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Spank me silly and call me a Jessie, it’s nearly hometime. Yep, we’re into the final furlong of a year in uni already. We’re not just tooting our own horn (Prince-style, Google it), but this really is a kick-arse issue. We’ve taken a trip back in time to hang out with emo legends Fall Out Boy, stopped by number one alley with Bastille, had tea and crumpets with indie hero Gaz Coombes, and then hit the trailer parks with the awesome Seasick Steve. Not to mention a chat with the brilliant Deap Vally, and a live performance from our favourite three ladies in the world (behind Stooshe, obv) Stealing Sheep, through Layar. AND it’s our festival special too! Bleedin nora, we’re good to you...

April/May 2013 Edition

In this issue.... This Month, We Will Be... 06

Fall Out Boy Interview 11-13

Seasick Steve Interview 16-17

The F**k It List... 18-19

Bastille Interview 21-23

Stealing Sheep Interview 24

Festivals: The Big Ones 28-31

Festivals:Best Of The Rest 32-33

Get The Look: Festivals 36-39

The Mass Debate: Anecdotes 42-43

Deap Vally Interview 50-51


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This issue was largely influenced by a three hour candlelight vigil dedicated to the memory of Britain’s 4 biggest icons, JLS. Oh & Brooklyn beer, loads of that too. PUBLISHED BY UK STUDENT MEDIA LTD Editor: Andy Scott Sub-editor: Joseph Smith Telephone 0151 345 3803 Contributors: Clare Barry, Gazz Wood, Steve Jordan, Ian Pemberton, Advertising: Nathan Simm, Rachel Horner, Michael Glynn, Oliver Catherall, Dave Lightfoot, Tom Johnson, Phil Millar, Chris Welsh, Joe Lanigan Smith Editorial: Design: Andy Scott, Rob Armstrong, Chris Law Photos: Oliver Catherall, Matt @ Manic Photography, Chuff Media

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NEWS All Star Great Gatsby Soundtrack Released on May 6th The star-laden soundtrack to the forthcoming Great Gatsby movie is to be released in May, and snippets of each track are now available on Youtube. The list of artists appearing on the album includes, Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Ray, Jay Z, Jack White, Bryan Ferry, Emeli Sande, Gotye and The xx. The soundtrack is also going to feature Beyonce and Andre 3000 collaborating on what they promise to be a very different take on Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’. The Great Gatsby is expected to be released in May.

The Hives to Repay £1.8M ‘Loan’ From The Cardigans A Swedish court has ordered indie rock band the Hives to repay £1.8 million that they acquired from the profits of 90s girl group The Cardigans. The band received the amount from Tambourine Studios, which managed both of the bands finances. However, The Hives were under the impression that they made the money themselves and are expected to appeal the decision.

Meditation Could Stalker Throws Help Student Pube Razor at Test Scores Hugh Jackman The meditation journal Mindfulness has published a study which seems to show that students who practice Zen get higher grades. In experiments conducted with students from California, it was found that students who meditated before class were able to concentrate and focus for longer. The results even enabled the researchers to predict which students would pass & fail a quiz.

A Hugh Jackman fan has reportedly thrown a used razor full of pubic hair at the actor while he was at the gym. The stalker apparently m a n a g e d to sneak past the gym’s receptionist before declaring her love for the actor and throwing the razor which she concealed in her waistband. A 47-year-old woman was later arrested by police and charged with stalking.

App to Prevent Incest in Iceland A new Icelandic smart phone App has been designed to help users make sure their date isn’t a family member. The Islendingabok has data on 720,000 people in the country and can tell how closely two people are related by just bumping their phones together. Unfortunately the program came too late for one user who recalled an unfortunate incident with his aunt on the app’s website. Not good. 05

This month, we will be mostly... ...listening to Droves – You’re My Lungs Released 3rd May

The North West’s finest punk quintet have been gigging relentlessly for the last few years, and it’s no surprise that their latest EP is something of a masterclass in writing quality guitar anthems that make you want to both sing along and punch passers-by in equal measure. Tracks like Burn It Up and Lets Go could easily sit alongside the likes of NOFX or Wilhelm Scream on any noisy sun-induced playlist...

Loveable Rogues – What A Night Released 22nd April

Well this is just a catchy bastard of a song that the cool kid in you really doesn’t want to like, but unfortunately the part of you that enjoys dancing around like a bellend absolutely loves. And with the chorus mantra “We wanna drink and party, make love, make money“, it’s hard to disagree...

Frank Turner – Tape Deck Heart released 22nd April

We love Frank here at Wireless HQ. And what’s not to like? Lyrically unrivalled and musically able to get even the most unenthusiastic, boring sod tapping their toes, it’s quality folk rock delivered 06

...playing minus the pretension of your Mumfords and Lumineers. Excellent lead single Recovery just scratches the surface of what could easily be the soundtrack to many a summer.

...and a classic

The Coral – The Coral The best thing to come out of Merseyside since John Parrott, The Coral’s self titled debut still sounds as fresh today as it did when it first came out. With a distinctive skiffle sound that was adopted by many of their contemporaries they created their own scene in the early 00’s which helped spawn the likes of The Zutons to fame. Stand out tracks include Skeleton Key, Dreaming Of You & Simon Diamond.

...going to see 21 and Over in cinemas 3rd May

If you like your movie characters daft, drunken and with their arses out, then this is almost certainly the film for you. Written by the same guys who brought you The Hangover, it tells the story of Jeff Chang, a junior doctor who really really likes to party, celebrating his birthday in style. No it probably won’t win any Oscars, but it’ll have you laughing and cringing in your seat for a good 93 minutes.

Far Cry 3 : Blood Dragon Out 1st May

Remember how great Far Cry 3 was a few months ago? Remember how awesome 80s action movies are? Are you thinking how amazing it would be if those two were mixed together? Keep on thinkin, because that’s what this is! You are cyborg super soldier Sergeant Rex Power Colt in a neon 80s VHS kill-fest!

...watching Arrested Development out 26th May (on Netflix)

We, like many many of you, are incredibly excited about this one. The Bluth family have entertained us with three awesome non-faltering series’ of comedy genius and terrible chicken impressions, and after what feels like years (7 years, in fact) they are back to our screens. Well actually, they are back to our computer screens, as this is being launched exclusively on TV streaming site Netflix. It’ll almost certainly be worth the six quid (or free trial) though.

...Sick & Tired Of Exams Yes, we all know they are for the greater good and they’ll all be over soon. But who needs this kind of stress eh? This uni lark isn’t like it is on Van Wilder: Party Liason is it? Where’s Ryan Reynolds when you need him?



Since 2010 you’ve been doing your own thing and playing solo. In what sense do you think that your music changed since you went solo? It’s a kind of different with my voice; you get this kind of combined singular voice with a great band behind you. It’s just a really kind of new thing, it’s very special and it’s really raw and I really enjoy doing it. Are you looking forward to getting out on the road in April? I’ve been in the studio since Christmas and so I’m desperate to get out of the studio for a bit. Feed some new songs into the set for the crowd to check out and some old favorites. We might even play some Supergrass songs, it’ll be a great set. Was the desire to perform to crowds still there after Supergrass split up? You know it’s hard it’s something that you want. It goes beyond reason, I’m really passionate about performing and I always love it. I write everyday and its part of my life and it keeps my soul happy! It’s what I love doing and I love being close to the fans, so yeah it was. What have you got planned for the rest of 2013? There are some festivals and obviously the tour as well; I’m playing at Hop Farm which I’m really excited about and last time I played there I met Neil Young. That was obviously massive for me! I was really star struck! WORDS BY JOE LANIGAN SMITH

Gaz is on tour now. For dates visit The debut album “Here Come The Bombs” is out 21ST MAY 07

Words: Ian Pemberton & Phil Millar

Lego City Out: NOW


Platform: Wii U

Lego City: Undercover is a Wii U exclusive! What’s the Wii U you ask? It’s the latest console from Nintendo of course! Set guessed it, Lego City, you play as police officer Chase McCain as he goes undercover on the hunt for notorious villain, Rex Fury. What follows is a surprisingly funny story that mashes up pop culture & cop show clichés. The game itself plays out like a Lego version of Grand Theft Auto, producing all the joys of open-world sandbox exploration, like running over people & smashing through the wide array of destructible scenery. Dotted around the city are mindboggling amounts of collectables like different character skins & vehicles. The characters have their own skill classes like the criminal class can break locks & then get into safes whilst the farmer can use a chicken to hold onto & glide from buildings. Kind of like real life, then?

Metro :Last Light

Out: May 17 On: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

In the underground ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow’s Metro system, mankind struggles to survive in the darkness. Artyom fights other survivors and disturbing mutants to control a powerful weapon. Sequel to criminally underrated Metro 2033, this game will completely immerse you in its creepy world with a massive amount of detail and control, get ready to experience life in the Metro.


Far Cry 3 :Blood Dragon Out: May 1st On: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Remember how great Far Cry 3 was a few months ago? Remember how awesome 80s action movies are? Are you thinking how amazing it would be if those two were mixed together? Then Think no more, ever, because thats what this is! You are cyborg super soldier Sergeant Rex Power Colt in a neon 80s VHS kill-fest! Check out the game’s deliciously retro cartoonstyle trailer on youtube now. It looks Ace!

Like other Lego games, there are also the usual platforming levels where you collect bolts and complete objectives. All in all, it isn’t very challenging and the gameplay is very simplistic, but this is to be expected considering the target audience. The Wii U controller is used to good effect though as a communicator and a scanner through the wonders of motion sensors. You can use it to find criminals, take photographs of crime and it doubles up as a handy map of the city. Lego City: Undercover is a good oldfashioned game where simplicity, accessibility & fun are the order of the day. Yes, the graphics are a bit dated. Yes, it’s a bit easy and you can’t go around cutting people up and killing hookers, but you won’t be able to turn it off once you start exploring. A must have for Wii U owners.










