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November/December 2020

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The Pendleton Center

November/December 2020

Letter from the Editor I’m not sure there’s ever been a time when people were more excited about the holiday season and the end of a year! I think it’s funny that so many of us are just anxiously awaiting 2021, as if all of the craziness of 2020 is just going to pack its bags and head off into the sunset because the calendar year ends! However, I sure hope that’s what is going to take place! Meanwhile, I’m making it a priority to not wish away any time on the upcoming calendar. Am I ready to say goodbye to 2020? Absolutely. Am I going to hope the next couple of months fly by? Not for a second. Personally, this year has held many precious moments. With a daughter as a senior in high school, every little moment begins to be the “last time” a certain something will happen. With each of these “last times,” I realize just how quickly time passes and how many things that have become such a part of daily life will end as time marches on. So, I don’t want to speed up the end of 2020. I want to relish every moment of it, especially as we enter into the holiday season. For many of us, the holidays will look different this year. Will we be able to gather with all of our family and friends? Will traveling change for your family? Will we start new traditions that include Zoom technology? We just don’t know yet. But, what I do know, is that I will work hard to embrace whatever goodness I can get out of the holiday season – no matter what changes may take place. A staple of goodness during the holidays is The Salvation Army. Many of you are likely familiar with the bell ringers at so many retail establishments. I know I immediately dig through my purses to donate any loose change whenever I can; however, the bell ringers are just one part of the many good things The Salvation Army provides to our community. Check out the story on page 12 to learn more about this organization. For me, this past year has also taught me “there’s no time like the present” to do what’s important to you. With so many restrictions that changed travel plans, reduced opportunities to see family, cancelled dinners with friends, I definitely know that we have to take advantage of every moment to live life to the fullest. On page 6, you’ll read about two very different people who were on two very different paths, but both realized nursing was a dream they wanted to pursue – so they did! Over this year, we’ve also learned that the residents of Anderson County are givers, helpers and strive to support our own. Small businesses certainly took a hit in 2020, but the community has shown that we know how important it is to support our locally owned establishments. During this year of uncertainty, one family owned business felt enough support from our community that they even opened a new facility. McDougald Funeral Home has recently opened the doors to its new Pendleton Center. With a fast-track education in social distancing, the McDougald family created the Pendleton Center to be able to offer indoor and outdoor service options. And with a recent focus on technology, the Center also offers on-line viewing options for funeral needs such as caskets, plaques and urns. Learn about the fourth generation of this family and the unique offerings in Pendleton on page 16. There are many additional goodies in this year-end issue to keep you “in the know” of everything happening in Anderson County! Be sure to pay attention to the many ads touting special events and fun activities during this time of year! And check out our calendar for even more activities! Yes, let’s prepare to say a farewell to 2020, but until then, I urge you to find the joy and goodness in every moment. We’ve just experienced a year like no other, but let’s celebrate this holiday season with an unparalleled enthusiasm! Happy, happy, happy holiday season! n



November/December 2020

Robotic knee replacement surgery comes By Cindy Landrum to AnMed Health Dr. Hunter Hsu, an orthopedic surgeon at AnMed Health Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, specializing in direct anterior total hip replacements and knee replacements, uses robotic-assisted technology for partial and total knee replacement surgery. The robot allows the surgeon to place the implant more precisely, which produces better results, he said. “People ask if the robot actually does the surgery itself and the answer to that is no,” he said. “The robot is guided by the surgeon’s hand. Unless my hand is on the robot, it is not doing anything. It’s not making any automated movements on its own.” Knee replacement surgery is an option for patients with painful arthritis or degeneration from an injury

“It all comes down to having the joint replacement last as long as possible,”

that does not respond to other treatments such as antiinflammatory medications, physical therapy, cortisone or lubricating injections. Most patients who have the surgery are older, but age does not determine whether an orthopedic surgeon recommends total or partial knee replacement. Pain and disability do. “A patient must be a candidate for the surgery based on their own circumstances, but everyone who is a candidate for knee replacement surgery is a candidate for robotic surgery,” Dr. Hsu said. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), total joint replacement is a common elective surgery in the United States. More than 790,000 knee replacements are performed each year in the United States, and researchers at the University of Pennsylvania predict that number will rise to 1.28 million by 2030, as reported by AAOS. During knee replacement surgery, the surgeon removes the bones’ damaged surfaces in the joint and replaces them with artificial implants. Before surgery, the patient undergoes a computed tomography (CT) scan of the joint. Specialized software develops a three-dimensional model of the joint. From that information, the surgeon creates a personalized joint replacement plan that determines implant size, placement and alignment, Hsu said. Dr. Hsu said having a plan based on a 3-D model of the joint being replaced allows him to cut less bone, protect more healthy tissue and place the implant more accurately. “Before the patient even gets to the operating room, we essentially have a road map of what we need to do to get a good result,” he said.

During surgery, Dr. Hsu controls the robotic arm and can make adjustments if needed. “It all comes down to having the joint replacement last as long as possible,” he said. “Studies have shown that if they are implanted outside of a specified range, there is a higher failure rate. They don’t last as long. Being able to place an implant exactly where I want it to go achieves a balanced and stable knee, which results in a better outcome and a happier patient.” While each patient recovers differently, studies have shown robot-assisted knee replacements take less time in the hospital after surgery, and have reduced pain levels and need for pain medication, Dr. Hsu said. “I think we’re going to realize that this is a better way to achieve overall good results,” he said.” People must stay active and stay healthy, and being able to help people do that through robotic-assisted total or partial knee replacement is gratifying.” n Hunter Hsu, D.O. AnMed Health Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine AnMed Health Cardiac and Orthopaedic Center 100 Healthy Way, Suite 1200 Anderson, SC 29621 864.716.6140 5

November/December 2020

Different Ages, Different Stages, Same Scholarship By Caroline Anneaux

Bhavik Patel

Ray Kauffman

Bhavik Patel grew up in Anderson and graduated from Westside High School. Like many of his peers, he was not exactly sure what he wanted to do as an adult. He chose biology as a major at Clemson University. “I graduated from Clemson and was ready to work and take a little break from being a student,” said Patel. “I knew there was a strong possibility of going back to school to become a physician’s assistant in the near future, so I took a volunteer position at AnMed.” Patel ended up volunteering for almost a year at the hospital system and completing a certified nursing assistant program. “I helped out with keeping supplies stocked up,

filling water pitchers, visiting with patients, making sure visitors were comfortable and more,” said Patel. “It was great that I was able to see that side of the medical field.” He started the registered nurse program in May 2019 at USC Upstate in Spartanburg. Patel had to take some prerequisite courses that he did not have to take as a biology major at Clemson University, but he was still able to finish his second bachelor’s degree this year. “I work on 5 Center Progressive Cardiac Care now,” said Patel. “My patients are both pre-procedure and post-surgical. On a normal shift I take care of five or six patients at a time. The nurses in our unit are responsible 6

