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NF's policies.The thing is that people have got used to the parties not doing what they say.Peotaken from Temporary ' ple don't expect anythin Hoarding no.2,badly edanymor-e •.Eut I'm damned itedo sure the Fro~t will do Date:3/(/?7 Cast:J Rqtt cn what ~gez s~t D Widgery(RhR) ,Ayrshire \ ~R:Wh,en did you write :football f'an{FF),Steve r. God save the queen'? R;\R•What do you think a--·_ 5 months .agog this good bout the Lef't? . · tiraing isn't our plaanin~ JR:"It'·s fiE e talking a· ~ It's thanks to 1\&.M •.~.Vhat~ bout revolution.But that~ hap~ened to t~e recorq all they tend to do.Th ey ~roves the, po1nt we make are too seperated frot"'l re 1n the song. ality.Don't get into t he R\R:Hav~ _ you had a lot . people thet are trying to of pressure? , involve.It comes acro ~ s .JR:~e~l,not as muah as as a oond '3SC ending a t. t - · on' ~narchy' • They don! t i tude wl.. ioh isn't a p p-r e·- want to put too much cia tedo" pressure now because it~ !<4\ R:Vlhat do you thi~"'- of to9 obvious. We' 11 just t ·1e National Front? · sa y how dare you stop u J t~ "I despise them.. Ne: ~one Freedom of spee~h bla b ~~10Ltld have the righ ~: t.o ao.'Ihey've got tO be a t. rll__B:!.l-.x2ll~ they ea~ · -r., bi ~, carefu1u. the sec_: lj ve h ere because 0 1 ·_,: e r e v s out and the BBC cvlour of their skin ) :;hei a nd the stations don' t r l.'e1igion or whatev c c:;- - want nothing tto :do WJ t"l t~ size of their nc ;22c it.Pe e2. played it twi r Huw coulc anyone v ot (' forand got warned never " __ something so ridic'l!llo uslyp1ay it again. That wa : inhumane'? nad. RAR~H ell why? ' H.'l R:What do you thir!k a· J!i. ~"\'fell quite frankl:r thbout the Q,ueen?• o t h e; main Iarties don ' t ~R:Well,I feel sorry to. off'~r any Oiposition,d~ he?:Sh e\s never knwwn· they?Not onE of them are freedomoDoes~'t even serious~Not one ·of them· write h er own sppeches. has seriously attacked ttshe hasn't even got the

A crib for Christmas •••


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.. _. . . ,. ·~ . Th.:i.s is your Gdl. "Cor w::t'l:cing,.,Ho.t'e yo1.1 all 1:\.::...e- the "' ? I c e:r.tai nly do~Apologies · v ~ r e "'ll.E..'WS tb.ey g ot- a bl_._t out !o:r: the ·bori.n g J.. :L· 1 of .h9.D.d"Lett~rrn of abuse 9 bricks ~ bri'b es an L1 v o:L •.oa.u."vents t -o g30 flKnot J,, Wa1 ton·-l e,-Dale ~· Prestonr Te1g 5 3 759 J,anc&o PR6 4BQ,o



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s a gossip oo1um.n ~ a bout Sham 69 ? c



oPre ston Palys V)

SO:):i.a :~ seco seems to be bcokl n g som.e good

gr0GPBcSo 1ar we ?ve had t he Dcg~ , the Drones ~


L~!..t·~l~ Bob St.ory?yan ~er rJ.:::-aa t' ~l??i; Tre.·vers 9 the\J

"'•~~,, , ..... ~ ~--:..1 "'r"' C::lr:-.J. G~ .... ~"':.l(~ -., .J;.U.en. tn <'> rh .c::> ,n...,;..__ ·---·-·JV /C. ~. •.J.. .-L...:;. re~s ""' e ~ Da~ts/t·he Jmazo~blr:4(la:S _ ~e?o14 : an.d XTC in Febo~ v 00 ~esas wa:: autl.-eSti3.b.i1 Smn_en T.i toooo o.ouboui; "' • .D c :ilnle .:or a s· - Krmv d r ....~ ver '-vonro or.oanyone who says~ t'T'no.J

t;he Prestor group scene isn?t; hea.1 thy wants 'V) tb.oir whitE stiick snappi:1g m.n 2 .:. G-I'OU.i1S IZ ·ve hea!'d o:f ir elude tht;; Youth( they ~ ·fi e a ppro::x:··· :g lrna.te~y s~1i·t up at th e m?n e.:1t ~ u:f't 8r :playing ~ one g~g)pGenocides s: form crly Youtnana s~a 9 the I.!n.age 9 the ~weat~ th e ~fh:t'eats the Defects~Oaptain~ Dcm~.?stos ard the Bok.,Joe 90 and the Vermin ~ ~ ~emolit~cn.. from B~.a '?kl~,urn~ Blitz fro~ Chorley 0 ~,some of 'UG~:; d 'GO oe ~n!lan;oSo ·where >are the gi£ s'?How a'tcut. a Presto.n Punk Festi·val~ ~ooo."Egyptien Reggae is sir:gl.e of the yearooCloo~ the Be derr·~elnhof gang shO'Ned the.. t anarchy (J ~oesn~~ vro~rk"!>It uanq; change the worlJ.,but et J"esus cano :lc o Dc.n 11 ~ miss J'ob...'l Oooper·-·01arke at the Lodest~r s Deo o .l.4thocooany loc al gro ups con-I taot t'lle ff. .o.zine an d I " 11 do a f eature on them oooone'\Ter ·1 dnd what they s a y in London that the 1)-ew ·wa-:; e <: s dead~·=start a groUI>oo 9 -., on the -·;ol.,~e.u.,·ventso o ~o tha nks Dad for the duplio·ating and J:lhOto:)opying()o\)ovote National Fr9,_nt •


6~";: ~ ~~~~-~~~~~~1·~

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, right to an opinion.All thatRAR:What do you think money wastd on nothing.All of music journalists? that Jubillee bull. She's :rR: they crease me up. passing by !ere and just They th}nk they':e ~on cos she's PESsing by they'v -derfule~lways w1zz1ng got to close all the pubs. off on free tickets and FF:In Glasgow she came to limousines.They think open a PP.W luilding in Cow- they're more important glen in PulJock.Aye,it sou- than the musicians. nds nice but it's abject Like that 'MM article o poverty,abject.They spent I just slagged off . £80 ,000 on 1acing up the everyone I could th1nk fronts of tte houses that of just for a lau~h and she was goirg to pass.The they fall for it .. Now back of therr were still mid no-one cantell what we -dens,DisguEting. are like.Which is what JR:That's sick .. (With- feelin I want it to be.They g)really sicko ••• and then should work it out f?r you get somE sociology stu- themselves.I don't l~k dent pr ~aching to a load c it the way the tlUS1C of kids down the East End. press tells you whethe They're not going to list~ou should like a ~and enoThey just think it's aor not."'This band l.S no~her trap,another con. good,go and see them'o Don't trust anyone .. That's Se> all the sheep run the motto.Just be yourself CJ.r..,·.vn s~ying' They' re and get rid of the lot of [T sat,they're great'o themThat's the trouble with 1tha t's just when the 'Socialist Worker' and that b~nd are tuning up. You might as well read the F o::.l<:es me sick that Islington Gazette,it's abou kind of thingrJust the same standard.All the r uins your fun. economics stuff about this RAR:They're all work intand that.Someone who isn't for the enemy anyv.;ay .. ., very bright at school just IPC,the big Fleet St, isn't going to undercombines,the record stand.If you're going to giants.They'll ruin have a svcialist paper,it punk.All that ligging, should be more than just yhe honest word for it socialist preaching.It's is bribery.They just like buying the Bible. buy those writers p sy-