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Derren Brown: Infamous Derren Brown returns to London’s West End with a brand new live show. Touring April – August 2013

Tom Odell Various venues across the country. Touring May – October 2013

Russell Howard: Wonderbox Various venues across the country. Touring February – April 2014

Jason Manford: Work In Progress Various venues across the country. Touring June – August 2013

Muse Various festivals & venues across the country. Touring May – November 2013

Stereophonics Various festivals & venues across the country. Touring August – November 2013

CHVRCHES Various venues across the country. Touring April & May 2013

Savages Liverpool Sound City & various venues across the country. Touring May 2013

Robbie Williams Various venues across the country. Touring June & July 2013

Sigur Ros Nottingham, Brighton, London. Touring November 2013


w e i rv

e t In


you hear the name “Fall Out Boy” it’s far too easy to experience a miniature time warp back to 2005. Back when the band had seemingly brainwashed half of the teenagers on the planet with their melodic take on “pop-punk” and (at the time) boundary pushing use of hair straighteners and eye-liner. In 2013, after having been on hiatus for four years with no hint of returning any time soon, their sudden and surprising return felt like a throw-back to their cult-like response eight years earlier. With no warning, a chain reaction of hysteria from thousands of die-hard fans erupted on the Twittersphere mere minutes after their comeback single “Light ‘Em Up” was surreptitiously uploaded to Youtube, leaving the rest of the country saying: “Wait, what?” We managed to catch the bands most notable member, bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz, who couldn’t help but laugh about the come-back response thus far: “We’ve had some crazy reactions - especially in Japan - but I still think that

the strangest reactions we get are when we meet people and they just stand back, go pale and say: ‘Shut up. Shut up. No way!’ And then they just look at you a bunch- say ‘Shut up’ a whole bunch more and you have no idea how to respond to them. It’s kind of like they’re looking at a ghost or something, just complete disbelief. It’s totally weird.”

This time round was so fun for us - because we did it in secret, nobody had any expectations" Having infamously mocked themselves and their band image in their own music videos in the past (“What the hell happened to rock and roll? Eye-liner, energy drinks and no guitar solos? I’ve taken shits with bigger rock stars than them”) fans did not know what to expect

Words: Clare Barry upon finding out their album was confidently called “Save Rock and Roll”. Pete notes that they are definitely poking fun at themselves, but admits there is a reason: “Does anybody know what Rock and Roll is these days? I think that is the point of it. We’ve always been ironic and not taken ourselves too seriously. We’re aware that the comeback could have been taken differently by critics - you know, like “What do these guys think they are going to do? Come back and save rock and roll?” However from our perspective rock and roll is meant to be different and surprising. That’s why this time round was so fun for us - because we did it in secret, nobody had any expectations and that meant we could get back to making music for the sake of music.” Critics did, however, respond coldly to the comeback in 11

contrast to the legion of hysterical fans, most claiming the reunion was inevitable after the feeble response the members had to their individual music projects. When asked how they felt about comments like that, Wentz laughed: “It’s just people’s opinions - they’re critics, they criticize art and we’re musicians, we make art. It’s kind of like asking a tree if it cares about a shark. That being said I have to stress there is no reason or urge to come back other than creating new music. We had several offers to come back that got turned down. If we were doing this band because of money or critical acclaim this is not how we would do it. If you come to the shows, the kids that are there are the reason we are out there playing music. There is more to this stuff than impressing critics and I think every artist knows that.”

To me, listening to people who are in successful bands or who are actors complain about their privacy is just boring. Their life isn't that hard, you know?" The overwhelming response actually encouraged the band to move their album release date forward by a month. Then the band completely disregarded the release date and surprised everybody by streaming the entire album online for free again, without warning. The band’s increase in popularity was almost parallel to the rise in use of social networking 12

sites like MySpace (RIP) and Facebook. Wentz himself had many encounters with the viral nature of social networking including getting into trouble Picture: Pamela Littky

over things he had shared online and notoriously having nude pictures of himself leaked and shared across the world in fifteen minutes flat. Being a band that had risen to fame during the initial wave of social media’s effect on the music industry, Wentz notes the influx of technology both helped and hindered their career: “I think, without a doubt, before social media - peer to peer downloading helped our band. Our band was born in dorm rooms and people sneaking music round the internet. As far as social networking goes, it’s fun to be at the forefront. Used correctly, the sites are great - but I think a lot of people only

know how to misuse them. I really think it’s great how it levels the playing field for accessing information, but the poor side of it is how fast people can broadcast the wrong information and easily mislead people.” On a personal note he adds: “It is easy to end up in a social media echo chamber when you’re in the public eye, where you just talk about yourself. Then people start reporting about you talking on yourself and you start talking about how you wish people wouldn’t talk about you and you want your privacy. Then they report on you wanting your privacy. It creates an endless loop of depression and problems. To

me, listening to people who are in successful bands or who are actors complain about their privacy is just boring. It’s like listening to people complain that sandpaper is too rough. Their life isn’t that hard, you know? I’ve definitely been a part of that before and thankfully my friends helped me get out of it.” According to the band, they did a lot of growing up away from the public eye -which helped them deal with the pressures of fame. This, they claim, has been a positive influence both for them and the music: “When you’re young you can tend to throw perspective out the

window, having a megaphone to broadcast your emotions without considering the magnifying glass the lyrics and whatnot are going to be under. Time has given us that. The songs are definitely informed by that journey - the focus on ‘burning it to the ground’ is great. I think that everybody should do that once in a while, it’s healthy.” When discussing the album Wentz claimed to “feel like fainting” when he found out Elton John would collaborate for the song on the album he describes as the “flagship” track: Save Rock and Roll: “I just... I didn’t know what to do. It fit perfectly, because Elton John - he’s kind of the king of the sentiment we were trying to express. The nature of our band has been a constant adaption. It’s not

necessarily adapting for the sake of adapting, but that’s what keeps it interesting for you as an artist. Once you’ve made the perfect album, then you just stop... You don’t franchise it and turn it into McDonalds - but no one could make the perfect album. For us, it’s constantly changing and constantly evolving and we’re inspired by different things in different ways. That skews all the songs in different directions, and finding a medium between all of our tastes inevitably creates something new and exciting, every time. Also it’s like ‘why play it safe?’ - according to us ambition is probably the best strength there is out there.”

Every show we have played we're just unbelievably grateful and surprised every time that people turn up." Wentz finishes on a modest note: “When we came back we honestly didn’t think that anybody would even care. We have tried to take what was good about Fall Out Boy in the past, but come back as if we were 18 again and we were a brand new band. Every show we have played we’re just unbelievably grateful and surprised every time that people turn up. We’re doing this for fun, now - we just hope people enjoy it.”

“Save Rock and Roll” is available now to listen, buy & download, and fans eagerly anticipate the band’s appearances at Reading and Leeds Festival in August.




We sent Rachel Horner, Michael Glynn and Oliver Catherall, to Central Skatepark (Manchester) for some expert skateboarding tuition from instructor Eddie Belvedere, courtesy of the Black Sheep Skate Shop. (Find out more at )


Students & Te acher

Here’s how they got on...

ble m u T a g n i k a T

Getting the 14

Hang of it!

Learning the Basics

Cracked it!!!


Joseph WORDS:


“I never particularly wanted to play by myself, because it’s so boring.”

It’s been over six years since the artist known as Sea Sick Steve appeared on Jools Holland’s New Years Eve show, and the country was captivated by the figure of one scruffy old dude playing the house down with little more than 3 guitar strings. Equally captivating was Steve’s hobo back story, which was perhaps played up a bit by the media who chose to ignore his successful 20 year career as a producer and sound engineer. By 2008 Steve could afford to hire his old friend Dan Magnusson to play drums and since then Sea Sick Steve has been a travelling band. The new album ‘Hubcap Music’ perhaps has the biggest sound to date, which isn’t surprising considering that it features Jack White and John Paul Jones. “Basically every song is just me, Dan hitting the drums and John playing the bass. “I haven’t played by myself in about five years. I’ve been playing with Dan and ninety percent of the gigs we’ve done have been with a band.

John started playing with us a couple of years ago.” Hub Cap Music, named after a bizarre instrument consisting of car parts, features the Led Zepplin bassist on practically every song. In the past John has been part of the Sea Sick live band so it looks likely that you’ll be able to see more of him at Steve’s upcoming shows (“He said he’s gonna come! I don’t know what he’s doing right now, I heard he’s making an opera”). The other big name on the album features much more briefly but no less notably: “My son said right away he can tell when it’s Jack playing. Jack’s like one of the only people out there who interests me, he’s so... on the edge of his own thing. He keeps putting himself out there. I

sound engineering background may be surprised to find that he has produced all of his records to date. His past work saw him brushing shoulders with Kurt Cobain in the 80s and he produced several early releases for Modest Mouse. Don’t let the beat up guitars fool you, this guy knows his way around a studio. One of the most striking tracks on Hub Cap Music is Purple Shadows, a sweet country duet featuring singer Elizabeth Cook, a massive country star who is decidedly less wellknown in the UK. Steve was delighted to hear it was our favourite: “You know what, that’s my favourite song too! And you know I first met her [Elizabeth] up in Scotland. We were playing this big theatre

" I never particularly wanted to play by myself, because it's so boring." was so happy for him when he made that Blunderbuss album, it was such an amazing record. “He came in and played something... strange. He came with all kinds of different pedals and magic and made the most amazing sounds.” As well as a love for hardcore blues, Steve seems to share Jack White’s love for old school recording techniques. In a press release which was charmingly handwritten and scanned by the man himself, Sea Sick is keen to point out that the record was recorded and mixed on tape and printed straight to vinyl with no computers involved at all. Those unfamiliar with Steve’s

in Perth. She’s kind of really famous over here. She has her own radio show.” In drastic contrast to the souped-up delta blues of the

rest of the record, the song which will surprise fans most is unquestionably Coast Is Clear: “Ha! A lot of people probably ain’t gonna like that one. It’s funny. I made that song on my three string guitar, and I don’t make pretty songs, nothing pretty comes out of that piece of shit. I wrote it for my wife and she wasn’t that impressed so I just kind of forgot about it. But when it came time to make the record, it came back to my brain again, and I thought about that song ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ and it sounds nothing like that song but I wanted that old 60s kind of organ. And then suddenly it was like ‘oh... now I can see it’. I was really surprised but I’m real happy with it. I didn’t even know I could make music like that!” The excellent album finisher features huge organ sounds and epic gospel choir backing, taking it to a place which borders on soul. To say the least, it’s a far cry from that three string Jools Holland performance which triggered his breakthrough. Hubcap Music will be released on Fiction Records on 29th April. 17

THE F**K IT LIST A friend of mine is just a couple of weeks away from expatriating himself from this fair isle and moving to another, very similar one below the equator. He managed to get into New Zealand on a cheeky commonwealth visa exchange deal, so he’s off to work a terrible office job among the Kiwis and hobbits and so forth.

