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THERE IS A VIDEO BY PFANDER FILMS ON YOU TUBE NAMELY:Yahweh, great & Omnipotent God vs. Allah, little & distant URL:- v=aigMjUiGFjk&feature=watch_response_rev This video is refuted in this written response.It is tried to maintain peace and love for every one. Pfander Films claims that YHVAH is more Powerful than ALLAH because Yahvah do possess the Power to become a man which Allah does not Possess. FIRST PRIMILINARY:= PFANDER FILMS is incorrect on several reasons In this part we shall discuss that:1]YAHVAH Is The God Of Judaism AND Not The God Of Pfander or Athanasianism. 2] Judaism [Iudaisme] never ascribes this Power to the God Of Judaism namely YAHVAH. Judaism and Christianity are two dofferent religions. All the books of Judaism were written before the birth of the Founder Of Christianity namely Yashua\Iesous\Iesus\Iesvs. Even the last book of Jewish Canon was written in 5th Century B.C.E. Proofs. 1] DIVINE NAME YAHVAH ( ‫)יהוה‬, was used by Judaism [IUDAISME] LONG BEFORE MALACHI WAS WRITTEN. Earliest fragmentary copies of Siptuagint [LXX] USE THIS NAME WHICH WAS EXPOUNGED LATTER. 3]The fragmentary remains of PAPYRUS listed as Inventory number 366 was written in 2nd or 1st century B.C.E. It contains the HEBRAIC TETERAGRAMMATION. 4] This name was in common use before 300 B.C.E. THIS IS A PROOF THAT YAHVAH WAS THE GOD OF JUDAISM EVEN BEFORE THE BIRTH OF FOUNDER OF CHRISTIANITY NAMELY YASHUA\IESOUS\IESUS\IESVS. WHEN Christianity a new religion[ relatively new to the very old religion of Judaism] was founded,GOD OF JUDAISM WAS STILL YAHVAH. ATHANASIANISM WAS FOUNDED BY ATHANASIUS …..after the Founder of Christianity. YAHVAH Not only continued to be the GOD OF JUDAISM AFTER THE FOUNDATION OF CHRISTIANITY BUT STILL CONTINUED TO BE THE GOD OF JUDAISM EVEN OFTER THE FOUNDATION OF ATHANASIANISM \ ATHANASIAN CHRISTIANITY.SO YAHVAH ORIGINALLY AND INITIALLY BELONGS TO JUDAISM AND NOT TO ANY LATTER FOUNDED RELIGION. So if Pfander Films thinks that YAHVAH Possesses the Power to become A MAN \ A MAIL HUMAN BEING he has to prove from THE WORKS OF AUTHENTIC JEWISH SCHOLORS, JEWISH THEOLOGIANS AND JEWISH PHILOSOPHERS OF ALL TIMES FROM MOSES TO THE PRESENT DAY that most Authentic Jewish Scholors ascribe this sort of Power [ POWER TO BECOME A MAIL HUMAN BEING \ MAN] to The GOD OF JUDAISM NAMELY YAHVAH\YAHUVAH\YAHVEH. THERE CITATIONS ARE NEEDED. If PfanderFilms fails to do so then HIS CLAIM is Proofless and can never be accepted.


