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Spring into health! April is wellness month at Microsoft

MS Employee 123 Poridge way Seattle, WA


Also inside: How to: eat right, sit right and track your fitness. Are you financially healthy? Ask the expert. School’s out soon—how to keep your kids active this summer.







Left to right, Vibhor Chhabra, Product Manager; Anand Loganathan, Software Development Engineer; Carly Watkins, Global Advertising Manager; and Dr. Bill Crounse, Senior Director for worldwide health.


Spring into health! And explore your Microsoft benefits Welcome to Spring into Health Month at Microsoft. Throughout this issue you will read stories of Microsoft employees who are improving their physical and financial health by engaging with their Microsoft benefits. We’ve paired employees with experts on a wide range of topics, including eating healthier lunches, tackling back pain and assessing financial health.

While reading this issue, take time to reevaluate your health and well-being, and your many benefits. Explore how these benefits can help you and your family live life well by improving your physical and financial health. Please visit and click on the Spring into Health “Featured Topic” tab for links and resources on these benefits and more.

Your Finances

Your Well-being ☐ Wellness Learn about our Know Your Numbers onsite screenings, StayFit benefit,

LiveHealthier resources and more.

☐ Ergonomics Enhance your overall comfort, efficiency, and productivity at work.

☐ Long-Term Care (LTC) Help pay for services if you or a family member has

an illness or injury requiring extended care. SPECIAL OFFER: Enroll in LTC April 1-30 without providing any medical history.

☐ Financial Knowledge Plan your financial future with the help of expert,

☐ Microsoft CARES Get confidential counseling and support service—and more.

Your Family

unbiased resources.

☐ ESPP Purchase discounted Microsoft stock. ☐ 401(k) Save for the future with Microsoft matching contributions.

☐ Back-up Find temporary care for children, adults and elders. ☐ Child Care Save with discounts and subsidies at several national child care providers. ☐ School’s Out! Send school-aged dependent children to day camp this summer. ☐ Adoption Assistance Access financial assistance for adopting parents. Your Plans ☐ Tuition Assistance Receive financial assistance for education expenses. ☐ Microsoft PRIME Get insider discounts on shopping, dining, travel, arts,

entertainment and more.

Want more information? To learn more about Microsoft benefits, visit

☐ Group Legal Access expert legal services for you and your family.

Candy tempting you?

Nutritionist Alma Kay Nocchi, RD gives Carly Watkins tips on avoiding p.m. snacking.

How Carly Watkins resists the afternoon snacks Carly Watkins, a Global Advertising Manager who’s been at Microsoft for seven years, has never packed her lunch. Instead, the sports enthusiast who works out every morning often skips breakfast, then hits the salad bar for lunch. But while she tends to make healthy choices, Watkins rarely gets enough protein and isn’t sure about the best energy-boosting

Healthy Eating Tips 1

Don’t skip breakfast.

Lean protein, complex carbs and fresh fruit/ veggies are the best way to start your day. If you don’t eat breakfast, get a glass of milk (dairy or soy) and some fresh fruit or vegetable juice.


choices. “I’ve been eating salads for so long,” she says, “I’d be surprised if I ate more than 50 grams of protein a day.” And Watkins often is tempted by colleague’s candy jars, especially in the afternoon. “I’m pretty healthy, but I have a lot of bad habits,” she says.

from Alma Kay Nocchi, RD Microsoft Dining Services (a Microsoft Real Estate & Facilities Service)

And don’t skip the protein.

Consider yogurt (8-12g protein) or quinoa (about 9g/cup). Other choices: oatmeal, two tbs. peanut butter on whole grain bread, or eight ounces of milk.


Stress leads to snacking. Plan for it.

When you’re stressed, the body’s hormonal system gets out of whack. This leads to snacking—on sugar. To avoid giving in, arm yourself with some fruit or fresh veggies.

Eat Healthier Visit http://refweb and search “nutrition.” To track your eating, go to the Live Healthier portal at the http://, and check out the “Nutrition Tracker.” 2


t a s u n i o J

Play! Learn! Connect! At Campus Jam, Saturday, April 23, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. (stop by anytime) Campus Jam is a one-day, one-of-a-kind opportunity for you and your family to play, learn and connect!

Participate in fun activities for all ages, learn new ways to get active this Spring and explore a variety of perks available to you and your family and then connect with your coworkers.