Knowing that you’re about to leave the country is a bit like handing in your notice at work. You just sort of check out, because no matter how shit at your job you are now it doesn’t matter. They’re not gonna sack you, so you just get left alone to wallow and run out the clock. I suspect it’s that very feeling which entered my friend’s head the other night in the pub. It’s our local, which we’ve been drinking in steadily for


more than ten years. Another of our group is the pub quiz master, one of the lads used to work there. We’ve got ties, is what I’m saying. We were sat in our usual corner drinking our usual drinks, when we became just that perfect level of drunk to feel like a bit of a sing song might not be out of the question. Except it was, because moments into a rendition of the theme from Saved by the Bell: The College Years, we’re told in no uncertain terms by a barmaid that we were to shut up. There were still people eating in the food bit of the pub (despite it being half eleven on a Saturday night) and obviously they’d not been informed they were in a pub. They must’ve assumed, when they rang to make their booking, that The Red Lion was a Russian bistro of some sort. Either that or they’d never been in a pub before and so were unprepared for the fact that there might be drunk people there.

Words - Gazz Wood We were annoyed by this, and several other things that had been mounting which I won’t go into, but we complained and muttered and carried on drinking our drinks. Then my mate sang the first line of Bohemian Rhapsody. “Mama...” he crooned at around normal speaking volume. That was the last straw for the barmaid, and then the landlord. Despite our years of long service and the literal thousands we’ve poured into the pub, we were given no benefit of the doubt and no mercy.

“Shut Up! People have complained!” came the cry from the red-faced publican. If people had complained, they’d done it very sneakily because you’d have had to walk right by me to get to the bar. Being told to shut up by someone who could have built an extra floor onto his house thanks to the money he’s raked in off you must’ve been the final straw for my friend,

because he got this glint in his eye. This sort of spark went off, and from there on everything went a bit “Falling Down.” He stood up and put his coat on. Was he going to walk out? Not quite. He was going to be thrown out. Holding his arms out to his sides like Jesus on the cross, my mate sang the final bar of Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of his fucking lungs. “Nothing really matters...” His brother got between him and the landlord so he couldn’t be physically accosted. “...anyone can see!” People were certainly going to complain now, and the barmaid from earlier was utterly disgusted that her words had not been heeded to.

That’s what happens when you give someone young a position of power. They go mad with it. “Nothing really matters... nothing really matters... to me!” TISH! Then we were gone. My friend and his brother were removed, and I removed myself in a show of solidarity, as did a blameless school friend who hadn’t been singing at all, but felt that what had happened was wrong! We walked out of the pub with our heads held high, and my friend had scratched an item off his Fuck It List.

By the time he returns from New Zealand that landlord will be gone, and probably so too will be the barmaid. Till then we’ll all start drinking somewhere else, down the road, where loyal custom is more valued...

What’s on YOUR list?

Here’s some ideas posted page - our Facebook ess magazine... “Post a shit into a lett er box.” “If I was leaving my jo b (and didn’t need a reference) I wo uld go in with a deckchair, cocktail, Hawaiian shirt and sit until removed. ” “Poo in some shoes.” “When I worked in McDo nalds an obese woman asked a collea gue “Could I have Two large big ta sty a milkshake” and he said meals with “well... no. I think you probably sh ouldn’t” then walked out never to re turn. I can’t remember his name but I just call him “Captain Awesome”. Tweet @wirelessuk #f uckitlist and tell us what’s on YOUR list!

r u o y e ... r a h S ories st

f ne o ve o a H ? storyell us! s i les h t t articers. r Like own? Then o f ng ead ear your lookifrom our rg y s y a w , al as t life apo gig, e e d r i ’ e e n W atur ugh t tude in and fheing from stures thro. So get d! Anyt s & adven reviews publishe idea m or game our work ne albu and get y s s e h l o e c ir e.c tou .com/wless-onlin k o o b e e ir Fac Visitail: info@w m or e



“It’s would bizarre. situa have ima We never tion” , ever gined this


eeting Bastille mere hours before their debut show in a nationally sold out tour - one would think they had just walked into the someone’s livingroom, rather than the dressing room of a band that had only just fallen short for the UK’s No.1 single (narrowly losing out to Justin Timberlake). In a few days, the release of their debut album would propel them to pole position in the British Album Charts. Lounging on sofas, eating crisps and bopping around to ridiculously cheesy garage tracks from various girl groups of the 90’s (“This is DEFINITELY going in the mix-tape, mate, definitely.”)the front man, founder and song writer Dan Smith urgently jumped up to shake my hand, before speaking to us with the eccentrically witty bassist of the group, Will Farquarson. “It’s bizarre” says Dan, who started Bastille alone by recording demos including “Flaws” and “Laura Palmer” in his bedroom in London, 2010. “I think we’re just as surprised as you are. It’s totally ridiculous. “It’s mental to think that it’s gone from there to this. I mean the chart thing is just a bit stupid. We never, ever would have imagined this situation” “Even a week ago,” cuts in Farquarson, and they both laugh: “It was surreal. We were in the middle of doing other things yesterday. When I got home it suddenly, sort of sunk in.” 21

don’t know u o y e l p o e p r ,o meet someone rs is a good u t o s h r i e f e r u h o t y r n o e “Wh ap f ng on their l i t t i s , l l e w ” that ou’ exercise. y w o n k o t g ‘gettin

Smith notes that there really was no time to celebrate: “We had this mad day, where we found out in the morning - and then we were off doing this shoot with David Bailey (really famous photographer) which, in itself, was quite surreal.”

or people you don’t know that well, sitting on their lap for three hours is a good ‘gettingto-know-you’ exercise.” They remained particularly tight-lipped on their upcoming festival appearances - and rightly so. Before the interview, they expressed concern that they “might not

Kyle Simmons “I phoned my Dad when I got in,” chimes Farquarson, amused. “He didn’t even “We couldn’t get Kyle a seem that impressed. He Farquarson, however, was like “Yeah, cool.” ticket, so he had to be laughs: “And then they He actually seemed more broken into Glastonbury. In snipped off the ends of impressed about the photo the tags of everyone shoot. Dad’s from the the back of a sofa, which was else’s wrist bandssixties. David Bailey was in the back of a Lorry” sewed them together to the guy back then.” make a fake wrist band and Kyle then put a little bit of mud The band’s chemistry is be invited to Glastonbury this where the plastic thing would blindingly apparent the second year”. Cautiously apologising be. Genius.” you step into a room with them. to the camera and noting that Now the four members - Smith, everybody in the band “has Smith again, pulls a concerned Farquarson, Chris “Woody” DEFINITELY bought a ticket this face: “Just to clarify, it Woodson and the notorious Kyle year”, Smith explains their wasn’t us that broke him in Simmons - have to get to grips concern: “A couple of years ago and it wasn’t us that faked his travelling with an entire crew we got offered two very small wrist band. I bought a ticket for the first time. Dan seems slots at Glastonbury but it was to Glastonbury that year. And particularly excited about very last minute. I had a ticket I have this year as well. And it: “It’s our first ever tour and I was going anyway- but then Kyle got kicked out so it in a proper tour bus, which we we couldn’t get Kyle a ticket all ended really well.” are sleeping in - so there are - so he had to be broken into twelve of us sleeping in this Glastonbury.” His voice drops: They claim that the twenty two story coach together. “In the back of a sofa, which tracks on the extended version “When you first meet someone, was in the back of a Lorry.” of their album “Bad Blood” is, 22

more or less, the band’s entire body of work: “Trying to pick what songs are going on the album is a weird experience and a difficult one as well because you have to play up to people who already know and like your stuff - and appeal to people who are maybe going to come on board as well.” Fans however can also find more Bastille material by downloading the two-part free mixtape: “Other People’s Heartache” “The mixtapes were a process there were things I wanted to be on there. There was a “hit list” of things that we wanted. All of it is a bit of a joke, though - for example; the quotes from “Psycho” in “No Scrubs” meant to position Norman Bates as - a bit of a “scrub”. Pop music is very simple, which makes many songs interchangeable. The same four chords work over most songs. A lot of the songs we covered are potentially light pop songs that we tried to make really depressing or heavy. While, you know, not going too much up our own arses.”

It would be hard to imagine Bastille as “up their own arses” though, when every answer is laced with modesty and an undeniable sense of humour. With a noticeable lack of guitar in most of their songs, the band had to find a new way to present their songs acoustically, and openly devote part of their musical success to someone you might not expect: “We’re quite hard on ourselves,” says Dan. “The production and all the other elements are really important but I hope we never let any song get to a point where the core of the song alone isn’t good enough. We don’t have any guitars on the album and we can’t use a piano or a keyboard in the middle of nowhere. Replicating the beats in clicks and claps and the vocals coming from just us was a really fun challenge. There were definite moments of A) This sounds awful and B) What the hell are we doing?” He shakes his head. “When we first did it - there was a copy of Jordan’s autobiography left in the rehearsal room” “Which is a BRILLIANT read” interrupts Farquarson, “It really is.”

