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October 2021 New Collections

October Mailing Contents Oracle by Eye Candy Quilts.................................................... March 2022 Dottir by Eye Candy Quilts......................................................March 2022 Noel by Laundry Basket Quilts...............................................March 2022 Bird Humbug by Andover Fabrics............................................. April 2022 O Christmas Tree by Andover Fabrics...................................... April 2022 Things Are Looking Up by Kim Schaefer..................................April 2022 Merry Christmas by Makower UK...........................................March 2022 Skaters by Makower UK.......................................................... March 2022 Santa Paws by Makower UK................................................... March 2022 Scandi 2022 by Makower UK..................................................March 2022 Christmas Essentials by Makower UK...................................March 2022 Festive Foliage by Makower UK..............................................March 2022 Festival of Lights by Andover Fabrics........................................May 2022 Mystery Manor by Andover Fabrics........................................... May 2022 Witchypoo by Renee Nanneman................................................May 2022 Midnight Magic by Renee Nanneman........................................May 2022 Hocus Pocus by Kim Schaefer................................................... May 2022 Spiced Cider by Andover Fabrics...............................................May 2022 Century Prints - Deco Glo by Giucy Giuce............................... April 2022 Spaced Out by Kim Schaefer.................................................... April 2022 St. Leonard by Max and Louise...............................................March 2022

Andover Fabrics is excited to announce our newest designer

Eye Candy Quilts is the dynamic mother-daughter duo of Anneliese Johnson and Brenda Reid. Anneliese could always be found in her mother’s sewing room as a young child sewing buttons onto scraps of fabric. In her teens, Anneliese decided that she wanted to work in the textile world. Brenda’s love of history and textiles has taken her all over the United States and Western Europe learning how people crafted and created with textiles as part of their everyday life, including quilting. Together they have produced many quilt patterns which are available on their website and Checker Distributors.


Oracle Eye Candy Quilts

Oracle Panel | Neutral

March 2022 | 24 SKUs Andover Fabrics is excited to announce our newest designer, Eye Candy Quilts! Oracle Is the first fabric collection from the dynamic mother and daughter duo from Eye Candy Quilts! This group is inspired by their love of tarot cards and infused with their love of everything quilty. Oracle pairs beautifully with their blender group Dottir which also ships in March. We can’t wait to see what insight your cards from Oracle bring you!

Panel 24” x 44”

Oracle Panel | Yellow

Coordinates Panel 24” x 44” CS-10-BORDEAUX
























Oracle Panel | Art Nouveau

Panel 24” x 44”

Oracle Border Print | Light Orchid

Picasso | Blue Metallic

A 231 L

Oracle Border Print | Sunshine

A 231 N

Picasso | Oak

Oracle Border Print | Royal

Picasso | Boho

A 231 P

A 9850 R

A 230 L

A 232 MLB

Wards | Blue Metallic

Chonky Ferns | Blue

A 9850 R Bobbins | Navy

A 233 LB

A 234 LB

A 232 N

Wards | Brown

Chonky Ferns | Gold

Bobbins | Mint Metallic

A 233 N

A 234 N

Wards | Boho

Chonky Ferns | Red

Bobbins | Cream

A 232 P

A 233 P

A 234 PO

A 230 N

Moons | Navy

Fringes | Black

A 235 LB

A 236 MLB

Moons | Emerald

Fringes | Gold

A 235 MNG

A 236 MNG

Moons | Rose Quartz

Fringes | Plum

A 235 PL

A 236 MP

A 9850 R

A 230 P

A 237 L

A 237 N

All fabrics shown are 25% of actual size. Panels are reduced to show full repeat.

A 237 P

Exhibit Quilt The Exhibit quilt by Eye Candy Quilts features both Oracle and Dottir collections and comes in three colorways!

Blue Version Yellow Version

Fortuna Major Quilt

Boho Version

Puppytooth Quilt

The Fortuna Major quilt by Eye Candy Quilts features both Oracle and Dottir collections and shows a creative way to utilize the Fringe print creating added interest and visual texture.

