelo Camptdoglio. Published in 1776 by John Boydeli. /1500 €681 ~ Mezzotint (32 x 36 cm.) Very good impression, framed under glass. Richard Earlom (17 42/ 1743 - 1822) is fameus for hjs mc7.zotint prints after paintings by old masters. The majority of his prints were publishcd by Boydcll.


79 Elwes, Henry John A Monograph of the Genus Lllium. Illustrated by \V.H. Fitch. [London, privately printed] 1880. /24.000 €10.890 ~ Large folio: 14] i-xv, with a lithographed map showing the distributio n of lilies, a rnounted pho t<>b>nph

of a scene in the Nonh West Himalayas, and 40 (of 48) handcoloured lithographed plares (56,S ~ 39 cm.) by W.H. Fitch, each accompanied by one or two pages with a description of the species. Lacks the places 13, 16, 19, 20, 26, 37, 38 and 44. Cont. half green morocco, gilt o marnented spine. [Seè illustration inside cover]. Nissen, BBI, 594; Stafleu & Cowan 1664; Crral Flower Books (1990), p. 94.

Between 1870 and 1914 the English traveler, sportsman, o mithologist, gardener and plant-collector Henry John Elwes (1846-1922) visited almost all bulb-producing countries of the world bringing back some of the most favourite spring flowering garden plants. Inspired by James Atkins of Prunswick he had started to collect and care for plants, wruch he grew at the garclens of his house at Colesboume in Gloucestershire. Many of rus plants served for plates and descriptions in the Botarucal Magazine, the perioclical that was saved from destinction by a generous gift of Elwes. As he had acquired an interest in a tea estate in Darjeeling, he was able to \'Ïsit the bocarucally most interesting region of the Himalayas. There he became fascinated with lilies. In his garden he was able to grow many of the species of thJs genus and developed a vast knowledge on the subject. As no accurate reference book was available, Elwes decided to write one himself. To ensure that his work would be as complete as possible, he consulted the greatest botan.ical expens in the field to assist


him in his ~ntmg. Furtbermo_re Elw~s wanted to e9u~I the exce~ence ~f the contents of his monogrnph 111 the level of the 11lustrnt1ons. The best avrulable botarucal amst of that time W . . , a1ter 1-Iood ritch (1817- 1892), was hired to make the lithographs for the full-s1ze plates of the Wies, Whi were subse9uently coloured by hand. They are considered 'the most important achievement ch Fitch 's later years' [Blunt, The Arl of Botanica! Il/11stration, p. 225]. Between March 1877 and May 18 Elwes' subscribers received the seven parts of his Monograph of the genus lili11111, with the 48 plates bO Fitcb. Only 250 copies of this magnificient book were published. Shortly before his death he ask/ his friend and fellow lily-expert A. Grove to undertake the compiJation of a supplement. supplement was published between 1933 and 1940.




Gardener's testi~o~y . BO •Giütncrbrief', tcst1fyJt~g that Jo~ann _W~tsbart, son of the late 'hoffgärtner' Johann \X/eisbart completed his apprent1ceship in the Brandenburgischen Quolzbachischen Lustort Griesdorff _[o~· Brieszdorff?J, dated 1773 and signed by Johann Peter Kern, 'hoffgärtner' of Christian F.C.A. Markgraf zu Brandenburg, /3500 €1588 ~ Calligraphed text on parchment (35 x 57 cm.), with rural scenes, plants, flowers, and the coat of arms of Brandenburg. \Xlith the original emboided silk ribbon and a wax seal in an ivory box.

81 Gardener's testimony 'Gärtnerbrief', testifying that Johann Weisbart, von Burg Farnbach, completed his apprenticeschip. Signed Nurnberg 1778 by Leonard Paul Grundberg. /750 €340 ~ Calligraphed text on paper (27 x 42 cm.), with a small drawing of a garden statue and a wax seal with

the initials L.P.G.

82 Gardener's testimony 'Gärtnerbrief', testifying that Johannes Rosenkrantz, son of Claus Rosenkrantz, completed his apprenticeship in the garden of Carl August F. zu Waldeck Pyrmont und Rappolstein, dated 1737, and signed by Johann Andreas Baulithu [or Paulithu?], 'Lustgärtner von Waldeck Pyrmont. /2800 €1270 ~

Calligraphed text on parchrnent (35 x 58 cm.), with a tulip and a bulb, and the coat of arms of Waldeck

Pyrmont. With remains of the original embroided silk ribbon, fram,ed behind glass.


83 Kampen et Fils, Nicolaas van Traité des fleurs a oignons: Contenant tout ce qui est nécessaire pour les bien cultiver, fondé sur une expérience de plusieurs années, par Nicolas van Kampen et Fils, sold fleuristes de Harlem en Hollande. Haarlem, C.H. Bohn, 1760. ~

8°: *5 A-GS HJ [A 1 is the 5th leaf of the first gathering] , paginated: [1 O] 1-118. With a folded engraved

plate of a hyacinth by Cornelis van Noorde after H.B.


for certification by the authors, florists in Haarlem. With

Hendrik Budde]. Modem half-leather. Signed a

handwritten ownershipmark 'C'est à l'Abbé

Francois Magnocavally'. Auction catalogue Krelage, nr. 172; Not in Nissen, BBI; Krelage, Drie ee11wen bloen,bo//enexport (den Haag

1946), pp. 15-16, Very rare first edition of this publication on different bulbflowers by the Haarlem florists Nicolas van Kampen et Fils.

It contains four treatises on the treatment of the hyacinth, tulip, ranunculus &


anemnnc. and on different flowcrs. In 1764 a Gcrman trnnslatio n was published . T his book, as Well as scvcrnl othcr pnhlic:ltions hy Dutch cighttccnth-ccntury flori sts, was meant to serve the foreign clicntck nf the firn,, consisi-ing fo rcmost· o f owncrs of co untry estates throughout Europe. îhe present copy was formcrly prohably in posscssion of the Italian aristocrat, architect, mathematician and poet Prnnccsro O ttavio Magnocavalli (1701 -1788), Conte di Varengo.

84 Kcrchove de Dentcrghem, Oswald de Le )jvre des orchidées. Ghent/Paris, Ad. Hoste & G. Masson, 1894.

,1 596

/350 €158

pp. \'(lith 31O textillustrations and 31 chromolithographic plates. Cont. half calf with gilt

ornamented spine, marbled endpapers. Fine copy. N issen, BBJ, 1031 ; Stafleu & Cowan 3589

85 Kerchove de Denterghem, Oswald de Les paJmjers. Hjstoire iconographique géographie - paléontologie - botanique description culture - emploi, etc. avec index général des noms et synonymes des espèces connues. Paris, J. Rothschild, 1878. /3200 €1452 ~ Pag.: 348. With 228 woodengravings in the text and 40 chromolithographic plates by P. De

Pannemaeker. Beautiful green morocco, gilt ornamented spine. Bound with the original wrappers. Very good copy. Stafleu & Cowan 3590; Nissen 1032; A. Plesch 287; D. Jackson p. 139; Lindley, p. 233; British Museum

II p. 970 The botanist Oswald de Kerchove de Denterghem (1844-1906) was president of the botanica! society of Ghent. His very rare treatise on the palm trees was published by the Paris publishing house J. Rothschild, superbly illustrated with many woodengravings and 40 plates after nature by the Belgian botanical artist P. De Pannemaker.

86 [Kerchove de Denterghem, Oswald de] Albert Ceuterick Le Comte Oswald de Kerchove de Denterghem. Notes biographiques. Ghent, A. Hoste, 1908. /225 €102

,1 [7] 163 pp. With numerous illustrations pasted in. Orig. boards. Biography of the Belgian politician, horticulturist and botanist Oswald de Kerchove de Denterghem

(1844-1906), published shortly after his death. The book was compiled by Albert Ceuterick, secretary-general of the Société Royale d'Agriculture et de Botanique in Ghent. As an appendix the book contains a list of all the contributors to the monument for De Kerchove that was to be instaUed in his birthplace Denterghem.


J(oappert, Emilie C. . 7 8 K'kjcs in de plantenwereld. Met teekernngen van L w R W 11 . . , Funke [1893].

Loman & fl


. .

k b ene e ach. Amsterdam,

f 650 €295



Pag.:12] 55 15]. With 5 fi.111 page coloured plates by L.W.R

kb h

ene e ac and many text illustrations b t"he s:une. Ong. 1llustrated cover, browned and shghtly rubbed at the corners. y 11

Braches 931124; sec on Emilie C. Knappert, Biografisch IPoordenboek ~ n N J ., d. IV '11 eaman , , pp. 253-255. Emilie C. -~appert (1_860-19_52! was as _a pr~gressive teacher and pedagogue, strongly influenced by M • Sh d Brirish cnt1cs of the mdustnalized society like Thomas Carlyle and W'lli 1 am orns. e evoted herself to bridge class differences by education and social work The pre t 'Gli • the worId . • sen mpses rn of plants' can be constdered as an attempt to convince her readers of the beauties of nature. The splendid illustrations by L.W.R. Wenckebach (1860-1937) underlined this idea of the book. Wenckebach studied at ~he horticultural . school 'Linnaeus' in Amsterdam to become a landscape architect. However, he d1d not persecute m this field, hut specialized as an artist. Wenckebach made many paintings, watercolours, drawings, etchings and lithographs, and is wellknown for his many bookillustrations (i.g. the so-called 'Verkade-albums').