“it became a fundamental part of it. Woody would sit with it on his lap and use it as part of the drum beat.” Farquarson remains straight faced: “Jordan has helped me in every aspect of my life.

ng layi sly. P : Will obviou , Bass

I, Will Farquarson, would like to announce to the world - that Jordan, also known as Katie Price, has enriched my life and my experience in this world.” “Bad Blood” is now available to buy and download and you can catch Bastille (legally, this time!) at: The Great Escape, Evolution Festival, Sea Sessions, Blissfields, Wakestock, T in the Park, Benicassism, The Secret Garden Party, Redfest, Summer Sonic, Reading & Leeds Festival.

Chris “Woody” Woods

Insulted that we want you to read when you have a shiny new smartphone that can go on the internet and stuff? We hear yah. Scan the image in the TV using the layar app, and look what happens..... internet magic!

! ! ! f f u t s e v i t c a r Inte 23

Stealing Sheep Interview

Words: Joseph Smith

Liverpool is a city which can gladly talk your ear off when it comes to the subject of its own musical significance. However, with a few notable exceptions (here’s looking at you Bunnymen) Merseyside’s post-Beatles exports have usually fit the well-worn stereotype of hairy guitarwielding scallies playing jangly indiepop tunes. Leaving that mould well and truly burning in their wake are Stealing Sheep, a three-piece ensemble with a penchant for harmonies who are blurring the lines between folk, psychedelia and synth-pop. We caught up with Becky, Emily and Lucy for coffee and a chat. We were also treated to an exclusive acoustic performance which was all the more impressive when you consider that half the band were dying of colds.

Lucy: “We did a Steve Lamacq session in Maida Vale and we got up at three or four in the morning.” Becky: “It was a three o’clock

be said to be a veteran of the Liverpool music scene in their own right.

Becky: “I think we’ve always, from day one, tried to gig out of the city as much as possible. Not because we want to leave Liverpool but because we want to have our music heard by different people.

“You definitely see different styles of music scene in different places, like in Bristol or Manchester it’s all really different and there are so many different styles of music and things. It gives you a kind of excitement because there’s a lot of competition and stuff that’s going to challenge your music. That’s quite interesting.”

Exclusive Acoustic Performance...


Lucy: “And we had a twenty hour


Emily: “The day before we’d

started getting ill so that was all conducive to it.” Stealing Sheep rocketed into the public consciousness last year in part thanks to a Hollyoaks advert featuring their single Shut Eye, a tune so devilishly catchy that it’s bound to have been stuck in your head at some point even if you think you’ve never heard it. The band are far from an overnight success however; each member could 24

Interactive Stuff Scan the image with the Layar App, and enjoy an exclusive performance

On The en e r c S g i B the best bits at the pictures this month

EVIL DEAD Disclaimer: I love THE EVIL DEAD. All three of the films. And the comics (the best of which is MARVEL ZOMBIES vs ARMY OF DARKNESS). I even have three Evil Dead tattoos because I’m a fucking goth. You might expect someone like me to be furious about this remake, but oddly, I’m not. I sort of was, until I saw the gruesome trailer that had gore in all the right places. Now I’m excited and so should you be. Go in expecting gore, ropey effects and at least one flying eyeball. IN CINEMAS 19/04/13

Whether you’re a film fanatic or a casual cinema goer, everyone loves a good movie. Here are our top picks for the month. Don’t hate us if we’re wrong though (read our Die Hard 5 review, sorry again), we’re only trying to help... Watch the trailers using Words by CHRIS WELSH



The consensus is that OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN is a much better DIE HARD film than any of the recent DIE HARD films. For an action movie full of explosions and beefy men, that’s one hell of a compliment. One of the beefy men is Gerard Butler, of 300, GAMER and, er, THE BOUNTY HUNTER fame. The story is that the White House (the big one in America...not just any white house) has been taken over by terrorists and blah blah Gerard Butler and fighting and explosions! Daring rescues! More explosions!

Even though it’s directed by Gus Van Sant and stars Matt Damon (Maaaatt Daaaamooooonnn), both of whom are known for doing great work, I can’t help but think PROMISED LAND looks a bit...bleahh. A bit boring and earnest. It’s about a natural gas salesman and an environmental activist and I can’t for the life of me imagine anything interesting happening. However, if you like poignant, thoughtprovoking drama (If you’re one of ‘those people’) then you might find something to like.

Should be good.


IN CINEMAS 19/04/13

IN CINEMAS 19/04/13

Choice line from the trailer: “We’re not fighting for land, Steve! We’re fighting for people!”






It’s that most wonderful time of the year. Your tent has been in storage for ages, you’ve managed to get the last of the mud off your trainers and you’ve finally got that bonfire smell out of your hoody and BAM just like that – the line ups are announced, and you’re planning it all again. Yeah festivals are dirty, grimy, smelly places to be – but good lord they are a laugh. Where else can you get all your favourite bands together in one place, get drunk in the sunshine and wear a ridiculous outfit*?! Wireless Magazine is bringing you this really rather comprehensive guide to what is happening both here in the UK, and abroad – so read on and get your arse along to one of them! Don’t forget, if you want to buy tickets for any of the festivals featured in the guide simply scan the QR code next to the preview, or head over to

tickets / k u . o c . g a ssm www.wirele in association with You can buy the featured items using the Layar app wherever you see this logo... *This is entirely optional, you will almost certainly look like a bellend in that leopard print onesie and welly combination. But then it is a talking point… 27


A quick look at the biggest lineups and the muddiest fields this year... WORDS: Joseph Smith


Reading + Leeds

What to Expect

What to Expect

It’s promoted as ‘the best festival’ and with Glastonbury out of the picture in 2012 it inarguably was. Featuring the best line-ups, boutique camping and a hell of a lot of weird things to do, you can’t go wrong with this one.


Highlights Some of the big names confirmed so far include Elton John, Snoop Dogg, MIA, Franz Ferdinand, The Flaming Lips and Wu Tang Clan. As for DJ sets and emerging talent, we could be here all day listing them to you so check it out online.

This notoriously muddy pair of weekends usually boasts the best the best rock and indie line-ups. If there’s an interesting guitar band touring this year you can bet that they’ll make a stop here. Musos of a certain age will be falling over themselves to see Deftones and Eminem. Foals, Alt-J and Jake Bugg have the indie bases covered while System of a Down, Biffy Clyro and Fall Out Boy will more than appease hard rock fans.

When and how Much?

23rd-25th August. Price £210.50 for a weekend ticket.


What to Expect

Download serves as a kind of unofficial Mecca for metalheads and it’s the pick of the crop if you like your music heavy, loud and swathed in leather.


The mighty big three headliners this year comprise of Slipknot, Iron Maiden and Rammstein. One band you’re not going to miss is Queens of the Stoneage who have recently reunited with Dave Grohl for the latest album.

When and how Much?

14th-16th June. A five day camping ticket is £205.

When and how Much? 5th-8th September. A weekend ticket will set you back £190 and you can save a tenner with a valid NUS card. ET WEEKEND TICK







BUY NOW BUY NOW Don’t forget, if you want to buy tickets for any of the festivals featured in the guide simply scan the QR code next to the preview, or head over to . 28

In association with:


What to Expect

In part because of the London Olympics, Glastonbury was notably missing in 2012. As Britain’s most famous musical gathering you can bet that its return this year is going to be something a bit special.


In one of the biggest coups in Glastonbury history, the Rolling Stones have finally confirmed that they will be playing this year’s event. The line-up is bursting with amazing acts but to give you just a few examples, you should see Portishead, Smashing Pumpkins, Arctic Monkeys, Tyler the Creator and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

When and how much?

26th-30th June. Tickets have long sold out although there will be a limited resale of cancelled tickets.

£Sold Out


What to Expect

Established in 2006, Latitude is a relatively young festival but that doesn’t mean it can’t hold its own with the big dogs when it comes to the line-up. It was recently announced that giants of intelligent guitar rock Bloc Party and Foals will both have headline slots alongside a ‘3D show’ from Kraftwerk.


Ticket shouldn’t miss highly anticipated live returns from Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Hot Chip. The list of unmissables occupying the smaller stages include Alt J, Modest Mouse and Everything Everything.

When and how much?

18th-21st July. Weekend standard tickets retail at £183.



Isle of Wight

What to Expect Not to be overshadowed by the island’s other big festival, Isle of Wight is a great event for huge names and already established acts. This year it features some great pop acts and classic names, so it’s a great one to bring your family along to.

Highlights After their comeback last year, there are going to be few at the festival who won’t turn up to The Stone Roses’ set. Everybody’s favourite guilty pleasure Bon Jovi are headlining the Sunday; it will be great but you won’t want to admit it.

When and how much? 13th-16th June. A weekend camping ticket is £185.




BUY NOW Don’t forget, if you want to buy tickets for any of the festivals featured in the guide simply scan the QR code next to the preview, or head over to . 29

• Cool cotton adult onesies • Hooded fleece sleepsuits • Wizard gowns • Lycra body suits • Daywear or Nightwear • For outdoor parties & festivals • Various Styles and Sizes • Great gifts

In association with:

V Festival

Green Man

What to Expect

What to Expect

Proving that festivals aren’t just for hipsters and metal heads, V Festival brings you the best in pop and chart acts. It’s a great one to bring your younger siblings to; there’ll even be something that your little sister’s into!

