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Yes, I have my own copy of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die in the nightstand next to my bed. I periodically take it out and read through it checking off

the places I have been and plan my next escapade. On page 745 is a ―Dude Ranch Extraordinaire.‖ The descriptions of Bitterroot Ranch home of Mel and Bayard Fox the owners of Equitours truly portray just that. Outrageous scenery, cozy accommodations, incredible horses and meals that guarantee you will leave a few pounds heavier are just a sampling of what to expect. But I find one of the more interesting aspects of visiting Bitterroot is the opportunity to improve your riding skills no matter what level of rider you

are either through certified lessons, visiting world renowned clinicians, a cross country course or herding cows. To learn more about this ranch in the Wind River Country please contact Roz Abel at 800 545-0019 or via e-mail at (and see book review on p. 4 of this newsletter).


The Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument, a vast protected region in southern Utah sprawling between Bryce and Zion Canyons offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the Southwest.

Rides in Arizona and Utah

Days are spent exploring canyons, sandstone formations and then

riding up through stands of aspens and pines in the higher elevations while spending the night in comfortable inns. The pace changes with the terrain from climbing rocky trails to cantering sandy paths. This seven day trip is offered twice in 2010 from May 9th— 15th and September 12th— 18th. This ride is for intermediate and strong intermediate riders. The cost is $2280 per person double occupancy with

a $270 single supplement. To learn more about this wonderful trip please contact Biggi Hayes at Equitours at 800 545-0019 or via e-mail at


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CANYON EXPLORER TREK The Canyon Explorer Trek is a challenging adventure always following a new route. Trailblazing through the immense desert landscape the ride traverses an astonishing variety of desert formations. This camping trip is more about attitude than riding ability and is for guests who intentionally want to explore some new corner of the rugged, isolated Colorado Plateau.

This seven day trip is offered September 18th– 24th. This ride is for intermediate to strong intermediate riders who have done a previous southwest desert ride. The cost is $1785 per person double occupancy with a $135 single supplement. To learn more about this adventure please contact Biggi Hayes from Equitours at 800 545-0019 or via e-mail at

Guides that know the country, the

GRAND CANYON WINTER PASTURES Riding the Grand Canyon Winter Pastures explores the wide terraces of the Grand Canyon known as the ―Espanade.‖ Not to be confused with the nose and tail mule trips, this rigorous pack trip goes deep into some of the canyons less frequented drainages. Once the trail drops off the north rim the horses skillfully negotiate the rugged terrain as the adventure begins.

“We consider this ride to be one of the best vacations we have ever had.” This six day camping trip is offered three times in 2011 from December 28th, 2010 –January 2nd, January 23rd—28th and February 13th—18th. This ride is for intermediate riders. The cost is $1450 per person double occupancy with a $135 single supplement. To learn more about this wine and equine vacation please contact Biggi Hayes from Equitours at 800 5450019 or via e-mail at

horses and most important, have a sense of humor


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LONG VALLEY CATTLE DRIVE The annual move from the high country summer pastures near Bryce Canyon to the winter range on the north rim of the Grand Canyon crosses the challenging landscape of canyons, sand dunes, piñón

and juniper foothills and sagebrush flats. The guests work along side the extended family that has run cattle in this country since it was first settled. This eleven day trip is offered June 13th –18th and June 20th-25th to the summer range and October 25th—November 4th to the winter range. This ride for intermediate riders. The cost for the summer drive is

$1525 and the cost for the winter drive is $2630. To learn more about this authentic cattle drive please contact Biggi Hayes from Equitours at 800 545-0019 or via e-mail at

NAVAJOLAND The pilgrimage through land of the ancient ruins of the Anasazi and Canyon de Chelly, the natural arches of Monument Valley and the foothills of Navaho Mountain. The week of breathtaking rides culminates a boat cruise on Lake Powell.

