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Herd Reference 2012*

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Dave’s Desk

ere is no year like any other year. I am sure that would stay consistent throughout the history of the world. is year was shaping up to be one for the record books. Now, I am not saying it is going to be a bad year, I am saying that it maybe won’t be as terrific as originally anticipated. e earlier part of the year, with cattle numbers still dropping in North America, the demand for feeder cattle looked very promising. However with the drought that has occurred

in a large part of the United States as well as the eastern part of Canada feeder prices have moderated. Reduced corn and barley crops in addition to a large part of the corn yield being consumed by the voracious appetite of bio-fuel has driven the price of feeding cattle up. is in turn has put pressure on feeder cattle prices, however calf prices will still be respectable. When there is pressure on any market, those on the supply side of the equation need to find ways to mitigate the effect. Breeders of Angus cattle have the luxury of several traits to help in this regard. e demand for more efficient levels of feed conversion and high carcass quality are only two of the traits that will assist in keeping this breed in the forefront of the industry. New techniques of tracking genetic traits are being discovered at a rather fast rate through

DNA research. e cost of these tests are now getting to where commercial cow/calf producers are able to include them in their selection process. Parentage verification has reached a level where commercial operations are able to indentify the sire of a calf at a reasonable cost. What does that mean to the purebred breeder - you better have the goods. Parentage identification will identify everything from fertility, calving ease, structural soundsness, growth, etc back to the sire. Retained ownership to harvest and access to carcass information through other means, coupled with sire identification is going to move bull selection to a new level. In a world where information is readily available, those that can utilize it will prosper.

Dave Callaway Beef fuels the Olympics According to Men's Fitness Magazine, more than 100 tons of beef was ordered for the London 2012 Olympics athlete's village eateries. With 14,000 athletes from 205 Olympic & 170 Para-Olympic teams, that's enough for about 1 lb. of beef per athlete per day.

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Herd Reference 2012*

Herd Reference 2012*

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Herd Reference 2012*

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Breeder and customers use historical data to look forward The cattle business is about thinking ahead in a never-ending quest for solutions. Not just answers to everyday problems, but angles on the “how-to” of cooperating to make a better future. Those solutions help to profitably fill the growing consumer demand for high-quality beef. Rob and Gail Hamilton, of Hamilton Farms, Cochrane, Alberta, look forward to that future because of the solutions they’ve found since 1991. That was the year they bought 30 registered Angus females from Greendale Angus at Bashaw, Alta. “Gail and I both worked full time,” recalled Hamilton recently. “She was an employee of Alta Genetics for a lot of years and I worked for some purebred operations until our first sale.” That was in 1995, and as the herd went on to number 400 cows today. This year’s 17th production sale grossed nearly a million dollars, selling 104 bulls to mainly repeat customers that range from local families to giant agribusinesses. “We have tried to establish a breeding program that is unique. We don’t follow mainstream sire choices in terms of A.I.’ing, but use a lot of our own breeding in our herd,” said Hamilton. That approach was something of a gamble, he admitted, but it has paid off for the family and their customers. “Our genetics are slightly different from the average breeder in the industry,” he said. “Besides the extra attention we put on feet, legs, udders and longevity of the mother cow,” Hamilton cited the value of bulls that do it all for customers. “Obviously having cattle that perform in the feedlot and grade well on the rail is important,” he said. “But that’s not the first thing customers think about. We use sire lines that have a short gestation period so calves sired by our bulls are usually born earlier than average. Yet, Page 10

Angus World

it doesn’t rob their performance, as they still wean off heavy calves. “That’s been our niche lately, selling bulls that are good for heifers and can be used on cows with lots of performance as well,” Hamilton said. Those aren’t just idle claims, because it’s all documented through the industry’s most comprehensive records and information database, TraceBack™. The online program from Dr. Troy Drake’s Cow/Calf Health Management Services (CCHMS) has been part of the Hamilton program from its earliest days. “As of this summer,” Drake said, “we have fed and marketed through our system more than 10,000 head of calves sired by Hamilton Farms bulls.” At least three dozen TraceBack commercial herds use predominantly Angus bulls, he added. The program is customized for the needs of feeders, cow-calf or seedstock operators. “All of our cows are on TraceBack, and it records all of the events we do,” Hamilton said. “Whether it’s preg checking, vaccinating, calving or A.I.’ing – we have comprehensive information stored on TraceBack – we have a cow’s life time production.”

Herd Reference 2012*

It didn’t take long for Hamilton or his commercial customers to see what that can do for the larger industry. “We wanted to give our bull customers an option,” he said. With a knack for finding words that fit the family nickname and farm’s registered Angus prefix, the breeder launched Hamilton’s Alternative Marketing Initiative (HAMI) in 2010. For those who use Hamilton Farms bulls, the HAMI project could open up the world of cattle feeding. “When they go to sell their weaned calves sired by our bulls, rather than accepting a price you may get on a certain day in the fall, which is the norm in the commercial cattle industry, we will buy a percentage interest in the calves,” said Hamilton. That can range from 25% to 100%, with no up-front fee, and just $10 per head after individual carcass data is returned. Value is based on an average price calculated from the week before, week of and the week after the transaction., and calves are then finished in cooperating TraceBack feedlots. Many of them then sell to Cargill on a value-based grid that includes premiums for Yield Grade 1 and for quality grades of AAA and Prime, and programs such as the Certified Angus Beef brand.

Pat Kunz, a Hamilton Farms bull customer who also operates a TraceBack-allied feedlot near Beiseker, Alta., said the records program offers “huge advantages” for cattle feeding, but those are compounded when the information is taken all the way back to his 120-cow Angus-based commercial herd. Although Kunz has not utilized the HAMI project while feeding his own calves and buying an interest in others, he agreed it is another great example of how different links in the beef production chain can work together using TraceBack. “The more records, the better in this program,” he said. Until recently, he would not have said that. “We had data for years, but no way to apply it until TraceBack.” Getting carcass data was a struggle when packers had no programs in place, and with producers largely unable to use it, a static, commodity system held back improvement. “On its own, data is hard to interpret,” Kunz said. “Now we are getting the data through Cargill and, through TraceBack, we are making sense of it.” The only way Kunz selects replacement heifers now is based on records proving the cow indexed above average across 19 measurements, which he can see at a glance on his computer screen or a printout. “I might think one is too small, but looking at birth date and dam’s record, I no longer miss one that is carrying some of our best genetics. Neighbors to Kunz and fellow Hamilton Farms customers, Rick and Kathryn Hagel operate a 200-cow Angus-based commercial herd and usually sell most of their ownership interest at weaning—but not their interest in the calves. In fact, calves go just up the road to uncle Lyle Hagel’s TraceBack cooperator feedlot. The two even help with processing, and appreciate the continuing flow of new data from the calves. “Not all of those measurements go into TraceBack automatically,” said Rick Hagel. “There’s lots of

hands-on at calving, but technology has advanced so much. With the use of smartphones and iPads and tablets, Troy [Drake] has it set up pretty simple for us. And whenever the calves go through Lyle’s chute at the feedlot, it’s nearly automatic; the next morning I get an email that our TraceBack numbers have updated.” Hagel utilizes some crossbreeding, especially with older cows. “Marbling alone won’t make you money, but it will definitely help,” he noted. “We breed all first-calf heifers Angus, and as many of the second- and third-calf females as we can, too, so we can generate the kind of replacements we want. Those younger ones are backed by all this data, and any that don’t make our cut go into the feedlot where we can retain their data.” Citing the high level of risk in agriculture at today’s prices, Hagel said it is more important than ever to “make sure we are breeding and feeding the right cattle.” Although others may buy outside replacements, he said, “keeping heifers from cows that milk and don’t have temperament or calving issues, and being able to breed them to the proper bulls, I think I’m ahead by 20% compared to taking a shot in the dark with somebody else’s leftovers.” Hamilton’s efforts to produce bulls that work from heifers through mature cows are much appreciated. “From that Kodiak line of bulls, we have never had a calf with less than AAA marbling,” Hagel said. “Those genetics are easy calving and they grow. Once in the feedlot, they fit right in.” Drake said the highly automated system does not take away from human interaction, but adds value to it. “It takes a collaborative effort,” he said. “People buy their bulls from the Hamiltons, track the progeny to see how they are working in the commercial herd and feedlot, sort by sire group and then go back to the breeder to find more like the bulls that are working the best for them.

“That helps the Hamiltons, because they can validate their program and respond when they see more demand for certain lines or pedigrees,” Drake said. “All we’re trying to do is link the system chain together rather than keep up that traditional disconnect at weaning when calves leave the farm gate.” The system does not serve to compare one farm to another, because “there are always a lot of differences between resources and managers,” Drake pointed out. “But it works great to compare one cow to another in the same herd.” And all of it—from seedstock Angus breeder through cooperating packers—fits into an evolved beef industry that works together to please consumers more profitably.

Herd Reference 2012*

By Paige Callaway and Steve Suthe

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Wyatt Wacey Joel

HF Kodiak 5R

HF Tiger 5T

When’s She Due . . .

Hamilton Farms has been able to measure success in other areas as well, perhaps more personal and in the areas of show and sport. “We have never bred cattle to do well in the show ring,” Rob Hamilton said. “Our decisions have always been based on having good bulls to sell as result of trying to breed functional cattle for the commercial industry.” Still, the 2009 World Angus Forum in Calgary was so close at hand, the family had to bring their best, and the rest is history now. “The largest Angus show we have ever attended or been part of, and we had Grand Champ Bull with Tiger, which is still one of our feature sires. His sire Kodiak was Supreme Sire of the show,” Hamilton said. Being Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor rank as “the pinnacle of our program as far as shows go.” With those awards “on ice,” attention shifted to the budding hockey careers of the three Hamilton sons, all very much involved in the farm business as well. The oldest, Wyatt, is completing business school at the University of British Columbia where he attends on a hockey scholarship. He hopes to play professionally in Europe when he completes school. Middle son Wacey has already signed a National Hockey League (NHL) contract with the Ottawa Senators. The youngest, Joel, is currently playing for the Red Deer Rebels and also hopes to get an NHL contract.

Simplify your pregnancy testing with handy breeding and due date calculators available online. Visit and click on "Preg Check Tools" located on the middle left hand side of the site’s home page. Calculators available include: #1 - Predicted calving date from known breeding date #2 - # of days pregnant & due date from breeding date #3 - Due date from # of days called pregnant at preg check Calculators are based on 282 days but are adjustable.

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“Neither Gail or I played sports at that level so we didn’t have a lot to offer as far as how to play the game but we knew we could teach them work ethic,” Hamilton said. “They are very well known for what they bring to the table when they play hockey. They work hard and they never give up, and that’s probably one of the biggest attributes of all three boys. In a way, that’s how Gail and I have treated our business, too.” As a matter of fact, he says the breed has kept pace, responding well to their dedication to creating a better Angus cow that fits well in a successful future for ranchers. “The beef industry is like any other where we are producing more with less help,” Hamilton said, perhaps thinking about hockey occupying more of his sons’ time. “This breed is going to be instrumental in leading the way with maintenance-free cows that calve every year, breed back and have a longer life span than average.” New technologies like the TraceBack system, as well as Angus breed data and genomics are all “tools that will help make it happen as they solidify the value and demand for Angus cattle,” he said. “The future of the breed lies in the choices we make today.” By Paige Callaway

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Matt Fleury welcomes guests to Bull Sale Fleury Cattle Co. _________________________________________ Matt Fleury is a fifth generation cattleman from a family that’s been well known and respected in the seedstock cattle business for more than 50 years. The family homesteaded near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in the early 1900’s. Since that time, they have operated dairy and grain farms, raised commercial cattle and bred Charolais. Mike Fleury, Matt’s father, is an auctioneer, manager and part owner at Saskatoon Livestock Sales. To say Matt is doing what’s in his blood would be an understatement. “At a young age I was very fortunate to be introduced to the cattle business, and I always knew this was a career I wanted to pursue,” says Matt. When Matt was 12 years old, he had saved $3,000 dollars from his 4-H steer sales, and had two ways in mind of how to spend that money: one was buying a quad, as every 12-year-old boy dreams of, and the other was finding a good female to invest in and start a cow herd. After much thought, he settled on purchasing an Angus female. Having been successful with a Black Angus cross steer, he decided to stay with the breed. “At that time, Rancher’s Choice had an annual sale in December that was known for quality stock,” Matt recalls. “Dad came home the night before the sale and said, ‘Matt, there is a really good bred heifer in the sale tomorrow I think you should take a look at.’ After listening to Dad talk about this female and looking her up on the Canadian Angus Association web site, I was convinced.” Twenty-four hours later, Matt was the proud new owner of Saskalta Blackcap 048K. She raised a bull calf, Fleury Winston 1M, that Matt was invited to sell in the Rancher’s Choice spring bull sale. “This was a great opportunity for me, but sad to say Winston took to scratching three weeks before the sale and scratched all his hair off,” says Matt. “After this incident I didn’t put him in the sale, but sold him to Dad to use on his commercial herd.” Page 20

Angus World

Herd Reference 2012*

With that profit, Matt invested in more Rancher’s Choice females and eventually ended up putting a bull in the Rancher’s Choice Bull Sale, which was purchased by Saskalta Farms. Fleury Cattle Co. now runs 200 purebred Black Angus cows just north of Aberdeen, Saskatchewan, along the south Saskatchewan River. Matt’s program is based on outcross Canadian genetics. “I was very fortunate to meet a true mentor of mine early on, Bill Dillabaugh of Double AA Angus,” Matt explains. “He gave me the opportunity to purchase a large part of his cow herd, which is world renowned for the Annie K cow family.” That group of cows was the result of 40 years of strict genetic development at Double program consisted of a closed herd developing their own genetics, and that is what I feel a true breeding program is,” Matt says. “Very few people offer the bloodlines we use, and our genetics have been selected by cattle producers throughout Canada and the United States.” In the fall of 2005, Matt also purchased the entire Coyote Coulee Angus herd from Isaac Schellenberg. “I am very grateful that these highly-respected stockmen saw I was expressing a keen interest in the cattle business and took me under their wing,” Matt says. “This has helped me remarkably to get where I am today.” Some of the more prominent sire lines in his program include Bardolene, Blackman, Bardolier, Bandolier, Tex, and Tommy Boy. “The cattle business enables me to manage my own operation, be my own boss, do what I love doing, and work with great people on a daily basis,” Matt says. His goal is simple, “I want to develop a reputation as having the industry’s finest outcross genetics within the Angus breed – cattle that promote uniformity, consistency and predictability.” Matt believes the success of the Angus breed is due to the hard work and promotion of both breeders and staff within the Angus associations. “The consumer believes that Angus beef is No. 1,” says Matt. “The challenge in the future is maintaining our position in the industry, and breeding the right type of cattle that will feed and provide a product that the consumer demands.” Aside from Matt’s involvement with his parents’ cattle operation at an early age, his passion for the business was fueled by an eight-year 4-H career, followed by his receiving the Robert C. McHaffie Junior Angus Ambassador Award in 2009. This role enabled him to travel to San Francisco, the 2009 World Angus Forum in Calgary, Toronto and Denmark, representing the Canadian Junior Angus Association. “This was an unforgettable experience, providing me with the opportunity to meet young people that share the same interests in agriculture that I do,” recalls Matt. “The people I met through being the Junior Angus Ambassador will be life-long contacts and will have a big impact on my future.” One of the people he met through 4-H was Michael Wheeler.

Wheeler’s Stock Farm ____________________________ Though the Wheeler family is relatively new to the Angus business, breeding cattle has been in their blood for five generations. In fact, at one time they were running more than 500 commercial and purebred females. Michael and Rhea, along with their sons, Ty and Tate, and Michael’s parents, Harvey and Frances, own and operate Wheeler’s Stock Farm a few miles east of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Even at age four, Ty loves to check cows – well, mostly his own cow. While riding out to the pasture with his Dad last month, Ty turned to Michael to confirm, “My cow’s tag says ‘T-Y’, right Dad?” Michael nodded, and Ty told him, “Tomorrow, I have bull sale. Succession to the next generation may come early at WSF!