The Puppytooth quilt by Eye Candy Quilts features both Oracle and Dottir collections using curved piecing for a dynamic and eye pleasing quilt.

Dottir Eye Candy Quilts March 2022 | 24 SKUs Dottir by Eye Candy Quilts is a fun modern blender group that pairs beautifully with Oracle and your personal stash!

Pattern Number: 238 Bing


MR1 Cider

Troll Hair

MR Saddle

MO Algea


Rubber Tree Plant

Prussian Blue



MY1 Pool

MV Royal

MB Storm





MO1 Sunshine



Whole Grain





School Bus








Light Orchid

MP Asphalt


All fabrics shown are 25% of actual size.





Homestead | Redwork

Laundry Basket Quilts March 2022 | 26 SKUs Noel by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts is a celebration of the holiday season. With a mix of classic neutrals and beautiful prints in festive shades of red and green it is destined to become a cherished heirloom.

Panel 24” x 44” Woodland | Festive

Stay tuned in the coming months for a whole range of projects from Edyta showing you how to get the most out of these beautiful projects or create your own unique and beautiful creations!

Fern | Wreath

Coordinates A 9909 G CS-10-BORDEAUX














Cozy Flannel | Ribbon Candy

A 9918 E Carol | Holly

A 9921 G

Homestead | Linen

A 9850 R

Panel 24” x 44”

Sweetheart | Parchment

A 9850 L

A 9911 R Pleat | Holly

A 9911 L Ensign | Holiday

A 9914 G Cozy Flannel | Joyful

A 9918 L Carol | Cranberry

A 9915 R Peppermint | Fir

A 9919 G Advent | Ribbon Candy

A 9921 R

A 9922 E

A 9912 L Primrose | Heirloom

Woodland | Linen

Charming Holly | Yuletide

A 9916 R Peppermint | Cranberry

A 9919 R Olive | Ornaments

A 9923 G

Sweetheart | Flocked

A 9913 E Sweet Pine | Spruce

A 9912 E Primrose | Cranberry

A 9913 R Sweet Pine | Merry

A 9917 G Wintergreen | Moss

A 9920 G Chimney Sweep | Velvet Ribbon

A 9924 G

A 9917 R Wintergreen | Frost

A 9920 L Sparkler | Snowy

A 9925 G

All fabrics shown are 50% of actual size. 9850 R and L only show a portion of the panels for detail.

Flock | Midnight

Bird Humbug Andover Fabrics April 2022 | 22 SKUs Bird Humbug by Andover Fabrics is a celebration of the holiday season from the perspective of earth’s creatures. The beetles are in their festive regalia and the birds are getting everything ready for the celebration. So light a lantern, sing a song and sew something festive with Bird Humbug!

Humbug | Forest


A 173 MG First Snow | Midnight















A 175 MK Foliage | Forest

A 177 G

Flock | Daylight

Guiding Light | Midnight

A 172 MK Guiding Light | Daylight

A 171 MK Humbug | Daylight

A 173 ML First Snow | Daylight

A 175 ML Foliage | Midnight

A 177 K

A 172 ML

A 171 ML Humbug | Maroon

Pine Cones | Forest

A 173 MR Poinsettia | Foliage

A 174 MG Poinsettia | Night Foliage

A 176 MLG

A 177 R

A 174 MK Poinsettia | Night Bloom

A 176 MKG

A 176 MKR Plaid | Midnight

Plaid | Forest

Foliage | Cranberry

Pine Cones | Midnight

A 178 G

All fabrics shown are 50% of actual size.

Pine Cones| Cranberry

A 174 MR Poinsettia | Bloom

A 176 MLR Plaid | Cranberry

A 178 K

A 178 R

O Christmas Tree Andover Fabrics April 2022 | 15 SKUs

O Christmas Tree from Andover Fabrics brings your mid century modern holiday dreams to life with graphic illustrations of beautiful trees, bright stars in a clear winter sky, and the glimmer of tinsel. Make sure to visit for the free pattern for the O Christmas Tree table runner, shown below!

