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Spring/Summer 2014

Our Mission

To ensure the well being of companion animals, while ending overpopulation, abuse and unwarranted euthanasia.

About Us

Animal Friends is a non-profit organization serving the needs of pets and people since 1943. Our progressive programs have been nationally recognized and include pet rescue, shelter and adoption services, behavior classes, educational and therapeutic outreach and more. Most importantly, Animal Friends is leading the way towards ending pet overpopulation in western Pennsylvania through comprehensive, community-wide spay/neuter programming. Animal Friends is supported by donors, volunteers and a staff dedicated to ensuring the well being of companion animals, while ending overpopulation, abuse and unwarranted euthanasia. To learn more, visit



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Compassion Tip

Animal Friends is transforming the month of May into “31 Days of Compassion.” The month will be devoted to raising awareness of homeless animals in our community, supporting programs that work to reduce pet overpopulation and abuse, and celebrating the many ways pets enrich our lives. We are asking everyone – “What has an animal done for you lately?” It’s time to return the favor. And at Animal Friends, we have a month’s worth of ideas!



Adopt a Pet! Now is the perfect time to adopt from Animal Friends. Stop by and let us introduce you to your new best friend!

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Pittsburgh, PA Permit No. 602


Breaking Mews!……....................2 Spay it Forward…….....................3 Feline Purrsonals…….................4-5 Homeless Hoppers…...................6 Animal Friends University Catalog…….....…... 7-10 Calendar of Events................. 1 1 Soul Mutts…….....................12-13 Kids’ Corner………......................14 Re-TAIL Therapy…......................15 A Compassionate Community........................ 16-17 Therapets & Wishlist.............. 18 Wanted: Loving Homes.......... 1 9 Happy Tails............................. 20


Breaking Mews

Dear Friends,


al Why, you might ask? Because at Anim Spring is a great time to be an animal! of th mon the g min sfor tran we are Friends and throughout the community, ! ion” pass Com of s Day May into “31 already know how important animals If you are reading this newspaper you ide r and more complete. And, they prov are in making our lives richer, healthie ! onally – no strings attached these incredible benefits to us unconditi our opportunity to return the favor So now – and for the next 31 days – it’s so much for us! I want to personally and say thanks to the animals that do extra special this month to make the challenge each of you to do something or 31 things, I guarantee it will make life of an animal better. Whether it’s one a difference. h Press, we’ve woven all kinds of tips Throughout this edition of the Petsburg to our Chow Wagon pet food bank or and ideas for you – from donating food pting a new pet or simply taking your attending one of our many events to ado park. I encourage you to find your dog for a special walk through a favorite own personal way to give back. e who do so much for us. After all, it’s the least we can do for thos Happy “31 Days of Compassion”!

The Isa & Bea Challenge It’s hard to believe, but three years ago Bea and I were pulled out of an overcrowded house filled with

Compassion Tip


Are you Crafty?


Use your talent to turn every day items into much needed enrichment toys for our shelter residents! Call our Enrichment Office for more ideas 412.847.7012.

Editor-in-Chief: Christy Bostardi Managing Editor: Kim Krisciunas and Katie Kurylo Writers: Jeff Geissler, Patty Gongaware, Kaitlin Hilinski, Katie Kurylo, Tammy Merjanian, Mary Nolte, Dana Schultz and Carol Whaley Photography: Jeff Geissler, Harry Giglio, Linda Mitzel, Angie Pulice and Carol Radz

Compassion Tip


Have a Yard Sale! Combine your spring cleaning efforts with a yard sale! Sell your unwanted items and help animals at the same time. Tech savvy? You can also take your sale to the web by posting some items on sites like eBay or Craigslist.

David Swisher President & CEO

Special Announcement!

Published Bimonthly c/o Animal Friends 562 Camp Horne Road Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Isa and Bea dozens of cats just like us who thought living in filth and misery was normal. They called our owner a hoarder. My fur was so matted it had to be shaved off. Our ears were so full of mites we could barely hear. Bea is even missing lots of teeth because she was so malnourished. But Animal Friends didn’t think twice about scooping us up and showering us with the love and care that we had never known. And, most importantly, they found us an amazing home.

Now, with the help of our owners, we want to say thanks to Animal Friends and “pay it forward” to ensure that the kind of compassion we received is available for so many more animals. Between now and June 4, any donation you make to Animal Friends will be matched fifty cents on the dollar up to…$50,000! Please take a minute and donate today at www.ThinkingOutside so we can maximize this match and raise a total of $150,000. It’s one of 31 compassionate things you can do for us this month!

Our humble thanks,

Isa...(and Bea too!)

Animal Handlers: Karen Appman, Pat Clarke, Karen Drosendahl, Holly Gumbeski, Joe Klein, Elaine Natowich, Judi Lewis and Debbie Viducich Design: Kay Kozuch at Direct Axis Comic Strip: Wayne and Kim Honath President: David Swisher This paper is not responsible for the conduct, health, temperament or availability of the animals listed. The publisher retains the right to refuse any advertising. COPYING OR REPRODUCING ANY OR ALL OF THIS PUBLICATION IS URGED AND APPRECIATED, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE USE OF THE NAME “PETSBURGH PRESS,” WHICH IS PROTECTED AND IS PROHIBITED IN ANY OTHER FORM, OR BY ANY OTHER MEANS.

Animal Friends Directory Center Main Number: 412.847.7000 Center Main Fax: 412.847.7001 Public Hours of Operation: M-F: 11 am – 7 pm; S & S: 10 am – 5 pm Adoption 412.847.7002 | Advertising & Event Sponsorships 412.847.7053 | Admissions 412.847.7078 | Behavior Classes & Helpline 412.847.7070 | Community Programs & Classes 412.847.7035 | Cruelty Investigations 412.847.7066 | Donations 412.847.7052 | Events 412.847.7055 | Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program 412.847.7004 | Mailing List Changes/Additions 412.847.7052 | Retail Shop 412.847.7022 | Volunteering 412.847.7040 |

Animal Friends is just 10 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh! Take I-279 N to Exit 8 at Camp Horne Road and turn left at the light. Drive through two more lights to find us on your left.

Spay it forward LCSN is


Miracles Every Day! By Carol Whaley, Spay/Neuter Coordinator Low-Cost Spay/Neuter (LCSN) is celebrating 31 Days of Compassion through our many services. Each and every day, our staff commits to providing programs which support pet owners by ensuring the well-being and health of their animals.     During the month of May, LCSN staff will be busy with: • Pets for Life Outreach Event in Homewood – As a partner with the Humane Society of the United States’ Pets for Life Program, we are excited to offer free vaccines for pets of Homewood residents. • On-Site Vaccine Clinics – Our monthly clinics, held at the shelter, provide low-cost vaccines, microchips and flea treatments for hundreds of pets. • On-Site Surgery Clinics Mondays Through Thursdays – At each clinic, we provide low-cost spay/neuter, vaccine and minor medical services for up to 35 pets.   • Mobile Resource Center Surgery Clinics Wednesdays Through Saturdays – Our mobile clinic travels

Sponsor-a-Spay Enclosed is my sponsorship of...

$50 to underwrite one spay or neuter surgery Please make checks payable to Animal Friends, Inc.

Other $

to various counties in southwestern Pennsylvania to provide low-cost spay/ neuter, vaccines, and minor medical services in our more financially distressed communities.


• Trap-Neuter-Return – Our staff and volunteers support various small and large-scale TNR projects all year. This month, we will focus our efforts on the stray and feral cats in Homewood.

Send this form with your donation to Animal Friends, Sponsor-a-Spay Program, 562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. All donations are tax-deductible.

We need your support in order to continue these vital programs, and there are many ways in which you can help us continue to provide everyday miracles to the pets in our community. In addition to monetary gifts, we accept donations such as cat, kitten, dog and puppy food and pet accessories such as collars, leashes and bowls. These items will help low-income pet owners through our Pets for Life program. And for a donation of $1,000, you can sponsor a spay/neuter clinic day which will provide 30 spay/neuter surgeries for pets of low-income owners. Call 412.847.7052 for more information.

Address City



Spay sponsors: Mary Albanesi, Sharon Ammons, Susan Beckerdite, Edith Cole, Marion Ferrang, Robert and Lee Ferrero, Libby Gallick, Fonda Hollenbaugh, Bernadette Jatkowski, Linda McCreary, Norma Neishloss, Linda Pavlik, Christine Radcliffe, Eric and Kathleen Snyder, Robert and Cynthia Wessels and Tara Zalewsky-Nease

Gather a team of trivia experts for a night of fun for the animals during

Top Dog Trivia Night! Top Dog Trivia Night will be held at Animal Friends on Saturday, May 17. Doors open at 6 pm and trivia starts at 7 pm. Cost for the event is $100 for a table of eight or $15 for a single seat. Proceeds benefit Animal Friends’ Spay/ Neuter programming. Contact Kelley at kmallick@ or 412.847.7086.