November/December 2020

for monitoring our patients, making sure they walk three to five times per shift and keeping up with lots and lots of charting. I’m really good at time management and I love working with my patients. It’s a great job for me.” At this time, Patel is happy with being an RN. He knows the opportunity to go back to school to become a physician’s assistant is a possibility for the future. “I am thankful for the opportunities AnMed has provided,” said Patel. “They gave me experience as a volunteer, a scholarship to get my degree and a job that I love.” Patel received a scholarship through the AnMed Health Auxiliary. The Willie Mae Lee Scholarship is given to local students pursuing a degree in any medical field. Ray Kauffman is another recipient of the scholarship. Shortly after moving to Anderson in his late 50s, Kauffman decided he was ready to pursue his dream of having a career in the medical field. “I worked in manufactured housing and real estate for over 30 years,” said Kauffman. “It was not in the cards for me to go to school after high school. I didn’t have the money, and then life happened. I got married, raised two children and worked. I did eventually manage to get my associate degree in business, but there weren’t a lot of scholarships and grants back then to help me continue my education.” In 1988, Kauffman almost died from a staph infection only a few days before his first child was born. “As a young man, I had dreams of becoming a doctor,” said Kauffman. “But when I saw the nurses taking care of me in a life or death situation, I knew I wanted to do the same for others. I wasn’t sure how I could make that happen, but I did. It just took me several decades.” Kauffman and his wife lived in Indiana and they had friends living in Hartwell, Georgia. They would visit their South Carolina friends every year and eventually decided to move down to Anderson five years ago. “I met Lee Luff [an honorary life-long member of the AnMed Health Auxiliary], and he told me about the auxiliary’s scholarship program through AnMed,” said Kauffman. “It was as good a time as ever for me to go back to school, so I did. I will graduate with a nursing degree from Anderson University in December.” Kauffman is already working on 6th South Medical Surgical floor at the main campus location. He and Patel are among the male nurses that constitute 8.46% of the hospital system’s nursing staff. He said his previous careers taught him plenty about teamwork and interacting with people. “Same practices, just a different field now,” said Kauffman. When these men are not busy with patients at work, they keep busy with extracurricular activities. Patel enjoys working out at the gym, playing video games and volunteering at the animal shelter. Kauffman plays golf, travels with his wife to visit their children in Indiana and Florida and works on home projects.

AnMed Health Auxiliary’s Scholarship Program Bhavik Patel and Ray Kauffman both achieved their goal of becoming registered nurses at different stages in their lives, and largely in part to the AnMed Health Auxiliary’s scholarship program. Each year, the auxiliary gives 20 local students a scholarship to help them with their goal of obtaining a degree in the medical field of their choice. The Willie Mae Lee Scholarship is named in honor of Ms. Lee for giving over 50 years of volunteer service to AnMed Health and her passion for helping students further their education in health-related jobs. Normally, the auxiliary targets students graduating from local high schools, but anyone from the Anderson area seeking a degree in health care is welcome to apply. Since 1995, over half a million dollars in scholarships have been given to local students. In order to keep the $1,500 per semester scholarship, students must maintain at least a 3.0 average.

For more information on how to apply or to donate to the fund, contact Jan Verbeck at 864-512-1265 or


November/December 2020

Downtowns All Around

Anderson County is comprised of so many quaint and truly unique towns: Anderson, Asaville, Belton, Bethany, Centerville, Craytonville, Ebenezer, First Creek, Gluck, Honea Path, Iva, Jones Chapel, Long Branch, Mount Bethel, Pelzer, Pendleton, Powdersville, Sandy Springs, Starr, Townville and Williamston. Many of these towns have fabulous Main Street and downtown areas to explore, and interesting options for eating and shopping. Here is a sampling.

By Lisa Marie Carter

Anderson Anderson is known as the Electric City because it became the first city in the southeastern United States to transmit electricity over a long distance. The downtown area of Anderson has everything you need …and some things you did not know you needed! Walking along Main Street you’ll find one-of-a-kind shops such as Coco Bon, which specializes in handmade chocolates, and The Kitchen Emporium, which carries all you could want for your at-home gourmet chef needs. While at The Kitchen Emporium you can enjoy a glass of wine from the wine bar. And, if wine is your thing, you can enjoy more at the Viva Wine Bar on Church Street. Treasure hunters will enjoy a stop at Apple Dumplin’ Antique Mall, which offers vintage and unusual items, as does Remnants Antiques, Gifts & Consignment. Both are on Main Street. There certainly is no lack of clothing stores either. Belle Beauty, Plum Suede, Blake & Brady, Ladies on Main, Simply Country Chic and Fashion Shack offer options for downtown shoppers. And even the men are covered with Cahaly’s Custom Clothing, where you can order tailor-made suits and shirts, as well as Satya Fashions which has been a downtown staple for decades. Your


pets are in luck as as well. Reflecting the popularity of unique and boutique pet shops, Anderson is home to Bark, an upscale pet store offering pet accessories, food, and a variety of other pet faves. Getting hungry just thinking about all this shopping? Check out one of the many mouthwatering restaurants, such as Maki, Groucho’s, The Local Uptown, Summa Joe’s, Shucks, and Taco Loco just to name a few. If you want to make a weekend of your downtown Anderson experience, you are in luck. The Bleckley Inn is a stunning boutique hotel that also offers a great event space. Soon you will have another option with the addition of the Home2Suites hotel currently under construction on South Main Street. To read more about the businesses in downtown Anderson, check out November/December 2020

Belton This beautiful town is in the eastern part of Anderson County. Belton has been highly successful in managing growth while keeping its charm. Enjoy exploring the unique shops lining Main Street Square such as Nancy’s Fancies, which offers gifts, collectibles and antiques. You can also walk on over to Standpipe Antiques and The Mercantile of Belton to do some more treasure hunting. Built up an appetite while doing all this bargain hunting? While you are at The Mercantile of Belton you can grab a tasty bite to eat for lunch or satisfy your sweet tooth with some ice cream. Belton also offers

other dining options such as Circle Bar, El Titanic, Paso Mexican Grill and Speck’s Private Social Club. Don’t leave without enjoying cultural opportunities by visiting the Belton Center for the Arts — which also has an impressive gift shop — the Belton Area Museum and The Listening Room, a live music venue. For out-of-town guests, The Standpipe Inn stands ready to accommodate. Oh, on your way out of town, why not stop at Southern Twist to choose some fresh flowers to take home, or to give to a friend? To read more about the businesses in Belton check out

Residents of Honea Path say they are South Carolina’s “best-kept secret.” Honea Path has attracted numerous small businesses that supply an array of goods and services such as restaurants, shopping centers, antique stores, business services, artisans, real estate, building and construction and more. Visit Studio Moon and view Japanese sumi art, peruse McCall’s Produce for fresh fruits and veggies, and check out the new thrift store. Presenting itself as “yesterday’s boutique,” This Girl’s on Main is a “sweet seconds” style store. The new Honea Path Pharmacy also offers Meryl Norman Cosmetics. Getting hungry? Honea Path now has 16 restaurants, including Kaori Express Japanese, The Melt Pizzeria and the sweetest addition to the area, Yaya’s on Main Street, a sandwich and ice cream parlor. To read more about the businesses in Honea Path check out


Honea Path

November/December 2020


Pendleton’s downtown area, also known as The Square, is one of the Upstate’s oldest communities. Pendleton’s downtown is filled with unique shops and restaurants. In the center of it all is the Village Green, also known simply as The Green, featuring the historic Farmers Society Hall on its southwest corner. If you walk around The Square, you’ll find Mountain Made, a great source of unique gifts, including handcrafts, pottery and antiques. Newtique Boutique is a purveyor of vintage home goods, shabby chic painted furniture, home décor and more. Looking for something with a bit more history behind it? Head on over to Momma Donna’s Thrift Store & More and Blue Ridge Antiques & Refinishing.