Rhea and Michael Wheeler

Ty and Michael Wheeler helping a new calf

Harvey, Ty and Frances Wheeler The Wheeler family added the purebred herd to their operation in 1997. Prior to that time, they had been running an Simmental/Charolais-based commercial herd. “A lot of our commercial cows were being custom grazed at Handford Red Angus, which is how we were first exposed to Angus,” explains Michael. They had been AI’ing the cow herd for several years, and Handfords provided them with Red Angus semen. “We really liked the calves,” says Michael. “They came out easily and we appreciated their vigor. at birth There was no more messing around with getting calves up to suck.” The heavy end of the steer calves were weaning off at more than 800 pounds without creep, and the females made great replacements. After seeing how well

the cattle worked, Wheelers began purchasing a few purebred Red Angus females. Then in the fall of 1997, Handford’s approached them with a leasing opportunity, and they acquired their first group of 20 Red Angus. The heifer calves retained from that agreement, along with a few purchased females, were the start of their Red Angus herd. Some of Wheelers’ foundation cow families include Avocet, Bridget, Becky and Misty, many of which are original Six Mile families. The nucleus of their herd came from being able to retain groups of half sisters from the Handford lease, along with sisters of several of the bulls they had originally used for AI on the commercial herd. Another female that had a tremendous impact on their program was Michael’s first purebred 4-H project; many of their best females go back to this original Auburn cow family. Their most promoted female, however, was the Pride heifer purchased from Flyaway Red Angus at Red Roundup. She was shown almost every year of her life before she died in 2006, and was National Junior Supreme Champion Female at Showdown in Brandon, Manitoba. Michael was a 4-H member for 12 years, as well as a Canadian Junior Angus Association member,

culminating in serving as president of the CJAA. His first experience at a Junior Angus event was the inaugural Showdown in Regina. “It was the first livestock event I’d attended with representation from across the provinces, and so I met a lot of people,” remembers Michael. “ From that point, I was hooked, and never missed a provincial junior show for five years.” “Junior activities kept me involved with the herd, and I owned my own cattle, which made me really proud,” Michael says. “It also kept me grounded and, really, kept me on the farm because I enjoyed going to the junior events so much.” He feels very fortunate that his parents always allowed him to have so much involvement in the program, from picking the original 20 cows to making breeding decisions. Since the beginning, Michael has been responsible for keeping all the records, including registrations and data submissions. Additionly, he takes care of all the marketing – preparing and taking the showstring out, promoting the bull sale, and the farm’s advertising. “For a long time, we relied on the cattle to sell themselves,” Michael says, but they have seen a huge difference in their sale values as Michaels’ marketing expertise from his professional experiences has been put to work at home. “We are most proud of the cattle that have gone out and done the job for our commercial customers,” Michael says, “but we’re also really honoured to have placed bulls and females in several of Canada’s top purebred operations.” These include the Alliance bull sold to Bar E-L, another to Brylor Ranch this spring, and several bulls and females working at Blairs.Ag. Though Wheelers are primarily purebred breeders now, they stay involved with the commercial industry on a daily basis. Both their purebred and commercial herds have always been managed the same in terms of environment, and expected to produce at the same level. One of the biggest reasons Wheelers are committed to the breed is they believe Angus are still the backbone of the commercial cow herd. “Our approach is to try (over page)

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and breed cattle that will work at all levels, but our main focus has always been to serve the commercial cattle producer,” Michael notes. “Having raised commercial cattle for so long, it’s really the base of our decision making, from how we manage the cattle to how we market them.” Michael also sees the ability the Angus breed has to stay on the cutting edge of research and breed development. “There is likely a lot more technology coming down the pipeline, and Angus certainly has an advantage in terms of resources.” Even with the advancements in cattle breeding, he believes it’s critical to stay on course with what is really important. “We can’t lose focus on what is in demand from our customers,” says Michael. “One of the biggest opportunities Angus cattle have is that they perform well at all levels of the production chain.” For this reason, they obtain the best herd bulls they are able to acquire, rather than using AI sires, to increase consistency in the herd for bull customers to access more half and three-quarter brothers. This year, Wheelers are using five bulls that carry their own prefix, which is more than half of their bull battery. A few of the most influential herd sires they have purchased have been None Better 260D from Handfords; Jack Daniels 18M, bought in dam with the purchase of the Pride cow; Paramount 13P from Bar E-L; Atlantic City from Northline; Gangster 14S from South View; Jack 25T from Double Bar D and now DMM Creed 75W from Miller Wilson.

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His passion for the business makes even the toughest of days merely part of the experience for Michael. “I really enjoy the challenge of breeding cattle,” he explains. “Simply selecting genetics and learning about cattle is always interesting to me.” He also enjoys the opportunity to meet a large number of people at various industry events and learn from them. This is the inspiration for the Cattlemen’s Corner and Breed Changer sections on their new website, highlighting tidbits of advice Michael has picked up from others along the way. “You’re always learning and improving, “Michael says. “We made a lot of mistakes when we first started marketing bulls, assuming no news was good news.” They certainly did learn, as Wheelers’ and Fleury’s annual Cattlemen’s Bull Event Sale is now one of the most successful Angus bull sales in Canada. Cattlemen’s Bull Event ______________ Wheeler’s Stock Farm began marketing their bulls through an annual sale a short six years after they started breeding purebred Red Angus. In 2009, Michael and Matt teamed up to create the Cattlemen’s Bull Event, which takes place the second Saturday of March each year at Saskatoon Livestock Sales. “Our programs have similar goals,” Michael explains. “We are both focused on the commercial industry, have similar management styles, and having teamed up at a young age, we intend to keep the partnership for a long time.”

Herd Reference 2012*

This unique partnership enables Wheelers to sell quality Red Angus, and Matt to feature Black Angus genetics. “This allows us to market each other’s cattle and not compete,” says Matt. He feels the way they run the sale defines them, and their customers appreciate the family commitment. Between the two families, all of the sale operations are handled internally. Matt “pounds the pavement” and talks to people, while Michael takes care of the sale advertising and catalogue publishing. The Fleury family hosts the sale at SLS and also manages the accounts, while the Wheelers take care of the sale day meal and keeping the crew fed. Everyone pitches in to get the bulls ready. “The approach we’ve tried to take with the sale is marketing it as a “Cattlemen’s Bull Event” program,” Michael says. “Regardless of which breeder they purchase from, the quality and customer service will be the same.” Perhaps their greatest strength, though, is the passion of their youth. “We feel we have a tremendous future in the business because we are young, we love what we do, and we work well together,” Matt says. “I believe this sale will just continue to grow.” written by Laura Bodell Bella Spur Innovative Media Inc.

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Saskatchewan Angus 2012 Gold Show - Yorkton, Saskatchewan


Judge: Garner Deobald, Hodgeville, SK Heifer Calf Class 1) J Square S Tibbie 18Z (MJ Escalade 2W) J Square S Angus, Grayson, SK 2) Schwan Mystical Density 2Z (Cajun Density 9W) Ty Schwan, Swift Current, SK 3) Red U6 Audrey 31Z (Black Wheel Odyssey 117U) U6 Livestock, Wynyard, SK (5 in class) Champion Heifer Calf J Square S Tibbie 18Z Reserve Champion Heifer Calf Schwan Mystical Density 2Z Yearling Heifer Class - Split #1 1) S7R 77W Fern 50Y (Bar-E-L Wolfman 77W) Section 7 Ranch, Rocanville, SK 2) BH Evening Tinge 87Y (HF Done Deal 64T) Bar H Land & Cattle Co, Langenburg, SK 3)BHTibbie 2Y (HF High Roller 79R) Bar H Land & Cattle Co, Langenburg, SK (6 in class) Yearling Heifer Class - Split #2 1) Justamere 10277 Tiffany 203Y (Sitz Dash 10277) Justamere Farms, Lloydminster, SK 2) NRA Rosebud 49Y (Sitz Upward 307R)Shane Roger, Balgonie, SK 3) S7R 77W Millie 6Y (Bar-E-L Wolfman 77W) Section 7 Ranch, Rocanville, SK (5 in class) Yearling Heifer Class - Split #3 1)Crescent Creek Eula 36Y I (S Chisum 6175)Crescent Creek Angus, Goodeve, SK 2)Crescent Creek Margaret 11Y (Lookout Huck 53T) Crescent Creek Angus, Goodeve, SK 3) Parkwood Tibbie 28Y (SAV Lewis 8373) Burkell Livestock, Yorkton, SK (4 in class) Champion Junior Female Justamere 10277 Tiffany 203Y Reserve Champion Junior Female S7R 77W Fern 50Y Two Year Old Cow Calf Class 1) BH Evening Tinge 4X (HF Done Deal 64T calf by

BH Balancer 14X) Bar H Land & Cattle Co, Langenburg, SK 2) Eastondale Annie K 30'10 (SAV 004 Traveler 5658 calf by Cole Creek Black Cedar 46P) Wade Olynyk, Goodeve, SK Mature Cow Calf Class 1) Red Lon of Two M 13W (Red Northline Rev 341R calf by Red Lazy MC Cowboy Cut 26U) Triple L Angus/Wright Livestock, Viscount, SK 2) Greenbush Georgina 18U (SAV 004 Density 4336 calf by MJ Escalade 2W) J Square S Angus, Grayson, SK 3) HF Tibbie 93U (SAV 004 Predominant 4438 calf by BH Balancer 14X) Bar H Land & Cattle Co, Langenburg, SK (5 in class) Champion Senior Female Red Lon of Two M 13W Reserve Champion Senior Female BH Evening Tinge 4X Grand Champion Female Red Lon of Two M 13W Reserve Champion Female Justamere 10277 Tiffany 203Y Bull Calf Class 1) Red Triple L Wrights Cowboy Up 300Z (Red Lazy MC Cowboy Cut 26U) Triple L Angus/Wright Livestock, Viscount, SK 2)J Square S Escalade 24Z (MJ Escalade 2W) J Square S Angus, Grayson, SK 3) Red Koru Gladiator 69Z (Red Soo Line Gladiator 5297) Sarah Schmidt, Goodeve, SK (5 in class) Champion Bull Calf Red Triple L Wrights Cowboy Up 300Z Reserve Champion Bull Calf J Square S Escalade 24Z Yearling Bull Class 1) Justamere 422 Impact 244Y (EXARPAF 422) Justamere Farms Ltd, Lloydminster, SK 2) Red Rock of

Spittalburn 101Y (Red RMJ Redman 1T) Triple L Angus/Wraz Red Angus, Viscount, SK 3) Red Bar-E-L AB Judge 5Y(Red Wheel Alliance 22U) Blairs.Ag Cattle Co, Lanigan, SK Champion Junior Bull Justamere 422 Impact 244Y Reserve Champion Junior Bull Red Rock of Spittalburn 101Y Two Year Old Bull Class 1) BH Balancer 14X (HF Bruin 96T) Bar H Land & Cattle Co, Langenburg, SK 2) Red Ter-Ron X-Factor 011X (Red Ter-Ron Reload 703T) Clay Enterprises, Wapella, SK 3) Lees Latest Version 0002 (Duff New Attraction 6110) Blairs.Ag Cattle Co, Lanigan, SK Champion Senior Bull BH Balancer 14X Reserve Champion Senior Bull Red Ter-Ron X-Factor 011X Grand Champion Bull Justamere 422 Impact 244Y Reserve Champion Bull Red Rock of Spittalburn 101Y Champion Breeders Herd Bar H Land & Cattle, Langenburg, SK Premier Exhibitor Bar H Land & Cattle, Langenburg, SK Premier Breeder Bar H Land & Cattle, Langenburg, SK

Yearling Female Class - Split 2 1) Crescent Creek Eula 36Y (S Chisum 6175) Wade Olynyk, Goodeve, SK 2) Nu-Horizon Tibbie 101Y (SAV Bismarck 5682) Kodie Doetzel, Lipton, SK 3) S7R 77W Millie 6Y (Bar-E-L Wolfman 77W) Alexis DeCorby, Rocanville, SK 4) Crescent Creek Margaret 11Y (Lookout Huck 53T) Crescent Creek Angus, Goodeve, SK 5) Foxtail Blackcap 17Y (Aspen Kruggerand 02S) Payton Schwan, Swift Current, SK 6) Parkwood Tibbie 28Y (SAV Lewis 8373) Kaitlyn Burkell, Yorkton, SK 7) Swan Hills Tibbie 44Y (Basin Max 602C) Martina Tibble, Swan River, MB Junior Champion Female S7R 77W Fern 50Y Reserve Junior Champion Female BH Tibbie 2Y Two Year Old Cow Calf Class 1) MVF Tibbie 25X (Sitz Upward 307R calf by SAV Camaro 9272) Martina Tibble, Swan River, MB

Mature Cow Calf Class 1) Red Lon of Two M 13W (Red Northline Rev 341R calf by Red Lazy MC Cowboy Cut 26U) Katie Wright, Melfort, SK Senior Champion Female Red Lon of Two M 13W Reserve Senior Champion Female MVF Tibbie 25X Grand Champion Female Red Lon of Two M 13W Reserve Grand Champion S7R 77W Fern 50Y Owned Division ___________________________ Heifer Calf Class 1)Crescent Creek Annie K 35Z (Cole Creek Black Cedar 46P) Wade Olynyk, Goodeve, SK 2) Red Koru Thelma 72Z (Red Koru Chateau 53U) Sarah Schmidt, Goodeve, SK Heifer Calf Champion Crescent Creek Annie K 35Z Heifer Calf Reserve Champion Red Koru Thelma 72Z

Peoples Choice Pen Show ___________________ Pen of î “ree Bred Heifers 1) Jarret & Jenna Loveridge, Melville, SK 2) Riverdale Stock Farm, Melville, SK Cow/Calf Pens 1) Crescent Cree Angus, Goodeve, SK 2) Northern View Angus, Neudorf, SK

Saskatchewan Angus Junior Show - Yorkton, Saskatchewan

S H O W Judge: Clint Oxtoby, Whitewood, SK

Open Division Heifer Calf Class 1) Red U6 Audrey 31Z (Black Wheel Odyssey 117U) Eric Yewsuk, Wynyard, SK 2)Schwan Mystical Density 2Z (Cajun Density 9W) Ty Schwan, Swift Current, SK 3) Red Emmatt Miss Knight 201Z (Red Geis Knight Hawk 14'02) Matthew Wushke, Whitewood, SK 4) Swan Hills Tibbie 12Z (SAV Camaro 9272) Robyn Tibble, Swan River, MB Calf Champion Female Red U6 Audrey 31Z Reserve Calf Champion Female Schwan Mystical Density 2Z Yearling Female Class - Split 1 1)S7R 77W Fern 50Y (Bar-E-L Wolfman 77W)Alexis DeCorby, Rocanville, SK 2) BH Tibbie 2Y (HF High Roller 79R) John Hogberg, Langenberg, SK 3) Red South Border Rose 4Y (Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P) Kodie Doetzel, Lipton, SK Page 30

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Herd Reference 2012*

Yearling Heifer Class 1) NRA Rosebud 49Y (Sitz Upward 307R) Shane Roger, Balgonie, SK 2) Anderson's Tibbie 4Y (FAR Krugerrand 410H) Austen Anderson, Swan River, M Junior Champion Female NRA Rosebud 49Y Reserve Junior Champion Female Anderson's Tibbie 4Y Two Year Old Cow Calf Class 1) Eastondale Annie K 30'10 (SAV 004 Traveler 5658 calf by Cole Creek Black Cedar 46P) Wade Olynyk, Goodeve, SK Mature Cow Calf Class 1) Crescent Creek Stumpie 9R (Crescent Creek Alliance 29N calf by KG Smart One 9116) Katie Olynyk, Goodeve, SK 2) Red Koru Thelma 51T (Red Moose Creek Glycerine 33R calf by Red Koru Chateau 53U) Sarah Schmidt, Goodeve, SK Champion Senior Female Crescent Creek Stumpie 9R Reserve Champion Senior Female Eastondale Annie K 30'10 Grand Champion Female Crescent Creek Stumpie 9R Reserve Champion Female Eastondale Annie K 30'10 Crossbred Yearling Heifer Class 1) LPF Silver, Shane Roger, Balgonie, SK Crossbred Champion LPF Silver

Best Pair Of Females 1)Crescent Creek Eula 36Y & Crescent Creek Margaret 11Y, Wade Olynyk, Goodeve, SK Bull Calf Class 1) Red Triple L Wrights Cowboy Up (Red Lazy MC Cowboy Cut 26U) Katie Wright, Melfort, SK 2) Red Koru Gladiator 69Z (Red Soo Line Gladiator 5297) Sarah Schmidt, Goodeve, SK3)Crescent Creek Einstien 68Z (KG Smart One 9116) Katie Olynyk, Goodeve, SK 4) Red U6 Hickstead 38Z (Black Wheel Odyssey 117U) Eric Yewsuk, Wynyard, SK Champion Bull Calf Red Triple L Wrights Cowboy Up Reserve Champion Bull Calf Red Koru Gladiator 69Z Grand Champion Bull Red Triple L Wrights Cowboy Up Reserve Champion Bull Red Koru Gladiator 69Z Grooming Junior Champion - John Hogberg Reserve Junior Champion - Payton Schwan Intermediate Champion - Alexis DeCorby Reserve Intermediate Champion - Ty Schwan Senior Champion - Wacey McCaw Reserve Senior Champion - Eric Yewsuk Judging Junior Champion - John Hogberg & Kodie Doetzel Reserve Junior Champion - Payton Schwan & Kaitlyn Burkell Intermediate Champion - Ty Schwan & Wade Olynyk

Reserve Intermediate Champion - Martina & Robin Tibble Senior Champion - Katie Wright & Shane Roger Reserve Senior Champion - Erin Toner & Eric Yewsuk Photography Junior Champion - Kodie Doetzel Senior Champion - Eric Yewsuk Reserve Senior Champion - Erin Toner Literature Junior Champion - Kodie Doetzel Senior Champion - Shane Roger Reserve Senior Champion - Katie Wright Showmanship Junior Champion - Kodie Doetzel Reserve Junior Champion - Kaitlyn Burkell Intermediate Champion - Alexis DeCorby Reserve Intermediate Champion - Wade Olynyk Senior Champion - Katie Wright Reserve Senior Champion - Katie Olynyk Print Marketing Junior Champion - Kodie Doetzel Junior Reserve Champion - John Hogberg Intermediate Champion - Wade Olynyk Senior Champion - Katie Olynyk Senior Reserve Champion - Erin Toner Grand Aggregate Junior - Kodie Doetzel Intermediate - Wade Olynyk Senior - Shane Roger & Katie Wright Spirit of Youth Award Erin Toner

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Manitoba Angus Summer Gold Show Results

Manitoba Angus hosted its First Pen Show and Gold Show Field Day on a hot summer Day in Neepawa, Manitoba July 28th, 2012. Even with the hot weather,63 Head of Black and Red Angus Cattle and 10 Commercial Angus were exhibited in this first time event. In the past, it was hard to get the numbers out to our summer show, so the Manitoba Angus Association tried a new approach to the Gold Show with the cattle being exhibited and shown pen style. Angus cattle came from as far away as Lloydminister, parts of Saskatchewan and all over Manitoba to participate. Along with the pen style show, the crowd took an active part in the event by buying a chance to win some of the cash if they had the placings the same as the 3 person judging team. . Following the show, a Roast Beef Supper was served to end off an eventful day. Thanks to all our exhibitors, spectators and judges for a great Angus Day.


