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City Interviews Croatian students interviewed Polish students about their cities and wrote articles with the information

SŠ Ban Josip Jelačč ić Zaprešić




AN INTERVIEW WITH A POLE BIALYSTOK, Poland Matusz live in small town named Bialystok. That is in north-east of Poland and there are about 300,000 inhabitants. When I asked him what he likes the most about his city, he told me that it’s a small, clean city without much traffic in the streets and he would not want to change anything and this town is perfect to him. People there usually eat potatos with meet. That is the most common dish. My name is Antea Šokčić and the boy that I have interviewed is called Mateusz. He is from Poland. He introduced his city Bialystok to us.

The things you can do in Bialystok are do sports, meet with friends and go shopping. Matusz’s favourite place to hang out is Galeria Jurowiecka, the biggest shopping centre in the city. There are also three museums.

There are lots of forest and that make his city special and enyojable. The young people hang out on Rynek Kosciuszki Square that is the biggest square. Zenek Martynuik is famous in his city he is leader of Akcent group and you can check him up on YouTube.


A life in Białystok FOOD As all Polish cities, delicasies of Białystok are kotlet schabowy, the Polish version of pork breaded cutlet, potatoes and mizeria, the most popular Polish salad made with grated cucumbers and sour cream.

NATURE The most common natural area in Białystok is Puscza Białowieska, one of the last and largest remaining parts of the rainforest.

Maciej Woźniewicz is a 16 year old Polish student who lives in city Białystok with around 300 000 inhabitants. Located at north-east of Poland, Białystok isnt a big city, yet it is very thriving by one of best polytehnic school in Poland Politechnika Białostocka. The city is covered with amazing murals on walls. In Białystok there are cinema, swimming center, shooping centers, skates parks, museums like Museum of Polish Army and Museum Podlaskie and galeria Jurowiecka, one of hang-out places for young people.

Even though Białystok is a nice city, Maciej wishes people of Białystok would be nicer.


Author: Jana Jambrešić





Bartosz about Bialystok LIFE IN BIALYSTOK Bartosz Jaroszewicz is not so talkative 17 year old student who lives in Poland, Bialystok. Bialystock is a city in the north-east of Poland. There are around 300 000 inhabitants. Bartosz said that what he likes about his city is that it is not so big but it is still thriving. In Bialystok you can go in skate parks, shopping centers, cinema, swimming pool or some museums, like Museum of Polish Army or Museum Podlaskie. Food usally eaten there are “Kotlet Schabowy” and “Mizeria”. Kotlet Schabowy is similar to Viennese schnitzel and Mizeria is very tasty cucumber salad.

Young people often hang out in “Galeria Jurowiecka”. Galeria Jurowiecka is one of the biggest shopping malls in Bialystok. Besides shopping malls, museums and national parks, there are also schools like “Politechnika Bialostocka” one of the greatest Polytechnic schools in Poland.

At the very end we asked Bartosz what would he like to change in his city and he said “Some people, because they are not very nice”.

In Bialystok you can also find one national park- “Puszcza Bialowieska” or “Bialowieska Forest” which is one of the last and largest remaining parts of the immense primeval forest. Bartosz said that murals make his city very special. is one of the biggest shopping malls in Bialystok.

Written by Marta Utović and Filip Budimir




City interview This is Weronika Sak and she's fifteen years old. She comes from Poland and she lives in the city called Białystok. It is the largest city in northeastern Poland. It is located on the banks of the Biała river. It has around 300.000 inhabitants. The thing she likes about her city are the people. People are always nice and friendly. She only wishes it was a bit quieter. The city is full of beautiful sights to explore. Her favourite place to visit is the Planty park because of the fresh air and beautiful nature. She likes to hang out in the Kosciuszko Market Square. It’s full of restaurants and bars. In the city you can visit many museums such as the famous Historical museum and the Army museum. You can also visit the famous Branicki palace. People usually eat tradicional dishes which are mostly soups and some famous deserts such as Sekacz and Budyn. She usually eats fast food. The most famous people from her city are Izabella Scorupco and Albert Sabin. What makes her city special are it’s beautiful sights, delicious dishes and nice


Białystok is the capital of Podlaskie Voivodeship. It ranks second in terms of population density and eleventh in population. The city has Warm Summer Continental climate characterized by warm summers and long cold winters. It is the fifth most forested city in Poland. Białystok is one of the largest cultural centers in the Podlaskie Voivodeship. The attractions include performing arts groups, art museums, historical museums, parks and green spaces. The city was on the short list to become a finalist for European Capital of Culture in 2016. The most visited tourist attraction is the Branicki Palace. It was also known as Versailles of Podlasie at the time of its construction. Adrian Lokner Lađević and Sara Bukovina interview Weronika Sak from VI High School.