Registration Campus Jam is open to all Microsoft full-time employees (FTEs), interns and their immediate families. This can include one additional adult guest and your children. Registration is required by no later than Friday, April 15.

Campus Jam Activities

Play! Get in the game with events for the whole family, including a 5K fun run, soccer clinic hosted by the Sounders Youth Camp Coaches, football clinic hosted by the Seahawks, 3-on-3 basketball tournament, Kinect experience zone, a Street Scramble contest with prizes, and more.

Time Activity

Win a Vacation Getaway

8– 9 a.m.

5K Run Registration/Check-in

9 – 10:30 a.m.

5K Family Fun Run/Walk

All Campus Jam attendees will be entered into a random drawing for a $5,000 travel certificate from American Express Corporate Travel. For full details, check out the Campus Jam website.

9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Fitness Challenge

9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Kid’s Movement Matters Zone

10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Football Clinic

10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Street Scramble


10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

3-on-3 Basketball

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Kinect Experience Zone

Lunch options will be provided in the Commons Mixer. By registering, you will receive punch cards for you and your family that are good for the day of the event. Punch cards may be picked up the day of the event.

12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Soccer Clinic

2 p.m. – 4 p.m.

SeaGals Cheer Clinic

Child Care

Experience healthy cooking sessions led by local celebrity chefs, participate in fitness classes, and expert-led seminars covering everything you need to know to improve your physical and financial fitness. Get hands on with many of our unique benefits, and take advantage of special programs and perks available only to Microsoft employees. and more.

Child care is being offered at the Bright Horizons Redmond center at 14860 NE 31st Circle, for up to 150 children and infants through school age (six weeks to 10 years). This service is available from 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. on the day of the event. If you are not already registered at the Redmond center, you will be required to complete enrolment paperwork to provide emergency contact information, health history, and immunization records with Bright Horizons. To register please contact the center directly at email:

Questions For questions regarding Campus Jam,

please contact the HR/Global Benefits Team online at


Time Activity 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Health & Wellness Pavilions

10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Health Seminars

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Celebrity Chef Demonstrations

Connect! Meet Microsoft partner and PRIME Card vendors to explore a variety of perks available to you and your family.

Time Activity 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.


SpringSpring 2011 20113


SATURDAY APRIL 23, 2011 Pull out this map and bring it with you to Campus Jam!

NE 40th Street



5K Race Finish Line

The Field

150th Avenue NE

Participate in sports clinics (hosted by the Seahawks and Sounders), a Street Scramble, and other fun outdoor activities.

Pavilion Connect with Microsoft partners and PRIME Card vendors to explore a variety of perks available to you and your family.

5K Race C Whether you walk or run, come out early to Campus Jam and participate in the family-friendly 5K run around the beautiful Microsoft campus. To view course details, start times, and to register, visit



3-on-3 Basketball Tournament


Join in the action and hoop-it-up in one of three divisions, Competitive, Co-Ed Recreational (each team must have at least one female) and Family (kids 9 and up and parents). For more details and to register visit or email your team name, team roster and division to by April 15.


Come to the Microsoft Campus Jam, a one-day, one-of-a-kind opportunity for you and your family to play, learn and connect! Participate in fun activities for all ages, discover new ways to get active this spring, and explore a variety of perks available to you and your family.


THE MIXER 2nd Floor

Participate in any of the more than 15 Campus Jam seminars covering a wide range of topics including financial fitness, training for your first marathon, and maintaining your weight for life. To view the complete list of seminars and to register, visit


THE MIXER 1st Floor


Demo Kitchen SUBMIXER 1st Floor

Want to start cooking healthier? Don’t have the time to plan? Worried about what your kids are eating? If so, stop by kitchen stadium and watch celebrity chefs and nutritional experts cook up a feast the whole family will love.

Spring 2011


Thumbs up!

Brooke Salisbury listens as her husband Prabhu Kannan recounts his car-door thumb injury.

Health Line call saves Prabhu Kannan emergency room visit Prabhu Kannan, a 33-year-old Service Support Manager for Windows Azure, wasn’t sure what to do last year when he slammed his thumb in the car door. Even though the pain was blinding, he didn’t know whether the injury was serious enough to warrant the inconvenience, hassle and high cost of a visit to the emergency room. Fortunately, Kannan’s first call was to the 24-Hour Health Line where he sought the advice of a registered nurse. This confidential

Health Line Tips

from Ellen Howlett, Director of Clinical Operations for the Health Line

Avoid self-diagnosis.


health care information service is offered at no cost to Microsoft employees and their dependents and is staffed by experienced nurses 24/7. “The nurse was super helpful,” Kannan says. “She told me to ice it and then alternate heat and cold. I followed her instructions and felt much better in 48 hours.” And in the end, thankfully, he avoided the lengthy time and high expense of an emergency room visit.