88 Knoop, Johann Hermann Beschouwende en werkdadige hovenier-konst of inleiding tot de waare oeffening der planten. Waarin aangewezen word al 't gene een hovenier en aan andere tuinoeffenaars dienstig en nodig zyn kan te weeten, om niet alleen met gewenscht voordeel, maar ook met vermaak allerley boom-, heester-, kruid- en bloem-gewassen te cultiveeren. Insgelyks om allerley in en buitenlandse bloemen, vrugten en andere gewassen te vervroegen, en buiten de gewone saisoenen te hebben: of by ons byna even als in haare geboorte plaats, te doen groeyen, bloeyen, en hunne vrugten ryp en smakelyk voorttebrengen. Alles afgeleid uit een waare natuurkundige grond, als waarin de cultuure der gewassen alleen gegrondvest is; en door aanmerkingen en ondervindingen van meer als 30 jaaren bevestigt; ook met de nodige plaaten, tot meerder verstaanbaarheid en opheldering, voorzien. Dienende verders sowel voor de veldt- als /5000 €2269 tuin-oeffenaars. Leeuwarden, Abraham Ferwerda, 1753.

1 4°: *-3*4

4*2 A-4E4 4p1, pag.: [28], 594. With 16 engraved folding plates by 1. Folkema after J.H.

Knoop. Contemporary half calf, gilt ornamented spine with red morocco label and gilt lettering.Hinges slightly rubbed. Fine copy of this rare fist edition.





. ) 124· Sec on Knoop: Anna G. Bienfait, 011de I-follcmdsche l/finen "sroll. (\XlaAemngcn 1, , , , . <, ..,) 280-281 · Oldenburger-Ebbers,/Stehouwer, 'Bibliografie van achttiende-eeuwse (_,ra\.cn1rngc 1"/4., , pp. , . , . . . · i ed van tuinarchitectuur en -beplanting , m: Dommenlalteblad achlhende eetii1J t geb I Ncder1an dse bocken op 1c (fll..\prnale

40 (1978), p. 8.

Johann Hermann Knoop (1700-1769) was born in the German city of Kassei~ where ~s father managcd the royaJ gardcns of Freicnhagen at the Fulda. In 1730 he w~nt to Frieslan~- wtth Maria Louisa van Hessen Cassel to design a new garden at her newly built estatc Manenburg near Leeuwarden. Knoop had the gardens laid in the French tradition as a pleasure garden, but he <lid include 'Dutch' lanes with fruit trees. For cightteen years Knoop was chjef gardener, meanwhile publishing several works on gardening and astronomy, until he was fired for cxccssive drinking. Knoop is best known for his pomological works (sec next), but beforc that he wrote the present manual of practical horticulture. The beautiful folding plates show gardening scenes, country estates with Dutch gardens, the pruning and leadjng of trees, a view and a groundplan of an Orangerie, the making of greenhouses, etc.

89 Knoop, Johann Hermann Pomologia, dat is beschryvingen en afbeeldingen van de beste zoorten van appels en peeren, welke in Neder- en Hoog-Duitschland, Frankrijk, Engeland en elders geaght zyn, en tot dien einde gecultiveert worden. [Bound with:] Fructologia, of beschryving der vrugtbomen en vrugten die men in de hoven plant en onderhout: waar by derselver differente benamingen, voortteeling, groei-plaatzen, cultuur, en huishoudelyk gebruik, als mede het confyten en meer andere toebereidingen der vrugten, enz., nauwkeurig aangewezen worden. [With:] Dendrologia, of beschryving der plantagiegewassen, die men in de tuinen cultiveert, zo wel om te dienen tot cieraad om daar van allees, cingels, heggen, berceaux, cabinets, pyramiden, plaizier-bosschen, enz., als tot huishoudelyk gebruik, te planten. Waar by derzelver differente benamingen, groeiplaatzen, aankweeking, en verdere onderhouding, en vervolgens haar tuin- en huishoudelyke gebruiken, nauwkeurig beschreeven en aangewezen worden. 3 parts in one /12.500 €5672 volume. Leeuwarden, A. Ferwerda en G. Tresling, [ca 1770].

~l 2°: [vol. 1] pi A-F, pag.: [2] 36.; [vol. 2] pi2 A-R2

S1, pag.: [4] 70; [vol. 3J


A-Z~, pag.: [4] 88 [4j. With

20 fokling engr. plates b} J.C. Philips and J. Folkema after J.H. Knoop in part 1 and 19 unsigned folding 1

plates in part two; all in cont. handcolouring. Fine copy. Cont. half calf, gilt ornamented spine with red morocco title shield. Nissen, BBI, 1077 en 1078; Dunthorne, F/0111er & Fmit Prints, nr. 171 ; Stafleu & Cowan 3766, 3767 and 3768; Landwehr, Books 1vith coloHred pla!es, nr. 88 and 92; S. Raphael, A 11 oak spring po111ona, 48; S. Martini, Ceschich!e der Pon10/ogie, p. 59.


fa,nous book of Johann llcrmann Knoop ((1700-1 769) is th p . ·rhr ,wist ' _ . . .. e present 01110/ogta, as usuaUy ii-h his l·•mctolog1a and Dc11drolog1a. The first cd1uons of the three b k bi' h d b h bo\11'(l w . oo s, pu 1s e y t e . booksellers f<erwerda and Tresling, appeared in 1758 (P 1,ccuwardcO . . . omo1ogia) and 1763 oia and Dendrologta). The present copy 1s an undated reprint of the th ree books, pu bli shed (fructoloi-,· 1?63 and 1781 by the samc booksellers. 1t contains the same plates· 20 • f !Jcrwccn .. . • engravmgs o app1es and pears by J.C. Phtbp~ and J. Polkema a_fter drawmgs by Knoop himself in the first part, the • sccond P""rt with 19 uns1gncd plates of frntts. All plates in delicate contemporary handco1ourmg. Kt,oops work belongs to the earlicst b~oks with coloured plates on the subject and became very popular throughout Europe. 1t was repnnted several times in the Netherlands and was translated in French and German, and established Knoop as a founder of pomology.



Köhler, Hermann Adolph KöWer's Medizinal-Pflanzen in naturgetreuen Abbildungen mit kurz erläuterndem Texte. Atlas zur Pharmacopoea germanica, austriaca, belgica, danica, helvetica, hungarica, rossica, suecica, Neerlandica, British pharmacopoeia, zum Codex medicamentarius, sowie zur Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America. Ed. by G . Pabst. 2 vols. Gera, Fr. Eugen Köhler, [1887). With vol. 3: Neueste Medizinalpflanzen und Verwechselungen. Ed. by Max Vogtherr and M. Gürke. Gera, Zezschwitz, [18961898]. JSSOO €2495

1 Set of 3 vols with 283 chromolithographic plates by K. Gunther after L. Müeller and C.F. Schmidt. Original half-calf, spines broken. Complete set with all plates in good condition. Nissen, BBI, 1085; Stafleu & Cowan 3806

The magnum opus of the German botanist Hermann A. Köhler (1834-1879) on medicinal plants was published after his death between 1883 and 1887. The book was issued in pans of 4 plates each. The first two volumes were edited by G. Pabst and published as a series of 20 parts, with 203 chromolithographic plates. The third volume appeared between 1896 and 1898 as another 20 parts with 80 plates. The fine illustrations were made by the German artists Müeller and Schmidt and rendered in chromolithography by K. Gunther.

91 Krelage, E.H. De pamfletten van den tulpenwindhandel, 1636-1637. 's-Gravenhage, 1942.

J175 €79

1 Pag.: ll)-320. Orig. cloth. Bibliography and publication of the pamphlets, poems, songs and other printed matter on the 'tulipomania' that occured in the Netherlands around the year 1637 •


92 Krelage, E.H. b ll · bl mbollenexport De geschiedenis van den bloem o.. enhandel en der • .. . . D ne eeuwen oe Hollandsche bloembollen tot 1938. 's-Gravenhage, RiJkswtgevenJ, Dienst van de Nederlandsche Staatscourant, 1946. f 495 €225

1 Pag.: [I] _XXXVIII, lt ]-791.

Orig. red cloth, gilt flowers and titles on spine and covers.

Standardwork on the history of the trade and export of bulb flowers in the Netherlands by the Haarlem grower E.H. Krelage.


93 Linaeus, Carolus Hortus Cliffortianus. Amsterdam, 1737 [1738].

1 2°: 245 pp.

/25.000 €11.345

Title printed in black and red; small ornamented woodcut initials. Engraved allegorical

vignette on title-page, engraved allegorical frontispiece of the Hort11s Cliffortian/lS by and after J. Wandelaar dated 1738, 36 engraved plates (28 by Wandelaar, of which 20 are after G .O. Ehret). Text printed on unmarked Dutch paper, plates on paper with the Arms of Strassbourg. Contemporary English polished calf binding, triple gilt fillet borders, spine in 7 compartments, red morocco letteringpiece in the second compartment, the remaining gilt-tooled with leafy volutes, vase comerpieces, and center thistle, marbled endpapers, edges stained red. Cloth slipcase. Provenance: Royal Horticultural Society, Llndley Llbrary (shelflabel 1804, with later cancellation notice); OS 562 (1967. Meijer Elte-Haag); Sotheby's New York 111-1995 (Otto Schäfer sale), nr. 145. Dunthome 186; Great Flower Books 115; Hunt 504; Nissen, BBI, 1215; Pritzel 5408.

