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“i was thinkin of an event called "FASTEST CODER OF MIT" or"JUST A MINUTE" in which we give a time limit of 1 min, or 5 min.(whatever is decieded)and give them a set of easy programs to code.... the person who codes maximum no of programs most efficiently wid a proper o/p is the winner . or we can giv them 11 minutes to code and call the event as "JUST A MINUTE MORE". as in after 10 minutes participants will me warned as - "just a minute more"!!

 for

informals i thought of giving a particular debatable (funny) topic. and we ask people der opinion on it, on mike!! the topic can be smthin dats related to technology such as i phone gud or bad..!! this should gain the attention of the public.”

2.SHANTAM KHARE Hey!!! I have got an Idea for an event at Prometheus, a team event of 2/3 members per team depending on the time constraint of the event. What I am thinking is that in the event we give around 4-5 problems(depending on time again) to each team which they can code in any language, each team will have to select a language, then the main plot of the event is that each of the team members code 1 by 1, first 1 team player codes for a certain amount of pre-decided time depending on the time constraint of the event, then players switch and the second player will have to analyse the code and continue coding...The team that codes the most problems correctly in the least amount of time wins. This will test the skills of participants as well as team members' compatibility so will be fun for people as well. There are some things that will have to be thought to put it in action perfectly but for that I need to know our limitations. So this is an event I came up with which I thought might be interesting and fun.

3.SRIVATSA KUMAR So, I thought of this new coding event. It's like a boxing tournament. Two participants are pitted against each other. Both given the same problem statement. They start coding at the same time and the one who finishes first, advances to the next level and has to compete with someone else. In the end, the top two coders compete for the title.


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4.ROHIT NIGAM 1. A site design contest. Topics to be given at a certain time, and a fully functional site has to be prepared. Could be for a shop, a business, an exhibition, a movie anything! The best functioning and best design and detailed site wins! Much better than app designing contests. And will have more participants since people know more of web dev than particular platform app dev. 2. If there has to be an app design contest, how about a Windows 8 app (which are gonna be compatible with windows phone 8 platform too!) And Microsoft might even sponsor us, since they are really suffering from a dearth of apps in their market. 3. Logo design contest (for the club or anything, though we don't need a new one! :D)

5.SHASHANK GUPTA We can have a debugging event. A user will be given a bugged code in C,C++ or Java and he'll have to figure out what the code is doing and debug it. Even better will be if we give a new language altogether. And ask him to debug the code in the new language like Brain Fuck etc Idea 1: The team will have to come up with a creative technical game that can be played for fun. Like on a stall at a fete or sumthin. Max of 3 ppl per team. Idea 2: Debugging contest as i said pehle. We can have either a paper round or give the teams a PC with codes to debug. Max of 2 ppl per team. Idea 3: Troubleshooter The event will contain questions on both hardware and software. participants will have to suggest measures and solutions for various hardware and software problems and errors along with reasons, occurring during system runtime. All valid answers for the same will be accepted. Idea 4: Sound composition. Participants will have to make an original sound composition using software such as FL Studio. Idea 5: Video Editing. The participants will be given a 10 minute or longer clip. They'll have to trim the video to 4 minutes or lesser in a way such that the essence of the video is not lost. Idea 6: Online hacking event.


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We provide the participants with link that has different levels or circles. Their task is to use their hacking skills to go on to the innermost circle or reach the highest level.

6.MALLIKA See, the event is about COMPUTERS, right? And not just programming? I'm sure the technical aspect will be perfect, or rather beyond perfect but let's also make sure people have as much fun as possible during the fest and remember it for being an all-round thing. EVENT 1: Old PC Games Competition

We should have an event with the old computer games that everybody used to play but has now forgotten more or less Dave, Road Rash, Aladdin, Mario, Sonic, Pac-man, DOOM etc. We'll have to arrange a way to make them work on these systems, that's an issue that will require a little preparation. EVENT 2: Logic Related Event Like I mentioned in the email I sent a few weeks back regarding the quiz, we should do something with logic. Maybe instead of having a separate section in Comp Whiz, we can make an event out of it. We can include puzzles to test analytical skills, SAT and GRE ke reasoning questions, questions from IQ tests, questions on Venn Diagrams, Probability and basically just test people's basic sense of logic.

A possible inclusion can be from subjects pertaining to logic design and digital electronics - KMaps, truth tables of functions etc. Teams of 2-3 I guess. EVENT 3: REAL WORLD PROBLEMS Tanvi and I were brainstorming and we came up with this idea of 'Real-world' problems which represent problems in Programming. Like our DS paper, which had this ridiculously long question about a parking lot wherein we had to implement the question using stacks and queues. In 12th, for our CBSE board project we had to generate an Amusement park database using file handling in C++.