With no big corporate sponsors and an eco-friendly, family friendly atmosphere, the award winning Green Man festival is just the ticket for getting back to nature and enjoying great music as well as a great camping experience.



Undisputed queen of R ‘n’ B Beyonce has become something of an unlikely festival veteran in recent years. Kings of Leon are playing and so are Calvin Harris and Liam Gallagher’s Beady Eye.

Seattle rockers Band of Horses are serving as the headliner here, complimented by massive sets from Ben Howard, Midlake and The Horrors.

When and how much?

15th-18th August. Weekend camping tickets are £152 or £131 at a student discount.

17th & 18th August. Weekend ticket is £185 + booking fee.




When and how much?




What to Expect

No, sadly we’re not putting on our own festival this year (although that wouldn’t be a bad idea). Our namesakes over at Wireless Fest put on an excellent yearly line-up that, like V Festival, leans towards the chart side of things. This year there’s an excellent turn out of urban artists.


One of the most exciting sets of the season will be Jay Z and Justin Timberlake’s coheadliner on the Sunday. Other massive performances to look out for come from Snoop Dogg, John Legend and Rita Ora.

When and how much? 12th-14th July. tickets are £210.




BUY NOW BUY NOW Don’t forget, if you want to buy tickets for any of the festivals featured in the guide simply scan the QR code next to the preview, or head over to . 31



Boomtown 8th - 12th August Taking place on Winchester’s Matterly Estate, Boomtown is a grimy, raggedy mess of reggae, dub and hip hop. The festival has grown in popularity year after year, and blessed by sunny weather, 2012 saw it blossom into a sprawling dystopian mass. Over ten stages, hidden areas, and street parties contribute to a feel of non-stop energy.

Park Life 8th & 9th June Manchester’s Park Life Weekender was forced to relocate to Heaton Park this year because it’s getting so damn big, and thankfully that expanse has been reflected in the line-up which is one its best to date. Lovers of post punk and moody psychedelia shouldn’t miss The Horrors and Savages. Heading up the Hip Hop side of things are Jurassic 5, Joey Bada$$ and Wretch 32.

Slam Dunk 24th – 29th May A series of awesome festivals featuring more great alternative talent then you could shake a really long stick at. All Time Low and Deaf Havana a line up that also includes Kids In Glass Houses and Cancer Bats. Four Year Strong are head lining events in Scotland and Ireland so there’s great rock to be had wherever you are.

Lee Fest 12th-14th July We have a particular soft spot for Lee Fest if nothing else for its Wayne’s World 2 style conception. In 2006 some guy called Lee decided to put on a festival in his parents’ back garden. Since then it’s become huge and remains non-profit. So far the acts booked include the sharp Stockport electro collective Delphic and the strikingly original Public Service Broadcasting.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2nd – 26th August Festivals don’t all have to be about mud, rock bands and greebos. This legendary Scottish event is like Mecca for comedians, apart from the Islamic ones to whom Mecca is presumably more Mecca-like. Nevertheless, you can expect jokes of a far higher calibre than the one in the last sentence.


In association with:

Field Day 25th May This no-nonsense shindig set in London’s Victoria Park only features the best and coolest of the country’s emerging talent. To name but a few great acts playing, there’s Animal Collective, Bat For Lashes, Connan Mockasin, Egyptian Hip Hop, King Krule, Everything Everything, Kurt Vile, SPLASHH and Savages. BUY NOW

Standon Calling 2nd-4th August In this life you don’t get many chances to see De La Soul wearing wellies in the Hertfordshire countryside, so what better reason to come along to Standon Calling? I mean apart from sets by Band of Skulls, Digitalism, Bastille, Toy and The Joy Formidable.


T in the Park 12th-14th July Scotland’s greatest excuse to get shit-faced in a field turns twenty this year and to celebrate they’ve billed one of the most exciting and eclectic festival line-ups you’re likely to come across this year. For a start they have a headline slot for Rihanna, and then you have sets by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Foals, Kraftwerk, Alt-J, Tyler the Creator and Jake Bugg. There’s something for everyone!

Beach Break 20th-24th June Taking place on the sandy beaches of Cornwall and Newquay, Beach Break is a festival which coincides with the end of the Uni year and is designed to give you students the awesome party you’ve been working so hard for. Look out for performances from Jake Bugg, Devlin and Alunageorge.

Veg Fest 24th-26th May (Bristol) This is Europe’s biggest event for vegetarians, vegans and anybody feeling a twinge of guilt about eating all that horse earlier this year. With 120 food stalls, cookery classes, talks and film screenings, it’s not all about the music, although with the Happy Mondays headlining there are going to be few complaints on that front. Don’t forget, if you want to buy tickets for any of the festivals featured in the guide simply scan the QR code next to the preview, or head over to . 33

which type of



goer are

Words: Gazz Wood

?? ??

Load up the 4x4, it's festival time, and you've spent hundreds of pounds of your loan or your parents money on a ticket to a long weekend of music and mud and trying to have sex in a tent while a drunk Scottish lad pisses up one side of it. Aren't you lucky? It might be worth reading up on the types of folk you're likely to meet there on the campsite and the in the main festival area. Most are quite nice and won't put a finger in your mouth when you yawn. Plus it's important to know which one you are, so you can seek out others of your kind!

THE WIDE EYED INNOCENT This is possibly most of you. You've never been to a festival before. You've got a tent and a ground sheet and some suntan lotion, but are you ready to unzip your tent at 7am to be met with the sight of a stranger cheerfully masturbating at the entrance? No, you are not. Still, take it all in because your first festival is almost always the best. You meet new people from new places, make friends you'll only see at this festival once a year and marvel at how they can dare charge that much for a tray of chips.

THE NOSTALGIA CRITIC This unhappy lot were here last year, and it was loads better then. They will do anything they can to achieve the high they felt last time, so beware. “Oh, you remind me of Northern Stu! Northern Stu 2! That's you now!� They live in the past and are doomed to be perpetually disappointed no matter how hard they try.

THE HEADCASE The Headcase has OD'd on fun! He isn't wearing a shirt and doesn't know where his friends are, but he couldn't care less. He probably arrived as a Wide Eyed Innocent, but has since crossed over and can now be found moshing enthusiastically to literally any song by any band. He tried to start a circle pit during Mumford & Sons, but it didn't take. He may attach himself to your group, but don't be afraid. He'll run off soon. Just enjoy him while he's there and don't give him your number.


Lying face down and alone, the Sleeping Policeman can be found on a towel somewhere in the main festival area, abandoned by their friends and avoided by everyone else. You might be tempted to check on them, to make sure they're alive, but don't! You touch them, they become your responsibility and suddenly you're sitting in the First Aid tent holding their hair back, all the while missing the band you came here to see.



For an even better chance of winning, simply visit our Facebook page, “like” us, and leave a comment with the competition number and your answer, and we’ll put your name in the hat twice! Easy!

WIN TRAVEL TO TOP UK FESTIVALS WITH BIG GREEN COACH Already booked your festival tickets but no idea how you're going to get there? We've teamed up with Big Green Coach to offer one lucky winner and a mate return travel from pick-up points all over the UK to one of the following festivals; Creamfields, Download, V Festival and Wireless – so all you have to worry about is packing your wellies. Big Green Coach, the Uk’s largest events travel company, offers cheap, easy and ecofriendly travel to most of the biggest festivals and music events. . Find out more at To win return travel for you and a mate, just answer the following question and tell us which festival you would like travel for! Q. Who is headlining the first night at the brilliantly named Wireless Festival this year?

WIN TICKETS TO THE LOVELIEST FESTIVAL IN BRITAIN. WYCHWOOD. Set at the easily accessible Cheltenham race course, Wychwood is a family friendly festival offering a good mix of contemporary and your Dad’s favourite bands. Highlights include The Wedding Present, The Beat and Bill Bailey. Also keep an eye out for Kate Nash who has returned to festival form. If you’re 18 years old Kate Nash was the one who was on the radio while everyone still had jobs and your pocket money went up according to the bank of England base rate. To win a pair of tickets, just tell us: True or False: Kate Nash was originally part of the country rock trio Crosby, Stills and Nash, alongside colleagues Bing and Tesco...

BEACH BREAK - WILLY WONKA STYLE! Sun, sea, surfing and probably loads of beautiful people on the pull. What more could you want? Set on the idyllic Newquay coast this is like spring break but with awesome bands and less high fiving Americans. Highlights include Jake Bugg, AlunaGeorge and the hotly tipped story of the festival season Lucy Rose. This year you can get Golden Tickets, which allow you access to exclusive gigs, VIP areas and free transfers around the area while you’re there. To win a pair of Golden Tickets, just tell us: True or False: Jake Bugg was actually discovered on the set of I’m A Celebrity after he was almost ingested by Kerry Katona.

3 WORDS: CROATIAN. BEACH. PARTY. Soundwave Festival is one of the biggest and best festivals to come out of Europe in years. With a tasty mixture of dance, dub and reggae including DJ Shadow, you’re bound to have an awesome time. Enjoy! To win a pair of tickets, just tell us: True or False: Croatia is an anagram of Taco Air, which is also a lovely way of describing the gaseous release made after a large Mexican meal. 35

COMP 1: T&Cs. Closing date is 31 May 2013 . This competition is open to UK residents aged 18 and over. One winner will be selected. Their nominated guest must be over 18. The prize includes and is limited to; Travel for two people to either Creamfields, Download, V Festival and Wireless from selected pick-up point. Please see for full list of pick up points for each festival. No other options are available. Prize does not include: Any expense or costs incurred by winner during the trip / festival. Cost for travelling to/from selected pick up point. It is the responsibility of the winner and their nominated guest to ensure they have, at time of travel; Correct insurance. Winner and guest are responsible for getting themselves to pick up point for scheduled time, otherwise prize is void. Prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is available. All elements of prize are subject to change



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Festival season is almost upon us, you’ve paid for the tickets; know how you’re getting there & you’ve got the tent. Now would be a good time to think about what to take...