The first and only edition of a work of great botanica! importance, being a catalogue of the magnificent gardens at the Hartekamp near the city of Haarlem, the estate of the Anglo-Dutch banker George Clifford. Ehret's masterful and accurate drawings introduced new standards of excellence to botanica! illustration while Linnaeus's definitions of each species established the groundwork for his system of binomials. Although the title-page, dedication and preface are dated 1737, the book was not completed until about September the following year, with the frontispiece dated 1738 accordingly.



In Hortis 1:c1n1 VI v Is quam SI c c1 s, HARTEC AMPI inHollandia, CO LUIT


GEORGIUS CLIFFORD JU R IS UTRIUSQ_UE DOCTOR, Reduél:is Varietaribus ad Species , Spec.iebus ad Genera, Geoeribus ad ClaJfes ,

Adjeéös Locis Plancarum natalibus Differenriisque Specierum. Cum TABULIS k.NEIS.


C A R ó LO


Med. Doél. é b. Imp. N. C. Sur.

A· MSTEL~DAMl. 1737.



H RL I o c A it P o s. Hort. Clijf. 2 1 r. (p.


R11,,,./11s 11rbm1. :& flos ,ut,m:li m11v11tt1tlmt Ó-.fig11r11. bb C11l7d, (0!11>111. cc Ptta'4. d J.rull,u


'Ph. M,//trQ co1n111u,1i,111UI.

G. D. fü11u T dd.

J. \VAlUUL .U l



ean Jules [et al] 1iodcn, J . R 94 ' 1 tation horttcole. cvue mensuelle des serres et des . di 1' 11 us rit,tion l'htstotre . . et 1a cu1ture des plantes les Jar ns compre nant Ia fi1gure, 1 la oesc ' 1 h . h P1us remarquables 1 . ' . 115 nouvelles; a c roruque orticole, les voyages bot . , es tntroductto .. d aruques Ie com t d ·andes expos1t10ns et es ouvrages nouveaux sur 1 b . ' P e-ren u des gt 1 di . a otaruque et l'horti ltu te . publiée sous a rectton de J. Linden et rédi , Ed cu re, etc., e ., · b · . gee par • André avec la l boration de plusteurs otamstes et horttculteurs. Vols. 23 _ Gh ' 43 · endt, Gyselynck coIa 96 1876-18 · ]35.000 €15.882 Set of 21 vols. with 654 plates, nearly all in chromolithography. H lf bi k . . • • • • a ac morocco, gtlt lettenng and flowers at the spme. Splend1d set of 21 vols. of this beauttfully illustrated 8 1 . h . . e gtan orttculural magazrne.



Nissen 2343 Edouard F. André (1840-1911) was a leading landscape architect and horticulturist of the late th 19 century. André was bom in Bourges, France, the son of a nurseryman. He studied with his father and apprenticed with the municipal horticulturist of Angers. He spent a year at the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris, and at the age of 20 was appointed head gardener of the City of Paris. His planting of the Pare des Buttes-Chaumont became his signature piece; his work transformed a municipal dump and gallows site into a spectacular park. André was a productive horticulturist as well. In 1875, he was sent by the government of France on an expedition to South America chat collected 3,400 specimens. He maintained an experimental nursery at his country home, and wrote numerous monographs, with particular expertise on bromeliads. In 1892 he was appointed the first Professor of Garden Architecture at L'Ecole d'Horticulture de Versailles. André edited L'I/111stration Horticole under supervision of Jean Jules Linden. The monthly magazine was published from 18541896. Together with Le joumal des orchidees (see previous number) it was continued as La semaine horticole et revue des cultures coloniales from 1897 onwards.

95 Linden, Lucien Le journal des orchidées. Guide pratique de culture publié avec la collaboration d'amateurs et de jardiniers spécialistes par Lucien Linden. Vols. 1-7. Ghent, Eug. Vanderhaeghen, 1890-1897. /3000 €1360 ~IComplete set of seven volumes, published between march 1890 and january 1897. Splendid set, bound in contemporary uniformous red morocco with gilt tides and ornaments on spine. In 1890 Lucien · Linden (1853-1940) decided to start a new iourn · al on the cultivation of orchids' as . . existed for the most grac1.ous famdy . o f flowers. The magazine' issued two-weekly, no such penodical . fill . . . f th . like Cogniaux, Rodigas and 1 was ed w1th contributions by the best orchidologtsts O e time . . . Id h "d 'S and L 'illustratton hortzcole Comte de Buysson. In 1897 the two Bdgian per1od1cals . . 1 0 Le;ouma es ~ ee were combIne · d In · the new magazine LA se!f1a111e · hortzco,e. · ,


96 Linden, Lucien, with A. Cogniaux & G. ~rignan Les orchidécs cxotiqucs et leur culture en Fi,urope. Brussels, for the author & Paris,

f 1800 €815

Octavc D oin, 1894. , 1

Pa~.: lxi\'] 1019 pp. With an cngraved portrai t of Jean Linden and 141 textillustrations. Cont. half calf

with gilt ornamenteel spinc, marblcd cndpapers. Original blue paper wrappers included. Excellent copy. Stafleu & Cowan 4629

Lucien Linden (1853-1940) was the son of Jean Jules Linden (1 817-1898), founder of the Brussels orchid nursery 'Horticulturc Internationale'. In 1876 he succcedcd his father as director of the company and followed his footsteps as wel! as an author in the field of orchidology. He cooperated with his father on the orchid iconography l.indenia and subsequently succeeded him as djrector of this monumental project. The present study, still a standard work on the cultivation of exotic orchids in Europe, was dedicated to hjs father: 'A mon Père, A l'explorateur botanjste à qui Ia science des Orchidées doit ses plus grandes, ses plus nombreuses et ses plus fécondes découvertes, A mon premier maitre et mon premier modèle, à mon meilleur ami [...]'. Co-author of Les orcrudées exotiques was de horticulturist Celestin Alfred Cogruaux (1814-1916).


97 Lindenia Lindenia. Iconographie des orchidées. Edited under supervision of J. Linden and Lucien Linden, with Émile Rodigas and R.A. Rolfe. 15 vols. Ghent, F. Meyer-Van Loo [vols. 1-2] and E. Vander Haeghen [vols. 3-15], 1885-1899. Added: [1] two separate issues of vol. 16 (nrs. 6 and 11 / 12, issued in july 1901 and april 1902; [2] [Pricelist of orchids] Offre de belles orchidées a prix très réduits [Publication de la société anonyme l'horticulture internationale pare Léopold a Bruxelles [...] /65.000 €29.495 adminstrateur-directeur: Lucien Linden, no 13, april 1889], 4 pp.

,1Set of 15 vols. (of 17) and 2 separate issues. of vol. 16. With 732 (of 814) chromolithographic plates of orchids, by J. de Bosschere, C. de Bruyne (vol. 17), A. Goossens (vols. 4-11 ), Henri Leroux, MacFarlane, Alice & Jeanne Mercier, Georgette Mennier, P. de Pannemaeker, G. Putzys (vols. 13-16), C. Triest, P. de Tollenaere, and lithographed by J.L. Goffart, S. de Leeuw, P. de Pannemaeker, P. de Pannemaeker et fils, G. Severyns. Set of 15 niccly bound volumes in black half-calf with gilt ornamented spines and marbled flyleafs. Fine set of this rare iconography of orchids. Nissen, BBI, 2348; Stafleu & Cowan 4628


end of the 19th century Bclgium was one of the foremost centres in th Id c h At t1,e . . . e wor ror t e culcivacion of orch1ds. Th~ Luxem~urg botarnst and explorer Jean !ules Linden (1817-1898) was the arch the mountamous regtons all over the world for orchtds that co Id b • d. first to se . . u e cu1tJvate tn 1ow tures. He traveled to Braz1l (1835-1837), Cuba, Mexico and Centra! Am · (1837 1841 ) tempera . . . ertca and tropical Amertca (1841 -1844). Th~ ltvtng plants he coUected were first brought to his nursery in Luxemburg, later to Brussels. In that_c1ty he fo~nded the orchicl nursery 'Horticulture Internationale' (a price-list of this fir~ from 1889 IS added) m 1845. He ~as director of the soon internationally reputated company ~nul 1876, w~en he was ~ucceeded by his son Lucien Linden. Linden imported more then 1100 different species to Belgmm and made an important contribution to orchid literature. In 1885 Jean and Lucien Linden, in collaboration with Émile Rodigas and other orchidologists, started the publication of Lindenia, issued in twelve illustrated, monthly issues. The periodical was named after Linden, as suggested by fellow botanists '[...] en souvenir de celui à qui l'horticulture est redevable d'une grande partie des Orchidées introduites pendant près d'un demi siècle dans les cultures européennes.' After de death of Jean Linden in 1898 his son succeeded him as director of Lindenia. Between 1885 and 1906 17 volumes appeared in two series, illustrated with 814 large, numbered plates of orchids in chromolithography. An English edition was published between 1891-1897, in 13 volumes, containing 312 plates (nrs. 265-576) of the French edition. We offer an almost complete run of the original edition, with more then 700 of the magnificent coloured plates by reknowned botanica! artists, skillfully put into lithography.

