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From The Chair

Khalid Al-Zayani Chairman Dear Members, Welcome to the autumn edition of the BBBF magazine. I hope that you managed to take a well deserved break over the recent Eid holidays and that you are all looking forward to the final few months of another busy year. November will be a busy month. We will be hosting three Chelsea Pensioners to mark Armistice Day. The Pensioners will be visiting a number of schools, clubs and they will also lay a wreath to commemorate fallen comrades. We will once again be teaming up with The British Business Association – Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia to hold a joint charity Poppy Ball, at the Crowne Plaza

Hotel, Bahrain, on Thursday 8th November. All proceeds from the evening will go to the Royal Chelsea Hospital Building Fund and the Earl Haig Poppy Fund, which both offer support to retired servicemen and women. We hope that you and your guests will be able to join us and support this very worthy cause. December will see Bahrain taking centre stage in the international banking arena as the country proudly hosts the annual World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC). As always, there is a strong presence expected from the City of London to supplement the large international audience. We also hope that you can join us for our annual Christmas lunch on Thursday 13 th December, where HMA Iain Lindsay will provide us with an interesting business review of Bahrain in 2012. The Special Interest Groups are actively engaging our members and I strongly encourage you to join one or more of the groups, which are free-of-charge for all BBBF members. Keep an eye out for forthcoming events or contact Jill

Registration number ISSN 1985-9929

Boggiss or Paula Boast, our joint SIG Leaders, or one of the SIG Heads directly. Please do join us as often as your diary permits. A special mention also to both HSBC, our corporate sponsors, and Standard Chartered, our Special Interest Group sponsors, who continue to be a great source of financial support and generous encouragement. Their support allows us the financial security to increase the number of initiatives and enhances the quality and quantity of events that we are able to organise for your benefit and enjoyment. We hope that you enjoy this Forum edition and the Committee is looking forward to welcoming you, and your guests, to the forthcoming BBBF functions we have in Q4. We also look forward to hearing more about how we can serve you better. Please see Page 7 for details of our forthcoming events.

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With kind regards

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Khalid Al-Zayani Chairman

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The 2011-12 BBBF Executive Committee

Chairman Khalid Al Zayani

Deputy Chairman Austin Rudman Mob: 3969-9475

Treasurer Jonathan Trafankowski Mob: 3914-8599

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From Her Majesty's Ambassador

Welcome back from the summer break. I hope you all had a chance for some holiday. I have to admit that life since Eid has been so busy that my holiday seems eons ago! If September is anything to go by we’re in for a very busy and productive autumn. And what a summer it was for the UK! The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee followed by the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. All of it was simply superb. Huge successes and a real ‘pick me up’ for the country and, hopefully, the economy. The Olympics and Paralympics were immaculately organised and highlighted the UK’s ability to host major events. The UK collectively put a great deal into the Games. What did we get from them? There are potentially multiple legacies from the Games. The Prime Minister has spoken of a boost to the economy of £13 billion. We had UKTI’s Global Investment Conference and British Business Embassy promoting the UK’s commercial and economic

strengths to visiting leaders and investors. We supported the promotion of the Paralympics’ parity with the Olympics, to raise awareness of disability rights and opportunities. Volunteering in the UK got a massive boost through LOCOG’s 70,000 Games Makers and London 10,000 Ambassadors. Visit Britain is expecting a boost to tourism in the coming years. Since February this year, our network of diplomatic posts have held over 200 GREAT campaign events showcasing Britain as a world-class destination for trade, investment, tourism and education. 40,000 media reps sent out stories about the UK around the world, the vast majority very positive. And then there was the sport itself. Our Olympians and Paralympians (and Bahrain’s) excelled themselves. Even with home advantage, we did incredibly well for a country of our size. But our glorious sporting summer didn’t end there. Scotland got in on the act with a stunning and historic victory for Andy Murray at the US Open. And then Europe pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in golf and sporting history in the Ryder Cup. Phew! So, back to business. We

at the Embassy are seeing signs of business picking up, with several UK companies new to market in a strong position to win contracts locally. The UKTI team, Russ Dixon and I are doing our part through lobbying. I was delighted to host an event for De Beers at the Residence a few weeks ago (though I notice they didn’t leave any samples behind!). We look forward to working with BA later in the autumn to mark their 80th anniversary of flying to Bahrain. More generally, hotel occupancy rates are going in the right direction and the retail sector is also showing signs of improvement. Government spending continues to make up for the downturn in private sector investment, aided by the oil price remaining high. Following the recent agreement with Kuwait, we all hope to see the longawaited GCC ‘Marshal Aid’ starting to flow soon. It is much needed, not only to give the economy the kickstart which it needs but also to address some longstanding socio-economic issues. Hopefully all of this will have a positive knock on effect for BBBF members. Let me finish on the overall bilateral relationship, which seems to me to be in pretty good shape. At the highest

level there is considerable engagement and increasing cooperation. His Majesty King Hamad’s visit to the UK in August, when he met the Prime Minister, was very successful. The Defence Secretary’s visit a few weeks later also went very well. As I write, HRH the Crown Prince is on the way to the UK for his first official visit there in 18 months. And over the next month we have a further three Bahraini ministers lined up to visit, plus other official visits. In this direction I hope that the return of the Manama Dialogue, in December, will see a significant high-level UK presence. Of course, it’s the outcomes of such visits that are really important, but this high-level re-engagement and rebuilding of rapport is also crucial. So, I wish you all the best for the autumn and look forward to seeing you at the next BBBF event. Iain Lindsay OBE British Ambassador





Dayo Akanji Principal Engineer Hyder Consulting M. E. Ltd. Tel: 1756 4755 Mob: 3905 6884 dayo.akanji@

Greg Cohen Editorial Manager for Bahrain Oxford Business Group Tel: 1653 6225 Fax: 1653 6001 gcohen@

Imana Alalaiwat Trade & Investment Officer British Embassy Tel: 1757 4129 Mob: 3378 1848

George Cumming Group Operations & Fin. Dir. Unisono Brand Consultants Tel: 1755 8787 Mob: 3949 6938

Sydney Bell Resident Director Haskoning UK Ltd Tel: 1767 8944 Mob: 3941 3305

John Curley Team Director Hyder Consulting M. E. Ltd. Tel: 1756 4755 Mob: 3912 5479 john.curley@

Andy Broughton General Manager Gulf Computer Services Tel: 1729 3313 Mob: 3774 3320 andy.broughton@

Andrew Deamer Managing Director Moneo Middle East Mob: 3997 0262 Fax: 1759 2104

Mike Camara Business Manager Gulf Agency Co. (Bahrain) WLL Tel: 1733 9777 Mob: 3969 0205

Christa De Boer Sales Manager InterContinental Regency Hotel Tel: 1720 8374 Mob: 3965 1147

Robert Campbell General Manager Canadian Building Materials Tel: 1770 4596 Mob: 3921 2617

Debbie Dixon Deputy Head of UKTI, Bahrain British Embassy Tel: 1757-4117 Mob: 3947 4208

Welcome to New Members Russ Dixon Deputy Head of Mission British Embassy Tel: 1757 4115 Fax: 1757 4161

Ismail Khonji ManagingDirector Ismael Khonji Associates Tel: 1771 4463 Mob: 3962 3608

Shanaka Fernando Account Manager - oil & gas Gulf Agency Co. (Bahrain) WLL Tel: 1733 9777 Mob: 3840 0818

Usama Khoury Associate Technical Director Hyder Consulting M. E. Ltd. Tel: 1756 4755 Mob: 3940 8573 usama.khoury@

Arshad Gadit Partner BDO Tel: 1753 0077 Mob: 3457 9314

Julia Klein Regional Head of TV & Radio Unisono Brand Consultants Tel: 1755 8787 Fax: 3655 3145

Salman Idafar CEO Gulf Computer Services Tel: 1729 3313 Fax: 1729 2855

Michael Koth General Manager InterContinental Regency Hotel Tel: 1722 7777 Mob: 3696 7748

Mark Jamieson Country Account Manager Hyder Consulting M. E. Ltd. Tel: 1756 4755 Mob: 3998 5350 mark.jamieson@

Steven Leask Resident Eng. / Project Mgr. Haskoning UK Ltd Tel: 1767 8944 Mob: 3994 2748

Kashif Khan Director & General Manager Travelex Bahrain WLL Tel: 1721 6247 Mob: 3640 0506

Mikael Leijonberg Managing Director Gulf Agency Co. (Bahrain) WLL Tel: 1733 9777 Mob: 3837 9030





Vivian Lorenz Director of International Sales Kempinski Grand Tel: 1717 1000 Mob: 3888 5893

HE Houda Ezra Nonoo Director Gulf Computer Services Tel: 1729 3313 Fax: 1729 2855

Eman Malallah Business Director Hyder Consulting M. E. Ltd. Tel: 1756 4755 Fax: 1756 4929 eman.malallah@

Len Robey MBE General Group Manager Dream Group WLL Tel: 1770 0211 Mob: 3691 9197

Hari Sankar Menon Business Manager - Shipping Gulf Agency Co. (Bahrain) WLL Tel: 1733 9777 Mob: 3969 0156

Oscar Silva Chief Executive Officer Global Banking Corporation Tel: 1729 0288 Mob: 3990 2142

James Moye Partner Ernst & Young Tel: 1753 5455 Mob: 3960 1802

Carolina Tenzer Country Manager Oxford Business Group Tel: 1653 6225 Fax: 1653 6001 ctenzer@

Rodger Murray Senior Legal Consultant Qays H Zubi Attorneys Tel: 1754 9608 Mob: 3961 1699

Gary Theobalds Regional Safety & Security Mngr AMEX (Middle East) B.S.C. Tel: 1755 7887 Mob: 3932 1330 gary.theobalds@

Uday Naik Sales Manager Gulf Agency Co. (Bahrain) WLL Tel: 1733 9777 Mob: 3930 1012

Yulia Trubnikova Sales Executive Kempinski Grand Tel: 1717 1000 Mob: 3888 5918 yulia.trubnikova@

Welcome to New Members Tariq Wafa Chairman & Chief Executive Tricom Group Tel: 1722 6697 Mob: 3966 8845 tareq.wafa@

Alexia Waldvogel Sales Manager Kempinski Grand Tel: 1717 1000 Mob: 3888 5922 alexia.waldvogel@ Maria Zaldua Sales Manager Kempinski Grand Tel: 1717 1407 Mob: 3888 9708

Advance Notice of a Seminar giving an update in relation to UK Taxes On 21 November 2012, Piers Master, a Partner with Charles Russell, specialising in private tax, trusts, estate planning and immigration will be providing an update in relation to the latest changes to the UK tax system in particular in relation to the ownership of real estate assets in the UK.

Piers is listed as a Leading Lawyer in each of Chambers, Legal 500 2011 and Citywealth’s Leaders List 2012. Piers recently won “Citywealth Young Person (YP), New Leader” at the Citywealth Magic Circle Awards 2012.

The BBBF Directory

Diary Dates Monday 22nd October 2012 SIG Construction Meeting 6 - 12 November 2012 Chelsea Pensioners Visit (Sponsored by BA) Wednesday 7th November SIG Legal Meeting Time: 08.30 -10.30am Thursday 8th November 2012 Poppy Ball - Crowne Plaza Hotel Wednesday 12th December 2012 SIG Security & OSAC meeting Thursday 13th December 2012 BBBF Christmas Lunch Speaker: BBBF Chairman & HM Ambassador Venue: Diplomat Radisson Blu Events in the pipeline Please visit our BBBF website and check the calendar for updated details on the above and other events/ meetings being held.