Coordinates CS-10-RED










Mod Trees | Sky

Mod Trees | Hunter Green

A 166 G

A 166 B Woven Trees | Hunter Green

Mod Trees | Linen

Woven Trees | Ornament

Woven Trees | Linen

A 167 G Star Bright | Sky

A 167 L

A 168 B

A 168 L Tinsel | Linen

A 169 G Snow Flurry | Peppermint

A 168 R Tinsel | Ornament

A 169 L

A 169 R Snow Flurry | Ornament

Snow Flurry | Linen

A 170 G

A 167 R Star Bright | Ornament

Star Bright | Linen

Tinsel | Holly

A 166 L

A 170 L All fabrics shown are 50% of actual size.

A 170 R

Things Are Looking Up

Snowman Panel

Kim Schaefer April 2022 | 22 SKUs

Things Are Looking Up by Kim Schaefer will inspire you to put up the string lights and make a snowman! Kim created the a free pattern for Things Are Looking Up that can be made in two colorways that both shine bright!

Snowballs | Blue

A 161 B Plaid | Blue

Coordinates A 164 B CS-10-GIRLYGIRL












Stripe| Blue

Snowman With Lights | Blue

Snowman Panel | Green

l | Blue

Snowman With Lights |

A 159 B Stringing Lights | Blue

A 158 B Snowballs | Green

A 161 G Plaid | Green

Big Flakes | Blue

Snowballs | Red

A 164 G

Stringing Lights | Green

Snowing | Blue

A 164 R

A 159 R Stringing Lights | Snow

A 160 G Big Flakes | Green

A 163 B

A 161 R Plaid | Red

A 159 G

A 160 B

A 158 G

Snowman With Lights | Red

A 160 L Big Flakes | Red

A 163 G Snowing | Green

A 165 B

A 165 G

A 163 R Snowing | Red

A 165 R

Stripe | Red

A 162 B All fabrics shown are 25% of actual size.

A 162 R

Advent Calendar | Multi

Merry Christmas Makower UK March 2022 | 17 SKUs Merry Christmas by Makower UK features Santa, his reindeer, two advent calendar, stockings, snowmen, trees and so much more. Make yourself a quick full sized stocking using the panel including all the pieces for a cuff and a loop to hang from. With two advent calendars Merry Christmas by Makower UK gives you plenty of options to pick from for the holidays.

TP 2486 1 Large Stocking Panel | Multi

Mini Stocking Advent | Multi

TP 2488 1 Flying Deer | Cream

TP 2482 Q Icon Montage | Cream

TP 2479 1

Flying Deer | Charcoal

TP 2482 S Santa | Red

TP 2480 R

TP 2487 1 Stockings | Cream

TP 2484 Q Santa | Gray

TP 2480 S

Stockings | Red

TP 2484 R Snowmen | Red

TP 2483 R

Christmas Trees | Green

Christmas Trees | Cream

TP 2481 G

TP 2481 Q

Robins | Cream

TP 2485 Q Snowmen | Gray

TP 2483 S2

Robins | Charcoal

TP 2485 S Snowmen | Charcoal

TP 2483 S9

All fabrics shown are 25% of actual size. Panels reduced in scale to show full repeat. Panels are 24” X 44”


Advent Calendar | Multi

Makower UK March 2022 | 3 SKUs Skaters by Makower UK features an Advent Calendar panel with people skating and skiing with two supporting prints sure to make your winter sport enthusiast smile! Skaters | Teal

TP 2464 1

Skaters | White

TP 2465 T

TP 2465 W

All fabrics shown are 25% of actual size. Panels reduced in scale to show full repeat. Panels are 24” X 44”

Santa Paws

Santa Paws Advent Calendar | Multi

Makower UK

March 2022 | 4 SKUs Santa Paws by Makower UK features an Advent Calendar panel and a secondary panel along with two supporting prints perfect for the cat lover in your life!