98 Londerseel, Jan van Sixteenth-century castle garden with Susanna and the two elderly man. Large print by Jan van Londerseel after David Vingbooms, published by Claes Jansz Visscher [first half 17th century]. /1500 €680


Etching and engraving (38,3 x 51 cm.), second state of 3, signed: 'David Vinckboons lnventor',

'Johannes Londerselius Sculptor' and 'CJVisscher exc.'. Hollstein 7; Le Blanc 2

Large print after a painting by David Vingboons (1578-1629), with a view at a sixteenth-cenrury garden surrounded by a wooden fence, with a fountain, bows, brick walls and a pool. In th e background a castle and in the front a few animals.



1. 1\lt C; F (; R O ll N D I' 1. A N OF T II F I's·,· A ..

· ..

11•, or,

13 li E r; K l:STr,: y N

Michaël, J. G. 99 Grotll1d plan of the gardens of Beeckesteyn. By Caspar Ph'Li 1 ps Jacobsz after JG. Michaël, 1772. f 15.000 €6.807 (150 x 63 cm), printed from two plates · Bl"ck w d i:: ,11..:-,r,m-aving b·' , " oo en ,rame.

. . mcly rare ground plan of the gardens of the estatc of B . k . Extre . eec esteyn, s1tuatcd close to the villa e f Velsen near Haarlem. One of the earliest cxamples of the I d . . g o . . .. . . an scape style in the h1story of Dutch denmg. Behmd the ex1stmg classical French garden Michaël d • d . gar . . ' es1gne an extens,on by order of cob Borecl, cons1stmg of a large and a small corn field surrou d d b . .1a . . .. ' n e Ytrees and revolvmg Janes. The landscape architect J.G. Michael (1738-1800) was the first k d . . nown esigner of gardens m the earl)• landscape style. Apart from Becckesteyn he also designed the estat fW J d .. es o ater an , Elswout, \Xfildhoef, the Haarlemmer-hout and Btlioen, and Beekhuizen near v I p b bi d . . . e P· ro a y ue to 1ts large size this engraved ground plan 1s very rare. Recently the authorities have started th e restauratJon . of the cstate of Beeckesteyn. The unique gardens with their combination of styles will be reconstructed based on the present ground plan.

100 Michielsen, G. Watercolour drawing by G. Michielsen with different tropical birds and a landscape with mountains in the background, 1823. /3250 €1475 ~ Watercolour (37 x 28,5 cm.), signed on the passe-partout: 'G. Michielsen 1823'. [See iUustraàon on

back cover].

On the passe-partout an owners mark is stamped with the initials V.W. in a circle. These do no refer to an individual, hut to the 'Kunst en Wetenschap bevorderende Maatschappij onder de zinspreuk VW', an Amsterdam society with branches in Middelburg and Alkmaar, stimulating various forms of art like music, drawing, poetry, etc. A list of members from the Middelburg department of the society in 1827 (published in the Jaar- en zakboekje der [. ..] Maatschappij [...] V W., 1827-1828, p. 46) reveals that G. Michielsen belonged to this branch of the society. However, Michielsen is not mentioned in the catalogue Zdandia Jl/11strata, nor in any biographical dictionary of Dutch arrists.

lOl Moore, Thomas [ed.) The florist and pomologist: A pictorial monthly magazme of flowers, fruits, and /500€227 genera] horticulture. 1879. London, 1879.

,1 Pag.: 190. With 22 coloured lithographed plates of apples, pears, flowers, etc. Half calf· Lacks front cover and part of the back.


Nissen II, 2259



blished between 1862-1884 as successor of The Florist, published in


Jloris~ At first the magazine was edited by R. Hogg and J. Spenser, who London in th y kn wn British botanist Thomas Moore (182 1- 1887). The fine litho. O were succeeded by the well • '\ ·f f: 1 '\li . . d b the expert artists W .H . F1tch, JL. lv ac ar ane, n ss E. Regel aphs in this per10d1cal were ma e Y . ' gr • h d · t d by p de Panncmackcr en Stroobant 10 Ghenc and the finn C.T. Rosenberg, W.G. Smit an prin e · of G. Sevcreyns in Brussels.

102 Moucheron, Isaac de

. . 'Zaal-stucken in 't huys van de Hr. O .B. Mezquita geschildert en m plaat gebragt'. Three prints from the set of eight, published by Isac and Barent Greve. J 1500 €681 ~ Etching and engraving (each 35 x 25 cm.) A very decorative set.

Holstein 2-9, only states; Wurzbach 2-9; Guilrnard, p. 5 11 , nr. 41 ; ]essen, Meister der Ornamentstichs II, plates 96 and 97. Isaac de Moucheron (1667-1744) designed, printed and engraved eight arcaclian landscapes for wall paintings in the Amsterdam hous of the wealthy Portugese-jewish merchant David Bueno de Mesquita. The prints, numbered 1, 3 and 4, represent classica! builclings, statues, fountains, ponds, grotto's, etc. in ltalian landscapes.

103 Nijlandt, Petrus Den verstandigen hovenier, over de tvvelf maenden van 't jaer, zynde het II. deel van het Vermakelyck Landt-leven, beschrijvende, hoe-men op de beste en bequaemste maniere sal hoven, thuynen, lusthoven en boomgaerden verordineren, bereyden, beplanten, en bezaeyen, als mede, hoe-men alderhande ooft en fruyt, kruyden en bloemen, wortelen en zaden, op sijn behoorlijcke tijdt sal vergaderen, met een onderwijsinghe van der selver aert, kracht en ghebruyck, tot onderhoudingh van s'menschen ghesontheydt. Seer dienstigh voor de gene die geeme schoo ne vruchten, en groot profijt souden trecken. Brussel, Peeter Vleugaert, 1687. /350 €158 ,i 4°: A-P4, pag.: [8] 109 [3]. With a woodcut on the titlepage and 7 full page woodcuts with patterns for parterres. Poor, unbound copy in paper wrappers, rubbed at the edges. All gatherings mounted on papc:r strips, part of one woodcut coloured by hand. Second part of Het ver111akefyck. la11dt-/even, though complete in itself. Witteveen/Cuperus 4644


.. odt Petrus

N•I1a erstandigen ' · 104 hovenier, over de twaelf maenden van 't i·a

z·· d h ' 1 B h .. er. lJn e et II. deel van oen V ' . V nnakelyk Iant- even. esc rtJvende, hoe men op d 6 het e h 1 h e este en bequaemste . re sal hoven, t uynen, ust- oven en boomgaerden di 111a01e .. Al d h veror neeren bereyden nten en bezae11en. s me e, oe men alderhande ooft f bepla ' d .. .. .. en ruyt, yden en en wortelen en za en, op StJn behoorliJke ttJt sal vergader ~.r bioem ' en. 1V1et een onder.. •nge van der selver aert, kracht en gebruyk tot onderhoud· , wtJSI . . ' mge van s menschen gesonthevt. ; Seer d1enst1gh voor alle den genen .. ' die geerne schoone vruchten en groot profijt souden trekken. Amsterdam, Wed. G11sbert de Groot, 1711. f 395 €179 kru'


40.• A-M4 ' pag.: [8] 84 [4]. With an engr. tp. (of the ed. Amsterdam , wed • G• de Groot, 1696) dep1cting · · a view at a country estate through a large gate , one full page engraving with the four stages of the



grafting of trees and a woodcut showing scenes of the production of wine (most probably originally meant as the month octobre in an almanack). Unbound copy, rubbed at the edges. Second part of Het vennakelyck landt-leven, though complete in itself. Ferro 23m; Witteveen/Cuperus 4647 Second part of Het vermakefyck landt-leven, by Petrus Nijlandt and Jan van der Groen, one of the most important Dutch works on garden design and furnishings. The editio princeps appeared in 1669 and was reprinted many times. Van der Groen (ca. 1635-1672) succeeded his father-in-law as royal gardener of the Prince of Orange in 1659, working at that moment at the palace Noordeinde in The Hague and probably also at the gardens of the Huis ten Bosch in the same city. In 1665 he moved to the estate Honselersdijk in Naaldwijk and finally (in 1671) went to the Huis ter Nieuwburch in Rijswijk. His text discusses appropriate garden flowers and provides gardening instructions for the different months. This second part was co-written by the medica! doctor Petrus Nijlandt, who also wrote De Nederlantse herbarius ofKruydtboeck (1670).


