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Modern Gallery, Omer Mujadžić

DATE: 15 5.10.20009 - 31.01.2010 EVENT: Intimacy in Croatian painting INFO: Modern Gallery, A. Hebranga 1, phone 00385 1 604 10 40

Modern Gallery, Jerolim Miše

Intimacy captures the most personal essence of Croatian painting from the period between the 1930s and the 1950s. Featuring over 120 works from leading museums and galleries as well as numerous private collections, the exhibition displays the whole spectrum of this opus in addition to individual cycles inspired by the personal lives of their authors. DATE: 08.12 2. 20009 – 31.01.2010 EVENT: From Klović and Rembrandt to

Warhol and Picelj INFO: Museum of Arts and Crafts, Trg maršala Tita 10, phone 00385 1 488 21 11

An exhibition celebrating the 90th anniversary of the collection of graphics of the National and University Library in Zagreb. More than 600 works are on display, just a small but nonetheless representative part of this rich collection. DATE: 14 4.12.2 20099 - 14.02.2010 EVENT: Prayers to Saint Triphon –

Treasure of the Kotor Diocese INFO: Klovićevi dvori Gallery, Jezuitski trg 4, phone 00385 1 485 19 26

tić Modern Gallery, Zlatko Šulen

So rich and yet so little known, the region of Kotor reveals itself in all its splendour, thus marking the 1200 year anniversary of its protector, Saint Triphon. One of the richest Church treasuries has opened its door displaying all the richness of its relics, liturgical clothing, top-class sacral fine art and sculpture, specific musical expression and literature.

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DATE: 17.12 2.2 2009 - 07.02.2010 EVENT: Ivica Bednjanec –

Retrospective INFO: Klovićevi dvori Gallery, Jezuitski trg 4, phone 00385 1 485 19 26

Bednjanec is master of comic book narration, and this will be nostalgic to some whilst the younger generation will realise that their folks had their very own ‘Simpsons’. Bednjanec was acclaimed for ridiculing social flaws, political fraud and manipulation, and all in the spirit of black humour which ruled the world comic book scene in the 1970’s.

DATE: 17.07.20 009 - 15 5.02 2.20010 EVENT: Second exhibition of the tactile gallery - Sculpture and painting:

Marija Ujević Galetović, Ksenija Kantoci, Josip Račić INFO: Modern Gallery, A. Hebranga 1, phone 00385 1 604 10 40

The second exhibition of the Tactile Gallery of the Modern Gallery - a multi-sensory gallery which is the first of its kind in Croatia. It is especially designed for the blind and visually impaired, but also gives the sighted a new way of experiencing artistic works. Selected masterpieces of Croatian modern art are presented here through touch and sound, with detailed sound guides to the pictures alongside reliefs and sculptures. DATE: Novembe er 20099 – Sepptem mberr 2010 EVENT: Memories of a Duke – The Jelačić Legacy at the Croatian History Museum INFO: Croatian History Museum, Matoševa 9, phone 00385 1 485 19 00

The sword-brandishing chap on horseback at Zagreb’s main square is Duke Jelaèiæ. Croatians regard him as a national hero, and rightly since he is credited with the abolition of serfdom. His military campaigns were at times controversial but his legacy continues. The 150th anniversary of his death is marked by this exhibition of over 300 items that belong to the Jelaèiæ family’s estate. Zagreb Puppet Theater

DATE: Jan nuarry EVENT: J. M. Barrie - Peter Pan Premiere INFO: Zagreb Puppet Theatre, Ulica baruna Trenka 3, phone 00385 1 487 84 44

Peter Pan started out as a character in this play penned by Scotsman J. M. Barrie, later finding his way into the novel Peter and Wendy, with the famous opening line: “All children, except one, grow up.” Revisit the tale of innocence, fantasy and mischief and awaken the child within!

DATE: 03 + 06.01 EVENT: Audi FIS World Cup VIP Snow Queen Trophy INFO: Sljeme, Mount Medvednica

See the very best in ladies’ and men’s slalom racing. DATE: 14 - 23.01 EVENT: Century of blues INFO: BP Club, Nikole Tesle 7, phone 00385 1 481 44 44

An international jazz event dedicated to blues music. The BP Club becomes the cornerstone for an entire array of jazz bands and musicians from all over Europe, most of who are followers of the Chicago school of blues. DATE: 14.01 - 15.02 EVENT: Ink-Not-Ink – An exhibition of contemporary Chinese ink fine art INFO: Croatian Academy of Science and Art - The Glyptotheque, Medvedgradska 2, phone 00385 1 468 60 50

The Glyptothe que, Ink-Not-In k

A travelling exhibition across Europe that presents for the very first time works by 38 artists from the Chinese contemporary art scene. The central theme is the tradition of ink fine art and the response to explosive growth and globalisation. The artists experiment with new media merging western and eastern elements.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, photo: Jasenko Rasol

DATE: 17.01 - 14..02 EVENT: Aleksandar Srnec – A Retrospective INFO: Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00

Entitled “Invisible Presence”, this exhibition is an encounter with one of the most influential artists whose impact on Croatian art in the second half of the 20th century was significant.

Zagreb’s new Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb has enjoyed an enduring relationship with the avant-garde, and the long-awaited opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art provides the wild side of the city’s heritage with the sharp focus it deserves. Perhaps the museum’s new purpose-built home can’t compete with Bilbao’s Guggenheim in terms of jaw-dropping drama, but it nonetheless bears the individual signature that you would expect from a landmark cultural project. The raunchily zig-zagging façade designed by local architect Igor Franiæ is a direct echo of the meander motif beloved of post-war abstract artist Julije Knifer. A kaleidoscopic light display brings an additional sense of spectacle to the exterior. Despite a sprinkling of foreign works, the emphasis is on home-grown creations – and what a rich and compelling collection it is. Post-war Croatia was largely free from the kind of cultural censorship suffered by its more Sovietized East-European neighbours. Avantgarde art took root early and never lost its grip: the movement Exat 51 gave a new lease of life to abstract and geometric art, while the computer-art of New Tendencies offered an ahead-of-its-time glimpse at the digital age. The first of the big international touring exhibitions hits the museum in May 2010, when Gilbert & George show the Jack Freak Pictures first aired in London in summer 2009.

DATE: 21 - 30.011, 13 - 15 5.05,, 02 - 04.06 EVENT: Galileo Bound opera chorale INFO: Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00 or 00385 1 484 78 56

What is the relationship between science and art? The libretto of this opera with original music by contemporary Macedonian composer Marjan Nekak explores this question, and is based on Brecht’s “Life of Galileo” and Eschylus’ “Prometheus Bound”. Galileo Bound kicks off the Eurokaz theatre season in Zagreb’s new Museum of Contemporary Art.

DATE: 21.01 EVENT: Swan Lake on Ice - St. Petersburg State Ballet on Ice INFO: Dražen Petrović Sports Centre, Savska 30, phone 00385 1 484 33 33

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake adapted for ballet on ice, interpreted by the renowned St Petersburg State Ballet on Ice. Choreographed by Konstantin Rassadin, who has worked with the likes of Nureyev and Barishnikov, this spectacle features champion skaters Olga Ivanova and Andrey Strogana. DATE: 27.01 EVENT: Kiril Džajkovski / Special guests MC Ras Tweed & Sedzuk Orchestra INFO: Aquarius Club, Aleja Matije Ljubeka bb

Kiril is best known for combining traditional Macedonian and electronic music, thus earning the title as “pioneer of Balkan electronica”. Here he plays with a ten-piece band and new MC Ras Tweed, name-checked by the likes of Al-Haca and Kruder and Dorfmeister. DATE: 29.01 EVENT: Museum Night

Participating museums today open their doors from 6pm to 1am, and entry is free.

PBZ Zagreb Indoors, Mario Ančić, Marin Čilić

DATE: 30.01 - 07.02 EVENT: PBZ Zagreb Indoors - ATP World Tour 250 INFO: Dom sportova, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11

International Indoor Tennis Championships, features players from the ATP men’s Top 50 ranking. DATE: 04.02 EVENT: The Australian Pink Floyd Show INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66

The Australian Pink Floyd Show have been playing Pink Floyd covers for 20 years in their own inimitable style. From their beginnings in Adelaide in 1988, they now play around the world complete with an audio-visual feast in true Pink Floyd style.