The Health Line nurses are trained to do assessments using clinical guidelines to help you determine the right level of care for your health issue.


Take chest pain seriously.

We’ve treated patients who were in denial of the more serious symptoms such as chest pain. If you’re unsure, give us a call and we can help determine whether you need to go to the emergency room.


Kids sick late at night? Call.

Worried about your sick kids but not sure if you should call the doctor? Call the Health Line first. We'll tell you what to watch out for should the situation get worse.

Call the Health Line First All Microsoft benefit-

eligible employees and their dependents can access the 24-Hour Health Line by calling (800) 676-1411.

School’s almost out

What to do with the kids? Like many other working parents, Stefani Okamoto is really busy. A Microsoft software test manager with a six-year-old daughter, she has a daily 45-minute commute to and from work so there’s plenty of opportunity for that familiar refrain. . . “The other day in the car my daughter had her DVD player and a book, and she still said, ‘Mom, I’m bored, what can I do?’" Okamoto recalls. “I replied, ‘You have all these things to do or you can look out the window, which was my only option when I was your age!’” And school’s not even out yet. However, there is help for this universal parental dilemma—check out the following tips from Lora Patton, Executive Director of Bright Horizons. Stephanie Okamoto leaves school with her six-year-old daughter.

Summer Tips 1

from Lora Patton, Executive Director of Bright Horizons

Take time to connect with your child. Car rides can be a great time to talk about the day. Conversations can be as simple as discussing the cars on the road, or where other people might be going. This can help build language skill in the younger children.


Teach your child the love of learning.

Ensure books are present throughout your child’s environment, at home, school or even in the car. Visit your library, read together and encourage your child to read.


Establish dinner table discussions.

Meals are a good way to reconnect after a busy day. Ask everyone, “What was the best thing that happened today?” Be sure not to ask yes or no questions.

Learn About Family Benefits Learn about the School’s Out program and other summer ideas for your kids at in the “Family Programs” tab. D


Are you financially healthy?

Financial Knowledge’s Lyndsay Mills, CFP®, second from left, talks with Vibhor Chhabra, far left, as Dr. Bill Crounse and Nick He listen.

These employees asked an expert—and got the answer As CEO of Financial Knowledge, a workplace financial education firm, Lyndsay Mills, CFP®, encourages a holistic approach to financial health, building and protecting wealth. But what suits one might not suit another, which is why we asked her to sit down with three Microsoft employees at different points in their lives to answer questions and discuss their unique needs. For example, Nick He is a Duke Business School graduate and a Microsoft Product Planner, who does best at managing his money when he knows he can’t touch it. But the rest of the time, he’s a pretty typical twenty-something who always has his sights on a new technological shiny object or travel destination. While he does contribute to his Microsoft 401(k) plan, he also tries to keep some cash on hand in case of a rainy day.  The same is true for Vibhor Chhabra, a member of the under-40 set, who began work at Microsoft about six months ago. Chhabra is keenly interested in being financially prepared, but like He, is focused on his 401(k) and managing it more aggressively.   As for Bill Crounse, Microsoft Senior Director of worldwide health, Mills was able to tell him about the importance of long-term care insurance, even for his parents. “That’s something I might look at,” he says. “The big concern has always been whether the company you’re buying from is still going to be there when we need it.”

Long-term care insurance: Is it right for you? We asked Lyndsay Mills, CFP®, for some guidance making the right decision.

It can cost more than $90,000 a year for nursing home care alone, and that cost continues to rise. One hedge is long-term care insurance, which helps offset these costs associated with these kinds of services, whether at home, in an assisted living/residential care facility, adult day care or nursing home. And keep in mind, you can extend coverage to qualified family members such as a spouse, parent or grandparent, who would need to provide evidence of good health. Here are some things to keep in mind.

1 2

Think about long-term care insurance like you do auto insurance. It’s a transfer of risk, basically. And I look at it as emotional risk too, just as much as financial. So it’s really peace of mind, protecting you and your family against the unknown. The younger you are, the less expensive your premium. And that’s for the life of the plan, regardless of your age or health status in later years. That’s the reason that many financial planners will recommend to get the insurance when you’re younger and healthier.


