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deterioration whatsoever in quality, aroma and taste. In fact, the older it is the better it gets. Rooibos has no calories. That is a very good piece of information for those of you who want to maintain a healthy diet or want to lose some weight. You can stop counting the calories when it comes to rooibos because it has none. This is a fact for only plain rooibos tea because calories are added once other ingredients such as sweeteners are also added to the beverage.

Dazzling Rooibos Discover why rooibos is considered a truly wonder beverage when it comes to health related issues plus many other interesting facts about rooibos tea.

Rooibos, also known as “red bush” and scientifically as Aspalathus Linearis is a broomlike plant growing in South Africa and a member of the legume family. Its specific Latin name “linearis” comes from the special, linear structure of the rooibos plant and also from its needle-like leaves. This particular plant is used to produce a tasty tisane which has different names depending on the area. It is called bush tea in Southern Africa, redbush tea in the United Kingdom, South African red tea in the United States or simply rooibos which is used more as a catch-all term. Rooibos Production The rooibos plant is actually rare because it is grown only in a small area in the region of the Western Cape province of South Africa. In order to produce the tasteful rooibos beverage, the leaves are oxidized. This oxidation process

gives the drink its unique brown-reddish colour and enhances its aroma. Rooibos features a very sweet and slightly nutty flavour. Rooibos tea also features an unoxidized “green” variety. The production process of this variety is much more demanding which makes the “green” rooibos tea much more expensive than the oxidized version. The flavour of the “green” rooibos is slightly grassy and malty highly different from its reddish counterpart. Unveiling Rooibos Reddish Secrets Rooibos is unique because it’s made of a different plant than other, more common tisanes, a plant that is actually quite rare and recently discovered by Westerners. Rooibos tea is precious because of its fruity aroma and became more and more appreciated in Europe. Rooibos is like wine. It ages well. It and can be stored for long periods of time without any

Rooibos is the red coffee of Africa, without the caffeine. Though rooibos doesn’t contain at all caffeine, several coffee shops in South Africa have recently begun to sell what they called “red espresso”, which is concentrated rooibos served and presented in the style of ordinary espresso. This tasty experiment has given way to rooibosbased variations of coffee drinks such as red lattes and red cappuccinos. Iced tea made from rooibos has recently been introduced in South Africa, Australia, and in the United States. Rooibos History Back in history, rooibos plant was known only to a native tribe of South African Bushmen called the Khoisans. They used it really frequently as herbal remedy and enjoyed its delicious taste. When the tribe left that area, it dispersed and eventually disappeared, thus letting the knowledge about rooibos to fall into oblivion. Rooibos remained hidden from European eyes until 1772 when a Swedish botanist named Carl Thunberg discovered the plant, brought it back with him in Europe and tried to make the beverage popular. Still the old continent didn’t know much about rooibos, the red tea being mainly consumed in South Africa. It was really late in 1904 when a Russian immigrant named Benjamin Ginsberg felt and understood the potential. It was really late though when rooibos started to taste success. It was through a book named “Allergies: An Amazing Discovery” published in 1970 that rooibos became recognized and started being appreciated worldwide. The author was a South African mother named Annique Theron who used rooibos tea to calm her babies’

colic pain. Glad to have discovered a remedy, she started digging for more rooibos information and decided to share it to the world through her book. Health Benefits of Rooibos Rooibos tea features so many minerals that it can almost be considered a nutritional supplement. It contains iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium and many others. Recently, in 2011, researchers put to the test the effects of rooibos on various biological markers that are known to indicate the risk of cardiovascular problems. The result was that rooibos actually lowered those risk factors. So it’s safe to say that drinking rooibos tea may be a natural way to prevent developing any heart related problems. Various other studies made on rooibos have also shown that this beverage can be an important aid with many health problems. Rooibos is a beverage used for relaxation. It is known that it eases irritability, nervous tension headaches and insomnia. Rooibos can also act as an anti-spasmodic agent. Here’s a good piece of news for mothers because it relieves stomach cramps and colic in infants. Rooibos can become a natural treatment for hay fever, eczema and even asthma. Rooibos can also be used as an anti-aging cream. If placed directly on the skin, it can actually slow the aging process. These recent discoveries concerning the prevention of heart diseases and the highly mineralized composition of rooibos made the beverage very popular in the last few years. Its popularity is also due to its wonderful color and amazing taste. Rooibos is indeed a wonder beverage. Have you already tasted it or used it as a natural aid for any of those diseases? If yes, did it help you the way you expected it to do?


