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Day 1: Quiz: The ACSeminar Hall became witness to some amazing quizzing on 19th October, as the Literary and Debating Club organized the quiz “ Kitne Admi The” , as the first of their 3 day inter-collegiate event Horn OK Please. 25 questions were asked in the first round, ranging from Nirvana’s Album cover to Tutankhamen’s tomb. The scores ranged from almost 0 to 25. The answers, when announced, were responded by “ Yes! I got it right” and “Crap! How could I not know that?” concurrently . With the more than 30 teams, the crowd consisted of people from first to fourth year, paired up with a really chilled out quizzing. The event turned out to be pretty successful. Day 2: Debate: “ Andaaz Apna Apna ”, the debate competition saw the participation of 9 teams comprising two members each. The event was divided into two rounds. The first round of the debate was of the traditional ‘for and against’ type, with one speaker from each team speaking for the motion, while the other spoke against. The topic for the debate was “ Roti, kapda and makan are still the cornerstones of Indian society”. All 18 speakers passionately put forth their points within an allotted time span of 3 minutes, and were then interjected on the content of their speech. The top two teams selected from the first round were pitted against each other in the final round which was held in a parliamentary format. The topic for the final was –“ In India improper/poor education leads to social evils”. JamThe Jamor “ Golmaal ” was probably one of the most joyful events that “Horn Ok Please” had to offer. With a massive turnout, it indeed proved to be a crowd puller. The smallest of glitches in pronunciation, late or early start, repetition, stammering, usage of a gerund to start speaking and overuse of a word were enough for one to get jammed(contradict). The person who jammed first had to continue speaking. Opposing with incorrect reasons caused the deduction of certain points from the person’s total. The topics for the jam were hilarious. It included “I have neither been there nor done that” and “Genetics can’t be an excuse”. Neither the moderator nor the participants themselves could resist their laughter! Day 3: L&D kicked off the last of its three day event with ” Culture Curry ”-a mixed bag event. Twenty-odd teams participated in the event, each team comprising of up to 3 members. Doublets, Unscramble, Odd one out and Crossword were the gamesthat constituted this potpourri. The questions were very well framed. Apart from the regular vocabulary section several questions were related to Indian culture and geography.

The day also saw the finals of Golmaal (Jam) with some rather determined-looking finalists. True to its description, the blokes at L&D chucked some rather unexpected, stimulating and some extremely quirky questions, filling the participants with an uncertainty about their English Speaking abilities. Overall the whole atmosphere was fun, relaxed and a total paisa vasool! With Culture Curry, The L&D club added another fun and exciting event to their kitty.


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