Since 1980


Agnieszka Zdanowska

Agnieszka Zdanowska is a girl from Poland. She lives in a city called Białystok located on the north-east of Poland. There are 300 000 inhabitants. The city is located on Biala River. Białystok ranks second in terms of population density, eleventh in population, and thirteenth in area, of the cities of Poland. It has historically attracted migrants from around the world. Bialystok is the fifth most forested city in Poland.Things she likes about her town is people’s hospitability and that it’s not crowded. Some food that is popular in her city is traditonal food like sękacz or pierogi. The activities you can do in her city are bowling, partying, sightseeing, you can do many sports like bungee jumping. There are many museums in her town. One of them is old Polish military museum.

Some famous natural areas where you can enjoy going on walks in Bialystok are park Planty and National Bialowieski park. Things that make her city special and different from other cities are lovely people and their many cultures. People her age ussualy hang out in the city centre where they go to cafes and night clubs. They also often go to football matches where they cheer for their town football team.

Her school system is quite simple and almost the same as in Croatia, 8 years of primary school and then 4 years of high school. Some of her town traditions that she likes are summer festivals and concerts of famous people on New Years Eve. There are not many famous people in her town but some of the famous people are singer Kaja, Ludwig Zamenhof, singer Zenek Martyniuk and Leon Tarasewicz.

Interview conducted by Petra Vidović, Branimir Hrsto, Matej Slišković



Since 1975

Croatian-Polish Connection

Bialystok is a city in the north-east of Poland and it is located on the Biala River. There are more than 300 000 inhabitants. A major of Katarzyna is a15-year-old student from Bialystok. Ivan and Borna askedBialystok is Tadeusz her some questions about her city Truskolaski. The first settlers and they took part in big project called eTwinning. Goal of this project arrived in 14th century. This is to find out more about other cities city was European Capital of in Europe. Countries which took part Culture finalist in 2016. Croatian students Ivan Kramarić and Borna Serdarušić from Zaprešić interviewed Polish student Katarzyna Misarko.

are Croatia, Spain, Poland and Belgium.

Katrzyna Misarko on one of her Instagram photos.

Jagiellonia is a famous football club in Bialystok.

Katrzyna is into fashion and pop music. She likes drinking coffee.

Katarzyna likes pools, cinema, parks, monuments and night clubs the most. She thinks her city doesn´t need changes because of its beautiful parks and streets. People in BIalystok can ride a bike, enjoy walks in parks, do sports, watch matches at beautiful Bialystok City Stadium, visit monuments and museums, go shopping… She likes doing sports like volleyball and going to parks. She has visited The Historical Museum and The Army Museum. People in Bialystok eat ordinary food like every European, but their traditional dishes are pierogi and bigos. In Bialystok we can find a lot of hotels, restaurants and fast food restaurants like McDonald´s and KFC. Some famous people in Bialystok are Anja Rubik (Polish model), Albert Sabin (born in Bialystok, known for polio vaccines) and Kamil Grosicki (Polish football player who played at Jagiellonia, winger, plays at Hull City in England)

Authors: Borna Serdarušić Ivan Kramarić



Bigos is traditional Polish food, in Croatia known as “gulaš”. It is soup with beef, cabbage, mushrooms and sausages and it is eaten with mashed potatoes or bread.

Pierogi is traditional Polish dish with potatoes, mushrooms, meat, cabbage and cheese.




ALL ABOUT BIALYSTOK by Nikol Milanović and Dominik Markota

Natalie Skowronska

Natalie is 17 and she lives in Poland, in the city named Białystok. It lays on the river named Biali. The surface of the city is 100km2. Bialystok is a place in northern Poland. It is the capital of the Podlaskie Voivodeship. The city has about 300,000 inhabitants. In the city she can go to the swimming pool named the Chamber, she can watch movies at the cinema called Helios Biala or go to the Puppet theatre, she can visit Branicki Palace and many more. When she is out she, eats fast food like tortillas and kebab… but their traditional meal is „pierogi“

If someone would want to visit Bialystok she would take them to Branicki Palace, to the city centrum called „Rynek Kosciuszki“, or jumper park Trampolin. She would also take them to a high-flight zone and cinema Kinoplex Bsk.