The City of Pittsburgh offers FREE spay/neuter surgeries to city residents. Visit for details.


Compassion Tip



Fund an Adoption Day at Animal Friends


Gather your friends, family, and coworkers together to raise money to underwrite an entire day of our humane programming.

DorotHy GiNGer

BeaureGarD Smart, sophisticated, dashing and dazzling are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when we look at Beauregard. This bright-eyed fellow is as fun and playful as he is striking to look at. When he’s not cuddling with you, he’ll be on the prowl actively looking for something to play with. He is curious, athletic, and just plain fun to watch. Beauregard gives licks and purrs to Laurel Alexander, for her sponsorship in memory of her sister, Jennifer.

Compassion Tip


Give Up Indulgences Drink your coffee from home and save what you would’ve spent on lattes at a coffee shop. At the end of the month, donate your coffee savings to Animal Friends!


Are you a jazz lover? If so, you have something in common with Ginger. Her owner recently passed away, and her previous owner’s family said Ginger loved listening to smooth jazz with her friend. She’s a lovely older lady who would like nothing better than a warm, cozy couch and a window to watch the world. Her soft, loving purrs will be music to your ears! A big meow of thanks to Robert and Dolores Solonickne who sponsored in memory of Smokey and Jack.

We all know a Dorothy who said, “There’s no place like home.” But our Dorothy says, “Take me home and I’ll be your forever friend!” She’s a wonderful cat who would prefer a warm lap over chasing a ball any day. Her sleek black fur and glowing eyes just add to her charm. You don’t have to be a wizard to adopt Dorothy! Dorothy thanks her sponsor Barbara White who gave in memory of Tony, “our dear pal with the sweet heart.”

CHili She’s a beautiful cat with a gorgeous soft coat and sparkling green eyes. Chili came to us after being rescued from a deplorable hoarding situation. She’s friendly, affectionate and loves to be petted and scratched on her head and chin. Once she trusts you, she’ll sit in your lap, or maybe climb to your shoulder and purr in your ear. This smart girl is looking for a forever home. Could it be yours? Chili says thank you to Virgina Steele for her donation in honor of Anna Abdou.

GooseBerry Poor Gooseberry was rescued from a hoarding situation where she spent most of her life in a crate. She was in bad shape when she came to us, but our medical team worked diligently to help her, and she’s ready for a forever home now! She still has a hard time trusting people, but our volunteers give her plenty of TLC. Give her a windowsill to watch the birds, and plenty of love, and Gooseberry will surely win your heart. Purrs all around for Richard and Linda Neumann who gave in memory of Margie Carr, a true friend to animals!

Animal Friends’ Golden Age Retriever adoption program matches our mature neighbors with senior pets. Adopters age 60 and older can benefit from discounted adoptions and companionship. Call 412.847.7000 for more information.




Our Glory is a joy to be around. Glory waits patiently at the cage door until a volunteer comes to give her a little love and attention. She’ll tug on your heartstrings when she rolls on her side and wiggles against your hand. She’ll even trot behind you like a devoted puppy when you walk around the room. And, like so many other cats, she loves a nice warm lap. Glory would like to thank her sponsors Gary and Kristen Gribble.

Compassion Tip


You have to hear this cat purr! This happy lady loves a good scratch on the head. And she’ll return the favor with the most interesting sounds we’ve ever heard from a cat. She truly has a talent for making music! She’s 9 years old and a member of our distinguished Red Collar Society, so while her kitten days are over—she’s a pro at being a great companion. Izzy thanks Carole and Eugene Ginchereau who gave in memory of Rosie.

Compassion Tip


Celebrate a Special Day Ask friends to donate money towards Animal Friends in honor of your birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

Do you have a little extra love in your heart? Lurch is a very loving and affectionate cat. He has FIV but don’t think that makes him any less of a great cat! He should be the only cat in the house or live with other cats who have FIV. Lurch gets along with his other roommates here at the shelter. He enjoys a good scratch on the ears, playing with our mouse on a wire toy, and, of course, he loves treats.

Help a Neighbor If you have an elderly neighbor who has pets, offer to walk their dog or feed their cat. Just because...

BiG DaDDy What a cat! Big Daddy has a big roundish face, dark grey hair and is an all-around big boy; but he is a gentle, lap-loving guy with thoughtful, intelligent eyes. He is a FIV+ cat who should be an only cat or live only with others who have FIV as well. But that will not keep him from playing with you and taking treats and returning your affection!

Samuel This burly tabby is all about having fun. He’s a very happy boy and has never had a bad day. Just ask the ladies in our Admissions Office where he spends his days. He’s so much fun to have around that he can lighten a hectic workday. He’s 9 years old and is a slightly portly 18 pounds, but his energy and presence will lift any spirit. Samuel is waiting for you! Samuel thinks Paula Schaukowitch is the “purr”fect sponsor.

Jetta Jetta came to Animal Friends after her previous owner passed away. This stunning black cat is confident, friendly and affectionate. She loves to be brushed and have her cheeks and neck scratched. She’ll sit on your lap and even let you cuddle her like a baby. Jetta is curious and enjoys bird-watching and chasing toy mice. Someone believes in Jetta so much that they have sponsored her adoption; she is truly priceless! Jetta thanks Wilma Guseman for helping her find a forever home!

We’ll deliver a photo, biography and video of an adoptable pet to your inbox every Friday if you sign up here:


Homeless Hoppers

Compassion Tip


Hold a “Casual Day” Ask your workplace if you could hold a “Casual Day” where employees can make a donation to Animal Friends and in return, wear casual clothing or jeans for the day.

AlpHie & Zoe

caPtaiN Jack

Alphie and Zoe are a bonded pair who are the best of friends and must go home together. Their previous owners could no longer care for them, so they’re looking for a new start. Alphie is the more adventurous of the pair—he’s quite playful and enjoys taking in the world around him. Zoe is laid-back but friendly. She’s a bit shy at first, but with Alphie by her side, she’s brave enough to make new friends. Nothing makes them happier than nibbling on toys and having some fresh parsley or mint as a treat.

Captain Jack came to Animal Friends from another shelter. Even though he’s a smaller rabbit, Captain’s larger-than-life personality more than makes up for his size! Captain Jack is young and would like to go to a home that will provide him with plenty of exercise and lots of fun things to do. This Captain requires a sturdy, experienced crew to sail through life with.

Alphie and Zoe would like to thank Margaret and Harry Andrews for sponsoring their bio in memory of Scarlet, their best friend.

An afternoon with Captain Montalván and Tuesday Sunday, June 29 At Animal Friends 562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Captain Jack gives a loud thump to Selma Kowalski for her donation in honor of Chiffon & Fancy.

Captain Luis Montalván is a highlydecorated, 17-year veteran of the U.S Army who served multiple tours of duty in Iraq. After being honorably discharged from the Army in 2010, Capt. Montalván faced many obstacles, ranging from severe post-traumatic stress disorder to physical wounds to a traumatic brain injury. During his struggle to recover from his wartime experiences and injuries, Cpt. Montalván was introduced to Tuesday, a sensitive, caring Golden Retriever who also suffered a trauma that made it difficult for him to trust. Tuesday was partnered with Capt. Montalván and as a team, their journey of recovery and healing began. Capt. Montalván will discuss his book, Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and The Golden Retriever Who Saved Him and his life with his service dog, Tuesday. Visit UntilTuesday for more information and to purchase tickets.


ChallenGer Challenger is a handsome 1-year-old Mini-Rex. Because of his breed, the fur on his head and his whiskers are curly! Poor Challenger was found running in a field all by himself, and a good-hearted soul rescued him and brought him to Animal Friends. Challenger is a sweet fellow and is looking for a home to call his own. Challenger thanks Mr. and Mrs. James Kuzak for their sponsorship in memory of Todd Pastor.

Sponsor an

Adoption Day!

Animal Friends is proud to place more than 2,400 dogs, cats and rabbits into loving homes each year. Be a part of Animal Friends’ life-saving work. Name an adoption day in your honor, in memory of a pet or as a tribute to another pet lover in your life. For more information about sponsoring an adoption day, call 412.847.7052.

Volunteers help us with everything from animal handling to educational and therapeutic outreach programs. Join us today at

Vol. 29







Animal-Themed Course Selections for People, and People and Their Pets



Welcome! Welcome to Animal Friends University, home of the region’s most exciting selection of courses offered for, about and, sometimes, even with your pet. Animal Friends offers a wide range of activities that are bound to interest anyone, whether a preschooler, student, young professional, senior, cat fancier, rabbit wrangler, novice pup or seasoned hound. If you’re looking for fun things to do with your pet, look for our WAG classes. Our WAG series logo will let you know which activities Welcome Animal Guests!

