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about the gallery Ann Connelly Fine Art has been a leading residential and corporate gallery in Louisiana since 1989. Focusing on cultivating Louisiana-based and nationally recognized artist, Ann Connelly has curated a multi-faceted collection of artwork, sculpture and mixed media works for the gallery and for art venues associated with the gallery. Today, the gallery hosts several specially curated exhibitions throughout the year featuring a range of artists that are selected in the cultural context of the area. In addition, Ann Connelly Fine Art is engaged in procuring work for private, corporate and public consultancies around the United States.  The gallery is pleased to be a part of Nancy Greene's new store front venture in California, Malibu on the Greene.  “I have known and worked with Nancy Greene for eleven years and am confident in this promising business”-Ann Connelly.  

Phelps Dunbar

The Rena issance Hotel

I ber ia Bank

Head & Enquist

P ublic ations

Residential Project for Sela Ward

Southern Accents featuring Gerrie Bremermann Design with Ann Connelly Fine Art

Metropolitan Home Leah Simone

House Beautiful International

House Beautiful International

Southern Accents featuring Antique Drawings at Ann Connelly Fine Art

JW Designs

Gallery Publications and Installations  
Gallery Publications and Installations