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Contemporary Jewellery


11th November - 31st December 2016

&Collective Art Gallery t - 01786 359864 e - w - 28 Henderson Street, Bridge of Allan, FK9 4HR

Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition 11th November - 31st December 2016 Our annual event exhibiting a fantastic selection of contemporary jewellery designers . In celebration of the best of gold and silver smithing talent throughout the UK.

Donna Barry Caroline Branchu Erin Daly Caroline Finlay Ruth Hollywood Elin Horgan Ruth Laird Beth Lamont Hannah Livingston Rhona McCallum Heather McDermott Karen Mcmillan Helen Rankin Stephanie Ray Dot Sim Jenifer Wall Deelyn Walsh Tracy Wilson Misun Won Heather Woof

Donna Barry Welsh-born jewellery designer and maker Donna Barry graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2001. There she developed her own customised technique of fusion. Donna creates silver textured sheets inspired by repetition in nature and architectural shapes and patterns. By arranging and overlapping these shapes and then fusing and forming, Donna’s finished pieces resemble beautiful elements of flora and fauna. Choosing to develop her work onto a larger scale, Donna stayed on at the Jewellery & Silversmithing department at Edinburgh to do a Post Graduate Diploma in 2002. During this time Donna designed and made a collection of silverware alongside her jewellery. Since then, Donna has continued to develop and show her work at exhibitions such as the prestigious Goldsmith’s Fair in London, and Origin at Somerset House. Donna produces large bespoke pieces for special exhibitions and smaller pieces for galleries and shops throughout the UK, America and Japan. Working with silver and gold and a carefully chosen colour palette of semi-precious stones, Donna’s beautiful bespoke pieces such as her cluster neckpieces are made up of continuous floral and bud clusters. Other pieces are constructed of fine sheet layers that glisten and often move when handled or worn. Donna’s vocation as a florist for five years provided her with a plethora of shapes and textures to draw inspiration from. Donna works intuitvely with her chosen materials allowing shapes and forms to develop through the making process.

Caroline Branchu Contemporary Jewellery Designer Maker based in Glasgow. A graduate of Glasgow School of Art, BA(Hons) Silversmithing & Jewellery. Since graduating in 2006 Caroline spent time exhibiting her work around the UK, showing with the likes of The Society of Designer Craftmen in London and Leeds Design Centre to name a few, followed by 8 years working wihin a prestigious brand in the luxury jewellery sector. Caroline’s work is often heavily influenced by my surroundings, living in Scotland, and the goal of evoking emotion through jewellery. By using the inspiration of the landscape, architecture and ever-evolving scenery she translates this into strong yet wearable pieces which reflect the rich, moody surroundings in Scotland and incorporate unusual stone settings and contrasting details.

Erin Daly Preferring to work with silver wire, usually round in section, to which hammer marks are added, creating textures on the surface that capture and reect the light. All the wire is drawn down by hand for each new design, this takes a bit longer but allows Erin the freedom to be more intuitive with the material, reecting on the weight of wire and it’s relation to the design and the body. Working in this way means that the whole process is more time consuming but it also means that each piece is completely unique which I believe makes the piece that bit more personal.

Caroline Finlay Caroline trained at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen. Alongside teaching she has exhibited jewellery in the UK, Ireland, Holland and USA. She is currently experimenting with the use of enamel and different surface ďŹ nishes. These include Basse-taille and Champleve enamelling techniques and matt ďŹ nishes. Receiving the Fife Contemporary Art & Craft: Craft Artist Award 2011, 2012 & 2015 has helped Caroline develop her work. Caroline is inspired by my natural surroundings and the Sea, interested not only in the textures, colours and marks found by the shoreline but the symbiotic relationship of plants, creatures, the tide, seasons and life cycles and want to echo this in her jewellery. Caroline works mainly in silver incorporating enamel and use silversmithing and traditional jewellery craft skills. She is particularly interested in mark making on metal surfaces and techniques include; embossing, piercing, punching, hammering, etching, raising and forming. Enjoying the process from start to ďŹ nish of gathering inspiration through photographs and found objects and sketching or digitally enhancing an idea and developing it at the bench. Caroline loves the way a piece evolves at each stage and the spontaneity that experimental enamelling allows. The techniques used mean every piece is unique.