So we can give them real life situations which they have to implement using a particular programming language. But they should be easy enough for people to be able to do and for people to want to compete against each other. EVENT 4: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Can we mimick a game show type ka thing? Something like maybe Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Have that KBC fastest finger first type thing for the first round [have a buzzer for each contestant]. The first 3 who answer the question can move on to the 'Hot Seat' for the second round. IECSE MANIPAL |

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Second round can be exactly like KBC, with say 10-15 questions to reach the top prize. The questions will increase in difficulty till the last question is reached. Whoever reaches the furthest [or gets all the questions right] can be declared the winner. We can have all 3 lifelines present as well to spice up the game - Phone a friend, ask the audience and 50/50. This I think would be damn fun. Code Poker was SO appreciated this semester, so another game-type event I'm sure people will surely appreciate. Oh and the final idea [event 4] will have coding questions/questions that the contestant can be given a minute or two to solve. They won't be direct questions, but those that they'd have to work to get.

We can actually totally mimick the T.V. show, in the sense: 15 questions, each worth increasing amounts of points like: Level 1: 10 points Level 2: 20 points Level 3: 50 points Level 4: 75 points Level 5: 130 points and so on. We can have a few 'special levels' say level 3,5,10 and 12. After each succesful answer, the contestant is open to walk out of the game with his score intact. If he gets a wrong answer, he falls to the last 'special level' that he had reached and leaves the game with those many points. At the end of the game, whoever has got the most points will be the winner. It'll be tough to implement because we'll have to take care of so many aspects but sounds like fun.

7.GIRISH KUMAR 1. Re(pe)cursion: An event dedicated to the omnipotent and most imp. concept of Recursion (which is tested in most interviews) where the challenge thrown to partcipants is to code the given problems in recursion. The problems can begin with simple ones like gcd and reversing a string, and then slowly move on to permutations, evaluation of polynomials, pigeonhole principle, merge sort, reversing a linked list, implementing multiple stacks by virtually operating on the intrinsic stack frames. Can be held in multiple rounds. 2. Prometheus Blogger - This concept will double up as a full time media coverage for Prometheus and will create a strong public image. Students of all branches will be invited to make a blog on Prometheus and its events. At the end of the 3 days of events, the participants will have to submit their blog link to the organisers. They will assessed on the basis of design and visual appeal, quality and relevance of content and creativity. This will be a great platform for web developers (even by means of default templates or GUI softwares like Muse), cartoonists, writers and photographers to converge at an IT Fest IECSE MANIPAL |

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and show their brilliance in portraying the best moments of the fest. This event can be held for teams of 2 or 3. This concept will nail two birds in one stone, creating a massive media presence for Prometheus, and at the same time creating a universal event that extends beyond the 500 odd students beloning to IT/CSE. 3. Bridge Workshop - The transition from XHTML and CSS2 to HTML5 and CSS3 4. . Exception Alert! : Candidates will be given the skeletal codes to popular algorithms and questions. However, the exceptions will be omitted from the code eg. if(i==-1) break; ,etc; Candidates are expected to analyze the code and devise any possible exception that can occur and has to be handled. The first round can consist of basic runtime problems such as divide by zero, accessing NULL pointer, overflow, underflow, first=last, etc. The second round can involve complex routines that need to be coded and debugged to handle many exception cases, at the same time accounting for Big O complexity. 5. Android App - Concept making competition. Again in an attempt to lure the general masses into the IT Fest, we can have an Android app concept competition. Considering the limited know-how among students on developing android apps, it may be far fetched to have a competion just for the developers. Instead, we can give the creative minds the freedom to conceptualise and assess needs of the android market, and come up with a feasible and interest concept. The abstracts will be judged based on their creativeness, write-up, practicality of implementation and market viability. 6. Typing speed competition: A simple and sweet classic - concept maybe trivial, but can be implemented in an extravagant and funfilled way. In fact, it can be considered as an informal event. 7. GSOC Introductory Seminar: This can be conducted when the applications are out. The internet has very little in terms of resources or information about GSOC. Seniors with this knowledge can really help the hordes of juniors who are interested in buffing up their CV with the world's most lucrative internship and learning opportunity. 8. Computer General Knowledge: Not coding, not an IT Quiz. Instead - this will be an interesting event that tests the candidates' versatility and dexterity with a computer. This can include posing general problems that can occur in a computer and asking for the solutions, or questioning the purpose of various shortcuts on a computer, or what softwares to use for what purpose. This will interest all branches Example : What software can be used to stitch muliple pdfs together? What is the solution to blue screen of death? If youtube doesn't stream, what plugin is missing? What does Alt+Space do? How to check the clocked speed of the processor from desktop? 9. Criticode - An event modelling critical memory conditions, that will focus on coding efficiency and optimal use of memory and time. The organsiers will have to develop a scheme of evaluation to judge the efficiency . The programs can be as simple as prime number checking, but the best possible and most efficient algorithm with least steps and variables will have to be used. Code reusability be implemented along with multiple use of same variables. There is however a limitation that efficiency can be perceived in different ways. eg. using n-i-1 instead of a new variable j in some algorithms. IECSE MANIPAL |