Manitoba Angus Summer Gold Show Judges: Tom Madsen, Allan Horner, Lloyd Cavers Heifer Calf Class - Split 1 1) Red Mar Mac Lady Trooper 114Z (Red Cockburn Ribeye 346U) Mar Mac Farms 2) N7'S Blkwood Lady 25Z (Tokach Update 9009) N7 Stock Farm, Crandall, MB 3) TSN Lady 158Z (Duff Standard 785) TSN Livestock, Brandon, MB (5 in class) Heifer Calf Class - Split 2 1) Ramrod Lucretia 225Z (RAF Wide World 920) Ramrod Cattle Co, Medora, MB 2) Red Double MM Bayberry 1Z (Red Lazy MC CC Detour 2W) Millen Johnston, Neepawa, MB 3) TSN Favorite 102Z (Connealy Final Product) TSN Livestock, Brandon, MB (4 in class) Heifer Calf Class - Split 3 1) J Square S Tibbie 18Z (MJ Escalade 2W) J Square S Angus, Grayson, SK 2) TSN Favorite 22Z (SAV Brand Name 9115) TSN Livestock, Brandon, MB 3) J Square S Georgina 90Z (MJ Escalade 2W) J Square S Angus, Grayson, SK (4 in class) Yearling Heifer Class - Split 1 1) N7's Mary KT 30Y (SAV Net Worth 4200) N7 Stock Farm, Crandall, MB 2) N7's Blkwood Lady 40Y (SAV Net Worth 4200) Raina Syrnyk, Ethelbert, MB 3) NBCC Rosebud 1Y (SAV Heritage 6295) Nicholas Bray, Eddystone, MB Yearling Heifer Class - Split 2 1) Red Hamco Esia 84Y (Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P) Hamco Cattle Co, Glenboro, MB 2) Red Mar Mac Lady Trooper 112Y (Red Cockburn Ribeye 346U) Mar Mac Farms, Brandon, MB 3) Red Hamco Isabelle 66Y (Red Messmer Packer S008) Hamco Cattle Co, Glenboro, MB (5 in class) Yearling Heifer Class - Split 3 1) Red Mar Mac Ruby 24Y (Red Cockburn Ribeye 346U) Mar Mac Farms, Brandon, MB 2) MJ Blackbird 11Y (MJ Escalade 2W)M&J Farms, Russell, MB 3) Black Hamco Lucy 56Y (SAV 004 Density 4336) Hamco Cattle Co, Glenboro, MB (4 in class) Yearling Heifer Class - Split 3 1) DJCC Rosebud 4Y (SCC Heritage 92W) Naomi Best, Harding, MB 2) Mar Mac Taffy 17Y (TC Aberdeen 759) Levi Best, Harding, MB 3) CHL Rosebud 1Y (SAV Final Answer 0035) Naomi Best, Harding, MB (4 in class) Two Year Old Cow/Calf Class 1) Red S- Bayberry 111X (Red S- Sly 26S calf by Red Lazy MC CC Detour 2W)Millen Johnston, Neepawa, MB 2) N7's Heroine 5X (SAV Net Worth 4200 calf Page 32

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by N7’s Outlook 26X) N7 Stock Farm, Crandall, MB 3) Red Anderson's Bonnie 21X (Anderson's Black Duke 5U calf by BCC Crimson Jewels 102U) Anderson Cattle Co, Swan River, MB Mature Cow/Calf Class 1) MVMM Blossom 250U(MVF VRD Dateline 34P calf by SAV Pioneer 7301) N7 Stock Farm, Crandall, MB 2) Red Ramrod Princess 705T (Red GARA Heavenly 108R calf by Red Northline Fat Tony 605U) Ram Rod Cattle Co, Medora, MB 3) Justamere 2466 Echo 516S (EXAR Manna 2466 calf by MJ Escalade 2W) J Square S Angus, Grayson, SK (5 in class) Grand Champion Female MVMM Blossom 250U Reserve Champion Female N7's Mary KT 30Y Bull Calf Class - Split 1 1) N7's ZZ Top 26Z (SAV Pioneer 7301) N7 Stock Farm, Crandall, MB 2) TSN Shaft 110Z (SCC Touchdown 57T) TSN Livestock, Brandon, MB 3) J Square S Escalade 24Z (MJ Escalade 2W) J Square S Angus, Grayson, SK (4 in class) Bull Calf Class - Split 2 1) Red Ramrod Capone 234Z (Red Northline Fat Tony 605U) Ramrod Cattle Co, Medora, MB 2) Greenbush Lad 11Z (HARB Windy 702 JH) Greenbush Angus, Neepawa, MB 3) Mar Mac Pure Product 49Z (MCATL Pure Product 903-55) Mar Mac Farms, Brandon, MB (4 in class) Bull Calf Class - Split 3 1) Ramrod Chisel 210Z (S Chisum 6175) Ramrod Cattle Co, Medora, MB 2)TSN Hawkeye 37Z (BC Eagle Eye 110-7) TSN Stock Farm, Brandon, MB 3) DJCC Zack 2Z (SCC Heritage 92W) DJ Cattle Co, Brookdale, MB Yearling Bull Class 1) Justamere 422 Impact 244Y (EXARPAF 422) Justamere & Hollinger, Lloydminster, SK 2) N7's Elvis 9Y (Sitz Upward 307R) N7 Stock Farm, Crandall, MB 3) Red Triple V Oscar 99Y (Red Triple V Oscar 53U)Triple V Ranch, Melita, MB (5 in class) Grand Champion Bull Justamere 422 Impact 244Y Reserve Grand Champion Bull N7's Elvis 9Y

Herd Reference 2012*

Manitoba Junior Angus Summer Show Judges: Shawn & Laura Horner Heifer Calf Class 1) Red ACC Bonnie 2Z (Red BCC Crimson Jewels 102U) Breanna Anderson, Swan River, MB Yearling Heifer Class 1)DJCC Rosebud 4Y(SCC Heritage 92W)Naomi Best, Harding, MB 2)Mar MacTaffy 17Y(TC Aberdeen 759) Levi Best, Harding, MB 3) N7's Blackwood Lady 40Y (SAV Net Worth 4200)Raina Syrnyk, Ethelbert, MB 4) CHL Rosebud 1Y (SAV Final Answer 0035) Naomi Best, Harding, MB 5) NBCC Rosebud 1Y (SAV Heritage 6295) Nicholas Bray, Eddystone, MB 6) Anderson's Tibbie 4Y (FAR Kruggerand 410H) Austen Anderson, Swan River, MB Two Year Old Cow/Calf Class 1) Red Anderson's Bonnie 21X (Anderson's Black Duke 5U calf by Red BCC Crimson Jewels 102U) Breanna Anderson, Swan River, MB Grand Champion Female DJCC Rosebud 4Y Reserve Champion Female Red Anderson's Bonnie 21X Manitoba Angus Commercial Show Champion Heifer Calf TSN Livestock Champion Yearling Heifer M & J Farms Champion Cow/Calf Pair TSN Livestock Reserve Champion Cow/Calf Pair Maple Lake Stock Farm Grand Champion Commercial Angus TSN Livestock Reserve Champion Commercial Angus Maple Lake Stock Farm

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Showdown Results

Print Marketing _________________________ Junior Print Marketing Emma Long, Canfield, ON Reserve Junior Print Marketing Abbey Debus, Brunner, ON Intermediate Print Marketing Michaela Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Reserve Intermediate Print Marketing Bailey McConnel, Kincardine, ON Senior Print Marketing Katelynn Donaldson, Acton, ON Reserve Senior Print Marketing Elizabeth Stubbs, Caledonia, ON

Show Ring Team Judging __________________ Junior Champions Austin McCord & Jarrett Hargrave Reserve Junior Champions Scott Millar & Terrance Jarvis Intermediate Champions Shawna Sullivan & Albert Carroll Reserve Intermediate Champions Michaela Chalmers & Bailey McConnell Senior Champions Chad Lorenz & Erin Toner Reserve Senior Champions Elizabeth Stubbs & Alyssa Looney

Sales Talk ______________________________ Junior Champion Jarret Hargrave, Proton Station, ON Reserve Junior Champion Kodie Doetzel, Lipton, SK Intermediate Champion Albert Carroll, Omemee, ON Reserve Intermediate Champion Michaela Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Senior Champion Austen Anderson, Swan River, MB Reserve Senior Champion Elizabeth Stubbs, Caledonia, ON

Team Grooming _________________________ Junior Champions Jessa Broek & Hailie Conley Reserve Junior Champions Kodie Doetzel & Jarrett Hargrave Intermediate Champions Christopher Hargrave & Bailey McConnel Reserve Intermediate Champions Melissa MacIntyre & Brad MacIntyre Senior Champions Lauren Enright & Will Pilgrim Reserve Senior Champions Jack Oattes & Blair Allnutt

Showmanship ___________________________ Junior Champion Jarrett Hargrave, Proton Station, ON Reserve Junior Champion Denver Bolten, Lansdowne, ON Intermediate Champion Brandon English, Douglas, ON Reserve Intermediate Champion Brandy Thaxter, Woodville, ON Senior Champion Lauren Enright, Renfrew, ON Reserve Senior Champion Alyssa Dennis, Warkworth, ON Supreme Champion Showman Lauren Enright, Renfrew, ON

Photography ____________________________ Junior Champion Jamie Lea Wade, Little Britain ON Reserve Junior Champion Morgan MacIntyre, Russell, ON Intermediate Champion Melissa MacIntyre, London ON Reserve Intermediate Champion Christopher Hargrave, Proton Station, ON Senior Champion Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC Reserve Senior Champion Michael Hargrave, Maxwell, ON

Judging Competition ______________________ Junior Champion Tyler Jarvis, Roseneath, ON Reserve Junior Champion Scott Millar, Stayner, ON Intermediate Champion Bailey McConnel, Kincardine, ON Reserve Intermediate Champion Shawna Sullivan, Elmvale, ON Senior Champion Chad Lorenz, Markerville. AB Reserve Senior Champion Will Pilgrim, Renfrew, ON

Literature Competition ____________________ Junior Champion Jarrett Hargrave, Proton Station, ON Reserve Junior Champion Hailie Conley, Plainfield, ON Intermediate Champion Bailey McConnell, Kincardine, ON Reserve Intermediate Champion Shawna Sullivan, Elmvale, ON Senior Champion Aubrie Mowat, Kemptville, ON Reserve Senior Champion Emily Gibson, Ripley, ON Art Competition _________________________ Junior Champion Kodie Doetzel, Lipton ON Reserve Junior Champion Owen Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON

Intermediate Champion Sarah McNiven, Oro Station,ON Reserve Intermediate Champion Holly Somerville, Mountain, ON Senior Champion Austen Anderson, Swan River, MB Reserve Senior Champion Katelyn Donaldson, Acton, ON Scrapbook ______________________________ Junior Champion Jarrett Hargrave, Proton Station, ON Reserve Junior Champion Owen Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Intermediate Champion Michaela Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Reserve Intermediate Champion Brittany Caldwell, Kamata, ON Senior Champion Katelyn Donaldson, Acton, ON Reserve Senior Champion Emily Gibson, Ripley, ON Graphic Design __________________________ Junior Champion Hailie Conelly, Plainfield, ON Reserve Junior Champion Morgan MacIntyre, Russell, ON Intermediate Champion Michaela Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Reserve Intermediate Champion Melissa MacIntyre, London, ON Senior Champion Michael Hargrave, Maxwell, ON Reserve Senior Champion Austen Anderson, Swan River, MB Public Speaking _________________________ Junior Champion Jarrett Hargrave, Proton Station, ON Reserve Junior Champion Hailie Conley, Plainfield ON Intermediate Champion Melissa MacIntyre, London ON Reserve Intermediate Champion Micheala Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Senior Champion Sylvia Megens, Goodwood ON Reserve Senior Champion Alyssa Looney, Denton, TX Angus Cook-O 1) Team Eat Beef 2) Backyard Barbecue Herdsman Award Chalmers/Sullivan/McNiven Christopher Hambly/Brandon Stiener Spirit of Youth Award Michaela Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON

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Literature Competition Champions

Art Competition Champions

Scrapbook Competition Champions

Cook-O Competition Champions

Sales Talk Competition Champions

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Print Marketing Champions

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Intermediate Team Grooming Champions

Intermediate Team Grooming Reserve Champions

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Judging Champions

Team Judging Champions

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Conformation Classes Judge - David Hasson, Guelph, ON Peewee Division ________________________ Female born in 2011 1) McNiven Lady Pine 95Y (BC Eagle Eye 110-7) Lucy McNiven, Oro Station, ON 1)Red Gold-Bar Lulu 131Y (Red LJC Mission Statement P27) Kaycee Buchanan, Victoria Harbour, ON 1)JPD Charlotte 9Y (TJF Freedom 172U) Nolan Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Bull born in 2012 1) JPD Chizam 7Z (Shipwheel Chinook) Nolan Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Open Division _________________________ Heifer Calf Class - Split 1 1) EF Penny 17Z (Connealy Consensus 7229) Maiya Bruce, Douglas, ON 2) WMC Favorite 25Z (Duff New Attraction 6110) Carolyn Darling, Castleton, ON 3) Polestar Delias 1Z (Limestone Darkhorse U322) Denver Bolton, Lansdowne, ON 4)Windale Zahira 02Z (Brantnor's Action 24X) Tyler Jarvis, Roseneath, ON 5) Westwind Minnie Ella 5Z (Royal Predestined DRCC 8105U) Julie Scully, Omemee, ON 6) First Line Marie 38Z (First Line Kodiak 8X) Christina Lyn, Oakville, ON 7) First Line Marie 37Z (First Line Kodiak 8X) Matthew Francisco, Rockwood, ON Heifer Calf Class - Split 2 1) Premier Pride 1201 (Connealy Final Product) Robert Marriot, Wingfield, ON 2) Westwind Fancy Snow White 3Z (PVF All Payday 729) Cody McQuaid, Omemee, ON 3) South Shore's Tibbie 1Z (HF Tiger 5T) Matt Bates, Cameron, ON 4) Hawthorne Patricia's Pride 1Z (Bon View New Design 878) Alexandria Petit, Mountain, ON 5) Burnbrae Miss Rose 23Z (SAV 004 Density 4336) Audrey Guyonnet, Brockville, ON 6) Locust Grove Blackbird 7Z (SAV 004 Predominant 4438) Kailey Donaldson, Action, ON 7)First Line June Carter 10Z (SAV Free Spirit 8164) Emma Long, Canfield, ON Heifer Calf Class - Split 3 1) Brantnor's Miss Daisy 2Z (Brantnor Predominent 10W) Brandy Thaxter, Woodville, ON 2) Harprey Barbara McHenry 2Z (Southland Free Ride 68R) Jarrett Hargrave, Proton Station, ON 3) GF Blackbirds Wildfire 8Z (Ankonian Werner Wild Fire 96) Sara Jobin, Port Perry, ON 4) JPD Blackcap 6Z (Allencroft Bruno 02 154L) Michaela Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON 5) Red Serenity Rebello Be 101Z (Red Howe Bold Edition 80T) William Brubacher, Fergus, ON 6) Broekland Bella 2Z (MVF VRD Dateline 913P) Jessa Broek, Tweed, ON 7) Westwind Fancy Daisy 2Z (PVF All Payday 729) Allyson Scully, Omemee, ON 8) FMF Elba's Vision 1Z (SAV Pioneer 7301) Will Pilgrim, Renfrew, ON Champion Heifer Calf Premier Pride 1201 ~ Robert Marriot Reserve Champion Heifer Calf Brantnor’s Miss Daisy 2Z ~ Brandy Thaxter

