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extract for The last silence




展览“永生”将于11月1日在苏州博物馆举行并一 直持续到12月20日。苏州博物馆座落于魅力城市 苏州的市中心,与中国的国际大都市上海西部毗 邻。此博物馆由世界知名建筑大师贝聿铭设计而 成。1958年其在蒙特利尔市中心也设计了令人瞩 目的Place Ville Marie,此大楼于1962年建成。

The exhibition IMMORTALIS opens on November 1st at the Suzhou Museum and runs through December 20. The Museum is located at the heart of the charming city of Suzhou—just west of Shanghai in China. The Suzhou Museum is the creation of the famous architect Ieoh Ming Pei who signed, in 1958, the blueprints of downtown Montreal’s Place Ville Marie, which was completed in 1962.

Immortalis by Besner