After a walking tour and some shopping, you will have a tough choice narrowing down where to grab a bite. With such options as 1826 Bistro (located in the Farmers Society Hall building), Blue Heron, Brooklyn Style Pizza, and the Village Bakery & Café, just to name a few, you will not go hungry. If you are looking for a little liquid refreshment, pop into Swamp Fox Distilling, which offers tastings and cocktails made of rum distilled on site, or check out Viva Wine Bar. And if that was not enough, there is a coffee place coming soon and Fallon’s Brew Supply is expanding to include a pub, Pendleton Brewing Company. To read more about the businesses in Pendleton’s downtown, check out

The downtown district of Iva is open for business and hopes to welcome more businesses. Iva hosts many annual events, including Depot Day & Car Show, Spring Express, Chili Cook-off and more. While Iva is one of our smaller towns in Anderson, it still offers dining and shopping for the community. Cam’s Café offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a buffet option and “short-order” menu. The restaurant receives great reviews for its traditional Southern cooking. Smiley’s Café is another option for diners looking for traditional home cooking. The menu changes daily, but some of the favorites include chicken livers, hamburger steak, macaroni and cheese and cherry upside down cake. Country Lane Floral & Gift Shoppe is great option to stop in when you want to brighten someone’s day (maybe even your own), and JB Thomas & Son Hardware has just a bit of everything you might need. Additionally, Iva has beautiful trees, landscaping and greenspace in downtown that provides patrons an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while visiting and shopping. To read more about Iva check out


November/December 2020


experience serenity


Cindy Fox Miller 8 64. 238. 9100

CINDY @ C I N DY FOXM I LLE R . C OM Licensed as “Cynthia F. Miller”. Each office is independently owned and operated.


November/December 2020

Salvation Army Marches Ahead By Deborah Tucker

The Christmas season approaches. It’s almost time for those red kettles and the ever-ringing bells of the Salvation Army. But what is the Salvation Army? Is it relevant to today’s society? The surprising answer to that is – yes! When I entered the Salvation Army headquarters on Tolly Street, I was expecting to see a lot of old seniors tottering around. As it happens, the only old fogie in that building was this reporter. The Salvation Army’s Anderson office is currently led by the husband and wife team of Major Joseph and Major Melissa Irvin. They moved from Tennessee to Anderson in June of this year, right in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. That has presented a lot of new challenges they haven’t faced before. Joe and Melissa have been married for 27 years and have raised seven children. A military lifestyle is not new to them – they were both raised in military and Salvation Army families. Joe’s dad was career army. Joe himself served as a marine in the first Gulf War – “rations in the rear,” as he says. Melissa’s dad was a career marine officer. And just like military members, they serve tours of duty as Salvation Army officers, typically four years at each station. The Irvins manage two primary missions in Anderson: the Stringer Emergency Lodge, located next door to the Salvation Army Headquarters on Tolly Street, and the Boys and Girls Club. “The Stringer Emergency Lodge is an emergency shelter for the homeless and desperate,” said Major Joe. “We act as a safety net and first seek to stabilize the lives of those needing help. Then we work in partnership with other community organizations to help these folks reach a stage of well-being and independent living.” The other major mission the Irvins lead is the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of Anderson, located at 1030 Salem Church Road across from the Publix grocery store. The club had to close because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are plans to reopen it soon. Leading the effort to reopen the Boys and Girls Club is Jennifer Hess. Hess is originally from southern California and now lives in Anderson. For the last two years, she has been the unit director for the Boys and Girls Club. According to Hess, the Boys and Girls Club is all about the educational, social, and emotional growth of children. The program serves kids from ages 5 to 17 years old. It is mainly designed as an afterschool program, running from 2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. during the week. In the summer, the Salvation Army operates a day camp at the club from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.


“Every year, the Salvation Army sponsors its Angel Tree Program, which provides Christmas toys and clothing for children.” The Stringer Emergency Lodge helps the homeless get back on their feet. For Major Joe Irvin (l) and Major Melissa Irvin (r), this is a primary mission of the Salvation Army in Anderson. Each location chooses programs that fit best for their kids. In fact, the club staff likes to survey the kids to find out what interests them, giving them some input into the activities. There are programs that focus on sports and recreation, tutoring, the arts, health and wellness, and workforce readiness. “Our goal,” said Hess, “is to have kids that understand what is going on in their world, to become responsible, and to graduate from school with a plan.”

Travis Miles of Anderson is a monitor that works at the Salvation Army Headquarters. His job includes keeping order in a sometimes chaotic environment. November/December 2020

“You said you were going to give how big of a donation?!” Jennifer Hess of Anderson is the Unit Director of the Boys and Girls Club on Salem Church Road.

The Salvation Army in Anderson serves all of Anderson County, so I asked Hess what would be needed if an outlying town wanted to set up its own Boys and Girls Club. With so many kids doing virtual education, it seems this is an opportunity to provide kids with a positive, structured environment. “Space is critical,” replied Hess. “The kids need room to run around and burn up that energy.” The other critical element is a volunteer group committed to the kids. Patience and devotion are necessary virtues. “It’s really great to see the bonds being made between the volunteers and kids,” enthused Hess. So what are the Army’s plans for this Christmas? Christmas needs its angels. Every year, the Salvation Army sponsors its Angel Tree Program, which provides Christmas toys and clothing for children age 12 and under. This year, sign-ups were held at the Anderson Mall in October. Anderson County families in need (generally those who qualify for food assistance) were able to put in requests for special presents. Major Melissa says the angel trees are being placed in the Anderson Mall and local Walmarts for resident angels to make purchases. Major Joe says all donations to the Salvation Army stay in town to support local programs. So there you have it. When you think about helping others this Christmas, think about your local Salvation Army. And keep those bells ringing.

The bell is working! Major Joe Irvin (l) and Major Melissa Irvin (r) are ready to receive your Christmas donations!