Yearling Heifer Class - Split 1 1)Champion Hill Peg 7980 (SAV Brave 8320) Molly Bruce, Douglas, ON 2)DCC MS Foundation 723Y (CQS New Design 8H) Morgan Knechtel, Sebringville, ON 3) Mill-Ric-Vue First Lady 52Y (Glen Islay Opie 34U) Christopher Millar, Stayner, ON 4)Vos Vegas Spartina 15Y (Exar Spartan 9573B) Hailie Conley, Plainfield, ON 5) RAF Nancy 55Y (Limestone Marathon U285) Aubrie Mowat, Kemptville, ON 6) Gwillimdale Velvet Day 7Y (C4 New Day 722) Brandon Steiner, Alliston, ON 7) Windale Yeehaw 05Y (Matilda Cody of SNF) Dustin Taylor, Roseneath, ON 8) McNiven Lady Pine 95Y (BC Eagle Eye 110-7) Sarah McNiven, Oro Station, O Yearling Heifer Class - Split 2 1) Brantnor's Favorite 25Y (SAV Mandan 5664)Will McDonald, Sutton, ON 2) Brantnor's Delia 22Y (SAV Mandan 5664) Brett Thaxter, Woodville, ON 3) Red BSFA Utopia 61Y (Red Brox Whos Who 33W) Kayla Scott, Elora, ON 4)Champion Hill Georgina 7967 (SAV Net Worth 4200) Jack Oattes, Cobden, ON 5)JPD Margaret 31Y (TJF Freedom 172U)Evan Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON 6) LLB Rosebud Daisy 636Y (Soo Line Kodiak 9188) Katelyn Donaldson, Acton, ON 7) Brantnor's Flora 21Y (SAV 004 Predominant 4438)Jessica Harbottle, Caledonia, ON 8) South Shore's Miss Daisy 5Y (Brantnor's Freedom 15U) Matt Bates, Cameron, ON Yearling Heifer Class - Split 3 1) EF Blackbird 25Y (Exar Tiger T659) Brandon English, Douglas, ON 2) DCC Mayflower 302Y (MVF Freightliner 38U) Abby Debus, Brunner, ON 3) LLB Classy Lass 388Y (Southland Main Street 52W) Ethan Totty, Acton, ON 4) MWC Black Beauty 19Y (MWC 108T Image Maker) Kelly Somerville, Mountain, ON 5) Harprey Betty 48Y (Bar-E-L Rainman 172R) Kodie Doetzel, Lipton, SK 6) Mill-Ric-Vue Forte Erica 3Y (Glen Islay Forte 36P) Scott Millar, Stayner, ON 7) First Line Juno 27Y (Salt Creek Bob 7003) Katelynn Ribey, Paisley, ON 8) First Line Wendy 29Y (SAV Pioneer 7301) Chris Stoneman, Caledonia, ON 9) JL Evening Tinge 1250 (Justamere 253 Bada Bing 406S) Jessica Lasby, Shelburne, ON Yearling Heifer Class - Split 4 1) Harvest IM Gammer 6Y (SAV Iron Mountain 8066) Cody Walker, Guelph, ON 2) Sonny Way Mercedes 2Y (SAV Heavy Hitter 6347) Allie Wade, Little Britain, ON 3) Barlee Candy Eye (BC Eagle Eye 110-7) Dylan Brodie, Dover Centre, ON 4) Hawthorne Queen 17Y (SAV Brilliance 8077) Brittany Caldwell, Kamata, ON 5) Champion Hill Shadoe 7932 (SAV Free Spirit 8164) Abby Debus, Brunner, ON 6)Timber Trail Nancy 14Y (BC Eagle Eye 110-7) Kelsey Ribey, Paisley, ON 7) JL Ballot 1245 (SAV Bismarck 5682) Ashley Baker, Madoc, ON 8) Locust Grove Blackbird 4Y (Rito 9FB3 Of 5H11 Fullback) Devan Mansfield, Orton, ON 9) First Line Countess 21Y (SAV Heritage 6295) Kelsey Hedley, Canfield, ON

Yearling Heifer Class - Split 5 1) Sunset Edelia 11Y (SAV Brilliance 8077) Alex Draper, Bristol, QC 2) DRM Grace 15Y (Duff New Attraction 6110) Elizabeth Stubbs, Caledonia, ON 3) Locust Grove Blackbird 21Y (SAV 004 Predominant 4438) Katelyn Donaldson, Acton, ON 4) DRM 14P Miss Morgan 28Y (BC Eagle Eye 110-7) Brad MacIntyre, London, ON 5) JL June 1070 (Sitz Upward 307R) Sara Jobin, Port Perry, ON 6) Hawthorne Queen 4Y (Rito 9FB3 Of 5H11 Fullback) Holly Somerville, Mountain, ON 7) J P D Black Jilt 15Y (TJF Freedom 172U) Owen Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON 8) JPD Blackcap 13Y (TJF Freedom 172U) Shawna Sullivan, Elmvale, ON Yearling Heifer Class - Split 6 1) Brantnor's Miss Daisy 4Y (SAV 004 Predominant 4438) Brandy Thaxter, Woodville, ON 2)First Line Ariat Marie 12Y (SAV Pioneer 7301) Chris Stoneman, Caledonia, ON 3) Red Walnut Hill Copper R 114Y (Red Majestic Rubicon N 124R) Makail Haus, Millgrove, ON 4) Bailey Acres Daisy 1Y (S Chisum 6175) Austin McCord, Kanata, ON 5) GF Yours Truly Mercedes 12Y (BC Eagle Eye 110-7) Bailey McConnel, Kincardine, ON 6) Bellstar Iceburg 4Y (Mohnen Dynamite 1356) Robert Maitland, Jasper, ON 7) JPD Charlotte 9Y (TJF Freedom 172U) Devin Sullivan, Elmvale, ON 8)JPD Miss Marion 7Y (TJF Freedom 172U) Michaela Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Yearling Heifer Class - Split 7 1) Harprey Edella 6Y (SAV Providence 6922) Jarrett Hargrave, Proton Station, ON 2) Tambri Blackbird 5Y (Vin-Mar Focus In 8847) Kelsey Ribey, Paisley, ON 3) Bellstar Delia 2Y (Limestone Darkhorse U322) Will Pilgrim, Renfrew, ON 4) WMC Shakura 4Y (Duff New Attraction 6110) Jamie Lea Wade, Little Britain, ON 5) Tambri Echo 6Y (Vin-Mar Focus In 8847) Cole Ward, Saskatoon, SK 6) Locust Grove Flora 5Y (MCC Blackout 404) Kelsey Hedley, Canfield, ON 7) Westwind Eline Swift 2Y (Double AA Old Post) Samantha Kennedy, Omemee, ON 8) First Line Empress 5Y (SAV Heritage 6295) Sarah Long, Canfield, ON Yearling Heifer Class - Split 8 1) Harprey Barbara McHenry 2Y (SAV 004 Density 4336) Michael Hargrave, Maxwell, ON 2) Red Serenity Lacie Be 102Y (Red Howe Bold Edition 80T) Isaac Brubacher, Fergus, ON 3)Sunset Swift 3Y (BC Eagle Eye 110-7) Christopher Hambly, Bradford, ON 4) PFLC Barbara 33Y (KCF Bennett Total) Will McDonald, Sutton, ON 5) WMC Favorite 1Y (Hyline Right Way 781) Alyssa Dennis, Warkworth, ON 6) Red Serenity Alfrida As 101Y (Red Dwajo All Star 10T) Adam Black, Fergus, ON 7) VLS Maggie 13Y (Limestone Darkhorse U322) Dylan Brodie, Dover Centre, ON Junior Champion Female Brantnor's Favorite 25Y ~ Will McDonald Reserve Junior Champion Harvest IM Gammer 6Y ~ Cody Walker

Herd Reference 2012*

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Two Year Old Cow Calf Class 1) Baby Black Lookin Great (BC Lookout 7024 calf by Connealy Final Product) Robert Marriott, Wingham, ON 2) Red Serenity Rebello 101X (Red Dwajo All Star 10T calf by Red Howe Bold Edition 80T) William Brubacher, Fergus, ON 3) R A F Liberty Belle 80X (BC Eagle Eye 110-7 calf by Ankonian Werner Wild Fire 96) Aubrie Mowat, Kemptville, ON 4) DMM Blackcap Essence 73X (DMM Crunch 31T calf by Brantnor's Action 24X) Dustin Taylor, Roseneath, ON 5) Lady Of Tullamore 37X (Southland Full rottle 15R calf by First Line Net Worth 24W) Kelsey Hedley, Canfield, ON Mature Cow Calf Class - Split 1 1) Exar Queen Idelete 5929 (Exar Spartan 6225 calf by SAV Bullion 0474) Lauren Enright, Renfrew, ON 2)WMC Favorite 25U (Hyline Right Way 781 calf by Duff New Attraction 6110) Carolyn Darling, Castleton, ON 3)Burnbrae Miss Rose 23W (Harron Hamlet 21R calf by SAV 004 Density 4336) Audrey Guyonnet, Brockville, ON 4) First Line Marie 31U (SAV 004 Predominant 4438 twin calves by First Line Kodiak 8X) Matthew Francisco, Rockwood, ON Mature Cow Calf Class - Split 2 1)Whitestone Rita V130 (SAV 8180 Traveler 004 calf by Kesslers Front Range 7520)Ashley Baker, Madoc, ON 2) Locust Grove Blackbird 8T (Rito 9FB3 Of 5H11 Fullback calf by Ankonian Werner Wild Fire 96) Josh Lasby, Shelburne, ON 3) Locust Grove Blackbird 6T (Rito 9FB3 Of 5H11 Fullback calf by SAV 004 Predominant 4438) Katelyn Donaldson, Acton, ON Senior Champion Female Exar Queen Idelete 5929 ~ Lauren Enright Reserve Senior Champion Female Baby Black Lookin Great ~ Robert Marriott Grand Champion Female Exar Queen Idelete 5929 ~ Lauren Enright Reserve Grand Champion Female Baby Black Lookin Great ~ Robert Marriott Owned Division ________________________ Heifer Calf Class 1) VOS Vegas Showgirl (BCC-J C L Emblazon 038-287) Hailie Conley, Plainfield, ON 2) High Hope 5682 29Z (SAV Bismarck 5682) Jay Robertson, Phelpston, ON Champion Heifer Calf VOS Vegas Showgirl ~ Hailie Conley Reserve Champion Heifer Calf High Hope 5682 29Z ~ Jay Robertson Yearling Heifer Class 1) Champion Hill Georgina 7908 (SAV Brave 8320) Lauren Enright, Renfrew, ON 2)Hawthorne Queen 9Y (Rito 9FB3 Of 5H11 Fullback) Denver Bolton, Lansdowne, ON 3) Harron Princess 34Y (Harron Hardcore 26W) Hayden Teeple, Paisley, ON 4) Heatherlea Maggie 8Y (HF Tiger 5T) Scott MacDonald, Puslinch, ON 5) Locust Grove Blackbird 16Y (SAV Bismarck 5682) Matthew Page 38

Angus World

Francisco, Rockwood, ON 6) Locust Grove Black Angel 12Y (SAV Final Answer 0035) Emily Gibson, Ripley, ON 7) SLL Keymura Katy 1085 (Exar Titlelist T011) Morgan MacIntyre, Russell, ON 8) High Hope 5T Pride Lady 8Y (HF Tiger 5T) Jay Robertson, Phelpston, ON Junior Champion Female Champion Hill Georgina 7908 ~ Lauren Enright Reserve Junior Champion Female Hawthorne Queen 9Y ~ Denver Bolton Mature Cow Calf Class 1) Red Koru Thelma 51T (Red Moose Creek Glycerine 33R calf by Red Koru Chateau 53U) Sarah Schmidt, Goodeve, SK Senior Champion Female Red Koru Thelma 51T ~ Sarah Schmidt Grand Champion Female Champion Hill Georgina 7908 ~ Lauren Enright Reserve Grand Champion Female Hawthorne Queen 9Y ~ Denver Bolton Bred & Owned Division ____________________ Heifer Calf Class 1) Red Koru Thelma 72Z (Red Koru Chateau 53U) Sarah Schmidt, Goodeve, SK 2) High Hope 5682 Cherise 37Z (SAV Bismarck 5682) Jay Robertson, Phelpston, ON Champion Heifer Calf Red Koru Thelma 72Z ~ Sarah Schmidt Reserve Champion Heifer Calf High Hope 5682 Cherise 37Z ~ Jay Robertson Grand Champion Female Red Koru Thelma 72Z ~ Sarah Schmidt Reserve Grand Champion Female High Hope 5682 Cherise 37Z ~ Jay Robertson Bull Calf Class - Split 1 1) VOS Vegas Look Out (BC Lookout 7024) Hailie Conley, Plainfield, ON 2) Red Koru Gladiator 69Z (Red Soo Line Gladiator 5297)Sarah Schmidt, Goodeve, SK 3) Westwind Pongo 1Z (SAV 004 Predominant 4438) Albert Carroll, Omemee, ON 4) Hedleys Networth 3Z (First Line Net Worth 24W)Aiden Long, Canfield, ON 5) Peterbilt Powerhouse 1Z (Double AA Bardolier 119'08) Peter Van Staveren, Stayner, ON Bull Calf Class - Split 2 1) JPD Chizam 7Z (Shipwheel Chinook) Evan Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON 2) WMC Bismarck 1Z (SAV Bismarck 5682) Alyssa Dennis, Warkworth, ON 3) Burnbrae Worth 1Z (SAV Net Worth 4200) Audrey Guyonnet, Brockville, ON 4) Brantnor's Above Par 4Z (Brantnor Predominent 10W) Brandy Thaxter, Woodville, ON 5) Crescent Blythe Hershey's Kiss (SAV Heavy Hitter 6347) Jessica Harbottle, Caledonia, ON 6) First Line Pioneer 6Z (SAV Pioneer 7301)Chris Stoneman, Caledonia, ON Champion Bull Calf VOS Vegas Look Out ~ Hailie Conley Reserve Champion Bull Calf Red Koru Gladiator 69Z ~ Sarah Schmidt

Herd Reference 2012*

Yearling Bull Class 1) City Lights Showtime 101Y (HF Tiger 5T) Cody Walker, Guelph, ON 2) Black Lane Yes Man 2Y (SAV Heavy Hitter 6347) Alex Draper, Bristol, QC 3) Brantnor's Predominant 31Y (Brantnor Predominent 10W) Brett Thaxter, Woodville, ON 4) Vos Vegas Maximum (Bailey Acres Twister 15U) Ashley Baker, Madoc, ON 5) DCC Final Answer 214Y (SAV Final Answer 0035) Robert Marriott, Wingham, ON 6) J-Star Caught Your Eye 5Y (BC Eagle Eye 110-7) Will Pilgrim, Renfrew, ON Junior Champion Bull City Lights Showtime 101Y ~ Cody Walker Reserve Junior Champion Bull Black Lane Yes Man 2Y ~ Alex Draper Grand Champion Bull City Lights Showtime 101Y ~ Cody Walker Reserve Grand Champion Bull Black Lane Yes Man 2Y ~ Alex Draper Commercial Division ____________________ Heifer Calf Class 1)Miss K, Alex Draper, Bristol, QC 2)ADA Zesty 1Z, Corbin McCord, Kanata, ON 3)Zazzy, Denver Bolton, Lansdowne, ON Champion Heifer Calf Miss K ~ Alex Draper Reserve Champion Heifer Calf ADA Zesty 1Z ~ Corbin McCord Yearling Heifer Class 1) Lazy B Sure Thing, Michael Stubbs, Caledonia, ON 2) Miss Kentucky, Blair Allnutt, Brome, QC 3) Miss Duchess 20Y, Michaela Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON 4) Kloe, Christopher Hargrave, Proton Station, ON 5)Deer Park Sandra 23Y, Melissa MacIntyre, London, ON Junior Champion Female Lazy B Sure Thing ~ Michael Stubbs Reserve Junior Champion Female Miss Kentucky ~ Blair Allnutt Grand Champion Female Lazy B Sure Thing ~ Michael Stubbs Reserve Grand Champion Female Miss Kentucky ~ Blair Allnutt Steer born in 2011 1) Whiskey Bear, Bailey McConnel, Kincardine, ON 2) Bill, Charles Caldwell, Kamata, ON 3) Winston, Sylvia Megens, Goodwood, ON 4) Bubba, Alex Draper, Bristol, QC Grand Champion Steer Whiskey Bear ~ Bailey McConnel Reserve Grand Champion Steer Bill ~ Charles Caldwell

Canadian Class ________________________ 1) Red Serenity Lacie Be 102Y (Red Howe Bold Edition 80T) Isaac Brubacher, Fergus, ON 2) Red Serenity Rebello 101X (Red Dwajo All Star 10T calf by Red Howe Bold Edition 80T) William Brubacher, Fergus, ON 3) Red Walnut Hill Copper R 114Y (Red Majestic Rubicon N 124R) Makail Haus, Millgrove, ON 4)Red Koru Thelma 51T (Red Moose Creek Glycerine 33R) Sarah Schmidt, Goodeve, SK 5) Windale Yeehaw 05Y (Matilda Cody of SNF)

Dustin Taylor, Roseneath, ON 6) Red Koru Gladiator 69Z (Red Soo Line Gladiator 5297) Sarah Schmidt, Goodeve, SK 7) Peterbilt Powerhouse 1Z (Double AA Bardolier 119'08) Peter Van Staveren, Stayner, ON Champion Red Serenity Lacie Be 102Y ~ Isaac Brubacher

Champion Canadian Bred

Champion Open Female

Champion Bred & Owned Female


Champion Owned Female


Reserve Champion Open Female

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Female

Reserve Champion Owned Female

Champion Commercial Female

Champion Bull

Champion Steer

Reserve Champion Commercial Female

Reserve Champion Bull

Reserve Champion Steer

Herd Reference 2012*

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Champion Junior Showman

Champion Intermediate Showman

Champion Senior Showman

Reserve Champion Junior Showman

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman

Reserve Champion Senior Showman

Supreme Showman

Champion Herdsman

Grand Aggregates


Spirit of Youth Award - Michaela Chalmers

Showdown 2012 Participants Page 40

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Herd Reference 2012*

Amercian Participants



















 Herd Reference 2012*

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New All - Breeds Bull & Heifer Development Centre Opens

Scott Stock Farm Ltd is pleased to announce the opening of a new all-breeds bull and heifer development centre in south-central Alberta, offering purebred breeders more than 60 years of beef care and management experience. Scott Stock Farm Bull & Heifer Development Centre is a hands-on, customer focused operation run by the father and son team, Earl and Jonathan Scott. The facility, near Crossfield, just north of Calgary, was the first built in the region to meet Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) specifications and boasts a handling system designed by internationally-known

livestock specialist, Dr. Temple Grandin.

