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making light work of your projects

We listen. We create urban networks. We provide smart cities solutions. We enhance your facilities assets. We invite licensing and partnership arrangements. We’re ready for the future... ...Come and join us.

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen. – Ernest Hemingway

You talk. We listen. From concept to delivery – all under one roof. As an international, award-winning company

We honed our skills in electronics, and we’ve

established for more than 20 years, you

developed a mesh controller system that gives

might think we like talking about ourselves.

existing street lighting a new lease of life, adding

Actually, we’d much prefer to talk to you.

sensors to provide real-time atmospheric or

How can we help you get your products to market? Is there a design problem you need solving? Do you need to integrate future-ready tech into your existing product range? We have more than two decades’ expertise in creating solutions for our customers that add value, save energy and – crucially – actually resolve the original issue. Working with us could enable you to enhance your products and create

urban data to citizens. Transforming street lighting into a scalable, cost-effective platform for the Internet of Things drew us towards using this technology to enable smart buildings. But at the heart of it all lies product design – skills we can share with our customers.

Let’s talk about the future.

new ideas, capitalising on your own USP. From product design through to marketing and branding, we can work with you in many

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ways. You might need us to design and create a

+44 (0)1508 521227

product for you; alternatively, we might engage

to find out more.

in a collaborative partnership in which you use our existing equipment under your name. Or perhaps you may find that our existing products (designed to work together) are exactly what you need.


The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. – Albert Einstein

From the smallest village to the largest city. Shine a light on the future. enLight’s SMART technology is paving the

Our award-winning systems can monitor and

way for a new approach to urban living.

display information about many aspects of your

Public sector organisations with responsibility

environment, including noise, air quality, parking

for neighbourhoods and entire cities can

availability, surface temperature and micro-

use our systems to create a cost-effective,

climate sensors (including gas sensors). The

scalable Internet of Things with enhanced

system can also let you know if a lamp post has

monitoring capabilities.

been hit or damaged. Our enVision vandal-proof

Our concept is simple: we take existing lighting networks and use their power to upgrade each lamp post into a node in a mesh network. These low-power, wireless connections can then be equipped with sensors to monitor air quality, traffic flow or flood detection, to name just a

dot matrix smart screens display this information to citizens, warning them in real time about air pollution, localised flooding, weather conditions or parking spaces.

The outlook’s bright.

few relevant applications. If you were considering upgrading your street lights to LEDs, bear in mind that these would need to be fitted by a ground team, and its associated costs. The enLight system adds monitoring antennae to your existing lights, turning them into a strategic asset. Our lighting products form the core of your smart networks. Our retrofitting programme replaces control systems on out-of-date lanterns, lamps older than 15 years and LED lights. Our sensors not only monitor key environmental metrics but also provide location-based information. And there’s no difference between the effectiveness of the solutions we create for campuses, villages or cities. Our scalable system gives you the chance to add to your network as needed.

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+44 (0)1508 521227 to find out more.

Buildings that think for themselves, saving energy and costs. Lighting is only one of the power sources we

We also construct our networks with high levels

can use to create your future. Talk to us; we’ll

of security – you’ll be using the technology to

listen and work with whatever infrastructure

make fundamentally important decisions, so we

you have in order to create a holistic system

know it’s vital that your data is safe.

that gives you real-time information on your whole site that you can use to save money and influence business-critical decisions. For example, we could use your building’s existing internal systems to create a network that

These are just some of the potential uses of our SMART FM system: Humidity (internal and external moisture

Security (useful for unmanned sites sensors)

allows visible monitoring of your entire site. Walls aren’t an issue; our networks traverse internal physical barriers.

levels sensors) Energy usage monitors (not just across

whole buildings but room by room) Motor health (pumps, fans, plant room etc)

Imagine the possibilities – you could create a

Space usage (how many people are in

working environment that not only benefits your

employees but also saves money. Accurate data


about how your campus or office is used could

each area and how long do they spend Legionella (including auto flush of hot

influence key facilities management decisions.

For example, you could switch lights on and off

We’ll put your needs first and help you save

based on the movement of people in the building. Temperature sensors could adjust the air to counteract heat loss through windows. Staff might arrange a meeting – half an hour before the room has been booked, air temperature sensors assess whether to turn on the heating or air-conditioning. The lights come on when

water taps)

costs and energy.

Secure. State-of-the-art. Simple.

the attendees arrive. If the room gets too hot or cold, the temperature adjusts accordingly. Employees happy with their environment will be

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more productive.

+44 (0)1508 521227

Our sensors can work where humans can’t,

to find out more.

for example monitoring temperature-critical plant rooms and turning on fans or heating as appropriate. Monitors could assess whether a basement car park is prone to flooding and warn users of any puddles using lighting and dotmatrix signs.

