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Section 5 Implementation Plan

Section 1 Executive Summary

Financial/Marketing Manager

Mission Statement

Advisory Board


Financial Division


Sponsorships Division


Marketing/Public Relations Division

Section 2 Team Goals

Media Division

Team Goals

Business Plan Division

Finance and Marketing Goals

Operations Manager

Operational Goals


Production Goals


Section 3 Management Plan


Team Structure

Community Fundraising

Team Management


Expectations of Team 675 Members & Families

Project Manager Manufacturing

Section 4 Financial Plan


Annual Budget







Competition Awards

Introduction The Technology High School, located on the campus of Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California, is a small school that specializes in engineering, sciences and mathematics. A public high school, Tech High attracts students from all over Sonoma County. With a capacity of 240 students in 9th through 12th grades, the curriculum is designed to be project-based as well as cross-curricular which fosters teamwork, requires creation of products and makes a connection between school, work and the world at large. In April of 2009, Technology High School received California’s Distinguished School Award for the second time in four years and in the same year was named by the US News and World Report as One of the Best High Schools in America. Tech High is recognized for its FIRST® Robotics Team 675. The FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Program is a character building, career inspiring, exciting and fun experience. Working together as a team with mentors students gain practical knowledge in writing and implementing a business plan, manufacturing, programming, digital media, fundraising, web design, public speaking and many other life skills as they compete with over 40,000 other high school students at 45 regional events worldwide. This year is Tech Highs Robotics’ eleventh season in the FIRST program. The process of building and competing with the robot is the mechanism that inspires the students to push themselves beyond expectations. “Going above and beyond the standard is our standard.” Each season FIRST provides all competing teams with a specific challenge built into a game. Every team will design, fabricate and program a robot to perform the tasks for that year’s challenge, executed within the specification that FIRST sets forth. Teams have only a six week “build season” to complete and ship a fully functional robot to the regional competition. In order to accomplish this task, as well as meet their financial needs, the team operates like a startup company. A coherent business plan guides multiple divisions to assure success. Divisions comprise both students and mentors with the main divisions being: Manufacturing, Programming, CAD, Safety, Fundraising & Budgeting, Animation, Marketing and Presentation. As a public school we are bound by state laws and district policies with regards to fundraising. Tech High Robotics and the Robotics Advisory Board, with the approval and support of Principal Adam Littlefield, recently completed the formation of a “Tech High Boosters” group with 501c3 status. The 2010 game was robot soccer and Team 675’s robot was made to kick soccer balls, guard goals and maneuver quickly around the field using mecanum wheels. At the Sacramento Regional we finished as Semi- Finalists and won the Innovation in Control Award for our line detection sensor, a unique feature among competing robots. We were Finalists at the Silicon Valley Regional and won the Creativity Award. We won this award for having one of three deployable ramps in the United States. The concept of the ramp is unique

in that it aided our alliance partners rather than our own team in achieving the high point position in the game. Gracious Professionalism™ is the foundation of FIRST that describes the expectation of all students and teams to behave as skilled and knowledgeable participants while demonstrating cooperation and generous behavior. This is an ideal that Team 675 aspires to. In November President Obama announced a new nationwide effort, Education to Innovate, to move America’s students to the top in science and math achievement over the next decade. The initiative will be supported by leading companies, universities and organizations that will sponsor innovative programs that help scientists, engineers and teachers to inspire young people to excel in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Included in this program is Time Warner Cable’s “Connect a Million Minds” in partner with FIRST Robotics and the Coalition for Science after School launching a campaign to connect over one million students in highly-engaging after-school STEM activities. Mentioning FIRST Robotics numerous times in his speech, President Obama said, “The key to meeting these challenges – to improving our health and well-being, to harnessing clean energy, to protecting our security, and succeeding in the global economy – will be reaffirming and strengthening America’s role as the world’s engine of scientific discovery and technological innovation. And that leadership tomorrow depends on how we educate our students today, especially in those fields that hold the promise of producing future innovations and innovators. And that’s why education in math and science is so important.” At the Technology High School we feel we are fortunate to have our own FIRST Robotics Team. The President’s campaign includes not only the efforts of the Federal Government but a “call to action” from leading companies, foundations, non-profits, and science and engineering societies to work with young people to excel in science and math. The Tech High’s Robotics Team 675 is prepared to meet this challenge. In addition to participating in the national FIRST Robotics Competition, one of Team 675 goals is community outreach and demonstrating and supporting other schools to discover the wonders of science and technology through FIRST dubbed the “varsity sport for the mind.” We would like to encourage every school in the North Bay to begin a team:   

Junior FIRST LEGO League for grades K – 3 FIRST LEGO League for grades 4 – 8 FIRST Robotics Competition for high school

This Business Plan demonstrates our passion, dedication and appreciation for this incredible program.