"Our goal is to give customers a quality orientated program with superior health standards all backed by a high level of individual customer service," explained Earl Scott. "Our nutritional feeding program is focused on a high percentage roughage ration to maximize growth with feeding programs tailored to each beef breed." Jonathan says, "We are not a one size fits all development centre. Our goal is to provide customers individual programs to meet the needs of their bulls

and heifers at the centre. We are a personal hands-on operation at competitive rates and unique with no minimum number of cattle required to come here for development." Customers at the pristine centre will have options which include heifer A.I. service; monthly bull weighing; ultrasound for ribeye, backfat and intramuscular fat; clipping and grooming; and marketing the cattle direct from the premises. More information on Scott Stock Farm Bull & Heifer Development Centre, including customer testimonials, can be found on the web at For more information, contact: Earl Scott - 403-333-1789 Jonathan Scott - 403-333-1790 Office - 403-946-5378

Win a $100 gift card Enter online at or & Angus World have once again teamed up to say THANKS to our supporters. Enter online or by regular mail & you could win a $100 gift certificate to a CAB steakhouse near you!

The catch? All that is required is the registration number of ONE purebred Angus animal registered to you - any female or bull in your herd or one purchased for your commercial operation. Enter online or send your name, phone number & address along with the number of one Angus animal registered or transferred to you or your operation to: Angus World, P.O. Box 177, Stavely, AB T0L 1Z0. One entry per person please.

Draw date:

November 30, 2012 Page 42

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Herd Reference 2012*

Herd Reference 2012*

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Saskatchewan Angus Message

Greetings from the Angus world in Saskatchewan! I hope all the winter feed operations are going ahead as planned and the feed piles are starting to add up now for everyone. Since my last Presidents report I am able to say I had a wonderful time at the Canadian Convention held in Lethbridge, what a great part of the world. I predicted the Alberta hosts would put on a great event and boy they sure did not disappoint anyone who attended! Belinda and I were able to attend the Can-Prov meeting and along with the other provincial reps hashed over topics brought forward by the provincial membership and took our recommendations resulting from these meetings forward to the CAA board and

Page 44

Angus World

staff. The Rancher Endorsed day that was held on the Friday of the convention was certainly a great day in my mind and with anyone else I visited with. The panel discussion held in the morning was very good the only negative I heard was it could have been longer. The bus trip to the Research center and the feedlots as well as the Lethbridge countryside was fantastic and the delicious Bar-B-Que steak supper topped the day off for sure. Saturday was a very informative Annual meeting and there certainly was a large crowd at the banquet and fundraiser auction where over $40,000 was raised to hopefully send Canadian youth teams to the World forum in New Zealand in 2013. Great job Alberta & Southern Alberta club on a super event - Shelly and I really enjoyed it! Next on July 5 & 6 our Saskatchewan Association held our Summer Gold Show Junior Show in Yorkton. I said we had a great committee looking after this event and they pulled off a great Angus gathering! There was approximately 60 head of haltered cattle in the show as well as a strong pen show with 20 pens showing. At this show I was honoured to present five Heritage Awards which are presented to Angus Pioneers in Saskatchewan Angus. There were certainly five worthy

Herd Reference 2012*

recipients this year, congratulations goes to Irene Olynyk, John & Patricia Simpson, Jack & Joyce Burkell, Don & Glenda Bell and Lorne & Grace Fandrey your perseverance is to be commended! Congratulations also go out to those who exhibited cattle and also to the large crowd that watched the show. Everyone was a winner when you can enjoy that much Angus fellowship in two short days. And again thanks to the hosting committee, great job guys. As for future Angus events this year in Saskatchewan make sure if you are interested in consigning to the Masterpiece sale at Agribition call Belinda at the office or talk to any of the OBI sales staff and get your selection stop scheduled. Just a reminder if you have any concerns make sure you contact myself, a Saskatchewan director or Belinda in the office so we can put it on our next meeting agenda which will be held in early October. Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer and try to schedule in a herd tour or two and see some of the great Angus cattle in the pastures of our province this summer. Respectfully submitted, President, Saskatchewan Angus Association Dale Easton

Canadian Junior Angus Association

Hi everyone! Hope that summer is going great for all of you. I am Erin Toner and I was elected President of the CJAA at our meetings in July. I am from Saskatchewan and grew up on a farm North of Kelfield where we raised Black Angus cattle. I have been a member of the SJAA, CJAA, and Saskatchewan 4-H for a number of years. Currently I am living in Regina entering my third year of University pursuing my degree in Elementary Education. I am very excited to have the opportunity to act as the President for the CJAA. The CJAA has been very busy recently with Showdown 2012 that was held in Lindsay, Ontario July 19 – 21. It turned out to be the biggest show we have had yet and was a great success. There were 120 Juniors in attendance with 150 head of cattle being exhibited. The weekend kicked off at 11:30 Thursday morning

with a grooming demonstration followed by our AGM and then all of the various competitions, topped off with the awards banquet and dance on Saturday night. There was a big turn over on the board this year with five new directors starting their terms in Ontario. Our board is full of enthusiastic young Angus breeders who have a passion for our breed and our junior programs. We extend best wishes to retiring directors Erika Easton, Sean Enright, Megan Kemp, Laurie Noiseux and Emily Puch. Our auction that we held in Ontario was also excellent. The high selling item was an Austen Anderson (our Manitoba CJAA Director) original sketch that sold for $1,700. Thanks to all the talented CJA members who donated their art projects for the auction! All 13 of the CJAA calendar pages were also sold, which was awesome – we will be offering card ads and sale dates to breeders this fall – let us know if you are interested. Thank-you to all the bidders and buyers in both the silent and live auction. Also, in Lindsay we announced the location of Showdown 2013. Armstrong, British Columbia will be hosting the show next summer, July 25-27.There is going to be a new, exciting competition that will be available for juniors to take part in. More information on this event will be available in the coming months. I would like to thank all of the sponsors who helped to make Showdown 2012 a success. Without the support of our many sponsors there is no way that we would be able to put on as great a show as we did! We really appreciate all the support that we receive from sponsors as well as our judges and many volunteers.



The CJAA is also doing a donation heifer raffle as well as our dutch auction at the Masterpiece. This year these fundraisers are being done jointly with the Canadian Angus Foundation (CAF). The Canadian Angus staff has graciously donated their two heifers that came from embryos that they won in the Foundation Embryo Lottery. Tickets for the raffle will be sold by CJAA and CAF directors and the draw will be made at Agribition. We will once again have the dutch auction of the other heifer at the Masterpiece Sale the Wednesday afternoon of Agribition. Funds from the dutch auction go to our scholarship account, where three lucky members receive $1000 scholarships each year. The 2012 recipients were announced at Showdown – congratulations to Michael Hargrave, Chad Lorenz and Megan Roger. Applications are due June 15 each year and are available on our web-site and in the newsletter. As of right now that is all the CJAA has been busy at. I hope to see you all down the road and at Agribition and encourage you to mark your calendars for our next event the CJA GOAL Conference that will be held Family Day weekend in Edmonton. I am looking forward to serving as the CJAA president for this upcoming year. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me any time. CJAA President Erin Toner

Canadian Junior Angus Association - Board of Directors Erin Toner - President Box 3, Kelfield, SK S0K 2C0 306.932.2180 - Cell 306.834.8647 email: _______________________

Chad Lorenz, RR #1, Markerville, AB T0M 1M0 403.896.9585 email: _______________________

Kevin Bolduc - Vice-President Box 9, Stavely, AB T0L 1Z0 403.549.2228 - Cell: 403.625.9429 email: _______________________

Katie Wright GBS 6-34, R.R. #1, Melfort, SK S0E 1A0 306.752.3543 - Cell: 306.921.6502 email: _______________________

Rebecca Gilby - Secretary 109 Gorden Road, Bellnan, NS B2S 2N5 902.883.8057 - Cell: 902.449.8110 email _______________________

Austen Anderson R.R. #2, Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0 306.734.2073 - Cell: 204.281.3560 email: _______________________

Allison Speller - Treasurer Box 59, Monte Lake, BC V0E 2N0 250.375.2268 email:

Michael Hargrave Box 32, Maxwell, ON N0C 1J0 519.922.2654 - Cell: 519.374.9444 email:

Blair Allnutt 259 Jackson Road, Brome, QC J0E 1K0 450.243.6221 - Cell 450.521.4254 email: _______________________ CJAA Coordinator Belinda Wagner Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 306.757.6133 (office) 306.771.2928 (home) Cell: 306.537.1518 Fax: 306.525.5852 email:

World Angus Forum 2013 - New Zealand

Those interested in attending the 2013 Angus World Forum in New Zealand, please watch for group travel details from Canada to New Zealand coming this fall in the next Angus World issue and on our website. To view the schedule and to register for the Forum, please visit Juniors interested in the Canadian youth teams competing at the 2013 World Angus Forum, please watch for the selection details also coming this fall. Herd Reference 2012*

Angus World

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Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors


(l-r): Cecilie Flemming, Kevin Blair (President Elect), Jon Fox, Jerome Richard, Lorraine Sanford, Tom McDonald, Lois McRae, Dawn Wilson, Gary Latimer (President), Corrine Gibson, Jim Colodey, David Bolduc (Past President), Rob Smith (Chief Executive Officer)

Canadian Junior Angus Association Board of Directors


(l-r): Chad Lorenz, Rebecca Gilby (Secretary), Austen Anderson, Katie Wright, Blair Allnut, Allison Speller (Treasurer), Kevin Bolduc (Vice-President), Erin Toner (President), Michael Hargrave, Belinda Wagner (Coordinator)

Page 46

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Herd Reference 2012*

Herd Reference 2012*

Angus World

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Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors

CanadianAngusAssociation Staff

President Box 16 Site 3 RR 4, Olds, AB T4H 1T8 Phone: (403)556-2742 Fax: (403)556-2761

Office Manager (ext: 222)

Rob Smith

Chief Executive Officer (ext: 223)

Michael Latimer

Gary Latimer Kevin Blair

President Elect Box 610, Lanigan, SK S0K 2M0 Phone: (306)365-7922 Fax: (306)365-4699

David Bolduc

Past President P.O. Box 1055, Claresholm, AB T0L 0T0 Phone: (403)549-3833 ~ Fax: (403)549-3833

Jim Colodey

1121 Bannockburn Rd, R.R. #3, Cornwall, PEI C0A 1H0 Phone: (902)675-3171

Cecilie Fleming

Box 1, Granum, AB T0L 1A0 Phone: (403)687-2288 Fax: (403)687-2088

Jon Fox

PO Box 320, Lloydminster, SK S9V 0Y2 Phone: (306)825-9702

Corinne Gibson

P.O. Box 8, Fir Mountain, SK S0H 1P0 Phone: (306)266-4895

Tom McDonald

10293 4th Line, RR 5, Milton, ON L9T 2X9 Phone: (905)877-2001 Fax: (905)877-1241

Lois McRae

Box 57, R.R. #1, Brandon, MB R7A 5Y1 Phone: (204)728-3058 ~ Fax: (204)727-7744

Jerome Richard

181 Chemin Healy, Canton de Cleveland, QC J0B 2H0 Phone: (819)826-5419

Lorraine Sanford

2897 Sanford Road, Quesnel, BC V2J 7C9 Phone: (250)249-5469

Dawn Wilson

P.O. Box 550, Bashaw, AB T0B 0H0 Phone: (780)372-3529

General Manager (ext: 228)

Alan Yuen

Kajal Devani

Director of Breed Development (ext: 227)

#142, 6715 - 8th Street N.E. Calgary, Alberta T2E 7H7 (403)571-3580 ~ 1-888-571-3580 ~ Fax (403)571-3599 eMail address: Web Address:

Canadian Angus Association - Fee Schedule -

Annual Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100.00 Junior Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10.00 Annual Activity Fee (for life members only) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $75.00 Registration - 0 to 4 months . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15.00 Registration - 4 to 7 months . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $25.00 Registration - 7 to 12 months . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50.00 Registration -12+ months . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100.00 Spring-born Calves (registered online by July 15) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15.00 Fall-born Calves (registered online by December 15) . . . . . . . . . . $15.00 Weaning Weight entry charge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.00 CanadianAngus Performance Program Reinstatement Fee . . . $100.00 Canadian Angus Performance Program Annual Membership Fee . . . $25.00 Embryo Transfers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $12.00 Animal Transfers < 60 days after sale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $12.00 Animal Transfers > 60 days after sale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $24.00 Non Financial Transfers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.00 Parentage Test - per head, requested through CAA*. . . . . . . . . . . . $30.00 Parentage Test - per head, sent direct to lab by breeder * . . . . . . . . $51.00 Coat Colour DNA Test * . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $33.00 Registration of ImportedAnimal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $75.00 Registration of Lease . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10.00 Registration of Herd Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $25.00 Registration of Tattoo Letters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $25.00 Transfer of Herd Name or Tattoo Letters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10.00 Name Change of a Registered Animal (animal must have no registered progeny) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50.00 Performance Certificate Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3.00 Duplicate Certificate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10.00 Five Generation Pedigree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $25.00 Correction Fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.00 Pedigree Change as a result of a DNA test . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50.00 Pedigree Extract (for sales catalogue) With Registration numbers, sent electronically . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.50 Without Registration numbers or faxed/mailed . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.00 Photos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3.00 Geneprob Report (paper) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $25.00 Geneprob Report (electronic) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15.00 Mailing Labels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100.00 plus 3 cents/label Electronic download of MemberAddresses (one time use) . . . . $250.00 Herd data extract for on-farm software program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $80.00 Rush Fee (paid per item) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;$20.00 Effective as of February 22, 2012

GST is not included in above prices.

* Other lab fees may apply

Herd Reference 2012*

Cheryl Hazenberg

Director of Technical Services (ext: 238)

Cassie Dorran

Director of Marketing (ext: 226)

Stacy Price

Registrar (ext: 224)

Shirley Anderson

Assistant Registrar (ext: 216)

Ciara Buchanan

Assistant Registrar (ext: 225)

Joanelle Fuellbrandt Office Administrator (ext: 0)

Brian Good

Director of Field Services - 403.391.4037

Jack Brown

British Columbia Fieldman - 604.888.0862

Ken Cox

Western Fieldman - 780.672.6860

Laird Senft

Saskatchewan Fieldman - 306.332.4823

Blair McRae

Manitoba Fieldman - 204.728.3058-----

Wayne Gallup

Eastern Fieldman - 819.826.3026

Provincial Representatives British Columbia

Jill Savage 4664 Sleepy Hollow Road, Armstrong, BC V0E 1B4 (250)546-2813 /// Fax: (250)546-9164 ///


Denise Rice P.O. Box 3725, Olds, Alberta T4H 1P5 1-888-556-9057 / Fax: (403)556-3333


Belinda Wagner c/o Sask Livestock Association Also Canadian Junior Angus Association Coordinator P.O. Box 3771, Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3N8 (306) 757-6133 // Fax: (306) 525-5852


Arlene Kirkpatrick Box 25, Site 30, RR 3, Brandon, Manitoba R7A 5Y3 Ph/Fax: (204)725-3597 ~


Julie Smith 459 Black Street, Fergus, ON N1M 3M7 Phone:(519)787-2397 ~ Fax: (519)787-2306


Trudy Beaton #3 North Hill Road, Gould, Quebec J0B 2Z0 (819) 877-5603 / Fax: (819) 877-3845


Betty Lou Scott RR #1 Salt Springs, Pictou County, Nova Scotia BOK 1PO Ph: (902)925-2057 / Fax: (902)925-2655

Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society

Rhea Wheeler P.0. Box 39075, Lakewood Common, Saskatoon, SK S7V 0A9 (306)227-2992 Fax: (306)373-3515

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Canadian Angus Association - CEO Message


--Good day, CAA patrons and friends; I am going to spend this edition of my column passing out superlatives to those who deserve them for a few outstanding events we’ve had going on, and informing you of some ‘quick hitters’ as to current CAA news. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments. 2012 National Canadian Junior Angus Association Showdown I just have one thing to say: Best. Showdown. Ever. This is a very big statement, and probably not very politically correct, but folks… you just had to be there! The most Juniors ever (over 140), the most cattle ever (over 180), the most people ever at the closing banquet (over 260), and the most supporters to ever fill the stands at our National Junior Show. And perhaps most tellingly… a very happy, positive, united, team-oriented, optimistic crowd amid the driest conditions and worst drought in Ontario in recent years. The dance on the last night featured almost every single Junior who entered, most of their parents, and a bunch of us other folks who just couldn’t get enough of the ‘buzz’ coming from the event and its exhibitors. Maybe the most significant measure of this unbridled enthusiasm was the extraordinarily successful CJAA fundraising auction on the final night which grossed over $23,000!!! The Junior’s donated art, handiwork and craftsmanship, and the crowd opened their hearts… and wallets… to take it home with them. The calendar fundraiser sold out that night and the artisan efforts of the Juniors were met with record support. The night before, Ontario CAA Director Tom McDonald and I certainly got our bellies full of great Certified Angus Beef prepared by our outstanding Juniors themselves. Yes… that proverbial ‘good time was’ was truly ‘had by all’, and you owe it to yourself to come and check it out next year, same time, in Armstrong, BC. Thanks and congratulations to CJAA Coordinator Belinda Wagner and her dedicated, hard-working CJAA Board; they, together with everyone else involved, hit a ‘grand slam home run’ in Lindsay, Ontario!!! 2012 Annual National CAA Convention I just have one thing to say… again: Best. Convention. Ever.