Wireless has teamed up with the UK’s newest, freshest & brightest independent apparel brands to bring you the best threads to see you through any festival. All pieces are easy to pack, interchangeable and


most are unisex (guys, I would advise staying away from the leather hot pants). For the guys, keep it light with 2 pairs of shorts & a few tee’s. Girls, a pair of dungarees is a good way to work a few looks.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Vanderlism Stag Tee £17

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FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Lava Effect Tee £12.99

Necklaces (model’s own)

iPad/MacBook Bag as Clutch £45

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Aviator Rucksack £50 (use “wireless10” for exclusive discount)


Dorian Grey Tee £29.90

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Breeze Traditional Tee (behind) £14.99

Raglan Sleeve Denim Dress (behind) £22

Printed Cotton Scoop Neck Fitted Tee £14.99 boutique/runfell/ Styles & Words: Steve Jordan Assistant: Clare Barry Photography: Matt @ Manic Photography Models: Majestic Models


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Festival Essentials Live like a king, festival style... Coleman 4 Man Touring Tent

£179 - Halfords

So at first you might be thinking, £179 for a tent? Have you gone bonkers Wireless? Well no, we haven't. See this is tent is a very worthwhile investment for those of you who might be travelling to a festival en-masse. It takes about 60 seconds to put up, and comfortably sleeps 4 people and their stuff – therefore eliminating the need to trek around finding a space big enough for 4 tents! It's just common sense really. Plus it hardly weighs anything, and unlike your average pop up tent, it's actually possible to take it down again without bursting into tears and calling your Dad. Awesome.

Go Travel Folding Festival Kart Trolley

£11.99 - Halfords

There are two importnat facts about going to a festival that you will learn quickly. One, is that it is perfectly sociably acceptable to drink a beer before 9am if you still haven’t been to bed yet. The other is that everything, including the aforementioned beer, weighs an absolute ton when you’ve been walking for (what feels like) miles with it strapped to your back. This lightweight trolley will be the best thing you could possibly take with you, with the exception of a tent anyway...

Vango Self Inflating Travel Mat

£18 -

The only thing worse than walking for ages with a massive bag and a crate of lager, is if you finally get to where you’ll be sleeping for the next few nights and it turns out that the ground is essentially made of thistles, rocks and what feels like a collection of hammers. Avoid waking up feeling like you’ve been kidney punched by a giant with this stroke of genius underneath you. Plus it’s self inflating. Which is nice.

Compact Chair with drink holder £16.99 each or 2 for £20 - completeoutdoors Sitting down. Potentially the world’s most underrated activity behind breathing and discretely scratching. We almost all spend our say sat on our arses either in a lecture or playing FIFA, so when you have this divine right taken and replaced with squatting on some damp grass, you really do notice it. And this chair comes with a cup holder! Can I get a hallelujah? No? How about a beer...?


Travel John Portable Urinal

3 for £10 - So it's 4 in the morning, you've finally got to sleep and then ding dong, nature calls. That last beer was a bad idea. But you're cosy in your tent, it's cold outside and there are drunken zombies waiting to talk to you. Sod that. This is actually a brilliant, albeit slightly gross sounding invention which basically means you can relieve yourself into a bag, without any mess, and it'll turn to gel and seal itself shut. Then just throw it away the next morning. Job done.


Black Rock 2200 Juice Pack £14.99 -

This is a much needed device for anyone who prefers the idea of not waiting for 2 hours in a massive queue in the sun, just to get a few hours of battery life on your phone. This is a compact, incredibly handy charger and will happily rejuvenate any iPhone/smartphone twice before it runs out.

Kitsound Mini Buddy Speaker Bee / Football £9.99 - Halfords These cute lil fellas are small enough to fit on your keyring, but they produce a surprising amount of volume - making them an ideal accompaniment to any festival. Just attach the jack into an MP3 player/phone and you can annoy your tent dwelling neighbours all day and night. You can even join two together for extra volume, so every reveller will hear and enjoy your awesome playlist for miles (metres) around.



Booze Belly

£8.50 - Wireless Magazine does not in any way advocate the sneaking in of alcohol to a festival. We particularly do not endorse the idea of carrying up to 750ml (about a bottle of wine) strapped to your body like some sort of boozy self destruction device with a handy spout. Do not buy this whatever you do.

Marshall Amplification plc Denbigh Road, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK1 1DQ Website:


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What is your most memorable festival experience?


Gaz Coombes: I’m playing at Hop Farm which I’m really excited about and last time I played there I met Neil Young. That was obviously massive for me! I was really star struck! Hadouken: Being in a band we have the opportunity to catch a lot of other bands that we love. We were lucky enough to be side of stage for bands like Foo Fighters, The Prodigy, and Arctic Monkeys which is great. As a band when we play to huge crowds it’s wicked, we played to 20,000 people in Japan which was a great buzz. Stealing Sheep: Pohoda Festival, Slovakia 2012 Becky: Slovakia was really cool. When we went there it was really sunny and we went swimming in lakes. We went to a castle. Emily: We saw a massive storm as well with forks of lightning coming down. Lucy: We had to go in a sort of staff room and be kept away from the storm, because we could sue them for letting us out into the outside. Elbow nearly got cancelled. We got to see Bat For Lashes and Warpaint as well.


Splashh: Rhythm and Vines Festival, NYE 2010, Gisborne NZ. Jacob and Sasha’s Justice Trip. Flying Lotus was on soon so we made our way through the crowd to the stage and caught the end of Gaslamp Killer. I had no clue what to expect from Flying Lotus but as he started dishing the beats we started receiving them, in a big way. Out of nowhere a bass player and a drummer emerge either side and these dudes start LAYING the shit down. For real! The whole thing became this aural robot organism orgasm and Sasha and I completely lost our shit...

Kier Kemp, Fearless Vampire Killers: Probably when me and Laurence were 17, mashed on local cider at Latitude Fest! We stumbled into the main arena and shed a few tears over Damien Rice... beautiful moment.’

Kate Nash: It has to be when I broke into a theme park after a show somewhere in Europe. We played in a spiegal tent and I was pretty mad about something so I got super drunk and me and my guitarist Jay decided we were going to the nearby theme park. I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing it as it was stupid and dangerous, but that’s my most memorable festival experience for sure. “Kate Nash performs at Boutique and Family Festival, Wychwood, 31st May - 2nd June at Cheltenham Race Course alongside Bill Bailey, The Human League, Lucy Rose and much more. Info and tickets available from Kate’s third album ‘Girl Talk’ is out now.”

Pete Reilly & Kyle Falconer, The View: Pete: Oasis at T in The Park 2002 - we were still at school and Kyle and I were right at the front for Oasis and we both ended up on the highlights on TV! Kyle: The same as Pete and seeing Mo’s Mum on his Dad’s shoulders watching us at T in the Park

Charlie Fink, Noah And The Whale: We played Latitude three or four years ago and that was a really beautiful show. It was ‘The First Days of Spring’ album campaign and that was a really tough record and took a while for people to come around to it. But that was the show that I felt the audience was really there to hear the record. Oh yeah and seeing Neil at Glastonbury two years ago was amazing. Nathan, Sound Of Guns: For me it was Leeds, my second ever festival back in 2004. That night I took mushrooms for the first time (they were still legal). I had to return to my tent where I started to turn into my nan. I was talking to myself as if I was her and answering myself. After me and my nan had a chat, Jimi Hendrix visited me in the form of my rucksack. Sea Sick Steve: We played the anniversary of Glastonbury a couple of years ago and I think there were something like eighty thousand people out there. I’d played there before and I’m playing there this year, but that time, to see so many people screaming, it humbled me right down to my boots. 43

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Festival Essentials Keep on looking awesome, you sexy thing. Deluxe Festival Poncho

£14.99 -


We all know that feeling when you’ve spent ages trying not to look as if you’ve been partying since 9am the day before. You’ve finally got that dry shampoo on the go, you’ve finally got a pleasant aroma going and you have at long last managed to wipe the ketchup off your face from last night’s burger. You feel awesome. Then all of a sudden, mother nature hitches up her skirt and decides its time for a shower too. Yep, you look like a drowned rat once again. Should’ve bought a poncho...



From £20.95 - Are you on the pull? Buy a Funzee. Are you looking to pitch a tent? Buy a Funzee. Have you dropped your phone somewhere in the crowd? Doesn’t matter, buy a Funzee. See, they truly are the most versatile item of clothing you’ll own because you’ll look both ridiculous and brilliant regardless of the situation.

Festival Survival Pack £15.99 -

The geniuses over at One Stop Festival have come up with this handy bag of treats that will help you survive even the grubbiest of fields! With everything from an eye mask to hand sanitizer to waterless body BUY ME wash, you would be silly not to invest in one of these packs! They come in various sizes from basic to super deluxe, depending on how gross you intend to get. Love you really.

Berocca £14.99 -

To keep things simple, Berocca is like all the vitamins and minerals you’ll ever need, in one handy dispersible tablet. You’ll feel, and probably look, much better! Plus it comes with a surprise that we won’t tell you now. 44

r code get Use ous s and e Funzee%4Ldiscount! a 10

Batiste Dry Shampoo £3 - Boots/Superdrug etc

Have you ever had a shower at a festival? Well we’ve done it, and trust us when we say that even the most delightfully clean people you know, suddenly lose any ability to use a shower (or toilet) the minute they get to a festival. Instead of wading through bodily excretions and cans, just use this stuff and your hair will look as good as always.

Nivea Pocket Range From £3 - Boots/Superdrug etc Don’t let your lovely skin dry out in the sun and let you turn into a walking cornflake. Nivea have a great range of pocket sized products from high factor suncream, sun protection lipbalm and cleansing wipes. Make sure you invest in some sun protection, nothing is worse than spending your weekend in pain while your mates all have fun...

