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1) Go to search mode in Filemaker and enter the number 0 into the status field and hit return.

2) The search will then come back with all those that are due to start their trial. These are all the records that will need to be put into Mail Chimp.

3) Then go to “File” - “Export Records”

4) Create file name an where you wish to save the document. Then select the file type you wish to export to, either Tab Separated Text or Excel spreadsheet and hit “Save”. On then page tick the field “Use field names as column names in first row” and “Continue”

5) Select “EmailAddress”, “CareHome: OtherFirstName” and “CareHome: Mailing Name” and press “Export”

6) In Mail Chimp go to “Lists”. On the “Daily Sparkle Free Trial” click “View” then “Subscribers”.

7) Click “Subscribe” then “Import List” then “Copy/Paste from Excel”

8) The next step is to “copy” from the excel spreadsheet and “paste” into the Mail Chimp. Once your list is pasted press “Import List”

9) Once the list has been imported you need to name the columns. press edit and select “Your email address”, “Your first name” and “Name of organisation” accordingly then “Done”

10) Select the “Autoresponders” tab at the top of the page and show all autoresponders. Select the first autoresponder which is named “AR1 first tuesday - welcome”

11) Once selected make sure the fields are on the correct options so they should real “Date added” “Is after” “a specific date” in the date coloumn make sure you select the previous Tuesdays date this will give you all those that have been added since the previous import that have not yet been contacted

12) At the top of the page select “Save & Exit” then “Autoresponders” you will then be asked if you wish to reactivate the autoresponder and click “Reactivate”.

13) As a final check go to the first autoresponder “AR1 First Tuesday - Welcome” click on the menu button then go to “Who will get this next”. This will allow you to double check that the list that you have just imported is going to receive the autoresponder next.

autoresponders how to document  

autoresponders how to document