cholo g ic a lly~Tn cy ' ve ~o

~....nQ politios.They'.ll in a wgy that makes people ~V.eJ.: step out of line. happy ~gives them sol!1Eth3:ng

til somec.uc ... lse "'~- :Ces to. 0 .~1ng to ,and -an 1dea t r nnd . Stlc ~ to.,The way Cla f.a 1 t ~r A a pn· )8 C h: l.• t 18 • • I'he11 • fashion ~ !, d . ·~ r ~-D31V€. ~ .-' _..a com pi)l1 ~•..:-. -: 2. J=. cane..: just 'doec ~~;e.-Loc." a1i.h?:: the~not_ ..:_ork.I . . 's ve:!'y contri; . ~the t~nzl.r. . . ; .... ,and ed.. .~e a:L cer I slag·ged · re .. Up-posed ~o be thPrtt off in the pres-s, the eful f<;r, Ju.l..J.e B:.1rob- enc..i '!:'e band came over to pE~tronls~n6 you .. · • exi)l ~. in- themselves to me. he syst.e::t ta~es theJ.r Ri'.R: r~at do you think, ?-s awa?, that s all. about racism? :·fha t d1d you think of JR· !P · · · Clash gi~? · ·. • ( wh1 te 7 ~'m ~o~ ~blGO!' [ hated tne · ..,..h .t . Ther: -s no po1nt 1. n pre• u. .... e:y re t endH~.a I am Th ·· h · what nus~c t ~11 abou , , .o . • ey . av~ Jusie;ts a re -3.Se from t~c ~cll:.lture~I've go-t that Itt s r about m l.n .[c get on f1ne.I go . . do b • ~ · ~~ ~- ., . g do·· ..•. .Jlar .( clubs, I lcnow .g an el..ll ol4.1.8\::!.L8bl.:; .tnos ·'· ('f' t • . . th' ,you•:r:e on _16 dolcc:..: . _, - '1em • .t.~ny e~se 15 : it's couc . on the .~ .Tney l1ke 1 bu~ it's .ot that b=l~~- . ?~~ thel.: o;m• They '~""'e , .. .L w~ . n · .·.1 I c..-.::!. , .1 :r_, e th1s country. J ~ J.J. . • ..... . U.L l. ' • F 1.' ' ·"ettino p. id -· .· · · .1 _~_ , ..... ,.,They wanna le:::.v c .o · o .tur uo- bt1+: "Y do 't t "" · ]not~.- .ng:-Ji ., I had my n wa~ ,i!;noc..a. 1 • .,.,. :r like to · . ., l.!r: "' s= P~··.~~: ~...~.~. the Uat1onal. ·rs q ffect5: ~e ~ely) I F.:o.r ~ eo tel~ them to • le~ ~~~ v l1k th · d" gh it was ' re3.t.Mess "l""~n ' .. .• .; .. , ~ emr l.S· e ~yste~ t . b ~• - lJ. ~e u ' "· E- .., " ~ a . •t It' theil' '--' -·.'1 fr-t ult. F. . ~I-t ; ·1·d:1' . . . _-'u"' c..oreee . ~·n.. 'm .l. es ey · , ant tt :ou c:.nd havE; ) . S.d OVJ they sre_ aga·i w h th'3i- ·-- ._., m1• ser nst 1~ .nl:! e nd stand with y oc..11 go ·: do it. the 1c k""'· Th e reason blac· : keep together is de· 're too S( .~ us. -fen~. ~ and because whites 7fe11 you' 1 se:..~ious haven · t proved they deserv Tou just P' ~ . on this their , tre_~ ~it.Y 1 know JR:But you don't need to i you' re 6o. 1g poli t- grow 1a:readlocks. You can't .ly. . .lay tings on them it's ~er,!'~ scr5>~ but patronisi~g .T :ke I can't 1 risl· s










go to South London cos all the geezers there hate my gut~.If I was olack it nould be a racism thine .But it a int... Leave 'eo alone; they' re h9ving fun. ~.. R:They' -re not having fun in Lvxtqn.The NF Qre putting marches through their streeta to terr.::ris -e them.';le've got to stop the Front getting away with it,not just talk abo -ut ±:thew bad they are. JR:'flell you can show them you know it's ·GOing But then they know that already. '.'fell the ·vho.l e idea c~ the st€.1. ve <hs to sepe'rc. te people.Divide them and 'I you oan rule. 'illey !l:i:i:c~:; people to be put into ~~t -egories cos they cen bP dealt with ensie:-.Like ell this rubbish about Teddy boys beating up punks.I went to _several Teddy boy concE?rts recent -lyoNo tr ~uble. They knew who I wfs.Th~y came ~van se. id 11\'lb.-..t:i you doing here ?".I said nr. like music.. Full stop." &~R :\lha t are your poli tics? JR:I hate Tories.That's my total pli tical view. Anything Tory: I ha.te.The besic Tory attitude is


keep :_ people down in their

place. Conscription. Uni..::. · forms all over again.No -one's gonna get me in the army &;R:'.Tha t are you in it for? (not the army, silly) JRli. used. to go round ~itting people for no reason. cos I was ·so an-. noyed .. '2:'here was nothing _left to live for.I just .looked at it very practica~:; ~nd the~e ~sn't

(speak for yourseli·-.tH Chl'isti:l n)I was fed up · complecely of the music which ·. 3.S around.'.'Then the b e- . d took me on r ~ could:1 ' t even talk properly J ViaS so m.ess ed up a11d n.nnoyed at every -thil.~.b . .L·h..:1·L~ s wh:-i we · startL ~h~ group.To ....,-·- :.~' ·:: - _:)eople to d'J · the s .~ ;,~ :and people ·to come c j listen to us. ! and £?.'1 away and do it themsE . 7es.A4d get rid of a 1 t of their aggression tl'l:at way. ''!hen )JEJ ypu dan~e a lot you're so tir .~ d ~ou don t t go and pu__.:!l: .s s head. Fit,h ts are started when people are annoyed o·r de:'r~ss ~d or ha tc .. th em,~elves.That's vhy _ Londo'rt .is such a vlt,..)len · · t place~ · ·· Rl~R:. Th~ police engineer a lot of it.., thougho