DATE: 06.02 EVENT: Metropolitan in Lisinski –

Giuseppe Verdi: Simon Boccanegra INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66

Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Placido Domingo

Placido Domingo plays the title role in Verdi’s tense and thrilling political drama. Conducted by James Levine, music director of the Metropolitan Opera and of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

DATE: 13.02 EVENT: Paradise Lost INFO: Boogaloo Club, Vukovarska 68

Fans of heavy music will ravish as one of the giants of the 90’s tour Zagreb. Formed in 1988, the band’s earlier albums are classified as doom metal. Later, they began to incorporate several different styles of rock into their recordings and are now mainly considered a gothic metal band. DATE: 12 + 13.02 2 EVENT: Zagreb Wine Gourmet Festival INFO: Museum of Arts and Crafts, Trg maršala Tita 10, phone 00385 1 488 21 11

A gastronomic smorgasbord awaits visitors as this has been proclaimed as the food and wine event of the year. 140 top class wine makers and producers of traditional Croatian delicacies will present their produce at this unique exhibition of culture, awarding enology and gastronomy the highest place in human creativity.

Wine and Gourmet Festival

DATE: 12.02 EVENT: Vincenzo Bellini - Norma Premiere INFO: Croatian National Theatre, Trg maršala Tita15, phone 00385 1 488 84 88

The inner battle between love and duty often inspires opera. Bellini’s heroine is torn between her duty to her country and her love for an enemy invader. The only way out involves personal sacrifice. Director Philipp Himmelmann brings out the universality and modernity of the theme. DATE: 13 - 20.02 EVENT: Music Carousell INFO: BP Club, Nikole Tesle 7, phone 00385 1 481 44 44

The 6 day event will host six bands and ten or so top class musicians from Croatia and abroad. DATE: 14.02 EVENT: Depeche Mode INFO: Zagreb Arena, Lanište

We’ve taken a rain check on this gig once but Dave Gahan, Martin Core and Andy Fletcher will play in Zagreb after all; their concert had been cancelled last year as lead vocalist Gahan fell ill. The band has recently released its twelfth album and continues to blast audiences on their ‘Tour Of the Universe’. DATE: 14.02 EVENT: Paco de Lucia INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66

Maestro Paco de Lucia is one of the most influential flamenco guitar players of all time, and appears in Zagreb with Niño Josele (guitar), Antonio Serrano (piano), Cristo Heredia and David de Jacoba (vocals), dancer Farruco and others. He brings the sounds and soul of le espanol to you! Eurokaz

DATE: 18-20, 25-27.02; 8-10, 15-17.04 EVENT: Tracks INFO: Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00 or 00385 1 484 78 56

Tracks is the second part of a trilogy entitled Future Performance Theory or The Only Way to Avoid the Massacre is to Become its Authors? Created by choreographer Barbara Matijeviæ and her partner Giuseppe Chico, and supported by dramatist Saša Božiæ, the main thread follows the creation of a soundscape and its transformation into a landscape via a fugue of vocal harmony and counterpoint. Tracks questions our excessive reliance on our eyes and returns our ‘neglected’ ears to the fore.

DATE: 20 - 21.02 EVENT: International Tournament Vladimir Mažuranić Memorial INFO: Dom sportova, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11

International senior tournament in fencing for men and women, includes Junior Female World Cup (20.02). DATE: 23.02 EVENT: The 10th Jazz Cycle - Enrico Rava New Quintet INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66

Undoubtedly, the most globally renowned Italian jazz musician, who in a forty year career as a trumpet player/composer, has produced more than hundred recordings with many of the finest artists in the world. His style is immediately recognisable; his lyrical sound constantly fresh. DATE: 24.02 EVENT: Gamma Ray! INFO: Boogaloo Club, Vukovarska 68

Modern Gallery, Leo Junek

German power metal outfit Gamma Ray, with Helloween frontman Kai Hansen, visit Croatia for the first time as part of their tour promoting the To The Metal album. They’re supported by Freedom Call (Germany) and Italian symphonic power metallers Secret Sphere.

DATE: 25.0 02 EVENT: Iconography of the city INFO: Modern Gallery, A. Hebranga 1, phone 00385 1 604 10 40

This exhibition will fill 14 halls with 200 works on urban themes such as city motifs in oils, sketches and graphics, posters and photos. Drawing together history, literature, film, music and architecture, events supporting the exhibition include dance performances, film screenings and book promotions as well as workshops for children. DATE: 25.02 EVENT: Ivica Šimić -The Story of Light Premiere INFO: Mala scena Theatre, Medveščak 2, phone 00385 1 468 33 52

This is the 3rd story in a trilogy which has been playing for several seasons now. By using various sources of light, Šimiæ will talk about its influence on people; his aim is to instil a sense of beauty and pleasure in children about the power of light.

DATE: 25.0 02 - 25.03 EVENT: Kristina Leko & Isa Rosenberger INFO: Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Šubićeva 29, phone 00385 1 459 26 96

Each an eminent artist in her own right, Zagreb-born Leko and Viennese Rosenberger are concerned with social themes and experiment with a variety of media. Their joint exhibition will deal with issues pertinent to both their home countries.

Modern Gallery

DATE: 27..02 EVENT: Spandau Ballet INFO: Dom sportova, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11

Retro pop is back dear folks and these English giants of the 80’s return in style. It’s been a long time since they were last here and the fitting title of ‘The Reformation Tour’ sits perfectly after the long layoff. Spandau Ballet will perform their classic hits plus tracks from their new album Once More. DATE: 28..02 - 07.03 EVENT: ZagebDox International Festival

of Documentary Films INFO: Nova Ves 18, phone 00385 1 485 48 21

Restart Fest

Do you devour documentaries? Well there are 120 films from the world documentary scene on show. As part of the festival, a Pitching forum and a workshop on the development of documentaries for directors and producers will be organised.

DATE: Mar ch h EVENT: Dubravko Jelačić Bužimski - Conquering the theatre Premiere INFO: Zagreb Puppet Theatre, Ulica baruna Trenka 3, phone 00385 1 487 84 44

Three colours (Red, Yellow and Blue) and three musicians (the ants Ting and Tang and the dinosaur Sukrapina) are to bring to life an old abandoned theatre. They start to quarrel about who will do what to bring the children and the actors back again. Each thinks he is smarter and stronger than the rest. Finally they realise that only by working together can they help the Actor bring the stage to life once more. DATE: 04 - 07.03 EVENT: EABA Tournament Zlatko Hrbić INFO: Boćarski dom, Prisavlje 2, phone 00385 1 301 23 31

The 5th Memorial International Boxing Tournament.

DATE: 04 - 07.03 EVENT: Croatian Badminton International 2010 INFO: Dom sportova, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11

The International Championship of Croatia in badminton, European Cup series. DATE: 05 - 06 6.03 EVENT: Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy INFO: Dom Sportova, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11

International Competition in Synchronized Ice-skating for seniors, juniors and cadets. DATE: 06.0 03 EVENT: Variations in F.ado Minor Premiere INFO: Croatian National Theatre, Trg maršala Tita15, phone 00385 1 488 84 88

Hugo Viera’s Variations In F.ado Minor return the heart-rending Portuguese Fado to the Zagreb stage. Young choreographer Viera has become one of the most intriguing contemporary artists, bringing some fifteen ballets to theatres throughout Germany over the last ten years. This performance will combine dance with recordings of some of the most famous fado singers. DATE: 06 - 07 7.03 EVENT: European Judo Cup INFO: Dubrava Sports Hall, Đure Prejca Street 2

European Judo Cup

In addition, it will be followed by a 3 day training. Last year’s competition had 350 participants from 20 European countries.

DATE: 09.0 03 EVENT: Monika Leskovar & Giovanni Sollima – Kaleidoskop Soloist Ensemble:

We Were Trees INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66

This top-flight cello duo bases its repertoire on the intersection between multiple musical eras and genres, from the baroque via jazz and rock to contemporary music and Sollime’s own compositions.

DATE: 09.0 03 - 04.04 EVENT: Springtime Jazz fever INFO: BP Club, Nikole Tesle 7, phone 00385 1 481 44 44

Springtime Jazz Fever is an annual international jazz event which offers a series of concerts performed by international and local jazz artists. The festival has been held since 1988 and has been admitted into the association of European jazz festivals. DATE: 15 5.03 EVENT: Leonard Cohen INFO: Zagreb Arena, Lanište

Deemed by many as the most influential songwriter of all time, Cohen has written poems, books and songs that have left eternal impressions on regular folks and devoted fans alike. From pop and folk to rock, blues and jazz, he has covered all styles as his musical instrument is his voice. Love, spirituality, and religion are his main topics with tracks like ‘Hallelujah’ which have become a phenomenon. DATE: 17 7 - 27.03 EVENT: The 3rd Days of Gumbek INFO: Histrion Theatre, Ilica 90, phone 00385 1 549 63 87

A festival dedicated to Zagreb cabaret performer Mladen Crnobrnja Gumbek (1939 – 2000) and to the cabaret tradition of the city, with a devoted following bringing new life to the genre. DATE: 17 7 - 28.03 EVENT: EPBF / IBPF Dynamic European Championships Zagreb INFO: Hotel Westin, Kršnjavoga 1

European Billiard Cham pionships

Fancy a sport of style and grace, then see some of the very best at this European Billiard Championships event.

