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Welcome to Futures College

Welcome to Futures College Futures College is a friendly yet professional college with a broad mix of students by age, experience and nationality. It operates from two campuses located in London and Birmingham, surrounded by a colorful and vibrant community. At Futures College, you will find pleasant classrooms and state of the art computer facilities for your use. Our highly qualified tutors are always accessible to help students succeed in their studies. We help in creating a special student teacher relationship based on true professionalism and ethics. Futures College is one of the leading providers of English, IT, Business Administration and NVQ in Health and Social Care courses which are recognized / affiliated by International and national universities and professional bodies. These include: NCC Education, IMIS, CIMA, ACCA, ABE, the Cyprus institute of Marketing and EDI. These organizations are responsible for providing the syllabus and validating exams. Futures College is known for its quality and innovative teaching methods. It prepares students for a full and productive life by providing the necessary fundamental knowledge for their academic programmes and practical work experience. We offer wide range of certificate, diploma, under graduate, postgraduate diploma and post graduation

courses. Our aim is to give the students best quality education, good environment and practical oriented approach. Whatever course you choose, we provide wealth of information, expertise and industry in & out by our qualified teaching staff. After completion of the course we provide employment assistance for suitable candidates. The academic programmes are structured to bring the very best out of a fully residential programme. Through the combination of intensive residential instruction, guided study and research, we try to meet the needs of a

Futures College has stepped in the honorable field of Educa t ion, wi t h the ‘motto’ of

"CARING FOR THE FUTURE”. Futures College 2008 Entry


02 Welcome to Futures College

Welcome From the Director selected group of highly motivated professionals. By matching a dedicated team of teaching scholars to the students, the College endeavors to enhance the professionalism of all concerned. The College offers students an opportunity to learn and develop professionally through integration of their professional experiences and previous learning with a rigorous programme of instruction and guided scholarly inquiry. As a result of these beliefs, the programme of the College stresses international aspects in the field of study by employing multinational staff. Futures College treats each student individually, and it makes sure their time with us is successful and rewarding. All kinds of assistance are offered regarding academic guidance, career advice, part-time job opportunities and any other help a student wants.

As the Director of Futures College I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our students and express my sincere hope that your time with us will be both profitable and fun. For above everything else and as a kind of philosophically and physically ideal, the learning experience should be intellectually stimulating, emotionally inspiring, personally rewarding and mentally refreshing. The Futures College is a private institution of higher education dedicated to career and professionally focused quality education. In order to prepare students for a professional leadership role in future, our lecturers are selected not merely for their excellent academic qualities but also for their practical and commercial experience in relevant business, computer and NVQ’s sectors. Thus they bring to the classroom what pure academic theorists will not. Your learning experience here will provide a practical understanding of the latest technology and the most forward thinking leadership ideas. Both the campuses are in an exciting environment, where people from Britain, China, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and Europe can meet. The culture is rich and diverse, with students bringing amyriad of different perspectives to all areas of college life. We believe in a rounded education. While always encouraging students to work hard and be committed to their studies, we encourage them to take full advantage of the wide range of extra mural opportunities (sporting, social and educational) available at college and of all that London as a city offers to students. This is why at Futures College we firmly believe that every student should be treated as an individual who has hopes and aspirations all of their own. It is our job to help each student realize those aspirations and to do so in an environment which is warm, friendly, and enjoyable to study in. It therefore remains for me to wish you all the very best of luck.


Studying in the UK


Studying in the UK You can be sure of high standards, modern facilities, cuttingedge departments, tailored support and value for money for whichever of the courses you decide to undertake in UK.

High standards and modern facilities A qualification from a UK institution is very prestigious, as standards are high at all levels. Universities and colleges are continually assessed by official bodies that grade the standard of their research and teaching. The qualifications students gain are recognized worldwide, and UK courses encourage independence, creativity and, importantly, selfreliance. All of these qualities are appreciated by employers worldwide.

Variety and choice UK universities and colleges offer a huge range of academic and vocational opportunities available at all levels, from further to higher education. You can choose a college located in the heart of a city or a purpose-built countryside campus with a host of facilities on site. Futures College is ideally located in the city of London and Birmingham with up-to-date facilities for students. The college is easily accessible via tube and bus and provides a relaxed atmosphere for the students to exchange and develop ideas.

