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Andrew Elsoffer

Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Andrew Elsoffer, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is an investment advisor, outdoorsman, and soccer coach with over 25 years of experience. Andrew graduated with a Political Science and Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan. Shortly afterward, he founded Culinary Marketing Incorporated, quickly becoming a respected name in event management, catering, and strategic marketing. This venture honed Andrew's client-centric approach and provided a deeper understanding of the marketing process and business management. Andrew's dedication and blend of academic and practical experience shaped him into a notable community leader, investment advisor, and soccer coach. After nearly a decade in event management, he transitioned to wealth management, accepting a pivotal role at Merrill Lynch in Cleveland, Ohio. Over 17 years, Andrew grew assets under his leadership to over $100 million, innovating in client communication, asset management, and client acquisition strategies. When he's not putting in hours on the job, Andrew Elsoffer is often found exploring the great outdoors. Inspired by his first trip into nature in 1982, Mr. Elsoffer now makes adventuring through the world a high priority to experience all the world has to offer.


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