The 2013 printed edition of the BBBF Directory is now being prepared. Copies of the pages in the printed edition will be available to view as pdf files by following the Directory link from the home page of the BBBF website at after the document is at the press. Members contact details may also be found online by using a Text Search facility or from a search of member photographs. The images used are often those submitted at the time of joining and any member wishing to update their picture should send a new picture with a minimum dimension of 30mm wide x 35 mm tall at 72 dpi. Images for print use should be a minimum of 300 dpi. Forum


Benefits for BBBF Members

Benefits for all our members may be obtained on production of their Membership card at the concerned outlet. We would like to hear your feedback concerning these discounts. Please do not hesitate to offer your services to our members by contacting the BBBF office. If any member has any difficulty obtaining a discount, please contact the BBBF office so we can rectify the situation. AXA Insurance 10% discounts to members on personal lines insurances. (excluding medical) Terms & Conditions Apply. Contact: Stephen Wagstaff Tel: 1758 8222 Email: Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company (BKIC) Special schemes have been arranged with Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company (BKIC) for BBBF members for the following classes of insurance: House & Contents, Domestic Servants & Motor Insurance. Special terms are available on production of your membership card. Bizladies BBBF members can join Bizladies for a 25 % reduction in the fees (BD 75 for 9 events instead of BD 100). In addition a 10% discount may be obtained against organisational and executive coaching, proof reading, training, assistance with academic writing and psychometric profiling. Contact:- Dr. Clare Beckett-McInroy (Managing Director), Mobile:- +973 38442727, Email:- clare@beckett-mcinroy British Airways BA is offering members of the BBBF a 10% discount on fares from Bahrain to UK, Europe, North America and South America in Club World, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller. The discount rate is based on the British Airways’ published fare, and applicable to round or one-way trip tickets originating from Bahrain. This discount is not valid on taxes fees and surcharges.To book please contact Ali Sharif on Craig Consultants 10% discount for members on 1-on-1 Executive Coaching, Contact: Kevin Craig Tel: 36199980 Email: DHL 25% discount from the cash tariff for any personal shipments being sent from Bahrain to anywhere in the world available on production of your membership card. DHL Customer Service Tel: 1736 4100 Expat Angels 10% discount on all packages and services. Contact: Tel: 3832-0439



Hasan Mansouri 10% discount to members at Mansouri Mansions Hotel and Country Club. Contact: Karim Mansouri Tel: 1772 8144 Email: Marriott Executive Apartment and Residence Inn Bahrain 15% discounts when dining in Skyw@lk Café upon production of the BBBF membership card. 10% discounts on the best available rates for BBBF Member companies. For meetings and events, we offer a special day delegate rates of 13 BD per person inclusive of 3 coffee breaks and lunch. Contact Marwan Haddad Tel: 3624 2210 National Hotel Services (NHSC) 5% on beers, 15% on wines and spirits with the exception of products already on special offer. Contact: Ian Bricklebank Tel: 1781-5929 Email: Protection Insurance Service offers BBBF members special rates on their personal insurance (motor, home, travel and any other insurance cover). Members will just call to select the cover type, share the credit card number and we will deliver the policy documents to his / her office. Please call 3904-3446 or 3645-4282 Ritz-Carlton, Doha Stay for minimum 2 nights at the club level of The Ritz-Carlton, Doha and get a Food & Beverages credit of USD 50/day. 15% savings for all treatments at The Ritz-Carlton Spa Contact: Hanny Gunawan, Director PR, Tel: +974 4484 8303, email: Royal Over-Seas League The Royal Over-Seas League has clubhouses in London and Edinburgh which include hotel-style accommodation.Reduced rates for BBBF members. Application forms for membership are obtainable from the Membership Secretary at: Royal Over-Seas League, Over-Seas House, Park Place, St James’s Street, London SW1A 1LR Email: Tel: 0044 20 7408 0214 Fax: 0044 20 7499 6738 Servcorp Business Package Two months at half price on any Servcorp Business Package ontact: Heather Barrclough, Sales manager Tel: 1750 2710 email:

Why Join The BBBF?

BAHRAIN The Pearl of the Gulf has had a long standing relationship with Britain and is still a major trading partner.

Membership directories are distributed to members of visiting Trade Missions and are available through the Embassy and business centres in five star hotels.

BRITISH Trade with Bahrain is now subject to significant competition in this era of globalisation particularly from countries in Europe and from the USA.

Simply click on “Sign Up” on our website complete the application form and click submit. Sounds simple, it is, it must be worth it.

BUSINESS between Bahrain and Britain must be promoted in order for Britain to maintain its dominant position. The BBBF has been formed to help in whatever way it can to do this and through its close cooperation with the British Embassy seeks to promote exchange of trade and good relations between Bahrain and Britain. FORUM Is defined in the Collins English Dictionary as, “an assembly or meeting to discuss topics of public concern”. The BBBF provides through its monthly meetings a platform for networking amongst its members and the exchange and dissemination of useful business leads and opportunities. In addition, in return for a modest subscription, members receive the benefit of inclusion in an annual directory describing the products and services they have to offer and a listing on the BBBF website again with a description of activities, contact numbers and useful links.

BBBF Membership Application Please complete the membership form and send it to: BBBF Executive Office, Fax: (00973) 1781 3489, or Email: For further information call (00973) 1781 3488, Web site:

Cost of membership (2012) Individual Membership: BD 75 per annum, with an additional BD 40 once-only registration fee. Corporate Membership: BD 300 per annum (up to 5 individuals) plus BD 40 for each applicant up to a maximum of 10, with an additional BD 100 once-only registration fee. Corporate Sponsorships Three levels of sponsorship are available: Platinum: BD 3500 each year for three years Gold: BD 3500 for one year Silver: BD 1750 for one year Sponsor packages include a variety of advertisement opportunities in the Membership Directory, the Forum magazine, the BBBF website and at the regular lunch meetings. Full details are available on request.

Corporate Membership please complete separate form for each applicant

Individual Membership

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I agree to abide by the BBBF Constitution & Internal regulations. Applicants Signature

Please note that the granting of individual or corporate membership is subject to BBBF Committee approval.




Embassy News recognise the surname, yes Debbie’s husband is Russ our new Deputy Head of Mission.

The UKTI Team continues to change, but such is expat life! It’s a great pleasure to welcome Debbie Dixon as my Deputy and also Education and Health Care Sector specialist. Debbie has a wealth of UKTI experience from previous postings to Jordan and South Africa and is a fantastic addition to our Team. And if you

Above: Russ and Debbie Dixon

10 Forum

The expected ‘quiet’ period over summer did not really arrive and we have been kept busy developing new opportunities across a variety of sectors. His Majesty the King met with David Cameron in August, their second meeting in the last 8 months. His Majesty has made it clear that he wishes to see a very strong bilateral commercial relationship and is encouraging British businesses to enter or expand into Bahrain.

The Ambassador was delighted to host a glittering De Beers diamond seminar in the Residence which proved to be an enormous success. Following a fascinating talk by Andrew Coxon, Director of the De Beers Diamond Institute, guests were able to view and try on the, literally, millions of dinars worth of diamond jewellery on display. Bridget had a hard time at the end of the evening handing back the beautiful necklace she had been wearing all evening! However, the reason I want to highlight the success of the event was to encourage

you to think about using our support for your own Company’s benefit. We can help you host seminars, run networking events and facilitate product launches. Anything from small bespoke events in the Residence, to very large functions in the beautiful gardens. The cache of the Embassy can help you reach key people and lead to expanding your market share, which is what UKTI is here for. Please contact me or any of the Team if you would think we can support you. Bill Scarth Head of UKTI

Above and Below: Images from the De Beers Diamond Seminar

Visit by Members of The Bahrain Society UK

BBBF Chairman Khalid Al Zayani and other committee members welcomed members of The Bahrain (Friendship) Society UK to Bahrain in October. Whilst in Bahrain, the Chairman of the Society, Peter Sincock MBE and a number of the Society’s members met with His Highness Shaikh Mohammed Bin Mubarak Al Khalifa in his office at Gudhaibiya Palace. During the meeting, HH Shaikh Mohammed pointed out the important and vital role of Bahrain-British Friendship Society and its efforts in strengthening and developing the strong historical relations which bond Bahrain and Britain. HH Shaikh Mohammed also highlighted the positive impact of those relations in reinforcing the cooperation between the two countries and their people in all areas.

12 Forum

For his part, the Chairman of the Society expressed his thanks and appreciation to HH the Deputy Premier for his support and keen interest in the society’s activities, stressing the society’s interest in supporting all the efforts that might develop and strengthen the relations between Bahrain and Britain. The Society was founded in 1971, after the State of Bahrain became fully independent, creating a Treaty of Friendship with the United Kingdom replacing the Treaty of Protection which had defined relations between the two nations since the middle of the nineteenth century. HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme commander, has praised the role of the Bahraini-British Friendship Society in boosting

bilateral cooperation in all fields. Speaking as he received the delegation, the Prince expressed delight at the British community’s integration and co-existence within the Bahraini society for generations, He also pointed out the Kingdom’s constant keenness to upgrade its deep-rooted ties with the United Kingdom in order to foster joint cooperation based on mutual understanding, friendship and mutual respect. HRH Crown Prince wished the Society every success in its functions and activities. On his part, Peter Sincock praised the spirit of tolerance, openness and coexistence distinguishing the Kingdom, wishing Bahrain continuous progress and stability.

Special Interest Groups

To keep you up-to-date with plans for the coming months we have some changes to our Committee – I will be handing over the responsibility for chairing the groups to Paula Boast in January – co-chairing until then – and getting my Organizational Effectiveness group back on track. I need to focus on my getting my own business, Inside Change, solidly established and don’t have enough time to devote to this as well.

Rick Hopper will be running the construction group on his own – Clive Hopewell (legal), Gordon Bennie(finance), Tony Palys (security) and Mike Jackson and David Wales (ICT) will continue to run their groups and Cate Barbour, Reem Al Mahroos and Myrna Al Mehaiza will get their young

professionals group off the ground by the end of this year. Tom Reynolds and I will be getting our heads together to put some form around the work experience initiative in conjunction with the Bahrain Polytechnic team. We are trying to combine interests and so you can expect an experience sharing/info exchange about the new labour law. Construction and security are also getting together. Rick Hopper may arrange a look back at the Olympics and a look forward to the World Cup.

to kick off the business year – probably at Typhoon at the Gulf Hotel so we can enjoy the lovely weather. So onto events past and events coming up – The Organisational Effectiveness SIG will have at least two meetings (maybe three) before the end of the year. The first will be a talk and workshop on marketing strategy run by Ahmed Al Akber of ACK solutions.

We won’t be having the Autumn business bazaar this year as there is a lot going on at the same time but we - will have a SIG networking event in January

I am talking to Amy Barrie and Mark Warman about a workshop on blogging for business and pleasure (Amy has a blog called Appetite for discovery which combines her interest in travel and food and Mark has an interesting case study from his work with one of the high profile car brands here).

In addition, the Legal SIG is looking to arrange several meetings in the coming year. We have received volunteers who have indicated their interest in

speaking opportunities for topics which include: An Overview of the Bahrain Court System and a Comparative Assessment of Business Regulations

Jill Boggiss The Construction SIG has an upcoming event planned for the 22 October that will highlight the challenges of Hotel Developments. The luncheon meeting will cover Hotel Design, Legal Aspects and Operation Agreements as well as Security Issues, delivered by regional professionals in each field. Looking forward after this event, the Construction SIG is planning a "Success of the 2012 Olympics – Look back" event for some time in November, with a December Holidays Social Networking event for the first week of December.

Legal SIG

The BBBF Legal SIG hosted its first Iftar at the Capital Club in the Bahrain Financial Harbour. Over 60 guests attended, including local, international and in-house lawyers as well as other professionals involved in the legal industry. BBBF Chairman, Khalid Al Zayani, kindly led the ‘Maghrib’ evening prayers before the meal commenced. Following the introduction of the new Private Sector Labour Law in Bahrain, the Legal SIG will be providing an update in early November in relation to the latest changes that have been made and their implications on existing employment contracts. The discussion will be led by Zeenat Al Mansoori & Associates. 14 Forum

in the GCC. Full details will follow nearer the time and we look forward to seeing as many as you as possible at these events.

Special Interest Group - Security and Captain Walsh the Base Commander.

The resolve of the Security SIG certainly kept us hungry for information in what seems to have been a never ending summer of disquiet in various areas with Credit Cards & ATM’s being targeted and a rather worrying increase in armed robberies.

To that end the presentation by Andrew Stephenson at the Diplomat Radisson Hotel, Residence & Spa with reference to the Crime Prevention for Business Initiative was rather timely.

Meetings also took place at the British & Capital Clubs with the last one taking place on the 19th September at The Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain where a warm welcome to the NSA base was extended by Special Agent in Charge Daniel D’Ambrosio, NCIS 16 Forum

Speakers representing both the UK & US Embassies, UK Border Agency, NCIS, US Navy and both the UK & US RSO’s covered topics such as tax fraud, smuggling, immigration crime, business & security community partnerships in Bahrain, transnational crime, local and regional security briefings. Our sincere thanks go to all the speakers, venue providers and their staff as they all went out of their way in affording us a high level of quality information and excellent support throughout all of the events. As well as the meetings, mentioned above, Bahrain Security Orientations were completed with analysts and security professionals belonging to a varied group of organisations from around the region and beyond. Representations at the London 2012 Olympics and at the Doha OSAC Dinner were also achieved by members of the SIG in partnership with the Bahrain OSAC and ASIS Chapters. Hail & Farewell A number of the Partnership Committee Members have moved on due to work commitments and postings including the Chairman Nick Galbraith and the RSO Mark Sullo. Nick has been with us

from the beginning and was a rock solid cornerstone that one could go to for advice and guidance especially when things became a wee bit testing here in Bahrain in 2011.

new Chairman is BBBF Member Jerry Lonsdale the Managing Director of G4S Bahrain & Jordan with the new Secretary being Gary Theobalds, the Regional Safety & Security Manager for American Express.


Mark was the RSO at the US Embassy during this time and he also proved to be a major asset throughout his whole tenure with a straight forward attitude that left you knowing the "lay of the land" when needed. We wish them and all the rest of the Team, which have left the Kingdom in the past few months, best wishes and every success.