Technology High School FIRST Robotics Team 675

Section 1 Executive Summary Mission Statement The mission of the Technology High School Robotics Program is to use robotics as a base to guide our students in their future professions as they incorporate the core values of FIRST® and Gracious Professionalism™ with generosity, consideration and thoughtfulness.

Past Technology High School’s Robotics Team 675 started out as a couple of dedicated students with their faculty advisor, Greg Weaver, being the team’s only mentor. The team had no real monetary sponsors to help get them through the year, thus at the end of every build season for the first years they ended up shipping an unfinished and untested robot to competition. The team was so small that community outreach was not possible. A few seasons later Team 675 still kept its small enrollment size, however the secured sponsors began to grow. The team had acquired a few monetary sponsors to help with the cost of build season. Team 675 also obtained a couple of parent mentors to help run the team. Even though Team 675 remained mainly isolated in the community, the robots were starting to become finished and more competitive. Team 675’s enrollment grew from a few students to well over 20. Due to the increase in monetary sponsors as well as mentor support, the team was creating complete and competitive robots. This was an important time for Team 675; they went on to attend nationals in Atlanta Georgia later that season. This accomplishment led as a turning point in Team 675’s career. In the coming years the team won awards such as the Engineering Inspiration Award, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers Award, as well as many others. Team 675 took off and grew enormously in the years following their trip to Nationals which got them to where they are today.

Present As of today Team 675 has become a strong and successful team. The team has formed an enormous bond with their community, as well and in-kind sponsors for parts, software, and other materials. Even though Team 675 has a great deal of community support, they still lack the needed monetary sponsors to successfully fund an entire season. Due to their lack of sponsors, Team 675 has created a highly successful, business-like fundraising program. Thanks to this program, the team has been able to make it through the entire season, build more competitive and stronger robots, and run their team such as that of a business, entirely all by their own fundraising.

In addition to the support of the immediate community, the team has recently gained a Certificate of Recognition from their school district and a Gold Resolution from the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors for being local leaders in President Obama’s challenge to spread science and technology through after school programs such as FIRST Robotics to other students. Team 675 has begun to grow even larger by starting robotics classes at their school, as well as developing sophisticated training programs for new members. Team 675 hopes to grow even larger and become even stronger in the near future.

Future Team 675 plans to grow enormously in the future and they have developed this Business Plan to do just that. The team plans on increasing their fundraising program to be more efficient as well as bring in more money to use during seasons to come. The team also hopes to not have to raise all of their funds on their own accord, rather gain some monetary sponsors to help with the cost of running their team. Team 675 is looking even deeper than funding for the future however, they also want to increase the training of new and existing members in order to strengthen their team as a whole. Team 675 hopes to use their increased funding and experience in order to win local Regionals as well as earn the highest possible awards. They would use their winnings as well as awards in order to attend Nationals in St. Louis. Even though winning is high on Team 675’s list, their main goal is to gain life experience in science and technology as well as teach others about science and technology and to have all Team 675 members as ambassadors for the team and FIRST embracing at all times the true meaning of gracious professionalism

Section 2 Team Goals Team Goals    

Participate at two regional competitions and the FIRST National Championship Support the growth of the team overall through articulating and obtaining our goals and objectives in all areas Inspire and mentor new FIRST Teams of all ages in the North Bay of San Francisco and to accept the challenge of President Obama’s “Education to Innovate” program All Team 675 members are ambassadors for the team and FIRST and embrace at all times the true meaning of gracious professionalism

Finance and Marketing Goals     

Raise the funds for two regional and the final competitions Obtain corporate and business sponsorships Apply for and receive grant contributions Promote Tech High Robotics and FIRST Robotics through marketing and public relations Structure the team and its goals for growth

Operational Goals    

To have the team function effortlessly Practice Gracious Professionalism™ through outreach events and connecting with other FIRST Robotic Teams Recruit new members and help them become active team members Retain team members through a Team Study Group