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Use of register variables can also be awarded use of pointers to access an array rather than indexing using dynamic arrays after taking size as input 10. Apple Vs Microsoft debate -First round having written questions about the two biggies. -Maybe 4 teams can get to a final round of debating where they debate their technologies till date and present their concepts to the future and wage the final battle of supremacy.

8.RUSHIL PAUL Well a type racing Contest would be a little odd in a technical fest, but then, that was just an idea. We could have a set of participants typing out some given on-screen text at their computers and the person who finishes first wins. All computers will be connected through a LAN. I have another idea in mind: How about a hacking contest? There'll be a server machine with a few (vulnerable) services running on it and a text file located at a definite path (flag), and competitors will have their systems connected to that server machine (probably via LAN). Whoever is able to exploit the services to get a shell terminal and thereby capture the flag (recover the text in that text file) wins. You could name the contest "Capture the Flag". I think such a contest will help students learn networking and system security in an intuitive fashion. I have a few more ideas in mind. One of them is about improving the standard and type of questions asked in algorithmic contests (the ones in Cryptoss). Also, I had participated in two programming contests organized by Cryptoss and I found many of the question statement s ambiguous and incomplete. I suppose the questions could be asked and formatted like ICPC or codechef questions.

9.AAKARSH SINGH INOI: Indian National Olympiad in Informatics ZIO: Zonal Informatics Olympiad BIO: British Informatics Olympiad IOI: International Olympiad for Informatics Lets call this: In that order. You guys must be aware of these events which happen annually. Lets have an event where we pick out questions purely from these events This will be a pure coding event, where if the person gets the output, he gets points. We will check for more than one input and then accordingly award marks. IECSE MANIPAL |

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(This will be open for all, as the questions require a certain level of skill which you inherit as a program, no classroom bullshit helps.) I have the complete collection of questions of all these events, packed in a neat winrar archive. IOI questions go back to 1989, BIOs go back to 1995, and INOI from 2001 I think So we can have like three rounds. First Round will be the INOI+ZIO Second: BIOs Third: IOI Why this will be a click? We will ask the participants to come with their laptop, and use whatever language they want to use. If we limit any event to a certain language, it loses something. Tag lines: Use your favourite language IN THAT ORDER Local --> Global And and we can have a certain time slot fixed for the events. And select a number of problems. Like x problems for y hours. And then give these to the contestants. They will have a choice to do whatever program they want to do. We will take away the cell phones. so they don't have internet access, and lets conduct this event in some AB5 or AB1 room. no ION shit :P Because some of these problems have their solutions posted online. But that is a rarity. So my idea basically is to have the most open event IECSE has ever conducted Programming language - Your choice Interface - Yours Choice of program - Yours If we want to give x programs in a timeslot. We can divide the number of programs (n) by x to get N sets of x programs. And we can give people a choice. SET A - SET () Choose whatever you want. If someone is clueless after 1 hour that is they cannot solve any of the x program in their set, we will have a window to change their set. Negative points come along obviously Speaking on the lines of "OPENness" We will have the three rounds open for all, and the weightage for each rounds will be different INOI, BIO, IOI : In that order


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--> Simple Questions (The ones you need to apply your brain over a certain icky part, and then your can solve it, less time consuming questions) --> Teams of 2 --> Team A vs. Team B --> Whoever does it first, goes to the next round. --> If they say they have completed the question and it is wrong of something, other teams get a walk through --> 1 day event this can be --> Should try to make it open for all years Note: Also, every event we do we should mention the requisites and shit. Because during techtatva, alot of first years turned up for cryptos. And rest they say..