TP 2477 1

Santa Paws Block Panel | Multi

Scatter | White

TP 2478 1

Scatter | Black

TP 2476 W

TP 2476 X

All fabrics shown are 25% of actual size. Panels reduced in scale to show full repeat. Panels are 24” X 44”

Scandi 2022 Makower UK March 2022 | 21 SKUs Scandi is the holiday group from Makower UK that we all look forward to each year. Featuring Scandinavian inspired designs of quaint villages covered in snow, deers, presents from St. Nick, stockings and falling snow. Scandi Panel | Red

Scandi Panel | Grey

TP 2462 R

Scandi Advent Calendar | Red

TP 2462 S

Scenic | Red

TP 2463 1

Scenic | Grey

TP 2455 R

TP 2455 S

Snowflakes | Red

Snowflakes | Grey

TP 2457 R5

Snowflakes | Cream Red

Geometric | Grey

TP 2459 R

TP 2456 S2

TP 2460 S

TP 2460 R

Stripe | Red

TP 2459 S

Stars | Cream Grey

Scatter | Grey

Scatter | Red

Folk | Grey

TP 2456 S6

TP 2456 R1

TP 2458 S

TP 2458 R

Folk | Red

Stars | Cream Red

TP 2457 S2

TP 2457 R1

Geometric | Red

TP 2456 R5

TP 2457 S6

Snowflakes | Cream Grey

Stars | Grey

Stars | Red

Stripe | Grey

TP 2461 R

All fabrics shown are 25% of actual size.

TP 2461 S

Christmas Essentials Makower UK March 2022 | 20 SKUs Christmas Essentials by Makower UK brings you small dots, bright stars, elegant scrolls and falling snow all printed in metallic silver and gold! Pin Dot | Green

TP 302 G10 Star | Green

TP 306 G10 Scroll | Green

TP 760 G10 Snowflake | Green

TP 2364 G10

Pin Dot | Red

Pin Dot | Gold

TP 302 R10 Star | Red

TP 302 WGM Star | Gold

TP 306 R10 Scroll | Red

Snowflake | Red

Star | Silver

TP 306 WM Scroll | Silver

TP 760 WM

TP 760 WGM Snowflake | Gold

TP 2364 R10

TP 302 WM

TP 306 WGM Scroll | Gold

TP 760 R10

Pin Dot | Silver

Snowflake | Silver

TP 2364 WGM

All fabrics shown are 25% of actual size.

TP 2364 WM

Pin Dot | Grey

TP 302 S10 Star | Grey

TP 306 S10 Scroll | Grey

TP 760 S10

Snowflake | Grey

TP 2364 S10

Festive Foliage Makower UK March 2022 | 15 SKUs Festive Foliage from Makower UK brings the classic winter foliage indoors. Featuring Poinsettias, holly, Berries, tossed sprigs and a coordinating strip and polka dot perfect for all of you winter projects! Multi Spot | Cream

TP 1948 Q2 Holly Trail | Green

Stripe | Multi

Poinsettia | Green

Scatter | Cream

TP 2492 G Metallic Holly | Green

TP 2493 G

Berries | Cream

TP 2490 Q

TP 2490 G Scatter | Green

TP 2489 G

TP 2203 G3 Holly Trail | Cream

Metallic Holly | Cream

TP 2493 Q

TP 2489 Q Berries | Red

TP 2491 R

TP 2491 Q Berries | Teal

Scatter | Red

TP 2492 Q

Poinsettia | Cream

TP 2492 R Metallic Holly | Red

TP 2493 R

All fabrics shown are 25% of actual size.

TP 2491 T

Festival of Lights Andover Fabrics May 2022 | 16 SKUs Festival of Lights by Andover Fabrics will inspire you to create a tablescape and spin your dreidel during your eight days of Chanukah. Featuring Menorahs, Stars of David, hamsas, boho chic foliage and snowflakes this line is sure to please those that celebrate the holiday. Make sure to visit for your free pattern for the Festival of Lights table runner, placemats, and wall hanging shown below!