FREE Festival Tickets Anyone?

No it is not a joke and no it is not a scam. There IS a way to get to your favourite festivals for free (well most of them anyway). Almost all festivals use volunteers in some way. Anything from litter picking to being a Production Runner, those jobs are out there. Normally if you search around on a festival website, you will find a list of opportunities to work in return for a ticket. You would normally be expected to work a set number of hours in return for a free ticket, crew wristband and some free food. If you have ever bought food at a festival you will understand how attractive free food is! There are several roles that are normally filled with volunteers. The biggest group on site is normally volunteer stewards and bar staff, followed by the litter crew. Litter crew is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the advantage is that most of the work will happen after the event so you are free to party for most of the festival. Stewarding obviously happens during the event but if you are smart, you will arrive early and get the pick of the shifts... Almost every volunteer position requires a deposit. It is normally at least the value of the normal adult ticket. As long as you do your shifts, this will be returned to you after the event, how long depends on the organisation you volunteered with. So what are you waiting for? Summer of free festivals? Piece of cake. SE VENUE: YOU CHOO EE FR PRICE: FOOD: FREE EAS ACCESS: ALL AR

Come and enjoy We have places at: Glastonbury Secret Garden Party Shambala Beautiful Days Bearded theory

festivals! Galtres Sunrise: Another World Notting Hill St Pauls Carnival plus more...

Sign up now to secure your festival tickets! 45


Bored of the UK? Fancy a break from the weather? Or a pint for slightly less than the price of a reasonably sized bungalow? You might want to check out some of the awesome festivals happening abroad. Just don’t get drunk and lose your passport...

Sonisphere Everybody’s favourite specialist pa across fou metal festival is tan-European r king place c o u n t ries this are the d ye will take etails: the French ar so here the show w place on 8th & 9th J leg and Spain oill hit Italy on 8th une, All of th n 31st May and 1st JJune Maiden ande shows will featu une. check the Megadeth but you’lre Iron sure you selistings of each eve l have to nt e the bands you came foto make r.

Primavera Sound Spain, 22nd – 26th May ch foot Why risk getting tren u can yo en wh y ht ig back in bl best d’s enjoy some of the worl od go ed te bands with guaran acts weather. A few choice imal An e ar ar ye is playing th d the an Collective, Nick Cave Tame , an Cl g Bad Seeds, Wu-Tan s and su Je e Th d an Impala, Blur Mary Chain. in, sim Spa Benicas21st July 18th – other l in an his a v i t s e f n, t Spanish locatio Another tingly sunny nicassim is devasta a beach. Being the best time on d for attract nd this year renownes in Europe a mix of new of line-up ures a great u have Queensee it featssic acts. Yol Scream, Dizzm and cla ne Age, Prima , Splashh, Swi the Sto Palma Violets tic Monkeys. Rascal,emples and Arc Deep, T ugal, live Port A s u m i t p O th July o 12th – 14 unshine t tuguese sheadliners r o P e h t Bask in ing sounds of and the soothy, Depeche Mode hat t a D if Green Leon. Or you Kings ofickle your fancy t-J, t l A ix, doesn’t out Phoen Crystal can checkg, Japandriods, th From a g e u D B 5 or Jake ing for Jurassic Castles, 9. There’s someth 7 9 1 Above everyone! 46

, Croatia ptember Outlookgust – 2nd Se ff the 29th Au round o ding o t y a atten tter w What be l season than s music a s festiv largest Ba rating b ’s e e l p e o C r u b E ? l nd clu , a u v o i r g r e r fest d e st un to off the be e world has l have your h l music t Festival wi xt summer. k n o o il e Outl ing unt g n i r s ear

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, ium elg ust B rd p g wei n lpo th Au e y w k t Puk h – 17 ret ly dro nd p t s a a u 15 ise rio be l an ey noto ayonna g Nei e c m m n m h in hrowi he sa s ;t giu t on t Nail Bel place chips r h ’re t m i the they Emine ne Inc azy i r i c d w N n o o a n ide s s ng You alongs y. It’ ig ge sta e Prod ork. h w T and might nd, t s r Pola ju Open’e 6th July apart 3rd – or it f g n i Alex go a lot ddies u t b o o g t s s ha Be set t Poland eap booze. Homme are a h t t ch Josh illing one from b d n a a n St e i Turner a stag ens of the nimal A share e u es, Q , keys, includ rctic Mon Cave, Blur A n k a , c e Ni se d Ag ive, st Mou t e c d e o l M l We’ve teamed up with Planet Festival – , e? Co Impala not to lov e m a the festival travel experts – to offer one T ’s Alt-J, nsie. What lucky winner and a mate free travel from picka n A Skunk up points around the UK to one of the following European festivals; Outlook (Croatia), Pink Pop Netherlands, Dimensions (Croatia), Tomorrowland (Belgium) 14th – 16th June


If you fancy going Dutch this festival season then Pink Pop offers a great eclectic mix of pop and hard rock acts. Confirmed so far are Ben Howard, Die Antwoord, Fun., Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, Queens of the Stone Age, Lianne La Havas, Paramore and Phoenix. Rock Am Ring Germany, 7th – 9th June Nobody knows how to ro ck like the Germans and this lege ndary event at Nurburgring Racetr ack has played host to some of the best contemporary ro ck acts in living memory. Th e line up this year includes The Prodigy, Korn and Limp Bizkit.

Soundwav 18th – 22e Croatia, nd July If you fancy change of scene a the ster from eo festival typical English much be than you can’t t electron ter than a da do nce, i c and ur in the mi ddle of C ban gathering playing roatia. D a o Yoda and s well as DJ Sha om is dow, DJ Ghostpoe t.

or M’era Luna (Germany). The one-stop shop where you can buy your return travel, transfer, festival tickets and accommodation in one go, Planet Festival is the perfect solution for anyone wanting some European festival fun. Worried about stretching that student loan? Planet Festival’s packages are not only easy to organise, but very easy on the budget. For more information, see

To win return travel for you and a mate, just answer the following question and tell us which festival you would like travel for! Q. In which country do Outlook and Dimensions Festival take place? T&Cs Closing date is 31 May 2013 This competition is open to UK residents aged 18 and over. One winner will be selected. Their nominated guest must be over 18. The prize includes and is limited to; Travel for two people to either Outlook, Dimensions, Tomorrowland or M’era Luna from selected pick-up point. Pick-up points are: Outlook / Dimensions – Manchester, Birmingham, Dover, Lakeside Shopping Centre (Essex), London Tomorrowland – Manchester, Birmingham, London, Dover, Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham Mera Luna – Birmingham, London, Dover, Manchester There are no other pick-up point options Prize does not include: Any expense or costs incurred by winner during the trip / festival. Cost for travelling to/from selected pick up point. It is the responsibility of the winner and their nominated guest to ensure they have, at time of travel; A valid passport. Correct travel insurance. Winner and guest are responsible for getting themselves to pick up point for scheduled time, otherwise prize is void. Prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is available. All elements of prize are subject to change



Yes, yes indeed. We’ve teamed up with some lovely companies to bring you this absolute belter of a prize. Not one, but two huge giveaways worth over £700 each!

We all know that going to a festival can be a bit of a nightmare to organise, so we’re going to take some of the headache away for you - by providing you with all the camping gear and festival essentials you’ll need, as well as a pair of tickets for either Leeds or Reading festival! We’ve put together one kit aimed at girls, and one aimed at lads - so either way, it’s a cracking prize...

The Lads Kit includes: Coleman 4 man tent (worth £259) • North Face rucksack • Topman vouchers • Bottle of Fireball Whisky • Crate of Rekorderlig Cider • £50 Vesty food vouchers • Vango Self Inflating Mat • Onestopfestival pack • Speakers • Festival Trolley • Sleeping Bag • Chair • Nivea Suncream • Portable Urinal • T Shirts • Deluxe Poncho • Funzee • Berocca • Shitbox • A Camera• Some bog roll • Loads more too!

The Girls Kit includes: As above, but also with Batiste Dry Shampoo • Topshop vouchers • Nivea Skincare & Lip Balm • T Shirt (as featured in the festival fashion section) • Some other random bits...

Three runners up will also get a b o t t l e o f Fireball whisky, a tasty crate of Rekorderlig cider and a few other goodies too. Good lord we’re good to you aren’t we??


PLUS A PAIR OF TICKETS TO EITHER READING OR LEEDS FESTIVAL! For decades it’s been the biggest event in the rock calendar, with legendary performances from the likes of Nirvana, The Chilis and Beastie Boys having gone down in history, amongst many many others. Yes, Reading and Leeds are back this year with one of the strongest line ups to date! Featuring the likes of Biffy Clyro, Green Day, Eminem, Nine Inch Nails, Fall Out Boy, Frank Turner, Foals, Skrillex, Jake Bugg, Alt J and loads more across three absolutely epic days to remember this is one year you certainly don’t want to miss. There are still a whole heap more acts to be announced for this, including the comedy stage where previously unknown acts like a certain Michael McIntyre made his debut a few years a g o . Along with the festival kits above, the organisers have given us a pair of tickets for each of the winners, at the site of your choice!

How to enter: To enter, simply log on to and tell us what you’d call your Ultimate Festival, and who would be the headliner! If you haven’t got Facebook,

you can also text COMPS FEST plus your answer to 07786 202 430 but don’t forget to tell us your name/location. 48


Words: Joseph Smith

DEAP VALLY A Backstage Chat With

Movie pitch: It’s 2013 in a country known only as ‘Broken Britain’ and everybody’s feeling the squeeze. A triple dip recession has destroyed social welfare, tuition subsidies and perhaps most devastatingly of all, guitar music. The unwavering costs of rehearsal rooms and drum kits have seen a surge in the popularity of Ed Sheeran and a scourge of privately-funded nu-folk bands from the Home Counties. Indeed, rock ‘n’ roll would be all but lost if it wasn’t for 50

a duo of Californians jetting in to save the day in a scene reminiscent of some bloody Hollywood war flick.

that they’re a two piece. It’s like cheating to us. It’s like taking steroids.” Lindsey and Julie of Deap Vally don’t seem to take much seriously but get them talking about the music industry and all their vitriol comes bubbling to the surface.

