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tunities to get down to your nearest Now you’re at Uni, there will be countless oppor town. Here is our pick of the best new venue to check out some of the bands coming to down at the front, man...”. bands, so you can say “yeah, I saw em first, I was Alessi Laurent-Marke is a writer of sweet, simple and honest songs reminiscent of Belle And Sebastian or The White Stripe's old acoustic stuff. What's more, according to Wikipedia her dad was one of the producers behind Shooting Stars and Snuff Box so you at least owe it to him to go to all her gigs.

Alessi’s Ark



Former members of Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong got back together, bought some paisley shirts and started making 60's psych inspired shoegaze stuff. It's all extremely good, and they rather aptly supported the Horrors earlier this year. This lot will probably get pretty big, so make sure you head out to see them when you get a chance!

This hotly tipped trio produce a beautiful minimalist sound with hugely affecting vocals courtesy of their singer Elena Tonra. They've been in Abbey Road Studios working on their forthcoming debut, and going off what little has been released so far it's going to be something special.

Savages It's unavoidable that Savages will get a lot of comparisons to Joy Division because of their trebley post punk bass, tight drum patterns and the lead singer's Ian Curtis-esque haircut. Another thing they have in common with JD is their tight, superhumanly energetic live shows, which is even more impressive when you consider that they've hardly been together for a year. Their single Husbands is well worth a listen...

Before Aluna Francis and George Reid decided to combine names and musical forces they were involved in high maintenance electro and math rock outfits respectfully. Their joint venture consists of much simpler melodic pop tunes sung over some super smart R'n'B production work. The pair have embraced the modern American mainstream in all its glory and set it back down in an interesting direction.



Alessi’s Citizens! Ark

Theme Park

Stubborn Heart

Palma Violets

Awesome electro-pop love songs with a real icey, dark edge. Citizens! have all the restraint and stylistic prowess of the best 80s post-punk groups and if nothing else, danceability. They have a handful of UK dates in September, before buggering off on tour around the world so we wholeheartedly recommend catching them when you get the chance.


Theme Park's rare style of melodic funk-rock is quickly earning them a lot of attention. The popular comparison is to Talking Heads, which is completely fair on tracks like 'Milk' with its scratchy guitar and simple keyboard melodies. They’re on tour at the moment, make sure you catch them on the dates that aren’t sold out!

Storybooks are a six piece band who play indie rock with an old fashioned sincerity rarely seen these days. Lead singer Kristofer Harris has an excellent melancholy tinged voice which works a treat on their quieter numbers.

Electro duo Stubborn Heart have taken on the near herculean task of bringing an emotional edge to the macho world of dubstep, with their self proclaimed “electronic soul from the heart". The results sound blippy and emotion wrenching, a bit like Thom Yorke's solo stuff. Or if you imagine Hurts having a sexy tango with Skrillex.

The music of Rough Trade's Palma Violets has been scarce throughout the year but luckily they've been touring relentlessly so you're bound to see one of their chaotic live shows before you hear a record. They often play in their PJs and few months back they were also arrested in Liverpool for breaking into a helter skelter. If they can stay out of jail long enough to record their debut then it will definitely be worth listening to.

The Adamski Kid Winner of Sideline Magazine's 'Face The Beat' Competition, this is a manic amalgamation of influences which results in some startling and catchy tracks.

With huge vibes of that grungey West coast lo-fi sound, Splashh could well be Britain's answer to Wavves. Come to think of it even their names are quite similar, which is kind of fitting given that both bands eschew originality in favour of being really loud, getting wasted and just being awesome in general.


Dead Social Club 6-piece electronictinged indie group comparable to the Rakes / Depeche Mode. Keep an eye on ‘em!



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Do you reckon you could turn it into a whole load more?

We’re looking for five of you entrepreneurial would-be Richard Bransons, Deborah Meadens and Alan Sugars to tell us how you would turn £100 into a real life profit making idea. Maybe you have some great concepts for tshirt designs that you want to sell, or maybe you want to put on a club night, or a gig? Or why stop there, maybe you could turn your living room into your own miniature pop up restaurant? Or a record label! We want you to send us your ideas, and the best five will get given £100 and two weeks to see how you get on - and the person who makes the biggest profit at the end of it can keep the lot! Plus, everyone else’s profits will go to the charity of the winner’s choice.

Are you on to a winner with your idea?? Email us at briefly outlining your idea and how you would go about it, along with your name, address and phone number. Good luck! eless Wir11

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