Classes fill quickly! Register online today at Thinking Any questions? Please call 412.847.7035 or email dklingelhofer@ThinkingOutside

Cancellation Policy If a class/event must be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, refunds will be issued. Notice of cancellation by a student must be received no later than three business days prior to the class/event in order for a refund to be issued.

Weather-Related Class Cancellations Please check ThinkingOutside or call 412.847.7035 for class cancellation updates during times of inclement weather.

Registration We encourage guests to register online at ThinkingOutsideTheCage. org, available 24 /7! If you prefer to register in person, please call ahead to 412.847.7035 to be sure someone is available to assist you.

Register Online!

Classes for Young Pet Lovers

Email any questions about Young Pet Lovers classes (but not registration requests) to dschultz@Thinking AF 105 Thinking About a Veterinary


For students who completed grades 6-9 in the spring Animal Friends’ veterinarian and veterinary technician will present an overview of veterinary careers and their work at Animal Friends. We’ll explore schooling options, the how and why of our residents’ initial physical exams, and the importance of microchipping. Students will participate in analyzing x-rays and testing blood for heartworms. We’ll also provide a snack and a behind-the-scenes tour of the surgery suite. (Surgery will not be taking place during the tour.) Prior to coming to the class, students should (1) watch four video clips found on the Animal Friends University webpage and (2) prepare any questions about veterinary careers that they’d like to ask the instructors. Enrollment is limited to 12 students. This class is offered only several times per year, and early registration is encouraged. Instructors: Dr. Porge Nakovich, Veterinarian, and Marsha Koschik, Veterinary Technician Date: Wednesday, June 18 TIME: 10 am – 12 pm TUITION: $25 RESERVATION DEADLINE: Monday, June 16 by 5 pm. Register at www. AF 131 Pets and Vets For students who completed grades 2-5 in the spring Kids who are thinking that they might like to be a veterinarian when they grow up are invited to attend. The lesson will include an overview of the use of the stethoscope and other veterinary equipment, basic anatomy, and the pet exam. It will also include how to safely greet a dog and practice with a

humane education visiting dog and his/ her handler. Enrollment is limited to eight students. Instructors: Dana Schultz, Cara Constantine Date: Thursday, June 19 TIME: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm TUITION: $10 Registration deadline: Monday, June 16 by 5 pm. Register at www. AF 125 Dogs 101 For kids age 5+ and their grown-ups Children and dogs can be best buddies, with a relationship based on mutual respect and communication. Families with dogs or who are considering adopting a dog are encouraged to attend this class. Interact with a kid-friendly dog and learn how to tell when a dog is annoyed, happy, nervous, ready to play or ready to chase. Learn what to do when your dog jumps on you, what games are okay to play with dogs and when your dog needs privacy. Instructors: Dana Schultz and a friendly Humane Education visiting dog

SESSION ONE Date: Saturday, July 19 TIME: 10:30 am – 11:15 am TUITION: One can or bag of dog food per person Registration deadline: Thursday, July 17 by 5 pm. Register at www. SESSION TWO Date: Saturday, August 9 TIME: 10:30 am – 11:15 am TUITION: One can or bag of dog food per person Registration deadline: Thursday, August 7 by 5 pm. Register at www. SESSION THREE Date: Weekday offering TIME: 11:30 am – 12:15 pm TUITION: One can or bag of dog food per person Registration deadline: For the date and to register, please see www.

If you see or suspect animal abuse, call 412.847.7066. Leave a detailed message so our officers can take action and investigate.



University Est.


Classes for Young Pet Lovers AF 122 Canine Courage For families whose child is afraid of dogs To assist families whose child is afraid of dogs, Animal Friends will provide a meeting space and a child-friendly therapy dog accompanied by the dog’s handler. The family will provide a therapist who will co-teach the sessions with Animal Friends’ Education Coordinator. Parents should contact their child’s pediatrician who may be able to recommend a therapist to work with the family. It will be the family’s financial responsibility to pay the therapist for his/her time. Please have the therapist contact Dana Schultz, Education Coordinator, at 412.847.7033 or to schedule a reservation for one or more Canine Courage sessions. Date: By advance reservation only Tuition: A donation of dog food per session

AF 218 Baby-Ready Pets! The excitement of preparing for the arrival of a baby should not be dampened by concerns about your pets’ reactions. With some planning, preparation and training, introducing your newest family member to your pet can be very successful and rewarding. The Baby-Ready Pets! Workshop will assist you in making the preparations for these introductions. Please note that this is a people-only class; no pets, please. Instructors: Ron and Mary Papik Seating is limited, and advance RSVP is required at www. Date: Wednesday, June 18 Time: 7 pm – 9 pm Tuition: Free OR Date: Thursday, July 17 Time: 7 pm to 9 pm Tuition: Free OR Date: Sunday, August 17 Time: 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm Tuition: Free


Call 412.847.7055 for details.

Summer Camp | Caryl Gates Gluck Resource Center Underwritten in part through the generosity of the

Butch and Samuel Ash Fund

Want to spend some time this summer with our furry residents and other pet-loving kids or teens? See our summer camp offerings at www.

Classes for the Adult Pet Lover The Classes for The Adult Pet Lover were made possible by a sponsorship from the

Russell Charitable Foundation


Pets are part of the family. Join other pet lovers to discover exciting new

Pittsburgh Pup Crawl

ways to bond and interact with your favorite fourlegged companion. These classes are tailored to adult students ages 16 and up. Some instructors will consider younger students, so be sure to email dklingelhofer@Thinking if you have questions.

Mutt Strut- 5K Run for Compassion and FamilyFriendly Dog Walk!

Strut your mutt with Animal Friends, and run for compassion while you’re at it! Enjoy the 5K or our 1-mile dog walk and stick around for games, raffles and adoptable pets. Join us Sunday, June 1 at our new location, Edgebrook Field – rain or shine! Say hello to our special guests, Cris Winter of Today’s WISH 99.7 or play catch with the Wildthing from the Washington Wild Things baseball team. Remember the Ellen Degeneres Oscar selfie? Help Animal Friends take Pittsburgh’s largest dog selfie before the walk. Register at www. Date: Sunday, June 1 Time: Registration opens at 8:45 am; Run for Compassion starts at 9:30 am; walk starts at 10 am LOCATION: South Park, Edgebrook Field TUITION: $25 per person, or $115 for a team of 6. Children under 15 and dogs are FREE!

The 2014 Pittsburgh Pup Crawl benefits Animal Friends, the Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center, the Western PA Humane Society and the homeless pets in our region. The Pittsburgh Pup Crawl is an evening walk featuring vendors, raffles and fun activities for four-legged guests. Register soon at Date: Friday, July 25 Time: 7:45 pm LOCATION: Roberto Clemente Bridge

Bark in the Dark

Captain Luis Carlos Montalván and His Service Dog, Tuesday

Captain Montalván is a highly decorated, 17-year veteran of the U.S Army with multiple tours of duty in Iraq. After being honorably discharged from the Army in 2010, Capt. Montalván faced many obstacles from severe post-traumatic stress, physical wounds and traumatic brain injuries. Luis was introduced to Tuesday, a sensitive, caring, Golden Retriever. Tuesday, who also suffered an early trauma making it difficult for him to trust, was partnered with Luis and as a team their journey of recovery and healing began. Capt. Montalván will be discussing his book, Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and The Golden Retriever Who Saved Him and his life with service dog, Tuesday. Don’t miss out on this great lecture! Date: Sunday, June 29 Time: 12 pm – 2 pm – Lunch with Capt. Montalván and his service dog, Tuesday (for Premium ticket holders only) 3 pm – 4 pm – Lecture 4 pm – 6 pm – Book sales and signing REGISTRATION: $65 Lunch and Program, $25 Program only, $25 General Admission, $20 Veterans

W(h)ine +21

Join us for a wine tasting and bring your pup along for a doggie social! In addition to the wine tasting, try your luck at the Chinese auction and socialize with other pet owners. Registration is required as space is limited. Dogs that are both people and dog-friendly are welcome to attend. Please bring your four-footed companion’s vaccination record. Please, no retractable leashes; only standard 5-6 ft leashes. Registration is required by visiting www. Date: Friday, June 13 and August 8 Time: 7 pm – 8:30 pm Tuition: $20 per person (21 and over)

Check www.ThinkingOutside for more information!

Date: Saturday, August 23 Time: 6 pm – 9:30 pm LOCATION: Hartwood Acres


Returning September 2014!