Perfecting Cream Exfoliator (Scrub) 50ml

Ideal for dry, dehydrated and mature skin with pliable granules, moisturising and other ingredients help to reveal smoother, more youthful looking skin.

ONLY $28


HydraRestore Freshener 100ml

An innovative, hydrating antioxidant freshener enriched with Inca Omega Oils. Fragrance free.

ONLY $29

Ultra Hydrating Moisture Lotion 50ml

A non irritating, fast absorbing instant hydration replenishing moisturiser that helps to restore and maintain moisture.

ONLY $48


Optimal Night Renewal 50ml

Lucid contains AquaVital that helps to regulate and retain moisture, as well as Rooibos exctract for its antioxidant benefits.




Buy the Resque Crème upsize 100ml, save $32, and get the Calming Cleansing Crème 150ml FREE!

ONLY $45

A rich nourishing night crème that contains Rooibos extract, AquaVital and nourishing oils to help replenish moisture in your skin. Fragrance free.


ONLY $39 AA/00202/12


Silky Skin Replenisher (Masque) 50ml

An intensely moisturising and nourishing masque that regulates, accumulates and retains moisture in the skin.

ONLY $36


Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin 50ml

Annique’s top selling moisturiser provides a deep moisturising action, causing the skin to have a new degree in moisture and suppleness.

ONLY $48


SAVE $32

Calming Cleansing Crème 150ml

A gentle, non-irritating cream cleanser that effectively removes impurities.

VALUE $32 Resque Crème upsize 100ml

Annique has harnessed the soothing power of Rooibos in Resque Crème, to help provide relief for many everyday skin ailments.





Complete Smoothing Scrub 50ml

A gentle yet effective formula, ideal for removing impurities and dead skin cells.

ONLY $28


Purifying & Rebalancing Masque 50ml

A multi complex masque that provides a refreshing, rejuvenating and cleansing treatment and helps to moisturise and balance the skin.



Ideal Herbal Moisturiser 50ml

A perfectly balanced moisturiser to help soothe, condition and soften normal and combination skin.

ONLY $41


Hydrafine contains Rooibos extract for its powerful antioxidant properties.

Absolute Balancing Freshener 100ml


Aids in the optimal absorption of your Annique products, leaving your skin feeling absolutely balanced.

Normalising Cleansing Milk 150ml



Nurturing Night Cream 50ml

Resque Crème upsize 100ml

ONLY $35


ONLY $29

An effective formula containing multivitamins to provide your skin with the perfect overnight moisturising balance. Fragrance free.

A gentle, fragrance free milk cleanser, that leaves your skin feeling soft and clean.

Annique has harnessed the soothing power of Rooibos in Resque Crème, to help provide relief for many everyday skin ailments.



Buy the Resque Crème upsize 100ml, save $32, and get the Normalising Cleansing Milk 150ml FREE!

ONLY $54 VALUE $77

SAVE $32





Synergy contains Witch Hazel for its calming and anti-inflammatory benefits, Tea Tree for its soothing and antiseptic properties and Green Rooibos extract for its high level of antioxidants.

Oil Control Resque Cleanser 150ml Crème upsize 100ml A gentle, yet effective foaming cleansing gel that leaves skin cleansed and refreshed.


Buy the Resque Crème upsize 100ml, save $32, and get the Oil Control Cleanser 150ml FREE!

ONLY $45 VALUE $77

Annique has harnessed the soothing power of Rooibos in Resque Crème, to help provide relief for many everyday skin ailments.


SAVE $3 Cleansing Soap Bar 125g

A glycerine rich facial soap bar that helps to remove excess oil formation in the skin.

Even Skin Clear Complexion Moisturiser 50ml Freshener 100ml

A light, oil-free moisturiser with skin clearing Vitamin C helps to soothe and hydrate oily skin.

A refreshing and effective oil balancing freshener helps to control oil and shine, while clarifying oily skin.

ONLY $38 ONLY $29 AA/00171/13




SAVE $32

way to GLOW



Spotless Pimple Treatment 10ml

Ideal for clearing up pimples and blemishes.

ONLY $23


Moisture Shield SPF 8 50ml


Buy the Resque Crème upsize 100ml, save $25, and get the Crystal Clear Cleanser 100ml FREE!

ONLY $45 VALUE $70

A daily moisturiser for younger skin with the added benefit of an SPF8 to protect skin from sun damage.

ONLY $26

Resque Crème upsize 100ml


Smooth Over Scrub 75ml

Annique has harnessed the soothing power of Rooibos in Resque Crème, to help provide relief for many everyday skin ailments.