Carolina Alliance Bank has taken on our family name. - John Kimberly, President

Uniting our 12 banks under the Park family name means you get more — more access, more options and more resources for you. 864-965-7829 |


November/December 2020

Laura McClain Receives Presidential Medallion for Instructional Excellence Laura McClain, program director for Tri-County Technical College’s medical assisting program, was honored August 13 with the highest award presented to the faculty. She received the Presidential Medallion for Instructional Excellence at the College’s virtual fall convocation. TCTC President Dr. Galen DeHay presented the medallion to the Iva resident. The medallion is presented each year to the instructor who has contributed the most during the academic year to the profession of teaching, to the development of the College and to the students. “This is a wonderful honor,” said McClain. “I have always demanded excellence of myself and my students, so to be recognized for doing what is natural for me was unexpected. I am extremely thankful for a college that supports my passion and desire to give the students the tools and resources they need to be successful and have that transformative student experience we speak about often. My way to give back is to serve the college in every capacity I can. I am truly humbled. It takes a village, so my recognition is for all those who also assist me day in and day out.” McClain joined the College in 2014 with 25 years of experience working as a certified medical assistant in OBGYN and family practice, along with eight years as an RN in the medical/ surgical unit, labor and delivery, longterm care and in hospitals. “Laura is a valued faculty member of the college who has been constantly working and improving the medical assisting program since she was hired,” said Donna Palmer, health professions department head. “She works tirelessly to promote her program, ensures her students’ success and represents the college on multiple levels. She is enthusiastic and passionate about the medical assisting program and

Laura McClain profession and her personal and professional growth.” Palmer said McClain provides quality instruction, which creates substantive change in learners. Medical assisting is a unique program because students are trained in both administrative and clinical procedures. Graduates are cross-trained in every area of ambulatory care. Their duties range from hands-on patient care, under physician and nursing supervision, to front office duties. For the past three years, students have achieved 100% pass rates on the American Association of Medical Assistants’ Certification Examination. The program annually meets the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) standard for outcomes


November/December 2020

“I have always demanded excellence of myself and my students, so to be recognized for doing what is natural for me was unexpected. I am extremely thankful for a college that supports my passion and desire to give the students the tools and resources they need to be successful and have that transformative student experience we speak about often.”

~Laura McClain

assessment thresholds for student retention, job placement and employer satisfaction surveys. In 2019 the program was granted full, continuing accreditation through fall 2028 by CAAHEP. McClain has incorporated service learning activities into the curriculum since she joined the College in 2014. She believes community service keeps students engaged and provides an opportunity for them to give back to the community. “Our students are patient advocates and need to be aware of services available to assist those who may have a need, are under-resourced or fall on difficult times and communicate that to providers when applicable,” McClain said. “Students not only need to value the communities in which they live but also give back to those same communities, and this can help them to do that. Service learning allows students to advocate and market such resources to the public.” McClain serves in leadership roles in her professional organizations. In February she was elected education peer group chair for the S.C. Society of Medical Assistants. In 2018 she was one of seven medical assisting professionals chosen to review the third edition of The Electronic Health Record for the Physician’s Office for SimChart by Elsevier. “Laura takes every opportunity to develop her personal and professional development through lifelong learning,” said Palmer. She attends professional development offerings sponsored by the college, as well as the American Association of Medical Assistants annual educator’s conference. She maintains both her nursing license and certification in medical assisting by ensuring that she meets the requirements for continuing education mandated by her certifying and licensing agencies. McClain is a 1989 alumna and outstanding graduate of Piedmont Technical College’s medical assisting program and in 2006 earned an associate degree in nursing. She is a member of Little River Baptist Church in Honea Path. She and her husband, Bryan, have two adult children, Hailey and Jacob. Her son and daughterin law, Breana, have a two-year-old son, Cohen, and are expecting a second child in 2021.


November/December 2020

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3 Locations in Anderson County IMPORTANT DATES FOR SPRING 2021 December 15

January 13 January 20 January 21

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864-646-TCTC •

Family Business Continues in Pendleton

By Caroline Anneaux

Anderson’s McDougald family has been in the funeral business for 100 years, and they say they are ready for the next 100! Douglas McDougald, Sr. started the current family funeral home business at 600 South Main Street in 1934 along with the Johnston family. His brother, Jesse, was actually the first in the business as a co-owner of the first McDougald-Johnston funeral home in Anderson in the 1920s until his untimely death at the very young age of 29. Douglas McDougald, Jr. grew up in the family business and joined as a full time funeral director after graduating from Presbyterian College and a tour of service in the Army. He took over the funeral home in 1980 after his father passed. In 1985, the McDougald Funeral Home moved to the current location at 2211 North Main Street in Anderson, “where our family continues to serve the community with the service and care everyone deserves and expects when a loved one passes away,” said Douglas McDougald, III. Currently, the McDougald funeral home is coowned by Douglas McDougald, III and his brother Jess McDougald. About ten years ago, Jess McDougald was driving around Pendleton one day with his father, Douglas McDougald Jr., and they discussed the possibility of expanding their services into that particular area of Anderson County. “Dad and I were out for a ride in Pendleton, and we talked about what a great little town it is,” said Jess McDougald. “We sort of bounced the idea around about expanding the business up that way in the future. When we heard that the TD Bank was selling their building two years ago, we jumped at the chance to open a new location there.” So what does the future hold for the new McDougald Funeral & Cremation Services, Pendleton Center? We sat down for a talk with the McDougald brothers and Douglas Charles “Max” McDougald IV, the third and fourth generation family members operating the funeral business in its second century. “I am so excited about what the future holds for our family business,” said Max McDougald, son of Douglas McDougald III. “The Pendleton Center is a new, stateof-the-art facility with so much potential. We are all excited about being able to serve the community with the latest technology.” The Pendleton Center is a gorgeous facility and extremely comfortable and inviting. No longer a bank, the building at 1001 S Mechanic Street in Pendleton has been thoroughly renovated inside and out. High ceilings, comfortable furniture, tons of natural light, neutral decor and brand new landscaping including a waterfall wall welcomes visitors upon arrival.


The Pendelton Center offers indoor and outdoor service options as well as a banquet room for a celebration of life.