Grab a leash and hit the trail! Join us with your canine companion for a Sunday morning hike through one of the area’s beautiful parks. Hiking is a great way to exercise, relieve stress, and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Come out and explore a different park each month with your best friend. Dogs and people must be in condition to hike about three miles on unpaved trails. You will receive details the week prior to the scheduled hike. Trip Leader: Gayle Bair AF 409 Scent Games This two hour workshop will introduce you and your dog to scent games A game based on working detection dogs, teach your dog to use his nose by seeking a favorite reward hidden in a container, then progress to searching multiple containers, rooms, vehicles and exterior areas. As your dog learns to search the game grows by learning to search for specific target odors. This game is suitable for most dogs from puppies to seniors and teams can play for fun or move onto sport competition, the foundation training is the same. The scent games activities offer your dog mental and physical exercise and can be adjusted to the level of each team. No prior training required. Please, no resource guarding or human aggressive dogs in class. Instructor: Tammi Potts DateS: Returning Fall 2014! Time: 4:45 pm – 6:45 pm location: Animal Friends’ Outreach Center Tuition: $20 per dog (humans free!)

Thanks to our Pets for Vets program, adoption is priceless for pets age 2 and up when you show your military ID!

AF 410 Beginners

Foundation Agility – For dogs

12 months or older that are both people- and dog-friendly This is a for fun agility class for dogs and their handlers with no prior agility experience. This course will help the dog and their handler to build a strong relationship based on positive reinforcement training and mostly fun. A dog with basic obedience skills will be comfortable in this class. Handlers will learn the basic behaviors needed to safely and effectively introduce their dog to the sport of agility. Obstacles introduced in this beginning course will be the jumps, tire jump, tunnel and the pause table. Handlers will also be introduced to clicker training which will be used in order to effectively communicate to their dogs exactly what behaviors they are looking for. This class will take place in our outdoor, fenced-in play yard. Instructor: Paula Shimko, KPA-CTP DateS: Wednesdays, July 9, 16, 23, 30, August 6, 13 Time: 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm Tuition: $99 per dog (humans free!)

Companion Training Classes for You and Your Pet Edgar Snyder & Associates sponsors scholarships for you and your dog to attend Kinderpuppy, Dog Manners, or other obedience training classes held at Animal Friends. To apply for a scholarship, send an email to, explaining why your dog could benefit from an Animal Friends training program. Animal Friends is dedicated to providing people and their companion animals with the tools they need to develop lasting and successful relationships with one another and their community. All training is accomplished through kind, effective positive reinforcement techniques. You will learn how positive reinforcement is a way to build a relationship with your pet.


Group dog training classes are best suited for those canines that are both people- and dog-friendly. To speak to our trainers about suitability for group training (and other options, if necessary), please call 412.847.7035 or email Barb Grosch, CPDT-KA at bgrosch@ To register online for classes, go to our website Questions? Please email dklingelhofer@

All dogs must be current on ageappropriate vaccinations. AF 301 Kinderpuppy –

featuring flexible registration for added convenience!

For those pups that have their 2nd DHP vaccination and are 20 weeks of age or younger. Small and shy dogs may attend until 24 weeks of age. All classes include puppy playtime and teach basic cues of “sit,” “down” and “stand.” In addition, each class has a specific theme. Exercises, behavior talks and homework relate to the theme of the class. Co-trainers: Barb Grosch, CPDT-KA and Christine Flint Attend classes in any order, skip a class, repeat a class—this program is flexible to meet the training and socialization needs of your young puppy. Registration for class must be completed by 5 pm the day PRIOR to the actual class. To register online, go to www. Tuition: $12 per pup/per class

Puppies Learn Polite Manners

Puppies learn “come”, pay attention to their people when asked, and we will share ideas to cope with puppy chewing and mouthing. Date: Saturday, June 7 Time: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm OR Date: Thursday, July 24 Time: 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm

Puppies Around the Household

This class includes ideas for puppy management (crating, tethering) and housetraining tips. Puppies learn “sit to say please” and ways to discourage jumping are practiced. Date: Saturday, June 14 Time: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm OR Date: Thursday, July 31 Time: 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm

Puppies Out in the World

This class presents socialization ideas, and manners when interacting outdoors. This will include introduction to loose leash walking, and jumping prevention. This class includes puppy playtime and teaches such basic cues as “sit,” “down” and “stand.” Date: Saturday, June 21 Time: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm OR Date: Thursday, August 7 Time: 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm

Puppies Learn to Share

This class focuses on resource

guarding prevention. Puppies learn “drop it” and “leave it” and “wait for the food bowl.” We will discuss ideas to prevent possessive behavior of food and toys. Date: Thursday, July 10 Time: 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm OR Date: Thursday, August 14 Time: 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm

Puppies Learn Through Fun

Puppies gain confidence by working on the beginner agility obstacles and learn some fun tricks. We will share some game ideas to exercise your pup mentally and physically. This class includes puppy playtime and teaches such basic cues as “sit,” “down” and “stand.” Date: Thursday, July 17 Time: 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm AF 304 Companion Dog

Manners – Weekday

For dogs that are both peopleand dog-friendly and 6 months or older. Not recommended for dogs under 25 lbs. This first level class gets your dog started with the cues of “sit,” “down,” “stay,” coming when called and loose-leash walking. Laying a solid foundation with these skills is key to living happily with your four-legged friend. As well as good manners, class discussions will give you an understanding of why dogs do the things they do and how to build a strong relationship with your dog. First class is orientation – humans only, no dogs. Instructor: Carrie Brueckner, CPDT-KA DateS: Wednesdays, July 9, 16, 23, 30, August 6, 13, 20 Time: 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm Tuition: $99 per dog (humans free!) AF 304 Companion Dog

Manners 2 – Weekday

For dogs that are both peopleand dog-friendly and 9 months of age or older. Building on the foundation of skills learned in basic class, this next level class will provide distractions and real life scenarios to help you work through life’s training challenges. Class exercises will include skills required for the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification test. Completion of Companion Dog Manners 1 or an equivalent basic dog training class is required. First class is orientation – humans only, no dogs. Instructor: Carrie Brueckner, CPDT-KA DateS: Wednesdays, July 9, 16, 23, 30, August 6, 13, 20 Time: 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm Tuition: $99 per dog (humans free!)

AF 309 Fearful Fido –

returning September 2014!

Does your dog suffer from anxiety, fear or phobias? Is your dog especially sensitive to noise, afraid of people, objects or other dogs, leaving you feeling powerless without knowing how to help? Develop a behavior modification program to help your “fearful fido” become a “brave buddy” by building your dog’s confidence and giving you a better understanding of how to help your dog! First class is orientation – humans only, no dogs. Instructor: Rachel Crown Tuition: $99 per dog (humans free!) DateS: TBD

Animal Friends’ Therapets Canine Certification Prep Class

This six week class will develop skills needed for you and your dog to conduct therapy dog visits to a variety of facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, residential treatment centers, hospices and more. Dogs should be people- and dog-friendly and have basic obedience training. We will build on those skills to develop a visiting team of dog and handler. Focus will be placed on team compatibility to ensure that dog and handler work well together. The class will include a visit with your dog to a local facility for a therapy visit. This class will prepare you and your dog for the Animal Friends’ Therapets Canine Certification test. Instructors: Barb Grosch, CPDT-KA and Lori Caruso An assessment interview is required prior to enrollment in this class. To schedule an appointment or get more details about our program, please contact Lauren Rimkus at 412.847.7039 or email DateS: Thursdays, July 10, 17, 24, 31, August 7, 14 Time: 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm Tuition: $90 per dog (humans free!)

Animal Friends’ Therapets Canine Certification Test

Test requirements are available on our website at www. Dogs and handlers will be assessed in simulated therapy visit situations to determine the dog’s basic obedience skills, visiting skills and social skills. Animal Friends’ Therapets Canine Certification class is not required for test registration. Date/TIME: For more details, please contact Lauren Rimkus at 412.847.7039 or email lrimkus@ TUITION: $10

Animal Friends’ Canine Socials provide indoor exercise and playtime, turning bored dogs into happy, tired dogs!


Animal Afternoons AnimalFriends

University Est.



