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By Silvia

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ONLINE SHOPPING Nowadays many people use online shopping to buy current and special things, like a pair of jeans or a new mobile phone. I personally think that online shopping is a really useful way of buying different things, but I also think that the feeling of going shopping online is not as nice as it is in real life. Online shops have really good advantages. For instance, if you need a pair of sunglasses that can be only bought in the USA you have the chance of buying them differently from your house. In addition, if you live in small village where there is no shop, you had better buy online instead of going to the city. However, in my opinion online shopping does not only imply good things. Imagine this situation; you are looking for a blouse that you are going to wear on your birthday party. Your order is late and apart from that, it doesn't suit you because the size you asked for is too large. What´s more, I feel like you can't rely on an online shop. I think that some web-pages are not safe at all.

To sum up, I think that online shopping gives you a lot of opportunities, but remember that web-page has to be safe. However, I personally wouldn´t change the feeling of your hurting feet after a shopping afternoon for the comfort of online shopping. Alazne Ruiz de Eguino


I think online shopping is an excellent way for buying clothes, shoes, mobile phones, computers and similar things. Sometimes it can be dangerous if you buy in a web page that is not reliable, but if you know you can trust it, you shouldn’t have any problems. In my opinion, in the future, everybody will buy everything apart from food online. Therefore, the selling on the shops will decrease. In conclusion, everybody should learn how to use internet and new technologies because in the future they will have to use them and it will be easier if they learn it now. Irati Saez de Urabain

SHOPPING ONLINE In my opinion online shopping is one of the best ways of shopping. They aren’t all advantages, but for example, you can find all kind of clothes, you can choose the colour and the size you need and many more things. On the one hand, there are lots of advantages. You can choose the clothes that you want. You don’t have to move from your house. You only have to wait for the things that you have ordered. However, you should know that you have 7 or more days, depending on the company, to change or exchange the thing that you bought. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages. You can buy somewhere without the necessary security and you could have problems. Sometimes, your clothes, electronic gadgets or whatever you have asked for, might arrive late or with some problems. However, if you have any problem, you will be able to change or exchange it. Although you have rights for being an online shopper, you should read the terms and conditions every time you buy online. To sum up, I think that if you take care when you buy online and you follow all the instructions, you won’t have any problems. What’s more, I think that it can be a useful way of buying both nowadays and in the future. Maider Isasmendi Echevarria

In my opinion online shopping is an open world of opportunities for buying. You can buy easily on my official websites safely, which offer you many options. Sometimes the prices are cheaper than in the shop. What’s more, if it doesn’t really suit you, you can ask for a refund or for a size exchange without any charges. Even if you don’t like the colo ur, you can ask for an exchange. Nowadays you have 14 days for an exchange, which is really nice for each online buyer. However, if you ask for a refund after 14 days, the shop will not give you your money back. For me, online shopping means freedom of choice, time saving and open options.

Amaia Uriarte

Shopping online has advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, if you don’t have time to go shopping, you can buy what you want only clicking a botton, so it saves you time. Besides, you have more choices. If you buy online, you can find the same thing cheaper than in a shop. Therefore, you can save money too. Although you can save money, it can take you a week or more to get your purchasing, which doesn’t happen if you buy it in a shop because you have the product right then. Although you’ve more choices, I prefer having less and having the opportunity to try it on, if it’s a cloth or it isn’t, to see how it really is. Another bad thing is that you stay at home, and to go shopping can be an excuse to leave house and it’s more sociable. Amaiur Martinez-Gil

Nowadays, we can do a lot of things on the internet. For example, we can chat with people on the other side of the world, play video games, download movies… and we can also buy things all the things we need like clothes, food, cars, airline tickets… But is it safe to buy on the internet? In my opinion, it is safe to buy some things like tickets for a concert or airline tickets, clothes, and electronic equipment; but there are some other things that I probably wouldn’t buy on the internet. For example, last year I wanted to buy a guitar and I saw one on the internet that I liked very much. I told my mother and she told me that it wasn’t safe, because sometimes the neck is crooked or it is broken. Some people buy all they need on the internet and some others prefer to buy in a shop and try them. There are different opinions, but if you want to buy something on the internet, you’ll have to do it well. You have to check if it is safe or not, and it’s important to learn the terms and conditions, because, if it is broken or if you want to return it, you must know how many days you have got and how you must do it. To sum up, I think that you can’t buy everything on the internet, but you can buy some things. And to buy something, you have to be careful and read the terms and conditions. Maite Campo