DATE: 18 8.03 3 EVENT: Rammstein INFO: Zagreb Arena, Lanište

They sing their songs in German and are known for their pyrotechnics on stage, these gents will quite literally set the Zagreb Arena ablaze. Heavy guitar riffs, deep vocals and echoing sound effects make their shows memorable, not to mention that they dress into various costumes, even diapers, corsets and military trousers. DATE: 20 - 311.0 03 EVENT: The 19th Passion Heritage Festivities INFO: Udruga Pasionska baština, Barutanski breg 20, phone 00385 1 242 15 37

As a prelude to Easter, this festival evokes the true meaning of the season through a series of classical concerts performed by renowned artists, choirs and orchestras from all over Croatia. It also includes folk ensembles, art exhibits and a special theatre show dedicated to St Lawrence the Martyr. An exhibition entitled ‘Motifs of the Passion’ as well as an exhibition of Lenten and Easter traditions including folk costumes from the Slavonia region will be on show. Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall

DATE: 21..03 3 EVENT: The 10th Jazz Cycle - Mike Mainieri & the Northern Light INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66

His portfolio says it all, this award-winning jazz vibraphonist has worked with the likes of Billie Holliday, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Joel, Aerosmith. Pioneer of the jazz/fusion group Steps Ahead he’s now touring with an ensemble of remarkable Norwegian musicians. DATE: 21..03 3 EVENT: Cecilia Bartoli & La Scintilla Orchestra, Zürich Opera House INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66,

One of the most popular, versatile and unusual opera singers of recent years is joined by the La Scintilla Orchestra, performing sparkling interpretations of early music.

Događanja Gallery, GoranKujunđić

DATE: 21.0 03 EVENT: International Super Marathon Zagreb-Čazma, From Kaptol to Kaptol INFO:

Get your heartbeats pumping as this is the longest street athletic race in Croatia which is 61km and 350m long, starts at the main Zagreb City Square and ends in the centre of the picturesque town of Èazma. DATE: 21 - 27.03 EVENT: RAF Review of Amateur Film INFO: Grič Cinema, Jurišićeva 6,

Apart from the main programme, the RAF has workshops on camerawork and montage for budding amateur film-makers. Meet the directors during the breaks, make contacts and exchange ideas! DATE: 22 - 27.03 EVENT: Test Festival INFO: Student’s centre, Savska 25,

The Test Festival features drama, performance art, exhibitions, installations, concerts, software and more. With all content created by students, this year’s theme is the big bang: not the theory of the creation of the universe but of the creative process itself. DATE: 28.03 3 EVENT: Tokio Hotel INFO: Zagreb Arena, Lanište

Globally popular German teen band venture on with their ‘Welcome to Humanoid City’ world tour, during which they will visit 32 cities. Famous avant-garde designer Misty Buckley was hired to create this mega project. They’ll perform hits from their latest and previous albums.

DATE: Apr ril - May EVENT: Frane Kršinić’s Retrospective Exhibition INFO: Art Pavilion, Trg kralja Tomislava 22, phone 00385 1 484 10 70

Considered to be at the forefront of Croatian modern sculpture, Frane Kršiniæ (18971982) a native of the island of Korèula, specialized in sculpting works of female nudes. His figures were poetic with curvy enclosed shapes that expressed the ideals of motherhood and female youth. The event also looks at the tradition of quarrying and working with stone, the material he came to love.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Hoeller, photo:Jasenko Rasol

DATE: Apr ril - May EVENT: Two Left Shoes / Reality Check in Eastern Europe/ INFO: Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00

Co-produced with the Kunstmuseum in Bochum, this is an exploration of the Communist past of the countries of Eastern Europe with a focus on the current status of societies in transition and post-transition periods.

DATE: 06 - 11.0 04 EVENT: The 10th Naj, Naj, Naj Festival INFO: Žar Ptica City Theatre, Bijenička 97, phone 00385 1 234 72 26

A festival dedicated to presenting the very best productions from professional Croatian children’s theatres to the Zagreb audience. Established in 2001, the event continues to grow in stature, and as a bonus, the theatre shows are free, giving children the opportunity to develop and nurture their love for theatre. DATE: 10 0.04 EVENT: The 10th Jazz Cycle - Jim Hall Trio INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66

In a career that has spanned more than five decades, Jim Hall’s musical style is in a continuous development and innovation. Even though he has focused on composing in recent years, he is one of the world’s favourite jazz guitarists and brings his trio to Zagreb. DATE: 10 0.04 EVENT: H. Berlioz: The Damnation of Faust / Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra /

Honvéd Male Choir / Budapest Academic Choral Society / Budapest Dance Theatre INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66

Berlioz’s telling of the Faust legend performed by some of the most powerful names from Hungary’s rich classical music and dance scene. DATE: 111.0 04 EVENT: HGM Jazz Orchestra Zagreb feat. Toshiko Akiyoshi INFO: Student’s Centre, Savska 25, phone 00385 1 459 35 55

This master jazz pianist, composer, arranger and bandleader is amongst the few successful female instrumentalists of her generation. Born in 1929 and a recipient of 14 Grammy nominations, she is recognised as a major figure in jazzcomposition. DATE: 13 3 - 16.004 EVENT: The 20th Spring Jazz Review INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66

Zagreb’s annual Spring Jazz Review presents Croatian and international concert jazz artists (as opposed to jazz house or “open-air” jazz). DATE: 14 4 - 18.004 EVENT: Walking with Dinosaurs INFO: Arena Zagreb, Lanište

Fifteen “live” dinosaurs will walk Zagreb’s Arena in April as part of the world tour inspired by the BBC documentary series. An unmissable opportunity to learn about these awe-inspiring beasts and our planet at the time they lived. See and

5.04 4 - 08.05 DATE: 15 EVENT: Saint Mark’s Festival INFO: Devotees of classical, chamber and sacral music shall enjoy this festival which always has its own international flavour. Renowned soloists and ensembles from Croatia and abroad perform with concerts held at halls and church venues in and around Zagreb’s Lower and Upper Town.

DATE: 17 7.04 4 EVENT: Winterthur Symphony Orchestra INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66

One of the oldest orchestras in Switzerland is joined by Rafa³ Blechacz (Poland), winner of the prestigious Chopin Piano Competition, and eminent conductor Zsolt Hamar (Hungary).

Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Rafal Blechacz, Deutsche Grammophon

DATE: 17 7.04 4 - 25.09 EVENT: Zagreb Time Machine INFO: Tourist Information Centre, Trg bana J. Jelačića 11, phone 00385 1 481 40 51

Saturday mornings in Zagreb are a lively affair, and a summertime stroll in the city whisks you back in time. Take in a nostalgic promenade concert in beautiful Zrinjevac park or a display of folk music and dance on the main square; be cheered by buskers and costumed characters from the past in the Upper Town. DATE: 19 9 - 24.004 EVENT: The 8th Festival of Science INFO: Technical Museum, Savska 18, phone 00385 1 484 40 50

The theme of this year’s young and innovative festival is “earth” with a capital and small “e”, i.e. the planet we live on and the stuff we grow things in. Events will deal with subjects such as ecology and evolution. DATE: 26 - 30 0.04 EVENT: Thirsty Ear Festival 11 INFO: &TD Theatre, Savska 25, phone 00385 1 459 36 77

The Žedno uho (“Thirsty Ear”) festival this year presents: Deerhoof (USA),High Places (USA), The Wedding Present (UK), Charles Gayle & Han Bennink (USA / Holland), Carla Bozulich & Francesco Guerri (USA / Italy), Grant Hart (USA) Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express (USA), Matmos (USA) and Oh No Oh My (USA). DATE: 27.0 04 EVENT: Misha Dichter, Piano L. van Beethoven, F. Schubert, B. Bartók, F. Liszt INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66

Misha Dichter is most influenced by the Russian Romantic School and the German Classical style. He won the “Grand Prix International du Disque Liszt” for his recording of Liszt piano transcriptions.