New Partnership Committee At present we are halfway through the transition of completing the handover to the new committee. It has been quite a roller-coaster of a ride over nearly five years in the various posts but I can confirm that the BBBF remain a strong contingent as we move forward with new objectives and targets to be achieved. The actual new members, their roles and responsibilities will be published shortly but I can mention that the

The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) is pleased to announce the 27th Annual Briefing to be held at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, November 14. The theme for this year’s briefing is: Protecting your organisation in a changing world We are preparing a robust agenda of invited speakers, including Deputy Secretary of State, Thomas Nides; Ambassador Jon Huntsman and CIA Director David Petraeus. Topics for the afternoon session will cover best practices for integrating global security into organisation-wide risk assessments; case studies in combating cybercrime; challenges to operating in Burma; security and political vacuums in Syria and Libya; myths about the North Caucasus conflict and crime and violence in Rio de Janeiro, among others. On Thursday, November 15, the OSAC Committee for Risk and Information Sharing will present the 15th annual half-day seminar. This seminar has become widely popular among

OSAC constituents with the emphasis on delving deeper into crucial topics. The guest speakers will include Mr. Hank Crumpton of The Crumpton Group and CNN Contributor, Ms. Fran Townsend. The Committee is planning six panel discussions on the following topics: Iran Plus Israel-An Equation for Instability; Unfriendly Skies; Risk and Mitigation in Cloud Computing; Challenges of Traveling and Doing Business in Mexico; Eyewitness Account of a Hactivist Attack; Dealing with Disaster; Nuclear Issues & Fukushima Crisis and The Olympics-lessons Learned in London and Looking Forward to Brazil. To register early for this event, please contact us at Registration is now open and will close on Monday, November 5.

ASIS Bahrain Chapter 276

Does YOUR Security Manager need to be qualified? By Andrew Deamer, CPP, PSP When reviewing the requirements for a Security Manager within the modern business environment, Companies face a number of issues. Who in the company

should be responsible for security, what other areas of responsibility can be incorporated into the position, and what laws or regulations govern the decision. The modern Security Manager’s role has changed dramatically from the days of former military or law enforcement retirees managing a team of security guards who patrol a facility and check ID’s. In addition to these traditional responsibilities the modern Security Manager is required to be a Security Professional with a very diverse portfolio of skills and responsibilities including:


Managing and enforcing company HSE


Transport Management


Internal investigations


Travel security for company executives


Managing company evacuation plans


Business continuity


Security training and briefings


Project management of electronic and physical security installations

Regulations in Bahrain, such as the new Labour Law and the Central Bank of Bahrain requirements for dedicated Security Managers in financial institutions, will eventually have an impact on the need for Security Managers

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to provide evidence of academic qualifications and experience. Currently within Bahrain the options for obtaining qualifications are limited to self-study and distance learning programmes, which while very effective for some, finding the time and motivation in the modern high demanding business environment is not always conducive to self-study. One option available in Bahrain comes from the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), Bahrain Chapter. Chapter 276 is part of a global network of over 38,000 members in over 280 chapters worldwide who come together to promote security educational programmes. ASIS International has set the standards for certification in security for 35 years. Certification plays an important role in the security industry by identifying high professional standards. As an indicator of qualifications, certification is documented evidence of expertise and experience. It is an objective means of distinguishing highly competent security practitioners. The independent Professional Certification Board (PCB) oversees ASIS certifications. ASIS administers the following certification programmes:

in all areas constituting security management.

Professional Certified Investigator (PCI®) - Holders of the PCI® certification have demonstrated education and/or experience in the fields of case management, evidence collection, and case presentation.

Physical Security Professional (PSP®) - The PSP® designation is the certification for those whose primary responsibility is to conduct threat surveys, design integrated security systems that include equipment, procedures and people, or install, operate and maintain those

systems. Within Bahrain, chapter members who currently hold one or more of the certifications, volunteer to hold CPP® and PSP® review programmes throughout the year, usually with the venue generously being provided by their employing company, to assist aspirant CCP® and PSP® come together and study through mutual support. The ASIS certifications do require applicants to satisfy certain security and/or educational requirements to be eligible to undertake their certifications, details of the requirements and other information relating to membership, and ASIS in general can be found on their website For those who are not eligible for the ASIS certifications; are new to the security role; or for companies who are developing current staff into the security management role; finding entry level programs can be very

difficult for the international market. One such distancelearning programme will become available in January 2013 through ISMI (The International Security Management Institute), the Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP), Further details about ISMI can be found at Looking Forward: Formal Networking Gathering Our next Networking & Briefing Gathering is provisionally scheduled to take place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on the Wed 21 st November 2012 with a start time of 15:00hrs. Further details with reference to registration and speakers will be distributed closer to the time. Do please note that Security related companies are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to display their products. Contact us on

Weathered Eye – Courtesy of Batelco: Batelco Warns Customers to be on the Alert for Hoax Calls Batelco, the Kingdoms leading telecommunications provider, has issued a warning to its customers to be on the alert regarding a spate of fraudulent calls which are being generated from international numbers beginning with +88. A number of customers have contacted Batelco Customer Care Centre to report the receipt of several missed calls from unrecognised international numbers including calls in the middle of the night. "A number of Batelcos customers have received missed calls from +88 international numbers and are seeking our advice on how to deal with this matter," said Batelco Group General Manager Media Relations, Ahmed Al Janahi. "We strongly advise our customers not to return the calls as unless they recognise the number calling, it is more than likely that these are fraudulent calls," he stressed.

Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) - This certification designates individuals who have demonstrated competency 18 Forum

Batelco issued several warnings in the last couple of years alerting its customers to be on the alert for hoax calls coming from Bahrain numbers. The latest spate of annoying calls are coming from international numbers. "Batelco cannot block numbers or ranges of numbers from international locations. Scam calls are a global problem with reported incidents coming from all over the world and Bahrain is no exception," added Mr. Al Janahi.

Financial News

BFC Smart Money - the most convenient way to send money home

For over 95 years BFC has been offering foreign currency exchange solutions and money transfer services from the Kingdom of Bahrain. With its trusted reputation of providing safe, fast international remittances with great rates and excellent customer service, why not make BFC your preferred choice when sending money to loved ones back home! With a network of 30 conveniently located branches across Bahrain, BFC offers a vast array of products including remittances, EzRemit, instant cash transfer worldwide, door to door delivery service, travellers cheques, and foreign currency banknotes, all supported by state-of-the-

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art systems. In addition, BFC was also responsible for creating Bahrain’s first dedicated online remittance service ‘BFC Smart Money’. The online money transfer service was launched in 2011 and enables customers to send money safely and securely from their home or workplace, using most locally issued Mastercard and Visa debit cards, while still taking advantage of the same great rates offered at its retail locations. The service which is available 24 hours a day is available to all BFC customers and is cheaper than sending money through a regular bank. BFC Smart Money is fast, safe and convenient and

only requires a onetime registration process to get started. Customers can either register at www.bfcsmart or visit any BFC branch in Bahrain. To complete the registration customers need to provide a valid piece of identification. Once the registration has taken place customers will be sent their login details by email and can then start benefiting from the service. BFC Smart Money is secured by VeriSign, the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world and ensures that financial transactions processed through the system are

highly s e c u r e with customer information kept confidential at every stage. In addition, the service offers full transactional history of remittances and status updates on all services 24 hours, 7 days a week. For more information on BFC Smart Money customers can visit or call BFC’s customer service centre on 1722 8888.

Citibank, N.A., Bahrain launches Premium Accounts Standard Chartered Citibank, N.A., Bahrain’s consumer at inception. The key elements of the wins new Awards business launched a new product known as Premium Account; a personalised solution with a touch of innovation.

choice of currencies, tenor (ranging from one week to three months), and conversion rate are all customised to suit the individual views of clients.

Premium Accounts are short-term, currency-related investment accounts that provide investors with an exciting opportunity to earn a higher interest rate compared to a conventional Time Deposit.

Navneet Kampani, Consumer Bank Head said, "We are finally able to offer an on-shore solution to clients with exposure to multiple currencies that will help them manage their short-term liquidity needs while benefitting from higher interest rates. This is an ideal product for investors who are trying to counter the low interest rate regime that we find ourselves in today."

Mazin Manna, CEO of CitiBahrain, commented, "This is a fantastic addition to our suite of investment products. A variety of clients ranging from those operating their business all over the world to those with children studying abroad would find this offering suitable to their personal needs." Premium Accounts may offer higher interest rates whereby clients accept the possibility of receiving their principal plus interest back on maturity in either of the two currencies chosen

Citi has been in the Middle East for nearly 50 years and currently offers consumer-banking services in Bahrain, UAE and Egypt. In the Kingdom of Bahrain alone, Citibank, N.A., being a wholly own entity of Citi and providing consumer banking services as well, has had a presence for the past 21 years and is expanding its operations within the country.

Standard Chartered Bank has won awards of "Best Global Retail Bank" and "Best Online Banking Strategy" at The Retail Banker International’s Awards, its 27th annual event. The accolades recognise the Bank’s strong progress in delivering consistent results amidst the industry’s changing climate and regulatory environment. They also reflect the Bank’s leadership in demonstrating innovation and cost effective deployment, while achieving growth, operational efficiencies and high levels of customer satisfaction. Douglas Blakey, editor of Retail Banker International, said: “Standard Chartered was a worthy winner of the awards as it has posted record profits for the ninth successive year, while driving to continuously deliver highly differentiated and innovative products, services and superior online consumer experiences.”

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Financial News

Standard Chartered Appoints Head of Origination and Client Coverage for Bahrain

Hussam AlFaqir will co-lead the Bank’s Wholesale Banking client relationship management Standard Chartered Bank Bahrain appointed Hussam AlFaqir as Head of Origination and Client Coverage and Co-Head of Wholesale Banking for Bahrain. Hussam was previously Head of Large Local Corporates with Standard Chartered in Dubai. In his new role, he will be responsible for developing and executing Bahrain’s Wholesale Banking strategy with a focus on deepening client relationships. Commenting on the appointment, Morad Mahlouji, Regional Head of Origination and Client Coverage Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan, Standard Chartered Bank said, "Hussam’s strong client relationships and banking experience will ensure we continue to strengthen our franchise in Bahrain. The Middle East is one of Standard Chartered’s strategic markets globally and Hussam’s knowledge and skills will help us in further advancing the business in Bahrain." Hassan



Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bahrain said: "Standard Chartered has been operating in Bahrain for more than 90 years and the appointment of a senior banker, like Hussam, who understands this region, is a clear reflection of the Bank's commitment to developing Arab talent to lead the bank in the future. " Hussam joined Standard Chartered in early 2009 and has 17 years of banking experience encompassing consumer banking and wholesale banking most of which was in the UAE. Prior to joining the Bank, he worked for several local and multinational banks. Under his leadership the Large Local Corporates business has grown from strength to strength. Hussam will report to Morad Mahlouji, Regional Head of Origination and Client Coverage Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan and to Hassan Jarrar, CEO, Bahrain.

Standard Chartered PLC is a leading international bank, listed on the London, Hong Kong and Mumbai stock exchanges. It has operated for over 150 years in some of the world’s most dynamic markets and earns around 90 per cent of its income and profits in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The Bank’s heritage and values are expressed in its brand promise, ‘Here for good’. 22 Forum

Travelex launches Bahrain’s first currency exchange website Travellers from Bahrain can now order their travel money online, commissionfree, following the launch of the country’s first website for online currency orders by Travelex, the world’s leading foreign exchange specialist. Designed to help customers save time and money before travelling abroad, allows customers to order from 34 foreign currencies online, backed by Travelex’s Best Price Guarantee. This ensures they get their travel money at Travelex’s best rate, commission-free. Ordering online is quick and easy and orders can be available for collection as soon as the very next day at any of Travelex’s 25 stores in Bahrain International Airport and across Bahrain. Customers can also benefit from our Buy Back Plus product, which, for a small fee of 2BHD, allows them ABOUT TRAVELEX: Travelex is the world’s leading foreign exchange specialist with more than 1,100 stores and 900 ATMs across 23 countries, at key airport, seaport, rail and tourist locations. Over 40% of travellers - 1.7 billion passengers a year - pass through airports where Travelex operates including the major gateways at Amsterdam, Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Rome, Sydney & Tokyo. Every hour, Travelex provides foreign currency to more than 2,000 customers.

to change back any leftover currency, commission-free and at the same rate at which they purchased it. Travelex Director of Business Development Graham Flannery said: ‘As the global leader in currency exchange, we’re proud to be launching Bahrain’s first online currency exchange service. will allow travellers to combine our best price guarantee with the convenience of ordering online. ‘In many cases this will mean one less stop before travelling, helping to give our customers the best value and make getting away that little bit simpler. ‘Online is a key growth area of our business, representing up to 30% of orders in some developed markets. Bahrain is the first market in the region to go live, with sites for UAE and Oman to follow in the coming months."

TRAVELEX.BH & TRAVELEX BEST PRICE GUARANTEE: is committed to offering customers our Best Price Guarantee. We offer 34 currencies, commission free, at our best available rate. Should the in-store rate be better at the time of collection, we’ll upgrade to the better rate automatically. Order currency online and pay on collection at any Travelex store across Bahrain and at a location. Orders made online can be available as soon as the next day, avoiding any lengthy waiting times.

