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Fun At Work An Integral Part Of Every Organization Written on Jun-26-12 9:45am - [Edit] - Not yet published to a wikizine

There are some managers who never agree with "never mix business with pleasure" for according to them their main motto is only work. But some time only works makes employees dull and less productive. This absolutely right for you can't be serious all times. If you want better output than sometime you need to be soft for this will help in improving staff morale or motivating employees. Adding fun at work is about celebrating the work, do not trivialize. And its humor, mixed in a suitable way to develop output at work in office. Below are a few "light guide" to help you manage to have more fun in your organization.

Think Small and Simple. The main factors to support the morale of the employees do not cost much or take a lot of energy, but are little things done on a reliable source that the matter. So look for plain and simple ways to begin a little humor - put a humor bulletin board, create a room include humorous quotes in connection and practice spontaneous humor (which, as comedians will tell you, is the most valuable joke and fun). Make Fun a Priority. It is easy to agree with the idea that we need to have more fun at work in your organizations, after all, is one of those motherhood statements feel good. Only one problem - this little thing called life goes on the road. If you are going to take humor seriously then treat it as any other priority - draw in their mission statement, fun list as one of its fundamental values, provide training in workplace humor, are included in the objectives and work plans, and evaluate themselves, who from time to time asking the simple

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but important question - "are having fun?"


Take Yourself Lightly. Many of us are patient of the dreadful disease "acute professionalism." The indication includes a furrowed brow, high levels of stress and block creativity. The cure is simple - learn to take lightly, while taking his job seriously. When you laugh at yourself, show your humanity and openness and encourage others to do the same. This will also help your staff reality learning about you, which will help them to become more free and open to you.

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Practice Relevant Humor. The more you celebrate humor specific to your office, team or organization, the most significant is the mood. Related work-related humor becomes part of the history of the company and assists teams to bond around shared experiences. Start gathering a file of humor, quotes, cartoons, funny customer questions and anecdotes that communicate to your company.


Give Yourself and Your Employees Permission to Play. Remember that as a leader, people look to set the tone for the office. You have the power to decide whether to be an obstacle on the road inspiration or a catalyst for creativity and positive energy.


Practice Safe Humor. Humor can break down obstacles as easily as it can erect walls, so make certain that the style of humor that practice is "safe." No sexist, non racist, nonreligious humor is the order of the day. Always be alert of the times when the humor may not be suitable. The safest form of humor is laughing at yourself.

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So if you want to spark creativity, build teamwork, reduce employee turnover and absenteeism, and improve trust between management and employees than all you need to do is follow the above objectives. I am sure will company’s production will be double and all your staff will be happy and work for your more dedicatedly. There are many team building companies in Mumbai who can assist you in building team. If you fill you want an expert help in managing your staff than you converted by

can hire one of the team building companies and organize various team building activities. Anima Sharma is an experienced writer in Travel Industry and works for, a leading travel industry in India. At present, he is writing on different topics like company o f f s i t e , rafting tours, adventure training, fun at work, team simulation, reality learning, etc.


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Fun At Work An Integral Part Of Every Organization  

Adding fun at work boost every employee moral support and this boost them to work more delicately towards their work. Not only this it also...