DATE: May EVENT: The 45th Zagreb Salon INFO: Croatian Association of Artists - HDLU, Trg žrtava fašizma bb, phone 00385 1 461 18 18

The Zagreb Salon serves as a platform for discussing the state of the art market, as well as an art fair encompassing all aspects of Croatian contemporary art. DATE: May EVENT: Dora Kovačević - White Weave INFO: MG Studio Josip Račić, Margaretska 3, phone 00385 1 481 25 99

In her last artistic period Dora Kovaèeviæ explored arts and crafts: through needlework, modelling and sculpting techniques, she worked with tactile fabrics to create objects that are a meditation on reality. From items echoing traditional handcrafts and sketches to rhythmically perforated fabrics, the sculptor creates cerebral forms and mandalas, shapes that transcend the material.

Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall

DATE: May EVENT: Ivana Brlić Mažuranić – The fisherman Palunko and his wife Premiere INFO: Zagreb Puppet Theatre, Ulica baruna Trenka 3, phone 00385 1 487 84 44

The tale of the fisherman Palunko is among the most complex of the fairytales of Ivana Brliæ Mažuraniæ, combining Slav mythology, the toilsome life of the fisherman and the originality, colour, deep psychological insight and humour of the author. Palunko is unhappy and tired, and dreams of riches and wonders. The Dawn Maidens send him a wife who is an exceptional storyteller. Palunko immerses himself in a land of fairies, neglecting his family. Luckily, his wife comes to the rescue… DATE: May EVENT: The 18th Grand Award of the City of Zagreb INFO: Jarun Sports and Recreation Centre

This regatta is an open Zagreb Championship event for the Olympic class. DATE: May - August EVENT: Gilbert & George / Jack Freak Pictures INFO: Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00

In co-operation with London’s Tate Gallery, the world’s most famous - and unconventional - artistic duo present their cutting-edge art influenced by London’s East End. According to George, “Nothing happens in the world that doesn’t happen in the East End”. DATE: 01..05 EVENT: Metropolitan in Lisinski – Gioachino Rossini: Armida INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66

A story based on a 16th poem telling of a Crusader bewitched by an enchantress and trapped on her island, and finally overpowering her with his love. The starring role is played by Renée Fleming, joined by six tenors and directed by Tony award-winning Mary Zimmerman.

Socialism INFO: Europa and Tuškanac Cinemas, and Student’s Centre

Socialism as a traumatic part of world, European and, in particular, Yugoslav history is the theme. With over 140 world movies on show and a 5 day international symposium featuring local and international guests, it’s passion and warfare with an abundant amount of hot topics presented. DATE: 05.05 EVENT: Ludwig Minkus - Don Quixote

Premiere INFO: Croatian National Theatre, Trg maršala Tita15, phone 00385 1 488 84 88

Cervantes’ masterpiece has been on the repertoire of the Zagreb Ballet since 1960, and this season’s staging is choreographed by Patrick Armand, France. Join the knight-errant and the long-suffering Sancho Panza on their colourful adventures in Spain. DATE: 05 - 14.05 EVENT: Queer Zagreb Festival INFO:

Every year this festival contributes to the cultural and social diversity of Croatia, a manifestation that presents theatre and dance performances, film projections and an evening clubbing program. This year’s program looks at a variety of artistic aesthetics and approaches as verbalised by the voices of the most exciting choreographers and performers from around the world, Jérôme Bel Bel and Raimund Hoghe. DATE: 07.05 EVENT: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovski - Mazepa

Premiere INFO: Croatian National Theatre, Trg maršala Tita15, phone 00385 1 488 84 88

Although not often performed, Mazepa is considered to be Tchaikovski’s most powerful opera. The libretto, based on Pushkin’s Poltava, abounds in coincidences from the life of the composer, making this one of his most personal works. The political dimension of the tale is based on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, all too relevant still today.

Subversive Film Festival

DATE: 01 - 25.05 EVENT: Subversive Film Festival -


DATE: 08.0 05 EVENT: Lambchop (UK) INFO: Student’s Centre Cinema, Savska 25, phone 00385 1 459 35 55

Nashville, the centre of country music, is the spiritual home of this band. With elements of their home sound blended with soul, jazz, blues, cabaret and some electronic music, they have a magical and soft style with emotive lyrics. DATE: 08 - 16 6.05 EVENT: Zagreb Open ATP Challenger Tour INFO: Mladost Sports Park, Jarunska 5

Auto Club Delta

Aspiring tennis players have the opportunity to present their talents at his challenger event.

DATE: 13 3 - 15.005 EVENT: The 37th Zagreb Delta Rally INFO:,

A competition for the FIA European Championships in car rallying to be held in and around the city.

DATE: 16 6.05 5 EVENT: Metallica INFO: Zagreb Hippodrome, R.Cimermana 5

In what is expected to be one of the concerts of the year, commercial heavy band Metallica will perform in Zagreb. In a career that has spanned over two decades, their initiation to our city will see them perform their classic hits as well as songs from their latest album Death Magnetic. DATE: 16 6.05 5 EVENT: The 20th International Mountain Race Sljeme 2010

Starts at the Ban Jelaèiæ Square and ends at the TV transmitter on Sljeme. It is 13.4 km long and it covers and altitude change of 920 meters. DATE: 18 8.05 5 EVENT: Budapest Festival Orchestra - Collegium Vocale Gent INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66

Founded in 1983, the Budapest Festival Orchestra was described by The Times as “the crème de la crème of young Hungarian musicians” and is already a national institution. Collegium Vocale Gent, founded in 1970 was one of the first ensembles to infuse baroque choral music with a fresh expression. DATE: 20 - 29.05 EVENT: The 4th Jewish Film Festival INFO: Europa Cinema, Astoria Hotel, Jadran Film Studio and the Jazz Club, Zagreb Jewish Film Festival, phone 00385 1 481 36 58

Jewish Film Festival

The festival shows contemporary Jewish films from a variety of genres. It gives the audience an insight into the various topics that exist within Jewish mainstream life and into the movie scene in Israel. The event is led by double Oscar-winner Branko Lustig.

Visas Citizens from the EU, the countries which signed the Schengen Agreement, the respective Principalities of Andora, Lichtenstein and Monaco, The Republic of San Marino, The Swiss Confederacy, The Vatican City State as well as citizens from Australasia, North and South America are allowed into Croatia without a visa. The tourist visa is issued for a one year period. ‘Continuous Stay’ refers to foreigners with a tourist visa who are able to remain in the Republic of Croatia for a period of (90) days, within a 6 month spam – this includes the first day of arrival. All other prospective visitors require a visa which can be obtained at any Croatian embassy or consulate before entering the Republic of Croatia. For the complete list of Croatian embassies and consulates please visit, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. For all other information regarding visa procedures contact the Consular Department of the Croatian Foreign Ministry, Trg N.Š. Zrinjskog 7-8, phone: 00385 1 456 99 64.

Arriving by air The Croatian national airline Croatia Airlines (info phone: 00385 1 667 65 55, has direct flights to most European cities. Other airline companies with regular flights from Zagreb include lowbudget airlines such as Germanwings ( and Wizzair ( Zagreb’s Pleso Airport is 17km from the city centre and has all the necessary facilities which include banks, exchange offices, restaurants, left luggage facilities, ATM’s, car rentals and organized transport service from the airport to the city and vice versa ( For all necessary information call 00385 1 456 21 70 or visit

National holidays Tourist information One beautiful city has its fare share of tourist information offices that can assist you with all your questions and needs. You can’t miss the tourist information office on Ban Jelaèiæ Square 11, it’s right in the heart of town and is open weekdays from 8.30am – 8pm, 9am – 6pm on Saturdays and 10am – 4pm on Sundays; simply phone: 00385 1 481 40 51. The other tourist information office is located at the ever busy Glavni kolodvor (Main Railway Station) at Trg Ante Starèeviæa; it operates from 15.06 – 30.09, beginning at 8.30am – 4.30pm on weekdays and from 3.30 – 8.30pm on weekends. New Tourist Information Centre at the Zagreb Airport, next to the international arrivals area, As you venture through town between April to October, you may come across our tourist informants. They are easily recognizable by their outfits, they walk in two’s and these tourist informants spend their days tracing the city streets providing helpful services and offering interesting information to visitors in several languages. Zagreb’s Tourist Guides Association is placed at Šubiæeva Street 20 and is open from 9am – 1am through the week and closed on weekends from April 01 to October 31. From November 01 to March 31 it’s open Monday, Tuesday and Friday 9am - 1am. For more information, call 00385 1 481 70 22, email or visit Last but not least, the office of the Zagreb County Tourist Board is situated at Preradoviæeva Street 42. The contact number is 00385 1 487 36 65 or visit


The electricity supply in Croatia is 220W, so visitors from countries with a different electricity supply will need to use a transformer to run electricity appliances.