Social business week – Muhammad Yunus comes to Bahrain This was an exciting and interesting week – starting with a keynote address from Muhammad Yunus talking about his experience with Grameen Bank and his ideas for social business in Bahrain.

cheaper traditional types. Both ventures provide local employment and one of the main principles of social businesses is that they need to be of the highest international quality in terms of the way they are run.

The week was sponsored by Family Bank, Tamkeen, EDB, BCCI, BDB, Ministry of Social Development and was under the patronage of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed Bin Mubarek Al Khalifa. The main part of the week was a series of workshops put on by a team from Grameen Creative Lab.

When he founded Grameen Bank in 1976 (as an experiment with his economics students) he was looking for a way to help poor Bangladeshi women borrow tiny amounts to start a business. They loaned small amounts to 20 women. The traditional banks said this was impossible as the poor were not credit worthy – ironically the defaults are minimal with a loan recovery rate of 97%. The majority of borrowers are women (94%) and now there are over 8 million borrowers, the bank employs 22,000 people and operates in 81,000 villages.

Muhammad Yunus was inspiring and down to earth, radiating the kind of happiness that you don’t often see. The speech was great - and the things that stuck with me were: • • •

Find ways to be useful to another person Make your business all about the ’other’ Start small and demonstrate that it will work

and he advises young people to reframe their work expectations and to pledge "I am not a job seeker, I am a job giver" and to start their own businesses early in their lives. Social Business is a simple concept. But one that is strangely hard to get your head around. Simply put it is the same as a normal business except that once the costs of the business have been met the profits get recycled into the company, there are no dividends and no external shareholders. Social businesses pay their 24 Forum

founders like any other business and a rule of thumb on the salary for founders (and staff) is that they should get paid a market rate salary in start up. And however successful it becomes salaries should not exceed 7 times of the median salary of the country they are in otherwise things get out of balance.

ideas for social businesses that could help to do this. The second two were held at Bahrain University and at Bait al Tijar – and the issues people identified were in the area of education, employment and housing – and the ideas generated were very interesting and a few are quite possible to pull off.

The idea is summed up in the triple bottom line concept (contribution to people, profit and planet) – with dividends being reinvested so that the business can sustain and grow in its potential to prosper and continue to solve problems profitably.

The Grameen foundation have also done some very interesting joint ventures – Professor Yunus wanted to solve the problem of poor nutrition in infants and so partnered with DANONE to create yogurts loaded with vitamins that were cheap and easy for people to sell door to door. They also partnered with BASF to distribute and eventually manufacture a mosquito net that will kill mossies as they come into contact with it – this is again sold - and for around $10 but is much more effective than the

There were three workshops – the first an open workshop at the Centre for the support of NGO’s and the diverse group there were taken through the process of identifying social issues that need addressing here in Bahrain and then working on

I was so happy to have attended these events – it is always an honor to meet a hero and to find that they are even more inspiring than you expected. Thanks to all involved in organising this. I also learned more about Family Bank – the micro credit institution here in Bahrain – and the work they do to support small businesses here in the Kingdom. by Jill Boggiss

The six signs that your organisation may have the ‘sleepworking’ syndrome Waking your organisation up to the potential of your people is a key management responsibility – these 6 signs are indicators that you need to look more closely at what may be happening and how you may be wasting potential profits. No 1 Performance management is done "because HR say we have to" It is a once a year ritual and not a natural part of running your business. Either the process has taken over and people see this as a chore or people just don’t have a consistent way of setting goals and managing performance so that they can focus their efforts. People need (and want) to be having great conversations all year about the business, clients and achievements – and the mid year and end of year review is just a useful way of making sense of it all.

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People will often pay attention once a year for the annual review "This is the one where you decide on my pay rise and bonus, right?" Wrong! Managers need to make sure that people are thinking about results all year and so that when they meet to review progress and achievements there are no surprises. No 2 There is a culture of ‘clock watching’ and people just can’t wait to get back in that lift

If your organisation has more than one or two people just passing time until they can go home it will drain your whole organisation of energy and drive. This usually starts with people not knowing clearly enough what they are supposed to be doing and then not having an incentive, direction or motivation to find out because there are no consequences (or rewards) for doing this. Often managers decide that people can’t be motivated and so don’t bother to try. When people love their jobs and really know that they are adding value through their work. When they are learning new skills at work they are happy to put in the hours needed. It is important for people to keep a balance but sometimes you get the impression that people are just waiting for the

workday to be over so they can start their lives again.

As a manager you need to change the culture – people need to know that this way of working is not OK with you. Encourage people to have real contact with each other, and quickly!

If you don’t get a handle on this quickly it is contagious and before you know it people are on cruise control and not very willing to change gear. Managers need to be able to motivate and engage people – just telling people what to do doesn’t work for long. No 3 People don’t have the skills they need to be successful in their roles and there is no systematic way to identify skills gaps and provide the right development If your company has a strategy and a plan of action to achieve specific results your people need to have clear goals and a real sense of what they need to do to be successful. As well as managing performance it is also important to manage people’s development. Being able to talk about your job and to get support to learn skills needed to be really productive is key to realising organisational potential. If people don’t have the core skills needed – both technical and soft skills – your organisation will always be wasting time and productivity. Investing in skills throughout your organisation is key to high levels of engagement and motivation. It is also important to develop workplace skills that people use quickly otherwise the learning is lost and productivity is not achieved.

No 6 Some people are ‘overstretched’ because some people are ‘under-stretched’ No 4 People are reluctant to do things that are "not in my job description" This can happen when it is safe in an organisation to do nothing apart from "warm the seat" and where by contrast it is dangerous to take initiative. This happens all over the world and again this can be contagious. Leaders and managers need to create a culture where making some mistakes is OK and learning from mistakes is supported. It needs to be uncomfortable to take no action, to wait for instructions and to put things off until ‘next week’. Making people accountable for results and supporting them to deliver against mutually agreed goals is key to learning how to be able to make things happen. Managers need to help staff to understand their responsibilities and to encourage people to be more flexible and agile in the way that they deliver their work. No 5 Communication is by email and the purpose is to ‘cover my back’ We all experience this – you get an email that has a lot of cc addresses on it – or in anger you send an email and cc everyone else on the project so they can see that you are right (and your colleague is wrong). Email has its place but if you start to see an increase in ‘back covering’ communication or in people who sit next to each other sending emails to and fro about simple things you need to take action. This is wasted time, energy and will not improve relationships.

This happens a lot – some of your people have to work twice as hard as others. They do this because they feel responsible for delivering results. They genuinely are at a loss to delegate to people who don’t want to get things done People who they can’t realistically performance manage in any meaningful way. No 6 is a killer because in the end your hardworking staff will either burn out or leave and find somewhere to work where they have support to manage their team and staff who they are genuinely accountable for. If you have a small number of people doing the work of others who are snoozing through the day then you have an unsustainable workplace – and you will be left with an organisation that cannot be woken – even with the loudest of alarms. What you need to do in this case is to change the culture so significantly that it becomes too stimulating to sleep – too noisy to snooze – and too hard to hide. Ultimately you want to walk into your workplace and to find that the place is wide-awake, buzzing with ideas and productive people. Everyone is awake to the fact that they make a huge difference – every day. Jill Boggiss, Founder of Inside Change

Inside Change was founded to support the development of organisations that are efficient, effective and where people can deliver results. Forum 27

The Poppy comes to Bahrain Ever wondered why so may British Ex-pats are wearing the red poppy? It is to commemorate Armistice Day which is when the First World War ended at 11.00am on the 11 th Day of the 11 th Month. It is remembered on Remembrance Day throughout the world and the Kingdom of Bahrain is no exception. The BBBF is hosting Late Sergeant Michael Geoffrey Allen, 70; Late Sergeant Louis John Back, 73; and Late SPR (Sapper) Michael Barry Riley, 67. During their visit, these gentlemen will be wearing their distinctive red uniform. Our distinguished visitors will be attending many functions, including school visits, British Embassy functions and visits to local places of interests. The highlight of the visit will be laying a wreath at a Memorial service and as guests of honour at the Poppy Ball at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on 8th November. The Chelsea Pensioners who will be visiting represent a formidable Charity which is The Royal Hospital, Chelsea

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in England and is the largest home in the UK for veteran soldiers. The Chelsea Pensioners, who reside and are cared for at the hospital, each surrender their army pension on admission. However, the cost of running the hospital far outweighs this income and as the hospital is independent of Government it relies heavily on public funds to operate on a daily basis. In order to comply with legislation on care standards, the hospital urgently needs to upgrade many of its facilities. To fund this development plan, the Chelsea Pensioners’ Appeal was launched in late 2003 with the aim of raising £35 million In Scotland, the Earl Haig fund raises money through

its annual Poppy Appeal and other donations to support ex-service veterans. The Edinburgh-based Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory employs 24 disabled exService men who handassemble Scotland’s poppies and wreaths and is supported by the Earl Haig Fund Scotland. Each year over four million poppies and 7,000 wreaths are produced. Each year, the BBBF raises awareness of and money for these very worthwhile causes via the Poppy Ball, which takes place in November and at which a small number of Chelsea Pensioners are guests of honour. The pensioners will be guests of honour at the ball and the BBBF will be arranging a variety of other fun events and activities while they are in town. However, the reasons they will be here are to remind us of all those who have given so much in the defence and service of their country and to encourage us all to give generously to the Chelsea Pensioners’ Appeal, the Earl Haig Fund and a local Bahrain Charity.

How can you help? For more information on sponsorship / donations please contact the BBBF office at: Sponsors on board so far are : British Airways -who have generously provided return tickets for three pensioners (and tickets for the raffle at the Poppy ball). Euromotors have provided a chauffeur driven LandRover LR4. Gulf Brand International. The Bookcase & the Crowne Plaza Hotel. 2012 BBBF-BBA Poppy Ball Crown Plaza Hotel 8th November Members BD30 Non-members BD35 Tickets can be purchased from British Club Reception Tel: 1772 8245 Daily 9am – 9pm (cash or cheque) The Bookcase in Budayia Tel:1769 0566 Sun – Thurs 9am – 8pm & Friday 10am – 2pm (cash only)

Bahrain International Circuit is all geared up to take the exciting sport of drag racing to even greater heights As "The Home of Motorsport in the Middle East", BIC boasts one of the premier quarter-mile drag strips in the world. It has been given the distinction of being a part of the NHRA Worldwide Network – a prestigious honour that allows BIC to run drag racing events under the banner of the US-based National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). The strip hosts a wide array of activities throughout the calendar year, many of which are open to the general public. Two of the newest ones that are generating the most buzz are the Dragster

its launch earlier this year.

Xperience and soon-tobe-launched Junior Drag Racing Academy.

Also generating plenty of excitement is the BIC Junior Drag Racing Academy, which is scheduled to open its doors in the coming months.

In the Dragster Xperience, petrol heads and thrillseekers alike can get in the passenger seat of a 1,000horsepower Top Dragster, which is one of the fastest cars in the sport. These are specially designed, three-seater vehicles that will take you down the strip in mind-boggling speed.

BIC recently purchased a fleet of six 35-horsepower Junior Dragsters, which are perfect for children around the ages of 12 to 17 to enjoy drag racing. These junior dragsters will be a part of the academy, which aims to give young Bahrainis a venue to develop an interest in the sport.

This ultimate thrill ride can be over in as quick as eight seconds, making for a truly unique experience – one that has grown to be a favourite at BIC ever since

The academy will include courses comprising both classroom lectures and drives out on the strip. Each student will be provided with their own vehicle, and upon

graduation, they will receive a license for completing the course. Further details of the academy will be announced soon. For more information on the Dragster Xperience, the BIC Junior Drag Racing Academy or other activities at BIC, visit the circuit’s official website, or call the BIC Hotline on +973 1745 0000.