To register for Therapeutic Services programs, please call 412.847.7039 or email Lauren Rimkus at lrimkus@

Pet Loss Support Group

The loss of a pet can be heartbreaking and the grief may seem overwhelming. Know that you are not alone. Through our Pet Loss Support services, you can gain a better understanding of your feelings and find comfort in the camaraderie of others who understand.  For more information, please contact Kaitlin Hilinski at 412.847.7081 or khilinski@ThinkingOutsideTheCage. org. Registration required. Group leader:  Marsha Koschik, Veterinary Technician DateS: Wednesdays, June 25, July 23, August 27 Time: 7 pm in the Library at Animal Friends

Candlelight Remembrance Services

Companion animals enrich our lives in so many ways. Join others for a candlelight remembrance and celebration ceremony to hear interfaith, spiritual words of comfort and pay tribute to those wonderful animals that will be sorely missed. All are invited to bring pictures and remain afterwards for discussion. Children are welcome when accompanied by a parent. For more information, contact Kaitlin Hilinski at 412.847.7081 or Registration required. These ceremonies are facilitated by community religious leaders, but are non-denominational. DateS: Thursdays, June 12, July 10, and August 14 Time: 7 pm in the Library at Animal Friends

Cancer Caring Center

For years, Animal Friends has partnered with the Cancer Caring Center as they continue to offer free Pet Therapy for children coping with cancer in the family. This opportunity lets them interact with different certified therapy animals, participate in engaging activities, enjoy a snack, and share their feelings. For more information or to register, please call Stephanie at 412.622.1212. DateS: Saturdays, June 28, July 26, August 30 Time: 1 pm – 2:30 pm LOCATION: Animal Friends


Come and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with some of our lovable therapy pets at Animal Friends! For a suggested donation of $5 per person, your small group can enjoy the companionship and one-on-one interaction with an Animal Friends Therapet. Your visit also includes a snack and tour of the shelter. Perfect for seniors, students with special needs, and other small groups. Reservations for this event can be made by calling 412.847.7081. Maximum number of people accommodated: 6, plus appropriate caregivers. Our Classroom is wheelchair and scooter accessible.

Story Time Sessions at Animal Friends

Join us here at Animal Friends each month for a special story time session with the animals! Different therapy dogs, cats, and rabbits will be joining us for each session. Children grades 1-5, and their guardians, are welcome to attend.  Please register in advance by calling Kaitlin at 412.847.7081 or e-mailing DateS: Saturday, June 14, Saturday, July 19 and Friday, August 22 Time: Varies

fun!) Puppy socialization is critical for the development of your puppy’s social skills with dogs and people. The instructor is available to discuss puppy issues such as housetraining, chewing and mouthing. DateS: Mondays, June 9, 23, July 14, 28, August 11, 25 Time: 7 pm – 8 pm Tuition: $5 per dog

Teacup Hour – for dogs 10 pounds or less!

For dogs 4 months or older that are both people- and dog-friendly. Please bring vaccination records. If you have a teacup, toy, mini or pursesized pooch that is struggling to keep up at Small Dog Socials, we have a social hour for dogs weighing 10 pounds or less. Please note: this social is also appropriate for small dogs over 10 lbs who are shy and quiet. DateS: Sundays, June 8, 22, July 13, 27 (no Sunday socials in August) Time: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Tuition: $5 per dog

Small Dog Socials – for dogs 35 pounds or less!

Chow Wagon Round-Up

For dogs 4 months or older that are both people- and dog-friendly. Please bring vaccination records. Little guy equals high energy! Do you have a small dog that weighs 35 pounds or less? Would you like a place to take your dog where he can socialize with canines his own size? If so, our Small Dog Social is for you.

Plus: Bruster’s Ice Cream Baby Boyz BBQ Ribs The Animal Friend’s Mobile Resource Center Raffles and more!

DateS: Sundays, June 8, 22, July 13, 27 (no Sunday socials in August) Mondays, June 2, 16, July 7, 21, August 4, 18 Wednesdays, June 11, 18, 25, July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, August 6, 20, 27 (no social August 13) Time: Sundays: 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm Mondays: 7 pm – 8 pm Wednesdays: 11 am – 12 pm Tuition: $5 per dog

We’re rounding up unopened, canned food and small bags of dry kibble and treats for both dogs and cats. All donations benefit participating food pantries through Animal Friends’ Chow Wagon. There will be plenty of pets for petting!

Date: Tuesday, July 29 Time: 11 am – 1 pm LOCATION: Foster Plaza parking lot on Holiday Drive in Greentree (front of Building Six/side of Building Ten)


No Registration Required – Come on over!

Puppy Playschool

Drop-in socialization sessions for pups 12-20 weeks of age. Small breed and shy pups may attend up to 24 weeks of age. Please bring your pup’s age-appropriate vaccination record. Organized playtime for pups provides much-needed socialization along with mental and physical exercise (and lots of

Big Dog Social Hour – All dogs 35 pounds and up are welcome to attend!

For dogs 6 months or older that are both people- and dog-friendly. Please bring vaccination records. This social is one hour of romping and playing in our indoor training center with agility equipment and toys available to have fun and help burn some excess energy. Outdoor play yard is available, weather-permitting. DateS: Sundays, June 8, 22, July 13, 27 (no Sunday socials in August) Time: 10 am – 11 am Tuition: $5 per dog

Compassion Tip


Show your Love! Bake some healthy treats for your pet using ingredients like sweet potato, pumpkin and peanut butter. Check the web for great recipes!


Do you have two bunnies at home that just aren’t bonding? This workshop will help to explore the “meet and greet” ritual by discussing body language, how to prevent squabbles and break them up if they do happen. Instructor: Suaz Forsythe TIME AND Date: By appointment (Call 412.847.7035) Tuition: One can of 100% pumpkin (not pie filling) for our resident bunnies

Rabbit Care Workshop

We will cover all aspects of bunny care such as diet and nutrition, litter-box training, grooming, medical topics and managing negative behavior. Please join us for this educational workshop. Your bunny is welcome to attend, but must arrive in a carrier. Instructor: Mary Cvetan Date: Friday, June 6 Time: 7 pm – 9 pm Tuition: Bundle of fresh greens OR Date: Friday, August 8 Time: 7 pm – 9 pm Tuition: Bundle of fresh greens

Bunny Grooming Workshop

Would you like to treat your bun to his/her own “spa” day? Grooming basics such as nail trimming, ear cleaning, scent gland cleaning, brushing/ combing and mat removal to help your bun feel pampered will be covered in this workshop. The first portion will be instruction, with the remainder of the workshop for practicing techniques on your own bunny. Please bring your own supplies such as brush, comb and nail clippers. Your bunny must arrive in a carrier. Please RSVP online at www.ThinkingOutsideTheCage. org. Instructor: Tammy Lewis Date: Monday, July 14 Time: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm Tuition: One can of 100% pumpkin OR bundle of fresh greens

Some of our classes sell out quickly, so head over to to register before classes sell out!

Calendar of Events Saturday, May 3

! T U

Animal Friends’ Bow Wow Bingo


6:15 pm – Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center, 3579 Masonic Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 Join Animal Friends for bingo with a twist! Celebrate 12 years of tail-wagging fun with special guests, a delectable buffet and pawsitively awesome prizes! For ticket information, call 412.847.7053 or visit www.


Compassion Tip


Bark in the Dark Plan a great night out with your canine friends at Animal Friends’ Bark in the Dark humane walk and concert. August 23 at Hartwood Acres.

Monday, May 12

! T U

Animal Friends and Homeless Children’s Education Fund present: Hope in One Golf Outing


12 pm – Diamond Run Golf Club, 132 Laurel Oak Dr., Sewickley, PA 15143


Support the missions of two vital organizations while mingling with Pittsburgh’s prominent businessmen and women for a great day of golf. Individual and corporate golf packages are available and include golf privileges, a cook-out lunch and buffet dinner. Register at www.

Wednesday, May 28

4th Annual WISH 99.7 Purse Party 5:30 pm – Sheraton Station Square Hotel Grand Ballroom Enjoy a fun filled girl’s night out with WISH 99.7 Cris Winter! Dine, drink and try your luck bidding on great, high-end purses. Proceeds go to the homeless animals at Animal Friends. Tickets will be on sale soon. For more information, contact Kim at 412.847.7052.

Monday, May 5

FRIDAY, July 25

Join us for the kick-off of 31 Days of Compassion!

Pittsburgh Pup Crawl

All Day – Animal Friends

7:45 pm – Roberto Clemente Bridge by PNC Park

Stop in throughout the day for events and activities for the whole family. Come and meet WDVE’s Val Porter from 4 pm – 6 pm. Meet adoptable animals, check out our Retail Store specials and show your support of 31 Days of Compassion.

This nighttime dog walk helps Pittsburgh’s homeless pets, with the proceeds benefiting Animal Friends, the Animal Rescue League and the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. Enjoy contests, prizes for the top fundraisers, light-up accessories and more! Visit to register.

Sunday, June 1

Edgebrook Field, South Park Lace up your sneakers, grab your leash and join Animal Friends and lead walker Cris Winter from WISH 99.7 for our 5K run and 1.5 mile Humane Hike at South Park!