January 01, New Year’s Day January 06, Epiphany April 04, Easter Sunday April 05, Easter Monday May 01, International Worker’s Day June 03, Corpus Christi June 22, Anti Fascist Resistance Day June 25, Statehood Day August 05, Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day August 15, Feast of the Assumption October 08, Independence Day November 01, All Saint’s Day December 25, Christmas Day December 26, Saint Stephen’s Day

Public transport Zagreb’s public transport has a comprehensive system of tram and bus lines. Both transport systems have daily services beginning at 4-5am through to 11-12pm. Several lines operate throughout the city but at less regular intervals; for all schedules and daily timetables visit Identical tickets are used for both bus and tram journeys and are best purchased from kiosks costing 8 kuna each. It is also possible to buy tickets from drivers for 10 kuna, however this does not include the new modern trams. From the moment you board and insert the ticket in the automatic stamping machine, it is only valid for a one-way journey lasting 90 minutes maximum. A daily ticket costs 25 kuna and allows one day’s unlimited travel until 4am the following day. This could prove to be a good choice. If you would like to go sightseeing in the Upper Town, you can buy a ticket for only 4 kuna and ride in the popular Uspinjaèa (Funicular), the 40m lift which is scheduled every 10 minutes and operates from 6.30am to 12pm.



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Museum ms Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, Trg N.Š. Zrinskog 19, phone 00385 1 487 31 01 Ethnographic Museum, Trg Mažuraniæa 14, phone 00385 1 482 62 20 Meštrović Atelier – Ivan Meštrović Museums, Mletaèka 8, phone 00385 1 485 11 23 Croatian Academy of Science and Art - The Glyptotheque, Medvedgradska 2, phone 00385 1 468 60 50 The Croatian Museum of Naïve Art, Sv. Æirila i Metoda 3, phone 00385 1 485 19 11 Croatian History Museum, Matoševa 9, phone 00385 1 485 19 00 The Croatian Natural History Museum, Demetrova 1, phone 00385 1 485 17 00 Croatian School Museum, Trg maršala Tita 4/1, phone 00385 1 485 57 16 Zagreb City Museum, Opatièka 20, phone 00385 1 485 13 61 Dražen Petrović Memorial Center, Trg Dražena Petroviæa 2, phone 00385 1 484 31 46 Mimara Museum, Trg Franklina Roosewelta 5, phone 00385 1 482 81 00 Museum of Arts and Crafts, Trg maršala Tita 10, phone 00385 1 488 21 11 Technical Museum, Savska cesta 18, phone 00385 1 484 40 50 Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00 The Croatian Museum of Architecture, I. G. Kovaèiæa 37, phone 00385 1 483 45 51 HT Museum - Croatian Postal & Telecomunications service museum, Jurišiæeva 13, phone 00385 1 491 15 89 Typhlological Museum, Draškoviæeva 80, phone 00385 1 481 11 02 The Blessed Alojzije Stepinac Museum, Kaptol 31 (Nebojan Tower), phone 00385 1 489 48 79

Galleriees Forum Gallery, Teslina 16, phone 00385 1 481 07 10 Klovićevi dvori Gallery, Jezuitski trg 4, phone 00385 1 485 19 26 Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Šubiæeva 29, phone 00385 1 459 26 96 Nova Gallery, Teslina 7, phone 00385 1 487 25 82, www.agm/dgalerija.php The ULUPUH Gallery, Tkalèiæeva 14, phone 00385 1 481 37 46 Likum Gallery, Ilica 40, phone 00385 1 484 73 67 Croatian Association of Artists - HDLU, Trg žrtava fašizma bb, phone 00385 1 461 18 18 Karas Gallery, Praška 4, phone 00385 1 481 15 61 HAZU – Croatian Academy of Science and Art - The Cabinet of Graphics, Andrije Hebranga 1, phone 00385 1 492 23 74 Modern Gallery, Andrije Hebranga 1, phone 00385 1 604 10 40 The Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters, Trg N.Š. Zrinskog 11, phone 00385 1 489 51 17 Art Pavilion, Trg kralja Tomislava 22, phone 00385 1 484 10 70

DATE: 21 - 23.05 EVENT: Zagiping INFO: Dom Sportova, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11

Helping the future of table tennis as this is Zagreb’s Championships for cadets only.


DATE: 24.05 5 - 02.06 EVENT: The 27th Dance Week Festival INFO: Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, Bijankinijeva 5, phone 00385 1 462 19 67

The Dance Week Festival is among the longest-running international festivals in Croatia, and is among the most important in the region for modern dance, with performances by troupes from Croatia and abroad. DATE: 25 - 27.05 EVENT: The 9th Festival of Equal Opportunities (9. F=M) INFO: Ban Jelačić Square

A three day street festival with a series of music, theatre and fine art programs in which disabled people perform alongside the abled. Hereby, the event develops social awareness about the needs of the disabled who of course have their own creative skills. DATE: 26 - 31..05 EVENT: The 45th Floraart INFO: Bundek Lake

The roots of this horticultural and cultural event date back to 1891 and 1906 when the first floral expos were held in the city and can be seen on old postcards. An oasis of flowers and plants on show with fun and entertainment provided. A great way to spend a day outdoors!

DATE: 27 - 31.0 05 EVENT: St. Mark’s Fair INFO:

The beautiful old Upper Town of Zagreb was once divided into two hills, Kaptol and Gradec, and separated by a stream. Hillside settlers were often in conflict with each other so fairs became an important form of trade. Centuries later, we can still witness some of the crafts and traditions of those times with St. Mark’s fair. DATE: 29 - 30..05 EVENT: Medvedgrad Knight’s Tournament INFO:

Knights, guardsmen and ladies of the Silver Dragon Order can be seen in re-enactments of the history of Zagreb. Step back in time as this is one part of a project ‘The Zagreb Time Machine’ with events held on Saturdays from 5pm - 8pm at Saint Mark’s Square and Kamenita Vrata (the Stone Gate). Live and relive the past - in the present!

Public institution Nature Park Medvednica

DATE: 30.0 05 - 04.06 EVENT: Festival of the European Short Story INFO: &TD Theatre, Booksa, University of Human Studies, Močvara Club www.festival-

Croatian and foreign writers will present their works and this year’s special guest will be 2009 Pulitzer Award winner, American writer Elizabeth Strout. Readings, conversations, concerts, lectures...This year’s festival will once again be a celebration for all literature lovers!

Cest is d’Best

DATE: Jun ne EVENT: The 8th Festival of Firsts INFO: Studio Artless, Prilaz Sv. Josipa Radnika 16, phone 00385 98 863 685,

A festival dedicated to social consciousness and changing ways of thinking. Cooperation between artists and non-artists is encouraged, as is debate on critical social issues. This year’s theme is Working with the Sun. DATE: Jun ne EVENT: The 30th Youth Salon INFO: Croatian Association of Artists - HDLU, Trg žrtava fašizma bb, phone 00385 1 461 18 18

The Youth Salon continues the theme of the Zagreb Salon, presenting the works of young Croatian artists and with events focused on current themes relevant to the art world. DATE: 011 - 06..06 6 EVENT: World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb INFO: Animafest, Nova Ves 18/3, phone 00385 1 390 70 74

This is the Oscars of animated film in Europe as it is the second oldest European animation festival founded in 1972, it serves as a platform for the worldwide circulation and promotion of animated film and has earned the reputation of being one of the most significant events in the domain of animated film. This annual manifestation devotes every odd-numbered year to feature animation and even-numbered years to short animated works. DATE: 011 - 30..06 6 EVENT: Eurokaz - International Festival of New Theatre INFO: Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00 or 00385 1 484 78 56

An International Festival of New Theatre which has attracted over 400 companies since its inauguration in 1987. Eurokaz is not limited by genre; it encompasses theatre, performance, dance and other related art forms emphasising innovation, research and authenticity of artistic expression. It moves to the new Museum of Contemporary Art and will present performances every month starting in January as a lead up to its major June event. With a strong contingent of local and international guests, it’s deemed the ultimate festival of its kind in the region. DATE: 03 3 - 13.066 / 01..066 - 01.09 EVENT: Cest is d’Best & Strossmartre INFO:,

Street performers in music, fine art, theatre plays and non-conventional art step out onto the streets and squares bringing their performances to the people. It’s free, it’s everywhere and it promotes positive and creative thinking. Look out for the installation called ‘Festival Windmills’ which will be set across the city of Zagreb.