Second Primilinary: If Pfander Films thinks that:1]YAHVAH Ceased to be THE ONLY God of Judaism after the Foundation of Christianity or Athanasianism then such a Claim can never be accepted. MOSHE [MOSES] wasborn in 1539 B.c.e. If Genesis was written in his life time then From Moshe to birth of Iesous in 2 BCE, no one ever ascribed the Power to become a Man or a Woman or to become any other living thing to God. Even the Founder of Christianity Iesous [2 BCE-33AC] DID NOT DO SO.Athanasian Christianity which was founded at some time b/w 296AC AND 373AC. TRIED TO DO THIS(APPROXIMATELY 1911 years after MOSHE\MOSES). A GOD OF A RELIGION CAN NOT CEASE TO BE THE GOD OF THAT RELIGION ONLY BECAUSE A NEW RELIGION HAS BEEN FOUNDED WHICH ACCEPTS THAT GOD AS ITS OWN GOD. Thus YAHVAH BECAME A COMMON GOD of two different Religions namely Judaism and Christianity.But in this case one can not CLAIM THAT YAHVAH HAS A POWER TO BECOME A MAN \ MAIL HUMAN BEING UNLESS AND OTHER WISE BOTH RELIGIONS AGREE ON THE ISSUE. WHEN THERE IS A DISPUTE OVER ATHE REFERANCE OF AN ATTRIBUTE OR A QUALITY TO THE GOD COMMON GOD OF THE TWO DIFFERENT RELIGIONS ONE CAN NOT ACRIBE THE DISPUTED ATTRIBUTE \QUALITY TO THE GOD WITH CERTAINITY. HENCE PFANDER FILMS IS INCORRECT to ascribe this Power to Yahvah the GOD OF JUDAISM just because ATHANASIANISM DOES IT. It is a single sided and a baised claim to ascribe the Power To Becom A MAIL HUMAN BEING\ MAN to GOD YAHVAH. 2] Only Athanasianism form of Christianity ascribes this Power to YAHVAH. [Athanasianism was founded somewhere B/w 296 A.C AND 373 AC.] Not all the SECTS OF CHRISTIANITY accept this ATHANISIAN CLAIM. When JUDAISM and NON ATHANASIAN CHRISTIAN SECTS AGREE WITH EACH OTHER THAT THAT THIS SORT OF POWER CAN NEVER BE ASCRIBED TO GOD ,then Pfander Films can not say YAHVAH has the Power to become a MAIL HUMAN BEING or a Man. AT BEST IT CAN BE RESPONCED THAT:LORD YAHVAH can become a man only according to Athanasianism.To claim that GOD YAHVAH can become A MAN \ A MAIL HUMAN BEING not regarding to Athanasanism is an incorrect claim rather a wrong claim; in other words it is a wrong claim rather than an incorrect claim.[The word Wrong has more emphasis then the word Incorrect] 3]If Pfander thinks that there are two Yahvahs , one of Judaism and Non Athanasian Christianity and other of Athanasian Christianity, then it is implied that according to Pfander Films Athanasian Yahvah is more in Power than Judaic YAHVAH. Once again such a Claim is purely incorerect rather wrong. Since Yahvah is only One, and this Yahvah is not Only the Only God of Judaism but also the Only God of latter founded Sametic religions and subreligions.


So Yahvah can not be ascribed to a Power which only a Subsect of POULINE CHRISTIANITY namely ATHANASIANISM ascribes to Yahvah , where Pouline Christianity is itself a Subsect. 4] YAHVAH Is The God Of Judaism. ATHANASIANISM only Borrowed it from Judaism. Athanasianism also borrowed the HOLY BOOK OF JUDAISM namely The Holy Tanach and renamed It as Old Testament or Old Covenant , a name which is never accepted by Judaism the Original religion of The Book. In the case of borrowing neither the Athanasian Ascription of Attributes can be accepted nor Athanasian meanings of the Holy Tanach is acceptable when the religion to which it originally belongs to does not consider them correct\accurate. In the case of borrowing neither ATHANASIAN INTERPRETATIONS are acceptable nor ATHANASIAN insistence of literal meaning is acceptable [with certainity] unless and other wise confirmed by authentic Jewish Commentators OF TANACH. It is ridiculous and obscure for any rational person to accept that a newly born religion some how invents a right to borrow a religious book of a pre-existing religion , and a right to interpret it other –wise against the authentic commentators of the religion to which the book originally belongs to , not only in minor issues but in major issued concerning about GOD OF THE BOOK. Athanasianism ascribes its believes to Ante Nicaean Fathers,by taking some of the portions of some of their works and interpreting all those portions of their works which are explicitly Non Athanasian in sense and in meaning irregularly,obscurely, ridiculously and irrelevantly. CONCLUSION:IT IS NOT PEROVED THAT YAHVAH HAS THE POWER TO BECOME A MALE HUMAN BEING / A MAN. THE BASIC PREMISE WHICH IS THE SUBSTRATUM OF PFANDER’S ARGUMENT IS INCORRECT AND HENCE HIS VIDEO IS AT WORST BASED ON A FALSE PRESUMPTION AND AT BEST BASED ON AN UNPROVED PRESUMPTION. SECOND PRIMILINARY:GOD Can not become A Man \ A Male Human Being. ALTHOUGH ATHANASIAN SCRIPTURES claim that all things are possible to GOD,YET there are some things which are Not Possible to God. Examples from Athanasianism. 