Gentle exfoliation stimulates blood circulation to help increase nourishment to cells for a cleaner, clearer skin.

ONLY $28


Liquid Skin Nutrition Spray 100ml

A facial spray containing Vitamin A,C,E, amino acids and Green Rooibos extract which helps to prevent infection and promote blood circulation resulting in a clearer more beautiful skin.

ONLY $31 AB/02206/07

SAVE $25

VALUE $45 Crystal Clear Cleanser 100ml

A delicate herbal cleanser that wipes away dirt, leaving skin refreshed and clean.




OptiDerm 30 softgel capsules

Helps to improve and keep your skin, hair and nails healthy.

ONLY $28


OptiC 30 softgel capsules

Vitamin C provides crucial antioxidants to help build tissue and ward off illness.

ONLY $25




OptiClear 30 softgel capsules

Contains Absorbatox™ that adsorbs heavy metals, toxins and nitrates. Helps to improve allergies, arthritis and prevent side effects of alcohol overindulgence.


OptiCalMag 60 softgel capsules

OptiClear 30 hardgel capsules and the Super Rooibos6 30 capsules

For bone, heart and arterial system support.

ONLY $34


OptiVite 60 softgel capsules

Supplementing your diet with a multivitamin and mineral is crucial for sustained optimum health, energy and mood.

ONLY $25

Super Rooibos 30 Capsules 6

Get the antioxidant and anti-ageing health benefits of Rooibos in one convenient capsule a day.

SAVE $20

ONLY $39 VALUE $59



OptiMega 30 softgel capsules

For heart and brain support Omega 3 oils can reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing bad blood cholesterol. It is also ideal for brain health and memory support.

ONLY $18 VALUE $25 AE/08220/12

OptiAgeing 30 softgel capsules

Supports the skin, body and organs in rejuvenation and disease prevention.

OptiBoost 30 softgel capsules

ONLY $25

A highly effective, complex formula of nutrients to help boost the immune system.

VALUE $35 AE/08221/12

ONLY $25


SAVE $10


ONLY $26


Fabric Detergent 1lt

Your clothes will be remarkably clean and freshly fragrant and you will have the assurance that skin is protected against irritation.

ONLY $26




Baby Fabric Softener 1Lt

A delicate fabric softener with Rooibos extract which is non-irritating to baby’s skin. Also ideal for adults who suffer from itchy and allergic skin conditions.


Baby Shampoo 200ml

A non-drying formula that won’t irritate the skin or burn your baby’s eyes.

ONLY $21 AD/06080/02

Baby Bath Time 200ml

The perfect travel companion. Contains Annique’s patented Rooibos extract to relieve skin irritations and dryness.

ONLY $21

Baby Body Lotion 200ml

Prevents dryness, itching and restlessness caused by the chafing and scratching of clothes and blankets.

ONLY $25



Buy the Baby Fabric Softener 1Lt or the Fabric Detergent 1Lt and get Baby Rooibos Tea 100g FREE!


ONLY $26 VALUE $36

Baby Rooibos Tea 100g

Organic Rooibos Tea helps to prevent food allergies when used to prepare milk formula. Add Rooibos to baby’s bath water to soothe skin irritation and rashes.


Moist Silky Soap 120g

Hypo-allergenic qualities combined with the Annique Rooibos extract provides a safe and fragrant body soap for baby.

ONLY $14 AD/06140/02

SAVE $10


Skin Detox 30ml

Restores skin elasticity

Helps to replace essential fatty acids in the skin, improves elasticity and promotes a healthy glow.

ONLY $49 AA/00122/13

Lifting Essence Neck and Bust Cream 75ml Helps to firm and strengthen skin and improve elasticity and hydration.

ONLY $36

Buy products to the value of $175 from the FOREVER YOUNG and ESSENSE FREE! ranges (special offers excluded) and get the Bo-Serum 30ml FREE!




perfection Sensi Crème 50ml

Formulated with Octinoxa and essential fatty acids to help nourish, soothe and moisturise even the most sensitive skin.

ONLY $38 AA/00181/13

Antioxidant Radiance Masque 50ml A creamy clay masque rich in Rooibos extract for its antioxidant properties and mineral clay. Effectively improves radiance in stressed and dull skin.

ONLY $39 AA/00361/12

Intense Repair Serum 24ml Helps to repair visible signs of damage to reveal more radiant skin.

Derma Bright 30 Ampoules

Pure vitamin C helps lighten pigmentation marks and evens out skin tone.

ONLY $36 AA/00252/12

ONLY $84

Moisture Serum 24ml

Helps to restore and moisturise dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.