Perhaps this is an easier comment to make than that above, since we haven’t really held a conference before and have now converted our former “AGM” into our National “Convention”. I am really proud of our ‘maiden voyage’ with this new concept, and the feedback ever since has been encouragingly positive. Among my personal highlights: 1) The success of the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Day on Friday, including the industry ‘round table’. We will work with Ontario to ‘fine tune’ this for next year, but I think we will be able to adapt this to each Region’s specific industry affectations and have a real annual impact coast-to-coast. 2) The outpouring of support for the Canadian Angus Foundation’s “Building The Legacy…” sale. We had strong consignments and active, dedicated bidders bringing the total value (including Cheryl Hazenberg’s All-Flex idea from “Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed” Friday) of donations to the Foundation on that weekend to over $40,000. A number of people worked very hard on this initiative including Kevin Blair, who dreamed it, Shane Castle, who solicited the consignments, and Cassie Dorran who put the catalogue together and found a printer at truly the very LAST minute! Perhaps we have started something that will become part of our culture? 3) The ‘branding’ of the Association, from the united front presented by the Board and Administration through the evident synergy with the Regional Association to the look and attitude of my fellow staff. I feel we all represent a definable ‘brand’ that has the image and message of quality and value. 4) The tremendous hospitality of the Southern Alberta Angus Club and Alberta Angus Association as they proved the ‘hosts with the most’ for those four days in June, 2012. They all deserve special thanks and kudos because they had such a tough act to follow from Manitoba last year and they performed superbly. They asked all of us to “hang onto our hats”… and it was a good thing they did because their effort proceeded to blow them right off our heads! We bid ‘adieu’ to retiring Directors Kirk Wildman, Frank Strimbold, Roger Hardy and Shane Castle, and ‘bonjour’ to their replacements Lorraine Sanford and Jon Fox. We owe a large debt of gratitude to Frank, Roger, Shane and Kirk and certainly welcome Jon and Lorraine to their new roles in our Canadian Angus community. Further, Stacey Domolewski will make an amazing Ambassador and our congratulations and encouragement go to each of the other applicants comprising such an impressive group of candidates. Finally, we were honoured to present the inaugural “Dick Turner Memorial Scholarship” to Chad Lorenz, a highly appropriate applicant; Dick is proud, methinks! Again, you really should try to attend our 2013 convention to be held in Guelph, Ontario next June. With the plans we already have, I suspect it will be another ‘humdinger’!

2012 Maritime Angus Association Field Day I had an absolutely perfect five days last June in Prince Edward Island. This province is stunningly beautiful and my visit particularly memorable since it was my first time there. I ate far too much but enjoyed every morsel. The cattle at both the show as well as on farm tours were excellent and the people just so warm and hospitable. My old friend Dick Turner always told me only the wisest Angus breeders go to the Maritimes because they know how well treated you are and he was so very correct! Hopefully this will be an annual trek for me and the President Elect and Ambassador because, to miss out on this would be a major loss. One week before our Convention, outgoing Ambassador Austen Anderson, incoming President Gary Latimer and his wife, Jacci, and I enjoyed the Maritime hospitability and will talk of this trip forever. ____________________________________ And now… the quick hitters to inform you of CAA happenings: *The “Straight Canadian” and “Canadian” designations are now marked by the flag and maple leaf, respectively, on both the on-line Herd Book and the actual registration certificate. I believe this initiative will enhance membership value. We have designated 417 animals as “Straight Canadian” and 97,371 as “Canadian”, or 0.0003% and 7.2%, respectively, of our 1,352,424 headTotal (as opposed to Active) Herd Book. *The SNP’s parentage verification transition is complete. In advancing with technology and remaining globally competitive this process involved conversion of historical samples to SNP at no cost to our membership, with a new saving of $8/test passed on to you. *On June 20th our CAA Facebook hit an all-time high of the ‘audience reached’ with 40 people talking about the page. Since then, people ‘talking about’ our page has gone ‘through the roof’ from a steady number around 8 to a more suitable number of 80. We had 40 new “likes” after Convention. The ‘daily friends of fans’ peaked at 112,715 viewers. Our ‘weekly page engaged users’ has increased from 20 to 720 people. We are making nearly 10,000 impressions each week. *Erin Toner and Stacey Domolewski, our summer interns, are doing FABULOUS! They have been updating the blog along their travels, so be sure to check it out. Budget permitting, we will continue this initiative because we are so very satisfied by the immediate results. *The new evaluation, our Fall 2012 NCE result, includes a base change (alignment of Red breed averages to be more comparable to the Black breed average) for our Red evaluation with RAAA and ASA. *We are still collecting semen for genotyping in the Genome Canada project – please contact Kajal Devani if you can provide a semen straw on any influential animal on the list of influential sires (available on the CAA website).

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Canadian Angus Association - President’s Message

Hello to all Canadian Angus enthusiasts: We just had a great Canadian Angus Convention at Lethbridge. I would like to thank our CEO Rob Smith and his staff, Alberta Angus Association and Southern

Alberta Angus Association for all the thought and passion they put into putting on three days of valuable information and socializing. A huge crowd participated in workshops panel discussions and listened to speakers that were very interesting with valuable information for all. The Junior Ambassador speak-off was an insight to the quality of juniors we have in the Canadian Angus Association. Austin Anderson certainly did all the Canadian members proud, and we are looking forward to our new ambassador Stacey Domolewski representing the Canadian juniors and the Canadian Angus members. Directors Frank Strimbold, Roger Hardy, Shane Castle and Kirk Wildman will be missed. New directors Lorraine Sanford and Jon Fox will be a great asset and looking forward to working with you. Congratulations to Kevin Blair for being President Elect. David you will go down as the president that got our

new building in progress. We are pushing hard to have the building started before freeze up this fall. I am excited about the Associations that are interested and wanting to be with us on this project. The Angus business is looking great with keenness all across the country. My first duty as president was to judge the Maritine Junior Angus Show at Crapo, PEI. Lots of talented, skillful and eager juniors with Angus projects. Jim and Hilda Colody were great hosts taking us to see many Angus herds that looked great in the pastures with lots of green grass. ad a great time Jim also knew where to take us for the best food on the island. Looking forward to serving you as your 107th President of this “going forward” Angus Association.

New President for the Canadian Angus Association

Gary Latimer, President, Canadian Angus Association

e Board of Directors affirmed Gary Latimer as president of 2012-2013 at their 2012 CAA National Convention in Lethbridge, AB. Gary and his wife Jacci, along with their son Richard and his wife Kelly, own and operate Remitall Farms of Olds, Alberta. e family is in a growth stage right now increasing their cattle herd numbers to 270. e family markets their cattle in some sales including the Black Magic in Olds. In the past, they have sold bulls directly off of the farm and at the Calgary Bull Sale, seeing great success. is year they plan to have their own bull sale in March. Gary is excited about his term as president and is looking forward to working with Angus breeders as the breed continues to develop. e priority this year will be working on the new Canadian Angus Association building project which is underway. Gary is excited for the ground breaking event and looks forward to facilitating the growth that we have seen within our Angus breed and the growth of the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program. With his passion in marketing cattle, Gary hopes to provide the CAA membership with increasing tools that will assist a diverse group in promoting and selling their purebred and influenced Angus cattle. Gary will be supported in this role by Kevin Blair of Lanigan, Saskatchewan, who was chosen as President Elect. - written by Cassie Dorran, CAA Director of Marketing

Canadian Angus Association - General Manager’s Report

Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed The 2012 CAA National Convention in Lethbridge included the first ever Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Day. More than 200 cattle producers participated in a wide range of events and activities. Although the Rancher Endorsed program was developed to authenticate Angus branded beef programs, it has evolved into a program with influence throughout the beef cattle supply chain. It encourages communication and interaction from the seedstock producer through to the consumer. In a time when consumers are beginning to once again take an interest in food production, there is a need for various producers in the process to look outside of their immediate sector of the industry to further understand the challenges of the other stakeholders, which includes the end consumer. The Rancher Endorsed Day at Convention

was developed to facilitate this process. The panel discussion included industry stakeholders ranging from commercial cow/calf producers, order buyers, feedlot operators, packing plant and retail food store owners. It was commented in the panel discussion that “without the cow/calf operator there is no chain, and without the retail outlet there is no market for the cattle.” It is evident that there needs to be cooperation across sectors ensuring financial viability in order to avoid a broken industry. The immediate focus of our efforts will be to add value to Angus cattle. This will be accomplished by maintaining breed purity and by identifying them as Angus through the use of the Angus tag. In doing this, we must ensure that beef programs identifying themselves as Angus are in fact using Angus-tagged cattle. This fall there will be more than 160 Angus Feeder sales across Canada where you or your bull customers can market calves. Several of our partners in the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program are also buying cattle directly off of the farm and are actively looking for Angus-tagged cattle. If you would like more information about these opportunities you are always welcome to contact either Brian, Cheryl, or myself at the Canadian Angus office. Canadian Angus Foundation The Foundation was full of activity during the CAA National Convention. Through the generous support of the membership the Foundation raised $40,470. This was accomplished through the ‘Building the

Legacy Sale’ and the Allflex Angus Tag draw for a 50’ Panasonic HDTV. The funds will cover a variety of activities designed to engage and educate the Angus youth of Canada. The Foundation was able to raise $27,250 in support of sending two teams (four members per team) to compete in the Youth Competition at the 2013 World Angus Forum in New Zealand. This is in addition to the $4,500 pledged by the Saskatchewan Angus Association. This competition will feature a wide variety of events ranging from animal preparation, parading, stock judging and other agri-sports. More details regarding the selection process will be available this fall. The CAF Junior Ambassador competition was held during the National Convention. The five finalists competing endured an essay, written test, interview panel, and a speech on the topic “If I ran the Association…”. Stacey Domolewski was named as the Junior Ambassador for the upcoming year. Stacey is an active Red Angus breeder from Taber, Alberta, and is currently working for the Canadian Angus Association as one of our summer interns. She will represent the Angus breed across Canada and internationally. A special thank you to Gary Harron who retired from the Foundation board in June. Gary has spent the last two years as the Foundation Chair and has been an active contributor to the Foundation since its inception in 1993. Submitted by Michael Latimer, CAA General Manager

Herd Reference 2012*

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Canadian Angus Association - Breed Development


Weaning Calves This year more than ever, whether you were selling Angus in international markets, to the U.S., or to your neighbor, more of you called me to enroll in the Canadian Angus Performance Program than ever before. The only requirement of the performance program is weaning weights be provided for all your calves. The birth, growth and ultrasound scan carcass data records that you provide us will calculate members’ in herd indexes and across herd EPDs. EPDs are the only fair way to compare animals that have been raised in different environments. If you would like learn more about EPDs, contact me to register for a free online EPD workshop each month. As you prepare to wean your calves, make sure that you have your weaning weight worksheets (weaning

weights are only accepted in the office if they are submitted on a worksheet or electronically). Please submit your weaning weights as soon as possible after weighing, while it is all fresh in your mind. Our Ask the Vet Angus health expert Catherine Colodey recommends that you keep calves somewhere you can watch them for a few days after weaning. Weaning is usually a stressful event and the associated rise in cortisol levels will result in immune-suppression. This makes it easy for disease to set in. Watch for disease, especially pneumonia. Calves should be kept in a place where treatment is possible for a few days post weaning. Look over your weaning weight reports when they are sent to you. The indexes are great for in herd comparisons. Remember to place animals that have been treated the same in the same management group. Place any animal that was sick for a significant time preweaning, or that was fed differently, in a separate management group. If you are not currently a participant on the Canadian Angus Performance Program or have any questions about recording your weaning weights please contact me. Not All DNA Tests Are The Same: You are all enjoying greater value for DNA testing this summer with our conversion to SNP technology for Parentage Verification. As of July 1, 2012 the Canadian Angus Association has been utilizing SNP technology for parentage verification and passing on the savings of this more advanced but less expensive technology.

Just remember that all SNP tests are not equal. Our standards and processes are designed for: 1. Long term value - Test results for a calf can be used again as reference when that calf becomes a sire or dam. 2. International and inter association trade – Standardizations are maintained so that results can be used at the American Angus Association, Red Angus Association of America and further abroad so that you never have to buy more than one test. 3. Ownership of genotypes and DNA samples – Strict custodianship is maintained over Angus DNA submitted through the Association so that your DNA samples are not being tested for “other” things unbeknownst to you, and so that we can access the DNA sample should you need to test your animals for something else in the future. The Association policy requires members to go through the Association when requesting DNA testing to ensure that we can maintain required standardization and quality. The Association is committed to bring you the most value at the least cost. We have committed to bringing you genomic testing at even lower prices while maintaining quality. Please keep in mind that not all tests are equal. If you are using multi-sire pastures or are unsure of parentage, please request a parentage verification kit from the Association. If you have any questions about genomic testing please contact Kajal Devani at 1-888-571-3580. Kajal Devani, Director of Breed Development

Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Program One of the most common questions we get surrounding the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program is how do I get involved? As a producer there are only two requirements to be part of this program – purchase Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tags and tag your eligible cattle with them. However, to maximize your participation in the program a third step is recommended – your Angus tagged calves should be sold into a Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed participating program. There are two easy ways to do this. First of all, there are 173 Angus feature sales this fall (also including a few next spring) at auction markets across the country. Each sale has a high demand for Angus tagged calves. Buyers know about these sales

and know that they can get quality Angus calves there. A detailed listing of this year’s sales is included on Page 53 and a complete list is also available on the Canadian Angus Association’s website. Some sales have specific requirements such as vaccinations, and you should always check with the auction market for the most up-to-date information before consigning your calves. Be sure to stop by and chat with any of our field staff if you see them at the sales. They will be hitting the road and attending as many sales as possible from September to December. I would like to highlight five special sales this year which will feature all-Angus tagged calves. We are excited to see a number of new auctions having all-tagged sales this year. If you are close to one of these auctions, get out and visit them on these dates even if you cannot consign your calves to them. October 10, 2012 in Virden, MB October 17/18, 2012 in Williams Lake, BC October 19, 2012 in Mankota, SK October 22, 2012 in Westlock, AB October 25, 2012 in Brandon, MB October 31, 2012 in Yorkton, SK The second way to market your calves (or your bull customers’ calves) is direct to the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed participants. A complete list is available on the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed website which includes contact information for each program. They are always looking for cattle and would be happy to speak to you. Each program has its own

specific requirements for the type of cattle they are looking for. Check with the program to see if your animals qualify. Now at this point everything I’ve talked about leaves a lot to chance and requires a little bit of luck, but there is one service we offer that will help you even the odds. The Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Feeder Calf listing is a free service which promotes the Angus tagged calves you have for sale to the people who are looking to purchase Angus tagged calves. The listing appears on the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed website and every week directs to the inbox of people wanting to buy calves. Participation is easy. Simply fill out the Feeder Calf Listing Form available online or by contacting the office, and return it to me. Please complete it, and get it in as far as advance as possible to ensure maximum exposure. I wish I could tell you by doing these steps you are guaranteed to receive top dollar for your calves and everything will work out wonderfully, but unfortunately I cannot. However, I can assure you that Angus tagged calves are still in high demand across the country and by taking advantage of these marketing opportunities and free services you can help yourself maximize your potential for those great returns. Fall 2012 is shaping up to be another fantastic year for the cattle business in Canada. Good luck, and if we can help in any way, please let me know. Cheryl Hazenberg, Director of Technical Services

Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Tag Program


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Genomics Creating the Future

Piloting systems that will add value to Angus Genetics.

Genome Canada Project The Association is looking to collect semen samples to DNA sequence 1,000 of the most influential animals in the Canadian Angus Association herd book for the Genome Canada project. The project is an international endeavor to build a database for the training of Molecular Breeding Value calculations for genetically enhanced EPDs and imputation calculations. For younger animals, we can invest in smaller and less expensive genomic tests and receive more accurate EPDs. In addition, EPD accuracies can also be improved for straight Canadian pedigrees or those animals with little to no performance date recorded.

Kirk Wildman of Towaw Cattle Co. Ltd. in Sangudo, Alberta, stepped up to the challenge of this project recently donating three vials of CHOCTAW CHF 373. Wildman explained that for Towaw this development provides value as quicker evaluations are crucial in our industry. “The turnaround in our industry because of a cow’s gestation length isn’t comparable to that of pigs and chickens,” said Wildman. “Any science to quicken up genetic lead time is of our advantage. We will do our part to help provide this DNA needed and then let the technology become more readily usable.” Towaw considers EPDs to be another form of cattle evaluation, going beyond visual appraisal. According to Wildman, their operation views EPDs as a futuristic evaluation of how their cattle should perform.

“With the Genome Canada Project, the EPDs for our cattle will become more accurate and, therefore become more useful to us as we move forward in years to come,” said Wildman. If you have semen on any of these bulls and would be willing to share a straw or vial for this exciting project it would be much appreciated. A complete list of sires needed is posted on our website. Please contact Kajal by email or at 1-8888-571-3580 to arrange for donations. A tax receipt will be available for your contribution to this Association effort. In addition, there will be a draw from all donors for two very handsome prizes donated by Genserve labs. The project is already underway, so please make your donation as soon as possible. The draw will be held on September 1.

SNP Technology for Parentage Verification All the Angus Associations and Societies globally which belong to the World Angus Secretariat made a commitment in the next two years for transition to using Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, known as SNP /snɪp/, technology for parentage verification. The American Angus Association and the Red Angus Association of America have already comleted this transition. In order to be able to trade parentage verification information for Angus animals between countries it is important that the information is all in the same language, using the same technology. SNP technology is also less expensive making the CAA pleased to be able to pass on the savings to their membership. What does this mean for our membership? As of July 1, 2012: • Any sample received at Genserve Labs for parentage verification will be tested using SNP technology.