“We hope that the community sees our new facility in Pendleton as a place to hold funerals first but other events as well,” said Doug McDougald, III “The nontraditional funeral setting opens our building up for many other opportunities. We have individual meeting spaces, a large banquet room that will seat 80 people around tables, a catering kitchen and an amazing outdoor covered patio area.” November/December 2020

There is not a casket selection room or mortuary in The Pendleton Center, so it does not feel like a traditional funeral home. “The beauty of our new location is how we are able to transform it into anything our customers require,” said Max McDougal. “The banquet room may be set up as a traditional church setting with rows of chairs and an aisle, or our customers may choose to set up tables and have a catered meal while hosting a celebration of life for their loved one.” A unique feature of this facility is the ability to meet with the families who have lost a loved one and plan the entire funeral virtually. “We are able to meet with the families at The Pendleton Center and view all of the funeral needs on our large screen TVs,” said Doug McDougald, III. “There is a much greater selection on-line than in our selection room in Anderson. Caskets, plaques, urns, memorial jewelry. They tell us what they are looking for, and we can find it for them.” While the North Main Street Anderson location will always be the first choice for families desiring a traditional funeral, the Pendleton location offers an alternative option. The Pendleton Center will be able to serve families more distant from Anderson, including Central, Clemson, Liberty, Easley, and Powdersville according to the McDougalds. Both locations are available seven days a week, and there is never an extra charge for funerals on the weekends. “Weekends and weekdays are all the same to us,” said Jess McDougald. “We understand that families need to plan funerals around work schedules or people traveling from out of town. We have always been and will always be there when our customers need us.” The McDougalds give their customers the same service and care their family has given the Anderson community for one hundred years. The McDougalds stress that personalization, making customers feel like family and taking some of the stress away during difficult times are all part of the promise and commitment their local family-owned business will provide for many years to come. “Please stop in to see our new location in Pendleton and have a cup of coffee,” said Max McDougald. “One of our nine certified funeral directors or excellent staff members would love to meet you and show you The Pendleton Center.”

Max McDougald graduated from T. L. Hanna High School and Wofford College. He began his two-year apprenticeship in September 2019, and he is working towards becoming a certified funeral director in his family business. After many hours of direct in-house training, he will take his final certification board exam and become the 10th certified funeral director at The McDougald Funeral Home. “I really enjoy helping others and impacting their lives in a positive way. It is my job to make my customers feel like family and give them the best experience they can expect during one of the most difficult times of their lives,” he said. “I look forward to bringing new technology and ideas to the next generation of Anderson area families.” L-R Douglas McDougald, III, Max McDougald, and Jess McDougald


November/December 2020


(864) 224-7444


November/December 2020

in 2020

A Reason to Celebrate 2020 The number 20 will mean a lot of different things to people after this year. There’s no doubt that this year will spark a wide-range of emotions for individuals. However, in a very bright spot, the number 20 can be celebrated in Anderson County. It was 20 years ago that The Peoples Agency opened to offer our community first-rate, innovative insurance options. In the late 1990s, the banking industry began to expand its line of services, and insurance was one of the areas where banks were finding a niche. The Peoples Bank, which was founded right here in Anderson County, decided to provide insurance products to customers. Baker, Brown & Associates was a local insurance agency in Anderson. In 1998, Skelton-Morris Associates out of Hartwell bought out Baker, Brown & Associates. In 2000, Skelton-Morris merged with The Peoples Bank to create The Peoples Agency. Bob Baker, one of the founding partners of Baker, Brown & Associates works with The Peoples Agency to this day. As an independent insurance agency, The Peoples Agency contracts with a variety of companies that provide a number of different insurance options for each individual client. Whether business, personal or health insurance, The Peoples Agency is consistently reviewing the markets to find the coverage their clients need at a competitive price. With so many changes in insurance in recent years, The Peoples Agency knows their clients are looking to them for expertise. According to Chip Kidd, owner of

The Peoples Agency, “We have great people working here. Each person has years of experience in the insurance industry and is extremely knowledgeable about their specific area.” However, it’s not just about years of experience. Kidd said, “Each staff member has dedicated their time to obtain a professional designation which gives them the knowledge and confidence to deal with just about any type of situation that can arise.” In order to meet their clients’ needs, The Peoples Agency has a different team to handle each type of insurance product. “We believe to provide the best service possible, we need to specialize in one specific area,” said Kidd. Therefore, there is a team to handle personal insurance, one for commercial insurance, and another team for employee benefits (such as life, health, disability, etc.). However, there are a few staff members, including Kidd himself, that are licensed in all lines and can respond to any questions, no matter in which area the customer has needs. Beyond being well trained in their respective areas, The Peoples Agency staff provide an all-encompassing level of service. With outstanding knowledge, respect for clients, an understanding of the market and an overall agency climate of care and professionalism, The Peoples Agency is ready to meet your insurance needs. “Everyone pays insurance premiums,” said Kidd, “but, with us, you get our services and experience at no extra cost.”

“Each person has years of experience in the insurance industry and is extremely knowledgeable about their specific area.” ~ Chip Kidd



(864) 224-7444

in 2020


November/December 2020

The Legacy of Anderson is an Independent Senior Living Community

Retire Well & Enjoy Senior Living at its Best! Here at The Legacy of Anderson, we have over 40 years combined experience in the senior industry. At any given time you will be able to find conversation, socialization, and friends here at The Legacy. We have been in business for over 15 years and plan for another 15 strong. Please stop by if you are in the Anderson area or please give Dee Golden a call at 864-276-3501 for a complimentary meal from our culinary chef. You will be pleased to see you will be able to enjoy retirement living at its best here at The Legacy of Anderson. We look forward to seeing you!

Call Dee Golden at The Legacy today to schedule a visit.


November/December 2020

Countybank Supports Small Businesses in Anderson with PPP Loans Small businesses across Upstate SC have struggled to stay open and keep their staff employed as a result of COVID-19. Serving others has always been at the heart of who Countybank is, and the current pandemic has allowed them to live this mission to its fullest. Countybank has provided more than $61 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans to small businesses in local communities across Upstate SC. The Countybank team worked around the clock to ensure their small business customers received support quickly – no matter how much or how little funding they needed. In response, Countybank’s Anderson team has received countless emails, letters, and phone calls from businesses they supported through the PPP process. Here is one example of what customers had to say about their experience. n To learn more about how Countybank supported its local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic with PPP loans, use your mobile device’s camera to scan this QR code.

REAL. PERSONAL. 2125 N. Hwy 81, Anderson, SC 29621

BANKING INSURANCE* MORTGAGE INVESTMENTS* TRUST | 864-622-2692 | 2125 N. Hwy 81, Anderson, SC 29621 *Insurance and investment products are not insured by the FDIC or any federal government agency, may lose value, and are not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by, any bank or bank affiliate.


