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“Uniting People with Opportunities since 1962”

Our Mission Uniting People with Opportunities.

Our Vision UPO’s Washington: A city of thriving communities and self-sufficient residents.

Our Promise Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.

Dear Friend of UPO: UPO celebrates half a century of providing a myriad of services and programs to the District of Columbia. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and unite residents with resources enabling them to reach higher levels of self-sufficiency. From connecting residents to shelters and providing youth with scholarships and education programs, UPO has been instrumental in engaging residents, while empowering them to take an active role in sustaining their future. The next 50 years for UPO will be no different. UPO plans to enhance its existing programs and services by increasing its partnerships in the community. As one of the District’s longstanding non-profit organizations, we are committed to providing the residents of DC with opportunities to make the District a better place to live, work, and learn. We seek to promote a thriving community that embraces innovation, diversity, and opportunity for all. With family development as the focus of UPO’s strategy, we want you to know that UPO is here to stay, lead and serve. Your support is paramount to UPO’s continued success. Investing your time, talent, and treasure is an investment in a brighter future for the District of Columbia. Please help us as we plant hope in hard places and fulfill our mission — Uniting People with Opportunities.




Increase Knowledge of UPO Services and Community Engagement UPO continues to strengthen its brand throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area as an innovative leader and provider of empowering social services to the poor. With a dedicated staff, we will create messaging and communication tools that convey our mission and creates a strong position with the public as the community action leader in the Metropolitan region. In order to build a strong brand driving cohesion that builds capacity and skills to implement our mission we will: • C  reate a dynamic web presence that serves as an information portal for customers and supporters promoting programs and services. • H  ost public forums that increase community knowledge and involvement addressing polices and practices that impact poverty. • S  hare the impact of our services via social media networks increasing organizational capacity via volunteerism and donations.


PLAN 2013-2018


Increase Non-Government Resources UPO is committed to increasing funding to support dynamic and innovative programming to raise people out of poverty by raising $5 million in corporate and foundation support by 2018. We will optimize our fundraising efforts and increase financial leveraging by: • Developing earned income services that generate $2,750,000 by 2018. • Securing support from major donors and Foundations. • Developing strategic partnerships to secure new revenue streams. • C  onduct special fundraising events highlighting community impact and raising awareness for continued support.




Economic Security Programming As we work towards our vision of UPO’s Washington: A city of thriving communities and self-sufficient residents, we will structure service delivery systems with a key focus on economic security for individuals and families through asset development. UPO will: • E xpand workforce development and employment driven programs and services that provide clients an opportunity to enhance or establish employable skills. • C  reate a Community Reinvestment Division that provides services in support of housing stability and asset development. • E stablish a continuum of services for youth ages 5-21 years of age designed to advance academic readiness, high school completion, and college preparation. • L ead an Early Learning Network providing the best in research and practice to advance early childhood education • E xpand community health, wellness, and nutritional services that promote better overall community health. • E xpand Green Technology Training options that support natural resource conservation, skill training certifications and social enterprises.


PLAN 2013-2018


Create and Grow Social Enterprise Opportunities UPO is determined to develop fee based and social enterprise services to generate capitol that support and expand our services to the community. By aligning our social and financial goals, we will: • E xpand Green Capital Home Improvement as a home improvement regional service provider. • E nhance financial leveraging through fee-based services to include facilities management, childcare, substance abuse treatment, and transportation.




Become a Washington Metropolitan Regional Provider UPO cares about providing community members with empowering opportunities that support individual growth and strengthen an entire community. We will continue to support families by expanding UPO services to provide regional services that address the needs of low-income citizens. UPO will • Identify  joint ventures and subcontracting opportunities that connect a broader range of low-income citizens with opportunities that improve their economic stability. • P  repare market reports and feasibility studies to create regional, innovative social service partnerships and/or service delivery opportunities driven by feasibility studies and assessed needs of the regional community.


PLAN 2013-2018


Increase Organizational Efficiency and Productivity Through modification of business policies and practices, UPO will increase automation within business offices to increase efficiency and responsiveness to customers and partners. UPO will: • E nhance client database system with components that improve UPO’s service delivery and links case management between UPO programs. • Increase service access hours. • Increase professional development that supports service goals and community needs assessment.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS Officers John L. Oberdorfer, Esq. Chair Monique L. Poydras, JD Secretary Dana M. Jones, President and CEO

John Oberdorfer, Esq. UPO Board Chair

Dontai L. Smalls, JD Vice Chair Elaine A. Crider, DHSc. Treasurer

Members Mr. Clifford E. Barnes, Esq.

Elected by UPO Board Member of the Firm Epstein Becker Green

Mr. Michael J. Cobb, MBA, CPA

Elected by UPO Board Partner-In-Charge of Income Tax & Emerging Business Service Bazilio Cobb Associates

Mr. Ronald R. Collins, Esq.*

Designated by Mayor of District of Columbia

Dr. Elaine A. Crider, DHSc.* Treasurer, A&F Committee Chair Elected by UPO Board

Dr. Courtney P. Davis

Elected by UPO Board E-Mail: cdoced@aol.com

Ms. Marlena Edwards Elected by Wards 4 & 5

Mr. Franklin Garcia*

Designated by the Chairman of the D.C. Council

Mr. Terrance L. Ingram

Designated by Mayor of District of Columbia

Ms. Lendia S. Johnson Elected by Ward 8 (8A)


Lt. Kishia Mills

Elected by Wards 2 & 6

Ms. Jacquelyn Morrison

Designated by HS Parent Policy Council

Mr. John L. Oberdorfer, Esq.*

Chair, Designated by Mayor of the District of Columbia Patton Boggs LLP, Partner

Ms. Monique L. Poydras, JD*

Secretary, Program Operations Committee Chair Designated by Mayor of the District of Columbia Washington, DC Representative Transportation Diversity Council (TDC)

Dr. Andre Nero Randall Elected by Ward 7

Mr. Laurent R. Ross Elected by UPO Board

Ms. Dontai L. Smalls

Vice Chair, Designated by D.C. Congressional Representative Public Affairs Manager United Parcel Service

Mr. Freddie T. Vaughns, D.S.W. Elected by UPO Board

United Planning Organization 301 Rhode Island Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20001 (202)238-4609 www.upo.org CFC #90254 DC One Fund Campaign #9881 United Way #9881

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UPO Strategic Booklet 2013-2018  

Your support is paramount to UPO’s continued success. Investing your time, talent, and treasure is an investment in a brighter future for th...

UPO Strategic Booklet 2013-2018  

Your support is paramount to UPO’s continued success. Investing your time, talent, and treasure is an investment in a brighter future for th...