• Parentage verification testing will now cost Canadian Angus members $22 rather than $30. • CAA will still use hair samples for parentage verification testing (minimum of 30 root hair bulbs). • DNA kits with the hair samples will still be sent to Genserve labs in Saskatoon, SK. • The process for DNA parentage verification will remain the same. The technology has been updated and the savings will remain in the producers’ pocket. Laura Brown of LLB Angus in Erskine, Alberta, explains this cost saving endeavor for their operation stating that SNP testing will save them money directly but also save the Association money during spot testing, a more indirect savings to the producer. “Right now it is too expensive for us to run multiple sires in our pastures,” said Brown. “As this testing becomes even more reasonable, the opportunity for better usage of our large pastures will be of great benefit to us. Right now, we are limited on running 30 to 35 cows with one sire.”

CAA Director of Breed Development Kajal Devani says the ultimate goal is to reduce DNA testing to $10 per animal while still maintaining the quality standards required for accuracy. “Technology is advancing so fast, and we continue to see more efficiencies in parentage verification,” said Devani. “It is very exciting to me that our Association has chosen to go in the most advanced direction to provide this technology for our membership.” Please note that not all SNP tests are equivalent with different standards in place, and therefore, not all test results will be accepted by the Canadian Angus Association, or any other Association globally. Canadian Angus members must go through the Association for parentage verification. Breed purity and accurate pedigrees is our business, and, therefore the technology used to verify parentage has to be very standardized. If you have any questions at all in regards to parentage and DNA technology please contact Kajal at 1-888-571-3599 or by email at

DNA Traceability Project The CAA is excited to announce a pilot project aimed at demonstrating a dual purpose DNA traceability system that will benefit both Canadian Angus members and Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed licensed participants. This demonstration, using Canadian Angus member Spirit View Ranch and a Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed participant Heritage Angus Beef as an integrated beef supply chain, will use SNP parentage verification technology to link registered Angus sires to their calves. The linkage will provide performance data and carcass information from their calves to build more accurate genetic evaluations (EPDs) and breed improvement. The system will use the same technology to link Heritage Angus Beef product to the calf, and the calf’s management data, giving Heritage Angus Beef a retail advantage. This one small test will provide some big pay offs to both the purebred breeder and the commercial producer with dividends to the restaurateur and

consumer. Christoph Weder, owner of Spirit View Ranch and CEO and director of marketing for Heritage Angus Beef, both of Rycroft, Alberta, considers the biggest benefit of this project to be the cross reference available for carcass data linked directly to the sires. The data collected during this project will be housed in the Traceback program designed and managed by Alberta veterinarian Troy Drake. This cow/calf health and herd management system is an ideal extension to the Canadian Angus Performance Program and a management and selection tool for commercial producers using Angus genetics. The project will begin by sampling all the potential sires. Calves will be sampled as they are processed to enter into the feedlot and then as the beef is packaged for Heritage Angus Beef. SNP parentage markers will be identified for all samples, and using this technology, the sires, calves and retail product will be linked. This DNA project will validate the label on the beef product for retail purposes, and it will link the calves’ performance data to their sires for selective breeding

purposes. Producers will be able to identify which of their bulls are working for them and which could use improvement so that the quality of Heritage Angus Beef improves for each calf crop. “We use multiple sires for breeding, so this project will identify who the sires are for all of our calves,” says Weder. “This DNA project will allow us the opportunity to offer more integrity as we can identify these sires more properly.” Data from this pilot will be used to calculate a minimum sampling threshold so that the system is economical and viable on a long term basis. “Our friends in New Zealand have already made DNA testing mandatory for all Angus cattle registries,” said Weder. “I see us doing the same thing here in Canada. To keep in the lead, we must increase the integrity of our animals, verify Angus genetics and identify meat at the grocery store.” This project is being supported by Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency.

above articles submitted by Cassie Dorran and Kajal Devani Herd Reference 2012*

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Canadian Angus Association - Field Staff Report

This is where your customers will be this fall. Be there to support them!

Canadian Angus Junior Ambassador Report

Be Present this Fall


It has only been a short while since I became the newest Canadian Angus Foundation Robert C. McHaffie Junior Ambassador, and I have so much to look forward to. My ambassadorship started in the middle of June at the Canadian Angus National Convention in Lethbridge, Alberta. There I competed against an extremely talented group of girls in a panel interview, quiz and speech after I was chosen for the final five based off of my application and résumé. The hospitality of the Alberta Angus Association along with the Southern Alberta Angus Club was phenomenal, and I think it is safe to say that I can speak on the competitors behalf in saying we had a fantastic time. It

was a great opportunity to meet with many of our Angus breeders as well as local commercial producers and industry representatives who were in attendance. My first function to attend as ambassador was the 100th Calgary Stampede. My fellow Angus intern, Erin Toner, and I spent eight of the 10 days during Stampede at the Cattle Trail, an interactive walk through demonstration of how cattle get from the pasture to the dinner plate. Our booth was located at the front with the ‘pasture’ experience. We educated consumers about beef cattle and how they were raised. We also helped them become aware of the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program. Those who didn’t know about our endorsement program, found it very interesting, and we felt they would recognize our logo on products in the future. Consumers expressed an interest and wanted to know more about it. We also got to meet many international cattle producers and specifically Angus breeders who were very eager to learn about production in Canada and even Canadian genetics. The other two days of my trip I spent at the Alberta summer junior show Summer Synergy in Olds, Alberta. It was nice to see Angus represented well with lots of Angus juniors in attendance. Congratulations to all of the juniors who received Calgary Stampede scholarships through this event. From there, I attended Showdown in Lindsay, Ontario, for the Canadian Junior Angus Showdown.

Brian Good, Director of Field Services

This was the second Showdown that I have attended. The excitement to see other juniors and fellowship with them kept me anticipating the day I would arrive. If you have never been to Showdown, make it a “don’t miss” event for next year. In February, GOAL conference will be held in Edmonton, Alberta. GOAL is always a great time with lots of great people and a fun way to network and learn more about our Angus breed. Juniors, I challenge youto watch for upcoming details this winter and get registered! The rest of my year-long plans as Ambassador are still being made, but I’m looking forward to attending many of the winter and fall shows hopefully to include Manitoba Winter Fair, Farmfair in Edmonton, Agribition in Regina and the Toronto Royal. I am hoping to attend functions in as many regions of Canada as possible, meeting the great breeders from coast to coast. I am absolutely honored to receive the title of Junior Ambassador. I have some pretty big shoes to fill with all the individuals who have held this title before me, but I am up for the challenge. I can’t wait to attend events as ambassador, and I hope to see many of you as I travel the country. Stacey Domolewski

Stacey Domolewski Wins Robert C. McHaffie Junior Ambassador Competition

e Canadian Angus Foundation is pleased to congratulate the winner of the 2012 Robert C. McHaffie Junior Ambassador to Stacey Domolewski of Taber, Alberta. e award was presented at the Canadian Angus Association National Convention on Saturday, June 16. Stacey has been involved in the Angus industry for more than nine years with her own small purebred Red Angus herd and remaining an active member of her family farm C.D. Land and Cattle. Stacey is the daughter of Doug and Cheryl Domolewski. In the fall Stacey will begin her fourth year of the animal science program at the University of Saskatchewan. From there she plans to work in the field of animal nutrition. Stacey says, “It is such an honour to be selected as this year’s Robert C. McHaffie Junior Ambassador. I enjoyed meeting many of the breeders and reuniting with old friends of this Angus fraternity at this year’s Canadian Angus National Convention. I am absolutely honoured to represent our Angus breed and hope to continue to work at promoting junior involvement.” e Robert C. McHaffie Ambassador Award program selects one Canadian Junior Angus Association member to be an ambassador for the Canadian Angus Association at events across Canada and one international experience. Five CJAA members competed for the award. Stacey Domolewski of Taber, Alberta; Erin Toner of Kelfield, Saskatchewan; Megan Roger of Balgonie, Saskatchewan; Breanna Anderson of Swan River, Manitoba; and Laurie Noiseux of Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford, Quebec, all deserve recognition for their efforts in the competition. Competitors are judged on speaking ability, knowledge of the Angus breed and the cattle industry, as well as personal deportment during the three-day Canadian Angus National Convention in Lethbridge, Alberta. - written by Cassie Dorran, CAA Director of Marketing Page 52

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Herd Reference 2012*

Canadian Rancher Endorsed Sales for Angus Tagged Cattle

British Columbia ________________________ BC Livestock Producers Co-op Assoc. Kamloops October 16 Okanagan Falls October 15 Vanderhoof October 19 Valley Auction Ltd. (Armstrong) October 27; November 10 Vold Jones & Vold (Dawson Creek) September 17; October 22 Williams Lake October 17 - 18•

Alberta ________________________________ Balog Auction Services (Lethbridge) October 23 & 30; November 6 Bow Slope Shipping Association (Brooks) October 22, 23 & 29; November 5 Burnt Lake Livestock Mart (Red Deer) October 4 & 25; November 1 Calgary Stockyards (Strathmore) October 13; November 10; December 1 Dryland Cattle Trading Co. (Veteran) November 5 Grande Prairie Livestock Market October 10; November 14 Innisfail Auction Market Ltd October 3 & 15; November 5 & 19; December 3 Medicine Hat Feeding Company Ltd. October 15, 19, 22, 26 & 31; November 2, 9 Nilsson Bros. Inc. (Clyde) Setember 11; October 9; November 13 Nilsson Bros. Inc. (Vermilion) October 20; November 3 Olds Auction Mart October 5, 26 Perlich Bros. Auction Market Ltd. (Lethbridge) October 3, 17, 20, 27; November 3 Provost Livestock Exchange October 29; November 12 Rimbey Auction Mart October 23; November 23 Sekura Auctions (Drayton Valley) September 20; October 11, 25; November 8, 22; December 6 Southern Alberta Livestock Exchange (Fort Macleod) October 18, 20 Southern Alberta Livestock Exchange (High River) October 26; November 2 Stettler Auction Mart (1990) Ltd October 12 (S); November 2 (S) TEAM Electronic Auction October 12; November 9, 30

Triple J Livestock (Westlock) October 22• Viking Auction Market October 9; November 6; December 4 Vold Jones & Vold (Ponoka) September 27 Vold Jones & Vold (Stavely) October 15; November 5

Ste. Rose Auction Mart Ltd. October 25 Strathclair Auction Mart Ltd. October 22; November 5 Taylor Auction Service (Melita) Ocotber 18; November 29 Winnipeg Livestock Sales Ltd. October 5, 15; November 2

Saskatchewan ___________________________

Ontario _____________________________

Assiniboia Livestock Auction October 13, 20; November 3, 10, 17 Cowtown Livestock Exchange Inc. (Maple Creek) October 16, 18, 20, 25, 27, 30; November 1 Heartland Livestock Services (Lloydminster) October 17; November 5, 28 Heartland Livestock Services (Moose Jaw) October 23; November 6, 20 Heartland Livestock Services (Prince Albert) October 2; November 6; December 4 Heartland Livestock Services (Swift Current) October 13, 20; November 3, 8, 10, 17, 24 Heartland Livestock Services (Yorkton) October 3, 31• Mankota Stockman’s Weigh Co. Ltd. October 19•, 26; November 2 Meadow Lake Stockyards Ltd. October 11, 25; November 8, 22 Parkland Livestock Market (Kelliher) November 1, 15, 29; December 6 Saskatoon Livestock Sales November 5, 19; December 3 Shaunavon Livestock Sales (88) Ltd. October 15, 26 Spiritwood Stockyards October 10, 24; November 7, 21 Weyburn Livestock Exchange October 15, 29; November 12, 26 Whitewood Livestock October 16, 30; November 13

Brussels Livestock November 12 (V), 30 David Carson Farms & Auction Services Ltd (Listowel) October 22 KawarthaLakesCooperativeAuctionMarketInc.(Woodville) October 17 Keady Livestock Market (Tara) October 25 Maple Hills Auctions (Hanover) October 22 Ontario Livestock Exchange (Waterloo) September 19; October 17; November 21 Ontario Stockyards Inc. (Cookstown) October 18 Ottawa Livestock Exchange (Greely) November 1

Manitoba ______________________________ Gladstone Auction Mart October 23; March 5 Grunthal Livestock Auction Mart Ltd. October 16; November 13 Heartland Livestock Services (Brandon) October 16, 25• (N); November 6 Heartland Livestock Services (Virden) October 10•, 17; November 7, 21 Interlake Cattlemen’s Co-op Association (Ashern) October 24 Killarney Auction Mart Ltd. October 22; November 19 Designations: • All Tagged Sale / (S) Scanned / (N) All Natural Sale / (V) Vaccinated

Québec ____________________________ Encan Sawyerville Inc (Cookshire) October 25; February 7 Réseau Encans Québec (Saint Isidore) October 26; February 8 Veilleux & Fréres Inc. October 24 (New Sale) New Brunswick ______________________ Sussex and Studholm Agric. Soc. Auction Barn September 12 (New Sale) Nova Scotia _________________________ Atlantic Stockyards Limited (Truro) November 10

Herd Reference 2012*

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Huge Success for Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Day


More than 200 Canadian Angus Association members joined industry sector leaders in Lethbridge, Alberta for the first Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Day on Friday, June 15. The day began with an industry panel of speakers featuring John Lettieri of Hero Certified Burgers, Stirling Fox of XL Foods, Tony Saretsky of Cantriex Livestock International Inc., Fred Dewald of Dewald Order Buying

ciation CEO. “When times are strong, like they are right now, as incredibly buoyant as perhaps the cattle industry has ever been, we get together to celebrate and to share ideas of management practices and production practices and ways to add value to the Canadian Angus Association member experience. That’s really what these days are about.” Lunch included keynote speaker Rob Meijer, president of Canada Beef Inc. Meijer challenged producers to think globally in terms of marketing their product. He shared that Canadian beef is the best in the world, and that there is an opportunity to sell it for a premium. The afternoon included tours of both the Lethbridge Research Center and Feedlot Alley with the final stop at the Lethbridge College Barn for the Southern Hospitality BBQ. Cassie Dorran, CAA Director of Marketing

nual convention on June 1. VJV is an umbrella for Foothills Livestock Auction of Stavely, AB and Dawson Creek Auction of Dawson Creek, BC. With peak months in the fall, the mart can run 8,000 head of cattle per week. Along with their regular sales, VJV was proud to be the first livestock auction to offer cattle over the Online Ringmen Internet Auctions. Catalogued and videoed cattle allow buyers to make choices based on age verification, health and feed from miles away. Blair and Ralph Vold along with Blair’s son Nansen operate the auction and promote Angus cattle, the Canadian Angus Association and its members year round. In 2011, VJV held four designated Angus calf sales that consistently sold high quality red and black Angus cattle. Since the mart’s inception in 1957, the Vold name has stayed consistent along with the family’s desire to sell beef cattle in the cattle

capital of Canada. In the community, Blair and Ralph serve on numerous boards to promote the cattle industry. Their service to agriculture has been persistent throughout their career. The Auction Market of the Year Award was introduced in 2006 to recognize and honour those auction markets that work hard to promote Angus cattle. The first award was presented to Mankota Stockmen's Weigh Co. at Mankota, Saskatchewan. The 2007 award was presented to B.C. Livestock Producers Co-op Williams Lake at Williams Lake, BC, the 2008 award was presented to Saskatoon Livestock Sales Ltd., the 2009 award was presented to Provost Livestock Exchange of Alberta and the 2010 award was presented to Assiniboia Auction Mart in Assiniboia, SK. Cassie Dorran, CAA Director of Marketing

tors. Fall 2000 marked the first head coming in to the feedlot. At that time a majority of the cattle were black hided. They started off with 10,000 head and a half section land base. Only four years later the feedlot expanded to 13,500 head and increased their land base drastically. In the beginning, Red Coat found themselves with a 14 man board. The first president was Garth Dorgan, second president was Bob Switzer and the third president was Miles Anderson. On site is a manager’s residence currently occupied by Barry Boghean, holding this position since 2003. Today, the feedlot has a capacity of 18,500 head. Murray Linthicum is the president, and there is a nine man board that meets every two months. The board consists of Tyler Huber acting as vice president, Harvey Boland as treasurer and Deb Verbrugge as Corporate Secretary. Directors on the board are Don Blake, Tyler McCuaig, Al Mulhern, Miles Anderson, Alvin Olsin and John

Williamson. Typically the feedlot hires one employee per every 1,000 head of cattle. Red Coat grows a small percentage of the forage that is being fed, but the majority of it is purchased. Almost all of the grain fed is also out sourced, depending on the year. Like almost all feedlots in Saskatchewan, they provide custom feeding for the cattle brought to Red Coat. The customization is based upon customer needs. Plans are made to accommodate each case scenario. They find that this way of feeding works for them and keeps the customers satisfied. When asked about the success of this feedlot president Murray Linthicum said, “Strong management, a great board and a great staff is what has kept it all together. You cannot have these places without these people.” Cassie Dorran, CAA Director of Marketing

CAA Auction Market of the Year


Services and Frank Jenkins of Southern Alberta Livestock Exchange and Jenkins Lazy U Ranch. Each sector brought a different view point to the table and the panel was eager to share these industry demands from each prospective. The industry starts with the producer and works its way through the chain, according to Frank Jenkins. “I raise my cattle hoping there is a premium on the other end,” said Jenkins. “They [Angus] have done a good job promoting the product right through to the restaurant.” The Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program is a branding program that ensures both quality and taste for the consumer.The day included many things to celebrate including the world’s largest branded tag program in the world – the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tag program. “When times are challenging, you get together to prop one another up,” said Rob Smith, Canadian Angus Asso-

VJV Auction Co. Ltd. of Ponoka, Alberta, has been chosen as the Canadian Angus Association’s Auction Market of the Year in recognition of their work promoting Angus and Angus cross cattle. Brian Good, Director of Field Services for the Canadian Angus Association, presented the award at the Livestock Markets Association of Canada an-

Western Feedlot of the Year

At the CAA National Convention Red Coat Cattle Feeders Inc. of Hazenmore, Saskatchewan, were honoured with the Western Feedlot of the Year Award presented by the Canadian Angus Association. The idea of Red Coat was first brought to light in 1998 at a community gathering, and they never looked back. One million dollars was raised by the first board of direcPage 54

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Herd Reference 2012*

Dick Turner Scholarship Awarded to Chad Lorenz The Canadian Angus Foundation announced Chad Lorenz as the first winner of the Dick Turner Memorial Scholarship at the CAA National Convention. Chad Lorenz is an active member of Lorenz Angus where his family runs 90 head of breeding females. Chad has been an Alberta Junior Angus Association director for two terms and is currently vice president. Chad is also a Canadian Junior Angus Association director. Currently, Chad is taking animal science at Lakeland College in Vermillion, Alberta, and is an active member of their judging team, ranking the second place member last year. This year he will also be on the purebred beef team and president of the Stockman’s Club at Lakeland College. Upon completion of his diploma, Chad plans to attend an American school to finish his animal science degree.

