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A Millennial World Valentine Day!!! Love is in the Air with Big Data & Analytics!!

Millennial Love Gen Y Disrupts Love!

 Millennial love is all about experiences rather than just a gift  Experiences woven with Retail Analytics  eCommerce  mCommerce  Instore Experiences with Beacons

Personalized Love Will You Be My Valentine?

 Keeping the Millennials Engaged with Uniform, Seamless, Multichannel Experiences  Retail Mobile Apps  Mobile app Personalization

Smart Love, Smart Analytic This Year & Forever!!

 Gear up for last minute predictions for each loyal customer by curating critical data all year round  Preferences  Behavior  Demands

 Combat traffic & visits to avoid out of stock or sold out situations • In-store • e-Commerce

 Carry out personalized marketing campaigns

• Through apps & social media • Offer relevant coupons & discounts • Drive in-store navigations & notifications

ď‚– Plan inventory & logistics to match the last minute demands

ď‚– Customize products & promotions according to the markets & specific geographies

ď‚– Multichannel marketing to enable seamless experiences across devices ď‚– Keep loyalty programs in sync across devices & platforms

ď‚– Dynamic suggestions for changing shelf displays & online showcases

ď‚– Enable cross selling by analyzing what the customer might want

ď‚– Combine gamification with expected behavior

And That is Not All! It Gets Better! Find Love!

ď‚– Dating sites, dating games and portals to find the right person ď‚– Capture the details of every person registering ď‚– Zero down on compatible pairs


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A Millennial World Valentine Day!!! Love is in the Air with Big Data & Analytics!!  

Right through the festive seasons across the world, Diwali, Halloween, Christmas and the New Year Retail Analytics remains on the job and th...