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part of the team

Part of the team: at the very heart of formula one is the art of creating the perfect racing car...

From the outside, Formula One cars are sleek, smooth, aerodynamically refined and very fast. Beneath that shiny exterior lie mini pieces of engineering ingenuity, each component playing its part in ensuring speed and reliability. They are small creations of manufactured art – and Red Bull Racing, in conjunction with Racing Gold, has decided to evolve these components into very limited edition, functional objects. The cars are designed, created and crafted in Milton Keynes and then raced around the world. Racing Gold has taken the spirit of the Formula One team and moulded them into intriguing, beautiful and modern sculptures which retain the essence of their racing pedigree while being re-born as practical works of art. From lights fashioned from SUSPENSION COMPONENTS to mirrors which take their DNA from the discs which scrubbed the speed off the car’s wheel, the Part of the Team collection breathes into each new life, form and function. They’ll also be one hell of a talking point in any room. Each piece of the Part Of The Team Collection comes with a certificate of authenticity and a history of where each part was raced or used by the team. Several will include a tour of the team’s formula one factory and headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK.


part of the team

Exhaust lamp Floor-standing lamp using a polished exhaust system It used to glow hot as it expelled engine fumes as the cars raced at speeds of up to 340kph. This sculpture inspired lamp uses a hand-polished Inconel exhaust system as its feature with gearbox rings as lamp holders. The remote control system supplied can be used to control many lighting appliances. Included with this purchase is a tour of our facilities and a signed certificate describing its life history.

“These parts have been raced and still manage to look this slick? Bloody brilliant.� mark webber, driver

Coat stand Wheel, disc & nut features over hardwood shaft From base to top, this coat stand expands on the story of the most important part of a Formula One car: its wheel. The base is a partly polished magnesium wheel surrounding a mounted carbon brake disc assembly cradled by a polished caliper with brake pads. Moving up the oiled hardwood shaft you find a matching wheel nut supported on a thread detail with the hefty polished titanium wheel gun socket used to support the coat pegs at eye level. The polished pegs used are special joints from the suspension assembly and the story is completed with the aluminium wheel nut safety plunger used as the top finial. The new owner will be invited to the Red Bull Racing factory to collect this piece and provided with a tour of our facilities.

“Like the cars, these look really good. our cars don’t only look good, they do a great job too.” sebastian vettel, driver

Exhaust table Glass side table holding a polished exhaust system Within this glass display table sits a former race car Inconel exhaust system which is counter-balanced by a block of machined acrylic. The exhaust has been dismantled; carefully mirror polished by hand but still retains its race serial number. Available in polished ‘Race Finish’ or nickel-plate. The new owner will be invited to the Red Bull Racing factory to collect this piece and provided with a tour of our facilities.

Large lamp Large lamp with gear base These aren’t just cogs in the machine. The gearbox from which the parts of these lamps come from, are elements which spin at 18,000rpm and form an integral part of the car’s structure. This lamp is made from gearbox parts then mounted on a Corian © base. The main base section is part of the final drive unit which then supports the remaining shafts and gears. The lamps are available in lacquered ‘Race Finish’ (other plating options can be arranged). The new owner will be invited to the Red Bull Racing factory to collect this piece and provided with a tour of our facilities.

“These pieces reveal parts of the car which are vital, often unseen, but are actually quite stunning.� Christian Horner, team principal

small lamp

Small lamp consisting of various gearbox pieces Like its bigger brother, this smaller lamp is also constructed from a selection of gearbox parts and is mounted on a Corian© base. Each lamp will be unique due to the varying size of the gears available. Presented in lacquered ‘Race Finish’, but various alternative plating options are available.

spoke clock Wall-mounted clock with 12 front torsion spring spokes In Formula One, timing is everything and every one of the 25 components in this timepiece has played its part in one of the Red Bull Racing cars, including 12 mirror-polished titanium torsion springs mounted to a matching bearing spacer cage. Details include the delicate reverse gear idler and the second hand which started life as a steering wheel control knob. The hands are constructed from titanium pressure tap pipes and carbon side impact test components. The new owner will be invited to the Red Bull Racing factory to collect this piece and provided with a tour of our facilities.

Disc Mirror

Wall-mounted mirror with brake disc frame Need time to reflect on the last race? This mirror uses an F1 carbon brake disc with titanium details. A life history certificate will be included.

aero vase

Carbon vase from rear wing element These vases are constructed from the super lightweight sections of carbon wing elements. These are then mounted on a shaped CorianŠ base and finished with a polished titanium wing support detail. As the nature of aerodynamics is an ever-changing world, each piece will be unique but follow a similar construction.

LED desk lamp Pushrod based LED desk lamp Where once these pieces of carbon-fibre provided some cushioning to our drivers as elements of the car’s suspension, they now provide elegant light. These example use a carbon pushrod as the upright with its polished titanium end acting as the pivot for the lamp housing. This housing is made from a solid, polished titanium Monaco version of the steering trackrod. The bases are made from various machined set-up tools. Each lamp will be unique.

“We design each part of the car to carry out a particular function and the great thing about this project is how, from a different angle and with a different purpose, they can look quite spectacular.� adrian newey, chief technical officer

Disc game

desk game using brake disc details It’s single-seater racing, and this solitaire game is a single seater. Featuring the Red Bull Racing results of the 2009 Formula One season, this solitaire game is created around a carbon brake disc from the RB5. Each game will come with a certificate describing its life history.


Coasters from gearbox rings with a Corian base This set of coasters comprises four gearbox dog rings which have been set into machined pieces of Corian©. Available in new (gunmetal) finish, lacquered ‘Race Finish’ or nickel plate. Supplied in a handmade, oiled walnut presentation box.


gearbox filter salt & pepper pots Where once this elegant condiment set held gearbox filters, they now hold salt and pepper. Details include the pressure relief valve and the pots use the filter end caps as the base to refill. The dispensing inserts are plated with platinum and the bases are capped off with carbon spacers from the car. A machined, lacquered carbon brake pad adds to the set and provides an optional presentation base. Supplied in a handmade, oiled walnut presentation box.

Napkin rings

A set of napkin rings supplied in a presentation case A selection of four matching car components tastefully served up in a handmade display case complete with a set of napkins. The parts are available in lacquered ‘Race Finish’ or in nickel or silver plate. Supplied in a handmade, oiled walnut presentation box.

Art Direction + Design: Realise Creative Photography: Thomas Butler words: david granger Retouching: Lee Laughton

DuPont™ and CorianŽ are a trademark and a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliated companies

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