Production Goals      

Build an award winning robot using new skills Work with the Cotati Rohnert Park Fire Association to improve team safety Learn and apply new CAD and animation skills Promote Team 675, FIRST and the President’s STEM program through multiple presentations Nominate a mentor for the Woodie Flowers Award Complete all of the requirements and submit for the Chairman’s Award

Section 3 Management Plan Team Structure

Team Management Team Captain    

Oversees the major goals of the team Insures that senior team members are mentoring underclassmen to fill the following year’s leadership positions vacated by graduating members Oversees the master calendar Oversees the Chairman’s Award submission

Financial/Marketing Manager   

Oversees the goals of Business Division Oversees the deadlines for the Chairman’s Award of the Business Division Provides additional help when requested of other divisions

Operations Manager   

Oversees the goals of Operations Division Oversees the deadlines for the Chairman’s Award of the Operations Division Provides additional help when requested of other divisions

Project Manager   

Oversees the goals of Project Division Oversees the deadlines for the Chairman’s Award of the Business Division Provides additional help when requested of other divisions

Expectations of Team 675 Members & Families Team 675 Team Meetings - Fridays from 3:15 – 5:00 PM (Mandatory)   

Meetings consist of a weekly team meeting, followed by mandatory individual group meetings/work period/training/overall team needs Summer group meetings as scheduled by group leaders Students status on team will be discussed and determined after 3 missed meetings

Team 675 Mandatory Events & Participation Requirements  

60% required participation for all fundraisers & outreach events to attend one (1)competition, 80% required participation for all fundraisers & outreach events to attend two (2)competitions Robots in the Park/Yard Sale Required participation includes working one weekend (2 days) during the 6 week collection period, 1 shift the day of event (1/2 day) and donating items for the yard sale portion of the event Fall & Spring Pasta Feeds Required participation includes the expectation to sell all 10+ tickets, but sell 5 tickets minimum, Donations required for auction baskets and working entire event (after school through cleanup) Candy Bars Required participation includes selling 1 box (individually), working team sales 1 weekend (2 days) Annual Outreach Events participation includes (but is not limited to): Penngrove Power and Implement Museum (1-3 times per year as determined by Museum) Sonoma County Lego Challenge (1 event per year) Crab Feed (1 event per year) Rio Nido (3 events per year) Maker Faire (1 event per year) Shop clean up days (1-3 times per year)

Team 675 Safety Expectations   

Basic Safety Presentation with quiz is mandatory and must be passed before entering shop FIRST AID/CPR Certification is required of all Team 675 members (training supplied by team) Presentation on Competition Safety with quiz is mandatory and must be passed before attending competitions

All Team 675 members must maintain good physical health practices including proper rest, eating and staying hydrated, etc. at all times, especially during build season and competitions

Team 675 Conduct Expectations        

Standard Technology High School rules apply to all students at on or off campus events Acceptable behavior and language at all times (meetings, events, vehicles) is required All team members must stay with the team in the vicinity of an event All team members must notify a chaperone if leaving general area away from the team Alcohol, drugs, or sexually explicit behavior is grounds for immediate dismissal from robotics and will incur Technology High School and district disciplinary actions Respect at all times of student and adult members, guests, and tools/machinery/property of robotics School comes FIRST All team members are expected to do what they are asked by their group leader, mentor, chaperone or advisor, in a timely manner in order to keep our team successful and running smoothly. Sometimes tasks may be designated to members who are not in that particular group (i.e.; makings safety kits, making buttons, set-up/clean-up of dinner meal, scrapbook, etc.)