Online shopping means buying on internet and you can buy a lot of items, for example, food and clothes. I think that online is one of the best ways to buy things. Firstly, online shopping may be cheaper than in the stores and there are offers. Secondly, it is a good option, because it is very comfortable. On the other hand, online shopping has bad things too. For example, if you are buying clothes, you don't know if it´s your size. Next, you don´t know if the product that you are buying is in good conditions. Finally, in some websites it is really difficult to return the items that you have bought. In conclusion, buying online is a comfortable and easy way of shopping. Many people use this method today. However, it has a lot of disadvantages. Like i said in the text you have to be very careful to buy online, because some websites are not safe at all. Mikel Garcia

Online shopping is buying things on the internet, which implies using the websites of common shops, supermarkets, hotels or airlines. I think that online shopping is a good way to buy when you haven’t got time to go to the supermarket, for example. Many people say that isn’t a responsible action, but is it true? Firstly, I think that buying online is the best way nowadays. We are outdoors all the day, and when we arrive home it is more comfortable to buy from home. Another advantage is that you can find things that you can’t find in small stores. For example, if you live in a small town where few people live, you can’t buy flying tickets there. Therefore, if you buy them on the Internet, you don’t have to move. In addition, if you buy something and then you don’t want it, you only have to send it back in a seven days period. Watch out! It is going to be changed to 14 days. To sum up, I think that online shopping is a safe, fast and comfortable way to buy, especially in these modern times when technology and electronics dominate the world. Therefore, why don’t we start using it more? Amaia Ibañez de Opakua

ONLINE SHOPPING In my opinion, shopping online can be good or bad. The first advantage is that if you don't want or if you don't have time to go shopping you can buy online without leaving your house. It is really cheap too. Also, if you live in a small village without any shops you have to go shopping by car to buy things, so it is better to buy online. One of the disadvantages was that you only have seven days if you don't want the thing that you bought. However, now you will have 14 days to change or to get your refund. Another disadvantage is that if you want to buy clothes you can’t try them on. What`s more, when you buy it, it can take you a week to get it at home. To sum up, why don't you try online shopping? It can help you saving time, money and energy. Ana Vallejo

ONLINE SHOPPING In my opinion, online shopping has advantages and disadvantages. The good things are that you can buy things in your house clicking a button. Besides, you have more things to buy and it can be cheaper. In addition, you can choose the thing that you want and the colour. You only have to wait to receive the things that you ordered. Sometimes they say that you will receive the purchase two weeks and you receive it in one month. These things usually happen at Christmas and dates when a lot of people buy things. You can also change or exchange the thing that you have bought, but you should know how many days you have to change or exchange the things because depending on the company you have 7 or 14 days. Therefore, it is necessary you read the terms and conditions. To sum up, shopping online has a lot of advantages if we do things rights. That includes reading the terms and conditions before buying. Miren González.

Online shopping In my opinion online shopping is a good way of buying, but there are many advantages and disadvantages. Shopping online is a very comfortable way to buy, you do it from your house without moving and you have a lot of things to choose. For example, if you are going to buy a bike you have all type of bikes, colours, sizes and prizes to choose. Then they bring the product to your house and you don’t have to do anything else. However, you can have a lot of problems if you buy online. I think that the most important thing is that the web that you are buying on has to be secure and must not show your information. Also, you have to be responsible when you are buying. You have to read all terms and conditions, with this you make sure what rights you have if there is any problem later. You have to take into account how many days the company gives you to change the product or to refund your money. In my opinion, if the consumer does all these things, there shouldn’t be any problems. Eider Berasategi

