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11. 11. 1989 | Budapest 2013 - 2015 2008 - 2012 2004 - 2008

Corvinus University Budapest | Landscape Architecture and Design MA. Corvinus University Budapest | Landscape Architecture BSc. Franciscan Grammar School, Szentendre

01. 2013 ~ 05. 2013 ~ 01. 07. 2014 - 30. 09. 2014 03. 2013 01. 07. 2012 - 31. 10. 2012

UNITEF ’83 ZRT. | Budapest, Hungary ENTENTE FLORALE EUROPE | Hungary, jury KOEBER LANDSCHAFTSARCHITEKTUR | Stuttgart, Germany ÉMI NONPROFIT ZRT. SZENTENDREI IPARI PARK | Szentendre, Hungary industrial - office park, organisation plan MONSBERGER GARTENARCHITEKTUR | Graz, Austria

09. 2013 06. 2011

Design Workshop at TU DELFT, Netherland | coordinator: Martin van den Toorn Design Woorkshop at BOKU, Austria | coordinator: Anna Vivien Eplényi

03. 2010 ~ 07. 2013

Private garden planning ’WEKERLE TELEP’ | Budapest, Hungary competition, 1st place | team work with Katalin Benedek (Architekt) ’Kőhegy’ | Budaörs

06. 2013 10. 2012 06. 2012

Corvinus University Budapest Open day | Corvinus University Budapest ’Landscape Sketches’ exhibition | Graduation of Landscape Architects

software skills

AutoCad (advanced), Nemetschek VectorWorks (advaced), SketchUp (advanced) | Adobe InDesign (intermediate), Adobe Photoshop (advanced), Office Programs


prefering high quality visual language, great graphical and hand drawing skills | team player, discipline, problem solver, being well up in international environmental, driving license German (advaced, fluent oral skills & technical language) English (intermediate, good oral skills & technical language) Hungarian (native language) Drawing & painting | basketball, rope jumping, hiking, travelling | experience different cultures

prj ~ content of projects

’Vérmező’ crossing point | 06

’Római Part 2100’ | 08

’Sas-hegy’ | 12

’Széllkapu’ | 16

’Sziget’ Community Garden | 20

Catholic church surveying | 24

’ÉMI’ industrial park | 27

’Kőhegy’ chapel | 35

To w n h a l l | 3 7

Mansions | 38

Model_The Egg | 39

Model_’Sziget’ Community Garden | 41

Sketches | 43

01 ~



crossing point Budapest | Hungary May 2013 The city park ’Vérmező’ in the inner city of Budapest is located next to the Széll Kálmán square at the historical world heritage Buda castle. The park follows the policies of the ’Green City Concept’ (reused and water permeable pavement, diffuse lightning, etc.) gives place to a busy bicycle transport crossing and also to relaxing. You can enter the park through four gates where bicycle storage, bicycle renting and repair point and also information boards have been located.



NO°4 NO°5 NO°6

NO°7 NO°1 NO°2 NO°3 NO°4 NO°5 NO°6 NO°7

Parking spot Main resting point Bus stop Bicycle repair point Main square | rest- ing points, infor- mation boards Bicycle storage Main axis | avenue




Resting point | view

Tr a n s p o r t

The main resting area is protected against noise and dust pollution by dense vegetation.

Yellow signs show the resting areas, red signs show the bicycle points.

It is connected to the main axis and has direct connection with the information point and the repair point.

Yellow lines show the bicycle traffic, red lines show the pedestrian traffic and the blue lines show the vehicle traffic.






02 ~

1st period

2nd period

3rd period

’Római Part 2100’ competition Budapest | Hungary October 2013

The ’Római Part 2100’ is a fictional design competition wich deliberates over the destiny of the Danube coast in the year 2100. This part of the coast is flooded every spring. The plan is based on this problem whether the coastal vegetation will be still existing in 2100 or it will be disappeared and will be replaced by monumental dams? It would disfigure the atmosphere of the whole place and also ruin the nature. In our oppinion there is an other option. Team: Ida Bogáta Bugnics Fanni Tímea Kis Kristóf Márton Tolonics Andrea V. Waldmann


Tr a f f i c



Coastal vegetation




Public boat transport Bicycle HÉV (local train) Bus | 34,134,106

Vegetation covered coastal areas. Direct connection to the Danube.

Line of temporary dam Line of permanent dam

Areas belonging to local government.



Pools with wooden covered beaches and separated walls well known from the early 19th century make bathing available ’in the Danube’.


Thanks to the hardened net in the water it is possible to bath directly in the river.