Chad said, “I am very honoured to receive the scholarship in the name of Dick Turner and was extremely thankful for the opportunity to be the first Dick Turner scholarship winner.” The Dick Turner Memorial Award was established after the passing of legendary Angus icon Dick Turner in July of 2010. During his lifetime, Dick committed 55 years of his career to livestock publishing and successfully promoted and advertised the Angus breed specifically through the Canadian Aberdeen Angus News magazine. It was Dick’s ability to foster relationships that led to his successful tenure. Dick was a hard worker and recognized the quality of life and relationships as the most rewarding part of his job. Cassie Dorran, CAA Director of Marketing

Foundation Raises Big Money for New Zealand Travels The first ever Canadian Angus Foundation Building the Legacy sale kicked off in a big way at the Canadian Angus National Convention in Lethbridge, Alberta, Saturday, June 16. The sale was initiated to help the foundation fund Canadian youth teams to compete in the 2013 World Angus forum in New Zealand. Generous donors contributed to more than 20 lots of semen, embryos and artwork to be auctioned off raising a grand total of $40,470. The highest selling item was lot 20, a Centennial Family bronze purchased for $3,500 by Benchmark Angus.

Honouree Award Winners

Allflex, supplier of the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tags, was also generous to donate a 50 inch HDTV of which $5 tickets were sold at Convention raising a total of $3,770. In 2013, the Canadian Angus Association will be sending two teams of juniors to New Zealand to compete in the youth programme competition that will be composed of five sections: general knowledge, parading, judging, animal preparation and agri-sports. Canadian Junior Angus Association members will apply for their bid to the New Zealand event and will be chosen based off of an application process. Cassie Dorran, CAA Director of Marketing

2011 Survey Results

50 and 75 Year Honoree Awards were awarded at our National Convention - see online at:

Thank you to all of those who filled out the 2011 Survey. If you are interested in the results, they can be found on our main website page in a PowerPoint version at If you would like a mailed copy of the presentation presented at our National Convention, please call our office, and we would be happy to provide you with this.

Annual Report

The 2011 Annual Report was presented at the 2012 CAA National Convention. To view, visit our main website page. We are providing hard copies of the report by request only. Call the office if you would like to receive your copy. CEO Message - continued from Page 48 *We have started linking information about the 2013 World Angus Forum hosted by New Zealand to our e-newsletter, Facebook, website and Angus World touch points. I know you want to know all about it… * Our nation’s Auction Marts reported their dates for Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed feeder sales this fall at record speeds. They are detecting substantial optimism and enthusiasm!

* I have continued to meet with Russian and Kazakhstan cattle entrepreneurs in the past few months. They are all THRILLED with our Russian-translated “Success Starts Here” promotional video! This is a highly valuable tool, particularly in the Russian language!

* Remember the National Show is at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto this November. Well that’s all I got, folks! Take case and please try to attend a Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed calf sale in your local area this fall. Cheers, Rob

Herd Reference 2012*

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Richard King



R.R. #2 Red & Kitscoty, AB T0B 2P0 403/309-0905 Black Angus

Roy & Cindy Bjorklund

Nagib- Krameddine R.R. #3, Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 1X1 H (780)352-0813 W (780)585-2003

19th Annual Bull & Female Sale March 14/09










Box 610, Delburne, Alberta T0M 0V0 (403)749-2953 email:





Richard & Joyce Lorenz

(403)728-3285 R.R. #1, Markerville, Alberta T0M 1M0


Breeding 150 Functional Black Angus Females Since 1945

Danny & Conna Warrilow Bill & Barbara Warrilow Ph/Fax: (780) 593-2205 (780) 593-2208 P.O. BOX 39, MINBURN, ALBERTA T0B 3B0

Trent & Kelli Abraham

P.O. Box 22, Linden, Alberta T0M 1J0

Phone: 403/546-2010 Fax: 403/252-0041 Cell:403/803-8035 //

RIVERBEND FARM LTD. Bud, Barb & John McBride Box 51, Benalto, Alberta T0M 0H0 Phone: (403)746-2555 / Phone/Fax: (403)746-2630


Willard Leeuwenburgh Home: 403-381-3191 Cell: 403-382-1990 Fax: 403-381-9093


Jack Leeuwenburgh Home: 403-327-9618 Cell: 403-330-6123 Fax: 403-327-9629

Box 25, Lethbridge, AB T1J 3Y3

Herd Reference 2012*

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Elllamae & Mike

Registered & Commercial Red Angus

Shawn & Cathy



Box 115, Warner, Alberta T0K 2L0 (403)642-2041




P.O. Box 4205, Taber, Alberta T1G 2C7 Phone/Fax: (403)223-4118

The Wildman’s


Dave & Gail (780) 785-2091 Kirk (780) 785-3772

A Place Where Performance, Style and Meat Come Together

Box 127, Sangudo, Alberta, Canada T0E 2A0


(780) 785-3205

FAX (780) 785-2453

Red C A R D


Stauffer Ranches P.O. Box 174, Killam, Alberta (780)385-2216

Allan & Sherry Aitken & Sons Box 53, Eyebrow, Saskatchewan S0H 1L0 (306)759-2701

Lassiter Brothers


Black Angus Ranch


Travis & Halley Spady & Sons 780.879.2298 Alliance, Alberta, T0B 0A0

‘Black Angus - a Spady tradition for over 70 years”

Stacey & Michel Stauffer





(306) 567-4702





Doug & Lynn McIvor

Box 688, Davidson, SK S0G 1A0


RANCHING LTD. David Flundra

Purebred Red Angus Bulls, Females & Commercial Cattle

P.O. Box 1453, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7N4

16 km east of Walsh, Alberta

Tel: (306)662-2449 Fax: (306)662-2556

Cell: (403)502-4776

Wes & Kim Olynyk (306)876-4420 Irene Olynyk (306)876-4400 Annual Bull Sale First Saturday in April

Ring 403.627.2511 Fax 403.627.2650 Box 2377, Pincher Creek, Alberta T0K 1W0

Box 192, Goodeve, SK S0A 1C0


Premium Quality Since 1972


Ken & Sharon Chitwood



Spring Bull Sale ● Female (Private Treaty) ● Embryos Using A.I. program & Embryo transfer to raise well balanced cattle.

Wayne Grant



Box 763, Bassano, Alberta T0J 0B0 Ph: 403/641-4467 ~ Fax:403/6412355






P.O. Box 444, Sangudo, Alberta T0E 2A0 Fax 785-3403






Box 247, Warner, Alberta T0K 2L0 Ph/Fax: (403)642-2055 email:

Ph:(403)948-3094 Fax: (403)948-6329 R.R. #2, Airdrie, AB T4B 2A4

Glen, Dale, Wayne & Terry Elliott

Ph/Fax: (403)832-3774 l Ph: (403)832-3112 P.O. Box 113 Seven Persons, AB T0K 1Z0

Double AA Angus Bill Dillabaugh

P.O. Box 91, Coleville, SK S0L 0K0 (306) 965-2554

Annual Rancher’s Choice Spring Bull Sale

Purebred Black Angus since 1920

Jim & Betty Richardson (403)224-3286

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Park F w a o ill

Herd Reference 2012*

Box 32, Bowden, AB T0M 0K0


P.O. Box 183, Luseland, SK S0L 2A0

Jim & Peggy Grant P.O. Box 220, Edam, SK S0M 0V0 (306)397-2541





Box 718 Maidstone, SK S0M 1M0

WRed il-Sel Angus

Doreen 306/263-4407 306/263-4923 Fax Corbin, Lynette, Cole & Conner 306/263-4407 The Selody’s ~ Flintoft, SK S0H 1R0

Registered Red Angus Since 1972

Box 1902, Swift Current, SK S9H 4M6 (306)773-6313 email:

Les & Ethel Smith & family (306)893-4094 Est: 1980

Flying K Ranch

Brian & Christine Hanel

(306) 834-2844

Luseland - .5 mile W, 12 Miles S & .25 mile W. Kerrobert - 12 miles W, Hwy# 51, .5 mile N, .25 mile W

Donna Hanel

R.R. #1, Wymark, SK S0N 2Y0 Ph/Fax: (306)773-6984

Willows W WindyFarms W

10 miles south of swift Current on hwy #4 & 8 miles west

Collin A Sauder Michelle Potapinski

Box 55, Hodgeville, SK S0H 2B0 Phone/Fax: 306/677-2507

H ow e R e d An g u s

Doug Howe (306)693-2163

Mike Howe (306)693-2127

183-325-4th SW, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan S6H 5V2

Fax (306)692-0081 //

Ranches Inc. Don’t Roll - JustRock

Jon & Shelly Fox

P.O. Box 320 Lloydminster, SK S9V 0Y2

Phone: 306-825-9702 Fax: 306-825-9782 Res: 306-825-9624 Email:

Kim Robertson

Box 159, Alsask, SK S0L 0A0 Res: 306/968-2637 / Cell: 306/463-8405

5 miles east of Alsask and 2 miles north on Merid Grid

Roger Hardy

S South Shadow Angus & Paints S A P Box 455, Midale, Saskatchewan S0C 1S0 Ph: (306)458-2359 - Cell: (306)458-7521 email:

Registered Red Angus Commercial Angus


Ian Gross

P.O. Box 29, Rush Lake, Saskatchewan S0H 3S0 ● (306)773-6873

Z RED ANGU A R Phil Birnie S W Box 461, Wawota, SK S0G 5A0

Ph: 306/739-2988 ~ Fax: 306/739-2137 ~ Cell: 306/577-7440 email: Red Angus Bulls & Females For Sale ~ Commercial Heifers Herdsman: Gordon Murray 306/739-2177 - cell: 306/646-7980



Registered Bulls - Commercial Females - Ranch Horses

Don & Connie Delorme & Family Box 28, Robsart, Saskatchewan S0N 2G0 (306)299-4494 ~ Classic Black Cattle For The Practical Rancher Quality Paint Horses For Versatility

“Raising Quality Cattle To Work For You”


Barry & Marj Young & Family

Box 28, Carievale, SK S0C 0P0 (306) 928-4810

Keith, Linda & Stacey Kaufmann 306/454-2730

Shane, Alexis,

Keaton, Kamrie, Kohen Registered & Korbyn Kaufmann 306/454-2688 Red & Black Angus P.O. Box 130, Ceylon, SK S0C 0T0 ● Fax: (306)454-2643 ●

Herd Reference 2012*

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Don & Jeannette Currie

R.R. #1, Nottawa, Ontario L0M 1P0 Ph/Fax: (705)445-1526

Black & Red Angus

Bruce, Ione Austen & Breanna Anderson


204.734.2073 - 204.734.0730 Comp 2 R.R.# 2, Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0 -


Quality Angus Cattle

Visitors Always Welcome

Jack & Barb Hart

General Delivery, Brookdale, Manitoba R0K 0G0 (204) 476-2607


David & Jeanette Neufeld 204/534-2380

Box 171, Boissevain Manitoba R0K 0E0 Roy & Vicki Forsyth


Eddystone, Manitoba R0L 0S0 (204)448-2245

Registered Red & BlackAngus

Allen & Merilyn Staheli

Greenbush Angus Fax: (204)448-2126

Eddystone, Manitoba R0L 0S0


R.R. #1, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0

Barrie & Bernice Baker (204)966-3822

Tim & Wendy Baker (204)966-3320

#636077, Holland-Euphrasia Townline, RR 3, Markdale, ON N0C 1H0 Office Phone: (519)986-1330 Fax: (519)986-4736 Website: / E-mail: “OUR STRENGTH IS CREATED BY OUR CUSTOMERS SUCCESS”


R.R. #5 726040 Township Rd 3 Woodstock, Ontario N4S 7V9 Casey Fanta - Farm Manager - 519/467-5757 Office: 519/467-5700 ~ email:

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Herd Reference 2012*

Rideau Angus (613)258-2762 Farm R.R. #4, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 D & C Cattle Co Doug & Carolyn Milne-Smith

Rob & Sandy Foubert

613/258-1062 4373 Rideau River Road, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0



12201 TORBRAM RD, CALEDON. ONTARIO L7C 2T4 * (905)843-1236

Angus - Always in Demand

Les Fermes

Rolling Acres

Angus & Hereford

C260 Heath Road, Shawville, Quebec J0X 2Y0

Ad Index

Stephen & Paula 819-647-3540

Laird & Mary 819-647-3542

Fax: (819)647-3541 //

Alberta Junior Angus .................................................................. 22 Belvin Angus ........................................................................... OBC Black Magic Sale ..................................................................... 4, Blairs.Ag Cattle Co ................................................................... 13 Blue Water Angus Sale ............................................................... 31 Brylor Ranch ........................................................................... IFC Chico Ranches ........................................................................... 19 Cudlobe Angus ....................................................................... 1 Diamond D Angus .................................................................... 24 Extravaganza Sale ........................................................................ 44

Express Ranches ........................................................................ 25 French River Cattle Co ........................................................... 7 Hamilton Farms ........................................................................ 3 Geis Angus ............................................................................ 28 Gilchrist Farms ........................................................................... 43 Glennie Bros ............................................................................. 17 Glen Islay Angus .......................................................................... 5 Justamere Ranch ........................................................................ 25 LLB Angus ................................................................................. 29 Lorenz Angus ............................................................................ 18

MJT Cattle Co ......................................................................... 34 Poplar Meadows Angus ............................................................ 14 Prairielane Farms ...................................................................... 16 Red Roundup Sale ................................................................... 64 Red Top Angus .......................................................................... 8 Southland Angus ....................................................................... 33 Scott Stock Farm ........................................................................... 15 Six Mile Ranch .......................................................................... 23 WRAZ Red Angus .................................................................... 6

September 8 Red Top Angus Field Day, Markerville, AB September 19 - 21 Montana Angus Tour, Missoula, MT September 21 New Brunswick Beef Expo, Sussex, NB September 29 Brylor Ranch 41st Annual ‘Tradition with a Vision’ Sale, Fort Macleod, AB September 29 Eastern Extravaganza Angus Sale, Uxbridge, ON October 5 - 7 Olds Fall Classic, Olds, AB October 6 Black Magic Sale, Olds, AB October 6 Gilchhrist Farms ‘In It To Win It’ Sale, Lucknow, ON October 7 Maritime Fall Fair, Halifax, NS October 9 Justamere Ranches ‘Sale of the Year’, Lloydminster, SK October 13 Prairielane Farms Dispersal Sale, Virden, MB October 13 Six Mile Ranch ‘Focused on Females’ Sale, Fir Mountain, SK October 14 Blairs.Ag ‘Genetics in Motion’ Sale, Moose Jaw, SK

October 19 - 20 Blairs.Ag ‘Genetics in Motion’ Sale, Moose Jaw, SK October 20 Blue Water Angus Sale, Hanover, ON October 21 Red Top Angus Dispersal Sale, Olds, AB November 1 - 4 Manitoba Livestock Expo, Brandon, MB November 2 - 11 Royal Winter Fair, Toronto, ON November 3 LLB Angus ‘Autumn Opportunity’ Sale, Erskine, AB November 3 - 11 FarmFair International, Edmonton, AB November 8 Diamond D Angus Production Sale, Valier, MT November 17 Northern Select Black & Red Angus Sale, Camrose, AB November 26 Westwood Land & Cattle Dispersal Sale (1), Swift Current, SK November 28 Frenchman Valley Cattle Co Commercial Bred Heifer Sale (1) Val Marie, SK November 29 Westwood Land & Cattle Dispersal Sale (2) Lethbridge, AB November 19 - 24 Canadian Western Agribition, Regina, SK

December 1 South Land Angus Dispersal Sale, Swift Current, SK December 4 MJT Cattle Co Dispersal Sale, Edgerton, AB December 5 Cudlobe Angus Bull Sale, Stavely, AB December 5 Frenchman Valley Cattle Co Commercial Bred Heifer Sale (2) Val Marie, SK December 8 Atlasta Angus Bull Sale & Seriously Black Sale, Sylvan Lake, AB December 8 Westwood Land & Cattle Dispersal Sale (3), Vermilion, AB December 12 Westwood Land & Cattle Dispersal Sale (4) Provost, AB December 13 - 14 Geis Angus Dispersal Sale, Clyde, AB

Events Calendar

______________ 2013 ______________ April 1 Hamilton Farms Bull & Select Female Sale, Cochrane, AB

Herd Reference 2012*

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Angus World Herd Reference 2012