105 Nolpe, Pieter 'Floraes geeks-kap of Afbeeldinge van 't wonderlijcke jaer van 1637 doen d'eene geck d'ander uytbroeyde, de Iuy rijck sonder goet, en wijs sonder verstant waeren'. Allegorical print on the 'tulip mania' by Pieter Nolpe, published in Amsterdam by Cornelis Danckerts [2nd half 17th century]. 1195o€885

1 Etching and engraving (36,5 x 51 ,5 cm.) Lacks the explanatory text, rebacked and restored, but a very clear impression. Hollstein (Nolpe) 55, first state of four; Dozy 1; Van Stolk 1787; Muller 1755 (other state)


. . . . . · h Netherlands showing a large fools cap transformed as an 1Satyncal prmt on t 11e tu 1tp craze 111 t c · ' . . nn . b lb ers and gardcners. Flora is to be seen ndtng an ass, and the de .1 and sevcra1scenes wit,1 u s, grow ' . . v1 . d f, Il f c . b fillcd up in making a tender. The present prtnt 1s a copy of th wtth a long ro ·u o 1orms to c . e • h t the printed ex[Jlanation text under tt. Nolpe (ca. 1613-ca 1653) probabJ rare fi rst state, but wit ou , y · · c fi 1637 when the event took place. made tbts print a 1ew ycars a tet ,


106 Oosten, Henrik van De Nederlandschen hof, beplant met bloemen, ooft, en orangeryen, waar in geleerd werd, hoe men alderhande soorten van de curieuste bloemgewassen; als tulpen, angelieren, hyacinthen, narcissen, beerenooren, enz. z~~ voortkweken, vermeenigvuldigen, nieuwe aanwinnen, wel en met verstand veilig tegen tegen het verderf bewaren, enz. Insgelyks eene naauwkeurige verhandeling, hoe men alle soorten van hoornen zal zajen, planten, vrugtbaar maken en voortkweken; mitsgaders de wyse om dezelve regt en wel te snoejen; en zoo altyd vrugtbaar te houden. Hier by komt nog den nieuwen Nederlandsen hesperides, of oeffening en gebruik van de limoenen en orange-boomen, enz. alles door langwylige ondervinding geschikt naar 't climaat dezer landen, ten gemeenen voordeele uitgegeven, en overzien, ja byna een derde met nieuwe aanmerkingen vermeerdert[...]. 6th ed. Rotterdam, Dirk Vis, 1784. /850 €386 ~

8°: *8 (*1 blank) A-XB; pag.: [18) 1-318. With an engraved allegorical frontspice by F. Bleyswyk depicting Flora with puti and flowers and in the background a nice garden. Modem half-leather with marbled endpapers. With cont. ownershipmark: 'M.R.' on titlepage of the first tract. Not in Springer; Abcoude, Naafllregister (1788), p. 389; Oldenburger-Ebbers,/Stehouwer, 'Bibliografie van achttiende-eeuwse Nederlandse boeken op het gebied van tuinarchitectuur en -beplanting', .in: Doct1fllentatieblad Achttiende eeuw 40 (1978), p. 3; NCC mentions three copies of this edition; sec on Van

Oosten: Van der Aa, Biografisch Woordenboek, XIII, p. 144 Henrik van Oosten was a flower dealer in Leiden, who published several works on gardering and pomology. The first edition of De Nederlandschm hof [fhe Dutch garden] was probably published in 1699. It was reprinted with various titles in 1700, 1728, 1749, 1784 (the present copy), 1792 and a seventh edition appeared early in the 19th century. In 1721 a French edition was published in Amsterdam and Van der Aa also refers to translations in English and German which are mentioned

in Pritzels Thesaurus Botanicus. The work is divided in six parts dealing with different subjects: [11 flowers in general; [2] tulips; [3] carnations [4] trees and roses; [S]

orange and lemon trees; [61

melon. As a gift to his readers Van Oosten also added a list of so-called flower-trees , which were very usefull for pathes and terraces in gardens. Copies of the various editions of this popular manual are quite rare.



, N v, EN N" t07 ,z. nouvelle vue d opttque representant }'Hotel des b [Optical print] '



e , d . d' ' 0 . . am assadeurs , 1 . . c du cote u iar m . pucal print with gard , a a cour de Vtenne pris . ens and a vi V' ' distance. Paris, Daumo nt, [late 18th century]. ew at 1enna in the /200 €90

~!Optica! print (25 x 40 cm.), handcoloured.


108 [Optical pnnt]


'Fontana in loco ad dextram labyrinthis'. Optica! print ·th . ·n . h Wl a view at the labyrinth in V the garden s o f ersa1 es wtt the large fountain in the ce t A b n 18th century]. n re. ugs urg, G.B. Probst,



~ Optica! print (32 x 42 cm.), handcoloured.


109 [Optical print] 'Le jardin et Ie palais du Luxembourg à Paris'. Optica! print with the palace in the background. Paris, Daumont, 0ate 18th century]. /325 €147 ~

Optica! print (30 x 45 cm.), handcoloured ..

110 [Optical print] 'Le palais du Luxembourg du cöté du jardin'. Optica! print with a view at the garden and the palace. Paris, Daumont, 0ate 18th century]. /250 €11 3 ~ Optica! print (30 x 45 cm.), handcoloured ..


111 (Optical print] 'Vue de la maison dans Ie Bois du coté du jardin de s.a.s. le Prince d'Orange [...].' Optica! print with a garden view and the back of the House Ten Bosch near The f 400 €l8l Hague. Paris, Basset, Uate 18th century].

~ Optica! print (27 x 40 cm.), handcoloured. Nice copy of this print, in which the windows of the palace are cut out, in order to get an illurninative effect.


112 Orange Garden 'De Orange tuyn, voorgedraagen aan de waare vrienden van doorluchtig Huis van Oranje & Nassau en aan de vrienden van't Vaaderland'. Eighteenth-century perspective view at a forma! garden with trees, fountains and potted plants. In the centre a summer house with a portrait of Prince William V at the roof and the letters 'VIV F.W.R.B.' and in the garden five busts on pedestals of William V and his family. j1800 â‚Ź816

1 Handcoloured print (31,5 x 41,5 cm.) Fine copy. Although the style of the print resembles that of an optical print, the captions, both in Dutch and French, are not mirrored as usual. This very decorative print is a rare example of an object in the war between the patriots an the 'pro-Orange factions' in the Netherlands at the end of the 18th century. The Augsburg publishing house of Georg Balthasar Probst specialised in the production of large numbers of optica) prints, that were exported throughout Europe.


ape, Gerrit) . 113 (0Pa zijdenteelt en kweeking van den moerbeziënboom; of volledige b h .. . e ~- rrnen en derzelver voedzel; van derzelver behand li esc tl)ving van de z11wu ' h l e ng oppassing · be1·d, , d O toestel, die tot etze ve behoord. [Volledige b h ~- . , spmar en a1 e d k fb · k esc n1vmg van alle konsten n han wer en, a ne en, trafieken derzelver kh . ' hte bac ' ' wer u1zen ge d h a01 deel 15) Dordrecht, A. Blussé en zoon, 1798. ' ree se appen,

f 400 €181

eOZ·, tl 11

80.• *4 A-IR (18 blank), pag.: l2], lfl-Vl, ll}-139 [3). With 2 folding plates • BIue paper wrappers. Good

copy. Baggerman, Een lot uit de loterij, pp. 100-101, 202-204, 214, 217,223. This manual on the culture and production of silk was published as the fifteenth volume of Pieter Blussé's series of descriptions of arts and crafts, inspired by similar series that were printed in France and other countries. The present volume is a Dutch adaptation of the French original in the series Description des arts et métiers, published by the Royal Academy of Science in Paris. Although it appeared anonymous, the author of the Dutch version was Gerrit Paape (1752-1798), well known for his sharp political writings. The publisher, Pieter Blussé, writes in his foreword that the culture and production of silk can have a positive effect on the employment, especially for children (as Paape also explains in the book). This must have sounded like music to the ears of the Dordrecht silk manufacturer Anthony Balthasar van den Brandeler, a politica! sympathizer of Blussé, to whom the book is dedicated. In 1785 and 1793 he pressed the directors of a local school to let the children leave school prematurely, as they could be well employed in his silk factory. The present manual was published in a run of 880 copies, presumably parrially financed by Van den Brandeler.



.f.t.rT.&"./C z,.., "1

..__.....,;_;......:i,;~...i.,~.;:.;;.~~ 1,โ ข:'ka:.:~:; i ;.;;~~-~ .:a,~ :1\:Jit :M. O;JJ.,'J.' XY;JI.., .k/ut'e.Pri,,iรกJ& .



Jt Charles] 4 [Perr~u 'de Versailles. Suivant la Copie à Paris de l'Imprim • R 11 bvr1nte • [b ' ene oyale MDCXCIII IJl ' d 111 Pierre Mortier, etween 1693 and 1712] · · An1ster a ' · / 6500 €3400 1 4 -0 0

blong: pi J\-L4, pag. : l10] 1-80. With an etched and engr titl

• epage, a plan of the labyrinth an . of the entrance and 39 numbered etchings of the fountains •d r . . ' etch1ng . . , copie arter de onginal plates by Sé'basu·en Le Clerc. Each plate 1s accompamed by a prose explication of the rrabi e 6YCh ar1es Perrault a 4. verse by l. de Benserade and an architectural description of the ~ountain. . Cont. veUum, 'light . hoe

browning throughout, else a good copy. Brunet III, p. 733; Graesse IV, p. 61 (both mentioning the Paris-editions of 1677 and 1679). The present edirion apparently unrecorded. In t672 the fountains in the labyrinth of Versailles were installed. All 39 fountains were designed by Le Nótre in the form of animals, inspired by the fables of Aesop. In 1677 a guide book to the labyrinth was printed in Paris by the Imprimerie Royale as a part of the Cabine! du Roi. Reprints were published by the Imprimerie Royale in 1679 and 1693. The explicational notes were made by Charles Perrault and a verse interpretation was made by the poet I. de Benserade. The fine illustrarions of the fountains were made by Sébastien Le Clerc. A multi-language edition of the French original was published by Nicolaas Visscher around 1690 (reprinted by Baelde in Amsterdam ca 1700) and in Augsburg another edition was printed with copied plates by Ulrich Kraus around 1700. The present edition in French was published by Pieter Mortier I between 1693 an 1712, after a Paris edirion of 1693. A reprint of Mortiers edition was to appear in The Hague in 1724. All these editions are rare.