Coordinates CS-10-NAVY












Ornament Stripe | Navy

Menorahs | Navy

A 204 MB

A 203 MB

Tiled Star | Navy

Ornament Stripe | White

A 204 ML

Confetti Cluster |Navy

A 205 MB

Star Bursts | Navy

A 207 B

A 206 B

Confetti Cluster | White

A 205 ML

Star Bursts | Light Blue

A 207 B1

Menorahs | Blue

A 203 MB1

Tiled Star | Blue

A 206 B1

Confetti Cluster | Light Blue

Menorahs | White

A 203 ML

Tiled Star | Multi

A 206 BY

Confetti Cluster | Blue

A 205 B2

A 205 B1

Star Bursts | Blue

Star Bursts | Candlelight

A 207 B2

Pattern 206 at 50% scale. All other fabrics shown are at 25% scale. Stripe in 204 ML & MB repeats

A 207 Y

Mystery Manor Andover Fabrics May 2022 | 20 SKUs

Mystery Manor by Andover Fabrics will make your hair stand on end! Skulls, spiders, bats and more await you and your projects. Dark sided quilters unite and sew to your heart’s content with Mystery Manor!

Coordinates CS-10-PAPRIKA












Fright Flight | Purple Moon

Fright Flight | Moonlight

Library Tiles | Pumpkin

Library Tiles | Dust

A 198 C

A 198 O Antique Frames | Dust

A 197K

A 197 L Black Widows | Dust

A 200 C Bats | Dust

Cryptic Script | Dust

A 202 C

Black Widows | Pumpkin

Antique Frames | Purple Moon

A 199 P Black Widows | Purple Moon

A 200 O Bats | Purple Moon

A 201 O Cryptic Script |Moonlight

A 198 L

A 199 O

A 200 L Bats | Pumpkin

A 201 C

Antique Frames | Pumpkin

A 199 C Black Widows | Moonlight

Library Tiles | Moonlight

A 201 P Cryptic Script | Purple Moon

A 202 L

All fabrics shown are 25% of actual size.

A 202 P

A 200 P Bats | Bronze

A 201 Y Cryptic Script | Bronze

A 202 Y



Witchypoo | Dusk

Renee Nanneman May 2022 | 24 SKUs Witchypoo by Renee Nanneman is inspired by vintage Halloween decorations and features Renee’s first panel with our new favorite witch, Witchypoo! Complimenting Witchypoo we have black cats, moons, eyes, and beautiful, yet spooky, supporting prints. Make sure to visit for the free pattern for the Witchypoo Quilt, shown below!

A 253 K

Coordinates CS-10-PLUM









Night Flight | Dusk

poo | Dawn

A 254 K Crescent | Dawn

A 258 L

A 253 L

A 260 K

A 256 K Candy Wrappers | Dusk

A 262 K

Moon and Stars | Dawn

A 256 L Candy Wrappers | Dawn

A 262 L

Black Cats | Dawn

Crescent | Orange

Flair | Orange

A 258 O

A 260 O Moon and Stars | Haze

A 256 N Cross Weave | Haze

A 263 N

Black Cats | Orange

A 255 L

A 254 L

Confetti | Orange

Confetti | Dusk

Moon and Stars | Dusk

Night Flight | Dawn

A 255 O Flair | Purple

A 259 P

A 259 O Webs | Haze

Webs | Orange

A 261 N Dark Eyes | Twilight

A 261 O Dark Eyes | Sunset

A 257 KN Cross Weave | Orange

A 257 KO Cross Weave | Purple

A 263 O

Panels are reduced in scale to show full repeat. All other fabrics shown are 25% of actual size.