DATE: 04 4 - 06.066 EVENT: The 4th Rokaj fest INFO:

A permanent fixture, this open air summer musical festival is held over a weekend and lasts for 3 days. In the tradition of Europe’s biggest music festivals, Rokaj will attract some of the leading world acts to the stage, so stay updated via the website. DATE: 05 5 - 06.066 EVENT: The 13th International Rowing Regatta INFO: Jarun Sports and Recreation Centre

It is also the 10th International Championships of Croatia in rowing for veterans. DATE: 06 6 - 27.06 EVENT: Park-In Zagreb INFO:

Park-In Zagreb

Two week open air festival held at Ribnjak park. The enriching programme includes local and international performers of urban music. Visitors can partake in more than 30 sports, art, dance and educational workshops, exhibitions and lectures. Throughout the two weeks, visitors will also be able to enjoy free live evening concerts at the classic Purgeraj Club just across the road. DATE: 10.06 6 EVENT: Youngblood Brass Band (USA) INFO: &TD Theatre, Savska 25, phone 00385 1 459 35 55

Composed of eleven members and producing a sound consisting of jazz, funk and hiphop with a definitive punk ethos; unable to pin-point all genres, they themselves have named their music as Riot Jazz. Brass band music which pushes the limits with a dash of rap and a lot of flair. DATE: 10.06 6 - 29.08 EVENT: Ivo Lozica - A retrospective of sculptures INFO: Modern Gallery, A. Hebranga 1, phone 00385 1 604 10 40

Ivo Lozica created numerous sculptures which hold a special place in more recent Croatian sculpture, working in stone, bronze, marble, plaster, wood and terracotta. His expression is a realistic study of the details of the human form, populated by characters from his birthplace such as fisherman and reapers, laundresses and women carrying pitchers of wine.

DATE: 11 - 13 3.006 EVENT: The 1st Zagreb Motorcycle Meeting INFO: Bundek lake

Old timer really Zagreb

DATE: 12 2 - 13 3.066 EVENT: The 25th Old-timer Rally Zagreb 2010 INFO:

DATE: 15 + 16 6.006 EVENT: Louise Lecavalier / Benoît Lachambre - Is You Me INFO: Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00 or 00385 1 484 78 56

Is You Me is the result of several encounters between dancers Benoît Lachambre and Louise Lecavalier and is an exploration of their passion for dance. Benoît Lachambre is well-known for the improvisation and body consciousness workshops he has led around the globe. Louise Lecavalier joined La La La Human Steps in 1981 and went on to perform in each of the company’s productions, including David Bowie’s Sound and Vision tour in 1990. DATE: 18 8 - 20..066 EVENT: The 10th International Fireworks Festival INFO:

In a prelude to summer, the heat is on at Lake Bundek with this traditional fireworks festival where local and international companies combine to put on spectacular displays each night. The event is always filled with live bands and streams of beer, food and wine. DATE: 22 2 - 23 3.006 EVENT: T-Mobile INmusic festival INFO: Jarun, Otok hrvatske mladeži

Listed as one of the 20 best festivals by The Times, past INmusic festivals have featured guest such as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Morrissey, Franz Ferdinand and Iggy Pop and the Stooges. Alongside the big names, INmusic always features promising new acts. This year’s festival on Jarun promises as exciting an array of acts as ever. DATE: 02 2 - 31..07 7 EVENT: Zagreb Summer Nights INFO: Zagreb Concert Management, Kneza Mislava 18, phone 00385 1 450 12 05

The Zagreb Summer Nights are an extension of the Zagreb concert season, and fill warm evenings with concerts, events and prominent names from the world of music. DATE: 05 5 - 11.007 EVENT: The 6th Zagreb Ladies Open INFO: Maksimir Tennis Centre, V. Ravnice bb

An International tennis tournament featuring some of the finest players from the WTA circuit. DATE: 10.07 - 10..09 9 EVENT: Amadeo Scene INFO: Amadeo Scene, phone 00385 1 481 69 08

The Amadeo Scene consists of two summer stages in the courtyards of the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Arts and Crafts, both romantic venues for enjoying drama and concerts under the stars. DATE: 12 2 - 17 7.007 EVENT: Hockey on Grass - European Championships for cadets. INFO: Mladost Sports Park, Jarunska 5 DATE: 14 4.007..200100 - 13 3.003..2011 EVENT: Ljubo Babić – retrospective on the 120th anniversary of the birth of

Ljubo Babić INFO: Modern Gallery, A. Hebranga 1, phone 00385 1 604 10 40

In the interwar period, Ljubo Babiæ was a central figure on the Croatian art scene. His consciousness of the need to engage Croatian art with the contemporary European context whilst developing a unique expression that would be the country’s contribution characterised his impact on cultural life in the first half of the 20th century. The exhibition comprises painting, graphics, scenography and more.

DATE: 17 7 - 25.07 7 EVENT: The 6th FIMBA European Maxi-basketball Championship INFO:

Some would say, you’re never too young as this is the 6th European Basketball Championships for veterans and there are an astounding 120 teams from 25 countries competing. Several sporting centres spread across the city will host the event, these include Dom Sportova, The Dražen Petroviæ Basketball Centre (Cibona Sports Hall) and the Trešnjevka Sports Hall. DATE: 21 - 25.07 7 EVENT: The 44th International Folklore Festival INFO: Ban Jelačić Square, Gradec, Zagreb Concert Management, Kneza Mislava 18, phone 00385 1 450 12 05

Since 1966, Zagreb has become a meeting point of nations through folklore. The picturesque stages around the city attract tourists in a true spectacle of dance, song and culture from over 40 folk ensembles both local and from abroad. The programme includes ethno music concerts and sacral folk singing, whilst the event is accompanied by exhibitions, film projections, CD and book presentations.

International Folklore Festival

Modern Gallery, Ljubo Babić

DATE: 28 8.08 - 03.09 EVENT: The 43rd PIF International

Festival of Puppet Theatre INFO: MCUK, Božidara Magovca 17, phone 00385 1 660 16 26

This is a renowned seven day festival where children and adults can enjoy the best Croatian and foreign puppet shows with awards at stake. The festival attracts a strong contingent of foreign acts and includes workshops, seminars, discussions, publications and other events which promote Croatian and world puppetry. DATE: 29..08 - 11.09 EVENT: European Water polo

Championship PIF, photo: Ivan Špoljarec

INFO: Zagreb Arena, Lanište

DATE: 01.09 EVENT: IAAF Grand Prix Zagreb 2010,

The 60th Boris Hanžeković Memorial Race INFO: Mladost Sports Park, Jarunska 5

International Athletic Meeting DATE: September EVENT: Exhibition of Persian Miniatures INFO: Mimara Museum, Trg Franklina Roosewelta 5, phone 00385 1 482 81 00

An important exhibition showing around 80 pieces dating from the 15th to the 19th century, presenting the most influential schools of that time such as Herat, Shiraz and Isfahan. DATE: Se epteember EVENT: Martigen Matter - A Sheep and a Wolf Premiere INFO: Mala scena Theatre, Medveščak 2, phone 00385 1 468 33 52

Kids love fables and this is no exception! This is a story in which we follow the journey of the Sheep and Wolf through a snowy landscape. The sheep so fascinates the wolf with her stories and behaviour that he falls in love with her and they become great friends. With funny dialogues, this play gets children to ponder diversity, tolerance, friendship and living with differences.

PIF, photo: Ivan Špoljarec

Includes 12 male and 8 female teams competing for the prestigious accolade of European Champions.

Festival of World Theater

DATE: Se eptem mber EVENT: The 8th World Theatre Festival

INFO: Zagreb Youth Theatre, Teslina 7, phone 00385 1 487 25 68

Opening the new cultural season after the summer break, this important festival brings to Zagreb theatre troupes and recent productions from around the world.

Festival of World Theater

DATE: September - October EVENT: Danica Dakić INFO: Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00

Brought to you in partnership with the DĂźsseldorf Kunsthalle and the Generali Foundation, Vienna, sculptural installations, video projections and sound projects investigate identity, language and the tensions between the collective and individual experience.

DATE: 21 - 26.09 EVENT: The 6th 25 FPS Festival INFO: Student’s centre, Savska 25, phone 00385 1 457 22 03

“25 frames per second” is an international festival promoting experimental film and video and providing a platform for international artists to the Croatian public. DATE: 25 - 30.09 EVENT: Perforations – A week of live art INFO:

A new festival with the aim of supporting innovation in performing arts, the collaboration of projects with local and international organisations and the further development of independent artists and the cultural scene. The program has a special focus on regional artists, previously unparalleled within already existing festivals as well as over twenty performances covering a variety of genres from dance and theatre to live art. DATE: 26.09 EVENT: The Medieval days on Mount

Medvednica INFO: Medvednica Nature Park, Bliznec bb, phone 00385 1 458 63 17

The customs and spirit of medieval times are revived. Visitors can see jousters in action, make their own silver coins, search the Zrinski mine, taste meals and drinks prepared according to medieval recipes, listen to medieval music and more. Become a knight or a queen for a day, right here! DATE: 26.09 - 20.12 EVENT: Art Deco and Croatian Art between

two wars INFO: Museum of Arts and Crafts, Trg maršala Tita 10, phone 00385 1 488 21 11 l 25 FPS Festiva

A detailed insight into art movements in a period where political change and the rise of a new nation, (Yugoslavia) affected Croatian artists either favourably or disappointingly. This became evident as seen through their work. The architecture, applied art and design of the period also integrated powerfully with movements in Europe. See some of the finest artists and architects of a forgotten era in Ljubo Babiæ, Krsto Hegedušiæ, Hugo Ehrlich...