November/December 2020

Leadership Anderson

proves the power of art

By Addy Smith

Leadership Anderson is a 10-month leadership development program, hosted by the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce, devoted to strengthening and educating our community leaders. More than 800 leaders have graduated from the program and continue their commitment to the growth, development and prosperity of Anderson County. Each leadership class is tasked with completing a project to impact the community in a substantive and lasting way. With 30 class members from different backgrounds, industries and organizations, the first challenge was coming together to select a project. We tossed around several ideas but ultimately decided on a mural project. The ability of public art in the form of a mural spurring pride in Anderson, creating a visual attraction for

“Paint Parties� were held at the Anderson Arts Center providing the community an opportunity to participate in the mural project.


downtown, and allowing for significant community involvement in our project resonated with the entire class. The class partnered with Herman Keith, Jr., Anderson native and artist, to install a 1,700-square-foot mural on Orr Street. The planning process began in September 2019, and we worked closely with the city to scope out locations and obtain approval. Ron Haskell, Jeff Waters, and DeeDee Waters generously approved the design and allowed us to add the unique work of art to the building they owned. Community involvement was especially important to our class and Herman’s unique approach with the parachute cloth technique. His design allows as many people as possible to participate. He divided the design into 5x5 square panels of extremely thin paper called parachute cloth. The design is drawn on the cloth, painted over, and then applied to the brick using a clear acrylic gel - similar to applying wall paper or modpodge. Herman had a team of art students from Claflin University assist in drawing the design onto each panel, but rather than painting each panel themselves, the Anderson community painted all 72 squares. Each panel could be painted by anyone of any age, no skill or previous experience necessary. Our class funded the project by selling the squares to be painted. We raised the money through a two-week fundraising campaign in February 2020. The original plan was to give sponsors the choice to paint their panel or donate to a participating class at various public schools in Anderson in April and May, and the mural would be installed in November/December 2020

June 2020. Then COVID-19 happened. We had raised all the funds, but we had to pause due to the pandemic. The whole premise of the project was for as many people as possible to get their hands on these panels, which was not exactly ideal during a public health crisis. After two months of waiting, our class was determined to make the project happen before then end of 2020. We adapted our plan to accommodate social distancing and smaller groups. Paint parties happened in June and July with over 300 people painting all 72 squares. With the painting complete, Herman and team assembled and installed the mural during a twoweek period in August. The complete mural, The Power of Art, now adorns Orr Street at the intersection with Main Street. Visit for more info, and don’t forget to use our hashtags so we can see your photos at the Mural. #MuralOnMain #MeetAtTheMural. To the Anderson community, thank you for bringing The Power of Art to downtown Anderson. n

Both youth and adults participated in paint parties for the mural.

#MuralOnMain #MeetAtTheMural

Eat. Shop. ENJOY! at the cornor of Main & Orr Street


November/December 2020

Tag us in your photos & use our hashtags!

Facebook: MuralOnMainAnderson

! s r o t c e l l Co


s! r e y u B e First-Tim Here’s your chance to get amazing, original artwork at fantastic prices at the...

Monday – Friday 10am-5pm Saturdays 11am-3pm

Art Market Sip & Shop

Thursday, Nov 5 • 5-7 pm Carnegie Building 405 North Main Street Peruse a vast collection of work from various artists and art collectors with everything priced to sell. Perfect for decorators seeking art for their clients. Great for new buyers just starting a collection. Exceptional variety for experienced art collectors. “Buy what you love. Buy what you know you’ll regret forever if you don’t acquire… And don’t be scared to sell. Everything changes and one is entitled, having loved a piece, to pass it on to someone who will prize it more.” -- Collector David Leppan



November/December 2020

The Anderson Magazine’s

Holiday Gift Guide wishes you joy, peace, and love during this holiday season!

Gift Cards Make Great Stocking Stuffers!

wishes you joy, peace, and love during this holiday season!

unique gifts

custom framing

Gourmet Chocolate, Popcorn & More 111 N. Main St. • Anderson, SC

local artisans

unique custom local 305 N. MAIN STREET IN DOWNTOWN ANDERSON gifts framing artisans


129 E. Whitner Street • Anderson


M 11-4, T-Th 10:30-5:30 F-S 10:30-7


Items made by hand - Ask about Memory Bears

se u o H n e p O 14 & 7 r e b m e Novllectors! Co


418 N. Main Street yers! u B e 864-225-2021 m i T t rs

i 10a-6p FM-TH Here’sFyour chance Sat to get 10a-8:30p 10-5 amazing, original artwork at fantastic prices at the...

Light up the night with luminous jewelry guaranteed to twinkle.

116 N. Main Street • Anderson, SC


Krafty Twins & Doubles Karen Tolbert • 402-517-1833

Gift cards make great presents!

Monday – Friday 10am-5pm Saturdays 11am-3pm

Art Market Sip & Shop

Thursday, Nov 5 • 5-7 pm Carnegie Building 405 North Main Street


M-SAT 10A-7P SUN 12N-5P 864-712-9565

BELTON CENTER FOR THE ARTS 306 City Square, Belton • 864-338-8556

SHOP LOCAL this holiday season for unique gifts!

Peruse a vast collection of work from various artists and art collectors with everything priced to sell. Perfect for decorators seeking art for their clients. Great for new buyers just



Eye Lift

wishes you joy, peace, and love during this holiday season!

with purchase of Ulthera for face or neck expires 12/10/20

Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts the neck, chin and brow, and improves lines and wrinkles on the upper chest.

Relax-Rejuvenate-Renew unique gifts

Donna Burton Nurse Practitioner

719 East Greenville St. Anderson, SC 864-844-5397


custom framing

local artisans


November/December 2020

Is your TIME TO UPDATE YOUR OLDroof ROOF ready for BEFORE Santa?

en ryone ets When everyone to drive. When

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With my help and the backing of my great team, I’ll have you back on the road and driving happy in no time. ®

Ron Haskell Ins Agcy Inc Ron Haskell, Agent 302 N Main St Anderson, SC 29621 Ron Haskell Ins Agcy Ron Haskell Ins Agcy Inc Bus: 864-226-6043 RonHaskell, Haskell, Ron AgentAgent 302 St St 302N Main N Main Anderson, SC 29621 Anderson, SC 29621 Bus: 864-226-6043

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® CALL FOR A QUOTE 24/7.

Bus: 864-226-6043

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL



Expedition: A Natural History Adventure Around the World

432 Sayre Street, Anderson, SC




on display through May

Contact the museum for more information about any of our events. • 100 N. Main St. • Belton, SC • 864-338-7400

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, State Farm MutualILAutomobile Insurance Company

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State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL


Light up the night with luminous jewelry guaranteed to twinkle. • Tax & Estate Planning • Insurance Needs • Business Continuation Planning

• Financial Planning • Asset Managment • Investment Managment

301 S. McDuffie St. Anderson

(888) 7WAGNER Anderson • Greenville • Seneca

116 N. Main Street • Anderson, SC


December 5 Christmas in Belton

and driving happy in



November 21 - 9am Sixth Annual Turkey Shoot Toney Creek Plantation, 155 Toney Creek Rd, Belton Securities offered through Triad Advisors, LLC Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory Services provided through Wealth Management Advisors, LLC, A Registered Investment Advisor. Wealth Management Advisors, LLC is not affiliated with Triad Advisors, LLC. Wealth Management Advisors, LLC and Wagner Wealth Management are not affiliated with Triad Advisors.