Understand what you’re buying. Seek a policy that offers broad, comprehensive coverage for at-home, adult day care, nursing home or assisted living facility care. Make sure the policy covers Alzheimer ’s and cognitive impairment. In addition, try to buy a policy that covers the cost of a geriatric care manager if possible. For information about the Prudential coverage, visit

Find Out More http://myMicrosoftBenefits. com has more information about health savings plans and accounts, the employee stock purchase plan and the 401(k) plan. Under “Savings and Investments” register for Financial Education and Long-Term Care seminars during the month of April.

Ask the Expert

Lyndsay Mills answers questions from employees

Dr. Bill Crounse Senior Director, worldwide health “If I purchase long-term care, how do I know the insurance company will still be around when I need it?” Mills: You should make sure your coverage is from a top-rated company offering the insurance for more than 10 years.

Nick He Product Planner “I don’t understand the Health Savings Plan (HSP). What is it and why should you choose it?” Mills: The HSP is a high-deductible medical plan that provides coverage toward your deductible and medical expenses or allows you to save for future health care costs.

Vibhor Chhabra Product Manager ”I want to understand how to more effectively manage my 401(k) plan. Any strategies you can recommend?” Mills: The LifePath target date funds are a great choice for those who don’t want to actively manage their investments, but individuals can also create their own investment mix from a number of funds within the Plan.

Spring 2011


Sitting Wrong?

BEFORE: Abhinav Jain sitting wrong.

AFTER: Now sitting right.

Probably. Three quick tips to sitting right. Abhinav Jain, a software developer who puts in long hours at his monitors, has suffered his share of lower back pain and eyestrain, but he thought it was just part of being a Microsoft coding whiz oblivious to how he worked. As a first step, Jain completed the online ergonomic self-assessment and training tool (the OES Ergonomics Evaluation) and got pointers to immediately correct some bad habits (his posture, for example).

Ergonomics Tips 1

Start with your chair. Make sure your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Then adjust desk and monitor height, in that order. Position monitors so your line of sight falls within the top third of the screen.

Due to Jain’s continued discomfort, ergonomic consultant April Graham performed an assessment. Her conclusion: like many, his monitors were too far away, and too low, and his keyboard too elevated. In addition, he didn’t know how to adjust his chair properly. Graham suggested some quick and easy changes that have made him feel more relaxed, with less strain on his body overall. “I love my work,” Jain says, “and now it’s great to feel comfortable while doing it.”

From April Graham, ergonomics consultant


Keep your back touching the backrest. The small of your back should touch the lower half of the backrest. Additionally, have a small one- to two-inch space between the backs of your knees and the edge of the seat.


Take a “micro break.” Long stretches at the computer? Follow the 20-20-20 Rule. Every 20 minutes, look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will help relax the eye muscles.

Take the Ergonomics Evaluation Want to improve your comfort at work? Take the OES Ergonomics Evaluation, an online selfassessment and training tool at under keyword “ergonomics”. While there, you can even learn how to adjust your chair.

Fit? Track it!

Measuring your fitness is easy

Like other employees with demanding jobs, Software Development Engineer Anand Loganathan knows that exercise can help keep him focused and fit. He works out about three times a week for 30 to 45 minutes, running outside or indoors on an elliptical machine. He’s even begun to organize his health information in one place— Microsoft HealthVault—so that he can track his cholesterol, sugar levels and more. By using HealthVault enabled applications, such as the Mayo Clinic Health Manager, he’ll also get personalized information created to fit his specific health profile. Sean Nolan shows Anand Loganathan how to measure his fitness.

Fitness Tips 1

From Sean Nolan, Distinguished Engineer, General Manager, Health Solutions Group

Measure progress. There are tons of studies that show that you’ll do better simply by measuring activity and progress. It also makes it a lot easier to look back and feel good about the progress you’ve made.


Use HealthVault-compatible devices. FitBit clips to a cuff or in a pocket, measures calories you burn, steps and distance you take and even your quality of sleep. And the Polar Fitness watch tracks biometrics while you work out.


Stay Motivated. It’s easy to start exercising but harder to stick with it. I use the RouteTracker app from MSN Health & Fitness. It maps your progress and keeps you motivated.

Create a Free HealthVault Account. HealthVault connects with a wealth of health and wellness tools for every aspect of your family’s health. Visit or the Live Healthier portal (available via the website). 8


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