DATE: Oc ctobeer EVENT: Extravagant Bodies Festival - Mental Hygiene INFO: The main hall of the Jedinstvo centre for Zagreb culture and youth, Kontejner, Svačićev trg 1, phone 00385 1 457 25 93

The 2nd edition of this international festival of contemporary art deals with the topic of norm and mental state. These are not works that have a rehabilitation role in the institutional sense, but projects which deal with the existence of an institution itself, and the institutionalisation of mental illness - all through film, performances, exhibitions, and symposiums.


DATE: Oc ctobeer EVENT: World Music Festival Nebo INFO:

What a mix! A festival of traditional, ethno and folk music that provides an insight into recent world music trends. It is here that intercultural dialogue through music empowers the value of richness and diversity between cultures, promoting understanding and free communication. DATE: Oc ctobeer - November EVENT: Murtić Donation INFO: Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00

Edo Murtiæ is one of the most prolific Croatian artists of the second half of the 20th century. This collection of his works is a donation to the City of Zagreb.

DATE: 01 - 15.10 0 EVENT: Croatian Jazz Meeting INFO: BP Club, Nikole Tesle 7, phone 00385 1 481 44 44

Croatian jazz musicians of different generations and style will perform, ranging from traditional through to mainstream and contemporary jazz. With such a fusion of jazz and all in one place, there is surely something here for everyone. DATE: 02 2.100 EVENT: The 8th Zagreb Karate Fest INFO: Dom Sportova, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11

Martial arts in the form of Karate at Zagreb’s Open Championships. DATE: 08 8 - 16.110 EVENT: The 5th Zagreb International Festival of Chamber Music - Zagreb kom5 INFO:

According to critics and the public alike, this is one of the most attractive music festivals in Croatia. The Croatian Music Institute opens its doors to its faithful fans and all fans of classical music. DATE: 10..10 EVENT: Zagreb Marathon INFO:

An International Marathon held on the streets of Zagreb, starting at the main City Square.

DATE: 10 - 17.10 EVENT: The 10thYoung Choreographer’s

Platform INFO: Tala Dance Centre, Savska cesta 166

Alongside some international stars of contemporary dance, a retrospective of Croatian choreographers and dancers will be presented here - for it is they who are the foundation of Croatia’s dance scene today. It’s a reward in itself to see the many artists who are the epitome of the national dance scene that have made their break through to the international dance scene via Platform. And there are more to come... Young Choreographer’s Platform

DATE: 17 - 23.10 EVENT: The 8th Zagreb Film Festival, International Debut Film Festival INFO: Europa Cinema, Varšavska 3, phone 00385 1 482 94 77

Film lovers will be delighted as over one-hundred films from all over the world compete for various awards. The categories include: short film and feature films, documentaries, ‘My First Film Award’ (dedicated to debut films by famous directors) and more. Screenings include matinees and there’s something for the kids as well!

Zagreb Dance Center, photos: Sandro Lendler

Two extremely important events on Zagreb’s cultural scene took place in 2009: the city became richer by one Museum of Contemporary Art and one 1,500m2 studio oriented towards contemporary dance. The opening of each of these has been an architectural and cultural event in itself. The dance centre is situated in the heart of the city in a former cinema adapted by award-winning architects 3LHD, renowned and awarded for their avant-garde design. The centre is the brainchild of the Croatian Institute of Movement and Dance, which for 27 years has organised Dance Week Zagreb, a noted event in the world of contemporary dance throughout the region and beyond, among a host of other programmes promoting and developing leading edge choreography and dance in Croatia. It will act as a hub for dance groups and individuals alike, as well as a point of engagement with the public. More at

DATE: 19 - 22 2.10 EVENT: The 20th International days of jazz INFO: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 66

This festival has the honour of opening the autumn jazz scene in Zagreb. This year will see a host of excellent artists, with four quality programmes over four days providing the perfect excuse for a few nights out at the Lisinski concert hall. DATE: No ovem mber EVENT: Graphic Novel Show – The 13th International Festival of Comics INFO: Europa Cinema, phone 00385 91 554 13 30

Circus Festival

Zagreb’s International Comic Festival is sure to delight any fan of the genre. It features graphic artists from this region and beyond, with workshops, talks and screenings accompanied by musical and multimedia events.

DATE: No ovem mber EVENT: The 6th New Circus Festival INFO: Mala performerska scena, Ilica 134, phone 00385 1 370 43 15

The last edition was proclaimed by the media as the ‘most socially relevant festival’, and ‘one of the bravest and most generous artistic events in Croatia’. A hard reputation to keep indeed! This 6th edition presents quality international circus events under the concept of ‘Non-normed bodies’. Hence, it is said to stretch the borders of human possibility.

DATE: No ovem mber EVENT: Jasna Bogdanović – Sculpture INFO: MG Studio Josip Račić, Margaretska 3, phone 00385 1 481 25 99

Stunning creations in bronze, stone, wood and inventive mixed media. On the borderline between the abstract and the figurative, her works are intimately worked spiritual processes captured for eternity in polished bronze, stone or wood. No matter which medium she uses, the artist respects its quality and structure, dictating the equivalence of partly geometrical and stylised forms, often with an undercurrent inspired by the Mediterranean. DATE: No ovem mber EVENT: Josip Zanki – Abstract landscapes INFO: MG Studio Josip Račić, Margaretska 3, phone 00385 1 481 25 99

Over the past few years, Zanki has devoted himself to painting “mystical-alternative” Velebit mountain landscapes, so this exhibition of ten or so oils will surely be a fascinating encounter with his at once traditional and contemporary art. His depictions of verdant treetops resonate with life and have a sculptural character. Through a language of symbols and engravings, this painter’s recent canvases give the impression of a hermetic wonderland.

Modern Gallery

DATE: 02 2 - 11.111 EVENT: Martin is in Zagreb (The Feast of Saint Martin in Zagreb) INFO:

The beginning of November is when grapes are picked and the process of wine making begins. For centuries wine is christened at this time of year at the main Zagreb’s main square, it’s a real treat for all fans of good wine and enjoyment. You may even see the clergy prancing in blessing. DATE: 08 8 -13.11 EVENT: N.O. Jazz Festival 11 INFO: &TD Theatre, Savska 25, phone 00385 1 459 36 77

“N.O.” stands for “Not Only” – this is a festival of alternative jazz styles with a sprinkling of other musical influences. Among the acts this year are Scorth Trio (Norway / Finland) and Ken Vandermark’s Frame Quartet (USA). DATE: 11 - 14 4.11 EVENT: The 43th Golden Spin of Zagreb INFO: Dom Sportova, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11

Traditional International Ice-skating Championships for seniors.

Zagreb Dance Company

2 - 14 4.11 DATE: 12 EVENT: The 18th A.T.Stipančić Memorial Tournament INFO: Dom Sportova, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11 A table-tennis competition in memory of the Croatian and world table-tennis player Antun Tova Stipanèiæ. DATE: 18 - 20 0.11 EVENT: The 5th One Take Film Festival INFO: Tuškanac and Europa Cinemas

A film shot in one take without editing is what this festival is all about. Over 100 films from over 30 countries have been shown in the past, proving that this unique concept has quickly found its spot on the world festival scene. The festival promotes creativity and innovation and in the spirit of the festival they all compete for one award – The Grand Prix OTFF. DATE: 25 5 - 27.11 EVENT: Golden Bear INFO: Velesajam ice-skating hall, Avenija Dubrovnik 15a

International Ice-skating Championships for juniors and cadets. DATE: Decemb berr EVENT: The 8th Human Rights Film Festival INFO:

One of the aims of the festival is to promote critical thinking on contemporary themes in our local and global environment. The programme includes a variety of styles of film, and the directors’ aim is always to question, explore, provoke and change. DATE: Decemb berr 2010 - Jaanu uary y 2011 EVENT: Selection from the FRAC Collection / The Power of Mistakes INFO: Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00

Recent works by international artists from the French Regional Contemporary Art Collection (FRAC).