Come Play, bring your weapons of destruction along. --> A pure one on one competition, lets call them person X and Y --> Person Y will challenge Person X with a problem, and vice versa --> But these problems will go through the IECSE moderator (someone present in the event from our side) - and moderator will decide whether it is a feasible questions or not --> Now out of X and Y, whoever solves the problem given correctly qualifies. Simple but something new because we are giving the participants the power, by telling them to bring their questions. Now this will be nostalgic experience for many, digging into their brain and finding out questions they loved solving back in their intense coding marathon days, we all had a few :D -->Participants can think of new questions too, obviously if the moderator clears it, we don't want some super shit of a question given and the competition turning unplayable IECSE MANIPAL |

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--> And yes bring your questions, along with solution. That will be a prerequisite Points to think on: If X and Y both fail to solve. Idea: Then the moderator can either quiz them on general programming or anything. Tiebreaker sort of thing And yes at the end of the "DUEL" - it will be compulsory to exchange solutions. Either a txt or written in a paper, because we are here to learn afterall This will be a zero maintenance kind of event, we will just have to sit there moderating questions, but then yes the openness of the competition might be a roadblock, but still worth thinking on it.


Everyone everyone knows. (sic) - They start with CLI.

No one tries out the GUI domain. Very few take that jump. How do you guys feel about a GUI programming workshop or event? Something different again. (I believe)

10.HARSHITA 1.CODE DECODE: In this event, there will be two parts-coding and decoding. Here decoding means step by step dry running the programs. The programs will have simple outputs but the code will be complicated. A very simple example would be that if we have to print a string, the code will be using the ASCII values.Individual participants or member of 2 allowed 2.VIDEO MAKING:Participants will be given a theme and they will have to prepare a video on it in the stipulated time. They can use any software they want. The most innovative one will win. 3.MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: This event will be divided into rounds. In this, each question will have to be coded in two different laguages(any of their choice). There will be elimination after every round. Can be an individual or team of 2 event. 4.DEBUGGING: As the name suggests, it will involve debugging starting from easier codes to tougher ones in the end.


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5.BET ON YOURSELF: Similar to code poker, here the participants will bet on themselves but only at the beginning(when they see the questions for the first time). 6.LATEST TECHNOLOGY QUIZ: Here the participants will be asked questions related to the latest technology(ranging from iphones to latest apps). No coding skills required. 7.IDENTIFYING THE HARDWARE: Here pictures will be shown of the hardware elements and the participants will have to identify them.Later it can be followed by some questions on them. 8.THINK AND DESIGN: Here the participants will have to think of some new design(hardwareSpeed,size,cost etc).Later they will have to present it and convince for its implementation.

11.APURVA VORA An App developing event (android/windows phone) during the duration of prometheus. problem statement to be released by us. we can then have a showcase of the apps in order to declare a winner. In the pre-event workshop instead of teaching them how to build apps, we can help them think on the lines of our problem statement and suggest them ways on how to go about it. This kind of old but still an evergreen event. We can have this instead of extension dev. 2. An event wherein we will provide the source code of an application to the participants. The code will contain errors and the participants need to figure out the errors and fix the app so that it performs the desired function. basically a software testing type of an event.

3. An event where in participants are required to build a website. topic to be given on spot. softwares like dreamweaver and muse can be used. event should take place in CCF lab. duration of about 2.5 hours max. 4. Instead of Elevator pitch we had last time, we can have a Group Discussion event where in people will be given a technical topic for example (JAVA vs C++) we will judge the participants based on their command over the programming language. So we test not only their speaking skills but also their technical aptitude. We can have this event in groups of 20 in the presence of a jury comprising of board members. I feel certain events should be there so that people have experience in public speaking. 5. A street play at KC or in front of IC to attract attention. Topic of the street play should be of a technical background with a blend of catchy dialogues.

12.DHRITIMAN MITRA EVENT NAME - CRICODE DESIGN - C will start with a fire , I will be bat , O will be ball (icc world cup logo type ball ) ,E will be rotated stumps with dislodged bells GAME PATTERN 1)Preliminary round - coding mcqs and some general technical knowledge questions .... IECSE MANIPAL |

