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At Inspiration, our motivation is service and our service comprehensive.


Founded in 1993 as a design company, the passion of the founding members led Inspiration down a road of success driven by a love for building brands and the art of persuasion. Now a fully-fledged advertising agency, Inspiration is both proudly South African and BEE compliant. Putting your brand out there, establishing an identity and putting a face to the name are what we do. Advertising is not a luxury afforded to big brands, it is a necessity for any brand. It’s about establishing relationships with customers and clients, creating perceptions that ultimately produce brand loyalty. Inspiration creatively strives to market our client’s brands in the best way possible, while paying strict attention to strategy and client requirements. We centre ourselves around our partnerships and a close interaction with our clients to create more than just advertising. We produce advertising solutions that uphold the integrity of your brand without compromising on strategy or corporate values.

We offer the same as any big agency does and specialise in savvy, results-driven work at real good value. We believe every business deserves great work, no matter the size of your company or marketing budget. What we do doesn’t have to be expensive - it just has to work.


Inspiration develops and implements a range of marketing and advertising solutions for a number of leading national and international brands. Our work is based on a set of principles that govern our daily practice and enable us to generate breakthrough strategic and creative ideas. Developing insightful and innovative strategic and creative solutions is a process that combines strategic rigor with creative problem-solving skills.

While we are big enough to offer the full range of marketing and advertising services, the way in which we work, allows our clients to only use us for the services that benefit them. Whether it’s printing or digital, strategy or design, they are able to choose one or all of our innovative offerings.

TV/Corporate DVDs/Multimedia We have produced a range of TV commercials, Corporate DVDs and Multi-media Presentations for a variation of clients. This includes conceptualising, scripting, directing and editing.

Corporate Identities An impressive track-record shows our ability to give your brand a face, from corporate stationery to logos, we understand the importance and intricacies of brand identification.

Print Media Copywriters, designers and a specialist finished artist are managed by our Creative Director who has extensive experience in the medium of print. Packaging Our talented designers ensure that we have successfully perfected the art of packaging for various food and beverage brands.

Digital We offer seasoned digital to suit everyone. From electronic communications in the form of e-mails through web marketing to interactive PDFs, animated flash mailers and websites.

Direct Mail Brochure, leaflets, flyers and giveaways. We know how to reach your consumers directly.

Radio The theatre of the mind comes to life when we give voice to your brand on the airwaves.

New Media New media includes the exploration of new avenues when it comes to marketing and includes websites and other innovative mediums such as shopping centres and social media platforms.

If you’re looking for across the board marketing and advertising solutions, including: Print, TV, Radio, Online (websites & advertising), Direct Marketing, Promotions (in store & SMS), Corporate DVDs and multi-media presentations or a communication strategy or marketing plan, Inspiration has the professional capacity to cater for any specific need.

We’ll take care of your campaigns, creative concepts, design, artwork, copywriting, digital and printing. We will even get you the best rates on media through our independent media partner.


Our Creative Team copywriters, designers and a finished artist - is headed by our Creative Director who has extensive experience.

Client relationships are managed by a team of Client Service Personnel dedicated to the efficient management of accounts. The smooth running of the agency is made possible by the solid skills of our Production, Traffic and Financial Managers. Our agency uses the Chase workflow management system to support the quick and efficient management of deliverables.




We aim to position ourselves as a one-stop shop, offering our clients every marketing and advertising-related service. In order to do this we have aligned ourselves with a select few professional alliances, which allows us to complete our offering.



Our network of accredited and highly rated alliances offer specialist services such as:




Marketing & Strategy Our marketing and strategic partners develop intimate insights into our client’s market and business – often informed by research and intelligence-gathering. This is then rolled out into a relevant and easyto-understand marketing platform and communication strategy. Our approach to marketing is integrated and customised according to your specific needs.


SOCIAL MEDIA Social media has changed the way people communicate to such an extent that it has become a discipline in its own right. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, youtube, social media is a powerful business tool that can transform your business; and we know how to use it.

Public Relations Our highly-skilled public relations partners will manage the reputation of your brand while providing customised communication solutions that promise to enhance your image. Digital Our talented digital partners will give you a web presence with a state-of-the-art website. Digital services extend to html mailers, bulk mailing and SMS, and interactive communication.

The key to being an online market leader is to have a web presence across the various social media genres, where you constantly communicate with your current clients, potential clients and other businesses. It’s time to think beyond static marketing messages and campaigns and start thinking conversations and interaction. Our social networking specialists establish and maintain your business’ online presence in all these forms of social networking through customised social media packages. Don’t get left behind; set the trend.


Our business owner/directors are part of this team of specialists and operationally involved in the day-to-day operation of the business and client delivery. So unlike some of the bigger corporate agencies, our clients are not passed onto a team of juniors once the heavyweights have secured the contract. Senior people and specialists in their fields are involved with clients on a regular, long-term basis.

Our experience and expertise is extensive and diverse. We have specialists in marketing strategy, brand strategy, research and investigation as well as the creative and production arenas.

We offer both strategy and creative, always vigilant in ensuring creative is on strategy, and therefore relevant and effective in supporting our clients’ business strategies and plans.

We are small enough to be nimble, cost effective and entrepreneurial but also big enough to offer the full range of marketing and advertising services.

CLIENTS Our experience includes a range of leading brands across various sectors. The main ones include: • Financial Services (Metropolitan, Old Mutual, Novare) • Non-alcoholic beverages: (Peninsula Beverages, including most of the brands in their stable – Coca-Cola, Powerade, Schweppes, Bonaqua etc.) • Real Estate and Property (Old Mutual Investment Group, Property Investments and certain of their shopping malls and developments) • Funeral Services and Insurance (Doves) • Events (Discovery Cape Times Big Walk, Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour) • Shopping Malls (Westgate Shopping Centre, Landmarketing, V& A Waterfront) • Health (Qualsa, Metropolitan Health Group)

CONTACT DETAILS B1 Regent Square Doncaster Road Kenilworth 7708 Tel: (021) 761 1388 Fax: (021) 761 1327 or follow us on facebook.

Inspiration Credentials  

Marketing and Advertising company in Cape Town South Africa.

Inspiration Credentials  

Marketing and Advertising company in Cape Town South Africa.