08.12. 20009 – 31..01.2010

Von Klović und Rembrandt zu Warhol und Picelj Das Museum für Handwerk und Kunst, Trg maršala Tita 10, Tel. 00385 1 488 21 11

14.12 2.2 20099 - 14 4.002.2010

Gebete an den St. Tryphon – Die Schätze der Kotor Diözese Die Klovićevi dvori Galerie, Jezuitski trg 4, Tel. 00385 1 485 19 26

Noveemb ber 20009 – September 2010

Erinnerungen eines Herzogs – Das Vermächtnis des Ban Jelačić im Kroatischen Historischen Museum Das Kroatische Historische Museum, Matoševa 9, Tel. 00385 1 485 19 00

13 - 200.02 2

Musik Karussell BP Club, Nikole Tesle 7, Tel. 00385 1 481 44 44


Depeche Mode Die Arena Zagreb, Lanište


Spandau Ballet Dom sportova, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11

28..02 - 07.003

ZagebDox Internationales Festival des Dokumentarfilms Nova Ves 18, Tel. 00385 1 485 48 21


Kiril Džajkovski / Special guests MC Ras Tweed & das Sedzuk Orchester Aquarius Club, Aleja Matije Ljubeka bb www.aquarius. hr


Museumsnacht Die daran teilnehmenden Museen öffnen heute ihre Türen von 18.00 Uhr bis 01.00 Uhr, Eintritt ist frei!


Die Australische Pink Floyd Show


Paradise Lost Boogaloo Club, Vukovarska 68

12 + 13 3.02 2

Restart Fest

Die Vatroslav Lisinski Konzerthalle, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, Tel. 00385 1 612 11 66

Zagreber Wein und Gourmet Festival Das Museum für Handwerk und Kunst, Trg maršala Tita 10, Tel. 00385 1 488 21 11

15 5.03

Leonard Cohen Die Arena Zagreb, Lanište Das Stadttheater Žar Ptica

18 8.003

Rammstein Die Arena Zagreb, Lanište

20 - 31.03

Die 19. Feierlichkeiten des Passionserbes Udruga Pasionska baština, Barutanski breg 20, Tel. 00385 1 242 15 37

21 - 27.03

RAF Rezensionen zum Amateur Film Das Kino Grič, Jurišićeva 6,


Tokio Hotel Die Arena Zagreb, Lanište

April - Mai

01 - 25.05

Der Kunstpavillon, Trg kralja Tomislava 22, Tel. 00385 1 484 10 70

Das Kino Europa, das Kino Tuškanac und das Kino im Studentenzentrum www.subversivefilmfestival. com

Eine Retrospektive Ausstellung über Frane Kršinić

06 - 11.04

Das 10. Naj, Naj, Naj Festival Das Stadttheater Žar Ptica, Bijenička 97, Tel. 00385 1 234 72 26

Das Festival der Subversiven Films – Der Sozialismus

05 - 14.05

Das Queer Zagreb Festival

14 4 - 18.04


Schauen Sie unter und www. Die Arena Zagreb, Lanište

Der Zagreber Hippodrom, R.Cimermana 5

15 5.04 - 08.05

20 - 29.05

Das Kino Europa, das Astoria Hotel, das Jadran Film Studio und der Jazz Club, Das Zagreber Festival des Jüdischen Films, Tel. 00385 1 481 36 58

Spaziergang mit den Dinosauriern

Das St. Markus Festival

17 7.004 - 25.09

Die Zagreber Zeitmaschine Die Touristeninformation, Trg bana J. Jelačića 11, Tel. 00385 1 481 40 51

26 - 30.04

Das 11. Festival Žedno uho (“Durstiges Ohr”) &TD Theater, Savska 25, Tel. 00385 1 459 36 77 www.

le Folklorefestival Das 44. Internationa


Das 4. Festival des Jüdischen Films

24.05 - 02.06

Das 27. Tanzwochen- Festival Das Kroatische Institut für Bewegung und Tanz, Bijankinijeva 5, Tel. 00385 1 462 19 67

25 - 27.05

Das 9. Festival der Gleichberechtigten Möglichkeiten (9. F=M) Ban Jelačić Platz

26 - 31.05

Die 45. Floraart - Gartenschau Der Bundek See

27 - 31.05

Die Markusmesse

30.005 - 04.06

Das Festival der Europäischen Kurzgeschichte


Das &TD Theater, die „Booksa“, die Philosophische Fakultät Zagreb, der Club Močvara

Der 45. Zagreber Salon Kroatische Künstlervereinigung - HDLU, Trg žrtava fašizma bb, Tel. 00385 1 461 18 18

Mai - August

Gilbert & George / Jack Freak - Bilder Das Museum der Zeitgenössischen Kunst, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, Tel. 00385 1 605 27 00


Die Vatroslav Lisinski Konzerthalle, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, Tel. 00385 1 612 11 66


Metropolitan im Lisinski – Gioachino Rossini: Armida

18 8 - 20.006

Das 10. Internationale Feuerwerk Festival

22 - 23.006

T-Mobile INmusic festival Der See Jarun, Otok hrvatske mladeži

Park in Zagreb

02 - 31..07

Zagreber Sommernächte Zagreber Konzertdirektion, Kneza Mislava 18, Tel. 00385 1 450 12 05

100.007 - 100.009

Amadeo Scena Amadeo Scena, Tel. 00385 1 481 69 08

21 - 25.007

Das 44. Internationale Folklorefestival


Das 8. Festival der Ersten Studio Artless, Prilaz Sv. Josipa Radnika 16, Tel. 00385 98 863 685,


Ban Jelačić Platz, Gradec (die Oberstadt), Zagreber Konzertdirektion, Kneza Mislava 18, Tel. 00385 1 450 12 05

28.008 - 03.009

Das 43. PIF Festival – Das Internationale Festival des Puppentheaters MCUK, Božidara Magovca 17, Tel. 00385 1 660 16 26

Der 30. Salon der Jugend Kroatische Künstlervereinigung - HDLU, Trg žrtava Das 4. Festival des Jüdischen Films fašizma bb, Tel. 00385 1 461 18 18

01 - 06.006

Weltfestival des Animations - und Zeichentrickfilms - Animafest Zagreb Animafest, Nova Ves 18/3, Tel. 00385 1 390 70 74

01 - 30.06

Eurokaz - Internationales Festival des Neuen Theaters Das Museum der Zeitgenössischen Kunst, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, Tel. 00385 1 605 27 00 oder 00385 1 484 78 56

03 - 13.06


Das Mimara Museum, Trg Franklina Roosewelta 5, Tel. 00385 1 482 81 00

Cest is d’Best & Strossmartre

04 - 06.006

Das 4. Rokaj fest – Musikfestival

05 - 06.006

Die 13. Internationale Ruderregatta Das Sport – und Erholungszentrum Jarun

06 - 27.06

Park-In Zagreb

Persische Miniaturenausstellung


Das 8. Festival des Welttheaters ZEKAEM (Zagreber Jugenstheater), Teslina 7, Tel. 00385 1 487 25 68

21 - 26.09

Das 6. 25 FPS Festival Studentenzentrum, Savska 25, Tel. 00385 1 457 22 03


Gezeichnete Romane Show – Das 13. Internationale Comicfestival Das Kino Europa, Tel. 00385 91 554 13 30


Das 6. Festival des Neuen Zirkus Mala performerska scena, Ilica 134, Tel. 00385 1 370 43 15

18 - 20.11

Das 5. One Take Film Festival

Das Museum für Handwerk und Kunst

Kino Tuškanac und Kino Europa

26.09 - 20.12

Art Deco und die Kroatische Kunst zwischen zwei Weltkriegen

Dez zem mberr

Das 8. Human Rights Film Festival

Das Museum für Handwerk und Kunst, Trg maršala Tita 10, Tel. 00385 1 488 21 11


Das Festival der Weltmusik - Nebo

08 - 166.10

Museum Mimara

Das 5. Zagreber Internationale Festival der Kammermusik - Zagreb kom5

10 - 17 7.10

Die 10. Plattform Junger Choreographen Tanzzentrum Tala, Savska cesta 166

17 - 23.10

Das 8. Zagreber Film Festival, Ein Internationales Festival des Amateurfilms

19 - 22.10

Die 20. Internationalen Tage des Jazz Die Vatroslav Lisinski Konzerthalle, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, Tel. 00385 1 612 11 66

Die Moderne Galerie

Das Kino Europa, Varšavska 3, Tel. 00385 1 482 94 77

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Zagreb 2010 Events & Performances  

Brochure with calendar of cultural events and performances in 2010 in Zagreb, Croatia. Published by Zagreb Tourist Board

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