Section 4 Financial Plan Annual Budget Item



Cal Games Registration


Registration Fee and Trophies

San Jose Registration Fee


FIRST Registration Fee for San Jose Regional

Team Travel Expenses San Jose Regional


Transportation, hotel and meal costs for team travel to San Jose

Davis Registration Fee


FIRST Registration Fee for Davis Regional

Team Travel Expenses Sacramento Regional


Transportation, hotel and meal costs for team travel to Davis

Championship Registration Fee


FIRST Registration Fee for National Championship Competition

Team Travel Expenses National Championship


Transportation of Robot


Shipping robot and pit to National Competition

Shop Equipment Expense


Replacing and purchasing new equipment for construction of the robot

Robot Build Expense


Materials for the construction of the competition robot

Miscellaneous Hard Costs


Stipend, apparel, awards, safety, printing, banner

Miscellaneous and Unexpected Costs


District loan, fees for setting up non-profit, gifts



Transportation, hotel and meal costs for 25 students and 5 mentors

Fundraising Item



Fall Pasta Feed


A dinner and silent auction for the local community

Spring Pasta Feed


A dinner and silent auction for the local community

Yard Sale


Lunch and yard sale deemed Robots in the Park

Candy Bar Sales


Individual and group candy sales

Rio Nido Event Bake Sales


Baking and selling desserts at three local charity barbeques


Volunteering with local charity crab feed

Crab Feed



Sponsorship Item Championship Registration Fee Team Travel Expenses National Championship Transportation of Robot


Amount $5,000




Description FIRST Registration Fee for National Championship Competition Transportation, hotel and meal costs for 25 students and 5 mentors Shipping robot and pit to National Competition

Grants Item



Shop Equipment Expense


Replacing and purchasing new equipment for construction of the robot

Robot Build Expense


Materials for the construction of the competition robot

Miscellaneous Hard Costs


Stipend, apparel, awards, safety, printing, banner

Miscellaneous Costs


Regional Fees



Section 5 Implementation Plan A. Financial/Marketing Manager 1. Advisory Board   

Assist and guide Team 675 to obtain the team and division goals Oversee the income and expenses of Team 675 Start an adult Booster Club by obtaining a 501 (c)(3) exemption to aid the student fundraising efforts

2. Financial Division     

Maintain an accurate operating budget Ensure funds are received and distributed in an equitable way that benefits the team to its fullest potential Achieve a solid financial standing that will enable us to sponsor and mentor additional FLL and FRC Teams Analyze our past, present and future finances so that Team 675 can grow and also support our community and FIRST. Create a team draft budget that is updated and reviewed on a minimum of a monthly basis to ensure that the team is fiscally sound

3. Sponsorships Divisions    

Gain corporate sponsorship to allow the team to compete in two regional competitions and the national competition Write and secure grant monies to meet equipment needs and to promote FIRST in the North Bay communities and schools Solicit mentors specific to the various divisions of the team to work with team members to increase their knowledge and skills Maintain communications with all corporate sponsors and mentors to show appreciation and to retain their support

4. Marketing/Public Relations Division  

Responsible for spreading the message of FIRST and Team 675 vision and goals Create and maintain a website with has the team’s current information, current links to FIRST and Tech High, calendar, team history, past and present games and robots.

        

alumni, current team, mentors, links to sponsors, donors, booster club and a link to a PDF of Team 675 Business Plan Maintain the Tech High Robotics Facebook Page with all current events and multimedia Create and maintain a video blog Maintain press data base and write press releases regarding all events (before and after) Create graphics for annual team t-shirts, the sponsor/donor banner and flag Ensure that all assistance to Team 675 be acknowledged with an appropriate and well written thank you Responsible for team’s visual appearance in all media Assist in planning team public events including presentations, newsletter updates and press releases Participate in all school events to promote Team 675 to the whole school community. Create/Publish with Media a team brochure to promote the team for new recruits, possible sponsors, donors and the FIRST Community

5. Media Division     

Provide photos and videos of all events and accurate event information to assist the Marketing Division and Public Relations Division Create and upkeep an accurate scrapbook of all events and published articles Create multi-media items of the team to assist Presentation Division Work with Manufacturing to keep accurate media (photos/log) of each step of the building of the annual robot Take a Team 675 photo for marketing and public relations

6. Business Plan Division    

Create a working business plan the team can utilize by implementing the divisional goals and objectives and other aspects per the outline Develop Division Notebooks both virtual and physical with a fully developed Implementation Plan for each Division Prepare a presentation copy of the business plan for fundraising by working with the students Update a presentation copy of the business plan for competition by fine tuning the working business plan to reflect changes that occur during the course of the season

B. Operations Manager 1. Logistics  

Manage and execute the travel arrangements of the team by coordinating the travel, hotel, meals and other needs for on-the-road events, or to fundraisers Organize and plan for chaperones, transportation, and event requirements by making contact with parents/mentors to assure that they have the proper paperwork filed in order to meet the guidelines of the school, and see the event through fruition Assist the team during build season with a nightly meal plan by arranging for and providing dinners and some lunches over the six week period between kick-off and ship date Arrange for all team details at the regional/national competitions making sure to account for all students, mentors, chaperones, and parents attending the events with our team, for their travel, meals and accommodations