quick ~. un~-up,the first you gotta_ be", the new nu.dibe.r i~ -"Whisky and si.rtgle.V/h.-en . -that had finwine", the B-sid e of the ished, blue lights started ·s~ng.le~w-.ith that lovely flashing for ":Einergency"chunky . st·op-.:start riff. that's the ·on-e with the -They' ·re mqc·h too tloud for great rhythin ·g;ui tar, like ·the t ntima.' te'~ (cramped) sur on the Snakes' "Teenage r .oundings,_so the sound's Head".Next ·w~s the single ,pretty poor,but the PON.ER "Dancihg the night awa y 11 • comes across a 11 the same . I thin:k they did 'it ..... The 2:-guitars of Nick better · last time I saw Garvey and Bram TchaikoVL them;that ·was wa y bac k sky blend to form an abso when Ricky Slaughter was lutely s .o lid rhythr!l.-base, just Richard 1.'/ ernham and . .' ., _lots and lots of really Rob Hendry played guitar. .. ·ce .-~chy riffs ancnoredt 1i Then the intro WJ. s much ··.' . . . -_ down by .Andy Ma-cMaster' s longer;which suits me co s -:· , b _e etle-crushing,beautifti'l I think it's the best .·.· _· - ·ly·heavy-handed ba,ss, that:part of the song.But any. ·- n,~arly blows your knee- ;way "Phoney Heaven" was · · ea ps off ,and just to~ make_next, then anoth er ne-v it : ultra-tight,Rick Slau- song,"You -beat the ):lell ghter'·s drum~. !3-d.d var'.iety oLita me" ;the B-side- of t h e: tQ the sound.Next was riew single. The encore wa ~ ~'Bringin_g th'e morning · the Ist single., again,I l .ight"(I" was a surpri don't know if there was . ~:t :_ sed that 'vvasn't the Ist ~ another one,cos we had to $ingle), then "You wanna £0.· n.'' -· .· , machi ne"(I can't" remember 'I lot of the material has ."<:';~~-~' :the pro_per name)) then been re)arranged,whic·h is _'. ~.-::-~' "Oold Love"-arnaz;ingiNo good,bqt you can no longe r ·· . ·_ '- wonder Abba· ripped it off Jt:I'. call them raw.Those ·: · ~)~ ·~ for "Nar.a.e of the game~~. . songs still remain though, ·· >_ lt' s a heavy-metal reggae songs full of rhythm,mel, ~ song,and it's got the · ody and hooks that stick ·' .: :'· best of ··botP..They hadn't in _your mind ,make you ·thought of a title for smile and make you wanna t.he next s,o ng but suffi ce dance. 'Ihey' re gonna be b!c to say .it vJa~ ~el~ ~P to . L9VE I.TUSIC - HATE R\.CISI\I 8 tandar-d .,I s pose ~ t , ROCK 1 G,, rn·-·T RACISY could have been nBe what -> "~ u ·l _·!3.

f '



. .•. '

~1rl ':·~ ~ ~'(]i)? , :-. . - 0


ts they were good. J • ~~ 2 song-tltles I can reA r.E-f no ~ member were "Too cool "" \ \...J for ':Timbledon "and "I N03J:BLE:::·D.3/)A:ODUSji7RONES wanna be your Member of CHilli. STREE~/bl!lWLITION Parliament". The frontHfig:in Casinc 3/9/?? man was good ,he played ge got there abo~t 4.We sax and mouth-harp. were 2nd in the quEue. So then it was the Drones First was a lad in his They were the best so far pyjamas. Yes ,he'd been getting the biggest crov1d there last v.: eek when the Probably because they Spots were annoupced. 1\fe were the only ones with went to a caff and saw a record.I hate the sin' the Right Tc 1York people ge r' s haircut. "You' 11 run past, then went back Lose" was dedicated to to queue.Phil Hcneill :fx the R'llff people,or was it from. the NIP.i arrived. the Rr;,R people( it was Rumours flew r6und that also a Rock ~.;,gainst the Pistols wanted to Racism gig).They also Play, but ~ fclarEtn had said played "Lookalikes" and he'd quilj if tney did.8o! aBone Idol 11 ,the single. clock came &nd we got in- There was an anti-manside. archy song and their · First on wer~ DeCloli tion, best one, asad so sad", who'Ve not improved at plus 2 Gore .Good dance ~ ll.Th e best thing ~bout music.They got a n enthem i s the length of core and did my Genertheir set(I5 Qinutes)and ation". their new druruner.'~le were Number 4 was Exodus,a t:.old they've got a single reggae band. Their JUt soon, "No Feelings". accents were local but IJext wer.e China Street I never found out where rrom I.anuaster •.Th.ere was they c a me from. There 3ome speoui'J..a tion that were a bout 2 dozen of t:.his was the name '"the em and they did "Wai tin ?istols ~."l.d chosen for to in' vain" a nd "Decla ra tio -nigh t.J.h well. "Jiy,they're n of rights".Body musicl twright.Not punk,though" How could you stand stil ias the geneT~l reaction. l?All those rhythms ~ue enough.Th ey looked moving every bit of your .ike 6th-forr ersor studen ;s,but th ey 1 ere g ood.2 ;ong titles I ea n T' ~ -

r6rr \ "~')n ~·-:~ ,,~~ " ·~t;JU


---:\ . . .-(.




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L ,. .I\ ·,.: ~

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. .. . I• t.. ':;..


Olh SC;C.e f il .t S o


~v ·"' OU ..,~ o

nigh1• ~ a

·out s or-t• of .A...atlalimax in the 1·.-::Ko Jt·i e..~ :.v~ en !:!!.l1Sio




~· ~. ...


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.., p \.· ' . -r'":_..f(\iJ" l • f · J' --r L

,~J, , •• •..,

'J I

11~! ' ' , ~,,, ...,,-.(J.f'J 1;:T;_,f; - tl '/ J \.r /~ --/'\I '·~· . I t1 ' ; 1 I '\!:::. ~

J.-.- JflJu

'Y wa~·+tt-!~.eir ;·._.,.,, .



they've all f et nt!at 111 t · hooks and witty,co.r..cise ~ · · lyrias,e.nd o:i oource .LC1iS or P~'!~ThE BOY.$ a!.'€ a nop !ro~.r /]'i"T-11.c n13_.,~sr Of'i~r.

tor litts~cos it~s ,;o. m.ilP.s ho&' we'd miss t.heD-..v-'l!lf'..d it we cot the ~ last bus .. I0.5Z and th'e ~.D... " ..'.n·~, ~ -f'.RTs-·r~·:.&ncas·""er_· ·" 1~mned are on. H ey,th e1're Universi~y 2? /5/?'t re~l~Sooleone chucks a bog Ant we begin with Con·· roll;. t•he .C aptain simulate· sumer·tsttThe tee use thereof .Someone man on the '~one sez elaP, chucks a roller aoors OJ:: ~n 7? ~0, they tO':;el ,a poseur/roadie :;r1ened 8c-rfh.f! queu~ got srabs it,and we've got a .. :. ·to u& bolf at: h0u..tug of war.t·fhile t!lis later~an t tb.arL we were drama 11tlS being acted out

:. ..uct th:it

1 11 ...c..,;;u ...u ~ Ov<:t~]'bt.)dy:- i3 lih.e ~hat thf:) 1'J/l ~ ~., '1 .... . . ink ~"' .-.J .J' hti \i~~v" . .~ r"'o".:~ !in 'S0Yc:"! - -....... ·~ ... 1 ·~':\5.b,t.;.' ...~,o. ..~ o:f thei~ r:Ji>:l:4~ "iex·r.i in tbe .:. ' · ;..):i 4J~,t..J.l..: ~-·.... - ,,p \. .. ~ • +·.. '-l" '"'· ~ <:..: :·~ ~ •..:c, /n~ .J'.dit.:!;C t'!~r ,;i: onh 1 1; have ..~~ ...... v~., ... ~ .. -• _. ..... ,/ 7 · '' h~lp~~ .,.. B :l 1 , t::tlJ J., .. '~lt was q .. 30 l ~3·~1 £;!t!"l~lp ... ~ ;~~ .. ., ..... { t'·'tJ ~ 1,-..,. '1-; ..., .4. " ' " .,•• .;. .,t ,-,vi' .,,\ L'~~,;·-~) .:..1 '&-:.vt'l oo~e on, T"cJ.s ~nti. t!.~y "':e-:e. t;,•y.ingGI 1~ .....heir !'i4~S!J e.:g~o!ld A!'tB!' f4nothE::r. c.alf· hO•J!' 1 ~·. J.oQ'k.Ni l !bs tb.e t!.c.~ -eo,7o oam.e on. Yon dt;.z:t re4!ly f:-ak~ .cotes P.J t 4 I


.o ... ·f"f ...

.. , ....~~..... .......

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e,is 1 but 1.