1}God Can not destroy any one of the Hypostases His Subsistent Essence namely Godhead. According to Athanasianism Logos is a term of an immanent Act\Procession of Intellect ,and Pneuma is an Immanent Act \Procession of act of Will. Neither God Has Power to Cease any one of these Processions\immanent Acts Nor ceasing of any one of them is Possible to God. According to the standerd of Pfander if God had Power to Cease any one of the procession\ act or to destroy any one of His Hypostasis ,He would have been more Powerful then He is now. 2]Catholics believe that only a human nature can be assumed by any one of the Hypostasis and God does not possess the power to assume a Person.


According to the standerd of Pfander if God had Power to Assume a person He would be more powerful. If Pfander accepts this then his God is less powerful and weaker than a God who cam assume an entire human Person. [Some mystics do believe in it]. If Pfander rejects this then even Catholics are with us against Pfander Films. 3] According to Catholics God cannot assume the Natures of Lower animals eg, God can not become a lion , can not become a tiger, can not become an ant, can not become a pegion, can not become a dove etc. If Pfander Films thinks that that GOD CAN BECOME THESE ANIMALS BY ASSUMING THEIR NON PARSE SUBSISTENT NATURES IN any one of His Hypostasis Or in His Parse Subsistent ESSENCE THEN All the Catholics are with us against Respected Pfander Films. If Pfander Films’ God can not become any one of the animals mensioned above then A God of A RELIGION WHO HAS POWER TO BECOME THESE ANIMALS IS FAR MORE POWERFUL AND FAR MORE STRONGER THAN THE GOD OF PFANDER FILMS’ NOT ACCORDING TO OUR STANDERD BUT ACCORDING TO THE STANDERD OF LEARNED PFANDER FILMS. 4] According to Catholics God Cannot become a Supermundale , and can not assume the nature of A SUPERMUNDALE say an angel or a cherub etc. So according to the standerd of Pfander Fils if God doesnot have power to to become an Angel etc. thenHE IS WEAKER AMD LESPOWERFUL THAN A God who Has Such Powers and Who Can Become a Supermundale. If God does has this power then Even Catholics are with us against Pfander Films. 5] God can not make an other God Like him, God can not blind himself, God cannot annihilate His Own OMNIPOTENCE, Can not annhiliate his own Omniscence,God cannot make a box or a closed chamber in which He Himself can not see, God Cannot Make a Thing Which even He Can not Destroy,God Can not make a stone which He cannot lift, GOD Cannot make a straight rod which even He Can Not Bend etc. etc. If Pfander Films Standerd is correct then according to his own standard GOD is weak and less powerful. 6] Pfander Films did not made it clear that whether Pfander Films’ God Has Power to Become A Woman \ A Female Human Being,or Pfander Films’ God Has Power to Assume A Female Human Nature. If Pfander’s God Does Not Have This Power ,and Cannot Become a Woman \Female Human Being, and Pfander’s God can only become a Man \ aMale Human Being then Pfander’s God Would be less powerful,and weaker than The God Of Any Religion Who Possess this Power i.e the Power to become a Woman , or Who Can Assume the Female Human Nature. [ THIS SHALL BE DISCUSSED LATTER] If Pfander’s God does possess this Power then:A] All those Catholics who do not believe in this sort of Power [i.e believe that God Can Only Become a Man \ a Male Human Being, or God Can Only Assume the Male Human Nature] are with us against Pfander Films. B] This is a Divine Discrimination on the basis of Gender. C] This will imply that all the acts which can be done by a woman can be done byn Pfander’s God IF NOT BEFORE BECOMING A WOMAN THEN AFTER


EXERCISING THIS POWER. At best Pfander can exclude acts of sin and transgressions. But still there may be some acts over which Pfander may not like to ascribe Divine Power. 7] There are some imaginary species, which are not found in the world, yet it is beyond doubt that God Has Power to make them. If they are in Divine Power then God must be able to become any living thing which God can make. Otherwise a God of a Religion Who Can Become Such a living thing must be more Powerful then A God of a religion who cannot become such a living thing. [ THIS SHALL BE DISCUSSED LATTER].