Value for money One of the most attractive features of studying in the UK is that it offers good value for money. Most undergraduate degrees take three years, making them shorter than similar programs in other countries and very cost-effective.

Some postgraduate Some postgraduate degrees degrees only only last for last one foryear one year (as opposed (as opposedtoto two two in in other other countries), countries), whichwhich means you means youcan can finish finish your your degree degree moremore quickly quickly and start and startearning earning more more in the in the workforce. workforce. ThereThere are also are alsoaanumber number of of scholarships, scholarships, and some and some financial assistance financial assistance is available is available fromfrom UK institutions UK institutions and possibly and possibly from from institutions institutions in your in your own country. own country.

A multicultural society The UK is truly cosmopolitan. In every major city, you will find shops selling every imaginable type of food from all around the world, places of worship for all major religions and speakers of many of the world’s languages. Settled all over the UK are communities from the Caribbean, the Indian subcontinent, Africa, Southeast Asia, China, Italy, Cyprus, Poland, Australia and New Zealand. UK institutions also attract students from all over the world, so you will have the opportunity to mix with international as well as UK students. International students are also very positive about the benefits of a UK education. When asked to state the benefits of studying in the UK, students described a wide variety of reasons. The most frequently rated were: • • • •

academic experience becoming more independent meeting people from all over the world improving English language skills

learning about the UK and other cultures.

Futures College 2008 Entry

04 About Futures College

About Futures College Futures Vision Statement

Futures Objectives

Our vision is to serve as a leader of higher education, to maximize the potential for learning and achievement of each student through nurturing talent and advancing knowledge in a diverse and fully exclusive community and to sustain high quality and international standards of education.

Our Objectives is to provide:

Futures Mission statement Our mission is to honor the “motto” of "CARING FOR THE FUTURE” by providing excellent, accessible, affordable and the highest possible quality of education, training, research & consultancy to undergraduate, graduate, post graduate, vocational and professional students from a wide range of social, ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds in order to meet the rigorous challenges of an increasingly diverse society and an ever-changing global world.

• A highlevel of learning to all the Students, coming from different parts of the world. • Educational programs to a student population that includes working adults and international students. • Quality & affordable education. • A framework and atmosphere of learning which will enhance the student's capability to demonstrate ethical and moral values in professional, personal, and business situations. • Domestic and international students with an education that blends practical experience with a strong theoretical framework. • An international educational environment through the implementation of globaloriented curriculum. • For the personal and professional development of staff and faculty through education, training, and encouragement of professional and community involvement.

Futures Tuition Fees Course fees are determined by the student’s mode of study (part time or full time) and the type of course he/she is undertaking. The college has a policy of permitting students to pay in installments. As an International student you must pay a minimum of 50% of your annual tuition fee at or before enrolment. No exceptions will be made. We only accept cheques or bank drafts made payable to Futures College. For more information on the college fees please contact Mr Yue Gu on (44)02085914965 or Web:

Futures Facilities

Futures Facilities The college welfare team devotes much of their time in caring for overseas students who have recently arrived in UK. We will assist all students in understanding what they can do next, what employers want, and the current status of the job market. Futures College is a place where students learn, investigate and discuss the ideas that shape the world, but these activities do not end in the classroom, instead students are encouraged through group activities that form intercultural relationships and a strong foundation about the subjects they learn. Our classes are small and are taught by well experienced and renowned staffs who offer a holistic, cutting edge education irrespective of what course a student does. The college courses are designed for all those who embrace the challenges of community life and participate in all aspects of the curriculum. All our programmes are designed to attain the entire academic, personal and professional success a student deserves thereby providing a satisfying future. We want you to enjoy your studies, completely free of worries. To facilitate this, we have on hand a team of experts to help you with any problems. Our student support team is available to advise on issues such as housing, finance, grants, any personal problems or difficulties involving your studies. The Student Support Officers can arrange for you to receive counseling or help from outside agencies such as the local hospital, Citizen's Advice Bureau, or from legal representatives. The premises are broadly divided as: The reception area Meeting Room Principal’s room Administration Office

Coffee / Tea Area

Library Services Futures College Learning Centre stock a wide range of books for loan and reference as well as offering Internet access, ICT resources, scanners and printers, magazines, journals and newspapers, CDROMS, DVDs, videos and music CDs supporting several areas of learning. Together, these reference sources provide ample information for case study projects, assignments and research work. The library space also contains self-service photocopiers, and private and group study spaces. Book renewals can also be made by telephone.