.o:G.v ln th.e foyex·~8.50 r.:,e.. 5.~;ors O:Qer.: sanG it;::~

o;;~n~:d. fi11tb. "S:t~k on. yOt4'~ :~ nice thi~k ;~-~uital~ sound ant, ~.XC •:!l.:v;nt cli c~e~y-~licY ~reci~e '1l'lJi:•.ct:'!.~·-5 :r·~"':.'rt ack :' I c ~4:; .dJ: <: t :b.r~:u• the ba /i!3 o:~ ix-;.""!~.&~' e;r'to~rd.soKid ·..;,~~~ · .:! excellent

a a;>!:t.c.t ror ~he tr~..,nt cf tt~ s~~ges~1de itn ·} 'er calf ~n hn~r we




·-:.:c, vl:.ou2h ..a

ge:.t ;;:it~Jily i£proving

:t:-€-.;ords tll.~ougb. the ThJCLIJ.f-de~{ tul!ty PA-!5ar.• -..(: ~ijc;;.,: '"10u ...ued 1- ike ( i. V:.~ "' . 1 ....... ""'-... .... ... ...

a!.nga ln

!.! •

t•.;.i:•.:f·\•riin· f;;t:crgy ,al!o he tict·.no.s ).il:e h '• moons it,

A.d-v <:n:t-.f..4~ ~

~~il rera.~bu:c·

Otfi ...;:r• bCJ:c-:a I T ~~

1 ....... , . .. _ ..,....._




.~ vv "•P.: .. #1

·~ ~ ~c-........ n~~ -·t ,., ;7...,;/ ,,



m •. ,.b'i •:. .,;rit.tL -., I• .,A,~

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~~~]·~ JJl.r, ......


· ~'he\- stc.:L'·~~d




~~:l~~~:m ~u~a 1t ~~E ~:~:;.. t :· tilCU,Z!'s.o'l':"lC,l ~~j-3(t ,. v.

'"t~-'...... 1 ''\." . ..

:;.::.,,~ t:i:co.~ e !<i~.J o:1{~

. . . - ,. ,.,. .lt"il:et

<>}'1\;j"'•t 'h~., ...... ,~:A.-


t-·... ou... .~.


~ ...

T:~;. :

,..:.,L'l.,:,'\j:1er eong., Yc~1 C'<.f..;.

;;,o:;a OO.ll(', -, ,_;;. ti.rte yoa b.eer 1:t:-

T. t:C-'i!Zj.&~ fi


a f;Obb

f/1A " -, _

n('t eo plea.sedt:hough. with Gary G1IF..w-r<e's eyes.I only k;A~'Ifl tru t 'c;JS W suid it)I l\-0\;. ....a.'nt ~ve ·

_ ,...

l'r<;~;.iblc :.,i.ugla :Clj,:c~t T"~rAe 1/t tl.: !:h.,.!'. {:~rc~t '1 0h~ ~ s::h, c.r.~. ~ d; '}h ;: !Lo.Jk"Kid Raid t:,;~ t!J: ·.! ~iS :"'i€ VH~!·~ tl!\J i'i.r.3f· ~.l!j: 6J1f; '-:; :t~·u~ one ·.' "" ~:- ·;· • ... ·.... ·r,, "'Y" "-->·ea +l·' .... ~, .7.. '-'..c..t,...Vll~ ~, ,. .. ,


i.n fczy .. in-

.AllL"l:.ltcs D.1.v~ ·v:.<ri3.~n" .

we.~ring a sllng,was sing~ ing 1'rom. behind a...<t ' s J:.~it lokiru_~

at a.!J. ·{;b.e kj.(~ S on . P.:-- 1.,· ..' ,..~il.:s .... * ~~ cfY' ~ ~!:e :r'cs~ fo}.l:;;;,; ~ ~.;he

the. .

st~.;;:e.,So • ~



;.:; t-:lrt th~:- ~.:-~-:ing e. ' .......... . '

• ~ von'J:::-~•!c, "'..... ey ~; ~sons, ts . . ~ a,1 ~Ee t!}.ey ..:::-.-\.and i:J1 (;.;:1 aftt~r' [·,v.JG::i..J..-3 thD rY.~ ·1. l!OO · · " .,..., ,.., ;~ '¥' ·· ,.,_~ --~ <.ar-e ·o- et ""~r t;u .lll vue ulUl-· ..w~.t ....... r,c ..... V~'- 0 1. 1 ,, 'lh . c. J....~ -:y 1a7 Peo~le-.T1· smith 'N~s:Jfli.d ab0:.A:'i; IO .:-.o-UG:;:. i. il 311 ~;;·ey~cG.y'

\'ll?!' s Gr;,·c C.~~!.... •~ , T'CV.i"lll e;· i;; .. ~ }'la

;;;o;; ~;o:y r tc.e:1 .:r


.... n, ;!! ....... .:!· ·-,,.-. ....-<'; '-" 1.::. ~.:..•\.!. """ '"" v• ~ i'T'Go D.:!. Bl!:1ks G.:t1e ';::</

the band plilyed boogie

and the P€Cple danced on. It \:.-~s the same roadie who' kevt pushin' - f~ns otr st~~;~ ,and after I5


:t.~ J!U.SS!.;J.:..':i l

favcul' l. te

'te..!..i.lf; F..H! Club.,ttfot. a riff. :~ :me l'i:cst encore was

lie~~~ ~io.e

Uea t Neat( tor .the· this evening)\.4nc: known otherwise$due to thet's ~11 I can tell you the mix.Anyway they wuz -I had to gq or 1:~alk 20 good-tb~~ got an encore miles.verdict~~ny .gxoup . when Rat Joabies an' with a sense of humourcan Capyaiu Sensible came • sbare m~ popcorn ~nytime ,· on Ski tting the group. and when they (:an play · 'I'hey tinished at IO?dnd · :t'ast,loud ,witty ,grea·t pop by now I ~~• scrounging r get se happy ~Y hands ~o all sweaty.



REZILLOS--Ribchester Lode take turns ut singing, star 19/IO/?? one standing at the side On the tiny triangular of the stage while the stage,Angel Paterson other sings.They do the (drums) , William Mysteriou B-side of the new single s(bass) and Luke '.'/arm Flying Saucer Attack,No, (Guitar) are playing some Head kicked in among fast,The-Shadows-play-the others(those were the Rolling-5tones,instrument only titles I could read -al.Everybody stands on the cue sheets).By around intereted.I though now everybody's moving to -t there was 6 of them? the backbeat courtesy of They start the next song, Angel's bouncy drumming then after a couple of and ,ililliam's fast r'n'b bars,the battered hardboa bass runs.Luke's moving -rd dressing-room door around now,and at one opens at the back of the POint lets out a morestage and a lurid yellew than-competent(shock!) -and-green plastic thing solo.The son~s are short beings out,arms and legs and they've got good everywhere.It stops to hooks.FUy throws her grab a microphone and it shades off,destroying becomes obvious it's a the impression of a girl, Fay Fife ,who starts cheap London Lldy(not singing.And then there surprising,she comes from were 4.By the time that Edinourgh)-she's a very song's finished ,a few nice~girl. "Is this uncool people are pogoing ex?"sez Lukewarm,and plays perimentally.~en,at the ~ riff(Smoke on the start of the next song, "later) .Later on he says Eugene Reynolds appears. "D' you want some I968 So that's 5.Still ought music?" and plays the to be one more, oughtn' t 'Sunshine of your llbve' there?That's soon forriff.~ucene announces the gotten as the 2 singers, next song: 1'This is God both wearing wrap-around save the mouse" ,and they shades act like marion- go into Can't stand my ettes,pointing with 'both baby( it bears a very hands Kermit-style at slight resemblance to the whoever's in the spotPistols' jubilee song). light.Fay and Eug~ne Then they do I wanna be