A 263 P

Midnight Magic Renee Nanneman May 2022 | 16 SKUs Midnight Magic by Renee Nanneman is the perfect blender fabric for those of us that love using dark colors in our quilts. These patterns and textures will compliment all of your fabrics and are all printed on a black background. Make sure to visit for your free pattern for the Midnight Tumble Quilt using both Midnight Magic and Witchypoo, shown below!

Downpour | Dusk

Downpour | Twilight

A 264 KC

Fog | Dusk

A 264 KN

Fog | Twilight

A 266 KC

Shadows | Dusk

Blackout | Dusk

A 265 KC

A 266 KN

A 265 KN

Nightfall | Twilight

A 267 KC

Drizzle | Dusk

A 268 KP

Blackout | Twilight

A 270 KC

Dusk | Twilight

Nightfall | Dusk

Shadows | Twilight

A 268 KC

Dusk | Dusk

Drizzle | Twilight

A 269 KC

Starscape | Dusk

A 270 KG All fabrics shown at scale.

A 267 KP

A 269 KN

Starscape | Twilight

A 271 KC

A 271 KN

Hocus Pocus

Witch Panel | Purple

Kim Schaefer May 2022 | 24 SKUs Hocus Pocus by Kim Schaefer may scare your socks off! With dark creatures that move in the night and visions of witches and boiling cauldrons it is sure to make a quilt that will catch everyone’s eyes. Make sure to visit for the free pattern for the Hocus Pocus Quilt, shown below!

A 208 P Witch Panel | Cauldron


A 208 C










Tossed Wardrobe | Cauldron

Tossed Wardrobe | Chartreuse

A 209 C

A 209 G

Bats | Cauldron

Bats | Chartreuse

A 212 C

Tossed Wardrobe | Purple

A 209 P Bats | Pumpkin

A 212 G

Witch Socks | Cauldron

A 213 C Potions | Cauldron

A 210 C Spider Web | Cauldron

A 211 C

Eyes | Cauldron

A 214 K Eyes | Purple

A 213 O Potions | Parchment

A 210 L Spider Web | Chartreuse

A 211 G

A 214 P Eyes | Pumpkin

A 214 P1

A 212 O

Witch Socks | Pumpkin

Eyes | Ultraviolet

Witch Socks | Chartreuse

A 213 G Potions | Pumpkin

A 210 O Spider Web | Pumpkin

A 211 O

A 214 O

Witch Socks | Ultraviolet

A 213 P Potions | Ultraviolet

A 210 P Spider Web | Purple

A 211 P

Panels are reduced in scale to show full repeat. All other fabrics shown are 25% of actual size.

Spiced Cider

Meadow | Green

Andover Fabrics May 2022 | 24 SKUs

Spiced Cider by Andover Fabrics features meadows, small berries sunflowers, falling leaves, stalks of wheat, and more. Printed in greens, oranges and purples great for spring, fall and winter projects including our Colors of Fall quilt coming to our website soon!

A 245 G

Berry Harvest | Green

A 247 G

Oak & Acorn | Green

A 249 G

Coordinates Wheat Stripe | Green CS-10-TERRACOTTA












A 251 G

Meadow | Black

Frosted Leaf | Green

Meadow | Red

A 245 K

Berry Harvest | Orange

A 247 O

Oak & Acorn | Purple

A 249 P

Wheat Stripe | Neutral

A 251 N

A 245 R

Berry Harvest | Purple

A 246 G

Sunflowers | Green

A 247 P

Oak & Acorn | Yellow

A 251 Y

Sunflowers | Orange

A 248 O

Falling Leaves | Orange

A 250 G

Harvest Plaid | Green

Wheat Stripe | Yellow

A 246 O

A 248 G

Falling Leaves | Green

A 249 Y

Frosted Leaf | Orange

A 250 O

Harvest Plaid | Purple

A 252 G

All fabrics shown are 50% of actual size.