Online shopping is getting very popular. There are many things you can buy on the internet, for example, clothes, plane tickets, carpets, computers… I think that you can buy whatever you want. Firstly, there are people who don’t like shopping online because they don’t see the real product and they don’t know if they would like the product or not. However, there are some people who find what they want. For example, if they saw something in a shop but there wasn’t their size, they search on the internet to get their item. For me, sometimes it is easier to find something on the internet if I don’t find what I want in the store. To sum up, I think that there is a lot of variety to shop online. There are different web pages where you can buy or see what you need or want. There are people who prefer buying online, and there are people that only buy in shops. In my opinion, sometimes it is easier to buy online. Nahia Iriarte

I think that online shopping is a good way of buying, easy and fast. You can find what you want and it is usually cheaper than in the shop. Besides, you can do this without leaving home, so nowadays many people prefer this option. However, a lot of people don’t trust this shop websites where you choose and buy things because their products may not get to their destinations. In addition, they can’t see what they buy and the product can be damaged or it would be too small or large. In my opinion, online shopping will become the only way of buying clothes and other house appliances items, like washing machines or televisions. Although there will be some problems, it’ll be easy and comfortable for those people who live far from any town. In conclusion, in some years’ time most people will be buying through computer. Online shopping will spread. Kepa Olabuenaga

I think online shopping is the best way to buy things. Firstly, because it’s faster and if you haven’t got time, you can do very quickly. Another advantage is that you can ask for a refund or you can change the size or the colour for 14 days. People say that it can be dangerous because sometimes the companies can steal money or they can bring you a wrong size. However, I think that if you first go to the shop and you check your size, then you can know the size you have to choose. Finally, they carry the product to your house, and if you have any problems, you can send a message to them to solve it. In conclusion, it has more advantages than disadvantages. If you are careful and read all the terms and conditions, it can be the best way of shopping. Eneritz Gonzalez

I think that buying things online is a good system if you live in a town which is far from the shops. Therefore, you needn’t go to the shop as you could buy from home. If you don’t use a car to go shopping, you’ll save the money of the petrol. What’s more, in many websites, the products are much cheaper than in the shops. Although it looks good, there are things that I don’t buy online, for example, clothes. However, I don’t trust the people’s offers. They can cheat you saying that the product is in good conditions, but when send you the product, it is crashed. In my opinion, online shopping is a comfortable way to buy for young people because they don’t need a drive license Jon Zalduendo

ONLINE SHOPPING Nowadays, online shopping is very useful and many people use it to buy things from their houses. It has a lot of advantages, but also disadvantages. In my opinion, it is very comfortable, because you can do it from your house, without leaving it. Sometimes buying online is cheaper than buying at the shop, but you can have problems with the product. However, you can exchange it. If a problem happens, you can change your mind up to 14 days later. In conclusion, I believe that buying online is a good idea, because it has more advantages than disadvantages. Jokin Gil

Online shopping is a fantastic way to buy, because you can buy a lot of thing without leaving the house. You have more options and they bring your shopping to your house. Sometimes, it can be dangerous because they can steal your money. If you buy something and them you don’t want it, you only have to send it back again, but you will have a certain period to do it. Now it is going to be changed and you will have 14 days to change your mind. Mikel Goùi.

Online shopping is a good example of buying although it also has some bad things. First, the product you have bought can be broken or it may not work. In addition, the product can be late or never come. Nevertheless, police look for people that are falsifying the messages written on the websites. If you buy online they bring the product to your house and you don’t need to go to the shop. That is a good thing. In my opinion, in the future robots will come to our houses to bring us the products we have bought. Iker Bañuelos

Online shopping is a good a very easy way to buy a product. Many people prefer this form because you can buy from your house. In addition, it is a very good way of buying objects because it is cheaper. For example buying a car online, you can contact the seller and tested car before you buy it, making sure that what you paying for is in good shape. On the other hand, buying clothes is not a good option because you can have problems with the sizes and you can`t try the clothes before buying. In my opinion, A lot of people use online shopping because it is very an easy form of buying. I believe that it is a very good method of shopping and recommend that everybody should try it. Joseba Gómez

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