1 t c



1 1


u zz c


S>1~ s~~~~ .T' ' "::><"-{'

Tt ; . ' l- t-.. ..-r-_,f

u~ . man.and

that's it.Not emtEverybody shouts ' nret'into the microphone e readies turn them off, t the Rezillos are back . stage.A superlative ~sion of'Route 66' and ten that Feelgoods tune tontcha Just Know it' • .y keeps pulling me on ~ge by my school tie, )th of us pogoing all 1e time.Everybody joins 1 on the hey-ey-ohs and >oba-dooba-doobas.They } off again.They come 1 again. Second encore ) 'can't stand my baby' 1e front rank of pogoers re all on the stage now. e get them back for a rd encore. "Can you twist "-and it's a l.Jeimnedpeed 'Twist and Shout'. orget Beatlemania,this s Rezillosmania. ou might have noticed hose beat classics crop p quite a lot-they did he Kinks'"I need you" e well-but they're no Lpy-cats.They make 'em o ~ 1d just like another .ez :;. llos song,and that's co."l.pliment.Their own ong 3 as well,they get .heir idea s from the 60's ut t he medium's quite ~??.The Rezillos are ore than uncool,they're •ed hott

T T"riE INTERVIE!'T The Rezillos played their first· gig-- on ~ovembel'· 5th last year.Their 2nd single released on· November 5th this year(that' s not true} is(my baby does)Good Sculptures/Flying Saucer Attack.At the time they did not know whether it would be on Sensible or not~!~ 1. Eugene:We' re going down to London tomorrow to discuss contracts.Rave you got a fag for ''lilli 3.m? Have the big companies shown much interest? "Yeah,Decca m3.ybe, "said Luke,who reminds me of David Hamilton{ sorry}. Fay:Shudup,don't say that". Already I was getting short of questions. -~hat d' you thin k of premarit3.l sex? Luke:Don't knvw anything about First ''Torld War 'planes (funny}. ·•rha t are your main influences "None in particular.Just 60s beat groups,all that stuffn "and Dan Dare ''- 11 Yeah ,Dan Dare of course 11 • Any plans for ~n album? mve should start recording it in the next few months." ''lha t new wave groups do you like? Luke:I like the Clash,but they don't. '.'lilliam: I do. So,2 for the Clash. Fay: I like Blondie,right? "Then there's the Ramones,





7 d I I ~ J

.,,e like Generation X:" .

Luke:a na uehty word. . __.rlilliam: It's the : hands of big business ,·po~.ntin~ to ,An£el)he' s now,I s• pose.~.\fl' I a fa$018\.do,don•t don't like ie tbe kids I!r5.nt that" . still only seem to buy ' · Ye~h,we'7e e.ll got our · records_ on: the estabcwn polltios,but no. lisllea labels.on the Ear.ticult'r Clirection :l:Jt good Pide,people go .;on' t y~u listen to the ·t o see J.:l~e grnups



.uow .. a.ntj acoept the!. 1!-?~~:;.i' you sec what 1 =r..F.~l.I don't k.r..CV! wlt.r~·t. :ft.' ·S like roll:~.-\ l•+;~-.~e w.l'7.h disco bot :Lt~ ec.,tla.nd thatt s

I couldn't hear 'em, could !?The mix;J'know. rrHa,va to buy the album then.,non't you?'' 11 1;o;·lle're more into nett -!'o;;p;~ession,y' know, 1-W.L't'l.:> liberation.~:re p~ople to enjoy :~hP...:nselv ~s" 1 ·6o:r ·~ ot g3t away !'rem

.. """ ~ . l.S this ·che scrt of rea vt,ion you -~et ~ve~'t7J ~set l ~ Ct~

nig!'lt-:: enocrca?

"f; eD better , ~..:r::ts

-t,i.' wo:-:se''• · 11 J.t '-IJB. s aveTege to GO!... r; to11ight" . ? out of 10 :P d c.a "~ ,Bit sl~.~ ~ t;h ;; ;, D"'you think t.he n.e ..v

wave' a dea.'i? .

'( Yilliam: '·no, it 1 s ci.+angi

ngibut itt ·s not dead~ . If y~u mean it's sort ot oo.mme~ctalised,well yeah, but ·~n.:l t' a inevitable. . :il'ay!I like the STrangle rs,but I don't like the


s k:l~k u;;; ~he

-;.D(i , I~ 1'Jd. ... jnbl) ~WJ. yotJ. 'YtiJ'r 11$ ~i ~t.t ~:r.


~·:11e. t d' you think about ~oll tios and music?


a. tun!'. g-roup, .r "l.!i.l.M ~ W!1.ite 131.\!J.'l,":o nc.u·17 +'ZQt~; ,or• ~ o1tl~4 ~,.!!~~d,a ' Olouo.:;,z g:cO'J.'!;,•• . : ..:' yo\1 :,1illl t>i~ o. le~ x ~.n. S\3~ i:,.t.&r-lt•l ·"\., 'lr " tt oh ,., t-~1!. 'l-·1


t; •...' .-,!1 P to tv;··: ":t c,~ 11,;, t.>]; o..1 l t U,ir ,~ ~ yo". h:'i'1 t~ r;in~e: .!ii;. iJ ~·

...,. J.

'1\t ,,. t

fl •"""J.N·f ' ' '~'

"'~ ,p, \t





"lt ·'\'~ en • t o~1 !)•;r,~?Oti " , 1 t

j~~i: ~AI~pened.-~rll~n. 'Wt.'


it ~~e juBt ot a.atot1"



all ·11bc~~ ls 1 '

WiJJ.iacu "~bout 50 {)t us woultl turn UI> f4 t a sis'' 'tltiyz 1'there W'8~1J 9 people

~it, c1~o~ncs wh~t ~ou .. <I me:,'1 by pv;> rr Y' KYlCt"W ,like ttt~ F~..:n.c.c.e

vn'a t

:!~,;~ li.k'1 po~- t.uisic2 ~y::L Johnny rrt•nli ~1.· "' ,,

;1_.. UT:~lJ.

· r·.t~ !J ·:

\) ~ l#~_&C·O

!1tll.O~ 0

iA I"r::01! ~..:!.~··


i·Tb.'/ fd.rl


~~art t:i.~


niJe wel"e jus~ ti:..--·.~d .,.,, t·t.OS" .;,~ J.,.._ ..,J.j, t,;


---,:;-, -: ,.,,:.. .~.,t



be.ppene4 to tbt:J

o~•hr::r £4U1 tariet,B1t1

! 'lb. ere wee 6 ot y~u




,;~O.f> al~ :._•

pup :i__s

in tha group cnoe"

.l..:.:' . .., ·~ ·u c..u.

old ·groupa,,w ~ '1onted. :.t ·t o ~nugy ousic.

d ne-ver ·heard ot :tk the new wave in Scot-


land.There was no

'scene' 11 •



till 2

-;, o~ke ago.J!a left IJOI t.:~ ~ 13 setting !Jla1'SJid" ":1:tlliar-<u 1~P~,reonal :: C'.l ;J";Jle,tf

r~ h.tJ "omi.n~ ~1;o'*

~1fi ll


trte.ndh'lany eoanf..a


~.-~C' .,!J.~ !~!ii 011. tUPA'i)l,e~ * t s.-ala't;1~ term.s,Oh. ;~, 'ftte" t ·f1 t'till 11r'Le~H~J-l!c.• w~a ve'£1 tsony to l~'ts#

aThere' s quite a tew

AYe yoa the lit.