THIRD PRIMILINARY:1]Iesous\Yeshua\Ieshua\Isu\Iesus\Iesvs was born in the month of Ethnim2 BCE and was crucified [ as according to the Canonical Gospels] in Nisan 33 AC.Thus it is the span of only 34 years. After that Iesous was ascended to Heavens and departed from his disceples. Even PULUS\PAUL never saw him physically. Thus from the begening of the WORLD to the birth of Iesous GOD was remote and distant from the world and remained in Heaven, From 34 AC uptill now God is rmote and distant. Thus Iesous even as according to ATHANASIANISM IS REMOTE ,DISTANT, AND FAR not only from FROM THIS PLANET NAMELY EARTH but from the entire Cosmos separate from the heaven. 1K8:49, IOHN 16:28 informs us that GOD HAS A LOCATION. Thus ATHANASIAN GOD is Remote,Farand Distant. Even Catholics WHO BELIEVE in the Real Euchristic Presence do not believe in the Presence of Their Christ At Places Where there is No Euchristic Bread. Even Catholic Christ Cease to be at a place from where the Euchristic bread is moved. Protestant Christ is never present really even in Euchristic Breads. So God is remote and distant, and the real presence of Christ is denied jointly by PROTESTANTS, AND CATHOLICS AT NON EUCHRISTIC PLACES. IF Pfander is a Protestant then his God is far more remote and distant than A Catholic God. I do not assume that Pfander is a Catholic since Catholics do not argue like him. I have never seen any Catholic saying that Protestant God\ Christ is remote , far and distant just because Protestant God\ Christ is not present in EUCHRISTIC BREADS. 2]Even during the period pf Iesous’ ministry when he used to be at one place he was remote far and distant from other places . When he was near to Herod [see LUCA] HE WAS REMOTE FROM PILATE. When he was in GALGOTHA HE WAS REMOTE FROM NAZERETH\ NASERETH. When he was ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of God [ as according to Canonical Gospels of New Covenant] he became REMOTE ,FAR AND DISTANT from all of His Disciples once again.


