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Andrea Ytzen

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1 Urban Capriccio

This is a compilation of projects completed during my time in Iowa State’s undergraduate architecture program. These projects represents my passion in the dialogue of the urban fabric and the building. The belief that by taking a step back from the goal to examine the site context provides cues for the building parti. Further being reinforced through the building’s mass, materiality, and detailing in relationship the sites context. As I progress as a designer, I hope to continue to develop simple designs that are inspired by the existing built environments.

2 Dissolution

3 The Details

4 Interstitial Spaces

1 Urban Capriccio Jazz Educational Center | Fall 2014 | 16 Weeks | Tim Hickman | Hayes Valley, San Francisco Partners | Zach Sunderland and Elizabeth Kief Finalist in Iowa State’s CSI Competition 2014

The urban fabric of Hayes Valley contains an existing focus on exterior environments, seen through the Patricia’s Green and the area’s initiative to produce pedestrian alleys. This inspired a site strategy of dividing the program into two parts: education and auditorium, to expand and enhance pedestrian circulation and exterior spaces in the neighborhood. These factors provided a template to explore the spirited nature of the site in context to the neighborhood, along with the potential cohesion of the program with the site’s potential activity. To do this we devised a strategy to develop, through details, ways to accentuate the existing relationship between interior | exterior within Hayes Valley.


Site Strategy

Massing Strategy





Program Strategy

Back of House



Mechanical Diagram

Acoustical Diagram | Panels Closed

Acoustical Diagram | Panels Open

2 Dissolution Special Collection Library| Spring 2011 | 6 Weeks | Jason Bailey | Pilsen, Chicago Exhibit |Zhuhai College, China| Archive Exhibit Partner | Eric Stalheim

While visiting Pilsen, Chicago, an inspiration was formed from fading murals. These walls brought forth the idea of dissolution. This inspired a strategy of the light infiltration related to the program placement, and the circulation. The southern facade became an opportunity to dissolve parcels of natural light within the building. While using the circulation corridor as a programmatic division of stacks and reading room to create a design complimentary to these painted overlays.

10’ x 6’ Wooden Wall Abstracting the Southern Facade

3 The Details Residential Full Scale Wall Section | Spring 2012 | 5 Weeks | Charles MacBide | Ames, Iowa Partners | Eric Stalheim | Han Kwon | Raul Canahui

In the second module in our coursework on building materials and assemblies, we were assigned to design-build a full scale mock-up of a residential wall section. This project allowed us to explore wall systems and materials to understand details and construction. Along with being tested during the following environmental forces module to understand the environment strategies within the envelope. This physical wall was paired with drawings and specifications to us to construction documentations.

4 Interstitial Spaces Comprehensive Cancer Center | Spring 2013 | 16 Weeks | Cameron Campbell | Omaha, Nebraska Partners | Chance Jones (Arch) Jessica Haag (ID)

Site Strategy

Before the design could begin, an analysis of the building typology and the University of Nebraska Medical Center was necessary, to comprehend the nature of the project. These studies directed us to a site, on a corner of the campus, surround by buildings dedication to research, dining, and clinical. These programmatic cues from the surrounding context provided a concept to consider the cancer center as a connector on the campus by weaving the project into the system. This concept of interconnectivity produced a strategy developed through the union of conditions, specifically developed in the relationship between the exterior spaces, the campus’ amenities, and the facade.



Research L6


Research L5


Research L4

Surgery Laboratory

Research L3


Mechanical L2

Infusion Pharmacy

Parking L1

Radiology Dietary

Parking L -1

Radiation Oncology

Parking L -2


Clinical B

Parking L0

Out Patient Clinical

Clinical A


Admin Clinical C

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