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“Some people believe football is a matter of life or death. I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you that football is much, much more important.“

Bill Shankly

André Macedo Born in 1962 1962, in Pelotas, Brazil. Is a cartoonist, screenwriter, animator and teacher UAB/CEAD/Universidade Federal de Pelotas. “O Jogo do Osso” e “Melancia e Coco Verde” are the main production for film.

Story, screenplay, drawings and graphic design: André Macedo Original Title: Carne Viva Review: Silvia Macedo e Rossano Di Concilio The characters and situations in this work are inspired by real emf acts. The names have been changed and some were exaggerated caracteríscas only to enhance the narrative. All rights reserved for this issue: Laços Estúdio de Animação Street Félix da Cunha. 630 96010 000 - Pelotas - RS - Brasil (53) 3227 4907

A world in crisis A community mobilized around a football club. crimes, and spent a lot of goodbyes this Real stories tempered by the magical world of comics.

Dudley was born in the neighborhood Simões Lopes. In the railway station he saw the world conflicts and tensions that culminated in World War III. He was a “black boy the railway station”, so were called the supporters of the football club Gremio Brazil Sports. Liked to go to the stadium. Also liked to watch the crowd. Because of this, frequently, did not watch the game. This is a book with his back to the game. Describes anxieties, frustrations and shared ideals of people who do not happen to have their stories related to a club. It is a book about football that does not talk about football. Speaks of Waldemar, the black leader Bage, Zeze the artist, the sage Marola, Ivana Professor, Franz German journalist, Samir the Jew, the doctor Valerio activist, Canela Taylor, Lara and the dancer Joaquim Figário Portuguese businessman . Lives that intertwined when looting the properties of the enemies of war and intensify in parallel, when the fans in Brazil was named Xavante by rage and violence. A crime triggers a series of events that will gain importance for relating the dispute of political power and social movements. The persecution of the Germans, discrimination in the black community, and, finally, repression of civil rights complete the picture in which Dudley will have to survive.

blood and race

The district Augusto Lopes is named after the youngest son of the Viscount of Grace When Dudley ran through the streets the neighborhood had already exceeded the limit of the railroad tracks toward the west of the city, catching part of the “Field Viana” (limited terrain between rail, river and pond São Gonçalo Frigate: a sandy varzeado stained numerous sandbanks). The subdivision was located Lopes called “New Town” (a workers’ village built on the edge of the railway station), the field Sorority Sports Brazil, two public squares and Viscount’s own residence, the Castle Lopes. In the forties trade was defining the economic profile of the city. Banks, government agencies and industrial activities in the field of food pellets characterized. It was the opposite of the cities that had the modernization associated with industrialization. This happened due to the closure of the Bank Pelotense (1936) and the establishment of industries along the border determined by Vargas. This eventually close the industries surveyed and hindered the creation of others. The increasing population has only grown the crisis and unemployment, reducing the income of the population.

Following Dudley arrives at the railway station and witness the first ideological conflict, foreshadowing what was to come. Ivana knows and sees the danc-

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A world in crisis, a community mobilized around a football club. Crimes, and spent a lot of goodbyes this real stories tempered by the magic...