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DORIC GROUP Completing two exciting redevelopment projects in Western Australia

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Doric Group is one of Australia’s largest privatelyowned construction firms having developed a deep catalogue of capabilities over three decades, operating across multiple sectors. The company has a track record of delivering high-end, landmark developments to clients in the resources, commercial, infrastructure and defence sectors. Despite upholding a broad portfolio of projects, Doric remains committed to a set of core values including full transparency, sustainability and delivering on promises. In recent months, Doric has arrived at the end of a major construction cycle in Western Australia, which has yielded the completion of two symbolic redevelopment projects – the recently renamed Marketlane Subi and Yagan Square.

and four storeys, with the ground and first floors allocated as retail space for a Coles supermarket and Target discount department store, along with speciality retail tenancies and a range of dining and beverage outlets. Approximately 6000m² of office space was planned for the remaining upper floors of the building, while parking space for over 400 cars was also set aside within the development space. In addition, public art and landscaping was built into the design of the project to instil a sense of vibrancy in the building. Doric’s client for the project was the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) who are overseeing a state governmentled regeneration strategy for the area, with Marketlane Subi forming a key part of this drive. In November 2017, to the delight of the MRA, the project was officially completed on-time and on-budget. Project manager Mick O’Dea tells AusBN that the construction period passed with no major setbacks or complications.

Doric was awarded the contract for Marketlane Subi (previously called Station

“The client gave us good kudos for finishing

Street) in mid-2015 after succeeding in a

on time as it was a tight retail project. The

competitive tender process for the AUS$53

retail section opened on November 30th

million redevelopment of the former Station

as planned, with the final fit out of the

Street Markets in Subiaco, Perth.

commercial offices above on January 19th.”

Plans for the multi-level, mixed use

O’Dea believes the key to the successful

development consisted of a double basement delivery of the project lay in the high level

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CONSTRUCTION | Doric Group of collaboration between all the partners working on different elements of the construction. “Everyone understood that there was a tight footprint on the project with complicated logistics and cranage involved. The delivery was tight, but all the business partners worked together and there was good coordination and communication every day.� Doric worked closely with several subcontractors throughout the construction,

Australian Business Network including Supreme Windows, who provided a

“The post tension concrete structure also

bespoke glazing system for the exterior glass

posed some challenges with high floor levels

façade, MPM Mechanical Services, Positive

and curved features,” he adds. But as an

Electrical, JP Blue and Selected Plumbing to

experienced construction company with

name a few.

vast capabilities, Doric and its contractors were able to meet and resolve all challenges

However, Doric and its partners were faced

presented along the way.

with a number of challenges throughout the construction stage as O’Dea previously

In the six months since its opening, Doric

alluded to, with the logistical situation

has garnered plenty of positive feedback

complicated by restricted site and street

from the public towards its Marketlane Subi


project, with the external glass façade adding significantly to the striking aesthetic of the building.




Connecting Western Australia

Yagan Square, Perth City Link - Commercial Sector





EC No. 007256

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“The public are very receptive to the new

project was won by Doric back in 2015, who

building and appreciate that a lot of expense

managed to tie up construction of the public

and effort and design went into the building

space project within the original allotted time



“Doric is proud of this project. In the Subiaco

Today, Yagan Square is a lively hub which

area it stands out as a high-level, state-of-the-

incorporates retail markets, market hall, bars,

art building that will add some vibrance to

cafes, green spaces and play areas, while

the area that wasn’t there before,” concludes

the overall development also serves as a


major connecting node for commuters and residents within Perth’s bustling CBD.

Following hot on the heels of the completion of Marketlane Subi was the Yagan Square

During the construction phase, Doric and its

redevelopment project, which was officially

partners delivered the following work on the

opened in March 2018 after a two-year


construction period. • Sub-structural and basement areas Once again part of the MRA’s overarching redevelopment drive in Perth, the constructonly contract for the exciting Yagan Square

• Market Hall Building, including food and


CONSTRUCTION | Doric Group beverage tenancies (shell only), mezzanine

In addition to the construct-only components

space, office and control room and

of the project, Doric also delivered several

associated back of house facilities and

‘design and construct’ elements including

public amenities

piling, façade, earthing and bonding. Project manager Richard Willis-Jones reveals that

• Northern Bar Building across three levels of bars and restaurants (shell only)

piling design was a particular challenge due to the close proximity of three railway tunnels.

• Rooftop restaurant (shell only) and associated amenities

“This required close collaboration with the PTA to resolve issues and come up with a

• Landscaped areas including amphitheatre,

design that they were comfortable with.

upper deck, shade canopies, playscape and water features with integrated art

“Earthing and bonding design was another challenge due to the close proximity to HV

• William Street mall & market plaza

overhead railway power lines. A number of strategies were used, including bitumen

• Digital tower

waterproofing membranes in order to isolate

Australian Business Network Yagan Square from the PTA overhead lines.� In addition, large amounts of landscaping items were sourced from Australia but shipped overseas for processing, which caused long lead times, However, Doric focused on letting these orders early and tracking procurement closely to minimise the impact of this on the project.


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The end result of Doric’s hard work on the

company – Wu Yi Doric – targeting the

project has been a transformation of the area

Australian construction market, on the back

into a dynamic public space that is already

of a strategic partnership between Doric and

being billed as the new beating heart of

Chinese firm Wu Yi.

Perth. The 50:50 JV model will combine Doric’s Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive

local know-how and deep experience of the

says Willis-Jones, before adding that the MRA

Australian market with Wu Yi’s financial clout

seem very happy with the finished product

to further bolster the former’s already well-

while initial trading of tenancies have also

stocked pipeline with large-scale construction

exceeded expectations thus far.

projects in the same ilk of Marketlane Subi and Yagan Square.

Finally, Doric recently made the exciting announcement that it had formed a new

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