The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life. – Bill Gates

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. – Henry Ford

OEM — Original Equipment Manufacture... or, as we prefer, “working together” We manufacture a range of products that perform individual functions but of course also link together to create our urban infrastructure and facilities management systems. But could our products be useful to your merchandise? If something we manufacture forms a key part of one of your products, let’s talk about working together. The problem with the phrase “original equipment manufacture” is that it doesn’t consider creativity, and creativity lies at the heart of everything we do. So we prefer to think of collaborative partnerships – perhaps you can use our products under licence in your own range, or alternatively we can start by asking the question: “What do you want to achieve?” Beginning with this question opens the door to smart OEM, paving the way to creating solutions that solve problems, save energy and costs, and that sometimes may not look like the original plans. We can work with you, deploying our technical expertise to reduce your time to market or enhance your product. We’ve received international acclaim for our controls, interfaces and sensors, and now we want to put our knowledge to use to shape the future using partner programmes and through collaboration. We truly believe that asking “What’s the solution?” is a more meaningful approach than simply manufacturing a product. No two projects are the same and taking a thoughtful, creative approach will inevitably lead to more innovative results as we work together to use our know-how to give you the most energy-efficient, cost-smart solution.

Switch on to partnership working. Contact enLight today on

+44 (0)1508 521227 to find out more.

From concept to manufacture... How can we help? We really can bring your ideas to life – we’ve got all bases covered, from product design and development through to sales and branding. Here’s what we can do for you. You know your market, and we know technology. By working together we can enhance your offering and also explore new ideas. Tell us the problem you need to solve and we’ll work together. We can manufacture products to meet your needs, always looking at the solution we need to achieve rather than being constrained by the ideas of the past. As we work to understand exactly what you require, other benefits and ideas will come to the fore, which may lead to energy or cost savings for you. We’ve won international awards, but we believe we haven’t only won these trophies because of our tech knowledge. We always put our customers first. Yes, we’ve got many suggestions for ways in which companies and buildings can integrate the Internet of Things into everyday working life, but we don’t think there’s any point foisting our ideas on you. Instead, we start with our customers. What do you need to do? What are you trying to achieve? What does your existing infrastructure look like? Perhaps most importantly, do you need to save money?

Talk to us today and we’ll create your future. Contact enLight on

+44 (0)1508 521227 to find out more.

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. – Steve Jobs

So how best can you use enLight’s intelligent solutions to create an integrated monitoring and control system? Every case is unique, and our approach ensures your needs are matched to our technological expertise in order to formulate a smart solution for your urban or business environment. We call it the 5E process:

Explore, Engage, Elaborate, Enhance, Excite

Hmmm! HOW ARE WE GOING TO DO THAT? Control all our internal and external assets and monitor data from one dashboard.


Explore This is all about finding out your needs – what do you want to achieve? We’ll explore your current situation, your ideal future scenario, your inspiration and your budget. We’ll talk through all your thoughts and considerations, asking questions all the time. We hope you’ll ask us questions, too – a collaborative discussion is more likely to create a sustainable solution.

Engage We want what we do to meet your precise needs – we’ll send our people to work alongside your teams for a while, if that’s what it takes. Who’s going to be using the new networks? Let’s find out. We’ll take all the information you give us and create a solution that works for your organisation, your budget and your corporate or publicsector ethos.


Sensors monitor everything from air quality to room occupancy to traffic flow to power output

COMMUNICATE Get assets to communicate with each other


Use one dashboard on a laptop to monitor and control every asset


Use existing assets power to run all monitoring and control devices


Now it’s time for us to apply our expertise to your ideas and turn your vision into a workable reality. What’s going to provide optimum functionality in your existing environment, and what’s going to work in the future?


Yes, excite. Because we hope you’ll get as excited as we do when we create a network that provides the right solution to meet our clients’ needs. So let’s talk. We wouldn’t be the awardwinners we are without listening to our customers and using our technology to create what you need.



We’ll assess how your existing networks can be enhanced in order to create a smart network. What can we add to your environment to provide the intelligent, eco-conscious solutions you need for future success?



What do we do? DESIGN SUPPORT

software design hardware design platform dashboard support power electronics engineering surface mount fully automatic production solidworks CAD solid CAM CNC ultrasonic plastic welding

ELECTRONICS DESIGN microelectronics logic analogue power communication electronic schematics printed circuit board layouts printed circuit boards


web and mobile apps server and back-end apps utilities embedded software controls, communication and analytics


safety electronic emissions and immunities CE marking


surface mount technology in house fully automated production box-build through-hole placement ultrasonic plastic welding CNC routing and cutting

MECHANICAL DESIGN 3D CAD and 3D printing metal fabrication metal machining injection moulding design product aesthetics


product labelling front panel/keypad graphics website front-end graphics mobile app icons and graphics


traditional/digital marketing strategy product packaging branding strategy brochure production advertising leaflets and flyers copywriting product photography video

To achieve the impossible: it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought. – Tom Robbins

I’m interested in things that change the world or that affect the future and wondrous, new technology where you see it, and you’re like, ‘Wow, how did that even happen? How is that possible? – Elon Musk

Unit P, Loddon Industrial Estate, Loddon, Norfolk, NR14 6JD, UK Tel: +44 (0)1508 521227 Email:

enLight Corporate Brochure  

Corporate brochure for multi-award winning product designers and all round technical geniuses, enLight. This brochure tells you in non-tech...

enLight Corporate Brochure  

Corporate brochure for multi-award winning product designers and all round technical geniuses, enLight. This brochure tells you in non-tech...