03 ~





workshop Budapest | Hungary December 2013 The ’Sas-hegy’ reservation is known from its natural beauties like protected vegetations and varied scenery. The reservation tries to fully present it. In 2013 the management decided to improve the area; with new pathes, functions and buildings it becomes real. According to our plan it would be necessary to build a new departure house at the southern part of the reservation. Plants and animals can be observed from raised passages in the protected areas. We recommend chair lift as an other option to increase the attendance it connects the two gates of the park and show the whole area. Team: Fanni Tímea Kis Csilla Gombásné Magyar Eszter Csovics-Mata Andrea V. Waldmann





NO°7 NO°9



NO°1 NO°2 NO°3 NO°4

NO°13 NO°12 NO°14 NO°15

NO°5 NO°6 NO°7 NO°8 NO°9 NO°10 NO°11 NO°12 NO°13 NO°14 NO°15

Entrance | existing Parking spot | existing Departure building | existing Reservation | protected by fence Lookout turret Raised passage Information point Cableway Protected plants Park with free access Departure building | new Adventure park Entrance | new Parking spot | new Running path


Parts of the track: NO°1 labirint | NO°2 slide wall | NO°3 living chessboard | NO°4 climbing | NO°5 earthquake track | NO°6 rope track | NO°7 geocaching

The ’Adventure park’ is an exciting and informative part of the project which entertains kids and adults also.








NO°4 NO°3 NO°2






The new established elements, like trunk climbing frame, bird observer house or the raised passage are created from natural and renewable materials, so they can easily fit into the surroundings.

Tr u n k c l i m b i n g f r a m e

Bird observer house


The new viewpoint would be constructed with green roof and anti-reflection window. Information boards are made from corten steel that also helps the assimilation.

Raised passage


Lookout turret

Information board

04 ~

Margit boulevard NO°1 NO°2 NO°3


design competition Budapest | Hungary February 2014 Kis Rókus street

NO°4 NO°5

The real estate is located in one of the most emphasized and valuable surroundings of Buda. The goal of the competition was to create a park which is similar to the chaotic-postindustrial ’Millenáris park’ to the south. Exciting plants with alternate height and recessed rest areas have been created. The existing hall turns into a pavilion – it will function as event centre, café house and nightclub.

NO°6 NO°7 NO°8

Team: Fanni Tímea Kis Andrea V. Waldmann

NO°9 NO°1 NO°2 NO°3 NO°4 NO°5 NO°6 NO°7 NO°8 NO°9 NO°10

Avenue Slope Rest area Concrete pavement Gravel road Fountains Tw i n i n g p l a n t s Pavilion | Gate Recessed rest area Raised plant bed


Fény street



After Demolished buildings


Main traffic path

The yard, the office and some parts of the hall will be demolished.

Natural ventilation


Thanks to the demolished buildings and the opening of the hall’s walls the natural ventilation of the park will be possible.


V i s u a l c o n n e c t i o n NO°1



The whole area gets transparency by the demolition and the visual opening of the hall.

V i s u a l c o n n e c t i o n NO°2


Broken lines

The MAMMUT shopping center will be more transparent after the demolition | with the help of twining plants cover the less aesthetic side of the building gets a nicer face.

Margit boulevard


Fény street >>>

Section across the Margit boulevard - Fény street

Lightening with wind turbines give the power supply in the pavilion. Because of the light inner space it is possible for plants to live in the building. From direction of Margit boulvard the area is protected against noise and dust pollution by an avenue with trees and slopes.

Pavilion | Inner space

Pavilon | From direction of Margit boulvard


The ground is divided by recessed rest points and staggered plant boards.

Pavilion | Lightening


Pavilion | From direction of FĂŠny street

05 ~

’Sziget’ Community Garden design competition Budapest | Hungary Apryl 2014

NO°13 & 14




NO°8 NO°4

The ’Sziget’ is the biggest and most famous music festival in Hungary. We have planned an active / passive NO°2 relaxation garden to the festival. The ’jungle garden’ separated from noise offers leisure for the island inhabitants. It offers lots of didactic games and interesting outdoor garden elements for the guests. The garden made of easy-build-up and easy-removeable structure mobile components. Team: Orsolya Kocsis Andrea V. Waldmann


NO°11 NO°12

NO°3 NO°6 NO°7


Special prize

creative community

NO°1 NO°2 NO°3 NO°4 NO°5 NO°6 NO°7

Gate Service area #lab #garden of scents #recycle #community garden #chill garden

NO°8 NO°9 NO°10 NO°11 NO°12 NO°13 NO°14

#mobile garden #storage Exit Mobile projection wall #teleport - garden movie #dreamgarden #gardencommunity - photo wall







# lab

# recycle

# chill garden community garden

mobile garden

photo album # mobile garden

# storage

# teleport voice of natrure

dream garden wall


The materials of the garden are reusable wood pallets, timber, fruit crate and sheet.

We can take our time with gardening, games or listening the voices of nature with mobile headphones .


info app

design app

facebook group







1. day #take off

2. day #test

3. day #pin-wheel


garden elements


4. day #listening

5. day #green giant

The 12 parts (NO°2) of the garden can be discovered on directional path (NO°1) or individually. Vegetables and flowers (NO°6) have been planted into the flowerbeds (NO°3) with various height (80cm, 60cm 40cm). Using mobile apps, visitors can easily learn about them. The garden is full with unique design elements; you can relax on bean bag chairs (NO°4) under white dried trees decorated by coloured bands (NO°5). The ’Sziget Flower’ outdoor design component also offers shade (NO°7). Unexpected interesting and exciting guerilla actions are scheduled for every day.


