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Ann Connelly Fine Art continually engages in gallery sales and exhibitions, fine art services including: consultancies, procurement, full-service framing and installation services. Over the last year we compiled this look book of events and collaborations that Ann Connelly Fine Art has encountered through our work in the community. We thank you, our artists, patrons, and all of our community partners for your efforts toward helping us to recognize and showcase our artists and creative talent, and serve the community through the arts.


TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Gallery Involvement

Past: Louisiana Landscapes Birds and Bayous Folk Art and Music Big World Derek E. Gordon Future: David Williams Brad Bourgoyne Ralph Bourque Kelli Scott Kelley

2 Civic and Community Partner Events Past: Future


Annual Laurel St. Palooza St. Vincent de Paul, Father Gerald Burns Photography Louisiana International Film Festival Louisiana Vernacular in France Forum 35 - Art Melt Annual Arts Council Meeting Better Blocks BR, BR Walls, ONE BR Derek E. Gordon Kenneth Brown Pop-up Event

3 Gallery Exhibitions

Past: Art Wine Design Fall 2012 Event 15 Artists under $1500 Taste of the NFL Sujata Gopalan Workshop Art Wine Design Spring 2013 Event Splash Exhibitions Future: Art Wine Design Fall 2013 Event: Megan Singleton & Joe Walters Doug Kennedy Jacqueline Dee Parker

4 Corporate Projects

Iberia Bank Head & Enquist Woman’s Hospital Pennington Biomedical Research Center Capital One Pinnacle Entertainment Our Lady of the Lake



Gallery Involvement

An ongoing partnership with the Gallery at Manship Theatre allows Ann Connelly Fine Art to reach an even broader audience and feature more gallery and visiting artist exhibitions. Renee Chatelain and Melanie Couvillion at the Manship Theatre have been instrumental in assisting Ann Connelly Fine Art in developing an exhibition schedule and curating shows within their space at the Shaw Center for the Arts.



Louisiana Landscapes December 2012 Lisa Di Stefano, Jill Hackney, and George Marks, all graduates of the LSU School of Art, have been close associates since 1998 when they were members of a cooperative studio in Baton Rouge. Over the years, each has worked independently and now they are migrating back to sharing a studio space in Arnaudville, which is the inspiration for many of their paintings.


When they were asked to collaborate on Louisiana Landscapes the artists joined together to consider paintings which would work well in their exhibition space. After reflecting on the natural components of a landscape, they decided that it was a clear direction for Lisa to paint earth, Jill to paint water, and George to paint air.


Hunt Slonem February 2012

Bancorp South invited renowned artist, Hunt Slonem, to exhibit a feature show at the Gallery at Manship Theatre presenting a collection of his iconic bunnies, birds, and other exotic animals. Slonem’s tie to the Louisiana landscape and his appreciation for a historic southern aesthetic, made him and his work a natural collaboration for Ann Connelly Fine Art. Slonem was featured in a splash exhibition at ACFA after closing of the Gallery at Manship Theatre Exhibition.


Butch Hornsby March 2012

Cyril Vetter, author of Dirt Dobber Blues (a book about musician and artist Butch Hornsby), sponsored a solo show featuring a collection of Hornsby’s work gathered from the artist’s estate and various personal collections. The exhibition at the Gallery at Manship Theatre was assisted and co-promoted by Ann Connelly Fine Art.



David Humphreys “Big World” June 2013

David Carlysle Humphreys “Big World” solo exhibition featured his inventive hand applied photographic collage technique based on his original photography. The show was featured at the Gallery at the Manship Theatre and exhibited his multi media artwork.


Derek E. Gordon August 2013

The Derek E. Gordon Arts Fund was established by the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge in memory of former President and CEO, Derek Gordon, who passed away last September. The fund will support excellence in the arts through organizational programs and scholarships to individuals for artistic endeavors and creative opportunities. Part of Derek’s legacy is that our community has more access to the arts, is more creative, and is provided with more opportunities to celebrate cultural connections. An exhibition of work from the Derek E. Gordon art collection is on view at the Gallery at Manship Theatre in coordination with the Living Legacy, a concert benefitting the Derek E. Gordon Art Fund.