u:illiam: Basically

uo ,..\1~11J. k.eop it A~l

groups now"

want to ..big


gi~e all the owplac&G~ sroup~


a;ry C'.Or tJ1

th~1-. ... ' · f!C tt 4.~:t8 ~d.. ll~'JJ$ "th/5 1j(!ff1 ~#~V~~~ 1J th4l beet tld.a~ 'tlw t t a

DOJ4e •• ~ tm ~ .w we

/~'{\'Y~ Lrt~r~ r.>~:tv;,~

':S RD C E N~~r,)A11 aAI

the pool tableo;rust how-, / v-K GI'PQ(} S . 1 Run ,they played their de ""~.jli~\Y" C~-n poula.r they are was KLA- ".1. !\ CA-;V,-servedl~ so hit single .J\_JLJ\/ V ~( p1'etty obvlous,even tro,(3C GXC1~Nq /'Do. any~h1ng you wanna do i' 0 ~}0) tmder a tableoEvery bo~ lfOT RODS/.i.iADIO STf-..ctS - --1 t d1dn' t sound as good BUZZOOCKS/PR1FEOTS ---<;.1 :rushed fol"Ward~knooking Mancbeste:c .6pollo 3/6/?? as the record,a classic. ~enkinsonis Bar Blaokpo~l ov~r tables» or~ir~ and R3diD Stars off Chiswick The most memorable songs 9 ~'I0/'1? people who didn't mo·ve · came on at 8.A heavy were the encores ,Get out . e were rumoul's fast enough-, fuet didn~t metal gtiitarist with a of Denver and Satisfaction r o und that Skrewdriver ~top u t the stage all 6 neat line . in zombie ~efini tely .!:!£! Rocis' origWe!' e didnt ~r; ch-.:s of 1 t t)but did i mpress ions ,a punk bass ~nals.But then I h3ven' t Dt oou:rse.&ve they sve:r ~~.ow thet.J. down:~ Some roe. player ,a singer looking heard the new LP yet. Of Rla.yed Blaokpool? les r4~de enough space f; like Gary Holton' s kid course all their songs ;fi% of the Prefeots ambledl' Pct e Shell~y { vcicefgu brother , and a pickup surpass a certain standard o~ stage.~e guitarist 5 Ste':e Diggl~(guita drll!ilffier .'l11et were entert but there's not many that t:n.ra shed out vary loud John Ua!. . er { drunt~} a.!!d th aining- -singer Andy really stick.Okay,kick the powerohords,the buss p:iaye0aptai11 Pugwash. of tbc Ellison couldn't get out sour grapes,an' back to : pummelled uway 3 the wuv e ~Garth ~n bassv They of the orchestra pit, the gig .They played an!ll.mer whaJ.loped hi~ kit,) di d ~· 11 the 'EP~tcth sid there were some good xi hour of grade;... 3rd g enIt didntt sc;em to ·be ~1 n.y of tt. ~ Ca.r riffs,yeah there's a eration rhythm'n'blues E~.trtioular songi'more llke ~,nm~~lt do I get\'!' and qu plac: for Radio Stars, theh the encores.Over the ':;rm up/ Ll.p S:3Ss.L~·lt ..; a. "!.'ew tlOr e oFete Shelley spec 1al ly as they thre:'J sea ~ s to the front, sweat '!na singer came onQTiie .'!·estt'ar a.;1d aw.1y the new wa FREE % b:1dees at us. fly1n' everywhere,pogoin' ~f . the grour thrashed on t s L.ost and be And then the Ro:ls.Curses on peoples' feet to "E:e:a::r: 11 '"'hJ..le t?:le s1:tgel' sirJ.gel'oinf\t~ad ot the I've forgotten v1ot they "Denver .This is rock'n' round the f'rlngea nt the USW:.\1 blurted tiwotuthrif\ opened with, 2nd song was rolllAndnow we shout, .crovr(}$abus:in~ peo.ple"b 6 :tng ~t ·~b. e start of each so "'Ihe kids a re all right" stamp,clap,bounce the abused backa 1'hat was a aong_ll.c JUBt s:i.ys it as thou As soon as they bounced seats on the f lmor,an ' '/'?They playecl tor about. hafb e~ s s).ightly boredoi'm on stage the ba lcony theyr' e back.Barry lets !" an ho~..;r ~ the songs'1C' t s~·e if t he new son er:ptied and the aisles us s~n~ "Sa ti~faction 11 mn qualit yo'L'here wel'e some are qu1te as good as th fllled,but the bouncers and 1t s goon1ght Manfairly memorable r:l.ffs but.• EP bt:.t tha~·~re prP-tty .n kept us- away from the ~h~~f\Y7 o I've ~orgotten a ~.l the tltlHis 'l'ey a tt.:ttude is a m stage . By the 2nd number L.ii(s~LJ, \:> es cos 1 t ::a:wa..J 5 weeks ~goo y.~an sa!'i sfyiug answer the f:on t row w:1s nearly t <> ~n I think they were all right'~na mrton.o~look-at-n~y· ..ha demol 1:;;hed.!orm.~r .~ though. Not a ve~y origlno.J ~·on. est po:s:tng of too r!!~ Kursaals gu1 tar 1st Gra em Cib} ~ ~~. aound,but noi; the worst · groupe 9 old wave c.::r nEr'No e Douglas semrns to have BElliNAL-Pre s ton Duck Inn group I've heardpjust ':i bi tTh~ encore was "Boredon: pushed Dave Hie.:ss into _ 29/?/?7 unrehears ed" Or Iam I m; as{n by dem.ooratio voteQJ.fte rhythm.,Heck,wish I'd Yes , the new wave splashes the poin t '? ~.. _..,_ t b.a "t I had to go 0 seen 'em with Lew Lewis. even Preston Pie got there Another !,~h<:'ur and I\il'aDch ei'l<-· H-f. ;,AJHO HAS A L Hor'seplay sounds so at I0, 2 hours before they ter' s only t!•ue pop r,r ot,.:_:> l __z:-r-r.s'f(f3oX 5/J.AU . 11 empty.B.:;.rry. ju~~ed up on came on stage,and so all hit the sts.g e s f'resh fro!..L · 'I' ., :. ~ _..t -w- 5rrv L- the stacks 1n 'On the of Bethnal except Nick <1" 1\101 t ,E11D 1 ne... ~TI /V( E! Run"