stone canyons, Anasazi ruins, buttes and mesas and the glow of a desert sunset. This eight day trip is of-

fered twice in 2010 May 1st—8th and October 9th— 16th. This ride is for intermediate and strong riders. The cost is $2240 per person double occupancy with a $135 single supplement. To learn more about this pilgrimage through an ancient land please contact Biggi Hayes at Equitours at 800 545-0019 or via e-mail at

This adventure for those wanting to be immersed in this native land with camps within sight of miles of sand-

THREE PARK SPECTACULAR The depth and beauty of this ride offers an unusual perspective of the phenomenal pink spires and hoodoos of Bryce Canyon, Zion’s maze

of sandstone domes and twisting gorges to a dramatic end at Toroweap where the chasm of the Grand Canyon exposes eons of geologic time much as it did to the early Spanish explorers. This seven day camping trip is offered twice in 2010 from May 15th—21st and August 29th—September 4th.

This ride for intermediate and strong intermediate riders. The cost is $1785 per person double occupancy with a $135 single supplement. To learn more about this exciting equestrian trip please contact Biggi Hayes at Equitours at 800 545-0019 or via e-mail at

Ride from Raingod Mesa to Ear of the Wind, Big Hogan and Sun’s Eye

Dream Horse Vacations is a new company and website catering to the adventure and luxury equestrian travel market. Experience in delivering a vacation appealing to the discriminating adult has brought us to this unique place where we will represent world class equestrian travel vacations, tours and experiences.


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W W W . D R E A M H O R S E V A C A T I O N S . C O M BOOK REVIEW Text by Bayard Fox Photography by Claude Poulet

I consider Bayard Fox a friend although we have never met. Long phone conversations exchanging news and ideas led him to send me a copy of his new book – truly a labor of love from the heart of this gentle man. Best known in the world of horses as the creator and owner of Equitours, Bayard has lived the world over, speaks five languages and seen more exotic sites from the back of a horse than many of us have ever imagined. Thousands have experienced these faraway places through trips with Equitours while many more of us travel these lands in our dreams as we turn the pages of their catalog. This delightful thought led me to wonder where such a well traveled couple as Bayard and Mel Fox would call home? What exotic location would they choose? My question was quickly answered when I received Wind River Country and opened the cover to first

discover the exquisite vistas captured by Claude Poulet. Speaking only French, Monsieur Poulet created reflections of land formations, wildlife, the snow covered vistas and the people of this largely undiscovered area of the American West. His good friend Bayard Fox then translated the visions that he painted with his camera from image to word giving us the rich history of this land and the people and animals who consider it home. Not having achieved the fame of its nearby neighbors Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, this hidden jewel of Wyoming is portrayed within the pages of this book capturing a true remaining bit of the Old West. Pioneers and fur trappers, cowboys and Indians, ranchers and wildlife all share this vast and beautiful countryside. The images capture the character of the land and the land in turn develops character in its inhabitants. Beginning with the earliest time the geology shapes this area and then is inhabited by bison and other indigenous animals. The fur trappers were followed by the

pioneers sharing the Wind River Range and Wyoming’s highest peak with the Native Americans who still inhabit over two million acres of this vast wilderness. Butch Cassidy, the Marlborough Man and The National Outdoor Leadership School reach out beyond its boundaries. Today sportsmen and city slickers come to join the locals hosted first by the wild flowers of spring and departing after the last brilliant colors of Indian summer have faded. Following the hustle and bustle of the warmer months is the quiet and solitude of winter defined by short days, bitter

cold nights and the brilliant sun reflecting on the pristine snow. The frosty silence is not broken by the skiers gliding through the terrain or a herd of elk foraging for food. Perhaps only the cry of a wolf or the cracking of an ice formation disturbs this peace. The portrayal of this land and its people is aptly told with image and word. The photographs provide the inspiration and the text demonstrates the knowledge and passion that only can be communicated by someone who has learned to call this vast and beautiful part of the world home.

DHV April 2010 Newsletter  

Dream Horse Vacations April 2010 Newsletter with reviews of equestrian vacations in Utah and Arizona