News from the Eastern Province The British Business Association (BBA) - Eastern Province P.O.Box 1868, AlKhobar 31952 Tel: 03 882 5288 ext 1651 Fax: 03 882 5384 Email: Website:

Geoff Fennah MBE Chairman, EPBBA Now the heat of summer is behind us we face the busy run in to the festive season. Since my last notes it is clear that the Middle East continues to have its problems. While Syria is dominating the news, hopefully Bahrain is starting to settle down to historical norms and that more progress can be made through dialogue. It was good to see the FI return to the calendar and provide a much needed boost in confidence and a stimulus for an upturn in the economy. Sadly, we said our goodbyes to HMA Sir Tom and Lady Phillips as they headed off back to UK. Sir Tom has now retired from the Foreign Office and we wish them both well as they settle down to life back home. This also presented us with an opportunity to welcome new HMA Sir John Jenkins to Eastern Province when he attended the Invest Northern Ireland Trade Mission in September. We look forward to seeing Sir John and Lady Jenkins visiting Eastern Province on a regular basis. Eastern Province continues to flourish on the business front as Government investment in infrastructure starts to translate into real projects on the ground. Rail projects, training and other opportunities are attracting a lot of interest from British companies. The official opening

32 Forum

reception for the new Atkins office in Al-Khobar, hosted by the British Trade Office, was an example of this and it is good to see an established British engineering company on the ground in Eastern Province. The mining sector continues to develop rapidly with the announcement of a new mineral city, Wa’ad Al-Shammal (Promise of the North), near the Jordan border plus Ras Al-Khair (formerly Ras Azour) continuing to develop at pace. The latter part of the year is always busy with visiting trade missions from UK and this year will be no exception as efforts are made to encourage bilateral trade and to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that are surfacing. Let’s hope UK plc gets some of the action. October saw MEA’s Opportunity Arabia 9 Conference take place in London where I represented the British business groups in Saudi by making a short presentation. It was also good to meet up with past colleagues and friends in the Westminster Arms after the conference and discuss trade opportunities in more detail! The conference was well attended and hopefully achieved its objective of attracting more British companies into the Saudi market. Our next major event is the Annual Poppy Ball and we look forward to a fantastic evening with our colleagues in Bahrain. See you there. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the BBA or need to contact us then feel free to call me directly, send an e-mail to our Secretary at or at our website

Zayani Motors… Leading the way in the Bahrain Automotive Sector A subsidiary of Al Zayani Investments, Zayani Motors, the exclusive and authorized dealer of Mitsubishi and Peugeot in the kingdom of Bahrain is one of the island’s pioneers in the automotive sector, developing and exceeding expectations. Established in 1994, Zayani Motors’ founding mission has been to provide the highest quality motor vehicles to their target market segments. The exclusive dealers for Mitsubishi and Peugeot in Bahrain, Zayani Motors houses the cream of the crop selection of brands from the west and east alike. These cars render a new definition for dynamic technology and refined engineering to suit the modern day lifestyle. Along with their large and innovative range of models, Zayani Motors delivers quality, reliability and durability with every vehicle. The popular Mitsubishi models such as Pajero Sport and Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4L 4WD define exceptional refinement and quality with their distinctive styling and sporty demeanor, while the Lancer

EX sets new standards with its sheer combination of modern elegance and refined style. With respect to ZM’s added-value programs, Zayani Motors offers their Mitsubishi customers an exclusive membership for the Diamond Loyalty Scheme which entitles them to special discounts on parts, accessories and

labour charges, 24 hour free recovery service, guaranteed same day delivery of service and routine maintenance jobs, free evaluation for tradeins and much more. Zayani Motors also offers their customers the Diamond Lifetime Warranty (1,000,000 Kms or more) for Mitsubishi car owners who carry out regular service and maintenance at Zayani Motors’ fully equipped service centres. Customers who qualify for this privilege enjoy a lifetime warranty on their vehicles’ engine and transmission components. As for the French flagship brand Peugeot, Zayani Motors became their official dealers in 2009 and

34 Forum

launched a showroom that features a state-of-the-art facility where all customers can witness and experience exclusivity, sophistication and progressiveness that is associated with the world’s most prestigious brands. Stylish, feline design inspired features, performance, individuality and innovation are the five elements that embody the Peugeot brand and add to the distinctive appeal of the Peugeot range.

Peugeot regularly renews and expands its product range and aims to bring all customers the benefits of innovations designed to cut fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, while enhancing safety and onboard comfort. Peugeot also embodies a unique style and a hallmark of automotive design, as illustrated in the recent Peugeot 5008 model. In addition, P e u g e o t boasts of one of the fastest growing ranges of commercial vehicles and applications such as the

Peugeot Partner and Boxer vans, which provide a dynamic silhouette to drive the image of a business with their powerful and pioneering styles. Every purchase made at Zayani Motors offers more than just a car- but an exclusive package incorporating efficient and competent services. With a dedicated after-sales team, a professional service centre and fixed ‘open and honest’ service menu pricing, Zayani Motors has consolidated its position as one of the most innovative dealerships in the Kingdom offering value added packages and excellent customer service. Zayani Motors now has two state of the art showrooms and service centres equipped with the latest technology; one in Ma’ameer and the other in Arad. Innovatively designed and well equipped showrooms stand as a testament to Zayani Motors dedication in providing the best facilities that are on par with international standards and are sure to maintain customer loyalty. In addition, there are currently five spare parts sales outlets throughout Bahrain with plans for further future expansions. Providing the very best in every facet of conducting business efficiently, Zayani Motors strives to succeed and continue leading the automotive industry.

BMMI – A company with heart Last year BMMI embarked on an extensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) journey. Having for many years carried out regular philanthropic work supporting many local charities and causes, the company finally decided to formalise the entire process and establish a Group wide CSR programme focusing on three major areas – people, community and environment. As part of its community outreach initiatives, which aim to facilitate change and betterment at a local level in the communities in which it operates, BMMI has long supported the Regional Institute of Active Learning (RIA) and the Alia Centre for Early Intervention (Alia) in Bahrain with monetary and non-monetary contributions. This year was no different, with BMMI presenting Alia with a cheque for BD10,000 and RIA with a cheque for BD1000. A total of 89 special needs children currently attend Alia, but thanks to a newly added extension to its school premises, student capacity will soon increase by as much as a third. “In the past, despite holding morning and afternoon classes to maximize our resources, we still had at least 217 students on the waiting list as we struggled to find space to accommodate them all,” explains Haidy Haleem, Administrative & Educational Supervisor at Alia. “With the new extension, we can now take on more students. This, however, comes at a price as we now find ourselves with significantly higher overheads. Thankfully, the generous donation from BMMI will go a long way in helping us to stay afloat.”

walks of life can receive access to education and social interaction.” BMMI is also looking to resume its Employee Volunteer Programme, which has over the past two years seen many BMMI employees spend a few hours every Tuesday afternoon socializing with the students at RIA.

Above: Yasmin (3rd from the left) presents the cheque to Haidy (right) from Alia

part of a special vocational initiative, students will be given an opportunity to practice basic skills they have acquired at Alia, such as photocopying, filing, stocking shelves and labelling merchandise at the BMMI Head Office in Sitra and at Alosra supermarkets. They will also be able to hone their social skills, which is a vital aspect for their eventual reintegration into mainstream schools. Christine Gordon, Principal at RIA added, “This money will be used for a good cause, covering school fees for students from underprivileged families. Thanks to generous sponsors such as BMMI, special needs children from all

“Both Alia and RIA play a crucial role of reaching out to young children with learning disabilities and enabling them to lead fulfilled lives, and BMMI is proud to support them in any way we can,” said Yasmin Hussain, Corporate Brand & Social Responsibility Executive at BMMI. “It is amazing how intelligent and industrious these young minds are and we are glad to assist, be it through financial aid or practical help. Judging by the great feedback from employees last year, these initiatives not only have a positive influence on the students but on employee morale as well, and are an excellent opportunity for us to represent BMMI as a company that cares.” Thanks to staff-driven initiatives, BMMI also supports schools and orphanages in Ghana and Mali (where it’s contracting division GSS has operations) with supplies of books, teaching aids, toys and clothing. Other initiatives across the Group’s network are coming to fruition and 2013 will see a growing number of local support initiatives.

“The management and staff at Alia sincerely appreciate the commitment of BMMI to help us provide our students with the best education possible. They have been extremely supportive ever since the school opened its doors and we hope that they will continue to stand by us in the years to come.” Plans are underway to continue the BMMI internship programme for Alia students for the third year running. As 36 Forum

Above: Yasmin (second from the left) with Christine from RIA

Education Sector

BSB leading the way in Educating Educators As part of its on-going drive to share educational best practice, the British School of Bahrain opened its doors to school principals and teachers from a wide range of nurseries and kindergartens across Bahrain on Thursday 27 September 2012. The Head of School, Karen Moffat, invited educationalists from more than thirty private schools to

attend a training workshop, which was the inaugural event in the school’s new professional development initiative. The focus of the workshop was the implementation of the Early Years Foundation Stage 2012 in line with current UK recommended practice for children aged 3-5 years. The training session was led by a leading UK-based trainer, Ms Linda Tallent, who has

a wealth of experience in developing early literacy, numeracy and social skills in young children. The training workshop provided the sixty-five delegates who attended with the ideal forum to network, exchange ideas and develop good practice. “We are excited about our new internal professional development programme aimed at our staff,” said

Mrs Moffat. “However, we are also determined to improve broader educational capabilities in the Kingdom. This workshop has clearly indicated the demand for professional development, particularly in the education sector. The success of this workshop will stand us in good stead as we continue to develop the scope and range of our adult education academies.”

Ministry looks at reducing weight of school bags Internet news networks reported in October that Bahrain’s education minister has set up a committee to look into ways to reduce the weight of the bags that pupils carry to school.

Local studies have revealed that school bags could be a threat to the physical conditions of students, mainly those in the elementary stage of their schooling.

Several parents have complained that the excessive weight was hurting the frail bodies of their children, especially in elementary schools.

All the items that can be eliminated or replaced should be identified and the appropriate action should be taken to ensure lighter weight for the students.

“The minister wants the committee to assess the possibility to replace books with ebooks,” a statement from the ministry said. 38 Forum

“The reduction of the bag weight will help students and will promote the use of technology in line with the school of the future programme,” Majed Al Nuaimi said.

Most pupils are driven to schools in buses or in cars, but they have to carry the bags when they move around in the school.

The committee is made up of representatives from the technical education, the curricula, the schools of the future programme, learning resources, IT systems, planning and public relations, the statement said. Pupils start formal education at the age of six in the country’s government or private schools. Under public education rules, pupils graduate after passing six years in elementary school, three years in middle school and three years in high school.

British Boarding School Middle East Tour Sue Anderson Consultants (SAC), Education Consultants and UK boarding school specialists will visit the Kingdom of Bahrain on 18 and 19 January 2013 as part of their annual Middle East Tour, visiting Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

schools to suit the individual needs of each child.

For the 8 th consecutive year, SAC will meet with parents who are looking to place their children in UK Boarding Schools.

Boarding Schools offer a supportive and structured environment with excellent pastoral care, a wide range of subjects with the option of A Level or IB in the Sixth Form. Schools are located in stunning settings across the United Kingdom and offer excellent facilities for sport, music, drama, art and languages in small classes.

Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Sparling, Education Consultants from the UK offer free, impartial advice to parents about Boarding Schools, Summer and English Language Schools and Academic scholarships in the United Kingdom. They will meet with parents and children to discuss the options and recommend

"Parents have access through the internet to research schools, however, with so much choice it is a daunting prospect and they appreciate the free impartial advice the Education Consultants are able to offer. Most of the families we meet with have done their homework in advance and came to discuss the

best and most suitable option of their offspring. The main requirements we receive were not only limited to the academic performances, but include extracurricular activities from sports to advanced math classes in a stable and secure environment where their children can nurture and prosper," commented Anderson. Families consider the option of UK boarding for stability

of education, the best route to a UK university and excellent learning support for children with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, etc. Sue Anderson Consultants have visited over 350 Schools and have been working with families in the region for over 10 years. They will recommend schools for your consideration to meet the individual needs of each child’s academic ability and interests, for both girls and boys 7 to 19 years of age.

Forum 39

Health matters

IHB gains approval as International Training Centre Initially, training courses include Family & Friends, Heart Saver and Basic Life Support (BLS). Depending on the course training includes first aid, CPR, medical emergencies, injury emergencies and environmental emergencies. All courses are video-based and instructor-led.

Mrs O’Neal provides hands-on training for the instructors

The International Hospital of Bahrain (IHB) recently received approval as an International Training Centre (ITC) with the American Heart Association (AHA). This makes the IHB the first non-governmental hospital in Bahrain to receive ITC approval from the AHA.

The IHB established the AHA International Training Centre based on demand from the corporate community and general community. The corporate community often needs certified first aiders on staff, or staff competent in CPR and Basic Life Support as part of their Occupational Health & Safety requirements. The training teaches participants about the critical

IHB Officials with Brian O’Neal (2nd from left) and Chaille O’Neal, instructors from the American Heart Association

skills needed to respond to and manage an emergency within the first few minutes of the emergency prior to the arrival of the emergency medical services (EMS). The AHA’s research-proven Practice-While-Watching (PWW) technique is used to teach the courses. This allows the AHA certified instructors to observe the participants, provide feedback and guide the participants’ learning of skills. During the course an AHA Instructor conducts video-based lessons and works with participants to complete their first aid skills practice and testing. Upon successful completion of the course participants receive the internationally recognized American Heart Association completion card, valid for two years. The AHA’s Heart Saver CPR AED Course is a 4-hour training course that focuses on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillator (AED) use, and choking in adults, children or infants. This course is offered to staff who need to meet job, regulatory, or other requirements.