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2) (*) star mark questions will be there which will help in case of ties 3) bonus mark questions will be there 4) the 2nd &3rd points will help in elimination in first round 5) 16 persons will qualify to there will be 8 matches at first in quarterfinals... player 1 to 16.. i> pre-quarterfinals-> these 16 players will be taking one on one with each other.. numbers 1 to 16 player will be allotted on lucky draw.. 1 vs 9 2 vs 10 3 vs 11 4 vs 12 5 vs 13 6 vs 14 7 vs 15 8 vs 16 ii> quarter finals 1st match - winners of (1vs 9) & (8 vs 16) 2nd match - winners of (2 vs 10) & (7 vs 15) 3rd match - winners of (3 vs 11) & (6 vs 14) 4th match - winners of (4 vs 12) & (5 vs 13).. iii> 1st semifinal -> winners of 1st match & 4th match in quarterfinals 2nd semifinal -> winners of 2nd and 3rd match in qf iv> final -> winners of both semifinals GAME RULES : i> each round - 6 questions.. in pre-quarterfinals and quarterfinals - each question time limit 1 minute... in semi finals and final - each question 2 minutes... : each player can score 2, 4 & 6 in each question... TIME INTERVAL : 0-30 SECONDS, 30-45 SECONDS, 45-60 SECONDS -> 1 minute questions 0-60 seconds , 60- 90 seconds, 90-120 seconds -> 2 minute questions TIME-SCORE ZONE : 1 MARK QUESTIONS => 0-30 seconds will fetch 6 runs or marks 30-45 seconds will fetch 4 runs or marks 45-60 seconds will fetch 2 runs or marks 2 MARK QUESTIONS => 0-60 seconds -> 6 marks 60-90 seconds -> 4 marks 90-120 seconds -> 2 marks IECSE MANIPAL |

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SPECIAL CASES FOR SCORING : CASE 1 : when both players raise CARDS at same time interval-> (A)if both the players outputs are right, both will be given equal marks according to time-score zone !!! (B)if player1 is right and player 2 is wrong, player 1 will get marks according to time score zone and an equal mark will be deducted from player 2. (C)if both players' outputs are wrong, the score remains same.(no marks deducted)

CASE 2 : when one player raises CARD first and the other doesn't raise in same time interval-> (A)if the player raising the card does it right , he gets marks according to time score zone and the other players' equal scores are deducted . (B) if the player raising card does it wrong , marks will be deducted according to time score zone..the other player will be given chance to finish the question..if he does it correct,he gets 6( six) ..otherwise EVEN IF HE CAN'T FINISH OR GETS WRONG OUTPUT,no score will be deducted.(it is like no ball- free hit benefit) CASE 3 : when both players don't raise card even after the time limit allotted to question -> (A)if both players get it right , both will get 2. (B)if one gets right, he will get 2, other will get -2. (c)if both gets wrong, -2 will be deducted from both side. CASE 4 : in case both players' scores are equal after 6 balls/questions , tie -breaker question will be there . if person raising the card first gets right answer , he wins. otherwise he loses. LOGISTICS REQUIRED a> SHEETS -> as per the participation b> LAPTOPS -> if ccf labs are not booked c>STOPWATCHES AND CARDS=> * it will be very helpful if every organiser has a stopwatch.. hence 20 stopwatch.. I guess most of us have stopwatches in mobiles or watches.. so stopwatches wont result in expense from club fund * 32 cards.. 16 red & 16 yellow( can be made from chartpapers) ORGANISERS REQUIRED a> Atleast 20(from working committee and management committee)... b>Since scoring is bit tricky and complex in this event.hence smartness of organisers will be very crucial in making this event a success.any glitch from organisers will ruin the event. hence success of this event is pretty much dependent on organisers. hence proper guidance has to be given to a selected lot of organisers from beforehand and make sure that they are present in the event..sudden replacement or absence may cause difficulties in the event. IECSE MANIPAL |

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b>both playersshould be provided with red and yellow cards in each match. players will raise this card on finishing.. SCORECARD - > organisers need to write the no. of player along with the card colour on the score will be convenient for them. SAMPLE SCORECARD ball ball 2 ball 3 ball 4 ball 5 ball 6 PLAYER1(Y) PLAYER2(R) NOTE - Y for player having yellow card. R for player having red card . PS :I hope my idea is innovative and will be approved by the revered board of IECSE . this event will be catchy as well as fun as it has the touch of the most popular game of our country, CRICKET. From the club prospective , it is economically very feasible . EXTRA IDEAS PUBLICITY - A banner should be put in the circle infront of the IC, NLH & SHOPS...most catchy place for advertisement WORKSHOP - Ethical hacking workshop by outside people if possible economically.Ethical Hacking is something, which is popular among everyone irrespective of branches. A workshop in big level will do wonders for reputation of our club.. I am in favour of keeping minimum workshops only even if it is 1workshop only, but whatever happens , that should be on huge level. 4-5 workshops with minimum turn out do no good for club.PROMETHEUS 2013 should deliver something as huge as ANKIT FADIA workshop :). SCHEDULE - According to me PROMETHEUS at the end of JANUARY will ensure more participation than the decided schedule of APRIL. Reasons => 1) April Prometheus will just start after revels maximum people participate , be it technical or non technical.hence the zeal for participation reduces naturally 2) Sessionals will be near during April. that also causes in decrement in participation. Janurary will be peak time.. everyone afresh , coming back from home , be it WC or Man Comm, more work can be extracted from us.