115 Reekers, Hendrik Study of carnations (1852].

/600 €272

1Watercolour, signed: 'H Reekers' and dated "52'. The Haarlem artist Hendrik Reekers (1815-1854) studied at the local Stadstekenschool from 18301834. From 1837 he worked as a drawing teacher, later focussing more and more on painting, specializing in flower and fruit still lives. In 1843 he became a member of the Royal Academy in Amsterdam.


116 Revue de l'horticulture Revue de l'horticulture Beige et étrangère. Edited by F. Burvenich, 0. de Kerchove de Denterghem, E. Pynaert, E. Rodigas, A. van Geert & H.J. van Hulle. Vols. 1-26. Ghent, Bureaux de la revue, 1875-1900. /7500 €3400 ,i 26 volumes, issued between 1875 and 1900. With 416 fullpage chromolithographs (each volume containing 16 plates), drawn and lithographed by P. de Pannemaeker. Cont. half red morocco, gilt titled and ornamented spines. Exceptionally fine and complete set of this rare Belgian horticultural periodical.


117 Roques, Joseph Histoire des champignons comestibles et vénéneux, ornée de figures coloriées représentant les principales espèces dans leurs dimensions naturelles; ou l'on expose leurs caractères distinctifs, leurs propriétés alimentaires et économiques, leurs effets nuisibles et les moyens de s'en garantir ou d'y remédier, ouvrage utile aux amateurs de champignons, aux médecins, aux naturalistes, aux propriétaires ruraux, aux maires des villes et des campagnes, etc. Paris, Hocquart Ainé / Gosselin / Treuttel et Wurtz,

f 6500 €2950


,i 4°: 192 pp. With 24 handcoloured plates by Gabriel and A. Hoquart after E. Hocquart and Bordes. Cont. half calf with marbled boards. Marbled endpapers. Light browning at the edges. Fine copy. Nissen, BBI, 1672; Stafleu & Cowan 9498

First edition of this famous book on edible and poisonous mushrooms by the French botanist and physician Joseph Roques (1772-1850). Roques was a scholar at the University of Montpellier and was connected to the military hospita! and the Faculty of Me<licine in that city. He later moved to Paris. The very fine and brightly handcoloured illustrations were drawn by E. Hocquart and Bordes and engraved by A. Hocquart and Gabriel.








---- ..,,,


118 Schwegman, Hendrik 'Première [deuxième, troisième, quatrième) vue de la maison de campagne, nommée Elswoud, à Overveen, village proche de Harlem'. Set of four large, handcoloured printdrawings of the gardens of the mansion house Elswout near Haarlem, by Hendrik Schwegman after Egbert van Drielst. /24.000 €10890 ,i Set of four printdrawings (each 46 x 60 cm.), signed: 'H. Schwegman aquaforti, E. van Drielst del. ad viv. J. Cats fig. del.' Beautiful set, framed in four gilt sculptured frames with green passe-partouts.

The Haarlem artist Hendrik Schwegman (1761-1816) was a cousin of the head-gardener of Elswout, Frederik 0 . Schutz. Schutz became his guardian after the death of Schwegman's father in 1763. Shortly before 1780 the landscape architect J.G. Michaël designed the gardens of Elswout in English landscape style. The Groningen artist Egbert van Drielst (17 45-1818) made several drawings of the newly laid gardens in 1796. He did not, however, picture the gardens in their actual state, hut made an imaginary impression of the gardens as they were meant to be after about a century, with full grnwn plants and trees. He had the figures put in by his fellow artist Jacob Cats (1741 -1799). Schwegman chose four of these drawings to make his printdrawings ('omtreketsen') of the gardens


. (t 796) and coloured the platcs by hand. The r I f . . esu t o h1s efforts . it1 the fi111c prints, that wcre considered of the highest ali was th1s set of · nallY . • . qu ty by contemp .. c~ccptl0 the best work m this field by foreign artists. The h orary cntics, arable to . y s ow the gardens in h . con1P . 1 pools and waterways, a rusuc wooden bridge an artifici I t eir full dOr wit 1 . ' a grotto, cattle spleO ' on a meadow . n house in the d1stance. the 01 ansto nn1c ycM

5 '


S urnan, Hendrik?] . 119 [ P der nieuwe vergrootmg van den Haarlemmer-Hout groot 11 '}(aart .. n1 d h A ' morgen 138

5 voeten RhtJ an se e maat. angelegd op 't Kaatsveld . ,' . roeden, 8 . . en nu in t licht b t [ ] door (...] Jan van Varel P.Z. m den Jaare 1755' Groundplan P b hl b gHe rdagrt"k ·spilman, depicting the south-east part of the Haarlemmerho,utrof a y hy en . . d k .. , rom t e aame gezichten m e verma eli1ke landsdouwen van Haarlem b Aangen . . . , y Hendrik Spilman and Cornelis van Noorde, published m Haarlem, 1761-1763. /2 50 €l B Etching and engraving (52 x 38 cm.)

1 This grouodplan depicts the part of the park that was newly laid in 1755. It is the part where nowadays are the statues of the 'Hildebrand-monument'.

rw o


120 Spilman, Hendrik

'Kaart van den Haarlemmer-hout cum annexis, zijnde gemeeten en gekaarteerd door mij ondergetekenden in het jaar 1756 en nu met de daar ingemaakte veranderingen in plaat gebragt [...] door [...] Jan van Varel P.Z., ordinaris landmeeter der gemelde stad in het jaar 1769'. Groundplan of the Haarlemmerhout by Hendrik Spilman after Jan van Varel. f 4000 €1815

1 Etching and engraving (100 x 66 cm.) A bit frayed at the edges and

some repairs, but an acceptable

copy of very rare map.

On top of the large plate coats of arms of the city of Haarlem and of the four commissioners of tl,e 'Hout': R.F. van Zanen, E. Testart, A. de Raet and A. Kuits. At the bottom of the print tl,e town gates of Haarlem are to be seen and above it the Kleine Houtweg, de Dreef-FooteinJaan and tl,e Heerenweg, with all the woods, fields, nursery gardens and country houses. A very large and elaborate groundplan of one of the most famous parks of the Netherlands.







.. . . 121 Stoopendael, Bastiaen 'Generale afbeelding van 't lust-huys en hof van s11n korunk.lycke ma1estijt van Gro Btittanie t' Soestdijk'. Bird's eye view by Bastiaen Stoopendael of the palace 0~ extensive gardens, with in the background Utrecht, Maartenscüjk and De Vuursch/ /2500 €1134

1 Etching and engraving (38 x 48 cm.) by Bastiaen Stoopendael after B. Stuyvenburgh. Fine impression. Hollstein 24, only state

In 1674 William III bought the homestead of Soestdijk from Jacob de Graeff. Maurits Post designed a new country house with pleasure gardens thay was finished in 1678. Between 1675 and 1681 the grounds surrounding the house were acquired to be able to lay out the gardens with an extensive arrangement of avenues and a large game area or reserve. This bird's eye vie\v depicts the situation of the gardens after 1689, with plots of fruit trees, parterres with statues, fountains, etc., and a flock of deer roaming round freely inside a boundary at the no rth-west of the house.



122 Stoopendael, Bastiaen 'Generale Afbeelding vant' Lust-Huijs en Hof van sijn Koninklijke l\1ajestijt van Groot Brittanie op t' Loo'. Bird's eye view by Bastiaen Stoopendael of the palace and gardens of 'Het Loo' near Apeldoorn. Published by Gerrit Valck, [early 18th century]. /3500 €1588

1 Etching and engraving, 37,5 x 47,8 cm. Good copy of this large print. Hoilstein 23, only state.

Bastiaen Stoopendael made only two large bird's-eye views of Dutch palaces: the Loo and Soestdijk. His son Daniel Stoopendael (1672-1726) engraved similar views of Clingendael, Heemstede, Honselaarsdijk, Voorst, Zeist, Zuylestein als also the Loo.


Catalogue nr. 122


Geschiedkundig overzicht van de Nederla d 123 Sypesteyn, C.H.C.A. v.a : . n sche Oud-Nederlandsche tum unst. d 19d eeuw 's-Graven hage, Martinus N 1··h • e · ) Off rujnarchttectuur van de 1Sde tot e 1910. /225 €102 )


1 111 illustrations. Original illustrated cloth. Good copy.

1 Pag. : XII 339 pp. wit 1

. . f . on Dutch landscape gardening and associated topics' in· J Erik de Jong, 'B1bhography o 1iteraturc ' . OIIT7fa/ oJGnrdm J-listo,y, vol. 1, no. 4. Thorough study on the history of Dutch garden architecture.

124 Sypesteyn, C.H.C.A. van [The same].

/195 €88

1 Bound copy with mounted orig. illustrated covers. 125 Witte, H. Verslag aan zijne excellentie den nuruster van binnenlandsche zaken, omtrent de internationale tuinbouw-tentoonstelling, gehouden te Hamburg, van den 2den tot den 12den September 1869. [Leiden, 1869]. /325 €147

1 Pag.: 115 pp. Splendid copy in red morocco with gilt embossed coat of arms of the Netherlands at the front cover and some flowers at the back, gilt edges. Binding byJ.A. Loeber in Leiden. H. Witte was 'hortulanus' at the Hortus Botanicus of the University of Leiden.