40 Forum

The BLS course is suitable to members of the medical community, including doctors, nurses and Allied Health Professionals. The AHA ‘Friends & Family’ course is well suited to members of the general community, with the objective of the participant, once trained, to pass on this training to friends and family. Since opening the ITC in June 2012, the International Hospital of Bahrain has trained over 300 participants to date. In participation of the World Health Organisation’s ‘World Heart Day’ in September the IHB offered complementary visits to its Cardiology Clinic, and conducted several complementary Heart Saver courses to the general community. For further information about the ITC training courses contact: Mr. Timothy Gardner, Hospital Administrator and AHA Co-ordinator, by email on

RCSI Bahrain President Thomas Collins Keynote Speaker at BBBF Monthly Luncheon

Investment in quality education system key to long-term viability As part of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland- Medical University of Bahrain (RCSI Bahrain) Community Engagement strategy, the President of the University, Professor Thomas Collins addressed more than 100 special guests and members at the Bahrain British Business Forum (BBBF) monthly luncheon held on the 17th of September at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Bahrain. In a presentation entitled: “Pre-requisites for a Quality Education System in Bahrain with

specific reference to the higher education system” Professor Collins drew from his experience as an educationalist in Ireland where he was formerly Professor of Education in National University of Ireland Maynooth. President Collins observed that in the 1960’s, the then Irish Prime Minister Jack Lynch used to say that "it is not the case that Ireland is too poor to invest in education, but rather that we are too poor not to do so.” He added that Bahrain, already a country on

solid economic standing, should view Education as the single most important investment it can make towards securing the long term economic and social viability of the country. BBBF Chairman Khalid Al Zayani expressed the Forum’s appreciation of RCSI Bahrain, one of the leading academic institutions of its kind in the region, in supporting the advancement of educational standards in the kingdom in line with Vision 2030.. "The BBBF is committed to supporting

Prof. Thomas Collins speaks at BBBF monthly luncheon

RCSI Bahrain’s ongoing efforts to provide first-rate healthcare education and training to students from Bahrain and beyond,” said Al Zayani.

Save a Life for FREE

RCSI Bahrain is a Medical & Nursing University located in Bahrain. Two pillars of the University Strategy are to undertake research and community engagement.

who suffer a SCA outside hospital survive. Since SCA can happen to anyone at any time, even those who appear healthy, it is important to know

this less than a third of out of hospital cardiac arrests receive CPR from a bystander before emergency services arrive.

RCSI Bahrain are delighted to be involved in organising the first Mass Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training day in November 2012 in Bahrain to provide free CPR training to members of the public. The new American Heart Association guidelines for resuscitation promote the Hands only approach to CPR. Worldwide death from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is high, and despite the efforts of emergency personnel, less than 8% of those

CPR and an inflatable manikin to practice CPR skills. Research from Denmark has indicated that children, who were taught CPR and given the CPR anytime kit to take home, proceeded to teach another 2.5 family members / friends CPR. All participants will also be asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire after the CPR session, for research purposes and to assess the use of Social Media tools for health information in Bahrain.

what to do in a cardiac arrest. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an easy to learn technique that can triple a victim’s chance of survival if provided immediately and effectively. Despite

Anyone who participates in this CPR training session will receive the Family & Friends CPR kit to take home free of charge. The kit comprises of an instructional DVD to teach

Anyone who is interested in attending please correspond to the email address or contact: Ms. Orla Merrigan at or Ms. Julie Sprakel at Forum 41

Hotel & Leisure News Plans announced for Hyatt Regency in Riyadh Hyatt Hotels Corporation has announced that a Hyatt affiliate has entered into an agreement with Mohammed A. Al Swailem Co for Commercial Investment for a Hyatt Regency hotel in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hyatt Regency Riyadh marks the seventh Hyattbranded hotel under development in Saudi Arabia, and the second Hyatt-branded hotel under development in Riyadh; the previously announced Park Hyatt Riyadh is expected to open in 2015. There is currently one Hyatt-branded hotel in Saudi Arabia, Park Hyatt Jeddah - Marina, Club and Spa, which opened in 2009. Expected to open in the third quarter of 2013, Hyatt Regency Riyadh will offer 257 guestrooms, including 37 suites, which will range in size from 322ft2 to 2,475ft2. The hotel will also offer a lobby lounge, two restaurants, a Regency Club lounge, more than 5,900ft2 of ballroom and event space, and a number of small meeting rooms. Additional hotel amenities include a male spa with six treatment rooms, a 2,300ft2 male and female fitness

centre and pool. The hotel is designed by Erga and ONG&ONG is designing the hotel’s interiors. "Hyatt Regency Riyadh joins the expanding number of Hyatt-branded hotels under development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," said Peter Norman, Senior Vice President, Acquisitions and Development for Hyatt International – Europe, Africa, and Middle East. "Hyatt Regency Riyadh is the first Hyatt-branded hotel slated to open in the next three years in Saudi Arabia’s capital and largest city, underscoring the importance of our goal of being the preferred brand for global travelers. We look forward to working with Al Swailem Investment Co. as we grow the number of Hyatt hotels throughout the country." "We are pleased to work with Hyatt on our first Hyatt-branded hotel in Saudi Arabia," said Abdulaziz M. Al Swailem, President & CEO for Al Swailem Investment. "We appreciate Hyatt’s commitment to providing authentic hospitality to its guests and are very happy

to be working with Hyatt to introduce the Hyatt Regency brand to Riyadh." Located on Olaya Road in the Al Olaya district in the city of Riyadh, Hyatt Regency Riyadh will be a stand-alone building in close proximity to the city’s Central Business District, which hosts prominent landmarks including the Al Faisaliah Tower and the Kingdom Centre. Riyadh is a major convention and exhibition destination for government and corporate sectors, and the hotel will be conveniently located near the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre on King Abdullah Road. "Our Hyatt Regency brand

42 Forum

offers the business traveler convenient locations, spacious and wellequipped meeting facilities and authentic restaurants in a stylish and comfortable environment. We are proud to add one more Hyatt hotel to our expanding portfolio in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," said Peter Fulton, Managing Director, Hyatt International, South West Asia. In addition to 149 Hyatt Regency hotels open worldwide as of December 31, 2011, more than 30 previously announced Hyatt Regency hotels are under development around the world in China, India, Latin America, Mongolia, Russia, Switzerland and the Middle East.

Hotel & Leisure News Troon continues to make its mark in the Middle East with the signing of Royal Golf Club Bahrain Troon, the leader in upscale golf course management and development has underlined its growing impact on golf in the Middle East after being selected as the management team at the Royal Golf Club, Bahrain’s first and only golf destination. Although originally opened in 1999, the course was expertly re-designed by golf legend and 8-time European Tour Order of Merit winner Colin Montgomerie, in association with European Golf Design. The par-72 championship course and its extensive clubhouse facilities were then re-opened in 2009 to rich acclaim from both the world’s media and its leading players. Its rapid development was immediately recognised by the European Tour just one year later when the venue was selected as host course of the inaugural Volvo Golf Champions tournament won by England’s Paul Casey. Despite its already stellar reputation, the expertise

of industry leaders, Troon, renowned for producing quality services and playing surfaces, will solidify the Royal Golf Club’s position as the Kingdom’s leading leisure facility. "The Royal Golf Club has long been recognised as both a premiere club and integral part of one of the region’s best golf developments. In recent times it has become more well-known through its hosting of a European Tour event," noted Bruce Glasco, Managing Director, Troon International Operations. "The owners have made a substantial commitment to furthering its reputation and increasing its service standards, thus further elevating the club experience for its many members and visitors. Given Troon’s vast experience in the region and proven track record of success we’re delighted that they’ve sought the services of Troon to help reach those objectives."

Above: Bruce Glasco, Managing Director, Troon International Operations (left) and Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa

At 7,243 yards from the back tees, the championship course is undoubtedly a stern test to challenge the world’s best players, however an array of teeing options make it playable for golfers of all ability. Supplementing the championship course is the ‘Wee Monty’ nine-hole par-three course, which has been designed as an introductory level course for the country’s burgeoning number of golfers. A scaled down version of the main course, holes range from 40 to 160 yards, with many demanding similar shape shots to that of the championship layout. Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, commented,

BBBF Summer Golf Social Evening in July

HMA Iain Lindsey presented the prizes to the winning team and individual competition winners. 44 Forum

“We’ve had a fantastic beginning to our history and in order to facilitate the next part of our development, we will be looking to maximise the opportunity to grow golf amongst the people of Bahrain, as well as widen our appeal with an international audience. The calibre of courses in Troon’s existing portfolio is evidence of their proven track-record in these respects; their expertise will become invaluable moving forward." The Royal Golf Club joins a plethora of renowned championship courses under the watchful eye of market-leaders Troon in the Middle East, including Abu Dhabi Golf Club – host venue for the European Tour’s Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, The Els Club, Dubai, and Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, Abu Dhabi. Troon’s increased presence in the region highlights their position as golf’s voice of authority in the Middle East; a reputation born from working with some of the world’s most revered courses, including Indian Wells in California, Kapalua, Hawaii, The Grove, England, and Turnberry in Scotland.International Operations (left) and Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa.

Hotel & Leisure News Gulf Hotel announces ICCA membership The Gulf Hotel, Bahrain’s first and leading five-star luxury hotel, has announced a new strategic move by joining ICCA, the global community for the meetings industry. With over 900 member companies and organisations in 87 countries worldwide, ICCA represents the main specialists in organising, transporting and accommodating international meetings and events, and enables its members to generate and maintain significant competitive advantage in this industry. The Gulf Hotel expects to benefit greatly from this new membership, as the hotel continues to focus on obtaining the maximum business from the MICE market. The Gulf Hotel’s outstanding conference and convention

facilities include 29 stateof-the-art meeting venues, as well as the onsite Gulf Convention Centre, which is one of the largest and most prestigious venues of its kind in the Middle East. The Gulf Convention Centre provides 4780 square metres of conference, meeting, and exhibition space. The main hall AlDana can host up to 2500 people for a reception, and 1200 people in a banquet style set-up. The Gulf Convention Centre has been designed to the highest specifications to provide organisers with a high level of flexibility, in addition to being equipped with built-in projection systems, direct internet and ISDN video

conferencing, wireless simultaneous translation facilities, and multiple power and telephone points. The Convention Centre also includes the Exhibition hall, which features direct drivein access, and provides 2500 square metres of floor space with the capacity to fit over one hundred exhibition stands. The Gulf Hotel has also recently introduced the Hawar Meeting Rooms, which are five brand new

executive meeting rooms that have been designed to the highest specifications. These new meeting rooms are situated on the first floor of The Gulf Hotel and are accessible via a private lift. The Hawar Meeting Rooms also feature exquisite furnishings and breathtaking views, in addition to being equipped with the latest technology. These excellent features provide clients with the opportunity to host exclusive meetings in a luxurious setting.

One Bahrain Hospitality WLL – new Hotel Apartment Addition One Bahrain Hospitality WLL is a hospitality management company which started a few years ago by managing One Juffair Hotel (52 apartments) and now has a new addition to its portfolio in Juffair – One Pavilion Hotel Apartments.

One Pavilion Hotel Apartments featuring 32 apartments (one, two and three bedrooms) is a boutique hotel which is very conveniently located in the heard of Juffair only walking distance from the US Navy base and from all the restaurants on Al Shabab Avenue. With a stylish Swimming pool, barbecue area, sauna, steam and gymnasium, One Pavilion is an excellent location for your temporary home in Bahrain whether you are here for a just a weekend or for a longer period. If you are here for work, our free high speed

46 Forum

wireless internet will help you stay productive day and night. With an experienced international team, One Bahrain Hospitality WLL delivers the highest level of quality and service.

From personalised housekeeping services, an excellent security department and a very helpful front desk team, One Bahrain Hospitality WLL is building its brand based on great experiences offered to its customers.

Hotel & Leisure News

Movenpick Hotel hosts first Bizladies event of the season Public Speaking, Personal Branding, & Speed networking all in one month! Beckett-McInroy and ladies networking group, Bizladies, have had a busy September! Public Speaking Workshop on the 17th September 2012 with Mohamed Abdulla Isa, Managing Director of 3D Speaking and world Class Public Speaking Coach, followed by a Personal Branding and Speed Networking event for Bizladies with Wafa Al Obaidat, Creative Director, Obai and Hill. Mohammed Abdulla Isa is a Speaker, Trainer, and Author; and has also been certified as a World Class Speaking Coach. He is a Distinguished Toastmaster and an Award-winning Speaker who constantly wins the hearts and minds of the audience. His presentations are engaging, inspiring and entertaining. Dr. Clare Beckett-McInroy said of the event that “Public speaking helps across all fields and even for interviews! I have heard Mohammed Isa present many times and I am still learning from him...” She

also thanked the Fraser Suites team for sponsoring the event. Mohamed Isa concluded by saying “To me the most fascinating part about the speech was when the participants were successful in implementing my storytelling model, their personal stories were amazing.” The first Bizladies event of the season was held at the Movenpick Hotel and Spa with over 50 Senior Business ladies attending for a presentation on Personal Branding followed by a Speed Networking workshop.

Obai and Hill’s Creative Director, Wafa Al Obaidat, addressed the topic of Personal Branding for professionals. The presentation was highly informative and positively received by the Bizladies. Obai and Hill Agency, started in 2009, are in the business of providing creative design services in the corporate and consumer brand industries whilst also aiming to bring young innovative designers into a new light. Dr. Clare BeckettMcInroy hosted the speed networking workshop and commented that “This is

the first session of its kind in Bahrain as far as we are aware. We wanted to encourage the ladies to network for professional purposes, strategically. It’s about selling skills, knowledge and abilities, reciprocity, being authentic and having some fun too!” The event was sponsored by the Movenpick Hotel along with Gulf brands International whilst prizes for the draw were provided by Bizladies from fine dining restaurant, Mei N Yu and ladies salon, Number 5 in Amwaj. Bizlady Asma Al Arayed, a Legal Professional, commented of the evening that it was “Quite inspirational, especially seeing a young Bahraini making it in the big world” followed by Hadeel Hassan, Manager at Servcorp who concluded with “This is the most effective networking workshop I have taken part in; sometimes people are shy, especially in a networking environment where they sometimes find it hard to talk about themselves but these two minutes force it out of myself and gets the best of me and others.”