Artist Kelli Scott Kelley, whose work is shown above, will be guest curating an exhibition at the Manship Theatre in October 2013.


November - December 2013 The upcoming exhibition will be featuring three artists: David Wiliams (top left), Brad Bourgoyne (top right), and Ralph Bourque (bottom left).



Civic & Community Partner Events

Ann Connelly Fine Art has always placed a great importance on supporting the groups and programs that tirelessly strive to provide a community for arts within the city and our state. Our community partnerships serve to strengthen our current artistic climate and provide a bright future for community endeavors


Annual Laurel St. Palooza January 2013

The Arts Council hosts an annual palooza incorporating local artists, food, drinks and entertainment. Cary Saurage and Ann Connelly were crowned this years King and Queen by Mayor-President Kip Holden.


Father Burns for St. Vincent de Paul

April 2013 Father Gerald Burns, an avid nature photographer, partnered with Ann Connelly Fine Art to create a collection of artwork for the St. Vincent De Paul facility in Baton Rouge. The gallery held an opening night along with a fund-raising campaign for the project which was made possible by David Humphreys and other gracious patrons.


Louisiana Vernacular in France April 2013

The gallery sustains Louisiana culture by participating in the Louisiana Vernacular in France. The collective supports local artisans and brings cultural awareness to a vanishing part of Louisiana history. The gallery held an welcoming reception to host visitors from France who were touring the state as part of an immersion and exchange program.


Louisiana International Film Festival Bob Adleman April 2013

Photographer Bob Adelman was part of a special exhibition curated by the gallery in conjunction with the premier of the Louisiana International Film Festival. The historic civil rights era images were exhibited at the Louisiana Old State Capital and were made possible by a partnership with Chesley Heymsfield with LIFF.



Forum 35’s Art Melt Celebrating 10 Years

July 2013 One of the largest juried art shows in the state, Forum 35 presented Art Melt - held at the Louisiana State Museum. Contributors included the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge and Ann Connelly Fine Art. The juried show was installed and curated with the assistance of Katherine Scherer, Sandy Parfait, Jonathan Grimes, Ann Connelly, Sharise Ruiz, Nanci Gaddy and Chelsea Norris.


Annual Arts Council Meeting July 2013

The gallery hosted the annual arts council meeting along with welcoming the new director of the Greater Baton Rouge area, Eric Holowacz. The evening featured music and an awards ceremony for community partners and arts council staff.


BR Walls

Casey Phillips, founder of The Force Agency, helped establish the group BR Walls, which facilitated the movement for community involvement such as One BR and Better Block BR.


One BR Ann Connelly Fine Art partners with community outreach projects such as One BR and Better Block. Ann Connelly and Chelsea Norris were part of the team for One BR, a public work project promoting the beautification of historical Baton Rouge. The installation was also a precursor to the Better Block campaign weekend.

Better Block



Derek E. Gordon The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge presents Living Legacy - a concert event of great music benefitting the Derek E. Gordon Arts Fund that will take place on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at the Manship Theatre. This special event is a unique opportunity to see these world-renowned musical artists on one stage: Kurt Elling, Fred Hersch, Berta Rojas, and Vanessa Rubin. There will be a special exhibition of artwork from the Derek E. Gordon art collection on display in the gallery at Manship during the month of September. Proceeds from concert tickets and the sales of artwork benefit the Derek E. Gordon Arts Fund.


Kenneth Brown Pop-up Event Louisiana born designer, Kenneth Brown. Internationally recognized designer, Kenneth Brown, has returned to Louisiana continually creating inventive projects and events to incorporate design and benefit the community. Kenneth Brown and Ann Connelly are working together to create a sophisticated pop-up boutique whose partials proceeds contribute to the work of City Year in Baton Rouge.



Gallery Exhibitions

Our goal is to keep the gallery looking fresh and inventive with artwork hoping that every time a client walks in something catches their eye. We feature a variety of artists every month and continually change the gallery to cater to individuals, projects, and consultancies. Throughout the year we exhibit solo artists through Splash Exhibitions that hang for approximately three weeks in the gallery. These shows are publicized via social media, print media, and e-blast e-mails to over 2400 clients.