Visit for more information! At Animal Friends, dogs ages 5 and over, cats age 6 and over, and bunnies older than 5 years are Red Collar Society pets. Their adoptions come with special benefits!


Soul MuTTs


Mr. CHuBs Mr. Chubs is a unusual mix of Wheaten Terrier and Siberian Husky. He’s friendly, social, high-energy and confident. His soft, fluffy face will greet you with kisses and make you feel loved. At about 10 months old, he’s a huge fan of toys and play time, and he seems to like other dogs as well. He would be a great fit in an active family. Mr. Chubs would like to thank Frances Simon for her generous donation in memory of Krushette.

#11 Compassion Tip

Be an Online Ambassador and spread the word about our great work. Share Animal Friends’ Facebook page on your wall.



Radar is an energetic, extremely smart young dog who loves his toys. In fact, Handsome Beaker was brought to us when he loves them so much we use them an illegal rescue operation instead of treats to teach Radar basic was disbanded and the obedience! He’s a quick learner, and 2 dogs were surrendered to #1 Compassion Tip if properly motivated, will learn the Animal Friends. A Labrador rules of your home very fast. He’s Retriever/Beagle mix, we extremely energetic, so an active, think he’s about 4 years old. Brown Bags for cat-free home with children over He’s a sweet, energetic boy 12 would be best. If you’re on the who can go to a home with Animal Friends lookout for a new best friend, make children over the age of 8. Ask coworkers to bring sure our Radar is on your radar! He loves romping around a bagged lunch to work! and playing with people, but Radar thanks Geralyn Pundzak for Encourage them to would prefer to be the only the donation in honor of Gloria donate the money they animal in the home. Come Kalbfleisch. would have spent going say hello to him today! out to lunch to Animal Friends. Mugzy, Otis and Milo hope you find a forever home soon, Beaker! - Terry and Mary Lakenan

PeNNy This confident 3-year-old lady is a chocolate Labrador mix. She’s bouncy, playful and very treat motivated—and she’d make an excellent exercise partner. Because she’s high energy and loves to play, we recommend an active household for Penny. She doesn’t care for cats, but might like a canine family member to play with. We know Penny will shine in the right home! Our Penny thanks Thomas and Dana Majernik for their donation in memory of their beloved adoptee Penny.

EJ EJ is a sweet and sassy Chihuahua/Terrier mix who is happy, social and friendly. This 4-yearold is 17 pounds of energy who loves walks and playing with people and toys. He’s also quite skilled at fetch. He’s very smart and knows how to “sit,” “stay,” “lie down,” and “come.” If you already have a dog and are looking for another canine family member, EJ may be the perfect fit. EJ thanks Ronald and Paulette Heckman for their donation.

You can register your breed interest on the dog or cat pages of to receive an email when that kind of pet arrives at our shelter!

Compassion Tip


Bad Tie Day


Take those outdated ties out of the back of the closet and dazzle your friends. Have coworkers pay to wear (or remove!) the outrageous tie.

This handsome Great Dane mix came to Animal Friends as a puppy. We had no idea just how big he was going to become! Weighing 74 pounds, he’s sleek, athletic and energetic. Because of his size and exuberance, a home with experienced dog owners and children over 15 is preferred. Scooby might enjoy a canine playmate. Come to Animal Friends and meet this animated character! Scooby thanks Paul and Amy Scheuneman for sponsoring his bio!



This happy Pit Bull Terrier is one of the pets who got a second chance during our New Year’s Eve Rescue. Once-Ler is nothing like his Dr. Seuss namesake—he’s a cheerful and upbeat dog who loves people. Our volunteers have diagnosed him with “wiggle butt,” a condition caused by a fast-wagging, happy tail. So wiggle your way down here and meet Once-Ler! Once-Ler thanks Barbara Laschen for her donation in honor of Kim Krisciunas.

This brindle Pit Bull/Cattle Dog mix is friendly but can be a little timid. She was rescued from a very rough living situation, and can be a little nervous at first around people she doesn’t know. Once she warms up to you, she’ll let you rub her goofy but adorable ears. Because of a birth defect, she lost her right eye, but she doesn’t let this slow her down. Muppy gives licks and tail wags to Amy Adams for her donation in memory of Scout.

Sam SPaDe Arie Sweet Arie came to Animal Friends to find her forever home after her first family separated. She is a friendly, but reserved, dog who enjoys the company of people and loves to play. Arie must go to a home that has both breed knowledge and prior experience working with German Shepherds. She requires a high level of mental exercise and would love to be given a job. Come meet her today!

This handsome, mature Akita mix will make an excellent addition to any home. He’s friendly, social and a volunteer and staff favorite. This gentle boy loves toys and long walks, and he often combines the two by carrying a stuffed toy in his mouth while walking our trails. You won’t have to be a detective to figure out what a wonderful dog Sam Spade is. Someone believes in Sam Spade so much that they have sponsored his adoption; he is truly priceless! Mr. and Mrs. Donald Grubb sponsored Sam Spade in honor of Billie Jean Grubb.

HersHey Compassion Tip


Stock our Shelves Donate dry or canned cat or dog food to our Chow Wagon Pet Food Bank, which supports financially strapped pet owners.

This gorgeous lady is a German Shepherd and Beagle mix. We think she’s about 8 years old, so her wild puppy days are over and she’s ready to live a calm, quiet life. She has a very gentle nature, likes other dogs, and loves spending time with people. Hershey’s name perfectly matches her sweetness. Hershey agrees that Joyce Waltner-Barmak is the best for her sponsorship dedicated to Fluff Waltner!

Meet some of our adoptable cats at Petco at 59 Fort Couch Road, Bethel Park, PA 15241. Visit Monday through Saturday from 9 am – 9 pm or on Sunday from 10 am – 7 pm.


T h a n k Yo u , Av o n worth!

by Dana Schultz, Education Coordinator

Reading with


Our Rovers Recommend: Pablo Puppy’s Search for the Perfect Person Hi there! Pablo here. The humans asked me to tell you what I think of a book called Pablo Puppy’s Search for the Perfect Person. Right away, I can tell you I love the name, but there’s so much more to this story than just a great name!  The puppy Pablo starts off as a stray.  He gets rescued and taken to a shelter. I know all about that, my friends. But, I digress. Pablo the puppy meets an older dog named Rosie, and she tells him all the things that make up a “perfect person.” She tells him all about how a “perfect person” will take you for walks, feed you good food, take you to the vet if you’re sick, never yell at you, and might even give you treats if you’re really good. I liked that part!

A big Thank You to the second grade students and teachers from Avonworth Elementar y! They have been helping the animals all school year and learning how we care for homeless pets. Molly We kicked off the year with an assembly and dog safety lesson at the school with two happy dogs in tow. Then they made a field trip to our facility to see in person the many animals they would be helping this school year. In the winter they collected gifts for the dogs and made blankets to keep them cozy. They participated in a videoconference to learn how we train our dogs using positive training methods. Then it was on to the kitties! They read Mr. Putter and Tabby Fly the Plane and participated in a videoconference that highlighted that cats have feelings too. There’s more to a cat than a meow or a hiss! They learned how cats use their body language too. In the spring they collected gifts for our cats and bunnies, made catnip presents for the kitties, and closed out the year with a Bunny Bingo fundraiser! talking After and girl little a Rosie, to Our animals are very her grandmother visit the shelter and adopt appreciative of the Pablo. That’s not the end of the story though! I students’ enthusiasm don’t want to give it away, so let’s just say that and kindness. Thank there’s a happily-ever-after for Rosie too.   you for choosing Animal Friends for think I book!  great pretty Over all, this is a your service learning enjoy really would you and your family see I project. me, We love how excuse you’ll if Pablo’s story. Now just you celebrated might Be She way… this a nice lady coming Kind to Animals Week ! be my “perfect person” all year long!

Love and licks,



al Fr i e

d b eyo n d

Thanks to the many students who have been videoconferencing with Animal Friends this winter and spring! Through the video monitor we’ve met lots who live nearby in the Pittsburgh area and some from across Pennsylvania – Lawrence, Westmoreland, and Lancaster Counties. We even met kids living in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska (and yep, on the day we met them, we had more snow on the ground than they did!). It’s been fun teaching students, no matter where they live, about kindness towards animals, hearing about their pets, and having them greet our residents.

We have lots of fun planned and look forward to meeting many new kids who are friends to our animals! In May we’ll be celebrating Be Kind to Animals Week with an invitation-only reception for our Kind Kids student fundraisers and 2014 poster contest winners. In June we kick off our eightweek summer camp program!