2. Communication  

  

Be welcoming and inclusive to all members, mentors and parents of Team 675 so that everyone feels that they are an important aspect to the success of the team Be the main communicator for all outgoing team news and information that needs to be relayed to the team via the Google group in a timely manner by drafting the details of the information and sending it out efficiently Coordinate and maintain the student team roster and the parent roster to be utilized for communication via emails, phone calls or standard mail Assure that student and parent phone numbers are current so that parents can be reached in case of an emergency at any time or that students can be reached as needed Include parents in the workings of the team by making sure that they are being shown what emails their students are receiving, and direct the same email to the parents asking for volunteers and assistance with the event it relates to Maintain a Google Calendar to assist the various divisions of the team keep current by providing a place for their postings of information, updates, changes, meetings, etc.

3. Outreach  

Recruit and train new members for the Outreach Division Schedule and work with the Presentation Division on outreach to local businesses, corporations and the larger community through individual presentations and events

     

Train all Outreach members to be the ‘front runners’ of the team, the team members who can answer all questions about FIRST, Team 675 and current news Reach into the larger school community to start new FIRST teams and promote the President’s STEM program throughout the North Bay area Develop a practical scouting system to easily access each datum as well as overall ranking system by developing and testing a minimum of five different scouting systems Form relationships with other FIRST Robotics Teams during the off season Develop a Fun Awards Program Liaise with the Tech High faculty and administration for mutual support

4. Community Fundraising    

 

Work with the team to identify the fundraisers that will secure our annual budget goals by holding discussions about both existing, and new, fundraising opportunities Plan and execute the details of the fundraisers by arranging for parent chairpersons, and working with them on student work shifts and details of the individual events Coordinate with outside resources on details that need to be secured prior to the event by checking on all paperwork, deposits, fees, etc. Schedule fundraisers as early as possible by making all necessary arrangements, working with communication to get the information out to team members and families, and relay the requirements of the team members to them clearly Keep effective notes and information on various fundraisers so that information can be passed forward to new division members and coordinating parents in years to come Current fundraisers include: two annual Pasta Feeds, “Robots in the Park” Day, Candy Bar Sales, Penngrove Power & Implement Museum Days, and Rio Nido Bake Sales

5. Recruiting 

  

Liaise with Presentation to demonstrate and explain Robotics at the Freshman Orientation by having robotics team members there to explain all aspects of the program to prospective new team members Present to prospective students at Lawrence E. Jones Middle School and other middle schools Schedule the first meeting of the year be for returning members and the second meeting of the year to introduce and recruit new members for all divisions Prepare a basic flyer and application for new members that includes the benefits and responsibilities of team membership for both students and parents and gets basic information from the recruit such as commitment, skills and interests and have an after school meeting to explain this and answer questions Write a recruitment statement for Principal Littlefield to use in weekly voicemail and emails to students and parents for recruiting new team members and mentors

 

Befriend and provide guidance for participation for all new members by making it comfortable for them to ask questions Organize a Study Group to insure academic success as a priority for all members by creating a weekly study group meeting mentored by students

C. Project Manager 1. Manufacturing 

Continue to train new members and freshman from September – December by utilizing mentors & senior members in weekly training sessions, by having their training/learning be productive on an actual project such as working on past robots and providing Programming with a robot equipped with all components (i.e. sensors, encoders, etc.) that need to be tested Offer training in small group stations to manufacturing members in various and specific parts of the robot-building process, such as chassis, electronics, and payload by arranging for mentors to teach these skills on specific days over several months. Continue to build the skills of the manufacturing team by providing training and design in new areas such as: welding, CNC mill, plasma cutter, crab drive, drafting/diagrams Assign leadership positions to members showing dedication and skill during the first few months of the training season which will be based upon a member’s dedication to showing up to all trainings, demonstration of leadership abilities, staying the full time, giving 100% to all aspects of the shop (cleanliness, safety, care of machines, respect for mentors & teammates) and an overall dedication to the team, including participation and meetings Effectively show all new members what a “build season” is like prior to January by holding a mock-build-season for a week before the holidays, where we will stay late to work on a project and still have the students manage their homework and schedules Continue designing and fabricating more efficiently and in less time during the build season by limiting the manufacturing team to members based upon a member’s dedication to showing up to all trainings and mastering the required skills, staying the full time, giving 100% to all aspects of the shop (cleanliness, safety, care of machines, respect for mentors & teammates) and an overall dedication to the team, including participation and meetings and having only manufacturing and programming team members in the shop during build hours Work efficiently and put in the hours necessary to complete the robot in 4.5 weeks to allow time for proper tweaking and drive practice, which will allow us to participate in at least one of the practice events prior to the ship date Integrate manufacturing and programming leaders on developing a system for selecting the drive team that combines an impartial process for selection utilizing the best skills and accounting for dedication given to the team throughout the entire season