November/December 2020

306 City Square, Belton


United Way and Anderson Rotary Club Partner for Homeland Park Primary United Way of Anderson County, together with the Anderson Rotary Club, has adopted Homeland Park Primary School. United Way of Anderson County is “all about” the education of our children, so when Carol Burdette heard about how the Rotary Club of Greenville had adopted an elementary school, she was sure that United Way and the Rotary Club of Anderson could adopt a school in Anderson County. So in honor of United Way’s Board Chair, Tom Wilson, we are going to “rock the world” of the students and teachers at Homeland Park Primary School! To kick-off the new school year, we hosted a teacher appreciation luncheon. The teachers were so thankful and honored that we chose to adopt their school. We provided them with big umbrellas to use in the car line to keep them dry on rainy days. Local business Roylco helped with supporting the school with cute animal face shields for every student. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the lunch was when we gave out $50 gift cards to every teacher to use for classroom supplies…and this is just the beginning! “It is an honor and a privilege for the Rotary Club of Anderson to adopt and support Homeland Park Primary School. Our club is excited about the opportunity to provide both financial and service support to the school. We plan to work with the administration of the school to support the teachers and students in any way we can, big or small. They are so deserving and so appreciative. As members of Rotary, our goal is to put Service Above Self and to contribute in a positive way to making our community a better place for all, to live, work, and play.” Cara T. Hamilton President of Anderson Rotary Club

Homeland Park Supporting Partners: Austin Prey Dentistry • Roylco Inc. • Peoples Bank • First Quality


November/December 2020



Come enjoy the fun!

December 4 thru January 31


LY WOR Email cga KSHOPS ddis@cit y o f a n de for more informat ion

111 East Whitner Street Anderson, SC 29624


We Spark Business Success in Anderson, South Carolina Powered by

November 16 – January 6

Aggressive Business Assistance + Entrepreneurial Programming


111 EAST WHITNER STREET • ANDERSON, SC VISIT US ONLINE AT Instagram: andersonrec1 instagram: holidayiceanderson


November/December 2020

Get Covered South Carolina. the Rescue! Our agents are heroes to many South Carolinians. Give Marshall Pickens a call today and let him help you to understand your healthcare options. Open enrollment begins November 1, 2020.

864.844.5928 or

20th Annual

Saturday, December 5 1mile - 8am 5K Race - 9am Scan this QR code to register!

Sponsored By:

of Anderson


November/December 2020

Personal Training Group Sessions Open Gym Nutritional Plans Online Training

you have a purpose. get fit for it. Fit 4 Purpose is about helping you reach your fitness goals and building you up spiritually, mentally and physically.


“BEST GYM” by the Independent Mail

1706 East Greenville Street • Anderson, SC • • 864.844.9442

Stressed About Holiday Weight Gain? Worried that the upcoming holidays may throw you off your weight loss goals? Stop worrying, and change your attitude. According to Weight Watchers, a positive attitude is the first step in staying on track. If you think you can, you can! The second thing you need? A plan. People who stay within sight of their weight-loss goals — in one way or another — are the people who eventually attain their goals. Figuring out what’s different and more difficult about losing weight during the holidays helps you strategize how to work through it. Here are SIX tips to help you avoid weight gain over the holidays:

1. Put things into perspective. Take out a calendar and circle the days you think might present extraordinary challenges, and you’ll see that there are a lot more opportunities to be on track than there are obstacles. With that in mind, it will feel more reasonable to expect success. 2. Identify your expectations. Ask yourself what you want to achieve. Would you like to continue to lose weight? Would you be happy to maintain? Or were you expecting to sit on the sidelines and start things up again in January? If you know what you’re aiming for, you’ll be better able to set a clear path.


3. Say goodbye to guilt. If you’re ready to maintain, or even prepared that you may gain a little, don’t feel guilty. Instead, take control. There is nothing wrong with taking a break, but decide how long you want the break to be. If you outline your limits, you won’t feel like you’re starting over in January. 4. Find ways to make it work. There are lots of options for overcoming obstacles while staying on plan, and you practice them all year long. So why not use them during the holidays? Most everyone eats a not-so-great item at some point, but as long as you have other healthy behaviors like regular physical activity in place to counterbalance it, you should be fine in the long run. 5. Don’t avoid the scale. Stay aware of your stats, and you’ll be able to make adjustments so you meet your goals. 6. Ask for help. You’re not the only one heading toward the holidays with weight loss in mind. Look for people with similar goals and ask them about their strategies.

November/December 2020

Morningside of Anderson Assisted Living invites residents into our senior living community not just to live with us, but to thrive with us. We provide individualized care services based on the specific needs of our residents. You can taste the Five Star difference with a variety of entrée selections for every meal. Our Lifestyle360 program is a holistic approach to active community living that focuses on five dimensions of wellness: intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual. These five dimensions empower our residents to live a happier, healthier, well-rounded lifestyle.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season with peace and cheer throughout the New Year!

From, Your Morningside Family

CallHollins Hollinstoday todayto toschedule schedulean anappointment appointment Call

864.964.9088 864.964.9088

864.964.9088 864.964.9057• 1304 • 1304 McLees Road, Anderson, 29621 P: P: 864.964.9088 | F:| F: 864.964.9057 McLees Road, Anderson, SCSC 29621 n in e p o w no ntown dow rson Ande

Fast, Fresh & Original


Schedule your Christmas party at The Bleckley Inn!

129 E. Whitner Street • Anderson, SC

151 East Church Street | Anderson, SC 29624 864-225-7203 | 33

November/December 2020

shop • eat • play


Anderson’s Premier Downtown Inn

151 Boutique East Church Street 225-7203 hotel and event• venue


151 East Church Street







129 E. Whitner Street • Anderson



More than a boutique, we are a life style!


9 11 4 13






125 N Main St DOWNTOWN ANDERSON 864-760-0597

Mon—Fri 7am to 12pm Sat 8am to 2pm




Serving made from scratch breakfast and brunch using fresh, local ingredients. Check out our menu and daily specials on our facebook page. Catering Available.

map not to scale




M-SAT 10A-7P SUN 12N-5P 864-712-9565








13 5

w w Anderson, SC 29624

Downtown Anderson MAIN STREET


shop local






305 N. Main Street 864-314-8281 M-F 9:30a-5:30p Sat 11a-5:30p

Gourmet Chocolate, Popcorn & More 111 N. Main St. • Anderson, SC


M 11-4, T-Th 10:30-5:30 F-S 10:30-7

300 S. MAIN ST. • ANDERSON 864-226-1002 10AM-6PM Everyday Except Wednesday & Sunday



Happy Holidays! from the

ne Plum Suede s 208 N. Main St. o drive. Mon-Fri 11-5 & 864.375.5400 Sat 10-4 7

I’m your agent for that. On those crazy days, just know that I have your back. With my help and the backing of my great team, I’ll have you back on the road and driving happy in no time. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® CALL FOR A QUOTE 24/7.

Teresa Parker ~Realtor~

864.245.7763 Ron Haskell, Agent 302 N Main St • Anderson

Holiday Open House

November 7 and November 14th Now carrying Julie Knight enamel service wear. Classes are resuming now, please check Facebook and Instagram for up-to-date information on our events.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL



418 N. Main Street 864-225-2021 M-TH 10a-6p F 10a-8:30p Sat 10-5


Happy Holidays from the Anderson Magazine!