·,,. -~:trv~ ~~



co&'llB •-








:Michaelides, the guitar-·. · ist,were sitttng around plays chunky Xeith the bar. 1'Te ta,lked to _ R_ichard guitar, bouncing · George Csapo-he sing$, hunks of · P,~r! abrasi've plays mouth harp,keyboa.r rhythm,a .·"~ier:t-.'-cleln _;.. _. ,ds and hot,sharp,swe·~pfri s~unq.The fe··r,:~ s.o:.LOB he " ' soaring ,gliding, cuttitig ~- dld w~re som 3 o,f. those v iolin-:yup, I liked _it • .· . ··": cla.ss1c · Anyway lie ·said the group ., 87bar :forays ~whP .... e ev . ... 's main influence was Slngle note crou~ts,th the Who ,he likes reggae: ·straight ·oac ;:_~into the a lot,butthey don't . ., ' rhythm-,no me3sin' ....::.. nd play any COS" it wouldii' t - t~e front ,ro'y l(i-ng ftOt)l. ··fit in, they'd just got: a Sld e tc: side ,i!_l .:his.. ,:Do · con tract \Vi th Phonogram s and army f~t t~1g1,1es .'i .s and I've forgo'tten··what~ ··George Csap6.'He?- si:nga else he said. · : . aggressively,I>~st'po-se ··Abou~ 5 after midn:i'ght ,(:COS most Of Gh_e songs ' · ' they hit. the _stae;e · arid .· ' ,are angry ,an.l he belie ' .started witp · "So>ldier s every word he _pings. B-oy 1Y-tha ssrigh t' dne . bf .. The. 2nd ·song ha cl 3. -hi-t tho~e boring politic~l o~ hot ,~onth ha~] in! groups. So what do .they but '! was only really .. sound like?Wel. •.• rhythm. con'v 1n~H~d - whon h~ pick s~ction _ fir~t-Pete . Dow- · his v:~·(),lin tl);.gigh spe llngs,the only .Q.att-ve,: swo()plng ~LEJTRIC viol plays busy druins, lots of ..~·"S.ud~enly the music corn fills,not a minim.alistt"-:-- ·,n.ot just a nother he did 1?- solo halfway . , · competent punk rock ~-·· through the set and it -g~oup,but NET wa ve a·s . wasn ' t boring he·' ·s·,:.t ·hat ..._~rie;inal.Bethnai pi?'Y..'_;-.-......~-.._ ;· . . ::r cgbod.Everton ~-'J'illi.a:ms fast-either you pogo · ·: . . ~·'.1:~)?1ays ba~s ,and loof:.s and·. eve~y other beat. ?r . you ~ _;: SOWldS l1ke he oug'l;lta be ~~-vy ., to sort of J.Ltter ~ : · ln:·:.l;i' r~ggae group-oeauti lf ·.-:you s,tmck · to the b ,-ftL1 , bubo.J .ing, flow:i,,n g run Entli;rall~ng ,-hlhh?Backoa s that swaY.· ar-ound, tlle the musi:c, they did · th '. beat uriderriea th the g.ui t anti,- .NF anth' tha 2 -ar, dragging the rhythm you talk ton ,and anoth along, sm.ootn and -in'elodip · t ()f .their 45. yet just as rhyt:pm.ic as - niin!J.~e . set .Was Baba ·or Dee Dee Ramcine.Next ther Reil'l:y-nan ~mra.acula t e ,:;' s NickJ'.1ioha.eli.d es.,.who' . · · ' ·· plays chunky Kei th r·,. RichA-rd guitlffir



f . ...




l .


- ~- ---


· --- ----

- ----

-':loo- -

"Whi ch do you :fir.d mere hum~:ne : t h e At om- o r the Neutr-on- bom';:l'["


about,bending his knees his eyes sparkling,and his expreesion alternat -ing between a great' . j big joyous grin a~d an · earnest sine ere, eyebrow;:; -raised'expression.Now 1 te puts11 on a sax for "I vdia , doing quite a c~npetent middle-8.Then i"L was "In the Pc:.rl~u, "Your 9ne latt chance 11 , ·"I've e;ot a crush on the new teller", "New !IDCL'na "Ji"bominable snowruJn in .the mark~t"( ·~own by the ' and· carrot?,s..::1~ th .· hOUt>eWlVeS a~-::· v t.ic'--G:: ·ir1g hL. .t;oo ·,ell) ,_"Gover .._nment- Centre" ~which ··ended ·i:;w ice. soceone shouted "Vl...llly" Joh~th<1n leqns ovc;:;:- ~h~ · 'edge ot t~.~.c sta.q,e- ;r • Is this W.J.lly'?"Soneone f:=om halfway -back the hall shout s 11 lt' s 3 · · for willy". Bit; laugh. JonJ. than doesn't u.:~11 "'~­ stand.They ca~ry o will stand" .. By now tne 2 · leading heckl~"rs are gaining support.Th r are shouts of "Lou Reed" · 11JChn Cale", "Vlaiti nCI fo:r my man", "f!lor~ 'l ". J o ., ,_ .smiles, plays _le Gl.oria riff.The Mod( a Lovers j-oin j >:>.. ~ ·e kn .ws tr ·:; wordsl.A superlative version.Then "Astral .Plane" :. then "R0adrunner';,. insp~ration?-:- "£o ut .::. 66"

spiration?-"route 66". Next,"I'm a little dinosaur''. It t ·s all a pout how no~pne wa-nts ·a ,little . '. dinosaur any moxe,so he ' is f .oing to go Tli:Way~ Jon:.:tth3.n gets down on his knees and slowly cr3wls away ..·Tme Modern Lovers sing "Come b~ck · little dinosaur·· Jona than pops up fr_...rn, behind an smp. Cheersr B.e· crc.w1s to the f1·ont.To any ~ody reading this it might seem pathetic,but . ~fte r nearly an hour of Richman ch3risma it just seemed to be one step · further along the Richr~~n ro~d of childlike j~nocence(mental defi<. :_enc r for the cynics ) " 'I le next 2, "r.·1y love 's just a little flower" · nr~ Kookenhockin" (?) 1e~e performed in public fur the first time. ·r here w::.:.s 11HOs}-i t~l 11 ,then "E.i Dec.r", "I8r:1 imp or tan t", •l J must have·known you i n some ancien~ long ago", a reprise of "Ice C:=eam Man" ,with 3 endings this time.The first encore was one of those J :. .;Jes,nBarbamb::I"or so~ething,plus a 10.::.linu te 1'rto:. . C:ru..'1.ner 11 • TI'le , next encore was "I'm a ~ li ttie aeroplane"( eowm, J


, eov. . ;I',m a little aeronlan~,wangidy wang~wang

idy ~rig).The final : ~ncor-e ·vas_ "Our time is now", ·• . .:. s' pse if I heard ~he gig t1 the radio it ~ould bore ne stiff ,so why d,d I en.)oy it so auch'{lhe only possible :mswei is,cos of the nan h:m.sel~ ·H:e' s' t;Ot. ~:...~~~~'.lng. that makes rou '':.nt to listen to ~,a1q he looks so ba.ppy,and his songs arare so ha]py.It' s not ju~t e~:ap:sm, ei ti1er. I th1nk 'l~., .s_ t~~at an1 unique. I t[>-}j/5~5 1 . , -1 I I j /\ /I

Y,j ·CF PL/(/V!CE/1U5/C iuFid--Lancaster Unirersi~y 5/~I/?? •••• a :Jd now we br1ng ,...,~, t£.e last people o.r:t JUs ?lanet to see th1 s :~-cw r:ack Lowe ~ Larry ll::s,and the1r band, .he: 1illett est "The firs mmber was "Heart of ?Le c7. ty" ,a lot bett~:x; ~n ~he ;ecord~I ~hlnk ~ck ~owe s ~usl~ lS :ery ea tvhw, 1nevl tably mowawu ,rock/pq_p. but .:1 he Cl_lade a record and alled _ ~imself,say,