2. Programming  

 

 

Work with Manufacturing to have a running test robot early in the fall Successfully use skills including camera tracking, line following, gyro, accelerometer, magnetic encoders, optical encoders, and more driver station options before build season starts on the test robot Write code that simplifies the following functions: using magnetic encoders, line following, getting tilt from a 3-axis accelerometer, moving specific distances using encoders, using other methods besides PID for going specific distances, finding targets and other objects with the camera, using the location of these objects to point toward them or move toward them. Assemble all this code into Robotics675.h which will continue to grow and be published Build a team of two to four programmers for build season who are proficient in C++ and programming the robot. Proficiency will include a demonstration of knowledge by making a reasonably large multi file commented C++ program and overall commitment to the team. Only these programmers will be allowed to work on the robot’s code To not have to program during competition by completing all programming requirements prior to that time Meet a minimum of once a week to meet these goals

3. Safety       

Have all team members pass a basic shop safety quiz by organizing a basic shop safety presentation prior to school starting and presenting it to the entire team in the fall Team with the Rancho Adobe Fire Association as the sponsor of the Safety Team Have each member of Team 675 complete and be certified in First Aid/CPR Training Acquire newer and better competition safety kits Develop safety expectations for travel to, from and at events and competitions Have all team members pass a basic competition safety quiz by organizing a basic competition safety presentation and presenting it to the entire team in December Recruit and train new member for the Safety Division

4. CAD/Animation  

Recruit and train new members for the CAD/Animation Division Train on Autodesk Inventor and/or Autodesk 3DS Max

 

 

Train members on the CAD and animation software by using the built in tutorials in the programs as well as the online tutorials at and possibly by taking classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College on how to use 3DS Max and Autodesk Inventor Acquire a trained CAD/Animation mentor from SRJC or Autodesk Submit CAD Award on time by assigning small parts of the robot to be caddied by each person and setting a schedule as to when each part should be completed. This date will be before the due date which will allow a few days for adjusting parts of the robot and putting all of the pieces together. CAD the robot before it is built by being present for the design process and CAD all of the ideas as they come up Submit Animation Award on time by breaking up the work and have everyone do a part of the animation. Each person to do some 3D modeling, texturing, sound, animating, and a couple of people writing the script. We would also use a render farm like we did this year to speed up the rendering. Produce the Safety Animation in liaison with the Safety Division

5. Presentation        

Recruit and train new members for Presentation Division Train members in public speaking skills as well as presentation skills Educate and train entire team about FIRST, our team, our robot and basic public speaking skills Set up presentations at various schools to start new FIRST teams Present to local news media to help spread word of FIRST and our team Present to local as well as distant businesses to raise money as well as awareness for our team Acquire a mentor for the presentation team to help train and schedule presentations Set up a demonstration routine to show off that year’s, as well as past years’ robots

6. Competition Awards      

Outline all of the elements required for the completion of the Chairman’s Award Assign tasks per the outline and completion dates Develop a conceptual theme for the Chairman’s Award script Write and edit the script for Chairman’s Award Write the script for the Chairman’s video and produce the video Nominate a recipient, develop the conceptual theme for the Woodie Flowers Award and write the essay incorporating visual images into a graphic presentation

Awards 2010 Innovation in Control Award Creativity Award Finalist Silicon Valley Regional Gold Resolution Sonoma County Board of Supervisors

2009 Underwriters Laboratory Safety Award

2008 Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers Entrepreneurship Award

2007 Engineering Inspiration Award

Technology High School Robotics Team #675 Business Plan  

FIRST Robotics Team #675 Business Plan

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