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Innovators in Cleaning

EFFECTIVE DISINFECTION customized solutions for YOUR production and YOUR production flow

Alcohol IPA sprit 70%, Combi Des 70%

Amfotær Tego 2000

QAC / PHMB / Amin Desinfect Maxi (QAC), Desinfect 44 (PHMB), Desinfect Ultra (QAC/amin)

Halogener (f.eks. klor) Hypochlor DES

Peroxider (hydrogen peroxid/ pereddikesyre) Oxidan Extra


Gram- bacteria Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter

Gram- bacteria

Listeria, Bacillus, Clostridium

Bacteria spores Bacillus cereus

Only PAA

Yeast Fungi Virus Bakteriofag Very effective

Only PAA Effective

Minor or no effect



isinfection is required in order to produce high quality products. Disinfection is a process, which takes place after cleaning the machinery/equipment. In order to ensure the disinfectant optimal conditions, it must be applied a clean surface. These are the preconditions for succeeding in any disinfection process. A properly carried out disinfection is achieved using the correct dosage and working under the right temperature conditions. Only thereby we ensure that: • • • •

Microbiological contamination is avoided Production efficiency is maintained Internal and external quality requirements are being complied Beneficial effect to the company image

Let Novadan review you production and let us advice you. Thereby you ensure a customization of the disinfection process to your cleaning methods and your working environment. All Novadan’s disinfectants are approved by Fødevarestyrelsen for use by food processing companies. Novadan comply with the guidelines for Biocides Regulation and regularly monitors the guidelines and EU requirements concerning biocides and biocide regulation. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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Innovators in Cleaning

Novadan is an innovative Danish production and service company, which was established back in 1980 with a background in the Danish dairy industry. Novadan has its own production and R&D department in Kolding, where a wide range of high-quality cleaning agents, washing powders and disinfectants are manufactured. Novadan is a supplier of cleaning and hygiene solutions to both the Danish and the international pharmaceutical and food industries, e.g. slaughterhouse, food processing companies, dairies and breweries. In short, Novadan is a competent partner in the solution of any cleaning task.

Novadan ApS - Platinvej 21 - DK-6000 Kolding Tlf: +45 76 34 84 00 www.novadan.dk