In late May, we’re wrapping up our videoconference calendar for this school year with our “animal cop” Officer Rob. Teachers can see www.ThinkingOutsideTheCage. org/kidsclasses to see if there are slots still available for either our elementary or secondary versions of the videoconference. A big thank you to Tim Devlin from the Allegheny Intermediate Unit and the many teachers who made these partnerships possible. We’re looking forward to even more sessions next school year!

Our Street Team web page offers a great way for kids to volunteer! Download fliers from to share in your community!

RE-TAIL therapy Animal Friends’ Retail Store Top Five Spring Items By Tammy Merjanian, Retail Coordinator Animal Friends’ Retail Store is welcoming warm weather with new merchandise for your fourlegged family members. We’ve done some spring cleaning and rearranging, so hop on over and experience the fresh new look of our store!

3. Exercise Pens

1. Beyond Tough Dog Toys These are new items that will surely be a tail-wagging hit this spring and summer. The “Beyond Tough” material and stitching are great for those extreme chewers. These toys come in a bone, two-handle tug toy and football shapes, so they’re great for outside play time with your favorite pooch.

Donating to Animal Friends is as easy as shopping online! By Jeff Geissler, Communications Assistant We’re sure you know that Animal Friends’ on-site retail store has a variety of one-of-a-kind items, including wine glasses, felt sculptures and hand-made pet clothing. In fact, many of these items are created and donated by several of our extremely talented volunteers.

Need to keep your bun from having too much fun around the house? We now carry exercise pens to keep your bunny happy and safe! Available individually or as a part of our special bunny bundle, exercise pens give your bunny enough room to romp around without getting into any trouble!

2. Go Cat Toys Our Go Cat Toys will put an extra spring into your cat’s step. They come with several entertaining attachments such as the Cat Catcher, Sparkling Kitty Duster and the Butterflier. And not to worry—we carry refills if you need to replace any of your attachments. These toys are a favorite among our staff and volunteers. In fact, Animal Friends’ own Behavior Coordinator, Chris Whyle, uses Go Cat Toys as enrichment for her own cats and gives them a two-paws-up rating. Stop by to see which of these toys might strike your cat’s fancy.

Compassion Tip

5. Bunny Baskets

4. K9 Komfort Rubber Leashes Our famed K9 Komfort Leashes are back! Animal Friends’ staff and volunteers love these leashes not just because of the great colors they come in, but because of how durable they are. K9 Komfort Leashes are water resistant as well, for those quick walks in a spring rain shower.

Just because Easter is over, doesn’t mean your bunny doesn’t deserve a basket of treats! Hop on over to the Retail Store and our staff will create one for you!

Animal Friends’ on-site supply shop and boutique offers wonderful items for all your pets. Best of all, every purchase benefits our animals!


Working at the Car Wash Coordinate friends or your local youth group to wash cars in a high traffic location for donations.

We’re also sure you know that these beautiful handmade boutique items were only available at our on-site store. But not anymore! We’re stepping up our retail game and bringing the store to you! Animal Friends is proud to announce the opening of our online eBay retail store! Hand-made jewelry, painted tea cups and our famous plush doorstops (modeled after our furry residents) are just a few of the items available. You can sport your Animal Friends spirit with pride by checking out our wide selection of t-shirts and hoodies, and rest assured that the site will always feature our latest fashion designs.  Make sure you visit animalfriendsboutique to find crafts, clothes, and other critter comforts. And remember, all proceeds support the care of the homeless animals here at Animal Friends.

Animal Friends’ on-site pet supply shop and boutique has the basics and hard-to-find items for pets. Best of all, purchases benefit our shelter residents!


Compassion Tip


The Gift of Health Bring your dogs and cats to one of Animal Friends’ Low-Cost Vaccine Clinics to keep them healthy and happy for years to come.

Thanks to:

LCSN Matching Challenge University of Pittsburgh’s Pitt’s People for Pets Donate to Animal Friends’ Chow Wagon By Katie Kurylo, Communications Coordinator When families fall on hard financial times, finding the means to provide for every family member, both two- and four-legged, can be difficult. Many times, pets are returned to shelters or cannot stay with their families because of financial difficulties. Since 2007, Animal Friends’ Chow Wagon program has delivered almost 175,000 pounds of food to families in need. The Chow Wagon program currently partners with 23 food banks and a Meals on Wheels group.  Recently, the University of Pittsburgh’s Pitt’s People for Pets group held a pet food drive. Twelve bins were placed around the Pitt campus to collect food and donations. Overall, an amazing 2,090 pounds of food were collected along with monetary donations totaling $2,014.But collecting goods is not the only benefit that Pitt’s People for Pets provides, says Kannu Sahni, Director of Community Relations. “It’s important to make people aware of this need,” Sahni explained. “Some of these families already have trauma, and then they lose a pet. ”Sahni further explained that educating the community about this need will increase interest, and that is an opportunity to do even more next year. “We have high expectations,” Sahni smiled. 


In November and December of 2013, all donations to Animal Friends’ Low-Cost Spay/Neuter (LCSN) program were matched thanks to a generous gift from Bob and Janine Fragasso. The successful two-month campaign raised a total of $273,448 and enabled us to cover the costs of 3,900 low-cost spay/neuter procedures! Animal Friends altered a total of 10,148 animals in 2013, which is the highest number of surgeries completed during one year in our history! Since the inception of LCSN program in 1993, Animal Friends has altered over 100,000 dogs, cats and rabbits. As always, these results would not be possible without donor support. In Allegheny County alone, it’s estimated that 20,000 homeless animals are euthanized each year. There are simply too many pets and not enough homes, and Animal Friends’ LCSN program proactively combats pet overpopulation by preventing unwanted births in the first place. “We are so grateful to everyone who supported our challenge,” says Bob Fragasso, president and CEO of Fragasso Financial Advisors. “It’s because of their generosity that Animal Friends was able to prevent more than 215,000 births in just the first generation of animals. There is still so much we need to do. Janine and I hope that donors will continue to give to support Animal Friends’ important, live saving work.” Thank you to Bob and Janine Fragasso and everyone who participated in the 2013 Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Challenge!

Show the world you support Animal Friends! Order a specialty license plate by visiting

By Mary Nolte, Development Assistant

Growing Beards for the Animals!

There are many wonderful ways to show compassion toward animals. You can have an effect on the pets in our community by doing simple little things—even something as easy as growing a beard!

Perhaps you’ve heard about our year-end challenge in 2013— because of a generous match by Bob and Janine Fragasso, we were able to raise $275,000 for our Low-Cost Spay/Neuter programming. One of the more memorable stories regarding this campaign involved a financial group that held a contest to raise funds in a very creative manner. In December, LPL Financial employees and advisors teamed up with friends and family for a beard-growing challenge, which they called “Decembeard.” Men grew their beards and posted pictures on CrowdRise, a crowd-funding website, and asked for donations to sponsor their beard-growing. The response was remarkable; the “Decembeard” challenge raised an astounding $35,266 for Animal Friends’ Low-Cost Spay/Neuter programming! And because of the Fragassos’ generous matching offer, LPL’s efforts were matched fifty cents on the dollar. Helping homeless animals in your community can be easy and fun—all you have to do is something meaningful that brings your friends and family together to support a great cause.

Sydni Henley and Anna Yaksich, seventh graders at Springdale Junior-Senior High School, have a goal of raising $25,000 for Animal Friends by the time they graduate from high school. So far, they’ve raised over $17,000 for Animal Friends since they started working toward their goal in 2008, and they’ve dubbed their efforts “For the Love of All Animals.” Their most recent fundraiser, Holiday Paparazzi Pet Portrait sittings and sale of t-shirts and stretchy bands, netted over $2,500 for the animals.

For The Love of All Animals

Anna wrote, “As someone great once said, `Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.’ We follow that saying every day, and it comes to mind every time we see the effect we have on the world. We decided to make our own motto, `For the Love of All Animals.’ That’s why we do this, and that is why we will continue doing this.” We thank the girls for their consistent show of compassion!

Compassion Tip


Pump it Up Coordinate with a local gas station to have volunteers serve as gas station attendants who pump gas and clean windshields for donations.

Be Gorgeous and Help Animals! Animal Friends’ Communications Team

When the ladies of Animal Friends’ Communications Department learned that WearWoof, a new clothing resale shop that benefits local animal organizations, was open for business, we couldn’t wait to hit the racks! WearWoof takes donations of gently-used women’s clothing, resells them and turns the profits into donations for local animal welfare organizations. When you make a donation of gently-used women’s clothing or pet clothing and accessories to the WearWoof Shop, you support activities such as low-cost spay/ neuter programs, Trap-Neuter-Release/Community Cat initiatives, the care and medical support of shelter animals, adoption events, education, community outreach and more. Animal Friends is proud to be one of WearWoof ‘s beneficiaries! When you drop off your donation, make sure to say you want your clothing’s proceeds to go to Animal Friends. Wearwoof Consignment Shop

WearWoof is located just two miles from Animal Friends at 1105 Rochester Road, Suite 103. Visit WearWoof’s website at or on Facebook at Better yet, visit their shop!