Chefs from Park Hyatt Jeddah receive Bronze medals Chefs of Park Hyatt JeddahMarina, Club and Spa were awarded for the talent they exhibited in the Salon Culinaire that took place in Riyadh during the recent Saudi Horeca exhibition, where more than 200 chefs competed to show their culinary skills in live cooking and food displays. HORECA is the biggest annual hospitality exhibition which has been running for 19 years in Lebanon, 11 years in Jordan and 5 years in Kuwait and for the 48 Forum

2nd year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after the

success of the exhibition in 2011.

Chefs were judged for their best performance in 7 different live cooking categories and 8 display competitions, at which chefs Soumeih Aledrissi and Ahmed Sadeak won bronze medals in the Live Meat Dish competition, Six Course Set Dinner Menu and Cold Platter of Fish Display Competitions, as well as the hygiene award for following the proper procedures. Chef Munawr Banoon won the bronze medal in Single-tier Novelty Cake Display competition.

Bahrain News GPZ completes the development of The Walk

G.P. Zachariades, one of Bahrain’s oldest and most successful construction and civil engineering companies has recently completed the construction of The Walk commercial complex in the heart of Riffa. The project is developed on 24,000 square metres of land and consists of 10 buildings for cafes and restaurants as well as a larger building that will be occupied by a supermarket chain. The innovative concept and distinctive architectural features of The Walk, designed by Intec, provide a climatecontrolled open-air shopping experience, the first of its kind in Bahrain. This is an important development for the Kingdom that will provide commercial and employment opportunities, as well as a new modern venue where families and friends can meet and enjoy their leisure time.

As the main contractor for this project, GPZ’s construction team was mobilised to deliver the finished complex in only 11 months. The Walk was completed in just over 60,000 man days with around 200 people on site at any one time contributing their time and expertise to ensure the successful, timely and safe completion of this landmark project. A characteristic of the delivery excellence provided by GPZ on this project was the completion by special request, of interlocking paving for 3,750 square meters of parking area in just one week, an activity that was scheduled for completion over 45 days. The project had many unique aspects, from the design stage, through execution of the works and closing of the project, making it challenging

under the fast-track contract conditions. All the buildings have bespoke architectural features which required G.P. Zachariades’ specialist finishing teams to work alongside the civil and MEP teams throughout the project execution. Visitors to the project during construction would have seen core activities, such as foundation work and concreting, occurring in parallel to other areas of the site where high end masonry, painting, aluminium works and steel erections were also taking place. "The parallel activities and teams, in combination with the short time-frame for completion took extraordinary project management skills to ensure milestones were met, materials arrived on time and resources were always utilized efficiently,"

explains Mr. Kostis Pallikaropoulos, Technical Director of GPZ. G.P. Zachariades has a proud presence in the Kingdom of Bahrain spanning over 36 years. The Company has a rich portfolio of projects ranging from VIP palaces and villas, to hotels, commercial high rise buildings and heavy industry projects for prestigious clients such as ALBA and BAPCO. G.P. Zachariades continues to grow its portfolio with numerous current projects such as the development of the new Survey and Land Registration Bureau Headquarters, for the Ministry of Works, numerous commercial fit-outs as well as major works as a specialist subcontractor for Samsung on the Muharraq Sewage Treatment Plant project in Hidd.

Images courtesy of Carlos Villarroel, Intec 50 Forum

BMMI lends a helping paw In a show of solidarity towards Bahrain’s four-legged residents, the Mars division of BMMI donated 157 cases of Pedigree dog food to the BSPCA sanctuary. “The BSPCA does an amazing job at animal rescue, re-homing, and creating happy and complete families here in Bahrain and it was a great opportunity for BMMI to play a part in the effort,” said Suresh Nair, Group GM, FMCG. “We are aware of the important role that rescue shelters play in our community and will actively continue to support the Society in any way we can.” This donation will be used to support the shelter’s nationwide Catch, Neuter & Return (CNR) project which aims to sterilize the growing population of stray dogs in Bahrain to stop them breeding, place docile and healthy dogs in loving homes and deal humanely with those that are too feral, sick or injured to be re-homed.

Above: (right to left) Joyce from the BSPCA with Suresh and Firdaus from BMMI

Joyce Hughes, CNR PR Coordinator at the BSPCA added, “The CNR project is an effective and humane way for us to control the growing population of strays on the island and we need every bit of help that we can get. We appreciate BMMI’s continued support of the BSPCA and its aims. As most

people know, the Society receives no government funding and so any help from the commercial world is gratefully received. This generous donation means that the money we would have spent on purchasing pet food can now be put to good use elsewhere in the shelter which will greatly benefit the animals.”

Forum 51

Bahrain News

Condor Technology named Ruckus Wireless Best Middle East System Integrator At a recent conference in Dubai, hosted by Minerva Middle East and Ruckus Wireless, Condor Technology was awarded Ruckus Wireless’ Best System Integrator of the Year.

Hatim S Zu’bi & Partners and Qays H. Zu’bi Attorneys & Legal Consultants are pleased to announce that they have agreed to merge their respective Law Firms and continue their operations as one Law Firm ("The Firm") under the name of:

Condor Technology was recognised for their wellestablished wireless expertise, which allows them to effectively deploy even the most complex wireless integration projects, and their in-depth knowledge of Ruckus products and customer needs and offering the right solution.

Above (L) to (R), Richard Wilcox, Minerva ME Sales Director; Ian Plamondon, Condor Technology Chief Operations Officer; James Caklerbank, Ruckus Wireless Director of Enterprise Sales, EMEA

"We are deeply honored to receive such an award," said Fred Donnelly, CEO of Condor Technology.

"Ruckus Wireless is a highly regarded wireless technology leader and we plan on building on our

Zu’bi & Partners Attorneys & Legal Consultants

success by continuing to offer customers with enhanced Ruckus wireless networks."

Just Ask programme

BBBF Member Harry Crompton writes in to remind members that Al Jazira Supermarkets are bringing the taste of home to Bahrain through a network of over 100 UK suppliers. If there’s anything you miss that is not on the shelves, the Just Ask programme has been initiated so that they will do their very best to bring across ANY item just for you. 52 Forum

Bahrain Law Firms Merge

The Firm, a continuation of a family practice founded nearly a century ago, will be under the Chairmanship of Advocate Hatim Sharif Zu’bi and management by Senior Partner Advocate Qays Hatim Zu’bi supported by Hatim Qays Zu’bi (Partner) and Senior Members: Hamid Al Mahmood, Hugh Stokes and Mamoon Al Tayeb. The Firm is keen to maintain its standing as a top-tier legal services provider in Bahrain, the GCC region and other countries in the Middle East in cooperation with a chain of leading international law firms and to continue looking after is clients best interests. The Firm commenced its operations under its new name at their present addresses as from 1st July 2012. Contact is being made with individual clients of the Firm in respect of current litigation matters, any conflicts and ongoing contractual arrangements including powers of attorney. Clients are advised that they should continue dealing as at present with their respective contact lawyers until they are advised otherwise of any changes of names, addresses and means of communication.

British coatings in use in Bahrain

Cyber Security high on the Agenda

Above (L-R): Ahmed Aldoseri, Ian Plamondon, Fabio Custodio

New BBBF member CBM are nearing completion of subcontract works at Muharraq Sewage Treatment Plant, scheduled to open in August 2013. As General Manager Bob Campbell explained to Forum Magazine, "the requirement was for a tough, cost effective coating. The UK has long been recognised as an innovator & adopter of new paint technologies & we worked with UK based manufacturer

Fosroc, through their local representative, to carry out 21,000 m² of coating, equivalent to 3 football pitches!! We are also very proud that CBM have been appointed local distributor for the Radcrete range of waterproofing products, widely used in the UK & the same product that prevents 1m litres of water from the Wahoo Water Park in City Centre leaking all over the mall".

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the Kingdom of Bahrain, recently hosted a meeting with Condor Technology, a Bahrain based ICT consultancy and implementation company, to discuss the subject of Cyber Security. TRA’s Director, Cyber Safety, Mr. Ahmed Aldoseri; Condor Technology’s Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Ian Plamondon, and IT Sales Account Manager, Mr. Fabio Rommil Custodio

attended the meeting. The discussions centered around recent changes in IT application behavior and usage patterns, how they have steadily eroded the security protection that traditional firewalls once provided, and how the NextGeneration Firewalls can enable Bahrain enterprises unprecedented visibility and control of applications, users and content, while also allowing them to safely and securely enable application usage.

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Bahrain News Member honoured Rotary Club of Manama m e m b e r H a s s a n Taradah has been honoured for his contribution to the community for more than four decades. Club president Robert Timmers, along with othermembers of the club, visited Mr Taradah at his house in Isa Town to present him with a bouquet and gifts. Mr Taradah has

Company name-change confirmed

been a member of the club since 1968, joining only three years after its inception. Above, Mr Timmers, left, Mr Taradah, second from left, and past president AhmedJawahery, right, at the presentation.

Bapco Joins hands with Works Ministry to Implement Alba Nuwaidrat Roundabout Development Project Construction on the ALBANuwaidrat Interchange, a critical infrastructure project under the Strategic Roads Master Plan Project umbrella of the Ministry of Works involving redevelopment of areas in the vicinity of the Bahrain Refinery, is scheduled for commencement in the first quarter of year 2013. The ALBA-Nuwaidrat Interchange is a system of two interchanges (Flyovers) at the ALBA and the Nuwaidrat/ Ma’ameer Roundabouts along with a network of interconnecting roads. BAPCO is working in close cooperation with the Ministry of Works to ensure that BAPCO assets falling within the scope of this project namely, the Diesel Top Loading Station, Arabian-Bahrain Crude Pipelines, Gas Pipelines, Diesel Pipeline and Awali electric power feeder cables are relocated or re-engineered to allow for uninterrupted operation of 54 Forum

the Refinery and provision of petroleum products to Downstream Local and International customers. Work to relocate or protect BAPCO assets is expected to commence in October 2012 and construction work by contractors of the Ministry of Works is expected to commence towards the beginning of the Year 2013. Due to the nature of construction work on this project, movement of traffic maybe disrupted or restricted at various locations along the Refinery Avenue and other roads leading from the ALBA and the Nuwaidrat/ Ma’ameer Roundabouts to the Refinery, over the thirty-six month construction period. BAPCO requests cooperation from employees, customers and other stake-holders in ensuring access and to facilitate work by construction contractors in implementation of this strategic project in the nation’s interest.

URS have reported another significant milestone in the development of their Bahrain business. Following URS’ acquisition of Scott Wilson in September 2010, we have spent much of the past 18 months operating under the banner of URS Scott Wilson. The final step in the integration of our two businesses was the move to a global URS identity. This meant the retirement of the Scott Wilson name, in line with our forward looking strategy to provide our services through a single, integrated organisation. Therefore it is with great pleasure that we received on 10th July 2012 our revised Bahrain Company Registration Certificate reflecting the Company change of name to URS Infrastructure & Environment UK Ltd. Despite the name change, the same talented professionals under the direction of the Country Manager, Craig John Thackray will continue to provide innovative and reliable solutions to your most complex challenges. Whether you are a client or a business partner, and whether you have known us as URS or Scott Wilson, you will now have access to the full resources and expertise of one of the world’s leading Engineering service providers. The company currently has approximately 54,000 employees and a network of offices in more than 40 countries. It also expanded the company’s portfolio of professional services and it has the capabilities to provide the full range of

services needed to plan, design, construct, operate and maintain major projects. In addition we are pleased to report our success in securing two major contracts. One is the important task of producing a new Bahrain Roads Design Manual, the other being the Retained Consultancy Services for Roads Design Services that will both led by our Head of Roads & Transportation AP Saha. Updating the existing Bahrain Roads Design Manual is a part of the Government’s commitment to transforming the Kingdom of Bahrain into a 21st Century urban environment and follows the recommendations of the National Road Safety Strategy. The current Roads Design Manual will be reviewed, updated and extended in accordance with world best practice. URS has provided a team of experts from its offices across the world to prepare the individual chapters. Between them they have many years’ experience including high level responsibilities in the UK Department of Transport and the Highways Agency. The Government spending on the road network has increased significantly in recent years in response to development activities throughout the Kingdom. To meet increasing demands, RPDD has appointed URS Bahrain to provide timely road planning and design services to Public, Municipalities, Governorates and other Agencies using the latest design technologies available, both in Bahrain as well as internationally.