1V •-~ iJ'ze van Lede en Oudewaard, J. or11v•U

126 J3r





t schapenscheren en 1et se eren m het algemeen

. 1e •


te Scherpenzeel November 1872. [No place 1372]

i,et Nut . paper wrappers. ~Ong.




. e evoermg

h d ge ou en op

/90 €41

f hurnorous lecture on the shearing of shecp. re~t O a

Demportes, J.B.

pupuY . , . 127 Le gentilhomme culttvateur, ou corps complet d agnculture. Translated from the English by Dupuy Demportes. 16 vols. Paris/Bordeaux 1761-1764. /2500 €


~ 16 vols., together appr. 6500 pp. With 21 folding engravings. Cont. half calf, covers worn at the corners. Nice set. Oberlé, Les fastes de bacchus el de comus, 627 [mentioning an 8-volume quarto-eclition by the same publishers and from the same years].

Although the titlepage indicates that dus multi-volume agricultural encyclopaedia was translated from the English original of Thomas Hale, Oberlé writes that the French author Jean Baptiste Dupuy Oemportes in fact only borrowed the genera! idea and some of Hale's observations. Hale's original publication was published in London in 1756 as The complete body of husbandry. Le gentilhomme mltivate11r is an important source for the knowledge for the agricuÎtural history of the 18th century, presenting a very complete description of farming including subjects like the growing and diseases of animals, fishing, fruits & vegatables, etc. The 7th volume is of viticultural interest with descriptions of ,~neyards in Haute-Bourgogne, Provence and Jura.

l28 [Fortin, Francois] Les delices de la campagne ou les ruses de la chasse et de la pesche, ou l'on voit comment on prend toutes fortes d'oiseaux & de bêtes à quatre pieds, avec les plus beaux secrets de la pêche; et la maniere de faire les rets & les filets. 3th ed. Amsterdam, George Gallet, 1700. /2750 €1248

1 12°:

pi A-s12, pag.: 432 pp. With an engr. frontispiece and 66 engraved plates. Cont. calf. Gilt ornamented spine and red sprinlded edges. Front cover loose, hinges of back cover weak, plates and

bookblock in good condition. Brunet IV, 1464; Thiébaud 410 and 408. Extremely rare eclition; we could not trace ano ther copy in any Dutch library.


. . , 11111 . lcJ icring rnany ingcnious ways to catch fishes , birds 1 ,, a,1e_1 e_ 1 Famn11c; 1) O n k nn 1rnntrng, e_lc'sc·rr • • 1· . . . ' ' · .. : 'JJS JJtJblishcd as a quarto-cc 1uon In Pans as Les · 1 Tl . •<11110 pt 111cc • ' · snakc-s nnd o thrr nnuna s. ic 1: • 88 1695 1700 and 1732. . ) _. t a1JIJcarcd a.o. 111 16> ' J • , Ruscs ln noccntcs tn 16(,( , rcptttl s ' .


• h · 129 Johnstone, John · f d O f drnining land acco rdmg to t e system pract1sed by tnr An account o f"I1c mo c ' ' · d w N' / · , . d d L don/ F dinburch / Dublin, G. an . tcol Board of lo~cph h lkmgto n. 2n e · on ·/\griculture/ \Xi'. Creecb/ T. Archer, 180'1 · f 495 €225 ..J

,rpag"...x, · 164 PIJ With 19 folded engraved plates. Paper wrappers, newly backed. Uncut copy. 1,


l n the fin al decades o f the 18th century the Warwickshirc farmer Joseph E lkington practised a · · h'rs 1an d , t h ere. by greatly improving the quafüy of the cultivated so il. In 1795 he c;rstem o f d rrunmg

d wit :-h a Iarge su m of monev1 by the H ouse o f Commo ns and in 1796. the Board of . Agriculture asked J ohn J ohnstone to visit Elkington and to describe and dra~ th e differe_nr modes of draining he used. The first edfrion o f Johnstone's dcscription appeared m 1797. Ths second ·

was presente

edicion of 1801 was enlarged and revised, and some new plates were added.

130 Koning, Leendert


D e jonge landman verkort, een landbouwkundig leer- en leesboek voor leerlingen der hoogste klasse eener landelijke schoJe. 2 parts in 1 vol. Haarlem, Konfog en Co, 1843.

/325 €147 ,rPag.: (1 ]-80, [1 ]-84. Paper wrappers, minor wear. Good copy of this rare schoolbook. O nly one copy in the NCC (Amsterdam University Llbrary); see on K oning: Willem van den Hull,

A utohiografie (1718-1854) (Hilversum 1996). The H aarlem teacher ('instituteur') Leendert Koning (Zandvoort 1788-Haarlem 1863) was a colleague o f Willem van den Hull, who's autobiography was published recently. In this book Koning is mentioned a.o. as being a teacher for 6 years in 1825. He wrote several books on a variety of subjects, such as: famous people, the history of education, floods in Holland, proverbs, inventions, animals, etymology, etc. In 1841 he published his De jonge landman; een landbouwkundig leer- en

handboekje wor leerlingm der hoogste klasse eener landelfjke schole en voor jonge lieden, die dezelPe reeds hebben verlaten in 4 parts. AJthough this agricultural handbook for young farmers was distributed throughout the country, it was nor in regular use as a schoolbook, due to its relatively high price. For that reason K oning decided to publish a cheap shortened version of his handbook, especially meant for use in schools. The first part appeard in 1843. In his foreword Koning states that he will have a second volume printed as soon as he has earned back some of the printing expenses. Apparently the book sold well, as the second part was published within the same year. To defend his publication against pirated edicions, Koning personally signed all copies. The information in this book is presented by


n,cc; bctwccn die wcll cxpcricnced farmer Gerrit B · . , . . ouw1ust an<l his 4 1 K.I:1:1s and h1s daughters C,neqe en Trïint'ie that t k I sons Hendrik Pieter :in< . . , oo pace on 34 wi . , 1~11• -"cc; Bouwlust wants to prov1de h1s children with the fa , k nter evenings. . . hic; ~t<lt t • rmer s nowled e th th \X'1th · . oular schools. Koning's agricultural hanclbook by t f d' g at ey won't t in rhc tCr-, . . . . orm o ialogues fits wel) i j!C _ cntury trad1t1on of educational encyclopedie hooks d·fc . n the . reent,1 c on 1 rerent sub1ects . nine ch the )'oungsters in an entertaining way. , espec1ally n,~c•Je to tea




_ .




R,~Rh S .



[Maatsch~PPY t~r bevordenng van den landbouw] t31 Verhandelingen wtgegeven door de Maatschappy ter Bevordering van den Landbouw te Amsterdam. Vols. 1-18,1. Amsterdam, Cesar Noël Guerin, 1778-1826. /3 500 €1588 · ongma · · 1 biue paper 18 vols. Several volumes illustrated with folding engravings. Set of 18 vols • (of 19) in wrappers. Lacks vol. 19 and the atlas-volume ofvol. 18. Fine set of this rare agricultural periodical.



Hanou 5522; Van de Velde 1, pp. 17-19; Saalmink, p. 2011. The Outch agricultural society was founded by Amsterdam patricians who spent their summers in the country. The 70 names in the first membership list are mainly of people from Amsterdam. They app0inted 20 prominent experts as honorary members. The main purpose of the society was to publish the answers to prize-competitions. Often several answers in the same competition were published. The subjects that are covered in the answers are: cattle illnesses, fertilizing soil, vaccination, cultivation of flax, prospect for an angricultural schoolbook, cattle plaque at Vlieland, John Horn's invention of a sowing machine (with large engravings), the breeding of harses, forestry,

bee farming, cultivation of dover, etc.. Many of these essays were published separately as well. Volume 8 (1791) contains the Dutch translation of Daubenton's instruction book for shepherds, published in Paris in 1782 (356 pp.), which was separately published as Ondenvijs voor de schaapherders. Tuis contribution has 15 engraved plates. Volume 9 (1793) gives an instruction for the deliverance of cows, by the veterinarian J.G. Eberhard (413 pp.) with 12 engraved plates. The 13th volume is an agricultural schoolbook in three parts (173, 42 and 192 pp.)by H. Ponse. A project fora veterinarian school in the Netherlands by J.A. Bennet is the subject of vol. 14.2, illustrated with two very large handcoloured engravings of° the intended btiildings. Volume 18 (1826) consists of an essay by D.T. Gevers about the cultivation of the dunes behind the Dutch coastline. In all a very interesting set for

the history of Dutch agriculture.


· · Ies o f till age an d vegetatio 132 TuU' Jethro . an essay on the prmctp d . The horsc-hotng hus 6an ry. or, . f . d I. . n. \Xlhcrcin is she\~n a method of introducmg a s~rt_~ hv1~eyar -cu ture into the cornficlds in order to increase their product, and dim1rus t e common expence; by the , ,t_ . · ts descri·bed in cuts. Second edition, London 1733. /2400 €1089 use o mstrumen . .

,1zo: 274 PP· \'Vith 7 engraved plates depicting a1,rricultural cquipment. The _supplement (pp. 203-274) has d d Cont calf joint split. Rcasonable copy w1th contemporary annotation page, ate 1740• · · , s by the first owncr, Goning Walker (1742). Pti,1ti11g a11d the 111i11d of 111011 188; Perk.ins (1939), p. 156; McDonald (l 90 8), PP· 186-190; G.E. Fussel, Jethro a separate



T11I/. Hfr i,!fl11e11ce 011111rcha11iZ!d agtim//11,e (Reading 1973).