When you shop with the Animal Friends VISA card, a percentage of every purchase. Plus, you get to carry a shelter dog, cat or rabbit in your wallet! Call 412.847.7052 for details.


Animal Friends’ Therapets Levi Finds a New Job….as a Therapy Cat!

any fear of adopting an older cat? Katie: Not in the least! I love older cats with special needs and advocating for them is my passion. I have written articles and taught classes on the challenges and joys of senior cats. Like anyone who has a family member with special needs, they are your first priority and you work your time around them.

This story was first featured in an award winning blog called “Cat in the Fridge.” Special thanks to Crepes, Kitty Blogger and his mom, Alana Grelyak for spotlighting Levi and Katie Tontala as well as Animal Friends! Levi wasn’t a likely candidate for a permanent home – not only was he somewhere around 16 years old but he was also blind and deaf. Luck was on Levi’s side and he was adopted! And not only did he get a home, he also got a job as a therapy cat! Levi’s adopter, Katie Tontala, sat down with to discuss Levi’s new life.

Crepes: Tell us about Levi’s job! He’s working as a therapy kitty, is that correct?

Crepes: Welcome, Katie! Why did you decide to adopt Levi? Katie: I saw Levi on a website called and followed him for months. I just couldn’t get him out of mind, so my friends, probably tired of me talking about him, finally said, “why don’t

you just go and get him!” So I took the road trip to Tabby’s Place in New Jersey and brought him home-sight unseen. Crepes: We know that Levi is fairly advanced in his years. Was there ever

Katie: Yes he is and he is quite the little celebrity when he goes. When I realized how much Levi loves to snuggle and how laid back he is, I thought I would try it out and see how it went. Animal Friends, the

Animal Friends’ Wish List

shelter where I volunteer, has a program called “Therapets” and I decided to work through them. Crepes: What does his job entail? Give us a quick rundown of Levi’s day at work.

Compassion Tip

Donate your Time! Whether you have 10 hours or 10,000 hours to give, become a volunteer and share your compassion with our residents.

We need donations of:

Thank you to Girl Scout Samantha Maurer for helping Animal Friends while completing her Silver Award. Samantha spent over 50 hours making sit-upons that will be used in our Humane Education programs. Samantha is pictured here with our resident, Sandy.


For the full story, please visit

• I-Click Clickers from for our Behavior Program

• Touchscreen tablets (like an Ipad or Samsung Galaxy Tab) for our Pets for Life program

• Hopper Hideaways and Tunnel Havens from for our resident rabbits and Bun Runs

• Horizontal cat scratching boards for our resident cats

• Pet Loss Support Books from Montgomery Press ( to give to grieving pet owners who attend our services

• Oval cat beds for our resident cats • Mini Milk Bone biscuits, Natural Balance or Red Barn food logs for our resident dogs

Thank You!


Katie: Levi currently visits two different skilled nursing homes. We visit the residents and ask them if they want to meet and pet Levi. If they do, he sits on their lap or bed and lets them pet and dote on him! He gives them head butts and nuzzles their necks and then usually ends up snuggling into their blankets and falling asleep.

• A garment steamer (like the Rowenta Garment Steamer IS6200 from Bed, Bath & Beyond), for galas, events and fundraisers • Freedom No-Pull Harnesses in sizes 1” Medium, 1” Large and 1” Extra Large from for our resident dogs • Puzzle feeders for resident dogs and cats

• Pablo Puppy and Kamie Cat materials for children’s literacy programs • A 27-70mm f/2.8 camera lens (new or pre-owned) for our Nikon DSLR camera (used to photograph and video our resident animals and programs)

If you can help by donating or underwriting any of these items, call 412.847.7051.

Animal Friends’ public training program works with shelter animals, owned pets, and people. Our goal is to provide pets and families with the tools they need to develop lifelong relationships. To register for a class, visit

Animal Friends’ Adoption

WANTED: Loving Homes

By Ann Ensminger, Director of Animal Wellness What have you done for an animal today? We are seeking loving homes, which come in many different shapes and sizes. At Animal Friends, we can help you to find a perfect four-footed forever friend to join your family! Visit our Resource Center, where we’ll introduce you to adoptable dogs, cats and bunnies. Our committed and dedicated Adoption Counselors are on-hand to assist you in finding the best fit for your household. Whether you are seeking a cat-friendly dog, a kid-friendly cat or a buddy for your resident rabbit, we are ready to find a good match for you! You don’t have to adopt to help pets find their forever homes! Ask your relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers what they did for an animal

Compassion Tip

today. Encourage them to adopt from Animal Friends. A new pet might just be the perfect addition to their family!


For the Birds Put out a bird feeder in your backyard. Not only are you helping the birds but you are providing great visual enrichment for your feline friends.

Why should you adopt from Animal Friends? All pets from Animal Friends are already spayed or neutered, up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccinations, tested for heartworm (dogs only) or feline leukemia and FIV (cats only), are treated with flea and tick prevention, receive deworming medication, are microchipped, behaviorally evaluated and go home with a brand new collar or harness complete with tags. Dogs and cats also receive a 30-day free trial of Petplan Pet Insurance! It doesn’t stop there! Adoption Counselors follow-up with all adopters three times within the first three months of adoption and our Medical Wellness program will provide treatment for any contagious disease within the first 14 days following adoption. Our Behavior Wellness program is available to provide guidance and advice as your new pet settles into your home and, for cats or

bunnies, Animal Friends offers free nail trims by appointment. After you adopt, when asked again, “What did you do for an animal today?” you can answer, “By adopting from Animal Friends, I saved two lives!” Because, not only did

you save the life of the pet you welcomed into your home, but you gave as second chance at life to the pet who Animal Friends was able to admit as a result of your adoption. Two lives…changed forever.

Animal Friends is proud to host, a FREE resource to help lost dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals find their way back home.


Happy Tails them and told them stories of the loving families that they would soon be part of. This is my first memory of the puppy named Karma. A few days later, I found out that Karma needed a foster home because she was so scared and shy, and I decided to take her home and work with her.

Karma’s Story By Patty Gongaware One cold, dark night in January 2012, I decided to indulge in some puppy cuddling at Animal Friends with a litter of threemonth-old Collie/Husky mix puppies who seemed very sad and scared. Three of them quickly got comfortable on my lap, but I struggled to get the fourth, a fuzzy goldand-white girl, to come to me. Reluctantly, she settled in with her siblings as I held


The first few weeks were both challenging and rewarding. She always ran and hid from my husband and me, and she avoided eye contact. We hand-fed her every morning and evening, and she’d come to our outstretched hands, grab one piece of kibble and then run away to eat it. Often, feeding her took almost an hour! As the weeks passed, Karma remained wary of us, but eventually allowed us to pick her up and hug and pet her. We discovered that she was very smart, and she quickly learned basic obedience commands and was easily housetrained—she learned to ring a bell on the door when she had to go out. After a month, Karma had made great

Compassion Tip progress. She was still cautious around people but was acting like a happy puppy and sometimes solicited our attention. She became very vocal and sounded like she was almost talking, which is a collie trait called singing. My husband tapped into her Husky side and taught her to howl, too! And…she stole my heart. So, on February 29, we officially became foster failures and adopted our Karma. Like all Collies, Karma is very intelligent and observant. And like most Collies, she needed a job. We often took her to visit my father-in-law at his assisted living facility and noticed that she was very comfortable there. I thought she would make a good therapy dog, and in August 2013 she earned her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International certifications. Now Karma and I are a therapy team. We visit a nursing home several times a month, and the residents look forward to seeing Karma, petting her soft fur, shaking her gently offered paw, and getting kisses. They


Be Helpful! How many of your neighbors have dogs? Ask them if they would be willing to donate to Animal Friends in exchange for you walking their dog. No dog? How about watering a garden or mowing a lawn.

marvel at how friendly, calm and sweet she is and tell me stories about the dogs that they’ve had. Karma has been transformed from a scared, shy puppy to a friendly, playful, outgoing dog who loves adults and children and the world around her. She’s such a special girl and we’re so glad that she’s part of our family! Her story is unique but not unusual. There are many dogs out there just waiting for the right family to bring out their best qualities if you’re willing to give them a chance.

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Petsburgh Press - Spring/Summer 2014  
Petsburgh Press - Spring/Summer 2014  

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