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nd this little piggy went... “wee wee wee” all the way home... Sleepless nights of nursery rhymes gone bad... “counting sheep” A mother tucks in her child, whispers “good night”, flicks off the light... and it all begins again! Childhood memories of whacked innocence. The ceiling fan labors on a hot summer’s night. A tireless day spent at the amusement park, followed by dinner at the “chow’da house”.

#88 has been barked three times from the crackling loudspeaker ... No one seems to notice. ... A fox appears wearing a green dress and carrying a tattered green umbrella. She turns her head with a slight indifference. Sleepless nights. The young child tosses and turns. Her toes now exposed from under the safety of her favorite blanket. Visions of her mother, now “the donkey” ironing her clothes for hours on end. All distant memories of summers gone by. Overcome by...

• a picture book by Bob Packert •

nature outside my window

#88 - bowl of chow’da and a small fries

watching tv


donkey-yellow kitchen

walking bear

chow’da house - stack of chairs

chow’da bowls


kid’s mattress/jetsons

bearly possible

kitchen utensils

• a picture book by Bob Packert | •

missing from photo


Amanda Dugay Forrester “Marilyn” the bunny

Greg Parker

Renee Moschella Holly Penakis

Anna Moulton

Amanda Antunes

Michelle McHugh

Jessica Cahill Michael Cevoli

credits & crew

design: Mark D Sylvester •

Allison Cuozzo

animal instinct  

An adult bedtime story "kids" book with a dark side.

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