Ruth Hollywood Ruth Hollywood makes jewellery inspired by natural geometry. Synthesising 100% recycled silver and colourful hand-mixed resin, her work moves over the boundaries between science, nature and art. The perfect microscopic patterns of atoms and crystals have found their way into Ruth’s newest collections, the inspiration evolving into the form. In her Glasgow studio, she puts new technology to work in harmony with traditional techniques. Ruth’s work has a strong appeal to anyone who loves colour and cares about sustainability. Her pieces make a bold and subtle statement. Graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2006, she lectured in art and jewellery before creating her first collection as an independent designer in 2013. Ruth is inspired by contemporary design and architecture, colour theory and artists such as Frank Stella. She also finds that her travels spark ideas, and the process of making itself leads her to further adventures in her practise. She has received awards for Excellence in Design from The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, and was selected for the Crafts Council UK Hothouse programme in 2015. Her jewellery is stocked in a variety of shops and galleries across the world. She exhibits at trade shows regularly, and her work has been shown in London, Munich, Montreal and Sydney.

photo by Shannaon Tofts

Elin Horgan Inspired by architecture, abstract art and bold geometric shapes, Elin works predominantly in silver to make modern minimal jewellery. Each piece is hand formed and ďŹ nished, rather than incorporating cast components, to ensure clean, crisp lines and a high quality end product. Elin’s Geometrics collection draws inspiration from a photograph of a ferris wheel showing how the internal structure is made up of a series of simple shapes. By using different combinations and repeated elements, the resulting pieces are simple but striking, with an emphasis on pieces that move with the wearer.

Ruth Laird Ruth Laird is an art jewellery designer/maker, based in Glasgow. Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 2011, she has completed an Artist in Residency at Birmingham School of Jewellery, and exhibited work at a range of international events, such as SIERAAD Amsterdam and JOYA Barcelona. Primarily inspired by the relationship between maths and visual art, and influenced by the way street art contrasts with surrounding architectural structures, Ruth’s work is a combination of precision and chaotic composition. Working mainly in silver, she uses scoring and folding techniques to create angular, assymetric shapes and wire structures, which she then assembles in various arrangements. Ruth often incorporate a moving feature such as a sliding element or hinged panel and embellish with layers of spray painted colour or experiment with heat-treatment and oxidisation to create interesting surface finishes. The result is unique, geometric jewellery which invites interaction.

Beth Lamont Beth Lamont is a ceramic jewellery and accessories Designer/Maker who is inspired by the clean form and feel of ceramics. She uses a parian porcelain ceramic material in a slip casting process creating shapes from hand carved forms. Her worn jewellery collections bring striking simplicity to an outďŹ t, with little splashes of colour added through rope or glazing. She designs jewellery collections with the intension of creating pieces that stand out and make a statement about the wearer and their individual style.

Hannah Livingston Hannah Livingston - Letters to Jinny Letters to Jinny (formerly known as ‘Hannah Livingston Jewellery’) is a British jewellery brand, created and run by Hannah Livingston. Hannah lives and works in amongst the cobbled lovelieness of historic Edinburgh. Hannah is inspired by antiques, miniatures and above all, her love of history and the secrets lost in the passing of time. Each of her pieces have been handmade, cast, and ďŹ nished in Britain. Each item also bears the iconic castle of the Edinburgh hallmark.

Rhona McCallum Rhona graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013 with an MA in Jewellery Design and is now based at Wasps Artists’ Studios at the Briggait in Glasgow. She has exhibited her work worldwide, and continues to make collections of statement jewellery for exhibitions in the UK and abroad. Rhona makes textured, sculptural jewellery inspired by geology and our changing landscapes. Using the processes of forging and casting, she recreates natural surfaces in metal, layering hammered sheets of silver and gold to create precious collages. As well as making her statement collections, Rhona also works to commission and will happily discuss any ideas for bespoke jewellery pieces.

Heather McDermott Heather McDermott Jewellery specialises in contemporary jewellery made using stainless steel and precious metal. Each piece is made in Scotland in her studio on Skye and the materials are all sourced from Britain. She takes her inspiration from her island home, the Isle of Skye. Fisherman’s nets, stacked creels and weathered buoys scatter the ever-changing shoreline and it is here Heather is inspired to create her Buoy earrings, Stacking Creel Bangles and Short Fankle necklaces.

Karen McMillan Karen is a jeweller living and working in Edinburgh. Whilst studying at Edinburgh College of Art, she developed a range of work using predominantly resin and acrylic. Inspired by linear shapes found in nature and a love of Japanese pattern, Karen enjoys using resin as a material as colour is an important aspect of the work. Particularly influenced by a 1950’s and 1960‘s colour palette, she contrasts colour and shape, often playing around with the overall uniformity of the piece. The most recent work involves inlaying pattern into resin or just a simple line, giving the quality of a drawn line. This body of work involves mould making and casting, then through techniques such as saw piercing, filing and laborious sanding, the inlaid pattern is revealed. Karen produces colourful bold pieces including earrings, necklaces, bangles and cufflinks.