13.GAUR HAZRA 1. hey....i came up with an idea for a prometheus event...tell me if u lyf it....i named it"CODE-SCRABBLE".....the idea is...that the question paper would be divided into 5 sets...each set would contain 5 answer options of each question of a set ...would lead to 5 right iptions...which would lead to a word...example..suppose in set-1 question-1...there are 4 options.the options being labelled as p,q,r,s..and option p is the correct p is the starting letter for the first word.....similarly...the correct options of the rest of the questions would lead to a word being formed..which the participants would fill in the boxes...printed at the end of the question paper.i'll continue describing it in d next msg..plz pardon me for its huge length..i just want to keep my idea very clearly


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2.. the word so formed need not be onlu related to a technical can be from any field....and the clue which will be provided after each a hint...would be very difficult enough to no compromise on the testing the technical knowledge of participants....(even if the get the would indicate their sharp guessing skills...which is important sometimes..:P) .1 mark will be awarded for each correct answer...irrespective of the set...if a contestant gets a word completely right...he gets +5..for answering each question...and+5 bonus for writing the correct case if he does not get the complete word correctly....a bonus of +1 mark would be awarded for 2 successive correct letters....example..suppose word is HELLO...and the contestant by solving the questions gets"HE" are 2 consecutive correct letters...and "LO" are two consecutive correct letters so he gets +4 for ansering 4 questions correctly...and a +2 bonus for two sets of correct consecutive correct letters...moreover the boxes 5 words to be formed would be so drawn so that 2 consecutive words have a letter in if he/she makes a mistake in that common letter...he/she would make mistakes in 2 words....example..word 1 and 2 have one letter in common...word 2 and 3 will have on letter in common and so on..

14.HIMANSHU Idea 1- just like tech race .. it will have different levels.... some clues will be there and based on that participant will have to go to a particular place where they will be asked to code a ques. (offcourse volunteers should have a laptop there) the fast they code the faster they will be able to go to the next level. Idea 2- we will provide the participants with a theme of application based on a particular language like before 1 week then we will have a presentation,in which each participant will present his/her app and any participant can ques. and point out the flaws in other's app for they can get some positive points and the performing participant may loose some mark if he is not able to explain. this way we will have a active debating session also. everyone's view will be counted. Idea 3- we will provide some really hard codes which will have some errors... and what the prog. is trying to do and they have to come up with the errors in that.

15.ANIRBAN BANNERJEE Concept: Source codes for a number of programs will be given to the teams without the problem statement. They will be required to figure out what each program is trying to accomplish and improve its complexity. Initial programs will have O(n^2) time complexity or worse. Marks will be given according to the time complexity of the improved programs submitted by the teams. If the final score of two or more teams are equal, the space complexity of their


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programs can be used as a tie-breaker. The program source codes will be provided in languages C, C++ and Java so that more people can participate. Number of participants: Team of 2 members

16.AKSHAY SAXENA I would like to present a few ideas which can be used as a part of Prometheus 2013 or otherwise 1. Guest Lectures: Experts from various fields (technology, films, media, web etc) could be invited over to speak to student. This will attract students from all fields to witness great lectures and can create a buzz around the events in Prometheus. 2. Exhibitions: Corporate and technical groups could be invited over to showcase their latest technological offerings and other creations. Not sure if this has happened here before, but if we can pull this off, it should generate a huge response from students. The Ideas for events that can be considered: 1. REVERSE PROGRAMMING: In this event the contestants can be given set of logical outputs for a particular program, and the contestants shall be asked to write the code used to generate the outputs. Different rounds can take place with different difficulty levels. 2. HOW STUFF WORKS: In this event, contestants shall be asked questions related to the related to the working of the world around us. Questions may range from the working of an IC engine to a simple alarm clock.

3. A Derek O'Brein styled gameshow, complete with buzzer rounds and tie breakers for teams. Questions from technology and current affairs. A revamped version of Comp Whiz.

17.PRATISTHA PRASAD The thought is very simple... but then again simple things make the most impact... Just recently our nettech workshops ended... and I was very thrilled about the idea of having an event purely based on networking... It can have various categories... namely... Various linux commands, ftp, firewall (this could be interesting, finding out how capable is the person against you is in protecting themselves), port nos(their various applications), and web hosting in linux. This could actually interest a lot of people as it would be tricky yet interesting. Participation can be single.. but contestants would be paired against each other.. and end up in a knockout.. Time factor would be crucial. Next idea I had was for an event based on purely hardware and its multiple uses... Could be something like a well organised buzzer round/ quiz kind of event about latest gadget, gizmo etc... many of us are gadget freaks.. and would love such an awesome event.