#garden of scents

View over the hill


# recycle

Sziget Community Garden | Night view

06 ~

Catholic church surveying workshop ’A l a p’ | H u n g a r y May 2014

The organising plan of the of local catholic church’s environment in Alap town was prepared as part of the full surveying of the town.


7 sections was made of the environment of the church as the basic of our plan. We tried to use the most natural materials (limestone, wood) and other pavement materials (concrete plates) produced at the nearby. Our plan is designed in minimalist style highlighting the beauty and destails of the church.


NO°4 NO°3


Team: Kristóf Márton Tolonics Andrea V. Waldmann

NO°1 NO°2 NO°3 NO°4 NO°5

Sculpture | rest point Rest point Parking area Gate Statue







section 25


3 2

5 4

Materials from left to the right: column | asphalt road | church | sidewalk | drainage ditch | green area


07 ~

’ÉMI’ industrial park open space design

Keepers lodge

diploma Szentendre | Hungary January 2015 I have choosen to design the organising plan of the 14,7 acre industrial-office park. Three area has been detailed; Walking garden, ECO park and Danube park. This three areas have different functions as the park itself is job area, campus and visitor center at the same time. ÉMI’s request was a park that serves the workers, the students and visitors as well offering a place for relax and refreshment. That was the concept of my plan.

Office building

’K’ building

Danube park

’E’ building T Ü V- BAY E R N

Walking Garden


Show houses

ECO Park



10 30


20 40




Walking garden


’Sitting bay’

A park covered with dense vegetation and ’sitting bays’. ’Show houses’ will be built on the south introducing modern technologies and building materials. Thanks to the comfortable tables, benches, electricity access and wifi there is possibility to make office work outside or even make meetings and business. The area is mostly covered by concrete and gravel pavement. The park spot has aphalt surface.

Show houses



visualization 30

Shaded, dense covered vegetation. Thanks to the comfortable tables and benches there is possibility to make office work outside.

Section | Walking garden

Overview | Walking garden

’Sitting bay’

ECO park


Three pieces of 15 meter high wind turbine, pound sourrended by trees and other elements has been used to attract more visitor. On the north we can find groovy area with ’resting bay’.

Wind turbines




visualization 32

Water and huge turbines are to attract visitors. Section about the pond

View | pond & wind turbines

Danube park


According to the owners request, the park is suitable for outdoor programs, workshops and business days. The area is divided by wild flower bunches growing 1-1,5 meter high, trees forming groups that make nice smaller spaces.

Flower bunch

Meadow section


visualization 34

Surfaces suitable for sunbathing and huge bunch of flowers are the favorites of children.

Section about the ’sitting bay’

View |Danube park

08 ~

’Kőhegy’ chapel

Local government of Budaörs commission Budaörs | Hungary March 2014 I have been asked to make an organisation plan of the surrounding of the chapel Kőhegy as part of it’s renovation in Budaörs. The building gets flooded time to time because of the huge amount rain water pouring down from the hill. So it was necessary to built a retaining wall. The wall functions as a sitting area as well. My aim was to enhance the chapel with moderate colours and building materials of the square. I also had to recover the missing vegetation on the slope of the hill using plants that are familiar in the country.


1st Variation

3 2

5 4



There are two variations made for the organisation of the surrounding of the chapel,both with simple forms.

2nd Variation


1st Variation | Lightning

2nd Variation | Lightning

09 ~ To w n h a l l

Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur competition Altbach | Germany July 2014 The local government of Altbach announced the competition to organise the surrounding of the town hall building. The main element of the concept is the stream. The opposit street has been widen and changed into a mall. The stream’s continuity breaks time to time and comes up again. The stream is managed all along the mall. The unique pattern of the pavement creates an organic view.


Stream Bus stop

Groovy rest point To w n h a l l

A new bus station will be established in front of the town hall with a groovy rest point in the neighbour. 1st place web :


10 ~



Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur competition Erlangen | Germany September 2014

Bike tracks & front garden

Playground for infants

The old barrack-rooms wich are used today as mansions will be demolished and give place for new buildings. The blocks are surrounded by plants designed in minimal style with alternate colors and heights and create exciting sites. Every house has a private garden. The park is suitable for all generations in point of functions and structure also (barrier-free, different places for young and senior people, etc.) web:




11~ Model

The Egg student project Budapest | Hungary December 2014


The special climbing frame shapes a huge egg. It’s a real challenge for younger and elder people.


The convex object can be climbed with the help of handles and climbers can slide down inside the egg on a giant slope.

12 ~ Model

’Sziget’ Community Garden design competition Budapest | Hungary Apryl 2014


The model was made as part of the former presented ’Sziget’ Community Garden. The ’Sziget flowers’ and coloured sheets make the garden cheerful.


13 ~ Sketches

workshop TU Delft | Netherland September 2013







Andrea V. Waldmann landscape architect portfolio  
Andrea V. Waldmann landscape architect portfolio