llO*ie,1~ v10uld b~

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ungruff pers0n.He really whole of an average punk to enjoy himself, LP.I'd like to hear him n as did everybody else. sing a happy song,though ll It's inly when you try ~nd he actually smiled, ~~to compare him with some onceoHe did 2 encoreso 1done else . that you realise After he'd gone,a cheerJrperhaps he is quite orig- leader told us to chant )Ill inal.And I_SVe, just remen - ESex-Ando}Drugs-l~nd-Rock :oubered,there was a sax -And-Roll.All of the · .....ra player aS; well,DJ.vey . band came on,the guitar±d ~llpuyne, g ood he w~s,which ist picked up the riff, J~~= ~ reminds me 'the song~ were the chant died down,and braquite long and 1uite ins- I~n himself walked on in R Rtrumental,bu~ still ina bowler hat and ••• I h3d t J.eteresting .. There was a to go after the chorus, J1:keggae type one,really last bus,y'seeoi bet he was the best 9 1'/onder how r.)t~ood.He played" for qui t e ~~6 long time,and Elvis many encores he got.this f -1 os tello came on to pla:/ laving before the end is g Ji ass,and Nick Lowe team ~ a bad habito cos n to sing anaplay A~c kno ui tar ;and Larry Walli L dol ame on to play guitarv bad nother shott space and was lvis Coste llo came on~ I j);_ ing on(t b e too long ,I '~N:J.fiL:.! SL_~UGHTER & 'IHE DOGS/ o(th 2e Ian Dury.Eest yet 9 I DRONES--Preston Clouds Le~~ink this is what most 20/9/?? tho~f th e students cameforJ The Drones came on ab ·ut up ~nd you don't need a'...m.edia tely there · J3. S way!ree to know why.The a sizeable crowd of If funny man with the glass e Preston's punk-starv e 1 wal~an write songs.He played pogoers around nhe st~g~~ y,t~ost of the albu~,all of They were •• oquite comThfhe singles ,did some n evv petent,fast:+oud,and irrmedia tely forgettable. r_he Ri~nes:I don't wan~a go to to~h~lsea,a great tfuirkyonly song I can rememrar caihythnic song,and there is "~d so sad".The s . _ngwhJas one about li~stick. er's still got that funny ic~ery song's loa~ed with haircuto They won't g '1 f a r JR~nough hooks for the i U4. te a bit l a ter s~ ~ ug!.' ~xxcrrubd;;iu;xfl~1i:;,: ..:mRxx ~~seemed

LOVJe f:::tnS who would buy it.Still,h.e.'s lucky to be fashiomble.Ha1fway · · through Larry YLllis took lead v,ocals for some of his songs-he · did the single"Police Car",and 11on Parole", ':lmong was no obvious difference betweeen his and Nick's songs ,I thL1k you could say they were more rock than pop,though.~fter a very short · breakh·; hy can'y the roadies do that every gig? )..the ~.'!reckless E.;ic band were next ~n.with the lovely Den1se Roudette on bass,Ian ~ury on drums,and probably some other people as well, you get a bit confused cos the faces playing the instruments change as fast as the Clash used to changg ·~rummers I think Wreckless Erics single was a fafr ly typical song of his per haps slightly more ' memorable than the rest but they've all got a similar rhythm, the main distinguishing f ·ea ture being th-2 xmni::xgruff vocals,which $re a bit funny at first,coming from such an apparently · -

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..... Been going since June,played aht er and the Does came ed first gig supporting .:> r on.They disappointed· ,me The Boys.The line-uP j a os that ~irst single · then had Son of Sam ·on ( was quite good,a touch drums.Pe t e:he was too I of originality.I'd like slow for us,and ~e was - t o say Slaughter & the into funk"-and Chocolate f Dog s made me xaNgkSlaugh Frog (honest)on guitar. '" '1 ut. tht:.i just made me Steve ~issed the next 2 !I yawn.I' 11 be ~lice and gigs cos he was at Risley I say I'm sure they're Remand Centr•e-"I'm not 3 better on record,it WB S bother ed about image"-he ~ ~ bad gig,etc.Some more also said he'd got a - people pogoed.They did leather fetish,his girlr ooth sides of both friend ha s an articLe of !J 3ingl_ e s, "Mystery Girls" rubber underwea r,he used b by the New York Dolls to be a gravedigger on s dnd ~uite a f~~ more Vednesdays,and he's seen e identipunk anthems. Rollerba ll 9 times. ~ I asked the bass player I asked them how they · whether he thought th~Y got t o play a t the 1·'Tigan were selling out,r eleas- Fare e {Nosebleeds , Drones • ., il.Hi a 12" single: sP1 ly Pi s tols). r ''.t.w:what does it matter? suppc '"Ne' d h2ard the Pistols > 'rhe new wave's dead, were p~aying ,so we rang r .Lnnit,might as well make up the ~alla at the Casino • ·:,he best of i t?now beand s3~ d Demolition were~ ,, ~ore it ' s all over." playiD s~lh en we rang up ;J 'rhank you and good night. the n ext da y to ask who . ·- was pl J ying~and our name - _... was OD the bill.SO we go t ~o~I in a continuing a van a nd jus t turned up .I s eries,'NamedrQ]ping in on the Sa.turday. TheY , u ;)reston and environs'~ :J wouldn't let us play at ·~renit Demoliti on awfirst .cos we weren't k ~ fullY Blackburn,my dear" booked ~but t hen they gav e t us 25 minutes o'" •• D"&~OLI TI ON are : You didn't get reviewed J P ete Sandford--bass j in the NMEo Steve Holmes---voice ar know.It wa s that ---Dean Cowell----guitar Phil McN~ill"o - Mad Harry------drums ~~~x~xi~~&~~ix~~~ E


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Theit o .. 1 influences· are m. s .... Y new waveoYou said a ~ Wigan you t' d got a ~dln g.te coming O!it ::;eah pit 911 be~' eit;her · ".llo fe elings" or "Gan-

cont :rR·o·inued- f r om f3oco o ~ do A t_ y ean :- .it8s t.h -~ cc , n. .ne sys t-em t l:a ~; - r of~t out ot it.Like ~t f oo tball matches you see 'the oops setting th gr e"l~" mobs against each oth all your they oan piok pr1e~~? ( ~ t 1 s fairly tlash up who are beaten up ;a~ulbson and ~remier)o Makes lite easy tor • Our managerQCnocolate them~They like people F~?g s i gned a contraot being sepera'te4 vnth him~ so when he lstt RiR:What do you.thiJlk we go t r id o f the mana"'- :t-epub1Ia:elam<.1velltnth a e·r. "o o -bout Ireland and thee rrrn_ e. "Y · ve d one .tO .. gigs"and r epu blioan mc.vement? we naven~ t had a penny JR:Tbe British abould out o:f i t ~' leave the IriSh 1 ?r.l~c.~ . . Pai 1 a one. . . r -.. ... e ~o1; bothered abOut s ey and his mob :oney.We just we.n1: people not doing any vO hear ll S o it? S great bein.ieant tO be 8 pzoieat ?·~ - s ~:;age~ ~~ that lout.'lhe Iri.6 ·"!~ e VJ!-.tenn play somewhere have the right to o else t b a n the Lodestar 1:1'01 their OWn OOQII;a• ~os e~ {~l'y'uody' s seen u~ I've got a terrlbl ~· ~;r.e. cough and sore tbr• . ,·•l hen Steve was at Riai7:Maybe you so$ baoat. l~y the other 3 did 2 philia Job;. wi. ~h the JR:Me,f au• t no J'O 1 some with l!hter familr,I aao :·os ~hey 1 d been :i.n the familJ•

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~~~~tep~~~r~~q~!t~u~n;:W ~-;ll~ ~

awa y ; The:y t h i nk the soene' s dead.~ "Anybody that start a band now gets calle<l bandwagoners. " ruture plans? 'We wanna play in Loadon .. " See you at • ROllerball' •

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Here come the martian martians 1 1977  

Punk fanzine published in Preston. Includes Rezillos interview plus gig reviews of The Jam, Buzzcocks, Prefects, Slaughter & The Dogs, Damne...

Here come the martian martians 1 1977  

Punk fanzine published in Preston. Includes Rezillos interview plus gig reviews of The Jam, Buzzcocks, Prefects, Slaughter & The Dogs, Damne...