HE Shaikh Ahmed bin Mohamed Al-Khalifa Visits Awali Township & Hospital HE Shaikh Ahmed bin Mohamed Al-Khalifa, the Minister of Finance, the Minister in Charge of Oil and Gas Affairs and Chairman of the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA), visited the Awali Township and Hospital on Thursday 20 September 2012. He was received by Bapco’s Board Chairman, Mr. Adel Khalil Al-Moayyed, Shaikh Mohamed bin Khalifa AlKhalifa, Chief Executive,

of Nogaholding and Mr. Mohamed Abdulla Al Jamea, Bapco’s Board Member. Also present were Bapco’s Chief Executive Mr. Gordon Smith and some members of the Executive Management in charge of Awali services. The Minister was briefed on the services provided

by the hospital and future development plans. He also met with members of Awali Steering Committee and was briefed on its role in improving the services in Awali. He paid a visit to Awali Township, and listened to a presentation on its future development plans. On




Board, Management and all employees, Mr. Adel Khalil Al-Moayyed expressed deep gratitude for the relentless support extended to Bapco by the Minister and his directives to enhance its role in fostering the national economy and bolstering the overall development and growth of the Kingdom.

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Bahrain News New Appointments at Trowers & Hamlins Trowers & Hamlins is pleased to announce the appointment of partner Jeremy Ingham as the head of Banking and Finance in its Bahrain office. Jeremy joined Trowers’ Bahrain

significant experience of cross border asset recovery and disputes arising from distressed financial situations. Hamlins’

Trowers will be further bolstered in November with

Jeremy Ingham

Faizal Bhana

Salman Ahmed

office in 2006 and advises on a broad range of financing, regulatory and funds work in the region. He specialises in advising financial institutions and borrowers on conventional debt and Islamic financing and has particular expertise on regional insolvency regimes and the management of distressed and work out situations. He also has

finance team has recently been strengthened by the arrival in May of Faizal Bhana to the Bahrain office. Faizal joins Trowers from the Birmingham office of Browne Jacobson, where he was the winner of the Birmingham Law Society’s Solicitor of the Year Award. Faizal acts for banks, asset based lenders and corporate borrowers. He also has a strong focus

the return to Bahrain of Salman Ahmed as a partner after a spell with Clifford Chance in the UAE. Salman is very well known to the market having worked with Trowers in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for four years previously. Salman’s background is in developing and emerging markets acting for banks, highend borrowers, sponsors,



on African markets and is fluent in several Asian and African languages including Chichewa and Chinyanja.

trustees and underwriters. Salman will be leading the firm’s regional Islamic finance offering where he specialises in the full range of Islamic finance products as well as structured finance, project financing, leveraged finance, in addition to bond and Sukuk issues. Dominic O’Neil, Managing Partner of Trowers & Hamlins’ Bahrain office commented, "The expansion of our Banking and Finance team in Bahrain this year is a reflection of Trowers’ long standing commitment to the Bahrain market and our belief that it continues to offer an ideal base for investment activity across the region. We continue to see the need for a strong finance offering based in the country with consolidation, restructuring and Islamic finance at the forefront of our recent mandates. I am delighted that Salman has chosen to return to Trowers and with Jeremy at the helm I believe our finance team will go from strength to strength."

New faces at Behzad bring the latest technology and a fresh approach

The Behzad Group is pleased to announce the addition of two new team members.

Don Edgar (pictured left): Business Development Manager (Behzad Lighting) New to Bahrain but with over 20 years experience in the lighting industry, Don has gained in-depth knowledge on every aspect of a sector where constant advances in technology are changing the way we all think about lighting. With new technology comes an ever expanding range of lighting options for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, offering not 56 Forum

only amazingly creative and flexible solutions for projects of all sizes, but the opportunity of large savings on energy and maintenance costs. Always up to date with the latest developments, Don and the lighting team at Behzad supply products from the world’s premier manufacturers and can advise on, or design, lighting schemes for any application. Contact Don on 3605 0278 or email:

Ryan Nicholas Beecroft (pictured right): Business Development Manager (Marble Division) Ryan has over 7 years experience in the sale and

manufacture of bespoke natural stone projects. The Behzad Group sources the highest quality Marbles, Granites, Limestone and Quartz from across the globe. We use a combination of cutting edge CNC and water jet technology and highly skilled stone masons to ensure all of our projects

are finished to the best possible standards. Our knowledgeable sales team have a wealth of experience to offer guidance, to ensure our finished products are practical, durable and make our customers visual concept a reality. Contact Ryan on 3605 0202 email:

Charitable contribution to new Animal Welfare Centre for BSPCA

BSPCA Fundraising co-ordinator Joyce Hughes with Leonardo San Diego, Atkins Senior Project Architect

Atkins staff from the Bahrain office volunteered their design and supervision services in their free time over the past year to help build a recently completed Animal Welfare Centre (AWC) for the local BSPCA in Askar. The BSPCA is a charity run by volunteers which cares for abandoned and stray animals in Bahrain. Work began in March 2011 on constructing the main buildings of the new centre,

estimated to cost around BHD330,000 with many local companies providing support, expertise and materials free of charge. The purpose-built AWC includes 30 quarantine kennels, 95 dog kennels big enough for two large dogs and 60 large catteries. There is an administration building, a kitchen and store facilities, a clinic, surgery areas, a recovery room and laboratory with

The completed administration building and dog kennels

a pump-house, generator room and an electricity sub-station. Eight staff members can be housed in the accommodation block. There’s also an exercise yard, a car park and area for future expansion for a mini wildlife park. A number of staff from Atkins were involved in providing design and supervision services that included MEP, architecture, civils, infrastructure, project

management and obtaining government authorisations. The Atkins team was led by Leonardo San Diego, Senior Project Architect who says "This project illustrates Atkins commitment to making a difference in its local communities. The team were kind enough to donate their services in their spare time to help a worthwhile charity and I am so proud to have completed this project with the support of the Atkins team."

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Bahrain News Active summer for DLA Piper Middle East DLA Piper Middle East has experienced a busy last quarter, with significant activity in its key markets in terms of completed deals, events and industry awards. Recently in Manama the firm teamed up with the Bahrain Association of Banks (BAB) to deliver a seminar on the subject of outsourced and managed service solutions. The day was well-attended by members of the Bahrain business community and was a success in highlighting the fact that outsourcing can bring real business benefits, provided it is procured, implemented and managed effectively and that best practice is adopted at every stage of the process. Speakers from BAB and DLA Piper Middle East shed light on key issues organisations face when considering outsourcing and covered a range of topics, from regional outsourcing and managed services trends, and the root cause of deal failures, to the secrets of outsourcing success and getting the contract right. Case studies illustrated successful examples of outsourcing deals from the telecoms and health services industries as part

58 Forum

of what was a dynamic, interactive and engaging event for procurement, IT and legal professionals with an interest in operational efficiencies, managed services and outsourcings. Paul Allen (pictured right), Head of Intellectual Property and Technology for DLA Piper Middle East, said: "Across the region, private and public sector organisations are looking for effective ways to reduce

operational costs, improve speed to market and gain access to in-demand skills to enhance their operations. Outsourcing and managed services offer proven solutions to many current business and public sector challenges. Even so, time and time again, the procurement and implementation of these solutions can be mismanaged, leading to potentially catastrophic

business damage as well as injury to market reputation. It is critical to businesses and public sector organisations alike that any outsourcing programmes are wellmanaged, from concept to implementation." In terms of deals, the firm has advised on a joint venture agreement on behalf of Basra International Oil and Gas (BIOGH) on a joint venture agreement with the Iraq Free Zone Authority, a unit of the Ministry of Finance. The project will see the development of 11 million square metres of land at the post of Khor Al-Zubair, near Basra, approximately six times the size of Dubai’s Down Town development. This is the first deal of its kind in Iraq and the second largest oil and gas free zone in the world. As well as the completion of key deals, the firm was recently awarded for its efforts in terms of corporate responsibility, picking up the ’CR Label’ at a ceremony held at The Dubai Chambers of Commerce and Industry. DLA Piper Middle East is one of only nine firms to have been recognised for its commitment to corporate responsibility, through its support of charitable organisations as well as community engagement and other initiatives.

Bahrain Exhibition and Convention Authority (BECA) Editorial information for 2013 Exhibitions:

BECA has announced the dates for the 5th Annual Food & Hospitality Expo, the Kingdom of Bahrain’s largest gathering of food beverage and hospitality industry professionals, next year from 16 – 18 April 2013. The Food & Hospitality Expo, organised by Bahrain Exhibition & Convention Authority, has grown tremendously over the

years and has launched new products and product enhancements since it debuted in January 2009. Dedicated to the food, beverage and packing technology industries, Food & Hospitality Expo 2013 will bring together an international audience of buyers, retailers, distributors, food and beverage professionals and the relevant media providing an

ideal opportunity to facilitate deals between buyers and sellers, importers and exporters worldwide. The event has the support of Bahrain’s Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry with Tamkeen as the strategic partner. Media sponsors for this event will include Areej Magazine, Gulf Insider, and Bahrain Confidential.

BBBF Member joins Gulf Computer Services strengthen it’s position as Bahrain’s leading provider of Information Technology (IT) solutions.

Gulf Computer Services have announced the appointment of Andy Broughton to further

Born and raised in Leeds and a passionate Leeds United supporter, Andy has lived and worked in the Middle East region for almost 16 years. He has an impressive record of achievement in

both direct sales and senior sales management with an ability to lead, communicate and motivate people to achieve success. Andy is a very people focused and customer driven leader who brings extensive corporate experience to GCS. Established in 1978, GULF COMPUTER SERVICES (GCS) is a leading provider of Information Technology

(IT) solutions. Activities include the sales and support of Computer Hardware & Software Packages, System Integration, Local and Wide Area Networking, Structured Cabling, POS solutions, Maintenance Contracts, Software Development and Security / Access Control Systems.

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Those readers who have known me for a while, know that I love food! The increasing waistband over the years is an outwardly visible sign but just lately I’ve been wondering rather more about what’s happening on the inside. I’ve tried the dry toast and the black coffee and have never managed to stay the course but I’ve eaten enough over the years to recognise that some foods are be�er for me than others.

And Finally

The Cooking Fairy website at launched only this week, is a great place to find some of those “good for you” recipes which don’t skimp on taste and flavour and yet somehow keep you on the right side of the tape measure. How do I know...? Well I know the author, and I’ve eaten some great food at her table. Here’s a recipe from the website and an extract from her blog where she tackles one subject that is always a conversa�on topic...Ed

Diet, a friend for life... ‘Diet’’,< Greek> = Way of Life My personal wake-up call to came about 10 years ago when my husband and I both were diagnosed with high cholesterol levels that we both had inherited through family genes. We were not over-weight, reasonably fit, and no one would have guessed the ‘silent killer’ sleeping in both of us. We were ‘on death row’ and didn’t know about it. We were placed on medication for the rest of our lives. But we were adamant to find a way of living that would help our body with the burden of dealing with this serious condition. What we found was not rocket science, but life-changing. Interested?

Think of your car. You give it fuel and expect it to run for a while. When it’s running low you fill up again and so on… And as your car gets you places, so does your body. It is the ‘vehicle’ that gets us through life. And it’s the ‘fuel’ we put in that has a vital part to play when it comes to the distance of life time we give to ourselves and whether it’s going to be an easy ride or a bumpy road. We deserve the best ‘fuel’ in our body. We deserve

the best performance from our body and we deserve to travel a long way. But how? Three easy answers to that question. 1) You eat what you like. 2) You never go hungry and 3) you make the right choices. I always found watching TV whilst on a diet came close to torture. Have you noticed how many adverts there are for chocolate pralines and pasta!? The feeling of deprivation and sacrifice are the main reasons for the well-known "Yoyo-Effect" after a diet. We pile on the pounds that we had lost – and sometimes more. Why? We missed out on all the things we love so much and that give us that comforting feeling. Well, what if I told you that you can have chocolate and pasta for the rest of your life AND be healthy, slim and look fantastic? Next week I introduce you to your new friend: FAT ! Until then, happy cooking! All the recipes you find on the web site have 400 kcal or less. So, dig in!

Mango Chicken with Pilau Rice 4 skinless chicken breasts 4 tbsp mango chutney 1 tbsp curry powder 1 tsp cumin powder 2 tsp ground coriander 4 tsp sunflower oil 2 onions, finely sliced 4 bay leaves 1 tsp cumin seeds 1 cinnamon stick 3 lightly crushed cardamom pods 200 g basmati rice a bunch of chopped fresh coriander 450 ml hot chicken or vegetable stock

Per serving: about 420 kcal, 39 g protein, 7 g fat 60 Forum

Heat the oven to 200 C / 400 F. Line a baking tray with foil. Cut a horizontal pocket into each chicken breast (careful not to cut through!) and stuff with mango chutney. Seal with a cocktail stick. Mix the curry powder, ground coriander and cumin with 3 tsp of the oil and brush the paste over the chicken. Place on the baking tray and roast in the oven for 25 mins. In the meantime, for the pilau rice, heat the remaining teaspoon of oil and on a medium heat and fry the onions until just starting to brown. Add the bay leaves, cumin seeds, cinnamon stick and cardamom. Fry, stirring, for 1 minute. Stir in the rice and add the stock, bring to the boil, cover, reduce the heat to low-medium and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove the bay leaves, cardamom pods and cinnamon stick and serve with the mango chicken.

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