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18.PRASHANT YADAV 1) We can have a competition based on Data Structures(C/C++) only! A rough idea on how the event can be organisedi) It can be a 2-round event with 1 or 2 members. ii)1st round can be based on basic questions on arrays, pointers etc. iii)2nd round can be on the laptop where the participants will be given questions based on data structures! There can be 5-6 questions for 3 hrs or larger no. of questions with easier difficulty level. We can have the event as a Knock out event as well.It will make it more interesting and fun with half the teams getting knocked out everytime( but we will need more number of rounds for this). I feel this event will be well participated with students from 2nd and 3rd years and also,1st years will take interest as being good at Data Structures is a matter of pride. :) 2)We surely should continue with Encrypt-Decrypt as it was an event which anyone with logical bend of mind can take part and provides diversity in events. An event which was well participated last time and should continue surely. 3) An event on website designing can be great. I dont have much idea on how this can be organised. 4)Some fun events on Photoshop or video editing can also be organised. You can have pre techtatva workshop on this. 5)An event on Debugging can be organised as well. It should be a single round event of 1.5 hrs with errors in code and asking to rectify the codes. It can contain questions on output of weird expressions that people dont generally try. It will be a short and fun vent 6)The Lonely Survivor Most of the coding events are 2/3 member events.We should surely have an individual coding event which will decide the best coder of MIT. 1st round should be basic programming and logical questions. From 2nd round, it can be knock out round like code sprint in which few teams will be knocked out to pave way for the best coder. Workshops 1) On making chrome plugins. 2)On video editing Publicity 1) Apart from online publicity, we can have our poster of coming soon on the notice boards about 1.5 months before to build the excitement. It will be more valued and visible than online publicity. 2)Having the notice board in style of browser where the webpage tells about Prometheus and tabs of the browser telling the names of events can be a really nice idea. It will attract eyes and will help in publicity. 3)Trolls are in trend. They are new way of expressing the iunexpressed. Starting Prometheus Trolls can be a good idea.


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19.AMRIT AYYAR IDEA – 1 Concept : Online Puzzle Game ( Robozzle is an online puzzle game, which involves basic programming concepts and logic mainly. It involves solving the maze by collecting all the stars. It needs to be solved in a set no. of steps, and maybe in a set given time. One can control the arrow to go however in a different colour, and can also call functions in different colors. There are about 3500 puzzles online ranging from easy to hard. Its very interesting. For example :

One can also repaint the squares. Its basically calling functions recursively which solves the maze. One can do a set given number of tries. Round 1 : an easier version of puzzles can be set Round 2 : more difficult ones , involving Stacking of elements in the functions, repainting of squares, one line number of steps, function recurssion etc. Since I have done a variety I can give examples of each type, you could try it out and see till then. Its very challenging and fun.


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No. of people: Team or individual IDEA – 2 Concept : Basic windows Hacking and Tweaking (without Software) Competition using Regedit tweaks, given code tweaks , changes , increasing security, game code tweaks by making minor changes for full health , ammo (for example), Boot changes, or Boot loader tweaks, running programs in start, which help in hacking IDEA – 3

Concept : Competition of Clocking of processors , Overclocking, if available Whoever does it fastest and achieves highest clocking frequency No. of People : Maximum four people IDEA – 4 Concept : Deriving the Time complexity of a given unknown and made up Algorithm, Mathematically Also : Optimizing a given Algo , practical based for a given maze , puzzle , determining shortest paths in a given maze , from one place to another with a given set of conditions. For example : Harry Potter(just to make it more interesting) needs to go from the dormitory to the Herbology wing …..., Multiple paths with restrictions / conditions such as Prof. Snape or Mcgonagall and along with Necessary Conditions to be satisfied such as he needs to collect potions or ingredients, etc......Basically Optimizing algo in a given maze , say a 2d matrix where one needs to avoid and satisfy given set of conditions... No.of People : Maximum three people

20.KRUTI JOSHI We can have a computer quiz event in which the question is in the output of a program. So we first have to find the output of the program and then answer the question. The person who answers the most questions correctly in a given time limit wins. This can also be conducted as a team event. A basic workshop on Animation.