The English farmer JethroTull (1674-1741) was one of the pioneers in the science of agriculture. Tull was born in Berkshire, studied at Oxford and qualified as a barrister, but took up farmjng about 1700. His most important invention was the horse-drill, that enabled secds to be sown mecharucally and spaced so that cultivation between rows was possible in the growth period. It was a revolu-

tionary piece of equipment, designed to incorporate three previously separate actions into one: drilling, sowing, and covering the seeds. The drill consisced of a box capable of delivering the seed in a regulated amount, a hopper mounted above it for holrung the seed, and a plough and harrow for cutting the drill (groove in the soil) and turnjng over the soil to cover the sown seeds. Another of his inventions, the horse-hoe, was at that time in use to improve the weecling and aeration of the adjacent soil. By these inventions the reduction of manual labour on farms became possible, and the use of russ dri11 saved much seed. His methods laid the foundation for mecharuzing and rationalizing the growth of crops. His cruef work, Horse-Hoei,Jg Htubandry, was first published in 1731 in a much shorter version and without plares. It was reprinted many times.


,, 11




J-1, Ph._ 'bi d,

il , R, 'I .

onde inv1s1 e evo e. eve at1ons du microscope Br C f.,e 111 . . • usseIs Muq d /P . Marescq Ainé / Le1pz1g, C. Muquardt, 1879. ' · uar t ar1s, A. /450 €204 Pag.: 515 XVII pp. With 24 full-page lithographed plates (over 300 fi ) J . • • gs. 6Y • van Wichelen after C o-ilt titli d · Muquardt and many text 1llustrat10ns. Excellent copy in half calf' t,· ng an ornaments on spine. fl


Genera! work on the use of the miscroscope with a supplement on Darwinism.

134 Baker, He~

. Nuttig gebrwk van het rrukroskoop, of handleiding tot nieuwe waarneemi ... kry il ngen omtrent de con fi1gurat1en en sta en der zouten, de takschieting der metaalen, de vorming van de edele gesteenten, de koraalen, den barnsteen, enz. Waar by komt de beschouwing van veele te vooren onbekende water-diertjes en andere insekten- van schimmel-~lantjes, kamp~r?oe!je zaadjes; de vergiftige wapenen van den spinnek~p en andere gedierten; de sprwqes m de zaaden der gewassen, enz. Als ook een berigt van het microskoop, tot deeze waarneemingen gebruikt, dat bekwaam is om de wezentlyke grootte der voorwerpen, op eene zeer gemakkelyke wyze, naauwkeurig te bepaalen, enz. [...] Hier agter is gevoegd de natuurlijke historie van de polypen. Amsterdam, F. Houttuyn, 1756. /1750 €794 18°: *8 A-21 8, pag.: [16] 498 [14]. With 18 folding engraved plates. Cont. half roan. Slightly waterstained,

but a good copy. Henry Baker (1698-1774) was an English naturalist and a member of the British Royal Society. He made few scientific discoveries of his own but replicated observations made by others. Baker is noted for developing a system for teaching speech- and hearing-impaired students, and is famous for his works on microscopy. In 1744 he received the Copley Gold Medal for microscopical expiriments on saline partides. Baker's originaJ work in English was translated by Martinus Houttuyn, medica! doctor in Hoorn, who added some pieces about ' het wonderdiertje Popypus' [the wonderly animal · . and medals , polypus], the microscope of Van Leeuwenhoek, how to make accurate p1ctures of coms etc.


135 Girard, Jules


h h"l l 1872 1c . ,

• • 1 J,c monde m1cro~cop1que oes eau x. Parts , , J· Rot se

/175 €79

,IP:ig.: 246 IIOJ. \Vith 68 textengravings. Orig. cloth with gilt letting on covers and spine. Excellent copy. Pocket guide for the use of microscopes to study the different farms of Iife in water, published b the Pari~ publisher J. Rothschild 'Librairc de la Société Botanique de France'. The book is divided i y thrcc parts: microscopical animals, plants and micro-geology.


136 Robin, Charles Traité du microscope son mode d'emploi; ses applications a l'étude des injections· !'anatomie humaine et comparée; a la pathologie mécüco~chirurgicale; a ]'histojr: naturelle animale et végétale; et a J'économie agricole. Par1s, J.-B. Baillière et Fil


/395 €17~

1Pag.: xx, l 032 pp. With 317 text illustrations and 3 engr. plates. Cont. blindstamped cloth, gilt title on spine. Good copy. Bracegirdle, p. 47.

First edition of this genera! manual for the use of microscopes.




rr Georg Wolfgang, and Johann Ernst Immanuel Walch

137 D :a;uurlyke historie der versteeningen, of uitvoerige afbeeldi b . e k d. h d ng en eschryving van en, ie tot e en op den aardbodem zyn ontd k . de versteende zaa c e t. aangevangen 17 _ door Georg Wohgang "-uorr: vervolgd en omstandig beredeneerd door Jo hann Ernst nimanuel Wakh [...] Trans!. from the German by M. Houttuyn 3 . I,.. . . · parts tn 4 vols Amsterdam, Jan Christiaan Sepp, 1773-1778. / 42.S00 €l _ 9 285 12°: 4 vols.: [vol. 1_]: l4], i-xiv, 1-64; lvol: 2, first part]: [4] 1-184; [vol. 2, second part]: [2] 13 _ ; [vol. 5 484 III]: 14] 1-236. W1th cop~erplate headings by J.C. Sepp in the preliminaries of the three parts, 272 handcoloured plates of wh1ch 15 folding and the double page coloured engraving of Solenhofen. Cont. marbled calf, gilt ornamented spine and cover edges, marbled edges. Spine and corners slightly worn, all plates in beautiful handcolouring. Landwehr, Books 111ith coloured plates, 95; Nissen, ZBI, 2233; Zittel, pp. 21 -22; Bibliotheca Meermannia, p. 261; Junk, Rara, p. 24; Brunet, III, pp. 681-682, note; Vgl. Ekama, Cat. Teyler's, p. 484 (German edition) The editio princeps of this eightteenth-century classic on fossils was published in gerrnan as Lapides

diluvii universalis testes. Sammlung von Merckwürdigkeiten (Nuremberg 1755-1773) as 3 parts in 5 volumes (part two and three in two separate volumes, the latter one - with a classification and index _ a ften !acking).

George Wolfgang Knorr (1705-1761) was a highly skilled engraver, specialised in the

illustration of hooks on natura! history. He also wrote several works himself, mainly in the field of proto-geology. Knorr is the author of the first volume of the V ersteeningen, the second and third parts are written by Johann Ernst Immanuel Walch. Between 1767 and 1778 a French edition appeared, followed by the present Dutch translation. After bookseller J.C. Sepp had distributed subscription forms for bis intended publication of the plates and had received enough replies to start the project, he asked Martinus Houttuyn (1720-1798) around 17 68 to translate the German text. Houttuyn at that moment was guite busy with bis Natuurlijke historie of uitvoerige beschrijving der dieren, planten en

mineraalen (published between 1761 -1785), hut the importance of the publication persuaded him to accept the job. The original plates were produced at the rate of only few plates each month, and Houttuyn translated the relevant parts at the same time. In his introduction to the present edition Houttuyn states that he sometimes even had to translate more than 30 pages within one month. Only few alterations were made in comparison to the German edition. The portrait prints of Knorr and Walch were not included and the second volume of the third part did not appear in Dutch. . o f th e marble quarry at Solenhofen - not present H0 wever, a beautifully coloured double page print . · 10

· th e read ers to have the plates bound m th e German editio princeps - was added. Houttuyn ad v1ses . .h d are their own collecuons o f t he volumes according to their interest: people who wis e to comp . . c . . th ·th a more sc1enufic approach 10ss1ls, would prefer all plates to be bound m one volume, o ers wi


· h' "titer the chapter in which the stones are d'iscussed. 1n would prefer them to be b ouno1 wrt in or " threc volumes were dedicated by publisher Chri stiaan Sepp to Jan Hope, Quiryn van Barnbeek e

Strijen and Joan Prcdcrik d'Orville, all o f thern _ald~rman of t~~ city of AmS t erdam. Volume one~:: the subsctipt-ion list of this rnagnificient publtcatro~, cont~•-nmg ~o m~r~ th an 56 names, rnainly booksellcrs throughout the country and a few prominent c1~zens like ~1llts Valkenier and Cornelis Ploos van Amstel. Prcsumably only a small number of co~ies_were pn~t~d, as the book is hardly ever scco in auction. At the sale of Joannes Meerman 5 library (Biblio theca Meermannia, 'sGravenhage, Luchtmans, Van Cleef en Scheurleer, 1824, p. 261) it was sold for the amount of almost 80 guilders.

138 Rambosson, J.

Les pierres précieuses et les principaux ornements. Paris, Librairie de Firmin Didot Frères, Fils et Cie, 1870. /350 €158 ,il>ag.: [4], 1-11, 1-298. With one chromolithographed plate and 43 text-engravings. Original cloth with gilt ornamented spine, gilt edges. Good copy.

First edition of one of the most important gemological books of the 19th century. Rambosson describes the origin, history and use of gemstones, but also covers diamonds, pearl, amber, coral etc. Other chapters are devoted to gold, silver, platinum and even aluminium. The last chapter deals with principal types of jewels.



Catalogue 137.


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