So Athanasian God is FAR, REMOTE AND DISTANT. It is often argued that Jewish God [namely Yahvah] is cool because of these 34 years of discrete presence. But what warmness can be ascribed to the Athanasian God who was supposed to be present for 34 years not only in the entire history of mankind but also in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF COSMOS BELOW THE HEAVEN. Is this heaven on earth where Iesous is now? Or is remote from this entire wolrd below the HEAVEN. Pfander ios requested to THINK AGAIN AND TO RECONSIDER AGAIN. FORTH PRILIMINARY Man is a weak Being. To become Man is to become some thing weak. According to Athanasianism , God was Cricified and Killed after God became Man. This proves that to become Man is to become weak. The power to become a Man is the Power to become weak. The Power to become Weak is really a Weakness and an Imperfection. To say God became Man with out ceasing to be God [ hence with out becoming weak] can not be accepted. Since Athanasian God was crucified and killed after the Athanasian God became a man , which would be IMPOSSIBLE if Athanasian God Had not become a man. So either Athanasian God was Kill-able and Crucifiable before the Athanasian God became a Man ( IN THE CASE God did not cease to be What THE GOD WAS even after becoming a man ) or God became Kill-able and Cricifiable after he became a man. In the latter case God Does Cease to be Uncrucifiable and Unkillable, which the Athanasian God was before becoming a man. Thus a God ( of a religion / sect) Who Can become Kill-abe and Crucifiable is weaker IN ANY SENSE\MEANING BY ANY MEANSthan the God ( of a religion / sect) Who Cannot become Killable and Crucifiable, by any means and in any sense \meaning. Conclusion:TO BECOME KILL-ABLE AND CRUCIFIABLE FROM UN-CRUCIFIABLE AND UN-KILL-ABLE IS TO BECOME WEAK AND DELICATE IRREFUTABLY. FIFTH PRILIMINARY RESPECTED LEARNED PFANDER MIGHT NOT HAVE STUDIED SANATHAN DHARMA THE ATHANASIANISM OF HINDUNISM other wise either he must not have made such a criteria or he must have accepted that SANATHAN DHARMA GOD IS MOR POWERFUL,AND STRONGER THAN ATHANASIAN GOD. It is necessary for the readers to introduce the Hindu God / Sanathan Dharma God to those readers who do not know Sanathan Dharma. SANATHAN DHARMA GOD [ NAMELY CRISHNA/KRISHNA/KRISHM] NOT ONLY CAN ASSUME AND REASSUME THE NATURES\FORMS ofMale Humans but also of SUPERMUNDALES,HemiHumans and Female Humans. SANATHAN DHARMA GOD NOT ONLY CAN ASSUME AND REASSUME THESE NATURES\ FORMS BUT Does assume and reassume them. Sanathan Dharma God not onlyINCARNATES AND MANIFESTS BUT MULTI INCARNATES AND MULTI MENIFESTS.


Sanathan Dharma G-d [ namly Krishna\Crishna\Krishn] either assumes a Nature of a living thing [lower than himself say man] directly or indirectly [i.e INREGARD TO A PRIVIOUSLY ASSUMED NATURE\ FORM]. Athanasian God only incarnated in a male Human Being once in the entire history of not only mankind but in the entire history of the WORLD. Sanathan Dharma GOD not only assumes the MALE Human Natures \ Forms (Rama ,Krishna,Budha) (1) but also the Natures\ Forms of Supermundales ( like Vishnu,Shiu,Brahma), Animals (Like Fish namely Matsiah) ,Hemihumans\Humaniods (Half Human Half Lion namely NarSingha), Female Human ( namely Muhni). By Assuming The Female Human Nature \ Form Sanathan Dharma God proves to be more liberal and anti discriminent, discarding discrimination on basis of gender even in incarnations. Athanasian God either does not assume or can not assume a femail human nature. Sanathan God not only can assume it but did assume it. It may be opined that if Learned Pfander Films does maintain his proposed Standard/ Criteria for testing the Power or Powerlessness OF A GOD OF A RELIGION, He SHALL SOON ACCEPT THAT SANATHAN DHARMA GOD IS MORE POWERFUL AND STRONGER THAN ATHANASIAN GOD. Further as far as remoteness and remotelesness, farness and closeness, distance and nearness are concern the following VERSE OF BHAGVAT GITA \BHAGWAD GITA may be Quoted:<<<<<< WHEN THERE IS A DECLINE \DOWN FALL OF RIGHTEOUSNESS AND RISE OF UNRIGHTEOUSNESS , O SON OF BHARATA [ ARJUNA\ ARJUN] THEN I (GOD KRISHNA) SEND FORTH MY SELF.>>>>>> BAGVAT GITA CH:04,Verse 07. So one can see that Athanasian God incarnated only once while Sanathan Dharma God incarnates when ever the humanity needs their God. So Athanasian God is for more far, distant, and remote than the Sanathan God. In order to refute remoteness, distance and farness God Krishna Says :<<<<< He who sees Me every where and sees all in Me ; I Am not lost to him and he is not lost to Me.>>>>> BAGVAT GITA CH:05,Verse 30




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