A 252 P

Frosted Leaf | Purple

A 246 P

Sunflowers | Purple

A 248 P

Falling Leaves | Purple

A 250 P

Harvest Plaid | Yellow

A 252 Y

Century Prints - Deco Glo Giucy Giuce

April 2022 | 16 SKUs Century Prints - Deco Glo by Giucy Giuce is printed on 15 new colors of our premium 100% combed cotton Century Solids that are exclusive to this collection. Building upon the art deco theme of Century Prints - Deco by Giucy Giuce, Deco Glo brings existing and new prints in fantastic bright colors that really glow and will make all of your projects pop and stand out from the crowd! Make sure to visit for your free copy of the Canyon Road Quilt, shown below!

Meander | Black Currant

Curtains | Beautyberry

A 276 K

Chandelier | Cantaloupe

Juke Box | Kiwi

Geese | Lemon

A 274 G

Meander | Name A Teal Fruit

Chandelier | Concord

Meander | Blueberry

A 276 B

A 276 T

A 272 G

Geese | Elderberry

A 274 P

A 275 O

Geese | Lime

A 275 G

A 273 Y

Curtains | Keylime

Juke Box | Persimmon

A 276 E

A 272 E

A 274 O

Chandelier | Honeydew

Meander | Dragonfruit

A 273 G

Juke Box | Juniper Berry

A 275 B

Curtains | Black Currant

A 273 P

All fabrics shown are 50% of actual size.

A 272 K

Spaced Out Kim Schaefer

April 2022 | 23 SKUs Spaced Out by Kim Schaefer brings our solar system into your sewing room! With space ships, planets, shooting stars and more it’s sure to bring a smile to the little astronauts in your life! Make sure to visit for your free copy of the Lost in Space Quilt, shown below! Space Traffic | Navy

A 241 B

Shooting Stars | Orange

A 243 O

Coordinates CS-10-RED








Night Sky | Red

A 244 R

Blast Off Panel | Blue

Blast Off Panel | White

Planet Pals | Navy

Planet Pals | White

A 240 L

A 240 B A 239 B Space Traffic | Blue

A 241 B1

Shooting Stars | Yellow

A 243 Y

Night Sky | Orange

A 244 O

Planet Pals | Light Blue

A 240 LB

A 239 L Space Traffic | White

A 241 L

Shooting Stars | Green

A 243 G

Night Sky | Yellow

A 244 Y

Stripe | Blue

Stripe | Light Rainbow

A 242 B

Shooting Stars | Blue

A 243 B

Night Sky | Green

A 244 G

A 242 LX

Night Sky | Light Blue

A 244 B2

Night Sky | Teal

Stripe | Dark Rainbow

A 242 X1

Night Sky | Blue

A 244 B1

Night Sky | Navy

A 244 T

A 244 B

All fabrics shown are 25% of actual size. Panels reduced in scale to show full repeat. Panels are 24” X 44”

St. Leonard

Nicole | Pink

Max & Louise

March 2022 | 24 SKUs St. Leonard by Max and Louise is a shirting group that is a blend of neutral prints that are essential in every stash. A 215 E

With stripes, vines, flowers, plaids, kittens and more it will add a lot of interest to any project. Make sure to visit for the free pattern for the Mountain Stars Quilt, shown below!

Narelle | Navy

A 217 B

Adriana | Pink

A 219 E


Merl | Black













A 221 K

Nicole | Mint

Nicole | Cocoa

Wendy | Navy

A 215 N

A 215 G

Narelle | Cocoa

Narelle | Pink

A 217 E

Adriana | Violet

Helen | Navy

Adriana | Daisy

A 219 P

Merl | Crimson

Helen | Cocoa

A 220 G

A 220 N

All fabrics shown are 50% of actual size.

A 220 P

Rosalyn | Crimson

Rosalyn | Mint

A 222 B

A 218 N

Julie | Violet

Julie | Cocoa

Rosalyn | Navy

A 216 N

A 218 K

A 218 B

A 219 Y

A 221 Y

A 216 L

Helen | Black

Julie | Mint

Merl | Daisy

A 221 R

A 216 B

A 217 N

Wendy | Cocoa

Wendy | Sand

A 222 G

A 222 R