There are not many famous people there but there was a famous American microbiologist named Albert Sabin who was one of the founders of the cure for the polio disease. She often watches the football game when the Jagiellonia, Bialystoks football club, plays. She attends the 6th High school in Bialystok.This is the Kosciuszko Market Square, it is the main square of Bialystok.





PATRYK AND HIS CITY ABOUT PATRYK Patryk Sajewicz is a 15-year-old high school student. He is from Polish city Bialystok. Bialystok is located in northeast of Poland. Patryk lives with his brother and parents. His favourite subjects are PE and English. He likes his city very much because there are no traffic jams and he can do a lot of activities like working out , playing basketball or hanging out with his friends. He said people in Bialystok are very nice and friendly. There are no hooligans there either.According to Patryk, the most popular food in his city are potatoes with meat. He eats it very often and he said it is very tasty and delicious.There are many parks and city squares in Bialystok.

His favourite place in Bialystok is shopping center Galeria Jurowiecka. He likes it because there are cinema and fast food restaurants and he can hang out with his friends there. In his free time he usually goes to city square Rynek Kosciuszki. Rynek Kosciuszki is very big city square with many cafees and restaurants.There is a catholic church and museum, too.He is very happy with his city and he does not want to change


Bialystok is very big city in Poland. Bialystok is located in the north-east of Poland. Bialystok is named after the river Biali. It was founded in 1320. There are about 300,000 people in Bialystok.There are a lot of museums with very interesting artifacts from the history of Bialystok. The most famous natural areas are parks. Jagiellonia is a famous football club from Bialystok. Some famous people from Bialystok are: Albert Sabin(American microbiologist) and

ABOUT AUTHOR I am Luka and I am 15 years old. I live in Zaprešić. I attend Ban Josip Jelačić high school and I interwieved Patryk Sajewicz from Bialystok. I think the idea of interviewing students from different countries was very good . I had fun, I learned something about Bialystok and I met Patryk.




MARIOLA AND BIALYSTOK ABOUT MARIOLA Mariola Roszkowska is a 15-year-old girl from a Polish city Bialystok. Bialystok is located on the east side of Poland near the Poland-Belarus border. Mariola attends high school in Bialystok. Mariola likes her city, but she would like to add some green (e.g. some parks) there. ’’I like that Bialystok is nice and quiet place.’’: said Mariola. There aren’t many traffic jams, but she sometimes hears some football hooligans from the street. The most famous sport in Bialystok is football. Many people support Bialystok football city club named Jagiellonia. Mariola supports Jagiellonia, too, but she doesn’t like vandalism and hooligans. ’’I think that hooligans aren’t real club supporters, they just want to ruin the game and fight.’’: said Mariola. In her free time she hangs out with her friends in the mall. She goes to the cinema and she eats different food there. She usually orders Pierogies. Sometimes

Pierogies are Mariola's favourite food. Pierogies are little dumplings with meat or other fillings and they are the best tradicional Polish food. Mariola likes that Bialystok is near the Poland-Belarus border, because she can meet a lot of new people from abroad. Near Mariola's highschool there is Galeria Jurowiecka , a place where many young people hang out after school’’After school I can almost see ½ of my school mates there.'': said Mariola. Mariola loves her city and she doesn't want to change it.

ABOUT BIALYSTOK As it was already mentioned, Bialystok is city in Poland near the Poland-Belarus border. There are 300,000 inhabitants. Bialystok probably got its name after river Biali. There are a lot of small museums with a lot of interesting themes. Some famous people from Bialystok are Ludwik Zamenhof (the inventor of international language Esperanto) and Albert Sabin(famous American microbiologist).


Paola Pešić and I(Robert Vitaliani) live in Zaprešić. We attend Ban Josip Jelačić High School in Zaprešić. We had a great time interviewing Mariola and we learned something new about Bialystok and their people.

City interviews, Croatia, Poland  

Croatian students interviewed Polish students about their cities and than with the information gathered wrote the articles

City interviews, Croatia, Poland  

Croatian students interviewed Polish students about their cities and than with the information gathered wrote the articles