Classrooms The lecture rooms are equipped with rows seating for 25 students which are currently used for conferences, lectures, tutorials and training classes. Other fixtures include a rollup projection screen, dry-wipe whiteboards, overhead projectors, PC and Data Projector. Audio-visual equipment such as TV, Video and DVD players are also available apart from the flip charts and slide shows that one can utilize. The lecture rooms are also equipped with power point facilities as most lectures are conducted in this manner. There is a wide range of both fixed and mobile audiovisual facilities throughout the College, and we are continuously striving to enhance our provision. The lecture rooms at the

Futures College 2008 Entry


06 Futures Facilities

Futures College are bright, airy and well-ventilated as well as equipped with heating facilities.

Computer Lab The college has comprehensive networks of computers each campus, designed to aid learning and teaching with a wide range of educational and commercial software packages. All networked PC's have access to the internal and external email facilities and a growing number provide access to the internet. Technical assistance and support is available centrally through the IT support staff. Printers are also available for student use.

Accommodation support Usually the college arranges an accommodation near college premises for overseas students, if requested. The accommodation can be arranged in a hostel or private sharing rooms with other students or as a paying guest with a local family. Many students prefer to stay in single or shared rooms in private flats, having a provision of self-catering thus having kitchen facilities. Overseas students arriving in UK should inform Registrar of the college of their problem if any, at least a month prior to their arrival. The International Admission Form must accompany a letter stating the type of accommodation


required in London (hostel, flat, single, shared etc.) with a consent to pay the security and rent of one month, in advance, upon arrival in UK. Any extra money is refundable to the student after payment of the appropriate rent and security for the accommodation.

Airport Pick Up Student arriving in U.K. for the first time may desire to meet a College Representative at the Airport. Such students must inform the Registrar of College. Following information must reach the College at least two weeks before the arrival date in UK: • Name of the airport in Britain where arriving. • Airline and the flight number. • Date and time of arrival. • An e-mail address and phone number of your friend or relative for urgent messages. If it is not a weekend, students are taken directly to the College otherwise to their lodging address in London or Birmingham. A fee is collectable, from the arriving student, in advance which is non refundable.

Student Travel Discount Scheme Transport for London (TFL) operates a Student Discount Scheme for Futures College registered students, offering them the opportunity to obtain discounts on travel across the capital. You can obtain a valid Student Oyster Photocard so that you can buy Bus Passes and Travelcards valid for 7 days, one month or longer periods of up to one year at 30% off the equivalent adult rate. To obtain a Student Oyster

Futures Facilities


Financial Advice A Student Advisor is available in Student Services to assist with information on Learner Support Funds, travel passes, bursaries, Student Loans, Hardship funds, Career development loans and other funding that is available.

Medical and Health Services King George Hospital is in the close vicinity of the college. In addition to this a number of General Practitioners are also available.

Career Counseling Student may seek advice or guidance before they select a new study programme or during the course for their future interests and better planning from their Teachers and Student Advisor in the College.

Visa Extension To continue further studies there at Futures College, students submit their passports to the Registrar to enable us to apply for a visa

extension on their behalf, strictly as per UK Home Office regulations. The Registrar will look after all correspondence and preparation of documentation for the Home Office in UK. The college does not take any responsibility if the visa extension is not approved.

Bank Account All students are briefed about the procedure of opening a bank account in UK for which necessary bank references may be provided by the college.

Exercise and Sports There is a modern Sports Centre, few minutes from Futures College. A near by Leisure Centre is used to hold sports competitions for Table Tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball and Football (indoor) etc. Also, a well established public Library is only a stone throw away from the college.

General College Administration is continuously making sincere efforts to develop the College into one of the best continuing and higher education centre in the UK. However, these efforts need a continuous feedback and co-operation from students of Futures College to overcome any deficiencies at this time. The Administration believes in providing all possible moral supports and assistance to any student at any time, when needed. Futures College 2008 Entry


For more information Email: web:


+44 (0) 20 8594 7968

London Campus: Trocoll House, Wakering Road, Barking. Essex. IG11 8PD, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0) 20 8591 4965 Birmingham Campus: 1206 Stratford Road, Hall Green. Birmingham. B28 (8)HN, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0)12 1778 1585

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