“It’s all lies in the music industry. Everything’s a lie.” “It’s all lies in the music industry. Everything’s a lie. There are lies on the radio, live shows are a lie. Like people think the Black Keys are a two piece but if you listen to their production, it sounds great but it’s not a two piece. And when you see them live it’s not a two piece. Yet still people believe this weird lie

We caught up with the pair as they were eating houmous backstage ahead of their first Liverpool gig (“We like to think of ourselves as the female Beatles so we love it here”). Their dry-wit double-

act hardly lets up and if they weren’t a band they’d surely be stars of their own sit-com. “We’re constantly fighting for what we want to do, but when you’re dealing with British people it’s never really fighting, you just get some passive aggressive emails back and forth,” the band’s drummer Julie added a knowing smile before getting carried away with herself, “then we get aggressive so people call us stroppy.” In a musical landscape dominated by electro and folk Deap Vally are hardrock dinosaurs. Their music is rich in loud stomping Zeppelin-esque blues riffs and Lindsey’s screaming vocals are in stark contrast to the twee whispering singer song-writer vocals that are so prevalent in today’s scene. Julie: “I think what we’re doing now is sixties and seventies meets nineties, which I regard as the goldeneras of rock. We’re finally at a point where we can look back and put the three together.”

sound is far from minimal. Lindsey: “I don’t get it with some bands. There might be five of them and you can’t figure out why. It doesn’t add up. You can’t tell what noise is coming from where. What’s the point of it? Why are there five of you on stage? I mean, what jobs are they all doing? It’s like the welfare state. “We’ve never just been a garage band at all. I think ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ is very garagey but ‘End of the World’ isn’t garagey at all. So we’re garagey less often than not. We’re like heavy classic rock.”

acoustic movement. And I think maybe we’re the backlash to that. “I think about it a lot and I had a really deep thought when I was high the other night. I think modern rock was ruined by emo and screamo. It made rock this really weird niche thing and totally wiped it out of the mainstream.”

“One thing we will never do, never, ever, EVER... is to play to tracks. That’s so lame.

Lindsey: “In a lot of ways we’re a vintage band and we’re drawing on the most athletic aspects of rock. Some instruments don’t figure into it because they don’t ask anything of you physically. Like when you watch Zeppelin on stage they’re all busting their asses.” Being both a two piece and a girl band, Deap Vally are battling on two fronts when it comes to lazy comparisons by half-arsed music blogs. The truth is that despite only having two members the group’s

Despite the obvious onstage limitations of having very few members, the Vally girls have fiercely refused to take advantage of some technological shortcuts. Julie makes sure to lean into the Dictaphone when making this point:

So how does the band account for the re-emergence of bland folk bands?

“One thing we will never do, never, ever, EVER... is to play to tracks. That’s so lame.

Lindsey: “Maybe there are just a lot of complacent people. I feel like we’ve got something to say, that’s a big part of it. We’re really passionate about what we do and how we do it. Maybe people aren’t saying stuff that they believe and maybe that’s why they whisper it.”

“All this new technology in music - when the Killers came around it became the hipster thing to have electronic things in your music, and the backlash to that was the

Lindsey: “Everything goes in waves I guess.” Julie: “It’s all the soy in their diet.”


! n I h g t i N p Chea

The Wireless guide to having a cracking party on a shoestring budget ...


Hors D’oeu

Hors D’oeuvres is actually French for ‘horse on a cocktail stick’ but these days you can get away with stabbing a splinter through anything and calling it an appetizer. The weirder the better! Popular ingredients that you can pass as Heston Blumenthal recipes include marshmallows, pickled onions, chocolate sauce, liquid nitrogen and bacon. Have a woodlouse infestation? Why not skewer up a few of the buggers and serve them to the early arrivals? It’s a delicacy in Turkmenistan don’t-cha-know?

Crazy Glasses Everybody knows that the difference between a socialite and an alcoholic is that the former only drinks from a suitably wacky glass. Hopefully you might have a few of these lying around from those shitty drinks gift sets you get for Christmas but otherwise you might be able to pick something up in your local Poundland. Failing that you can always get creative. Any ridiculous receptacle will do as long as the name of the drink justifies it. For example, the ‘Jammy Dodger’ could be served in a jam jar, ‘Sex on the Beach’ in a hollowed out pineapple, and the ‘Dog’s Asshole’ in a man’s shoe.




ble A


The on a best w pol budg ay of whi yester et is t doing £20 ch yo suit o go f James B from or a c ond even theseu can g e c d you ome ays t f Pri heap you ’re mis with b. Someor aromark cat can sing ow-ti of t und cuttch-all alway that a es but hem and ing on Art Ats go ccesso if ry Gir cover e out tack for wea ls can ing it of a cemethod the themring n make t in po real b of can with ormal astef ster ox pets be use a pai ones bul low paint. . Tr d to r of ackw cut d ust m a us, ake ma scisso rds orresses it w tchi rs. A goi by ill n be u g outfiny off ng at ltra ts f -cut -cla or y s ssy. our

g u goin Are yo ’s t i him to tell e only? i t black


ly listen ch people on ri at th ct e it’s the known fa funny becaus is It’s a wellch hi w equately l music, more than ad is to classica d an dl h buying at Poun get away wit ly one genre th ab ob pr use all h. You’ll repeat beca on stocked wit it g oefully throwin me and is w sa e one CD and th ds enough to sic soun st notable ti classical mu ar e On rt who um solos. called Moza de du light on dr a is five, edia page at the age of er have a Wikip re ca s hi of the started stin Bieber Ju apparently e th m hi of makes which kind y. 18th centur

Wolfgang Bieber


e Cocktail R

of classic you a couple y drinks without n ve gi ve e’ w st w cktails. Belo of getting ta n get your t part - the co, which are a great way on as much ice as you ca an rt po im e tail mixers e last thing, stock up Ok so here’s th on g Funkin cock recipes usin sh out in a club. Oh andit – la ed sp ne to to ng ing havi use you’re go hands on beca ree. complicated. nkin Peach Pu said it was going to be Fu rt Pa – ½ i e, in Nobody ing win Peach Bell nts in. What? 2 Parts sparkl Ingredients:glass and put the ingredie So you get a ur Lime, Funkin PurePoPuree of rt Pa 1 m, Ru Mojito – 1 Part White es or Funkin Ingredients: Sugar Syrup, Mint Leav want to crush up some l in il before ¼ Part Funk ptional). Purists w ice with ice your choice (obrown sugar and lime ju mixers you can just mint leaves, e rum, but with the Funkinrve. To mix it up a range of pouring in th ng over some ice and se choose from a pour everythin leave out the mint and to anyone? little you caberry or Strawberry Moji purees. Rasp

And remember please drink responsibly! 53

WORDS: Joseph Smith



15th May @ 02 Academy, Bristol

Purveyors of idiosyncratic pop music Alt-J have continued to go from strength to strength this year. They’re selling out tours, playing bigger venues and appearing on late night chat shows. Oh yeah, and they won a BRIT award, but we’re not going to hold that against them.

Fall Thed May stol @ Trinity Centre, Bri 23r

k legends The chaotic post-pun form with are truly on top greeable sa di music’s most Smith stil E. rk front man Ma characteristically delivering his g d self-sabotagin unpredictable an ed ck sa en They ev live performances. r week. Long live he ot e th a guitarist The Fall.

y FoMayle Mick 8th @ Komedia, Bath Skaters 9th May @ Moles, Bath The WWE legend also known as Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love is now touring his one-man comedy show. it an y good? We I s have no idea but who cares? It’s Mick Foley for chrissake.

Retro fuzz punk from the big apple. Fans of ‘Is This It?’ era Strokes delight will poppy the at s of tie sensibili ie ind g this gan veterans.

Darwin Deez 1st

May @ 02 Academy Bristol

Back in 2010 Darwin Deez seemed to be at the beginning of a trend of mediocre indie artists who received heavy Radi o 1 airplay on the back of a song that was sold to as many adverts as possible. To keep crusty New York hipster stereotypes away from the British pop charts, please write to your local MP.

The Twang Birmingham group me in the have had a tough ti they fell last few years; th NME, out of favour wi a drummer they had to sack and their latest for stealing shit is a bit cringey. political material legendary band Cast The appearance of kes up for it. should more than ma

25th Apri


12th May @ The Fleece Bristol

Star of cult hits Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place and Snuff Box, comedian Berry is decidedly less known for his musical career which is a shame because he’s a god damn virtuoso.

st l + Ca Twan@g02 Aca The 10t sto Bri y dem h May

Ms Dynamite sh Kate lNa 3rd May @ Moles, Bath @ The Fleece, Bristol Kate Nash never did recover from her brief excursion into grunge last year and it seems like her record have company swiftly got her back to writing banal pop songs.

Matt Berry

It has now been 8 years since Ms Dynamite’s last record and her latest album was supposed to be released last year. The fabled Dynamite release is fast becoming the Chinese Democracy of shit hip hop.

Dick Valentine

11th May @ Moles, Bath

Erstwhile lead singer of Electric Six, a group who had a number of novelty hits in the early noughties. These days dick is playing Tenacious D style acoustic ballads to mainly no one.


Wireless Magzine - April/May - South West  
Wireless Magzine - April/May - South West  

South West edition of Wireless Magazine - featuring exclusive interviews with Fall Out Boy, Bastille, Seasick Steve, Gaz Coombes and Deap Va...