Art Wine Design Fall

November 2012 ACFA hosted Washington DC artist, Robert Rea, for the bi-annual Art Wine Design Event involving the merchants within the Southdowns Shopping Center, part of the Perkins Road Arts District.


Installation by Cynthia Giachetti and Ben Diller

Left: Robin Cole, Demond Matsuo, Robert Rector

15 Under $1500 December 2012

For the month of December, ACFA featured 15 artist’s works priced under $1500. The artists included in this event were as follows: Cynthia Giachetti, Ben Diller, Robin Cole, Demond Matsuo, Robert Rector, Elise Morris, Ryan Cobourn, Cynthia Knapp, Doug Kennedy, Karoline Schleh, Amanda Talley, Chuck Voelter, Donna West, Ed Pramuk, and Lisa Distefano.

From Left: Cynthia Giachetti and Ben Diller Installation, Elise Morris


Left: Ryan Cobourn, Cynthia Knapp, Doug Kennedy, Karoline Schleh

Taste of the NFL: Amy Dixon

February 2013 Ann Connelly Fine Arts hosted Amy Dixon for a live painting at the gallery in coalition with the Taste of the NFL event. Amy painted, while other pieces of her work were displayed in the gallery.


Sujata Gopolan Workshop March 2013

LSU Printmaking alumna, Sujata Gopalan, currently lives and works in Indiana. Sujata led a guided workshop along with a Splash Exhibition at the gallery.


Art Wine Design Spring

April 2013 Mia Kaplan and Ryan Cobourn were spotlighted in this Spring’s Art Wine Design. Mia Kaplan, a young artist out of Lecompte recently received a grant from the Ogden Museum in New Orleans for her sculptural work. Brooklyn artist, Ryan Cobourn debuted his “Woods” series of paintings at the opening night event at the gallery.



Cynthia Giachetti

Andree Carter


Hunt Slonum

Donna West

Ben Diller


Art Wine Design Featuring Megan Singleton & Joe Walters Recent LSU MFA graduate Megan Singleton along with acclaimed installation artist, Joe Walters, will be featured in an installation exhibition at Ann Connelly Fine Art with a reception held on October 10, 2013.

Megan Singleton

Joe Walters


CHAPTER FOUR Corporate Projects

Ann Connelly Fine Art works as a fine art consultancy firm specializing in private, residential and public artwork projects. Corporate clients include: Iberia Bank, Renaissance Hotel, Phelps Dunbar, Capital One Bank, Lamar Dixon, Pennington Biomedical, Our Lady of the Lake, Oceania Cruises, Pinnacle Entertainment, Head and Enquist, and Community Coffee.


Iberia Bank

Chrestia ,Staub, Pierce

With Iberia Bank’s progressive look, the designers chose modern pieces to highlight and represent their client.


Head & Enquist Design Studio of LA Becky Walker


Woman’s Hospital

Commercial Design Interiors Matthew Edmonds




LA Division of the Arts Pennington Biomedical Research Center was part of the state program entitled “Percent for Art�. Through this program, a percentage of state funds from the construction budget for the facility is dedicated to providing artwork for the state buildings and grounds. This program is administered by the Office of Cultural Development, Division of the Arts in the Louisiana Dept of Culture, Recreation and Tourism under the office of the Lt. Governor. Ann Connelly Fine Art worked closely with a representative from the Division of the Arts, Dana LaFonta.


Capital One Bank

Francis Thompson Capital One Corporate Art Collection

Capital One’s office in downtown Baton Rouge wanted to have their collection reflect the natural landscape of the area. One of the pieces selected for the executive area was the Oxbow Lake depiction by Doug Kennedy.


Pinnacle Entertainment L’auberge Casino


Our Lady of the Lake Bradley Blewster Architects The hospital projected presented a thematic opportunity for ACFA and our artists. The canticles of St. Francis of Assisi based on “Brother Sun”, “Brother Wind”, “Sister Water”, and “Mother Earth” dictated way-finding and enriched the mission of the hospital.

Brother Sun


Brother Wind


A Year in Review: Nov-Nov  

November 2012 - November 2013

A Year in Review: Nov-Nov  

November 2012 - November 2013