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21.PRANAV TANDAN I have an idea, not pertaining to Prometheus directly, but for IE CSE in general. The Projects Catalogue is a wonderful initiative. What I was thinking was starting another group, or a wing under the Projects Catalogue, consisting of a few, (say 5) 3rd or 4th year students, which would help a student, say a first year(say me :P), work on, or rather how and where to start on an original idea for a Project/App/Game/Software or anything related to computers. This wing could help first and second year CS/IT students, and students of all years of different branches. I’m not saying that they should help them make the whole project, but just help them on how to get started and make at least a decent prototype for the project. Now I know we have the MUTBI and the Innovation Centre, but approaching them with just an idea, and NOTHING else to back it up may not be the best idea. This small wing could be really helpful in that sense, as in helping the student so as to know from where to start and how to go about things. Please do consider it. PS- I write this from the perspective of a first year student, and also from the perspective of a person with somewhat of an idea but no clue where to begin. I’M SURE(POSITIVE) THAT THE CODING PART OF MY IDEA ISN’T VERY DIFFICULT AND CAN BE DONE WITHOUT MUCH HASSLE. But the problem is I haven’t learnt enough yet. I have done programming in school (4 years of Java), but that knowledge isn’t enough. What I need for my idea is probably very basic knowledge for a 3rd/4th year, but for a first year, it’s just confusing to think of where I should begin from. That’s why I feel this could work out. And coming to Prometheus, there could be an event judged by faculty members or seniors, where participants have to submit original ideas for a project/app/game/software/anything related to computers, and they will be judged on content, viability, originality, presentation, and other aspects.

22.KAUSHAL SARAF NameTech-Tac-Toe Overview- The event will basically focus on how well an individual can intercept a bug in a code or even code a small little problem statement. Two participants will face each other and will get each some time to solve a problem and get a Cross or a Zero to be placed in a grid..and then for each cross or zero they would have to solve problems one by one..!!and then place it in the grid and then the basci rules of the Game--Tic-Tac-Toe may apply. Suppose they are not able to solve the problem in the given time then the opponent will get his turn and after the stipulated time for the round has ended but a winner is not decided then both will be disqualified. In this way the level goes on increasing and finally we are left with a winner...!! I think this is a practically possible and good event...which might pull a lot of interest..!! This event can still be modified if needed..this is the basic idea that just crossed my mind...!!

23.Akanksha Kumari Prometheus event idea Event name: - Code appetite. General Description: -


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An event based on the blend of coding and a treasure hunt along with some tasks that are not at all related to coding. Event blueprint:An individual or a maximum of two members in a team event. First round- Written. Basic knowledge of coding and analytical skills. Second Round- Three problem statements. The round starts with a clue given to the participant. He has to decode to clue and go to a place related.

At the checkpoint, he will find a person(committee member) who will give the participant a non-coding task like drinking a whole bottle of 7up or tasks like Informals kept for the TechTatva. After the completion of the task, the participant will get his/her problem statement. He/She has to go back to the allotted room and code the program till the successful execution. Again he/she will get a clue‌. This continues until three problem statements are solved. Rules:- Can’t think of any! A pure pleasure of treasure hunt with the excitement of coding!!!!!!

24.SHRISHTI PRASAD i was just thinking about about using the cafeteria space for publicizing as in ..we can put small objects like anything bright and creative and colourful on the tables can be in the shape of tablet...wid the events dates and all...i think that would surely attract a lot of people..and that wat they'll get to know abt the events.

25.TANVI KIRAN 1. Reverse Programming Individual participation or in a team of 2. Two rounds. Round 1 is a written round, with MCQs, short answer questions and long answer questions, based on C/C++ coding and algorithms. (approx. 1.5 hours) Round 2 is the reverse of our TechTatva event No Man's Land. The documentation of an unknown language will be given, along with codes in that language. Understand what the codes do (without executing them), and bring the same result by coding in a familiar language (say, C/C++, JAVA etc.) 2. All Day Coding/Code-a-holic Participation in a team of 2. Four rounds. Round 1 is a short round of MCQs based on C/C++ coding and algorithms, time bound. Round 2 is based on creating efficient codes for real world problems (eg: parking of cars, working of calculators, etc.) in the shortest possible time. Round 3 is based on relay programming, where one teammate starts, and after some time the other continues.


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Round 4 is our already popular event Code Sprint. 3. Test Your Logic/How Logical Are You? Individual participation or in a team of 2. Two rounds. Round 1 is a written round, MCQs, based on simple logical questions. Round 2 is simulation of logical problems on LogiSim. This event can be made exclusive to first years, since it will attract a lot of people from non-coding backgrounds too. It can also be done as a separate event for raising funds for Prometheus. If one or two events could be organized separately for first years and other years, we might get a lot more participation from first years, since most of them are scared/unwilling to compete with second and third years

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