ONLY $36 AA/00130/12


Derma Block SPF 30 30ml Energising Eye Gel 15ml

Forms part of your every day skin care An advanced, quick absorbing, non-oily eye routine to help prevent pigmentation and gel helps to promote firmness, skin elasticity premature ageing! and combat dark circles and puffy eyes.

ONLY $28 ONLY $37 AA/00371/10 AA/00251/12

Revitalising Cream 50ml

RetiniQ 30 Ampoules

ONLY $69

ONLY $84

The first anti-ageing and repair cream developed by Annique and still a best seller today. Helps to plump up skin, smooth skin texture and combat the signs of ageing. AA/00080/02

Crème de Nuit 50ml

A new and improved, superior night treatment that helps to nourish mature and dehydrated skin.

ONLY $45


A delicate satin-smooth formula with potent, yet stable Vitamins A, C and E. Helps to revive the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and environmental damage. AA/01552/12

Q10 Therapy 30ml

Contains Co-enzyme Q10 to give skin an energy boost and helps to refine skin, while evening out skin tone.



for all!


ONLY $38 AA/00152/04

FREE! Before

Eye Therapy 15ml


Aids in reducing fine lines around the eyes. Skin becomes smoother, soft and retains its normal elasticity.

ONLY $54 AA/00260/02

SAVE $75

Buy products to the value of $175 from the FOREVER YOUNG and ESSENSE ranges (special offers excluded) and get the Bo-Serum 30ml FREE!

“After using the Bo-Serum for about three weeks, my colleagues mentioned the difference in my face. Especially my mouth and cheeks.”

Bo-Serum 30ml

Say no to surgery!

An advanced wrinkle fighting formula that contains BoNT-L Peptide (first in South Africa) to help soften deep and existing wrinkles.



dazzle them!


Moisture Cover SPF 15 50ml

Almost make-up…A convenient 3-in-1 product that provides light pigment to even out skin-tone, hyaluronic acid that helps moisturise skin and an SPF 15 to help protect against sun damage. Use in conjunction with your moisturiser.

Modern AG/13610/11

Classic AG/13612/11

ONLY $39 AG12110/13

Elegant AG/13611/11

Stylish AG/13609/11

Moisturising Lipstick with Chronomoist

Chronomoist provides time-release moisturisation technology for softer, moisturised lips.

Cashmere Eye Shadow Duo shades

Silky, cashmere-soft, amplified colour-impact eye shadow enriched with Moisture Plus for comfortable application.

ONLY $24




AG/12332 /12

ONLY $21

True Blush Rich Suede AG/12779/11 AG/12778/11 Peach Lustre Nude Cashmere AG/12780/11 AG/12777/11

Iced Champagne Ginger Wrap AG/12783/11 AG/12784/11

Plum Radiance AG/12785/11

Classic Cinnamon AG/12782/11

Retractable Eyeliner

ONLY $12.50

SAVE $9 Velvet Touch Foundation SPF 15 30ml

A beautifully soft foundation with light, natural coverage that glides onto the skin, leaving a velvet smooth finish with flawless coverage. Fragrance free.

ONLY $20 VALUE $29

Feels Like Silk Foundation SPF15 30ml

Feels Like Silk Foundation SPF 15 30ml is an upmarket antiageing foundation that contains hyaluronic acid, that is well known for its ability to hold moisture, therefore offering a “water reservoir” to the skin.

ONLY $34



Sun Safety Aerosol SPF 30 125ml

A water resistant sun protection aerosol for the whole family.

ONLY $18 AA/00507/06

Safe-in-the-Sun SPF 30 with DN-Age 75ml

Helps to prevent the ageing signs associated with sun exposure.

ONLY $30


ON eyesYOU!


Be Wise SPF 50 with DN-Age 30ml A sophisticated formula with a SPF 50, that provides the ultimate skin protection in harsh climatic conditions.

ONLY $22 AA/00508/09

Miracle Tissue Oil 100ml

A light, quick absorbing tissue oil combined with Rooibos infused oil. Helps improve stretchmarks, scars and uneven skin-tone.

ONLY $49


Bliss AG/13734/11

Buy the Miracle Tissue Oil 100ml and get one Cashmere Eye Shadow FREE!

ONLY $49 VALUE $64

SAVE $15

Radiance AG/13736/11

Cashmere Eye Shadow Singles

Silky, cashmere-soft ampli ed eye shadows are enriched with Moisture Plus for comfortable application, that looks great and wears like a dream!


Delicious AG/13735/11

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