109 N. Main Street 864.844.9991

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Food, Gourmet & Gifts r Wine Ba

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2315 North Main Street Anderson, SC

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Experience Matters! Call me with any of your real estate questions. Stay healthy and know I appreciate all my past and future clients. It is my pleasure to serve you and our community.

November/December 2020 Events • 864-940-3404 • Every Tuesday Until Dec. 15 • 5:00pm – 8:00pm $20 Tuesday Clay Studio Anderson Arts Center. Make your clay ideas come to life! Drop-in anytime during open studio hours – newbies and experienced potters are welcome. www.

featuring over 30 vendors, to purchase one-of-a-kind, uniquely handmade gifts. At 3:30 line up along Main Street to view the annual Christmas Parade. Afterwards, visitors are encouraged to celebrate a child’s Christmas at the Historic Belton Train Depot. Christmas crafts for the children, a visit, and pictures with Santa at the “North Saturday, November 7 Pole,” and cookies and cocoa await. Mrs. Claus will also Saturday December 5 • 9:00am – 5:00pm make her appearance and read a special story or two. For Pendleton Handmade Market. Shop from local artisans, more information, call 864-338-7400. enjoy food & entertainment, and visit gift shops. Most of the vendors accept cards, but some only accept cash. Friday, December 11 • 7:00pm – 9:00pm There is no ATM on site. $2 admission, children are free. Winter Wonderland Tumbler Party, Hosted by AREA 21 This event is outdoors. They encourage social distancing. Fabrications and Designs. They will do one Christmas Masks are not required. For a vendor application, please design together as a group. There are ten slots available email for each party available. Payment is required to reserve your spot at the party. Light refreshments will be available. Sunday, November 29 • 2:00pm – 7:00pm BYOB. Contact Area 21 Fabrications and Designs at (864) 40th Annual Anderson Toy Parade 359-4174. Hosted by Confederates Motorcycle Club. Ride begins at Watson Village. All donations, monetary or toys, stay in Saturday, December 12 • 9:00am and 10:30am Anderson County. To ride bring at least 1 new, unwrapped Gingerbread House Party- Powdersville YMCA. Get in the toy suitable for a child 12 or younger. Line up will start as holiday spirit with this fun decorating extravaganza! Fun, early as 10 AM. They pull out at 2pm rain or shine. There creativity and time together not only strengthen the family is no rain date. It will end at the Anderson Civic Center. unit but help make the holidays more fun. Families can For more information, find them on Facebook. work on a Gingerbread House together or can purchase separate Gingerbread Houses. $15 per Gingerbread Saturday, December 5 • 10:00am – 6:00pm House. Register at For Christmas in Belton, Hosted by Belton Area Museum more information call (888) 835-5221. Association. Enjoy a variety of Christmas activities


November/December 2020

REDUCE FINANCIAL ANXIETY With the roller coaster year of 2020, we know your financial confidence has been affected. Economic uncertainty is ongoing, but Knobel Investments can provide financial strategies and long-term plans to help you achieve your goals. Let’s talk today. Call 864-376-7008 to reduce your financial anxiety.





Sr. Client Our Firm President Has 90 Years Founder Service of Investment Experience Associate

114 E. Benson Street • Anderson, SCKNOBEL • 864.376.7008 STUART J. KNOBEL | R. CARTER Securities offered through Capital SecuritiesLOMBARDI Management, Inc. Member FINRA, SIPC CHERYL

(864) 376-7008 114 E. Benson St., Anderson, SC 29624

Securities offered through Capitol Securities Management Inc. Member FINRA, SPIC

Veteran Owned and Operated Sales, Service and Rental Scooters and Power Chairs Lift Chairs and Stair Lifts Vehicle Lifts and Ramps Home Ramps and Transitions Bathroom Safety Devices Rollators, Walkers, Accessories Battery Service Steam Clean Sanitizing Service Servicing Anderson, Greenville, Oconee & Pickens Areas 3334 N. Main Street, Suite C (Next to Logan’s Roadhouse)



November/December 2020

864-353-7379 Elder Care Advocate

Caroline Bell

The Poet’s Nook By Jay Wright

Foothills Writers Guild member Terri McCord is a poet, artist, and teacher. She teaches at the Anderson Arts Center and online seminars. She has taught at Anderson University and worked at Anderson Mental Health as an arts counselor. She has three collections of poetry that include art she has created, and her poems are included in numerous journals. The South Carolina Arts Commission awarded her a literary fellowship for 2001 = 2002. Her latest poetry collection, The Beauts by Finishing Line Press will be released in November and available at McDowell’s Emporium and other book outlets.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

Health | Medicare | SmallInsurance Group | Life | Supplemental HealthMarkets Agency

Debbie A Whitworth Debbie A Whitworth 864-760-3700 Debbie Whitworth 864-760-3700

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Licensed Insurance Agent

Autumned by Terri McCord

P 864.226.8205 C 864.760.3700

This day seems made to bray, be loud as carmine-colored trees, chomp clouds that are popcorn or rock candy.

Use these thick, baring limbs as corbels and become weightless, pure voice that weighs in under a pound, a mere pinch,

Roy’s Ramblings

Merry Covid Christmas… The COVID19 pandemic has certainly thrown some difficulties at us that we for sure would rather not have. But as Christmas and Holiday Season approaches, try and focus less on the difficulties and more on the opportunities that come with the holidays. Allow this holiday season to be what it’s going to be. Accept that it will probably be unique in the experience. But this is life, our life, right now in all of the depth and situations incomparable to holiday seasons before. Your positive actions this holiday season can make a difference in your life and the lives of so many others. Take that opportunity. Grab it and hold on to it and forge new connections with those you love and give them your gift of authentic joy. Another holiday season, another moment of life that comes with the opportunity for growth. Maybe this will be one of those holiday seasons you’ll end up being so very thankful for. And if you think it may not be right now-you have the power to make it one. Let it be the best holiday season yet. Enjoy the decorations, food and gifts, but don’t forget the true meaning of the season - then point your heart to others who might be struggling. ~Roy Haufmann

before temperatures drop a brisk 20 degrees and the breeze guillotines, even before you put away the Ziploc of bristled seed pods from Mexican sunflower gifted you at lunch

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November/December 2020

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November/December 2020

It’s not just a knee...

It’s a birdie on the 18th. Whether you’re chasing your dreams on the field, building your career, or making memories with family and friends, bone and joint pain shouldn’t come between you and what you love. That’s why AnMed Health is proud to introduce a new team of highly trained and specialized orthopaedic physicians. AnMed Health Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine brings the latest, most cutting edge treatment right here to your neighborhood – so you don’t have to choose between the expertise and results you need and the comfort and convenience of complete care at home. It’s all right here. Because when you win, we win. We’re in this together.

100 Healthy Way, Suite 1200 Anderson, SC 29621 864.716.6140

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