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Architecture Cooperative Education Student University of Cincinnati email address 2920 Vaughn Street, Apt 5, Cincinnati, OH, 45219 phone 513-356-3636 portfolio

College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) Cincinnati, OH Class of 2015 Bachelor of Science in Architecture 2015 (Honors) GPA - 3.868/4.0



University of Cincinnati

Adobe Creative Suite, Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office Suite, Apple/Microsoft platforms Woodworking, Wood model making, Architectural drafting, digital art, digital photography, video editting

St. Joseph’s Institution International

English and Vietnamese - fluent, French - intermediate

Tom Sewell Studio| design intern

First Year Focus Photography Contest 2012, Winner UC International Photo Contest 2012, 3rd place Volunteer photographer at Hui No’eau Arts Center, Hawaii

Haiku, HI Jan - May 2013 Assisting Tom Sewell with website design, graphic design, sculpture installations, photography and architecture. House construction and interior planning.

Archetype| architecture intern

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Jun - Aug 2010 Administrative work, logistics and redesign of the office layout.

Vietabroader non-profit organization| graphic designer

Online Jan 2013 - current Collaborates with PR and Communications team to develop graphics, and other media to promote the organization, whose purpose is to assist Vietnamese students that wish to study abroad.

New Student Orientation Office, UC| student orientation leader Cincinnati, OH Apr - Sep 2012 Facilitating the transition of new students into UC.



Singapore Class of 2010 International Baccalaureate diploma

Alpha Rho Chi Professional Fraternity for architecture and the allied arts, Pledge Class Treasurer Rabirius Alumni Association scholarship 2012 Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity, shelter construction Project Spatial Twirl featured in Morpholio Community Contemporary Paris Honors Seminar, France, March 2012 University of Cincinnati French Club, Vice President 2012 UC Honors Council University Honors Association and Ambassador Student Government, intern UC International Ambassadors Alpha Lambda Delta Honorary Society Golden Key International Honour Society



architecture projectstectonic design

facade tectonics project literary center

co-op experienceTom Sewell studio architecturAL drawingsarchitectural sketches Norwood library

spatial studiesthe Unit

project Spatial Twirl spatial perspectives

personal workartwork


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architecture projects| tectonic design Summer Semester| 2013 With given materials of scaled lumber, MDF, and wood, the design should serve as a pavilion for an ice sculpture. With a focus on structure, the “pavilion� needs to address real issues such as drainage system and circulation inside.

Triangulated ceiling/roof above the sculpture platform to create a dramatic effect.

Roof paneling to gerenate an enclosed space, preparing to experience the sudden opening at the end of the pavilion.

Structure system of the pavilion using notches and tension. The “crack� on the ground is meant for drainage system and implies the shift in tectonic plates/ice.


architecture projects| Facade tectonics Summer Semester| 2013 A study of building facade, which, in this case, is of the American Folk Art Museum next to the MOMA in New York City. The building stands a chance of being demolished. Assuming that only the facade is replaced, the exercise requires a facade that can communicate to not only the MOMA but also the city outside.

Modeling of the main structure of the facade in Rhino.

The facade is divided into different levels in terms of heights and depths, as juxtaposed to the flat surface of the adjacent building, the MOMA.

The main shape consists of triangulated modules, inspired by paper folding.

Surface paneling is arranged in a manner so that the structure is partly exposed to the public and allows light inside the building.

The structure continues to the ground floor to create an entrance, which is pushed inside to invite people in.


architecture projects| PROJECT literary center Fall Semester| 2012 A complete design for a community literary center on Ludlow Avenue, Cincinnati, OH. A detailed study of plans, sections, elevations, materiality, and sectional perspective are included, with the aid of a physical model. The literary center is meant to serve as a community space that is dedicated to education as well as entertainment.

Media: Revit sectional perspective

north facade elevation

south facade elevation

ue n e v on a


ludlow avenue


Media: Revit sectional perspective, Revit Clouds rendering, Watercolor, Photoshop

first floor

second floor

The design of the literary center is a study of shapes. The geometry of the floors changes from orthagonality to curvature. Floor patterns vary accordingly to the shape configuration.

third floor


co-op experience| tom sewell studio January - May 2013 During my first Co-op pat Tom Sewell Studio in Maui, Hawaii, I was working as a studio assistant for my employer, artist Tom Sewell. Some of the main projects included a photoshoot for the New York Times, a sculpture installation, and a kitchen construction. I also helped with interior staging and real estate storyboard.







architectural drawings| NORWOOD LIBRARY Fall Semester| 2012 Group project: A detailed study of Norwood Library in Cincinnati. Measurements are taken to present an exploded axonometric drawing with sections, floor plans and the front elevation. Contribution: Hand-drafting front elevation, floor plans, the back side, diagram drawings.


spatial studies| the UNIT Spring quarter final| 2012 Final group project of first year Architecture design studio. As a whole section, we go through different stages of design process to come up with a unit, which is then mass-produced and put together with certain connection design(s). The structure is exhibited in DAAP, McMicken Common and outside of DAAP. Site studies, material studies and many drawings are taken into account. A movie and final drawing panels recording the process are included in the project. Contribution: Lead drawer for drawing team, Final drawing panels, Connection studies, Iterations/designs, Construction.


spatial studies| PROJECT SPATIAL TWIRL Featured in Morpholio Community, Student Work 2012 A concept of a spiral grows into a series of work, both drawings and physical models, that study spatial transformation and arrangement.

Starting with a bobby pin, I examined different spatial arrangements and arrived with the final spiral form. This gives concept to the cube study, which consists of eight modules as a whole. The spatial qualities represent the spiral form present in the bobby pin model.


spatial studies| spatial perspectives A concept of a spiral grows into a series of work, both drawings and physical models, that study spatial transformation and arrangement.

spatial studies| SECTIONAL PERSPECTIVE Winter quarter| 2012 An exercise in 3-dimensional drawing from a 2-dimensional, abstracted drawing. The goal was to show different layers, depths and perspectives. To achieve this goal, linework and simple pencil techniques were utilized.


personal work| ARTWORK Art has long been my passion. Most of my architecture work is influenced by my aesthetics built up alongside with my painting skills. I am experienced with different media and have recently improved as a designer with an addition of graphic design.

“self-portrait” watercolor on paper

“contrast” oil painting on canvas

caricatures penwork during relay for life 2012, i did each caricature within a minute to raise funds for cancer patients

“disney princess�

vietabroader event promotion banner

graphic work, photoshop

graphic work, photoshop and illustrator


personal WORK| PHOTOGRAPHY As I travel, my camera, Nikon D90, is my best companion. I have learned to capture moments of my daily life and be constantly inspired by everything in my surrounding. My goal when taking photographs is to be spontaneous, while being able to bring out the beauty of the subject.

“paris, la belle”

“in the sun and the sea”

Paris, France, March 2012

naples, florida, december 2011

“of pattern and harmony� haiku, hawaii, jan-may 2013

Thank you for your time!

Anh Tran - Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio  

This portfolio reflects my creative journey in the field of Architecture as a sophomore student at the University of Cincinnati.

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