Helen Rankin With the ultimate focus always on movement and wearability, Helen’s jewellery exudes modernity and simplicity. Her signature aesthetic is deďŹ ned by angles, interlocking, overlapping, contrast and scale. Crisp lines and blacked silver add drama whilst semi precious stones provide colour and interest. Meticulous hand ďŹ nishing maintains a luxury feel to the collections. Inspiration comes from modern architecture, geometric decorative features and repetitive pattern found in textiles and tiles and works from the 50s Brazilian Concrete art movement. Helen graduated with a BA in Jewellery design at Middlesex University and is now working from her workshop at Brass Monkeys in Hove.

Stephanie Ray Stephanie works from her studio at Cockpit Arts, an exciting complex housing many designers of various disciplines based in central London. Steph’s jewellery designs have always owed themselves to her love of clean lines and simple forms. As her work has developed pieces now frequently also focus on the inclusion of contrasting wooden elements too, the delicate patterns of bamboo, warmth of walnut and understated glamour of ebony. ‘The addition of another material creates so many more exciting design opportunities that just ask to be explored’

Dot Sim Dot Sim’s designs are inspired by her rural Scottish environment – from changing landscapes, windswept beaches, and stormy seas, to the minutiae found in rock pools and the garden. She likes to “draw” with metal to capture movement and quality of line. The work is handmade using traditional gold and silversmithing techniques. She chooses to use precious metals - materials that stand the test of time, as she is interested in the role of jewellery as heirlooms that are handed down, providing intimate memories for future generations.

Jenifer Wall Jenifer graduated with a BA Hons in Three Dimensional Crafts from the University of Brighton in 1996 and since then has been making jewellery, lockets, small dishes and containers in precious and occasionally base metals. Every piece is hand made in her studio in Hove, East Sussex, and is inspired by the natural world, with the two main sources of inspiration being seeds and seedpods and rocks and stones. In 2007 she moved studios and opened Brass Monkeys, a jewellery shop selling her work as well as the work of around 40 other jewellery designer-makers.

Deelyn Walsh DeeLyn creates tactile, sculptural objects that adorn the body. Her work is often playfully interactive, evoking curiosity and creating a unique connection between object and wearer. Convertibility, articulation and illusion are central to her jewellery designs. These themes are explored through geometric patterns, architectural structure and repetitive forms brought together to create bold wearable sculptures. Originally from Portland Oregon, Deelyn has resettled in the UK. She completed a design degree in Liverpool in 2010, specialising in jewellery and ceramics. She works predominately in sterling silver, but enjoys exploring alternative material within jewellery as well. Since graduating, she has worked as a self-employed artist jeweller. She sells her work at select galleries and boutiques throughout the UK & US.

Tracy Wilson Design has always been one of Tracy’s passions. She studied Interior design, following this with Masters and worked in a design environment for 17 years. Tracy changed career direction, completed an HNC in Jewellery and is currently living the dream! Working mainly in silver but often incorporating colour into her designs by adding gemstones, hints of gold, enamel and oxidising. The current collection ‘Identity’ was inspired by sound waves and how individual sound is to everyone and everything. During the design process Tracy has explored pattern, form and texture to complete this collection.

Misun Won Misun Won’s jewellery is often associated with the delicacy of highly refined handcraft skill in East. Her extensive experience of living and working in both Britain and Korea has given her the broader cultural outlook she sought when moving away from home. It has enabled her to position herself in what she calls “neutral territory” and to examine both cultures with “fresh eyes”. The influences of both countries can be seen in her work: a major inspiration is Korean patchwork, but this highly traditional form is interpreted through Western fractal geometry. After graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2008 with a master degree, Misun has worked at ECA as an artist in residency and a visiting lecturer. She recently won a finalist in professional category in contemporary jewellery awards Enjoia’t, FAD, Barcelona 2011 and a gold award for Fashion Production Jewellery in Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Award in 2008. She has been exhibiting her jewellery in UK, Europe, and USA. Now she is working from her studio in Edinburgh.

Heather Woof Heather creates handcrafted luxury jewellery in precious metals and is based at her studio in Edinburgh. Heather values beauty in simplicity and her designs are characterised by clean lines and geometric forms. She describes herself as a maker at heart, intrigued by material and the technical traditions of the Goldsmith. She brings her love of craftsmanship to each piece of jewellery, with a focus on subtle detail and reďŹ nement of ďŹ nish. Heather creates thoughtfully designed, beautifully crafted pieces to be worn for years to come.

Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition Brochure 2016  

11th November - 31st December 2016 - &Collective Art Gallery, Bridge of Allan

Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition Brochure 2016  

11th November - 31st December 2016 - &Collective Art Gallery, Bridge of Allan